Review of Gear Testers Needed

Review of Gear Testers Needed

Review of Gear Testers Needed

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Review of Gear Testers Needed

Product Name: Gear Testers Needed

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Description of Gear Testers Needed :

< - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Please Text Me Free Gear Notices Free Gear Samples Are Limited & Shipped on a "First Come First Serve" Basis Until Supplies Run Out So Most Gear Testers Use SMS to Never Miss Out.

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Gear Testers Needed

Review of 31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan

Review of 31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan

Review of 31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan

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Review of 31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan

Product Name: 31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan

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Description of 31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan:

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31 Day Testosterone Plan 32 | 31 Day Testosterone Plan

Review of The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard

Review of The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard

Review of The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard

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Review of The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard

Product Name: The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard

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Description of The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard:

Do you want to boost your ski & snowboard performance?
How about avoiding injury and building more strength?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then let us help you get in shape for your next snow trip.

With Functional Sports Training, you will ski longer and stronger!

Check out this video and get pumped!

With just two hours a week of Functional Sports Specific Training you can:

Functional Training has helped thousands of professional athletes achieve breakthrough performance all over the world. It can be applied to ANY sports and athletes train “smarter” for sport specific needs.

For example – the German soccer team just won the World Cup …

These highly paid athletes attributed much of their success to their stunning level of fitness – and you guessed it, the entire team focused on functional training! If this type of training can help international super star athletes achieve success, then it can help you too. Here’s another example …

5 years ago Bibi Toelderer-Pekarek (Physiotherapist & Professional Snowboarder) and Mitch Toelderer (Professional Snowboarder and MD) improved their workout routines through Functional Training.

As a result, Mitch finished 2nd on the Freeride World Tour just one season later, and became the Freeride World Tour Champion in 2011.

“For me the Functional Training is the perfect preparation to start confident and fit into the winter season. Bibi´s circle includes a good mixture of strength, balance and endurance exercises. Even though I´m doing a lot of sports in summer, at the functional training you can go to your limits and after the first sessions you can feel you get stronger with each time. I don´t wanna miss it anymore.”

“The functional training is not only fun to do in the group, it makes my body feel really good. I love to do it as a preparation for the winter, so I am ready to ride my full potential on the snowboard.”

“The training helped me to strengthen exactly those parts of my body which are really crucial for a good performance on skis. Though it’s not just a work out, it also challenges your coordinative and balance skills!”

Research has shown that common strength training (using fixed training equipment) is simply NOT as effective as functional training.

In fact, functional users experienced a 58% greater increase in strength over the fixed-form group. Their improvements in balance were 196% higher over fixed and reported an overall decrease in joint pain by 30%  (Spennewyn 2009).

Functional Sports Training includes the creation or adaption of exercises that, as in real life or real sports, work multiple joints and emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in six degrees of freedom. As a result, this form of training can dramatically improve your performance both in real life and real sports situations!

Unfortunately, most fitness facilities offer a variety of weight training machines, which target and isolate specific muscles. The exercise movements possible with these training machines do not necessarily bear any relationship to the movements people make in their regular activities or sports.

In fact, the most common gain is simply weight gain through muscle building – but without any functional use in real life and real sports situations. For every “real” movement, different muscles HAVE TO work together.

For example if you perform a proper turn on your skis or snowboard, then ALL the muscles – from your ankles up to your core, and further all the way to your arms – have to work together to make that move possible.

Of course Functional Training also trains your muscles and makes them grow – but besides that, it also trains important coordinative skills and pillar strength that allows you to use your power!

Mitch doing telemark jumps with upper-body rotation

As soon as winter arrives, we eat, sleep & breath snow sports. We ride as much as possible, and as hard as we can. Our goal is to perform at our very best – whether we’re competing or climbing and riding spectacular lines for film projects.

As athletes that LOVE THE SNOW – we found Functional Sports Training offers the most appropriate training for us to prepare for the season, stay fit and prevent injuries.

The program we share here with you today is the result of a natural progression.

Years ago, we delved deeper into designing our own training program, then more and more friends started to join our training sessions. Today Bibi successfully runs training groups at her own rehab and training facility – Loft41 ( in Innsbruck, Austria which also happens to be the home base of Functional-Sports-Training.

All of the exercises in this program are used and approved by members of several training groups – from amateur to pro level athletes. This training offers proven results.

Bibi in a training unit with Austrian Freeski Young Gun Raphael Webhofer

This program is designed to serve as a quick and efficient functional sports training program to prepare for the snow season. The focus of this Functional-Sports-Training program for Snowboarding and Skiing is naturally on our main needs for riding:

FST for Snowboarding and Skiing is specifically designed for the needs of Snowboarders and Skiers. This training program is also suitable for every motivated skier and snowboarder who wans to prepare for the upcoming snow season or their upcoming snow trip!

(If you don’t have any experience with any kind of training and you are not into sports yet this is not the right program for you to start with and we recommend you to start with FST General-Beginners before moving on to this program).

All FST programs are a based on a private membership system consisting of a manual, high definition training videos, and PDF downloads (printouts). All members get instant access to a fully outlined and very easy to use training program. You’re invited to participate, download worksheets, ask questions, post comments. To guarantee to get the most out of your training we will also answer any of your questions individually.

FST for Snowboarding and Skiing is designed to be a quick and efficient training consisting of a specific warm up program and 4 separate training sessions organized in a circuit mode. We recommend to start this training at least 4-6 weeks before the snow season or your snow trip starts and to do at least two sessions a week.

“As a mountainguide and  passionate Skier I found the FST Training sessions to be the perfect preparation for my snow season! I was doing the season preparation course for the last 2 years and wouldn’t want to miss out on it any more.”

“I’ve gained experience with FST the whole last winter. It was great for my physical performance  and also for my mind. It also helped me to gain stability in my ankels, knees, back and shoulders which is also important for me to avoid injuries when doing sports like snowboarding, surfing, soccer, biking, climbing… The gudeline works great for me and with all the variations in the trainings program it even makes fun…”

“As a former Professional skier that has gone through a few bigger injuries, I now find the functional fitness setups the most efficient way for me to get ready for the season and get back in shape again. The importance in my life at the moment is to be able to enjoy those powder days with my friends on the side of my job as Physiotherapist. Functional Sports Training guides me through the different steps in the build up period and makes my training to a nobrainer!!!! That is the way I like it ;-)”

Check out this free session and also download the pdf worksheet.

Winter is on its way ☺! It’s the perfect time to start your functional sports training course for skiing and snowboarding NOW to get ready for the best ski/snowboard season of your life

Have a great winter! Ride safe and see you inside the training!

If you have any questions prior to buying this program, please feel free to contact for further assistance!

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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The Functional Sports Training Specific Program For Ski & Snowboard

Review of About Player Profits |

Review of About Player Profits |

Review of About Player Profits |

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Review of About Player Profits |

Product Name: About Player Profits |

Click here to get About Player Profits | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of About Player Profits |:

Our player knowledge will make you the profit

Player Profits is a subscription service that aims to make consistently large monthly profits for its members by using its vast database of Premier League and European player statistics to find value and take advantage of a number of different individual player markets.

These markets include (but are not limited to) the following.

We believe this is a truly unique service and one that you will love being a part of.

The cost of the service is £25 a month and this is carried out through Clickbank, meaning that you are covered by their guaranteed refund policy. If, for any reason whatsoever, you decide that Player Profits isn’t for you, then as long as you cancel within the initial 60 day period you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Recurring payments of £25 a month are then taken until such time that you cancel the agreement with Clickbank.

If you would like to sign up to Player Profits, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Upon subscribing to Player Profits, you will receive a welcome email to let you know your subscription was successful.

Then, as a member, you will receive a daily email whether there are any selections/bets for that day or not.

A bank of 50 points is needed, and each selection will be graded 1-3 points and the preferred bookmaker(s) and the odds will be included on the email.

The main bookmakers that will be generally used are; Bet365, William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. Although we are constantly on the look-up for other bookmakers offering these markets, so this list is likely to be added to.

Placing the bets each day will take only a few minutes, meaning this is an extremely uncomplicated service to use.

On Sunday evenings there will be a weekly round-up that will detail the profit/loss for that week. A similar round-up will be sent on the final day of each calendar month.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Copyright © All rights reserved.

Surya Chandra Lite by WEN Themes

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About Player Profits |

Review of How I created my own diet and fitness system

Review of How I created my own diet and fitness system

Review of How I created my own diet and fitness system

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Review of How I created my own diet and fitness system

Product Name: How I created my own diet and fitness system

Click here to get How I created my own diet and fitness system at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How I created my own diet and fitness system:

Are You Sick of Looking Old, Domesticated and “Cuddly”?

If you ever wanted to melt your bodyfat, like taking a blowtorch to a bucket of lard… while feeling strong, happy, and exploding with energy, then this letter will be the most important thing you read all year… because 12 weeks from now, you’ll look in the mirror and be amazed at the body staring back at you… all without supplements, drugs, fad diets, or expensive gym memberships…

My name is Nick Hallale, the creator of the Molecule Chamber transformation system.

I’m also the guy in the photo.

That picture was taken when I was 40 years old, an age when most of us have probably let ourselves go and are wondering WTF happened our bodies.

What you see in that picture was created 100% naturally.  No crazy supplements or pills.  I did it using the simple scientific system, I’m about to teach you…

No, I’m not a fitness model, or a bodybuilder, or a professional athlete or anything like that. In fact, I’m actually a bit of a geek! I have a PhD in chemical engineering, and used to teach at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in England. Over the years, I’ve published countless scientific papers, and contributed to some textbooks and even a chemical technology encyclopedia.

But despite that nerdy background, I did manage to develop an extraordinary system that has changed people’s lives, and I’m going to share this with you today.

I didn’t always look the way I do in that photo above!

I was the classic example of a guy who was once active and athletic, but who had “settled down,” got married, had a family and slowly let himself go.

In short, if you’d looked up the definition of “Dad Bod” in the dictionary, you’d have seen a picture of me!

I’m not going to lie… it wasn’t pretty.

Take a look at what I mean…

By the time I reached my mid-30s, I’d ended up weighing 220 pounds with a big bloated gut. I was embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of other people. I had a puffy, swollen face, awful hair, and felt tired and drained all the time. I was so stiff that even touching my toes was difficult and my lower back would seize up in agony when I got out of bed or stood up.

When I created this system, I wasn’t even thinking of sharing it. I did it for myself, because I wanted a serious transformation I was sick of being just another out-of-shape parent with no control over my life. I was sick of being invisible too, and of being old before my time.

Basically, I wanted to turn the clock back to when I was 18…

Expensive gym memberships were a waste, more expensive personal trainers were an even bigger waste, and none of these modern fads ever did any good. To tell you the truth, the only thing getting any lighter was my wallet.

Most of the exercises that today’s “experts” are selling are useless for burning fat and building lean muscle. It’s not just the exercises that are wrong; the vast majority of exercise routines have fatal flaws too.

If you don’t believe me, just think of how many people you see in the gym working their butts off on their cardio machines, or their stability balls or their weight training, but they look exactly the same week after week, month after month and year after year.

I was certainly one of them, and chances are you are too!!

It’s obvious: we have all been lied to and fed a load of BS by “experts” who are mostly out of shape themselves! And I’m not saying that just to convince you that my methods are best… It’s just a fact.  Far too many of the trainers and fitness gurus out there are either:

Either way you/we lose… and it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see this.  Just take a walk down the street and look around… most people are out of shape and whatever they’re doing right now… obviously isn’t working.

Well, I happen to be a scientist – a proper one – and I was tired of all these lies and gimmicky programs, so I decided to do something about it.

So, I went back to basics, trying to understand what it was that that had kept me in great shape as a young man, and how to recapture that again in mid-life.  I didn’t stop there though; I added all my scientific and chemistry knowledge to the mix too. And I read everything I could find  – from the way ancient athletes used to train to the latest advances in sports and nutrition science.

After months of research, I figured out the exercises and techniques that are (and always have been) some of the most powerful ways to melt away fat and pack on muscle in record time.

Whole body workouts: Many of the exercises are designed to use as many muscles as possible. More muscle use = more energy burn = more fat burn.

High cardio levels: These exercises get your metabolism working and your heart pumping as your body rips away the fat and turns it into energy.

Muscle building in proportion: These exercises put your muscles under resistance. This means a much more toned physique, and also means that you can pack on muscle strategically for that rock-hard, athletic look.

Hormones: The whole-body exercises and the nature in which they are carried out release fat-burning hormones and ramp up your metabolism to strip away unwanted flab. And special breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises help avoid burning out of these hormones.

But choosing the best exercises was only part of the story. I also had to figure out the best way to put them together into a system…

Anybody can show you how to do individual exercises like weights, cardio, stretching, and so on. The real secret is your training system. The way you structure your workouts, the frequency of training, what to do on each day, how many sets and repetitions to choose… that’s the real formula!

Taking the lead from the famous scientists of the past, I experimented constantly… on myself! All the junk that didn’t work was ruthlessly pared away and discarded, and I kept only what was useful. All of this was distilled to create a system keeps the body in its highest fat-burning and body-sculpting mode, without getting drained or overtrained.


I’m quite happy with the results.

From a 220-pound lump down to a lean, toned 175 pounds…

From flabby and tired to sleek and full of energy…

So, here’s the cool part!!

My dramatic transformation attracted the attention of the media and was featured in the local press!   The interest generated by the news feature proved to be overwhelming, with people from around the country wanting to know how they could achieve the same thing.

It was a whirlwind, and looking back, it was just crazy how it happened!

And then a few years back, my system was the cover feature of the U.S. scientific publication, Chemical Engineering Progress. The article, “Engineering a Healthy Body,” explained some of the scientific theory behind my system, and dispelled many common myths about health, fitness and fat loss. It also explained why a simple, uncomplicated approach to exercise is so effective, and agrees with the principles of modern science.

The recognition led to an even higher level of interest. In order to keep up with the demand, I developed a 12-week downloadable system, called Molecule Chamber, which shares all aspects of my powerful system.

The system is available in PDF format for instant online access, and is supported by 100 videos.

The 170-page guide will take you step by step through your transformation. You’ll learn how to lose fat, build jaw-dropping muscle, and look years younger too. Instant download, so you can get started within minutes!

12 weeks of customized workouts to help you shed fat, sculpt lean muscle and regain your flexibility. No more guesswork and no more wasted time at the gym.

Uncover the myths behind dieting. Start using a system that’s simple, sustainable and effective for stripping away fat and adding firm muscles. No fads or starving!

Get exclusive access to 100 videos showing each exercise in the system. Warm-ups, weights, stretching, abs, recovery moves… they’re all here in crystal clarity and with on-screen instructions.  Watch them on your PC, or take them with you on your phone, so you can work out anywhere.

Most plans focus on exercise and diet, but forget the missing link: Motivation. Learn strategies for avoiding demotivation and dealing with stress. Find out how to handle the people who will try interfere and want to bring you down. Leave the past behind you, and empower yourself to go the distance!

The system is extremely easy to understand and to follow. But sometimes you’ll have questions, and so you get an email support-line. Anything you’re unsure about, just get in touch!

What you’re going to get with my system is going to change your life. The way it’s presented… the way it’s put together… It’s all based on science – and most importantly – IT WORKS!!!

Molecule Chamber  now has users all over the world, and I’m not going to lie… I still get excited every time I open my email in the morning and see a new testimonial of how my program has changed someone’s life!

This is the first time in 10 years my weight has been so low! My stretching and flexibility are improving week by week too. It’s great to have such a well-balanced program. You have empowered me with all the knowledge I need for a healthy way of life. Thank you!

Architect – South Africa

This is perfect for people who cannot get results using the usual “mainstream” exercises. I’d been doing that stuff for years and struggled to see any improvements. This is a completely different approach. It’s amazing, my body suddenly feels stronger, I feel healthier and, maybe most important of all, this well-rounded complete training program has helped me regain interest in my training. Thank you Nick!

Electromechanical Engineer – Greece

I have been on the program for a couple of weeks now and have already seen and felt a huge difference. I have coupled the workout with the diet system and have never felt better in my life!

The workout program, like the diet system, is written in a way that gives you the facts in a simple yet understandable way (dieting and exercise can be very complicated at times – but not in this program!).

The material has been well researched and the methods used are really easy to follow. I have been gym training/exercising since I was about 16 years old, but this is the first time in all those years that I am actually seeing quick results – the workout routines just “make sense” and I can already see the results. My wife has even commented on how quickly my body is shaping up!

The book also has links to the videos which show how to do the exercises correctly, for every level of the program. It is like having your own personal trainer; you just cannot get the exercises wrong! The author is also very contactable via email, so any queries are answered quickly and succinctly, which is a big help.

I am well on my way to having the body I have always wanted, and I just want to say Thanks to Dr. Hallale for helping change my body and eating habits for the better! (My wife thanks you too!!)

Software Developer – England

Of course you do!!   If you’re still reading… it’s safe to assume your body has become unrecognizable. Sure, you try convincing yourself that “Dad Bods” are cuddly and sexy, but you really die inside each time you look in the mirror, or struggle to fasten your pants.

And your energy is gone. You watch your kids play instead of playing with them. You’re angry and irritable and frustrated.

Molecule Chamber is a system for men who have had enough, and want to take control of their bodies and their lives.  You get a downloadable manual and training videos – instant access so you can start immediately!

OK, now that you’re convinced, let’s talk price for just a second because that’s actually my favorite part!

Now, here’s where it gets crazy…

Here’s what I’m going to do because I literally want this system to be available to anyone and everyone!

This is just enough for me to cover my costs of putting this out there for the world to see…

Website, Hosting, Production costs, yada, yada, yada….

The 170-page Molecule Chamber book

A complete 12 week workout program

I wanted to make this a complete no-brainer decision… such an amazing deal that EVERY person that reads it thinks, “Geez!  For that price, why not try it out!”

I’m doing that because I know once you have my system in your hands, you’ll see the results!

 So, what do you say!?  Let’s do this!  Let’s get rid of your Dad Bod and get you back to feeling and looking like you want!

Just one last thought.  This system is completely guaranteed.  I’m not here to take any unsatisfied customer’s money.  I’m here to make a difference in your life (hence the incredible price for everyone) Take a look at my system… try it out for 60 days!  If you don’t like it or want it for any reason, just let me know, and I’ll give you a complete refund!

There you have it!  Now, there’s literally no reason not to at least try this out, and EVERY reason TO CHECK IT OUT!

This is the scientific system that will have you looking and feeling the best you’ve felt in YEARS!!!


Here’s to no more Dad Bod!

The Molecule Chamber system is delivered electronically, and consists of a PDF book and digital videos. No physical products are shipped.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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How I created my own diet and fitness system

Review of Complete Strength Training Bookstore

Review of Complete Strength Training Bookstore

Review of Complete Strength Training Bookstore

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Review of Complete Strength Training Bookstore

Product Name: Complete Strength Training Bookstore

Click here to get Complete Strength Training Bookstore at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Complete Strength Training Bookstore:

Here are the books and materials that I, Aaron McCloud, have put together to help people get stronger, get in shape, and get ripped.

I’ve written and put all of them together myself, and I am 100% confident that if you’re determined to achieve your goals for your body, these materials will show you how to get there.

Why purchase the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course?

You get killer instruction for the first 5 days of your weight training program – the critical “make or break” period that either insures a resounding success or dooms you to failure or mediocrity. See why 5 days of really good advice makes a tremendous difference. Read more…

Do you want 6-pack Abs? Then don’t do another sit up until you know the secret why crunches alone will never get you ripped Abs. Learn more….

• Click here to go back to the Complete Strength Training Home-page!

Aaron McCloud. All Rights Reserved. 

Click here for bigger image

Complete Strength Training Bookstore

Review of The Single Digit Blueprint

Review of The Single Digit Blueprint

Review of The Single Digit Blueprint

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Review of The Single Digit Blueprint

Product Name: The Single Digit Blueprint

Click here to get The Single Digit Blueprint at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Single Digit Blueprint:

Home • Tour • Join • Login

One season can change your score forever… everything you need to build trust, consistency, and confidence.

Practice Outlines, Lessons, Drills, Accountability and Community, Challenges, Golf Fitness Programs, LIVE Events and more…

Drills, Practice Outlines, Coaching, and Challenges.

No upsells, no fluff, and no games.

Advanced and cutting-edge training based on PROVEN science… and YEARS of testing with HUNDREDS of students.

Force Multipliers like Golf Fitness, Neural Science, Group Accountability… our methods are 100% PROVEN by golfers of all skill levels.

24/7 access to our mastermind group… filled with coaches and golfers to connect with and get answers to your questions.

Take a walk down Single Digit Blueprint™ lane right now to see how THIS golf season can change your game forever.

Copyright © 2018 Golf Aggressive Publishing LLP.

Home • Tour • Join • Login •  Privacy Policy

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The Single Digit Blueprint

Review of Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence

Review of Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence

Review of Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence

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Review of Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence

Product Name: Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence

Click here to get Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence:

Health & fitness self-defence

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Health & Fitness Strength endurance flexibility self healing self-confidence

Review of How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach

Review of How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach

Review of How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach

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Review of How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach

Product Name: How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach

Click here to get How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach:

If you want to learn how to lose weight and lose belly fat, you’re in the right place.

Hello, this is Charles from

In 2008, I was fortunate to work with Maggie from the Biggest Loser, and it really added to my perspective on helping people to lose weight and get into shape.

What I realized is that no matter how much I knew and no matter how much I wanted to help people, they had to take it upon themselves to follow my guidance and put in the work.

Maggie was so motivated to lose weight that she just simply wouldn’t accept failure as an option, and I know she inspired many others to lose weight, exercise, and eat better.

See interviews and video clips of Maggie’s workout!.

Seeing Maggie at the Biggest Loser Finale was one of the proudest moments in my 10 years as a physical therapist and personal trainer.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, and even though I may not be able to work with you in person, I hope that my website or books can help you in some way.

Use my site as a fitness and weight loss resource.

Or you can read more about my ebook workout and weight loss program below.

Are you obsessed with getting rid of belly fat and losing stomach fat, but don’t know where to begin or what to do?

If so you’re in the right place!

Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Physical Therapist, Motivational Speaker, Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Teacher, and Coach Charles Inniss will show you everything you need to know To Lose Belly Fat Forever!

The program you’re about to read about will teach you how to Get a Flat Stomach.

No gimmicks or false promises?

Just expert advice and a fitness weight loss program that works & delivers results.

From: Charles A. Inniss, Jr. Personal Trainer/ Physical Therapist

Dear Friend and Fitness Seeker,

Have you been trying for years to get rid of the fat around your stomach?

Do you want to start an exercise program to lose stomach fat, but have no clue where to start and what to do?

Everyone wants to know how Celebrities lose belly fat and get in shape, and there are two main secrets

#1 they consistently work at it, and

#2 they have expert personal trainers showing them what to do each step of the way.

If you want to lose weight and get a flat stomach, you need a great personal trainer and coach to teach you what to do and keep you motivated to do it.

When most people begin an exercise and weight loss program, they just wing it and do whatever comes to mind, usually with no direction and no purpose. This is a mistake and will lead to failure in a weight loss program 99% of the time.

In order to succeed, you need structure and direction and expert coaching.

Without the right coaching and advice, you’ll likely not make progress, get frustrated, quit (or never get started), and end up gaining weight.

Did you know that the average woman gains 15 pounds of fat every 10 years?

From 20-50, the average woman gains 45 pounds of fat!

Did you know that in addition to being unattractive, belly fat or abdominal obesity is associated with numerous health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, pcos, infertility, and more!

But this does not have to be your fate.

Whether you want to lose belly fat for health or looks, I can help.

Give me just a few minutes and read through this page to learn about a fitness plan that can finally help you break your weight loss plateau and lose belly fat.

I trained with Charles at one point specifically for a high-altitude hike and got into terrific shape. Charles is a dedicated and talented professional in the field of personal training who truly stands out amongst the crowd!Meg B. Bounce Back Fitness Participant

A year before I worked with Charles I was teaching aerobics classes and was very fit. That Summer I had gained a lot of weight and lost most of my confidence.

Charles was my personal trainer and cheerleader, taking the time to make sure my skin was beginning to feel like my own again. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and showed me new and exciting functional exercises that were efficient and effective.

At the end of our sessions there was a significant difference in my fitness level; and my comfort level with the gym was as high as ever. Charles is an expert in the field and I am very happy I had the chance to work with him.Dana B. NYC

Learn how to Lose 5-10 pounds every 30 days with personal training secrets and tips that will quickly shrink your waistline, and get you in great shape at any age!

This Comprehensive Fitness Program for Women will show you how to lose weight, reduce belly fat and flatten your stomach in 30-120 days!

You can get Stronger Abs from the comfort of your home without expensive ab machines or abdominal exercise equipment, or take these secrets to the gym to super charge your ab workout!

Learn the best ab exercises and get over 100 ab workouts.

Learn how to Lose weight and get a flat stomach.

Have you ever craved a lean, sexy, sculpted body?

Do you want to lose 5, 10, 20 pounds or more?

Do you want to get rid of a belly fat, shrink your waist, and get in your best shape?

Do you want to tone up your abs after having a baby?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, this is the program that will teach you how to change your body!

Stomach reducing gimmicks are everywhere! But no gimmick can deliver lasting results.

You need the whole story not false promises! And here you can get your information from a fitness expert.

If you have ever been confused by the conflicting information on stomach exercises and losing stomach fat in the media and weight loss industry, this ebook is the answer to your prayers.

This ebook is for you if you’re an athlete trying to get a 6-pack or a mother trying to decrease belly fat after pregnancy.

This ebook is for you if you’re trying to get back into shape, lose weight for a special event, or flatten your stomach for your wedding.

This ebook is for you if you’re bored with your current sit-up or ab workout routine.

This ebook is for you if you want to learn how to lose stomach fat.

What this ebook is not! This book is not a magic pill. It doesn’t promise to make you look like a model by just doing a few minutes of exercise a day.

You can definitely strengthen your stomach and feel better in minutes a day, but in order to lose weight, tone your abs, get a flat stomach and see lasting results you need a complete program and comprehensive information.

The next best thing to working with a great personal trainer is getting your workouts and weight loss plan from a great personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of meeting in person.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know to truly achieve results, and I guarantee that you will learn more from my ebook than you could if you spent 1 hour with any other personal trainer. The great thing is my ebook is cheaper than a 1 hour session with a trainer.

My name is Charles Inniss, and I am a physical therapist, personal trainer, natural bodybuilding champion, motivational speaker, and fitness coach.

Fitness and wellness is my passion. I love helping people to get in shape and want to help you lose belly fat fast.

Many online fitness books and weight loss programs are written by people with no education and no experience in the fitness industry, but I have been studying health and fitness all my life, and I am truly dedicated to helping you achieve fitness and weight loss success.

I graduated magna cum laude and earned my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University, where I also ran track and taught gross anatomy labs. I have studied and practiced Physical Therapy in Louisiana, Australia, California, and Massachusetts.

After graduating, I worked both as a physical therapist and personal trainer before switching my focus to fitness and wellness full-time. My thought was that if I could educate and inspire people in the community to be proactive and wellness oriented that there would be less need for rehab.

I currently work with individual clients and also teach aspiring personal trainers.

Over the past 10+ years, I have lectured to 1000’s of personal trainers and health students, while working for Boston University, Reebok International, the American Council on Exercise, and a Major Northeast Gym Organization.

I’ve owned and operated a women’s only fitness facility, run weight loss programs in gyms and physical therapy clinics, and was a lead instructor for Boston’s first Mom and Baby Outdoor Bootcamp Class called BounceBack Fitness.

As a Personal Trainer and Coach, I have sat down with hundreds of women over the past 10+ years– some of which were just beginning an exercise program while others were simply frustrated with their lack of progress.

Whenever I ask the question, “What are your fitness goals?” nearly everyone pinches their sides (love handles) or grabs their stomach (beer belly) and says, “I want to get rid of this!”

So, if your goal is to burn off belly fat, I know exactly what you should do, and I’ll teach you what I have taught hundreds of other women.

I’ve coached athletes, marathoners, models, new mothers, brides to be, college students, and grandmothers, and I would be honored if you’d let me coach you and show you how to reach your goals as fast as possible.

I’ve done all the research, and I’ll teach you what works and what doesn’t work.

All the hard work has been done for you; all you have to do is follow the plan.

All of the information in my program is devoted to teaching you the secrets to losing weight and the steps to losing belly fat!

In addition to learning the basic abdominal muscle anatomy and physiology of fat burning, you’ll learn how to correctly do more than 50 abdominal exercises, and get step-by-step instructions to create your own complete fitness routine that includes aerobic exercise tips for fat burning, strength training for toning, flexibility for performance, and nutrition for weight loss.

No matter how much weight you’d like to lose, this is the program that will deliver results and help you lose belly fat as fast as possible.

I poured my heart and soul into putting it together, and I am confident that it can help you reach your fitness goals.

Purchase the ebook Personal Training Secrets to Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach and also receive a copy of my ebook…

The Ultimate Detox: How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise.

This ebook outlines a simple 3 step program and detox program that can help you lose up to 10 pounds in as little as 2 weeks without exercise.

When combined with the exercise strategies and workouts from Personal Training Secrets, this bonus ebook will help you to lose weight even faster.

Both Products are Downloadable and You Will be able to Download all the Files Immediately After Your Purchase is Complete.

Note: Your credit card statement will show a charge from and you will receive an email from receipt from Clickbank. Product delivery is handled by, so you will receive an email from with a link to download your ebooks and videos.

Refunds can be processed through the receipt issued by

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply let us know and receive a full refund.

Both Products are Downloadable and You Will be able to Download all the Files Immediately After Your Purchase is Complete.

Note: The Ebooks Personal Training Secrets to Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach and The Ultimate Detox: How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise are in pdf form, and you will have instant access to your ebooks after completing your purchase.

In order to view the pdf files you must have Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher. Adobe is a free software that can be downloaded at Free Adobe Download

Start using my program and shock your friends at your next reunion.

Start using my program and get in shape and lose weight.

I’ll show you what to do and all you have to do is follow the plan, and if you feel that the information is not worth your investment, simply request a refund.

I’ll be waiting to hear about your success. Until then… take care, live well, be healthy, and be happy.

Yours in Health,
Charles Inniss, Physical Therapist/ Personal Trainer

P.S. I know you may have to think about investing in my ebooks and workout programs, but just remember that thinking about exercising will not help you get in shape. Knowledge alone is not power. Knowledge plus action equals power. So order now and act today!

P.P.S. I back all my products with an 30 Day guarantee, if you’re not happy with the information you receive simply request a full refund. You really have nothing to lose except inches on your waist,So Get started Today!

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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get a Flat Stomach

Review of BeFinallyFit

Review of BeFinallyFit

Review of BeFinallyFit

Click here for bigger image

Review of BeFinallyFit

Product Name: BeFinallyFit

Click here to get BeFinallyFit at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of BeFinallyFit:


I gained 22 LBS (10 kilos) over the years and yes, I was probably avoiding seeing people I knew then but I had to attend my best friend’s birthday… so I did. I enter the party and this girl whom I met only once YEARS ago saw me and said… ‵‵Owwwww, you looked better then…’’

I.WAS.P*SSED. I pretended it was all good but I couldn’t wait to leave. Once home – and I hate admitting this – I cried.

It hurt because, well, what can I say… it was true. I DID look better then. I FELT better then too. But what do I do? I’ve tried diets before and I just couldn’t really lose weight no matter how hard I tried, not long term anyway. Argh!

When I first met Hilde – yes, I personally met her – and she told me about this system of hers I was skeptical to be honest. But at that point, what have I really got to lose, right? So, I tried. And then…

To date, I have LOST A TOTAL OF 26.4 LBS (12 kilos)…. And I can’t wait to see that b**ch again! – Sheila H.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

No matter how hard I try I could just not get rid of my big belly. I would get so frustrated not just because of the way my belly would ‵blow up’ even after just a very small meal but also because my belly would feel very hard and I get all uncomfortable. The picture on the left (the ‵before’ one) is not even the biggest my belly’s ever been!

I have a great husband. He always assured me that my size did not matter to him… BUT IT MATTERED TO ME!

Since being on Hilde’s program though I’ve experienced a ‵lightness’ I’ve NEVER felt before. MY BELLY HAS SHRUNK 4 INCHES and I didn’t expect to start to see definition in my abs!

Hilde’s BeFinallyFit system has been everything I needed to finally get the body I’ve always wanted. – Rhea P.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

BeFinallyFit is a science-backed weight loss system specifically designed for women’s unique bodies and hormone structure. By applying BFF’s easy-to-follow and step-by-step UNIQUE EATING STRATEGY, you’ll start to melt serious body fat in 7 days!

In the course of the 28-day program, you will lose several pounds of stubborn body fat (about 1 pound every 72 hours)… and keep that weight off for life!

Here’s a quick run-down of the BODY TRANSFORMATIONS you’ll see in the next 28 days.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


BFF Weight Loss for Life starts with a very short, easy-to-understand description of just how UNIQUE the female body is and why ‵conventional diets’ do not result in successful and rapid weight loss.

The guide then provides you with a step-by-step, day-by-day UNIQUE EATING STRATEGY specifically made for the female body. No guesswork! You will know exactly WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH to eat, and WHEN to eat. You’ll even learn about very specific food combinations that will further UNLOCK the female body’s unique and natural ability to burn fat.

BONUS: +25 recipes of meals recommended in the eating plan!

BFF Tighten & Tone (optional) provides SUPER EASY routines to tighten and firm up your body. The routines are NEVER more than 20-minutes, maximum frequency of just 3 times per week!

This handbook is not just a list of activities. You’ll have access to exclusive content of ‵How To’ fitness videos. Each and all are made with this in mind: minimum effort -> maximum results!

BONUS: Super short, supper effective, super fat burning routines that last only 10 minutes! I call them the BFF10!

BFF Success Mindset (optional) taps your most powerful resource: your mind. Even now – as you read this – everything rests on the action you DECIDE to take in the next few minutes.

Will you get a copy of BFF now? Are you willing to follow the plan for the next 28 days? Do you really, truly, want to transform your body? The first step is this: DECIDE.

Once you get your hands on this guide, a NEW WAY of thinking – about yourself, food, your body, your health, and your life – is waiting for you.

BFF Sexy Body Maintenance (optional) gives you all the tips and tricks you need to know so that every pound you lose with my system… is gone for good.

As you know by now, it’s a BFF philosophy to be clear and detailed and this handbook is no different. In it you’ll learn how to handle REAL LIFE food-focused scenarios and events. You will get step-by-step tips so that you stay true to that other BFF philosophy:

BFF ??? (optional) is a 25-page handbook that many find as an excellent accompaniment to the BFF unique eating strategy. (By the way – just to be 100% clear – this is NOT about any drugs, pills, supplements, powders, or potions.)

This handbook is also important because it tackles a subject many in the ‵diet’ and ‵health’ niches get wrong. This is why when people try it; they end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Well… not you!

In just 28 days from now… this could be YOU!

How much SEXIER, TRIMMER, and FITTER do you think you’ll be by…

If you’re not satisfied for any reason – or for no reason at all – just let me know within 60 days to get a full and prompt refund of every penny you paid.

To being finally fit in more ways than one,

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you! Please do let me know about your weight loss success using my BFF system, ok?

Once you’re logged into our 100% secure Member’s Area, you can get in touch with me personally. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Made Emma’s body melt 1 pound of body fat every 72 hours…

And most of all… how Emma has managed to keep the weight off for the past FIVE years!

As a special Thank You for checking out BeFinallyFit decide right now and get

lose weight starting today for just

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Review of Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.

Review of Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.

Review of Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.

Click here for bigger image

Review of Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.

Product Name: Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.

Click here to get Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.:

DEER FOOD PLOTS MADE EASYWritten by Dr. Judy McFarlen (Veterinarian)and Charlie Stoltz (Rancher and Sportsman)

If you are thinking about starting a food plot or have a food plot you would like to improve we know how daunting this task can be. If you are like us, when we first started out, you searched the internet, subscribed to forums, read magazines, purchased books and DVD’s looking for a straight forward reference book to help you answer your questions.

In this portion of the book we discuss:

Because I skipped this step myself the first year out and spent the next two years regretting it while applying lime to sort out issues of Calcium and pH.

Soil Testing is More Complicated Than a Simple pH Test so we cover it all:

We Give You Instructions on How to Get a Soil Test Done and so do a lot of people: So we didn’t stop there.

The First Edition of Deer Food Plots Made Easy was made available three years ago.

Since that time I have had an open email line for questions from people throughout the United States and Canada, wrote about Deer Food Plots on my blog , posted videos on YOUTUBE while continuing research and efforts at improving this product.

The research I do is ongoing and in response to peoples specific questions about “What to do in their region?” I have learned many different strategies for different areas.

We decided to produce the SECOND EDITION of Deer Food Plots Made Easy as my research database grew.

Over the past several Years we have been working to bring you a more condensed user friendly version of DIY Deer Food Plots. The SECOND EDITION is now available in Hard Copy.


By combining Judy’s Veterinary Medicine – Animal Nutrition – Ranching experience with Charlie’s Ranching and Sportsman knowledge the authors have put together a more comprehensive manual for your benefit. You will definately save some serious cash and avoid common mistakes by using the information found in the SECOND EDITION if you live in Canada or United States.

Did you know that TILLING IS NOT EVEN recommended in all circumstances?

OUR TILLAGE CHAPTER will save you money and help you select the right equipment.

We know you are familiar with Grains Clovers Alfalfa Chicory Soybeans Corn Peas etc.

But Do You Know Which of These to Choose and Which Ones Can be Combined Successfully?

In our Principles of Planting we will sort out the following issues for you:

* We cover the cool season Brassica’s, Small Grains, Legumes, Grasses, and Perennial Herbs.

What No One Else Has Available in this EASY TO USE FORMAT and What we really think you will like is our CHARTS To Help You Make the Perfect SELECTION

*Chart Number 1: Common Cool Season Plants For Deer Food Plots:

*Chart Number 2: Common Cool Season Plants For Deer Food Plots:

*Chart Number 3: Common Cool Season Legumes For Deer Food Plots:

*Chart Number 4: Popular Regional Legume + Chicory Plant Choices for Deer Food Plots


We knew there had to be a better way to grow a food plot than this hit-and-miss approach.

Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if we could just buy all the ingredients and get all the instructions I needed in one simple purchase?

And so we began to investigate readymade deer food plots. If there’s one sure place to find trophy bucks, it’s in ads for ready-made plots.

With their stunningly huge antlers, the deer in these ads make it look like all you have to do is plant some seeds, then sit back and wait for the bucks to show up.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Let’s say you are looking for an acidic soil legume


The most common steps to dealing with your food plot weeds are:

Nick FrederickAmeri-Cana Expeditions Inc.6007 – 104 st.Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaT6H 2K6www.ameri-cana.comPhone: 780-469-0579Fax: 780-465-5040Cell/Mike/Nextel: 780-777-6070Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


And Here are a few extra bonuses for you in appreciation of your order with us today.

IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY I AM NOT HAPPYOur ironclad 6 Month Money Back Guarantee!I HAVE A SIX MONTH PERSONAL GUARANTEE.If you are not satisfied you can contact me via email for a full refund.I WILL MAKE IT RIGHT FOR YOU.

Sincerely,Dr. Judy McFarlen and Charlie Stoltz:
Authors of the NEW SECOND edition of “Deer Food Plots Made Easy”

We have worked to make this product as useful as possible for you. Please feel free to contact us at any time for comments or suggestions or requests in future editions or blog posts, videos, and podcasts.

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Deer Food Plots Made Easy. DIY easy step-by-step instructions.

Review of The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

Review of The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

Review of The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

Product Name: The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

Click here to get The Ultimate Martial Arts CD at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Ultimate Martial Arts CD:

Learn the secret techniques of the Martial Arts

The Greatest Collection of
Martial Arts Knowledge Ever Assembled

Order NOW

In the past 5 years I continued to write new
book and now the total is up to 32.  I also added 10 more
great books that are important and public domain, making
the total of complete books on this CD 42. So you get all 42
Books and 6 hours of video in this collection. In
this one collection you will find 42 COMPLETE BOOKS and 6

You also get a

A Complete Bruce Lee Movie.

The Chinese

Whether you are just starting our on
your journey or you are already an accomplished martial
artist, The Ultimate
Martial Arts Library contains the most awesome combination of
streetwise, practical and secret techniques every

Just look at the incredible information you will learn
as you hone your martial arts skills into a fighting machine
ready to defend yourself and family!

Book #1 The 101
Deadliest Karate MovesBy Dr. Ted
GambordellaThis book is a practical text for the
serious martial arts student or teacher. We do not suggest
that any of the techniques found in this book be used in the
street against another man, unless, of course your life is in
immediate danger…. Then the PUNK deserves every deadly move
I’m going to share with you so you can protect yourself or
your family!You’ll learn how to fight to the death
utilizing the 100 most lethal kicks, shutos and blows known to
the world’s greatest karate masters. More than 100 dramatic
photos cover snap kicks, heel kicks, vital points of the head
and chest, shutos, palm heels, ridge hands and street fighting
with karate.

If you study this
book and practice the techniques until you are a master of
them, you can become one of the most deadly men or women in
the world and FEAR NO MAN every again!Book #2 Fight For Your Life -The Secrets of Street
FightingThis practical book concerns
just what the title implies, learning the secret art of
fighting in the street, winning at all costs and under any
circumstances TO SAVE YOU LIFE! One of the biggest criticisms
of martial arts in America is that it does not work in the
street, and I am sure that you have all heard of a supposed
Black Belt who got the hell beat out of him by some streetwise
hoodlum. The simple reason for this result is that the hood
has been trained in the art of dirty fighting and has no
Christian or social morals to constrain him from killing or
crippling you. Also, he usually has the great advantage of
starting the fight. This book can change all that
for you!Now
you can win in the streets, because the secret techniques that
I am showing are effective, simple, and require no great
physical strength; and while they will definitely stop
the attacker, they are not meant to kill him. If you will
practice a few simple kicks, stay flexible, and train daily
until the moves presented herein are second nature, then
should the time ever come when some poor fool attacks you in
the street, the surprise will be on him. He will find himself
waking up in the hospital, or worse.

Book #3 Seven Days To Self

Each year literally
thousands of young women are attacked in the streets of our
country. Some are mugged, some beaten, some raped, and some
killed. Almost all of these women have one thing in common,
they do not know how to defend themselves. Perhaps with some
small self-defense training some of these women would not be
helplessly attacked and thus would not be raped or killed.
Certainly all of them would stand a better chance if they knew
some effective, yet simple, techniques to defend against an
attack and this book is not just for women in today’s world…
anyone can be a victim!This book breaks down into
seven easy to follow and understand lessons the basic
self-defense techniques that I have found to be most effective
in my twenty years of teaching such a course to women across
this country. One lesson a day, one step at a time, within a
week you should be able to defend yourself if you just find
some techniques in the book that you are comfortable with and
that you could and would execute in an actual
emergency. Most other books on self-defense just
give you innumerable situations, escapes, and techniques, most
of which are too lengthy and complicated to work in an actual
attack situation. The
techniques found in this book WILL WORK. They will stop an
attacker, regardless of size. If you stick a pen into
the eyes of an assailant, he is going to stop right there and
scream and fall on the ground. He is not going to get mad and
hurt you worse. He is disabled, and most of the techniques
found in this book are disabling techniques that seriously
injure the attacker and prevent further attack. For rape and
assault are serious and despicable crimes that should be dealt
with in the most forceful and effective manner possible

Books #4-10 The
Complete Book of Karate Weapons

Finally a manual on weapons any student or a teacher would
be proud to own for years to come and can refer to whenever
they have a question on weapons or want a new technique. And
learn how to do it right with the only comprehensive book on
karate weapons ever published! Shown are the proper usage and
katas for seven lethal karate weapons: 

If you will read theses books with an open mind and follow
the techniques and exercises described you can make yourself one of
the few experts with weapons in the world
today.Books #11
Weapons of the Street and How to Beat
Them!This book is a comprehensive training
manual for people and students who may find that they have to
defend themselves in the street from attack by those who may
have such weapons as knives, bats, clubs, broken bottles,
chains, or all of the above. No matter what they throw at
you this manual will provide a defense and counter so you can
escape injury and put the hurt on those who would do you
harm!Book #12 The Secrets of
KI, the end of injury Every year
thousands of athletes fall down and break or tear a part of
their body. Every year thousands of athletes get hit in the
ribs or abdomen and break bones or injure internal organs.
Every day someone makes a mistake while playing and finds
himself injured perhaps permanently because no one ever told
him how to PREVENT ATHLETIC INJURIES. This book does just
that, shows easy to follow proven techniques for the
prevention of athletic injuries. Of course this book will not
make you a Superman or prevent all injuries. What it will do
is to provide you with alternatives. Now you can at least have
a chance to roll instead of break, to stretch instead of tear,
and to absorb instead of crush your body from most aspects of
your sport that can cause injury.If you will study
this book with an open mind, begin to practice the techniques
and the value of the techniques found in it. Your ability to
concentrate will greatly improve, your skills will sharpen and
your mind will become stronger. You will have a much greater
ability to withstand blows and hits that would injure most
people, and you will improve your performance by the use of
balance points, concentration and mind control.

12 books for the price of one!

book 1: Tonfa Tactics This is one of the most comprehensive
books ever written on the Tonfa. This books shows it all.
Blocks, Strikes, Attacks, Counters. With a special section of
Street Techniques. The Tonfa is carried by most of the police
in America, but they do not KNOW all the techniques found in
this title. Dr. Gambordella goes into great detail on
exactally how to use the tonfa in the most effective way. He
show defenses against nunchaku, bo and staff. As well as
multiple attackers. A must have for any student of

BONUS BOOK 2: How to Develop a
Perfect Body

For years I have seen Martial Arts
Master Teachers who look like they just left a donut eating
contest and won it for the 50th time in a row. Fat out of
shape disgusting. These people might know how to kick and
punch, but they are out of shape and not a credit to the
fitness of the martial arts. This book will show you
simple 30 minutes exercise programs designed to keep you
looking great. Specific exercises for each body part.
It even includes diet information.Sections include exercises
for men and women

BONUS BOOK 4: OMA. Obsessive
Mental Attitude

OMA. What is the mental secrets of
the martial arts? How do martial artists do their incredible
mental feats, such as meditating under freezing waterfalls,
standing still for hours, breaking bricks, bending knives? How
to they avoid fear and terror? How do they concentrate for
hours and hours without getting tired or frustrated? How do
they use their minds to control their bodies. Dr.
Gambordellas reveals for the first time the incredible power
of the mind. Using his techniques of OMA. You will be able to
achieve all your goals and desires without hestitating.
Image the power you will have when you are able to use
all your mental ability 24/7 to achieve a specific goal or
desire. This book is a must read for anyone who want to
harness the power of their minds for use in the martial arts
or even the business world.

BONUS VIDEO 1: Mastering the
Nunchaku: Everything you need to know to Master the
Nunchaku. Step by step video instructions. So many people want
to know how to use the nunchaku correctly but they can’t find
a teacher who know or who is willing to teach them. If you
train yourself, you risk the possibility of serious injury,
even death. You can learn so much more from a “weapons master”
who takes the time to show you how to do the nunchaku right
the first time. You will learn swings, blocks, stances, even
defenses from the bo and from the nunchaku if you are
disarmed. This is the only tape you need to
watch to learn to master the nunchaku.

BONUS VIDEO 2: Secrets of the Martial

You won’t believe the amount of
information packed into this video. Never before secrets
revealed. Secrets that will amaze and astound everyone.
You will learn :


This book is a must have to help you keep track of the
amazing 30+ secrets in your video.

This book is invaluable for use when watching the video.
Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters.

This is one of the finest
fitness books ever written. THE AMAZING SECRETS OF MARTIAL

DR. TED shares the secret fitness routines of the
martial arts Masters

This book is a must have to help you keep looking good, and
feeling great at 30, 40 , 50 and beyond..

You will get this book FREE .

And there’s even more This is the first Childrens
Self Defense book written by Children For Children, and done
by Children who are NOT BLACK BELTS..

The problem with most childresn self defense books is
that the children all KNOW KARATE, and most are black

You kid can’t do the techniques these kids and do, because
they AREN’T BLACK BELT.Your kid can do these techniques
and they WORK.

This is my first book on
One Steps, part of a series I am doing, and takes you thru
dozens and dozens of one steps, from white to green belt…

It is the first book on one steps I know that shows
yhou techniques you can do and remember during a

The biggest problem I have found with learning one steps is
that they get so complicated, so fast, that the students minds
often go blank immediately, and then just stand there trying
to remember even a few one steps. Using the techniques is this
book, they will always be able to remember AND DO dozens of
one steps for the rest of their lives.

This is a book for people
who want to WIN FIGHTS not be in fights. I have been in dozens
and dozens of street fights, and 99 of them I got over in just
a few seconds, with devastating punches and kicks.

If you want to Start and Win a fight…this book is
for you. If you want to get into a long drawn out, punch
exchanging, rolling on the ground, drawn out fight….this
book is not for you

Its very simple. If you start a fight using the techniques
in this book. THE FIGHT WILL BE OVER. and you will be the
winner.You simply can’t afford not to have this book if
you need to win fights in the street.

This is one of the finest
book on Wrist Locks ever written. It shows the basic and
advanced wrist locks, and only wrist locks. There are no
punches, kicks, or throws. Only wrist locks.

Wrist locks are one of the most powerful and
effective means of control in the martial arts, and you will
learn them all in this book

You will learn to practice without getting hurt, to control
anyone of any size for as long as you want.Wrist locks
works and this book will show you dozens of wrist locks you
can do anytime, anywhere to control any situtation.

This is your ultimate
source for a book on REAL JIU-JITSU. I have been studying
Jiu-Jitsu for 36 years, and I know all the Secrets. There are
no phony moves in this book, only stuff that ACTUALLY WORKS
and you can use in the street..

You will learn everything you need to know, from throws, to
wrist locks, to joint locks, to chokes.

Jiu-Jitsu works and this book will show you over 100
techniques you can do anytime, anywhere win any fight.

This is a Great book on
the CANE, one of the most effective martial arts weapons you
can carry. WHY? Because it is Legal, it works, it doesn’t
require a lot of strength, speed of expert co ordination. I
have been studying Jiu-Jitsu for 36 years, and I love the
CANE. There are dozens and dozens of REAL MOVES in this book.
Moves you can use on the street to protect yourself and your phony moves in this book, only stuff that ACTUALLY

The CANE is the best weapon for you to learn because
IT IS LEGAL TO CARRY. If you only learn one Weapon in the
martial arts LEARN THE CANE.

You will learn everything you need to know blocks, attacks,
defenses, chokes, throws, hold downs, even moves for Children

The CANE works and you will absolutely love this book on
the CANE.

This is a little book I
wrote several years ago, just for fun and to show some of the
“dirtiest karate moves” I knew. You will see, “face tears”,
“ear bites”, “groin destroyers”, “back breakers” and much much

I also have a few pages with a guy that looks just like
“Rambo” doing some “special moves” to a bodybuilder. It is a
fun book, you will enjoy reading and can actually learn a lot

This is a great book for
people who want to learn and master Chokes. Chokes are a very
important part of the martial arts, and they Always Win Every
Fight, because you opponent can’t continue to fight when they
are unconscious.

I show over 20 different chokes, with the GI, and
barehanded. I also show chokes from the ground, standing up,
and on your back.This book has all you will every need to

25 Year ago I began an
intensive research into Oriental Philosophy. I studied and
summarized over 25 books and spent years writing and

Now I have finally published a book on Oriential
Philosophy. In this book you will learn about ZEN, Buddahism,
Yoga, Meditation, and Confucius.I must point out that I am
a CHRISTIAN, and wrote this book strickly for research into
Oriental Philosophy, as I feel it is important to know the
“mind” of the Orientals, as they are the source of all Martial

9109 Cochran Heights,
Dallas, TX 75220    Phone:214-351-2234, fax

The Most Important Thing I know in the

The Most Important Thing I know in the

 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try
it for 30 full days.

You will love the video and the cd or you get your money back, no
questions asked   

You Can’t Lose. Buy Now 
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The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

Review of The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System

Review of The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System

Review of The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System

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Review of The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System

Product Name: The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System

Click here to get The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System:

“Yesterday we played a match play tournament and I applied some of your methods and it made a huge difference in my game. [… it made me feel so confident. Long story short, I eagled 9 so we took the team match. I was down 1 with 2 to go in individual match play and won 17 and 18 with clutch 5 foot par putts and won. Oh, and feel free to use these comments any way you want, this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on my golf game. I look forward to doing some private sessions with you in the future.”

Regards,Rob Bartos
Southwick, MA

Imagine harnessing the power of a method that makes you actually crave pressure, hit the quality shots when it matters most, feel no nerves over must make putts and play with an unstoppable inner confidence no matter what your handicap…

“I wonder if I’ll be able to hit the ball the way I need to. Geez, I hope people don’t think my game sucks. Will they be thinking “what is this guy doing in this tournament anyways, he’s got no game.” I won’t be able to handle it if I can’t play well tomorrow. Maybe I can call and drop out of the tournament.”

This was from Brett, a client of mine. His inner demons were crushing him. He’d lost before he started. You can see he had almost no chance of playing to his potential or enjoying the game. He’s not alone. How many of these are ruining your game?

What you resist persists…

What demons do you try and wrestle into submission? How successful have your inner battles been? If you’re like many golfers I work with you continue to leave the golf course frustrated and perhaps even wonder if it’s worth playing the game at all.

The sad truth is it will stay like this unless you make some changes in how you use your mind.

It’s kind of like being trapped in a room and the building is on fire. There are two doors and a window but there are flames on the other side of the window and smoke is billowing under the cracks of the doors. You desperately need to get out but you can’t find a way.

One thing’s for sure, no one wants to be stuck in a burning building with no way out. Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening to most golfers every round they play. They’re suffocating on the mental fumes of their own uncontrollable mind.

Remember, what you resist persists. The more you struggle the worse things get.

You see, I have a background in the Psychology of Human Excellence. I’m an NLP Trainer with Ericksonian Hypnosis training and a host of other skillsets. My life, before golf, was focused on helping others achieve real, dramatic improvements in mental and physical performance. Then, just like you, I got infected with the golf bug and was obsessed with playing as well as I could.

In a minute you’ll find out that I taught myself how to golf, without taking lessons, but wanted more than just a good swing. I wanted to win and play well all the time! But, like you, I experienced frustration at not being able to duplicate my great rounds and play as well in tournaments and competitive situations.

That was until I discovered something, almost by accident, that changed my game and the games (now numbering in the thousands) of my private clients and students from all over the world. It is so powerful and effective at dissolving virtually every single mental issue a golfer faces. The endless issues that prevent you from playing the way you are capable of.

Yet what you’re about to learn is it has NOTHING to do with the swing and EVERYTHING to do with how you use your mind…

While teaching myself how to golf through applying my knowledge of advanced peak performance strategies and accelerated learning techniques I got down to a 3 handicap, without taking lessons. Not bad, huh.

Other golfers began hearing about my results and begged me to work with them. I said “I’m not a golf teacher or a pro.” That didn’t stop them. They just wanted results. I told them again, “I’m not a golf instructor or a sports psychologist.” They just smiled, ignored my comments and conitnued to pursue me.

One client said it best, “you may not have a Phd but you clearly have a masters in results and I want the results you’re getting!” A few of them admiringly nicknamed me the Golf Whisperer. That name stuck and became my brand.

So I started working with golfers of all skill levels, men, women and children. Something incredible happened. Almost be accident. This discovery has become like a Viagra for your mind. Real, predictable, measurable mental potency. You’re about to see why this analogy fits so well…

The Golf Whisperer’s material is the best mental game instructional training I have ever seen in over 30 years as a golf professional at the highest level and I am personal friends with several of the well known mental game gurus on the PGA Tour.
There has never been a champion that didn’t have a strong mind and the ability to control their thoughts and their focus. These methods are comprehensive and reveal the fundamentals of the inner game more succinctly than anything I have ever seen.”

Did you know that Viagra was an accident? The Pfizer company was working on a drug for a completely different purpose and were doing clinical trials. Then from participant feedback they found a peculiar side effect: men were staying erect for hours! This had nothing to do with what they were developing the drug for.

The side-effect became more powerful (and with some stimulating benefits…) than the original purpose of the drug! It was an accident. So here I was working away on golfers’ games from all over the world using covert mental techniques I’d developed during these personal client “trials.”

(what I was doing began to spread very quickly by word of mouth alone. I didn’t promote myself at all yet I was getting swamped with requests)

We worked with visualization techniques, cool mental imagery exercises and some insanely potent mental drills. Yet my focus when working with players was just to improve their game and make them learn it faster.

And then something incredible happened. The game changing event slapped me in the face! I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier.

The “AHA” moment struck me when dozens of students began sending feedback and testimonials on how calm and confident they were while playing the game. They told me they stopped feeling nervous over shots. Their focus improved. A laundry list of mental game issues as long as your arm were melting away, one after another.

I’m going to show you how this side effect has become the biggest breakthrough in game improvement in the past 50 years. It will save you more strokes than a big headed driver or a new set of irons EVER will!

Imagine having a simple system, a method so potent at supercharging your mind it’s like taking a magic pill that instantly cures EVERY conceivable inner game problem you experience??? This is exactly what the Golf Whisperer method does. It will take your mind places you’ve never been on the golf course, I guarantee it.

Are you ready to enter a whole new world in golf? Do you want the red pill or the blue one? Yes, just like Morpheus in the Matrix he asks you to choose a pill: the red one or the blue one.

The red pill is what you’re already taking, by default. Not doing anything IS taking the red pill. It’s the toughest pill to swallow and easy to choke on yet golfers will mindlessly continue to take it. Your experiences will continue to stay the same, game after game after game.

 Negative self talk – you beat yourself up after almost every shot – if you talked to others the way you talk to yourself you’d probably have no friends and for sure few playing partners…

 Missed pressure putts – contantly missing that putt to win or shoot a personal best score

 Bad swings at the wrong time – just when you need it least “that” swing shows up

 Play worse in compeition – it’s easy to play well with no-one watching or nothing on the line but how well do you play when competing?

 Uncontrollable nerves – first tee jitters and even score crushing nervousness while you play

 Lack of focus – a scattered mind that can’t focus will never allow you to shoot your lowest scores.

 Poor decision making – not thinking clearly and being certain your shot selection and club selection are the BEST for the sutuation

 Easily distracted – someone walking or talking near you, coughing, birds chirping or whatever else, scatters your brain and you lose focus on your shot

 Mentally giving up when things aren’t going good – this is a killer of ever being a great player.

 And this is just a short list!

It’s hard to calculate how many strokes a round you’re losing every time you play

 Laser focus – you don’t even notice distractions because you’re so dialed in

 Calm under pressure – this will stun your playing partners at how casually you make clutch shots and putts

 Mental toughness – you’ll have a “never quit” attitude, regardless of your score and when the going gets tough you dig even deeper

 Clear decision making – this will save you a minimum of 4 strokes a round
Excitement and anticipation for competitive matches and tournaments

 Mastery over your nerves – quick and lasting methods for staying calm, centered and relaxed from the first tee to the last putt

 Play better in competition than in casual rounds – yes, BETTER
Enter the zone at will – No-one else is teaching this. Know why? They don’t know how. There’s a path that leads to the zone and I’ll give you the GPS

It’s time to take control of your mind and your game and play to the level you KNOW you are capable of, isn’t it?

Do you think it’s an accident that when Tiger Woods was at his peak years ago he had the most dominant mind the game has ever seen? His mental toughness and focus were almost legendary. I have yet to see any player even close to his level of mental control, have you?

This wasn’t by accident, fluke, luck or chance. It was by design. Hypnosis training and advanced mental strategies were used throughout his early years. I modelled these strategies, built on them and created an entirely new system that has taken things to a new level never before seen in golf. Bold statement? Sure. Can I prove it? Absolutely.

Better yet I’ll let my customers do it. After all, they’re the reason this method exists.

“I was in a competitive tournament and  it was pouring rain. Usually I’d be making excuses and expect to play poorly but I decided to mentally commit to playing the best I could. I had a poor start, three putting the first two greens. Then racked up five birdies during the round. Sure I made a couple of mistakes but it was one of the most mentally solid rounds of golf I’ve ever played. I was four under my handicap, bringing my playing handicap down to 4. I won the competition by a mile!

Afterwards my county captain remarked on how consistently well I’m playing and wanted to know what had happened. I just said I’d made some changes and smiled!”

“I am making real progress towards unconscious golf. The amount of times I burst out laughing at a great shot just by applying the principles you taught continues to surprise me….because it works! I’m gaining an ability to trust my swing using your brilliant way to pick out a target. “ see” the shot and vizualise it by picturing it in a place just between my eyes in my forehead (sounds crazy!)-but it is the first time I have understood just HOW to vizualise “physically” rather than intellectually. Your incredibley practical training shows the correct way to focus and de-stress on the course. Great program.

Hey, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but facing reality is the first step toward real change. Are you ready for more than just a “quick tip” or short term improvement? Do you want the keys to the Ferrari of your mind and your game so shooting low scores becomes a habit, not a just pipe dream?

There’s no such thing as a perfect swing. Yet this underlying illusion that there is one has people pounding balls ’til their hands bleed, reading swing tips in golf magazines, watching hundreds of golf swing videos, jumping on the latest golf trend or training aid in search of something that doesn’t exist.

I’m not going to give you the next hippest tip or gimmick or trendy fad in golf. What I’m giving you is total transformation of your game from the inside out. In a way that changes your entire game REGARDLESS of how you hit the ball or what swing philosophy you have.

If I came to you and said “my car is running like crap, what should I do?” you wouldn’t recommend I go get a new paint job, would you?? Of course, not! You’d recommend I get a tune up or do something to the engine, right?!

So why do people believe they can just work on their swing for endless hours, weeks, months and even years and ignore the area that needs to most attention and fine tuning: your mind!

I want to thank you for a great program…As you know I was very skeptical of the program, but I really committed to the process.  I still have a ways to go but I’ve seen tremendous progress in my game since adopting your coaching…I’ve never putted better in my 35 years of playing…love the three looks & the precision on the cup & ball…brilliant…
As a 10+ handicap golfer my whole life, my handicap has now dropped to single digits. In the last two weeks alone I’ve shot 74 & 76 at my home course…On one of the 9 hole sides I shot 1 under. That’s crazy good for me!
You helped me realize that I’m a really good golfer. I now expect greatness. Does it always happen? Of course not, but I’m loving the journey of getting better more than ever before.
Oh, I “was” a 10 handicap and now my index is 6.7!

It doesn’t matter if you have a so called “perfect swing” if you can’t pull the trigger when it matters most. It is meaningless to have a silky putting stroke that can’t hold up under pressure and when it feels like the watchful eyes of your competitors are burning a whole in your brain.

It’s a collassal waste of time to assume you can pound balls until your hands bleed in hopes that you’ll dig a better mental game out of the dirt. That only worked for one guy in the history of the game…

If I came to you and said “my car is running like crap, what should I do?” you wouldn’t recommend I go get a new paint job, would you?? Of course, not! Even if you had no clue about cars you’d suggest I get a tune up or do something to the engine, right?!

So why do people believe they can just work on their swing for endless hours, weeks, months and even years and ignore the area that needs to most attention and fine tuning: their mind! The engine of the swing was, is and always will be a mind/body connection.

Stop simply painting the car for a better game and take your engine in for a tune up. Your game and your scores will thank you for it…

Answer these important questions:

Your friends or competitors won’t be able to figure out why and how you’re playing so consistently. They won’t see anything in your swing and will wonder what you’ve been working on that has you playing so incredibley well. It’s a very cool feeling!

It’s kind of like having a covert, insider’s knowledge that unlocks the secrets of the inner game so effortlessly it’s astonishing. You’ll wish you knew this stuff years ago!

It’s time to grab the keys to the Ferrari of your mind and use the most effective mental game strategies in golf. Get ready to feel a brand new thrill while seeing the look on your playing partners’ faces as they watch in astonishment as you blow right past them in the growth of your game. And of course they’ll be buying the beers a lot more often than you will!

Here’s what you get in this game changing system

The fact is people learn in different ways. Some prefer watching in order to learn, some like to read and others want to “hear” what’s going on. So it makes sense to get training in ALL 3 modalities, wouldn’t you agree?! My countless students said that’s one thing they really love about the coaching, it’s good for everyone and leaves no-one out.

Specifically designed to reprogram your mind with the Mind Power Breakthrough principles and get you “conditioned” to shoot lower scores.

You get 2 professionally recorded audio sessions that speak to your conscious AND subconscious mind to attain the true Whole Mind Golf experience in your game.

Awakening Your Golf Mind – Designed to tune your mind toward your own excellence and walks you into your own peak state. This audio coaches you into your own “flow” state in an effortless way: exactly how you’ll learn to play the game.

Building a Winner’s Mindset – What does it mean to be a winner? What does winning mean to you? How can you play from a place that allows you to experience victory time after time? IN this session you’ll step into a true winner’s mindset that is the determining factor in all great rounds.

Life is mobile nowadays and sometimes you might want to get coaching while you’re on the road, travelling or even right on the golf course! Just grab your favourite device and get some coaching!

 By ordering now I get access to my products immediately

 I receive 2 exclusive, one-on-one video coaching sessions with Wade

 I receive 2 Mental Mastery Audio Coaching Sessions

 I receive the Whole Mind Golf coaching ebooks

 I get 50% off private phone coaching if I want it

 I understand I also get 2 unadvertised “Go Low” bonuses

 I understand I can request a complete, no hassle refund if I’m not totally satisfied and I have an unbelievably long time to decide…see below for details!

 Yes, I am ready to use my mind to its full potential and feel that wonderful sense of fulfillment and accomplishment playing my best golf!!

 I Get instant access – once payment is processed you get products immediately

 No waiting for something to be mailed to you – you get everything online right away

 I’ll be using the methods in my very next round of golf!

Try my program out for a full 60 days. I personally guarantee that if you put my system to use you will drop strokes off your scores and hit the best shots you’ve ever hit in your life.

I guarantee you won’t be that player that chokes under pressure, posts bad rounds in competition or mentally gives up when things get tough. If you do ask me for a refund I will promptly and quietly return every penny you paid.

PS; Controlling your mind and knowing powerful methods for laser like focus are at the heart of every great score and great player. You won’t need to blow a pile of money on new clubs every year trying to get better. Your scores WILL improve fast and you’ll have skills that last a lifetime…

PPS; There’s nothing quite like that exhilarating feeling of knowing you have an edge over everyone you play against, no matter how good they think they are! You’ll know things about your mind and the game of golf that are like having an unfair advantage over those who don’t know this stuff. If you’re like most of my customers you won’t want to share this with your friends or competitors! Hey, I completely understand 🙂

ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

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The Consistency Code Mental Game Coaching System

Review of Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons

Review of Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons

Review of Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons

Click here for bigger image

Review of Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons

Product Name: Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons

Click here to get Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons:

  Get Started with Horseback Riding Now!
Tell me where to send your
5 day mini course and regular newsletters with tips on
how to get started with horseback riding.
If you don’t want to miss out on some real cool bonuses available today

keep reading
after you have entered your details here!


We respect your privacy
and will not sell or rent your information to anyone.

We respect your privacy
and will not sell or rent your information to anyone.

Find Out How Horseback Riding Can Change
Your Life Right Now!

Makes Horseback Riding Easy And

Prepares You



For Gold





Dear Friend and

‘Would Be’
Horse rider!

This exciting and new discovery helps you get the most out of your
riding lessons even before you start! If you really want to learn to
horseback ride then this letter could be the most important one you
ever read!


Fear of failure, or making yourself look a complete idiot stops many
people from learning to ride at all. 

That and the fact that they already know just how expensive riding
lessons are, really puts them off. Supposing they are no good at it?
Supposing they are too afraid? Supposing they just don’t turn out to
like it and have wasted those bucks unnecessarily?

     Whether you are 5
or 50 and contemplating the grand new experience of horseback riding,
don’t let a little thing like lack of confidence, good old fashioned
fear put you off, or worry about whether you can afford it, put you
off. No, the thing to do is to find a way to learn that both give you
confidence AND saves you money at the SAME time!    


A little fear is a good thing.  It stimulates the adrenalin that
makes you perform better and makes you more in tune with your
objective.  They say that if you are going to do some public
speaking and you are not at least a little nervous beforehand then you
won’t give it your best.  Adrenalin is a great stimulant to great
things.  But what you do need is the confidence to master your
fear and to do it anyway.  Susan Jeffers book ‘Feel the Fear and
do it anyway’ is a bestseller; 
she shows very clearly what can be achieved if you go for it, and what
joys overcoming your fears can bring.

     That’s the fear bit
dealt with. That just leaves you worrying about the money – the cost
of expensive riding lessons when you don’t even know how many you will

    So, what you need here is a way to feel in control of the
fear and the excitement and expectation, plus a way to reduce the cost
of this fabulous new experience you are about to have, and I’ve got
just the thing!

So, What’s Different About My Approach To Riding?


Well, simply this.  I absolutely know the value of riding
lessons, and I would never suggest that you don’t need them
at all.
BUT my approach is that, in order to make the most of those lessons
and greatly reduce the number you may need, you MUST do some
preparation beforehand:


Now, if you are only 5 years old then you know no fear! That’s left to
the newbie adult riders and to your Mum and Dad as they watch you in
the saddle for the first time! (especially if they are not riders
themselves – bet that rings a few bells doesn’t it…)

So, what would make:


feel better at the same time?

Its simple – it’s that word again – Preparation. 

But WHY?

Makes Sense Doesn’t It?

Finally that leaves your
checking account! Well, quite frankly your account is going to
be hit


by how much all the riding  lessons are going to cost you.  So if
some good preparation will mean you need fewer lessons then the cost
goes down and you don’t get overdrawn! Your account stays in the black


The conclusion is simple – buy yourself this great new eBook –
prepare yourself properly for the best new experience you’ve had in
years – save loads of bucks – keep safe – and enjoy it all a whole lot
more! Then you may well win that rosette. How’s that for a summary!


Now Lets Look At Some Of The Reasons Why You Really Should Start
Horseback Riding Today!

Just consider the following:

Have you ever wanted to go
on a trail ride?


Gets You Fitter


And Guys, this doesn’t only work for women!

Even if you don’t need to lose weight this

wonderful form of exercise will benefit you too.  Lets face it
you could hardly call this lovely pastime, exercise at all, could you.
Its pure pleasure! It sure beats a sweaty workout in the gym for me.


Puts the fun and passion back in your life


Puts you back in touch with the wonders of Mother Nature


Sports are on the menu again!


Opens up new vacation options

I plan to
move to Spain next year, and one of the things I want to do is buy
some horses, for my children and myself. Riding looks so easy in
the movies, but I know that isn’t the case. So I was looking for
an easy to follow guide, covering everything from saddling a horse
to caring for a horse and what to look for when buying a horse.
These and more were exactly what I found in the book “Introduction
to Horseback Riding”. This book is packed full of useful
information and tips, I particularly like the section on ‘thinking
like a horse’.
If you
are thinking about horse riding and need a good introduction, then
you should check it out at

Jen Scott                                                                            


Now, have I whetted your appetite for a whole new way of life?


If your answer is YES then we have a new ebook that could

dramatically change your life
– starting today!

How Can One eBook Change Your Life?


Great question! When many people think of learning to horseback ride,
they think of some
time-consuming trips to a riding academy, and long lessons. Perhaps
you have already taken some expensive lessons yourself, and were
discouraged by how long it took to learn even the basics. Today, there
is a


In one inexpensive ebook you will learn more about horseback riding
than you ever dreamed possible – through sensible, simple tips that

Why Learning Through An Ebook Makes Sense

Any Horseback


The simple fact is, for many of us, starting with horseback riding
lessons is designed to fail. If you don’t know whether you are really
interested in horseback riding, what is the use of expensive lessons

you even begin? Plus, most riding lessons are located well outside the
city, forcing most of us to make a large commute to get out there. If
you are learning horseback riding as an adult, you may feel silly
floundering about on a horse in front of an all-ages class. And of,
course, the

of horseback riding lessons can be very high.

Doesn’t It Make More Sense To Learn The Basics Of Horseback
Riding Before You Ever Drive Out To See A Real Live Horse?


Think about it….


If you knew the basics of  how to ride a horse before you drove
out to see one, you’d save money on lessons to gain the basic
understanding of horseback riding. In fact, you might well be able to
take fewer lessons to improve your techniques. You’d already

have all you need for basic riding
and trail rides. Plus, when you ride under qualified guidance you’d

gain confidence
by then being on a horse, which means you’d

actually be building on your knowledge as you rode along. 
Isn’t that better than
feeling silly and lacking knowledge of even the words they use right
from the outset.


This isn’t about replacing the lessons completely – No, this is about
preparing you to really enjoy getting in that saddle for the first
time – replacing some of the ‘fear factor’ with the confidence to know
that you have done a bit of preparation and feel armed with some
really helpful and comforting knowledge to help you enjoy that first
lesson moreAND especially knowing that you could get that far in the
most cost effective and cheapest way available to you! Now that just
makes YOU downright Smart, doesn’t it?

Plus, you’d stay safer, since you’d already know what to do and what
not to do.

ebook “Introduction to Horseback Riding” does this for you.

Getting Started with Horseback Riding!

Simply enter your name and email below for my 5 day mini
course that will show you the secrets on how to get started
with horseback riding!
Don’t delay!

respect your privacy and will not sell or rent your
information to anyone.

What You Really
Need To Know To Feel Safe And Confident The First Time You Sit In
The Saddle……


If you are just starting out with horseback riding, you want to focus
on the information you need to get you in the saddle and to keep you


as you ride.   And let’s face it, when we are learning
something new it is so difficult to take in all the information we are
given verbally.  If you have it written down, and can read it
through several times before you get to the first lesson, how much
better would that make you feel? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to
take what the Instructor is saying because it is familiar to you – so
that you can concentrate on staying in the saddle rather than

the instructions that are being thrust at you so
quickly.  So many instructions all at once can send you into
information overload, and then you can’t remember a word of it and
feel silly – does this make you feel like a failure before you even
start? I know it does with me.


After all, how many of you passed an exam or learnt to drive without
reading the manuals first? ? Did you pick up a chisel to do
woodworking without first getting a book to show you how? This applies
to nearly everything you can think of that requires some skill to
master.  So surely you need to prepare for your horseback riding
lessons in the same way to make your new hobby a really enjoyable
success right from the start!


Your information has
been of great help to me.  I have recently taken Tina, an
ex-racehorse/broodmare.  I used to work on a farm when I was
younger, mostly draft horses, but it gets you, (that horse bug I
mean).  Anyway I am now 53 years young  and have started
getting Tina ready to be re-saddled and ridden again as she has
not had a rider on her back for 4 years now.  She is 15
years young – a couple of youngsters together eh!! 

I have not ridden a
horse in …oh 25 years.  I have been using a lot of your
tip’s and hint’s they are helping me a lot to re-educate her 
It will take a lot of time patience and T.L.C. I will keep you
informed of how things go.


That’s Why “Introduction to
Horseback Riding” Is So Different And So Exciting.


This book will not waste your time or money – it is designed to get
you horseback riding as quickly, safely, and inexpensively as
possible. You will learn the

practical information that you
really need to ride properly.
No gimmicks, no filler, no fluff. These are

the horse facts and riding tips
that every rider really needs
– in one inexpensive and easy-to-read manual.


With this ebook, you will start reaping the benefits of horseback
riding fast.

With “Introduction to
Horseback Riding”
you will be able to quickly get the many benefits of riding, which

Your information has
been of great help to me.  I have recently taken Tina, an
ex-racehorse/broodmare.  I used to work on a farm when I was
younger, mostly draft horses, but it gets you, (that horse bug I
mean).  Anyway I am now 53 years young  and have started
getting Tina ready to be re-saddled and ridden again as she has
not had a rider on her back for 4 years now.  She is 15
years young – a couple of youngsters together eh!! 

I have not ridden a
horse in …oh 25 years.  I have been using a lot of your
tip’s and hint’s they are helping me a lot to re-educate her 
It will take a lot of time patience and T.L.C. I will keep you
informed of how things go.



You Will Be So Surprised At How  Many Exciting and Important Things
This Amazing Ebook Can Teach You!

Discover the Tips, Tricks, and
Techniques that Professional Horse Riders Use – Without Investing
Years of Effort or Hundreds of Dollars!

So thanks Roger, for writing this book, I have really enjoyed
reading it and would like to recommend anyone who is interested in
learning how to Horse Ride to buy “Introduction to Horse Riding”!!   

Rick Philips                                             

So What’s the Real Scoop on This
Hot New Resource?


If you want your friends to whisper

“Wow, when did you learn to
horseback ride so well?”
you definitely want this ebook. No other resource gives you

absolutely everything you need
to start riding today
– in one fast and easy read. Once you put down this ebook, you will
have the skills and confidence to hop on a horse and start riding.


And this ebook makes horseback riding so simple


Plus, “Introduction to Horseback Riding” knows that the biggest
concern for new riders is often safety, as it well should be, which is
why this ebook

contains everything you need
to know to
ride in a completely safe way. You will learn:

This ebook has it all, and
riders have already benefited from its pages, learning to ride
confidently and safely.

Don’t Take my word for it, look at all my great testimonials on this

Don’t get left behind on the
next exciting horseback riding trip
– buy this ebook today so that you can ride off into the sunset
happily with your friends!

“Introduction to Horseback Riding” Covers the Essentials of
Horseback Riding, Including:

And much, much more!


Warning: There

Many Books



Teach You




These Essential Features:

Bonus #2 : How To Stay Safe Horseback Riding

than 2,300 American riders under the age of 25 years
are hospitalized annually because of horseback-riding
injuries.  In fact there are more injuries to
horse riders than there are to those that ride

This report
addresses the issues of safety both whilst riding and
looking after your horse on the ground

Bonus #3 : Black Beauty

Sewell’s timeless classic; Black Beauty is an
autobiography of a horse.

For many
years this beautiful story has delighted millions of
readers.  All who read it will find that with the
passage of time it has lost nothing of its original

Bonus #4 :

Grooming Guide

A 4-part guide written by a
professional show horse competitor
that covers the
basics of the horse grooming process.

fact is that most of us horse lovers don’t groom our
horses properly. In the wild, horses groom each other
and that’s the basis for their relationships with each
other. If you don’t take the trouble to groom your
horse properly, then you can’t expect to forge the
bonds you  want between you and your horse

Bonus #5 : Horse Medical Records

quick and easy way to keep track of all
your horse’s important medical and treatment records.

set of simple to use forms which let’s you keeps track
of your worming or vaccination requirements and dates,
together with any medication and treatment

he may have had.  A great way
to keep all his medical information in one place,
ready at hand whenever it is needed

Bonus #6 : Horse Health

better it will show you how to carry out the routine
checks that may prevent illness occurring, and how to
recognise the common signs of illness.  It covers
vaccinations too and when  you’ll need them.
It makes it simple to take care of your horse and to
avoid calling in the Vet when you can deal with the
problem yourself

Bonus #7 :

Healthy Hooves

By showing you the daily checks, before and after
riding, you should make to your horse’s hooves you
will be able to keep him in tip top health. It
explains the importance of good nutrition and how to
deal with the most common hoof problems. This
invaluable guide will help you keep his hooves healthy
and ready for a ride whenever you need him


Wait A
Don’t Take MY
Word For

You may already have read the testimonials earlier, but here’s one
more.  All of these testimonials are from people just like yourself…


first just want to say “thank you” for featuring my appy “Chief”
and me on your screen saver.  It is so neat to see him there, and
know that other people get to see the love of my life also.
I love your web site and weekly e-mails.  I have learned so much
helpful tips and information. Thank you for all of the hard work
you put into it.
We own 4 horses, 3 of which were rescue horses (including Chief).
 There is so much more work on these types of horses.  They have
such huge trust issues, and are so malnourished.  I would love to
see some future issues on the love and hard work that is required
for these horses.  I think a lot of horse lovers would help in
rescuing these horses if they new that there was help and advice
for them out there.  I pretty much winged it, with the help of my
wonderful vet of course.
Again, thanks for your work to help all of us!  I look forward to
every issue.

Tanya Gibson

Melber, KY                                                     

How Much is This Information Worth To You?


Horseback riding lessons can easily add up to

hundreds of dollars
before you learn the useful information you really need to get riding.
Now, in this one affordable ebook you get

all the facts you need to get on a horse and start riding worry-free
– all for

one low price.

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start horseback riding well. 
If you are trying to fit horseback riding lessons
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to get the basics and find out whether horseback riding is for you.
Then, you can always choose a few lessons if you wish – you will
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time and for such a small price.

Download Your Own Copy Today of “Introduction to
Horseback Riding” AND
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eBooks, not bound books
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“lost in the mail” delays!

No Printer or Want A Hardback Version?


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If you take lessons, will an instructor refund your money if you don’t
learn horseback riding skills to your satisfaction? Will you promptly
be refunded your money if you decide the experience is not for you?

Of course not! Even if the instructor does not teach you what
you need to know, the money and time you have invested in the lessons
is gone forever!


That’s not the case with



     “Introduction to Horseback

 is so certain of teaching you the basics you need to get on
a horse that it comes with a

100% no-questions-asked ‘iron clad’ warranty.


Here is the deal: Buy the ebooks,
read them for 56
days in your own time and at your own pace.
Read it after work, on weekends, in the afternoons.

Feel free to try out the tips and tricks
as often as you like when you go horseback riding.


If the ebooks do not do what I have outlined here – if they do not
teach you

step-by-step the skills you need to ride a horse,
if they do not teach you

to be confident
on a horse, if they do not give you the safety tips you need to stay
safe on a horse…your

money will be refunded fully.


You have nothing to lose with this method
– you

will not lose your time, you will not lose your money. 
In fact you have nothing to lose and

the joy of horseback riding to gain – as so many readers already have!


Once your

is approved you will be taken to a download page where you will be able to

instantly access your ebooks.
It does not matter what time of day or night it is – you can start
reading and learning all about horseback riding this very instant!


Roger Bourdon

P.S. Are you still hesitating? Quick, do this – consider what it would
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seeing waterfalls and wild animals around you as your horse gently
takes you through nature. Is this an opportunity you should give up?
Especially knowing that there is a

complete guarantee to get your money back if you are unsatisfied

with the books

any reason?

P.P.S. These ebooks have
absolutely everything you need to know to make
your experience in the saddle fantastic right from the word go. 
cover, what to wear, how to sit, all the safety considerations, how
to control and direct the horse and loads more – this truly is a
one-stop information source to get you up in the saddle safely and
having fun right from the word go!


If you are thinking that you will order tomorrow, read this:

Once I have finished reviewing my website this amazingly low price
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Gain the knowledge necessary to feel safe and confident the
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P.P.P.P.P.S And don’t forget the exercise value of
riding – where else can you have such a great time and still burn at
least 5 calories per minute? Increase the speed and distance you ride
and you’ll increase the intensity of your work out – and not a sweaty
gym in sight!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S I cannot believe that you are still hesitating? If you
really want to ride there is no better way to start out than with this
great ebook to prepare the way for you – this will save you so much
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John Pinnell Training DVD Set
including :Breaking to Saddle & HarnessFloating Your HorseProblem HorsesIntroduction to Horseback
Riding  (in hardback)

Riding Home

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© 2006 For The Best In Horseback Riding

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Introduction to Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Lessons

Review of Home – Archery Mental Mastery

Review of Home – Archery Mental Mastery

Review of Home – Archery Mental Mastery

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Review of Home – Archery Mental Mastery

Product Name: Home – Archery Mental Mastery

Click here to get Home – Archery Mental Mastery at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Home – Archery Mental Mastery:

Find out how to get your hands on the FULL programme today !

Do you want a copy of the book to take with you to your archery club, competition or a handy reminder of the cool techniques.

Get the powerful Hypnosis Mp3

Get a sneaky look at the book and free tips.

Get the book on your Kindle device instantly.

There are at least five different ways you can enjoy the sport of archery:

This programme has been designed to aid and work alongside your coach and archery lessons naturally enhancing your ability. It can work as well with whatever bow you use or type of archery you love from the traditionl archery using a longbow,  target archery, field archery, 3D archery, bowhunting, recurve archery or field archery using a compound bow. This is designed to develop the mental side of your archery techniques.

Archery Mental Mastery can help you quickly develop the winning mindset.

Are you ready and hungry to be a winner?

Do you know how to give yourself that extra edge that makes the difference?

If winning is in question, it means that the game is on. This is not practice time. This is not training time.

Download Archery Mental Mastery and show what you can do.

Adam Cowming’s book “Archery Mental Mastery” is an easy to read and comprehend guide to enhancing performance by adopting the right mind set. Having known Adam for a few years by regularly shooting with him, have been quite astounded with his improvement in archery over the last few months and was totally unaware of him developing mental techniques for self improvement.Well, I can quite categorically say that they do work! I having witnessed the improvement and am that intrigued that I have now adopted these techniques for my self to improve upon my own shooting.Using well explained NLP exercises to guided visualization and anchor new associations, Adam enables you to rid the mind of negative thoughts which can hinder your performance. By making subtle changes to the unconscious mind (well explained by Adam) the changes will be at an unconscious level so you won’t even have to think about doing them, it will become an automatic process.From goal setting and re-wording our internal dialog to alleviating our self inflicted anxiety, Adam delivers many exercises to allow us to reprogram our minds to not only relax and ease tension but to improve our breathing through yogic practices.Not only a darn good read for anyone wishing to improve their archery skills but also for those wishing to discover their own inner potential by exploring the workings of the mind.”

I was raised in the Olympic scene with air rifle air pistol and small bore rifle. I had the opportunity to shoot during the era were sports psychology started becoming more recognized and definitely sought after by most national teams. And of course everything I learned at the Olympic Training center the NRA Whittington Center and on all the ranges Across the Western United States. So everytime I see a self-help book now I am extremely skeptical because usually they are one-sided at best. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that your coach does not have to be a master of the sport he has to be a master of motivating someone and getting them to understand themselves better. I have not finished your book yet but I do believe that that is exactly what you were doing and I definitely must give you credit. There is not much so far that I have not red seen heard or thought but it is all in one collected place and explained in an easy to understand and connected format. For me getting the information is not the problem but keeping it Consolidated and readily available so that I can remember it and apply it is. And so far that’s what you’ve done. If your book stays consistant to the end, which in sure it will. I will be getting a stack of hard copies for my fellow shooters.

I’ve had this book and audio for over a year now and when I first started to read it I was a little sceptical, I do have to say that the book is well written and not heavy reading at all and no great scientific explanations, its written do as any lay person can read it comfortably and the audio is a fantastic companion and I have to admit it works and it works well. I’ve never studied at university I’m just a normal everyday person and I still read this to prompt myself and focus and enjoy my archery even more. I hope you don’t mind me butting in but as I have said it works and I cant recommend this book enough.

Going great! I just feel so much more confident and stronger. It’s having an impact on all of my life to be honest. I’m back healthy eating and exercising and so much calmer. Scores are improving already and if shoot a bum arrow I forget it and move on xx

My son is under Lloyd Brown head coach of Olympic team so you never no with your help in guidance to better shooting thru different techniques you talk about he could one day represent this country.

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Home – Archery Mental Mastery

Review of FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide

Review of FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide

Review of FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide

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Review of FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide

Product Name: FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide

Click here to get FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide :

The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide

Within 15 minutes you’ll be delivered an eBook Draft Guide written by John Wallin, and featuring Ryan from @FantasyYIRMA, Mike P.  and Chuck Booth from Rotoworld. Need More? You get deep ranks at every position + the Top 150 EPL players you need to target in your draft this summer!  All for just Just £5!!!

Inside you’ll get rankings at every position, going deep on GK (20), DEF (50), MID (60) and FWD (40)

In Addition: This Year The Cheat Sheet ranks the Top 150 overall FPL Draft Players.

Within 15 minutes you’ll be delivered an eBook Draft Guide written by John Wallin, and featuring Ryan from @FantasyYIRMA, Mike P.  and Chuck Booth from Rotoworld. Need More? You get deep ranks at every position + the Top 150 EPL players you need to target in your draft this summer!  All for just Just £5!!!

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FPL Draft Guide – The Most Comprehensive 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League Draft Guide