Review of AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Review of AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Review of AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

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Review of AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Product Name: AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

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Description of AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs:

“It wasn’t meant to be like this”

Sue, Mike and I were having coffee at Burke Street Bakery, in Sydney.

It was 10:30am on a Monday and Mike was draining his latte ready to go back to a job he didn’t like working in, for a boss who didn’t value him and Sue was heading back home where she was picking up some work as a VA

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Neil, 10 years ago we knew we had a great life before us, we were ready to take on the world, we had a plan that would see both of us retired by 50 sitting on a beach in the South of France reading books and drinking Rosé.”

“So what happened?” I asked

“Life happened Neil, I got caught up with day to day bullshit, things that at the time seem like emergencies, but looking back, were just bumps in the road”

“I got disillusioned, I let my health go, drank a bit more than I should have and we didn’t make time for one another”

“Neil, it’s easy to look back and see where we would have done things differently”. Sue Said

“But, it was never meant to be like that, we had hopes and dreams;”

“And now mate, I’m tired”

“I’m tired of getting up when I’m still half asleep”

“I’m tired of having to say yes when I want to say screw you”

“I’m tired of not having the money or time to do the things I want, no, I deserve to do.”

“I’m tired of seeing the look in my kids eye’s when I say, I can’t afford it”

“What the hell happened to me”

“Now all we’ve got to look forward to is a shitty little pension and more work, probably until we’re way to old to really enjoy ourselves, and you know what Neil, it sucks.”

He’d drained his latte and I could see the quiet desperation in both their eyes

The sad thing is I knew exactly how they felt.

“Do you need to go back to work now, or can I tempt you with a mid morning Croissant?”

“Well, I should really get back Neil, we’ve got a lot on and if I’m not there the boss will miss me”

“I have a some client work I should really get done too Neil” Sue said

I thought they were going back for sure, in fact Mike got up to leave, then I saw something stir in Sue, some long since felt defiance, the old Sue and Andy was there and Sue told him to order the croissants and she turnedto me, and said

“Ok Neil, blow the diet today!” and with that Andy went inside to order and I shared something with them that dramatically changed their life.

Y’see right now, I know you’re where Sue and Andy were.

You know there’s more, but you’re not sure how to get it.

You hear of people making sacks of cash online but you’re not sure how they hell they do it or even if it’s true

Those monthly income figures taunt you, making you feel left behind, like it’s a brilliant party full of beautiful people that you haven’t been invited to…

Yet if you knew for sure you could make a go of it you’d do it in a heartbeat.

You’re a hard worker, and when you’re shown something new you’ll do your bloody best to get it right!

Because I’ve been where you are

I used to be a tradie, a chef as it happens.

I was working 16 hours a day, 6 days a week for crazy chefs whose sole purpose in life was to make my life miserable.

I worked for Gordon Ramsy and for Marco Pierre White and I got a thrill out of making things with my hands, and deep satisfaction from knowing I’d done my job well.

Why did I choose cooking?

Because I was a bit of a larrikin at school. I left school after year 10 and in my final year I made 35 full days. when I left school, I’m sure the teachers popped open a bottle of champagne.

My parents split up when I was 11 and it knocked me for six, I went from straight A’s to chasing girls full time.

My mum raised me after that and she worked 3 jobs to pay the rent and feed us.

My beginnings were not auspicious to say the least.

Like you I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, I’m married with 2 girls but 8 years ago my wife left me and we were almost divorced. I had no idea what was coming, because as far as I knew everything was OK and then, out of the blue, came the “Neil I’m leaving you” chat, talk about a punch in the gut.

I didn’t want her to leave. This is not how it was supposed to end! So I made her the best sales pitch of my life. And fortunately, it worked

Are you married? divorced? kids?

You HAVE to make money, it’s in our DNA to earn an income and support those that rely upon us, if we don’t we’ve failed.

You know what the fastest way to do that is?

The trouble is traditional businesses are dying, it’s no longer a smart move to buy yourself a franchise such as a Jim’s mowing business or a cafe.

Besides I think we both know that the initial thrill of working outdoors would quickly fade away and then you’re left with a shit load of hard work, and manual labor.

Add to that the fact that you can now buy a robot that will mow your grass and it’s clear that this sort of business is dead in the water

Surely that’s a good idea, right?

Well, have you had a look around lately, there’s a cafe on every street corner, a cafe cart at every train station and companies like n’espresso are doing the same thing to cafe’s that DVD players did to blockbuster video shops

Whilst you’re looking at all those cafes you’ll probably notice that most of them have replaced more traditional retail shops, in the last 10 years the high street has changed

Shops are closing, why is that?

The simple truth is that people prefer to shop online now

Here’s something that that will boggle your mind

The Australian number may appear small, but Australia’s population is 2 percent of China’s. Additionally, Australia has a higher Internet penetration and smartphone usage; more than 90 percent of the population has Internet access.

The e-commerce opportunity in Australia is compelling, as studies show that approximately 30 percent of consumers spend more time shopping online than in a physical store.

Because like it or not online shopping is here to stay, and the good news?

The market is growing 15% year on year

So if you want to make money, the obvious choice is to start an online business

But which one? Selling what?

I’d like to show you, and yes of course there’s something in it for me, but it’s probably not what you think.

The average adult male life expectancy is 80, it’s 84 for ladies. For this example, let’s assume you’re a baby boomer. That means you only have 20 or so years left on this planet.Does that sound like a lot of time… or very little?

(I’m betting if you’re actually 50 or older it sounds like very little “good” time.)

The two things that will take up a majority of those remaining years are work and sleep. How much of your remaining time on this earth do you want to give to your present way of working and making a living?

How much longer do you want to continue telling your spouse, children, loved ones and friends, “I’m sorry. I just can’t be away from work that long” or worse still “I can’t afford it”?

How many more times do you want to see that heart wrenching look of disappointment in their eyes?

And the most important question…

When is “some day” going to be YOUR day? Don’t you want to create a business that will free you from the drudgery that’s consuming most of your remaining time on this planet… So you can finally enjoy a great lifestyle without financial worries?

Instead of continuing to grind it out, month after month… year after year… having absolutely ZERO certainty in your business, income and financial future, I want you to consider a different future.

For most Amazon entrepreneurs it’s possible to predict with 99% certainty your income every month, gross sales, net profits… for many months in advance.

This allows you a predictable and steady inflow of money coming in.

When you have a predicatable income it’s MUCH easier to say YES to family holidays, home improvements, a second home, that nice car you’ve been promising yourself…

That’s what I want for you

And I’m going to tell you how to do it, but first you’ll probably want to know…

…What’s in it for me?

Money – let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, PRICE

That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only…

That’s not smart business.

So, cards on the table, here’s my thinking;

You’ll be able to use your money to buy stock to sell, and become successful.

Once you start selling online, you’ll think I’m a bloody genius!

You’ll continue to stay with me as I teach you ways to make even more money

That way I’ll build a long term business for myself and my family.

Clearly the more you invest in stock the more stuff you’ll have to sell and the more you’ll make, but you can start small and build from there.

Get Rich Slowly And Steadily

Think about that, building an online business is nothing more than following a set of step by step plans.You follow plans and recipes all the time, you’re already good at it!

All we’re going to do is teach you how to use some new tools and equipment, how to hammer a nail, how to whisk an egg, once you master them you’re a few steps away from building a dog kennel or making a souffle, it’s the same principles.

My dad is 69, I’ve watched him humm and harr for 15 years about starting something. He knows time is ticking by, he watches videos on Youtube of people trading stocks and he knows there’s more to his life than sitting on the couch watching TV

In the past 3 years he’s gotten old, know what I mean?

You see it in his eyes and the way he talks, he”s slowly giving up.

It breaks my heart to see and it also makes me double down on my own commitment for something different.

I don’t want that for me and I sure as hell don’t want it for you!!

You see, the biggest problem that you face is knowing where to start and which steps to take first. So most people never get moving.

It’s like inertia, the force that works against you when you push something.

As a new entrepreneur, that same force holds you in your chair…

… But I’m going to show you how to beat that force, and then turn it to your advantage. Imagine a big freight train a kilometer long with 4,000 tons of cargo.

Now it can take three other trains with 4,000 to 6,000 horsepower all pulling together just to get that huge freight train moving. And then it will still take a while for it to get up to speed.

Now for the entrepreneur without a real blueprint for success, getting an online business going can seem just as hard. That’s why so many great people never get started!

But once that freight train does get moving, it’s almost impossible to stop. In fact, a freight train moving at 70 KM’s per hour can take a kilometre or more to stop, even using the emergency brakes!

And just like that freight train, once you really get started in your online business you build momentum. And then it’s almost impossible to stop you. I’m here to coach and pull you through those first steps to get your Amazon business started!

I’ll walk with you step by step as you pick your first profitable product, make a business plan, and launch your business on Amazon. Not only that, I’ll also be with you all the way through your success. And I’ll give you the tools you need to do every single part of your business.

Why not set yourself a new goal, how about

Notice I didn’t say by next month?

That’s because that’s not going to happen, and if you think it is then you’re dreaming.

Building a business takes time and you’ll have to dig your heels in whilst you build it, but once it’s built you’re set.

Free to finally do the thing you’ve been wanting to do but you’ve been worried because you weren’t sure what would happen if you did

Finally becoming who you know you are deep down inside.

So how am I going to help you get what you deserve?

Well it’s easier than you think, once you join my group of Amazon entrepreneurs you’ll get instant access to the tools and strategies you need to get started.

I’m going to give you the step by step plans I use that have enabled me to make a full time living online since 2000

Naturally, you can cancel any time (for any reason) with a simple email to me at if you don’t like what I have to show you, then no hard feelings and we’ll part as mates

Listen, there’s a lot of money to be made on the internet.

And people who know how to start an online business are scooping it up fast.

Click the big yellow button below to give it a shot.

Becoming an Aussie Online Entrepreneur will start immediately (you’ll get instant access to the Amazon training) and you’ll get instant access to the private members only Facebook group.

And no, you don’t have forever to make up your mind.

No, I’m not going to pull any kind of lame ass scarcity tactics on you. I’ll just say this:

Twenty years as an entrepreneur has taught me this:

You now have all the information you need to make an informed decision… so it’s time to make the only intelligent decision.

See You On The Other Side!

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AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Review of AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress

Review of AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress

Review of AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress

Click here for bigger image

Review of AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress

Product Name: AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress

Click here to get AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress:

AliDropship Plugin is the most powerful tool that makes it easy to start a successful drop shipping business in mere minutes and run it without monthly fees!

Check out the main reasons why our AliExpress dropshipping plugin is the #1 choice for smart
ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world

We are successful dropshippers ourselves and we practice what we preach.
Below is just a taste of what we have for you

Here is what our customers say:

AliDropship offers a complete set of features providing opportunities,
even AliExpress dropshipping veterans will be impressed

We take pride in having some of the most inspiring success stories in drop shipping
business. Here’s a small glance of what some our clients have achieved

Everyone started from the bottom, it’s a universal truth. The people who make it to the top and stay there are those who know you need an edge.
And we can be your edge. So take the plunge!

You have all of 60 days to see if AliDropship is right for you. Pretty enough
to see how profitable this automated tool is. And we will give you your money back
without any questions if during these first 60 days you are not satisfied whatever the reasons are.

You can have your fully functioning dropshipping webstore with AliDropship plugin in 5 simple steps

Check out some of them

The ultimate webstore for cat persons! A huge collection of clothing, bags, toys and other jpgts decorated with cat prints
and designed for those who adore these gracious animals.

Great selection of Naruto merchandise at affordable prices.
Over 700 items for creation of fantasy atmosphere of Naruto world.

Clutches, handbags, shoulder bags, wristlets, wallets – all these and more are
available in this exquisite webstore that offers stylish and useful accessories.

Dear friends,

We’ve created AliDropship plugin based on our solid and diversified experience in dropshipping business.
Every single feature was tested on dozens of our own projects – and polished with the help of dropshippers from all over the world.
This hard work and joint research resulted in the product that really drives businesses to success. And we are really proud of it.
You are welcome to get the most of our AliExpress dropshipping plugin and our customer support: it’s high time to start building your prosperous future.

Tap the big button below, it will be the best choice you ever make

In case you have any questions or need assistance, get in touch with us

+1 323-739-5659

AliDropship Support

Facebook Messenger

201 Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 100 #7530, Las Vegas, NV 89125

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AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – All-inclusive Solution for WordPress

Review of Video Profit Machines

Review of Video Profit Machines

Review of Video Profit Machines

Click here for bigger image

Review of Video Profit Machines

Product Name: Video Profit Machines

Click here to get Video Profit Machines at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Video Profit Machines:

But Creating Videos Is NOT ENOUGH

Money Making Traffic Is Now Just A Click Away… 

Video Profit Machines Makes It EASY For Anyone

Get INSTANT Traffic And Start Making Money

Experience Profits Like This Starting Today… 

YOU Too Can Get Exceptional Results

“Video Profit Machines is a great piece of software. I was lucky enough to check it out and i’m absolutely blown away. Highly recommended”

“If you want to blast our your affiliate review video’s online and make tons of profits with just a few clicks of your mouse Grab this now…”

“”I put out TONS of content and this is just the type of tool I look for to make it EASIER and FASTER to get it out there! The video syndication is the best!”

“I had the pleasure of checking Video Profit Machines if you want your videos to get massive exposure so you can get more traffic and sales this is the one for you…”

See You On The Inside!..

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Video Profit Machines

Review of The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

Review of The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

Review of The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

Product Name: The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

Click here to get The Practical Digital Marketing Planner – at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

You don’t need more information, you need a system to create a simple and effective digital marketing plan for your business.

No more confusing and messy downloads.

Map out entire strategy and not just bits of it.

Pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with your complete online presence.

Stop second guessing what’s right for your business with age-old best practices.

Remove the confusion that forces you into inaction.

Scouring online for information can be a drain on your valued time and resources. Overcome all this with the planner.

This is a marketer’s friend! A well-presented planner that makes a wonderful change to recording everything digitally. Not only does it aid your strategy, but it also provides guidance and information on essential marketing methods and mapping — great for beginners and seasoned pros alike.


The Complete Digital Marketing Planning Course

Step-by-Step Training to Create and Implement a Profitable Digital Plan to Thrive in a Crowded Online World! You Will Learn How:

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or ambitious start-up ready to conquer the entrepreneurial world, no business looking to thrive online can survive without having a digital marketing plan in place. The Digital Marketing Planner is a simple, yet thorough, guide that can assist all entrepreneurs in assuring they don’t just survive, but thrive. It truly covers all the essential ingredients to assure your digital marketing strategy is effective and, most importantly, driving your business positive ROI. This guide is an absolute bargain for both professionals looking to assure nothing is missed and a must-have for newbie entrepreneurs preparing for business success.

The digital marketing planner is extremely informative and easy to follow as I don’t always have access to a computer.

I worked through the planner in a London workshop led by the author. It’s one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! She has a real passion for digital marketing and knows how to share it.

The easy to follow Planner takes over this process and empower you to create, implement and fine-tune your Marketing Program. Don’t pile more Marketing downloads onto the ones you already don’t use. Instead get a Physical Resource that’s right in front of you- where Everything is in one place! And all for JUST £77 (P&P added at cart)

If you are not completely satisfied with the planner, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund immediately.

Yes and it varies between £2.99 and £9.99 depending on where you live in the world.

Yes, we also ship worldwide using Royal Mail UK postal service.

UK: 2-3 working days. Other countries: 5-7 working days. You will receive tracking  code within 24 hours of purchase.

No, the planner provides easy to understand instructions as well as planning space and examples for your inspiration.

We keep this as a practical product which won’t be the case with a 285-page downloadable planning tool.

It’s a 285-page A4 Landscape printed book which is ring bound.

We will refund your full purchase price- no questions asked.

TYFBA LONDON LTD  20-22 Wenlock Road  London N1 7GU

Please contact me with all your questions, queries, etc. I will get back to you with 24 hours. Here is the direct email:

Besides a few industry standard sites, we didn’t include many in the guide. We empowered you to find your resources.

Yes but, 80% of digital marketing is more to do with how to create a framework- which is what we covered in this guide.

I would recommend the digital marketing planner to anyone struggling with their marketing! It’s an excellent resource that instantly highlights the weaknesses in my marketing.

TYFBA LONDON LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU England 11166592

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The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –

Review of – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.

Review of – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.

Review of – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.

Click here for bigger image

Review of – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.

Product Name: – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.

Click here to get – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.:

Click here for bigger image – socialmediabusinessblueprint Resources and Information.

Review of $100K Social Workshop |

Review of $100K Social Workshop |

Review of $100K Social Workshop |

Click here for bigger image

Review of $100K Social Workshop |

Product Name: $100K Social Workshop |

Click here to get $100K Social Workshop | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of $100K Social Workshop | :

Attention! The Prize Doubles Once The Countdown Hits Zero!

Only a handful of newbies had access to this insider knowledge until now, and here’s a glimpse at how they did:

Video Testimonial from Student Patrick,

and we had many more students achieved results just like Patrick above…

Just like everyone else who tries to make money on the internet, we struggled for a long period of time. 

We tried for months to find something that worked, and at first it seemed the only people making money were those launching crappy courses that didn’t actually work. 

We were so turned off and discouraged, but we pressed on because we know there had to be something we were missing. 

It wasn’t long before we found a completely ethical marketing method that was extremely scaleable. We were eager to see how far we could take it. 

Right now you’re probably saying, “well you guys have some sort of special skill I don’t, that’s why you were able to do this, but as a newbie, I can’t” (even though we were newbies when we started this). 

They paid thousands to access our workshop revealing our exact system, in simple to follow steps.  

So now, it’s time for you to join these struggling newbies turned success stories. 

How? All you need to do is follow the same steps they took, this system has been proven many times. 

 You’re Going To Get The Exact Steps To FINALLY Achieving Success..

…WITHOUT having to work 50-80 hours work weeks. 

…WITHOUT losing your shirt and burning a hole in your wallet. 

…WITHOUT having to wait years to see results.

The beauty of our system is you don’t even need to sell ANYTHING.

The concept is simple…you put a little bit of money in, and you get money out. We will show you how to quickly and easily turn the money in into a much higher money out value.

Many people fail simply because of this step…they choose the wrong offers.

We pick the right offers and run traffic, and PROFIT right in front of you…so just follow along and use the niches we’ve already tested ourselves and given to our students instead of pulling your hair out testing failed niches.

This is actually so simple when you have it handed to you, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Copy our SIMPLE ad copy which is perfected to convert.

No more guessing on what MIGHT work, we know this works and we’ve got the proof to back it up!

This is so SIMPLE the way we lay it out. These are our “money pages”.

Do this work once and then move on to Module 5 where we turn on the money in/money out.

Our money pages are ready, now we’re turning on the traffic to our money pages, things start to get really exciting here.

Now that our money pages are up and running with traffic, we show you how to convert the traffic into money, and spit out more on the other end than you’re making.

Profits will come easier than you thought was possible, because you’re learning from true experts here.

Insane, right? Learn how to outsource any grunt work and keep your work hours ultra low for maximum time spent with friends, family, yourself, or whatever you want to use it for.

For sure you have doubts when you are inside the wrokshop.

Earlier students asked plenty helpful questions that inspire you what they think and how they process.

Learn from there mistakes and problems, you progress faster. 

Honest Reviews From Fellow Marketers

The developers of this system have put together so nicely the information and resources, which can benefit a LOT. Any guys want to profit big with social traffic should grab this product. Aim bigger for 2017 as an insider, period!

Look, they say 99% of success is taking an opportunity when you see one, being in the right place at the right time. 

Following our steps, you can:

● Get every detail you’ve been missing from failed courses that simply don’t work

● A live screen demonstration, we DO the steps right in front of you, nothing held back

● Avoid the pain and frustration of failing with other courses that promised the world but did not deliver

● Change your life if you follow these simple steps in your free time.

And To REALLY Overdeliver and Ensure You Get Results Fast, You’re Also Getting Instant Access To These Bonuses When You Act Now:

This Is A Legitimate Training From Two Real CPA Earners And Their Newbie Students Who Have Achieved Massive Success With This Formula…

We’re so confident you’re going to love our system and be able to achieve results you could have only dreamed of…

So We’re Backing It Up With a No Questions Asked, 60 Day 100% Refund Policy

Give our system a try. Even if you decide it’s not for you, for whatever reason, shoot us a message and we’ll back you up with a 100% refund. It’s as simple as that.

Another Guarantee Is…If You Keep Doing The Same Thing You’re Doing, Chances Are You Will Continue To Not See Results…

We have each made well over six figures with this system and our students are well on their way to six figures and beyond.  

The best news for you is we tested this system with people who were already in your shoes, and they are now seeing life changing results using our system. 

This is so important especially when you compare it to the other courses and workshops on the market that have zero proof and zero newbies have gotten results. They didn’t PROVE the model like we did.  

It’s time for you to start seeing life changing results and start seeing BIG success with this simple system.

Yes please let me access the membership area now. I want to start my social profit journey now.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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$100K Social Workshop |

Review of WordPress Global Translator Plugin

Review of WordPress Global Translator Plugin

Review of WordPress Global Translator Plugin

Click here for bigger image

Review of Wordpress Global Translator Plugin

Product Name: Wordpress Global Translator Plugin

Click here to get Wordpress Global Translator Plugin at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Wordpress Global Translator Plugin:

A WordPress Plugin which automatically translates your website in more than 60 languages!

…is able to automatically translate your blog in the following 63 different languages:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabian, Armenian, Azeri, Basque, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian (Creole), Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Kyrgyz, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, Mongolian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tajik, Tatar, Thai, Turkish, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh.

The following image shows the traffic stats of one of my blogs (by

New, faster, smarter, optimized, self-cleaning and built-in file system based caching system. No additional caching plugins are needed!!

An optional and useful widget containing all the clickable flags representing the enabled translations can be placed on your sidebar by a simple drag&drop action.

It uses the permalinks by adding the language code at the beginning of your URIs (i.e. and also adds the “hreflang” tags on each page.

Thanks to its new and very robust content parser, the translation process won’t break your theme layout!

Global Translator works as follows:

Global Translator also uses a fast, smart, optimized, self-cleaning and built-in caching system in order to drastically reduce the connections to the translation engine. When the original page is modified, the plugin automatically enqueues it for a new translation by automatically assigning it the right priority (for example a change to the home page is more important that a change on a category page). The translation queue could be very big at the beginning, expecially if you enable all the available languages: for this reason the full translation process cannot not be immediate and the full translation of a website can require a lot of time.

Don’t just take it from us, let our REAL customers do the talking!

“What makes this translation plugin better than others is that it doesn’t take your readers away from your blog and onto a translation site. Instead, all translated pages are kept on your blog and become new content. The key here is search engines will pick up this new content and index it. This is a great way to add a ton of new content without any writing. Conceivably, the number of indexed pages on your blog can increase by a factor of 63!”

“As long as paying real translators is too costly, these services will do well, and if you have a need to have your content be translated, even by machines, into different languages, WordPress Global Translator Plugin might be the plugin for you. It gets a thumbs up from me, solely because it is constantly being developed, and more blogs should promote plugins that are currently being constantly developed.”

“WordPress Global Translator Plugin is one of the most popular translation WordPress Plugins. It is a stand alone WordPress Plugin, which means it doesn’t require any additional files to work. Just activate the Plugin and it puts a small table of international flags in the header of your blog which, when clicked, will translate your blog content into that flag’s language.”

If you’re not satisfied with the product , simply send us an email explaining your reasons and I’ll refund your money.
You’ve got a full 60 days to try out the product. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee.

There is absolutely no way you can lose, except by not giving Global Translator a try.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Click here for bigger image

Wordpress Global Translator Plugin

Review of Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine

Review of Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine

Review of Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine

Click here for bigger image

Review of Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine

Product Name: Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine

Click here to get Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine:

Hi, my name is Scott Blanchard and I’m an Internet Marketer and software developer. I also love to teach others about SEO and have been building web sites and applications for all of my adult life. You probably were referred here by one of my loyal customers or perhaps one of your competitors who are leveraging the power of ClickBump Theme for search rankings and sales conversions.

You’re are about to get your hands on the most powerful site publishing system available anywhere and I’ve just updated it with full support for point and click Silo/Category Management.

It’s called ClickBump 5 and I’ve just released the latest version to my member’s dashboard.

How would you like to use the power of the leading “SEO Optimized” WordPress based publishing system to run all your web sites?

A system that allows you to build the kind of sites the Guru’s and SEO Experts drool over. With features that enable point and click creation of features that would otherwise take weeks or even months of development time to create. And you get it all for less than the cost of an hour’s work if you were to contract a developer to build it.

Are you ready to have that much power?

If your answer to that question is yes, but you were thinking it would be too hard to learn WordPress, much less figure out all you need to know to build and launch Adsense, Review and Affiliate sites, read on….

I’ve just released a system that puts the power of WordPress into the hands of non technical users.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to see social proof (and who doesn’t), scroll down to the testimonials included below, or click here to view a whole page of unsolicited testimonial emails I’ve received from customers who’ve purchased this system since I first launched it inside the Xfactor forums in September 2009.

The feedback I’ve received since then has been overwhelmingly gratifying that it works as well for others as it works for me.

The package comes complete with some very unique and field tested new features added to an already widely respected publishing platform, making it the fastest loading niche site publishing system available today.

And with Google’s new Caffeine search algorithm, site speed is more important than ever before.

And its all done via an Innovative and New kind of WordPress Template that requires ZERO plugins to operate.

It can best be described as a “Super Theme”.

I like things to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” is the mantra I carry when it comes to developing solutions for myself and for others.

With this one theme, I’ve hit on a unique and powerful infrastructure that allows me to install an unlimited number of “templates” or designs into the core engine just as soon as I get them designed.

All templates feature Adsense blocks and affiliate product shots above the content that can be turned on/off at will (ads are not shown in screenshots for simplicity). There is no tweaking of the WordPress code to make these work, you dont even have to know anything about php or html. All 12 templates are installed with one Theme and you can switch to any one of them, or any of dozens of additional premium themes you’ve purchased, on the fly with one click.

With the availability of dozens of cutting edge, fast loading, seo optimized designs from the world’s top designers, ClickBump Engine is the only theme system you’ll ever need. Every template is built with 100% hand crafted, fast loading CSS. You can integrate new templates right into your installation at the click of a button. There are dozens of premium templates available now and more coming each month.

The beauty is that anyone who can design css based templates can add to this base of templates. Its virtually limitless in terms of the flexibility it affords the site owner to simply plop in a new template with a few files.

By the way, the page you are reading is running in ClickBump Engine’s newest available add-on template, Instant SalesPage. This template and many other premium add-on templates from the Web’s top designers can be plugged right into the main theme with a single click upload installer.

Hi Scott, I love the engine & the XFactored 2 authority site template.

Once you purchase with instant download, you will have access to the full ClickBump Engine Site Publishing System. It’s much more than just a WordPress theme, it’s the only theme you will ever need for everything from Product Review and Affiliate Sites to Sophisticated Sales Letters and Squeeze Pages.

None of my sites use All-In-One SEO plugin. I’ve taken that entire functionality and baked it right into the page creation process. Every page can have separate and custom page titles, menu names, keywords, description, custom nofollow/noindex and more.

But I’ve made it so that you get all of this with no extra work or trips to a plug-in interface or meddling with complex settings. Everything is right there where you need it on the post editor. You simply create the page or post as normal and the SEO stuff is automatically created as part of the page building process you are already doing.

Automated “Social Sharing” icons added to each post as an option – CE4 automatically inserts w3c validated code for sharing icons below each post and/or page. Use any combination of Google +1, Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Tweet” below each of your posts. You can turn this on or off globally or post by post.

Google Plus 1 redirects to unlocked content to reward people who +1 your posts.

Widget Visibility Show/Hide – The ability to specify, for each individual widget, where it appears (Home, posts, pages, categories, tags, search, 404, etc)

Custom Post Title and H1 heading – You can specify a custom post title and/or h1 heading for each of your posts

Excerpts on posts AND pages – You can add an excerpt to a “page”. By default WP only allows you to add excerpts to “posts”.

Automated Meta Data managment – CE4 automatically creates meta descriptions from your post excerpts and Meta Keywords from your post’s “Tags”. This reduces the amount of work you have to do. AIOSEO requires duplicate effort on every post just to create these same meta tags.

Point and Click Headers and Background Images – With ClickBump theme, you get a dedicated “Images” manager in theme options that allows you to instantly upload a custom header image as well as an optional background image (can be tiled or a single image) for a unique look to your sites.

Automated “Related Links” below each post – You can enable the option to have CE4 list a predefined number of your latest posts which are “related” to the existing post.

Automated “Latest News & Articles” links created – complete with auto generated excerpts on the home page, complete with thumbnails (taken from your post’s “Featured Image”)

Automated ad rotation & randomization between adsense and custom ads – Allows you to increase your site’s CTR (Click Through Rate) by reducing blindness to the ads via changing the left/right positioning of ads on each successive page load.

Ability to create an “inner blog” using a static site layout – CE4 converts your WordPress “blog” to the layout of a high ranking static site, but still allows you to have an “inner blog” off your home page to further augment and link to your posts and articles. No other theme has this that I’m aware of.

Template Switching without changing the theme – Ability to instantly change the look and feel of your entire site in 2 seconds with one click – CE4 is the core theme and contains only the “structure” of the site. The look and feel is completely separated via “Designer Quality Templates” that are installed into it. You can install as many “Templates” as you like. You could literally have a different layout and look every day of the week if you chose to.

Large sites are handled as easily as small microsites due to the unique menu management system built right into the platform that allows you to feature your latest posts, use categories as top level menus, hide specific posts or pages, and assign menu counts and overflow rules to show large numbers of posts. With ClickBump Engine, large, authority sites with hundreds or thousands of posts can be managed as easily as micro niche sites.

If you’ve been reading any about SEO of late, you know that Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), “Content Theming” and “Topic Modeling” are at the forefront of SEO science and rank probability testing. ClickBump Engine makes it super simple to integrate these concepts into your site structure by allowing the easy creation of Silo structure sites and if you opt for the bundle package with ClickBump SEO! > topic modeled content with LSI integration.

My system comes with 12 handcrafted, highly optimized templates; each meticulously designed and tested to do one thing, and one thing only…help you sell more.

With templates ranging from Xfactor style to remixes of some of the World’s most popular themes, the core engine comes with 12 high converting templates to choose from, all different in their own unique way.

You simply choose which one you think will suit your site, and activate it inside your ClickBump Engine control panel…it couldn’t be any simpler…AND They Can Be Used On As Many Sites As You Want Too!

This really is the ideal theme package to use if you want to sell products with WordPress, because it’s designed specifically for that use!

Just think of all the time you will save by not having to even think about site design, setup, Google codes or whatever. With ClickBump Engine, you simply install the theme and add your product pages.

Here’s what you get with this system:

I’ve spent hundreds of hours making sure this system and the included templates work flawlessly with even the latest bleeding edge versions of WordPress: setting up the layout, making the headers, menus and font designs, so all you have to do is upload the main theme file, add your content, and start selling right away.

By using my system and wordpress as a platform, you get Pure SEO Magic, because its no secret that Google LOVES WordPress…you can save money on all future design costs for each of your products too!

Hi Scott, I really can’t describe how excited these last few days have been since purchasing your themes.

I have a junk site that I use to practice on before installing plugins and themes on my “good” sites. Well within a couple days of installing one of your themes on my test blog it started making over a dollar a day with adsense. I couldn’t belive it. Every site I own combined have never made this much money for me. You’re probably laughing about being so excited about a few bucks but I honestly feel like I won the lotto. After all the junk I’ve purchased online, I’ve finally found something that really works. Thank you so much.

Man, I gotta tell you…this CE3 and Jumpstart are absolutely awesome.

When I first used Jumpstart, I saw the advatage, but I was still wasting time editing and then having to create a new for each site. Today, I put up a site and just used the original files. I didn’t realize that Jumpstart filled in all the blanks for me…duh. Absolutely Awesome!

Thanks for continuing to produce great stuff!

I bought your WordPress theme for the XFactor method last night and got it working on one of my web sites in about 10 minutes.

Stunning. Brilliant! So much easier for me than messing around with XSitePro 2. I mean I am already making decent money from affiliate blogs and I’m quite used to WordPress from that experience, so this theme was and will be a real timesaver. I think I’ll actually start enjoying the writing part again now that I don’t have to “mess” with as much stuff.

Plus I have always loved the benefits of WordPress plugins like “Easy Privacy Policy”, “Contact Form 7″, and of course “Google XML Sitemap”… makes for a VERY fast web site! And let’s face it, Google loves it.

With my system, you’ll be free to concentrate on launching the next profitable niche site, not dreading redundant setup and site building chores. Maximize the profitable activities involved in launching a successful site, research and content, not infrastructure.

Each and every template that comes with this system employs these proven methods and coding standards to ensure you that you are maximizing your profits. How much are you going to save exactly really depends on how fast you want these themes…you see im backing my product 100%, and i want you to be happy with your purchase, so im putting a price tag on it that reflects three things:

People keep telling me that I’m practically giving the software away at these prices, but I’ve decided to keep the price low for now so that the people who need it most can afford it. I can’t say I won’t raise the price tomorrow, but for today you can get it at a pretty incredible price, with these 12 templates pre-installed and my World Class Customer Support

All you have to do is Click the Add To Cart Button Below, and for less than most single template themes cost, you are getting a proven high converting theme system with 12 built in templates designed for everything from niche sites to authority and review sites and the award winning customer support, not to mention a member’s dashboard so that you always have the latest updates at your fingertips.

Order ClickBump Engine or ClickBump Bundle (Engine + JumpStart + SEO! + Bonus) TODAY, and if within 60 days you are not completely satisfied, simply email me and if I can’t resolve your problem to 110% satisfaction, I will promptly refund your money! Out of thousands of transactions and customers, I’ve had less than a .01% refund ratio. That’s the most gratifying testament that I’m consistently over-delivering on value and support.

As my gift to you to get you going in the right direction, if you order TODAY, you will receive my 2 PDF thread on what has come to be known as “The ClickBump Method”. This is a thread I started on Warrior Forum that went viral in a few short days before it was quickly removed. They never told me why, but several threads were started just after it was removed asking why it was removed. That’s how powerful the information is.

When you complete your order, as my special bonus, I’ll have this PDF waiting for you in your member’s dashboard, ready for instant digital download.

About ClickBump JumpStart |  About ClickBump SEO!

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be prompted to download your files. With one click you will download the full package including the PDF documentation to get you up and running in a few minutes. The theme is ready to upload into your WordPress site immediately and you are ready to roll and start earning from day one.

Member’s Dashboard: After you’ve downloaded the software, within 24 hours you will receive an email containing your very own username and password for INSTANT ACCESS to the member’s dashboard, where you can obtain the latest versions of everything you’ve purchased.

You can start using these themes today on your own sites instantly, AND don’t forget, I maintain a constantly updated blog at that is packed with step by step tutorials to help you achieve maximum rankings and earnings.

Here’s to your WordPress Niche Site Success,

Still have questions? Just shoot me an email to and I’ll be happy to promptly answer any questions you may have.

*Your purchase comes with lifetime product support and a full 6 months of free upgrades at no extra charge and you own the software forever to use on an unlimited number of sites that you own pursuant to the terms of use and license agreement.

ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by in the materials on this Web page.

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by WordPress, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by WordPress.

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Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine | Scott Blanchard's ClickBump Engine

Review of membership | Owerly

Review of membership | Owerly

Review of membership | Owerly

Click here for bigger image

Review of membership | Owerly

Product Name: membership | Owerly

Click here to get membership | Owerly at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of membership | Owerly:

Official Website Electronic Resource Library

Ever wonder how people are really making online? Sick of opting into hour-long pre-recorded webinars only to get pitched even more over-priced courses?

What is the future of making money online?  …Affiliate Marketing. Sell other people’s products and services without the hassle of inventory, customer complaints or the risk of upfront capital for commissions of 30-90%.

Learn how to get started in Affiliate Marketing step-by-step, where to find companies in every possible niche that are begging to give you money to affiliate market their products, and how to beat out the competition with killer internet marketing techniques.

We release the latest internet marketing tactics companies, marketing agencies and influencers are ACTUALLY using to get more leads and make more money including: the latest white-hat SEO tactics, Instagram Domination, How to Build a WordPress Website, Facebook Advertising, Copywriting/Sales Copy, Google Pay-per-click/Adwords, Facebook Live for Marketing & Sales, and a New video tutorial every month!

But don’t take our word for it, see what other’s are saying:

For less than the cost of a t-shirt, you could potentially change your life and finally live out the dreams you always expected of yourself.

With a cancel link easily found at the bottom of your membership page, you will be able to instantly cancel your membership anytime and never have to pay another month. All payments are done securely, so your information is never seen by Owerly.

We are confident you will get 10x the value that you pay in our library and every new tutorial we put out every month that will keep you coming back as a happy customer.

Our tutorials are made to be simple, direct and to the point, step-by-step tutorials on the latest marketing techniques and skills that make the most money with the lowest cost possible or free.

Lock in your price today and guarantee your monthly membership will never increase for as long as you remain a member.

Click the link below and register now for instant access.

Stop searching through terrible, incomplete advice in forums, YouTube videos, sales pitch opt-ins, blogs, free webinars that offer no value and spin you in circles before up-selling you.

Stop letting “Get Rich Quick” Gurus rip you off by arming yourself with knowledge.

Don’t pass through life not knowing if your passion could have been turned into a 6 or even 7-figure business through Affiliate Marketing.

JOIN NOW, get every product in our library now, guaranteed price lock-in, and Access to our NEW Members only forum where you can get your questions answered FREE.

Click here for bigger image

membership | Owerly

Review of Content Buzz

Review of Content Buzz

Review of Content Buzz

Click here for bigger image

Review of Content Buzz

Product Name: Content Buzz

Click here to get Content Buzz at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Content Buzz:

Fantastic tool and the concept without framing is just awesome. So far one of the best and with better purpose functionality plugin I ever seen, honestly.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. 2017 Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

Click here for bigger image

Content Buzz

Review of Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch!

Review of Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch!

Review of Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch!

Product Name: Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch!

Click here to get Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch! :

Click. Follow. Profit. 

(Turn up your speakers! May take a few seconds to load the video…)

Very Limited Copies Left!

Price Freeze! Get Your Copy Before Price Rises Again! 

From The Desk Of:Ewen Chia

Hi, this is Ewen Chia and I am the bestselling author of “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too.”

… even if you are a complete newbie who has no godly idea what FTP or a domain name is!

Well, you just have to read on to find out.

In the meanwhile, let us talk about the system here…

Firstly, you need to know that it is wickedly effective, and all you need to make it work for you is just 15 minutes a day.

I discovered this system recently because a subscriber of mine, Jim Cudney, asked me this great question:

Jim’s Million Dollar Question

“Ewen, I really want to make internet marketing work for me. I have a full time job, two children and just don’t have 5 hours a day to spare. I am a complete newbie and I don’t have the reputation and credibility like you do. How can I make money online starting from scratch?”

That is a great question, and it has set me thinking about developing a breakthrough system just to solve Jim’s problem.

The result is what you see here on this page… 

You can do this with just 15 minutes a day!

I have made this system so easy to follow that even if today is your first day in internet marketing, you would be able to make this work for yourself without fail.

Without any trial and error

Without any need for any sophisticated technology.

What you need to know is that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Rather, this is a 100% proven online business system that I have used repeatedly and predictably to pull in profits like this:

(Click For Video To Load)

How about real money like this? 

The question you should ask yourself now is…

“Just how much money do I want make with this system?”

Humour Me For A Second, And Imagine This…

Just imagine how your life is going to change with that additional income… 

How you are able to waltz into any store and buy anything you want…

Dine at whichever restaurant your heart desires (and never have to order chicken again!)…

Gift the gift of luxury to your family, who deserve nothing but the best… 

Here are a selected few who have done exceptionally well with this system, and with what I taught them…

All I did was to follow just some of your secret techniques and I achieved this from scratch..

When I started I had no product, no website and no opt-in list – now that’s impressive!

I must admit though that I am not actively marketing it anymore, yet I continue to get sales (almost on a daily basis).

Anyway, that is just on the income side, let alone the information that you keep giving us on a regular basis. I almost find it absurd that you could give away (and continue to add) such valuable information for so low an investment!

Hi Ewen, like you I’m not an expert in all these internet techie stuff.

I know enough to get by for day to day work so getting proven tips from you is wonderful.

The exciting thing is, I just barely started and I know I can learn even more from you!

In this system, you’ll discover a little known method to exploit an untapped reservoir of laser targeted visitors that are fully predisposed to buy from you.

This method is free, meaning that you never have to invest a penny on traffic if you don’t want to.

With This System, All You Have To Do Is Click, Follow, Then Profit

In this system, I show you everything, from where you can find these laser targeted visitors, to where you can source killer products to sell them for massive profits. 

It’s really all about following a few easy instructions I set out for you.

Click, follow, then profit.

This system is NOT about…

So you don’t have to worry about getting some washed up outdated course an outsourcer from Bulgaria or something recorded.

Everything you get in this system will come straight from a true-blue internet millionaire…

From someone who has been in the trenches and understands the complete trajectory of internet success.

I’ll talk more about this system after you get access to it…

But the only thing you have to know is that this system flat out works like a charm…

Today, tomorrow, and 5 years to come, this will still work like a howitzer blast on a bunch of bunnies.

Because everything in this system is set on sound marketing principles that will never ever change.

Because over the course of my 20 year online career, I have seen far too many people like Jim, far too many times.

In fact, for the first 5 years I was involved in internet marketing, I WAS the living embodiment of Jim.

(Everything used to suck really bad) 

I had no money, no reputation, and no idea where to start. I was working like a dog in my day job and making no headway at all with my internet marketing career.

In short, I was a pathetic sight to behold.

So I honestly don’t want you to live like that, at least not like how I struggled for the first 5 years.

And I hate for you to feel like a failure in life.

That is why I created the 5KFS system. To make certain that anyone who gets access to the system can have a set of instructions that they can follow and predictably get a good income out of.

This is a system that will work for you even if you have no tech skills, and will damn well work without the need for you to be a fancy coder or programmer.

All you need to do is to be able to spend 15 minutes a day, and follow this system to the T.

Here is what I want you to do now… 

Take A Full 60 Days And Copy Everything In This System

For that matter, I outright implore you to rip me off on this.

In 60 days, which is two months, if you follow this system to the T and don’t make at least the money you desire, I want you to ask me for a refund.

But ONLY if you have proven to me that you have taken action on what I teach.

You see, I need people who are serious about wanting to change their life for the better.

People who desire to be more.

And this system is going to be the stepping stone to becoming more if you are that person.

But if you are not serious about changing your life and are just looking for a get rich quick scheme (or some push button method) then I don’t want you to get this system.

Because you are clearly not who I want to work with.

With my crazy balls to the wall 60 day “you win or your money back” guarantee, there is simply no way for you to fail with this system.

NOT with everything I am giving you.

Here Are 5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Get This Now…

My “Balls To The Wall” 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try this system for a full 60 days. Take action on everything I teach. If you don’t make at least the money you desire after following all my instructions, you are free to get a refund of every penny you invested.

The Strategies In This System Work Like Voodoo

Just look at the proof you see here on this page. Complete beginners are able to take this system, run with it, and start seeing profits fly in. The strategies I teach in this system flat out work. Period. 

Reason #4Priority Customer-Only Support

Reason #5Exclusive Opportunity To Get Secret Million-Dollar Coaching And Thousands Of Dollars In Extra Bonuses!

Also, you’ll get an exclusive opportunity to join me in a secret program, where you get to work with me to build your own custom lucrative internet business and get thousands of dollars more in extra bonuses! 

So here is what I want you to do next.

Get this, and start making money with it immediately.

There is nothing for you to lose but everything for you to gain when you get this today.

Personal Message From Ewen Chia

If you have ever been a customer of mine, you know that I always go the extra mile to make sure that you will succeed online.

I have put in my heart and soul to make sure that this is a system that you can use today, regardless of where you currently are in your internet marketing career.

Look, I am living proof that this works.

The checks you see here, and the success stories that I have created are all real.

The feeling of logging into your account and seeing money like this in the bank is nothing short of awesome. 

And I am looking for YOU to be my next success story.

I believe it was Jim Rohn who said that ‘If you want more, you have to become more. “

… to making your dreams come true.

This is Ewen, and thank you for reading this letter.

Make the only correct choice, click the button below now and get access to this system immediately.

To your internet success,#1 International Bestselling Author

Q: Would this system work for me if I am a complete newbie?

Ans: Yes, it will. In fact, it may even work better for you if you are a newbie, because you wouldn’t have the problem of “information overload” many advanced marketers may face.

Q: Do I need a domain name or hosting for this system to work for me?

Ans: No, they are not necessary.

Q: Does this come with a money back guarantee?

Ans: Yes, you have a full 60 day money back guarantee with this system.

Q: How fast can I see results with this system?

Ans: As fast as you can begin taking action on everything you’ll learn. This can be as fast as a day, or if you want to take your time, perhaps a week or two.

Q: Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Ans: No. Not at all. This is a genuine online business system that will need you to work for it. However, I have put everything for you in such a step-by-step manner that I fully shorten your journey to success.

Q: Does this system work on windows or a mac?

Ans: It works on both! In fact, all you need is an internet connection for you to make this work and your operating system doesn’t matter.

Q: Do you provide support with this system?

Ans: Yes, you get access to our priority special customer support when you join, so you can contact us whenever you need any help with this system!

Q: Is this method that you use yourself?

Ans: Yes, in fact this is a method that I would use if I were completely starting from scratch in a new niche.

(c) Copyright –, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch!

Review of Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course

Review of Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course

Review of Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course

Click here for bigger image

Review of Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course

Product Name: Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course

Click here to get Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course:

One time fee, no subscription or re-billing. All future updates included.

Please watch the video for exact details about the course.Local Lead Plan is the first totally comprehensive guide to local lead generation and local affiliate marketing. A complete training plan including top niches, landing page templates, traffic sources, sample contracts, invoices, sales proposals, Pay Per Call, lead handling, tracking, optimization and more.

After ordering you will immediately receive a secure download link to a zip file with 5 included files:

Chapter 1 Why local lead generation

Chapter 2 Finding customers

Chapter 3 The pitch and first proposal

Chapter 4 They are interested, now what?

Chapter 5 Pricing leads

Chapter 6 Website decisions

Chapter 7 Handling leads – Web

Chapter 8 Phone leads – Pay per call

Chapter 9 Tracking payments and billing your client

Chapter 10 Local Lead Generation agreement

Chapter 11 Landing page design and optimization

Chapter 12 How to run an effective trial

Chapter 13 Traffic sources for local lead generation

Chapter 14 Campaign building by traffic source

Chapter 15 Local Search online advertising

Chapter 16 Offline opportunities

Chapter 17 Potential problems

Chapter 18 Scaling local lead gen

Appendix (Including PPC guides and all links)

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Local lead plan – Local lead generation training course

Review of Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®

Review of Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®

Review of Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®

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Review of Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®

Product Name: Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®

Click here to get Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys® at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®:

                                                 Be Heard – Get Paid

Get Ready to Make Serious Money Online!

 Week Working From Home With No Experience!

And That’s Just The Beginning

Fortune 500 Companies Need You

IMMEDIATELY to Work From Home

No Special Skills Needed!

Hello, my name is Jason Webb.

First things first…I want to be totally upfront with you from the start.  You will not get rich by completing online surveys from home.

If you are like many other work from home opportunity seekers, you are probably tired of wasting time and money on those worthless programs that promise instant success…only to be disappointed again and again.

So, are you ready for a genuine work from home paid survey program that actually works?

Yes, I am sure you are and you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for a get rich quick miracle, this is not for you!

So How Is My Program Different?

First, like I already mentioned, I am going to be totally upfront with you and show exactly how you can earn a significant income week after week, month after month. No more empty promises of instant success…just the facts that will help you maximize your earnings.

And there is nothing fancy about it…no long videos with high paid actors, no gimmicks or flashy marketing junk…just the simple truth!

You will not see any promises about how much you can make since only YOU can determine that. And if anyone tells you something different, RUN!

What you will get is straight talk about how and where you can actually make extra money by completing simple online surveys.

And I promise that all of the online surveys in the Members Area are absolutely FREE to join.

You will be happy to know as well that enrollment is not limited. Nope, no urgency gimmick here, just the honest truth. 

But it is ultimately up to you.  You can close this website and continue to hunt for something that may or may not work, or…

Finally start earning a steady and significant income that will put you on the path to financial stability and independence!

Tushaar B. – Bangalore, India

“Thank you for all of your help. I have completed several surveys and am very happy with the income. Your customer service is very good also and I appreciate how quickly you respond”.

Adrian S. – Manilla, Philippines

“This is my second month doing surveys and I have doubled my income. I was excited when I started and am even more excited now. Keep us the great work. I love the new surveys page.”

Andrew A. – California, USA

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my first payment. i was skeptical that this was not going to be worth my time but you proved me wrong and I am so glad you did.”

“I want to say thank you to Jason for helping me with all my questions. He was very very helpful and I am thankful. I think he is the reason I have been so successful.”

Emma S. – Johannesburg, South Africa

“I truly appreciate everything that you do. You guys are always there to help and I owe my success to you. I have been a member for a few months now and my income keeps going up.  I plan doing this full time starting next month. I endorse your program 100%. Thank you so much!”

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident that you will benefit from 

joining this program, we offer a 100% 

So There’s ABSOLUTELY No Risk!

Enrollment is Open Worldwide

Once you enroll, you will have instant access to the Members Area where you will find several companies currently looking for people just like you to complete surveys at home.

You can simply browse the list and pick the surveys that interest you. It takes only a minute to submit your information and you will be able to complete the survey right away or it will come straight to you through email.

Yes it actually is that easy…the more companies you join, the more surveys you can do. And many of these companies will send you email messages requesting that you do additional surveys for them…and get paid again and again!

Also, we will send you information about new additions to our survey library so that you can be in the front of the line and earn even more.

Additionally, we will provide you with industry news, tips, tricks and techniques that will help you maximize your earning potential.

And of course you will have 24×7 email access to our Support Team to answer any questions and help you get off to a great start!

Setting the right expectations upfront is extremely important to us. This is why throughout this website you will see nothing but the simple truth about paid online surveys.

You can expect to receive excellent customer service, always! And we are here to help in every way that we can.

You can expect the absolute truth. We strive to provide relevant, accurate and complete information at all times. No fluff, just the facts.

You can expect to have 24×7 access to the Members Area.

You can expect to have access to genuine survey opportunities on an ongoing basis.

And you can expect to earn some money…although the amount is really up to you.

And finally start making a significant and steady income working online at home.

We sincerely wish you the best of luck!

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page HERE

ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any products. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by in the materials on this web page.

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Welcome | NextGen PaidSurveys®

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

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Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Product Name: Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Click here to get Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system:

Lead generation and list building is the
most reliable way to make money online . . . and the Lead
Science system is the only guaranteed way to build your
list with people actually looking for what you are offering. Better
yet, you can actually get paid to build a list!

Whether you are interested in shoving a few extra
dollars in your pocket or if you have an established offline business
looking to multiply your profits online, this article reveals
powerful shortcuts and techniques you need to succeed quickly
and easily. If you would like to discover over 100 ways to build
your list for free, enter your name and email in the form below
the video. Watch the video or read the article to discover how
you can actually get paid to build your list!

Click Here To Get It Now!(the link above will open a new

If you are just starting out and don’t
have a product or service to sell, I will show you how to make money
without a product below, but for now, let’s assume you have something to

Typically, people don’t buy anything from you until they are
familiar with you and trust you. Statistically, they need to see or
hear from you 7 times before they will buy from you. There are
exceptions, of course, which we will cover in a moment.

Maybe it is a new X-Men movie or a Disney movie
. . . Where would you buy it?

Most likely, you immediately thought of Walmart, Target, Best
Buy, or

Did you even think about going to Universal
Studios or maybe Disney’s web site? . . . Probably not .
. . Why?

I suspect your first thought was one of your familiar places you
know and trust.

Maybe you have figured out Walmart always discounts the
price for new releases the first week.

Hint: If you didn’t know that already, visit Walmart
on Tuesdays and look at the New Release display.

Maybe you prefer to shop
at Target with low prices and an upscale atmosphere. Or maybe you are used to getting the best prices and
convenience of with free shipping as a Prime

Maybe you didn’t know you could .
. . or maybe you aren’t convinced Vudu or UltraViolet
will be around from now on, and your purchase might
disappear in a year or two. That is a trust issue.

The point is
the sources that first pop into your head are familiar; you
trust them; and these stores
are generally your first choice.

There are generally two
cases where you might buy something you just saw
for the first time on an unknown web site:

1. You are desperate. You have searing pain, are scared or
embarrassed, or you are up against a serious deadline and need it

2. You can not find the product or service anywhere else.

Even in these situations, you might look
around first for a review about the
site, or get their newsletter and see how they perform before you
buy. They need to gain your trust.

There is one other way you
might buy the first time you come across a new
vendor. If the web site looks professional and offers
information and a ton of bonuses or other benefits you won’t get
anywhere else.

5 ways are covered in the video, but one answer is to
build a list of potential customers and
regularly communicate with everyone who indicates they are
interested enough to join your list.

By the way, you don’t want to
buy a list, because those people
still don’t know you.

A popular way to advertise online is with Solo
Ads where you pay someone to send your offer to their list. This can
work well, because their readers are already familiar with the list
owner, and the list owner is referring you and your offer to his
subscribers. This is known as a third-party endorsement.

However, even when you rent the list owner’s familiarity, it is
best if you use the solo ad to get people on your list . . . so you can
build their trust and establish familiarity.

If you try to sell directly from
the Solo Ad, you only get one shot; they either buy or they don’t .
. . and then they are gone.

But if they join your list, you can
keep selling as long as they stay on your list.

Think about your online purchases;
isn’t this how you think when you visit an unfamiliar site?

Every time you interact with a potential
customer . . . whether via email, on the phone, or with a web site .
. . you need to think about creating trust.

As discussed below, you can use your list to make
money in lots of different ways, but the key is to make future
offers to your list. Using a balance of relationship
building, providing useful or entertaining information, and mixing
in offers over time is how you make money once you have your list.
Obviously, not everyone will buy every offer, but most of the people
on your list will buy from time to time if you balance those three

key is you need to take care of your subscribers
properly (more about that is covered in the video).

Now, that is just the industry average.
I will show you techniques to do even better than
that in a moment.

In fact,
I will show you over 100 ways to generate
leads when you

click here. You will also get a comprehensive
List Building report for free, so go ahead and enter your name and email now if you haven’t

As explained in the video, there are advantages and disadvantages
to using free techniques and paid advertising techniques to build
your list, but. . .


The people who subscribe to your
list using the Lead Science method are NOT
getting paid to sign up or to click on anything.

These new subscribers are actually looking
for what you are offering . . . and you are guaranteed
to get 50 per day!

Get Lead Science

To absolutely ensure your success,
Lead Science even includes my
Done For You campaign that lets you earn while you
learn. It even includes an option to build a huge monthly income on
complete autopilot while providing you unlimited advertising
worldwide across the Internet.

1. I am going to give you a LOT
of bonus material that will increase your profits
and conversion ratio.

2. I don’t want you to get
bogged down in trying to learn everything before
you do anything.

You will watch the first 3 or 4
videos and then spend about 10 minutes implementing my
Done For You program. Then you can continue going
through all the bonuses to increase your profits while
the Done For You program is building your list and
making you money.

3. The Done For You program
offers you at least 2 ways to make money.

Get Lead Science

Now you understand why list building and lead
generation techniques are important, and you can see how easy it
will be to stuff your pockets with cash.

Let’s briefly discuss how to transform your
visitors into your subscribers.

As the number of daily emails in your
prospects’ inbox grows, people are less and less likely to jump on your list to get a
free newsletter or to get a freebie report as time passes
on the Internet . . . even if you promise not to sell their
name and email.

So you need to catch their attention and promise
them real value when they get on your list. Then you need
to deliver even more than you promised, and
what you deliver needs to be valuable to them.

It is even better if you can offer them real, useful information
before they get on your list. This helps build trust
and credibility.

After they get on your list, continue to deliver value and build
trust. Don’t make every email a sales letter or even a disguised
sales offer.

When you do make an offer or endorsement, make sure you are
offering real value, and try to make it like you are sharing
something valuable rather than Selling them something.

I will show you how to get hundreds of great
products offering real value that will inspire people to sign up.
The 100+ lead generation techniques you will discover when you
enter your name and email
here will get
people to your opt-in page. And of course, the Lead Science program
makes all this easier and faster with guaranteed subscribers.

But the 100+ list building techniques are all
free, so why not use them in addition to the Lead Science
method? This way you will build your list even bigger for bigger

we have been stepping through the exciting potential of building
your own list of eager subscribers and converting your list into
profits, you may have been wondering exactly How you will
handle all these subscribers.

After all, you will
have 100 subscribers in 2 days with the Lead Science program . . .
and that translates to more than a thousand (1,500 specifically) in
a month, and 18,000 in a year. If you choose to ramp it up, you
could have a list with over 100,000 subscribers in less than
a year.

When a new potential customer joins your list, you are going to
want to . . .

You want to send this information to
all your new subscribers so they all have a common understanding of
how you and your products and services can help them.

You also MUST have the ability to
send out a Broadcast email when you want to make an announcement or
recommend a new offer. If you have 100,000 people on your list,
sending a broadcast email to that many people from your email
account (or even software on your website) is NOT an option!
If you try broadcasting this many emails
from your email or web site host account, your account will be shut
down with no questions asked!

Imagine you get 50 new subscribers per day every day for 6
months. And let’s say you are only going to send them 10 emails . .
. one every other day. In other words, your Email Campaign
is a series of just 10 emails you have written in advance.

After 6 months, you will have 9,000
subscribers. On any given day, you will need to send email #1 to 50
people, email #2 to 50 more people, email #3 to 50 other people, and
so on. This means you have to keep track of which 50 people need to
receive each of your 10 emails, and it changes every day. That is 500 emails you need to send
to the right people everyday!

Well, don’t worry; this is actually very easy to do.
You just
need a professional

autoresponder service. All you have to do is write your 10
emails and load them in the online form, and the autoresponder
software will take care of everything else for you.

If you decide you want to take the easy path and get 50
guaranteed targeted subscribers every day using Lead Science, I will show you how to
get and use your autoresponder as well.

We have already discussed the reason you need to get people
familiar with you and your offer . . .

example, you might want more readers visiting your blog . . . or you
may want to communicate directly with all your subscribers or offer
them insight and value you do not want to publish on your blog. 

Maybe you want to boost your brand name or become famous. Most
people, however, are looking to make more money . . . one way or another.
So . . .

There are lots of ways you can make money with your list. For
example, you can sell affiliate products, promote

CPA offers, market your own products or services, take
advantage of ad swaps, or even sell your own Lead Generation

High-CPC ads are those
topics for which businesses pay a LOT of money for each click (i.e.,
CPC = Cost Per Click).

However, you can
place your Adsense ad block (quick and easy to create on Google) on your website
for free.

When your reader clicks that Adsense ad on your site
related to your topic, Google will send you a check for a portion of the money paid for the

NOTE: Your commissions have to
exceed the payment threshold before they send you a check.

Tap the power of Lead Science now!

Just don’t
tell them to
click on ad, and don’t click on the ads on your
website yourself. Both of these are violations of the Adsense Terms of Use, and
Google will detect it and delete your Adsense account without
warning. They will also ignore your apologies and requests to
reinstate your account.

By the way, if you also include an affiliate product link, CPA
banner, or context link in your article, you can also make money
when a reader clicks the ad or link and makes a purchase.

Here is an example of an article about

the Top 10 Fat Burning Super Foods with Adsense installed.
You can see the Adsense block in the sidebar marked “Sponsored
Links” and in the body of the article.

The High-CPC Adsense method is just one way to
make money with your list. As a member of the Lead Science team you
will learn more ways over time.

Obviously, selling anything to leads who join
your list will make you money, but that is not what I am talking

And as I explained above, you can immediately direct new
subscribers to your Adsense pages and make money if they click an ad, but
that is not what I am talking about either.

As a member of the Lead Science system, you
will discover an easy way to get your own free website to help you
start making money. It is completely free; it costs you nothing to
get it, and it comes with free hosting and marketing.

You can promote it, refer subscribers to it,
and make lots of money with it automatically. You don’t have to
build anything, post anything, host anything, deliver any products,
take payments, address refunds, or do any other Customer Service
activities. All that is done for you. All you have to do is
claim your free website, click a button to activate it, and promote
it . . . if you want to.

Well, giving them a free money-making web site is a way to offer them real value,
and you get paid when they take it.

Then you can add more value by showing them how to promote their
free website so they make more money.

Get your
Done For You
campaign here.

Whether you have your own products and
services and your own web site, or if you are trying to promote a
blog or your Facebook Fanpage . . . whether you are trying to make
money promoting affiliate products or CPA offers or simply trying to
increase your brand awareness and better serve your customers for
your offline business . . .

All that is well worth the tiny cost to become
a Lead Science member, but I want to make this as valuable for you
as possible, so . . .

am not going to load up on bonus gifts you will never use just to
dazzle you and get you to invest in the Lead Science program. The
bonus gifts below are specifically designed to help you get more out
of the Lead Science system.

Building a list of subscribers is of little
value to you unless you know how to write effective emails that
inspire your subscribers to become customers.

The Done For You program comes with a
pre-written email campaign, and I am giving you 10 more ready-to-run
campaigns which you will see shortly … but I want you to know how
to create your own as well. That is why the Lead Science Lead
Generation System includes a free lifetime
membership to the eMarketers Club.

You will get instant access to my special
reports, audios, and bonuses that will show you how to quickly and
easily create, grow, and nurture your own wildly profitable email
list. Here is what you get when you claim your free membership now:

As mentioned above, I am including 10 more
pre-written email campaigns you can use to build your list and make
extra money. You will get at least 6 emails for each of the

You can add in extra emails to ensure you get
paid to build your list even without making a sale. All you need is
a Clickbank account which you can

get free here. You can use each campaign to build multiple
lists or gang them together into one or more campaigns selling
multiple products.

Another good strategy is to add these emails
to your Done For You program. That way you will have a string of
offers all ready for each subscriber!

The next bonus gift is a Done For You
Income Funnel. All you need to do is watch the video and
spend a few minutes setting up your funnel. You can then promote the
link for your funnel or even offer it as an incentive to get
subscribers to join your list. This income funnel offers several
ways to make extra money on autopilot with an astounding 63%
conversion rate.

Whether you want to promote a web site, your
blog, or an affiliate link, a great way to do it is with free
traffic from the search engines. The only problem is it is not
trivial to get your web pages ranked on the search engines, and it
can take weeks or even months to even get your site index (i.e.,
“listed”) on the search engines.

So this important little bonus gift is free
access to an online software tool that gets your site indexed within
24 hours!

Watch the first few videos and within about 10
minutes, you will have your Done For You list building system
set up . . . not only generating leads . . . but getting subscribers
AND making you money!

And don’t forget you can turn on the
automatic monthly income builder as well. You won’t have to
change anything to start building your extra stream of monthly
income. Just turn it on.

Once you get your Done For You system running,
take your time and go through the bonus gifts. Discover powerful
techniques to (1) make money without selling, (2) write emails that
shove wads of cash in your pockets, and (3) kick-start additional
streams of income.

If you are not happy with the package, you can
simply request a full refund (using the link in your email receipt),
and you will get your money back within 48 hours directly from the
payment processor.

You even get to keep all the bonuses if you
are not happy with the Lead Science list builder package!

You have nothing at risk and
nothing to lose . . . And yet you have a whole new
lifestyle and world of opportunity to gain!

Plus, you will get 8 videos that can slash
your bills by many times the cost of the Lead Science system. Would
you like to . . .

These 8 videos show you how to do all that,
and you don’t have to buy anything or sign up for anything. Just
watch the videos.

I promised to show you how to make money
without selling.

If you get this program now .  . . before
time runs out . . . not only will you get the complete training
guide on how to do this, but you will also get the audio and video
version of the course so you can watch over our shoulder and see it
first hand. You can learn more about the

written version here and the

audio/video version here. You get both (plus all the
listed bonuses) FREE with the
Lead Science list building system if you get it Now!

Lead Science is really all about make a
list with reliable and scalable results, but it is equally important
you know how to take care of your subscribers. Your subscribers have
taken that critical first step to trust you, and you need to take
care of them like they are your family and your source of income at
the same time. You need to care about them and keep them happy while
also making money. You can’t keep them happy if are constantly
selling to them, and you can’t make money if you give away
everything or if you give away stuff that has no value to them.

this rare bonus provides you a formula to build a relationship, keep
them happy, generate on-going sales, and simultaneously build an
ever-growing monthly income. My
100+ free list
building techniques shows you how to get leads online, but
Lead Science helps you make a list and use email
marketing to create a following that puts increasing wads of cash in
your pocket!

When you combine the Lead Science lead
generation techniques with the eMarketing club secrets and this
formula for keeping your followers happy, you will be unstoppable!
But you must get Lead Science now while you still
qualify for the Fast Action Bonuses.

The only thing
left is to reveal the price!

In the Make Money Without Selling
course alone, you will see how 10 businesses literally made
millions of dollars just with that technique alone.

In the List Building Made Easy
course you will see how 10 more businesses make millions with their
list, and you will learn the exact same techniques they used! . . .
And they didn’t have the Lead Science system
that guarantees results!

What if you sold a product or
service that generates a recurring monthly
income? . . . like the monthly income program you
can build automatically with the Lead Science lead

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is
a registered trademark

Policies & Disclaimers:

Terms & Conditions 




About Me©1999-2017  Lifestyle Publishing. All
rights reserved.
 SAN 298-153X    

Click Here to Contact Us.

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Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Review of Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

Review of Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

Review of Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

Click here for bigger image

Review of Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

Product Name: Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

Click here to get Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips:

Plus you’ll receive 5 free ebooks as an instant bonus!

I will protect your privacy, and never sell or rent your email.
You may unsubscribe at any time.

Thousands of people have already subscribed!
Read their testimonials…

Please “Like” me on Facebook:

Add me to a circle on Google+

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Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

Review of Niche Sherpa

Review of Niche Sherpa

Review of Niche Sherpa

Click here for bigger image

Review of Niche Sherpa

Product Name: Niche Sherpa

Click here to get Niche Sherpa at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Niche Sherpa:

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably new to Internet marketing, and have been struggling to find a niche that is both profitable AND one that you enjoy.

You’ve probably also been struggling with the MOUNTAIN of information out there on how to start a profitable online business. I know exactly how you feel.

Not just because I’ve been there, but because subscribers to my blog ( have told me so. In a survey that I’ve been running on my blog, hundreds of newbies to IM have told me in great detail the problems they’re facing in starting an online business. Let me know if you’re facing any of these challenges:

If you’re facing any of these challenges, I can assure you of one thing:

There are hundreds of people who subscribe to my blog alone who experience these daily struggles.

And I used to, too, until I came up with a proven system for finding lucrative niches that are profitable straight out of the gate!

Moe has been instrumental in helping me achieve the success I have had today. And now he’s gone and built a Niche Sherpa! Making money online comes down to 2 fundamental areas.► Understanding your (niche)market, and ► Knowing where to find your (traffic) buyers.Moe is one marketer who lives and breathes these 2 fundamental laws, and with the training and support provided in Niche Sherpa he has over delivered on these exact values – showing you step by step how to find, research, and then make money from a niche.What I personally like about the Niche Sherpa Course/Program is that the modules are clearly laid out and easy to follow. The Niche Sherpa Forum is the icing on the cake for me, providing a rich community of like minded individuals – all willing to share their experiences and lessons.And Moe is never more than a thread away either! If you are looking to make money online then I cannot recommend Niche Sherpa highly enough. Cut through the BS and the hype and learn the fundamental rules of niche marketing with Niche Sherpa and Moe, one of the most genuine marketers I know.

The Niche Sherpa video instructions and PDF reports have been invaluable. I constantly refer to them and am creating a new marketing launch using your advice. Thanks also for the niche research vids.Following that advice has gotten me through the fog. I now know what markets I want to focus on and how I want to do it. It’s taken a lot of research and purchases for me to keep up with the constantly changing IM trends but finding your site has helped me immensely. I have organized my marketing plans and found the niches I to get me back on the road to make money.

That guide you through my process to find a niche that you’re passionate about AND is lucrative

PDFs that take you, Step-by-Step

Through my process of finding a profitable niche and building an online business

That make you accountable, but that you can complete at your own pace

Niche Sherpa Members Community

Where you can ask questions about the modules, share your successes and challenges, and network with like-minded people. And I’m in the Community every day answering questions and giving advice!

I specifically designed the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course for internet marketing newbies who are looking for a step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand process for finding a profitable niche.

Some internet marketers have a passion for building websites, and others love driving traffic. My passion is market research. I love getting inside the heads of consumers and learning the challenges they’re facing, the problems they need solving, their dreams, aspirations, you name it.

Here’s a recent screenshot of one of my Clickbank accounts:

After two years of struggle, it finally dawned on me that one of the keys to building an online business is choosing the right niche.

But that’s easier said than done. It’s only through much trial and error that I’ve refined a niche research technique that allows me to pick out winners BEFORE building a website, or trying to find traffic.

Now, in my experience the reason most people quit IM before they’ve achieved success is that they get overwhelmed with the amount they have to learn and do. The key, in my experience, is to break the process down into manageable chunks – so you don’t get overwhelmed by a mountain of things to do, don’t know where to start, and feel you don’t have the time to get everything accomplished.

That’s why I’ve called my video coaching course “Niche Sherpa”.

You might have heard the word “sherpa” before. A sherpa is a mountain guide – a guide who has a lot of experience in navigating the steep slopes of a mountain, and can help you reach the pinnacle. In my experience, getting a profitable online business going is like climbing a mountain. It’s a journey that many people need a guide to help them through.

In my Niche Sherpa Video Coaching course, I’ve broken things down into modules. In each module, you’ll learn a handful of key lessons, then I’ll give you some homework. The homework will get you to implement one thing at a time – so you take small steps forward, and gain confidence as you go along.

We’re going to talk today about finding and serving niches using research that you started out by studying other people and you’ve refined it to a system that you’ve been doing for several years.You’re getting some attention and notoriety and fame in the blogosphere for the clear way you have operationalized and  are  now  beginning  to  teach  this.  That  was  my  interest  in  talking  to  you  because,  for  me, market  conversations are  the  most  important  things  we  do.It  looks  like  you  have  a  lot  of experience  around  doing  it  in  a  profitable  and  ethical  and  really  efficient  and  streamlined  way. That’s  what  I  want  to  explore  with  you.”Howie Jacobson, author of “Adwords for Dummies”, interviews Moe on “Advanced Market Research

How to calculate if a niche can support you (in less than 5 minutes)

Why picking products first is the worst way to start an online business

Why you DON’T need to be passionate about your site’s topic to make a killing online

8 ways to identify your interests BEFORE starting your online business – and why this is crucial to your success

The top 3 ways to get traffic to your website

4 proven ways to brainstorm an audience that you can promote products to for a lifetime

The one simple tactic that will give you endless ideas for products to promote

I want to stress that I actively participate in the forum every day, and do my best to provide specific advice on how to move your business forward.

The forum is an excellent support system for you, because I know that one of the biggest barriers to success is believing that you can do it. The forum is geared in a way that it’s a solid form of support for members.

It’s my goal to make the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching course the most comprehensive course on how to build a niche business. So, I regularly add material to the course every month.

I have been using Niche Sherpa since its inception. It has given me clear explanations and a very clear road map of how to make money on line. I have come to rely on this programme for all my online needs.Before Niche Sherpa I made zero dollars on line and whilst online selling is not real easy I have since seen an improvement in my bottom line. Actually this is the only programme that HAS made me money.The MASSIVE amount of training is incrediable. I now have three sites on page one of Google with one sitting in the number 1 position.Moe, I have looked at all the other programmes offered and yours is the best. If I can ever be of any help to you I would be honoured to do so.

Now at this point you might be wondering, Moe if you’re so passionate about niche research, why don’t you just give away your video course, so more people can have it? That’s a great question, and I have three reasons why I’m charging for it:

10 guaranteed ways to home in on the problems in a niche

7 steps to determine the profit potential of a niche

How to choose the best traffic source for your website

2 steps to deeply understanding the problems in a niche

The single best way to get desperate buyers to tell you EXACTLY what solutions they will pay for

3 steps to find the best affiliate products to promote

How to create your own information products

Let me put it this way: a lot of people go to college for 3 or 4 years, and when they graduate they’re thousands of dollars in debt, and usually get a low-paying job (if they can find a job at all). And what does their job consist of? Sitting in a cube in an office building.

Now, what do you get when you graduate from the “school of Internet marketing”? You get a lifestyle that allows you to work where you want and when you want. And how much money you make is limited only by your ingenuity and how hard you work.

That’s right, I said “how hard you work”. Because succeeding online requires EFFORT. In fact, it requires A LOT of effort. But there are ways of cutting down the learning curve, and accelerating quicker toward your goals.

Just like getting a college degree, starting and growing an online business requires an investment. But the great thing is that unlike a college degree, an online business doesn’t require tens of thousands of dollars and 3 or 4 years – IF you’re willing to invest a bit of money and time to do things right.

Let me say one last thing about this: niche research is my passion, and I’m in this for the long haul. So I’m not going to sell you something and then just abandon you.

So who is this video course NOT for? Well, if you’re already 100% sure that you’ve picked the right niche, and you’ve chosen a niche that’s already making you good money, then I don’t think you need my course. Save your money for outsourcing some of your work (and here’s a piece of advice: don’t make the mistake that I did, and wait too long before outsourcing. Leveraging the time and skills of talented people in places like the Philippines can help you rapidly expand your online business)

Let me tell you something: if you think you’re the only one who has spent months (or years) researching, learning, and wasting time, you’re NOT ALONE. I get emails *every single day* from people who are pulling their hair out over this Internet marketing thing.

Having talked to, and emailed, a lot of these people, it’s clear what the problem is: people are overwhelmed by the amount of information there is out there, and they don’t know where to start. And if they’ve trying to make money online for a while, they’re scared to make more mistakes, and lose more money.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that my course (or any course) is the magic bullet that will result in “cash flying into your pockets while you sleep” (have you seen those cheesy sales page?) But what I can guarantee you is that there is one thing that separates successful marketers from the failures: knowledge of the needs of their target audiences.

The single biggest mistake IM newbies make when selecting a product to promote – and why it makes their businesses fail

The 4 best types of websites for IM newbies to set up

2 proven ways to create your own information product quickly and easily

Top questions & answers websites – Use this list of 34 top websites, along with the training videos, to accelerate your niche research.

65 Online Training Videos (and more added each month) that will take me through the proven Niche Sherpa niche discovery system (including homework assignments!)

This 26-page PDF is a step-by-step reference guide that takes you through the entire Niche Sherpa process.

What does that mean for you? It means that you can watch the videos without worrying about taking notes – because the Niche Sherpa process is laid outfor you, step-by-step, in the Mountain Guide.

One of the biggest challenges facing internet marketing newbies is a sense of OVERWHELM. But feeling overwhelmed quickly goes away when you have a chance to talk to people who are in your situation AND those who have “made it”.

The Niche Sherpa Members’ Community will be a supportive forum in which members can ask questions about the Niche Sherpa system, discuss their challenges and successes, and network with likeminded people.

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “Now what do I do?” these homework assignments will be your answer. After each of the training videos, you’ll know the exact steps to take next. Just follow the homework assignment!

If you’re a “do-it-yourself” type of person, these videos will be perfect for you. Each video shows you one step in the process of setting up a WordPress website.

Looking for some ideas to get your creative juices flowing? This list of hundreds of proven niches will give you the kickstart you need to start an online business TODAY.

This PDF lists some of the most common problem keywords that people type into the search engines. Along with the Proven Niches report, this list of keywords will help you to quickly zero in on a hot niche.

Having completed most of the Niche Sherpa program, I can honestly say that it has been everything I could have hoped for and more. It is truly a step by step course and easy for a bonafide beginner (like myself) to follow.One of the best parts of the program is the forum where you can communicate directly with Moe. Whenever I need to have something clarified, I can simply type in my message in the forum and Moe is always there with a prompt answer to my query.If you want to get serious with your internet marketing career, specifically, finding a profitable niche and implementing this knowledge, then take a close look at Niche Sherpa.

If you buy my course and, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with it, you’re covered by my 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you’ll have 60 full days to decide if the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course is for you. If it’s not, I would EXPECT you to ask for a refund – because I only want to work with internet marketers who are happy to be in my program!

If that’s you, I’ll be happy to be your guide. And I’ll see you on the inside!

To niche profits in 2014,

P.S. I’ m not going to pull a fake “scarcity” tactic on you by saying that Niche Sherpa is only available for a limited time. The fact is, it’s an ongoing program. But the more you delay taking action, the longer it will be until you start making good money online. Join the Niche Sherpa Coaching Course right now!

For just over a year I kept trying to figure out how to make money online after my company closed and I had to start my own business. I spent a lot of money on “guru” courses that did nothing but tease me with bits and pieces of information and charge me if I wanted more.I was their “niche” and they had no problem with capitalizing off of my needs. My wife was fed up, and I was on the verge of tapping out when I saw a link on ClickBank to was skeptical, but kept noticing that I had been getting charged for things he gave away free on his site. Call it fate or luck as timing would have it I was able to convince my wife to let me give it one last shot after receiving an offer to be in the very first NicheSherpa group. Immediately after logging in I knew I had access to something that was unlike any other course I had taken.Where other courses made you pay for modules, or next steps, Niche Sherpa gave me access to everything all at once. I could go as fast as I wanted or just look into things that I needed to know or found interesting.In addition, other courses had video only, or PDF only lessons. Amazingly Niche Sherpa has not only both, but there is also a Forum to ask and actually receive real answers from real people who instead of pitch offers speculative nonsense. I still remain a Niche Sherpa member, and gladly recommend it to anyone who can relate to my situation.

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Niche Sherpa

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Review of Free Internet Marketing Tips & Lessons | Eric's Tips

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Review of ebook10sstrgorclick – Hotel Management – Hotel Social Media Marketing – Hotel Marketing

Review of ebook10sstrgorclick – Hotel Management – Hotel Social Media Marketing – Hotel Marketing

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Review of ebook10sstrgorclick – Hotel Management – Hotel Social Media Marketing – Hotel Marketing

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