Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

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Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

Product Name: Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

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Description of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips:

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Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

Review of Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!

Review of Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!

Review of Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!

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Review of Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!

Product Name: Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!

Click here to get Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!:

Cancel YOURSELF inside any time. 60 Day Zero risk guarantee.

New, focussed content added every week!

“Every now and then I see something in the Video space that makes me go WOW! “

“Jules is a bonafide EXPERT .. and he creates very ENGAGING modules. It’s a lot of fun!”

“Jules is a master at communicating and condensing his years and years of Video experience.”

Cancel YOURSELF inside any time. 60 Day Moneyback guarantee.

Got a question? [email protected]

My work has been featured on …

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A ‘Super Shot’ training from inside iVideo Hero to BOOST your Video!

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Ivideo Hero – Make Incredible Videos With Your Iphone!

Review of The Lucky Landlord

Review of The Lucky Landlord

Review of The Lucky Landlord

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Review of The Lucky Landlord

Product Name: The Lucky Landlord

Click here to get The Lucky Landlord at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Lucky Landlord:

Let me just make one thing very clear right now. I’m
not about to promise you a fortune. I’m not going to dazzle you with glossy photos of sports cars and
white sand beaches and I am NOT promising to make you a millionaire.

These so called “pro
tipsters” and “betting experts” promise you more than £150,000 in a
single year of betting and that, quite honestly, is ludicrous!
These scammers paint a picture that, in just a couple of weeks, you’ll be in Thailand,
swinging in a hammock and sipping a cold Pina Cola as your betting profits come in
Well quite frankly that is a load of horse sh*t!

Just like anything in life you have to work for your money.

But luckily for you,
with my unique method you will be able to take a few shortcuts.

So let’s forget the marketing hype and patronising sales pitch and get straight down to
I know you want more money. I know you want to pay your bills and take care of your family and so I’m
here to help.

But before we go any further, let me just say that if you’re looking to make £10,000 per
week then this service is not for you.
I’m only looking to share my method with intelligent, down-to-earth people and I have no time for
When you join me today, I’ll show you how to make money from betting in just 10 minutes
each morning, so you can keep your day job and get on with your normal life.
How does that sound?

Hi, I’m Dave Evans.
Husband, father and pub landlord in Leicestershire.
I’ve always been interested in horse racing, as well as a number of other sports. In fact,
most days I have Sky Sports on in the pub from open til close.
But horse racing has always been afavourite of mine. As a lad, I’d often go to the
Leicester Racecourse with my old man. Then, from the week of my 18th birthday, I was following
him to the bookies and betting on the nags. In fact, my first stake was a birthday present from
my dad – and it won! From that moment I was hooked for life.
Over the years that followed I had a lot of luck at the bookies. Often friends would come to me
for a lucky tip. Sometimes I’d deliver, but I’d lose quite often too.
It wasn’t until I opened the pub 15 years ago that my luck really began to change.

As we’re situated nearby the racecourse,
we’d frequently have jockeys and racing insiders pay a visit to our modest watering hole
for a cold pint after a race. But as you and I both know, there’s
no such thing as “just one drink”!
So, afternoon beers would turn into evening whiskey, which would turn into a private lock-in…
And time and time again I’d find myself having intimate drinks with high profile customers
who had more than their fair share of horse racing secrets.

I went from winning some of the time, to winning most of
In fact, I’d learnt so much about the horse racing industry that even if we didn’t have a single
guest from the racecourse all month I was still picking winners.

And of course I helped out a few friends and loyal regulars by giving them my tips, so they were making
thousands of pounds too!
Then, word got out…

Before long, I had customers from nearby
cities like Nottingham and Birmingham. Then southerners appeared in my pub, from London,
Portsmouth and Southampton. As well as northerners from Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle! Then we
had a few Welsh customers, and even Scottish! All hoping to buy a pint for the Lucky Landlord in
exchange for winning race selections.
Honestly, I didn’t mind the extra patronage in my pub (though we were running out of
space!) but the incessant phone calls and emails were driving me up the wall!
I was getting phonecalls from overseas as late as 4 in the bloody morning!
So I made the decision to disconnect my phoneline, delete my email account and instead set up an
online service where hopeful punters could access my winning tips.
Now I only share my daily selections with website members and a few long term regulars at my

And that’s the deal I’m offering you today.

You don’t
have to drive to Leicester, you don’t have to
buy me a pint and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on my winning

What could be fairer than that?

Get The Lucky Landlord AccessFor Only £29.99

Invest just £29.99 right now and you could be making
£1,000 a week,
every single week for years to come.

Day Money Back

And because I know you’ve been scammed in the past and you’re hesitant to part
with your cash, I’m giving you the chance to sign up today with a 60 Day Money
Back Guarantee.
So if you’re not hitting that £1,000 a week betting target then I’ll
refund your entire one-time £29.99 fee.
How does that sound?

Now I know you’re
eager to grab my tips and start betting so all you need to do is sign up on this page right now.

So if you want to win big with the Lucky Landlord then you need to get the ball rolling right away as
those spaces will fill up very quickly.

Get The Lucky Landlord AccessFor Only £29.99

And I have no doubt in my mind that when you’re
making more than £50,000 per year with my tips you’ll want to buy me that pint after all!
Good luck and I’ll speak to you again very soon.

Disclaimer | Affiliates | Privacy Policy | Contact

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The Lucky Landlord

Review of The Betting Machine

Review of The Betting Machine

Review of The Betting Machine

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Review of The Betting Machine

Product Name: The Betting Machine

Click here to get The Betting Machine at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Betting Machine:

Empower yourself
with a highly effective way to bet on the right horse at the right time
by succeeding in winning sizeable profits
from winning bets.

“Who Else Wants A
Push Button Solution To Start Raking In Easy Money From Horses?”

Benjamin Street

Would you like a system
for making profits which is so easy to use and so much fun to use that
when put side by side with ‘conventional’ betting practices, there is no comparison?

What if there was
something available which told you exactly what to do in order to profit
from horse racing – 100% Guaranteed! Would you
be interested?

Something that makes betting easier as it works
out how much you need to bet on each race to make a profit.

Something that takes away the need to work out complicated equations.

Something that solves the problem of trying to stick to a system and not know if it is
working or not.

Something that solves the problem of losing control over your bets.

Something that saves money, time, work and worry by being the first system to keep all
the benefits of calculated bets and none of the drawbacks.

It is by far the best thing for betting on horses available today
that I’ve EVER seen because it’s unlike anything else.
This has been built from the ground floor up with
you, the user, in
mind. Not only is it the easiest to use but also the most

The Betting Machine does
everything for you. It delivers tips which are automatically updated to the software and comes with a staking plan to
ensure that you always win.

The software automatically works out
how much you need to stake. It calculates how much money needs to be staked in order to produce a
profit from every bet. It works out how much
to put on each race, therefore every race is a winning one.

When you use the
software, you will always profit. 
You can even try
the software first without placing any real bets, just so you can see
how much you would have won had you used real money!

I would just like too say a BIG THANK YOU
for the advices you provide from the betting machine.

This is an excellent piece of software very
clever how it works…I have used it for the past two
weeks…..and WOW…I have made some money…..

I do not have the time to put the bets on
myself…As I am at work in the afternoons so I have
 Automated the system with an Bot…this is after I worked
out the betting strategy….you use with the selections. and
BINGO….you have a great …Clever…system…

Because it is not just based on the
selections…but linked with an betting strategy. which work
together….As with any betting system you need the two
Ideas to work to be successful ..And this THE BETTING
MACHINE…Works…..just keep to the rules of the system and
anyone can profit.

And remember don’t get greedy …stay safe,

Betting Machine is one of the easiest, profitable and best value
for money betting opportunities available today.

During 27 days of paper trading here are a few average statistics;
quality tips per day, 20 winning days 7 losing, £1 stakes = £175
profit, £5 stakes = £825 profit – £25 stakes = £4125 profit.
Even if you just used the tips and forget the betting system, at
stakes of just £10, winnings would be £2250 against losses of
£1460 and that is at starting prices.
In my opinion this is an absolute no brainer get
on board quickly before the starting line up is complete.
All the best”
Kevin Ryan

Very pleased with The Betting Machine. The software works
brilliantly and I use it as an add on to
my current betting systems. It is easy to use, takes
little time and the selections provided produce steady bank
growth without excessive liability. Keep
up the good work. Many thanks.”


far, during the past week I have enrolled and made £25 on my
start-up Bank of £500, in just 4 days.
This covers my subscription already! On two of the days the tips
were outstanding, outdoing all the professional tipsters.  If I
had been available to follow all the tips I would be even more in
profit, so please keep up the good work Benjamin.  It’s a
first-class service with excellent back-up software.  What more
can I say but “Thanks a million”!

If you have doubts or
questions, feel free to email me:”

In sincere appreciation,
Bernard Dawson

“At first
glance The Betting Machine may seem like yet another staking system with software included but it soon becomes clear
that BM is an excellent money making device as long as you stick
to the rules. After one week of real trading my bank increased
from £1000 to £1168 and on the second week ( thanks to
compounding) it reached £1400 and continues to rise.
Now there are one or two excellent systems on the
market and this ranks with the best. The system is well explained
and the bonus is that you get daily tips loaded directly into the
software. I know one company that charges over
£70 a month for daily racing tips.
The key is in the quality of the tips, not to exceed the staking
rules in relation to your bank and having a stop loss system in
place for the rare occasions when you will get losing runs. This
system gives you the lot but deviate from the rules at your peril.
Yes thumbs up for BM and well done Ben.”




I’m on a pension, cant afford
much, and I have wasted money, on tips,
but your software is really good, my
bank £200, I am trying for 2 winners a day,
3 winning days out of 3 so far.

Please keep up the good work.”

for letting me know about “The Betting Machine”. Where do you find
all the winners? The automatic
staking plan is wonderful and takes all the guess-work out
I tried the system on paper for a week and made a small profit, my
being only £200. I then tried it for
real the second week and a better profit was had.
If you carry on with supplying the information then I cannot see
how you can lose.
think if I had a bank of £2000 I think I could give up work.
Many many thanks”

“Over the years
I’ve tried all sorts
of systems from easy to follow 10 minute wonders to systems with
that many filters you’d need a science degree to use.

Then I tried
The Betting Machine, there are similar pieces of software around
but I think this has the edge to take it way past the
competition. I’ve also noticed from my tests that this software is
worth more than I think even the creator has realized.

If you want make money the easy way then get onboard you wont
be disappointed”

is so much money to be made in betting only if you know how to get
things done the right way.
The thing
to most love about this, apart from the freedom of doing whatever you want
whenever you want is that it
pays you in cash and you
paid on a daily basis.

Betting systems change and vary but
there are a few key reasons why you are looking for a quality betting system.

You might be sick of losing money
every day or week at the bookies.

You are looking for an extra
source of income.

The daily-grind of working life has led
you to look for ways to earn money whilst not working.

The thrill of being able to win
online is a rush that you crave.

You are tired of the odds being
so heavily stacked towards the bookmaker.

With so many different reasons for people to
look for a racing system there has never really been one that has
catered for every potential user. Until now…

The Betting Machine utilizes a new strategic
approach to gambling and ground-breaking research to provide you with
the information you need to start winning.

If you
have always been interested in horse racing and always knew how
difficult it would be to earn a living from it – that’s what got you
thinking about the different ways and the different types of bets you
could have.

So for the many
months of doing a lot of research on horse racing, which include trainer
form, horse form, ground conditions and a lot more besides you will come to
the conclusion that you would need some “special tool” to be able to
generate a profit out of each and every race, no matter what the
final result!

think for a minute that’s all there is to it, you just cannot blindly
pick as many horses as you want. You need to work out percentages and
stake money in a way that nothing on the market could seem to
meet up those criteria.

This is why I hired a
team of programmers to make me the
sort of software that would make the whole thing possible.

The Betting Machine has removed all
element of guess work.

It requires no previous experience.

instructions are included.

The free tips to generate a higher percentage of
winning bets.

Zero research or form analysis
needed by you.

– Make
money from the comfort of your own home or wherever you wish to be.- Make money quick! Just enter a few figures and the Betting Machine
will work out the best profit position for you.- Make money from anywhere in the world – Use the Betting Machine from
any PC around the globe.

Yes, The Betting Machine provides all of these
benefits and you can be confident that you’ll be put on the road to
great income.

Software programmers however do not come
cheap though and thousands of pounds have been spent developing this sophisticated
software. Luckily, you are one of the first to view
this page and today you can have access to this program for just
a fraction of the cost it took to build.

To have someone put the hours of
research not to mention the money spent to come up
with this
this system would cost you thousands.

Because of the time put
in and the knowledge of what this amazing system can do,
it’s real world value is extremely
high if not priceless but lets be realistic, no one is going
to pay thousands.
Not with so many other so
called systems and nonsense software out there.

I don’t want my price to push you
into wasting your money on some other “system” made by someone with less
experience than you that will end up losing you money instead of earning

The job of this software is
to make you win money, nothing else!

The fact is I want you to use this system
and change your life, I don’t want you paying for something else,
getting burned and start believing no one makes money from horse racing.
That makes investing a real no brainer.

your payment notification is received, I will personally send your
and user manual.  The software is Windows based
and works on XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.

You will need Java installed on your PC but that’s
free anyway and it’s likely that you already have the latest version.

But that’s not all you
get in the package. You will also receive tips sent direct to The
Betting Machine. These will be delivered straight to The Betting Machine
automatically, every day.

This means no
more hunting for tips. No more guess work or studying.
You can also
be assured that the tips
are of the highest quality and from the most reputable sources available.

Click the link right now. Try it out without placing any
bets. Be amazed at how much you could have won if you had been playing
with real money.

The Software Here…

Secure your
monthly subscription for an unbelievably low price today, while this
offer is still available. Your only charge for
MONTHLY ACCESS will be just £19.99

Click Here To Purchase

You will never
have to pay for horse racing tips again!

Upon signup you
will be transferred to download:

The Betting
Machine software.

A copy of the ‘Quick Start’ user guide.

Your own
personal ‘Activation Code’ needed to access the

You will also
get, via the Internet:

Tips sent
direct to the software every morning FOR LIFE.

Help and
support in case you need it.

This is a
fantastic piece of kit and an offer that should not
be missed.

Click Here To Purchase

have immediate access to the same techniques that
have been proven effective and successful. This
software gives you the confidence to create profits
quickly and easily.

Make a
decision right now to be one of the lucky few who
are using this software. Understand that you will be
getting access to a powerful system that
is capable of helping you win big from horse racing.

If you are still
wondering whether to invest in The Betting Machine, scroll up and take
another look at the benefits of this special software.

Do not miss this
unique opportunity.

P.S. I want you to fully appreciate the offer you are being given today.
By all means take a few minutes to think about it.
really do need to act soon though to secure the fantastic deal that’s been
put together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this anywhere in the

A. Yes, as long as you have access to the internet and a PC.

Q. How much do I need to start

A. You can start with any amount
but anything really small would take a while for the snowball effect of the program to take place.

Q. Do I need to
calculate anything?

A. No, the Betting Machine has
been designed to make winning as easy as it can be by doing everything
from collecting the tips, to working out how much to bet, to recording all
results in a way that would be just too time consuming by hand.

Q. I have seen similar programs.
Why is The Betting Machine

A. The Betting Machine is an
evolution in betting technology. The systems of the past have been OK in
theory but one bad run and it’s game over. The Betting Machine ensures that
you don’t have that risk or the worry of losing everything any more. The
Betting Machine is also the first program that actually delivers tips
directly to the software, right on time, without the need to wait for
unreliable emails to come in.

Q. How many tips per
day does the
system provide?

A. It depends on the meetings for
the day. On average between 3 and 9 selections.

Click Here To Purchase




Copyright |
Anti-Spam |

© 2017
The Betting Machine.
All Rights Reserved

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark
of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite
410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not
constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or
opinion used in promotion of these products.

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The Betting Machine

Review of How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites

Review of How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites

Review of How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites

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Review of How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites

Product Name: How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites

Click here to get How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites:

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How $15 quickly makes $157.28 from 5 highly secure bets on favorites

Review of "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed

Review of "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed

Review of "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed

Click here for bigger image

Review of "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed

Product Name: "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed

Click here to get "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of "Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed:


Sports Trading Exposed fully explains the theory behind trading on Betfair and gives you the inside baseball on the techniques, tips and tricks I personally used to grow my initial bank of only £25 to £250,000!  And to make £3,700 in just one day!

Full explanations of how I did it, and proof of my actual earnings, are inside the book!

Some of the information covered in the book:

Buy your personal copy of Sports Trading Exposed today and discover the ultimate guide to successful trading on Betfair!

Click here to start trading successfully

Sports trading is fast and furious. You have to think and act quickly to keep up. The use of 3rd party software helps to make trading more manageable by keeping you quick and nimble, but the learning curve is steep.

In Sports Trading Exposed, I help you quickly take advantage of the full potential of 3rd party software. I provide an intensive overview of its features, how they work, and how they can be used to substantially reduce your risk and increase your earnings. I even give you my personal settings for the software to get you up and running in no time.

A special bonus feature of the book is a series of private links to more than 45 real-time videos (more added every month) that show how the market reacts in various situations, how and when to use the techniques I give you in the book, and the final results of using these techniques! All recorded in real time! Videos showing how to effectively use 3rd party software, and all settings I use, are also included!

Order now to remove luck from the equation and learn the skills you need to greatly increase your chances to win real money on Betfair!

Click to start making money

Sports Trading Exposed gives you more information than any other source available.  The combination of trading theory, techniques, videos and the psychology behind trading is included.  I have left nothing out.  You have everything you need to immediately start successful, reduced risk trading.

Have you ever wondered about the huge profits that can be made on Betfair? Do you want to see how I made over £700 on a single horse race? Sports Trading Exposed now contains a new video pack from Cheltenham Festival 2017, where I made a profit of £2,366 in just three hours of trading! The Cheltenham video pack contains my full day of trading recorded in real time with honest, detailed voiceovers explaining everything I’m doing. All of my techniques, and the thinking behind them, fully exposed! You can’t find these videos anywhere else!

Don’t waste another minute and get your copy of Sports Trading Exposed today!

I’m convinced. Let’s go!

…and I will personally answer any questions.

I have been trading UK horse racing pre off for 1 year but i still cannot be profitable yet ! i bought many books from Caan Bery, Tony Hargraves(the Badger) but it’s useless for me ! may i ask you, could i learn from you to be profitable on this market? i am from Vietnam, response time of last API call is about 280-300 ms (geekstoy) , is it possible for me to trade horse pre off with that ping?

sorry for my bad English, hope that you could understand me well !

I believe I can help you to understand many situations which happen in the market. I also explain how do I make a profit on these situations. However, the job will still remain on you because you will be the one who will place bets into the market. In my book, I do my best to give you all information & guiding possible. So, if you will follow my advice, I believe it will only help you to get closer to the point where you will be profitable in the long term.

I live in a country which only allows in running trading on horses, not sports.
Pre event trading is allowed on sports.
Does your book have info in the areas that I have access to?

Hello Jack,
I only describe pre-race trading on British, Irish, Australian & US horse racing and also on pre-race Greyhound racing. I don’t do in-play trading. Hope it helps.

I am interested in Horse Racing Trend Trading using the Betfair Charts. Does your book cover this strategy in written word and videos?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hi Andy,
yes – I cover using Betfair charts a lot as I use them very often when trading. I describe certain situations on Betfair graphs and different patterns in written word. Then I show examples of how to apply the knowledge in real trading videos.

Hey Tomas
How useful is this for an intermediate like me fully aware of setups and third party features and stuff. Have been trading on Football quite well since past 14 months, now looking to get into horse racing as well due to me trying to do this full time in the next 2 – years.

Do the 200 plus pages cover the techniques required to make use of Swing and Scalp trades.
And does it cover pre race or in play as well

Hi Karan,
yes, I cover the techniques which I use when doing Swing or Scalp trading. All of my trading is purely pre-race so I don’t cover in-play trading. I believe the book has a lot to offer to people like you, please see the contents below so you can get a better picture of what is covered.

I’m from Brazil, by the way your book has in Portuguese language, no doubt watching your videos I admit I’ve never seen anything like it does, only most of the time appear in the market traders with suicidal techniques, since you do a lot of pre-live And this I need to considerably increase my consistency, you get excellent results long before the races start without exposing themselves, and this level of negotiation that I hope to acquire, I do not speak anything in English, how can I absorb this content please help me, Also what would be the best way to build a good result with a small bench and what would be the best market in horse racing for this building, would be the British, Irish, USA or Australian, I hope in this book has all this information

Hello Valdemir,
the best way to absorb the English content without speaking English is probably by using the Google Translate service. The book is not available in Portuguese language yet. About the “building your bank” question – UK horse racing is one of the the hardest markets to learn. You need a lot of experience, practice, discipline and skills in order to succeed on UK horse racing. My book offers as much as possible in order to learn you all of these important aspects. I always recommend to start small and grow big over time. There is no need to rush because you are risking real money in the market. Personally, I have started to make my first long-term profits on Greyhound racing & US horse racing. In my opinion, it is much easier to make long term profits on these markets. This can give you a much needed confidence in the market – if you are able to make money, your confidence & determination should only grow. Especially with a small bank, you can make a good ROI (Return On Investment) in these markets. On the other hand – Greyhound racing & US horse racing are not made for big profits. It can be a good starting point but the real money is in the UK horse racing, which should always be your end goal (target).
I hope I have answered your questions.

Obrigado por responder a este meu questionamento, eu ja conheço todos os mercados, na verdade o que preciso e de um upgrade na minha consistência, eu faço operações a 8 meses, comparado a muitos por ai, ainda sou uma criança neste mercado, eu em breve aceitarei o desafio em comprar este seu livro e traduzir ele a meu favor, pois acredito que muita coisa pode sim melhorar através das suas dicas, quanto ao mercado ingles sem duvida ele e o melhor tanto de perto quanto de longe das outras modalidades do horse
Thanks for answering my question, I already know all the markets, in fact what I need and an upgrade in my consistency, I do operations to 8 months, compared to many there, I am still a child in this market, I in Soon I will accept the challenge in buying this book and translate it in my favor, because I believe that many things can be improved through its tips, as to the English market without doubt he is the best both near and far from the other modalities of the horse

It seems the book is tailored to geeks toy, I know you will say it is still useful if I use bet angel but am I not losing some of the value of the book by using a different software?

Hi Tommy,
I believe most of my techniques can be used in other software as well. In a nutshell, it’s all about markets and software just helps us how we see the market. I prefer Geeks Toy because of its configurability but you will do the job with other software as well. But you will need to adjust your settings to it – for example I’m not sure how keyboard shortcuts work in other software, etc. The most important knowledge in the book is not dependant on the software, it’s about your skills and reading the market. I hope it helps.

Hi Tomas, I’ve been betting for 25 years now and it’s obvious you can make a steady profit by betting so I’ve been wanting to learn and make profit out of scalping greyhounds and horse racing but I’ve been unsuccessful . I’ve been trying to trade for a year now and it’s been hard work and doing bad habits like letting trades go live to try to make a winning trade which is basically betting and losing lots. So I paid for a Betfair scalping course from a company which as lots of tutorial videos but I’m still not getting to grips with it. All the person says is when the price goes to the top of it’s range for the favourite and lots of liquidity is entering the market, that’s the right time to place a back bet as though there’s a magic hidden barrier to stop it going through this range. But how many times I’ve been stung when the price keeps on getting bigger and bigger and wipes out 4 or 5 winning trades. I’ve tried stop losses but that doesn’t help it’s always a guess on which way the price is going to turn even looking at the 2nd and 3rd favourite movements. I’m wondering if you can offer any assistance or help?
Much appreciated Neil

Do you provide actual pre race scalping techniques for horse racing?

Hi Lewis,
yes, I am a scalper by nature and most of my techniques in the book are scalping techniques. However, I sometimes do some swing trading as well, which is also covered in the book.

Hello Thomas is it possible to use Fairbot instead of Geek toys?

Hi Riccardo,
yes, you can use any Betfair software.

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"Sports Trading Exposed" is now available! – Sports Trading Exposed

Review of Jackpot Jockey

Review of Jackpot Jockey

Review of Jackpot Jockey

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Review of Jackpot Jockey

Product Name: Jackpot Jockey

Click here to get Jackpot Jockey at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Jackpot Jockey:

With years of insider knowledge and racing expertise this former jokey has an unbeatable technique that will generate HUNDREDS OF POUNDS EACH DAY and thousands of pounds every month.It’s time to get involved!
Seriously, how would you like to have more than £300 in your bank account by this time tomorrow?
How would you like to have more than £2,000 in your bank account by this time next week?
Well now you can with this precise racing method!

And you can make this OBSCENE AMOUNT OF CASH in your spare time! Winning more than £10,000 per month will take you NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES PER DAY – and absolutely no prior experience is required!

And just incase those figures didn’t blow your socks off, take a look at these customer reviews…

“Since signing up for Jackpot Jockey I’ve made more than £15,000 in profits and things aren’t slowing down! Consistently good tips and I’m winning about 8 out of every 10 races. Fantastic!”

“3 months memberships and more than £35,000 profit! The numbers say it all really. These tips are SPOT ON. I never knew it was possible to make SO MUCH money so quickly and with so little effort! Can’t recommend highly enough.”

“Debts paid off, holiday booked and one very satisfied customer. I’ve only been signed up to Jackpot Jockey for 6 weeks and I’ve already made £14,233.40! These tips are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I never thought I’d see profits like this from low stakes betting. This is the best horse racing method on the web!”

Of course there will be times when your horse doesn’t win, or even place, but that’s all a part of the fun of betting.
The IMPORTANT thing to remember is that your horse WILL win at least 78% of the time so you’ll never be in the negative!
HOWEVER – be under no false illusion. You won’t be driving a Ferrari any time soon with these tips. Profits that big just aren’t possible in under a year. Yes, you can make a few thousand pounds this week but don’t expect to become a millionaire just yet.
Any site that claims to make you a millionaire this year is LYING. Those kind of sites are set up by crooks who are just looking to take your hard earned cash.
Don’t be fooled!
With tips from the Jackpot Jokey you’ll be making just £330 per day – but by the end of the year that will accumulate to a whopping £120,000!
Because the Jackpot Jockey (me) has extensive experience and insider contacts and so my predictions are astoundingly accurate!
Let me share my story with you…
I’d always wanted to be a Jockey. My favourite uncles had ridden horses professionally and I looked up to him for my entire childhood and coveted the glimmering trophies on his mantelpiece. Luckily, as we shared genetics, I too fit the profile to become a jockey. Basically, I’m short.
I don’t come from an especially well off family, but my parents were very supportive and encouraged me to follow my passion and so I spent most of my teens riding horses and chasing my dreams.
By the time I was in my early twenties I was speaking to horse owners and looking to ride professionally.
It was nine years ago when I found the ‘perfect’ owner, Willy. Or at least I thought he was perfect.
Willy was the owner of a female horse named Daisy May. Daisy was the most beautiful race horse I’d ever seen; a coat of silk, the mane of a princess and the most powerful hind legs I’d ever laid eyes upon. I knew that together we’d be a sensational, unstoppable team.

Daisy’s trainer was called Bryan and he was Willy’s brother. To me, Bryan’s training methods seemed to be somewhat harsher than anything I’d seen before. He’d work Daisy to exhaustion; long days and vigorous training, even in terrible weather.
I tried to talk to Willy about Bryan’s techniques to he seemed disinterested;
“She’s a race horse, Mike. We need her to race, and we need her to win!”
In spite of the long days and intense training, I felt a bond with Daisy like I’d never had with any other horse.
I loved Daisy May. I’d stroke her mane, feed her sugar cubes and cover her up on cold winter nights. She was like family to me.
And then one day…
It was the day of a race and we were favourites to win. However, the weather had been particularly bad; the ground was slippery and visibility was poor. None the less, the race began and we charged ahead of the other horses.
I can’t tell you exactly what happened next, all I remember is a sharp pain and then, darkness…
When I opened my eyes I was in hospital.
Daisy had fallen after slipping on the grass and we’d both hit the ground, hard;“You’ve broken your right arm in two places, Michael. You’ve also fractured your collar bone and suffered a mild concussion, but nothing TOO serious, considering how bad the accident was!”

“What about Daisy May? How is she?”“She had two broken legs, Mike. She’d never be a winning race horse again. To nurse her back to health would have been very expensive and with no return on our investment. So, we made the decision to have her put down. I’m sure you understand, Mikey. This is business.”

There were no words for my anger or my heartbreak…
Daisy May was more than just property. She was a living, breathing, loving horse who was hurt, not a cashed race car to be sent to that scrapyard.
I ended my career as a jockey there and then.
That dark day was 2 years ago.
I know there’s nothing I can do to bring Daisy back, but at least I can take what I’ve learned and use it to take from those in the industry; an industry that sees horses and jockeys as mere objects.

So, I’m helping punters to cash in from my insider secrets.
I was a professional jockey for 7 years and in that time I shook hands with some of the biggest names in the business. I know every trick, technique and scam in the book.
The outcome of a race isn’t entirely down to luck. There’s more to it than that.
We, in the biz, can usually predict the winner based on past race performance, the horse medical history (which is not on record for the public), the abilities of the jockey and sometimes the outcome of a race will be dependent on private interests.
(Yes, that’s right; sometimes races are FIXED so that certain sponsors or owner can make money!)

And because of my years of experience and insider info I can give you the best race tips on the web.
The horse I select will place first, 4 times out of 5.

BUT, if you’re at all unsure, today I’m giving you the opportunity to sign up for these first-rate tips with a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
If you’re not completely satisfied with the tips you receive I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

In the past two years I’ve helped hundreds of people to become HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS RICHER!
But right now I’m offering subscriptions to my tips at a discounted rate for a limited time only.
Currently you can gain access to my award winning tips for just £24.99 per month.
Very soon this promotional offer will end and my tips will go on sale once again for the retail price of £199.99.

I know that, £199.99 per month is NOTHING when you’re winning over £10,000 per month – but if you want to grab yourself an INSANE bargain then sign up today for just £25.99 per month.
If you want to cash in on this incredible offer then you need to ACT FAST.
Hesitation will mean missing out on a winning opportunity.

So sign up now and see an extra £300+ in your account by this time tomorrow.
Don’t Put This Off!Sign up now and make a mind-blowing £120,000 this year!

Trust in the Jackpot Jockey.
This is a ZERO-RISK OFFER. You really have nothing to lose!
Sign up today and enjoy a life of financial freedom, forever. Enjoy the ride!

Mike Stevenson, aka the Jackpot Jockey.

Contact Us | Disclaimer | Privacy | Affiliates

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Jackpot Jockey

Review of rsesurvey

Review of rsesurvey

Review of rsesurvey

Click here for bigger image

Review of rsesurvey

Product Name: rsesurvey

Click here to get rsesurvey at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of rsesurvey:

you so much for
taking the time out to complete the survey.

I really appreciate it.

answer will really help me
identify what sort of blog posts you want to see from me in the

rather than just say thank you I thought I’d go the extra mile.

as a special
thank you for doing the survey I’d like to offer you access to my
personal bets absolutely FREE.

You probably aren’t aware that I share
my personal bets with my long term loyal subscribers in The Racing
Secrets Exposed Members’ Club.

only open the doors once a year (and
it’s only ever available to my long term subscribers) which is why
you’ve probably never heard about it.

because you were kind enough to
take the time out of your day to complete the survey I’d like to
repay the favour.

I’d like to thank you by giving you
the chance to join right now.

The Racing Secrets Exposed Members’

Profiting from betting on horses is

yet it is something I manage to do
year after year.

not because I’m smarter than
you, or even that I work harder.

just got very, very lucky.

used to be what you’d probably call
a typical punter.

days a winner, some days a loser.

the losing days definitely
outweighed the winning ones.

I was constantly depositing money
into my bookmaker accounts instead of withdrawing.

I look back now I can clearly see
where I was going wrong.

only had a very basic grasp of
reading form.

followed newspaper tips.

more than one newspaper had the
same nap I was certain it was a sure thing).

took the views of the TV presenters
as gospel.

mean they work in TV so they must be
experts right? Surely they wouldn’t have got the job

love to say I turned it around
all by myself. That I discovered a secret loophole and I’ve
been exploiting it ever

my case it was down to pure dumb

owe my success to a chance meeting
with a freelance odds compiler.

Here’s the short story:

friend of mine runs the local
newsagent and got chatting to a regular buyer of the Racing Post.

turned out this customer was a
freelance odds compiler, called Kevin.

because my friend knew I was
obsessed with betting he put me in touch with him.

forward a couple of days and Kevin
had very kindly agreed to meet me over a coffee.

you can imagine I was giddy with

not everyday you get to pick the
brains of an expert.

I wasn’t disappointed.

experience was a real eye opener to
say the least.

revealed several obscure techniques
that instantly improved my betting.

He began by explaining the nuts and
bolts of odds compilation.

knew exactly which factors the
average punter overestimates and how to price up accordingly.

revealed what he considered the
number one factor that affects a horse race.

was something I never even
thought of).

showed me the true way to evaluate
recent form.

It’s not simply looking at the
last three finishing positions).

are so many factors that affect a
horse race it can become really confusing to the average punter.

explained exactly how all the pieces
of the puzzle fit together.

learnt under the radar techniques
that the average punter completely ignores.

the end I understood exactly where I
had been going wrong all these years.

soon realised there was a science
to beating the bookmaker.

It’s literally impossible for the
casual punter to come out on top in the long run.

meeting with Kevin only lasted a
couple of hours but I had learnt so much I was completely

the end of it my head was spinning
and I had pages of notes.

was itching to get started with what
I’d learned.

took everything on board and started
doing things differently.

made a vow to myself that I would put
everything into practice.

things began to slot into place
and the winning days began mounting up.

it didn’t happen overnight.

wasn’t some big secret that I
learnt that instantly made me thousands.

fact it took several years of hard
work and study (and I’m still learning to this day).

in any discipline takes years
of dedication.

now things are different for me.

now regularly withdraw money from my bookmaker’s accounts (in
fact I have
to be pretty sneaky so they aren’t closed

I no longer have to pull out my bank
card to deposit funds before I can place a bet.

a far cry from where I was
several years ago.

taken a lot of effort but as I
said at the beginning of this letter, I consider myself very, very

know very few punters will ever be
fortunate enough to personally learn from an odds compiler.

is why I’m doing the next best

let you have access to my
personal selections everyday.

Here’s how it works…

have a two phase process.

begins the evening before where I
spend a few hours mapping out the following days racing.

narrow down the races and specific
horses I want to study in more detail.

the early morning I finish off the
process by going over the form with a fine-tooth comb.

leave no stone unturned and make sure
I’ve considered everything.

start with the basics (going,
distance, class and course).

the basic race conditions suited to
the horse? Are there any question marks whatsoever? I never bet a
horse to do something it hasn’t done previously.

I look at the booked jockey.

jockey can have a massive influence
on the race. 

I study the relationship between the jockey and
the horses. Have they raced before together? Were they

study in-depth the jockey’s record at the course. Does the
perform well at the course? Is he generally over bet or under

types of horses does the jockey generally do well on? (Not all
jockeys and horses are compatible).

trainer comes under
consideration next.

often have a speciality. It
could be a particular type of course or a particular type of

there anything in today’s race conditions that favours a

the trainer genuinely going for a win or is he sneakily
trying to fool the handicapper? (You’d be amazed how often
this is

fitness and form comes next.

go back and watch the last few races
of a horse to get an idea if the form is worthwhile. 

the horse
run recently? Is it race fit and running well? Is there any possibly
of a bounce? 

the horse run well in quick succession or does it
need a bit of a rest?

draw also comes under scrutiny.

isn’t as simple as simply
looking for the best drawn horse. 

information is well known the
the public and as such the best drawn horse is often over bet. 

will the draw affect a particular horse in this
particular race. Will it affect its preferred running style? Is it
likely to be over bet?

I study how the race is likely
to be run.

horses are going to lead and
which are going to be held up. 

horses will that suit? Will the
draw come in effect? Does the course favour front runners or horses
finishing fast from behind?

just a snapshot of the process
I go through.

are other aspects to it but I
don’t want to bore you by going into too much detail.

might seem a lot to take in. And
for the novice it is.

entire process can take me up to 6

certainly didn’t start out with
this much detail.

through years of experience I have
my methodology set down.

know exactly what I’m looking for.

almost second nature to me

by the end of the process I have my
selections ready for the day.

I’ll be backing to win.

are the horses that are
completely suited to the day’s racing conditions and have a
cracking chance. 

are the horses the trainers and owners
themselves will be backing to the hilt.

that I know the public will be
backing. But I’ll have found a chink in their armour.
I’ll have
found a weakness most punters won’t have spotted.

a couple of years now I’ve let
some of my loyal subscribers have access to these personal

only open the doors to my inner
circle once a year but as a thank you for
taking the survey I’m giving you the chance to join right now.

Membership is very exclusive and you’ll
only get this opportunity right now.

don’t advertise in the Racing Post
like other big name services.

fact I don’t advertise at all.

open registration once a year and
it’s only open to my subscribers.

a friends only type deal.

you’re interested in having access
to my personal selections this is the only place you can apply.

let you have access to my
FREE for one whole week.

There’s just a small £1 registration
fee to be paid today to confirm your place.

the first week I’ll let you
have access to my personal bets for just £24.97 (+VAT) a

with the tax included that’s
less than £1 a day!

less than the cost of buying
the Racing Post every day).

promise to you…
You make money or you don’t pay.

Not only will I give you the first week
of access completely free I’ll also throw in a two month no
questions asked guarantee.

two whole months I will let you
have access to my selections entirely at my own risk.

is just my way of showing you how
much I believe in my results.

often do you see the big name
tipsters in the Racing Post offering money back guarantees?

do things differently.

able to offer such a guarantee
because I get results.

can test me out without risking a

at any time during the first 2
months you decide it’s not for you just send me an email and
refund your money.

no questions asked.

you may be thinking…

tried tipping services
None of them worked!”

The very fact that all tipsters are
useless is the reason why I began sharing my bets with my subscribers
in the first place.

I first started betting I used to
ring up tipping line after tipping line.

of them made a profit.

ALL cost me an arm and a leg.

my meeting with Kevin, when I was
becoming more adept at picking my own bets, I couldn’t
believe the
tips I was receiving from some tipsters.

seemed to me that most of these self
imposed tipping geniuses were just regurgitating tips from well known

very opposite of what you need to
do to profit!

wonder so many punters have had bad
experiences with these charlatans.

don’t consider myself a tipster.

don’t have a phone line that costs
you over £1 a minute to listen to me drone on.

don’t have a flashy website
promising thousands in profit a week.

don’t have to spend thousands
advertising in the Racing Post day after day, week after week.

simply share my personal bets with

I’ve placed my bets in the
morning I send an email to my subscribers showing exactly where my
money has gone.

the long run if you follow my bets
you will make money as I do. Year in year out.

convinced? Try a big name tipster first.

If you’re still tempted by the idea
of a big name tipster here’s my advice.

enrol in the Racing Secrets
Exposed Members’ Club today.

join the likes of Henry Rix or
Peter Naughton (you’ll find them advertised in the Racing

I’m afraid the pleasure will
cost you £1000+.

I guarantee by the time I open the
doors again next year you’ll be desperate to join.

friends and I will have enjoyed yet
another profitable year and you’ll be out of pocket.

I’m so confident I’m
taking all the risk.

you aren’t happy with my
selections, they’re free!

take advantage of this offer whilst
you have the chance.

guarantee you won’t regret it.

Yes Kris, I’d love to be accepted
into this special intake of The Racing Secrets Exposed

understand I’ll cover the small £1
registration fee today.

let me have access to your
personal bets for the next 7 days FREE of charge.

in those first seven days, I
decide not to continue I just have to email you at
and you will cancel my registration
and I will owe nothing.

I wish to continue to receive your
personal selections you will continue to email them to me and
pay just £24.97 (+VAT) a month.

Here To Enrol Today

Either way, thanks so much so helping
me out with the survey.

really do appreciate it.

give it a few days until I get all the responses in and then I’ll share
the results with you.

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Review of specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide

Review of specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide

Review of specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide

Click here for bigger image

Review of specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide

Product Name: specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide

Click here to get specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide:

If you ever wanted to know if you could write of part of your home business,
Then you need to read this book.

Don’t be afraid of an audit. The IRS allows office in home deductions for those who qualify.
Learn if you qualify

Copyright 2018 – No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide – All Rights Reserved

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specialoffercb — No B.S. Work at Home Tax Guide

Review of Pitch — Everyverse

Review of Pitch — Everyverse

Review of Pitch — Everyverse

Click here for bigger image

Review of Pitch — Everyverse

Product Name: Pitch — Everyverse

Click here to get Pitch — Everyverse at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Pitch — Everyverse:

        There are five methods of character generation to suit every situation and taste. 

         Uses the same scale in character generation and attempt that measures real-world IQ for more meaningful information at a glance.

         Tree-like skills arrays go from general to specific. Choose your own ease/realism tradeoff.

         A single method is used to resolve all actions. This lets you keep your nose out of the book.

         Follow the same path or improve your character over several lifetimes.

         Translate between EVERYVERSE RPG and other games with minimum effort.

~Wen Spencer, award-winning science fiction and fantasy author.

~Rich S., Cedar Rapids, IA

~Jeremy Wilson – The Guild of Games HCC President

~ Don Kosak, Hawaii Island Game Developer Association

Note that the charge on your credit card statement will show as ClickBank or CLKBANK.COM, not as EVERYVERSE RPG.

Click Bank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID, 83709, USA and used by permission. Click Bank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

ParDen Us Gaming, a division of Parizek Development, LLC

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Pitch — Everyverse

Review of Landing Page Not Found

Review of Landing Page Not Found

Review of Landing Page Not Found

Click here for bigger image

Review of Landing Page Not Found

Product Name: Landing Page Not Found

Click here to get Landing Page Not Found at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Landing Page Not Found:

KickoffLabs hosts thousands of great landing pages, but we can’t seem to find this one. There a couple of reasons you may be seeing this page:

Please feel free to contact us if with any questions.

KickoffLabs can help! We’ve helped thousands of customers generate over 3 million leads!

Click here for bigger image

Landing Page Not Found

Review of First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.

Review of First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.

Review of First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.

Click here for bigger image

Review of First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.

Product Name: First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.

Click here to get First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.:

Dear Fellow Investor/Punter,

Some people dedicate their entire lives to horse racing. They love the betting, watching the horses and the whole experience of being at the racecourse. They spend every waking moment learning everything that there is to know about the sport. In my case, this is so true, since 1970. But how do I convince you that what I say is true? I can’t really, to be honest, and the only way I believe that I have a chance to prove it to you, is for you to take a leap of faith and join with me for my 60 day free trial (details below) at the end of the page. That said, ALL testimonials shown are unsolicited.

First Favourite is selective, fewer bets, higher % strike rate, profitable. But we had gaps, sometimes weeks between bets, and so I decided to ADD to the phenomenal success of First Favourite with Weekend and Festival Bets.

(No extra cost, all in one subscription).

I called the NEW addition Trends Bonus Bets.

I started live in July 2017 – 25 Points Bankroll – and I doubled the Bankroll in the first 6 weeks!! Glorious Goodwood and York Ebor Festivals as well as weekend bets. WINNERS @ 7/2, 4/1, 15/2, 8/1, 11/1, 16/1 AND others placed for each way PROFIT!! The FULL PACKAGE with First Favourite. Join in!!

Please go to

Sometimes I feel it is me versus “the hundreds of bogus tipsters”.  You have probably thought the same at sometime – can this be the real deal this time? Usually, you find it is not so – but this time it is – honest.

First Favourite AND Trends Bonus Bets ARE the real deal.

These are just a few of my skills….

Simply put, horse racing is not a game for me, it’s my way of life, it is my passion. Betting on horses is my income.

But, what do you do if you want to enjoy horse racing and you want to make a nice profit, but…

…you don’t have the time to invest every waking moment to eat, sleep, live, and breath horse racing as I do!

Are you simply out of luck?

You can still be a consistent winner, and you can do it with very little effort!

And, as you read through this letter, I’m going to show you how you can bet with me.

But, first I want to share a little story about myself.

You see, I wasn’t always a winner. When I first started out betting on horses I was a losing punter. In fact, I lost quite often, that winning was actually a rare and precious thing to me! But whatever I did, I’d always end with a lot less than when I’d started. Sound familiar?

I was pouring money down the drain and I just didn’t understand how to become a winner.

There was information out there, of course, but none of it made any sense to me. And as soon as I learned one thing it seemed that someone else was saying something completely different! Sound familiar? It was many years before the penny dropped. You don’t have to wait for as long as I did.

After all, when you’re using Google to search for information…

Back when I first started learning how to bet the internet wasn’t around, but there were still plenty of tipsters who were willing to take money in exchange for a tip.

The truth is, most of the time these tipsters were just a waste of money and cost me even MORE when I actually acted on their advice!

I felt the same way that most people do when they get into betting on horses… lost, confused, and frustrated and poorer!

The problem was, I loved the sport so much, I wanted to be involved.

Then, one day, I’d finally had enough…

I realised that learning everything I possibly could was the only way for me to actually succeed. And, back then, it WAS the only way!

Luckily things aren’t like that anymore. This is the information age, so you no longer have to do it this way, but fortunately for me I did.

I spent countless hours learning everything that there was to learn about how to pick winning horses:

The big breakthrough was realising that it was, on the whole, ONLY the cast (horses) that changed each year.

I made it my goal to know the results for every race, every horse, every trainer and every jockey.

Then something interesting happened…

I started to predict the results of races ACCURATELY! I had become a WINNER. I was on my way!

Before I put myself through this intensive training, I would look down at the horses and their jockeys in the Sporting Life/Racing Post, then I’d make a selection and wait for the result. You have got to learn from actual results.

But after I started to center my entire life around horse racing, I would look down at a race and know exactly who they all were. And I was usually right when it came time to pick the winners. I was still learning, but I was getting good at picking WINNERS.

Now, of course, I wasn’t right 100% of the time, but I was right far more often than the average bettor, or even the average tipster.

At this time I wasn’t betting. You see I actually stopped betting completely while I was learning everything there was to know about horse racing. I was just recording my selection in each race and watching to see whether they won or not.

Of course, I was also recording my results and after a few months I realised that if I started betting again…

…I would be consistently winning over the long term. And I did so, long term.

So… I started putting money on my selections, and low and behold the results came in.

I would take out some profit, double my bankroll again, take out my profit, and repeat this time and time again!

If you have never yet achieved this with your betting, then I can assure you that there is no greater feeling in the world than consistently making money by placing bets. I do, my clients/members do and YOU can too! BUT, you need to take that leap of faith I mentioned earlier…

It makes you feel empowered, an unstoppable force. You become a WINNER

This was great for a while, but then…

People started to find out that I knew so much about what there was to know about horse racing and they started coming to me for advice out of the blue.

To be honest, I never had any real desire to become a tipster. I just wanted to win races and increase my profits. However, I wasn’t really one to hold back, so I started helping people out. But it had to be up front and honest. Win or lose, I always gave my best advice.

And then, when people started to realise that I was giving out advice that was even better, more accurate, and better researched than what their tipsters were giving them, people started to come to me more and more for advice. I went public in 2012. A big reason for going public was to show that a tipster service could be transparent, honest and profitable. And so, First Favourite was born.

People I’d never even heard of would call out of the blue!

But, not a single person who contacted me wanted me to teach them about horse racing. All they wanted was to know which horse to bet on.

If you’re finding that everything related to horse racing just seems like a confusing foggy haze, then you’re not alone.

And trust me, if you’re experiencing this then it’s not your fault.

In order to be able to come up with your own winning selections consistently enough to stay profitable, you have to do what I did for years… make your whole life about horse racing.

But you know what, most people don’t have the time to do that. They have kids, jobs and other interests.

Besides, when it comes to people who teach this sort of thing, who do you even trust?

There are countless people willing to give you advice and selections, but what is it based on?

More often than not, I’ve found they’re based on guesswork! For every one of me, there are 100’s of bogus tipsters waiting to cheat you.

I don’t believe in guesswork. I believe in sticking to a proven strategy for success and sticking to it religiously, and without involving any emotion, so that I can consistently turn a profit, over a given number of races.

Known facts + known form = unknown profits!

Let me ask you something…

If you said “no” to any of these questions that’s understandable. In fact, it’s more than understandable because most people just can’t put horse racing ahead of everything else.

So should you just give up on even trying to do horse race betting all together? Should you just assume, that there’ll always be people out there who’ll be able to out bet you?

What if I told you that you could benefit from my experience.

You could leverage all the countless hours that I put into learning everything there is to know about horse racing and be the one that consistently wins, while your friends are stuck slogging behind making feeble attempts to try and catch up to your success.

This is a reality that you could live, and I’m going to show you how easy it is for you to do it.

First, let me explain something…….I sincerely believe that my approach to winner finding (it is unique) will give you the very best chance of making a profit, long term, from your betting activities. That is some statement, I know, but a statement I truly believe. I make a profit, consistently year in, year out, and you can too if you choose to follow me. PLUS…I absolutely love what I do, and I love the sport I make a profit from. And you can too.

Now, you might be wondering why if I know all about profitable betting am I giving these secrets away? Why not just make all your money from betting?

And that’s a very valid question.

The truth is I love it that other people achieve success on my say so. It is very, very difficult to win betting on horse racing – 98% of bettors fail!

There’s no greater feeling in the world than knowing someone who may have been struggling to profit from betting for years, applies my advice and turn their results around overnight. It’s very gratifying.

I remember EXACTLY what it was like to struggle with losing bets.

If you’ve ever lost just a little too much money (or a lot), then you know exactly the feeling I’m talking about.

Maybe you couldn’t pay the rent, couldn’t make a car payment, couldn’t buy that special gift for that special someone. Those days need to end now.

And if you let me, I’ll try my utmost to make sure that they do.

So, how do I know for sure that my approach works?

Well, I’ve recorded my results and, over a long period of time

Sure, there are bad days, bad weeks and even bad months. But it doesn’t matter, because in the long-term you’ll be in profit if you follow my advice exactly, never stray from the path, and NEVER let emotions get involved!

What if you never had to worry about not knowing what horse to bet on again?

Imagine relaxing, even after a losing race, because you know that the next few races will make up for it!

Okay, sometimes you’ll make up for it on the next race and sometimes it will take a race or two, but when you have a proven approach as I do…….. you can’t lose in the long run.

…a proven approach, is what you deserve!

Now, I can sit here all day and tell you that my approach works. I can tell you stories about people who have followed me in the past and had great success. I can tell you how it’s changed their lives for the better.

But how does any of that really prove that my approach works? How does it prove that I really mean business?

It doesn’t. Not really. And that’s the hardest bit of all for me. Sometimes though……you just need to give it a go.

So, how can I prove it to you? How can I really prove to you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I am who I say I am and that my approach works the way I say it does. That I’ll deliver for you where past tipsters you may have worked with have failed you.

Not easy, but I’ll keep trying.

I’m going to give you real numbers, talk about real horses that have beaten the odds, come out on top and made me a nice profit. The following results are dated but they are indicative of what continues to happen week in and week out with First Favourite.

My friend was with me that day, and he bet on a completely different horse, telling me I was crazy to bet on Relax for one reason or another.

I should mention that my friend and I have a bit of a rivalry, we love to compete over who will choose the winning horse and this day was no different.

My horse, Relax, made all the running and won with ease, never challenged. His horse didn’t even make the top 5!

So I smiled, collected my winnings, and went home a happy man…. it was a good day.

Again, a little over a month later, we were back at the tracks together on March 19th. This time we met up at Southwell for another day of relaxation, watching some of our favourite horses race to the finish line.

This time I used my approach to determine that the horse I thought would win was “Luv U Whatever”.

The odds were 9/4, but that didn’t deter me. I bet accordingly, once again against the advice of my friend. Yet again my horse came in victorious.

And these were not coincidences. It happens again and again, for example…

In fact let me show you some screenshots of my betting accounts:

Eventually my friend said to me:

Don’t get me wrong, I love my friend, but, there’s nothing better than winning out in a long-term rivalry. But now, that rivalry is over because he and I are always betting on the same horse! He remains a long term member of my service, and more importantly, a long term friend.

While it’s always fun to win out over a rival, I’m much happier nowadays as I’m able to watch my friend get all the money he deserves, and winning together truly feels great.

He’s also spread the word and helped some of his friends and family get on the fast track to success in horse betting as well.

Are you still not convinced that my approach works?

Here are some other races that were won:

Once you know what you’re doing, and I’m going to advise you a simple way so that you will ALWAYS know, it’s easy!

Now looking just at these races you might think…

“Wow, this guy wins practically every single time.”

But no, I’ll be the first one to admit that’s not the case at all. I lose races just like anyone else.

Truth be told. NO ONE in the world can develop a system/approach that’s going to consistently win 100% of the time. In fact not even 90% or 80% of the time. But the beauty of horse racing is… you don’t have to.

As long as you’re winning a decent percentage of the time, you’re making good profits. In fact, one might say that you’re doing very, very, well for yourself. First Favourite is consistently achieving a strike rate better than 55% @ average winning odds of close to 6/5. Do the maths!

So, not only do I not always win all the time, to be honest, sometimes I have some terribly embarrassing losses as well.

Alright, I can give you some examples of that as well….

I used to get very sad and angry anytime a horse lost, especially if I put a lot of money on it.

I’m sure you know the feeling… there’s nothing worse than when a rider falls off his horse, the horse pulls up or the horse just performs terribly in the race.

It doesn’t feel great does it?

Well to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me anymore and it doesn’t have to bother you.

Of course I’d rather see my horse win, but because I know that my selections will consistently be in profit, regardless of whether or not THAT horse wins in THAT particular race on THAT day, I can simply relax. If a horse in a race I’m watching wins then great, awesome. If not, well no biggie… that’s not a big deal either.

So, I’ve mentioned that my approach works over time, but how well does it work exactly?

Let’s get down to the actual numbers, so we can see exactly WHY I’m not bothered when I see a horse pull up, it’s rider falls off or anything that ends up with it being nowhere near first place.

In 2013, I made 303 selections with 161 winners @ average odds of 5/4. So I’m enjoying a Strike Rate of 53%.

In 2014, it was almost a carbon copy resulting in over 52% success rate and more profit.

In 2015, see above for a snapshot of success each month. Over 57% strike rate!! MORE SUCCESS!!

Not bad, eh? A profit to level stake betting but with the PLAN I give ALL members, for FREE, profits are increased with ease.

To tell you the truth, I would’ve killed to have THAT kind of a success and THAT kind of strike rate when I was first starting out as a punter.

The First Favourite service is about showing you EXACTLY what horse to put your money on.

What if you could confidently bet your money, knowing that, with enough bets, you’ll always come out on top?

What if you could start with a little, and watch your bank account grow?

Now you can. With no knowledge of horseracing, betting or gambling of any kind, you can bet on the right horses to always maintain a profit.

And you can do this with… almost no work on your part.

No countless hours researching and learning about individual jockeys, horses, racecourses, and trainers.

You don’t have to become an expert, and you can spend most of your time relaxing with family and friends, working on other things, holidaying or whatever it is that you want to be doing.

I’m going to do all the heavy lifting for you so you can just enjoy the consistent profits from this approach.

So this all sounds great, but how does this actually work?

The process begins each and every day when I read up on potential horses to bet on. I read through everything said on each possible horse on a given day, and then I’m able to take that information and make a small list of horses that are going to be most likely to make me, or any other bettor, profits.

The key is, where most people spend their time looking for reasons why a horse will win, I also look for any reason as to why a horse might lose!

Believe it or not, doing this is a lot easier.

But if I’m just looking for reasons why the horses will lose and not why the horses will win, then how is it that I find winning bets so consistently?

Because if I can’t find a good reason for why a horse will lose… that’s when it’s time to put my money on it!

The good news is… I’m going to provide you with the selections and the staking plan.

All you need is the ability to be patient and disciplined and, of course, a bankroll. You don’t need a huge bankroll, (but separate from other needs) because with your winnings even a small bank will grow for you very quickly.

Once you have all these factors in line you can officially call yourself a successful bettor. And soon you’ll be able to call yourself a professional bettor.

My members have gained the discipline and success to move from the 98% of punters who LOSE, into the niche group of 2% who are WINNERS.

Right now I’m going to share with you some of my secrets. It’s taken me years to learn how to use this information with enough accuracy to make consistent profits.

To rule out horses that I think aren’t going to win some of the factors I consider are:

So, when you join me you’ll be putting in your hands the power to never worry about making foolish bets again. All the possible bounces are completely eliminated for you!

You supply the bankroll, patience and  discipline to only bet on the horses which come recommended, and I will supply you with the rest. And…

…that really is EVERYTHING you need to become a successful professional bettor!

Before I tell you how you can become a part of this, I’d like to mention one last thing…

Even though I love to help people and watch them succeed with their betting, the more people who join me, the more people realise it works, and the more word spreads…

Then the more people will be betting on the same horses as me, and everyone else who’s joined me. This means that:

Because that just wouldn’t be fair to the people who’ve already joined me. That being said, I’m going to limit the membership to just 250 people.

After that, I’m sorry but there’ll be no way to join me.

At the end of the day it’s important that not too many people are betting on the same horses and throwing off the odds for everyone else.

So you can either choose right now, to be one of the people on the inside, who gets to enjoy a consistent winning record. Or you can remain an outsider trying to figure out how to make the right bets without the proper guidance or assistance.

As you’ll know, I’m one of the new guys! I started with a winner in Smiley Bagel and now have a total of 7 winners from 11 bets, so pretty happy!

So far, I’m enjoying the small number of bets, the open and honest comments, and the steady profits! Can’t be bad! April 2017

Hi Mel, fantastic results this year so far. I have taken out my original bankroll and am playing with winnings which is a great position to be in. Keep up the good work and thanks very much. Steve D (March 2017)

Thank you so much for your email and your story. I was really interested in reading all about it! You inspired me to cancel the other tipster services I have had. Although they sometimes have good results, a lot of the time they were losing money, and lots of it, e.g. 30 losing tips in a row! So I have decided that slow and steady wins the race!! I think consistency is very important and I wish I hadn’t spent so much money on tipsters who were phoney!

Many thanks for everything (and for a reasonably priced subscription!)

Victoria (February 2017)

“I don’t even blink when a First Favourite selection loses its race, as the month in month out results speak for themselves and are rock solid, nor will I do so for the very occasional month that goes negative (although I am yet to see one!). But purpose of this note is to thank you again for what I described First Favourite to Steve E**** recently as the ‘gift that keeps giving’.” John G (Australia) February 2017

“ I’m loving it. We’re all off to Turkey on Saturday, 100% thanks to First Favourite! July 2016”

“Hi Mel, I joined last week and may I say WOW! My first and only bet on Friday really hit the spot. May you continue for a very long time doing what you did on Friday, it gives me hope in the human race after being scammed for such a long time. Long may you reign.”

“Thanks for this weeks and the months overview; for me personally it was a particularly good month; I joined your Cheltenham “club” – what an investment; I gave you £20 – William Hill gave me £540, need I say any more!  Thank you. A happy investor! March 2016”

“Hi Mel, I am loving being part of your gang, and loving the profits. The weekly emails from you rounding up the week/month really make me feel like you are being so careful with the money I am staking, and make me feel a part of it all.”

“You made me a very happy subscriber today.I watched both races the 1st was a stroll in the park,the 2nd had me on the edge of my seat.BRILLIANT”

Hi MelGee. Only saw your site about a week ago but was very impressed by your strike rate. Started following you this week(lucky me).

“Mel, A superb achievement, particlularly in the last three months when fewer betting opportunities emerged. You kept your cool and it has paid off. Wishing you a Happy (and profitable) New Year.”

“Nice one Mel!! Drifted out to 6/4 too and won handsomely……great start to the weekend !”

“Mel, Think your doing a fantastic job, I’d rather keep the powder dry than lose. Regards”

“ Keep up the great work it’s very refreshing to see a honest and transparent approach well done !”

“Well done mel gee just goes to prove that waiting for the right horses to come along really does pay long term. Every day there are favourites running but it’s finding the real ones that count.”

“Hi melgee u r like me u only bet when the conditions are right u have your customers best interests at heart good luck for the rest of the year.”

“Hi Mel, Just wanted to say well done again today. I joined in August and can see what you can do. Has been a frustrating last few weeks with so many no bet days, but I’m in profit for the first time ever with betting and by following your plan and staying disciplined, I know I will stay that way. Wish I’d found you sooner!”

“Hi Mel, Keep doing what you do. You’re on the right track and don’t let any one tell you differently. I trust you to deliver the goods. I wouldn’t have joined you otherwise. One bet, one loser this year so far, early days. Patience is a virtue. I look forward to shaking your hand at the end of the year in profit again. That’s my goal and it should be anybody else’s that join you.”

“I speak as one who knows nothing about horse racing or betting, I have never been inside a betting shop and until being introduced to you had never bet on any horse race. The last 25 years I have been a Investment manager with some success and therefore I view your attitude to your business as a complete winning package which I totally endorse, do keep it up. July 2016”

“ You are a legend, sir”

“ Well advised Mel,I got it @2/1, nice £xxx’s in the kitty”

“Good afternoon Mel, Well done again ! Many thanks !”

“I’m not a fan of horse racing tipsters because they are usually dishonest but you are one of the rare exceptions. Very well done and long may your success continue”

“I think your honesty and the transparency of your service is laudable.”

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Hello and welcome! I have been involved in horse racing from 1970, when Lester Piggott and Nijinsky were completing the “Triple Crown” of flat races. Namely…the 2000 guineas, the Derby and St Leger. I was hooked! BUT in 1971, the sport of horse racing became my passion. Why? I fell in love with the sport because of a horse, but not just any horse. For me, he was THE horse.

The mighty and Great MILL REEF. Even today, more than 45 years later, the sound of his name brings shivers down my spine. I owe my continuous involvement within racing to him. Why? Because betting on horses was never the reason I came into the sport. I absolutely loved the racing of horses, the jockeys, trainers, owners, and the racecourses themselves. Betting came much later, as did making regular profits from racing. From the start, I was in awe of the whole traveling circus that is the sport of horse racing.

Because betting was a “by product” of the sport for me, it never held any real importance to me. However, as I built up my knowledge of the sport, so I found I had a “knack” of winner finding. Later came the discipline, the betting bank and a staking plan. Now, today, I can say I make a profit from betting on horses. Can you say the same?

If you can’t, then join in with me.

Let us take a journey of profiting from horse race betting together.

“Shares His Knowledge And You Get The Success You always Wanted!

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First Favourite – A professional and disciplined approach to consistently winning from horse race betting.

Review of Dog Training & Obedience Secrets

Review of Dog Training & Obedience Secrets

Review of Dog Training & Obedience Secrets

Click here for bigger image

Review of Dog Training & Obedience Secrets

Product Name: Dog Training & Obedience Secrets

Click here to get Dog Training & Obedience Secrets at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Dog Training & Obedience Secrets:

Date: Wednesday 4:15 PMDear Dog Owner,

Dogs are always learning, and are among the smartest animals in the world…but it’s not uncommon for dogs to develop bad habits. Even if your dog is well mannered most of the time, disobedience every once and a while can cause embarrassment and frustration.

If you have a dog that has developed bad habits, challenges you, or has obedience problems, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn the correct way to train your dog so they will become controllable, learn good habits, and be obedient.

In just minutes a day you will be able to completely transform your dog’s behavior, totally eliminating all of your dog’s obedience problems. We give you extremely easy to follow step-by-step instructions, which show you how to properly train any dog or puppy. Our techniques have worked on all breeds of dogs and works with young dogs as well as old dogs.

If you’re not properly training your dog with the correct methods, you could be confusing him or even encouraging bad habits without even knowing it! But if you’re correctly training your dog, you can see results immediately!

If any of the above statements are true for you, then you’ve made several mistakes when you were training your dog. Ideally, dogs
quickly realize what they’re doing wrong, but even the smartest dogs can become confused with the wrong training methods.

Dogs think and learn very differently from you and I, which makes using the right training techniques vital in dog training success.

It is very easy even for people with more than average dog training knowledge to confuse their dog when teaching easy commands or tricks.

Here are some things to consider when training your dog

Our dog training techniques will quickly show you how to avoid and overcome every training error. You will be amazed at the dramatic changes in your dog’s behavior and at the noticeable increased intelligence when training is clear and fun!

These techniques have worked for hundreds of dogs and their frustrated owners. Just take a look at a few of our testimonials below…

Thanks again,

– Kelli Thomas, Ohio USA

“Our 95 pound rhodesian ridgeback, Everest, had a horrible problem of jumping on myself and anyone else who went outside to see him. It got to the point where no one wanted to go outside, especially if it had been raining.

Thank you very much,

– Danny Oakfield, North Carolina USA

Quickly learn all the techniques, tips, and tricks needed to transform your dog’s behavior problems for good. Finally, stop bad behavior problems and turn bad habits into good habits.

Once you learn the correct way to train your dog, you will notice dramatic changes in their behavior problems immediately. Not only will these techniques change your dog’s behavior but they are
safe, fun, and do not require any past knowledge of dog training.

If you want to solve your dog’s behavior problems and have a well mannered trained dog, you have to take action… Your dog is not going to change it’s behavior and correct it’s bad habits unless you do something.

Here are the options you have to solve your dog’s obedience problems:

Wait and hope your dog’s behavior will change. Unfortunately, this won’t happen and never has happened. If anything your dog will have less energy as he gets older, but your dog will never develop good behavior and become obedient without you or someone teaching him.

Search the internet for solutions. We did this before we had this site built, and our mouths dropped open when we saw some of the things people with no experience openly shared with others on training dogs. Even the best dog training tips we found were lacking a few simple, but important, directions vital to dog training success.

There is a quick and easy way to train your dog that works 100% of the time and has worked for hundreds of people in the same exact situation as yourself.

Dog Trainer Pro contains the step-by-step instructions on how to solve your dog obedience problems and teach your dog tricks.

In as little as 5 minutes from now you can be on your way to having a well trained, better behaved, obedient dog!

We guarantee you will have a well trained obedient dog, or we’ll give your
money back! It doesn’t matter if it’s 2am in the morning, you will receive instant access to this revolutionary
guide that will give you everything to solve all of your dog obedience problems for good!

Now you can try Dog Trainer Pro Risk Free for 60 Days! We are so confident that Dog Trainer Pro
will solve your dog’s obedience problems that we will let you try it out risk free
for a full 60 days! If it doesn’t work for you, just let us know and we will issue you a full
100% refund with no questions asked!

We will refund your money even if you decide not to use our guide! Just send us an email and let us know
that you need a refund, and we will refund your money.

If you’re ready to have a trained dog with great behavior and never have to worry about your dog’s behavior ever again, then take advantage of Dog Trainer Pro’s easy, step-by-step, risk-free solution to solving your dog’s behavior problems.

We 100% Guarantee that you WILL see a change in your dog’s behavior, so you have nothing to lose. 60 Days from now you will have a fully trained obedient dog, or you will have your money back.

Give me instant access to Dog Trainer Pro so I can be on my way to having an obedient dog in as little as 5 minutes from now…

P. S. Remember, Dog Trainer Pro comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee so you have 8 solid weeks to see a complete difference in your dog’s behavior and if you’re unsatisfied in any way we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Once you click to download/order Dog Trainer Pro you will be taken to our secure online order form. After you complete the
order form you will be taken to our secure download page where you can download Dog Trainer Pro in .pdf format or you can
print Dog Trainer Pro online.

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Dog Training & Obedience Secrets

Review of Bag Me A Winner Phil!

Review of Bag Me A Winner Phil!

Review of Bag Me A Winner Phil!

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Review of Bag Me A Winner Phil!

Product Name: Bag Me A Winner Phil!

Click here to get Bag Me A Winner Phil! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Bag Me A Winner Phil!:

Hi, Phil here from the Bag Me A Winner Team.

Every time I used to walk into the bookies, thats what I was asked by those everyday types who would back that many horses you were bound to land one winner.

What they’d noticed is that I would be in to place my bets. Then gone. Only to return to collect my winnings more days than not.

I certainly have a knack for picking winners!

But that doesn’t mean that I back favourites all the time.

I quite like my chances of picking that outsider of the day to land at 25/1.

There is nothing wrong with backing favourites. It can be a very profitable strategy.

This is what confuses me about a lot of tipsters.

They stick to ONE METHOD.

I only back value, I only back doubles, I only go each way.

If a favourite is going to win, back it, make your money and then look at the next race. Think the favourite is going to lose, look for who you think is going to win.

Every race has a winner, which means there is profit available in every race. They key is not to rely on one system alone to pick the winners, but use multiple bet styles to maximise profits.

Whats what I offer here at Bag Me A Winner.

The below show’s the current form or last winner.

Current run 4/4 across Tuesday 10th October and Wednesday 11th October:

I bet you thought I was going to make you an offer right?

Well I am, it just doesn’t involve you parting with any cash.

I want to send you my tips every day to the end of November.

If you like what you see, you can pay me then, but not until then.

Just sign up below to get today’s bets:

Phil B.

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Bag Me A Winner Phil!

Review of Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters

Review of Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters

Review of Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters

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Review of Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters

Product Name: Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters

Click here to get Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters:

Click here for bigger image

Bets For Today – Home Of Great Sports Tipsters

Review of Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice

Review of Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice

Review of Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice

Click here for bigger image

Review of Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice

Product Name: Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice

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Description of Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice:

Get the chance to start adding daily winners to your betting slips.

Daily Winners at decent odds – Consistency is key!

My name is Don and i am a professional punter who has been following the horses for more years than i can remember. 

I’ve refined my betting to the point where i am now comfortably set up in life and can take easily take care of my wife, children and their children financially. 

As i near my retirement i have decided that now is the time for me to give back to my fellow punters who i have shared the track with on so many truly wonderful days. 

I have all the money i could ever need so i have decided to open up my black book of betting secrets, and am willing to share my winning horse racing tips with you. 

My betting strategy is quite simple

The first past the post is a winner in my book and on each day i look to land a couple of winners at decent odds along with a long odds outsider every few days. 

This strategy has served me very well over my life and it can serve you very well as well. 

Seven days a week i am up at the crack of dawn studying the odds, form, jockey and trainer combinations… a couple of hours a day of research that has me well and truly informed and sorted by jump time. 

Making money from horse racing is not some pie in the sky dream. 

People all over the world are earning tax-free money from putting their cash down on the horses.

It is possible and people all over the world make their bread and butter, and in many cases a whole lot more, earning tax-free money from putting their cash down on the horses.  

Follow me and your strike rate and number of winners will increase, I promise you. 

If you are not happy with the tips I provide I offer a full money back refund with no questions asked. 

What does the service entail?

You can expect 3 or 4 tips a day from me on flat racing days. 

I do follow and bet on other forms of racing but my expertise lies in the flat racing markets. 

I don’t tip for the sake of sending tips out and only give information out on what i feel offers true value. 

Consistency is what we are after and consistency is what grows the betting bank.

This is my William Hill account at the end of the month with no deposits made.

I withdraw my money monthly and leave £1000 in this betting account for the next month.

I use many betting accounts of course!

This is my typical Betfair account at the end of each month with no deposits made.  

I have not deposited into this account for as long as i care to remember.  

And these are just Two of my accounts! I use several!

This is a very limited offer!

I am only accepting memberships for the next 2 days. 

The doors will close at 11.59pm on the 8th of April.

If you have not joined by then you are too late!

So how much will it cost to follow the Don?  

As I want to make this service available to everyone i have kept the prices very low to begin with.

If I open the doors again in future the pricing will be increased dramatically.

But if you join today you will always be offered the same price for as long as you stay a member.

The introductory pricing to receive my tips is as follows:

£12 a month
£67 a year (that’s just over £1.00 a week!)

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No questions asked, no hassle, no problems!

Contact us at * Don is a pen name used to protect the identity of the creator of Don’s Daily Tips. 

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Don’s Daily Tips – Pro Horse Racing Advice