Review of Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now

Review of Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now

Review of Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now

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Review of Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now

Product Name: Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now

Click here to get Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now:

People make mistakes. Because we’re human. It’s what we do.

supposed to make mistakes! That’s how we learn about life and develop
character and personal depth. That’s how we become wise. That’s why we’re
here in the first place.

But for most people, making mistakes is not
okay. Instead, they beat themselves up every time they do something wrong.

Mistakes become a source of shame and
a justification for self-punishment.

Many people think so. Here’s the logic they

“There’s something wrong with
making mistakes.”

“But I do make mistakes.”
(Because I’m human!)

“Therefore, there’s something
wrong with me.”

So the very fact that I’m human means there’s
something wrong with me.

Do you see the problem here?

If I believe these stories, then I can’t
possibly win. I’m guaranteed to lose. Which means I’ll never feel good
enough. I’ll never think I deserve. And I’ll probably never let myself
have much happiness. Instead, I’ll go around beating myself up and putting
myself down.

Just for being human! For being who I am.

Is this really the way you want to live your
life? In a no-win situation?

Take it from me, it’s no fun. I used to feel
like I was living with a jagged metal spike stuck through my heart. I
was the one who put it there, but I had no idea at the time what was going

That question was always on my mind, as I
tried to make it through the day.. so I could try to make it through the
next day. It still scares me how close I came to ending it all.

Those days are long gone. At this point,
they don’t even haunt me anymore. Actually, life is pretty good. It could
be better. But it’s good enough.

The first secret I learned was how to
handle my emotions. Maybe ‘handle’ isn’t the right word. Actually,
it’s more like ‘surfing’ my emotions. Letting them wash through me, without
getting caught up in them.

I learned all emotional pain comes from not
letting your emotions flow through you. It occurs when you block your
emotions because you don’t – or can’t – or won’t – feel them. Which always
starts early in life.

If you’re not familiar with this flow, then
you might want to read my free e-book and listen to my free guided meditation
that will take you directly to your emotional wellspring.

I’m not saying it’s a piece of cake to all
of a sudden start opening up the emotional flow. It’s not. It’s tough
at first. But the longer you put it off, the worse it’s gonna be.

You can reach a point of no return, where there’s no turning back.

I’ve seen it happen to people.

You can reach a point where the pain becomes
too great, the separation becomes too wide, and you just can’t heal yourself.
You can’t mend.

You’ll be broken for the rest of your life,
and you’ll die broken. A wasted life. I’ve seen it. I’ve talked to people
in that predicament. They will never heal because they went too far. It’s
scary and you want to help them so bad but there’s not much you can do
except be there for them as they die a slow painful death.

I talk to people like that on the phone in
my job as an emotional healing coach.

You don’t want to be in that position. Trust

The sad thing is it could have been avoided.
If only they’d started to turn things around before it got too late.
But they didn’t know. They believed the lies of society which says emotions
are bad and wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself for even having

They didn’t know emotions are the source
of your aliveness and your power and your very reason to live. They
didn’t know. And now, they might want to believe me when I say those things,
but it’s too late to do anything about it.

That’s why I’m writing these words today.
It hurts me so bad to see people suffering because they bought into the
lies of society. If I could save even one person from a similar fate it
will be worth all the hassles and insults I’ve had to put up with by getting
on the internet to tell my story.

Listen, step one is to be willing
to start feeling your emotions. All of them. Even the painful ones.

Because you’ll find that once you do, then
you’ll be able to pretty much feel whatever you want, whenever
you want. That’s where I am today. And you can know what that feels like,

I wrote an e-book about it, called the Emotional
Healing Quick Start Guide. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s getting around.
If you don’t have a copy yet, you can download it by filling in the blanks
below, so I’ll know where to send it.

You’ll get lots of other free goodies too,
but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Besides, that’s not really what
this web page is about anyway.

Today I want to talk about the next step.
What do you do after you’re willing to start feeling your feelings? That’s
where forgiveness comes in.

And it’s probably not what you think!

Just like we’ve been taught to believe a
bunch of lies about our emotions, so we’ve also been taught to believe
a bunch of nonsense about forgiveness.

Most people think it’s a heave and a sigh
and scowl on your face as you let someone off the hook for how they
screwed you over. So they can do it to you again as soon as you turn your

And forgiving ourselves means we’re taking
some sort of quick and dirty shortcut so we can dump all that emotional
baggage and obsessive thoughts we’ve been juggling these last – how
many years???

Forgiveness means we got away with it.
Or, even worse, it means they got away with it. That’s what most
people think.

Now here’s the tricky part. Please listen
carefully. All that stuff can be true.

They could screw you over again. It
could mean you or someone else got away with it. And it can
be a quick and dirty way to not pay your dues. But it doesn’t have to
be! And besides, that’s not really how forgiveness works anyway.

Those scenarios happen not when
you truly forgive, but when you go through the motions of forgiveness.

You see what I’m saying here? You can pretend
to forgive – you can go through the motions – but not feel the experience
of forgiveness. And it’ll just be a sham. A lie. You may as well just
stay home and eat a ham sandwich. Because you’re lying to yourself.

Let me tell you something, and you can take
this to the bank:

It’s something you FEEL. It’s something you
experience. Not something you do by rote.

If you only think about forgiveness,
without feeling the realness of it, then it ends up as an intellectual
concept rather than a living, breathing energy.

If you don’t feel the forgiveness,
then you’re wasting your time. That’s why I say you need to be willing
to feel, before you start working on forgiveness. Because you have to
be able to feel the forgiveness before it will do any good.

If you want to heal, you’ve got to feel.
But just feeling, by itself, won’t get you there. Hey, you’re already
feeling something. The question is, what are you feeling?

That’s because forgiveness is a lubricating
energy that reduces the friction in your life. It’s like oil for your
car’s engine.

When you don’t feel it, however, life becomes
heavy, frustrating, painful and stagnant. Like a car dangerously low on

You stay stuck. Time flies by while nothing
changes. Which means old issues doesn’t die… they fester.

It doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

You need a systematic, fool-proof road
map that’s proven to take you through the barriers and blockages and
straight to the energy of forgiveness. Then, once you’ve created new neurological
pathways, you truly will be able to feel the energy of forgiveness whenever
you want.

No longer a dream, you can live in a ‘state
of forgiveness’ that will change your life in ways unimaginable to those
who’ve never experienced it.

Forgiveness really
is the lubrication that allows a smooth and easy life. A life you’ll want
to live.

Forgiveness is like a pair of shoes. Which
is no big deal, until you realize you’re standing barefoot in a brier
patch. But even after you’ve used forgiveness to walk to better terrain,
you’ll find that being in a state of forgiveness makes life so much easier
in so many ways. Because you won’t get caught up in all the nonsense going
on around you.

Hi, my name is Mark Ivar Myhre. I’ve made a lot
of wrong choices in my days. I hurt myself, and hurt others who
didn’t deserve it.
And I could never make it right.
The older I got, the more my past haunted me.

Besides the guilt and obsessive thoughts, I
was also living with extreme emotional pain.

I hated waking up in the morning and forcing
myself to get out of bed.

I’d like to say there was some big event that changed
everything and my life just started working out. But if I had sat
around and waited for a ‘defining moment’ to inspire me, I’d still
be waiting.

It was more like crawling through the mud, one agonizing
step at a time. The only real breakthrough I had was stumbling across
an almost hidden source of knowledge very few people knew about.

I spent years sifting through the raw data
and applying it to my life. Eventually I wrote a few books about it
which you can get for free at
this link. You can read some of the feedback from it here.

And part of that information concerned
forgiveness – what it really is and how to attain a state of forgiveness
in your own life.

I was able to find what works and use it
to heal myself.

As bad as I wanted to, though, I couldn’t
go back in time and fix what I’d done to other people or change all
the mistakes I’d made. Instead, I found something that actually works

See, my past is my path. It got me
here. I needed my life experiences because in some strange way it actually
led me to learn about forgiveness. If I’d lived a good life, I would never
have been so driven to seek some real answers. What I learned more than
made up for my crimes against myself and others.

Here’s what I found –

If I could only use one method of emotional
healing, it would be the technique of self-forgiveness. No doubt about
it. Why?

Because the energy of forgiveness
always comes before change.

Any time anyone has ever changed
anything of substance about themselves – the energy of forgiveness
was there to lead the way. Whether they realized it or not, they
felt the energy of forgiveness, and something inside was forgiven
before the change could even occur.

Either they got lucky and stumbled
onto the energy of forgiveness, or else they took the time to
consciously and sincerely forgive themselves.

Think of it as like one of those
big ice breaker ships.

It creates the space for change.
It breaks through the blockages and resistances. It allows change
to occur in your life.

And forgiveness especially
needs to come before you can heal emotional pain.

It’s also the greatest gift you can
give yourself. It answers the tough question of –

“What’s wrong with

With the correct answer –

“Nothing. I just
need more loving and more healing. I just need to forgive myself.”

It releases you from your own private prisons
– the invisible ones you never see but are nonetheless there.

Forgiveness fosters all growth and

Forgiveness ends the guilt and the emotional

Forgiveness frees up the clutter – the mental
and emotional clutter that slows you down and causes so much frustration.
It’s even been proven to make you smarter. (From Baumeister, R. F. (2002)
“Humility, Egotism, Forgiveness, And the Victim Role”)

Once I started forgiving myself I noticed
it freed up brain cells! I could focus better. I could see things more
clearly. It made me sharper. It’s like the world slowed down. And I could
more easily anticipate what was coming.

offers the best way to make a real and genuine change in any area
of life…

brings you one step closer to living your heart’s desire…

shows you how to drop the emotional baggage that makes you so

stops you from mentally beating yourself up all the time…

ends the self-punishment…

gives relief from the emotional and mental pain of the past…

energizes your life…

stops you from repeating useless patterns of the past…

provides the help you need to change bad habits…

helps you take charge of your emotions…

gets you out of your rut…

ends the overwhelm of life’s situations…

releases the tensions, the obsessions, the stress…

shows you how to stop hating yourself every time you make a little

and lets you move forward in life.

In fact, you’ll find it’s a valuable little
tool you can use anytime you get stuck and don’t know what to do.

As you convince yourself forgiveness is a
good thing, the next question becomes – how
in the world do you do it?
Maybe you’ve said the words – even meant them – but nothing really changed.
You didn’t feel the release that happens when you truly forgive yourself.
Maybe you didn’t feel anything at all.

I’ve found the best way to get somewhere
– or to achieve something – is to follow a specific ‘process’.

I’ve refined it and honed it to a razor-sharp
edge of effective healing power.

My program creates an almost foolproof way
for you to experience the magic of forgiveness. The first time you go
through the process, it may take an hour or so. And it might seem a little
cumbersome. But that’s only because its new.

Each time you do it, it takes less time and
less effort.

Before long, you’ll be able to reach a state
of forgiveness in minutes.

Eventually you’ll live your life in a state
of forgiveness. That’s the goal. That’s when everything becomes easy.
That’s when life becomes magical.

Does my forgiveness program work?


e-book… is brilliant.

was of tremendous help to me because it taught me [what]
forgiveness actually means. And the insight about the
inner child made it all so clear to me. Bless you!

will consult your other e-books in the near future. For the
moment I am still working on the forgiveness manual and I
recommended it to my friends as well.

a lot of gratefullness,

Kanohwah, Greece


I am writing to say thank you so much for the e- book
which I purchased from you on forgiveness.

has been a tremendous blessing to me and after many
years of beating myself up I am finally able to get
through all of my “cover ups” and find the root cause
of my deep seated problem.

have certainly left no stone unturned in uncovering
the truth and for this I am so very grateful.

Thank you for putting things into perspective
in my life, and getting me back on track.

keep up the good work!

gratitude… Robin from Australia…


have been a great help to me with this Forgiveness meditation.

use of colors really worked for me!

as for [the forgiveness] meditation I joke that I am addicted
to it…Because I do love it that much.

only for the ability to get to know yourself [and] repair
stuff but also as a way to feel Bliss.

again and I think your writing is brilliantly honest.


I live on a rock in the Atlantic Ocean 🙂 …called Newfoundland,

The process of forgiveness
is a skill you can learn.

Just like learning how to
ride a bike.

not an ‘intellectual exercise’ – it’s an EXPERIENCE!

It’s something you live.

Just as you mastered the
skill of riding a bicycle, so you can also master the
skill of forgiving yourself.

And I can show you how to
do it.

Many people feel they don’t deserve to be forgiven –
even by themselves.

So often we just won’t let ourselves
off the hook. We’d rather carry the pain around with us because
we think it’s what we deserve.
Plus, we want to punish ourselves before someone else does.
If you don’t forgive yourself – then most likely you’ll go around
‘beating yourself up’ mentally. And you’ll never get rid of the
emotional pain you feel in your heart.

You’ll have a harder time dealing with
your current life, because all your attention has been captured
by those past thoughts and feelings you can’t let go of.
It’s like dragging extra weight behind you.

You can’t even see the burden you’re
dragging, but everyone else can.


writing has been pivotal for me. It carried me through some
very trying times and allowed me to move to a new level
of living.

enabled me to forgive such that after 30 years
I could FINALLY return to the Catholic faith – a faith that
I loved but was also angry with.

has been incredibly rich for me and it started with you.


Newman, San Diego,CA

It does require a few materials, but
you probably have everything you need laying around the house somewhere.
It should cost less than five dollars if you need to go out and
buy them. Then you’ll be able to follow the map that leads to forgiveness.

Please understand, just saying the
words, “I forgive myself” does very little. You have to
do something besides sitting there and saying a bunch of

You must be deliberate. You need to follow
a simple map to feel the magic of forgiveness –

indeed, Mark.

delighted with the manual of forgiveness you’ve sent to
me. I’ve felt so many times and still feel… the power
of forgiveness.

is kind of [a] magic power, and more, the best magic
thing in [the] world.

feel free from negativity, full of energy, kind, grateful
and peaceful. I am able to see with new and kinder eyes.

new day I feel more and more energized. It is wonderful
to feel that you are able to forgive and you deserve
forgiveness from yourself and others. I am sure we all
can reach this…

is possible now, from this power and inner peace. Thanks
again, Mark, for your words and help, I feel greatful to

Carmen Mendez, Spain

Carmen’s right. There is
a certain magic that happens when you truly forgive yourself.

All those who’ve honestly and truly
forgiven themselves have felt that magic. And they followed specific
steps, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

Imagine stepping into the forgiveness
process and moving through each of the stages with elegance
and ease. Imagine the feeling of being swept up in the magic of

But it all hinges on following the
map to forgiveness. When you follow this process you can move through
the stages of forgiveness and come out the other side a different

More than just forgiven, you can
be changed and healed.

You can spend years trying to figure
out how to end the emotional pain. You could spend a lifetime without
ever knowing the magic of forgiveness. Or you could let me show
you right now.

It’s time to decide if this is right
for you. Does this make sense? Are you ready to make a real change
in your life? Will you do what it takes to feel better?

I’ve written down every step you
need to take to experience the freedom and power that comes when
you truly forgive yourself. I’ve helped hundreds of people and I can help
you too.

I lay it all out. You don’t need to
spend months or even years searching for the exact steps of how
to do it. Everything you need to know about the magic and the miracle
of forgiveness is right here.

have started on my forgiveness process using your book and
there already has been a transformation in my energy
and internal dialogue.

have magnificently laid out the process of forgivenss in
meticulous details that it is really hard to imagine it
not working.

am grateful I came across your website. It really has
helped change my life for the better!!!

Ikakoula, from Texas

“The Magic of Forgiveness”
is now available to you as an e-book, which means you can
download it to your computer right now. With an ‘instant download’
you can let the information work for you today.

You have instant access to all the life-changing
information. No printing costs or shipping delays. Just minutes from now
you can begin putting the secret system to work for you.

You can release the burdens of your past
and present that haunt you. You can end the emotional pain. You can ‘take
a shower on the inside’ – cleaning out all the gunk that’s stuck within

You can clean yourself out
like never before.

your RISK-FREE OFFER, click here.

Because I know it’s in your best interest
to order now, I’m including two special bonuses to makes the entire process
easier. First, I’ve recorded the complete forgiveness technique onto an
audio file, so all you have to do is relax and listen as the
magic of forgiveness comes alive for you.

– Instant Audio Download – the Forgiveness Meditation Technique
– guides you on an inner journey to forgive yourself.

Special recording contains the complete forgiveness
technique; all you have to do is turn it on and follow along!
Does the work for you, so you don’t have to ‘generate’ the
technique yourself.

What’s so great about the audio file?
The difference is like night and day between reading about forgiveness
and actually being able to listen to the technique. You’ll find
it’s so much easier with the audio file at your side.

especially like your Forgiveness course and Audio for forgiveness.

am using it now to forgive myself




You don’t have to stop and think about
whether you’re doing the technique ‘right’ or not. It’s all spelled
out for you. Just listen on your computer right through your speakers.
Or record the audio onto a blank CD and play it anywhere you like.


very much

love doing the Meditation, it is really working for me.

can go to sleep now with a smile on my face as I know that
tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Kindest Regards,


It’s so much easier to tap
into the flow of forgiveness when you listen to the special recording
I’ve made as one of your free
bonuses for ordering now.

The audio file alone is worth the
cost of the entire program – yours free for ordering now.

“Sit back… Get comfortable…
Follow along… Listen with your heart and with your mind as you’re
taken on a journey – a journey of forgiveness…”

It’s the no-stress way to practice
the forgiveness technique anytime you want in the privacy of your
own home.

Here’s one additional FREE bonus to help
you gather the substance of what needs to be forgiven. Listen to this
one before you do the meditation. It makes the forgiveness technique much
more effective.

– Instant Audio Download – on this audio file, you’ll learn
exactly how to best prepare yourself to forgive.

If you want to forgive yourself, it’s ESSENTIAL you
learn how to ‘gather the substance’ of what you want to
forgive. This audio introduction shows you how!

Your satisfaction is assured through
my no-risk, 100% no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.
You can’t lose when purchasing “The Magic of Forgiveness”
with my risk-free guarantee:

Just click on the link below and
you can start enjoying the many benefits right now
from the powerful information that can heal and change and grow
your life
in so many, many positive ways. CLICK

are getting an electronic book, which means you can download it
instantly from my computer to yours. You can read
this concise e-book in an hour or two. No fluff – just powerful,
easy-to-understand instructions that cover everything you need to
know to forgive yourself. Which can also be applied to forgiving

Remember, you don’t have to decide
right now. Take it out on a test drive for a full eight weeks –
risk free.

If it doesn’t help you to end the pain…
if it doesn’t guide you to get your life back… if it doesn’t show
you exactly how to release painful emotions and energize your life
from this day forward… in fact if it doesn’t change your life
in the next two hours — then I don’t want your money… I’ll
give it all back.

your RISK-FREE OFFER, click here.

Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Coach

PS. – Once you experience
the magic of forgiveness, you will have the time of your life living
in the present moment instead of being tied down to your past. You’ll
start living for today, and planning for your new future.

You’ll see things more clearly. Your
vision of possibility will expand.

You’ll be more powerful because you
retrieved your power that was locked in the past.

You’ll let go of all those unpleasant
memories. No longer will they control you. And YOU will decide whether
or not you even want to remember them. Either way, you will be in
charge of your memories of the past. It frees you forever from those
imprisoning thoughts and feelings.

your RISK-FREE OFFER, click here.

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Forgiveness – Learn how to forgive yourself now

Review of FREE Optic Fire Starter

Review of FREE Optic Fire Starter

Review of FREE Optic Fire Starter

Click here for bigger image

Review of FREE Optic Fire Starter

Product Name: FREE Optic Fire Starter

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Got mine. Love it! Fits in wallet, pocket, bug out bag. Small, takes up little space. THANK YOU!

Michael T.

I have ordered these before and they work better than I ever thought they would.

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Fantastic item. I purchased one of these for each of my kids as well as myself! It’s such a handy item to have when you are out hiking.

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Review of (2) MindCastr 2 | Live Your Dreams

Review of (2) MindCastr 2 | Live Your Dreams

Review of (2) MindCastr 2 | Live Your Dreams

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Review of (2) MindCastr 2 | Live Your Dreams

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Comments Below are from real users. Your results may vary.

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Review of Clickbank Offer – The FX Robot Method

Review of Clickbank Offer – The FX Robot Method

Review of Clickbank Offer – The FX Robot Method

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Review of Clickbank Offer – The FX Robot Method

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I’m only in this fortunate position because of what I’m about to tell you.

Aspiring forex traders are interested in the market because they’ve seen the potential to earn substantial profit by making the right decisions.

The mystery of the fx market for most is :

How do I earn enough money to quit my day job, while protecting myself from losing my savings?

This was the exact question I asked myself just over 3 years ago.

I was tired of working for someone else to earn a living.  Inspired by some of the information I’d seen showing the potential to trade forex and make profits, I wanted to change my life.  I had a mortgage and a family support, and I did not want to risk our future.  I was also in a complete rut knowing there was a lot more to life than managing projects I wasn’t interested in.

I had a small nest egg and a lot of enthusiasm.  That was about all I had – having never traded a currency pair in my life, and having zero idea where to start. So began the process which I have now documented in The FX Robot Method – Trading Forex for a Living

As you dig deeper in forex, you’ll want to know :

What decisions do successful traders make every day?

Is there a trade secret or magic numbers used by successful traders?

As I learned more, I found key areas of potential failure so I will also guide you through :

This book is written by a complete beginner (that’s me) who progressed to become a successful trader (also me) over a period of 3 years.  I did it, and I could have done it quicker if I knew what I know now. Most of my results were achieved inside a short twelve month runway.

I’ll dispel the myths promoted by get-rich-quick gurus who are the only ones getting rich in their relationships with clients

Do you need to be a genius to make money trading forex?  No.

Do you need decades of experience in trading and finance to make it as a trader? No.

Is it possible to make enough money to replace the income from your day job? You bet. I did it.

Over a period of 3 years I optimized and launched my system in the live market, supported by my robot, Plutus. He wasn’t with me from the start, Plutus became part of my system when I determined his work would be superior to my own in certain circumstances.  We became high-performing colleagues as Plutus faithfully executed my instructions, day-in, day-out, hail or shine.  I’ll tell you when he was born and how we work together in my book.

This book is a chance for you to use my lessons learned to accelerate the results you’re able to achieve while making robots a part of your trading system.  It’s something I wish existed when I was starting out.

I hope you enjoy reading how I did it, and that you’re equipped and inspired to trade forex for a living as a result.

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Clickbank Offer – The FX Robot Method

Review of How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Review of How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Review of How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation

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Review of How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Product Name: How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Click here to get How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation:

How many times has you felt shameful because you couldn’t do your manly duty to satisfy your woman? Have you ever had a

Do you get a sightly sick feeling in your stomach before you have sex wondering how long you will last the next time.

Are you terrified your woman is going to cheat on with another man to satisfy her because you couldn’t?

I’ve been where you are, and I’m going to tell you how I got out of it. I’m going to reveal specific methods to last longer in this letter. And I’ll give you 3 easy tips to last longer tonight.

Have you ever asked advice from friends, but what heard didn’t feel right and many have actually made your condition worse!

Are you worried that if you did say something to your friends they would make fun of you, or just brag about how good their sex life is without helping you.

The tips become more powerful when you understand how every man can naturally discover them himself. Here is something most men will never know, or even deny it is real. Every man is biologically hard wired to hold their ejaculation until the woman is ready. Our current society actually overrides this hard wiring and that is what leads to the deep frustation you feel inside of you and causes you to loose it. The worst source of advice comes from your and it

Let me tell you how I discovered how to last longer without even thinking about it. Now, I’m going to share my results with you later on, and I’m also going to tell you 3 easy tips to last longer, how to stop something that is suppose to help you but likely hurting how long you last and my passive sex mastery skill (last longer without even thinking about it!).

I have a solution that I’ll share with you that will ease your pain.

My name is Bobby Chase, and I for a long time I had premature ejaculation. I could not last a fraction of the time I do now, much less get a woman to orgasm. And to be honest, there was a time I couldn’t even imagine having a some-what enjoyable sex life much less an amazing one.

There was a time I was completely dissatisfied with sex. In fact, I’ll go beyond the word, dissatisfaction. I used to hate how I felt before, during and after sex. I would masturbate to avoid the frustration I felt when I was with my woman where I couldn’t satisfy her. Basically, I masturbated because it was easier and I didn’t have to worry how long I lasted. I used to dread sleeping with my woman because I don’t know how long I’d last this time…

Perhaps you too can relate to this…

I even hated the thought of having sex. Every time she wanted to have sex, my first thought was, “I’m not going to last long enough.” I masturbated earlier in the day just to decrease my sensitivity in preparing for sex at night with my woman.

I remember the day when i decided enough was enough. I’m going to share this story with you now, even though 
it’s really embarrassing. You need to know how deep down in the rabbit hole I went before i discovered the stuff i’m going to share with you today.

The strategy that allows me 
to live this amazing life that i live right now.

I remember it was late on a thursday and my girlfriend at the time, Donna and I were really hungry after a huge argument we had that chilly night. We grabbed our jackets, heading out into the cold night to find some fast warm food.

I remember i was really stressed out that night and i could tell on donna’s face that she was still angry from our fight today. And the reason i remember that is going to be really clear in just a moment.

Donna was my first girlfriend in years. I some how got this beautiful girl by accident, i didn’t know why she wanted to be with me. I wasn’t very good in the bedroom; i couldn’t last longer than a few minutes.

The fight that night was actually because i came too soon during sex that night and she was really disappointed because she was so close to her orgasm.

I would use thick condoms and not be able to feel anything.

I would use numbing cream and lose my erection in minutes that also made her numb when it accidentally got on her.

I would even drink a few glasses of red wine before sex and not be 100% in the experience with her (she could easily tell).

Anyway… that night, we arrived at a local sit-down restaurant, you know, the kind where the waiters wear colorful clothes and the restaurant stays open late.

We ordered our food, i ordered a burger with french fries, while she ordered a salad. We sat in silence for 30 minutes during that dinner.

I thought things could never get worse…

And knew i had to make a change, deep down inside… just like you know you desire a change, because like me, you truly deserve better.

Yes, i knew something had to change, but one more thing had to happen in order to push me over the edge.

Donna would usually ask me how my food is… every time we ate, she would ask, “how is your food?”

This time, she didn’t ask me. We continued eating. Then i grabbed a french fry, dipped it in ketchup, and put it in my mouth.

And then, the worst thing happened:.

She said my name, “Bobby, please look at me, this is not working out, let’s breakup.”

I remember as soon as she said that to me, i stopped chewing the french fry in my mouth. I sat there in silence for 15 minutes. My basket of french fries were getting cold.

Donna was very open sexually. So when i asked her why she wanted to break up, she told me she needed a man who can satisfy her sexual needs.

I told her i would work on myself, i will learn to last longer, i’ll learn to help her orgasm more. She just shook her head, saying no to me.

I guarantee you, when i tell you i hit rock bottom, my rock bottom was pretty freaking low. Pretty freaking low.

At that moment, my heart sank, down to the bottom of my chest… I felt alone, confused, and of all things determined at that time. At that point, i knew the relationship was over.

I took her back to my place… And she started packing all her stuff.

Because that day i declared war on my bedroom problems!

I vowed to read every book and search under every rock if necessary to break premature ejaculation and erection problems… or die trying…

The good news for you is this:

Not only did i figure out how to last longer in bed and 
command my ejaculation.

Through it all, i uncovered a step by step formula.

I also figured out how to enjoy sex while doing it!

I’ll share my discovery with you in just a moment.

So, as you can clearly see, I’m not some super-stud 
genetic wonder porn actor. I’m really a lot like you, 
just an average person who 
just so happened to go through hell.

And because of my experience through all of that pain. I discovered a formula: A system that finally allows 
folks like you and me to look and feel as if we were
 “genetic wonders.”

Able last as long as we want in bed as if we to o
had stamina like porn actors!

This “pattern” i follow now is
 so powerful that it turned me 
into “one of those people.” You know: 
the person women 
talk about is just
 “naturally good in bed?” Little do they know, right?!

Obviously, this new way of sex where I get to enjoy sex and last longer in bed changed my entire life.

You know what? That one day caused my entire life to change. It was almost as wonderful as the day I found out it wasn’t my fault.

And as I looked into the problem, as I looked at what was really causing this, I realized that the reason it wasn’t my fault was because I had been fed a bunch of lies; the same lies that you’ve been fed.

One of these lies is that you have to “use a pill to delay your ejaculation” I bet you’ve heard that or maybe even believed this at one point in your life.

This is not even close to
 the truth. If you are one of the millions 
who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead because:

If you do not, you will continue down the road of the “yo-yo ejaculation cycle,” you slowly start to lose your penis’ ejaculation control, halting all of your delayed ejaculation gains in its tracks…

And, eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simply lose control of your ejaculation, and on your dream sex. Listen: this is not what I
want for you, and I know it’s
not what you desire for yourself.

And, this is the reason that your struggle with your lack of ejaculation control is not your fault. If you really want to blame something for your struggles with a lack of ejaculation control, don’t blame yourself.

Blame the tabloids and the media, like television commercials, “porn” magazines, and cheesy “5 mind blowing orgasm techniques” You’ve been bombarded for almost as long as you’ve been alive with false, misleading claims from these crooks.

And they depend on your suffering to make a buck! All the misinformation out there that the media loves to exploit is enough to confuse anyone it confused me for years. The truth is you should never, ever take pills to delay ejaculation even a few times, why?

When your body receives the artificial delayed ejaculation effects it starts to think this is “normal.” Your body starts requiring the pills to even be your “normal” ejaculation time, plus:

Your body loses its control over your ejaculation completely. This is similar to a person who smokes. Smokers require more and more cigarettes to feel how they felt before cigarettes.

In the beginning a smoker feels a rush of nicotine. Sort of a little high of the nicotine in their system. Overtime this lack of nicotine and the nicotine effects are reduced… Meaning they start to need nicotine to feel how they felt before smoking, known as “normal”.

Now, there’s another lie: 
and this one is the granddaddy
of all the sex lie’s. This is the lie that you have to have a constant rock hard erection during sex meaning using the little blue pill and be ready whenever she is ready and be hard from beginning to end during sex.

Meaning using the little blue pill and be ready whenever she is ready and be hard from beginning to end during sex.

Well, guess again, this is
as wrong as wrong gets!

You spend all your time during sex, struggling to keep an erection without an end in sight and fighting constant pressure to keep the erection.

And every time you “slip up” and lose your erection, you feel totally guilty. And, once guilt takes hold of you, it’s over; you lose the ability to get an erection for minutes sometimes for half an hour or more.

And you might find yourself wanting to use that little blue pill to get a constant erection that’s actually really bad for your body. There’s no way I want you to
experience pain like this
ever again.

Well, just like that first nasty lie, there’s some good news:

You are not to blame
for falling for this lie. The real villain here is certainly not you it’s actually the medical community!

Now, I like doctors yet the sad fact is that most doctors don’t know squat about how to maintain erections or what to do during sex and they even get “kick-backs” to push specific prescription pills!

That’s because most doctors only have to spend a few hours studying sexual function. And very few understand the power and principles behind passive sex mastery.

They think in short term solutions and prescribe unnatural pills to increase blood flow in your penis that hurts you in the long run. The truth is you should never, ever take pills to get erections even for a few days, why?

These pills abnormally open blood vessels in your penis; make you harder longer than you want and your body begins to need these pills to even maintain an erection.

Just like the smoking example before, your body starts to need the pills to be “normal.”

Now that you know the problem that your sex life has been held back due to lies you’ve been told.

By reading this letter today, you’ll discover the TRUTH about having great long session sex.

Tip 1: The first most important tip I have for you is to practice something I created called “Passive Method Mastery.” It’s a very simple but powerful concept.
A lot of actions we take right now during sex causes us to ejaculate faster then we or our woman wants. If you take control of these actions, and make them a passive habit, you will naturally last longer with little effort after making them passive.
You might ask, “how do I do this?”
It’s simple again, practice a specific set of exercises for a couple of weeks and you will naturally gain control of these functions we are suppose to have control over!
Tip 2: My next tip for you is to stop doing something nearly all of us do at one point in our lives. If we use these, it will make us last long in the short term, but in the long term will hurt our ability to delay our ejaculation and sometimes even get an erection!
Stop using “false cures”. False cures are anything that promises to help us we can last longer with an external solution. Meaning cream, condom, pill, etc.
If you stop using these false cures you’ll start to find out you CAN control when you ejaculate and they will be so much more pleasurable.
Tip 3: Now lets get to the juicy stuff. My 3 tips for you to last longer are easy and quick to implement.
1. Practice Deep Breathing.
2. 9 Shallow Thrusts and 1 Long Thrust during sex.
3. Stop masturbating to ejaculation.
If you follow these 3 tips, you will definitely last longer in a matter of weeks or DAYS.

A lot of actions we take right now during sex causes us to ejaculate faster then we or our woman wants. If you take control of these actions, and make them a passive habit, you will naturally last longer with little effort after making them passive.

You might ask, “how do I do this?”

It’s simple again, practice a specific set of exercises for a couple of weeks and you will naturally gain control of these functions we are suppose to have control over!

Tip 2: My next tip for you is to stop doing something nearly all of us do at one point in our lives. If we use these, it will make us last long in the short term, but in the long term will hurt our ability to delay our ejaculation and sometimes even get an erection!

Stop using “false cures”. False cures are anything that promises to help us we can last longer with an external solution. Meaning cream, condom, pill, etc.

If you stop using these false cures you’ll start to find out you CAN control when you ejaculate and they will be so much more pleasurable.

Tip 3: Now lets get to the juicy stuff. My 3 tips for you to last longer are easy and quick to implement.

1. Practice Deep Breathing.

2. 9 Shallow Thrusts and 1 Long Thrust during sex.

3. Stop masturbating to ejaculation.

If you follow these 3 tips, you will definitely last longer in a matter of weeks or DAYS.

Before what I tell you what you are going to invest today, let me just remind you of what you already know. Leaving your bad sex life, and relationship problems piling up like you’re right now is going to net you the worst possible destiny that you can imagine. You will very well make no progress if you do the same thing everyday and expect different results. You will definitely feel more and more guilt, more and more pain, and you know if you can put a price on that, let me know what it is, and I’ll sell you the product for that.

Eye contact is more powerful then we consciously know. It’s been said that the right form of eye contact can give orgasms to women without doing anything else.

Body language is a very important thing for women. The way you carry yourself daily can either turn her on a lot, or turn her off instantly. It depends on YOU.

Why am I doing this for you today? Because I have a massive goal, and I’m inviting you to join us and help us achieve it.

My dream is to help over one millions men (& their partners) to have a passionate filling relationship. That’s one million happy partners… make this high- value product even more accessible to everyone.

Q. Why is the course delivered weekly?

A. The Endless Man Formula is delivered weekly because there will be so much content that if everything was available in one day, a majority of users would never go through the videos because of over overwhelm. The Endless Man Formula is designed in a way where every week you start an exercise, and every exercise after will stack on top of your previous one giving you increased results, and if done in this format, you’ll get the most results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Q. Why should I trust you over any other Sex Teacher?

A. Because I teach with a very specific method that gives you the most important things you need to learn first that will give you the most results. Instead of setting you through small insignificant details, you will learn the important items you can start taking action with right away to have great sex with your woman.

Q. How is the content all delivered?

A. I will deliver everything via paper! Just kidding. Everything will have video, even the bonuses. I’ll also include audio files of the presentations and pdf handouts as resources you can use as cheat sheets. This is a video course, so all modules will be in video.

Q. My partner and I are homosexual, will this work for us?

A. Yes definitely. In fact, you both can start using it right away so you both last longer and keep each other accountable. You’ll be amazed by the results and how much better sex you will have. In this course I do reference a man and a woman, and some positions are meant for women, but a man can practice nearly the same positions as well.

If you’ll take action right now, because I know you want to, I’m going to throw in one more bonus.

If you love a woman in the way she wants to, you will ignite her passion and love for you, in turn, she will want to have more sex!

ALL Content is Available ONLINE – Prevent Shipping Delays And Get Your Content Fast! How To Use Eye Contact To Create A Burning Desire In Your Woman, Body Language Secrets To Attract Women,  and The 5 Secret Keys To Her Body, Passion, and Love will be delivered later to prevent overwhelm And you’ll get instant access to Module 1 of the Endless Man Formula and 1 module will be released per week.

P.S. Remember, I was where you are. I used to last only a few minutes during sex. I would have a ton of anxiety before sex and after. My performance in sex before has ruined MANY relationships of mine. Now I can last as long as I want, and women LOVE to have sex with me because of how they feel and how enjoyable it is for them. So be sure to click here to order now.

P.P.S. Look, you do not want to feel like an idiot tomorrow, when you start having sex, ejaculate early and realize, ‘I could have done something today, right now, that would change my life. But I didn’t do it. This has been proven to work for folks just like you…so do the smart thing and order now.

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How to Last Longer in Bed with Free Tips to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Review of Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!

Review of Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!

Review of Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!

Product Name: Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!

Click here to get Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!:

Click here for bigger image

Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart – Monster $2.95 Epc!

Review of The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Review of The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Review of The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Click here for bigger image

Review of The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Product Name: The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Click here to get The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm:

If you want REAL results and REAL change in your life…

You won’t get it from the Law Of Attraction…

Not from Manifesting, doing Visualizations, or Acting “As If…”

And especially not from “working hard.” 

That EVERYTHING you need to create the life you’ve always wanted…

Is already inside you. A latent power so strong… 

And today, I’m going to show you how you can unlock it. 

Again, this has nothing to do with the Law Of Attraction.

This is something MORE POWERFUL.  

When you learn this secret today…

You’ll become UNSTOPPABLE at achieving your wildest dreams.

And if anything would get in your way, you’d overcome them with ease.

Doubts, fears, and apprehensions will no longer hold you back.

Past mistakes and failures will now fuel your motivation and drive, instead of suppressing it. 

And everything you could ever want will easily and effortlessly become a reality to you. 

Even if right now, you don’t have much faith in your own potential.  

And even if you’ve already tried and messed up a few times. 

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re lazy.

Or if you think you don’t have any special skills or money. 

Even if you don’t have any connections to “influential” people.

I’ll show you how you can CHANGE YOUR WHOLE WORLD…

And CREATE a new reality based on the life you’ve always wanted.

A reality that isn’t just about positive thinking and contentment…

Is a tiny little thing that you probably see every day.

It’s in almost every home. And maybe you’ve got one with you right now. 

You may have even held one in your arms today. 

This secret key to outrageous success has been right in front of you all this time. And after today, it will mean so much more than you’ll ever imagine. 

What’s stopping you from living the life you’ve always wanted?

Now, it’s not like you aren’t doing your best.

And it’s not like you don’t want it enough. You do.

But there’s always something in the way. 

Is it bad luck? Circumstance? Natural selection? The “Universe” wasn’t on your side?

The truth is, it’s NONE of that.

Let’s try digging a little deeper, shall we?

Maybe you’re struggling to find a career you love that ALSO pays well.

Or maybe you already have that, but you just want MORE. 

That’s not too selfish, is it?

Now sure, you’re not starving. And on rare occasions you have a little more than what you need. 

But it’s nothing like what you WANT it to be. 

Was there something that you’ve always wanted to do but could never make it happen?

Maybe you wanted to go on a trip abroad, do something bold and adventurous, get into a meaningful relationship, or even buy that new house or car you’ve always wanted.

You have this powerful feeling that you could have MORE… but you always end up with less than what you expected. 

It’s feels like you’re stuck. 

Or you’re feeling lost in the middle of the billions of things going on. The whole world is racing by so fast and everything’s become a blur. 

You just want things to slow down so you can keep up.

And you’re not sure what to do and where to turn to for help. 

No matter what you do. Even if you try your best each time.

Even after making several attempts to change your life. 

Something just ruins it all again. So you end up with nothing but disappointments. 

And it makes you realize how your life is FULL of potential, but it’s all just wasting away as each day goes by.

A problem just about every person in the world goes through almost every day of their lives. 

Even the most successful, most powerful people in the world have struggled with this before they made it big. 

And it’s something they had to battle day-and-night. 

Maybe it happens at work. Instead of working for that promotion, something compels you to slack off.

Or maybe one time you wanted to switch careers. 

But something was telling you it was RISKY. That you’re better off settling with what you have now.

Maybe you tried quitting a bad habit like alcohol or smoking. But for some reason, every cell in your body made it damn near impossible. 

Now it may seem like it’s just you being lazy and uncommitted… but it’s not. 

It’s that little voice inside your head that manipulates your decisions.

And while many confuse this for their conscience, it’s not. 

In fact, it’s the complete opposite. 

In reality, it’s more of a corruption of your brain’s natural Fight or Flight Response.

A psychological mutation. 

“It constantly whispers in my head that I don’t deserve to get the promotion I’ve been working so hard for. I keep telling myself I’m not smart enough for that job.” — Ben 

“I keep sabotaging my chances of starting my own YouTube channel. I want to make music, write songs, and put them online. But my Shadow Complex keeps finding reasons for me not to go ahead with it.” — Wilson 

“My Shadow Complex likes to remind me that pursuing my dream of starting my own restaurant is selfish because it’s like I’m just greedy for money. And I fall for this every time. I come from a very religious family. And whenever I talk about starting a business, I’m reminded to just be content with what I have.” — Jen 

Human psychology explains it.

A part of our subconscious mind fears CHANGE, TRANSFORMATION, and EVOLUTION.

When you’re about to make a decision that could potentially cause change, your Amygdala, the part of your brain that oversees fear, survival, and emergency tries to STOP you dead in your tracks. 

And while it’s original intention is to keep you safe… 

What it REALLY ends up doing is policing your thoughts, ideas, and actions. 

Imagine airport security personnel frisking you for “dangerous weapons”. 

Each time you have an idea, a new goal, or even just an ambitious thought… 

Then it plants the false idea that following your hopes and dreams would lead to pain, suffering, failure, and embarrassment.

Or it may even attack your self-esteem and confidence.

Brainwashing you into believing you don’t deserve to get what you want. 

It may even attempt to scare you away from going after your hopes and dreams. 

You’re probably wondering if you’re affected. So here are 3 telltale signs that the Shadow Complex is having its way with you right now. 

First is when you’re drifting through life. This is when you don’t have a specific end-goal in mind. You’re just living to survive. You’re not fully dedicated and focused on something meaningful for you. 

Second, is when you feel like you don’t have full freedom and control of your mind and body. You’re being held back by self-doubt, fears, myths, and misinformation. And you’re letting these self-sabotaging thoughts influence your actions.

And third, is if you’re constantly distracted. There are so many things fighting for you attention, and you’re happy to give it away without a fight. You’re not focused on anything, and you’re constantly jumping from one distraction to another. 

Because as much as you want to believe you’re in control of your ideas, thoughts, and actions… the big, bad, and ugly news is that you’re not.

Think of the last time you wanted to do something bold and adventurous.

Your Shadow Complex was most likely telling you to stop, sit down, and stay safe. 

How about when you wanted to start a habit of eating healthy, exercising, or even waking up early for a change.

It was always so hard to do what you wanted to do. Even though you knew it’s good for you.

If you look back at all the times this happened, you’d realize you had already missed out on so many opportunities.

It seems like the media, institutions, and even our own families are making things worse. 

Feeding us with myths, false beliefs, and misinformation that perpetuate the Shadow Complex. 

Why isn’t anybody taking a stand? And why isn’t anybody exposing this subconscious self-sabotage happening to us?

Well, you probably already know the reason. 

Corporations, governments and top-brass businessmen all benefit from everybody else living simple, mediocre lives of quiet desperation.

If we were all living our dream lives, we would no longer desire to buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t even like.

Our world has turned us into by-products of lifestyle obsession. 

Instead of passionate, driven, and confident individuals creating our most ideal, most authentic life…

How would your life look any different?

Imagine the possibilities. If only you weren’t being held back, chained to the ground, and manipulated by your Shadow Complex. 

You would have the career of your dreams. Would you have wanted to be a doctor? A famous Hollywood actor? A rockstar musician? CEO of an 8-figure company?

You would be doing anything you want. Would you run a marathon or two? How about climb Mount Everest? Or maybe you want to travel the world and be at awe at how amazing our planet is.

You would be living the incredible life you deserve. You could kick any bad habit you may have now. You’ll always feel full of vigor and vitality. You’d be at your ideal physique. And you’d be living in optimal health, abundance, and happiness. 

Hi, my name is Brandon Chambers.

But right now, I can say my life is everything I could ever want.

I’m married to a kind, sweet, and beautiful woman, and I’m a proud father of a little baby boy.

My family and I live in a gorgeous home in a nice part of the world that feels like paradise on earth. 

And I just feel blessed with everything we would ever need.

I’m also the founder of The Prime Life Club, a company dedicated to empowering people to live incredible lives.

My business gives me FREEDOM to do what I want, whenever I want. And my family makes me feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world.

And life just keeps getting better and better.

In fact, just a few years ago it was the complete and polar opposite. 

My life was pretty messed up. And I know what it’s like to feel lost, confused, and beaten down in life. 

To not know where tomorrow is REALLY headed. 

Trying so hard to make things right…

But all my life I was running away from my responsibilities, living in fear of failure and criticism, and settling for scraps left behind by people who took advantage of me. 

I made a lot of bad decisions with my health, money, relationships, and everything else. 

And it’s not like I didn’t TRY to change my life back then. I did. Lots of times. 

But somehow, I always ended up going back to the same old habits. Back to the same downward spiral. Over and over again. 

Until one day, life sent me a freakin’ memo. 

After the heart attack landed me in the hospital E.R., my wife had to take care of EVERYTHING back home.

The bills, food, rent, our baby boy, and ME.

I had to quit my job. I was useless back home. And on top of all that, my wife had to wait on me hand and foot.  I felt like a vegetable.

Walking even for a few steps made me lose my breath. Lifting up anything over 20 pounds was a struggle. And my whole body retained so much water that I bloated up like a balloon. 

My wife grew more and more frustrated. I could see it in her face.

She didn’t ask for any of this. But she held on. But that didn’t take away the fact that I was useless as a husband and father. 

It didn’t feel like I was alive at all. And in a way, I no longer wanted to be.

But I couldn’t stand to see my wife in so much distress. And I couldn’t bare to leave my baby boy alone to live without a dad in his life.

That would just haunt we even after death.

Many of my old friends from school were making it big.

Some of them had careers people would sell their souls to get.

Doctors. Lawyers. Corporate executives. Business owners. One of my old friends has even made it as an up-and-comer in Hollywood.

On social media they brag about travelling the world. How they have beautiful homes. How they made tons of money. And how they were surrounded by love and happiness. 

I was a good-for-nothing who couldn’t get my life together. It made me feel so angry, jealous, and depressed all at the same time. 

It truly felt like my life was spiraling out of control with no signs of stopping. 

My life back then was light years away from what it is now. And it’s incredibly difficult to believe that I was able to RECOVER and RECREATE my life. 

However, I’m going to have to ask you to suspend your disbelief for even just a second. 

I accidentally discovered the secret while I was looking after my baby boy.

When I noticed the peculiar and fascinating way he played with his surroundings, a light bulb went off inside my head. 

He would climb up chairs and tables without fear of falling.

He would pick up and play with things that could potentially be a danger to him. Yet he would show no hesitation.

And of course, whenever he’s hungry, thirsty, angry, sad, or just in need of attention… he would know exactly what to do so that his needs (and wants) are met.

And it wasn’t just him. All babies played this way. That’s when I realized something… 

Way more than adults like us have right now.

And it made sense. It made PERFECT SENSE.

My son hasn’t yet been indoctrinated and brainwashed by society like we all have. 

And you can see this in how they act. 

Now, the whole thing was like a “EUREKA” moment.

Because it made me remember an old book written in the 1800’s by a German philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche.

In the book, he talks about the metamorphoses of man.

Nietzche wrote, man starts out as a CAMEL.

Camels are beasts of burden. They travel through the desert carrying the load of the world.

The camel works hard. To build his reputation. To provide for the needs of loved ones. And to be a functioning member of society.

When camels have had enough of bearing the burdens of the world, they evolve into LIONS.

The lion seeks to conquer his freedom and become master of his own life. He becomes “the boss” of his life. 

However, the lion is imperfect. He is powerful but misguided. 

And realizing this leads it to transcend and become unafraid, unchained, unbound.

The final evolution is a CHILD.

It then becomes a self-propelled wheel, rolling, and playing with life. As a child, man has become truly free and all-powerful. 

Nietzsche describes a child as having complete Freedom, Carefreeness, and Perpetual Creation… similar to a “god.”

You have to become FEARLESS and CAREFREE like a child. 

But of course, with the mind and body of a grown adult. 

To discover how to do this for myself, I went to work.

I turned myself into a human psychology test subject.

Day and night I was in front of my computer studying, researching, and experimenting on myself non-stop. 

I was obsessed with learning proven systems, mind hacks, techniques, and success triggers to help me destroy the Shadow Complex in my head. 

So that I could take back complete control…

And install a NEW way of operating where I wasn’t manipulated by fears, self-doubt, and other self-sabotaging factors.  

The results were slow at first.

But in time I was able to find ways to get better results much faster. 

Soon I was able to change my habits, break my downward spiral patterns, and even start making better, smarter, and bolder decisions. 

Shortly after I started using this new paradigm…

I was no longer angry and depressed.

Instead of feeling frustrated at the littlest of things, I’ve become more optimistic. And dare I say it, I started becoming happier.

My relationship with my wife started getting better and better each day.

Instead of seeing looks of burden, pain, and disappointment, she now adores me the same way I adore her.

Instead of being broke, unemployed, and drowning in debt, I now run my own online business. 

A business that has given me financial freedom, freedom with my time, and the opportunity to give back and help other people.

My health started getting significantly better.

Since then, I lost over 100 pounds of excess fat and got down to my ideal physique.

And I no longer had difficulty walking, breathing, or doing any sort of physical activity.

And it didn’t just affect me, it also changed my wife’s entire life as well.

After she applied this new paradigm in her life, she’s now living her dreams as a published author of several romance novels. 

Now, if you’re still interested…

As long as your Shadow Complex is the “head honcho” it’s going to push you further and further away from the life you truly want.

However, I was able to develop a 3-Step Transformational System that lets you break down any influence the Shadow Complex has on you…

And let you reclaim total control. 

Using mind hacks, systems, and psychological techniques. 

Then I’ll show you how to replace it with a NEW “Mental Operating System” that is bent on moving toward Success, Abundance, Happiness, and Love… instead of running away from it. 

Just like how a Camel evolves into a Lion, then to a Child. 

Step Number One, having Crystal Clarity on your greatest, most authentic hopes and dreams.

People are easily overcome by the Shadow Complex because they’re not 100% driven towards their personal purpose. 

You have to sear your greatest desires and ambitions into your head. And it should be clear as day.

With this, you’ll know exactly what you want in life based on your core values. Skipping this means you’re living life blindfolded, aimlessly hopping from one path to another.

Step Number Two, achieving Complete Control of your ideas, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

There’s no way you can go after your hopes and dreams when your Shadow Complex is pulling your strings.

You have to break free and reclaim ownership of your life. Without this, you’ll continue to sabotage yourself every single day.

And Step Number Three is putting your mind and body in a state I like to call, GOD-Mode. 

Everybody else operates at a normal level. Cruising through life. No commitment. No investment. No urgency.

In this advanced state of consciousness, you’ll channel hidden sources of focus, willpower, and ambition like you’ve never had before.

The kind of possibility that MOST people don’t believe they can have. The kind that gives you the POWER to go after everything you’ve ever wanted.

Achieve the freedom to do whatever you want in life, and not having to wait for somebody else’s blessing for success…

Live in abundance, prosperity, and happiness… 

Attain material possessions you’ve always wished you could have…

Break FREE from bad habits, addictions, confusion in life, lack of motivation, and self-criticism…

Have peace of mind knowing that you’re able to provide for the people you love, and that they too can live the life of their dreams…

I’m not exaggerating. 

You WILL immediately notice a change in how you think, act, react, make decisions, and live your life.

This isn’t about sitting on your butt all day “believing in miracles” and “attracting success like a magnet.” 

The GODLIKE Paradigm is all about getting crystal clear and focused on your goals, dreams, and desires… 

And having UNSTOPPABLE, GODLIKE ENERGY to making them a reality.

You’ll grow more and more aware of your possibility for greatness.

Know exactly how to get clear on your TRUE PURPOSE in life. (You’ll no longer be bouncing from one thing to another.)

Crush the #1 enemy that kicks you down each time you want to rise up. 

Gain freedom from power-castrating beliefs that stop you from achieving any form of success.

No longer be distracted, confused, held back, and limited by your fears, inhibitions, lack of experience, lack of confidence, and your Shadow Complex.

Turn your hopes and dreams into powerful obsessions and ensure massive success potential.

Every decision you make, each action you take, will propel you closer and closer to your hopes and dreams.

Operate at the same level of intensity, focus, and drive as the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Conor McGregor, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and more… (The ONLY difference is that you’re starting today, and they’ve been doing it for decades!)

And you know it’ll only be a matter of time before you achieve your own version of greatness.

“I really enjoy the program. It’s easy to understand and implement. And there’s plenty of ways I can customize some of the techniques to my own situation. Thanks, Brandon.” — Casey B. 

“Crystal Clarity of my True Purpose is an understatement. There’s no better feeling than finally knowing for sure what you want to do with the rest of your life.” — Tiffany T. 

“All the noise inside my head telling me to stop chasing after my dreams are now nowhere to be found. I know what I want now. And there’s nothing stopping me from getting them.” — Jason S. 

“Taking this leap of faith was terrifying. But it was all worth it. I can’t believe you’re just giving this away! You got other programs available? Let me have ’em.” — Benson 

“The program has been motivating me to go expand my comfort zones and now my life’s exciting and scary at the same time. I love it!” — Emma

“The Infinite Spark Technique is my favorite in the program! I can’t get enough of how much I get done every single day because of it. Monster!” — Gwynn H. 

“I can’t believe how in tune I am with my path right now. It’s like all I’m ever thinking about and putting my energy into are my hopes and dreams.” — Francis K. 

The 15-minute practice you do ONCE that gives you Crystal Clarity and Focus on your true purpose (And fill you with UNSTOPPABLE ENERGY for achieving everything you’ve ever wanted in life…)

The 3 things you can do right this second that will bust open all the doors to exciting opportunities for you (and how it will change everything in your life as you know it into something you never thought would be possible…)

The 7 deadly chains that are keeping you enslaved to mediocrity (and the simple steps you can take to break these chains once and for all…)

The simple trick to turn your hopes and dreams into an obsession (this method multiplies your chances for success exponentially!)

How to unlock and step into GOD-Mode where all your thoughts and actions will automatically be directed to your success, fulfillment, and happiness (it’s just like putting your life on success autopilot!)

How to give yourself instant energy boosters that pump you up, spike your confidence, and explode your willpower (this psychological technique works in practically any situation!)

The secret to unbreakable focus and unlimited willpower (get this down and you will never worry about wasting time again…)

The all-star training method used by world-famous athletes, Olympic gold medalists, Hollywood actors, and other masters of their craft. 

How to rewire our brain for success (plus the little-known secret of the ultra-successful and top-performers to “protect” their current and future assets…)

The Infinite Spark Technique that forces you to move further and further to your goals (while the world is moving one-step-at-a-time, you’re leaping across the board!)

The daily “Energy Habit” the elites, ultra-successful, and top-performers use to ensure they start (and end) their day perfectly…

How to predict your future with shocking accuracy (this has nothing to do with any mystical or cosmic theories — just a truly powerful psychological technique…)

How to train yourself to develop superpowers (the same technique can be used to eliminate addictions, negative obsessions, and destructive habits…)

That’s okay. It’s perfectly normal. 

It’s telling you to avoid anything that leads you to change and growth. And it labels these things as “RISKS” instead of “OPPORTUNITIES.”

It could be signaling all kinds of self-sabotaging thoughts like:

Inside The Program You’ll Discover Why The Law Of Attraction Only Has A 1/10 Chance Of Working For You (And Why The GODLIKE Paradigm Is Light Years Ahead In Terms Of Effectiveness And Usability In Real Life…)

Learn How One Man On The Brink Of Death, Drowning In Debt, Surrounded On All Sides By Legions Of Problems And Stressors Stumbled Upon The GODLIKE Paradigm (And Used It To Unleash His Potential For Unlimited Abundance In Life, Love, Wealth, And Personal Achievement (And How You Can Do The Same Starting Today…)

Discover The Real Reason Why People Are Scared Of Success, Why It Has So Much Power Over The Masses, And How To Use It To Your Advantage (The Answer Is Right In Front Of You All Along! Now You’ll Know…)

Be Aware Of How You’ve Already Been Programmed To Fail Miserably From The Day You Were Born (And How To Reverse Its Negative Effects Quick And Prevent It From Spreading To Further Generations…)

Find Out About The Big Mistake People Make When Faced With Monstrous Problems And Obstacles (And A “Little”-known Solution That When Used Right, Can Destroy Any Barrier Threatening To Smash Your Hopes And Dreams To Millions Of Tiny Little Pieces…)

The GODLIKE Paradigm Shows You How To Envision Your Most Incredible Life (And How To Transform It From A Vision To A Reality So You Can Have It All — Abundance In Wealth, Life, And Personal Achievement!)

Discover The Little-Known Secret Weapon Of The Elites, Top-performers, And Ultra-successful That Destroys Fears, Inhibitions, And Doubts (Once You Have This On Your Side, You Will Have GODLIKE Confidence And Optimism In Yourself And Your Abilities!)

Learn More About The Abundance Shortcut That Turns Any Negative Situation Into A Fortunate Event Other People Fantasize About (This Wraps Everything In The Law Of Attraction Into One Handy Technique…)

You’ll Find Out About The “3-2-1 Hitlist Method” That I Personally Use To Manage My Day And Get Things Done No Matter What (This Technique Turns You Into A Productivity Machine While Still Having More Than Enough Time For Rest, Simple Pleasures, And Family!)

Inside The Program You’ll Find The Problem-Solving Technique Invented By Geniuses To See Through The Toughest, Most Brain-Melting Dilemmas And Solve Them As If They Were Child’s Play… (You’ll Never Believe How Easy Your Biggest Problems Will Seem When You Put This Technique To Use…)

You’ll Also Discover How To Turn Your Laziness Into A Superpower (The Lazier You Are, The More Powerful This Technique Will Be As It Turns You Into A Success Monster…)

Sure, anyone can use this system to get whatever they want in life. 

What I mean is that not everyone is READY to have it all. 

Not everyone is READY to let go of their current life.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to sit around all day, believing great things will come to you… this isn’t for you.

If you can’t imagine yourself committing to put in a little bit of time each day to start achieving your goals and ambitions… this isn’t for you.

If you feel that you would rather not challenge the limits and break the chains the world has put on you… this isn’t for you. 

The GODLIKE Paradigm is only for you if you want to let go of everything that’s holding you back in life and leap into a more incredible life in front of you.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to GET what you want, and not wait around for it to fall on your lap… this is PERFECT for you.

When you “flip the switch” as they say, and step into the kind of paradigm shift this system gives you, you won’t miss your old life.

You’ll have so much energy, momentum, and forward progress in your life that you won’t be able to believe it’s real. 

“I’ve been a follower of your programs for years. This is my favorite one so far!” — Kelly R. 

“I would never have believed I’d be doing what I’m doing right now. If it weren’t for The GODLIKE Paradigm, I’d still be crunching numbers instead of touching lives and inspiring other people.” — Omar

I’ve been through some rough times in my life. And I get why you’re thinking hard about this. That being said, I don’t want money to be the reason why you can’t start living the life you want. 

See, my thinking is, if you’re reading this right now, that means there’s a chance you’re a bit down on your luck in one way or another.

 Maybe you’re in a similar situation I was in before all this.

Maybe you feel drained of energy for living life to the fullest. Like you don’t have the drive, the willpower, and the motivation to go after what you want.

Maybe you’re having money problems.

Maybe you’re struggling with your health. You’ve tried getting healthier. You’ve tried putting some effort. But something inside you just keeps messing up.

Maybe your relationships are flatlining or falling apart. You were able to make it work before. But now it feels like the energy for giving love has gone away.

Maybe your whole world is going crazy out of control.

Maybe you’re someone who NEEDS to take control of their life immediately.

I’ve heard the horror stories. In fact, I’ve lived through them before. 

Of how famous spiritual gurus and too-big-to-fail businesses sucker people into buying their programs. 

And how their programs barely have anything of value, and just tease several more expensive programs in the back end. 

These companies promise top-notch customer service, yet when something happens they’re nowhere to be found.  

The Prime Life Club is a modest company of 12 talented, driven, and devoted individuals. 

We put our heart and soul into our programs. And we personally ensure our customers are given the utmost care and attention they need. 

Our programs are priced the way they are so they can help the MOST people possible without sacrificing quality. 

And there are no hidden charges and forced memberships. 

You’re better off first looking for a job and a nice place to stay.

That means you’re serious about taking control of your life and your future success. That means you actually have the capability to do what you need to do and start living the life out your hopes and dreams.

I’m not going to go out and say you SHOULD get this. But I’m going to make it absolutely easy for you to make that decision.

Because right now, you’re probably wondering if YOU’RE 100% READY to make a significant change in your life.

And that’s okay. That’s normal. Just remember.

Nothing happens until you make this choice. And until you do, you’ll continue to live the same life you have right now. And if you’re okay with that, that’s totally fine.

That’s why I’m going to be taking all the risk from you and putting it all on me.

Click the “Add to Cart” button and try The GODLIKE Paradigm risk-free today.

Go through the whole program, and apply all the techniques, strategies, and principles inside. 

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with how it’s going to change your life, even after giving it a shot…

Send me an email to let me know within 60 days, and I’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked.

You’ve got a full 60 days to use The GODLIKE Paradigm in your life.

If it’s not at all like what I said it would be, if the program just doesn’t work for you, then I don’t want to take your money. 

If you think about it, it’s already costing you A LOT right now.

Can you imagine all the years you’ve always wanted to change your life…

But you never really got to do it because your Shadow Complex was stopping you cold?

Think about all the wasted opportunities. A wonderful career. The relationship of your dreams. Becoming the greatest, most successful, and most authentic version of yourself.

All that wasted because your Shadow Complex was making the decisions for you.

If you miss out on this, you’re allowing your life to continue missing out on so many possibilities.

Now, listen up. This is serious.

If you don’t take action right now, then that means you’ve surrendered this decision to your Shadow Complex.

And you’ve practically given up on creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Sure, you could still come back tomorrow.

But will your Shadow Complex give you enough willpower to come back? Are you even willing to leave it up to chance?

Letting this go right now not only delays your dream life, it also further empowers the Shadow Complex inside you while weakening your own resolve.

Do you really want to continue living a life where you’re not in full control of your thoughts, ideas, decisions, and actions?

If you want to achieve success in your career, or even start your own business.

If you want to create wealth and abundance… not just for yourself, but so that you could also share that abundance with your loved ones, friends, and people in need.

If you want to have the unbreakable resolve to chase after your dreams…

And the intense passion required to grab them all.

Now, you may be wondering whether or not this will work for you.

Well, here’s my promise.

If you can follow basic instructions and put in just 5 to 10 minutes every day to work on creating your dream life…

You can make this happen for you. I guarantee it.

In fact, what you’re going to do during these 5 to 10 minutes is so simple, you could barely call it “work” or “hustle”.

And just by religiously doing this simple exercise daily will change the way you live your entire life forever.

You will not be able to believe the great things that you’ll be able to achieve starting today.

You won’t want to look back.

Now, you already know all the powerful things having The GODLIKE Paradigm will do for you. Here are some things you might not have thought of yet.

When you have this kind of power, other people will notice it.

Everyone else would be able to sense that you’re a completely different person. That you’re no longer bound by your Shadow Complex.

You have more confidence to do things you’ve never even dreamed of doing before.

You walk with an extra spring in your step, head held high, and a winning attitude that creates Success, Abundance, Happiness, and Love in all directions.

People will look up to you, adore you, and seek inspiration and motivation from everything that you do.

In every aspect of your life. Doing the things that matter to you. And being phenomenal at them.

Having the career of your dreams. Even having your own successful business. Or not needing to work at all. 

You’re a natural at everything you do. And you’re hitting your goals left and right.

Sure you’ll have wealth. But that’s not all. Why limit yourself to just having financial abundance? 

What you have is True Abundance. All throughout your life there will be MORE than what you could ever need and want.

Resources, opportunities, time, and even your health. Everything just overflows for you. 

Every day is a great and wonderful experience. You wake up early full of energy and anticipation. Because you know your days are going to be awesome.

Your life unfolds exactly how you want it. You already know what’s going to happen because you planned it… set your intentions… and made it happen. 

Sure some things don’t go as expected. That’s a given. But you can quickly turn them into magnificent victories and breakthroughs.

You’re in the relationship you’ve always wanted. You and your partner are happy and in love. Nothing can tear you apart. Just like when you first met. And your family is growing with more love and warmth each day.

Or if you prefer, you’re living as a lone wolf. Being your most powerful self. Yet, you can easily surround yourself with friends and loved ones that fill your days with warmth and social connection. 

If you’re like me, you’ve got people who are rooting against you. 

And they don’t necessarily think ill of you. 

They could even be your loved ones and friends. But they don’t believe in you like I do. And certainly not as much as you believe in yourself. 

And YOU believe you can DO THIS RIGHT NOW and MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

Each one leads to wildly different outcomes.

Forget about everything I said. And live your life just as how you’re doing it now. You’ll get the same results as you’ve always had. And nothing will change.

You take what you’ve learned here today and use it on your own. You’re taking a BOLD and COURAGEOUS step forward. And I commend you for that. But it’s going to be tough on your own. 

You don’t have to make a decision right now. Just take your copy of The GODLIKE Paradigm, try it out for 60 days, and only then decide that you want this. RISK FREE!

By now, as you’re reading this, and the fact that you’re still here means you’re ready to take this step. Every day that goes by that you do not have complete control of your life is another day you’re delaying your hopes and dreams.

Let me ask you something, how long have you wanted something like this for your life, but were always “talked out of it” or discouraged by your Shadow Complex?

Or, maybe you took a leap of faith on something like The Law Of Attraction, only to realize it’s lacking in the most important element of success…

This is what The GODLIKE Paradigm has done for me. And when you apply it in your life starting tonight, it will do the same for you.

It’s the blueprint you need to get everything you’ve ever wanted… Financial freedom, amazing relationships, and locking down on your personal achievements.

You know this is for you. You know it’s about time you start getting what you want. And this is your chance to get started TODAY! 

Click the “ADD TO CART” button below. 

Then when you’re in the order confirmation page, put in your email address, billing information, and click the red “PAY NOW” button at bottom. 

You’ll get instant access to the full program. Then go through the whole thing. Take your time. You don’t need to rush at all. 

Next is the most important step of all. 

Apply the ideas and techniques I talk about inside. They will change your life immensely. 

Knowledge without application is useless. Knowledge + Application +  Commitment + Consistency gives you Endless Possibilities. 

Let’s do this. This is YOUR time. Click the “ADD TO CART” button below. 

To Your Imminent Success,

P.P.S. You’ve got nothing to lose. You can go through the program and test-drive it totally risk-free. You’re backed by my Iron-clad 100% Money-back Guarantee.  You have 8 weeks to give it a spin. If you’re not satisfied, just let me know by sending an email to and I’ll refund you. No questions asked. 

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The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Review of Build Your Own Portfolio

Review of Build Your Own Portfolio

Review of Build Your Own Portfolio

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Review of Build Your Own Portfolio

Product Name: Build Your Own Portfolio

Click here to get Build Your Own Portfolio at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Build Your Own Portfolio:

Portfolio Creation Using Dividend Growth Stocks

Source: Compustat via FactSet. Indexes are unmanaged, and one cannot invest directly in an index. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

NOTE: The Dividend Stocks Rock is a membership site with access to both online pdfs and online content. This platform does not include stock recommendations  please read our terms of use & legal information before proceeding. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to them. This is not a mailed program.

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Build Your Own Portfolio

Review of How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast

Review of How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast

Review of How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast

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Review of How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast

Product Name: How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast

Click here to get How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast:

I’m saying this with total
confidence because, as controversial as it may
sound, I’m
going to reveal how you too can achieve these same
results and become a master at seducing women fast.

Because I’m going to show
you what
took me, along with others, years to perfect and
master – a
proven, “battle-tested” system for meeting and attracting the
hottest girls – 100 times faster than the average guy.

What I’ve done was, I’ve
created a
step by step system I call One Night Stand Express
explains, in detail, the one night stand process and how the push
pull technique works.

There is absolutely
no reason
why you should waste years of
your own life attempting
to work all this out on your own. Especially when
I’ve laid
it all out for you in a simple step-by-step system.

How to create a
atmosphere where a kiss is inevitable (do this correctly and it is
easier than you think)

My sneaky but effective
“touch escalation” process that’s astonishingly simple yet very powerful

How to react the
“right” way if she pulls a move on you so that you’re moving forward
(fail this and you lose her)

How to tease the touch
in a way that makes her want your touch and want to
touch you as well (this is what can make her literally feel addicted to
your touch)

How asking the right
questions can shift your mind from focusing on the problem to focusing
on the solution and what questions to ask yourself to make sure you

What really is the
hidden key to one night stands and how once you understand this can
really dissolve any thought like “it has to take time” (and why if you
keep thinking “it takes time” you’ll be aiming blindly)

What are the best kind
of women to go after are (and what kind of women to avoid at all costs)

What to do after the
first kiss in order to make her crave
for sex

Why words are not
enough and how to touch her the right way at the right
times so that it feels natural and comfortable for her (and also makes
things easier for you)

What women are looking
for, before they will sleep with a guy (and how to make sure you easily
exhibit those traits naturally)

How to keep moving
things forward without generating resistance of weird vibes (this is
key if you want to generate attraction fast & easy)

How to start turning a
woman on with your words to the point where she is ready to have sex
with you

Why location is the
most important thing to control and how this is the number one thing
that usually screws everything up

The 2 major things that
guys often do wrong in the sexual arousal stage and how you can avoid

Why kissing her earlier
is better than waiting and how you can do this successfully

The first-timer deadly
mistakes that men make, and how to avoid them

How to make the process
seem natural and comfortable to women

How to easily handle
their last-minute resistance and hesitations in an elegant way that
makes them want to move forward

Where to find and meet
these sexually-open women (so that you’re in for a night full of

The 3 most important
stages you need to be taking her through in order for a one night stand
to happen (and how to do it without making her feel uneasy, weird,
pressured, tricked, in unfamiliar territory, cheap, or least of all

The key concept for one
night stands and how not understanding this will have the “no sex for
you” door slammed right in your face

How to make these
techniques work for you smarter not harder

What you need to know
to dramatically increase your odds from the very start

What are the best
locations for same night sex

What is the type of man
that a woman wants to sleep with and how to transform yourself into
that kind of guy that these women are attracted to (or at least appear
to be such a guy)

How to diffuse a
woman’s resistance by identifying the “tests” she throws at you

How a woman will
display some resistance even if she wants to have
sex with you (and the scary reasons why)

How to navigate through
her resistance and diffuse her every step along the way (so that you’ll
make this journey fun for both of you)

The right attitude you
absolutely need to have about her “tests” and resistance (this attitude
will shoot you to success)

The push-pull technique
explained like never before… (and how this is the secret ‘glue’
behind any one night stand)

How to utilize the
concept of “compressing time” in order to make same night sex possible
(and make everything else so much easier)

How women think about
sex (and why knowing this is the key to making her feel ready for you)

How to approach women
in a fun and unique way

How little subtle
things you can do can move things along quite powerfully

How to smoothly
progress things in the bedroom so that things appear to “just happen”

What to do if you get a
“no” and how to recover from that in a confident & powerful way
that turns her on

Well consider how much turmoil, struggle and stress you have endured up until now.
And the adventure doesn’t have to end on that night either.

most of my relationships had began with what seemed one night stands.
The truth is, you can choose what you want to do after the ‘one night
You can take the girl’s number and start dating and hanging out and make her your girlfriend.
Or have multiple girlfriends.
It’s up to you!

I don’t want to keep your
money if
you’re not entirely happy and satisfied with this program. You risk
nothing! The only risk is if you don’t buy.

Policies | Customer Support | Affiliates

2017 – All Right Reserved

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How To Seduce And Get Laid Fast

Review of The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For

Review of The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For

Review of The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For

Product Name: The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For

Click here to get The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For:

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The Emp Survival Offer You’ve Been Waiting For

Review of Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides

Review of Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides

Review of Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides

Click here for bigger image

Review of Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides

Product Name: Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides

Click here to get Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides:

Hello Marina,

“I am writing you to thank you for the two books you have published.

One night I was thinking about her and my previous experience, so I was searching the internet. To my deleight I found nothing about her and stumbled onto your books.
I first bought your second book and read it the same night. I then signed up for your newsletter. I then purchased your first book and read it the same night.

Mind you this all took place in one night.
what an education!!!!

I will state this, any western male looking to court a eastern female, this should be MANDITORY reading!

It will give you valuable insight into a thought process that is different from ours.
I must THANK YOU again for very educational books of which I do not think I would be where I am in my relationship with Tanya”Sincerly,

With the advent of the world wide web, Internet has been flooded with dating services both nationally and internationally.
Many forums have popped up where western men have begun to communicate their experiences and try to understand Russian women. They discuss many different topics and sometimes they find answers that more or less contain the truth about Russian habits and the Russian soul.

One of the most recurring topics that arise in these forums are from readers with questions about sex, love and long distance relationships with Russian women.
Many have tried to understand the Russian psyche when it comes to sex and love but with little success.

I understand the confusion that Western men have about Russian women because of the mystique that surrounds these women. I sometimes think that Western men feel that Russian women are from another planet.

Come on, guys!
All people are more or less the same when it comes to “love making.” Sure, there are many techniques that have been developed from various cultures but even the most mysterious woman in the world is still, only a woman.
So, don’t expect someone to offer you some special, “Russian Kama Sutra.”

Every woman is responsive in many different ways, often dictated by her culture, her environment and her upbringing.
I am most familiar with these areas of the Russian psyche….

From Marina Smiley
Dear Friend!

Let me tell you a story…
I am not a professional writer, but a Russian woman who has married an American and my education and profession are that of a doctor of medicine.
Since, I have seen so many topics where men asking the same questions, again and again. I decided to sit and write a book to answer these questions the best way I know how.

My ebook “Sex, Love and Long Distance Relationship with Russian Women ” was written, not to teach you about sex, but rather as an informal means to discuss this subject as if we were in a very relax atmosphere, sipping some good wine and talking as a friends….

I have written this book just to help you better understand some things about Russian women that you always wanted to know but didn’t know how to ask.

As you read my ebook,

You will begin to understand why the expression:”Sex doesn’t exist in the USSR” is still a popular expression in Russia.

You will learn about the expectations of Russian women regarding touch, sex and having an intimate relationship

Discover why you must avoid certain words and subjects when you talk with a Russian woman in her country
-Learn some of the reasons that may cause your fiance to turn away from you and how to avoid them

Find out why Russian women try to look extremely sexy and what are their expectations

Having a romantic evening- “Russian style”. The do’s and don’ts

-Russia, a country with the “Only Child Syndrome”, how it can affect you and your fiance’s sex life

Tips to help you have a successful sex life with a Russian woman

Can you expect to have sex with your fiance upon your arrival to Russia?

Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?

– and much more! This book is short enough not to be boring but long enough to answer most of your questions. So go ahead!

It contained amazing secrets and discoveries that can dramatically help to improve your success with Russian women.

Your adventure and enlightenment is just click away!

The book is easy to understand

Still Not Convinced? Read On:

How can I start my email to you other than WOW!
I purchased three of your ebooks, as I have just started considering finding a relationship with a woman outside of the USA. They are clear and concise and packed with must read information. You have saved me much time, possible frustration for both the lady’s I dialog with and myself. I have now been spared many mistakes. The books are worth far more than you charge!!I found your ebooks extremely informative and insightful. As I began to explore the possibilities, the insights you provide into Russian women, their back ground and culture will be invaluable.
I also purchased your book “Cheap ticket to Russia” it too was very insightful and could offer great opportunity to spend time in both countries.
Fortunately for me I am realistic about compatability issues
After reading your books information and about you, it has only increased my desire to find such a woman to share life with.
Your spirit, intelligence and beauty. Coupled with your understanding of human nature, realistic approach to life, solid business sense, the ability you describe to work and fight very hard to make life happen and dreams come true. These are what I hope to find in a life partner. Hopefully there are other Russian women with the same qualities.
I just want to thank you for your insights and the service you are providing for men and women trying to find love. Hopefully more people will read your information and be enlightened to make good choices.
Best regards,
Billy B.

Copyright © International Soulmate, 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this site may be reproduced without written permission from the author.

About Me & ContactSex

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Russian women dating- Russian woman marriageSubscribe in a reader

What Others Are Saying

“Hello Marina,
I just got done reading two of your ebooks – the one about Russian Brides, and the other about sex. Great stuff!
Thanks so much.
I have a Russian woman (almost my age) who is just so wonderful and lives not too far from me. We were approaching some “rocky ground” and I was desparate for guidance with no where to turn.
A Google search brought me to you and I’m so grateful for your work and your taking the time to put it together and offer it to guys like me! It’s going to help me so much in this relationship, that hopefully will end in marriage within a year.”
God Bless P

As a retired police sergeant, I am very pessimestic when I read anything…but you addressed questions that frankly I have tried to analyze over and over in my head before my return trip to Russia.

By the way, your American husband is a lucky man. You sound very sincere, loving, and caring in your books. Hope you hear from you soon..” G.P.

Your newsletter is always a delight to read.Continue to keep up the good work.”

The book has given me information that will truly help keep me from a failed marriage if I marry a Russian woman, which I hope to” D.A.

I’ve already read your first book, “Your Russian Bride, the Shocking Truth.”

Wow, the title is very appropriate because I can’t believe how naive I am (was) about the realities between western men and Russian Women. I must admit to being somewhat overwhelmed with all this new information. I would rather know the realities of the situation in order to make informed decisions. The information in your book will be very useful in helping me to do that.

For now, I’m going to spend time processing this new information and think about it for awhile. In addition, I need to read your other book. I guess I’m a typical American on the subject, not with bad intentions, just ignorant.

My intentions in finding a loving wife and a building a family through mutual love, trust and respect are sincere. However, I’m not certain that my life style would live up to the expectations of a woman from the Russian culture. I live a reasonably successful live by American standards.

My lifestyle is very much that of middle class and I wonder if that is enough to satisfy the average Russian woman? Obviously, this is really important stuff and I want to make thoughtful choices.

Anyway, thanks for helping a typical westerner come to know the realities of the situation. ”


I have found much insight and they has been proving very helpful in my communication with my bride.”

I have just finished reading both your books. Once I started, I could not stop. They were informative, happy, sad, and exciting all at the same time.

I cried halfway through the 2nd book, but they were tears of joy. You made me realize that I really am totally in love with Svetlana, and that it is not a dream.

I have tried to convince myself that I could not really fall in love with someone over the internet, but you showed me that it is possible and that it has happened.

I really have found my princess that I have searched for all my life. And you helped me see some mistakes that I was on the verge of making, but now I do not have to make them.

Again, I want to thank you for the most incredible books I have ever read. You have helped me make the best decision I will ever make.”

Your newsletter is always a delight to read.Continue to keep up the good work.”

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Russian Woman Having Sex- Sex With Russian Brides

Review of CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs

Review of CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs

Review of CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs

Click here for bigger image

Review of CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs

Product Name: CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs

Click here to get CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs: CFDs Trading Guide for Traders and Investors

Grab the RSS feed

From Brian Fielder, 8.43am, Thursday

If you are looking to make money trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs)… then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read. You can learn money management techniques to not only help increase your opportunities to make money, but more importantly, greatly reduce the potentially catastrophic risks.

This is information most CFD providers are never going to tell you,

because while they gain, it can cost you everything!

Here’s why I’m going out on a limb to share my hard earned knowledge:

I am a trader and for many years I worked on a desk of one of the world’s largest CFD providers and I have had enough of people losing money unnecessarily or in many cases, traders running out of money just before they worked out the formula that worked for them.

So I compiled my notes, the teachings and answers to the many email and personal questions and eventually it became a book covering the keys you MUST KNOW about making money trading CFDs and more importantly surviving the many CFD risks that are inherent.

The CFD providers will never tell you – except hidden in the fine print – because it would put many potential clients off and they need a steady flow of new people to replace those that disappear each month.

Unfortunately most newer traders plunge straight in and lose their shirt on the first few trades and its unnecessary. Some people trade for 12 months, make a fortune and then lose it all in one bad month without ever understanding CFD risk management. That’s not making money or building a sustainable income – that’s just gambling and sometimes winning, but in the end, losing!

Imagine being able to take each trade confidently, knowing there was a CFD risk management system and the risk to reward calculation was determined before you took the trade. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s easy to do and there are free tools to help you do the calculations.

What about if you could set a plan for the journey ahead, understand the keys to CFD survival and be prepared for the risks well before they come.

This specialised CFD e-book will dramatically reduce your risk, help you survive and then prosper. You have to be in the game to win it and I’m so passionate about saving people from unnecessary loss that I’m going to give you 2 of the best chapters for free.

3 simple ways to improve your chances of survival in the world of CFD trading

The little-known way to know exactly, to the cent, how much money to put into an individual share CFD trade

5 proven steps to preparing yourself adequately for trading the CFD markets over time. It’s all about time in the market so make sure you are in it for the long haul with the keys to managing the financial risk per trade

2 simple keys to working out which type of CFD provider to use

AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to expand the potential for financial gain through the opportunity of leverage but manage the risk to increase your chance of survival

4 proven strategies to balance the risk to return required for financial growth, apply suitable leverage for profit maximisation, use short selling to capitalise on a falling market and choose the broker that matches your needs, rather than theirs

A dirt-cheap way to know the pitfalls ahead, be prepared and lay the foundations for a solid long term plan in active trading and investing using CFDs

A free and easy way to manage your daily trades and keep accurate records

What else is needed after creating your own trading system e.g Stop loss methods using an ATR calculator

How to access a free CFD Calculator to simplify your key trade management decisions

Discover how to use a stop loss order, determine your target leverage and grow from this day onwards

NOW IT’S REVEALED! The hidden truth behind what is needed to survive, how to review CFD providers, where they make their money and how to cover your positions to minimise the risk of
getting caught out.

This is your secret weapon for making money trading CFDs and CFD Survival but you must act on it.At the very least you will learn the importance of a cfd trading system with an ATR stop loss.

Every section in the book is there because “you asked for it.” Well, not “you” really. But from real live questions. Questions from people who love trading but haven’t quite cracked the formulae. I taught people trading and worked for a CFD provider for several years to get the tips from the inside. Time after time I saw good people get sucked in, wasted money unnecessarily and lose their savings (or much worse) when it could all have been avoided.

I asked for the top questions people had and people answered – I want to know what is a CFD, can I use CFDs in a SMSF, what is short trading using CFDs, how do I review CFD providers, how to avoid the common CFD risks and learn from the mistakes other people make when they are starting out, how do I protect my positions, where do I set a stop loss and why, what do the professionals do that I don’t know about?

I had people comment that trade through Direct Market Access platforms (DMA) and Market Makers and through CFD providers like CMC Markets, IG Markets, Macquarie Prime, ETrade, City Index, FP Markets and even spread betting companies.

There were further questions on how to compare options to CFDs, using margin leverage, what are the CFD tricks and all this from people in Canada, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and Japan to name a few. Enough questions already! Many common threads became apparent, common problems but most of all – there were hundreds of people about to lose their shirt through not understanding the key elements that experienced CFD traders know from experience.

I had also seen enough of good people losing money through not being prepared and I didn’t want it to happen anymore and the lessons, like most in life, are not really that hard but we have to have them explained properly and be prepared to listen and then we learn.

I set about writing answers to all the questions and the CFD Survival Guide was born! There is no fluff. Just the real answers you need to know. You’ll discover all types of exciting information, techniques and CFD trading tips. Soon you will learn what makes professionals different, and why you can outperform the professionals due to the increased agility you have!

(All you need is a credit card, PayPal or echeck facility and it’s totally secure through Clickbank, one of the worlds largest eCommerce companies. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information).

This guide is a must have for anyone interested online stock market trading for beginners or experience forex or stock traders looking to further improve their trading systems and reliability. Don’t let it go, you are so close to owning it.

This is an electronic book [CFD ebook] that can be opened by your computer in a flash, or printed if you need it, but there’s more than just these amazing secrets.


Hey, you’re my customer. And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you’re not happy with what you discover from “CFD Survival Guide” I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I’ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it).

But… the CFD guide e-book is yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me!

Okay? So you really can’t lose! The e-book’s yours no matter what. I take the risk and I’m giving you the full trust that you will do the right thing.

That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Well let me tell you what I’ll also do to make this the best investment you ever make. I’m going to throw in some free bonuses that are literally worth more in money terms than my e-book itself!

Simply grab your copy of “CFD Survival Guide” right now, and here’s what I’ll throw in:

At this stage in your trading you may not know what it is you don’t know. This is critical to survival and may save you precious time and money being with the wrong provider.

You’ll discover questions you MUST ask to fully assess a providers Platform offering for you

13 questions you MUST ask about order types and the way stop loss orders are treated. One mistake here could cost you more than the entire CFD Survival Guide

5 questions you MUST ask about service that don’t always come to mind first but separate the best provider for you from someone sub-standard or costly

13 questions you MUST ask about rates. It’s not just about the headline rate, there can be much more and you could pay for it on every trade Imagine the time and money you could waste being with the wrong provider. Wasted time setting up an account, learning their software and orders only to find there are 3 or 4 major downfalls with the provider and you didn’t ask simply because you didn’t know the questions you should have asked.

Have a look at the chapter listing first if you need.

Experienced traders use them, trainers talk about them, books elude to them but rarely do you see one and it’s such a simple yet effective tool.

I’ll give you my own ‘Trading Journal’ format developed over many years. Its ready to go, you just fill in the blanks and print it out on your home printer

What’s more it will come unlocked in Word and Pdf format so you can customise it however you wish

This invaluable tool tracks your physical and emotion trading state and is a snap to use.

‘Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms, carry out your plan’.

Without a direction or can end up anywhere. This bonus was especially developed for those that can see the need but don’t like setting goals and outcomes. I cut to the chase on the key measurements you need and you can complete the exercise in 15 minutes or less to define your journey from beginner to professional trader and have it mapped on one page.

Here’s a short list of what this amazing bonus contains:

Defining exactly where you want to be and when, the first step to success in most endeavours. I list it for you in a simple to use format

A simple but effective format that usually takes 15 minutes or less to complete

Its all yours to pick and choose what you want. Congratulations, you nearly have it your own copy! So if you want the answers, treat it like an opportunistic trade and take it while its there because it may never come again.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and I have only ever had 2 Guides returned because they were after something else and they received their refund immediately. I stand by the 100% money back guarantee.

Go ahead and commit to learning the right lessons now and if you’re not happy with the value, then simply return it for a full credit, no questions asked. I am sure you will be ecstatic with the material you gain and will be the next person sending me a testimonial for me to place up here.

Now, you can only get this product from me. It’s not available in libraries or anywhere else on the net and not only can you get this small cost back very easily, but for some people its tax deductible and for others I have just saved you hundreds of hours of effort that you can now invest in your family, friends or other fun.

Order now safely with Pay Pal, Master Card or Visa

Still not sure – click here to try before you buy

Whatever you decide. we wish you great trading success,

The team and experience at CFD Survival Guide

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting a huge value in the bonuses as well as the Survival Guide. Everything to get started in trading CFDs. Remember that there are companies out there, some good some bad, all trying to exploit your interest in CFDs. They rely on churn and no one will look after your money as well as you do. You will need to work out which provider suits your trading system best and the CFD guide will cost you the same as brokerage on 1 or 2 trades whilst the information may last you a lifetime.

P.P.S. If you have ever been reticent to go forward before, then now is the time to step up and go forward on your trading skills. There is amountain of value here, written by a trader for traders without the usual bias from a CFD Provider so don’t delay. As the NIKE ad used to say, Just Do It!

100% money back GUARANTEE!

Order totally risk-free. Even if you’re not sure this is for you, order and try it. If the CFD Survival Guide is not everything you expected, I will give you a complete refund. No questions asked, no ifs buts or maybes and no fees. You’ll get a full refund processed within 24 hours at most. And yes, I am this confident it will work for you and then welcome your glowing testimonial.

Your payment is through ClickBank as one of the largest most trusted online retailers in the world and they honour the 60 day guarantee just in case it isn’t everything you wanted. If so they arrange the refund direct to you so order without delay or concern.

Please note: CFDs are a leveraged derivative and can carry a high level of risk and so are not suitable for all investors. When considering trading and CFDs, please take into account your own risk profile, availability of capital and personal circumstances before considering CFDs or the CFD Survival Guide. We aim to help you on your journey but clearly do not know your trading experience, risk profile, needs or outcomes and as such this information is for educational purposes only. Make sure you read and understand the respective Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) from any CFD Provider you are considering also, before commiting any money to your trading.

It is illegal to copy or reproduce any of the CFD Survival Guide unless you have my permission. I am passionate about helping ather traders and particularly those that are regularly taken advantage of by some of the less scrupulous CFD providers so if you want to use some material, email me and chances are we can come to an agreement. Thank you. Brian

I am a trader and for many years I worked on a desk of one of the world’s largest CFD providers and I have had enough of people losing money unnecessarily or in many cases, traders running out of money just before they worked out the formula that worked for them.

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CFD Survival Guide: Contracts for Differerences and CFDs

Review of Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction

Review of Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction

Review of Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction

Click here for bigger image

Review of Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction

Product Name: Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction

Click here to get Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction:

From: JT Tran – The #1 Asian Dating Coach In The World

To: You If You Are Still Struggling To Break Through The Social Stigma, Stereotypes, and hurdles facing you in the dating world as an Asian man

IT’S BRUTAL OUT THERE! The dating world can be like wandering through the Mojave desert without a water bottle.

You’re a good guy. You’re smart, attractive, funny… and you’re going places.


ARGH! It’s unfair, and you probably feel like there’s nothing you can do about it!

No matter what you try… texting… calling… being a goof… whatever… the annoying fact remains: YOU CAN’T GET HER TO TAKE NOTICE! And it’s especially frustrating when you have to watch other guys – “boring, dull, doomed to a dead end job” guys – take home the girls that you would LOVE to meet!

Still, you want to be with someone. You’re convinced that if you just knew the “secrets” to getting inside a woman’s head… you could make her happy. And you’re confident that if you just knew the right things to SAY, the right things to DO, the right way to BE, you could pull it off. (Although sometimes a little doubt might creep in.)

Still, you’re likely experiencing a CRAZY ROLLER COASTER of emotions! It can be MADDENING!

You might not believe it… but millions of men feel just like you do right now!

What frustrates you about trying to meet women? For example…

… DO YOU FEEL so anxious and desperate trying to talk to beautiful women—even when you think they might be into you… that you find yourself saying stupid, uptight things that just drive them away?

… DO YOU FEEL so needy or dependent on trying to “prove” yourself to gorgeous girls… that it makes them want to run away?

… DO YOU FEEL like your emotions start to go CRAZY at even the THOUGHT of being with someone as beautiful as an international model or world famous porn star… and do you lose your mind imagining what it might be like if they wanted to have sex with you?

… DO YOU FEEL overjoyed when hot women show the slightest bit of interest… just to find yourself regretting not taking the chance and following through?

… DO YOU FEEL sometimes that you wish you never got emotionally attached to certain women… and maybe it would be easier to just walk away than try to overcome your doubts and fears?

… DO YOU FEEL like other guys have an easy time meeting and dating women… while you struggle just to strike up a conversation?

… DO YOU FEEL so lonely sometimes that you think about just giving up on dating—just this one time! –then beat yourself up mentally for days or weeks after?

Have you ever had any of these feelings? I bet you have! And you’re not the only one!

LISTEN: If you’re like I was when I first started dating seriously, then you’ve experienced at least a few of these feelings… over and over again!

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A comprehensive, no-nonsense guide that will lead you through The Asian Dating Revolution (believe me, the ball is in your court when it comes to getting dates… no matter what anyone has told you!)

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Online Dating For Asian Men – ABCs of Attraction

Review of Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies

Review of Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies

Review of Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies

Click here for bigger image

Review of Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies

Product Name: Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies

Click here to get Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies:

Engineer /
Experienced Salesman / Specialist Sales Trainer

2 1/2 day Sales workshop for GENBAND
Telecommunications (UK) Limited

Corporate Headquarters Frisco, Texas,
specializes in Internet technology used by telecommunications companies
and fixed, mobile and cable service providers that sends phone calls
over the Internet around the world across over 600 networks, including
two-thirds of the world’s largest service provider networks spanning
more than 80 countries.

GENBAND has research and development
facilities in Canada, China, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas.
Genband recently purchased Nortel’s CVAS business and technology.

Dr Dorit Columbus, Ahmed
Hamdani, Anna Lapshina – three of the delegates at GENBAND, Maidenhead
UK ‘Selling for Engineers seminar

“Presenter’s style kept
people’s attention by breaking into workshops / role-play to illustrate
points. I have identified areas where I can improve my presentation and
techniques in meetings to be more effective.”

“A useful introduction to
sales techniques and strategies for people with an engineering-led
background and experiences.”

“Nice guy, very open and
made you feel comfortable. Lots of brainstorming with your colleagues .
. .Good and easy concepts used during the sessions that can be applied
to daily job.”

“A pleasant seminar, very
helpful to get some fresh ideas to use in daily life to improve
inter-personal relationships to perform better at work and eventually to
get more sales!”

“Very interactive, lots
of personal experience delivered. The seminar provided a broad range of
aspects of sales work, covering different types of sales. A lot of
experience has been shown and illustrated the cases. Practical exercises
helped to get a firm grip on do’s and don’ts.”

“Best of all I liked the
practical exercises which helped a lot to understand the course
material. Course is very good as an initial step in sales. Good way of
delivering information – knowledge through fun.”

“The seminar was very
practical, with many exercises getting us to realize the benefits of the
techniques and put them to the test. Would be good to make the course
longer – one day extra.”

“Realisation that sales
is within us and that with some guidance engineers can make a huge
difference to the sales cycle by adapting our approach to customer

“Relaxed atmosphere
allowing easy discussions. Presentation section was very useful to me. I
needed to clarify that in my own mind and your session did that. An
excellent introduction to sales held in an easy atmosphere.”

“This was a good
introduction to sales. Entertaining and insightful.”

“Good balance between
presentation and role play.”

“Introduction to the
fundamentals of sales techniques based on the teacher’s own experience
(as opposed to MBA type of academic studies).”

recently downloaded your book Selling for Engineers, which I
found very useful.

like to get a copy of “Sales Prospecting for Engineers” .   

Executive, Brisbane, Australia.  

I’ve just downloaded
your 2 manuals, How to hire a good Technical Salesman and Sales
prospecting for Engineers.

I brought Selling for
Engineers a while ago.

May I say how
delighted we have been with your manuals and how effective we find
the content.

Sabre Home Security Ltd

Mr. Seviour

have just read your two books, “Selling for Engineers” and “How
to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature”. I found them
both full of extremely wise pointers and comments. I believe the
principles presented by the books are absolutely right!

Congratulations on the books. 

Bentley, PJB Business Development  

We were delighted
with the manuals.

At our last
marketing meeting I said that I was so pleased that I would be
getting in touch with you. It was the realisation that you are
not a large company but a small company that has put an awful
lot of effort into a very good product. 

I took your
manuals into the first marketing meeting and left it with them.
At the second review meeting the Production Director found them
so good that he couldn’t put them down.  

The conscience
consideration (we could have quite easily put it through the
automatic copier and then sent them back to you with a note
saying we are not interested) was not allowed by virtue of the
fact that they were so good and we were delighted with them.  

When you are
driving a company forward some tools are useful and some are
essential. These manuals are not only good value for money but
they fill all the gaps we have been looking for.  

Colin Dawson,
Managing Director, Daletech Electronics Ltd  

“I recently read
a book entitled Prospecting for Engineers by Robert Seviour. It
was written in simple, plain English and made a lot of sense
from a practical point of view (totally the opposite to a lot of
theoretical business books I have tried to read). I got the
impression he is a very, practical, down to earth sort of guy.”

Mark Robinson,
Managing Director, Starret Precision Optical Ltd.  

That’s all worked
fine – great speedy response. Its great to have good service, I seem
to recall I enjoyed dealing with you all those years ago!

I will take up your
kind offer of another title, quite like the sound of Powerful
closing techniques.

If you need any
testimonials from me, let me know, I would be happy to help.

Thanks again, good to
deal with  you. All good wishes for 2010.

Sales & Marketing

Britannia Kitchen
Ventilation Limited

Leamington Spa,

The Selling for Engineers seminar has been
held in UK, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Austria,
Canada and the USA.

Robert is a fluent speaker of
German and French; the sales training for
engineering and scientific company course can be delivered in these
languages as well as English.

Concerned about winning more
clients for your technical business?

Do you have new people who
need training in how to sell?

Are you a Sales Manager who
needs to ‘get the message across”?

I can help – this has been
my speciality for 20+ years.

Robert Seviour teaches sales skills to engineers, technical people
and a diverse range of industry delegates at his ‘Selling for
Engineers’ seminars.

It’s been a long journey from the
beginning of his career as a ‘hands-on’ mechanical engineer. 

‘I probably would have stayed in
engineering if a friend had not talked me into joining a direct
sales organisation. There it was all different – what counted was
how many new orders I was bringing in, not technical matters. It was
a whole new world to me. To my surprise I enjoyed selling and was
good at it. There’s nothing like the buzz you get when you bring in
a big order.”

Robert began his working life at ‘Power
Frequency Heating Ltd. in the London suburbs. This company produced
‘pre-start heaters’ for emergency vehicles and large trucks and
other equipment operating in cold climates. Customers included
Dennis Fire Engines, Carmichael Ambulances, Caterpillar Vehicles,
Petter Engines and Rolls Royce cars.

Later he formed a business, ‘Robert
Seviour – Energy Control Systems’ which installed ‘smart’ heating
controls for large houses and small commercial premises. An offshoot
of this activity was to design and fit solar heating systems for
domestic hot water plus a few interesting ‘one-offs’ which included
flue gas secondary heat exchangers for larger domestic boilers.

In 1988 Robert sold the business and
accepted an invitation to become North American agent for Structural
Polymer Systems, a manufacturer of epoxy adhesives and composite
materials. He re-located to Vancouver, Canada and developed from
zero a client base of users of this company’s products. The job
involved finding new customers and teaching them how to use these
advanced materials. 

Five years later he was asked to help a
UK scientific organisation develop good technical sales. This
business was an installer of microwave communications equipment, the
personnel were all engineers with no experience of sales. Robert
coached them in the process of contract acquisition / business

The success of this operation led to an
invitation by other companies within the Thorn group to repeat the
same course with their divisions. For a year Robert travelled
throughout the UK bringing weekly coaching sessions to this
organisation’s engineers and business development people. The
products they were selling included security systems and the design
of aerospace equipment. 

Delegates working on an exercise at a Selling for Engineers
seminar Aberdeen Scotland


Delegates working on an exercise at a Selling for Engineers
seminar Aberdeen Scotland

The Selling for Engineers sales training manual
is specifically for engineers, scientists and techies of
all types – all about how to developing clients for
technical products and services. It’s  from a
specialised sales trainer who has two decades of
experience training sales engineers.

If your
company supplies technical products or services and you
have had little or no formal sales training, this book
is very useful. As well as the basics for sales
engineers, you’ll find many interesting,  technical
sales tips. It’s for engineers, newcomers to sales
engineering and sales managers who want a source of
ideas for sales meetings and to develop commercial
awareness for engineers.

Order ‘Selling for Engineers’

Contents – how to:

Convert more enquiries into closed contracts

Resist being ‘squeezed’ on price

Be more confident about selling

Manage your day to free up more time for finding more

Understand the motivations and wants of your

Reduce frustration when it does not go your way

Achieve your sales targets

Develop a consultative sales process that works

Build successful business relationships

Get referrals from your customers

Qualify your prospects effectively

Find buyers’ ‘hot buttons’ with powerful questions

Reduce activities that waste time and energy and cost
you sales

Topics in the Selling for
Engineers manual

The importance of
business development

The symptoms of weak
sales ability

Comparison of a
‘sales-led’ versus a ‘product-led’ company

Should we hire a science
graduate and train him/her to sell?

The reason why most
‘techies’ are not ‘natural’ sales people

What ‘techies’ really
think about selling – the negative stereotype

The personality traits
needed for sales How to take your engineers and make them into your
sales force

How to make a good sales

Sales engineer skills

Sales basics for

Common faults in sales

When your are the
customer, what do you look for in a salesperson?

The ‘ideal’ sales

How to prospect for new

Prospecting methods –
mail, phone, visits, email, fax, exhibitions, referrals

How to write an
effective sales letter

What to say on the phone

‘Qualifying’ the

Dealing with common
sales problems

Setting appointments

Meeting the prospect –
the sales interview

How to deal with
different personality types

Discovering the buyer’s

The sales presentation

The trap of the
friendly, helpful buyer

Presenting to academics
and experts

Asking for the order and
closing the sale

Sales representative

Good answers to
difficult objections, including

– ‘It’s too expensive’

– ‘I’m getting other

–  We’re happy with
our existing supplier’

– ‘I want to think about

Dealing with ‘difficult’

– Handling the
aggressive / dominant type

Common reasons for lack
of sales success – and what to do about them

How to stay motivated
and get out of a sales slump

A refresher for older /
experienced salespeople

Team management
principles for Sales Managers

How to win repeat

The reasons for the rise
and fall of companies

The ‘Sales Process Flow


The ability to promote an idea effectively makes the
difference between failure and success in a professional career.


How effective are you at  generating new business

you convert most of your enquiries into closed business?

Some simple changes in your sales approach can
make a big difference,

let me show you.



‘Selling for Engineers Manual’ is
supplied as an electronic file in

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format
which you print yourself.

 When your credit card is authorized you
will receive an order confirmation via email and instant access to
download your manual from the web.

The ability to promote an idea effectively makes the
difference between failure and success in a professional career.

How effective are you at  generating new business

you convert most of your enquiries into closed business?

Some simple changes in your sales approach can
make a big difference,

let me show you.


‘Selling for Engineers Manual’ is
supplied as an electronic file in

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format
which you print yourself.

 When your credit card is authorized you
will receive an order confirmation via email and instant access to
download your manual from the web.

I guarantee that you will
like my books,

if you don’t agree, I will refund your money immediately without

Once you press the order link below you will
be able to download immediately.



Selling for Engineers

Prospecting for Engineers

How to Hire a Good Technical Salesman

How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature

How to Motivate Sales People

without spending a lot of money

Click here to order the 5 volume ‘Selling for Engineers’ set

 – welche gerade mit dem
Vertrieb eines Produktes anfangen, oder schon laengere
Erfahrungen in diesem Bereich besitzen. Der Inhalt hat
sowohl produktspezifischen als auch
ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Charakter. Es handelt sich um
einen interaktiven Workshop welcher auf wissenschaftlichen
Grundlagen des Verkaufs beruht. Dieses Seminar wird von mir
bereits seit 18 Jahren, in deutsch und englisch, in grossen
und kleinen Firmen innerhalb Europas und Nordamerika
vorgetragen. Die typischen Berufsbezeichnungen meiner
Teilnehmer sind unter anderem: Sales Engineer, Account
Manager, Business Development Manager, kurzum jeder der
berufsbedingt mit Neukunden zu tun hat. 


Thank You, The manual
downloaded perfectly. . . . I would love to have a copy of Prospecting
for Engineers. Thank you for your superb customer service – you have
learned well!
Mike Kusch
Director Of Technical Marketing
Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries


“It takes no time at all to realise there are
benefits to be had from this presentation”.

“Not a jargon-based course”.

John Flett, Mott McDonald.

Enlightening, very informative”.

Allan McDonald, CAN (Offshore) Ltd.

“An insightful look into the sales world”.

Tommy Mackay, CAN
(Offshore) Ltd.

In Aberdeen, Scotland, the principal centre for the UK oil and gas
industry, I have been proud to work with Performance Improvements, Pi,
who have grown from a handful of engineering consultants in one building
to a sizeable group with offices throughout the UK. Managing Director
Steve Wright believes in the value of relevant sales training, and the
rapid growth of his company (recently purchased by AMEC) demonstrates
its effectiveness.

Hi, Robert,
You did a great job AND we had a lot of fun. I remembering making our
sales guys actually do some telemarketing during the training.
We are doing very well, and continuing to grow.

here to visit

Seminars, talks and workshops are offered to students at universities
and technical institutions without charge or at reduced rates.

contact me for more information

Comments from a sales training session at
Barcol-Air Ltd – Radiant Cooling Heating Systems, Oxford CT USA

“It was helpful in
constructing a way to talk to clients / reps in order to have a better
chance at getting sales.”

Feedback comments from a

University of Edinburgh School of

Engineering students
working on an exercise 

“Good fun and informative.”

“The interaction with the
groups and role plays were very useful. How to identify the client’s
needs was very good. The workshop was very well presented and
interactive. I have learned a lot in a short space of time. It was
excellent to have somebody with actual practical experience to present
their advice on sales in a logical and clear manner – some professors
should attend!!”

“Interesting exercises kept
the audience engaged. A great introduction to sales skills.”

“Presenter seemed to have an
extensive knowledge of the subject. Good examples, informative notes.”

“I got some extremely useful
hints on how to go about selling products in a technical environment. .
. the advice on presentations was very useful. Thanks very much, very
helpful indeed.”

“Interesting logical
approach to selling. . . . . fun and interactive.”

Participant comments from a Cambridge
University spinout company.

“Thanks Robert, the session
was very useful. Thought provoking. Great overview, tailored to our
needs as and when they popped up during the session.”

Matt – Consulting Engineer

“Useful exercises and ideas,
tailored well to our circumstances. Interesting ideas regarding client
focus / self-focus. Lots of new ideas. Well taught, informative day.”

Participant comments from SMD, Wallsend, UK
who design and manufacture subsea robotics including remotely operated
vehicles (ROVs), underwater propulsion and control products.

“Good overview of sales
process skills.”

“Good refresher on sales
management and techniques.”

“I liked the friendly and
informal delivery of the course. There were several new sales ideas /
techniques that I will use.”

“A very interactive seminar
which got everyone thinking and talking.”

“Clear, simple, easy to
remember points.”

“Related often to our
business – real world. A useful overview of the key principles and
considerations relevant to technical sales.”

“Enjoyed the first session –
fast pace, practical activities, sense of direction.”

UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los
Angeles presented a half-day

Sales Skill-building
Workshop led by Robert Seviour

Feedback from this event:

“The workshop was done in a memorable & fun way. The technique was
taught in an easy to understand way. The presentation is well formatted”

“Presentation was clear,
concise & simple, which made it very easy to follow. Just the right
level for me. It’s a great intro class”

“The exercises were very
effective in solidifying core concepts”

“I liked getting the
great framework for successfully engaging potential clients”

“It gave me a better
understanding of how to approach clients and increase possibility of

“Clear, simple thoughts.
Easy to implement (using role plays)”

“I really like the
mini-assignments to help me understand the materials & retain the
knowledge. The content is really practical . . .wish the workshop was

“You are in many
situations where you are selling something – especially yourself”

“The outline of
presentation elements was very helpful. The page with the
‘phrases-not-to-use’ was very useful”

“I liked the model of
instruction, then exercises. It helped make it concrete for me. I liked
the assignment to different teams and people. It helped me get to know

“Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for giving us such a great class yesterday! I’ve never
got a real sales training before and your class really opened my eyes to
an interesting field.”
“What you showed us yesterday are really essence of sales practice, and
I definitely would like to review them from time to time to keep what
I’ve learned.
Also, feel free to let me know whether in future you would like to visit
UCLA again and give similar trainings, and I will be more than happy to
be there!”

“Robert, thank you for
the workshop yesterday.  I have tried that first exercise – “Try to
sell Item X to me” with 3-4 engineers already.  Every one of them
started data-dumping the features on me immediately. Thanks again for
the very practical and useful workshop!

Thank you for your great
selling workshop yesterday.

University of Edinburgh

 presented a half-day

Skills Workshop

Feedback from this event:

“Thought-provoking, not a prescriptive lecture”

“Easy to relate material
to real world examples. Real information about sales techniques rather
than abstract theories”

“Very well delivered –
good structure & efficient. Relaxed approach and enjoyable tasks”

“All understood and very
well presented”

“V. informative. Easy to
remember thanks to multiple examples and good explanations”

“Very friendly and

“The exercises that
showed the intuitive but ultimately flawed sales pitch that I was using
were very useful”

“The things that were
covered were in straightforward terms and gave a good structure to the
sales process”

“Interactive and entertaining”

“Informative – covered a
lot of aspects of sales which can be very useful in an engineering

“I found the workshop useful and informative. I would recommend it
for final year students”

“Liked the involvement
aspects, time didn’t drag as there were breaks and involvement. Really
good use of examples make it really easy to relate to”

“Enjoyed level pitched
at. Interactive level just right for me. Learned a lot. Very

“I liked the practical examples. A lot of useful tips for
communicating between buyers and suppliers”

“Introduced me to systematic methods of sales techniques. Will find
this very useful. Good to get some exercises as these illustrate points
very well”

“A day boot camp of
sales strategies and way of thinking when approaching a potential

From an event held at UBC – University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada:

“A great crash course for beginners and refresher
for experienced persons”

“Easy to understand – very well presented. . . . Really
helped in structuring the thought process to concentrate on during the
selling process”.

Comments from participants
at an event held at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, Scotland:

Great course for people new to sales or if
they need a thorough overview of the basic principles”.
Mark Graham, Dominion Technology Gases Ltd

“Made me think differently about selling (in a
good way)”. Eric Brechet, Engspire.

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TubeNet connecting Tube and Pipe people

How to Write a Book and Get Paid for It

This is a map of where the visitors to this
page came from on 6 Nov 2017 – It seems I should open an office in East
Coast USA!

Contrast the degree of interest in the USA
about the business of selling technical products with the level in other
countries, (of course language is a factor also).

If you have read this far and still haven’t
found what you want, get in touch – no charge for a chat. I’ve been in
sales and managed sales teams for over thirty years, I may have the
answer to your sales problem.

Click here for bigger image

Sales Training Courses for Engineers and Techies

Review of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife

Review of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife

Review of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife

Click here for bigger image

Review of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife

Product Name: ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife

Click here to get ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife:


Read once, and forget about scammers forever!

Dear Elena Petrova,
I just want to thank you for writing the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE. I am an American man 30 years old and I have been searching for a life partner for quite some time now. Just within the last few months I started reading about Russian women. I know a few American men with Russian wives and after some early difficulties (mostly culture shock) they are all very happily married and in one of the marriages the man is 58 and his wife is only 37!!!! That seems a little “extreme” to me, but they are very happy together.

Please feel free to pass this along or use it as needed. I would be willing to help out any guys looking for a Russian woman from going through the heart ache that I

I want you to know that I have met another Russian woman on the internet. I am using alot of your advice in your anti-scam guide and am hoping that I do not have that happen to me again!!!

Thanks for your site once again, every guy should
read this before he even thinks about doing anything regarding Russian brides.

I’m glad I found this
site… it’s honest, truthful and very helpful.. This site is awesome
and a must if your going to Internet Fish so to speak… I ordered the
Anti-Scam manual… at first I thought for the money I spent for these
18 pages… here I go again getting scammed… but After reading the
manual… it’s well WORTH IT.

The person I have been e-mailing 
with for over a month… Sometimes I feel suspicious of her letters,
Thank God I found this site… What I learned in the Anti-Scam guide
has given me much confidence now and I will be able to see if it’s a
real scam. If it is then I will be back and order your 30 Profiles a
week. Tried so many sites this is one of the best in it’s field.

Get the Manual, guys… get the
Manual… “I got scammed once” not anymore!

Honest Christian Seeking Same

I have been writing to some women I saw on the AOL personals. I flatter
myself in that I STILL think I could smell a scam a mile away–after all, I AM a car salesman
*laugh*. I know that scams are out there. Even before reading your anti-scam FAQ, I had
identified a few rather transparent scams. Now that I have paid for and read your anti-scam FAQ, I not only know how to spot them, I
know how to avoid and handle them. It was worth paying for. Every penny.

I am glad I spent the 20 bucks to find out more
about it all. More than likely saved me at least 1000 if not more. 

I just wanted to thank you for your web site,
particularly the anti-scam guide. It has already more than paid for itself.
The small price was one of the best investments I have ever made. I became suspicious of a
much younger Russian woman who contacted me and ordered the guide. Thanks to the information
therein, she never got to the money part of the relationship, having dropped the
correspondence when I composed a letter based on your recommendations. You
have indeed saved me a great deal of time, expense and heartache. I can’t thank you enough.
You have earned my respect and trust. Rest assured, if and when I do decide to seek a Russian
mate, I will be using your services. Again, thank you.
Bill (USA)

Your Anti-Scam Guide was a great help. I was able to get rid of a scammer using the advice inside the guide.

Your guide is full of useful
information, and is well worth the money.
Thanks again, Fred

Hello Elena,
I would first like to thank you for publishing the anti-scam guide. I have
run into a couple of cases in the last month where I could have been led into
an uncomfortable situation. Thank you for your invaluable information and keeping
the men of the western world on an even playing field with these dishonest

Thanks for your great anti-scam guide. It is a wonderful and
informative publication.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am that I found your site. Purchasing your anti-scam guide was one of the best investments I could have ever made! You saved me from a real heartbreak and serious financial loss! Needless to say I have also been quite impressed by the forthrightness and informative nature of the rest of your website and have already decided to utilize several of your other services.
Best wishes,
Tim (NJ – USA)

I have recently purchased the anti
scam guide which I think is totally righteous and down to earth. I
will be reading this several times before I begin my adventure with a
foreign bride. I believe that knowledge is power and fore warned is
fore gained.

At this time I would like thank you for your very informative Web pages and specially to your ANTI SCAM GUIDE which help to uncover that I was too being scammed for hundreds of dollars. 
You wont believe how helpful it was to me. I am still interested in finding myself and honest and interested bride and I am certainly I would be using your complete services in the future if not soon. 
Thanking you kindly,
Paul C.

I just read through the Anti-Scam guide. My suggestion is that you place more emphasis on the value of the guide as a resource for smooth and easy communication. It provides not only information concerning the mechanics of setting up a good system but it also provides valuable insight into the women’s perceptions and communication needs.

I’ve just entered the waters of international dating. I’ve written a few letters and been pleased with the responses. I’ve met and fended off a scammer. In short I have been very lucky. I wish I’d found your site first.

Hello Elena Petrova;
This is just yet another note to thank you for the anti-scam guide. I was about to be another victim of the #1 type described in your manual. I am a New Yorker and quite discerning, however this “woman” had quite brilliantly constructed a correspondence that was leading me around by my
vulnerabilities. I had no idea there was trend in existence; it is truly compelling. I must confess my emotions were brilliantly played upon and my sympathies evoked.
When she asked for money to be Western Unioned, and finally gave me an address; out of pure romantic curiosity I thought I would locate her home on the internet and found many links to Ekaterinburg which I thought would be helpful to learning her cultural background. It is here I found your link. I first looked on the blacklist and was amazed at this type of thing going on; but did not find the person who had contacted me.
Still clinging to possibility this girl might need me; I kept
corresponding. In between e-mails I bought and read your manual.
That number one profile was so uncanny; and I had actually had a Western Union form filled on my kitchen table; this is how well the scammer had my doubts raised, my emotions racing and my heartfelt dreams activated. I can’t explain the emotional life of this experience; I could not imagine something so crafty. The funny thing is that the scammer doesn’t know I’m on to her and writes yesterday “she is sick in her heart” that I say I will love her and not help
her… I was quite torn between the possibility that this girl might be true and my own natural paranoia; I am quite happy to have my heart and mind put to rest and have my doubts removed. If I hadn’t read the manual I probably would have sent money a few times until I had removed all my doubts and I would have spent days researching for information
thought the Department Of Justice website and my Regional Congressman’s office.
I do have to acknowledge the persuasive power of this scamming individual to get inside my heart and mind and earn my
Need I say more? This is truly compelling to me; and I thank you for publishing this information; I am certain you will help all those in this situation to put their hearts, minds, and money at peace. 

Thank you again;
“nearly but not quite scammed”
Best regards;
Timothy Roepe


If one of those
describes your situation, reading this Guide is
MUST – to not be sorry later. (This
Guide will work for women from ALL Eastern European countries –
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.)

Every week I receive
letters from men who say they would not make such expensive mistakes
if they had read the Guide beforehand. 

Be forewarned: it is a jungle out
Don’t let yourself become another victim of Internet con-artists!

Make sure the person you are talking
to is FOR REAL.

But how do you go about it?

Fortunately, there is THE Solution:

Let’s face it: Internet is faceless.

How do you know who you are talking
A beautiful sincere Russian girl or hairy Boris writing beautiful

There are sure ways to find it out…
When you need it the most, which means – NOW.

Don’t wait until “You need it, if
something seems fishy”. 

It will already be too late! You
will spend lots of time and emotions (and money!) by then, and may end
up heartbroken. What is worse, chances are you will make the same
mistakes as other guys and destroy what was a really good and honest
relationship – just because of being paranoid about scammers. 

(I am not kidding, it happens all
the time – guys think they MIGHT be scammed and they start doing some
– seemingly meaningful – things that would not bother a real scammer
but which turn off real girls once and forever with no relationship
recovery possible.)

Knowledge is power. And this Guide will empower you to make an informed
decision that you would otherwise struggle to make.

Can you afford not to read it? 

If you can afford to spend a few months
trying to solve the enigma of sincerity in your relationship, if you
can afford to go to Russia to just find out that the person you were
corresponding with is not who she said she is, if you enjoy high
risk ventures and mountain climbing without a harness – well, then you
probably can do without this Guide…

OK, I am serious now. Honestly, I would
not recommend that ANYBODY even THINK of
communicating with a woman from the former Soviet Union without
reading this information. There are so many things dating agencies
will never tell you about. Dating agencies don’t want you to know
about scammers at all! 

But you know that they exist, this is how you
happen to get across this page. Read the Guide – and you can stop
worrying about them again.

receive letters like this all the time!

be like Johnny… listen up – before it’s too late!

This Guide is written in regards to Russia but it’s
just as operational for any country of the
former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc).

Find out NOW what is real and what
is not.

The little money spent for this Guide can
save you MONTHS and THOUSANDS – as they already did for many men who
read it, and were feeling lucky they did.

It is MUCH easier to have an
anti-virus protection than reinstall the whole system. And it might be
impossible to recover completely.

This Guide is your anti-virus
program in your communication with your Russian bride. It is much
easier to get this information now to prevent possible problems, than
to recover after being burnt.

To ensure you further, I give an unconditional
60-day money-back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED – and of course you can still use
your new knowledge.

I update the Guide constantly,
sometimes a few times a week, according to the new information that I
receive on scams. The Guide is E-book so you always have access
to the latest anti-scam techniques. It is always current and up to date.

So if you decide the Guide
was nothing new to you, and you will not gain from using it – write to
me with your receipt number, and I will refund you the full retail price, up
to the last penny. As
I said, no questions asked.

Read the Guide, accumulate its power,
and if for any reason whatsoever you feel that it did not do what I promised,
you will get your money back.

So Order
TODAY risk-free, and receive in addition to the Guide unlimited
after-sale support and consultations. Ask me any question,
and you will receive an answer in priority order, free of

Who needs ANTI-SCAM

can do for you?


Apparently, you have found yourself in a situation
where you are going to be, or already are, in contact with a woman from
the countries of the former Soviet Union. Right? (Otherwise, what
you are doing here??)

Then ANTI-SCAM GUIDE is the right
reading at the right moment.

Or else you may let yourself become attached to
the wrong woman and end up with a broken heart.

And I should know – I am working in the
Russian dating industry since 1999 and I have seen how the scams
appeared on the scene and how they evolved during the past years. (It
gets worse!) I know all the tricks in scammers books and I can see
through all of them. 

The question is: can you?
I fear not.
This very moment YOU may be being

Don’t think I am just trying to scare
the hell out of you. I talk from the experience. Too many men contacted me with their
stories about being scammed by a “Russian woman”. 

my estimations, about 40% of men entering the scene of
Russian-Western dating get in contact with a scammer at some stage of
their search. You may be lucky and avoid being scammed, but
anybody can make a mistake. Often men discover that they have been corresponding with a scammer when they
have already developed strong
feelings towards the “woman”. It is a heartbreaking

Read what one of the men said:

If such a thing should happen to you, besides losing a considerable amount of money, time and emotional
it can make you lose trust in
women in general; and you might decide that international dating is a
process where it is too difficult to succeed.

But it is very simple to get it right, believe
me! There are thousands honest sincere women who will be genuinely
interested in YOU!

This information will let you choose
the right women and right ways of contacting them from THE VERY

Russia (when I say
“Russia” I actually mean all former Soviet Union, and most
of known scams are originated from Belarus, Ukraine and Republic
Mari-El) is famous in developing unique
scam schemes, and various scams are going wild there. Once a scheme is
developed, there are literally hundreds of people that implement it with their own variations.

I used to work in a promotional company
that was often running free samples giveaways. While some
individuals were using smartest tricks to receive as many free samples
as possible (and sell them later!), many people refused to take even
one – not because they did not want it but because of the fear of being
scammed. In Russia if something is free, it usually means they tempt you, and you will have to pay double price
in the end. People are
very cautious, and if something seems to good to be true, they seldom
enter such a venture. But I don’t think it’s nice to be cautious and
suspicious all the time!

It’s why the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE is a
must read for anyone
considering the possibility of international marriage.

It gives you background, symptoms and
easy-to-use solution protecting you against spending your time – and
money – to eventually end in vain.

The problem is that you try to use your
western experience in your relationship with females of the former
Soviet Union, that is not applicable to international dating.
It is like driving on the right side of the road in England: you are
used to driving this way, and it was always right. At the same time
you are driving on the wrong side of the road! There is virtually NO
CHANCE of a safe arrival if you continue driving on the wrong side!

What you need is to know the
traffic rules.

You may search for any
available information on the subject of Internet dating, and read
pieces of advice here and there. This is what most of the men do AFTER
they have been crooked. But even after that they wonder if their
new correspondents are genuine and relationship real. They have no
idea how to detect a scam from the very beginning. They write me
letters asking questions if I think their new acquaintance is sincere.

If men who went through a scam
themselves cannot be sure if they are entering one again, imagine how
difficult it will be for you to figure out what’s right and what’s

What is missing is a complete guide,
how to develop your relationship with a Russian lady scam-free from
the very beginning. I
have put together all the little pieces of information that you need
in order to ensure your new relationship is genuine and you are not
wasting your time, emotions and money.

But there are things that are more
important than money: your time, emotional energy and peace of mind. How can you
put a price on a broken heart?

After reading this information you will
never worry if your new correspondent is a scammer. You will be able
to make sure you start meaningful relationships  with only sincere honest girls, who are
genuinely interested in you. You will never let yourself become
attached to the wrong person, and end up with a broken heart.

This information explains the inside
mechanics of scams to you and lists the typical scam situations. It
shows you how you may get scammed without your even being aware of

But this is NOT the main purpose of my

The main purpose of this information is
to free you from
everyday doubts in the sincerity of your correspondents. After reading
the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE you will be able to fully trust the women who are writing to
you, because it will only be sincere ladies; all the scammers will
leave you alone!

With my information you will have the means to help your lady
to contact you with zero expense without transferring any money to her
or her agency.

My information is based on experience
of hundreds men who were scammed by Russian scam-artists paying the
high price for a lesson in the realities of Internet dating, and
enhanced by my knowledge of Russian circumstances and the industry in general.
I spent considerable amount of time thinking of the way a to scam-free
relationship, and have developed the complete solution.

But there is more. The information
includes insider tips on succeeding with Russian women based on
psychological specifics of their character. With this advice you will
not only secure yourself against scammers, but will be able to get a distinctive advantage over your competitors even if they are younger,
better looking and more well established in life.

The complete no-nonsense
ANTI-SCAM GUIDE with advanced strategy for
developing a scam-free relationship with a Russian Lady will show you:

of reliable local agencies and services in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – now
you have people you can trust!

was asked all the time about services in local cities that I could recommend. The list gives you access to addresses of reliable
trustworthy services that you can use in local cities for address
verification, gifts and flowers delivery etc (Moscow and region, St.
Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yoshkar-Ola, Kiev,
Odessa, Lugansk, Donetsk, Minsk…+ access to addresses of my partners in 70+ other cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus)

This list alone
is worth hundreds dollars!
Those are my contacts that I accumulated for 5 years!
Get it as a FREE bonus.

Put your
mind and heart at peace.
Let yourself to be empowered by the knowledge of the experts.You do NOT need to learn from your own
mistakes.Be smart and safe, and do it right from the first time.

is NOT true that only stupid people get scammed. Some really, really
clever guys can also get into a trap. Not because they are
not clever enough but because of the lack of knowledge. 

example, you know there is a huge hole in the floor covered by a
carpet. Would you step on it? No. Because you know. Another guy, who
does not know about the hole, would step on the carpet and fall into
the trap – NOT because of his stupidity, as normally there is no
danger in stepping on the carpets, this is what they are made for –
but because of the lack of the knowledge.

is what the Guide is giving to you – The

This is what readers of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE


Thanking you kindly,
Paul C.

Your anti-scam guide is fantastic and very funny, the best reading I ever had. 

I realized after reading your scam guide, that I have been scammed, many times, I just didn’t want to believe it.
It’s something you will not admit to yourself, like for example
if you were having a close relative killed in a car crash. It
cannot be true, I can’t believe it, why does this happen to me?
And also being scammed is very embarrassing, you think, I am so smart, I can’t be fooled, no one could ever do such
a thing to me, it only happens to others.
I searched the internet for five years, and I have been doing the same mistakes over and over again.
I have been scammed many times, let’s say 5 times, in most of the situations you are describing in your guide, I can tell you, I have been exposed
to almost all the situations you describe and I have received letters that I can now say
were definitely a scam.
Per Swensson (Sweden)
P.S. I never give up.

I’ve just entered the waters of international dating. I’ve written a few letters and been pleased with the responses. I’ve met and fended off a scammer. In short I have been very lucky. I wish I’d found your site first.

Dear Elena,
Congratulations on your wonderful guide! I will recommend it to to all I
know who are treading this hazardous path. I
thought you might be interested in a scam which I am now
certain of which I am still playing along with but the scammer
doesn’t yet know I am onto him/her! I initially thought it was genuine, but after one or two letters decided
to do some research and came across your website. It is all so incredibly stereotypical of one of the main techniques you
mention in your manual!

Thanks so much again for your book.
Kind Regards,

Thanks again

You told me things which I kind of felt but didn’t want to hear! Thank
you very much! Being a professional classical musician I have strong gut feelings about
things but even with feeling as though I was ‘tuned in’ to it, I feel I
could still have been sucked in and sucked dry, if it wasn’t for your

Once again, I really appreciate your help to me and those like me
who could become so skeptical we would just give up. Which would be a pity
as Russian/Ukrainian women generally seem so beautiful sensual and
romantic. And I am a sucker for those qualities (like most men on the

Kind regards,

Thanks a million.

Please feel free to pass this along or use it as needed. I would be willing to help out any guys looking for a Russian woman from going through the heart ache that I did.

I want you to know that I have met another Russian woman on the internet. I am using alot of your advice in your anti-scam guide and am hoping that I do not have that happen to me again!!!

I guarantee that you will not find
this complete information anywhere else. It is updated constantly,
and the information is always up to date.

Remember the unconditional
60-day money back guarantee. You cannot lose anything if you buy the Guide – but you will
a lot.

What you are waiting for?

book is NOT available in bookstores.

There are
thousands of sincere honest Russian ladies out there who dream to love and be
loved. Do not spend your time and emotions on scammers!

Online Delivery!

In just
a few minutes you will know if your relationship is for real, and stop
worrying about being scammed…

here to order

you have any scam-related question
AFTER you have read this information,
I will answer it in priority order.
If your situation is
I will help you with personal advice.
But if you are then still not completely satisfied,

you will get your money

YoursElena Petrova

Timothy Roepe

Don’t fail what
could be possibly the love of your life…Read the Guide and forget about scammers forever!

Copyright Russian
Brides Cyber Guide, 1999-2016. All rights reserved.No portion of this site may be reproduced without written
permission from the author. Feel free to link to.
The use of this site implies your agreement with: Privacy Policy
and Terms
of Use

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ANTI-SCAM GUIDE for men seeking a Russian wife

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Scion Forex Autotrader 2 | Forex Robot, Alerts And Signals | CB