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Review of Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators

Review of Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators

Review of Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators

Click here for bigger image

Review of Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators

Product Name: Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators

Click here to get Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators:

Michael Lee


about to reveal some of the most powerful communication and conversational
secrets you can use to instantly connect with anyone and be an irresistible
people magnet, courtesy of top communication expert Joshua Uebergang.

drop everything you’re doing and pay special attention… because your
relationships, social life, business life and career could very well depend
on the information I’m about to share with you.

guarantee that after reading this letter, you will come out a much better
communicator than you were before reading this. Are you ready? Let’s start
with a lesson on criticizing…

people despise criticism; but did you know that criticism is a useful
tool when delivered at the right time, in the right way, because of the
technique’s importance in shaping our behavior and encouraging personal

Ultimate Secret of Giving Criticism

The ultimate secret of giving criticism is being indirect. “Dress
up” your criticism so the receiver realizes the mistake on
his or her own terms. Camouflage your criticism in a form that makes
people discover what needs to be corrected and how changing their
behavior will benefit themselves.

Do not criticize a person in front of others and do not give ultimatums.

When criticizing, keep your nonverbal expressions to a minimum
or ensure you have positive facial expressions. More specifically,
keep your eyebrows raised, be physically close to the person, direct
your body to face the person, soften your voice, and keep pleasant
facial expressions.

Use padded words. Soften your criticism with words like: “I
feel”, “I think”, and “maybe”. Softening
helps reduce your possible exaggeration of the problem.

the other hand, there’s praising. We all love to be praised! But do you
know how to do it properly?

Most Powerful Tip To Remember When Giving Praise

The most powerful tip you need to keep in mind when giving praise
is to avoiding praising the person and instead praise a person’s

Give emotionally focused praise. We are creatures of emotion. Anything
focused on emotion, instead of logic, will attract more eyes and

Throughout each day you have the opportunity to praise others.
Use the technique of little recognitions by saying, “Well done”,
“Congratulations”, and “That was excellent” when such praise is

However, do not praise everyday even though you have the opportunity
to praise everyday. Excessive consumption of sweet-talk decays the
mind and leads to dependency.

Give specific praise. Avoid vagueness as it is boring, weak, fake,
and gives space for misinterpretation. Use specificness to create
emotion in anything you say. Concise is powerful.

what if you’re having doubts on your ability to communicate or you’re
struggling to achieve that harmonious relationship? Here’s the answer…

Your Identity And Change Yourself

Our identity is who we are. When we fail to change ourselves, the
thing we tried to change is usually in conflict with our identity.
Morals, or other behaviors, that are in conflict with our identity
get avoided because we do not see ourselves as the person who does
such actions.

Build an identity so that you see yourself as the person who does
what you are trying to achieve.

Visualize. Dress in a way that is congruent with the identity.
Stick up pictures related to your goals around your workstation.
Hang around people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

Act “as if” you are that person you want to be. Also,
do whatever you can to see this future you desire in a way that
is as great as possible. Make this an everyday ritual.

Once you build a strong identity that is congruent with who you
want to become, there will be no doubt – just pure certainty
– about doing what you once struggled to achieve. There is
no question about doing the task because you will be the person
who does what you once struggled to do. You will just do it.

once you’ve built your identity, you’re now more ‘sure’ of yourself and
your ability to communicate with others. But don’t take it too far…

instance, there may be some occasions when we want someone to do something.
And some people mistakenly resort to ordering others. But this is a definite

an order shows a lack of confidence in others. Seeing people rebel against
you only makes you lose more confidence in them, which makes you order
and control them even more! So what can we do? Here’s one effective solution…

The BFEQ Technique To Get What You Want

The BFEQ technique is made up of four components. The first three
parts of the technique involve what BFE stands for: behavior,
feeling, and effect. The final part, Q, involves
making a request using a question.

The BFEQ technique can be summarized with the following outline:
“When I see/hear [behavior]… I feel [feeling]… because
[effect]…Would you be willing to (or ‘Is it reasonable for
you to’)…[question]?”

A complete example is, “When I see my family members
hitting each other, I feel distraught because I fear
violence and need to see love. Would you be willing to solve
the reason that makes you fight?” Very few people will ever
experience the backlash effect when they hear this persuasive-assertive

Use visual and auditory comments to help prevent you from passing
judgments, be specific and state an actual feeling of the behavior
while removing judgmental feelings, and express your needs to increase
the chances of getting what you want.

You can put the BFEQ technique on steroids by adding a statement
that expresses how the person will benefit when carrying out your

of course, we all want to be people magnets who are well liked (and especially
loved) by others. Here are some general tips to help you be more likeable…

Ways To Be A People Magnet

1) By letting people save face, correct themselves, solve the problem
their way, or whatever it maybe, results in people feeling pleasure
towards you and makes you a people magnet.

2) Similarity is one way of influencing a person to your way of
thinking while reducing psychological reactance. Attentive listening
skills to build understanding is just one effective way of gathering
information about the person so you can build similarity. You can
emphasize your similarities to create the illusion the two of you
are similar.

3) You can be interesting by making statements that show you listen.
Statements showing interest makes you interesting.

4) The powerful level of communication that you can have to make
others comfortable around you is about being so comfortable with
yourself, the people you are with, and the situation, that you sedate
people into feeling great.

5) Avoid the most common phrase that is used to deflect a topic
towards another topic for discussion, which is: “Speaking
of…” As soon as you say those two words, or hear somebody
say them, a trigger will now get flipped in your mind as you are
able to identify the communication barrier of deflecting. Keep a
lookout for that conversation killer and you will drastically improve
your self-awareness and reduce the chances of you deflecting the

to learn more communication tips and techniques to help you become a highly
effective communicator? Then sign up below…

Your Name and Email Below To Get 10 Communication Mini-Secrets
Absolutely FREE… Plus Other Valuable Self-Help Products, Offers
& Advice!

We respect your email privacy

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you beginning to realize the tremendous impact that effective communication
has in your relationships, career, business and personal life?

admit I used to be a very weak communicator and even shake with nervousness
whenever I’m with people. No kidding!

I searched and researched extensively for anything that could help me
relate to people, enjoy being with them, feel their love and respect,
and communicate in a way that makes both of us feel like we’re the best
of friends.

of the most helpful books I’ve read was ‘Communication Secrets Of Powerful
People.’ It totally changed the way I treat people and the way others
treat me (in a very positive way), and I couldn’t be happier.

was so impressed with the information being revealed (and amazed with
my own transformation) that I collaborated with the creator, Joshua Uebergang,
so I can get this communication breakthrough in the hands of as many people
as possible.

Uebergang happens to be one of the world’s top experts in communications
and human relations. He has spent over 2 years and approximately 1000
hours to develop this program; and after reading it, you’ll realize it’s
well worth his time and effort.

he gave me the sole license to spread the word about his masterpiece,
which is fittingly called:

Secrets Of Powerful People

doesn’t matter whether you’re having trouble…

Secrets of Powerful People will show you how to solve all of your
communication issues and more! It contains 3 sections that addresses the
12 communication barriers…

First Section: Judging (Chapters 1-4)

judging section contains the first four communication barriers: criticizing,
labeling, diagnosing, and praising. Here are a few techniques you are
going to discover in this section:

Second Section: Solving (Chapters 5-9)

five solving barriers are ordering, threatening, questioning, moralizing,
and advising. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this section:

Third Section: Avoiding (Chapters 10-12)

third section is avoiding, and contains three barriers: reasoning, reassuring,
and deflecting. Here’s what you will uncover in this section…

know that’s a lot of information, which will make you change people’s
minds and boost your charisma to build rock-solid relationships.

all, it took Joshua over 2 years and approximately 1000 hours to develop
this program, so you can be confident you’ll discover and experience the
results you want by investing in it.

Now Connect More Deeply To Family And Friends…”

my entire life I couldn’t figure out why people I talked to reacted
defensively by not talking to me, changing the subject, or getting
angry over what seemed to be nothing.

discovering just the advising communication barrier in ‘The Communication
Secrets of Powerful People’ program, I learned I was triggering
people to shut down or respond angrily to me.

now connect more deeply to family and friends because of the
course! I wish I had these communication secrets years ago as
so much of my pain in relationships would’ve evaporated.”

Jyry Aalto from Finland

for you, there’s more in the program than what I shared above. I’m not
sure how excited you are about this program, but you’re going to be more
so now with this delicious treat…

Results-Driven Super Bonus: Communication Secrets of Powerful People Workbook

didn’t create the program just so you can read about how to boost your
charisma, increase your persuasion, improve yourself, and improve your
relationships. He created it so you would discover the how-to and GET
those results.

of this, he made the “Communication Secrets of Powerful People” ebook
practical and created a workbook to get you from learning to being.

there’s a concise summaries of points and skills you need at the end of
each chapter. This guarantees you won’t forget what you read about, so
you can begin getting the results you want from the program. (Unlike other
programs and books where it’s too easy to forget what you read.)

– and this is where rubber meets the road – is that your valuable bonus
is a catalyst that is “injected” into the program to speed up
your results.

this is a program that requires you to work on yourself, this is no magical
formula akin to swallowing a weight loss pill to lose fat. You will get
results only if you follow the communication skills program.

workbook is split into three sections: 1) the psychology behind the workbook
and how you will get the most out of the program with the bonus mind-tricks
and techniques, 2) 41 easy-to-follow exercises, and 3) the 30 day communication
secrets journal where you will write down your daily experience with any
of the 12 communication barriers.

in these sections you’ll discover:

Is The Best Book I’ve Read…”

you for your quick answer, I’m reading your book CSoPP, its great.
I’ve learned communication all my life (I’m now 63) and this is
the best book I’ve read!”

Ron Buikes

‘Never Get Stuck’ Bonus: Lifetime Support Anytime You Need It

you’re wondering how you will proceed if you ever get stuck or have any
lingering questions on communication, then worry no more!

communication expert Joshua
Uebergang will always be there to help you, answer your questions, give
you advice and support you for as long (and as often) as you need it.

will give you 100% peace of mind and security, wouldn’t it?

you hire a consultant, you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars
for them to share their expertise. But Joshua is giving you his unlimited
time and commitment to serve you when you need help anytime!

you grab Communication
Secrets Of Powerful People now, you get this lifetime consultation
privilege for FREE! You probably already know how much of a no-brainer
this is.

What You’ll Be Able To Achieve With The Help Of This Program…

the surge of confidence you’d always have if you had just one of these
abilities. You’d get what you want with people and give them what they
want, YOU! This isn’t selfish because people will love you for your charisma,
how you understand them, and thank you for helping them get what they
emotionally want.

know this sounds too good to be true, but you know the power of effective
communication in your life. Just one little tip you know, like avoiding
destructive criticism – which you may have already experienced – wins
you friends, improves your relationships, gets people on your side of
thinking more easily, and much more. Just imagine what hundreds of these
tips and secrets in this program can do for your life.

what some readers have said about “Communication Secrets Of Powerful
People “…

The Ideas Very Revealing…”

The Ideas Very Revealing…”

steadily reading through Communication Secrets and finding
the ideas very revealing.

only up to Diagnosing, so still a ways to go yet. All three of
the first communication barriers are important to recognise, as
will be the rest, I suspect. My biggest ah hah, however,
was probably the following:

someone the way you would like to be treated is the greatest myth
in relationships. The assumption that others want to be treated
the same as you is a blueprint for relationship failure. You need
to treat others the way they want to be treated.”

goes against the conventional wisdom, expressed often as “do unto
others as you would do unto yourself” or something like that.

point. Thanks for checking in.”


Will Be Reading The Book And Using The Workbook Throughout The
Rest Of My Life…”

Communication Secrets of Powerful People has come into my life
at a perfect time as I’m dealing with several personal & business

has stood out for me personally is the discipline of bracketing.
“Understand to be understood” makes perfect sense. Unfortunately
it has been a concept that has been outside of my awareness, until

only begun to scratch the surface with what I’m learning and I
can tell that I will be reading the book and using the workbook
throughout the rest of my life.



Very Interesting Blend Of Communication, Conflict Resolution And
Personal Growth Material…”

pulled together a very interesting blend of communication, conflict
resolution and personal growth material.”

Than Any Dale Carnegie Or Robert Greene Book…”

“Rock on
Bro. Thanks Josh.

This program
is better than any Dale Carnegie or Robert Greene book, thank

Here To Read More Testimonials

you know the power packed into the complete communication skills program
to amplify your charisma, boost your persuasion skills, and enhance the
quality of your relationships, one question remains:

Critical Question: Is This Program The One For You?

program may or may not be for you depending on how you meet the criteria
below. Either way, it’s okay. I understand the program is not for everyone.

believe everyone will get a lot out of the program – because everyone
communicates, has relationships, and can improve themselves to be a charismatically
persuasive individual. Because of this, you can see if the program is
for you by seeing if it’s NOT for you.

The Program Is NOT For:

Beginners in personal development or communication skills.

communication skills and personal development experts teach the same old,
beginner material. If you don’t already know basic communication skills,
like simple listening skills or how to ask a decent question, the program
may be too advanced for you.

program is filled with never-before-seen techniques and advice on communication,
charisma, persuasion, psychology, relationships, and lasting transformation.

is a new program that contains all of Joshua’s breakthrough discoveries
from reading, listening, watching, and talking with world-leading experts
in communication and personal development.

the language used in the program is simple and easy to implement, to get
the most out of the program it helps to already know a little about communication
and personal development.

Someone who is satisfied with his or her life and communication.

you’re one of the rare individuals satisfied with your ability to easily
make friends, create quality relationships, remain calm in difficult situations,
and influence coworkers and business associates when you want, this program
is not for you.

you’re satisfied with what you’ve got, there’s no point changing what’s
working. If you’re reading this, that shows yourself there is something
in your life you’re not satisfied with and you’re searching for a solution.

Someone who doesn’t have an open mind.

prefer not to do business with you if you’re such a person. If you’re
resistant to learning new techniques and prefer to stick with what you’ve
got, please go elsewhere because everything you’ll learn is about crafting
you into a better person with PERMANENT change.

if you don’t already have basic knowledge of some communication skills…
if you are satisfied with your life and communication… or if you don’t
have an open mind… don’t invest in the program because it’s probably
not the one for you.

you aren’t in the three above categories, like most people who would be
reading this, the program is for you.

Much Does The ‘Communication Secrets Of Powerful People’ Program Cost?

let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get the success
you want with people and yourself?

much is it worth to you to improve your communication skills? A thousand
dollars? Ten thousand? Much more? Most
people I know say it’s priceless.

tension from poor communication with coworkers causes mistakes, inefficiency,
and absenteeism. In your family, it could cause divorce, emotional distance,
and fights.

saw the cost of poor communication for yourself earlier on. You already
feel the value of the solution to these problems of yours.

has spent around 1,000 hours and over 2 years to create this program (along
with the emotional pain, fights with loved ones, and frustration from

don’t want you to go through the same experience to get the communication
solutions you’re after when I’ve already found them. You wouldn’t mine
for metals and cut down trees all yourself to build a house when experts
have done it for you.

will deal with people for the rest of your life. You will deal with yourself
every moment of your life. Make both of these pleasurable. It’s your choice
whether your conversations with people go the way YOU want.

such a low price despite the high value of the materials? Since there’s
no printing and inventory costs (everything’s in downloadable format),
I’m passing on the savings to you. You win, I win, and everybody’s happy!

Downloads Came Thru Perfectly…”

downloads came thru perfectly. I wanted to say thank you for the
bonus books also. The bonus books themselves are over hundreds
of dollars. We’ll talk again. God bless and again thank you.”

George Contreras from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

100% No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Guarantee! I’ll Take the Risk Here, NOT

you’re not 100% thrilled or satisfied with your investment (for any reason
or even no reason at all), then I insist you get ALL your money back.
I won’t even ask you why and I certainly won’t get crossed. Plus, you
get to keep everything as my way of saying “THANKS!” for giving
it a try. That’s my personal promise.

will be instanty directed to the Download Page once your order is confirmed,
so you can start developing your communication skills immediately. No
waiting involved.

I said, if you’re not 100% thrilled with your purchase for any reason,
or even for no reason at all, just contact me at
(replace -AT- with @) within 60 days from date of purchase and I’ll issue
a full refund.

Secrets of Powerful People” e-Book and Workbook are in PDF format.
You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the e-Book. We’ll
give you the link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free on the
download page.

sincerely believe your life will change tremendously if you learn and
apply the techniques in this program. But I also know how easy it is to
put off making a decision.

why I set up the dirt cheap price and the 100% money-back guarantee —
to make it entirely risk-free and a complete “no-brainer” for
you to take advantage of this special offer.

Here To Get Started Now

You The Very Best Of Success,

NLP PractitionerHonored Member of the American
University of NLPCertified
Life CoachCertified
HypnotistProfessional CopywriterCo-Author of ‘101 Great Ways
To Improve Your Life, Vol. 3’

To give you 100% assurance of its effectiveness, I would gladly refund
all your money back if you’re not satisfied for any reason, or even for
no reason at all. It’s either you get the value of your investment many
times back by applying the powerful techniques in this course, or you
don’t pay anything.

viewing and use of this website signifies your agreement, acceptance,
and understanding of our:

Legal Disclaimer  l  Terms and Conditions  l  Privacy Policy  l  Earnings Disclaimer

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Communication Secrets | How To Communicate Effectively | Better Communication In A Relationship | Secrets Of Great Communicators

Review of Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books

Review of Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books

Review of Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books

Click here for bigger image

Review of Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books

Product Name: Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books

Click here to get Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books:

download the following
three audiobooks:

‘Why Do
We Dream’
‘Stress Relief By Relaxation’
and the powerful ‘As A Man Thinketh’


Improvement Audio
Books Homepage | Help
| Contact | Terms
| Privacy Policy |

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Think and Grow Rich mp3. Download audiobooks in mp3 format Audio books

Review of Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women

Review of Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women

Review of Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women

Click here for bigger image

Review of Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women

Product Name: Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women

Click here to get Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women:

Click here for bigger image

Her Secrets: Seduction Secrets For Irresistible Women

Review of Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Review of Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Review of Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Click here for bigger image

Review of Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Product Name: Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Click here to get Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.:

Still feeling that life is passing
you by?

anyone suffering from social anxiety, this book is a great read. It
offers advice from a different perspective than many other anxiety
books out there. I’ve personally suffered from anxiety in many forms
from a early age, and I found this refreshing…

many of the topics covered are things that I haven’t consciously
thought about, but are beliefs I have had for a long time. It was great
to actually read these things and  feel validated, that I’m not
the only with these problems. Another great thing about reading this
book is that I was truly inspired for the first time in a long time.

eBook Starting Blocks by Dirk Le Roux is a great read! Not only did it
help me learn about myself, but it helped me get motivated and ready to
change. As a Christian, this eBook is great because it uses spiritual
basis to help the reader overcome anxiety. I would recommend this to
anyone fighting with social anxiety, even if you think it’s hopeless!

sounds weird but what you have written really just rings true to me. I
love the way you used real-life examples, religion, and science all
together to explain social anxiety.

also send me a video – You can look at it HERE

Anxiety Sufferer,

only found
out very late in life how
to deal with Social Anxiey…

manager for
a construction company,
I often felt
frustrated when overlooked for promotion. With my university degree, I
landed a senior position in the company. Whenever it was turn to speak
in meetings my voice was shaking, my heartbeat was spiking and I often
got agitated.

anxiety was keeping me from
really becoming part of
a wonderful (I didn’t think that back then) group of people. I was
often jealous that my sub-ordinates were more at ease at social
functions than me.

got the better of me
and I resigned to find a
job where I didn’t have to work in a large team. My income dropped but
also my frustration – for a while. I often felt sad, feeling that I was
sitting on the sidelines with life itself passing by. I read many
self-help books, attended courses and classes to find meaning for my
life and to improve my quality of life, but there was never a permanent

me another bad hand…

was forced
into early retirement. I
did not provide enough
for retirement and could not find a job again. I used some of my
pension money to purchase a franchise, but it turned out to be a scam.
The next franchise didn’t work out either.

changed again…

of a
sudden the world was a
wonderful, albeit not easy, place full of opportunities!

share this with you, I’ve just written an eBook called “Starting Blocks
– From Bloodsucking Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm”
which is a simple and easy 2-step way to start overcoming social

the eBook
are challenged to re-look at your pre-conceptions regarding social

Blocks addresses
the real and basic triggers of anxiety
and allow beating them. Building on and reinforcing the 2-step method
to fight fear and anxiety, it will ensure that you will never have to
worry about suffering another panic attack.

subconscious mind can be compared with a well
filled with learned emotions telling you how to react to certain
situations. Situations are conveyed to the subconscious mind by the
senses – through your conscious mind – and the suconscious mind then
tells you how to react.

rooted negative
emotions, or belief systems,
must be removed and replaced by positive or “normal” beliefs. This is a
war where you definitely need Allies to help you – alone you just won’t
make it. You do not have access to your subconscious mind through your
conscious mind.

2-step way has been
used for ages and is still being
used today. Almost forgotten in our modern society, STARTING BLOCKS is
now helping you to understand and apply it in your life.

I know that’s a HUGE claim,

you may be thinking “nonsense”!

you’re even thinking of leaving this page…

But don’t! – Unless you are already living a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle!

BLOCKS – From Bloodsucking
Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm”

you suffer from social anxiety and are struggling to find your way out
of this mental and emotional prison, then The Starting Blocks is the book for you.

first hand experience of this dreadful dilemma, Dirk le Roux gives a
comprehensive, step by step manual, how to handle and solve this
delicate proble.

The Starting Blocks gives
you some simple, yet very effective tools to identify the problems,
recognize behaviour patterns (your own and others) understanding the
tricks emotional predators use, to catch and drag unsuspectable victims
into their ego-webs.

book also gives you valuable and practical tips on HOW and WHAT to
avoid in regards to the most common traps. Last but not least, there
are very useful tips how you can boost your strenth and courage to get
out of this prison.

Le Roux also points our another and too often neglected aspect when the
topic is fear – of any kind – and that is the external invisible forces
at play, the influences from the non-physical, non-worldly forces of
other dimensions.

topics might turn you off in disbelief, you might choose to ignore
them, or this is a part of your everyday experience and you feel
relieved that finally, someone is brave enough to adress this issue.

you are an absolute atheist, this book might not be your cup o’ tea,
since there is a strong and positive christian belief at the core, that
permeates the ideas and solutions in the book.

If you live by another philosophy or religious/spiritual
belief system you can still greatly benefit from The Starting Blocks. Fear and Anxiety,
unfortunately, knows no boundaries.

I warmly recommend this book to all people struggling to
take control over their lives.

Get ready and run for it!

Some other facts that lead me to writing
this eBook…

on the Get Instant Access button below to receive your copy
Bloodsucking Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm”

will be redirected to the download page for immediate access to the
eBook as well as the bonuses which are in PDF format for immediate

P.S. Francis of Assisi
“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly
you are doing the impossible.”
Where would you be in 30 days from now?
Would you be doing the impossible
or would you be doing what you’ve always done?

Click here for bigger image

Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Review of Your Marriage Savior System –

Review of Your Marriage Savior System –

Review of Your Marriage Savior System –

Click here for bigger image

Review of Your Marriage Savior System –

Product Name: Your Marriage Savior System –

Click here to get Your Marriage Savior System – at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Your Marriage Savior System –

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Your Marriage Savior System –

Review of Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner

Review of Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner

Review of Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner

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Review of Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner

Product Name: Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner

Click here to get Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner:

Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating?

“Uncover The Truth About An Affair Within 48 Hours From… NOW…”


By The Time You’ve Read This Page You Will Know Exactly What Next Steps To Take To Answer The Following Burning Questions Within 48 Hours…

Sometimes not knowing the truth can make your life easier, and the ignorance really can be blissful. You should NOT read ANY further if you would like to continue in this blissful ignorance.

A cheating spouse is happy to continue to lie to you without you exposing them. This website may be your “Pill of Truth” but the truth can sometimes be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. You’ve been warned.


If you don’t want to know the truth, or you may be uncomfortable with it, PLEASE LEAVE NOW and don’t read any further!

From the desk of Jim Walthby
Monday 11:37am
Dear Friend,

If you’re tired of driving yourself crazy day and night with those intuitive suspicions that continue to rise up like signal flares, warning you that your partner is having an affair, then this very important message is for you.
By now you already know it takes a lot more than “Positive Thinking” to get those terrible, nightmare images of your partner locked in an erotic embrace with some “Mystery Lover” out of your mind.

You can’t stop wondering and worrying…

“Is it someone from work, from the neighborhood, my God, could it be one of our mutual friends?”

Or maybe you already THINK you know who exactly they are cheating on you with…

All the while things are getting worse, at home, at work, with associates, family and friends, everywhere you go, you seem to carry the fear, pain and anger of knowing, but not really knowing for sure what it is that “you know you know!”

Nothing can ruin your life so quickly and completely as that nagging “feeling” that seems to spread into every part of your daily existence – IS YOUR PARTNER CHEATING ON YOU OR NOT?

My studies suggest that around 85% of people who have been cheated on said that they HAD A GUT FEELING about the infidelity BEFORE they knew for certain.

What does this mean to you?

It means that chances are, if you have had a good strong “feeling” or suspicion that your partner is cheating on you at any point in time THEY COULD VERY WELL BE CHEATING.

You have to learn to follow your gut instinct, but it’s extremely important you don’t go making accusations without evidence or proof to back it up or you risk not knowing the truth forever as they may cover their tracks even better than before.

If this sounds like anything you or someone you know and care about, is going through, this may very well be the most important message that you’ll read all year.
That’s because there’s finally a simple and effective way for you to quickly and easily…

Discover the “TRUTH” about whether the “love of your life” is actually being unfaithful to you, or not!
And you can do this all by yourself, from home with very little expense – no hiring rip-off private detectives – no buying expensive and potentially illegal spying devices or UV lights to look for “stains” – no more guess work, pain and worry –

I’m going to tell you how in just a minute… Read on…

First, I want you to realize that all of the following negative thoughts and emotions will evaporate out of your life forever after reading this page:

It’s now time for you to take back control over your own life and find out the TRUTH by instantly putting a stop to the pain & suffering… Finding out for certain, what’s really been going on behind your back (if anything), when your mate is off & out of your sight!

Now there’s a straight forward and uncomplicated way to quickly discover and prove “The TRUTH” about an unfaithful partner, that’s 100% tested, proven and guaranteed to work or your money back, without question!

These methods are tested and proven over decades by 5 highly successful and much sought-out professional “Private Investigators who have also experienced and found out about infidelity in their own relationships.”

This totally unique, “one of a kind” immediately downloadable manual, provides you with all the information, expertise and insights you’ll ever need, and it’s all brought together and presented in a “user friendly,” easy reading guide, based on the facts derived from the long, illustrious careers of 5 very successful “Private Eyes,” all whom have been in the business of catching cheaters for well over 30 years now.

That’s right, through the wonders of modern technology; this incredibly popular book can actually be in your possession within moments, showing you everything you’ll need to do to catch them “with their pants down” and their “hands still in the cookie Jar!” (Beating Cheating is a PDF based eBook which is VERY EASY to download and read, if you can read this page you can download and read my eBook, I walk you through the process step-by-step if you need help)

Isn’t it time to begin the healing process, by effectively putting the breaks on the non-stop torture that’s been tearing at the walls of your life?

You’ve been suffering far too long.

It’s time to get your life back right now!

This very open, directly frank and honest book doesn’t mince words, doesn’t pull any punches, and doesn’t bar any holds!

It’s a shockingly blunt, right to the point, smack-dab in your face, “matter of fact” INSIDERS approach that is definitely not for the squeamish or soft minded.

So like I said before, please be warned, if you can’t handle the truth of what’s really going on when the “cats away and the mice do play,” or if you honestly aren’t positive that you’re ready to know the cold hearted facts, then do everyone a favor and go look elsewhere, ‘cause this book isn’t for you.

…It’s not a bunch of tips on how to save your relationship, put the spark back in the bedroom, and rekindle the romance…

This is a step-by-step guide to uncovering a cheating partner. If you would rather not know the truth and continue in the blissful ignorance then please do not read this book.

If you are ready to deal with ‘what is” then these shared secrets of the super sleuths can be yours and efficiently working on your own personal case in less than 3 minutes – instantly downloadable at any time – even if it’s 3am. All the information you’ll need is delivered in an unquestionable clear “paint by number” fashion, specifically designed to help you to easily and quickly catch your cheating partner.

The book’s professionally proven techniques are so manageably straight-forward and simple to apply without any possibility of failure or confusion, that your success and satisfaction is absolutely 100% Guaranteed, with a “No Questions Asked,” Money back offer with which you can’t lose!

If you don’t find out whether or not your partner is cheating on you – I will refund 100% of the purchase price any time within the next 8 weeks – This product is guaranteed to work for YOU!

Help to keep your thoughts, temper and emotions under consistent control while working through the ugliness, pain and trauma of infidelity!

Immediately spot the 5 “Tell-Tale” signs & mistakes that every cheater will always make so you can expose them! Effectively maintain your sanity, clarity, dignity, reputation and FRIENDS, while digging up “the dirt” necessary to prove your lover’s acts of indiscretion! Easily uncover the 3 most overlooked and forgotten clues that your “significant other” will never think to “cover up” in a million years! Apply these 5 time-tested methods to lull your mate into a “false sense of security,” causing sub-conscious slip ups that you’ll effortlessly catch onto as easy as pie!Out-smart the cheater at their very own game, anticipating each and every move before they’re made, and “turning the tables” to gain the advantage in this “War Of The Sexes!” Avoid “The 4 Biggest Mistakes” that most jealous / suspicious mates make when they first start suspecting their partner of cheating! Discreetly gather “ALL” pertinent evidence, facts and biological proof without being noticed or raising a single concern or suspicion. Stop agonizing and regain your sense of well-being, confidence and self respect!Switch yourself permanently out of “Victim Mode” and back into “Control” of your life and your new, bright, self determined future!

“I had a gut feeling J**** was cheating on me but I didn’t know for sure. He was showing 11 of the 12 main signs of cheaters your book told me to look for. After following your advice I got hard evidence of the affair and found out he’d actually been cheating for years and with multiple women.

We’ve split up now and I met the greatest guy on Earth and we’re getting married. I’m so much happier now, thanks!”

Remember: An Unfaithful Mate Not Only Destroys The Trust, Sanctity & Security Of A Relationship, But Thoughtlessly Risks The Health Of The “Innocent Victim,” Potentially Spreading Sexually Transmittable Disease!

You NEED To Know The Truth NOW!
Protect Your Health & Peace of Mind
Before It’s Too Late!

You Can’t Go Wrong With This
100% 8-Week Money Back Guarantee!

This book has been created by me, Jim Walthby, after hundreds of hours of personal interviews with these professional “super sleuths”.

I read, re-edited, then reviewed the transcripts from hours of interviews and finally painstakingly squeezed to excerpt only the most vital and valuable “juice” from these informative recordings, casting the pulp and peel aside,  so that only the most important and vitally helpful information is presented in this most miraculous volume..

Nearly 2 years alone, were spent, simply sifting through old case files and client reports and another year and a half was dedicated to going through the massive pile of articles, books and appearances on television and radio that were archived for nearly 40 years.

This was no simple stroll through the park, by any means, but the amazing, heart felt responses, reports of success and ecstatic reactions received from so many thankful and truly appreciative, satisfied customers, has clearly  made the whole experience well worth the Herculean effort!

“I don’t believe it. She’d been cheating for 22 years and I didn’t have a clue. It took me 12 minutes to find out the truth using your methods. I’m heart broken but relieved.”

This is “Exclusive Insider’s Material,” that simply CAN’T be found in any other book and likewise, this is an “Exclusive Offer” that can ONLY be found on this single, solitary website, meaning this book simply CAN’T be bought at any bookstore or other online venue.

This is the only place you can get Beating Cheating

Let “Beating Cheating” show you the most direct and effortless methods to Prove once and for all whether or not infidelity is taking place, and if so, what you need to do about it to shield yourself and defend your interests from getting hurt any more than you already have!

Learn how to effectively protect yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally and legally, while conducting your investigative process!

Apply the “SystematicS” of Safety, Stealth, Security and Secrecy to ensure the guaranteed success of your “under-cover” investigation!

Let the “4 Pillars” stand strong for you,  as a powerful and supportive foundation, helping to bear the weight of moving through this process, providing the professional advice and assistance you might need, so that you never have to walk this path alone!

Use the “Reality Check” section to make sure you’re maintaining an “objective balance” and sense of fair play throughout the entire investigative process!

Study our exclusive guide: “The 12 Things You Should Look For,” to find the iron clad evidence you need while saving yourself a whole lot of time, heartbreak and trouble!

Always be Prepared with your “Beating Cheating Emergency Kit,” a vital collection of helpful tools that should constantly be a part of your trusted arsenal for survival!

“Secret Sleuthing” is a powerful section showing  you exactly  how to effectively cloak your detective work, cleverly mask your scouting search and maintain “Your Best Poker Face” while “Never Showing Your Hand” during this important fact-finding expedition!

Enlighten yourself to the numerous PROS & CONS of electronic spying on your Mate (99% of the techniques in Beating Cheating do NOT involve anything other than you and this book – you don’t have to use any gadgets with this guide). There’s a mixed bag of reviews and advice regarding the usage of surveillance gadgets, and you better know the score and the rules of engagement before you start playing the game

The “7 Facts About What They’ll Do”, will help you to prepare well in advance for exactly what to expect and precisely how to most efficiently deal with it!

A chapter called “Cool, Calm & Collected,” is a complete collection of proven and practical procedures to consistently remain “even keeled” and at peace while under direct emotional fire and deeply personal attacks!

Progressive Patterning Phases, known to counselors, therapists, and psychologists as “The 3-Ps” reveal valuable insights into the “3-Gs,” allowing you to easily stay one step ahead of your mate in this crazy game of emotional cops and robbers!

How Cell Phone and Credit Cards leave a trail of betrayal and even the brightest cheaters fail to cover their tracks nearly as completely as they THINK they have!

Why Email and The Computer are your allies, and can often prove to be an investigators very dearest friend and assistant!

Now’s Your Chance To Experience The Liberating Power
Of Taking Back Control Of Your Heart, Soul, Mind & Body!

Isn’t It Time You Finally Know, Once & For All,
If you’ve Got A Cheater on Your Hands or Not!
     “Beating Cheating”

Never Before, Has So Much Powerful & Truly Useful Information Been Presented In A Single Volume, For The Soul Purpose Of Helping Victims Of  Unfaithful Lovers, Stand Strong & Win A Unanimous Decision In The War Of The Sexes By Indisputably “Beating Cheating” At its own Deceitful Game of Betrayal & Lies!

There Comes A Time In Every Person’s Life,
Where They Either Look Back Thankfully That They “DID”
Or Look Down Dejectedly That They “Didn’t!”Which One Will YOU Be?

Relieved you DID take action?

Or angry at yourself for not taking action and finding out the truth now?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Our

“Uncover Hard-Undeniable Evidence Whether Or Not YOUR Partner IS CHEATING On You”

Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

Instant Access – Instant Download
Even if it’s 3am in the morning

You will NOT be sent anything in the post and no mention of what you have bought will be made on your card statement… It will simply read “Clickbank” All Major credit cards accepted – Order 24 Hours per day
Fully secure 128 bit encryption for safe transactions over the web

By ordering “Beating Cheating” today…

…You’ll get “Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage!” by Jacob Hay thrown in absolutely FREE!

Also, you can be enrolled to  receive a complimentary “FREE MEMBERSHIP” to a special “Preferred Customer Newsletter,” entitling you to a continuous flow of FREE BONUS GIFTS & CHAPTER UPDATES,  all conveniently delivered to you, directly by email (this is not mandatory, we will not email you updates unless you place your Email address on our list).

Plus, as if that weren’t enough, to show sincere appreciation for your affirmative decision to purchase “Beating Cheating” today, a very “Special Offer” will be presented to you at this time.

As an INTRODUCTORY offer just for this batch of eBooks that go out I’m giving a MASSIVE saving on the usual price… (I’m giving you this great deal because I’m hoping that I’ll get that much good word of mouth advertizing from the first 50 DELIGHTED customers, that I’ll not have to advertize again – so it really is win-win, you get a massive discount and I get your recommendations to your friends… Read on…)

50 copies available at introductory price28 copies left7 copies left

Isn’t It Time You Finally Knew For Sure?

“Click Here To Place Your Secure & Discreet Order Right Now!”

“My best friend and I got into an argument where he called my girlfriend the town tricycle… I bought Beating Cheating and it turns out I uncovered the uncomfortable truth. She’s been having THREESOMES with some of my best friends and work mates. Unbelievable!

She’s old news now though I can finally breathe again knowing the truth.”

Jim “Expose the Affair” Walthby

P.s. My instantly downloadable Beating Cheating book will show you how to find out if you are being cheated on and enable you to gather proof… but be aware, my special offer price for Beating Cheating has to end soon. Once my first 50 copies are gone the price has to rise. Make sure you take advantage of it by ordering it now, downloading it now and finding out the truth today!

If you’re finally, sick and tired from the endless, sleepless nights spent anguishing and worrying about your mates possible acts of  treasonous infidelity, then you need this book and you need it NOW!

If you’re suffering through the devastating and debilitating shock, anger and pain brought about by the one person who you completely opened your heart, soul and body to, only to discover that there’s a good chance they’re fooling around behind your back, perhaps right there in your very own home, maybe even in your very own bed, then you need this book and you need it NOW!

Copyright © 2006 –

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Beating Cheating: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Expose A Cheating Partner

Review of Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Review of Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Review of Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Click here for bigger image

Review of Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Product Name: Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Click here to get Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century:

2005, over one hundred thousand lives  have changed in over 90+
countries through this free Foundation Course. It’s time to upgrade
your life today. It’s time to redefine your reality.  Sign
Up Below!

Dear Shafin:

I am so grateful for all of your insight you have shared with your 7
day foundation course and the additional information and tools such as the

1 hour meditation you are providing to all of the members. 

This information has assisted in my personal development and the
application of this information has improved my well being. 

Thank you for sharing this with the world. Bright blessings and best
wishes always.

Janice Scarinci

Associate Professor
& Department Chair
Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management
Northwood University, Florida, USA


Your course has been a one on one conversation where l not
only learned valuable lessons but also got to know my teacher.  This
gave me the added advantage of having a role model: warm, kind and
also tough and matter of fact when needed. You are wise, generous
and inspiring. Thank you.

Alfred D. Herger Ph. D. Psychologist


I cannot express in words how grateful I am of all the stuff you have
sent me. I cannot wait to share it with all my friends and families.
It’s a life changing experience! You helped me reshape my
values and thinking system, I find myself more confident, in control,
wiser, a clearer vision of my future and the courage to pursuit it.

I think that everyone and every living form on this planet is special,
we all have a mission, a purpose to have come to this world. Until we
find out what the mission entails we are just a scattered energy
floating about, and feeling something is missing without knowing what
exactly it is. I am so grateful that you entered into my life.
It’s one of the best things happened to me! You are
absolutely brilliant!

Hello Shafin
I can’t believe how your 7 day coaching has changed my life. It’s
truly amazing. Here’s my story:
In 2003 I was diagnosed with “Major Depression” and was told I would
have to take mediation for the rest of my life. When I was first
diagnosed I was started on the lowest dosage of antidepressants,
over the years my doctors kept increasing my mediation and I was
taken 4 times the amount of medication I initially started with. The
side-effects were awful and I still was not feeling 100%. Over the
years I started abusing drugs, starting with pot and working my up
to heroin. I kept thinking to my self this is not the way I want to
live my life, life cant be this difficult, why is my life such a
mess, nothing was going the way I wanted it to, I was surviving
life, not living life, I felt I was just going down hill, FAST.
I then came across your web site and took part in your 7-Day
E-course. The shifting in my personality has been life changing; I
don’t even have the words to describe how it has changed my life. My
thinking has taken a completely new direction. I haven’t touched
drugs or anti-depressants for the past 3 weeks now, it may not seem
allot to some people, but to me it means the world. From living the
past 8 years taking pills and drugs on a daily basis to now not
taken anything is truly a miracle for me. It’s as if I have been
blind but now I can see. The sounds I hear are louder, the
colors are brighter, the tastes are tastier and the feelings, well I
now know what it is like to feel love from people; my entire
perspective on life has changed.
I now know my life will be different, I still can’t believe it; it’s
like I have been reborn to live life again. I am so grateful to you.

I have even gone back to college and iv decided to study Electrical
engineering, something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would
be able to do. I have gone from thinking, “I can’t, its impossible,
it wont happen to me” to “I AM, I CAN, I WILL!” My family can’t
believe how my personality has changed. Thank-you so much, you have
changed my life!!!
I have been telling everyone I know about you and how my life has
changed. You have given me a reason to live again, and for that I am
eternally grateful.
Yours truly,Dean Jacobsen
South Africa, Durban

This is NOT some self serving promotional newsletter that will just nag
you to buy some products. This is a real eCourse conducted by
Shafin de Zane,
the author of Redefine
Your Reality.
In this Foundation Course your participation will be expected. Do NOT
signup unless you are ready to actively learn and bring about profound
changes in your life. It is completely
free to join. No obligation
whatsoever. You will receive each part of the course every day for the next 7 days
only after you personally verify your registration. If you do not receive your
verification email from us in the next 10 minutes, check your
spam folder. If you find our email there, mark it as not spam.
This will allow smooth delivery of all your lessons.

Day 1: Get Out of Your Reality

Day 2: You And Your Personality

Day 3: What Creates DANGEROUS

Day 4: Deeper Into Your Belief System

5: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part I

Day 6: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part II

Day 7: Design of a
meaningful life…

hate spam as much as you do and we
promise never to send you unsolicited email ever! Every email comes
with an easy 1-Click unsubscribe option.


Thanks for the wonderful
coaching course and free books, have learnt so much in such a short time, so
many questions answered, makes you light up inside when you start to
understand finally.

Looking forward to more
of your work, just overjoyed that finally been able to take those first
steps on my own journey and understand why i have been holding myself

Thanks again. Your
teachings are so enlightening!

Hello, My name is
Filis and I am from Canada.

I would like to say
thank you to Shafin. The 7 day course has been very helpful to me. Not
only is it inspirational, I am beginning to see life in a whole new

The daily exercises work
and if one is persistent with them, you will begin to experience life

I believe in myself much
more now than I ever did before. Thank you.

B, Canada

Greetings with love. Its
always good to receive your mail, I always wanted to have your mail in
my Inbox everyday so I can start my day with great views or things. I
have highly benefited from your 7 days course and mails. I now have
perfect faith that my dreams will soon realized in perfect ways. Thanks
for your guidance and you are such an amazing person that you wanted to
lead others also to their dreams. Thanks for realizing me with my inner
source that I am the only responsible for all my dreams.

Jadeja, India

I’ve tried to quit smoking several times with no success. I was so
used to the idea that I smoke, that when I quitted I started smoking
again after a day or two.. just because I thought that I can’t quit.
On day 1 of the coaching course you told me that reality is what I create
it to be, and on day 4 you told me that I am what I believe I am, so
I said to my self: “I believe I can quit smoking”.

It’s been three weeks now, and I haven’t even thought of smoking
ever again. And I believe this is just the beginning of
change. Thank you for inspiring me! Best wishes,

Peev, Bulgaria

you Shafin de Zane! Thanks to God that you are in this

I have
too much to say but I will be short here. You showed
me the key to understand this world and to be happy.
You gave the answer of the question “why?” that I have
searching my entire life. I realized that all my life
I was exercising to control my body, and my behaviour.
I was trying to control the results.

explained how mind is working, what are the feelings.
You showed the Source. Now I’m learning from your
course to create these results. Now as never before I
can’t stop. I want to go on, I want more. This 7 Day

Course does miracles. I’m beginner but already feel
much calmer and happier. I’m on the way to buy
Redefine Your Reality Package.

creating, keep making miracles with us!

Lilit, Armenia

My warmest greetings to you! I almost feel as though I know you! I
really wish I did! I would love to have you as my neighbour! You
have definitely impacted my life and I truly thank you from my
To a large extent, I have put my life on hold for the past 7 days!
I’ve been scanning my inbox searching for your next email eCourse!
It couldn’t have come at a better time!!!
The exercises helped me focus my awareness on taking the next step
towards defining my own personal success. Made me aware that we
are the creators of our own adventures and destiny and that we need
to take responsibility for defining our own course in life. That
has to be in some ways one of the most difficult things to do.
I truly thank you for helping me find my way. You really make the
world a better place. I admire your dedication to helping so many
people in finding their way.
Hope the new year will bring you lots of joy and continued success!Marcia
Turley, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Shafin:

My Name is Pierre
Zidor and I am from Haiti.

Before I took your
7 day life coaching course, my brother and I used to read the Book “The secret”
and also watched the video.

One of our wants
was to get something that would confirm what we learned from the
secret. I meditated on that want, and one day while I was checking
my email on Gmail, I saw this banner crossing through my screen with
“Redefine your reality”: I quickly took advantage of it for I think
it should be related to what I just learned.

And here we are,
not only your e-course confirmed what we knew, but the way you
explained things and the exercises you gave were just proper, and
did a good job in getting me to start looking from within.

Thanks Shafin
for this initiative and sacrifice you’re making to help others; this
should be praised and recognized around the world. I will write
you about the successes I will soon be experiencing


Thank you for your 7 day
life coaching. Your
lessons and the questions you posed inspired me to not just read the
material , but to live it, play with it and prove it to
myself.  The mission statement is still on the paper I wrote
it on, but it’s also in my heart and mind.

Things that used to be
big issues, aren’t so
big anymore.  I have been able to be more direct and decisive
as a result. Thank you!

Rempel, Canada

I find your regular emails like breaths of fresh air, in the pace of
everyday life, I stop and take a deep breath because each time I find
something new and always, a moment to meditate. And miracles happen,
small and big.

Makes me realize that while we are constantly reminded that terrible
things that happen in a moment – miracles too happen in a moment. Thank

United Kingdom

Hi, it hasn’t been
long since I found out about you. I want to thank you for being there
for us, for helping us awaken little by little with your teachings.

I have learnt and
remembered so many things, that now I feel less stressed.
There is one thing I have to continue working with, perseverance.
Thanks again for everything you do.

May you have the
greatest of holidays.

Dearest Shafin,
of all, i have fallen in love with u since i enrolled with this
amazing 7 day course and helped me to change my life. I never felt
so strong and confident from inside. Starting from the 1st day
course till 7 day course, every single article made me change my
thoughts, made me change my life. I must congratulate to those
people who chose this e-course and would suggest all the people (who
can not believe that miracles can happen in your life, if u really
want it to happen) to enroll for this e-course. I always used to
think that i am loser since i lost the love of my life, i lost my
mother. But now i am so confident and happy, that i can make other
people happy too. It all happened because of u Shafin. Thank u so
much for bringing this miracle to my life.

Debarati Sen Roy, India

First I want to
introduce myself.
I am
Etienne Jacobs, I was confused, and had one hundred million
questions as to why is it that other people have what I can only
dream of and never seemed to be able to reach or get. Yes I was the
classic LOSER.
by chance I stumbled across Shafin’s Website and enrolled for the 7
day E-Course, I thought it would be more mumbo-jumbo like all the
other “So Called Self Help” stuff. But I was WRONG!!! OH SO WRONG!!!

Shafin! This is for you:

Thanks so much for opening my eyes and showing me the way where I
can find the answers! Thanks for letting me discover what my real
potential is! And that I am in control of my reality! You said
something about Millionaires. Well I am going to be one of them! I
am going to make it HAPPEN! I can, I will!

Etienne Jacobs, South-Africa

Dear Shafin, 

Repeating every joyful comment like the ones you are used to
receiving would be the least I can do to express my satisfaction for
your guidance through the course. Although I live on one of the most
blessed and beautiful spots on the planet, I feel unfortunate that
you don’t visit Greece giving lectures and seminars. But I feel very
fortunate about my fluent English so that I will be able to read
your work as soon as I obtain it (something I plan to do real soon
). I really want to be able to put into  practice what I have
recently learnt from you and other teacher-writers, stuff I have all
alone looked for, without any guidance or recommendation.  Maybe
it’s the Call or the right time.

Thanks again. I remain your true friend.  I will try to convey to my
teenage kids your views. My daughter needs self reassurance as she
will face very competitive exams on June and she is the easy part.
My 20 year old son resists a lot but I will give a try.

Natassa  Papazaharia, Athens,Greece

Dear Shafin,

The title
Redefine Your Reality says it all. I have been reading and
practicing a few meditation and self-development books. Your message
in eCourse and in eBook is very powerful. Your insights validate
the truth: the connectedness of all beings and our ability to create
our own universe.

I ‘stumbled
upon’ this course just when I was going through a painful situation
(the universe always plans it that way); the eCourse and the eBook
ground me to go inward and do a profound practice.

Thank you for
your wonderful service to the world.

Chandira Kumar, USA

Hi Shafin,

Well, I got introduced
to the concept of consciousness around 6 yrs ago. However, I have been
efforts to walk the path for a little more than a year now. So, at the
outset I would say that what I saw in the 7 day ecourse wasn’t all new.

However, I must say one
thing; It very strongly drove home the point that “I can do it”!!!! I
have been mulling over the idea of quitting my job so that I can
dedicate more time to helping people and also dedicate more time to
‘realizing’ by direct experience all that was put in words in the 7 day
ecourse. Reading all material in that and the subsequent mails made me
feel stronger in a sense that nothing can touch the real me! I am a
child of the universe and if there is something that I really really
want to do, the universe will conspire that it happens!

I loved the mail where
you mentioned about how we will be tested. Since then, I have been able
to observe the distractions that pop up in front of me and am
consciously able to witness the events that occur in my life, more than
being a part of them!!

Thanks so much. When I
was wondering if I was doing the right thing or not, I stumbled upon
your work and it has erased the doubts and strengthened my conviction
in what I should be doing!!!

Jayanth Ganapathy, India

My name is Biljana
and I live in Greece.

You’ve helped
me determine ONE course in my life which is the only course worth

I still have a long long
way ahead of me, but for me there is no way
I’m giving up on myself. This feeling- to
dive into the silence within you! Everything I do to achieve it is
worth doing.

~Biljana, Greece

Hi Shafin,
My Name is Roxanne Robinson and I want to tell you that your E-course
has been one of the most informative courses I have ever gotten on the
Internet.  My girlfriends have been using the buddy system to
keep us on track. Your exercises have helped us stay focused and have
brought more abundance into our lives then ever before. You truly rock!
I repeat your words every morning and evening and for me that is truly
a miracle, you do have a special way of explaining the way life is
working and how we can redefine it. I truly believe you have opened new
avenues for us and I thank you for that.
I have always believed in the idea that we create our own
life,  you have just helped me to confirm my beliefs.
 Life is just too short for everyone not to have everything
they have every dreamed of and you are one of the special individuals
that can really bring people around to believing in themselves.
 Thank you again for your words of wisdom.


Hi Shafin, The 7 day
life coaching Course is the
beginning of an enlightening journey and the experience was
way beyond my expectations. I have bought the Redefine Your Reality ebook, this has somehow opened my eyes and given
me a deeper understanding of myself.

It has changed
my life for the
better as it brings more peace and happiness within and I feel
more energetic and focused. This is a great experience for
anyone who is ready to change and is looking for
a guiding light to realize the true powers within. Thank you
very much Shafin.

Peter from New Zealand

Dear Shafin:
First, wanted to thank you for spreading your teachings and for sharing
your valuable knowledge with us. God Bless You!
Your teaching just further confirmed my commitment to meditate and to
look for the answers inside and not outside of myself… It is so clear
now that what is real is our inside world and that the outside world is
just the result of what is inside, so powerful!!! 
I wish for people to be happier and happier:)
Thank you!Madina,

Hi Shafin,

I’m Grazvydas from Lithuania.
Maybe you know, that the Index of Happiness in my country is one of
the lowest in the whole world. But thanks to you it has increased
this month because I have received the Course.

There are great inspiring message
in Day 2: I am not the events of my life. I am my consciousness, I
am my creation among my creations. Cogito ergo sum.

So there is not reason to be
unhappy. Well done, Shafin. The world stay better. You really
guide people from darkness to light, like me in the attached
picture. Thank you


Hi Shafin,
I have just finished your

coaching course
and all I can say that this one
is really different and of great value.
I have been interested in this “law of attraction” stuff for quite
some time now, even before “The Secret”, and I have received
e-courses from lots of different teachers. But this is a real
eye-opener, as it brings quite a few insights that may be unpopular
at first view, such as your lessons about the way that attraction
works and the common mistakes most of us make in our relationships.
But we have to face this and deal with it!
Thanks a lot for this information! Antje Usula Seebohm, Malta

Now For The Most Amazing Ride of Your Life!

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you do and we
promise never to send you unsolicited email ever! Every email comes
with an easy 1-Click unsubscribe option.

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Guided Meditation

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Redefine Your Reality. All Rights Reserved.

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Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Review of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

Review of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

Review of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

Click here for bigger image

Review of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

Product Name: Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

Click here to get Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart:

Click here for bigger image

Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

Review of Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media

Review of Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media

Review of Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media

Click here for bigger image

Review of Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media

Product Name: Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media

Click here to get Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media:

—— Gabrielle Moore, Author of best-selling books, The Female Orgasm Revealed, Turn Her On Faster, and Hot Licks.

From:      Susan BrattonRe:         Your Intimate Life

Dear Man Who Loves To Pleasure His Woman,

      Chances are, like so many men in a long-term relationship,
after a few years the QUANTITY (and quality) of your physical intimacy may be slowing.

      For some men, their “relations” are just boring or sporadic.
      For others, the passion has cooled.

      But the worse of it is that the way that you try to tempt her just isn’t working anymore.

      She might avoid your advances or seldom touch you
because she’s afraid it might “start something.”

      Or she says, “You have to be more romantic.”

      Romantic? What exactly does that mean? Flowers and chocolates
might be nice, but they aren’t the key to the bedroom door. It’s so confusing!

      I know how miserably frustrating this is for a man from
my own personal experience of being “THAT woman.”

      My man suffered, and so did I. (Sorry, baby!)

      In hindsight, I was oblivious to how much I longed for intimacy,
until I started experiencing it again.

      When I said, “romance,” what I meant was genuine and deep
communication, touch and stroking, putting your full attention on me in the present moment.

      But I didn’t KNOW that’s what I wanted.

      My man was incredibly persistent in finding the keys
that would unlock me.

      Want me to hand you the keys?

      O.K. I’ll tell you how my man rekindled the passion in our relationship.

      And how you can too, no matter how long it’s been or
if she won’t even talk to you about this physical gap that keeps you apart.

      And you won’t have to guess. I’ll TELL YOU what she wants,
even if she can’t even articulate it to you herself.

      That’s because you both DESERVE more hotness, juiciness,
abandon, and pleasure.

      Not only do you have the right to want this,
she also has the right to experience the exquisite pleasure of intimate connection.

Click Images For More Resources: The 4 simple things you must give her so she will physically crave you. Download Free Report.

Landmines That Actually Prevent Her Arousal. Free Audio CD Download.

Remove roadblocks to intimacy without even talking about it. Download Free “Stealth Techniques” Report.

      Any mismatch between her libido and yours is more common
than you can imagine.

      81.7% of men in relationship surveyed say they are frustrated,
dissatisfied and want to improve their sex life.

      Watch the presentation to find out why this is so common and what you can do…

      Turns out, there are just four simple things that can turn around
a flagging sex life or amp up an already passionate relationship.

      Importantly, you will be giving her the kind of romance she desires that allows her
to enjoy her body and yours more often and with GREATER PLEASURE.

      These easy-to-follow actions are “romance” to her mind.

      You can simply DO these steps, without even telling her what you are doing,
and watch in amazement as she responds to you in ways you thought were long gone.

      So many men in relationship want more and better passion.
Yet the things you try (guy stuff) just don’t work on your lady.

      Revive Her Drive is like a CHEAT SHEET to woo your woman the way she secretly wants you to, and simply can’t express.

      The solution is based on female-friendly, easy-to-learn
strategies that she will love!

      How nice will that moment be when she’s lying in your arms,
happy and spent, and she actually THANKS YOU for helping her to rediscover her sensual self?

      She’ll be grateful that you, HER MAN, now that you have the vision
and skill to guide her into new, electrifying experiences — even if she fights you or resists you now.

      Women ARE sensual creatures.

      We women want pleasure, intimacy, connection, sensation — as much as you do!

      I’ll prove this to you.

      Once you know how to captivate her, you can turn her into a pleasure-seeking device within 24 hours.

      Getting that kind of responsiveness is the feedback you need to feel confident this program is working.

      Discover how Robert rekindled his relationship with Lauren using the tools
within Revive Her Drive by watching this short presentation that
lays out the whole strategy you’ll use to transform your intimate life into one of passion, surrender and fantasies-come-true.

      Some guys see a massive uptick in their sensual life just trying a few concepts from:

Erotic AdventuresErotic CommunicationLifelong Passion or the Seductive Sensuality
section of Revive Her Drive.

—— Jesse, California

—— Christian Hudson, creator of “Unbreakable” and “The Fearless Experience” runs The Social Man organization

Are you wondering, “Where did my saucy little temptress go and why did she stop gettin’ jiggy with me!?!”

Reset Her Body’s Chemistry When You Discover:

—— David Shade, “America’s Renegade Sex Expert” and creator of the Masterful Lover global brand

—— Name Withheld, United Kingdom

—— Karen Brody, Love and Intimacy Coach, creator of “Seduction Secrets 101,” and author of “The 7 Essential Keys to Seduce a Woman for a Night, or a Lifetime”

We’ll happily email you three samples right from Revive Her Drive.

YOU DECIDE if this program will work for you after reviewing these 3 core parts of the program.

We will email 2 reports and an audio completely without charge or you can purchase now and try it for the next 60 days fully-protected by our money-back guarantee.

☛ Feel like a STUCK because you don’t feel IN CONTROL of when, how often and what KIND of intimacy you’ll get?

☛ Confused that your intimate relations went downhill and no matter how you tempt her, it seems to make the situation worse?

☛ As humans, we all require attention and touch to thrive. The more we are touched, the more we feel the pleasure from being touched — the more we flourish.

☛ Are you one of those lucky guys who has passion so you want ALL the most powerful strategies to make it MIND-BLOWING when you go all the way?

Enter your name and email address here and we’ll email you the the free samples from Revive Her Drive:

“This is my story too,” says, Susan. “And I want you to have more satisfying intimacy as well.”

—— Adam Gilad, creator of “Erotic Mastery,” “Deep Attraction Online,” “Ageless Attraction,” and “Attract, Connect, Inspire.”

      1) You can use it in conjunction with marriage counseling. Or instead of… And it’s not just a primer on romance, it’s focused on the physical, sensual aspects of your relationship. I can’t use all the words on this page, but you KNOW what I mean, right?

      2) Follow the customizable fast-track plan. Or go rogue and “cherry pick” the strategies that suit you best. The advice comes from a personally hand-selected group of the most valuable relationship specialists I’ve interviewed, so you benefit from a variety of viewpoints.

      3) You’ll be so delighted to SEE HER RESPOND TO YOU IMMEDIATELY and most of the strategies can be used without discussion.

      4) Designed for guys who don’t have a lot of time — listen on-the-go and laser focus on your particular problem areas.

      5) This program is not only educational, it’s fun, ENTERTAINING, pleasurable and most of all, inspiring and MOTIVATIONAL.

—— Alex Allman author of “Revolutionary Sex,” and creator of the “Passionate Lover, Passionate Life” program.

As a US Army combat veteran who is returning from deployment, there are difficulties in re-integrating with loved ones. One of those difficulties is intimacy. I dreaded having mismatched libidos, what with me away for months at a time and her at home dealing with ‘normal’ life–children, chores and the like. When I invested in Revive Her Drive, I felt as if I was moving forward in the right direction for my relationship. I understood that if I focused on her needs, then eventually we would both become more satisfied, intimately. Buying Revive Her Drive was just the thing I needed to feel as if I was indeed focused on her.

I’m used to a ‘crawl, walk, run’ learning approach from my military experience, and Revive Her Drive is structured similarly. Using small exercises at the beginning and progressing from there, the program is definitely easy to learn, and simple to implement in your daily routine. Since using Revive Her Drive, I’ve noticed deeper levels of communication in my relationship; more sensuality; and a greater empathy and intuition–I can sense her moods and seem to instinctively know how to manage them better now.

I talk to my fellow veterans almost daily, and it’s with pleasure that I mention Revive Her Drive to them as the basis for my renewed relationship joy.

I would recommend Revive Her Drive to anyone who requires a concise and easy-to-follow program to reignite the spark in their relationship.

      P. S. If you’re like me, you’re probably skeptical about how any kind of program like this works.

      That’s why I give you actual parts of the product free. I understand that tinkering with your intimate life is a VERY CONSIDERED activity.

      P. P. S. You may also wonder if your situation is different than other men.

      In over 700 interviews with men similar to you, I found the four common situations (she feels fat/ugly, kids “happen,” et cetera) that benefit from this solution and I outline them in the first “Inside Her Guide” you get free.

      Sign up with your email address above and I’ll send it. Unsubscribe anytime with one click.

      If you have any unanswered questions, let me know how I can help.

      Either post your question in the LiveHelp box on the bottom right hand corner of this webpage or…

      Email me support [at] personallifemedia dot com

—— Otto Collins, Author of “Light Her Up” and “A Crash Course in Communicating With Women”

—— DJ, San Francisco, CA

Click here for bigger image

Revive Her Drive – Reawaken Romance and Intimacy – For Men In Relationship – Passion For A Lifetime – Personal Life Media

Review of Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

Review of Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

Review of Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

Click here for bigger image

Review of Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

Product Name: Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

Click here to get Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back:

Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s a bit like being on a roller coaster: you’d rather get off, but feel your only choice is to stay on board while your life hurtles out of control before your very eyes. Not nice and very scary.

But here’s the …

Read More about Quieten Your Mind

One of the greatest difficulties when you’re feeling stressed out is that you’re on edge all the time and can’t switch off. There’s so much stuff buzzing round inside your head, that any peace and tranquility you might have known in the past are …

Read More about Restore Your Calm

Worry can have a devastating effect on your wellbeing if you can’t bring it under control. Whether you’re concerned about money, problems at home, meeting deadlines, making a mistake, losing your job, what other people think, or uncertainty about the …

Read More about Smooth Away Your Worries

The chances are you’ve got too much to do and not enough hours in the day. You may be dashing from one commitment to the next trying to balance work and family life, only to feel that in spite of all your efforts, you haven’t done all you wanted, and …

Read More about De-Clutter Your Life

If everything’s a hard slog and not much fun anymore, you may be finding it hard to concentrate and get going. So what you need are some techniques to help you cut through the drudgery and get motivated.

The more fired up you feel about the day or …

Read More about Renew Your Life Purpose

When everything’s mounting up and you’re not sure how much more you can take, your confidence and self-belief take a battering.

If you’re scared you’ll mess up or can’t do what you feel is expected of you, this only ratchets up your self-doubt. …

Read More about Feel Better About Yourself

When you join us, we’ll share 7 steps you can take to lift your mood, restore your calm, and get your sparkle back

We respect your email privacy and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Please read our Terms of Use

By Kay Johnson. Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved.


Click here for bigger image

Soothing Your Soul – Lift Your Mood, Restore Your Calm and Get Your Sparkle Back

Review of 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life

Review of 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life

Review of 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life

Click here for bigger image

Review of 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life

Product Name: 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life

Click here to get 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of 4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life:

We value your privacy and would never spam you

– Control Stress
– Increase Energy

– Accept your Physical Self
– Fantastic Creativity

Click here for bigger image

4 isochiral music and affirmations free downloads – control stress, increase energy, accept your physical self and fantastic creativity — Personal Development Life

Review of Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy

Review of Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy

Review of Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy

Click here for bigger image

Review of Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy

Product Name: Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy

Click here to get Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy:



The Leader in Subliminal Message Software since 2002 
Our Most Advanced Subliminal Software System Ever!
Optimized for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Make Positive Mental Changes Easy and Fast!


The Most Advanced Easy To Use Subliminal Recorder On The Market!


Our Subliminal Software makes recording subliminal messages easy.Step by step instructions to make your own subliminal CD’s or MP3’s in just minutes. Includes Lifetime Membership to our Online Subliminal Audio Center. Integrated 8 track SoundScape Creator for Custom Backgrounds. Integrated MP3 Encoder for making Subliminal MP3’s. Integrated Text to Speech Recorder! Integrated Audio Editor! Integrated CD to Wav Extractor!

 Subliminal Recording System X1 Does it all! This is the ONLY Subliminal recording software you will EVER need! Simply the most effective most tested and most developed Subliminal Recording System on the market.


Your Complete Subliminal Recording Studio!
Create Traditional Subliminal Masking Recordings!
Create Silent Subliminal Messages!
Create Stereo Confusion Recordings!
Create Self Hypnosis Recordings!
**NEW** Reverse Masking!
Create Subliminal MP3’s for your Portable Devices!
Create Subliminal Ringtones!
Including our own Silent Subliminal Frequency Shifting Technology!
Easily shift voice track to any frequency you wish to make it easy to hide your subliminal messages! 7 Programs built into One Easy To Use System!

Subliminal Recorder / Mixer
Powerful Wav Editor with 14 Effects
Text to Speech Recorder
CD to Wav Extractor to save songs from CD’s
MP3 to Wav Encoder/Decoder
NEW SoundScape Creator
Screen Strobe Light for Hypnosis
Online Subliminal Audio Center



The Most Advanced Easy To Use Subliminal Recorder On The Market!

Our Subliminal Software makes recording subliminal messages easy.Step by step instructions to make your own subliminal CD’s or MP3’s in just minutes. Includes Lifetime Membership to our Online Subliminal Audio Center. Integrated 8 track SoundScape Creator for Custom Backgrounds. Integrated MP3 Encoder for making Subliminal MP3’s. Integrated Text to Speech Recorder! Integrated Audio Editor! Integrated CD to Wav Extractor!

 Subliminal Recording System X1 Does it all! This is the ONLY Subliminal recording software you will EVER need! Simply the most effective most tested and most developed Subliminal Recording System on the market.

Your Complete Subliminal Recording Studio!

Create Traditional Subliminal Masking Recordings!

Create Silent Subliminal Messages!

Create Stereo Confusion Recordings!

Create Self Hypnosis Recordings!

Create Subliminal MP3’s for your Portable Devices!

Create Subliminal Ringtones!

Including our own Silent Subliminal Frequency Shifting Technology!

Also built in features such as EQ’s, Brain Wave Generator, Frequency Shifting and a Auto Leveling System!

New Stereo Spectrogram. Now you can see that your Subliminal Messages are still there!

New Spectrum Display Options

This system has everything you need to easily make subliminal recordings. Complete with built in MP3 Encoder, Mp3 to Wav Decoder, Binaural Beat Brain Wave Generators, Text to Speech, Audio Editor, CD to Wav Extractor, Screen Strobe Light and Equalizer on each channel makes this the most power packed package on the market hands down!


Integrated Text to Speech Recorder!
No need for a microphone simply enter your messages as text then the computer will speak them while you record it to a wave file you can use as your voice track! Of course you can still record your voice with a microphone but for those of you that do not like using one this is just what you need!

Unlike other recording programs this is the only one made specifically for subliminal recording making it easier than ever to make your very own Subliminal Recordings.


You can make any type of Subliminal recording as well as any type of Self Hypnosis recordings! Burn them to Cd’s or encode them as MP3’s!





Create Subliminal MP3 Files for your Cell Phone.


We have included 60 sound files for you to use to make your SoundScapes so the possibilities are endless! You want a little rain, wind chimes and thunder simply load the files into the mixer then record them into 1 file you can use as your new background. Simple Easy and FUN!


I purchased the Subliminal Recording System in hopes to provide my wife that little added encouragement to take the next step in our sex life. It wasnt more than a couple of weeks after I started playing the silent tracks while she cooked and while she slept that she started to warm up to the idea of bringing other people into our sex life. Her interest did not diminish even when I stopped playing the tracks. Although she was not totally against the concept, she was reluctant to take the first step until I purchased SRS. I figured, if this was going to work I should try to put a few hints in the message that would take it even further. WOW, was I surprised on our first meeting on how she responded and what she allowed. Her mind is SO much more open to these new experiences than previously.
I just started using the software again to see if she would respond even more. Its only been 24 hours but she has already started to mention finding a new boyfriend, which was one of the messages in the recording. The other messages involve allowing her new lover access to her that only a husband is typically granted. She has not yet mentioned this BUT she did mention having a dream about it. This stuff really works. I suspect results vary based on the individual and my wife is the type that tends to believe what she hears.


I really like the subject program.
Am noticing an improvement in my health and mental outlook.
For example in one area – – –
Due to 60 years of smoking it became nessessary to use suppliment oxygen.
I still use an oxygen suppliment but my pulsox readings have increased from
81.2 to 89.6. Eventually I expect to rejuvinate all lung cells and become free 
of the tube and generator machine. (I QUIT smoking about 4 years ago.)
Thank you for a wonderful product!

I can finally create powerful Subliminal Recordings and actually know whats in them! This system you made is simply wonderful! Keep up the great work!
R. Tildson


I personally stopped smoking with the mp3’s I have made. My wife lost 27 pounds listening to the cd she made. This is a great program.
Thank you,


After getting your program I’ll never buy another self-help cd again. Now that I make my own my friends even want them!
Awesome program,
Sam T. McCollum

The possibilities are endless!!!
Start a new business while helping yourself!

Order Today and Receive Our Subliminal Visualizer Absolutely FREE!! A 49.95 Value!Flashes Subliminal Messages On Your Computer Screen!!!

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This system includes the following:

 Complete Recording Software Package Including :
Subliminal Recording Mixer, Brain Wave Generator, Text to Speech Recorder, MP3 Encoder and MP3 to Wav Decoder, CD Extractor, SoundScape Creator and Strobe Light in one Power Packed Package!

Step by Step Recording Guide
 370 Professional Written Subliminal Messages in 35 Categories or Use Your Own Also receive free access to our Online Subliminal Audio Center where you can upload download and share files with other SRS users!Simply put this is the most advanced Subliminal Recording System on the market. Anyone can easily make professional customized Subliminal recordings in just minutes!

“Most Subliminal cd’s being sold today have been made with the Subliminal Recording System. With the Subliminal market booming this is a great time to make some extra money using our system. You can easily create Subliminal Cd’s and MP3’s to sell on your website or ebay as well as other sites. Why not make some money while helping yourself” 



Thats right for the price of just 1 Custom CD you can have what it takes to make hundreds of subliminal cd’s!

Use them for yourself or make CD’S or MP3’s to sell to others.

Order Today and Receive Our Subliminal Visualizer Absolutely FREE!! A 49.95 Value!

This is such a small price to pay for such a life changing program. Plus I always get free upgrades! Best 90 bucks I’ve ever spent. Keep up the great work guys, I simply love all of your programs!

Click Here for System Requirements

Just wanted to say you have a great program. Once I got it I started selling cd’s on ebay, the first day I made my money back and now on my way to some good profits. Thank for your help and awesome program.


Order Today and we will also add 2 Royalty Free Background CD’s you can add messages to and sell them. 120 mins worth of Royalty free music!

NOTE : Both program files and background music can also be burnt to a CD for backup once your download is complete.

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Subliminal Message Software – Make your own subliminal audio cd’s fast and easy

Review of PrimalAttractionActivationSystem  » sales1

Review of PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1

Review of PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1

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Review of PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1

Product Name: PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1

Click here to get PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1 at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1:



You see, the goal of every living organism is to survive and replicate.

To achieve this goal each species has develop a unique set of mechanisms that allow them to survive and replicate in the most efficient way possible.

So we humans have evolved a mechanism inside our brains over millions of years of evolution that allow us to survive and replicate in the most efficient way possible.

And right now our advances in science, technology and consciousness have allowed us to become aware of this mechanism and control it.

Enough studies have been made about what humans find attractive in their partners, and enough data has been collected. Now we understand exactly how and why the attraction mechanim In women works. And this system shows you how to actiavte it, so that every women feels raw primal attraction for you.

What If You Could Have Precision, Predictability And Control When It Comes To Getting And Enjoying Hot Women?

This system gives you the magic bullet for attracting women in an easy step by step way for any man to start using it.

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Brad Pitt, George Clooney , Hank Moody, Ashton Kutscher, Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder, Craig Ferguson nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hank Moody, Ashton Kutscher, Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder, Craig Ferguson.

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old. We take your privacy very seriously.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While our informational products are founded on years of research and development, individual results are based on a variety of factors and will vary significantly by individual. In no way are our products intended to function as or replace counseling received from a licensed professional. Testimonials we receive from our clients are authentic, however their experiences and results achieved should not be viewed as typical.

NOTICES: This material is for for ADULTS ONLY Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing The Primal Attraction Activation System. I am at least 18 years of age.The explicit material on the videos and audio is for my own personal use and I will not expose minors to the material. I desire to receive/view explicit material.I believe that as an adult it is my inalienable right to receive/view explicit material.The viewing, reading and downloading of such explicit materials does not violate the standards of my community, town, city, state or country.I am solely responsible for any false disclosures or legal ramifications of viewing, reading or downloading any material in this site. Furthermore this website nor its affiliates will be held responsible for any legal ramifications arising from fraudulent entry into or use of this website.I agree that by viewing the videos, I am subjecting myself and any business entity of which I have any legal or equitable interest to the personal jurisdiction of the State of California should any dispute arise at any time between this website and myself and/or such business entity.This warning page constitutes a legal agreement between this website and you and/or any business in which you have any legal or equitable interest. If any portion of this agreement is deemed unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction it shall not affect the enforceability of the other portions of the agreement.The videos and images on the videos and all the advice therein is intended to be used by responsible adults to provide education and to provide entertainment.your order is YOUR responsibility. If you’ve read and fully understand the above agreement, and you affirm and swear that viewing/downloading/receiving explicit materials does not violate the standards of your community, that you won’t make any of the materials available to minors in any form, that you believe it is your constitutional right to view these materials, that you are wholly liable for any legal ramifications that may arise for your receiving or viewing of these materials and that you are over the age of 18…If you do not agree exit immediately. p>PRIMAL ATTRACTION ACTIVATION SYSTEM

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PrimalAttractionActivationSystem » sales1

Review of Clear Congruent Communication

Review of Clear Congruent Communication

Review of Clear Congruent Communication

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Review of Clear Congruent Communication

Product Name: Clear Congruent Communication

Click here to get Clear Congruent Communication at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Clear Congruent Communication:

Let me run a couple of scenarios by you and let’s see if they sound familiar. You are in a meeting with your boss, your bosses’ boss and your team members. You have been tasked with a cool project, one that you know you can absolutely kill and take next level, one you have been waiting years to be assigned. Then there’s that moment when you’re asked to present your ideas. And you go COMPLETELY BLANK! The room goes silent and chills run up and down your spine. People are staring at you and you are LOST. You feel incompetent and start speaking gibberish. And there goes your big chance. That’s one use case. How about all the times you were asked to put your personal matters and dreams on hold and instead of saying “NO” you gave in putting yourself on the backburner. STOP THESE STORIES! I had similar experiences until I discovered that self-sabotage was totally avoidable. You are closer than ever to discovering the ONE SECRET to effective communication that will dramatically change your professional and personal life.

Early in my career I bought into the idea that working yourself into a stupor is a sign of loyalty, brilliance and the key to self-worth. Yes, this was great for the company I worked for and not so great for my mental and physical health.

And this was my problem for years, way before I entered the work place. I suffered from low to non-existent self-esteem. I had a little voice inside screaming at me that I was always less than, that I would never amount to anything in life. I was in constant competition with that voice, being defensive with it, telling it how wrong it was and not being able to take my words into action.

This voice negatively impacted relationships with colleagues and partners. Office and dating life was toxic. Everything I said or did was “wrong” and the frustration led to layoffs and breakups. This was a constant cycle of self-abuse. I didn’t realize until years later that my lack of success and my faulty self-esteem were deeply rooted in an inability to communicate.

I’m thankful that a co-worker took the time to put me on the path toward self-development. I FINALLY began to understand that my internal concepts and beliefs were blocking me from realizing my full potential. The FREEDOM was INCREDIBLE. Once I began applying the techniques, everything started improving! I was no longer invisible at work. I got a raise and eventually a new job for THOUSANDS more than I was asking for! My social life kicked into high gear. I met and married the love of my life. All because I learned the ONE essential element to communication we all need to be successful. My journey toward a full understanding of the power of congruent communication took many years and some trial and error and in the end, it has been the greatest achievement of my life. I want my path, my achievements, to be yours!

The approaches you are about to be exposed to will put you on a path toward unmitigated success. There is no prerequisite learnings, no courses in leadership to take that will set you back thousands of dollars (and they don’t work), no changes to be made to your emotions or mood – you can stay true to yourself because you are MAGNIFICENT! The trick is developing total conception and comprehension of the concepts. This is knowledge that, once completely accepted, will enable you to start communicating those truths to the world!

Make no mistake – I’m offering you an entirely new way of being with and seeing the world. This is a 3-step-model of clear, congruent communication with yourself, with others and with your environment. Focussing on all three areas allows for a holistic understanding of your communication style and, most importantly, of yourself. As soon as you start changing the way you think about yourself, changing the way you are talking with and about yourself, you will experience a huge positive shift in your interactions with others as well as your self-esteem. And this is just the start. You will learn how to react to other people’s arguments without getting defensive and how to remain calm and objective in any situation. Once you get these techniques down, congruent communication will run on autopilot.

Contact us with any questions at

Copyright © 2017 ClearCongruentCommunication. All Rights Reserved.

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Clear Congruent Communication

Review of Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women

Review of Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women

Review of Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women

Click here for bigger image

Review of Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women

Product Name: Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women

Click here to get Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women:

By Claire Casey
Author of Language of Desire

“He might break up with me” is almost never a good reason for not dating, but it’s an especially bad idea for this particular reason…

By Carlos Cavallo
Author of Passion Phrases

It’s often a complete mystery to us when someone we like starts showing interest in us. It feels great, of course, but it’s still such a crazy random thing that we feel like we’re lucky it happened.

By James Bauer
Author of The Secret Love Instinct

Dating is weird. In some ways, it seems so simple. Find someone you like and spend time with them. In other ways, it’s incredibly complex. Let’s explore one of those more complex elements.

By Carlos Xuma
Author of Dating Tips for Guys

Most men are terrified of talking to women because they think they’ll be written off as a needy chump who wants something from her.

Not even getting the perfect relationship can guarantee you’ll have enough. Couples who’ve been together for years don’t always feel loved the way they’d hoped.

Jonathan Hudson from The Girlfriend Activation System reveals 3 steps to turn a “cold” woman hot for you. He’ll teach you how to find your strength and confidence so that you naturally exude masculinity.

According to him, being a great ‘catch’ and how to make her feel like you are of value and someone she should want to ‘work to win over’ is very important…

There’s so much fantastic information in my mini-course that everyone is asking me how I can be giving this away for free! Let me tell you, even if you’ve read everything out there on relationships (like I have!), you’ll STILL be astounded at these valuable insights.

(and some fantastic free bonuses ONLY for my newsletter subscribers) by signing up today!

Sign up here to receive the Meet Your Sweet the 6-Part Attraction Secrets Introductory Course

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Welcome to Meetyoursweet – Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women

Review of Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists

Review of Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists

Review of Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists

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Review of Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists

Product Name: Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists

Click here to get Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists:

Well, My ex and I are talking a little bit more now. He text me yesterday and said that he missed me. He also told me he still loves me. And we have a date this Friday…

Hi there! Wishing you a very happy Christmas too! Thank you so much for your help, your ideas really managed to open my eyes and to see you from another perspective!!i never used to think of it that way. I have learned a lot about myself too, and i now know how to speak to him whilst keeping in control of the situation at the same time. My ex and i had a long distance relationship and he is flying over to see me here in England to try and sort all this mess out!Regards and many thanks.

I downloaded your book and me and my ex talked for an hour and a half. IT was the first time we talked since November of last year! I followed the instructions in the book and am happy with the fact that we were able to just talk even though no progress was made as far as getting back together yet. She is still living with her boyfriend, but I feel like we broke part of the wall between us..If this book helps me to get her back, I will drive to Arkansas and personally shake your hand! So, on that note, hopefully I’ll see ya soon!

thanks for all you help and encouraging words,quotes and what to do. He proposed and we are finally married thank you very much.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help! Your book is amazing and got my man and I back together within a few weeks of reading it. Now to clarify, it had already been some time since we had even spoken to each other, and I was really starting to miss him. I read your instructions very carefully and fallowed them to the tee, and it worked! … I could not have done it without you! We are now blissfully celebrating are Birthdays together, and are even planning a beach getaway just us two…Thank you sooooo much!!!

Get Instant Access Right Now

DUUDE ITS WORKING MAN. After a few weeks of being cool and ok with it, i said we should be friends, and now shes saying im going to give you another chance to get to know me, and if im paying attention to her like i said i would, then ill find the right time to ask her out… thank you !!!

Just started to use all the advice in the book. So far so good! Mostly with the self esteem and self confidence as i am only on day 2 of no contact! It has been working wonders for my self image.Buy the book, the read will make you feel better and when you want to reach out asking your ex what went wrong read the book again. You are the prize.

I am happy to report that my Ex and I are now happily back together. I have to say it was effortlessly done! I thank you for all of your great information.!

I have just downloaded the materials from the website. I am eager to read and learn.I ALREADY HAVE WONDERFUL NEWS!!Just from the video via your website, before attaining the reading materials, I talked with my ex yesterday for 40 MINUTES!! It has been months since we have talked that long like friends. He even hinted around that we could have a future together. MY ATTITUDE WAS DIFFERENT!! I WAS FRIENDLY AND ACTED LIKE THE BREAKUP IS OK!! Thanks for the free advice and I can’t wait to get to reading!! I’ll keep in touch.!

Get Instant Access Right Now

well it tool some time but i got my girl back. she pretty [much] got down on her hands and knees coming back to me thanks buddy.!

Just wanted to let you know your advice is so rational and so sound… At such a horrible and tough time it is reassuring to read the correct way to handle yourself and go about respecting someone’s wishes (a breakup) but at the same time try to get them back. A lot of people don’t realize how simple and easy it is, patience is a virtue and because of you … I am now dating the love of my life again, we were together for 4 years, split for only 2 1/2 months and are now back together. I did what you… told me was the ONLY option and it worked. If it is true love and meant to be, your advice is impossible not to work. Thanks for the guidance. You’re a good man!.!

got him back we were married again on the 25th of January …

I have good news,my ex did get back with me!She said to me the guy she went out with before was a cover up and she was lying to herself the whole time.Thanks for the support. …

Get Instant Access Right Now

And If You Don’t Act Fast And Now,You Could Be In Jeopardy Of Losing All Those Years or Even Decades Of Future Memories And Warm Moments Forever.

© 2018 Exback Specialists | Disclaimer

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Gender – CB – Ex Back Specialists

Review of Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates

Review of Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates

Review of Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates

Click here for bigger image

Review of Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates

Product Name: Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates

Click here to get Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates:

©2017 Family Tree Counseling Associates | Designed & Powered by PICS

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Page not found – Family Tree Counseling Associates

Review of Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back

Review of Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back

Review of Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back

Click here for bigger image

Review of Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back

Product Name: Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back

Click here to get Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Win Back Love: Win Back The Love Of Your Life | Get Your Ex Back:

Thousands have already used these potent secrets to get back a lost love…

Even if you feel hopeless, even if your lover is resistant,
even if your true love is distant… even if you are the only one trying to work it out….

…You Can Win Back The Love Of Your Life, Right Now!

Dear Broken Relationship Sufferer,

Are you lying awake at night beating yourself up with what-ifs and desperately searching for a way to get your ex back?

Being apart from the one you love is one of the most painful ordeals you can ever face.

More than anything else, don’t you just want to stop the pain, get your ex back, and be together with your true love?

That’s where I come in. My name is Annalyn Caras and I’m a former sufferer of broken relationships. I know exactly how you feel all too well,
because I’ve been in your shoes and walked down the same road.

You see, just a few years ago, the love of my life left me. The emotions I was feeling then were probably similar to what you are feeling right now.
Pain. Confusion. Sorrow. Disappointment. Even anger.

That’s a nice way of putting it. In truth, I was a mess.

It felt like someone or something was constantly pulling on my heart, and the stress and anxiety was relentless.

And no matter how hard I tried not to, I couldn’t help replaying everything in my mind, trying to figure out a way to make it all right again.

It’s like you wish you could just wake up and discover it was all just a bad dream!

You just want to stop the pain, and find the inner peace you so desperately deserve.

The worst part is, your desperate attempts to get back your ex and be together again actually make the distance between you even worse.

Read on to discover how I resolved my problem and how you can get your ex back and be together again. You CAN be with your true love and have the relationship of your dreams.

The big problem is that people who suffer from a heart breaking breakup are receiving bad advice, including a lot of bogus myths, by all the so-called experts.

Perhaps you’ve been unknowingly making many of these mistakes. That may very well be the problem if you have you been trying to get back together but just haven’t been able to break through and make it happen?

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? If you keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned – you’d be silly to think the next time you touch that hot stove you won’t get burned again right?
That’s why you need to try something different.

Thanks for all your tips and helping me stop the mistakes I was making. I have a date with her finally and I’ll use your ideas to hopefully win her back

The Biggest Breakup Mistakes Mini-Ecourse will detail exactly what NOT to do right now. The rest of this letter will reveal what you SHOULD DO instead, so you can get your ex back, and share a beautiful relationship with the love of your life right now!

When you are going through a breakup, you have no idea how to make it right. You’ve got this pit in the bottom of your stomach and you have no way to relieve it.

Believe me I know. I’ve been there and it’s not fun. It’s like you don’t know which way to turn or what to do. You only know that you desperately want to get back together. Somehow. Someway.

I decided I had to do something. And so I bought book after book looking for a way to get my ex back. Somehow I needed to ease the pain in my heart.

So I kept on reading these self help books. But it’s like…

Unfortunately these books do not provide the answers to your biggest problem – how to get back together with your lost love. I just wanted to get my ex back! Some books were mystical or vague and didn’t seem to offer any concrete answers.

Some books are so bogged down in heavy theory they didn’t answer my biggest questions. In fact, they didn’t answer the biggest question of all; How can I get back together with my true love? I just want to get my ex back!

Do you ever feel that none of these “gurus” tell you the answers to the questions you really have?

None of them can tell you the answer to your biggest problems.

None of them can tell you why your futile attempts at getting back together with your ex only seemed to make matters worse?

None of them can tell you how to stop the terrible feelings you have inside that are tearing you apart so that you can be happy again?

None of them can tell you how to relieve the heartache and loneliness and the persistent thoughts about your ex that are keeping you awake at night.

None of them can tell you the answer to the biggest question of all: How can you get your ex back?

Luckily, I discovered a secret strategy used to bring back lost lovers. I’ve seen it in action for years without even realizing it.

But once I discovered how these amazing tactics work to get back your ex, I devoted myself to learning as much as I could about these amazing strategies. I began practicing these potent techniques every day using myself as my own guinea pig….

Instantly, I found peace.

Sleeping was no longer a problem. I was sleeping every night like a baby.

I felt the joy that comes from knowing your ex will come back to you.

And that’s exactly what happened. My love and I solved our problems with ease, and getting back together happened so naturally it was almost as if we were never apart. Like the whole episode never happened.

Thanks to these brilliant strategies, we enjoyed a new and even stronger relationship than we had ever had before.

For years now, I’ve shared these simple secret strategies with others, and I’ve made a few tweaks along the way to improve it. I’m so grateful to have learned these secret strategies because it enabled me to find my true love, build upon a beautiful relationship, and enjoy sustained happiness with my love that has never wavered.

You can get your ex back. Isn’t it time to feel that peace and happiness in your heart again?

Discover Win Back Love, the simple-yet-proven system to win back the love of your life.

I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly – your situation is NOT hopeless. You CAN get your ex back now.

I’ll lay it all out for you, step by step, so you can
stop your break up or divorce. Put an end to your lover’s rejection and Win Back The One You Love…

You see, I’ve just completed a new resource called Win Back Love that gives you a potent step-by-step blueprint from breakup to make up. It’s different than anything else you’ve ever seen about getting your ex back and creating and continuously strengthening an unbreakable bond. This program has taken several years to develop.

How to stop making the mistakes that are driving your ex away from you (and you may not even realize it).

Get your ex to do whatever you want them to do without uttering a single word. This is one of the biggest relationship secrets around! (Chapter 16)

Discover how to make your ex think about you constantly while you are apart.

How to reverse the roles so that you are the “rejecter” and your ex is the “rejected.”

The 7 critical Do’s and Don’ts that are critical in getting your ex back.

How to get your ex to initiate contact with you!

Discover how to infuse energy and intimacy into your new relationship and be closer than ever before.

The one thing we instinctively fail to do that hurts ourselves more than our ex. (Ch. 4).

How to create and maintain a mystery about you that pulls your beloved to you like a magnet. This strategy works and instantly creates an attraction to you, which is critical to your reconciliation.

Get through your breakup with your heart intact.

What to do if you run into your ex while one of you is on a date!

How to drive your ex back to you no matter what the circumstances are.

Set in motion an action plan which takes advantage of your strengths and improves your weaknesses.

How your friends can work to your advantage or disadvantage. Knowing this one fact can eliminate problems before they happen. Discover how your friends can help you get back with your ex!

“I think that your technique is pure magic. I tried the techniques and believe me, it had an instantaneous effect. Next day onwards the volley of messages that I received and the number of missed calls, was not even funny. While just about a couple of weeks back, this guy would feign ignorance about my messages, now he himself was sending dozens.

He went out of station for three days and when he came back he sounded desperate and on the verge of tears, literally begging me to meet him. (And I am neither smug nor happy relating this. As I told you, I am very sensitive and cant see him upset for a second). Inspite of being very busy, I accepted to meet. And guess what?!! The guy almost cried when he told me how much he had missed me in the previous three days and how he had realised that I was one person who just had to be around all the time and with whom he NEEDS to be in touch all the time.

Then he wanted me to promise him that come whatever may, I would never break the lines of communication with him, EVER. I did not give the promise and told him that we needed to talk and thrash out a lot of things before I would feel comfortable doing it. HE immediately accepted to talk, whereas earlier he would start shouting the moment I would as much as mention the word talk. And we talked.

So, we are in a happy situation right now and I am hoping to be able to act properly on the final strategic part of your book. He also mentioned that I have grown much maturer and emotionally stronger in the past few weeks !!!!

I wish I had read your book earlier. I would have saved myself from so much of hurt and agony.

But better late than never and this is what I would like to tell all your readers. DONT GIVE UP. Try Annalyn’s suggestions sincerely, at least once. You must have done a thousand things, so let this be 1001th thing that you do for your love.

Dear, dear Annalyn, I wish I could give you a hug for what you have done for me. I hope we go from strength to strength from here and our love flourishes just the way I think it is meant to.

“I just wanted to give my thanks and appreciation for you and your fantastic system. Before ordering the program
I was very down due to the fact that my long-time boyfriend had broken up with me. I bought Win Back Love and by the end of Step 1, my light went on.
I could see this was going to work. The best part is I didn’t have to trick him or play any immature games. He came back to me a lot sooner than
I expected. We’re now together again and very happy.Thank you so much!!”

Cheryl Davis
New York City, NY

“Thanks for such a great book. I knew after reading it that it would work. I put the plan in motion and it didn’t even take a week for things to turn around. She called me late last night
and we talked for hours. She said she wants to be together with me again. I’m just thrilled right now. We’re going out tonight and I feel strongly that we will get back together.
I’m going to do what you suggest to make sure we get back on the right foot so this never happens again.
Thank you so much.

Henderson, NV

How to get your ex to appreciate you, without saying a word! (Chapter 15)

How to truly heal and ensure harmony in all your relationships.

How to enjoy complete peace of mind even if you are apart

Exactly what you should do and say during public encounters, phone conversations, and more.

How To Get your ex to initiate contact with you. This can be the first step towards getting your ex back.

10 ways to re-attract your lover (Chapter 18)

How to successfully take your relationship from breakup to makeup so you can get back with your ex and share a beautiful, rewarding relationship.

How to easily work out problems to ensure that your “new” relationship with your true love will not be derailed by previous problems.

How to stop continuously thinking and obsessing about your lost love?

13 ways to ensure your new relationship not only survives but enriches your lives and is beneficial to you both.

The one absolutely crucial thing you must do every year to ensure a healthy relationship. This amazing strategy was revealed to me by a woman who was married for over 40 years!

A simple, yet powerful, 7-Step Strategy to get your ex back. You can win back your true love in 21 days or less.

Much, much, more!! In all, over 100 information-packed pages of ideas, principles, and strategies to help you get your lover back!

You won’t find these potent, relationship-saving ideas and strategies anywhere.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to get your lover to do exactly what you want?

What makes this simple and effective strategy so amazing is that it is NOT based on trickery or manipulation that doom a relationship. Your love will truly want to do what you want them to – for themselves and for you.

With Win Back Love, you get a complete, detailed step-by-step blueprint
for success to bring you back together with the love of your life. No hype, no B.S., no gimmicks. Just the FACTS you
need to get your ex back now right now.

Even if you’re still “together” but are facing problems, I can show you what you need to do to return the love and openness to your relationship.

Enjoy a beautiful and exciting and rewarding relationship with the love of your life. Be the soul mates you were destined to be.
I know it can happen for you, because it has worked for so many people just like you.

However, I don’t expect you to believe me until you see even more proof. Don’t just take my word for it – check out these real-life success stories.

“Hi, Annalyn!!
Just wanted to let you know my experience after reading you e-book. My husband had been gone for 9 weeks.
He’s now been back for one week! For the first 5 weeks, I made ALL of the mistakes you mentioned and then some. After
reading your book and newletters, I took your advice and ….

….He had even talked about buying a house of his own.
I thought for sure he’d never come back. Then, BOOM!! out of the blue he tells me he’s been missing being home.
He said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, it’s working.”
He asked me to go to lunch that same day!! That night he called me and asked if he could come home. He says he realizes what he left behind.

Please tell your readers to not give up!! Don’t necessarily judge the situation by the way it looks. Believe me,
my situation looked grim, but I hung in there. I felt that as long as there was love in my heart for him,
I was not going to give up on my marriage. Your newletter about not giving up hope really hit home. Especially the
part when you said that ______, …I knew he could again. Things are going great now.
We’re taking it slow, but certainly moving forward. Thanks again and again for the great advice.

Your fan forever, Christine

Ashville, NC

“Thank God for your program. After our bitter breakup I did not think there was any chance for us to ever be together again.
But the impossible happened, a few weeks later she called and said she wanted to get back together. I give your book all the credit
in the world for that. Everything was so easy to understand it was not hard to follow at all. I can’t thank you enough for the impact
you have had in my life.”

Josh Wilcox
Phoenix, AZ

“I bought the ebook and implemented the plan. I had not had contact with him for 14 days after making many of the biggest break-up mistakes.
Three days after I “planted the seed” he came over and said he wanted to get back together!! We are currently working
though the problems that led to our break-up and I feel that we will have a much stronger, happier relationship now.
Thank you so much!! Well worth the cost!!”

“Well, can I just say “perfect”? I am at a loss of words here because reading the ebook brought me so close to tears that
I could barely handle it. I could picture myself doing all the DON’Ts given in the book. I feel so “been there, done that”
and I can only say, I shouldn’t have. The ebook is very comprehensive and “enlightening” and is spot on. I especially like
the way it has been presented – the personal touch added by the stories is great and it lets me connect to what’s being said.
What I had read till now was “do this, do that” but your ebook was “do EXACTLY this and do EXACTLY that” and that is powerful.
The book is powerful, engrossing and very very spot on”

Sagar Mehta
Bhopal, India

“I had been trying for months to get back with my boyfriend but he didn’t want much to do with me. I was almost ready to give up
when I found your book. Things changed very quickly after that. We started going on dates and yesterday we got back together.
I did take your advice for resolving old problems and I really think we have done that. I’ve been smiling all day! I’m so glad I found you. I only
wish I had found you sooner.”

“I’m ashamed to say I cheated on my husband about a year ago. It was a one time thing, not that that justifies it. My husband found out and left me.
I never blamed him because I deserved it. But I never forgave myself for my mistake and I never stopped loving him.
I got the book and started carrying out the ideas. I was just doing it because even if I never got back together with him, it would
help me to be a better person. But lo and behold he did call me a few days ago out of the blue, just like you said he would. I hadn’t spoken with him
in months before that. We’re going out tonight and for the first time since we split up I have hope we can start again. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

“I, too, have read a lot of books on relationships, but never have I come across such an in-depth, step-by-step course of
action for getting through a breakup! Even if the ultimate result isn’t a reunion, it gives you a plan to follow, which at
that time is so hard to do for yourself. Awesome, just awesome.”

Lisa Preston
Ontario, Canada

“She has been extremely firm about not wanting to get back together. No matter what I did I could not get through or do
anything to bring her back. Once I started reading your book the light bulb came on. I tried some of the strategies and I
was amazed at how well they worked. A week later she called me and said she wanted for us to be together again. I can’t tell you
how happy this has made me. And we are starting off on the right foot now thanks to you.”

Dave C
Dallas, TX

“Me and my sweetheart had been apart for so long I wasn’t sure if he ever even thought about me anymore. I took a few of
the things I learned from the book and tried them out and guess what? He called me!!! I couldn’t believe it when he told
me how much he’s missed me all this time because that is just how I have felt. We are going out soon and I’m so excited!”

Gina Rodriguez
Fresno, CA

“My boyfriend and I broke up when he moved away. He did not want a long term relationship. I really thought it was over.
I never imagined in a thousand years we would get back together, but we are. I learned so much from your book about my
boyfriend and myself. The lines of communication have opened up and every day we are having long talks. I feel we know
each other so intimately now and I really think we are going to last forever. He’s coming back today and I can’t wait to
see him!”

Melissa Decesare

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On the other hand, if Win Back Love helps you get your ex back, bring back your lost love, and your relationship feels stronger than ever before, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved – and tell all your friends about it too. Sound fair?

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Yes, I Want To Download The Win Back Love System Now

Here’s a few of the many nice messages I’ve received. I hope to add yours to the list soon 🙂

“Brought my love back to me…”

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and an awesome and safe new year.

Well, she came back.. she’s even moved back in, it was as sudden as when she left!

I just wanted to say, with the almost endless amount of so-called “relationship tips” and
“quick fix” books on getting your partner back that are out there, your book is truly a shining star,
one that guided me right back into the arms of my baby. She had gotten with another guy, she had even
taken off her wedding ring! I thought for sure it was over for good. But I followed the steps outlined
in your book, and even though at times, I acted on emotion and almost ruined my chances of reconciliation,
the guidance in this book saved me countless times, and, eventually, brought my love back to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your book proves that there’s hope for anyone going through this painful situation.

I hope 2009 is a wonderful and prosperous year for you.

“Back together with my man…”

Firstly I would like to thank you very much for all the good tips you have given me, I am proud to say they have
help me a lot because I am back together with my man and we are doing well. Please keep up the good work you are the best!!!!

Download The Win Back Love System Now

Divorced but back together now!!

Hey, Wow.
Your sh*t works!
I was divorced for over a year and your information helped me win back the love of my life…
And made me a better guy.

For the perspective AND the guidance.
I’m thinking God helped me find you and I thank Him for you too –

“You just changed somebodies life…”

omg thank you soooo much really u have no idea how much youve help me
you should know that you just changed somebodies life for better and thats
something you should be proud

God bless you and thank you sooo much

Download The Win Back Love System Now

Celebrating a renewed relationship

We have reconciled and are celebrating a renewed relationship. Thank you for your help.

Something I thought was hopeless bacame true love

Just want to thank you for being there for me when I needed good advice to
get my love back. I try everything that you had said. It was so Hard for
me because it was like breaking a real bad habit. My actions and everything
I was doing was what drove my sweetheart away from me. When he left I felt
if I was going to die. But you were there, and step by step you help me to
get out of my depression. It was not easy it was very very hard but I did
it. Then he started to call me and we started dating again and with time
he moved back in. And now his talking about marriage. I am very happy
thank you for everything. Something I thought hopeless became true love.

We both understand each other better, more trust
and we both started to go church together help us out a lot. We started to
give each other space we needed with out thinking wrong about each other why
because of open communication.

Thanks again may GOD bless your book so you keep on saving those marriages.

Download The Win Back Love System Now

“He is so sorry… can’t believe he ever broke up with me”

I followed your advice and it worked. We are back together exclusively and I cant thank you enough. He is so sorry, loves me sooo much, can’t believe he ever broke up with me and blah blah blah….I am on cloud nine thanks to your book.

Thanks again for teaching me how to be smart when I was dumped. Your book is FANTASTIC.

Back together after 3 week break up

Thanks a great deal!! My ex is back since a month ago and the break-up lasted about 3 weeks. All your tips were helpful!! God bless.

Download The Win Back Love System Now

Hi Annalyn, – I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you for all you did for me this past year.

He did come back to me and we’re together again. We are having the time of our lives and we’re enjoying every minute together. It’s hard to believe sometimes that just a couple months ago we were not together. I wasn’t sure if we would ever be together again but i had faith. Thanks for helping me through a very rough time and for helping us get together again.

Getting Married After 3 Years Apart!!

I got my boyfriend. There were many more misunderstanding between us. And now when we met on the road, he asked me
wheather i go to dinner with him? And when we went in dinner with him then we started talking about our past. Then do
u know what?he again propose me and I said yes to him. He was again back with me because he was my love only mine.
I got him again after 3 yrs and now I won’t leave him and neither he will.

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Yes Annalyn, I want to start winning back my lost love right now, and begin again, the right way! Let’s get started:

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