Review of M2 Trading Scanner & System

Review of M2 Trading Scanner & System

Review of M2 Trading Scanner & System

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Review of M2 Trading Scanner & System

Product Name: M2 Trading Scanner & System

Click here to get M2 Trading Scanner & System at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of M2 Trading Scanner & System:

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No longer will you have to…

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U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – “Stocks and options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stock, binary options or futures markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose especially with leveraged instruments such as binary options trading, futures trading or forex trading. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks, futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. You could lose all of your money fast due too: poor market trading conditions, mechanical error, emotional induced errors, news surprises and earnings releases.” 

Disclaimer: the tactics explained in this webinar, and the “M2” Trading System is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered as official investment advice. Always do your own
research and consult with a licensed professional before making any investment decision. No promises are being made as to any income or profit claims.


Testimonials: Any testimonials shown here are genuine and no one has been compensated in any way for providing such testimonials. The average user can expect to lose money with trading, as most traders lose money.

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M2 Trading Scanner & System

Review of WordPress Groupbuy Theme

Review of WordPress Groupbuy Theme

Review of WordPress Groupbuy Theme

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Review of WordPress Groupbuy Theme

Product Name: WordPress Groupbuy Theme

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Description of WordPress Groupbuy Theme:

WPGroupbuy offers you an easy way to create and manage merchants. Get new customers and grow your business by selling deals on your own Daily Deals website.

It’s by far the best functioning deals platform based on WP I’ve found.

I would like to compliment you guys on a great WordPress Online Deal Site with excellent customer support.

The system is very powerful and the functions are extensive.

This theme is the greatest theme I have ever worked with. So easy to customize, and just well-working!

I must congratulate you on the quality of the theme. I’ve had a close look, and it’s definitely superior to what else is available on the market.

The theme you guys made is already VERY good.

I am very impressed with the product so far. The design is very elegant, and uses the underlying power of WordPress effectively.

Thank you very much! You guys are great with your support. VERY helpful! I would totally recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Thank you very much for all your support and amazing job. You are awesome. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and whoever I know who is interested to making a daily deal website.

© 2013 – 2017 WordPress Groupbuy Theme. All Rights Reserved.

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WordPress Groupbuy Theme

Review of Video Sales Letters ABC

Review of Video Sales Letters ABC

Review of Video Sales Letters ABC

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Review of Video Sales Letters ABC

Product Name: Video Sales Letters ABC

Click here to get Video Sales Letters ABC at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Video Sales Letters ABC:

Presentation will take around 12 minutes of your time, But it
could be
the best 12 minutes you invest in YOUR business this year!Revealed:
Solution To Creating Your Own Video Sales Letters That Increase Your
Sales & Optins!”

My Name is Randy
Smith, I hope I got your attention and I promise I
wont keep you long.I’d
Like Show You How,….

face it:We’ve
ALL seen how the Big Gurus are ALL using Video Salesletters and squeeze
pages now, haven’t we?And
We Know that sites like Youtube are getting their content shared on all
the social media sites….So
Even Getting listed on Google these days is Vastly helped by having
Video on your pages, isn’t it?OK
– So those are obvious facts that we all know….
Most the simple problem or challenge is knowing how to make these
videos, and then what content to add into them?It’s Easy for the Gurus
who have teams of people working for them…


VideoSalesLetters ABC I’ll guide you through each aspect in simple A B
C steps

Now You Might Be wondering Why you should let me show you how to create
your own video Sales Letters?So
allow me a moment to tell you a little about me: (Briefly though)
full name is Randolf Smith (friends
call me Randy). 
been marketing online for over 10 years, Prior
to that I worked in direct sales offline for over 20 years!Online
I have various sites including a copywriting site and a copywriting
written copy for a lot of people including some of todays big names.Naturally
I’m also dead handsome – but I am spoken for (had to add that or face
the warth of Rachel…lol)And
My Mum always said I was lovely!

Finally – I can Ramble on for an age when I get going….

– I believe that I don’t need to preach to you about the effectiveness
of Video Sales Letters for conversions and increased income

training will teach you how to create Video Sales Letters &
Squeeze Pages that Convert
Like CrazyIt

training you’ll get REALLY
is comprehensive and will
take you step
by step through the whole process
of creating your own videos, it even includes guides on what and how to
speak while your presentations are being made.

Training – TEN videos,
step by step videos you can watch, pause and learn from!PDF
Manuals – SEVEN
pdf Manuals
to accompany the video training, and instructions on getting the free
software and codes. These Include Sales
Training manuals on what and
how to present your sites including: The
(Attention Grabber), Emotional
Marketing Elements,
And Persuasion, And
A PDF explaining how to use the bonus templates!Audios
– FOUR Audios,
An Introduction,
followed by Long
or Short Copy, The Magic Buy Button
that appears as if by magic, & Speaking for
Templates – As
FREE Bonus – you’ll also get
some templates
you can use today to get
started right away!Simply
edit them with your own key points and start creating your video
just minutes from now!

To make getting
as easy as ABC for you, you’ll get the Slide Templates
AND the html Templates, 
with the coding
you’ll love that will allow you to be as fancy as the
Big Gurus with your buy button appearing at any point you’d like during
your presentation!

really does include everything you need to know AT A PRICE YOU CAN

Imagine for a moment
that you’ve followed the training and created your first few video
sales letters and squeeze pages…

How are you going to feel
weeks or even days from now when you see your list growing faster than
it ever has?

Will you still listen
to the nay sayers who always try to tell you that you have to be a guru
to acheive any level of success…. of course not!

Can you picture
yourself getting more done with all your sites and at the same time
having more freedom to work when you decide to – just becuase the
results are improving so much for you due to your videos!!

Listen Friend,
This training wont make you a gazillion dollars overnight! – But it
will help move you on to better results than you’ve previously had if
you can now utilize Video in your sales process without requiring the
teams of people the Guru’s have working for them!

This is Your Chance
to catch up and help yourself ‘Level
the Field’
for your online efforts! And it really will make a difference as it
already is for others…

I think it’s about
time someone created a product showing people how to create effective
video sales letters and let me tell you Randy that you have excelled in
this area.I
love the way Video Sales Letter ABC walks you through everything you
need to know about using video in your marketing and actually delivers
on what it promises.There are training
videos, audios, PDF manuals, and even templates you can use to add
video to your marketing.If you are not
using video in your marketing you are missing out and I can’t think of
a better product to teach you how to effectively add video to your
done a great job Randy, well done.Regards,John 

Hi Randy,Just finished
reviewing the VSL course content and I have to say the
value you provide is remarkable.To say you left no stone
unturned would
actually be an understatement,
you have gone above and beyond
the call of
duty.  Not only do you discuss the
most vitalcomponents
of video sales letter copy, you actually provide real life examples
anyone can use as a guideline for creating their own video sales letter
pages.Can I also just
mention that the variety of the course content was much appreciated, I
personally hate to have to read pages and pages of pdfs, hours of video
etc, because quite
frankly it bores me, but VSL provides all three formats, each one in bit sized,
easily manageable chunks which
helped me stay
interested and kept my concentration.And then, just when
I thought your couldn’t deliver anymore….BAM!You even provide
ready to use templates to make the whole process of video sales letter
creationeven more simple!All in all, VSL is an
excellent course
and I challenge anyone to take your course and NOT churn out killer
video sales letters
time and time again.Sally

Thanks for letting me preview your Video Sales Letter. You have made this process
as simple as
possible and it really is as easy as a,b,c.
Inexperienced users will find it easy to understand and will help them
a lot in building their business, The more experienced users will cut
out their mistakes and be shown the correct way to produce a Video
Sales Letter (Thanks for putting me
on the right track)
And as usual you overdeliver and give
real value for money which
makes a refreshing change form most
people out

Having struggled
for three years
to make any kind of videos at all, your Video Sales Letter ABC
gives me (and anyone else
feels the same) the chance to
produce a
quality result.
It looks so easy when the experts do it, but for the rest of us your templates and series
of videos and
manuals bring video sales letters within our abilities.
I like the way you don’t overload
people with 50 page ebooks or 2 hour videos
– each part is in a
small PDF or video. We only have to digest
a bit at a time, and can come
back easily to the bits we need to
look at again.
As always having the template saves
time as there’s nothing
harder than looking at an empty screen,
and you’ve supplied a good selection of them.
I’d always recommend people to invest in solid training courses like
Video Sales Letters ABC than in any of the hyped up products that
promise to make you rich overnight…
Thanks againKeith PurkissPushButtonGiveaways.comP.S. If anyone’s on
a budget, don’t worry as there’s a free option for any software

Thanks for the copy of  Video Sales Letter ABC . Your skills in sales most
definitely shows
through. You can immediately
see you have been in the sales
business for a long time from the quality of the content you have
provided.I especially liked
the The Hook, Influence and Persuasion and Emotional Marketing Elements.
Without giving too much away, these modules alone can convert your
products to higher levels. Awesome
stuff! Together with the
audios, PDF’s and video you can
clearly teach anyone to be a better copywriter and create a better
sales page.
It’s good to have you as a friend with so much sales
you know I will be turning to you in the future and exercising all your
‘ Video Sales Letter ABC’ has to offer for my next
product.Thanks again Randy
for an excellent product and an excellent addition to my resource list.

I always knew that you
were a great salesman and understood
the sales process better than most…
But I’ll tell you now I’m very impressed with the way you’ve managed to
get this across in a course.
There’s no getting around the fact that sales videos ARE the
future of Internet
Marketing, and in ‘Video Sales Letters ABC’ you’ve taken away the
barriers and now ANYONE can compete with the big boys.
If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t put together your own video sales
letters or your traditional ‘long form’ text sales pages have been
converting poorly this is what you need
Nice work!Tony

Randy,Finally, a step by
step video sales letter course from someone who really knows what they
are talking about!
As video sales letters are really hot at the moment, this is going to
help a lot of people take advantage of this.Video
Sales Letters ABC makes it really
simple for anybody to start creating their own videos.
The training videos, audios, PDF manuals, and templates leave no stone
unturned.You really have
over-delivered here Randy, but without over complicating things,
well done!
Keep up the great work.

To Summarise – here’s what you’ll benefit from today:

I’m confident you
wont even need it – But You also get…

You also get 60
Full Days to go through all the training and get your own videos
Sales, Get Optins,  –
– Even finally get some of that PLR on your desktop put to use for you!And
if any anytime during those 60 days you decide video just isn’t for
can claim a 100% Refund. I
Guarantee You Will Get Results By This Weekend If You Start Today!In
Fact I am So Confident that You Will Soon Be Creating Your Own Video
Pages, I’m Offering a 100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

Could be Better than that?There
is Absolutely NO Risk in trying VideoSalesLettersABC and EVERYTHING to

the Risk is on Me, and if you BUY
NOW you’ll The Best Possible Deal!Here’s
where I should be saying that I’ll put the price up soon, or that only
200 people will ever get this etc. etc.I
may raise the price depending on how sales come in,
But hey – with the
state of the economy, who can say for sure?Instead
I will just say that I have an unadveretised bonuses that I will
include if you buy today that will give you
double the value on what you invest in this training…. and I will
remove these at some point!

will I sound like a market trader selling out of the back of my car
getting ready to run when someone shouts police… :)The
price today should show below the video about now, so feel free to
click the button as soon as you like to get instant access to all of
this material and get started on your own videos now.And
hey – Thanks for watching (or reading)
this far. I appreciate your time.One
last thing – please do email me and show me your videos once you’ve got
them uploaded, I genuinely am interested in your success too :)Now 
click the button and I’ll see you on the inside. 

Now really is YOUR CHANCE
to Easily
create Your Own Videos by
following this Step By
     Step ABC training, Level
the field as far as having the ability to creat great videos, And
your business forward on all your sites!

This product sells
ClickBank  – they are a trusted online retailer specializing
in digitally delivered products. You may use any major credit card or
your PayPal account.

Copyright ©
2011 Randolf Smith

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Video Sales Letters ABC

Review of Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

Review of Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

Review of Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

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Review of Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

Product Name: Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

Click here to get Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games:

Get FREE Printable Easter Games for


Sign up to

receive my FREE Easter Fun and Games

Newsletter with


Easter Games.


_uacct = “UA-789872-5”;


What if you could
have a huge variety of Easter activities at your fingertips? You
wouldn’t have to spend time searching for activities for the
kids and you wouldn’t have to spend hours making your own

At Easter time kids
want to have fun! They are excited about Easter coming and
looking forward to the big bunny’s arrival. Giving them Easter
activities is the perfect way to entertain them before Easter
and over the Easter period.

Now there is a
collection of activities that kids will love and you will love
too. These activities will keep kids busy while they play,
laugh, create, think and learn. 

Keeping kids happy at Easter is
easy to do if you have a variety of fun activities.

It is a collection of

Colorful, Fun, Educational

that you print from your computer!

Contains a wide variety of Printable Easter Worksheets, Easter
Games and Easter Coloring Printables including:

Easter Coloring

Easter Writing
Activities and more!

Now the kids can
have Easter fun and while they do they will be creating,
learning, solving puzzles and really thinking! This is
entertainment that doesn’t rely on television or computer games.

With the Kids Easter
Activities Collection, you have hours and hours of Easter
entertainment right at your fingertips.

These books are electronic books

that you download to your

computer in a flash.

That means that in
just a few minutes you can be printing all of the Easter
activities and Easter games that you need for your kids or your

Easter Worksheets let the
kids have fun while the learning continues.

Easter Math Puzzles –
Practice math the fun way with these Easter Math Worksheets.

Easter Word Puzzles and
Easter Writing Activities help to improve reading,
spelling and writing.

Easter Homework
– These activities are ideal as Homework sheets – Easter
Math Sheets, Writing Activities and Word Puzzles are fun and
also educational.

Easter Rewards – Use the
Kids Easter Activities Sheets and games as rewards or

Easter Motivation – These
Easter classroom activities are engaging and motivating so
students will want to do this math and do these writing
activities and reading activities.

Easter Day (or Week) –
There are enough activities here for you to treat the kids
to a whole day or a whole week to Easter of Easter fun! Your
students won’t want to go home. They can do math, writing
activities, word study, problem solving, art and games. It’s
all included in the Kids Easter
Activities Package.

Easter Quality Time – Fun
for the whole family. Get together and spend real quality
time as a family. Have an Easter family night that everyone
will remember.

Turn off the TV – Give
the kids some old fashioned fun with no TV and no computer

No More Boredom – this is
the perfect solution to bored kids at Easter!

Educational Too! –
The kids will have fun and be thinking, learning and
creating while they do! These are educational Easter

Easter Treats That Won’t Rot

Their Teeth! – The perfect Easter treat! Add a few games
and Easter puzzle sheets to their Easter baskets.

Traveling at Easter? –

Keep kids happy and busy while you are traveling at Easter.
NO more, ” Are we there yet?”. Endless
entertainment while they travel.

This is Easter fun and
entertainment that the adults will also enjoy!     

Here’s a

few of the special features of the Kids Easter

Activities package.

Instant Access so you can
print off all of the Easter Puzzles, Games and Worksheets
that you want

Over 55 printable activities
– store them on your computer and use them year after

Printable Easter Games for Kids
– just click and print
and the colorful, appealing games are ready

Time saving
– all of the work is done for you, you don’t need to hunt

Educational Easter

activities for kids
– Not just fun – educational, appealing, entertaining and
challenging too

Always available – you
store them on your computer and print when you want  

Print what you want – Print as many copies as you

Inexpensive and simple
– you’ll have professional looking games for the cost of the
paper and laminate.

Ideal for Easter classroom activities, homeschool, Easter parties or
just fun at home

Great variety
– Easter activities and
Easter games for all ages.


at what’s included in the Kids Easter Activities Book

These colorful, printable Easter

Word Puzzles contain cute Easter characters. Fun
activities that will get them thinking!

Easter Word Search –

Search for the hidden Easter words.

Easter Bunny Word Find –

Create as many words as possible from the letters in Easter Bunny.

Chocolate Word Find –
How many words can they make from the letters in

Alphabet Bunny – Go
through the alphabet to describe different Easter

Bunny Proverbs – There are plenty more bunnies in the sea.

Easter Jumble
– Find what the Easter bunny will bring in the
jumbled words

Word Sudoku 4 x 4 – A
simple word Sudoku for the kids to start with  

Word Sudoku 6 x 6 –
An easy Sudoku that uses Easter words.

Easter Egg Word Sudoku
– Easter Sudoku word puzzle

Chocolate Word Sudoku – An

Easter Sudoku that uses words

Jumbled Words – Fid

the Easter words in the jumbled letters

Easter Party –
Discover who is going to the Easter party.





Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

Easter Writing Fun

Use Easter to motivate the kids
to write. These are colorful Easter templates with Easter
writing activities suggestions.


Sunday – Write down what a perfect Easter day would be


Poem – Get creative and write an Easter poem.


Bunny – A cute Easter template for an Easter story!


Time – Easter is about more than getting Easter eggs.
Get them thinking about Easter giving!


Fives – Get them thinking as they create lists related
to eggs.





Pathways 1 – Find a pathway through the maze to end on
the correct total.


Pathways 2 – Get the Easter bunny through the maze again
and practice addition skills.

Make 10

– Practice addition to 10. 

Make 13

– A challenging addition to 13 math puzzle


Egg Patterns – An Easter math puzzle that challenges
kids to find the pattern so they can complete each egg.


Totals – See who can get the numbers in eggs to solve
the puzzle 


Tangram – A Tangram version that is shaped like an egg.  


Color Eggs –
A coloring puzzle that
will really make them think


Egg Counting – A tricky counting puzzle. Work out the
pattern then complete each egg!


Eggs – An Easter math puzzle to practice addition and
make them think.


Sudoku 4×4 – Easy Sudokus that are ideal for Sudoku


Sudoku 6×6 – Perfect for after they have mastered the
4×4 Sudokus.


Sudoku 9×9 – Regular sized Sudoku that are easy enough
for the kids to do!

Practicing math and solving
Easter math puzzles has never been so much fun with these
math Easter worksheets. Colorful Easter worksheets that are
filled with cute Easter characters.



Kids love helping these
Easter characters find their way through the Easter mazes.


Bunny – Feed the Easter Bunny. He needs to find the


Basket Maze – Can the kids deliver the Easter egg to

the Easter Basket


Maze –  The Easter Bunny has to find his Easter


Friends Maze – Take Betty Bunny through the maze to find Billy



Easter Mazes

Printable Easter Cards – Black and White

Let the kids get creative
as they decorate the Easter cards for family and friends.

5 Easter

Cards to print. Cute Easter card designs that kids will

Printable Easter Cards – Colored

Save money on Easter cards.
These are ready to be given away. A great way to say Happy

4 Colored

Easter Cards to print. Just write a message inside and
give them away.



Sample Easter Cards

Black and White Bookmarks

Makes a great Easter gift. Decorate

these bookmarks then laminate if you want.


styles to choose from ready to be decorated. Use
markers, pencils, crayons, or paint and add some glitter
for a special effect!

Colored Bookmarks

These bookmarks are ideal
as prizes. Laminate them
and they make great Easter gift for family or friends. 

styles to choose from – print them out, cut them up and
laminate if you wish



Easter is


Bunnies and


Easter Egg

Egg Shapes
– color the eggs then arrange them to create a picture

Egg Shapes

– design an Easter picture with the colored Easter eggs.

Eggs and


Basket of


Tulips and



Easter Eggs



Easter Coloring

Sheets Samples

Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

You can print as many copies as want for your
students or your kids.

Kids Easter Games includes –

Bunny Race

Board Game – In this Easter Board Game the 2 bunnies
race to the Easter basket.

Bunnies and

Carrots Board Games – A race to the finish where the
bunnies help the kids go up but the carrots take them down! 

Egg Race –
An Easter Board Game where the 2 players race along from egg
to egg checking the color of the eggs as they go!

Scrambled Treats – In this Easter game, players use
strategy to move their eggs or jellybeans to the other
players spaces. 

Easter Tic

Tac Toe – Play this version with bunnies and baskets.

Chicks and

Ducks –
Just print out this
strategy game for 2 players and it ready to play!

Egg Pairs

A print and play strategy game for 2 people. Print it out
and play again and again.

Easter Word Bingo –

Bingo cards and word cards for the caller are all included.

Easter Dominoes

Use the colorful tiles to match the words to the cute


Squares – Player attempt to be the first to make a
square while trying to stop the other playing from making



Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

There are a loads of Easter
printables in Kids Easter Games and

Kids Easter

Activities. But that’s not all that  you get in this
collection of Easter fun and games. Look below to see what else
is included!

What’s a resource like this worth?

Well you could create your own kids Easter
games and kids Easter worksheets but it will take you a very
long time to do this. I know this because I have spent many,
many hours putting this collection together.

If you want to buy books of activities and
games you could spend lots (if you could find them at all).


Kids Easter Activities Package

contains all that you need to keep kids busy and happy before
Easter and during Easter. It’s all here for you. You just need
to print it out and give it to the kids. And you can use it year
after year!

Not only do you get
printable Easter activity sheets that are colorful, fun,
appealing and educational too, you also get a collection of
Easter games that you use in the classroom, with your family or
for Easter parties.

Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because I really want
as many children as possible to have access to these educational
Easter activities, You see as a teacher and a parent I really do
believe that games and puzzles provide a fun and effective way
for children to learn!

Immediate Access

Best of all these are electronic books (e-books).

Immediately after you order, you are directed to the download
page where you can download the books to your computer. That
means that you can be printing these Easter activities and games
in just a few minutes!

No matter what however, it’s a bargain for


And don’t worry, if for

any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a

complete guarantee to protect your investment.


Not Sure?

Have a look at the 

I honestly
believe this is real value and you I know
that kids really love these activities but
here’s the deal…
If, for any reason within 60 Days
of purchase of this course you feel that the
product is not for you, simply let me know
and I will refund every penny of your
money with no questions asked. Heck,
I’ll even let you keep all the bonuses – on
the house!

So as you can see, ordering


Kids Easter Activities



completely risk-free!



Easter Activities Package

are Adobe PDF files. To see them, you’ll  need to have the


Adobe Acrobat Reader

installed on your computer.

Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

 Would You Like

Check out these amazing bonuses that I will also be including
when you order –


Kids Easter

Riddle Puzzles and Game


This ebook combine riddles and
Easter! That has to be a recipe for fun!

The Kids Easter Riddle Puzzles and

Games contain a Riddle game,  a Easter riddle puzzle and
also jumbled

Easter riddles for the kids to solve. There’s bound to be loads
of laughs with these cute, Easter riddles!

The Easter Riddle Match
is a card game played like Memory or hide the cards for a
unique Easter hunt!

The Egg Match Puzzle will
really puzzle them as they try to complete each egg so that
a complete riddle is made.

Riddle Jumble has several
riddles to read but they will have to unjumble them first!
Then they match the riddle to the answer!

The Riddle Puzzle give
them more amusing Easter riddles but they will have to
decode them first>

These are ideal for the classroom,
home or Easter parties.

And look at what else there is –


And there is a bonus Special Easter
Gift for you!

It is a special treat for you and
the kids to enjoy together!

A perfect entertainment for Easter!

Just to recap on

what you will get in the

A complete set

of professional, colorful resources that you simply print and

and hand out to kids.

Easter Activities for Children

with all of the Easter printables that you need including –
Easter Math

Worksheets, Easter Mazes, Easter Cards, Easter Word Puzzles, Easter Writing Activities, Easter Bookmarks and Easter Coloring Sheets.

Kids Easter Games with full color, professional
games to print and play –

play dominoes, bingo, board games

and games sheets

Kids Riddle Puzzles and Game with more Easter printables.

And a bonus

Mystery Easter Gift that you and kids can enjoy

and a gift

Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

All of the Easter puzzles, math, riddles, mazes, coloring, cards
and games that you will need. And you can use them year after

They are stored on your computer so you can make as many

copies as you need, whenever you need them.

It is huge variety and best of all these are educational activities
so as the kids have fun, they will be learning too!

With the
Kids Easter Activity Package
you’ll save yourself loads of time and you will have all
that you need to keep kids busy, happy and having fun at home,
at school or at that Easter party! 

Wishing you and the kids a wonderful Easter,

Parent, Teacher and Lover of games

P.S. Remember, you’re getting loads and loads of
Easter Activities for

children and Easter Games  for just a fraction of

what it would cost to
assemble the same number of professional quality

games and resources –

all ready for you to use with your students or

your children.

And you get immediate access to them! You can be
printing these activities in just a few minutes!

These books contain printable

Easter Games for

Easter Word Puzzles,

Easter Math Worksheets,

Easter Writing Activities,

Easter Mazes,

Easter Cards,

Easter Bookmarks

and Easter Coloring


And the

also give you even more Easter fun and

games to challenge and entertain kids.

Everything you need to

make Easter fun, interesting and exciting. So

if that’s what you want to do, this is the

opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

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Easter Activities for Children 
Easter Coloring Sheets |

Easter Worksheets| Easter Activities For Kids |

Easter Math Worksheets | Easter Games For Kids

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Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

Review of Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!

Review of Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!

Review of Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!

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Review of Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!

Product Name: Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!

Click here to get Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!:

If you have a question or suggestion about the product please post it in the public support forum. For other queries, such as those related to your purchase you can write to

You can easily search for duplication or plagiarism of your content by simply pasting parts of your text into a search engine. This free and easy method quickly becomes tedious and error prone when you have a lot of content to check. Also, most of the time content owners only check the first sentence, but forerunners or content thieves often have deeper parts of your writing.

Let DupeOff automate your search for duplicate content, and you can search in Google and Bing at the same time!

When others copy your content, it will become less relevant as an originating and authoritative source and your efforts in creating this content wont reap you any rewards. You may even be thought of as just another copycat, hence you must stand up and fight with thieves. On the other side of the coin, you should realize that forerunners may have created parts or all of your ideas already, hence you must perform due dilligence in order to avoid wasted effort and punishment down the line. Let’s see some real life examples: 

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Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily | DupeOff!

Review of DIY Designs Alpha Vault

Review of DIY Designs Alpha Vault

Review of DIY Designs Alpha Vault

Click here for bigger image

Review of DIY Designs Alpha Vault

Product Name: DIY Designs Alpha Vault

Click here to get DIY Designs Alpha Vault at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of DIY Designs Alpha Vault:

Here are a few excellent tips how you could take advantage of these pre made graphics to save time,
money and boost your sales!It’s true, you don’t have to be a “graphics professional” or a “technical genius” to design them either!

Ever wanted to boost your conversions?
Ever dreamed of redesigning your primitive-looking sites into sales monsters?

If you are currently struggling with:

I’m about to reveal to you how to…

Here’s a quick look at this year’s typical prices for the average-looking graphics:

But it gets worse. Even though design prices seem to increase every time, finding the “perfect” graphic design can be a real challenge.

And then, just in case you do find the “perfect” designer, you may be surprised to wait 2, 3 or even 4 weeks to get your first revision done…

You can save thousands of your hard-earned money by taking advantage of ready made graphics design templates.

Smart online and offline marketers are saving tons of cash by making use of ready-made graphic design templates.
They know they don’t have to waste money on expensive graphic designers.

Any time they need graphics for their projects, they just use the ready-made templates. No more waiting for designers.
They can deploy faster and they have full control over their business!

And now you can do the SAME… for the FRACTION of the price that others pay!

Let me unveil to you my highly-guarded, giant collection of ready-to-use graphics and pre-designed templates worth thousands of dollars!

Most of these premade graphics templates are very new which guarantees 100% freshness and 100% uniqueness.
Be assured that this will help you quickly brand yourself uniquely and get ahead of the pack!

Presenting… “DIY Graphic Designs – Alpha Vault”

I’m confident that after inspecting the contents of this awesome, uniquely designed premade graphics templates you
now appreciate the enormous value that this package has.

Revealed inside this short report are not so popular places on
the internet where you can find free but high quality royatly free images, patterns/textures, vector graphics, icons, backgrounds, fonts, and many more!

This package is a big collection of over 400 website icons that you can use to enhance your blog, website, landing page, and sales pages.
It comes with the newest and high quality feature icons and designs you haven’t use yet.

All icons comes in .CHS format (Photoshop Custom Shape), PSD format, and PNG for easy editing and usage.

You’ll get over 20 sets and 200 different niche mascot characters – all designed and created by professionals!

Create your own mascot in 60 seconds and boost your conversions by up to 150%. You can use these mascots for:

Upgrade your old-looking banners with modern and prefessionally designed web banners. You’ll get 30 sets of ready made web banners templates in PSD (Photoshop) format.
Each contains up to 12 different banner sizes.

Banner sizes includes: 120x240px, 120x600px, 125x125px, 160x600px, 180x150px, 200x200px, 234x60px, 250x250px, 300x250px, 336x280px, 468x60px, and 728x90px.

This is a huge collection of ready made background graphics that you can use for your website, PowerPoint slides, and video presentations.

Have you ever tried to create a logo for your website or for a client? If so, then you know how hard it can be!

Now you can get 300 high quality logo templates in Photoshop format (PSD). Also included are .rdw formats (Real-Draw).

Absolutely free when you buy this DIY Graphic Design Package.

Get over 250 very cool infographics that you can use for your marketing efforts!

This new set of ready-made infographics template comes in PSD and PNG format for easy editing and usage.

With this graphics, you can enhance not just your creativity but also your Facebook and Twitter followers and eventually your profit.

If you’re new to working with graphics, you can watch included video tutorials on how to quickly edit and customize these graphic templates.
Within minutes you be able to do some changes and make a particular design template completely unique. It’s going to be a lot of fun using Photoshop!

NOTE: If you don’t have Photoshop, you can edit most of the graphics by using a free online graphic editor called
For each graphic inside DIY Graphic Designs package, an additional “No Photoshop” version is included so that you will be able to edit it on Pixlr.
Additional video tutorial on how to customize your graphics in Pixlr is also provided.

The fact is, it’s totally worth such a price.

I’ll make it simple for you.

Well, you may opt to design the graphics all by yourself and spend days or even weeks simply trying to learn how to use Photoshop. It’s your call.

The other option is to buy expensive, commonly used graphic templates from marketplaces like
But be ready to shell out more money than what you are willing to spend.

Before revealing to you the final price, let’s sum it up together.

Since this is a brand-new offer, I’d like to give you the opportunity to try it out almost risk-free…

Today is such a special day for you…

That’s a crazy bargain! A whooping 70% discount.

TRUE REASON #2I want every individual to have the opportunity to try my proven conversion boosting graphics.
I love seeing people go from ZERO to amazing success, and I want the same for you too!

If you still can’t wrap your head around this expense, skip getting a coffee at Starbucks once this week and it’s paid for.

Guarantee #1
Try “DIY Graphic Designs” risk free for 60 Days and if for some reason you are not totally satisfied with these awesome graphic products,
feel free to contact us using our Contact Form
and I’ll gladly refund your money with no questions asked, no hassle!

Guarantee #2
If you actually used these graphic templates on your projects and you won’t notice any significant changes, feel free to contact me and I’ll refund all your money.

Many of the graphics do not require Photoshop. There’s a separate folder for No-Photoshop version which you can open using a free online graphic editor like With this free tool you’ll be able to edit your templates quickly and easily. There’s also a super simple video training that show you how to edit the templates!

Many designs are also “plug-and-play” templates. That means, you can just copy and paste on your site!

Immediately after payment, you will be given a special link to finish your registration and setup your username and password. As soon as that is completed you will be able to login and download all products promised in this page including bonuses and product updates.

It was set this way so that you can always return and redownload everything. No more worries about losing your graphics just in case there’s a computer crash.

Yes! I have the full rights to all the graphics listed here. For images, we only used royalty free images from free resources which allows us to include in this pack.

Yes, the graphics work on both Mac and Windows.

Yes, you can use these graphics anywhere. For Wordpress, simply use the upload option.

No. This is a one time payment only. No hidden cost. No Sales B.S. Access all graphics for lifetime.

YES, absolutely! Once you get your package you’ll receive a tutorial video where you’ll learn how to edit the templates. You can always contact me for help, just send me a message and I’ll answer any issues within 24 to 48 hours.

YES, it comes with a developer’s license. Feel free to use it on unlimited projects of your own or on clients projects.

To Your Success,
DIY Graphic Designs Team

P.S. Keep in mind that we are taking on all the risk with our 60-day no questions ask, no hassle money back guarantee.
You see, I’m 100% confident that you will really like and use what you receive when you buy the “DIY Graphic Designs – Alpha Vault”…
You have nothing to lose and all kinds of profits to gain!

Get “DIY Graphic Designs – Alpha Vault” Risk-Free!

P.P.S. Think for a moment how much time and money you will be able to save with this beautiful sets of graphics.
No more wasted time trying to find the right graphic designers and no more waiting for weeks. Finally, you will be able build professional grade websites,
create your own client-attracting porftfolio, or turn your old and dull-looking design projects into high-quality work that demands respect from your
colleagues as well as competitors.

YES! I Want To Turn My Website Into (Beautiful) Money Machines!

*ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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DIY Designs Alpha Vault

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

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Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Product Name: The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Click here to get The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons:

From: Steven Hold

Dear fellow bearded dragon enthusiast,

If you want a fun, easy to handle, and healthy bearded dragon, then you have come to the right website. Here you will learn how to avoid the common mistakes most bearded dragon owners make learn exactly how to care for your bearded dragon so they will bond closer with you and live a longer healthier life.

These bearded dragon care instructions will give you the secrets and knowledge of bearded dragon veterans and professional bearded dragon breeders so you will be able to have a healthy, energetic, and beautiful bearded dragon.

Below is how most people learn about taking care of their bearded dragon…

Learn from a Friend or Family Member that Has a Bearded Dragon
There’s no doubt that you trust their suggestions and advice about bearded dragons, but you are assuming that they are well experienced with diet, care, and habitat setup for bearded dragons. Just because they have a bearded dragon, don’t assume they are an expert and know how to care for one.

Get a Care Guide from Your Local Vet
Unfortunately, not every vet will have a care guide available for bearded dragon care, and those that do will only have a 1-2 page sheet that gives basic facts (these sheets will usually contain information on other reptiles too). Trust me, I know, because I have contacted hundreds of vets (403 to be exact) to provide them with free bearded dragon care guides and many of the vets told me that A) they would only accept a guide that could fit onto one sheet of paper (front and back), B) that they referred customers with questions to care websites online, or C) They didn’t have enough bearded dragon clients to merit them having a guide to pass out.

Get Care Information from Free Websites Online
This is the most common option, and the chances are that you have already done this yourself. There are a lot of great websites online regarding bearded dragon care, however most of these websites are created by hobbyists and their care instructions are sometimes lacking or incomplete. This is one of the reasons why I created (which is currently one of the most popular bearded dragon websites in the world), however I couldn’t include too much information on the site because it would make the pages so long and technical that it would deter most people from reading the page.

Or You Can Learn the Care and Handling Techniques Experienced Bearded Dragon Owners Use by Downloading Our Step-by-Step Guide…

It doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s not expensive to keep your bearded dragon in 100% health and looking his or her best at all times. This same information has helped countless bearded dragon owners and it will help you too!

Our guide contains step-by-step instructions telling you exactly what you need to do and what to look for so you can know without a doubt that your bearded dragon will live a long healthy life.

In as little as 5 minutes from now you can be reading this guide and applying the techniques to your bearded dragon.

You can either print the guide or read it off your computer, iPhone, Tablet, or Smart Phone. Unlike other guides you will never lose our guide. Since it is downloaded and saved to your computer you can always print off another copy of the instructions.

I guarantee The Bearded Dragon Guide will benefit you and your bearded dragon or we will give your money back!

If you feel The Bearded Dragon guide was not worth your investment, simply contact me within 60 days and I’ll issue you a full 100% refund with no questions asked!

I 100% Guarantee that you WILL see a positive change in your bearded dragon’s behavior, appearance, and/or attitude, or I will give you your money back.

Yes, I am ready to improve my bearded dragon’s life. Let me try The Bearded Dragon Guide for 60 days and if for any reason I am unsatisfied I will receive a full refund.

Don’t Hesitate, Download The Bearded Dragon Guide today and get all the techniques, methods, and care instructions the experts and breeders use to expand the lives, increase the coloring, and improve the health of their treasured bearded dragons!

P.S. – Remember, The Bearded Dragon Guide comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you have 8 solid weeks to try out all the care techniques to improve and extend the life of your bearded dragon and if you’re unsatisfied in any way, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Home | Contact | Privacy Policy | Download The Bearded Dragon Guide

© 2018

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The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Review of Retirement Calculator Software

Review of Retirement Calculator Software

Review of Retirement Calculator Software

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Review of Retirement Calculator Software

Product Name: Retirement Calculator Software

Click here to get Retirement Calculator Software at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Retirement Calculator Software:

Please join our Mailing List and receive our FREE “When Can I Afford to Retire?” ebook, and other FREE future bonuses.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Retirement Calculator Software

Review of Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools

Review of Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools

Review of Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools

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Review of Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools

Product Name: Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools

Click here to get Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools:

Trading tools made for you

Stop waiting in front of the computer for price to slowly reach your desired levels.

You will be amazed with the accuracy and free time that this tool gives you. You’ll have to try it for yourself.

The FXTT Trendline EA (Expert Advisor) for MT4 (Metatrader 4) is a robot that helps you trade using the trendlines drawn on your chart. This robot allows you to set pending orders using trendlines, something Metatrader does not allow you to do by default.

This is not an automated trading robot that will work without user intervention. This robot will not take any trades unless you specifically instruct it to.

For that same reason there are no back-testing results available. This robot is a tool that helps you trade without needing to be constantly in front of the computer, improving whatever strategy you use.

You only have to change the description of the trendline to the action that you wish to perform and the robot will do the rest.

And several options available to configure the EA:

Check out my blog post on How to trade using trendlines for some tips on how you could use this Expert Advisor.

There are no back-testing results available because this MT4 Expert Advisor is a trading tool that does not work without user intervention.

I know you’ll love this robot as much as I do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just contact me and I’ll issue a full refund.

Using a robot carries risk. Please check the documentation guide before using this robot on a live environment. You should test it on a demo account FIRST to understand how it works. All updates and support issues are free of charge and available to all users. Any suggestions or issues please don’t hesitate to contact me

Since I am also a user of this tool, I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions. Let me know if you have any ideas or improvements.

The FXTT Trendline EA is a robot that helps you trade using the trendlines drawn on your chart.

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Trendline EA • Forex Trading Tools

Review of

Review of

Review of

Click here for bigger image

Review of

Product Name:

Click here to get at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of

Computer hacker turned penny stock trader makes 6 figures per year. Obtain access to his stock picks & learn his amazing strategies below!

How do penny stocks generate high returns?

The reason I wanted to demonstrate this example to you was to show a comparison of how much people make trading blue chip stocks, as opposed to trading penny stocks. A lot of people who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading capital have a difficult time making serious money through investments, especially in the short-run. I mean, you can invest several hundred dollars into some mutual fund or IRA retirement account every month, but by the time you finally acquire that money, you’re usually too old to enjoy it. What penny stocks does is it permits traders who have little trading capital the opportunity to reap significant gains. Another reason behind the large price fluctuations seen in penny stocks, and not in blue chip stocks, is that the stocks are more illiquid. There are fewer market participants actively trading the stock. In addition, the spread tends to be more significant in penny stocks as opposed to blue chip stocks. The wider spread results in greater price fluctuations.

My experiences trading penny stocks

In January of 2010, I was majoring in business/finance. During the beginning of the quarter our professor had assigned a project that instructed us to open a papertrading account at and begin investing in any stocks we wanted. We were obligated to monitor our stock picks for the entire quarter. At the end, we would share our stock picks to see who had accrued the highest gains. Can you guess who had the highest gains at the end of the quarter? That’s right…not only did I attain the highest stock picks, but I had the highest recorded gains from any student my professor’s had. In 3 months, I had generated over a 254% gain, which was apparently so significant that my professor didn’t believe me and I had to show him by logging into my account to prove it.

Top reasons why penny stock traders lose money

*These results are not typical and do not apply to every investor. Trading penny stocks materializes in a highly volatile market and participants are subject to significant losses incurred by these volatile assets. Results may vary depending on the knowledge, experience and willingness to adapt to fluctuating market conditions of every investor.

Actual Penny Stock Newsletter Alerts/Watchlist

As I’ve stated previously, I’ve been trading for over 7 years, and during this time I’ve been able to develop key strategies to detect when penny stocks begin to rise as well as when they being to decline. The strategies I’ve applied to penny stocks has been working for the past several years since the patterns presented in the charts, in conjunction with the behaviors of penny stock traders, have remained relatively consistent. The same reproducible patterns have occurred time and time again, and this is why it’s much easier to make money in penny stocks than many other financial instruments available in the financial markets. By utilizing my strategies such as my personal “halfway point” formula and my divisible by 5 rule, I’ve been able to cultivate significant gains due to the effectiveness of my strategies. And now I am providing my knowledge, expertise and services to you for just a very small fee.

Penny Stock Newsletter Scams

What makes my newsletters different from other penny stock newsletters? Well, my newsletters consist of my personal opinion based on my own trading strategies. The majority of authors who distribute penny stock newsletters are being compensated by the penny stock companies to promote their company. If you read the disclaimer (usually located at the bottom of a newsletter), you should be notified if the author has a stake in the company or is being compensated either by company stock or some kind of monetary payment, usually by a third-party. By law, they have to disclose this information to you. What I really want to emphasize is that I am NOT compensated by these companies in my newsletters. There are times, however, when I take a long or short position in a company that I am discussing, but I usually have some form of rational justification for the stocks in my newsletters, and I’m not trying to entice you to buy a stock simply because I am being paid by the company to do so. What you see from me is what you get—the real deal. And I just wanted to clarify for some of the newer penny stock traders out there.

What Customers Are Saying

*These results are not typical and do not apply to every investor. Trading penny stocks materializes in a highly volatile market and participants are subject to significant losses incurred by these volatile assets. Results may vary depending on the knowledge, experience and willingness to adapt to fluctuating market conditions of every investor.

Newsletter Price Comparison With Competitors

What you get with the Hacking Penny Stocks Lifetime Newsletter

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Review of  Requirements Pro

Review of Requirements Pro

Review of Requirements Pro

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Review of Requirements Pro

Product Name: Requirements Pro

Click here to get Requirements Pro at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Requirements Pro:

How would you like to be able to develop your own software and websites, even if you’ve never programmed before? It is possible, if you know the right Software Development Process. It all started with knowing how to define software requirements. Every software applications starts with someone defining how the software should function. Learning how to capture software requirements is critical to the process. What you’re about to read will guide you through the process of understanding exactly how to:

I’m here to tell you there are thousands upon thousands of individuals like you, who are making money developing and marketing their very own software programs. All of these people have something in common:

You may be wondering who I am and what makes me qualified to be telling you this. I’ve been working as a technology consultant in the software development industry for the past 7 years and have worked for such companies as Florida Power and Light, Ernst and Young, and General Electric. All of these companies have something in common, they develop software applications.

My experience has lead me to develop a process for which I’ve used, tested, and refined throughout my career. I have taught this subject to hundreds of professional Business Analyst and Project Managers. It has taken me many years to master and understand this material and now I share it with you.

I’m here to tell you that these techniques can be adopted by you in no time flat!

There are two types of people; reactive and proactive. Reactive individuals are those individuals who do the standard 9 to 5 their entire life and live paycheck to paycheck. They let daily stress and pressures dictate their emotional state of mind and financial destiny. Proactive people on the other hand take the bull by the horns and make things happen. They don’t sit on the sidelines, they’re in the game and are looking to taste the juices of what life has to offer.

What does this have to do with developing software? If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you’re a proactive person. You’re looking to take that next step into turning an idea into something meaningful, something that will help secure your future. In other words, MAKE MONEY!

Software development has a set process in which companies and individuals around the world follow:

At the highest level this is all software companies do. Of course a lot of details can be drawn from all these disciplines, but at the core of developing software these 4 steps are followed.

The companies or individuals who don’t follow this process usually end up spending more money fixing bugs, or they develop broken applications.

The professionals know this process well and they stick to it. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat in meetings and have debated on how this process should be carried out. What happens first? What’s after that? And so it goes…

This isn’t rocket science, but it does take a certain level of knowledge to be successful and let me tell you, it’s well worth it!

With the right knowledge, anyone can develop a successful software application. This isn’t magic… All you need to understand is the right process and you can develop anything. The main things you’ll want to learn are:

I have developed a course that will show you exactly how to do everything outlined above, and more. This material has taken me many years to master and will walk you through step-by-step on how to create your own software. I’m so confident that this material will help you develop software that I give a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. There’s nothing to lose…

Don’t take my word for it:

The methods outlined in this material are solid. Software requirements are critical to defining great software applications and Jason does a great job explaining the concepts.”


I have had countless individuals use my techniques and profit from them. Throughout my career I have encountered hundreds of people who don’t have a clue about how to go about developing software. My experience has lead me to devise a way to make anybody understand how to create software.
“Sharper than the cutting edge, this book will seamlessly guide you through mastering the world of software development.”

-Faisal Khan
Software Configuration Manager
GE Power Systems

“Software Requirements Unleashed allowed my company to develop an interactive tool for Homeowner Association (HOA)websites and Community Websites in almost no time. It allows HOA’s to quickly create their own website in minutes.”


Click here to order Software Requirements Unleashed!

You’ll gain instant and lifetime access to my program. The primary portion of the program is my eBook which is a compilation from years of experience in the software development industry. This eBook has taken me months to put together and has everything you need to know to build your own successful software application.

I’ll walk you through from the beginning idea phase all the way to finding developers and selling your software. As I stated before, you don’t need to know how to write computer code to develop software. I’ll show you how to find people to do that for you.

This material was meant to be in the hands of those proactive individuals who are looking to get ahead. Believe me, I’ve been there… I started out by looking for opportunity and found it.

I’ll take you step-by-step through the process of documenting, designing, developing, and selling your own software applications.

This material was developed out of years of experience in the software development industry using proven techniques that really work.

These combined bonuses alone are worth hundreds of dollars!
Access to professional templates
Gain access to a number of professionally formatted MS Word templates that will help you get started down the right path with documenting your idea. Companies pay big dollars for professionally designed templates. As you go through this program you’ll learn how to put these templates to use. It’s yours for just signing up.

I can even point you toward a developer that’s right for your idea.

Access to various contracts

You’ll receive access to multiple types of contract agreements, which you can use to protect your idea and software code.

-Non Disclosure Agreement
-Independent Contractor Agreement
-Copyright Notice
-Consulting Agreement
-And more…

Continuous Updates
I’m always releasing new information. As new and improved reports and information becomes available, you will be notified.

Also, over time new releases of this eBook will be developed. As part of becoming a member you will have access to all these new releases, templates, and articles created for this web site.

You will also receive discounts on any future published material.

My goal is to help you develop software that helps you reach whatever dreams you may have. I take my profession very seriously and am confident that you will find my program extremely useful.

As I mentioned before, my number one goal is to have you developing your own software applications in no time flat. Another one of my top goals is your satisfaction. As part of this commitment, I continuously strive to keep my material up to date by improving this web site as well as by adding new and improved services and products.

I am so confident that this program will help you develop software, I’ll give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, please send me an email and let me know.

Getting started is fast, easy, and secure. All you have to do is select Order Now and you will be taken to a secure web site where you can pay by credit card.

This incredible value won’t last, so act now. You have nothing to lose with my unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

“This material has the power to open up many lucrative doors. All you have to do is follow the instructions…”

– Mitch Moccia
President, Xpancom, LLC

“Jason provides solid advice that will give any ambitious person an edge in the software market.”

-Shawn Jones
Founder and President, WPR1

You’re one step closer to developing your own software applications.

I stand behind my product and am 100% confident that you will be satisfied, that is why I give everyone who signs up a 30 Day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Jason Moccia
Author, Software Requirements Unleashed

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Requirements Pro

Review of 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product

Review of 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product

Review of 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product

Click here for bigger image

Review of 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product

Product Name: 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product

Click here to get 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of 70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product:

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70% Commission And 30% Recurring For A Game Changing Product

Review of Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!

Review of Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!

Review of Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!

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Review of Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!

Product Name: Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!

Click here to get Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!:

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Reset Password Pro™ | Reset Any Windows Administrator or User Password In 3 Easy Steps!

Review of iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER

Review of iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER

Review of iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER

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Review of iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER

Product Name: iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER

Click here to get iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER:

PC-CLEANER – Registry Cleaner – Windows 2000/Windows
XP/Windows Vista Compatible

Does any of these error messages sounds familiar to you: iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass?

If you said yes this means you have seen them enough times so you would remember them. And this means it is registry cleaning time! Yes, there is a good chance that your Windows registry needs repair and PC-CLEANER will help you to make this process a breeze. Get a

Iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass are often caused by misconfigurations in the Windows registry which if left unaddressed over time will only slow down your system and make things worse. Simple diagnostic can prevent that.

PC-CLEANER eliminates problems associated with:

Add/Remove Programs
Application Path
File Extensions
Help & Resources
Most Recently Used List
Shared DLLs
Shared Folder
Shell Extensions
Sounds and Application Events
Startup Programs
Windows Fonts

Another symptoms of registry problems are frequent “freezes”, programs that you tried to uninstall but are still around and sloggish PC.
PC-Cleaner will inspect your registry and identify problematic entries
and will repair them, bringing back your PC in good shape.
If left unaddressed problems with iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass can only get worse and
lead to a complete crash and data loss, don’t let that happen
to you get a

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iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass errors? Fix is here: PC-CLEANER

Review of The Upsell Equation System

Review of The Upsell Equation System

Review of The Upsell Equation System

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Review of The Upsell Equation System

Product Name: The Upsell Equation System

Click here to get The Upsell Equation System at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Upsell Equation System:

G’day! My name’s CJ Parker from Australia and I want to share with you a weird little “mind trick” I recently stumbled upon. A trick that can turn almost every single one of your buyers into premium, high dollar value customers. Now it’s probably going to seem a little weird (and considering how unique and ‘left-field’ it is, it might even be a little shocking) but stick with me.

FACT: There’s no quicker or more effective method for increasing your customer value, increasing your revenue, and drastically increasing your online profits than by UPSELLING.

Definition: up·sell verb ‘up’sel : to try to persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item before check out

But no surprises there, right? I’m sure you already know how much potential upselling has for your online profits.

The problem is: Regular upselling techniques – no matter whether it’s Offline Marketing or Online Marketing – are getting tired, unresponsive, and in many cases just plain manipulative (and even unethical).

Unfortunately, the most common upsell techniques available to us today are not only converting poorly, but they’re also doing more to insult our prospect’s intelligence than close a sale…

I’m talking about things like…

– Those endless loops of One Time Offer pages
– Forced continuity
– Fake webpage scripts that try and “scare” people into hitting the order button (but only end up making you look like a douchebag)

– or even withholding the full
product until you upgrade to a 10x more expensive option…!

…and any other tired old marketing gimmicks

Maybe they used to work but these days they’re just cheap ploys and deceptive shenanigans… It’s not real marketing; it’s simply trying to fool your customers into giving you more money.

But if you’ve resorted to using these ploys, or at least considered using them, I’m not trying to make you feel bad here…

It’s not your fault – it’s just the way
we’ve been
taught to market all along

Have you ever felt frustrated that even though you’ve got a valuable, high quality info product to sell, nobody seems willing to pay extra for it?

…have you ever wondered how the big time marketers seem to be able to create their “high-end” upgrade offers so easily?

…do you want to break through the info product selling barrier and move into the IM “Upper Class”, but worry you’re running out of time?

…and are you getting sick to death of seeing those lame, deceptive little marketing gimmicks? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions… then you’re a lot like me.

That’s because until recently, I was suffering from ALL of these common Marketing problems.

You see, I had a dream of becoming a successful internet marketer and info product seller. But to say my first attempt(s) was a failure is a BIG understatement…

I knew I had a good product, but I couldn’t even get people clicking the order button for my basic offer. The whole idea of selling my prospects even more expensive product offers seemed a world away.

I read every forum, blog post about copywriting, conversion… desperately trying to find something that could help. And pretty soon I realised something that totally freaked me out: That even the most serious, big-time marketers don’t earn a cent of profit on their basic offers.

So pretty soon it became crystal clear that upselling is where the true profit is.

So I bought every eBook, software and program that promised me upselling success. I tried EVERY gimmick to try and convince my prospects to buy more expensive stuff from me before they left. But none of it helped (and in fact a lot of it sent me backwards…). So pretty soon my online selling career was looking like a fish with a PlayStation: Bloody useless!

I knew how critical upselling was to my online marketing success.

And I knew all too well the fact that this “upselling” game was where the gurus were getting their big pay checks from.

But I just couldn’t find the secret to getting people to pay more money for my products.

It really started to feel like the online selling bandwagon was leaving town without me.

And I wasn’t far off giving up on my dream of being an info product seller completely, when I stumbled upon something extraordinary from an extremely unlikely source.

A friend had lent me a business book months earlier and I finally got around to reading it (remember those things? An actual book… with real world expert ideas & knowledge)

It was from this university professor and it was all about how our minds work when we’re buying stuff. It couldn’t have been further away from the world of Internet Marketing I’d had my head stuck in for months… yet it was incredible.

Here was a guy who had NO interest in online marketing, sales pages or conversion tricks… yet was preaching stuff that made him sound like a GOD in comparison to the ‘gurus’ we often look up to for inspiration.

And while the whole book was pure gold, one section about choosing between different offers at different prices REALLY stood out.

As I read, light bulbs started going off like
fireworks in my head

It was this weird little psychological “mind trick” that you could use to get just about anyone to buy your most expensive offer.

The author was talking about stuff like “anchoring”, “decoy offers”, “relativity” and a whole bunch of other psychological voodoo I’d never heard of before.

He even had this one weird little graphic illustration that showed how crazy our brains are when we’re in buying mode. It went a little something like this…

Take a glance at the two black circles below and tell me which is larger. The black circle on the left, or the black circle on the right?

The one on the left is larger, isn’t it?

Look again… they’re identical.

But by anchoring smaller or larger grey circles, the black circles in the middle become relatively different in size. Crazy!

And while I’m not suggesting you surround your product offers with pretty little circles to get customers sending you more money, this does illustrate the POWER of using “relativity” to contrast your offers. So when you add more advanced strategies to the mix, you’ll see how you can apply it to your selling to get amazing results.

Now like I was saying, I was just plain lucky to stumble upon this voodoo “mind trick”, but I knew it could solve my online selling woes.

Only problem: I had no idea how to implement this general theory into an actual sales page.

And it’s not like the dude writing this book was gonna help – he was a university professor, not some cutting edge copywriter. But with the belief this method could be the answer to my problems, I dove in head first and started testing it on my info product.

At first it was a complete disaster. In fact it was so bad I actually DROPPED my overall conversion rate (let alone got to “upsell” anyone).

But like some crazed magician, I didn’t wanna stop until I’d perfected the trick and exhausted every bit of the amazing research on this topic…

Like I said: I SUCKED when I started trying
to sell information products & services

But after implementing these weird little psychological “mind tricks” I was able to INSTANTLY create genuinely valuable upsell offers to put in front of my prospects, then turn around and get almost EVERY last one of my customers to buy my most expensive offer.

Here’s a screenshot showing a twelve (12) hour period from one of my ClickBank accounts:

In the screenshot above you can see the three items that we were selling:

And you can also see that almost EVERY buyer was choosing to upgrade, and almost all of them were taking the “high ticket” item. I did the numbers and worked out that I am now upselling 96.8% of my buyers into more expensive offers. Out of 425 purchases 411 were premium sales (or “upsells”).

And I was doing it all WITHOUT using any of the deceptive (and often unethical) marketing ploys that we’ve been told are “mandatory” if we want to be a success online.

I just got lucky… now it’s YOUR turn

Like I said, I was simply lucky enough to stumble upon this cool little “mind trick”, and even more fortunate to discover a simple yet extremely powerful way it can be directly implemented into ANY info product sales page to nearly-guarantee you upsell your prospects into a “high-end” price point. So after I’d seen the 96.8% conversion… after I’d seen how powerful this method was… I decided to write down the entire method, along with my business parter Tom Elliott, into a step-by-step manual so that others could replicate this sort of success.

Now I don’t want pretend we’re some marketing gods or anything (personally I’d rather go surfing than pay attention to the latest hyped up product launch). But when Tom and I realised this psychological trick was killing traditional upsell methods, while still letting me keep my integrity… we wanted to spread the word.

So we’ve turned this psychological method into a complete system that info product publishers, service providers, and basically anybody “selling” online, can use to get 96.8% upsell conversion rates and boost customer value by up to 15 times.

It’s a unique new system that allows you to instantly create genuinely valuable upsell offers that buyers cannot resist (even if you think you’ve only got one offer to sell right now…).

Quite Simply: You can now increase your upsell conversions, revenue and profit… and keep your integrity at the same time.

We call this system the Upsell Equation and below is just a bit of what’s inside.

This is the exact same system Tom & I personally used to STOP worrying about being left behind by the info product selling bandwagon and start enjoying the kind of Internet Marketing success we knew we deserved. Check out just some of the benefits the Upsell Equation SYSTEM contains:

The ability to smash through the frustration of the Info Marketing “glass ceiling” and start getting the sales figures my quality info products deserved

How to get almost every single one of your buyers (96.8%) taking your upsell offers and paying you more money for your info products

If that’s the sort of thing you’re after, then please just take a minute to check out exactly what’s inside your full Upsell Equation system below…

Component #1: The Upsell Equation “Core Manual”

Your 53 page eBook that explains why this weird upselling “mind trick” is so powerful (as well as how to easily implement it, step-by-step).

● Why traditional conversion methods are actually doing more to harm your selling and online marketing efforts (and how to ensure you avoid them.

● How to INSTANTLY create a “guru level” Upsell product. If you’ve already got a basic product or service you can sell, then you’ve also already got a whole bunch of premium products just waiting to be sold 😉

● The “Magic Circles” Mind Trick and how it can be used to convince your prospects to buy your most expensive upsell offer

● Position your “upsells” so that 96.8% of buyers can’t resist paying for your most expensive offer

● Why every consumer is hard wired to accept this method as soon as they see it. This is psychological magic that’ll probably seem very surprising (you may even learn a thing or two about yourself…)

Component #2: Copy & Paste Templates

Implement the Upsell Equation in an instant by simply filling in the blanks and pasting your own “Equation” into your sales page. This is going to be SO vital.

● The “Copy & Paste Conversion” system that lets you implement a powerful conversion tactic directly into any sales page in minutes.

● How to create the most irresistible order button and insert it into any sales page (we’ll even give you a template for you to copy and paste…)

Component #3: The Anatomy of a 96.8% Swipe File

The most powerful way to use a new strategy is to see it in action (and then just copy, paste and change the basics to suit your own offer… 😉

You will literally get a full tour inside a high-converting sales letter. Uncover not only HOW to achieve 4.5%-8.2% conversions and 96.8% upsell rates, but understand WHY (this is KEY for applying it to your own marketing).

Component #4: 5x “Video Walk-Through” Tutorials

These core Upsell Equation Video Tutorials walk you through every aspect of the system, so you know EXACTLY what, when and how to do it. Some of the eye-openers you’ll get in this 5x video series include:

● How to ethically bribe your prospect to give you more money at the same time as HELPING them achieve their goals faster…

● What a free breakfast in Rome told me about how to influence “fence-sitting” prospects and convert them into high-value clients

● How to play god with the “Voodoo Framework” – the rule that affects every one of your prospects AND their buying decisions

● The “Empathy Insider” trick for instantly gaining authority with your prospect and turning them into a high-end customer

● The 9x “Power Products” you can quickly turn into high end, high priced products to upsell at least 9 out of every 10 buyers

Component #5: Your Exclusive
“Advanced Upselling Secrets” Video Series

Five (5x) brand new, highly advanced video training modules to take your conversions and upsell profits to the “guru level”. Some of the insights you’re going to get inside these videos include:

● The “UE Economist” formula that shows you exactly how to price your info product to maximise profits (use this and you’ll be able to sell products in price ranges 3x- 5x higher than you ever have)

● The most powerful, effective, easiest to use and best of all FREE software for tracking your conversions and optimizing your upsell profits

● Why attracting the smartest (and most cashed up) buyers in your nice is crucial for your long-term Internet Marketing success (plus “how” to do it)

● How to make your product look 400-500% more valuable without touching it (This is true psychological “voodoo” right here… and the best part: it actually gives more value to your buyer at the same time)

● The one subtle change you can make to your sales page that instantly has your upsell offers looking 12x more reasonable (and more affordable) than your competitors

● How to price your offers in a way that ethically bribes your buyers into paying for the most expensive option

● How to talk to your prospects as if they’ve already paid you (and make it irresistible for them to leave without doing so…)

● How to turn one info product (such as an ebook) into 10x upsell offers in less than one hour

● The “Specific Authority” Value Index: Instantly add 425%+ more value to your info products (it takes about one minute to do)

● How to uncover your prospect’s “Success Currency” (plus: the influential impact it can have on your sales figures and upsell conversions)

● What “Dogs & Foxes” have to do with your upsell conversion rates (no kidding)

● How to create reality for your prospect in a way that not only influences them to buy, but also delivers them more value and more satisfaction as well

● The bizarre psychology that makes info product buyers run scared. All you have to do is position yourself on the opposite end of this spectrum and they’ll fall into your arms

● How to stop wasting time talking to “freebie seekers” and start attracting “cashed up” clients

● The simple psychology behind why our basic human desire to “please everyone” is devastating to our info marketing conversions

● How to use scarcity and urgency tricks in your marketing (without sounding like a douchebag)

● How to make your premium, most valuable and most expensive upsell offer seem like the logical (and only) choice for your buyers

● How to track your upsell offers for maximum profit (track the wrong thing and you’ll be going backwards…)

● Getting three times the profit margin from your info marketing (the weird thing is: this helps your customers just as much as it helps your bottom line)

● How (and why) making a product more expensive can boost your conversion rate, your bottom line, as well as the satisfaction and success of your customers – all at the same time (the truth is even stranger than it sounds)

● How to make your buyers feel satisfied with your product BEFORE they’ve even opened it (weird but true)

● How to increase the price of your product AND give greater value to your buyers at the same time (win/win)

● Why GIVING AWAY part of your info product will make buyers pay you more money (the opposite of all logical thinking)

● The “C&C Method” that trains your prospects into paying you more money (this has potential to be used for evil: handle with care 😉

● Scarcity tricks that don’t suck

● Why standard testimonials on your sales pages are often turning off your buyers (and how to fix them)

#1. Core Upsell Equation Manual
#2. Five (5x) “Video Walk-Through” Tutorials
#3. Copy & Paste Templates
#4. The original 96.8% Swipe File
#5. Five (5x) “Advanced Upselling Secrets” Video Series


One of the things that bugs me about the “internet marketing” world is the lack of proof you see on some big fancy sales pitches. Sure, there’s always plenty of hype and buzz… but where’s the evidence showing this actually works? So that’s why I’ve gathered a bit of feedback from early Upsell Equation members (we did a limited release in late September).

We’re showing you these REAL results from REAL members because we think it’s very important to know whether or not a new system works before hitting the order button…

By now you probably have a pretty good idea whether or not you WANT this system, so we’re not going to give you the whole “Used Car Salesman” pitch, but…

Do you NEED the Upsell Equation?

We’re not going to feed you any B.S. and pretend this system will make Ferraris appear in your bedroom overnight. In fact forget any of the “get rich quick” crap: This isn’t the magic bullet to becoming a rockstar millionaire.

Because while the Upsell Equation probably is the key to increasing your online selling to the level it deserves, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. So if you are brand new to the Internet Marketing game or if you have absolutely zero desire to sell your own products or services: Please do NOT buy this.

Or if you are interested in info product selling, but you’re already enjoying crazy upsell conversion rates for your high-ticket items: You can also move along.

But let’s face it: There are several “chronic” problems that us sellers face which do not ever just go away on their own. So please pay special attention to the following list, and if it turns out you’ve experienced any single one of these problems, then this may just be the system for you.

However… if while you’re reading this list you suddenly feel you’ve experienced ALL of these “chronic problems” (that are pretty tough to shake on their own… and we know from personal experience!) then you probably NEED this program immediately.

Are you frustrated with the total number of sales you’re making?

…do you wish you knew HOW to put together high-end packages, but haven’t done it because you thought it was too difficult, or worried that your product wasn’t “high level” enough to justify the premium price points?

…have you been enjoying moderate success as an internet marketer, but feel like there’s a glass ceiling in between you and the serious players out there?

Or do you simply want to know what exactly is this “mind trick” that some rambling surfer guy from Australia is going on about?

Then scroll down immediately and check out how to download your exclusive copy of the Upsell Equation system.

As we were saying.. You don’t need me to force you into clicking the Order button below, if you do need what’s inside the Upsell Equation…

You already know if you need this.

But Before You make your final decision… 
What Makes This Different?

The Upsell Equation system is a unique new method for turning regular buyers into premium, high dollar value customers. It’s different from everything you’ve seen on the topic of upselling…

What The Upsell Equation is NOT:

…NOT some long-winded “theory” that sounds good in practice but hasn’t even been tested by the author, let alone anyone else!

…NOT anything at all to do with “One Time Offers”, “Backend product pitches”, “Sales Funnels” or “False Scarcity” tactics.

…NOT any sort of pop-up, pop-under, fake “salesperson” or any other devious trick (in fact it’s got nothing to do with any kind of software or scripts at all).

…NOT anything to do with fooling prospects into paying more for worthless products (this system shows you how to provide genuine value to buyers, even if you don’t already have premium offers to upsell them into…).

…NOT some “flavour of the month” technique that’ll be totally irrelevant next week. This system is so effective because it’s based on something that’s hardwired into each and every one of us since the day we were born. It’s based on the work of scientific researchers who have seen deep into the way our brains work when we buy.

What The Upsell Equation IS:

…IS a system that works for both Online AND Offline Marketers

…IS suitable for any online marketer that already sells products or services, or at least aspires to be there soon (actually I’ve even had several offline marketers raving about it’s effectiveness).

…IS a method that’ll show you how to create upsell offers even if you’ve only got one product for sale right now (often instantly, while still providing massive value to your customers).

…IS a system that’ll work no matter what price range you’re selling at (and this is so deep rooted in the human mind, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling either).

…IS a unique new system that ethically bribes 96.8% of your buyers into paying for your premium (or “high end”) offers.

…IS a unique new system that out-converts traditional upsell methods WITHOUT resorting to any manipulative or unethical techniques, tacky software scripts, or any of the tired old marketing ploys you’re probably as tired of seeing as we are.

The Upsell Equation IS a unique new system for getting 96.8% of your customers to give you more money than they normally would.

We’re going to give you a full 60 DAYS to try out the Upsell Equation system. And if after 60 days you haven’t earned your investment back between 10x and 100x over, shoot me an email and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Do you want to be able to create premium, irresistible upsell offers in an instant?

Do you want to give your product or service the sales figures and conversion rates it deserves to be getting? You have a clear, simple choice right now.

Grab the Upsell Equation today and start implementing an incredibly simple yet powerful psychological trick for upselling almost up to 96.8% of your customers…

Grab the Upsell Equation today and start implementing an incredibly simple yet powerful psychological trick for upselling almost 100% of your customers. The same trick we stumbled upon that “breaks through” the info product selling barrier to instantly create “guru level” upsell products and offers (…that convert at 96.8%).

And we look forward to seeing you on the inside.

CJ Parker & Thomas Elliott

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential.
Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified
upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t
apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee
that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success
depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with
any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no
guarantee that you will earn any money.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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The Upsell Equation System

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Click here for bigger image

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Product Name: Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Click here to get Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates:

Iszuddin Ismail has been designing since he got involved with Internet marketing, starting with his own websites. His early projects includes the and to date has gained over 14,000 members., which offeres a new breed of squeeze page templates and optin box designs are used by many all over the world including well-known online marketers like Lynn Terry ( and Paul Cooley (

Today, Iszuddin is offering a brand new look for those who are selling using mini-sites. And this new look has the potential to gain better response and increase sales.

I am not much of a copywriter. I am designer and a programmer. So here’s what this page is all about…

What I have is a new mini-site template that is different from what you normally see. It’s designed to give you that professionalism look combined with a powerful corporate presence.

Like it or not, people are tired of the typical header-footer mini-site design.I am tired of it.

They don’t trust it anymore. The minute they see you typical header, they’ll be reaching for the litte “x” button on the top right of their browser.

They trust Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google…

And take a look at other websites that actually do sell something…,,,,…

Even huge online marketing gurus are changing the way they sell products online. Just take a look at,,,…

Is your mini-site anything like theirs?

That’s why I created the Mighty Minisite template…

To give you that “dependable” look and gain the trust of your website visitors immediately.

And you know that people only buy from websites they trust.

The most reason why I createad Mighty Minisite template is to take your online branding to the next level.

But because this is also a template product, Mighty Minisite template was coded to be easy to use, with SEO friendliness and clean code.

A major part of it is done by applying easy to use and modify CSS formating.

With sleak CSS coding, some of the biggest benefits that you get is a light-weight website
because you no longer need to use HTML codes like

, , to style your sales letter.

Mighty Minisite template also include some of the best ways to hightlight content on your website. Check out how easy it
is to display a list, create a boxed content, display headlines and more…

Basically, everything you need to create a professional, corporate look mini-site is there.
You don’t have to have a sleazy mini-site design anymore.

But that’s not all… We want give you options…

Though using a mini-site template, as an online enterpreneur myself, I understand that you maywant your mini-site to look different from other people’s.

So I provided you with options…

I know at times marketers just want a simple top-to-bottom layout without any distraction. This same mini site design is also available without the sidebar.

In fact, you can toggle between the two easily, simply by applying the “full” class to , like this .

Don’t like the blue – use the red. The red is suitable for a fierce, aggressive look. And with the right background, you can also
project a cuddly, lovable image. Use which ever you want according to your project.

You can choose to use either of these color designs.

I really thought through all the things that you may want to have when designing this mini-site template.

First of all,



are already styled. You can straight away use them for headlines and sub-headings.

On top of that, using

will simply brings up the nice blue text box, with a huge double quote in the background.


will create a nice Johnson box for module details, bonuses or any other info.

And with lists, instead of the boring square or dot, you can create a nice YES or NO list, where the bullets are either a cross image or a check image. Just use


    Transform a normal, boring list to a beautiful list with graphical bullets

    Transform a normal, boring blockquote to a beautiful box with background graphic.

    Transform a normal content into a strong Johnson box. Just apply class=”module” to the


    There two easy ways to customize your mini-site. From the Photoshop PSD source file, you can edit the header by applying your own logo and text.
    Another method is by applying your own background graphic.

    Mighty Minisite was designed to allow the users to use any background graphic. Use a grunge theme to make a grunge website. Use a sky theme to make a happy website.

    Basically, it’s all up to you.

    I can just give you the main PSD source file, but I know that Photoshop can be a challenge for some.
    So I’ve split those PSD files into several pieces making it easier to use and to understand

    Instead of one big PSD file, you will get PSD like header.psd and orderbutton.psd.

    No messy slicing required.

    What more can you possibly want…??

    Using Mighty Minisite, you can have a brand new look and this could improve your conversions overnight. Just grab it today and start customizing it.

    By tomorrow, you could be experiencing that extra sales you never thought is in your website. Or perhaps that extra subscribers when you thought your website was
    up to its limit.

    Yep! Here comes your bonuses…

    I want to make sure that you can really use this. I don’t want this to be something that gathers dust in your PC (if it could).
    So I’ve created a few more things that will help you use this.

    This is the most powerful aspect of Mighty Minisite. While others just provide you with a mini-site template, I want you to have a system that will make you life easier.

    Of course, this is not a complete content management or something like that, but with simple PHP coding and some include() function, we are able to separate the content into several parts.

    When you have that, you no longer need to go through each line of code just to find what it is that you are looking for. Furthermore, Mighty Minisite PHP System is also like an templating system
    where you can change one aspect of the website and the rest of the pages follow.

    If you’ve built some website in the past, you must know how difficult it is to update 3, 4 or more web pages just to change that little menu on the top. Normally, you have to change all of the
    affected files for that.

    But now, you know where everything is and you know that one change will affect all.

    To update menus on the top, edit _topmenu.php.

    To update menus on at the footer, edit _footermenu.php.

    And you can also define more than one sidebar files. And each new web page that you create with the PHP System, you can assign which sidebar you want to use.

    I’ve also included some variables for SEO friendliness and make if easy for you to optimize your website for the search engines.

    Mighty Minisite would not be complete if I don’t provide you with the guide on how to use it. This comprehensif
    guide covers everything that you need to know on how use it.

    You will learn from the basics on how to get started, editing using Photoshop, advance customization and all the way to using it with PHP.

    This 15-page ebook will get you on the right track to build your new mini-site with Mighty Minisite.

    Most of use are visual creators. We want to see how it’s done rather than read about it. If you need step-by-step hand holding help, just watch the tutorial video.Just like the ebook, the video tutorial covers all the necessary things you need to know on how to use Mighty Minisite.

    Over 40 minutes of viewing time You can bet that we really covereda a lot on this video. You can also expect some really cool tricks when using Mighty Minisite.

    Here’s what you will learn in these videos

    Yes, I do custom design. But a custom design may not be for everybody.

    An aspiring online enterpreneur might just want to get a minisite up and running as fast as possible without having to spend too much.

    So you go around looking for quick solution.

    Maybe you can just use that mini-site template that comes with the PLR product.

    Maybe you can just use that free mini-site template you just downloaded from some where.

    Maybe you even bought some mini-site templates that you think can help you market your product.

    Unfortunately, those “free” and “cheap” mini-site templates does not do your product any justice. But I understand — those were the only options you had.

    If only you had a better choice. Well, now you do – Mighty Minisite!

    This will make you life easier. You’ll know where everyhing is and it’s easy to edit. You don’t have to scribble through codes like a rat.

    So that you really understand what Mighty Minisite can do. Will guide you through all that you need to know about Mighty Minisite.

    When you need a hand-holding guide, the video will give it you. It’s like I am there teaching you on your computer screen.

    Now, let me add to that…

    Yep, you don’t have to use the shield logo you see in there. You can create your own. And if you don’t want that, there are 10 more
    logo graphics to choose from.

    You know you can change the background and quickly bring to life a different new mini-site. And now, you have 5 more background designs for choose from.

    And as icing on the cake, here’s a collection of 625 web graphics, consisting of sticker badges, order buttons and nice little icons.

    OK, I suck at copywriting. At this point, I just don’t know what to say anymore.

    I guess this is the part where I ask you for your money. And you know it’ll be worth it?

    What you are getting is a complete minisite template, with various options and styles, and also with some cool bonuses to help you get your mini site up and running.

    If you’re not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, we’ll will be happy to refund your money upto 60 days from the day of purchase.

    So, if you are ready to pimp-out your minisite to a whole new level, just click the order button below. Get Your NicheSiteTemplate Today!

    With this purchase you are granted the rights to use Mighty Minisite on your own website and even use it to design websites for clients.
    However, you may not sell it as a template or redistribute it in any way, online or offline, free or paid.

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