Review of Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program

Review of Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program

Review of Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program

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Review of Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program

Product Name: Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program

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Description of Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program:

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a major problem today surrounding conventional psoriasis treatments. And unfortunately you’re caught right in the middle of it… Today, 99% of psoriasis treatments, medically-based and naturally-based alike, don’t work, because they are missing key pieces to the psoriasis puzzle.

They are mostly promoting diets, pharmaceutical creams and drugs, and dietary supplements that are not only potential dangerous but offer nothing more than a band-aid fix in an attempt to cover up the MUCH bigger and more serious problem.

In fact, I’m going to share with you the medical research showing that 90% of psoriasis sufferers treated by modern medicine today show absolutely LITTLE IMPROVEMENT in their symptoms (actually their symptoms get worse). Over half of all psoriasis sufferers don’t even get treated conventionally because of the high cost and ineffectiveness of treatment… Sadly enough, even most natural treatments are just as bad and often times worse.

But that was before I discovered the Revolutionary Psoriasis Research that changed my patient’s lives forever, and that I will be sharing with you today, so please read on!

Happy Psoriasis Program Client

You don’t realize it but you ARE unknowingly sabotaging your skin every single day by…

I’m going to give you the POWER to put an end to your psoriasis and suffering and not only help you change your life, but literally SAVE Your Life (I’ll explain how below).

I don’t care if you’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of your psoriasis and have lost all hope…

No matter how chronic your psoriasis is, you can overcome psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and your body can and will heal. Doctors and dermatologists who tell you differently simply use this excuse because they don’t have the answers.

It’s time you accept the reality that what you’re doing right now is NOT WORKING.

It’s time you start thinking outside of the box and take a more Revolutionary Approach to Psoriasis. I’ve walked countless psoriasis patients over the past twenty years through this same process with the same amazing results.

I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic Physician, Health Researcher and Presenter, and author of The Psoriasis Program.

About twenty seven years ago, after discovering this research and dealing with my own health problems, I found my calling in life and started a private health consulting practice where today I continue to consult with clients from across the world. Since I started sharing my work online, my consultancy has grown rapidly having reached more than 25,000 people across more than 70 countries. I take pride in empowering psoriasis sufferers just like you across the world to take control of their own health instead of relying on a failing medical system that continues to do nothing to improve treatment standards and ignores the very research that holds the keys to the psoriasis puzzle.

And in case you were wondering… Over there to the left, that’s a picture of me and my mother, my favorite patient!

I spent many years searching for answers to my patients health problems and it has been a lot of research as well as trial and error to say the least. I’m sure you can relate to some of the same painful experiences that many of my psoriasis clients have experienced in the past.

Ever since I was young, I’ve taken a big interest in health, exercise and nutrition. I always took care of myself and considered myself to be quite healthy.

But as I got to my twenties, that’s when reality hit me.

While I did have a few minor symptoms of a candida yeast infection, it wasn’t until I started putting in long hours at work and was under a lot of emotional stress that my health began taking a turn for the worse.

I developed a major candida yeast infection and different kinds of skin problems, which I didn’t know at the time were some of the classic signs of psoriasis.

But then things quickly got worse. My energy levels were on the decline and I got increasingly depressed and anxious. My skin was becoming increasingly worse as was my digestive system. I developed many different allergies, leaky gut syndrome and constipation after taking several rounds of antibiotics. My doctor prescribed different creams for my skin and virtually ignored my candida infection.

It became increasingly more difficult to function at my work and my relationship with my wife broke down as a result of my increasing anxiety and depression.

Needless to say, my health was severely affecting my career, my professional as well as my social life!

I’ve seen many psoriasis patients with ruined lives, people who believe they have lost control of their lives…

You may be embarrassed about somebody noticing your red and flaky skin lesions. It’s a struggle to wake up to the itching, painful, and disgusting scales covering parts of your body…

And you are forced to wear clothes based on the goal of covering up your psoriasis. I’m sure you miss, or have even forgotten what it was like to be your old happy self again…

To not have to think about your skin…
Maybe your social life has plummeted because you feel too humiliated to go out and socialize, no matter what you do or how hard you try. And you find yourself overwhelmed at times with anxiety and worry. Psoriasis patients often find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride that they never seem to be able to get off of…

“OH NO! yet another skin flare-up…”
The devastating effects that psoriasis can have on your family life is an entire story in itself. Maybe you feel bad because you can’t enjoy going out with your family on social outings. Being intimate has become a problem because of poor self confidence or low self-esteem. Your relationships with loved ones and friends maybe suffering. And you probably feel like your skin is more of a problem than anything. It’s like the life has literally been sucked out of you…

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

To not have to worry about intimacy…
Psoriasis can have a devastating effect on the intimate lives of many of its sufferers. This is one of those hidden and unseen consequences of a chronic condition like psoriasis, and a problem not many feel easy talking about.

To enjoy (not dreading) summer again…
Do you hate spring and summer? Many chronic psoriasis sufferers hate warmer weather when others can wear more revealing clothing. Imagine looking forward to summer again!

To not have to worry about messy creams, ointments or expensive drugs…
Imagine never having to worry again about applying all those messy or expensive products that just treat the symptoms and never address the cause?

They did to my patients – in the past…

I spent many years looking for answers for my psoriasis patients, only to fail miserably time and time again.

I tried many different protocols, diets and supplements, most of which only gave my patients temporary results…

I have even studied under one of the most well respected doctors in the field of natural medicine, Dr. James L. Wilson (who coined the phrase “adrenal fatigue”) as well as having attended many international functional medicine courses globally. I have also worked in various psoriasis clinics with doctors specialising in advanced natural psoriasis treatments, learning from the best.

Considering the fact that what I was learning was considered to be the most advanced and innovated form of natural and integrative healthcare available anywhere today, I had very high hopes for getting my patients the answers they needed.

But even after implementing everything I learned from the best in the industry, my psoriasis patients outcomes improved very little in the long term…

I started researching and studying all the best books on psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and natural healing by authors such as Dr. John Pagano, Dr. Alan Gaby, Dr. Michael Murray and many more.

After gaining in depth knowledge on psoriasis from natural health experts, international medical conferences and through my association with natural skin specialists, I discovered that the best results were obtained by treating psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients in my clinic over a prolonged period of time, figuring out what worked and what didn’t work through sheer trial and error and plenty of patience.

Not only did this explain why everything I had tried earlier did NOT work, but it explained WHY I just wasn’t getting the long term results I was looking for my psoriasis patients that I now get.

I discovered through my extensive research of psoriasis, the digestive system must be healed first before serious psoriasis relief can be expected. The psoriasis patient would do well to understand the link between stress, their immune system and their skin outbreaks. The skin must be treated with natural oils instead of chemical preparations that suppress symptoms and cause side-effects.

This information has given my psoriasis patients a whole new lease on life…
I have studied psoriasis for many years… and slowly started putting together a blueprint, until i finally formulated the program… the master plan that has led me to put an end to my patient’s psoriasis… and that is the same plan i want to share with you in just a moment… i can tell you though, it didn’t happen overnight for most of my psoriasis patients…

In the very early days, I started working with only a handful of psoriasis patients and wasn’t surprised that I was only getting average results with this chronic condition like many health-care professionals.

It wasn’t until I actually started specialising in psoriasis and began my online psoriasis consultancy utilising my Psoriasis Program that I realised just how BIG this problem really was and that my life would never be the same.

After having been in practice for twenty-seven years and having seen thousands of patients with psoriasis, I’ve worked out a blueprint….

Fast forward to today, I’m helping psoriasis patients all around the world.

And their lives have changed FOREVER…

Do You Want Results Like This?

Ignoring psoriasis or just ‘treating symptoms’ is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The longer you continue to just “deal” with the symptoms, they worse they become and the longer it takes you condition to heal.

Before I knew what I now know about psoriasis, I treated all psoriasis patients like most doctors. I treated their skin with a cream and told them to eat a healthy diet…

The exact same “psoriasis treatment” that was (and still is) being pushed by every single doctor, dermatologist, naturopath, website, magazine, TV show, blog, etc.…

But I was frustrated because my psoriasis patients were just not getting any better…

You’ve been told by your doctor that there is “no known cause or cure” for psoriasis…
You’ve been told to accept psoriasis as a “way of life” and to face up to the reality of creams, ointments and drugs for the rest of your life. And your doctor or dermatologist’s excuse generally is that you’ve been born with “bad genetics” and are told that you will need to take drugs for the rest of your life…

It’s NOT YOUR FAULT that you just can’t seem to get rid of your psoriasis because you’ve been LIED to!

Did You Know That Some Of The Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs Can Actually CAUSE Psoriasis?

A study conducted and recently published in The Clinical and Aesthetic Journal of Dermatology (Jan. 2010) mentioned that there are over 50 commonly prescribed drugs that are implicated in the “initiation, exacerbation or aggravation” of psoriasis. Do you take a drug AND have psoriasis? Is your psoriasis caused, exacerbated or aggravated by this drug?

Maybe it’s time for a fresh NEW NATURAL approach, one that does not require the use of toxic and expensive pharmaceutical preparations.

Did You Know That Half Of Psoriasis Patients Are Unhappy With Conventional Psoriasis Treatment?

A study conducted and recently published by JAMA Dermatology from 2003 – 2011 found that half of all patients with moderate to severe psoriasis don’t even receive treatment, reasons being that the treatment is too costly (25,000 dollars per year for new drugs) or just plain ineffective.

Are you happy with your medical treatment of psoriasis?

Maybe it’s time for a fresh NEW NATURAL approach, one that tackles the very CAUSE of your psoriasis triggers and flare-ups!

If you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you’re at a much greater risk of developing certain diseases. Individuals with psoriasis are at an elevated risk to develop other chronic and serious health conditions such as heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, many other auto-immune diseases and even diabetes.

People with severe psoriasis can even have a significantly elevated risk of heart attack.

Complications and “co-morbidities” with psoriasis can include the following conditions:

Perhaps by now you’re beginning to understand the significance of psoriasis and how it can affect your overall health. Simply ignoring psoriasis or by just treating the symptoms with drugs and creams is a serious mistake that can have severe long term consequences to your health.

That’s like ignoring a noise your car makes instead of fixing it. Before you know it you’ve got a car that fails to perform or even worse, just doesn’t start one day. Fixing the noise when you first discovered it would have saved you a lot of time, money, and effort, not to mention the years of potential problems. Having psoriasis is similar. You can change your future and your health from developing into a major medical complication by simply fixing your underlying (and often ignored) health problems associated with psoriasis today.

But, heart disease, and other auto immune diseases are not the only diseases that psoriasis can lead to.

Research continues to show involvement of psoriasis in a number of chronic diseases that all stem from the same potential immune dysfunction that psoriasis causes, including diseases like diabetes and even Parkinson’s Disease.

While modern medicine continues to rely on the same illogical and poor symptomatic psoriasis drug treatment methods, over half of all psoriasis patients in America alone refuse conventional psoriasis medical treatment due to the high cost in addition to very poor outcomes.

Luckily, you’re smart enough not to fall into that trap!

What is critical to understand when it comes to your psoriasis is that there’s a lot more involved than simply the skin itself. Focusing solely on your skin lesions (or joint pain with psoriatic arthritis) is one of the quickest paths to failure.

There’s an entire underlying immune and digestive system that needs to be properly addressed if you ever want to win the battle with chronic psoriasis.

If you don’t address your underlying health then it’s like trying to fill a bucket that is continually leaking. No matter how much water you add, if the bucket continues to leak you’ll never be able to keep it full.

The same goes for your skin. It doesn’t matter how many drugs, supplements or creams you take, if your immune and digestive system has leaks then you’ll never be able to get enough vital nutrition to your skin cells and your health will increasingly suffer as time goes by.

If you treat the underlying causes you will be in a much better position to get significant long-term relief.

Did you know that over three-quarters of ALL psoriasis patients in fact have a big problem with candida yeast infections? Numerous studies now validate this, but your doctor most probably will be ignoring this and just treating your skin instead. If you ignore the fact that there is a high probability that you may have a yeast overgrowth in your digestive system, you are missing the boat.

This information is one of the missing links when it comes to getting rid of those continual psoriasis flare-ups. Once you finally correct the yeast overgrowth and restore balance and harmony to your digestive system amazing things will happen, like:

Doctors today don’t uncover the underlying cause of your psoriasis, instead, they have become accustomed to blaming everything on “bad genes”…

I noticed that as soon as psoriasis patients started eating the right foods, balancing their diet properly, treating their skin with natural oils and creams and addressed some of their key underlying lifestyle imbalances…

They somehow quickly overcame their “bad genetics”…

Their immune and digestive system and skin normalized all on their own and my energy levels sky-rocked higher than they had ever remembered…

Imagine the look on your doctor’s face when you start teaching him or her a thing or two and show them how you overcame your “bad genetics” without the use of those expensive and toxic drugs…

Here are now the 5 key reasons why most psoriasis sufferers never seem to improve permanently,

These are the very 5 key areas that form the basis for my revolutionary psoriasis program I’m about to share with you, the same program I use to give my psoriasis patients their lives back…

You Simply MUST Remove The Wrong Foods That Are Suppressing Your Immune System Undermining Your Digestive System.

It IS Critical Focus On The Right Foods That Reduce Inflammation And Stimulate The Production Of Healthy Skin Cells To Keep Your Skin Cells Healthy And Vibrant…

Foods That Need To Go Like Processed and Refined Foods, As Well As Foods With A High Allergy Potential Like Cow’s Milk, To Name But A Few…

Lesser Known Foods To Avoid Are Potatoes, Tomatoes And All Tomato Products Including Tomato Sauce, Paste And Juice, Chilli, Eggplant, And Bell Peppers. Foods Like These Are Known For Their Inflammatory As Well As Their Immune Suppressing Properties With Psoriasis And Their Role In The Continuation of Psoriasis…

You MUST Balance Your Diet Precisely And Supply Your Skin Cells With The Correct Ratios Of Nutrients To Correct The Cellular Defects That Cause Psoriasis…

I’ve Compiled Over 200 Pages Of Information About How To Eat, What To Eat, & What Not To Eat When You Have Psoriasis. Most Of This Information Is Simply Not Available Anywhere Else…

Internal Cleansing Is A Most Important Step; Regardless Of How “Clean” Your Diet Or Lifestyle Has Been.

Understand That Psoriasis Is The External Manifestation Of Accumulated Toxins. Detox Is Not To Be Skipped If You Want To Get Rid Of Psoriasis.

But, It Must Be The Right Kind Of Detox…

The Way To Build A Foundation For Good Health Is To Remove The Internal Toxins That Have Accumulated, Preventing Further Continuation Of A Major Psoriasis Trigger.

I’ve Outlined A Special 3-Stage Psoriasis Detox In Detail In A 46 Page Book All About Internal Cleansing And Detox.

Stress Is One Of The Primary Psoriasis Triggers, Learning HOW To Manage Stress On A Day To Day Basis Is A Critical Factor In Your Recovery From Psoriasis.

Stress Causes Your Body To Naturally Secrete High Levels Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol, And This Works Against You By:

The Stress Of Recurring Psoriasis Alone Causes Your Body To Secrete Stress Hormones Continually Low-Grade, And So The Chronic Stress Cycle Continues On, Making It Literally Impossible To Correct Psoriasis Outbreaks…

You MUST Correct Any Underlying Stress Imbalances That Are Inherent With Psoriasis And That Are Holding Your Skin On Lockdown…

I’ve Written An 81 Page Book Packed With Information On Sleep And Insomnia, Exercise Tips, Relaxation, How To Handle And Recover From Stress, Troubleshooting, FAQs, And Much More…

I’ve Even Written A Separate Book On Stress, Immunity And Psoriasis. A 29-Page Book All About How Weak Adrenal Function Will Ensure You Never Recover From Psoriasis…

This Vital Information Is Completely Lacking In Any Information On Psoriasis Recovery…

Understand That Medical Creams, Lotions And Ointments Never Cure Psoriasis. They Are Superficial Treatments That Never Get To The Root Of The Problem…

Use Natural Medicines On Your Skin Instead Of Chemicals, It Will Mean Less Chance Of Side Effects And You Will Avoid Toxins Building Up In Your Body.

Amongst Other Natural Oils, Jojoba Oil, It Is One Of The Best Oils To Use When You Have Scalp Psoriasis.

While Emu Oil Is One Of The Most Nourishing Oils You Will Ever Use On Your Skin For Psoriasis.

I’ve Written A 34 Page Book Packed With The Best Natural Psoriasis Skin Treatments Including Many Different Skin Formulas, Scalp Rinses, Special Moisturizing Treatments, The Best Oils To Use, Bathing Tips, And So Much More…

After Extensive Research Into Psoriasis And Nutrition, I Discovered That The 3 Most important Food Groups To Include In Your Diet When You Have Psoriasis Are:

Did You Know That Most Psoriatic Lesions Can Be Treated At Home With Home Remedies Such As Baking Soda, Propolis, Sunlight, Coconut Oil And Other Remedies You May Not Be Aware Of? I’ll show You the Best And How To Use Them All…

Most Doctors Believe That Dietary Supplements Play Either No Role Or Only A Minor Role When It Comes To Healing Their Psoriasis, This Is Incorrect Thinking. When It Comes To Beating Psoriasis, You Simply Must Supply Your Body With The Right Nutrients It Needs To Reduce Inflammation, Boost And Improve Immunity, Repair Your Skin, And To Speed Wound Healing.

I’ve Written A 100-Page Book That Outlines The Core Program Supplementation Program, And Will Teach You The Best Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Medicines And Herbal Teas That Will Aid In Eradicating Your Psoriasis.

Your Deserve A Life With Minimal Psoriasis Disruption

You Deserve More Than A Life Full Of Psoriasis. You Deserve to Live Life to the Fullest…

Let’s face it, life is too short to let psoriasis hold you back from living the life you’ve always wanted, full of energy, motivation, fun, and pure enjoyment. You just have to make the decision that you’re no longer going to settle for a poor quality of life. You just have to be willing to stand up and take your health into your hands.

You deserve better, and you know it. But you need a plan. You need a road map that can show you the way to your destination, a life with minimal disruption from psoriasis.

That’s why I’m here. I want to guide you through the most amazing transformation that you could ever have imagined. It’s already happened for thousands of others just like you. Just read the success stories on this page and see for yourself.

You are about to discover one of the biggest breakthroughs in psoriasis and natural treatment research. Unlike any other approach you may have attempted before, the Psoriasis Program addresses every facet of psoriasis from every possible trigger and cause, the inflammation, right down to the very best natural skin treatments . The Psoriasis Program has been used by thousands of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis sufferers in over 50 countries with unparalleled success. It breaks psoriasis treatment down into a simple, easy to understand, and step-by-step approach that anyone of any age or any stage of psoriasis can use, even if you’ve been treated with strong psoriasis drugs for many years. You don’t have to continue relying on doctors who have no answers, nor spend thousands of dollars to see skin specialists who still aren’t trained to effectively address all of your needs when it comes to helping you improve all aspects of your health, besides just your skin. The purpose of the Psoriasis Program is to put the power back into your hands and to arm you with the knowledge to naturally and permanently reduce those psoriasis outbreaks and reclaim your life!

For years my psoriasis patients were getting the run-around by doctors and dermatologists and not getting very far following the advice of the natural health doctors either. I can tell you now that that most of my patients have followed enough dead-end streets and failed enough times when it came to recovery from their psoriasis.

When I formulated the Psoriasis Program my goal was simple, it was to create the most complete natural solution that covers every facet of natural psoriasis recovery and in a way that was simple and easy to understand, follow, and implement in your life.

This isn’t some confusing or incomplete program that’s going to leave you stuck with more questions than when you started and with no clue where to even begin. The Psoriasis Program was designed for REAL PEOPLE, just like you.

For years my psoriasis patients were getting the run-around by doctors and dermatologists and not getting very far following the advice of the natural health doctors either. I can tell you now that that most of my patients have followed enough dead-end streets and failed enough times when it came to recovery from their psoriasis.

When I formulated the Psoriasis Program my goal was simple, it was to create the most complete natural solution that covers every facet of natural psoriasis recovery and in a way that was simple and easy to understand, follow, and implement in your life.

THE PSORIASIS PROGRAM isn’t some confusing or incomplete book that’s going to leave you stuck with more questions than when you started and with no clue where to even begin. The Psoriasis Program was designed for REAL PEOPLE, just like you. It was designed to be the most comprehensive and clinically effective natural psoriasis solution treatment program yet created.

Terry – Chronic Psoriasis Of The Arms And Legs

John – Chronic Hand And Body Psoriasis

Here is a nice email I received from John’s wife

Paul – Psoriasis Of The Knees

Julie – Guttate Psoriasis

Wendy – Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

The Psoriasis Program is comprised of five easy-to-follow stages and is comprised of 13 individual downloadable e-books (almost 600 pages). Over many years of working with psoriasis patients in my clinic, I’ve noticed that some can find a treatment program quite confusing. So I also added a very easy to follow and simple timeline chart in The QUICK START Guide (the second book) that makes it absolutely clear what you need to do and exactly when you need to do it.

In each book, I have explained exactly what you need to do to beat your psoriasis. But that’s not all… I’ve also explained exactly why you need to follow these steps, and I have included the scientific research into the best natural treatment methods that backs this up.

There are more than 40 delicious recipes to get you started, lists of my top psoriasis-fighting foods, and even a detailed shopping list you can print out and take to the store with you if you sign-up for my FREE online 12-part Psoriasis Program course. Just go to and sign-up today! I have done everything I can to make your psoriasis treatment as simple and easy to understand as I can.

The Psoriasis Diet Is Your Foundation

Understand The Relationship Between Stress And Psoriasis

STOP Using Chemical Skin Treatments

SPEED UP Your Skin’s Healing Ability

AMAZING, No Psoriasis The Past 6 Months!

I Have Plenty Of Confidence Now!

I Feel Fantastic And Never Realized My Skin Could Look This Great!

The Psoriasis Program is your ultimate natural treatment manual to healing psoriasis. This most comprehensive program is going to take you through everything that you need to know about healing your psoriasis naturally, in simple and easy to understand terms. I guarantee, there’s no medical jargon to confuse you!

There is a reason why the Psoriasis Program is one of a kind, and that’s because it contains so much unique cutting-edge information it will amaze you.

Don’t continue to be misled and lied to by mainstream healthcare and the corporate chemical industries who care only about their own profits and not your health, let me show you information that can really help you recover from psoriasis based on more than two decades of clinical naturopathic practice, countless psoriasis patients as well my own independent research into the best possible natural treatments for psoriasis.

The complete and comprehensive Psoriasis Program is the ultimate bible of how to heal your psoriasis, stop the causes and the underlying inflammatory disease process as well as achieve optimal health for the rest of your life.

Just take a look at the 13 e-books that make up the Psoriasis Program, you won’t find a more complete and clinically proven natural psoriasis program anywhere like this, I guarantee it!

This book is a good and comprehensive introduction to psoriasis.

I explain exactly what psoriasis is, what your main triggers and the most likely causes are.

Learn the 3 main types of psoriasis and the factors that determine your recovery, Learn how to avoid aggravations and flare-ups as well as the 12 psoriasis perseverance tips.

Discover that Psoriasis Program is a detailed and well-researched plan to eliminate your psoriasis forever.

The QUICK START guide was designed to get you straight into the Psoriasis Program.

A simple no nonsense step-by-step guide on exactly what to do and when to do it.

No need to wade through hundreds of pages looking for answers, getting confused.

Each of the 5 key steps is explained, and you will learn the key hints and tips on getting results FAST.

Hints and tips on what to do if you still need and all else fails. You will find this guide handy!

More than 100 pages on some of the best diet and nutrition information on psoriasis you will find.

Designed as an introduction to the comprehensive 3-stage Psoriasis Diet program.

I highly recommend that you read it before you start on the Psoriasis Diet.

This book will lay the foundation for great digestive and immune health, leading to optimal health and lasting freedom from psoriasis.

The most comprehensive book written yet about dietary treatment of psoriasis.

More than 100 pages, packed with information that explains the three-stage psoriasis diet in detail.

The diet begins with a one to two week cleanse, and is very simple to follow.

You won’t have to starve yourself and you will still be able to eat many of those foods you love.

Comprehensive lists of the foods to eat and avoid (and why) during your treatment.

Specialized psoriasis recipes.

This book explains what leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability) is, and its implications with psoriasis.

Learn why healing your digestive system is one of the most important aspects of psoriasis recovery.

Understand why your immune system becomes overwhelmed by toxins causing inflammation and what you can do to rectify it quickly.

Frequent flare-ups CAN be resolved by learning this priceless information! The information is worth the price of the program alone.

Learn all about the strong connection between a yeast infection and psoriasis.

Candida is one of the prime psoriasis triggers, causing its persistence as well as aggravation in many people.

In a recent study, 21 out of 34 people with psoriasis were found to have athlete’s foot.

Researchers have consistently found a relationship with Candida albicans in the digestive system of those with chronic psoriasis, This book will teach you how to recognize if you have a yeast infection if you have psoriasis, and what to do about it.

Learn HOW to resolve your yeast infection in your conquest to become and remain psoriasis free for life.

This 50 page book explains all you need to know about cleansing and detox if you have psoriasis.

The BEST results are obtained by assisting psoriasis patients in internal cleansing by opening up and improving elimination, especially the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs.

This valuable book outlines my 3-stage psoriasis detoxification program, specifically targeted for those with chronic or recurring psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.

Learn basic as well as advanced detox concepts, and understand why you need to keep your bowels, liver and kidneys clean if you want to be free of psoriasis.

Learn the vital connection between your immune system, your digestive system, stress in your life and how your skin is affected.

Many people don’t know or fully understand the connection between stress, immunity and psoriasis, and this book explains all.

You will learn how to rebuild your immune system and restore the integrity of your body’s stress system .

Most all psoriasis sufferers have varying degrees of stress- related health complaints that can and should be improved, and by doing so will pave the way for a successful and permanent eradication of psoriasis.

This key information is missing in every book I’ve seen on psoriasis.

Your complete and long-term recovery from psoriasis may very well be dependent on learning and applying the essence of this book.

Understanding about how and why your lifestyle influences the severity of your psoriasis is information you need to know if you want to recover.

Anxiety, tension and stress all increase your skin aggravation and keep you in an inflammatory state, I’ll show you what to do about it.

This book contains 80 pages packed with the best advice on how to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle to beat your psoriasis forever!

More than 30 pages packed with the best information on what to do with your skin when you have psoriasis.

Learn my top 10 psoriasis skin-care tips, the best creams, ointments and oils to use.

Discover specialized psoriasis skin formulations from the world’s best skin doctors.

Learn the two absolutely best natural oils to use, and the four reasons why you need to use oils and creams regularly.

Many tips on bathing, scalp care, many specialized essential oil psoriasis formulations, and lots more!

This book even contains several psoriasis skin-care recipes you can make up at home.

Over half of psoriasis patients are not happy with their conventional medical treatments. (National Psoriasis Foundation USA 2013)

This 20 page booklet explains all the treatments that your doctor or dermatologist may recommend, outlining the different kinds of drugs and their side-effects.

I explain all about the current topical psoriasis treatments, UV treatment, systemic therapy, disease modifying agents, and the kinds of drugs that have been implicated in actually causing psoriasis.

This is a very handy guide if you are currently taking any conventional medicine treatment for your psoriasis. Learn the truth!

A 40 page booklet that outlines the various tests available to you, particularly to show you the underlying digestive and immune problems that may well be stopping your recovery.

Targeted testing can uncover your individual causes and triggers of psoriasis, yet is often ignored by most health-care professionals.

Discover that appropriate testing will provide you with a personalized framework for accurate diagnosis and highly targeted treatment.

I’ll show you how and why testing can give you the best chances of a full recovery.

This specialized information is simply not available anywhere else, and it could make all the difference!

The latest research into specialized psoriasis-fighting foods, and a list of my the most effective psoriasis supplements.

A comprehensive book describing the best foods, supplements and herbal medicines that have the best effect on reducing the inflammatory process, inhibiting and eradicating unwanted bacteria, yeasts and parasites from the body, as well as balancing the pH of the body.

A very handy book indeed, as it will also teach you the best vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines and herbal teas that will aid in eradicating your psoriasis.

I outline the core psoriasis supplementation program in this booklet.

Your Psoriasis Program Should Be Compulsory reading

Well Worth The Money Spent

My Doctor Can’t Believe How Much My Health Has Improved

I Was Desperate And So Glad I Found Your Program

I want to be completely honest with you – this program is not for everyone.

This revolutionary program is ONLY meant for people who are serious about overcoming their psoriasis and making the best most out of life.

I won’t lie to you, it does take commitment to follow the program as designed for maximum results.

This Program Is NOT For Those Who Don’t Want To Commit…
After working with psoriasis patients for many years, it has become crystal clear which patients are dedicated to changing their lives and overcoming psoriasis and those who are more interested in coming up with excuses for why they can’t seem to commit…

If you can’t commit to changing your life, then please don’t waste your time or mine for that matter…

And, if you’re looking to find the newest secret supplement or magic pill then you’re definitely in the wrong place because there is no (and never will be) a magic fix or a silver bullet and your health.

Unless you’re willing to make the effort to eliminate the underlying cause your psoriasis and lay down a solid foundation of health that will keep your digestive and immune system healthy for life then you will never achieve the permanent results that my most satisfied psoriasis patients achieve.

But, before you take the next step, let me ask you…

How ready are you to take back your life? How good is it going to feel to wake up every day and focus on what matters most in your life instead of merely struggling to accept your psoriasis?

How important is it to you to have beautiful skin, and what will you do with your life since you’ll be in complete control and look and feel amazing?

You can continue to do nothing and struggle through a life of psoriasis, watching your health continue to suffer and decline.

Or, you can join me today and take back your life and your health and put an end to your suffering once and for all.

The choice is ultimately yours…

No, you didn’t read that wrong. That’s exactly what this program is… This program is an investment and arguably one of the best investments you could ever possibly make…

For starters, you can’t put a value on adding happy and healthy years to your life, but that’s only part of the investment.

I also want you to consider the frightening healthcare costs that are rising at unsustainable levels each and every year. Medical costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy today (62% of all bankruptcies and 78% of these people even had health insurance!) and it’s only getting worse as healthcare costs continue to rise year after year. At this rate, it won’t be long before no one will be able to afford healthcare…

So, it’s no exaggeration that the Psoriasis Program could easily save you thousands of dollars in healthcare costs not only in your lifetime – but quite possibly each year with the way things are going.

No other investment, whether it be bricks and mortar or the stock market or otherwise can offer you that good of an investment!

No matter what happens in life, all you ever really have is your health, right? It is your MOST IMPORTANT investment.

Now, if I worked with you one-on-one then your investment would amount to 150.00 per hour, this is what all of my psoriasis patients pay to achieve unprecedented results each and every time. While personal consultations are one of the best investments that you could make with chronic psoriasis, I’m not going to ask you for that kind of investment.

Having all the thirteen books that make up The Psoriasis Program is the BEST of my psoriasis knowledge all distilled into one exceptional program, and the investment you make is less than a third of my hourly rate!

But, I do reserve the right to remove this exclusive discount at any time with no exceptions whatsoever.

Mt Doctor Is Very Impressed With My Improvements

I Am Pleased And Amazed At How My Skin Has Improved

I Am Absolutely Delighted With The Outcome

Understanding The Stress Link Was The Key To My Recovery

Did You Think For One Moment That I Was Going To Leave You Stranded?

With The Psoriasis Program You are getting every single tool and all of the material that you need to take your life back and begin to enjoy life again, exactly the way that life was meant to be enjoyed…

Life was meant to be a beautiful experience, not some ruthless and embarrassing struggle with your skin. And I’m going to lead you down that lost path, back where you lost control of your life a long time ago. And if you ever get confused along the way or forget which way you were going then I’ll be right there with you all the way, to point you in the right direction.

Let’s face it, you could go out and buy any book on psoriasis (you may have already) and all you’re usually left with is a book that will likely spend the remainder of its life collecting dust on your bookshelf or jumping from garage sale to garage sale. Ask yourself these questions:

Does the author have more than twenty years of experience in treating chronic psoriasis, is he or she trustworthy, does he or she have a significant online presence, is he or she available for you to seek professional guidance from by way of a Skype consultation?

Probably Not!
Is the author going to check in on you to make sure that you understand and follow the information correctly?

Of Course Not!
Is the author going to give you not only his or her extensive psoriasis natural treatment program at a bargain price, but on top of that give you an extensive online psoriasis recovery learning program – entirely FREE?

And that’s just one of the many things that separate me from just about any other practitioner or author on psoriasis out there. Plus, I can guarantee that you will not find the amazing and highly effective natural treatment methods that I show you in any book or any other psoriasis treatment program. I can guarantee this!

I want to leave you with the best experience of your life…

To go that extra mile, I’ll be providing you with a Psoriasis Program E-Mail Course to help you with every step of way.You will receive my 12-part email course that will take you through the entire Psoriasis Program!

This email coaching is designed to ensure that you stay motivated and hold you fully accountable, which are both important keys to success in every aspect of life. They also help answer any questions you might have along the way.

This is something that I typically only offer my clients but that I’m opening up to you, today for FREE!

One of the main reasons you may well be doing the Psoriasis Program is to enjoy the freedom that you are about to experience being FREE from all those skin lesions and/or joint pain, and eating healthy is one of the most important foundations of the Psoriasis Program that will allow you to achieve your objective sooner rather than later.

While I do provide more than enough dietary tools and resources that you really don’t even need to think about food (just eat it!), I also wanted to give you the advantage of having the most detailed and specialized psoriasis shopping guide available anywhere!

The advantage of this most comprehensive 13 page good food guide is that it walks you through exactly what you CAN eat, and what the BEST foods are if you have chronic psoriasis. This is the same guide I sell for 50.00 in my clinic, and it’s yours for FREE as an added bonus if you purchase The Psoriasis Program!

My Insomnia Is Gone, Thanks So Much

Thank You For Changing My Life

Imagine beautiful skin, imagine being able to wear any clothes you like. NO MORE embarrassment!

Imagine being able to actually look forward to summer!

Imagine a restful night’s sleep, waking completely rested, full of energy, and ready to start the day.

Imagine going through your day and being able to concentrate on work and your family without feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety about your skin!

Imagine no more drugs with side effects or messy creams or ointments. Imagine the cost savings!

Imagine living the rest of your life the way that life was meant to be enjoyed, knowing that you are in total control of your health.

Think about that about that for a moment. Where will you be and how will you look and feel in 6 months if you don’t get started with the Psoriasis Program today? Do you honestly think that you’ll see any improvement in your psoriasis? I didn’t think so.

Even though thousands of people have had success with this program, I know you may feel a little hesitant because you don’t want to have wasted your time and money and purchased something that wasn’t right for you. I understand that. We’ve all been there. But I also know that you need to take a chance and give it a shot, otherwise, you will never get any closer to living a life free of psoriasis.

But rest assured because…

Best Investment I’ve Made Online

I Can Now Play With My Kids Pain Free

Your Approach Towards Psoriasis Treatment Is Amazing

The Doctor Even Stopped My Medication

Stop hiding your body under all that clothes! Show off your body with complete confidence when you learn how to become completely free of itchy, scaly psoriasis! It doesn’t matter what caused your psoriasis or how severe it is. My natural psoriasis treatment program will start showing you results in just weeks – I guarantee it! Try it for a full 60 days and see for yourself!

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the course of your life and create the life that you want and deserve.

I can’t wait to see the new you.

Talk to you soon,
Eric Bakker N.D.

P.P.S. The Psoriasis Program is offered as a discounted downloadable program that provides you instant access immediately after you order. Upon purchase you will be directed to a download page where you will be able to download the adobe acrobat PDF files, which can easily be viewed on both Mac and PC. You can take the e-books to your print shop where they can easily print them off for you and make separate spiral bound books for you at a low-cost.

WRONG! If The Psoriasis Program doesn’t AMAZE you, if the sheer quality of the content of this MOST comprehensive psoriasis self-help natural course doesn’t take you by surprise then I’d like to know what is better out there! I’ve seen ALL the books and programs on psoriasis self-help, and they are ALL pathetic in my opinion. I’ve spent 27 years treating patients just like you and have had MANY disappointed patients telling me they felt RIPPED OFF after buying books about psoriasis treatment online. I’ve NEVER had anybody tell me this about The Psoriasis Program. What have you got to lose? You even have a 60 days to prove me wrong, a two month no questions asked refund policy. What could be more fair than that!

The Psoriasis Program is available in digital (e-book) PDF format.The Psoriasis Program consists of a series of PDFs that are easily downloaded directly to your computer, eBook reader, or other personal device. This allows you to save on the cost of the materials and shipping. This is a great cost saving, because you are not paying for shipping or printing costs. You may decide to print one or more books however, and this can be easily done.

I completely understand! Maybe you think you’ve tried everything when it comes to your psoriasis. Yet, I can guarantee that you haven’t tried this yet. The Psoriasis Program is based on the latest breakthroughs in psoriasis diet and natural medicine treatment research. If you’re still struggling with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis or not managing it well (like 50% of those with psoriasis) then you deserve to live the life you want.

If you’re struggling with any of the common psoriasis symptoms such as cracked skin, itchy skin, bleeding or weeping skin, embarrassment, anxiety, drug side effects, digestive issues, hair, skin, and nail problems, sleeping problems, poor quality of life, etc. — then the Psoriasis Program is DEFINITELY designed for somebody just like you!

But you’ll never know unless you try it. And it’s backed by a “no questions asked” 60-day money back guarantee. So, what do you really in all fairness have to lose?

That depends on your idea of healthy. In my clinical experience of 27 years, what the majority of people consider healthy can potentially be damaging their digestive and immune system. What I show you will completely blow you away!

I’ve based my Psoriasis Diet on the very latest research as well as work by all the foremost experts in psoriasis, including Dr. John Pagano, Dr. Alan Gaby, Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Andrew Weil, Chris Kressler M.S., L.Ac., and many more.

If you’re not already getting the results you want then it’s safe to say that your diet is not up to scratch. And in the words of Einstein… “Insanity is repeating the same behavior (diet) over and again and expecting a different result”

YES! Food allergies are caused by digestive leakiness due to one or several causes including pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and dysfunctional metabolism of the cells that line your digestive tract due to stress and other causes. When unable to properly energize, these cell membranes become weakened allowing undigested food particles to permeate directly into your bloodstream.

By improving your diet and lifestyle, and restoring energy production to your digestive tract, these cells will regain their rigid structure and food allergies will resolve. Many of our clients report not only amazing improvements in digestion but also food allergies that have resolved, some partially but most of them completely over time.

Absolutely! I’ve helped a thousand or more psoriasis sufferers gain complete freedom from drugs regardless of how long they were taking them. Once the correct balance is restored to your digestive system, you start to eat the right kinds of foods and avoid those foods or drinks that cause inflammation you will notice a big difference.

But once you incorporate the right kind of lifestyle and get rid of those chemical creams and ointments entirely and start to use natural skin treatment protocols you will notice massive changes. I’ll show you how to wean off drugs, and how you can systematically lessen your dependency till you no longer need them – ever again.

The short answer is yes. With psoriatic arthritis there is both a digestive and immune component that need to be addressed and the pain and immobility is driven primarily by your inability to down-regulate inflammation. This means you take drugs to ‘switch-off’ the pain, and these drugs slowly wreck your digestive system, keeping your increasingly reliant on them.

The good news is that once you correct the inappropriate inflammatory response by correcting the underlying digestive and immune dysfunction, the skin as well as the joints can both heal and help restore proper function. The result is far less pain and inflammation, and no more reliance on powerful steroid and other anti-inflammatory drugs that wreck your body in the long run.

Current science and research continue to show that many diseases stem directly from poor digestive and immune dysfunction, as well as hidden or stored toxins. You see, when you have psoriasis you may have a weakened immune response and have various other dysfunctions such as hormonal or digestive that can make you more prone to other auto-immune illnesses, an increased chance of infections and also a higher risk of food allergies or food sensitivities.

Therefore, psoriasis can negatively affect any and every part or system of your body, promoting many other health issues such as acute and even chronic illness. In my experience, by improving your digestive and immune system I have seen significant carry over into significant improvement in health and often times a complete resolution of many other underlying health issues.

There are many diseases and dysfunctions that have been linked to psoriasis and here’s a short list of some of the commonly discussed ones: Crohn’s disease, diabetes, depression, Metabolic syndrome, obesity, osteoporosis, uveitis and liver disease and even heart disease and cancer.

Crohn’s Disease: There is a connection between psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. In a recent study of women with psoriasis, 10 percent developed a form of inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis.

Diabetes: People with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, according to a 2012 study. People with severe psoriasis, in particular, are 30 percent more likely to have type 2 diabetes.

Depression: Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis can cause considerable emotional distress for people, including low self-esteem, and an increased chance of mood disorders, such as depression.

Metabolic Syndrome: There is a significant association between psoriatic disease and metabolic syndrome – a cluster of conditions that include heart disease, abdominal obesity and high blood pressure. A national sample of more than 6,500 people found that 40 percent of those with psoriasis had metabolic syndrome, compared with just 23 percent of the general population. More women with psoriasis had metabolic syndrome than men.

Obesity: Researchers have known for some time that people with psoriatic disease are more likely to be obese than the normal population. Recent studies continue to examine the relationship between the two. One study showed that children with psoriasis were at much greater risk of being obese, while another showed being overweight at 18 increased the risk of developing psoriatic arthritis.

Osteoporosis: A study of people with psoriatic disease showed that 60 percent of patients had osteopenia, an early form of the bone disease, osteoporosis, and 18 percent had progressed to osteoporosis.

Uveitis: Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis raise your risk of developing uveitis, an inflammatory disease of the eye. About 7 percent of people with psoriatic arthritis will develop uveitis, according to recent studies.

Liver Disease: People with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis may be at greater risk for developing a liver condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), according to recently published studies.

Cancer: A number of studies have found that people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis have an increased risk of certain types of cancer, such as lymphoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease: Research continues to link psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, especially in people with severe psoriasis. People with severe psoriasis are 58 percent more likely to have a major cardiac event and 43 percent more likely to have a stroke, according to one study.

Yes, you may need more help. You may need support. You may need clarification. You may have questions. I’ve been doing this long enough now to know what most of those questions will be, and I’ve answered ALL of the basic questions and many of the advanced questions in the Psoriasis Program itself.

For those questions that aren’t answered here or in the program itself, rest assured that you will have on-going email support. You will be fully supported 100% of the way — and that’s my promise to you!

Copyright 2015 – Ultimate Psoriasis Program – All Rights Reserved

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Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program – The Psoriasis Program

Review of Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Review of Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Review of Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Click here for bigger image

Review of Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Product Name: Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Click here to get Shipping Container Home Made Easy at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Shipping Container Home Made Easy:

Because in the next 3 minutes I’m going to show you how to build your dream home for a fraction of the cost of buying a standard house.

And how to avoid all the mistakes of builders that have come before you.

Hi, my name is Adam Ketcher.

I’ve personally built 146 shipping container homes for my clients.

And I’ve experienced just about every building situation imaginable.

So you can save boatloads of money and time.

And so you can give yourself and your family a safe & beautiful home they’ll be proud to call their own!

My story is probably similar to yours…

I was sick and tired of paying my landlord’s mortgage.

And I wasn’t about to pay a contractor thousands of dollars to build me a house.

I heard about shipping container homes from a friend.

And a week later I was ordering three 40-foot shipping containers from a seller in a neighboring city.

I made mistake after mistake… blunder after blunder… and the the project ended up costing more than if I hired a contractor to build me a mansion!

Over the years I’ve learned a lot of lessons.

If you’ll allow me, I’m here to be YOUR guide on your important journey.

I’m here to teach you everything you need to build your house with zero hiccups.

…so you can start your build today and feel confident in the process.

…and so you can ensure your family’s security and safety for years to come.

I’ve put everything I know into a program called:

Shipping Container Home Made Easy™

The Ultimate How-To Guide to Building a Shipping Container Home

This program is the result of my 18 years of building shipping container homes.

If it can happen… I’ve seen it.

If it can go wrong… it’s gone wrong on me!

But today, I’m considered one of the world’s leading authorities on shipping container home construction.

In fact, I’ve acted as a consultant for companies that would be considered my competition!

So here’s my unbreakable promise to you:

When you invest in this program today, you’ll have the ability to build your own shipping container home…

You’ll build it without headaches, mistakes, or irritating delays…

And you’ll do it for a fraction of what it would normally cost you if you didn’t have me as your guide…

Here Are Some of The Secrets You’ll Discover When You Invest in “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” Today…

When You’re Done With This Program You’ll Know More Than Most Professional Home Builders!

I Left Nothing to Chance! This Program Will Give You Everything You Need to Build a Seamless Shipping Container Home ON TIME… THE FIRST TIME!

Let Me Show You All My Secrets to Get Land & Permits While Sidestepping The Nightmare of Red Tape… Paperwork… and Headaches Caused By Local Authorities

I’m also Going to Teach You How to Design Your Container Home. This is The Funnest Part of the Build! And I’m Going to Pull Back The Curtain to Give You TONS of Great Ideas For Your Project!

How much would it be worth to avoid the mountain of obstacles waiting for you when you build your shipping container home?

The truth is, people just like you are losing tens of thousands of dollars in common mistakes when building their container homes without guidance.

Needless to say, this can turn into a VERY expensive project.

So the smartest thing you can do is get an expert on your side right from the start.

Since I’m that expert – and since I love helping do-it-yourselfers like you – I’m going to make you a limited time special promotional offer.

NOTE: Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is a digital product. You will receive access to the entire system immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

Especially when you consider you’re getting ME on your team (that’s over 18 years of trade secrets)!

And well worth it when you consider all the expensive mistakes you’re about to avoid!

EVERYTHING you need to build your own shipping container home is right here in this program.

But you’ll have to act NOW.

The next time you come to this page it’s possible it will be more expensive.

Potentially up to 3X as expensive.

So to secure your copy right now…

Just to make this the easiest decision you ever made, I’m going to include a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

That means if you don’t absolutely love this program…

And if you don’t send me an excited email with pictures of your beautiful new home…

Then I don’t want your money.

I’ll refund your full purchase price.

So here’s the smart way to do it…

Get the program… go through it at your own pace… and decide later if it was worth your investment.

When you take that approach that makes this a complete no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree?

Nothing is better than getting a ridiculously good deal on your shipping containers.

It’s one of those things that swells your chest with pride, and you can’t help but bring it up when people visit your home. In this handy guide, you’ll discover:

I’m always looking to improve The Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ program, because I want to make sure that you get the best possible results both now, and in the future too. So when I update the system and add new techniques that I’ve discovered, you’ll be the first to know! In fact, I will send you the new, updated edition straight to your inbox, absolutely free!

Finally, you’re going to get what is perhaps the most valuable bonus for this program – UNLIMITED SUPPORT by me, Adam Ketchner!

That means you can ask me questions … pick my brain … and call on me during your build.

You’ll have ME in your back pocket. And that kind of support is absolutely unheard of in this space!

My Program “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” will give you my step-by-step methods to build your shipping container home in the fastest, most affordable way possible.

“Shipping Container Homesteading” will show you how to turn your container home project into a homestead where you can successfully live off the fat of the land.

My program “Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets” which will unveil all the secrets to not only get your shipping containers for a fraction of retail, but also where to find free containers and people who will pay you to take them off their hands.

“Guaranteed Lifetime Updates”

“Unlimited Support” by the author, Adam Ketchner.

NOTE: Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is a digital product. You will receive access to the entire system immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

Maybe that’s because you’re still on the fence about “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™”

If that’s the case, let’s review your options, shall we?

And get the most direct route to your shipping container home.

BE EXCITED that you chose to invest in your future.

And be proud that you’re taking a giant step closer to the home of your dreams!

You’ve read this far into this letter for a reason.

There’s a feeling inside you that KNOWS your home is just on the other side of saying YES today.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

If you don’t LOVE this program, just send me a 5 second email and I’ll refund every penny of your money.

That means you can discover ALL my secrets with absolutely ZERO risk.

So either you win… or you win.

Pretty good odds, right?

THAT’S how much I KNOW “Shipping Container Home Made Easy™” is going to make your eyes pop with its abundance of valuable secrets.

The sooner you get started the sooner you’ll get your dream home.

So don’t wait one second longer.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button below and together let’s officially kick off your container home project!

NOTE: Shipping Container Home Made Easy™ is a digital product. You will receive access to the entire system immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

Click here for bigger image

Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Click here for bigger image

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Product Name: Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Click here to get Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.:

Click here for bigger image

Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Review of 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program

Review of 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program

Review of 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program

Product Name: 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program

Click here to get 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of 8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program:

The RESULTS speak for themselves because documentation beats conversation any day!

This was right before I documented my 8 Week Shred process and after the 8 Week Shred program.

I was tired of letting myself go, tired of being depressed, and tired of seeing other people struggle with false information.

That’s why I created an easy to follow nutrition plan that let’s you still eat the foods you enjoy but at the right macros and correctly timed throughout the day.

“My name is David and I’m 43 and run my own Salon in San Diego. Before this program I just felt lost on what to do when I went to the gym. I was frustrated and confused on my diet and honestly was so busy that I wasn’t sure if I could fit this into my schedule.The system however is very simple to follow and I got results. I gained 10 lbs. of solid muscle and lost 4% body fat in less than 60 days.”

“The 8 Week Shred absolutely gave me the boost that I needed. My boyfriend and I did the shred together I lost 15 lbs. and he lost 13 lbs. The program was tough but it’s really simple to follow. Josh really made it fun and I don’t know how he is so accessible cause I know how busy he is but he was always there to answer questions and coach.“Women will love this program even if you are new to the gym like I was.” I learned a lot and am super thankful!

“My name is Tyler and I’m seriously thankful that I found this program. I did the 8 Week Shred with my wife and both of our results were incredible.We learned so much about nutrition and food timing and all we did was follow the system that Joshua put in place for us. Our families lives will be changed forever. Thank you!“

The Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred is a 3 phase workout and 3 phase diet program that is designed to get you results in as little as 8 weeks.

The secret to the 8 Week Shred is that it allows you to eat the foods you enjoy, but teaches you the right time to eat certain foods to maximize your results and turn your metabolism on fire.

Not all diets are treated equally and what makes this 8 Week Shred program different is it combines 3 different dieting techniques and 3 different workout phases. Allowing you to progress through the program without feeling deprived. This will leave you with fewer cravings, and gives you a list of muscle building fat burning foods that will pack on lean muscle and turn up the heat on your metabolism.

It is too often that I see people in the gym lifting crazy heavy weights with terrible form. Truth is, they are swinging and swaying so much that their bodies are forced to recruit muscles from other parts of the body that were not intentionally being worked in the first place. Solution:  Stick to a weight that gives you proper time under tension, meaning you can complete the exercise in the rep range while using proper form. You can still go as heavy as possible with controlled proper form movements and you will increase tension and ultimately get far better results.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight is they cut their calories way too low, and they cut the wrong foods out as well. Carbohydrates and fats are not your enemy, in fact you need them to lose weight.   It’s the right combinations of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that you need and the times when to eat them that will cause weight loss.

When your body thinks it’s starved it goes into fat storage mode. Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred program will literally give you the keys to success so you don’t have to guess anymore. You literally just follow the road map.

While I do believe that losing weight is a science of calories eaten vs. calories burned the science goes much deeper when it comes to losing weight. If you at 2600 calories a day in donuts it is not going to give you the same result as 2600 calories of a well balanced nutrition program.

That along with understanding when you should eat certain carbohydrates, protein, and best times for fat.   Learning these key components will drastically improve not only your workouts and energy levels but help you burns tons of fat!

That is why with this 8 Week Shred program, I wanted to take all the guesswork out of it for you and create a SIMPLE SYSTEM (Saving Your-Self Time Energy and Money) so you can get results that last.

Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred Workout Program – So it is clear exactly what needs to be done on a daily basis to transform your body. Every workout, exact rep ranges. Drop Sets, and pyramid techniques used by the pros.

Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred Exercise Guide – Full explanation videos on proper form training and how to perform each individual exercise in the program. Plus 8 Week Abs and Stretch Routine. **Fully Digital Downloadable – No CD’s included**

Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred Supplement Guide – So you don’t waste time or money on supplements that don’t matter. This guide will give you the details on what supplements to take, when to take them, and why.  No more spending money on things that don’t work.

Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred Nutrition Guide – Meal Planning to the max so you can calculate your perfect macros easily for your body.   This will complete the package giving you all the nutrition guidance you need and an entire meal plan that is simple to follow with foods that you enjoy.  Even teaches you how to calculate macros and the science behind healthy weight loss.

Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred Food Replacement Guide – Are there certain foods that you just don’t like?

The food replacement guide will take all the guess work out for altering your nutrition plan so you know which foods can be substituted with others and you can eat the foods you like and still get phenomenal results.

So many people are already having massive success with the Joshua Zitting’s 8 Week Shred Program and there have been some questions I get pretty often when people look at the program.

Q: Can I do this if I am just getting into fitness?

A: Yes the program is designed to take even a beginner through 3 main phases of muscle building and fat loss and the program is easily adjustable from a 3 day a week program to a 6 day a week.

Q: Will I need any equipment?

A: This program does require gym equipment and will feel as though you are with a personal trainer every day you work out. Making it simple for you to follow along and have success.

Q: I am a female, can I do this program?

A: Absolutely! In fact some of our biggest successes have been females with the program. Lifting weights won’t make females bulky and muscular, in fact it is the best way to shape, tone, and build a beautiful lean body.

Q: I’m 16, would this program be effective for me?

A: The 8 week shred program works great for beginners and younger generations. I have clients from 15-68 that have completed the shred program with amazing results. The 8 Week Shred Private Facebook community is amazing how much support you get and I am on there constantly interacting with questions and helping everyone along the way.

NOTE: 8 Week Shredd is a group of downloadable e-books and videos. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-books and all the videos onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Your billing statement will show a charge from (not from

Click here for bigger image

8 Week Shred | Fitness Gym Diet Program

Review of Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body

Review of Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body

Review of Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body

Click here for bigger image

Review of Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body

Product Name: Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body

Click here to get Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body:

Would you like to know more about the simple exercises I learned over the past 25 years that helped to substantially improve the shape of my butt, leg, hip and thigh area? These are exercises that helped me to go on and win a national physique contest! If you are unhappy with areas of your lower body and would like to use these same techniques, then please keep reading.

I created this workout guide in order to make my knowledge and expertise available to people around the world. And, one by one, as each of you purchase this simple and effective workout routine and follow it consistently; you will help me accomplish my mission, as you experience the fantastic results that you are capable of.

If you are like most women, you have some issues with your lower body that is driving you crazy. You are not happy with what you see in the mirror and it affects every aspect of your life. You have made a bunch of unsuccessful attempts at fixing your stubborn trouble spots and problem areas and you are finally at your wits end.

But you are not giving up just yet… Because you still think you can fix the things about your body that bother you the most…

And you are quite right – you can make improvements – and you’ll be shocked at how easy it really is…

Forget the little pink weights, forget the butt blaster, and forget “muscle sculpting” with Susie the hyperactive personal trainer. Don’t waste your time with exercises like bicep curls or walking on a treadmill. For 99% of all people, exercises like these are inefficient.

Somehow the notion that exercise should be either easy or only moderately difficult continues to be the most detrimental misunderstanding by many would be exercisers. People are being misled into believing that they only need to mildly exert themselves and they will reap dramatic benefits in the process.

This misguided assumption destroys the potential effectiveness of the exercise regime of every person who possesses this belief. You will be very disappointed with your lack of results if you let this belief interfere with your willingness to exert yourself during your workouts.

Let’s get thing straight – activities such walking, running, biking, swimming, etc are often construed as exercise by the media, general public and health/medical professionals. These activities qualify as recreational physical activities and do not satisfy the definition of exercise and are not a necessary component of a proper exercise program.

Modern technology continues to make manual work a thing of the past. To make matters worse, magazines, newspapers, books, and ill informed fitness instructors have for years been inappropriately lowering the standards of exercise and telling people to: “go at an easy pace”, “stop if you feel discomfort“, and of course “ do what you enjoy, as exercise should be fun!”.

Now they are even telling us that activities such as grocery shopping, gardening, walking, playing with the kids, all qualify as exercise. So, is it any wonder that when an attempt is made to teach people “real” exercise they have such a hard time coming to grips with the reality of hard work?

Recreational activity and an exercise program are two separate things. The benefits of proper exercise, and the stimuli necessary to produce beneficial health improvements, cannot be accomplished with recreational activities.

If we are to expect anything in the way of meaningful results from exercise, including noticeable visual changes in body shape and appearance, we must exercise in such a way that challenges our bodies beyond our already existing capabilities. Only then will the body adapt.

You will know this program is for real from the first time you try it. You will feel the muscles in your butt, hip and thigh area working with each repetition and getting firmer and tighter with each passing week.

There will be no more guesswork on which exercises are the best for your stubborn problem areas; they are all included in Hot Legs Workout Guide. Not knowing what to do is no longer an excuse

Well, you are so in luck the easy to follow Hot Legs Workout Guide will help get rid of cellulite as well as provide many other health benefits to you. It will help you feel young by adding muscle tone, improving circulation, building strength and endurance, reducing body fat and overall giving you more energy.

The two thigh firming, waist reducing exercises most trainers will never show you because:

Funny there are women in their 60”s that are enjoying the many benefits of these calorie incinerating exercises that are very popular with female fitness and body sculpting competitors. Start doing these exercises right and you will literally see changes right before your eyes.

As you know ‘things happen for a reason’. And you found this website for a reason. Most likely, because you are unhappy with some of your physical attributes and you are ready to make some serious changes. Or you may just want to make what you have a little better. Well, today is your lucky day!

Odds are, you have probably learned a lifetime’s worth of bad eating habits that can be difficult to break. But break them you can,
by the time you have finished reading 21 Days To Healthy Eating and begun putting the ideas into practice.

Once you get your hands on this 3-volume set you will have in your possession all my best advice for how to keep your metabolism
primed so that you can burn fat essentially around the clock. This is the secret to lasting, long term fat loss and body weight management.

Do yourself a favor and start adding to your daily menu a few of the snacks and desserts found in the pages of this little book.
All of the recipes as from my own kitchen, tested for taste and composed of only healthy raw ingredients that pack your diet with the nutrition
your body needs to fight off any case of the munchies or food cravings that can spoil your attempt to get your metabolism on track.

Inside this report you’ll find protein-rich recipes for shakes, bars, cookies, snacks and ice-cream
that will have you eating your way to a leaner, more fit body. Keeping trim doesn’t have to be a chore
when you how to prepare the RIGHT kind of snacks!

The recipes in this report will provide you with just the sort of protein-rich fat burning meals that work
in combination with the exercise routines in the Hot Legs Workout Guide to produce legs to die for!

The ‘easiest’ wrong thing you can do is – ‘nothing’. By doing nothing you assure yourself a slow (sometimes fast) and sure progression of the things you are unhappy about – the problems with your lower body that bother you the most. With the passage of time and lack of proper exercise and sensible nutrition – you allow the aging process to do whatever it wants – and that is to make you old, saggy and weak as quickly as possible, unless you do something about it.

From a short term perspective – you may trying some sort of quick fix lower body ‘repair’ – such as expensive and ineffective cellulite treatments, bogus supplements fraudulently labeled to make a smart person like you actually believe that your body improvements can come in a bottle, a dangerous new drug that is supposed to help you with your weight and body or even cosmetic surgery, that has a whole list of nightmarish possibilities all by itself.
You can download Hot Legs! Workout Guide today…

You can access your report immediately, even if it’s 2:00 a.m. in the morning! If it sounds like something you’ve been looking for all your life, why not get started right now?

Stop wasting your time. I have been where you are. I have done all the trial and error, and suffered the frustration of not being able to wear shorts because I was embarrassed about my flabby legs. Take advantage of my journey and skip the trial and error learning curve. Start shaping and toning today!

Author, Fitness Centre Owner & National Champion Bodybuilder

Please email with any questions or feedback.

© Copyright 2009, Hot Legs Workout. All Rights Reserved.

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Hot Legs Workout – A Strength Training Program for Females for Shaping a Tight and Trim Lower Body

Review of SO FX | SO FX Forex Education

Review of SO FX | SO FX Forex Education

Review of SO FX | SO FX Forex Education

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Review of SO FX | SO FX Forex Education

Product Name: SO FX | SO FX Forex Education

Click here to get SO FX | SO FX Forex Education at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of SO FX | SO FX Forex Education:

How you can succeed at Forex trading

How you can succeed at Forex trading

We are a UK company based in Southampton who provide exceptional education for working professionals and students who are motivated to learn how to trade forex and ultimately, how to change their life. We provide education for anyone that is dedicated, passionate and looking to make trading a primary or secondary source of income.

We are a UK company based in Southampton who provide exceptional education for working professionals and students who are motivated to learn how to trade forex and ultimately, how to change their life. We provide education for anyone that is dedicated, passionate and looking to make trading a primary or secondary source of income.

The SO FX online course has been designed to teach beginner traders how to trade. We have a full course that lets you learn how to trade in your own time. You will also have access to a community on a platform called telegram where you will have direct access to our Forex experts who have over 30 years of experience.

The SO FX online course has been designed to teach beginner traders how to trade. We have a full course that lets you learn how to trade in your own time. You will also have access to a community on a platform called telegram where you will have direct access to our Forex experts who have over 30 years of experience.

We offer a variety of different courses, apprenticeships and masterclasses that come highly recommended by our members. We provide proven and consistent results to make your Forex journey as simple and profitable as possible

We offer a variety of different courses, apprenticeships and masterclasses that come highly recommended by our members. We provide proven and consistent results to make your Forex journey as simple and profitable as possible

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help. I was lost in the sea of trading and needed insight. It was mind blowing to see how easy it was for you to consolidate my trading. But what sold me was how simple the signals are to use. I am extremely happy! It’s fantastic to see a company that has genuine integrity nowadays. Thank you so very much. – (Erik, USA)

Thank you so much for allowing me to follow your Forex signals. I’ve used various Forex signal providers’ services since 2011 and your service is by far the best. Even with a full-time job and I can easily follow your signals to make extra money on the side. I’m so grateful for your insight and professionalism. – (Jade, Australia)

Just wanted to let you know that your signals have surpassed my expectations by far. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but your instructions have really strengthened my Forex trading results and they’re way better than when I was trying to trade on my own. Keep up the good work and thanks again! I will make sure to recommend you to anybody interested. – (Norman, UK)

This is just to say a BIG thank you for the fantastic work you have been doing. For some time now, I have been fervently following your signals. I am really impressed. Please keep up with the good work. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Thanks a bunch!. – (Henry, USA)

We have very high performance trading signals to get you the best results every time.

Our updates are quick and easy to follow and use to ensure your Forex Journey is as simple as straightforward as possible.

Our members rate our service very highly and our services come greatly recommended. Check out our testimonials to find out what they say.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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SO FX | SO FX Forex Education

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

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Review of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Product Name: Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Click here to get Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.:

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Perfect Uninstaller – Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Review of Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule

Review of Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule

Review of Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule

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Review of Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule

Product Name: Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule

Click here to get Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule:

From The Desk of: Dr. Marius Bakken 2 Time Olympic Runner and M.D.

You’re taking on the ultimate challenge, the marathon, and that takes a strong level of ambition and desire to compete against others… and yourself.

You train for weeks and weeks — many times by yourself — just to get ready for race day.

After spending so much time and effort, it’s only natural to want to do your best.

Your goal may be as simple as wanting to run faster than a friend. Or perhaps it’s to set a new personal best for the marathon.

That’s why you worry about picking the “right program”. The problem is, there’s so many programs that seem incomplete. Or they aren’t a good fit for your skills or abilities.

Imagine being able to open up the brains of a top marathon training coach… or a 2 time Olympic runner…

Imagine you could pull out every single proven tip, tactic, and technique for slashing your training and race times to the bone. We’re talking about turning ordinary runners into very good marathoners in a relatively short time.

You are about to grab a major competitive edge.

The type of edge that can slash minutes off your best race times. The type of edge that can transform an ordinary runner into a very good marathoner. Best of all, it’s the type of edge that 99.9% of all runners will never discover or even have access to.

Hi, my name is Marius Bakken. I am a two-time Olympic runner who has competed in races throughout the world. Recently, I decided to take a break from competing on an international level and pursue my life-long dream of becoming a physician so I enrolled in medical school which I completed in 2010. (I’ll explain why my decision to become a physician is important to you in just a moment.)

I’m just as proud to say that for two consecutive years I was the second fastest non-African 5k runner in the world with a 13.06.39 personal best.

Now you may not realize it, but getting to the level of international competition wasn’t easy for me. I don’t consider myself to be a naturally gifted runner. I didn’t wake up one day ready to compete on an international — or even national — level either.

In fact, I started out as an ordinary guy who loved to run.

And because I loved to run, it was only a matter of time before I wanted to compete against other runners. In order to become a faster runner, I’ve spent many years training hard to become a faster runner.

That was before I discovered that training hard isn’t enough.

Training hard is okay but it’s even more important to train smart instead.

It was only a matter of time until I made an amazing discovery…

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Fast forward to the summer of 2005. A friend of mine named Martin Samdal asked me for some advice. He had already reserved his spot to compete in the upcoming New York City Marathon.

In fact, it was going to be the first ever marathon that Martin had ever run.

The problem is, he had done little or no training over the summer. Now he was about 12 weeks from having to run in the actual event and was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

Like many new marathoners, he wasn’t sure how to go about training properly. He was confused about what he needed to do so that he was in peak condition on race day.

In other words, he needed a field-tested and proven plan!

I took some of the best Kenyan and Italian training techniques I knew and quickly wrote up a training schedule for Martin. As I handed the schedule to Martin I thought to myself, “This is better than nothing. At least it gives him a good plan he can follow without hurting himself.”

Honestly, I had some serious doubts about how well Martin would do. After all, he was closer to being a coach potato than a world class Kenyan runner.

You can imagine my surprise as Martin dropped almost 20 pounds during those 12 weeks of training.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Competing in his first ever New York City Marathon, Martin ran a 2:58:52!

In fact, during the last 6 miles of the race — when most marathoners are running out of gas — he passed 252 other runners and grabbed a top 600 finish.

Here’s the official NYC marathon results for Martin

After 12 weeks of
the training program!

All of this as a first-time marathoner.

I use to think this modern marathon training method only worked for the very best runners.

It turns out my Kenyan-Italian hybrid training system works for any type of runner… even an out-of-shape guy who needs help to have his best running experience ever. It works for even brand-new marathoners who want to finish their first ever race in style instead of shame.

In fact here are a few of the early “test subjects” on this program (Some of the names have been partially withheld at the runners request for privacy):

I quickly realized there was a limit to how many runners it was possible to personally train.

First, being in medical school has left me with very little extra time to help others.

Second, not everyone can travel to Norway to train… especially if they live somewhere else in the world.

That’s why after years of testing, refining, and proving it works, I’ve therefore decided to make my ”coaching clients only’ training program available to the general public.

First, let me clear up one common misunderstanding about the program.

I decided to call it the “100 Day Marathon Plan” because the average length of time many experienced marathoners use to train for their next marathon is 100 days. That’s because they want to arrive on race day in peak condition without spending too many weeks doing high-intensity workouts.

That doesn’t mean 100 days is the only option.

In fact there is added a whole section in the program which explains how you can adjust the program to as little as 60 days or up to 150 days from race day and still use the powerful training.

If you want to succeed at the marathon you need two critical pieces. It takes both a well planned training schedule and taking care of your health to run your best race time ever.

I want to share one little fact that could make a huge difference in how you view marathon training…

If you truly want to become more successful in your personal marathon challenge, then you need to start using a complete training system.

system that can make sure you are training correctly… slash your risk
of injury down to the bone… boost your motivation and puts you on the starting line on race
day — ready to roll.

“Marius, I liked how you had alot of rest days built in and that the rest days were truly unloading days in that they were easy and short. I was just listening to a podcast with running coach Bobby McGee (not sure if you have heard of him, but he works alot with running form and coaches some triathletes and track guys on the world class level). He talked about how for most novice runners, that a recovery run is an oxymoron.

They do not have the capacity to recover while still running on that day (too much stress). So I like how the recovery and off days are amply peppered through the program. This will help alot of people who are looking to try their first marathon. I think with your program which is based to a large extent on alot of intensity, you are not shy about plenty of recovery. Your clients will be able to stress->rest>grow!
I liked the workouts. Coming from a slowtwitch type background, it was nice to leg it out a bit. My favorite runs are the progression runs. They provided me with the confidance to move through all of my effort/heart rate gears.

This program will work well for a variety of runners. However, I think two groups will profit the most. The first group is runners who are pressed for time and want to maximize the time that is available with more workouts around marathon effort (as opposed to a high volume Lydiard type program). The second group that will do well with this program is the casual runner who has lots of easy base work and can recover well but cannot figure out how to put together the pieces when it comes to intensity.

The program was well organized, easy to read and use. Again I think you make good use of rest and intensity. It is a time efficient program and I like that. I played around with the Lydiard type approach a few years ago and your workouts were much easier to understand.”

Dr. William (Bill) Walz
Physican and 3:30 marathoner
Los Angeles

That’s why I believe I can offer you a 1-2 powerful punch that is head and shoulders over any other training program on the market.

First, I have an extensive background in world-class training methods — used for years and proven to work with dozens of other runners besides myself. So what I teach isn’t some ‘extreme’ program that only Olympic marathoners could survive.

Instead, I’ve structured everything so it’s easy to customize for any runner — regardless of their age, gender, speed, or skill.

Add to that my medical background to advise you on things like proper diet, preventing and healing injuries and you’ve got a powerful 1-2 punch working on your behalf.

Even in the best of weather, it’s still a big challenge for most.

There’s a lot more things that could go wrong during a marathon than any other type of race. That’s because there are a lot of miles and a lot of time needed to complete a marathon.

Use the right plan and your next marathon could be a wonderful experience.

Miss something important or you use an incomplete plan and you may not even be able to finish the race!

That’s why properly preparing for the marathon is crucial.

Every week, I get emails from concerned runners and members of Marathon Training Schedule. Many of these emails share the same two worries…

Worry #1: They’re not sure exactly what they should do in terms of day to day training, diet, and injuries…

You can find many programs and tips out there that offer some advice. But not one of them offers a complete detailed plan for both the actual running sessions and the rest of the preparation leading up to and including race day.

Because they are working with incomplete or “half-baked” plans, many runners find themselves feeling anxious and not fully prepared on race day.

They worry about “hitting the wall” around the 20 mile mark…

They get anxious that their training won’t work as advertised …

They’re not sure their diet — before and the day of the race — is the “right one”…

Worry #2: They’re not sure how to find the best training program so they wind up with the fastest possible race time…

Let’s face it: If you want to run the marathon then you are a positively unique person!

It leaves you with a serious problem. A problem that I believe I can solve.

The truth is, I offer this type of training materials because I love this sport. This is a great way for me to give back to the sport that has given me so much over the years even if I can’t personally train each and every person in the world who wants to run their best marathon time ever.

… I want to help you run faster and better than you have ever done before!

I’ve deliberately designed the “100 Day Marathon Plan” with that goal in mind.

There’s eight different training schedules ranging from the pure beginners training plan up to the 2:45 marathoner.

Specifically you have a 2:45 schedule, a 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00 and a pure beginners plan to pick from !

So you see, it doesn’t matter what level of runner you are. It doesn’t matter how fast you currently run. My “100 Day Marathon Plan” can quickly and easily be customized to your needs and abilities.

It’s easy to customize because I’ve taken the entire program and broken it into easy-to-find sections that clearly explain things.

“Marius Bakken has used his unique experience as a world-class runner to put together one of the most comprehensive marathon products I have seen.  The 100-day Marathon Training program is covering all topics to improve as a runner. 

Marius experience and knowledge of modern training techniques will benefit  runners, from the beginner to the experienced marathoner.” 

Jack Waitz, husband/coach of 9 time NYC marathon winner Grete Waitz

“Most marathon schedules are rigid. The 100 Day Marathon Plan deals with flexibility and gives runners options. I especially enjoyed the marathon race-day tips and how you combine the Italian and Kenyan schools of thought into one program. I like the use of Lydiard-like periodization with a build from the 5K to the marathon itself.
All types of runners would benefit from this type of marathon work. That’s the best thing about this program: It’s for everyone! It builds you up for the marathon, step-by-step instead of getting you to think about the marathon from day one. I’ve never seen anything like this before”

Duncan Larkin, Running Times Magazine writer and 2.32 marathon runner

“To illustrate what Marius’ program did to my shape: During the 12 weeks of training towards New York Marathon I “tested” myself weekly on the SRM race (3.3k). The 10th of August 2005 by the start of the schedule: 12:39, the 7th of September: 12:13, the 12th of September 11:25 and the 12th of October 11:16. That means an improvement of 11%!
On a marathon this is equal to almost 30 minutes improvement on only 12 weeks of training
On the starting line in New York my weight was reduced to 71 kg, 10 kg (20 pounds) lower than it was 12 weeks earlier. The feeling was amazing. Especially the feeling of being extremely strong the last 10 k. For a relatively untrained person just some months before to pass 250 runners (and only getting passed by 3) on the last 10 k and a finishing position of 517 out of 37 000 was an experience of a lifetime.”

Martin Samdal, 2:58:52 NYC Marathon 2005

This is exactly what I’m looking for ! Show me where to claim my copy.

8 different marathon training schedules based on your finishing time goal: From marathon rookie all way to a sub 2:45 race time… I got you covered. Just pick the one that best meets your needs & abilities and you’re ready to roll!

Workouts based on your heart rate and specific running times so you are always training in the optimal zone without risking your health…

15 instructional videos where I walk you step-by-step through the schedules. I even explain the different core principles that most marathon training courses miss!

10 additional videos covering important things like how to pick the right training shoes… improving your running form… how to use strength training to compliment your training… and more!

120 content-packed pages that “walk you through” the whole marathon preparation process…

“Hello Marius this is a letter of thanks to you. On Sunday in the London Marathon I set a new life time best running 2.47.34.

I should point out to anyone reading this that I have been running for 17 years and Marathons for 11 years! I am now 49 years old and going by what many runners say should be slowing down, yet on your program I ran 3 mins 39 sec faster than last year and 1 min 18 sec faster than my old P.B. set way back in 2003 when I was only 42 years old! AMAZING!!!

I felt stronger than ever before in the last 6 miles and overtook runner after runner in my charge for the line, infact I think only one runner went passed me in those last 6 miles!
I have found your 100 day plan enjoyable and challenging, but at the same time because you never train harder than 10k pace I was able to recover quickly and not overtrain and dig myself into a whole I could not get out of! Also because your training plan changes from week to week I found my body kept getting stronger throughout the entire program!

I had no injuries or illness, a very good sign that shows how sensible and clever your program is!
I now intend to follow your training programme up to next years London marathon, where I believe I can continue to improve and run 2.45 or better at the age of 50! I’m happy to recommend your 100 day marathon plan to anybody who is serious about running faster, if I can do it then anyone can!

Thanks again Marius, you have reversed the aging process for me:)”

Rick Bowker, Southport UK. PR at the Liverpool half marathon of 1.18 ‘ 2010 at the age of 49 (1 month later went on to run 2:47 in London) Blogs at

“What I enjoyed most of the plan was the ease of picking a schedule and fixing the workouts to my work schedule. I am a District Chief with the Laredo Fire Dept. and work 24 hours and 48 hours off. Most of my runs were early morning. The plan took out a lot of guess work on how to prepare for my first marathon. When I researched a marathon plan there was a lot of skepticism about how it is almost impossible to run a marathon if you havent had a good base for over a year. Another thing that the plan did was inspire me to RACE my events not merely survive them. Upon completion of your program there was no doubt in my mind that I would not finish my first marathon. The question turned from, will I finish into how fast will I finish ? I could have run it at a lot slower pace and sprint at the end…but I still have that competiveness that makes me compete.. even if it is only competing against my own set times.
My trainings/results improved me by about a minute in a 5k to 3 minutes on 10K. My favorite sessions were the long runs where I would use them to listen to good music and relax.
I would recommend this plan to anyone willing to put in the time it takes to train for a marathon. From novice to advanced runner. I am proof that what seemed as an unattainable goal at times can be attainable taking one day at a time using your plan. Like I’ve mentioned before, this inspired me to try to go faster and qualify for Boston.

Ruben Vegas, District Chief, Laredo Fire. Dept. Ultimate Goal : Boston Marathon Qualification

Simply review the program at your convenience and then start using my training techniques with your next workout. Everything is organized so it’s easy to follow and even easier to put into action.

“It is extremely well organized and informative. I almost feel compelled to run a marathon just to follow your program. Your knowledge on the subject is extremely evident in your writing. I love how you explain the combination of Italian and Kenyan Marathon Training Plans.

I loved it. Very Professional.”

David Tiefenthaler, coach and owner of

But that’s not all of the resources you’ll find inside the “100 Day Marathon Plan” .

I’ve also had 4 automatic calculators created that you must see to believe. You’ll enjoy using them to do things like

… Calculate exactly how much to eat and drink during the marathon based on your goal time, the weather and your body type

… Get your exact “pace” to run in the marathon so you hit your target finish time

… How to quickly pick what training schedule is best for you simply from your 5k/10k/half marathon time

… Discovering what your body mass index (BMI) is and what injuries, if any, you maybe risking because of your BMI.

That’s the types of tools and resources you’ll gain immediate access to when you grab your own copy of the “100 Day Marathon Plan”.

Now don’t just take my word on it…

Why old-fashioned marathon training is now obsolete… (Chapter 2)

How to find your maximum heart rate… (Chapter 4)

The one part of every training program where 67% of all injuries occur… Just make a small change in your training and your chances of staying injury-free skyrocket! (Chapter 7)

2 easy ways to choose the right workout schedule for you (Chapter 4)

Need to lose some weight? No problem. I share 3 easy ways to lose weight while marathon training besides doing more running! (Chapter 9)

Why after-marathon training is critical to your success… (Chapter 6)

The best way to control your training intensity and find your optimal training zone without using lactate acid testing… (Chapter 3)

The #1 mistake that runners can make on their easy training days (Chapter 9)

A special tip, based on research from the former (German) DDR Republic, that can help improve your running form dramatically while helping you stay injury-free! (Chapter 5)

3 ways to treat minor injuries… before they turn into major ones! (Chapter 9)

The one training technique used by the Kenyans that helps them build incredible strength… and it’s not weight lifting! (Chapter 2)

What to eat (and not eat) leading up to your race day… (Chapter 10)

I’ve read enough…I’m ready for a complete marathon plan.

We could have stopped there with the amount of content and most marathoners would have been happy. But I couldn’t just “settle” for offering a good product… not when I could turn the “100 Day Marathon Plan” into the marathoner’s must-have training program.

Not a chance. I didn’t become a two-time Olympic runner… or the second fastest non-African 5k runner in the world for two consecutive years by settling for “good enough”.

And that’s why I also included these golden nuggets in the “100 Day Marathon Plan”…

The #1 reason for injuries — besides wearing the wrong shoes. Just turn to chapter 2 for the full scoop…

My secret strategy for running your best time ever… (Chapter 11)

The 7 best courses in the world to run a new P.R.! (Chapter 13)

5 different phases for every marathoner — no matter what skill level or experience they might be! (Chapter 3)

How to avoid sweat rolling into your eyes during your marathon just use this common item found at your local drugstore or supermarket and the problem is solved fast! (Chapter 12)

A stone-cold easy way to change your workout schedule on the fly… just follow the guidelines in Chapter 4 to change the workout intensity instantly!

Why 1/3 of all injuries are due to wearing the wrong footwear! (But don’t worry I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to help you get the exact footwear you need to stay injury-free!) (Chapter 8)

The two things you must do with every hard workout… Skip them and you massively increase the risk of injuring yourself! (Chapter 5)

Like running in beautiful or exotic locations? Me too. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite beautiful marathon locations worldwide! (Chapter 13)

7 easy ways you can customize any of my programs… perfect if you want to “fine-tune” your workouts to exactly meet your needs! (Chapter 7)

How to avoid feeling chilly when doing a cold weather race especially when adding layers of clothes is not an option! (Chapter 12)

A research breakthrough that confirms what runners have always suspected… If you use this tactic… you WILL run faster in your marathon…(Chapter 2)

There’s still even more…

I want to make sure every marathoner who uses my “100 Day Marathon Plan” sees a significant improvement in their training and race times. I want you to succeed just like Martin Samdal and the other “success stories” have done so we’re going to sweeten the pot even more.

I’ll also include 3 introductory and 3 post-marathon training weeks (perfect for off-peak training periods!)

As I discover new training breakthroughs and techniques, I may update this program. Rest assured, you’ll get any product updates free of charge… forever!

Just image this… Not only will you get to access to the very best world-class marathon training but you will discover first hand how (and why) these powerful training methods really work!

But, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that to get the same information. Best of all, you’ll get to learn it from the comfort of your own home.

No travel, no expenses, no uncomfortable hotel beds, or the usual traveling hassles.

Best of all, you don’t risk a single penny either because I’m prepared to offer you

I am completely confident that you will be pleased with my “100 Day Marathon Plan” because I know there isn’t anything else available on the market like it.

In fact, that’s why I am not afraid to offer you a 60 day, 100% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Take up to two full months to review the entire “100 Day Marathon Plan” and make an honest, fair effort at improving your own race times.

If the 100 Day Marathon Plan” doesn’t help you slash your race times and help you become fitter and trimmer then email me and I’ll promptly refund your money. I want you to be completely satisfied with my Program or I don’t want you to keep it.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. I take this very seriously.

8 different training schedules based on your finishing time goal: It doesn’t matter if you’re a marathon rookie or a sub 2:45 racer… it’s covered.

Just pick the one that best meets your needs and you’re ready to roll!

Workouts based on your heart rate and specific running times so you are always training in the optimal zone without risking your health…

15 instructional videos where I walk you step-by-step through the schedules. I even explain the different core principles that most marathon training courses miss!

10 additional videos covering important things like how to pick the right training shoes… improving your running form… how to use strength training to compliment your training… and more!

120 content-packed pages that “walk you through” the whole marathon preparation process…

6 Bonus Weeks of Training Workouts

FREE Lifetime Product Updates!

Right now you are standing at a crossroads.

You can ignore this letter and pretend you are happy with your current training methods. Six months from now, things will probably still be the same.

You will keep dealing with the constant aches and pains that always seem to follow your training. Worse, you’ll feel even more frustrated by the lack of improvement in your conditioning or race times — even after training countless hours for days and days.

Or you can make the choice today to start training smarter and training better. You’ll choose to tap into field-tested and proven to work modern marathon methods to transform any runner — even the casual jogger — into a significantly better runner. You’ll feel more confident as any unwanted pounds melt away and you see your training times get faster and faster.

In other words, your life will be different based on the choice you make today.Here’s my suggestion: Try the “100 Day Marathon Plan” system for 60 days. Follow it step-by-step and make a real effort to create a positive change. Focus on reaching your goal of becoming a faster marathoner.

When your friends see the drastic changes, they’re going to ask you how much you paid for the personal trainer… because most people think working with a personal trainer is the only way to produce results that quickly. You’ll just smile because you’ll know that you paid less than 5% of what a personal trainer or coach would charge every month — and still achieved amazing results!

Because as a registered member of the “100 Day Marathon Plan”, if you’re not 100% satisfied during the first 60 days of your membership, simply send us an email. We’ll cancel your access to the full “100 Day Marathon Plan” system and return your money, no questions asked. It’s really that hassle-free.

Don’t wait Take charge and make a change. Now is the time to take your running to the next level. Order now!

I Want To Use Your “100 Day Marathon Plan” To Slash My Race Times and Leave My Competition Far Behind! Please give me INSTANT Access!

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P.S. You can spend countless amounts of time, trying to find the latest tips for running faster or better… maybe you’ll find them in online runners forums… or runners magazine… or talking to other marathoners that you meet. Maybe you’ll find a golden nugget of training advice that you can put into action that will truly make a difference.

Or you can grab your own copy of my field-tested and proven to work system. You’ll save yourself countless hours of “research”. Even better, instead of trying to patch together your own training system… you can just follow any of my eight training schedules — easily customizable to your needs and abilities — and get back to doing what you truly love… running!

P.P.S. Have you ever thought of hiring a top-notch personal running coach in your area? I have and it’s not as easy as it might sound. For starters, you will need to fit into their schedule and pay them hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their professional guidance.

Or you can grab your own copy of the “100 Day Marathon Plan” and start using it whenever you want. It’s easier than you think to get started, so why wait any longer… grab your copy of the “100 Day Marathon Plan” right now.

Are still unsure if this is the right marathon program for you…

“I’m a 2:20 marathoner that had become very curious about the Italian Periodisation (negative taper) since Stephano Baldini won the 2004 Olympic Marathon. I immediately went searching for his approach.

Quickly, I was mind-boggled by how much of a consistent performer he was. The Italians must have discovered a format for marathon success.

For years I’ve studied but not until buying the 100 Day Marathon Plan approach did I truly understand the simplicity of it.

Marius has broken it down and made it easy to understand and to take anywhere. The addition of the heart rate monitor parameters (at Kenyan Intensity) make it doable by anyone, anywhere. I honestly have enjoyed all of it. I know Marius was able to get the best out of himself and his running and medical knowledge should be followed.

Wonderful program. I personally loved the heart rate effort zones. I live in a place that has rare ideal weather and to be able to run without becoming a slave to the watch has given me a bounce in my step! Every runner would benefit from this program!”

Marty Dalton2.20 marathoner

“Hi Marius,
How I went from 3:34:45 (Chicago 08) to 3:15 (Grand Rapids 09) with the 100 day plan :

The fact is, I already speak of your program to athletes, even in other sports, because I’ve been so satisfied with learning new things and improving significantly again. I ran in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 18 October 2009 with a 20 minute personal best following your plan.

I trained hard for Chicago in ’08, targeting the 3:20 Boston time, running up to 60 miles a week, even doing hard intervals in the rain on the track in the dark by myself. But despite orthotics and ice baths after hard/long runs, I kept getting knee problems thanks to poor choices of workout distances and pacing: in 2008, I ran a great abundance of 7-11 mile runs, all in zone 2. (I didn’t know it was zone 2; I was just following what I downloaded for free from Runner’s World. And I got what I paid for!) So I was hurt, and burned out. I peaked way too early. I couldn’t imagine running as slow as a 9-minute mile. I thought hard effort was what I needed. I listened to some of the guys from the local running group who believed: “the only way to run faster is to run faster.”

With your program, I feel like I finally found exactly what I need: a scientific approach that combines zone 1 slow runs with high intensity tailored interval work. Of critical importance to me–since I need exercise to manage my fibromyalgia pain–I’ve avoided injury completely. (If injured, I struggle to exercise with the intensity required to manage my pain syndrome.)

I started eating vegetables for breakfast sometimes, to be like the Kenyans, and attained my targeted weight loss (from 168 down to 155) over four months’ time. I never bought the lipoic acid, but I considered it, based on your recommendation. I took magnesium once a night, at least after long runs, to replace this electrolyte, and never had any muscle cramps. All these were ideas from your 100 day plan.

My biggest progress in this training has to be the change in my half-marathon times. Last year, and even early this year, I was running 1:38-1:41, depending on the course condition (hills, heat, etc.). A month before the marathon and well into the 100 day plan, on rolling hills, but perfect weather, I ran 1:28:13. This was the first time I’d gotten a running percentile score over 70 since college.

Presently, I’d like to get a percentile score of 70 at all the distances. The 5K (upper 18’s) and 10K (about 39:00) seem quite attainable, either this fall or next spring. But a marathon of 3:03 presents a different sort of challenge. Since marathon training is quite demanding, and failing to make a goal is so disappointing, I want to be really thoughtful about setting a marathon target for 2010. The 3-hour mark is particularly monumental, (thanks, Lance Armstrong!) but a fair stretch from where I’m at.

Running the 1:28 half this year I felt that a 3-hour marathon was possible for me. I’m prepared to pay for your next e-product, if it comes out, on moving the next 15 minutes on the marathon!”

I am a 69 year old marathon runner who has run 186 marathons including 3:14:45 as a 55 year old. In the fall of 2009 I purchased the 100 day marathon plan and this is my experience :
I noticed already in the three introductory weeks of the program how my legs got lighter and the times pr km started to go down. For example the Zone 1 easy runs to my job was at that time 6.15-6.25 pr km. Now, ten weeks later, that same effort is down to 5.20 pr km. Because I write a daily training diary and have done so since 1978 I can clearly see how my training times are radically faster then they have been in many, many years since starting the 100 day marathon plan.What has struck me as considerably different with the 100 day marathon plan then any other program I have used is the great variation in the training, for example in week nr 7 the type sessions where you run for 60 minutes with variation between Effort 2 and 4. In addition to that I’ve had great benefits from your “Special Strides”.

Today, only 6 days after a marathon where I did a 30 minute year best following the plan, I feel fully recovered. I would recommend the program to anyone, when the results for me are so dramatic – who is not a top athlete, I suspect it will have even greater effect on better runners. In addition to that, I believe most joggers will benefit from this kind of structured program.

Per Oscar Holm-Olsen, 186 time marathoner and 4.06 marathon (30 minute year best) as a 69 year old following the 100 day plan.

“I started running 3 years ago for fun. Since then I have finished 3 marathons and also run shorter road races. My personal records are 10k 36:50 Half 1:22:10 Marathon 3:01:07

The 100 Day Marathon Plan is clearly explained and makes following the plan very simple. It takes the guesswork out which makes it harder to overthink the training and just go out and run.

I especially liked the self massage part, I had not seen it in any program/book and I think it could certainly help to recover faster.

Who would benefit from this type of plan ? The program seems written for people that have little background in running terminology and how the body responds to different stimuli in training.”

Francisco Rosa3:01 marathon runner

“It is extremely well organized and informative. I almost feel compelled to run a marathon just to follow your program. Your knowledge on the subject is extremely evident in your writing. I love how you explain the combination of Italian and Kenyan Marathon Training Plans.

I loved it. Very Professional.”

David Tiefenthaler, coach and owner of

“I just run Marine Corpse Marathon in 3:03 – 11 min off my previous PR following the 100 day marathon plan! I want to run Palm Beach Marathon Dec 6 and would like to break 3hr.”

….five weeks weeks later :

“Hi Marius, soo excited as I said on 25th of October I did a 3:03 in Marine Corp. I just did Sunday Dec.6 a 2:57 PR in the Palm Beach Marathon, Thanks!!!! Took off 7 min in  weeks and broke that sub 3hrs and feel great! Thanks!”

Carrie Pustilnik3:03 Marine Corpse Marathon October 09, 2:57 Palm Beach December 09.

I find the 100 day plan very useful. Especially the combination of a running schedule and tutorials of the basic training ideas and other elements which provides insights on how and why the schedule build up the way it is. I also like the emphasis on the flexibility of the schedule and on the positive tone throughout the plan.

It really helps the newcomer to be confident that it is possible run a marathon without running mile after mile day after day. I of course like the 100 day plan because it most importantly provides results. Follow the plan and be sure to have the best possibilities to have a great run.Compared to other plans I have followed (Stockholm 21K program by Anders Szalkai) the 100 day plan aren’t that complex with a lot of different element in each training session.

I have completed 6 half marathons and has a PB of 1:39. My long time goal is to qualify and run Boston marathon before 2013, which will require a marathon under 3:20 some time in 2012.

One of the best part of the 100-day plan was the FAQ part. This gave the opportunity to interact with a coach and other runners on different elements of the plan. This made some of the runs easier to understand and also provided with additional information from runners in the same training level and situation as yourself.

Geir Engen, NATO officer and 1:39 Half Marathon Runner

With over 120 content-packed pages, 25 instructional & training videos, 4 online training calculators, a members-only area, and more… it’s no big surprise that the “100 Day Marathon Plan” is quickly becoming the top training program for new or struggling marathoners on the market today.

Click Here or Above to Download

The button above will take you to your download page and gives you instant access… grab your copy today and you too can break away from the rest of the pack!


Please note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Clicking the order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a thank you form where you enter information to receive a receipt, and to download the entire program. If you have a high speed internet connection, the downloads usually take less than a minute. Are you still reading the fine print? According to FDA one has to claim that “results are not typical” – however, the testimonials on this page are 100 % accurate. Having said that, if you do not put down the work and do the actual marathon training planned you cannot expect fast marathon times. Enjoy and I look forward to working with you. Kind regards, Marius

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Marathon Training Plan – 100 Day Program | Olympian Marius Bakken’s Marathon Schedule

Review of TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

Review of TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

Review of TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

Product Name: TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

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Description of TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program:

Or Forget about it and go have a donut. The choice is yours. Take control or stay stuck. 

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TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

Review of iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U

Review of iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U

Review of iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U

Click here for bigger image

Review of iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U

Product Name: iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U

Click here to get iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U:

Beginners – Discover the 4 Biggest Obstacles Holding You Back From Losing That Stubborn Weight and Learn How to Finally Workout Properly (Without Hiring a Personal Trainer) to Turn Your Body Into a Sexy, Fit, and Perpetual Fat Burning Machine!

Train less. Train smarter. See the Results.

You’re tired of the weight loss game and you’re done wasting your time spending hours in the gym working out!

You’re fed up with seeing your weight yo-yo up and down, and jumping from one “fad” diet to another…with nothing more to show than frustration and a sense of despair.

But most importantly, you’re tired of not feeling good about yourself because of the way you look and feel. You know you that the REAL you is somewhere inside but you just don’t know how to bring it out! You can’t get out of your rut.

But, thankfully, that’s all about to change. Just keep reading and I’ll show you how.

Before we get to that though, wouldn’t you agree that you’ve had a tough time losing weight and improving your fitness because, amongst other things, you have had no one to motivate, coach, and push you through your workouts?

And maybe, just maybe… you’ve struggled because you haven’t worked out consistently or because you’ve been doing the same boring workouts over and over that have done nothing other than lead to a big fat plateau, making it even tougher for you to lose weight?

Well, if so, then I’m about to make you a very happy (and fit) person – finally!

My name is Yuri Elkaim and over the past 12 years I’ve helped thousands of people just like you lose weight fast and get in the best shape of their life!

Believe me, I know what you’re going through. You’re not alone. In fact, as unique as you are, there are millions of people all around the world that are in the same boat as you.

I’m talking about people who want to lose weight and get fit but can’t seem to do so.

Just like them, you haven’t lost weight and skyrocketed your fitness for one (or more) of the following reasons:

You don’t have enough time to workout

You lack the motivation to workout

It’s too expensive to hire a trainer

You don’t know how to workout properly

You repeat the same workout(s) over and over again

You haven’t seen results – your clothes still don’t fit and the scale hasn’t budged – and thus you’ve given up

You are not consistent with your workouts,

You feel intimated by or don’t feel like wasting hours in a sweat-filled gym surrounded by “meatheads” who are hogging all the equipment and grunting every time they lift a weight.

Now, these are just a few of many possible reasons that are probably holding you hostage from the body you deserve.

Well, as I said earlier….

I’ve been doing this for over 12 years now and I’ve helped more than 41,000 people (from all walks of life) all around the world. I’m a certified kinesiologist, registered holistic nutritionist, and the strength & conditioning coach for the men’s soccer program at the University of Toronto. I also played professional soccer for 3 years before which I graduated with a high honours degree in Physical Education & Health from the University of Toronto.

To put my knowledge into practice I immediately began training clients in just my 1st year of University and for more than a decade thereafter.

Needless to say, after a while, similar patterns in human behaviour resurface over and over again. We are all human after all. That’s how I know what I know.

Discover the Secrets to Getting Fit and Losing Weight Fast – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

1. Instantly download my FREE “How to Get Fit and Lose Weight Fast” report where you will learn the 4 time-tested training and nutrition principles to losing weight and getting fitter than ever – absolutely FREE!

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Simply enter your name and email address below and I will immediately send you your 2 FREE gifts.

These gifts are yours FREE as a Thank You for visiting my website.

Before We Continue, Do You Mind if I Ask You a Question?

Have you ever hopped in your car, driven through the tiring traffic to the gym, and then wondered around aimlessly in the gym not knowing what to do?

You know what I mean, right?

You get to the gym, it’s packed. All the machines are taken. You can smell the sweat in the air. The meatheads are throwing around those huge heavy weights, grunting with every rep. The music is blaring and already you feel like leaving.

But you force yourself to stay because you’ve already gone through so much to get there.
But now, not only do you feel like leaving, you don’t know which exercises to do. Even if you have a workout program with you, all the equipment is taken so you can’t even make use of it anyways.

Frustration sets in. Then, despair. Now you’re contemplating whether you even want to keep your gym membership!

So, you settle for the stationary bike or elliptical – the only safe haven in a crazy world! And to make yourself feel like you’ve been “productive” you simply go through the motions on your cardio machine for 30 minutes while watching muted garbage TV that has nothing to do with getting you in shape.

Relieved, you wrap up your workout, storm out of the gym quicker than a bullet leaving a gun, jump in your car, and drive home.

“Another wasted workout!”

Can you relate to this story?

I certainly can. And so can thousands of my other clients who have experience the same frustration.

But perhaps, this scenario doesn’t apply to you. Maybe you work out at home or even make the most of your time in the gym.

Yet, You Are Still NOT Getting the Results You Want, Right?

Let me know ask you another question…

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?

If so, that’s awesome. I’m sure you noticed a significant difference in the structure and focus of your workouts compared to when you workout alone, right?

And I’m sure the results spoke for themselves.

If you haven’t had the luxury of hiring a personal trainer, the single biggest factor was probably the cost, right?

I won’t lie – if you workout with a “decent” personal trainer 3 times per week for one year you would surely see some impressive results.

Certainly not you. And definitely not me!

I think it’s fair to say that that’s not a viable option for 99.99% of the population. Wouldn’t you agree?

But that still doesn’t change the fact that you NEED a coach to put you through your workouts.

How else are you supposed to push yourself when the going gets tough? (You know what I mean – it’s easy to give up when you don’t have a “drill sergeant” telling you to keep going!)

How else are you going to have a weight loss workout program designed for you that is constantly evolving to your improving level of fitness?

How else do you expect to be held accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself?

I think we can agree that going at it ALL ALONE is not going to get you the weight loss and fitness results you so desperately want. You’re not going to create a beautiful fit body on your own.

If Working Out Alone Produced Results, You Wouldn’t Be Looking For a Solution – You Wouldn’t Be Reading This Right Now!

You would already have lost the weight. You would already fit into those smaller size jeans. You wouldn’t be worried about stepping on the scale anymore. You would already feel sexier and more confident. You would already feel successful!

But the fact is that you don’t!

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but it’s the truth.

Aren’t you tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what you see?

And I mean that in the best way possible. I truly do.

I know that deep down inside of you, you know that THE REAL YOU IS HIDING. You’ve seen glimpses of this person in the past. That confident, fit, and sexy go-getter who doesn’t take no for an answer and goes after whatever you want.

But for some reason, you have been held hostage by a body and self-image that does not represent the incredible person that you really are.

Maybe life has gotten in the way. Maybe you have a demanding family and/or work life. Perhaps you’ve put your own second on the back burner while taking care of your kids or your career.

Or, maybe you’ve just given up hope. You’ve tried every diet and workout program at there and nothing seems to work. And any results you get don’t seem to last. Your weight has gone up and down as you have jumped from one “solution” to the next.

I completely understand. I’ve been there myself. And so have my thousands of clients around the world.

I’ve been blessed to be able to help so many people finally unleash their true potential, lose the weight once and for all, and get in the best shape of their life.

Whether You Want to Lose 100 lbs, 50 lbs, or 10 Pounds, I Know I Can Help You. And I Know That YOU NEED MY HELP!

If you didn’t, why else would you be here.

And I completely get that you might be skeptical of how “my approach” is going to help you. Right now, as you’re reading this that little voice in your head is probably saying…

“Why is this any different than the stuff I’ve tried in the past? How do I know this isn’t going to be another failed attempt? Why should I trust this guy?”

And you have all the right to ask those questions. It’s my job to answer them.

As your friend and coach, I’m here to tell you that the decisions you make each and every day shape your life.

Right now, you’re on the website and you have the decision to change not only your body and health but your entire life as well.

Are you ready for things to change? For things to improve? To finally feel not just comfortable but CONFIDENT in your body? To feel like you are unstoppable? To proudly show off your body to whomever you please without worrying about what hey might think?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were the person that other people looked up to and wanted to be like?

If so, then that’s fantastic!!!

But you need to START doing things differently from what you’re currently doing. Otherwise, you’ll still be right here – in the same depressed, out of shape, overweight body – a few months from now. A few years from now. A few decades from now.

How devastating would that be?

You deserve so much better. Your family deserves so much better. Your significant other deserves so much better.

Are You Finally Ready to Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Turn Your Body Into a Perpetual Fat Burning Machine?

Well, if so, I want to help you!

Remember how we talked about the fact that you need a coach or fitness trainer to put you through your workouts?

Well, if you think about it, every successful person in the world has or has had a coach to get them to the top. No one can do it alone.

Think about all the great athletes – Wayne Gretzky, David Beckham, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods (aside: he could have used a coach when it came to women), Lebron James, and many others.

The one thing they all have in common is that they had a coach to get them to the top. Both Gretzky and Beckham were coached by their fathers for most of their youth. They were instilled not with only the physical skills needed for their sport but the mental attitude for success as well.

The same thing goes for business CEOs, entrepreneurs, and everyday people all around the world who have overcome incredible obstacles to achieve their dreams. For many that dream was losing weight and transforming their bodies into fitness machines.

Even for me, as a former pro soccer player, my performance (and subsequent) didn’t take off until I was coached properly by the right people. Now, even in my business life, the same thing applies.

You see, being overweight is just a symptom. It’s a goal like any other that requires you to have a coach who can show you the way. Someone who can give you the road map to your weight loss destination. And someone who can encourage you, build you up, and instill the rights beliefs into your head so that no one (including yourself) can you hold you back from your destiny!!!

However, I also mentioned earlier that I no longer work 1-on-1 anymore. I just don’t have time. I have too many people to help.

But there is good news. I can still be your fitness coach. And show you how in just a moment. But before I do, let me tell you about 4 BIG OBSTACLES that have been holding you hostage the body of your dreams…

4 Massive Obstacles That Have Literally Crippled Your Chances of Getting Fit and Lean – Until Now!

The Problem: Most People Believe That Low-Intensity Cardio is the Key to Losing Weight

Where did this come from?

From those damn cardio machine charts that show your “fat burning zone” and “cardio zone”. They basically tell you that to burn fat you must exercise at a low intensity.

It’s amazing how much damage one simple graph can cause to an entire population. This problem is compounded by so-called weight loss experts who preach the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong, doing low intensity cardio will help you lose a little bit of weight but only if you have 2-3 hours each day to workout. Plus, at that point, you begin to breakdown your precious muscle. Sounds like a waste of time to me.

The Solution: Higher Intensity Cardio – aka. Interval Training

Contrary to most peoples’ thinking research studies show that interval training is superior to slow cardio training for weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. Remember the sprinters versus long-distance runners???

Out of the huge stack of circuit training and interval training research papers that I had analyzed, I accidentally stumbled across several studies that proved my theories beyond a shadow of a doubt, and completely transformed my thinking about my Fitter U workouts. This created the foundation for the Fitter U iPod workouts and has now changed the course of interval training cardio routines forever.

In one of the landmark interval training studies, researchers at Laval University in Quebec compared slow, steady aerobic cardiovascular training with high intensity interval training in a weight loss study.

The researchers were shocked to find that the high intensity interval training group showed more body fat loss than the continuous cardio training group, even though almost every weight loss program in the world today recommends long cardio workouts as the exclusive fat burning cardio routine.

In a second landmark study that helped create the Fitter U weight loss workout program, a PhD student at the University of Guelph published a paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology that showed after high intensity interval training, the amount of fat burned in an hour of continuous moderate cycling increased by 36% and cardiovascular fitness increased by 13%!

“Knowledgeable” fitness buffs and athletes have long used interval training to improve performance. But this study shows that the practice also improves cardiovascular fitness and helps the body burn more fat, even during subsequent low-intensity or moderate workouts.

Even more encouraging is the fact that in April 2008 the American College of Sports Medicine published a report disclosing that interval training can lead to terrific cardio improvements and fast weight loss with as few as three, 15-minute sessions over just a 2 week period!!!

Another recent interval training study was published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise whereby a group of overweight women were assigned to one of two groups. The first group trained using high intensity intervals while the second exercised at a low-intensity (steady state). The lengths of the workouts were varied so that both groups burned 300 calories per session.

The results showed that fitness levels in the interval training group increased by 13%. No such improvements were found in the steady state cardio group. Changes in body fat were also greater in subjects using interval cardio training. According to the research team, “… even if caloric expenditure during exercise is equal, higher intensity exercise may further aid weight loss due to an acute increase in energy expenditure up to 24 hours following exercise.”

These findings have been confirmed by researchers from the University of Alabama, who showed that 24-hour energy expenditure was 160 calories greater in subjects performing high-intensity interval training rather than continuous exercise.

And in 2006, another groundbreaking research study was published that revealed intervals burn belly fat better than slow cardio. In this fat burning study out of Australia, researchers had women do 15 weeks of either high intensity interval training or slow, boring cardio.

Even though the interval training group only exercised for 20 minutes, 3 times per week, the women in this group had more weight loss and burned more belly fat than the slow cardio group who exercised twice as long (40 minutes, 3 times per week).

This study shows (once again) that interval training is extremely effective for losing weight quickly and more importantly, whole body fat loss. Plus, it’s more enjoyable than long, boring cardio and takes half as much time.

With the Fitter U workouts you will experience the “creme de la creme” of high intensity interval training. You’ll watch the fat melt off your body with as little as 8 minutes of cardio!!!

But interval training is just one of many important weight loss components of the Fitter U workouts.

Here’s Another Problem: Someone Told You to Lift Light Weights For 15-20 Reps if You Want to Be Toned, Right?

Just look at all the aerobics and body pump classes in most gyms nowadays. These classes make me cringe because they are wasting peoples’ time. Doing 50 repetitions of squats with 10-pound weights! That’s a surefire way to detrain your body!

Sure these classes are better than sitting on the couch, but there is a better and more time efficient way to lose weight and sculpt a fit and toned body.

The Solution: Full Body “Strength” Circuit Training

If you want to maximize your metabolism, and get defined arms, abs, and legs, then you must include higher intensity strength training exercises in your workouts. The high intensity strength training exercises found in the Fitter U program help to protect your lean muscle mass and your metabolism, which you are almost certain to lose on a traditional starvation diet, aerobics class, or long cardio aerobic exercise programs.

In a study conducted in the United States, researchers had subjects perform a total body strength training workout three times per week for 12 weeks. And at the end of the study, the results were nothing short of shocking. On average, the subjects gained 4 pounds of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat!

And that was without interval training, and subjects were not instructed to make any changes to their diets. Just imagine the results they could have achieved if they included the other components of my Fitter U weight loss sytem into the training.

The 35 different Fitter U workout routines (yes, that’s right – 35 different and amazing ipod workouts!) are set up in circuit training workouts that revolve around full-body strength training exercises.

Circuit training strength workouts are employed because they have much the same fat burning effect as interval cardio training but through strength exercises such as push-ups, lunges, and squats.

The premise of circuit training is that you move from one resistance exercise to the next without much rest in between each. This keeps your heart rate elevated, which, in turn, helps you burn more calories (and provides a greater cardiovascular fitness response, as well).

Full body strength exercises (ie. squat presses) are used because they recruit greater amounts of muscle. In turn, this burns more calories because the more muscles you have at work, the more oxygen your body demands. And since you burn 5 calories for every 1 litre of oxygen consumed, these full-body exercises burn more calories than most people achieve in an hour long cardio session!

The most powerful part of these strength training exercises though is that they because they stimulate your muscles, your metabolism is constantly revved up. Because your metabolic rate is directly related to your muscle mass, the more time you spend training your muscles, the faster your metabolism will be at churning through those unwanted pounds of fat.

If there’s anything you learn from this webpage it’s this…your metabolic rate accounts for 70% of your daily caloric expenditure. To increase your metabolic rate (and thus the calories you burn), you need to engage in strength training to maintain or build your muscles. It’s that simple! Muscle is metabolic. Muscle literally eats fat.

With my Fitter U circuit training workouts you won’t get big and bulky. I would have lost my job as a University strength and conditioning coach and weight loss expert if my male and female athletes and clients got big and bulky and slowed down on the field or gained too much weight, respectively.

That’s why with Fitter U you’ll enjoy a combination of strength training exercises that use dumbbells, the stability ball, and your bodyweight to help you get in shape, while improving your muscle definition and fitness performance. And don’t forget about my secret weapon of short, burst interval training to further help you burn even more fat, lose more weight, build lean muscle, and improve your energy levels.

Fitter U is not a bodybuilding program and won’t make you big and bulky, but it will help you burn fat and lose weight fast.

Oh, and, if you don’t believe that you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time, a 2007 study from the Journal of Applied Physiology proved that men, even those above the age of 60, can build muscle and burn fat with only ONE strength training workout!

Strength training workouts are essential for weight loss. But it is also critical to know which strength exercises to do, how many reps to perform, how much rest you need, and much more.

With Fitter U none of that is of concern to you. Instead, I tell you exactly how long to work out for, when to rest, all the while giving you precise verbal instruction on how to execute each resistance exercise as cleanly as possible. With my mp3 fitness coaching over your headphones it will be like having your very own personal trainer wherever and whenever you want!

Yet Another Problem: Doing the Same Workouts Over and Over Again Leads to Plateaus

You have probably heard this one before, right? And it’s absolutely true. The problem though is that most people still don’t do anything about it.

They continue to do the same workout routines over and over again.

I’ve even redesigned programs for clients who were doing the exact workout 5 times per week for 3 months! That’s crazy.

If you’re doing this too, then you’re missing out on real results. In fact, your body is probably already at a plateau and you’re probably finding it real tough to lose any more weight.

The Solution: Keep Your Muscles Guessing

Instead of repeatedly following the same generic workout program from an ebook or fitness magazine, did you know you can better your chances of weight loss success by adding more variety to your workouts?

Thankfully, when you use Fitter U, you’ll have over 38 full-body exercises that will challenge your muscles in new and exciting ways each and every workout. This prevents your body from adapting to any specific exercise and hitting unwanted plateaus.

Instead, your muscles remain “confused” as new exercise progressions elicit maximum strength gains while burning unwanted fat.

New and challenging exercises are further enhanced by ever-progressing circuit training workouts. Over the 12-week Fitter U fitness program, each workout becomes more challenging as you get in better shape. Therefore, as you progress, so does the challenge and intensity of the workout routines. This is important in preventing dreaded plateaus and stagnant weight loss.

Progression is one of the key elements in achieving results from any fitness program. Fitter U is the only weight loss workout program that properly guides you through ever-challenging fat burning workouts while, at just the right times, giving your body the rest it needs to repair, recover, and bounce back for more!

The combination of muscle confusion and workout progression puts Fitter U in a class of its own when it comes to workouts that help you lose weight fast and get in amazing shape. After just a few workouts you’ll see exactly what I mean!

And don’t worry about all this technical stuff – I’ll be on your iPod’s headphones to let you know exactly what to do and how to do it. You won’t have to think about a thing!!!

The Biggest Problem: You Will Never Push Yourself Enough on Your Own

This is by far the biggest problem holding people back from their fitness goals. You see, it’s very easy to give up when the going gets tough.

For instance, think of your last workout…

When your muscles were burning and all you wanted to was stop, did you? If you’re like 99% of the population you probably did. And that’s ok. That’s just the way it is. And that’s why you need a coach to push you that extra little bit.

Because it’s when you push yourself out of your comfort zone that true breakthroughs occur. Imagine having an encouraging voice that urges you to give just one more rep or to keep going for 10 more seconds. That’s the difference right there!

The Solution: Look Outside Yourself for Motivation, Accountability, and the Extra Push

It feels like yesterday but as recent as 3 years ago I was training upwards of 60 clients per week. I don’t even think I had a personal life. I would get to the gym before sunrise and get home after sunrise. My cup was full – if you know what I mean.

Yet, still more and more people wanted to hire my expertise to help them lose weight fast and get in great shape.

But the problem was two-fold.

First, as you can imagine, I could no longer take on new clients – at least if I wanted to maintain my sanity and personal relationships!

Second, most of the people who wanted (and needed) my services couldn’t afford hiring me. I felt terrible because I wanted to support and empower as many people as possible to a healthier and fitter body but there was no way that I could possibly train everyone for free!

Then one day, as I was working with an amazing client of mine, he suggested something that changed my life – and subsequently the lives of thousands of others.

Being the creative person he is, he suggested that I put together my “acclaimed” weight loss workouts and unique ability to motivate others into a workout program that everyone could benefit from – not just those I was training.

I thought, “How would I do that?”

He also suggested that I record my voice as if I were there training the individual in person. This auditory or mp3 coaching would provide the exercise motivation, training tips, fitness coaching, and proper exercise instruction for other people to enjoy the best workouts ever!

Essentially, he was suggesting that I put myself on your headphones. And just like would with my “in-person” clients, I would coach you through your entire workout from warm-up to cool down and all the exciting stuff in between!

I thought, “WOW! It’s brilliant!” And this is exactly what people need – THAT EXTRA PUSH they can’t get on their own.

And so, with his great advice, I created Fitter U – a more convenient, more affordable, and more portable way to benefit from my fitness coaching (no matter your fitness level) and achieve your goals of getting in shape and losing weight!

That’s why with Fitter U, you’ll never workout alone again! All you need is an iPod or MP3 player and you can benefit from my fitness coaching and world-renowned weight loss workouts right over your headphones. It’s as easy as pressing play!

NOT Your Typical Long, Boring, and Uninspiring Workout Program

In creating Fitter U, I pulled weight loss workouts and insights from both my experience and training as a professional soccer player and my extensive University studies. Oh, and I can’t forget the vast archive of workout programs I had developed to help my clients get in the best shape of their lives!

The insights from these sources were confirmed to me one day as I working out on the track at the University of Toronto. During my interval training workout (a series of intermittent sprints followed by jogging) I noticed that the “power” athletes had such sleek, strong, lean physiques, but none of them did slow long distance cardio exercise for hours on end.

Furthermore, the athletes who were running miles and miles around the track were all lanky, ridiculously skinny, and lacking musculature.

Have you ever noticed how lean and muscular sprinters are compared to long distance runners?

So that prompted me to focus on exercises and workouts that would not only help someone lose weight but create a lean and toned body. After all, no one wants to be the skinny fat person, right?

As a result, Fitter U features special exercises and circuit training workouts based on scientifically-proven principles used by the fittest athletes and leanest and strongest people. I have adapted these workout routines for regular guys and gals and I’ve tested them on literally thousands of people – all with amazing results!

Take for instance my personal clients (back in the day) who were my beta-testers for the Fitter U program.

Within weeks, and sometimes just days, my clients were reporting noticeable and fast weight loss, increased muscle tone, and greater strength as a result of the Fitter U circuit training workouts.

And they were even more excited to learn that they didn’t have to be in the gym for 90 minutes, 6 days per week like the bodybuilding magazines suggested. In fact, most of them did the workouts in their home just 3 times per week!

Let Me Ask You a Question…

Have you ever read 974 research papers?

Worked with more than 1,255 clients (and athletes) to “perfect” something that others would argue is “good enough” as it is?

Spent YEARS of your life working toward achieving something solely because you knew it had the potential to be great?

And when you put that kind of dedication—that kind of passion—in o developing and testing your ideas and methods, you truly gain an incredible understanding of the human body and when, where, and how you can accelerate fitness and weight loss results.

“I lost 14 lbs in just 7 weeks!”

“Before using the Fitter U program I was unsatisfied with my workout routines. Always finding it hard to leave my comfort zone, my workouts never had the intensity to help me achieve my weight loss goals.
After the first week of using the program I saw vast improvements in my core strength, and each week thereafter led to greater personal success. In just 7 weeks I lost 14 lbs!
Exercise is now easier than ever because I don’t have to put any thought into planning my workouts. The best part is: Yuri’s constant encouragement motivates you to put 100% of yourself into the workouts, which leaves you feeling fabulous after every one! With the Fitter U mp3 fitness training program I know I can achieve any goal I set for myself.”Amy Coates
Toronto, Canada

“I have shed 5% body fat and lost 18 lbs in just a few weeks!”

“I was never able to do a “man’s” push-up and now I’m doing sets of them!!!! Thanks to Fitter U™ I feel stronger, I have gone down 3 dress sizes and I am feeling much better.”Sylvia Fazzolari
Toronto, Canada

“In just 6 weeks I have lost almost 20 lbs, 2 inches from my hips, 4 inches from my waist!”

“My Fitter U™ experience has been great.I am now in the middle of week two of phase two. For anyone new, if you think that week one of phase one is easy (that was my opinion), just wait until you get to let’s say week three, not to mention phase two. I had never ever in my life worked so hard yet had so much fun.
I wish I took pictures of me before I began the program and now. What a difference! In just 6 weeks I have lost almost 20 lbs, 2 inches from my hips, 4 inches from my waist, not to mention the fact that my bottom is lifted and much firmer.
What I like the most is your guidance on my iPod. You have such a nice voice but you are so very much convincing and motivating. Love your program. Can’t wait for promised follow-up to it.”Monika Kowalczyk
Toronto, Canada

“I’ve lost 15 lbs, and the toning and muscle definition I was searching for has finally appeared.”

“From my very first session with Fitter U™, I knew this experience was going to be different. The circuit training workout was one of the most energizing and dynamic I’ve experienced! Not to mention, FUN!
What really makes Yuri a stand out for me is he not only addresses the exercise component, he also conditions you mentally ensuring you understand how important a healthy and positive mindset is to achieving your goals. Fitter U has taught me to set goals, commit to them and set my mind to not settle for anything less than my personal best.
Since working with Fitter U my level of fitness has steadily climbed. The workouts are ever-changing, reducing any chance of boredom and because of that, I continue to take the right steps toward my goals. My core strength has increased exponentially, I’ve lost 15 lbs, and the toning and muscle definition I was searching for has finally appeared.”Terri-Lynn Bonnar
General Manager, Avalon Woods Health Club, Toronto, Canada

“My arms and shoulders have got great shape and muscle definition and my legs are back to how they used to look 18 years ago!”

“Yuri, I have just finished your 12 week Fitter U mp3 fitness program and I can honestly say that i feel SO much better than I have in years. I am now a lovely English size 10 and get up every morning and put on just about anything I fancy rather than changing a million times because I feel/look too fat!! My arms and shoulders have got great shape and muscle definition and legs are back to how they used to look 18 years ago!
Your 12-week Fitter U mp3 program has done me wonders not only in my figure but also my fitness levels and I even feel stronger mentally with everything I now do in life. I have been dreaming of being a beautician for most of my life and have done several courses over the years but never did anything about it, BUT, as we speak my husband is building me a room in the garden for me to start up my own business and all because i feel more positive and confident about everything.
I will always keep reminding myself of “NGU” (never give up) and it just pushes me forward!!
So on that note i would like to say a big THANK YOU to you Yuri for what you have brought into my life and i’m sure my 4 year old son and my husband would like to thank you too as I am now a much happier and positive person. You should be proud of what you do and everything that you share to make people feel better and how you affect their lives. Thank You!”Wendy Croud
Herne Bay, UK

“I’m seeing incredible results; I’ve lost about 12 pounds and can actually see changes in the mirror. I now have muscles on my arms – wow! And clothes I haven’t been able to fit into I can now!”

“I came across Fitter U with my life heading out of control. I was overweight at 217 pounds and had just been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. With a firm warning from my doctor, it was time for me to re-charge and re-invent myself – that’s when I purchased Yuri Elkaim’s Fitter U program.

At first, I was concerned that Fitter U was expecting too much from me. The workouts were intense (at least for me) and my sweat outtake could have filled buckets. But I kept listening to him and working at what he was explaining and showing me.

Within’ a month, I was amazed that I could finish 15 push ups without stopping. After each session, I could certainly feel the workout, but a day later I didn’t feel any muscle pain. So returning for the next session was easy. Yuri is so encouraging during the Fitter U workouts, and always believes that “you can do it!”; which is a strong confidant booster to work harder. And sometimes, the muscles just won’t work, yet Yuri always seems to find a way for me to somehow finish.

And I’m seeing incredible results; I’ve lost about 12 pounds and can actually see changes in the mirror. I now have muscles on my arms – wow! And clothes I haven’t been able to fit into I can now!

With Fitter U and Yuri’s guidance, my physical confidence is starting to return – I don’t feel quite like the gym geek anymore.

I credit Fitter U and Yuri’s training for the remarkable first steps I have taken in my re-invention. I feel great; but I know I have a long way to go. This is why you’ll see me with the Fitter U workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for months to come.”

Kevin Brault
Toronto, Canada

“I’ve enjoyed the level of work and encouragement that Yuri puts into each workout.”

“I have been using the Fitter U program for a while now and have enjoyed the level of work and encouragement that Yuri puts into each workout.

I am feeling fitter and healthier thanks to using this program, I find the small nuggets of nutiritional advice a real help.

I have since, finding and using the Fitter U program, downloaded your Treadmill Trainer programs and purchased a copy of your book Eating for Energy! They have been tremendous as well. Thanks Yuri.”Nicolai Prowse
Surrey, UK

“Fitter U is the best program on the market for those who are not able to workout with a personal trainer!” 

“The success journal is easy to follow with a complete array of pictures demonstrating how to safely and effectively perform each exercise and the audio workout component is absolutely brillant. I wish I thought of the idea! I recommend it to all my clients when they are out of town on business or vacation.  Great work Yuri!”

James Schepmyre
Personal Trainer

“This is without doubt an amazing program. It has motivated and guided me to phenomenal results!”

“I have been a client of Yuri Elkaim for a few years and for the last year have engaged myself in his Fitter U MP3 fitness program.
This is without doubt an amazing program. It has motivated and guided me with phenomenal results. It’s having a trainer right there without being physically present. So when I can’t work with Yuri in person, at least he can still work with me!
The program has inspired me to reach my goals and become much “fitter” in just a few weeks. Thanks once again Yuri.”Brian Dalfen
Toronto, Canada

“Yuri has taught me how to workout “smart” rather than long…I have lost 10 pounds in just 1 month and have gained muscle tone as well as increased my energy level!”

“Getting to the gym for a workout is a difficult juggling act for most people as well as myself, due to work, family and social commitments. I am a person who likes to feel physically fit and healthy and who enjoys all areas of fashion. It is important to me to look good as well as feel good, but I do not enjoy group exercises.

Working with Fitter U and having Yuri as my “virtual trainer” has been the best way for me to keep motivated to get to the gym regularly and to maximize each workout without spending more time than is necessary. Yuri has taught me to workout “smart” rather than long. On my own I would spend far too much time in the gym without maximizing the benefits.

The Fitter U workouts consist of exercises that I would not know how to plan on my own and that push me to extend my potential in a safe manner. This program has proved to be a great way to keep me focused and motivated on my goals. Yuri’s encouraging and challenging sessions have resulted in improving my cardiovascular endurance, core strength, muscle tone and balance. I have lost 10 pounds in just 1 month and have gained muscle tone as well as increased my energy level.

I also love the fact that I can take these workouts with me anywhere, any time, even while on vacation.”

Hannah Hoppe
Toronto, Canada

You’ll NEVER Workout Alone Again!

Fitter U is the only 12-week weight loss workout program in the world that is designed to be used with your iPod or MP3 player (or home stereo/computer).

That means you will never fall prey to giving up to soon, because you’ll have me on your headphones to keep you going. You’ll literally feel as if I’m right there beside you.

The fitness and motivation coaching that I provide you over these 35 iPod workouts is truly the next best thing to actually having me right there beside you.

Sure you could follow a simple (and ineffective) exercise plan that you pull from a fitness magazine but you’ll never get the uplifting coaching and motivation that you get with my Fitter U iPod workouts.

The majority of my Fitter U clients site this “audio coaching” as the single biggest factor that helped them stay motivated to reach their goals!

I guarantee you have never experienced anything like this ever before!!!

You will never go back to your old boring workouts ever again.

Having my motivating coaching over your headphones will give you the extra push to do one more push-up, to push yourself that extra 1%, and the will to not give up like you probably would have on your own!

Let’s face it – we all need a coach to push us that extra 1% because that’s where we start to see significant results!

We all know people (maybe even yourself) who waste way too much time working out. You’ve seen them socializing, taking long water breaks, sitting around, or even reading a magazine. Most people don’t even come close to exercising at the intensity that will help them lose weight fast and get in terrific shape.

But that’s all about to change!

Since you’ll be on my time during these iPod workout routines you won’t waste time between sets or exercises. I let you know exactly how much rest to take and then when to get ready to jump back into the next exercise. I am the pace setter and that makes the world of a difference because it boosts the exercise intensity of your workouts and saves you time!

These time efficient weight loss workouts last anywhere from 35 to 70 minutes (including your warm-up, circuit training, cardio, and cool down) and give you the right workout plan and exercise intensity you need to lose weight and get in shape fast!

Once you experience the Fitter U workouts, you’ll never want to workout alone again!

In as Little 45 Minutes, 3 Days A Week, Fitter U Will Get You in Shape, Help You Lose Weight Fast, and Make the Whole Process Fun!

With Fitter U’s one-of-a-kind iPod weight loss workouts, you’ll lose weight fast, get fit, boost your energy and metabolism, and still get out of the gym (or your home) in far less than an hour while training only 3 days per week.

No longer will you have to worry about spending endless hours in the gym hitting your head against the wall trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. No more waiting for machines. No more spending your hard earned money on unqualified trainers. No more disappointing results.

Fitter U is your “personal trainer in a box” and your “one stop shop” to the body and fitness level you deserve!

But here’s the best part of all: These weight loss workout routines are fun and challenging so you can actually enjoy the process of melting away the fat and getting fitter than you’ve ever thought possible.

Why should you suffer through endless hours of deadly boring cardio exercise and tedious set after set of traditional bulking bodybuilding workouts when you can actually have fun and get results at the same time?

Wouldn’t you rather be in the gym less and outside more in the spring, summer, and fall enjoying and showing off your new body?

Wouldn’t you love to finally fit into that slim summer dress or those jeans that you could only slide into several years ago? Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror with your newfound body and confidence. Just imagine how all your friends and family are going to be blown away by the new you – a fitter and sexier you!

Following my Fitter U workouts requires only 3 short and invigorating circuit training workouts per week, while giving you more days off to enjoy your life, spend with your family, or to take part in other hobbies and activities. That’s a pretty fair trade-off if you ask me!

Of Course, I Know This Almost Sounds Too Easy and Unbelievable…

I bet you’re thinking “this can’t really work” OR “this is too good to be true” OR “there’s no way that I can do this” (heck, my girlfriend Amy, and most of my clients for that matter, didn’t believe it until they used Fitter U). But walk through any health club and you’ll see that at least 98% of all the people are doing things incorrectly, not working at the proper intensity, or even doing the necessary exercises to get the results they say they want!

But it gets even better because…

Here’s All You Need for Your Fitter U Workouts…Did Somebody Say “Home Fitness”?

An iPod/MP3 player, a stability ball, 2 pairs of dumbbells, a step, and a cardio machine (optional). So you can do these workouts in the gym, while you travel, or even in the comfort of your own living room! Fitter U can truly be your all-in-one home fitness program.

In fact, most of our Fitter U clients do these workouts right in the comfort of their own home!

Because of its portability and convenience, Fitter U is also the official workout program of the Four Seasons’ Hotels across Canada!

Considering the upscale nature of the Four Seasons’ Hotels and Resorts, they would only put their faith in a program that matches their high standards, produces great results, and meets the needs of their busy traveling clientele!

“…all of this in just 4 weeks! Simply amazing!”

“Hey Yuri, I just wrapped up Phase 1 of Fitter U this week and just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to say thanks. There are so many positive things to share. First up — the program is nicely structured and the routines are laid out well which means that I know exactly which days to work out and what exercises I have to do. It’s helped me to maintain my workout schedule, stay on track and not get too overwhelmed.
I feel physically stronger than I was 4 weeks ago, I’m more energized and focused and don’t feel constantly tired anymore. I’m sleeping much better plus I’m now much more conscious of what I put into my body and try to avoid the soda’s and fast food whenever possible. I haven’t had either in over a month and I’m beginning to see (and feel) the physical changes already… all of this in just 4 weeks! Simply amazing!
I have to admit Phase 1 was very challenging for me, but having you in my ear prompting, guiding and offering support was invaluable and helped me to push through when all I really wanted to do was call it a day and grab a Big Mac! Let’s just say that even though you weren’t there physically with me, I felt like you were right beside me encouraging me the whole time. Best of all, I feel like I’m on track to achieving all 3 of my fitness goals plus … I’m actually beginning to live a healthier lifestyle … which I guess is the ultimate goal!
Thanks again, Yuri. Awesome program!” Gerry Azevedo
Toronto, Canada

“I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally.”

“About a month ago, I finally joined a gym here in Boston and started using your Fitter U program. (I proudly declined the complementary training session offered as part of the gym membership and told the sales rep that I already had a personal trainer on my iPod). After Day 1, I knew I would be hooked. The workouts are fun, energizing, and fit easily into my busy schedule – there’s no need to spend all day at the gym!

What I love about the program is that I no longer have to think about my workout – no more considering, “what should I work on next?”. Fitter U is productive and efficient, and having you in my ear, encouraging and pushing me, truly is the next best thing to working with you in person. I find I’ve been pushing myself harder during the Phase 1 workouts than I normally would have if I was on my own.

Most importantly, I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally. The interval training has helped boost my stamina and endurance, which I really notice on the cardio days. And the positive imagery and coaching you provide has filtered into my daily life. I find I’m setting goals and rewards for myself beyond the workouts, and when the going gets tough (both during interval training and in my life), I try to smile and think of how good I’ll feel when I get through to the end.”

Andrew Swartz
Boston, USA

“It was so thrilling to feel my body capable and wanting even more challenge.”

“Hi Yuri, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I finished Phase One of the Fitter U™ mp3 fitness program and today I ran my first ever 5km!! It was amazing! I don’t know if it was the coincidence of finishing phase one just before the run today, or what, but I really felt things have changed for me over this last month.

It was so thrilling to feel my body capable and wanting even more challenge. I think I had my first real runner’s high too. (After the run, there were many stands of free goodies to eat, and I kept hearing your voice in my head saying to go for a quickly absorbable sugar! I chose juice over the crispy creme donuts.)

Actually, I hear your voice quite often. Your positive reinforcement, encouragement and insightful comments stay with me long after the workouts. I really do find you an inspiration! Thank you for your hard work putting this program together. And thank you mostly for your passion about health and living life to the fullest.

I am more excited than ever to continue working with the Fitter U™ Phase Two and I am going to incorporate your running guides (Treadmill Trainer™) into my cardio days.”

Jennifer Swartz
Montreal, Canada

“After using Fitter U I have more energy and enjoy working out again…”

“I have been using the Fitter U program for the last little while. If you are like me and are looking for a change from doing the same old work out day after day or just need an extra “push” to get motivated to workout and actually see results then the Fitter U workout program is what you are looking for.

I chose this program to help me .m.aintain the fitness level I have achieved and to feel energized. After using Fitter U I have more energy and enjoy working out again- it no longer feels like a chore going to the gym.

With Yuri you will set up goals to achieve and a reward system that reinforces you once you obtain your goal. I was a little skeptical about this but gave it a shot and wow once I achieved my first goal and got my reward I felt great and was ready and motivated to go for the next one. The goals are realistic and achievable as you set them.”

Barbara Ufford
Toronto, Canada
Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships Silver Medalist 2006

“The music is great and Yuri’s motivational words are not only effective but inspirational…”

“I have been working out consistently for almost 2 years now and I’m always looking to change my routine every couple of months to avoid hitting those plateaus and to continously challenge my body.
I started using the Fitter U program and love it!! It really is like having your own personal trainer by your side via MP3. The program progressively changes each week which I like because I feel my body is always being challenged.
The music is great and Yuri’s motivational words are not only effective but inspirational….it’s not just a physical workout but a mental one as well and that’s important to me! I look forward to the next program!”

Sheila Salvador
Toronto, Canada

“My ‘baby’ tummy is finally gone after the birth of my daughter six years ago!!”

“Hi Yuri, I wanted to say how amazed I am at the results I have been getting from your three month Fitter U workout program. I had read previous testimonials and thought they where a bit hyped, having spent two years dedicatedly going to the gym and working hard. I was quite fit to start with but have really struggled getting rid of extra bits of fat, so I was keen to give anything a try.
I love the Fitter U workouts, especially as they change slightly week to week, so the boredom factor isn’t there. I am now part way through phase 2 and still really enjoying it, especially as my ‘baby’ tummy is getting back its shape after the birth of my daughter six years ago!!. I’m looking forward to continuing with the program. Many Thanks.”

Vanessa Flook
Taunton, UK

“I couldn’t have done it without Yuri who pushes me to my limits, and challenges me to challenge myself..”

“As a former distance runner, sidelined by injury, I had fallen into a period of nearly two years free of any real exercise.   Not surprisingly, my health and quality of life began to suffer enormously—life without fitness truly is incomplete. 

Thanks to Fitter U I can say that getting in shape is more than just a part of my life again, it’s a refreshingly demanding and exciting part of my life.  With Yuri’s strong focus on setting goals, I have milestones to strive for in the gym, and a professional to help me get there. 

The Fitter U workouts are creative (it’s amazing what you can do when Yuri asks you to!), supportive and motivational, highly informative, and a lot fun.  My initial goals were to build core strength, battle muscle imbalances and regain tone, and I have seen measurable results in just 12 weeks. 

I couldn’t have done it without Yuri who pushes me to my limits, challenges me to challenge myself, and offers up a seemingly endless array of highly interesting (and effective) exercise routines that keep me coming back for more of his hard but rewarding program!” 

Steven Heipel
Toronto, Canada

“Not to sound cliché, but coming into contact Yuri (and this program) literally changed my whole perspective on life.”

“Being a 20-soemthing student does not necessarily allot for the healthiest of lifestyles. Using Fitter U changed this for me. Not to sound cliché, but coming into contact Yuri (and this program) literally changed my whole perspective on life.

Coming out of a car accident, the year that followed was an extremely traumatic year, of not only physical but mental injury. Not knowing my new physical limitations, Fitter U’s “hands on” approach taught me to push myself to new limits that I never thought obtainable post or even pre accident.

Yuri’s immense knowledge and experience encourages me to apply his useful tips not only to my workout but my lifestyle as well. Workouts with Fitter U fly by and I often leave the sessions wanting more.

Yuri has taught me that I can achieve what I set out to obtain, and that physical limitations should not limit what you can accomplish. Most importantly Yuri has taught me healing. Healing through strength, through sweat, and most importantly laughter. Thanks Yuri!”

Kristin Fedyk
Toronto, Canada

What You Get When You Order Fitter U

Other than losing weight quickly and getting in the best shape of your life…

It’s simple – when you order Fitter U today you get me as your fitness and weight loss coach…wherever and whenever you want.

Just press play and you’ll have my voice to coach and motivate you through an amazing workout. You’ll feel as though I’m right beside.

3 Monthly Phases – 19 different audio workouts totaling 35 hours of personal training sessions with me guiding you through your headphones!

Specifically, you will be able to instantly download 19 unique workouts for your ipod or mp3 player. These are MP3 audio tracks (each one represents a new workout) ranging in duration from 35-70 minutes (depending on the workout).

In addition to these audio workouts, you also benefit from all the exercise pictures and individual workout trackers in your 80-page Fitter U Success Journal.

So now you have the visuals and my audio instruction to ensure you’re doing things properly!

I also want you to understand that Fitter U isn’t just a collection of random workouts but rather a structured system that evolves each week. Therefore, each workout routine becomes more challenging as your level of fitness increases.

You even get a Reward System that rewards you for completing your workouts and keeps you motivated like never before!

No machines – No B.S.! All the workouts are based on circuit training workouts and high intensity interval cardio training. Depending on the workout, you’ll experience anywhere from 6 to 8 full-body strength exercises with varying work and recovery durations.

For instance, on Day 1 you’ll be doing 2 circuits of 6 exercises with 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of recovery before moving to the next exercise. Later in the Fitter U workout program, for instance in Phase 2 Week 1, you will enjoy 3 sets of 6 exercises with 45 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of recovery.

What this means to you is that your workouts get progressively more challenging as you get fitter so that you never plateau and; instead, enjoy incredible weight loss and fitness results.

The Complete 12-Week Fitter U iPod Weight Loss Workout Program

That’s right – you get 19 different and increasingly challenging mp3 audio workouts led by me! In total, you’re getting 35 hours of personal training workouts with one of the world’s top trainer!

Each workout includes my audio coaching to take you through your warm-up, circuit training workout, interval training cardio, and cool down. Each workout also contains “Coaching Points” where I discuss various aspects of success psychology, nutrition, weight loss tips, and overall wellness.

As if the Fitter U iPod workouts were not enough…

You also get the 80-page Fitter U Success Journal which is your “visual” guide throughout your 12-week journey. You can print the journal and take it with you so that you can set your goals, track your workouts, and get all the visuals for each exercise.

Your Success Journal contains the following components:

Each audio workout comes with an accompanying workout tracker, which gives the detailed breakdown of each workout.

Not only will I tell over your headphones what we’re doing in each workout, but the trackers will show you the exact workout protocol, names of the exercises, how much work and rest to take, and everything else you need to track your progress throughout the Fitter U program.

You can print these and take them with you for your workouts so that you can everything right there beside you!

It’s important to note only have my auditory instruction but also the visuals for each exercise. In total, you’ll get the pictures to 38 unique and exciting exercises that make up the Fitter U workouts.

You’ll know exactly what each exercise looks like and you will feel so much more confident knowing that you’re doing things correctly.

Along with all the workout pictures, you’ll also benefit from having the pictures for all of your recommended post-workout stretches – these will help you stay limber, flexible, and prevent soreness.

The combination of audio and visual separates Fitter U from any other fitness program on the market. You’ll see (and hear) what I mean once you experience it!

This is definitely one of the most exciting components of Fitter U.

Here, you’ll be able to write down your goals and determine WHY it’s a must that you achieve them. Studies show that those who write down their goals are 90% more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. Plus, having your reasons for doing so will give you the added inspiration to make you unstoppable.

The Reward System is an ingenious tool that allots points for everytime that you complete a certain workout and then allows you to create specific rewards for reaching milestones that you determine.

Our clients love this Reward System because it motivates them and makes working out more of a “game” because they get to keep score and track their points.

Never again will you have to worry about which workout to do or when to do it. The Fitter U Monthly Overviews are your 30-day calendars that give you the day-by-day schedule for all of your Fitter U workouts.

You’ll know exactly when to do your workouts and when to take days off. There’s no thinking required. I’ve done it all for you.

Because there are 3 distinct 4-week phases to the Fitter U program, you’ll have a separate Monthly Overview calendar for each one. Could it get any easier?

The “Introduction” audio is your step-by-step guide to getting started with Fitter U.

In this welcome audio, I give you and overview of the program and answer many FAQs related to the program.

During this exclusive 1-hour MP3 audio we will cover every detail of the Fitter U fitness program and weight loss philosophy.

This exclusive 1-hour “Healthy Eating” audio discusses every angle of how to eat healthy for maximum energy and fast weight loss! Imagine listening to an inspiring and information-packed 1-hour lecture on nutrition – that’s the Healthy Eating audio!

You’ll discover the exact foods to eat and which ones to avoid to help you create the body (and health) of your dreams!

But it won’t even cost you 2% of that!

Here’s a Sample From Your Phase 2 – Week 3 Fitter U Workout

Click on the audio player to listen. The selected pictures and the workout tracker are also from this same workout.

PLAY the audio sample from this workout:

How Cool Would it Be To Have Me On Your Headphones? Listen to a Few More Audio Samples…

Watch Fitter U on National TV!

How Much More Time Can You Allow Yourself Not to Be Motivated to Workout?

Fitter U is all about empowering you to get in amazing shape and lose weight quickly through time-proven circuit training workouts and on-going motivation that simply work!!!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fitter than ever, or in need of greater motivation for your workouts, Fitter U is your solution!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve realized that this isn’t just another workout program. This isn’t something that you rip out of a fitness magazine and try to figure out on your own.

Fitter U is the only weight loss workout program of its type. No other program will give you my fitness coaching, encouragement, and motivation over your headphones.

Never again will feel lost while working out. Never again will you be bored with your workouts. Never again will you be frustrated with a lack of results!

I understand that you may still have some questions. To help you out, here are answers to some of the questions that seem to pop again and again…

“What if I’m a total beginner and have never worked out before?”

Don’t worry! Fitter U was developed with the beginner in mind. I created the workouts to take you from whatever fitness level you’re currently at and progressively getting you fitter in a safe and effective manner – workout by workout and week by week!

Each circuit training workout is based on your relative fitness level. Hence, I won’t ask you to lift a specific weight or perform a pre-determined number of reps but instead you’ll choose a weight and perform as many repetitions as you’re capable of doing in a given time frame (ie. 30 seconds). One thing is for sure…by the end of the 90-day program you’ll feel like a workout pro – and look like one as well.

“What if I’m a more experienced exerciser? Will Fitter U still challenge me?”

YES. Again, since Fitter U is based on your relative fitness level you get out of it what you put into it. For instance, in developing these workouts I personally tested each one of them at the same time that many of my “not so fit” clients were doing the same. The amazing thing is that all of us had an unbelievable workout experience because we were each able to push ourselves to our own limits. I could do 30 push-ups in 30 seconds while someone could do 15.

The important thing is that we each reached beyond our physical limits and made tremendous fitness and weight loss breakthroughs because of that! And you will too as my voice pushes, motivates, and inspires you to your personal best every single time!

“What if I don’t have an iPod or MP3 player?”

No problem. Simply download the workouts onto your computer and burn them to a blank CD-R and play them on your discman.

…OR, play the MP3 files directly from your computer and enjoy your Fitter U audio workouts in the comfort of your own home!

“Do I need a lot of exercise equipment or can I do these workouts at home or while I travel?”

Not at all and YES you can. All you need is a stability ball, a step (or bench/box), and a couple sets of dumbbells. A cardio machine is also helpful for your interval training sessions but isn’t mandatory. You can jump rope, jog on the spot, or do jumping jacks if you like. Heck, you can even run outside!

Most of our Fitter U clients actually do all of the workout routines right from the comfort of their own home. And, because of its portability, many of our clients take Fitter U™ with them for their workouts while they travel. It’s like your very own personal trainer helping you burn fat 24 hours/day, 7 days a week wherever and whenever you want!

“How will I know if I’m doing the exercises correctly?”

This is a common question but, subsequently, a minor issue when you start the workouts. The reason – my auditory coaching is very precise and gives you detailed instruction to know exactly how to safely move your body and where to feel each exercise for maximum effect.

Furthermore, you also have before and after pictures for every single exercise. So between the visual pictures of the exercises and my auditory instruction it’s close to impossible to do the exercises incorrectly – even if you’re a complete beginner who has never put on a pair of running shoes!

“Okay Yuri – What’s The Cost of This Weight Loss Workout Program?”

I’ll tell you what it doesn’t cost…

Anywhere near what it will cost you to hire your own personal trainer! And not even close to what it’s going to cost you if you continue trying to figure out this “weight loss thing” on your own.

A Workout Program That Pays For Itself After Just 2 Workouts!

But instead, you get this in-depth audio introduction, as well as the Healthy Eating audio absolutely FREE as part of the Fitter U package.

Now watch how Fitter U pays for itself after just 2 workouts…

But Hold On…It Gets Even Better!

I’m a firm believer in taking immediate action. In fact, if you’ve committed to making a change and have set the goal of getting as fit as possible or losing weight, then it’s essential that you never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something towards its achievement.

In this case, the action I’d like you to take is making the decision to order Fitter U right now. I guarantee you’ll never look back!

To help you do so I’m even going to sweeten the pot for you. I’m going to give YOU some special gifts to get you more motivated, fitter, and healthier than ever! Since I know it’s 100% in your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

These tools are intended to give you on-going support through your Fitter U journey. It’s essential to us that you achieve your goals. Therefore, we’ve put together some amazing information, tools, and strategies that will find themselves in your inbox giving you more motivation, more inspiration, and more guidance for maximum results!

As another special free bonus for acting immediately, I’ll also give you my 160-page Fitter U™ Fat Loss Manual e-book. This could very well be the fat loss bible! Chock-full of information and strategies helping you stay motivated, eating well, and keeping fit, this is your one-stop-shop for losing weight.

As one of our clients said…

“I have read every diet book, fitness mag, you name it! The Fitter U™ Fat Loss Manual is the most informative, well written and USEFUL fitness guide I have ever read. Thanks Yuri!”

– Marlena Muller
Orangeville, Canada

On this teleseminar audio you will learn how your mindset, fitness protocols, and eating habits are absolutely essential in helping you lose weight. All must be in place to achieve maximum results and I show you exactly how to do so.

Featuring one of Toronto’s leading Naturopathic Doctors (Makoto Trotter), learn why regular (and supervised) cleansing is absolutelys critical to keeping you healthy, vibrant, and how it can also help you lose weight!

Need help with your cardio sessions? Did you know that the elliptical is the most popular piece of cardio equipment? The latest stats show a 177% increase in usage over the last decade – however, if this machine isn’t used properly you may be wasting your time.

Throughout the 35 minutes of Fitter U™ Elliptical Workout 1, I guide and motivate you through one of the most amazing and time efficient elliptical specific cardio workouts you’ll ever experience! No more wasting time with long, boring cardio sessions. It’s time to kick up several notches and start getting the results you desire. A beautiful complementary workout that can be done on the cardio days of your Fitter U program.

These 3 e-journals specific to core conditioning, totaling 75 pages, are chock-full of great core training information and programs from some of North America’s leading fitness experts. Not only will Fitter U™ dramatically tone and strengthen your core, but now you’ll have additional resources to give you some more great exercises and to further your understanding of what core training is all about!

Dr. John Berardi is a leader in the fitness and nutrition industry. He’s a contributor to many magazines inluding Men’s Health, Inside Fitness, and many, many more – and he’s been generous enough to offer his amazing “Strategies for Success” as a free gift when you order Fitter U™ today. In this in-depth report Dr. Berardi shares his “success strategies” for eating well and creating the body you deserve. You don’t want to miss out on what he’s got to say!

And the best part is that you can download all of these weight loss workout routines and bonuses from the Internet in just minutes and start using these weight loss techniques today right after work or when the kids go to bed.


Why I Developed Fitter U…

As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons that I developed Fitter U is because I want everyone to have access to proper fitness coaching and motivation to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals without breaking the bank to hire a trainer.

I truly believe that everyone needs a coach – no matter what your level. Even top athletes such as David Beckham, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer have coaches to provide structure, guidance, motivation, support, and knowledge.

That’s exactly what I do with Fitter U. I am your portable fitness and motivational coach and because of the wonder of MP3 technology I’m able to motivate, inspire, and guide you to your goals in less time and at a fraction of the cost of working with me in person!

And don’t we all know people who spend more on a pair of jeans or running shoes or even dinner! In fact, buying a latte a day at Starbucks for one just month would cost more than Fitter U!

Where Will You Be and How Will You Look and Feel ONE Year From Today if You Don’t Take Advantage of This Incredible Offer Today?

With Fitter , you’ll never have to wait for machines, worry about what to do in the gym (or at home), or spend wasted hours exercising ineffectively. Plus, what gym or trainer have you ever heard of that gives a 60-day guarantee? That’s right – 100% IRON-CLAD 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute)!

Click the ORDER NOW button below if you’re ready to lose weight and get in great shape! After all, can you honestly expect different results by doing what you’ve always done?

So What’s the Catch? Why Am I Practically Giving These Workouts Away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’ll be downloading all the Fitter U workouts and the 80-page Fitter U Success Journal directly from the internet I have no inventory or fulfillment costs. Nor do I need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone. This way I can pass along my savings to you. So you win and I win. And don’t worry – downloading the Fitter U fitness program is a snap. I’m no tech wiz and I didn’t have any problems.

To give you an idea, the Fitter U MP3 workouts range in size from 70 – 110 MB and depending on your internet connection may take up to 20 minutes to download. Further, the Fitter U MP3 workouts can be easily and instantly downloaded to either a PC or Mac computer.

Once you receive your workouts you can then transfer them into iTunes or Windows Media Player to be uploaded onto your iPod/MP3 player. It’s that easy! However, if you have any questions or difficulties then you can always reach us at info(at) We’re here to help you 100% of the way.

“It’s like having Yuri on my shoulder, keeping me motivated, pushing me harder and supporting me throughout…”

“As a District Vice President in banking, my job requires an abundance of driving, sitting in meetings and long office hours. Scheduling all the necessary meetings, branch visits, customer interactions and community events leaves little flexibility in my calendar for the other important things in my life, including working out and leisure physical activities.

Over time, I have established a discipline of ‘hitting the gym’ but after many years months of doing so, I found that I was not making the progress that I desired.

Hiring a personal trainer made a difference yet I found that I was still coming up short on my health and fitness goals.

Recently, I met Yuri Elkaim and embarked on a more rigorous workout plan. I was introduced to the Fitter U™ program and now find myself making significant progress. In addition to our once a week session, I use the Fitter U™ MP3 program to fill in the gaps and to create a sense of urgency throughout my workouts.

It’s like having Yuri on my shoulder, keeping me motivated, pushing me harder and supporting me throughout the audio routines. He fills each complete 50 minute workout with direction, information and guidance – and – the accompanying photos are very useful to reference the ‘how-to’s”of each exercise.

I highly recommend The Fitter U program to anyone serious about achieving their goals and building a healthier lifestyle.”

Wayne Smith
District VP, TD Bank, Toronto, Canada

“I reduced my body fat to under 20%!”

“Fitter U was the perfect workout program for me. I could do the program whenever was convenient for me, and even when I felt lazy or tired as Yuri’s voice would motivate me to complete each session.

I am much stronger now and much more toned. People can tell that I work out. I gained some muscle mass over the 12 weeks and reduced my body fat to under 20% (I started at over 30%). I would recommend the program to anyone and I loved it so much, I’m starting over! Thank you so much!”

Laura Shank
Ocala, Florida

“I often refer to Yuri’s Fitter U sessions as “play for adults”.

“The workouts are creative, challenging and above all, fun. I really enjoy the core strengthening exercises that include elements of balance and movement – similar to movements you find in real life/sports.

Sometimes when moving onto the next progression (such as in phase 2 and 3), it looks ridiculously hard but with his guidance, the sense of achievement when I then do the exercise is an endorphin rush all on its own.

I am always being challenged and frequently am surprised at what I’m able
to accomplish with the Fitter U workouts. I look forward to our sessions, hate to miss them, and I truly have a lot fun doing them.

Even though he’s only on my headphones, Yuri is always pleasant, engaged and above all, motivating. I can honestly say that I’ve never been in better shape.”

Alexis Mantell
Toronto, Canada

“I have worked out with several trainers in the past years, but I must say that Yuri and his Fitter U program are in a league of their own.”

“I am a very busy executive and have very little time to work out. I also seem to have a very short attention span. My workouts need to be time efficient and fun.

I have worked out with several trainers in the past years, but I must say that Yuri and his Fitter U program are in a league of their own. Understanding how to motivate, constantly coaching and encouraging, and ever-changing workouts is what Fitter U has brought into my life.

I look forward to the variety that Fitter U brings to my training sessions as well as the intelligent fashion that Yuri communicates the goals of each workout and the steps we will take to achieve them.”

Alex F.
Toronto, Canada

“Fantastic program….I love it!”

“Since doing the fitter u program I have found myself to be more motivated and more confident in the gym. I havent lost any weight but I have noticed a difference in my shape and in my energy levels. From now on I will always have yuri and my ipod in the gym so I enhance my performance and make the most of my time there. Fantastic idea…….. I love it. xoxo”

Tracey Allen
Essex, UK

“Neither of us are big fans of the machines and that’s one of the things we love about Fitter U – there are no machines!”

“Both Andrew and I started working out with Yuri several years ago but as a result of our (and Yuri’s) busy schedules we’ve resorted to using his Fitter U program as much as possible.

Our initial goal was to improve our strength and conditioning for rock-climbing and down-hill skiing. What we’ve enjoyed most about Yuri and Fitter U, and why we keep returning to it, is the fact that each work-out session is different. We enjoy this variety.

Neither of us are big fans of the machines and that’s one of the things we love about Fitter U – there are no machines! We’ve seen steady improvements and feel in great shape. Fitter U pushes us to our limits while making each session interesting and fun. We recently had the opportunity to test our endurance in Hong Kong when we pelted down a mountain side, which was designated to take two hours, in less than an hour.

We’ve been really happy with the results of our training with Yuri’s Fitter U program and highly recommend it.

Andrew Mikitchook and Francoise Ko
Toronto, Canada

And if All That Wasn’t Enough, Here’s Something Else…

Try Fitter U For 60 Days With My No-Risk, 100% Results & Money Back Guarantee!

I say “better-than-risk-free” because each of the 7 bonuses (and the entire Fitter U workout program) are yours to keep in the unlikely event that Fitter U™ doesn’t live up to your expectations. Just take Fitter U for a test spin and if it doesn’t start showing results within 60 days, we’ll glad refund your money!

I know this fitness program is so amazing and has helped countless people just like YOU all around the world lose weight fast and get in great shape. But I can’t expect you to take my word for it. That’s why I ask you to see for yourself and try my Fitter U workout program entirely at my own risk.

What I’m saying is don’t decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, if you don’t feel more energetic, if you don’t start noticing your fitness level improve, or see the weight starting to come off, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our ‘no loop-holes’ guarantee.

How Many Times Have You Put Off Doing Something Only Later to Regret That You Didn’t Do It?

Aren’t you tired of not feeling and looking your best?

Aren’t you tired of wandering aimlessly through your workouts? Aren’t you sick and tired of struggling with your weight? If so, why not make a commitment to allow me and Fitter U to coach you to get in shape and lose weight starting today!? In just 12 weeks you’re going to look and feel your best ever!

By ordering now, you’ll get the revolutionary Fitter U 12-week workout program complete with its 80-page Success Journal containing all the exercise and stretch pictures, workout trackers, month overview, and reward system. Remember, that you get 19 different and progressively challenging MP3 guided workouts (that are visually detailed in the Success Journal) totaling 35 hours of full body workouts ready for download!

And remember that you’ll also receive those 7 FREE bonuses I told you about just a moment ago. But you have to act now.

The entire workout program (and its bonuses) is instantly downloadable to your computer and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of minutes.


Use Fitter U in the Gym, at Home, Even While You Travel…Entirely at My Risk!

I’ll see you in the workouts!

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Creator of Fitter U
Owner, Total Wellness Consulting

P.P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try Fitter U. If you aren’t thrilled with the decreased workout time and increased weight loss and fitness levels from the Fitter U workouts, simply let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Fitter U has already been trusted by numerous experts and thousands of people around the word and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.P.S. If you are sick and tired of spending hours upon hours in the gym doing ineffective weight loss workout routines and getting next to no results, then use Fitter U to cut back on your workout time, get in shape, lose weight fast, and feel and look better than you ever have in your entire life!!!

P.P.P.P.S. There’s only one catch to all this. You need to act now to get the complete 12-week Fitter U weight loss fitness program along with all 7 bonuses. With all the new bonuses I’ve just added, I’ve been told this package is way too cheap now and the price will be going up very soon. Or, if I decide to keep the price the same, the bonuses may be withdrawn at any time and put up for sale separately. Order now so you don’t miss out on this great bonus package deal!

What’s Going to Happen if You Don’t Change Now?

NOTE: Fitter U is a downloadable program. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will be directed to a download page and you’ll also receive an email to get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the workouts and all the bonuses onto your computer. The workouts are MP3 files and the Succes Journal and other written bonuses are formatted as adobe acrobat PDFs, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

You’re just a click away from losing weight fast and getting in the best shape of your life!

Fitter U is Doctor Approved!

“As a chiropractor, I see patients with a variety of injuries from playing on the court, to the pitch, to the backyard. Regardless of the level of competition at which the patient is participating, the bottom line often boils down to poor or inadequate general training for their activity resulting in injury. Evidence suggests that those who are at a higher level of fitness tend to recover from injury quicker. The problem that I hear when I ask about levels of activity always boils down to time.

With today’s pace of life, it is difficult for people to balance all aspects of their lives while still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Yuri’s Fitter U workouts offer a unique and comprehensive strength and conditioning weight loss loss program that is ready when you are. Its simple and convenient format makes working out a pleasant experience.
Personally, I find resistance training to be the toughest part of my own conditioning program but Yuri seems to tune into your earphones at just the right time to motivate you through those last 3 reps. I’m also a big fan of the up-tempo, electronic and jazzy tunes that serve as a back-drop for Fitter U. The music really helps to push you through and keep you moving.

So, how has Fitter U helped me? Well, from a professional perspective, patients on a training program like Fitter U have recovered quicker from injury than those who were not active. From a personal side, I have my session with Fitter U on a daily basis and as a result, have noticed increased endurance, strength and energy.
If you haven’t tried the program yet, I encourage you to do so! It’s cutting edge personal training from the convenience of your MP3 player, that you can take anywhere you are.” Dr. Henry Candelaria
ART® & Medical Acupuncture Provider

Fitter U is Doctor Approved…Again!

“Yuri, I want to thank you for introducing me to your Fitter U program (which I should now call the Fitter ME program, as that’s how I feel!)
In the past, I’ve tried working out on my own without much success. I’ve also had a number of workout-outs prescribed for me by some amazing trainers, but the follow-up on my part was always lacking, and the workouts seem far too complex and time consuming.
But with Fitter U I can honestly say that I’ve been much more consistent and committed to working out than any attempt I have made in the past.
As a chiropractor, I rely upon my body to be strong, reliable, and optimized, which is how I’ve been feeling since begining Fitter U just 2 months ago. Having your guidance with me during my workouts (through my MP3 player) truly is like having a “little Yuri” sitting on my shoulder pushing me to do one more repetition when I least want to.
It makes a big difference. You feel accoutable to someone …and there’s a natural progression in the amount of work you are able to do each time you work out.
I’ve recommended Fitter U to a number of my patients and will continue to do so. It’s an efficient use of time…it’s a cost-effective investment…and it leads to fantastic results!”Dr. Brian Dower
Park Road Healing Arts


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Weight Loss Workouts, Get in Shape, Lose Weight Fast

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iPod Weight Loss Workout Program | Fitter U

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

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Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Product Name: Crypto Coin Ranking

Click here to get Crypto Coin Ranking at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Crypto Coin Ranking:

Hi. My name is Michael and for years I struggled in crypto, especially with
finding winning coins and buying at the right times; that was a real pain! Based
on greed and FOMO, I bought bitcoin at an all-time high in 2014 and then had to HOLD it
for 3 long years in a drawdown! I was so frustrated, I almost gave up! Things
started to improve for me when I joined master trader Alberto and he helped me
to discover what we now call “Crypto Coin Rankings” secret formula and suddenly,
everything I did just WORKED! I could triple my account in a matter of months
even when the market turned red!

Plus the formula made it so easy to find the most winning coins and the
right time to buy them, the rest of it kind of just worked by itself!

Now you can steal my proven formula to help you reach your goals with a working
and duplicable system!

This week we are accepting first beta testers! First come first serve!

This amazing tool allows you to create your own systems using popular
indicators of technical analysis and backtest your ideas based on historical

The best part – your new system will be automated and start giving you
signals in REAL TIME! So it’s not just a historical-analyzer, but it is also an
active signal tool that can generate real monetary profits for you!

The system supports over 500 popular coins! With this system, the
possibilities are endless.

This rating allows you to choose from the hundreds of previously created
systems. Each system gives you exact details about its past performance while
providing real-time signals you can follow!

Simply click on the system to load it into the backtesting tool, check its
active signals and past results! You can also create your own systems, and if
you let them go public, they will appear in the ratings as well!

We are privileged and grateful to have been able to build this amazing
small-but-very-helpful closed community of successful crypto traders and
investors who are here to help you and share their tricks, trading strategies
and secrets.

We are here to help you and each other by sharing the hottest strategies,
common mistakes and tips for succeeding in this business.

All we ask in return is that you contribute to the group, share your success
stories, share your questions and frustrations and fears, and help us help

We are using the live data from Twitter, Reddit, google trends, Facebook and
Solume to calculate and analyze social media volume and sentiment comparison to
the price of cryptocurrencies.

The system automatically gathers the top tweets on each currency and lets you
track and analyze the dependency of the price and social media volume. Recent
studies have shown that the price of a cryptocurrency directly depends on the
social volume and the level of its public interest. You can also set alerts to
see which coins get a spike in social volume and Sentiment in the last 24

The system also allows you to sort the coins the way you want; You can click
on the charts to zoom in. The recent top 3 tweets are also displayed
automatically. If they are not in English, the google translate button will

This quick search engine allows you to get access to the database of upcoming
important news for any of the thousands of supported coins!

Find out all about upcoming big events, airdrops, big announcements, wallet
updates, listings on big exchanges, forks and all other price boosting

A set of essential indicators for any serious crypto traders such as
Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci, RSI,

MACD and Market trends that not only analyze the past but also give real time
smart money signals on the charts!

This is one of the best parts of your premium membership. This gives you
access to the beta test of our new unique trading bot that allows you to
auto-trade your crypto account safely via API.

This means that the robot will remotely trade your account without any risk
to your funds since the robot only has “trade” permissions and not “withdraw”
permissions, also, you can stop it anytime.

The BEST advantage of CCR AutoTrader is that it will be remotely installed
and run on our own server VPSs… you will NOT be required to manually install
or run the robot on your own systems. Auto trader supports all popular crypto
exchanges and even has a TELEGRAM bot that will show you its trades in real time
making it easier for you to track the progress!

What are Weisenberg and Stallman ratings and how are they calculated?

The goal of Weisenberg and Stallman ratings is to help investors make an
educated decision about the risks and rewards of each cryptocurrency by grading
them from A to D.

Each currency is analyzed using Risk Index, Reward Index, Fundamentals Index
and Technology Index.

In a bid to thoroughly evaluate risks, we also take into account the price
fluctuations and recent “crashes.” The proprietary formulas are developed by Dr.
Weisenberg and Stallman, experts in stock and crypto market trading.

The ratings are fully automated, unbiased and updated automatically.

I really want you to succeed and get
the results you are striving to achieve. I really want to hear your success
stories on how the crypto investing worked for you, and allowed you to achieve
your goals!

And, by the way, don’t forget to check out the bonuses! We have prepared a
lot of good surprises for you. Now let me thank you again for joining the group,
and let’s get started!

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Crypto Coin Ranking

Review of Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

Review of Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

Review of Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

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Review of Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

Product Name: Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

Click here to get Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.:

Learn The Songs That You Want To Play!

Watch Guy Faux demonstrate the most amazing piano method for adults ever developed. Combined with Guy’s unique teaching methods, discover how you can master the piano in 12 months or less!

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

In-Home & Online Music Lessons Proudly Serving: Cherry Hill, Marlton, Evesham Township, Haddonfield and Voorhees, New Jersey 

Phone: (856) 662-6855Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ESTSaturday 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Closed on the following National Holidays: * New Years Day * Memorial Day * Independence Day * Labor Day * Thanksgiving * Christmas

Remember To Bookmark Our Site!

1 Free Lesson Every 13 Weeks: Applies to In-Home Lessons Only

Follow Us On Social Media

Now Offering In-Home Voice Lessons

Free Recitals: Invite The Entire Family!

Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar3628 Connecticut Ave.Pennsuaken, NJ 08109Phone: (856) 662-6855

Office HoursMonday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pmTuesday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pmWednesday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pmThursday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pmFriday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pmSaturday: 12:00 pm –  3:00 pm

Recitals Are Open To Students Of All Levels!

Our Teachers Travel Directly To Your Home In Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees & Haddonfield, NJ

Voice Lessons Click Here for more details and meet our voice teacher Laura!

Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar Copyright © 2018 – All Rights Reserved

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Piano Fast Track Program – Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

Review of Soccer Training Program

Review of Soccer Training Program

Review of Soccer Training Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of Soccer Training Program

Product Name: Soccer Training Program

Click here to get Soccer Training Program at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Soccer Training Program:

If you are a coach, parent, or soccer player who is looking for ways to improve performance on the field, it can be frustrating to invest time and energy (and money!) in out-dated soccer training programs that don’t deliver results.

Despite the fact that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, many soccer players still follow old-school athletic conditioning programs. Running long distances won’t improve your game; and natural talent will only take you so far. The truth is: to be the best in your position you need to train properly for it.

Learn How to Improve Your Speed, Power, Strength, Agility, Endurance, Technical Ability, Creativity,
Mental Conditioning, and Diet…

After placing one short soccer training video on YouTube a few years ago, we were flooded with messages from soccer players just like you asking us for more information on training and how to improve their athletic performance! That is why we created this instructional DVD… we couldn’t possibly respond to everyone individually, but we wanted to get the information out there; Because we know you are as passionate about this sport as we are!

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this soccer training program is for you.
Please read on…

“The Complete System for soccer players and coaches who want to improve their game.”

Josh Hewett, Athletic Director, and Clayton Rosario, Technical Director, team up to bring you a comprehensive training resource for soccer athletes. The DVD, Building the Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like a Pro, covers a wide variety of technical drills with the ball to improve touch, speed, and moves to beat an opponent on any part of the field, as well as equally important, yet often neglected, speed, strength and conditioning exercises. The basics of sport psychology and nutrition are introduced as well.

(DVD is in downloadable MP4 Format)

“Building the Complete Soccer Athlete: Train like a pro” will provide you with the tools,
knowledge, and information to take your game to the next level!

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Find in Our DVD:

2.5 hours jam-packed with valuable soccer fitness and conditioning training information!
All in one resource!

Revealed: The most effective way to warm up prior to training or competition, to fire up your muscles for better        performance!

An intense strength training routine that will build full body functional strength and increase your resistance        to injury.

Training for speed and power development: you will become an explosive threat to your opposition!

Agility drills: prepare your body for rapid multi-directional movement, and develop fast feet.

The best way to train for endurance: build stamina without burning yourself out.

The truth about flexibility training: learn how conventional stretching may hurt your performance!

Technical moves for offence, defense, and midfield: Become effective anywhere on the field! Build your        technical arsenal with this huge list of 1V1 moves!

Technical warm-up and juggling drills: Improve your footwork and technical ability.

Nutritional Guidelines: learn how to eat like an athlete. The fuel you consume affects your performance;
       you are what you eat!

Sport Psychology: Learn how to train your brain for success, laser like focus, and accelerated performance!

What is a complete athlete? We provide tips on what scouts are looking for, & how to develop the qualities that        get you noticed.

As I mentioned, our soccer training video includes almost 2.5 hours of valuable training information, discussing all of the primary topics necessary for you to develop yourself into a great soccer athlete: athletic conditioning, technical training, nutrition, psychology, and more! Getting all of this in one resource saves you significant money compared to buying separate DVD’s for each subject… which can really add up!

This video was originally for sale only on DVD, but due to popular demand it is now available as an online download on MP4. Because we want to make this soccer training program available to as many people as possible, you can now have access to the entire video within a few minutes, at a lower cost than the original DVD.

“As a strength and conditioning coach with over 20 years of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with soccer athletes of different ages and skill levels, and I noticed a common problem: few if any of them followed a structured fitness and conditioning program. It quickly became apparent to me how important this type of training is for soccer!

One common trait shared by all great soccer players is that in addition to their regular soccer training on the field, the elite players also follow a fitness and conditioning routine. Technical and athletic training are both integral parts of a complete soccer training program. With the way the game has evolved today, you cannot stay competitive and avoid injury without taking your physical conditioning seriously. Once I introduced this training program to the athletes I was working with, the feedback was that they noticed an immediate improvement in their game!”

Josh Hewett, Athletic Director

“I’ve invested my 20 plus years of coaching experience into creating this self-instructional video for players of all ages and skill levels. As an expert in creating youth soccer training programs, I remain focused on developing the ‘total’ player, incorporating technical training, ball control, creativity, athletic conditioning, and psychology. This was also my approach with the coaching information I share in the DVD.

The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are dedicated to finding ways to improve yourself. I believe that a good work ethic, persistence, and a passion for whatever you choose in life will always be rewarded. I wish you great success with your athletic goals, and I am certain you will enjoy this DVD as much as I have enjoyed making it!”

Coach Clayton Rosario, Technical Director

Building The Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like A Pro

If you dream of becoming a professional soccer player, this DVD will be a great asset.Note: The MP4 Download is separated into chapters (23 smaller files) for easy viewing on your computer, iPod, or any PDA device. Download times will vary depending on your internet connection.

To assist you in your goal of improving your game, we’ve also included 2 FREE BONUSES!

Complementary Training Booklet This Complementary Training E-Booklet includes:

Develop Power For Soccer Report
This Exclusive Training E-Report by Coach Mike Grafstein covers:

Join the hundreds of soccer players and coaches who are already super-charging their body, increasing their skill base, improving their athletic ability, fine tuning their mental game, and performing better than ever using our soccer training program! You don’t want to let this opportunity pass, unless you’ve decided to give up on being the best you can be. If you think you already know it all, think again!

Test-drive this unique program with confidence…
for 60 Days!

I stand behind this program 100%, and I am so sure that you will be completely satisfied with this product, and the positive results you will experience, that I’ll let you try it out for 60 full days before you decide to keep it.

Take action now, and if for any reason during that period you are not 100% satisfied with the results you are getting, or the information you have received, simply e-mail me and I’ll send you a full refund.

Dedicated to your success,Josh HewettStay fit. Train smart. Play hard.

P.S. – Stop wasting countless hours and sweat on ineffective training programs; all you have to do is download this DVD and your free bonuses, and start playing better soccer!

Your order is 100% secure.

The information is available in digital MP4 and PDF format so you can instantly download it to your computer.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 416-931-0800 or via email

Legal Disclaimer: This program was created for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem. Always consult your physician before engaging in any type of fitness or nutritional program. The testimonials cited on this website reflect results experienced by soccer players who have devoted the time and effort to follow and complete the “Building the Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like a Pro” training program. They were not compensated or paid in any way or form to provide these testimonials. The average purchaser may not experience the same results. The level of results you’ll get depends on the time and effort you put into following the exercises, techniques, and suggestions described within this program.



“… this DVD has pushed my training to the next level!”

“Very professional presentation. Some players say that talent can’t be taught: but your DVD shows that you CAN build an athlete! Following the guidance on this DVD has pushed my training to the next level. A few weeks after starting your program, I already notice a big improvement in my speed, agility, and technical ability on the field! The explanations and demonstrations were clear, so players of any age group and ability level should be able to understand and practice these drills and exercises.”

Joshua Hanif, Youth Level Soccer Athlete, Toronto, Ontario

“… has given me an “edge’ on the competition…”

The technical training that I received from my father, Clayton, has given me an “edge’ on the competition in the European environment. The high performance training with Josh gave me the strength and conditioning needed to perform at the highest youth level in France. I recommend this DVD to any player wanting to take their game to the next level!

Calvin Rosario (Championat 18 ans Tours F.C. France)

“…a professional grade quality DVD…”

Glenn Williams,
Rockhampton, Australia

“…helped me become more aware of the aspects of soccer, such as fitness, technique with the ball, and eating right.”

Hello my name is Ronald Vass and I play soccer in Hungary. The DVD release “Building the Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like a Pro” helped me become more aware of different aspects of soccer, such as fitness, technique with the ball, and eating right. This DVD has helped improve my technique and awareness on the field with and without the ball. Since I’m playing in Hungary this DVD has helped me reach my goal.

I’m sure that it will also help me reach my goal of becoming a professional soccer player. What really impressed me was that there were no “professional” soccer players doing the drills, they were regular teenagers practicing, which shows that this DVD is for anyone any age. I also liked the technique drills in the DVD.

“…I’ve tried several soccer instructional DVDs and yours is second to none!”

I bought your DVD several weeks ago and I just wanted to say how delighted I am. As an O-40 player (48) the ball techniques and fitness tips are inspiring and useful. I’ve tried several soccer instructional DVDs and yours is second to none! I especially like your philosophy of offering tips such as keeping “your uniqueness as an individual player” – you’ve done a great job with this production. Thank you.

© 2015 All Rights Reserved.
Created by TBCC

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Soccer Training Program

Review of Money Making Business Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money – Ideas to Make Money – Work At Home Career Ideas – How to Make Money –  Make Money –

Review of Money Making Business Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money – Ideas to Make Money – Work At Home Career Ideas – How to Make Money – Make Money –

Review of Money Making Business Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money – Ideas to Make Money – Work At Home Career Ideas – How to Make Money – Make Money –

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Review of Money Making Business Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money – Ideas to Make Money – Work At Home Career Ideas – How to Make Money – Make Money –

Product Name: Money Making Business Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money – Ideas to Make Money – Work At Home Career Ideas – How to Make Money – Make Money –

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Surprising Ways to Transition from a Poverty Mindset to an Abundance

Break Free From a Poverty Mindset for Financial Abundance – (Wealth
or Poverty? Check Your Mindset and Transform Financial Scarcity into
Financial Success)

Very many people have grown up with a poverty mindset. There are endless
studies which tells us how thought patterns influence our health and


If you grew up in a household with negative critics of the
wealthy, you will most likely carry your old-learned beliefs into
adulthood. The old learned responses will keep on repeating themselves
in your head like an old broken record. A poverty mindset is the most common reason why
majority of people are thriving in poverty with no enough finances to
cater for their school, accommodation and other basic needs. 

The question here is how to eliminate this engaged
knowledge that we will never succeed in life? What matters in erasing
such mindset is the degree of intensity. The solutions can range from
some mere changes in habits to utilizing powerful energy psychological
techniques. A poverty mindset is one of the most common mindsets
found, if you cannot be able to erase this mindset then you are
destined to live a miserable life. We all know that we need money for
our life to move forward. We have to eliminate these thoughts in our
mind telling us that we can never succeed. If we don’t, we will
consequently fall into failure no matter how hard we try.


In this brief, I
have shared some of the most effective tips on how to ditch a poverty
mindset for financial abundance.


1…Change your thinking and you change your life

The first thing that you are supposed to do in order to
set yourself free from poverty mindset is to switch into positive
thoughts about it. Once you change your thoughts, you will
automatically change your environment. Start attending inspirational
seminars and connecting with people who inspire rather than those who
limit you. Start connecting with people who have a positive and an
uplifting attitude about wealth and

One of the reasons why we think the way we do is the
people we connect with. If you are always around people who believe
that money is evil, then you will automatically start thinking the
same. On the other hand, when you connect with those who think that
the love of money is evil rather than the money itself, you begin to
absorb unconsciously their oral and body language, mimicking their
tone and posture and you will soon fit in their circle.

If you cannot be able to switch into a positive thinking
automatically, then you can listen to the vast collection of Mindset
Mind Power Programs such as the Millionaire mindset, wealth creation
mindset, money and prosperity mindset and many more. The audio Mindset
Power programs will help you keep repeating into your mind positive
statements that resonate within you and become your predominate
thought pattern. You will be able to mobilize and move your energy in
a positive direction.


Another thing that can really change your brain chemistry
is the positive statements. Read several positive statements about
wealth creation and becoming a billionaire. They will really change
your thinking and you will actually start saving money. The great
philosophers said that no matter how small an amount of money is, the
power of saving releases an amazing sense of control and empowerment
over your life. With time, your sense of worth will increase and you
will soon value yourself more. Once you have a new sense of worth, you
will attract people who will reflect and reinforce your new worth and

With a positive mindset about money, you will start to
appreciate the little you have and start thinking of ways to make it
big. Positive thinking broadens your way of seeing things and you will
be able to think beyond the box. This will allow your creative juices
to flow and reinstate your life. Sometimes the greatest asset is you
but the greatest change to allow you invest the asset is psychological

Erasing the deep rooted negative thoughts can take long
but you need to be patient and persistent. All what is required from
you all that time is the desire to change. If you have the desire to
not want to remain stuck in the same mud that your forefathers stuck
and died poor, then you are ready for the greatest change. Once you
open your mind to change, the mind will also open up for the
solutions. No matter your circumstance, we all have choices and the
choice that makes you feel the most empowered is the one that is
needed in this case.

2…Take action

Once you have made up your mind to escape from the poverty
mindset, then you must confront it with enthusiasm. You must stop
agreeing with poverty mindset and start thinking of how to be a better
person. Admit that poverty mindset is there and that’s what it is.
After that, take appropriate measures and stop being defensive about
it. Poverty mindset is a very touchy subject because it makes you get
the lowest potential out of your possibilities. Stop justifying
yourself as to the reason why you are having a poverty mindset. Accept
the situation that you are in and look for measures of eliminating the
thoughts. Just look at where you are, where you want to be and who you
want to become.

Ask yourself if the situation you are in is good for
you…ask if you want to stay in the situation that you are in today.
If the answer isn’t yes, then get over your belief system. At times,
you realize that you may be having the wrong data and the only way to
get your data useful is to get rid of it and look for valid data. The
data that you have in your head may be causing you to think unhelpful
thoughts and take the wrong actions.


The success of anything that you want to create or develop
starts in your mind. The way you think determines how you live. The
poverty thoughts only serve to keep you in
place of limitation and deprivation. There are
several types of people, those who give up in the first sign of
challenge and those who never fully commit to anything. Determine if
you are one of those people who always complain of not having enough
time, energy, and the resources to achieve their goals. If you know
yourself, then you will be able to make smart choices on the things
that matter.

If you have ever received that voice in your head that
always tells you that you can only have this much or that which tells
you that you don’t deserve wealth then you need to take a lasting
action. Take action of leaving all those things that keep on dragging
you back and invest on those that impacts positively in your life.

3…Setting Clear wealth Goals and wealth building strategies

Success is a goal that everyone is chasing. How you
approach the process greatly determines how successful you will
become. One of the best ways of getting out of a poverty mindset is to
set an achievable financial
goal. When you set a financial goal, you
become proactive choosing a life path with self-responsibility and
playing an active role in your destiny. If you aren’t setting
financial goals and achieving them, then you are not focused to win.
Without financial goals, then your life is like a sail boat without a
rudder: it will just spin in circles.

Goals are the focal point that gives your life direction.
You are supposed to set your mind in a positive direction in order to
overcome poverty thoughts. Goal setting in life is as necessary as
breathing, you have to take the time you write and review your goals
as time investment.

One of the main reasons why many people succumb to the
poverty thoughts is because of lack of direction. If you plan to get
something the coming year, then it is easy for you to unchain your
life from the misleading thoughts. Spare some of your time and write
realistic goals that you intend to accomplish. There is nowhere else
that you will invest nothing and reap a huge potential reward.

You now have a goal, invest on wealth building. The main
reason for wealth building is your financial freedom. Everybody
strategizes on building wealth by first identifying and setting
financial goals. 


Majority of people want to become financially stable so
that they can thrive instead of surviving. Once you have decided to
change and now you are on the next step of making your mind change
from the poverty thoughts, you are probably interested in building
wealth. Wealth is one of the many benefits of improving your financial
situation and habits.

One thing that most of the people don’t know is that
building wealth is something different from becoming rich and earning
a lot of money on monthly basis. Building wealth is just about your
net worth and how much money you‘re able to maintain.

If you start investing the little money you earn you will
probably be able to detach yourself from the chains of poverty
thoughts. The mind will now start focusing from back to front. You
will be able to see beyond tomorrow and soon you will be building
wealth. Do not be afraid to invest, don’t even be intimidated.
Building wealth may come with some risks which can be managed. Once
you decide to get yourself from the old believes that money is evil
and you start investing, in most cases you will hurt people. Those
that you shared a common thinking with and those that believe you are
starting on the wrong path.

In most of the cases, those people who have a poverty
mindset are characterized with overspending. However, now that you are
committed to unfold your potentials and leave behind the old myths
about money, you have to reduce your expenses and start building
investments and assets.

Finance experts and those millionaires you see out there
have one simple formula for building wealth. The first component of
the formula is reduced expenses. That doesn’t mean that you have to
reduce your expenses until you live a miserable life. This is the kind
we are trying to avoid by setting yourself free from poverty mindset.
You have to reduce your expenses and still be able to live a
comfortable life.

If you are giving in a larger share of your earnings to
heavy lifestyles there won’t be much left to save and invest.
Reducing expenses doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fun
either. One of the reason why most of the people have a lot of money
and don’t have peace of mind is lack of enough time to enjoy it.
Going out with family and friends once in a while is a good way of
managing stress. If you can be able to manage stress easily, then you
can be able to think well and have a successful life thereafter.


4…Your Environment is everything

The environment you grow in can greatly shape your way of
thinking. If you are raised up in an environment where money was just
a dream and poverty struck your household, then probably your mind
will not think beyond poverty. If your household had negative
reminders about lack of money and critics in wealth, then you have a
long way to go eliminating those old brain cells that grew in your
mind. John grew up in a poor family. The parents got so little on
monthly basis and the little they got was used to buy medicine. There
was no peace, security and there was a lot of abuse. Growing up in
such an environment like John’s greatly shapes your mind about money
and life.

There was no budgeting in the family to make their money
last. The environment has set them to earn for food, alcohol to blow
stress and drugs. When the money is finished, they have to act like
victims until the next chance arrives. However, the best thing to do
in such a situation is to change your environment which impacts
directly on your financial future. You have to leave behind those
people you lived with, those who have a poverty mindset in order to
make something from your life.

I met a man once who never had anything good to say about
those who have money. He talked as if there is an established
righteous share of money that if you had above that then you become
evil. He had a poverty mindset that money is a scarce resource and if
somebody had so much of it, then they must have gotten it through
dishonest means.

On another tour I met another man who was very generous,
between the two you couldn’t have a clear cut between who has more
money than the other. But I can tell you for free that both men knew
their states of money. The generous man knew he was rich and the other
man knew he was poor. What I learnt from this is that whatever way you
think of yourself, then you will automatically become. The perspective
of their state of poverty or richness was not determined by how much
money they had but the way each of them thought of themselves.

The man with the poverty mindset keeps him trapped in
poverty and the man who had a rich mindset is making a lot of money
out there. The environment that you grew in and that which set the
most of your brain in your early age can greatly stop or reduce the
flow of money to you if you carried it into adulthood.


5…Eliminate Unhealthy Financial Traditions

Many people are clearly not experts in managing their own
finances and end up broke month after month. The cycle of overspending
that they learnt in the early age from their parents keeps them poor
every month even if their income puts them way above the poverty line.
Therefore, what you do everyday matters when it comes to wealth
accumulation. You have to establish a few smart habits from the
traditions that you gunned in your mind many years ago.

You grew up in a family that everybody is spending
mindlessly and you are also following suit. Whether it’s calling an
uber or picking up a bottle of beer in the bar, it’s all too easy to
spend mindlessly. The money you are spending mindlessly out there can
be directed towards savings or growing substantially in a retirement

Parents have a long list of lessons to teach their
children and most of those life lessons can impact their entire life.
If your parents didn’t teach you any money management skills either
through experiences or simply by observing their habits, then that may
be the reason why you are making no money for your goals. Although
many parents feel that it is important to guide their children, they
don’t know how much their financial behaviour is impacting on the
lives of their children. Most of them fail and are not actively
involved in helping their children learn how to manage their finances
including savings, spending and investing.

The tradition that money is evil that you grew in should
be cut down in order to set your mind free and have an ample time
looking for money. Unhealthy traditions pass from generation to
generation. However, if you are serious about breaking yours, then you
have to leave the negative traditions and concentrate on the things
that help you succeed.

Learn some new skills to replace those that you already
have. Make a decision, do you want to stay where you are financially
or you want to have something new. If you are tired of the pressure of
debts, then decide today to do whatever it takes to achieve financial

The more you repeat things the more they affect you.
Through repetition, you learned poor financial management. What this
means is that through repetition of healthy financial management
skills, you get skills that will help you to achieve financial
independence. Be very cautious about the person you learn skills from.
 The skills that you learn
should be from someone who has money and knows how to manage the money
they have. Change your unhealthy traditions and you change your
financial future.


6…Avoid the language of poverty

The reality is that majority of us learn financial habits
from our seniors probably our parents. If your parents were
spendthrifts, then you automatically become a spendthrift. On the
other hand, if your parents spend wisely, you will also tend to spend
wisely. If you live in an environment where everybody is speaking the
language of poverty like ‘’I cannot afford it’’,’’
that’s for rich people’’, ‘’we don’t have money’’ then
your money mentality will always be you cannot afford something.
Change your language if you want to be financially
stable. Poverty is
dehumanizing and nobody wants to be associated with it.

Some of the greatest inspirational speakers said that if
you talk in the language of poverty, then you are automatically
creating poverty. People who create wealth start thinking in terms of
abundance, wealth and prosperity. They don’t think in terms of
debts, lack of money and poverty. Stop thinking in terms of debt, I am
broke or that and this is too expensive. Start talking the language of
wealth and money. Start telling yourself that you can start a budget,
you are worthy the opportunities and say that you deserve more every
time you feel like your head is stuck in poverty thoughts.

Never say to yourself or even to friends that you cannot
afford it. That is a limiting factor that may impact direct to your
ability to make it in life. Never cut off the possibility. Do never
budge other people profits, pay what is the fair share. The tastes and
preferences vary from one person to the other and so is the value.
Therefore, if you see its value, pay its worth.


7…Work from a mindset of Abundance

Making money requires a lot of resources and it isn’t
all about the money. Sometimes you feel strapped for time and others
feel strapped for a short while due to lack of connection necessary to
start saving, investing or even starting a business. However, in time
of constant needs, the positive mind can put you at ease. In order to
get yourself unchained from the cells of Poverty mindsets, build and
maintain an abundance

The scarcity mindset can be a limiting factor when it
comes to investments and savings, all of which determines our
financial success. It can also create unnecessary fear, anxiety and
desperation. An abundance mentality always tells you that there are
other ways, chances and opportunities. A scarcity mentality also makes
you feel like a failure because you tried and failed. An abundance
mentality can help you improve your performance financially wise.
There are several ways that you can create and maintain financial
abundance mentality.

Look for the signs and symptoms of a scarcity mentality
and try your best to eliminate them. If you have a scarcity mentality,
then you will not be taking things too seriously. Don’t be afraid to
try…even if you failed the sky will not fall. Regain your
empowerment and get yourself from a scarcity financial mentality by
remembering the opportunities you have had and keep in mind that it is
a flow that will always flow again and continue.

Focus on what you have and what you know you can afford
and not what you don’t have. The reality is what you will focus on
is what you will see in your world. If you focus your camera on what
you lack, that is what you will see. The background of what you have
and what you can actually achieve will be blurred. Your focus system
in your mind will bring into the picture what you focus on your

If you are focused on the abundance, you will always see
the abundance you have on your path and actually have a mechanism of
achieving it. If you don’t have money, then do not focus on the
lack, focus on what you can do and have it.  Focus
on the abundance of possibilities in the world to make money. Once you
have an abundance mentality, soon the ideas and opportunities to make
it happen will start to flock in.

Learn to appreciate what you get. One of the ways to
revert from the pretty normal habits of thinking about what you
don’t have is to appreciate the little that you already have.
Appreciate your friends and everything else that comes your way. This
is one of the best ways of turning sour mood into positive moods and
also help you notice the opportunities that you have missed on the

Another thing that determines your success is how well you
are organized. When you cannot sit down and feel comfortable about
yourself and when you cannot have a settled life with the little
things that you have it means that you are not in order. Have all the
things that you interact with on daily basis organized. Have order and
discipline and you will start seeing good things coming your way. It
will also make you forget all the worries that build up in your head
from time to time.

People matter in your life. You are supposed to take
enough time linking with friends and family. Contact those people that
inspire your mind and make you think in terms of Abundance.  


8…Groom your children for a solid financial future

Parents have a large role to play as far as shaping the
future of their children is concerned. A large percentage of children
look up to their parents for financial guidance. What they learn from
you can impact greatly on their future. If you talk to your children
the language of poverty, then they will most likely carry a poverty
mindset to their adulthood. Nevertheless, having a conversation with
your children regarding money isn’t a very easy one especially if
your kid is a teenager.

To make sure that you groom your children and you have set
them on the right track financially, start teaching them about money
and how to manage it as early as possible. Science shows that children
while they are young grab a lot of information and it’s the right
time to teach them all the positive things that matter in their life.
The teachings can also last longer and be more effective if done the
right way.

Set a good example to your children every time. If you are
a spendthrift then be sure that your children will follow suit and it
may affect their future financial stability. If you feed them with
scarcity and negative attitudes about money then be sure that is what
they will carry to their adulthood. Never tell your children that the
family cannot afford something, never tell them that a certain thing
is for the rich people. Just inform them that you are working towards
achieving anything that they want. Teach them to be persistent and
patient. Tell them that even if it took several years to accomplish a
certain thing, it is always prudent to hold on.

Hold regular conversations with your children and talk
about money. Share any applicable money insights with them and they
will implement them when the time comes. Take your kid with you every
time you are out shopping and teach them how to compare deals and at
the same time keep quality in mind. Don’t make money decisions about
the things your children wants to buy. Just teach them how to find
coupons for the items and how to bargain in the market and let them
decide for themselves.

Most of the people who are held in poverty mindset, they
don’t know how to save. Every time you go to the bank in the company
of your children teach them through words and example the importance
of putting some money in the savings account. Never tell them that
debts should be managed well when they see you cannot be able to
manage them yourself. Take enough time to teach your children the
mighty advantage of surviving without debts and tell them the time
someone should look for a reasonable debt.

What differentiates a rich and a poor person is the way
they make their goals. If your children have already understood the
intrinsic advantage of savings, then be sure they can also understand
how to make solid decisions regarding their finances. If your children
receive any form of payments maybe from the art work they do or the
sale of ideas to the internet, then help them make a reasonable budget
and ensure they stick to it. Teach them here that a certain percentage
of money they receive should be saved.

Open a savings account for your children. After the child
has attained the age where he or she can understand the significant
deal of money, take some time and open a savings account for them.
Teach them how to structure a good budget and how to strategize their
savings account. Encourage your children to think positive and take
into entrepreneurship. Hold conversations with them and if you notice
that they have a talent that can be natured to become great business
people, then try mentoring to grow it.


9…The winning wealthy mindset

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with money
and some others seem to find it easy to make money and enjoy financial
freedom. Do you think this is fate, intelligence, education or
circumstance? What I think about this is that the difference in
richness is due to the game of money. Never think that there are some
inner forces holding you back from earning more money and enjoying a
life of financial freedom.

The main reason why people never achieve their financial
ambitions is because of the inner game of money. All those things that
affects you internally including wealth, riches, and the limiting
beliefs they have about money and the prosperity.

No matter how hopeless your current situation is or how
repelling money is to you, you can just work on it by changing the
mindset and the relationship you have with money. All you have to do
is to reorganize or reprogram your money blueprint. The way you act,
feel, think and talk about money can have significant impact on your

Develop a millionaire mindset just like other
millionaires. The millionaires you see in your society develop the
habit of getting rich slow rather than getting rich quickly. The
millionaire mindset is difficult to maintain, you have to sacrifice
and above all limit your spending. Mindset of the millionaires who
share their stories proof that they have two rules in life. Rule
number one is to never lose money and the rule number two is to always
refer to rule number one in case they get tempted.

In order to debouch yourself from the poverty mindset, you
have to develop the habits of wealthy people. You may be focused at
leaving the old habits that are pulling you back but at the same time
not be able to cultivate a millionaire mindset. Millionaires develop
some habits as their bank accounts grow to ensure that they don’t
lose money.

Focus on the winning part of the game. If you don’t have
the ability to focus, then you should develop it. Learn to take more
risk and think of the ways all your assets could work for you. If you
think too much about failure, then you automatically chase away your
possibilities and end up poor. Your life can dramatically change for
the better if you want to. Try to create wealth and the best way to do
that is to get the right mindset. Having a negative mindset about
money is like building a house without a solid foundation. You will
just end up frustrated by the outcomes.

If it gets difficult to set a wining mindset, then try
listening to some of the Winning wealth mindsets that are available
online and in the library. 

10…Bust the poverty mindset

A poverty mindset is a very destructive myth because it
puts us in the role of a helpless victim. Poverty mindset makes us sit
down as spectators of our own destiny. One of the reasons why many
people are not able to bust the poverty mindset is because they
believe that everything they are encountering is due to outside
forces. They think that they have no control over it.

You have to understand that everything that you are going
through is in your mind, the way you think is the way you act and the
way you act determines your financial future. Break the chains of your
negative energy by simply understanding that you have a problem. Once
you understand that there exists a force that you have built that is
pulling you backwards, then you are in a better position to take
appropriate actions and break the bonds.

Money is looking for somewhere to go. If you don’t look
for money then you will end up desperate and miserable in life.


11…Find the right information out there

One of the reasons why people are struggling in life is
because they have the wrong information. The good thing is that
information is in plenty out there. Just decide the information you
want to read so as to equip your mind with it and you are good to go.
If you choose misleading information, then you will end up in vain.
The only way to battle poverty mindset is to understand it and the
only way to understand poverty mindset is to get the right
information. The information you get out there will determine the way
you will tackle the issue. If you get insufficient information then
you will only be able to tackle the issue from up to bottom which can
be challenging.

Just stop agreeing with poverty mindset and start
disagreeing with what you see is illogic. If your mind tells you that
you cannot afford this and your reasoning is uncertainty and fear, you
have to do it and invalidate your poverty mindset. Research the right
information. If you cannot differentiate the right and misleading
information then just understand that the right information should
always work for you. If you are seeing positive results dealing with
poverty mindset, then apparently the information is right.

If you are fed with things that adds energy to your
poverty mindset, then you may never be able to deal with it. Sit down
and filter any information before you utilize it. Poverty mindset is
contagious. If you stayed with people who have a poverty mindset, then
most likely you are going to possess that mindset.

Differentiate between those who will feed you with the
right information and those who will submit misleading information. If
you were raised up in a family that radicalized you with negative
information concerning richness, then you need to look for methods
that will get rid of that information once and for all.

Some people are raised with poverty mindset until they are
in their 20s. Some of them understand it early enough when they start
getting into crises with their finances. Some other people never learn
and in most cases can even live in that situation for good. Stop
living below your means and instead expand your means.


12…Solid Financial Foundation starts early

During your 20s is when adult things start happening. The
way you handle your life in 20s will determine the way the rest of
your life will turn out to be. Get rid of anything that is dragging
you back. I sometimes sit down and read newspapers from some of the
countries in the world especially those hot topics on economics and
financial management. Canada proclaimed November a financial Literacy
month. The aim of this move is to raise awareness of the importance of
acting knowledgeably and with build self-assurance when handling
personal financial affairs.

Most people learn their financial management from early in
their lives. The reality is dealing with money is not something that
you can gain naturally. There is no such a thing like money genes.
Nobody is born with the ability to manage finances well. There is lack
of formal literacy in several places of the world. Most curriculums do
not teach about money management at an early age. Mostly financial
education is informal and what this means is that it comes from the
school of hard knocks.

Although people talk about trial and error in financial
management, most of it is learnt through life experiences. The
environment someone is raised up in has a significant impact in the
financial life they live there after. The early you start building
your finances the earlier you change your financial life. The main
objective of the financial month in Canada is to engage the youths as
early as possible.

Financial education has to begin at home. If you are
reading this I bet you are concerned about the financial liberation in
your life. If you have kids at home, then teach them how to manage
finances early enough. Encourage them to read financial books and
websites for more information on money management. If your parents
didn’t teach you all these then don’t do the same to your
children. The life now is not the same as it was in the 20th
century. Now there is increasing need for financial education than it
was before.

Sometimes it’s hard to start your financial journey
early because of lack of employment and the increase in expenses as
you are growing up. Most of young people haven’t mobilized enough
money and in most cases have no assets. However, there is what we call
starting low and developing high. If you have a chance of getting
money, then take that opportunity like there will be no other in your

Talking about money is one of those family taboo topics.
Talk openly about money in front of your children and other youngsters
in your family. If you want them to learn about money, it starts by
opening the channels of communication. If communications about money
flows smoothly in your house, then the knowledge of financial
management will also have a chance. Talk about your successes and
failures and try your best to openly tell them how you got up after
numerous falls on your way.

If you want your children to develop sound financial
skills, then you have to take control of your own finances and set
room for improvement. Whether it is paying your debts or visiting your
financial advisers and getting organized financially, they should see
that you are leading by example. If you impute a poverty mindset, then
that is what they are likely to grow up with. Kids will quickly learn
the behaviour of saving and spending from what they see and come upon
in their lives.


13…Poverty mentality leads to poor decisions

Our efforts to combat poverty are
often based on a misconception. In most cases, the poor have a
mentality that money is connected to evil. The truth is a poverty
mindset is often associated with low self-esteem and lack of
confidence. These factors affects someone’s behaviour and decisions.
People who have high self-esteem know themselves and have an internal centre
of power and control. In most cases, they know their weaknesses and
strengths and they easily accept who they are and look for ways of
improving their lives.

The first step in making sound
decisions is to avoid poverty mentality. A poverty mindset makes
someone think that they have neither the talents nor the influence to
make things better. They hold little hope of restocking their life. 
Poverty cuts off your long-term brain and that is why you see
most of the people who have no finances making poor decisions about
their life.

Just consider someone in your locality
who has the right mindset, even if you take everything from him and
throw him to the streets, you will soon see him raise himself from
poverty. On the other hand, take someone with the wrong mindset and
give them everything including money. It won’t take them a year
before they get back to their state of poverty.

The reality is that cognation tends to
change with changing financial conditions. The richer you become the
more your cognitive nature leads to sound financial decisions in life.
Some of the authors say that you really have to understand the broad
structure of being poor and what people do and don’t have access to.
Some other authors say that majority of poor people have different
tastes and preferences.

Another thing about poverty is the
environment that most of the people live in. The environment that
makes them believe that money and some expensive commodities belong to
the rich. Break these misconceptions if you want to get rid of poverty
and get financial
freedom. Furthermore, try to change the environment
that you were raised in and adopt a new one where abundance is the


14…Think like a rich person

You may not know how much your
thoughts can affect your life. If you notice that you are having
negative thoughts that can affect your financial life, then you need
to change the mentality as soon as possible. The phenomenon called the
Law of Attraction explains the connection between your life and your
thoughts. If you want to become rich, then you need to first of all
determine the type of thoughts you have about money. If you think and
treat yourself as a rich person, then most of your doors will open and
give you a vast collection of opportunities that will make you rich. 

If you talked to some of the rich
people in your society, they can tell you about how they think and how
it has come to help them be successful. Rich people do not have low
self-esteem. The messages that keep on flocking your life about how
unworthy you are or how you cannot accomplish a certain thing in your
life should be eliminated if you want to become rich. Whether you
compare your bank accounts to Oprah’s or you compare your beauty to
the TV personality that you usually see on the screen, you need to
believe that you have something to give the world.

Rich people usually promote themselves
easily without any problems. They take time to make things happen and
usually have a mentality of promoting themselves, their business and
their services. They believe they are worthy and no one should ever
question them in their daily endeavors.

many time have you asked your mother for money or your spouse and they
tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees? How many times have they
told you that they are not made of money? These are things that we
think are meant to be insignificant or they are just mere jokes.
Majority of people in the world are convinced to believe that money as
a resource is scarce. Don’t think like them, just take your time and
notice how much money people own. Why do you think you cannot be among
those people who live with money? What makes the difference between
the rich people and the poor in most cases is the difference in our
thinking and decision making.

Money is out there in plenty and all
you have to do is to believe that you deserve your piece of the pie.
People think that everything is possible but let me tell you nothing
is possible if you don’t believe. Believe that you can make it in
life and believe that you can be able to make enough money just like
those people you see out there.

Rich people always believe that
everything is possible and they usually appreciate what they have. If
you sit down thinking that I don’t like my house or I don’t like
this car am driving in, you just kill your opportunities. Avoid all
the negative thoughts and always put in clear in your mind that you
can achieve whatever out is that the rich people own. Additionally,
think as if you are already a rich person and believe that what you
already own what makes you rich.

According to what many authors call
the Law of Attractions, negative vibrations will not create anything
good in your life. You need to love and appreciate everything that you
own. That is what defines you and you should always believe that they
define you as a rich person. Just be grateful that you have a car or a
roof over your head, a bed to lie on or food in your table. The more
you appreciate what you have the more likely that you are going to
gain more.

Never listen to negative statements
about the rich. If you want to get rid of your poverty mentality,
never think that rich people are dishonest or rich people are selfish
or they are snobs. These statements will discourage you and make you
have a negative attitude towards rich people. Your conscience will
probably not let you be rich simply because you don’t want to become
dishonest and selfish.

Just understand that not all the rich
people are selfish or snobs. Majority of them are honest and got their
wealth through clear ways. Just believe that they deserve what they
have and you need to work hard to gain such. Just have a positive
mentality about the rich people and dream of becoming one.

Write affirmations and read them all
the time. Have a collection of positive statements about the rich in
your book and always revisit them for hope and motivation. If you have
the mentality that rich people are snobs, then at least write an
affirmation message such that rich people are honest, kind, loving and
are selfless people.

If possible then structure a vision
board. Get a poster and cut out words of things that you like and the
things that motivate you. It could be a poster of beautiful houses,
cars, jets and yacht. Whatever feels good and makes you happy then
that is what am talking about. People have different tastes and
preferences and therefore the things that excites me may be different
from the ones that will excite you.


15…Love money

It is not easy to find someone who
hates money. But on your daily encounters you can hear someone
shouting that they hate money. This is an indication of a poverty
mindset. When I hear people saying that they hate money, my jaw always
drops to the floor. How on earth can you hate money? However, one
common knowledge as to why people hate money is because they don’t
have any. If you don’t have money and you hate the little you have
then you will not be able to mobilize enough for your daily

You need to correct yourself if you
keep on saying negative things about money. Turn that around and say
”I Love Money”. That is what will erase all the poverty thoughts in
your head. Money is a friend to every person. It is what gives our
life meaning. Without money you cannot have something to define your
life. You won’t have something to eat, dress even cater for medical
expenses. You need to say that money is your friend and you have to
look for it.

The more you put positive vibrations
in your mind towards the subject of money, the more you will attract
positive energy to acquire it. I believe you have had a pit in your
stomach when paying bills. Just be happy paying your bills. Most
people develop cold feet when visiting their bank to pay their bills.
Love money and at least have a clear mind to pay your bills.

As much as you are worried about how
much money is going out, also be concerned about the money that is
coming in. Majority of the people feel pain when paying bills and end
up complicating things. They have the money to pay the bills but are
not willing to do so. Just be grateful for having the money to pay
those bills.

It is all about loving yourself so
much to produce the money you deserve and loving your job to an extent
that it will help you get wealth. Love is the most powerful emotion
that human being possess. Loving has a lot to do with the results you
get in life. There are a lot of millionaires in the society who
don’t love money but the ones who seem to be happiest and the most
fulfilling’s in live are those that value money and always smile
when they mobilize more of it. When I say that you should love money I
don’t just mean that you are supposed to be after it. Neither do I
mean you are supposed to lust after it or even be motivated by it.
What I mean is you are supposed to do what you do for money just
because you love it. Super wealthy people in the world like the Jeff
Bezos of Amazon, Bill gates of Microsoft and Oprah are driven by their
love for what they do.

Bill gates doesn’t hate money or
think that money is evil. They all love money because it the fruit of
their labour they love everything that they do in the world including
creating wealth. You should love money because the world loves it too.
You shouldn’t be left out. Many people will love and recognize you
for several reasons, money being one of them. If you don’t have
something to offer to yourself, just offer love and that love should
be dedicated to money.

You should love money because the
alternative sucks. Hating or even disliking money leads to poverty and
unhappy frustrations will be as a result. The money will buy you the
freedom and time to love everything and everyone else in life. You
have a good life because you can afford the time and money to buy the
freedom in your life. The freedom to buy what you want and with whom
you what to do it with.

Money allows you to amplify and
multiply your positive impact on the world. You can only make a
difference because you have money. You should love money because it is
the only inanimate object on earth capable of loving you back. There
is a sheer fun and joy of playing with it, sharing it and spending it.
Money and love belong together in our lexicon of essential aspects of

The only thing that money and love
have in common is that they both involve energy and in many instances
the same energy. When you are close to someone with such energy, you
can just feel it and it is hard to resist. This is the energy am
talking about when am saying that you should fall in love with money.

We get our money ad love from other
people. Therefore, you should love them equally. People who make your
dream come true are ignored in some cases when the law of attraction
teaches us about the so called prosperity. People love to give you
money and therefore you should love them.


16…Overcome the poverty mindset and start building wealth

In the simplest terms, the poverty mindset is a
deep-rooted belief that money, wealth and the things that money buy
are limited. People with the poverty mindset have always struggled
with some type of fear of scarcity for so long. In most cases, this
fear comes from a parent’s behaviour or their attitude about money.
The mindset may also have come from real life experiences on where a
lack of money led to a negative outcome.

The trick here is to overcome the lack mentality and start
building wealth as soon as possible. Stop getting the worry of not
having money and start building the worry of having more money even
when you have enough. The reason why we work hard is so that we can
have enough money to take some time out and reward ourselves. By
letting go of the things that hold you back, you are just opening the
doors to success.

You need to build wealth, and you need to build it fast
enough. Time waits for no man and you have to rush with it. Don’t
wait until you are 40s to start realizing and detaching yourself from
things that had pulled you back for so long.

Making money is one thing but building wealth is the other
difficult thing. After all, habits are the source of wealth, sadness,
poverty and stress. Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth.
Contrary to the popular believe, you don’t have a lot of money to
start up. Start investing as soon as possible to take advantage of
compound interest. The miracle of compounding can transform the
relatively small but consistent amount of savings into major wealth if
done the right way.

Come up with specific money goals that will motivate you
to invest and keep on saving your money. One of the best ways of
building wealth after you have dealt with poverty mindset is to write
down money goals and structure a path that you are supposed to follow
in order to meet with your goals.


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17…Saving is the master of wealth

Now that you have decided to do away with the poverty
mindset and agreed to build wealth, do you know some of the ways you
can build wealth easily and avoid financial crisis in your life? If
you have never heard from anybody else, then at least you have heard
from me. Saving money is the master of wealth. You may ask yourself
why there is so much pressure to save money. If you have more than
enough money at hand, then why don’t you set some aside and put it
in savings account.

There are a variety of reasons why you should start saving
money from today. If you have already beat poverty mindset, then take
actions and start developing wealth. Different people save for a
variety of reasons but your goal here is to build enough wealth. If
you have a clear goal as to why you are saving then I can guarantee
you that you have built a wealthy mindset and you are going to make it
in life.

A poverty mindset will never give you a reason to save for
your retirement. However, the sooner you start saving for your
retirement is the sooner you start making something out of your life.
You can either put a share of the money you are earning on monthly
basis to work for you. If you cannot invest it at least save some
money for your medical emergencies and for your life after retirement.

Another reason why you should save is for your
accommodation. Rich people always think of improving their conditions
of life now and then. Save for a down payment for your house. Don’t
think that you cannot stay in expensive houses because you don’t
have enough money. Poverty is just a state of mind. If you save on a
bank for your house, then your bargaining power will go up and you
will also receive better interest rates. Depending on your
circumstances, you can determine the amount of money you save and the
one that you are comfortable to put under a savings account.

Don’t limit your life because you think that the amount
of money you have is not good enough. Do not hesitate when putting
aside money for your vacations. Reverse the mindset that vacations and
other luxury items are for rich people. You already have a rich mind
and you cannot miss the rich opportunities. Save money to have fun
with family or friends. You can save to have an American tour or the
Caribbean Cruise. This is what I call saving for the fun things. It is
often easier to motivate yourself to save for fun if you change your
mindset. Don’t let poverty mindset hold you back. Have fun!

You can determine how much money you can save for your car
if you have a monthly budget. When you know the amount of money that
you are going to use every month, then you can be able to come up with
the amount of money to save for your car. Even if it takes you 5 years
to save enough for the car, just hold on, rich people are patient in
life. Don’t expect to own the world in a fortnight.

The best way to own a private car is through savings.
Never borrow money from your bank to purchase a car. The burden that
comes with a loan financed car can be overwhelming sometimes. You
don’t know how living without a car payment makes a difference. It
gives you the freedom of saving for other expenses. Also save to set
up your sinking fund. Sinking fund is the amount of money that you set
aside for repairs and upgrades. This is the only way to stop dipping
into your emergency funds. Just estimate the cost of the items you are
saving for their repairs and upgrade and estimate the amount of money
that you are supposed to save for the sinking funds.


18…Determine the risk and rewards of poverty mindset and the wealthy

Maybe you have been poor. Maybe you have been rich or you
have experienced the two at the same time. You know the challenges
that you go through when you have a poverty mindset. If you haven’t
figured it out yet, being rich is better than being poor. However, the
good thing is that being poor is not permanent. You just have to make
a decision and the rest will follow. The decision you make in most
cases will be determined by the way you analyses the risks associated
with each of the two and the rewards that come as a result.

What is riskier between being poor and being rich? 
In fact, being poor should be included as risk factor and
treated as a disease. Poverty is the source of many negative things in
the world and you should never be comfortable with being poor. The
causes of poverty are rooted in the mindset and the way you set your
mind on riches.

There are very many people in our society who have a rich
mindset and are poor due to circumstance. There are also very rich
people too who have a poor mindset but rich due to circumstance. The
amount of money in the world is staggering and it’s waiting for
someone to own it just for a night in the circulation. If you don’t
think twice on your decision to establish a positive attitude about
money, they you may never find the freedom you need. Think rich
mentality is all about having the mentality of helping others in our


19…Do you sincerely want financial freedom?

We all know the feeling, the panic that gets in our
stomach when we get an unexpected bill for electricity, car repair,
house maintenance and other expenses. In most cases, you hesitate to
pay the bills but later make up your mind and pay it in full. A week
later you have forgotten and now you feel that sense of relief. Now,
what if you didn’t have money to clear the bills, what would you do?


Paying for the bills without stress is just one side of
the picture, that doesn’t determine whether you are financially
stable or not. Financial freedom is more than just being able to
afford emergencies. Financial freedom is knowing that you are done
having to worry about your retirement because you have worked enough
to invest consistently for decades. Getting financial freedom is not
just a small task. You have to sacrifice a lot and work for extra
hours in order to make something in your life.

Having a poverty mindset is one of the hindrances of
getting financial freedom. Now you have to determine what you want. Do
you sincerely want financial freedom? If your answer is yes, then get
out of your comfort zone and start looking for money.


20…Poor or Rich, you have the choice now

Wealth is a choice that we must all make. If I were
forever poor and happy, then I would never stress myself looking for
wealth, but since you need to love money to be happy, that is the
reason why I usually get out for a hustle. Given that the rich tends
to live longer than the poor, then the rich is the best choice that
you are supposed to make.

Whether you were born and grew up poor, then you need to
make a choice and look for money. Bill Gates once said ‘’It is not
your fault that you were born poor, but it will be your fault if you
die poor’’. For a long time, majority of the people struggle to
believe that they can become rich. But with persistence and hard work,
you don’t know how rich the world wants you to be in the future. It
is not until you observe the difference between haves and haves not
when you realize how being rich is sweet. 

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Poor people are typically skeptical and rich people are
trusting. Poor people usually think that everybody that comes their
way wants their money which is not the case. The rich on the other
hand are trusting, they can even leave their house and car doors open.
Make up your mind and choose the side you want to be. Weaken the bonds
of poverty by stopping to agree with the poverty mindset and get to
live a comfortable and happy life.


The Bottom

People who set up their minds to get rich usually think
that money will provide meaning to their lives. This is true in a way.
If you have no money and you are making no effort to look for it, then
your life will lack meaning. Whether you were raised up in a society
where you perceived money as evil or whether something happened that
made you believe that money is not for you, just know that poverty is
worse. A poverty mindset is destructive because it puts us in the role
of helpless victims. This is the best time to take responsibility. The
time to admit our lives are where our own choices have taken us. Take
the chances to break from ‘’poor me, pitiful me, unable me’’.
It is important for overall happiness to have wealth. But that
doesn’t mean that you are supposed to accumulate wealth through
dishonest means.

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Forced Money . . .

Review of Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program

Review of Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program

Review of Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program

Product Name: Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program

Click here to get Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program :

Heart wrenching (but true): 70% of long-distance relationships without establishing ground rules and parameters breakup within six months…

When you play the Long Distance Relationship (LDR) game right, the attraction will be so strong that you and your partner won’t have a choice in the matter.

I call this building the “irresistible edge”.

More on how it works over a long distance in just a bit…

Hi, my name’s Gerald Greekson.

I’m a 30 something-year-old guy now married to the girl of my dreams…

And yes she’s right here by my side as I type this 🙂

But as you probably guessed, it didn’t start out that way.

My beautiful wife Marianne was the free-spirited type, a fellow Bostonite by birth but an aspiring short story film producer by calling.

Part of me wanted Marianne to change course in college, to do something that would keep her local, with me.

But ultimately we both agreed that her passion called on her move out to the West Coast, where the very best film schools and opportunities in her field lied.

The first week was actually quite pleasant, Marianne called me thrilled about Los Angeles.

“So sunny all day!” she squealed in delight.

Warmth that just invites you outside to take a jog or have a picnic — even in mid-February!”

But then next week as we were outlining her class schedule, I heard a male voice in the background.

I demanded in a sharp tone, needing to know the answer and yet needing her cooperation to find out who the intruder was.

“Come down Gerald, he’s just a friend!”

(I suppose that’s the typical line, isn’t it?)

I’ll never forget that male voice.

Something about not being close to your partner and sensing a potential rival just gets under your skin like nothing I’ve ever felt.

It makes you both angry and fearful at the same time.

You fear for your partner’s safety, and are somehow equally angry at their lack of understanding of what’s going on in your own mind.

Our relationship continued through various phone and Internet lines.

Pangs of fear, jealousy, and suspicion became more common on both sides.

One time Marianne cut me off doing an otherwise pleasant conversation.

“I can hear what she’s whispering to you, you two-timing PIG!”

Once I escaped my confusion, I realized the seductive cosmetic ad on the TV behind me triggered her outburst.

I brought the phone closer to the TV, and she immediately apologized…

And then started crying…

A lot of time we had stupid fights just because of miscommunication via text messages.

Little things got blown out of proportion and caused big arguments.

Sometimes Marianne got angry at me for days because she misinterpreted my texts and thought that I wasn’t loving her.

She kept referring to my messages again and again whenever she was mad at me.

It was like she tried to memorize all my messages to make it against me.

I am sort of an introverted guy and sometimes I like to be on my own.

But Marianne loved to chat about daily things and sometimes I felt like she was pushing me to communicate.

Whenever I delayed to reply her messages for whatever reason, even for good reasons such as work or my battery was dead, she felt neglected and thought I was with “someone”.

This made me feel so annoyed and sometimes I thought about leaving our relationship.

I knew Marianne was a wonderful girl and I was so lucky to have her.

But all the negative emotions such as feeling jealous, needy and doubt made me feel like something was not quite right.

Something was missing in our relationship and it was not supposed to be this way…

Both of us knew something had to be done to solve these issues that kept repeating themselves, week after week. Before it was too late and things broke down for GOOD…

Thanks to the ‘net, when you’re having a life crisis, you can now ease some of your concerns with a late-night research binge.

As Marianne and I were in a relationship crisis, here were some interesting statistics and facts I found about distance relationships during my binge:

Pitfall #1: Most distance relationships are woefully disconnected. Partners spend on average 2.7 days between calls and send just 3 letters or email messages to each other per month. Per MONTH!

Imagine if you had to raise a baby that way – the baby would probably die from a lack of love and care. You and I are not so different.

Pitfall #2: The distance relationship challenge is becoming mainstream: Did you know that 75% of engaged couples have been in a distance relationship at some point? That’s three out of four Americans.

1 out of 3 distance relationships were caused by college relocations, with most of the rest created by military or other work obligations.

Pitfall #3: Just how much hardship does the average couple go through? Well the average couple plans on enduring 14 months away from each other. And 70% of them see unfortunate results unfold due to unplanned changes.

Miscommunication and lack of communication are the most common problems that LDR couples have.

When I talked to many couples on forums, some of them even said that most of their arguments are due to miscommunication via text…

Surprise! I thought only me and Marianne are the only couple that has this silly issue!

From my research, I also created a special report which I called the “7 Costly Mistakes Most People Make In A Long Distance Relationship”.

In this report, I shared the most common mistakes that LDR couples make and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

I gave away this report to many couples and they thanked me for the valuable advice.

Since you have given me some of your precious time, I would like to give you a free copy of my report.

Just click on the picture beside and download it instantly at no cost! It’s my gift to you 🙂

Needless to say, distance relationships are tough. But I found positives as well:

#1: Mutual confidence significantly increases a distance relationships chance of success: Not just confidence in yourself, but also your partner, and the fact that he or she is worthy of your trust.

Few couples are able to maintain this superhuman level of trust and confidence in one another, as distance relationships understandably make this a rather difficult endeavor.

But those who do are substantially more likely to keep the relationships intact.

#2: Intimacy, even sexuality is possible from a distance. Surprised? So was I!

As I’ll explain in just a minute, sexuality involves so much more than physical contact. And when you do it right, your partner can’t help but lock you into his or her daily thoughts, constantly thinking of you and only you.

Right around this point in time, Marianne and I started making big changes.

We compiled our research on the very best distance relationship strategies into a series of action plans.

We then distributed these at local “separated couples meetings” both of us found in our respective areas, in an effort to show other struggling couples a better path to success.

Through a slow, gradual process of testing and tweaking done by us and our peer groups, it was quite clear that that strong, intimate
relationships could be strengthened with iron resolve and commitment using nothing but some simple mindset adjustments and daily rituals.

A new approach to distance relationships was born…

This is what we call our final iteration of the distance relationship guide that Marianne and I, along with our support group peers, worked so painstakingly on for nearly 3 years.

This guide contains the very best strategies to maximize any distance relationship.

All aspects of long-distance relationships are covered in 7 chapters and multiple “major discussion” sections are also found towards the back of the book.

Techniques to keep the intimacy and sexuality alive

Affairs: how to minimize your risk and alleviate your mind all at once

Techniques for handling general feelings of discomfort due to separation

New and creative ways to be sexual without being physically close

How to keep your love fresh in spite of the long distance and make your partner feel uncontrollably obsessed with you

How to develop an unstoppable sense of confidence and strong faith about the bright future of your relationship

How to deal with miscommunication. Yes! we finally found a way to fix this silly problem that most LDR couples have.

How to use social media the right way to connect with your partner (Warning: do this wrong and your relationship could spiral out of control.)

How to stop feeling disconnected and start reigniting the passion in your relationship. (Disconnected feeling is like a wound that needs healing.

You will learn how to take the right steps in this section)

How to make your partner feel attracted to you

Tips and what to do when you both meet each other again (Meeting is exciting, but it’s even more arousing when you follow these hot tips)

My eyes are shriveling up in pain just recalling this fact… Marianne and I painstakingly sifted through over 1,200 pages of the latest in distant relationship science to develop this guide. That’s about 2 Encyclopedia Britannica’s worth of information…

Our support groups field-tested the science in their own relationships.

And then like an expert craftsman in the midst of sculpting a masterpiece, we whittled and whittled the nuggets down into the condensed action guide you see before you.

Learn the “Accidental Reveal Method“: a clever, flirtatious technique that hijacks your lover’s mind, causing him or her to think about you — and only you — ALL DAY LONG 🙂

“Attraction Maximizers” that work even better when your partner is FARTHER away (that’s right, the distance actually magnifies the attraction when you use these).

How to “fill the room” with your presence even without being physically there. Do this and you’ll add so much of the subtle power that comes with casual conversation and physical closeness.

Unleash the “Erotic Description Secrets“ to bring the tedious and mundane daily conversations into The Ultimate Fantasy for your partner.

Discover “The Art Of Sexting“ that magically activates the deep and hidden Romantic Impulse inside your partner’s mind.

Learn “The Ancient Talking Stick Method“ to solve any miscommunication problem, argument and fight (especially fights via text).

“My long distance relationship seemed almost over and as a last attempt to save it, I purchased this book. After reading this book, I finally understood why my partner was hot and cold with me. It always left me confused, not knowing if what I was doing was enough or even if it was right. It drove me crazy. I spent nights lying awake, tossing and turning in my bed, checking my smartphone for his messages. Needless to say I couldn’t focus on my work and soon I was getting warning letters from my work. I was feeling lost. The thought to end the relationship crossed my mind but the more I thought about ending it, the more I crave them more. I decided to surprise him with a visit but I was so afraid that I would find another woman in his house that I decided to call off the plan. Some days I never messaged him and didn’t receive a text in return, which drove me to the edge. Whenever I talked to him, I felt as if he was alright with the relationship but then there would be other talks where he seemed uninterested and cold. I tried to make him jealous by spending more time with the men at my workplace but it had no effect on him. Then I read this book and I understood what I was doing wrong. I was making him my life and men need space. They need a challenge. I soon became the challenge he craved and I found more text messages and calls from him, some of which I took my good time replying and some I answered immediately. It was AMAZING how I became the one leading the relationship and he became the seeker. He proposed to me and soon he will shift his job to my city and we will tie the knot. I had it in me all the time but this book helped me realize that some of the things I was doing made my attraction diminish and I needed to gain it back. I would strongly advise everyone to read this book if their relationship is in trouble.”

– Sondra M. Manchester, NH

“Hi Gerald,

You are the answer to my prayer because during the time that I did not know what to do with my long distance relationship, your video suddenly appeared to my laptop and I was very curious at that time so I watched it with a little bit doubt. When I finished the video I immediately joined to your program even though I did not know how to work that program and if it is effective to my case. Life is like a game, I took the risk. Long distance relationship is very difficult situation… promise…. because it is only on skype, There is no physical touch, date and you never know if that man is fooling you only. Joining to your program and reading your books and advice I know how to handle our situation today even our bonding moment is only by internet. I learned a lot on how to eliminate your worries and doubts even my man’s distance is 5000 miles away from me. The value of being vulnerable and not needy woman is like a precious gem to me. I am happy, competent and confident woman now. Impossible thing on earth is not a big deal to me right now because of your program. Oppps lastly, your program is very kind and generous because in one payment only, you gave all the substance that we have to learn in finding your soulmate and to be high value woman not like the other program I had encountered, We have to pay monthly membership and they will give choppy information only.

Thank you very much, more power to your program and I hope I will learn more from you.

God Bless.

– Florida Mendoza, Manila

I think by now you’re getting a sense of how powerful this guide can be when used properly to connect with your partner.

But to truly ensure that you have a truly unbreakable relationship, even when you’re back together again in each other’s arms, I’m giving you a few more critical guides…

Do you struggle to come up with a perfect long distance relationship gift idea to send to your sweetheart? Well you’ve come to the right place!

In this special edition book, I have put together 101 meaningful gift ideas that is going to melt your loved one’s heart when you give it to them. I also explain clearly what each gift means so you can easily make decision on which one to give. Some of these are paired gifts, which means you get to keep one and your sweetheart gets to keep one. Cool huh?

This 101 Gift Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship is a special edition and limited time bonus only. I’m going to sell it as a product on its own. So if you still see it on this page, grab it before it’s gone.

This guide teaches everything you need to know about how to resolve the “six demons of communication” that silently kill relationships.

Have you heard that communication issues can easily snowball in a distance relationship? It’s absolutely true.

Communication breakdowns happen every single hour of every day to couples sharing the same room, let alone those who are separated from one another. The lessons you learn in this guide will teach you how to prevent a negative snowball of bad communication habits, through the use of powerful rituals.

Strong couples are happy couples, and happy couples first need to be happy individuals before they can share the gift of joy with each other.

In this short, action-packed guide, you’re going to learn a few scientifically proven daily exercises to increase your sense of overall happiness as you go about your regular day.

There’s no “ho-hum, feel good advice” here, my friend. No, these are all scientifically validated tactics and techniques to boost your biological sense of well-being and fulfillment using physical and mental actions.

It is a sad fact of our Western society that divorce is now mainstream. Sometimes even accepted as inevitable. About 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the US divorce and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t conscious steps you can take to create a marriage that endures for 30, 40, even 50 years, and be with your partner until the day you pass on. It is still possible, if you go against the grain and take measures to protect your marriage.

In this guide we discuss the essential secrets to enjoying a marriage founded on strength and mutual commitment:

Do you love awesome surprise? I don’t want to spoil your surprise but here’s a sneak peek: if you want to have amazing and sweet conversations with your partner and avoid awkward silences, this surprise bonus is something you MUST have. I have included this in the Long Distance Relationship Miracle program for you as a very special gift to take your relationship to the next level. You’ll love it!

For many people this information is priceless.

When you buy Long Distance Relationship Miracle today, you’ll be getting access to the main guide and all bonuses above immediately through an online membership page.

You can keep all of this program on your computer, or carry them around on your phone or tablet to use at a moment’s notice when relationship matters call.

Remember, we’re on the honor system!

…Write me back and tell me how awesome your relationship is in six months from now.

…Or go out until a friend you know who is in a distance relationship himself to check out my guide.

At this price, I think you owe it to me 😉

But seriously, once you go through this guide you’ll want to tell others about how your relationships changed. So I thank you in advance for your positive word-of-mouth.

“I suffer from severe trust issues. Being in a relationship, as a result, is not easy for me. Being in a long-distance relationship is even tougher as I have no idea what she is doing at a certain moment. I became the overly clingy and severely jealous boyfriend and I felt that I am losing her. She is a dedicated career woman and I knew before we began this relationship, that she has a tough routine.
However, I found myself engrossed in overly jealous thoughts. If I saw her activity on Facebook, I would freak out that she had time for updating her status on a social media site but didn’t have time to reply to my texts or to call me back.
I found myself doubting her and doubting myself. To say it was getting ugly is an understatement. The little time we had to talk, I was so bitter and taunting that I shocked myself. I came across this book on a co-worker’s desk and picked it up and read the first chapter.
It piqued my interest. Following the advice in the book, I took a week off from my relationship and my work, drove over to my log house and spent the week there, hunting, reading the book and just enjoying the nature.
I came back with a mental clarity that was lacking before. I realized I needed to give her the space she needed. I took time to appreciate what I am and what I bring to this relationship and I realized if this didn’t succeed, it doesn’t matter. This took care of the pressure I was feeling and I was able to revive the relationship I had almost lost.”

– Daniel Brown, Orlando, United States

“It’s an interesting book and I’ve compared with other books (I have the communication chemistry as well), and a lot of it comes back.
Long Distance Relationship Miracle Program helped me to see how I acted in a relationship. I have to admit, I acted like a teenager and those days are over. This book made my life more interesting, because now I know how to act in an ‘adult’ relationship.”

– Jense Kemps, United States

Your relationship comes alive with fire, passion, and renewed commitment – or your full money back!

Now, I know my Long Distance Relationship Miracle program works, and so do thousands of others around the world who have experienced their long distance relationship came alive with more passion, love, energy and excitement all over again. But I want to make it the easiest investment decision you’ve ever made.

Simply put, when you invest in my Long Distance Relationship Miracle program today and if you’re just not satisfied with the program for any reason whatsoever, just let me know anytime within the next 60 days. And I’ll send you a fast and courteous refund immediately with no questions asked. And you can keep the entire program and bonuses as a great big thank you from me just for giving my program an honest try.

I don’t think I can be any fairer than that! I made this super easy for you to make your decision and don’t forget all the risk is truly on me, not you.

I can offer this generous guarantee based on the feedback I’ve already received about my distance relationship system. I know it works. And so will you, once you read through it and apply. 🙂

Click Here To Buy This Product

Marianne and I are back together again, after 32 grueling months.

Frankly our relationship wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t use the principles outlined in our guide to build the proper foundation for love and unrelenting connection at a distance.

Please, no matter what you do, you need to know that distance relationships are a challenge, one that requires conscious effort and planning.
We think our guide is the very best you’ll find on the market for that.

But no matter what, we encourage you to follow some kind of “relationship maintenance” plan, even one you build yourself.

In order to succeed, distance relationships require nothing less.

May your love for one another infinitely overcome the distance between you,

P.S. If you think that being sexual without being physically close is impossible then you must read page 92. You will be absolutely amazed and even shocked to know this little known secret. Also the Accidental Reveal Method will cause your partner fantasize about you, only you, all day long if you know how to activate this power.

Click Here To Order My “Long Distance Relationship Miracle” System Securely Through ClickBank!

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

© Long Distance Relationship Miracle 2017 till present – All Rights Reserved

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Long Distance Relationship Miracle- Offical Program

Review of Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program

Review of Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program

Review of Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program

Product Name: Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program

Click here to get Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program:

128 Family friendly recipes for    
Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body    
Makeover Weight Loss Program    
Now you can use the recipes in    
this cookbook to lose up to 34    
pounds in 6 weeks just like I did    Click here to read my story    

Read my story and why I felt this cookbook would make it easier for others to lose weight on the 6 Week Body Makeover.

Could you use 128 recipes handpicked especially for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program?

How about plenty of tips, hints and tools that make it easier for you to stay on the 6 Week Body Makeover weight-loss program?

Creative Cooking & Recipes is the first and only ebook full of recipes, hints and tips created specifically for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program. The recipes in this book will help you create great tasting, no-guilt food and still stay on-program.

There’s no guesswork. Every recipe comes complete with it’s own easy-to-read meal chart. Serving sizes and portions for every recipe are already calculated.

These are perfect for anyone and any body type using the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program. And, they’re good for everyone in your family also. If you use these recipes, you will no longer need to cook one meal for yourself and a different meal for the rest of your family. Continue reading

When I started this program, I quickly figured out I wanted to find a way to incorporate my family recipes into the program. Who wants to cook one evening meal for your family and a different one for yourself? Not me!

Creative Cooking & Recipes Cookbook contains my favorite recipes and Recipe Anatomy explains how I converted those favorite recipes for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program.

Recipe Anatomy demonstrates how you can learn to convert your own family’s favorite recipes for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover. Continue reading

Try 3 recipes from the cookbook absolutely free:

Chicken in Green Sauce Chicken cooked in a homemade green tomatillo sauce. Delicioso!

Chicken with Paprika and Potatoes An all-in-one meal. What could be easier?

Crispy Potato Slices This recipe satisfies my craving for fried potatoes. I love potatoes!

Plus get your free bonus of 30 summer lemonade recipes.

Click here for bigger image

Recipes for the 6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss Program