Review of The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

Review of The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

Review of The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

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Review of The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

Product Name: The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

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Description of The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!:

Amazed By How Well His Techniques Continue To Work…”(A 2 1/2 pound
crappie Jim hauled in using just 1 of
Joel’s secrets…)

used the first crappie catching trick Joel showed me and caught this beauty.
I’m amazed by how well his techniques continue to work… I’ve never caught
so many big ones!”
Jim Duel
Mountain View, CA

single heart-breaking event occurred, forcing a man to catch crappie in
the wilderness by any means necessary… for 3 years straight!

U.S. Marine Reveals
Deadly Crappie Fishing Secrets
Anyone Can Use To Slam Huge Slabs
Of Crappie… In Any Body Of Water…
In Any Season… Without Expensive
Equipment… Even If You’re Fishing
From A Wheelchair!”

and his brilliant techniques will give you the “inside edge”
in any spot… so your buddies beg to know your secrets!

Crappie Fisherman,

The story
I’m about to tell you contains the most important crappie fishing secret
you’ve ever heard… and it might even change your life:

the landmine exploded, and the shrapnel ripped into U.S. Marine (and master
crappie fisherman) Joel Adam’s legs… his life changed forever.

As he lay
broken and bleeding on the battle-torn ground of Grenada, he could only
think of friends and family… his long hard life of “surviving”,

Thousands Of Crappie He’d Caught Over 52 Years…

At that moment,
he would have given anything to be in his favorite fishing spot… hauling
in a “barn door sized” 3½ pound crappie with his buddies
— like he’d been doing his whole life.

You see,
Joel Adams was “born” with a crappie rod in his hand. I mean
this literally because…

Mom Gave Birth To Him While Fishing
Rock Creek Lake In Dallas, Texas!

a safe bet that any lady who goes into labor while she’s fishing, probably
teaches her son to catch fish before he can walk.

parents were die hard crappie fishermen.

they showed him every secret in their bag of tricks.

bag of tricks stuffed with old country crappie fishing techniques, strategies,
and secrets handed down through generations of survivalists and master

parents came from an inner crappie fishing brotherhood… and the
inside secrets they taught Joel made him a fishing “prodigy”
at a young age.

teaching Joel about fishing was about the only positive thing they did
for him.

He grew up in an abusive household, and…

Ran Away When He Was 13 To Escape
The Pain… And Live In The Wild!

the abuse got bad enough, he ran away. He decided he’d have a better chance
out in the wilderness… alone.

and that’s when his skill for catching monster crappie shot to another
level completely.

Survived On Self-Caught Crappie,
And A Little Help From His Friends…

you’re living in the wilderness at 13 years old… in a small tent…
scared and alone… and the only thing you really know how to do is catch
fish — you do it.

there’s one problem.

Fish Don’t Always Bite.

and when you’re not getting a single bite, you’ve gotta get “creative”
— especially when you’re getting hungry.

was forced to modify his techniques… doctor-up his baits… learn how
a crappie thinks.

discovered unique methods of triggering strikes, even when it seemed nothing
would work.

wasn’t an option. Joel went to any means necessary to catch his
next meal.

If It Meant Breaking The Law

I’m not saying he broke the law… I’m just saying that some of Joel’s
best techniques are so sneaky, so ruthless… and so effective for hauling
in huge crappie — that the department of fish and game doesn’t know enough
to shut them down.

guess is: if they knew about a few of his “dirtier” techniques,
they’d ban ’em immediately.

most of his stuff is just super sneaky, and perfectly legal. (But his
“dark side” crappie fishing tactics are here if you want them.
Use them at your own risk…)

line: his secrets work like gangbusters. Joel is living proof
of this because…

stayed alive in the bush for 3 years.

never took help from his grandmother, even when she offered to take him

she knew he couldn’t keep going like that. So she had her “friends”
pull some strings to get him into the Marine Corps a little “early”…
on Joel’s secret death wish.

was an emotionally damaged kid… and he dreamed of getting killed in
the military, so he could die a hero.

almost did when the landmine crippled him, but Joel defied the odds.

said he’d never walk again, but the same determination he used to survive
in the wild — even in the bleakest conditions — gave him the will and
strength to walk again.

even rejoined the military.

when his pure love of fishing took over and…

Joined The U.S. Navy So
He Could Fish All Over The World!

and fish he did!

Navy career took him fishing all across the United States — from east
to west, and all over the world — including the Mideast and Europe…
and even to the mighty Amazon River.

became a student of fishing again. He made it his primary “R&R
mission” to seek out the local fishing gurus in every location he
visited… and get their inside secrets for catching the local species.

it swam in freshwater or saltwater, Joel caught it.

every time he got back to the U.S., he’d carefully tweak and test these
new techniques… on crappie!

knows all game fish are predators. Whether it’s a crappie, a bass, a carp,
a walleye, or a speckled trout… and all predators have certain tendencies
you can exploit.)

Transformed Into A Crappie Catching Scientist

fact, he created dozens of completely unique methods for catching
crappie — simply by modifying the techniques and presentations
he discovered around the world.

he wasn’t done learning…

Loved Crappie Fishing To The Point Of Obsession

he wanted to take his skill to the next level.

he crawled deeper inside the mind of a crappie when studying for his Masters
Degree in Biology. (He used his G.I. bill to go to college…)

his research, he closely studied the behaviors of predator fish.

he used this knowledge to develop
new fishing methods that “trigger” different behaviors in crappie.

tested and fine-tuned these deadly techniques over years of fishing…
and he’s added them his massive arsenal of crappie catching tricks.

where you come in.

You Don’t Need A Biology Degree To
Blow Your Fishing Buddies Away

just need proven crappie catching secrets from someone who applies science
to his obsession…

someone who’s been a student of catching fish for over 52 years, all over
the world. (… and who’s focused all that knowledge on catching crappie
in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.)

someone who lived in the wilderness and had to catch crappie by any means
possible, or starve.

someone who was born into the “inside” crappie fishing brotherhood…

Who Received A Large Sum Of Cash (From Me!)
For Every Crappie Fishing Secret He Knows

My name is
Dan Eggertsen, and I’ve been in the fishing education business since 2004.

To prove
I know what I’m talking about, here’s a screen shot of what you’ll find
when searching for “Dan Eggertsen crappie fishing” in Google.

in red at the top of the page, you can
see there are 117,000 pages of results!

I don’t
show you this to boast or brag. I just want to offer some real proof
that when it comes to catching big crappie, I’ve got information that
will help you slam ’em at will.

see, I’m always on the hunt for new (and old) crappie fishing secrets…
straight from the mouths of guys hauling in boatloads of fish. (While
everyone stares in stunned silence, wondering how they do it.)

like Joel Adams.

And I Discovered Him By Freak Accident

was on the phone with a Georgia bait shop owner, and he mentioned an
old crappie fishing guru living in the Cohutta wilderness. (in Northern

was talking about Joel, and I was fascinated. So I pulled some strings
to get into contact with him… and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve
ever met.

became fast friends, and after digging a few crappie fishing “tricks”
out of him — I made a deal to pay money I couldn’t afford, for his
entire arsenal of secrets.

Joel revealed everything… in great detail.

Spilled His Guts… Along With Every
Crappie Fishing Secret He’d Ever Used

and it took me almost 6 full months to suck this mountain of information
out of his brain.

seeing his techniques work with my own eyes, I’m convinced these tactics
can transform any crappie fishermen (of any experience level) into a
local crappie catching master.

don’t take my word for it…

Caught More Crappie In A Single
Day Than I Ever Had Before.”

Dan, this is A.J. Bellard calling about your Instant Crappie Catching

Joel’s crappie
fishing techniques are tried and tested… and it’s stuff many
people would keep secret if they knew them. He’s been at it a
long time, he’s tried so many things, and he is more than qualified
to teach.

His “trial
and error” techniques have minimized “dead time”
out on the water where I’m not catching anything.

For example,
I put some of his jigging techniques to the test, and I caught
more crappie in a single day than I ever had before.

I had never
caught more than just a few in a day… but with Joe’s techniques
I caught a mess of them.

I was also
impressed with his information on how climate and water conditions
change the game. He covered each situation in detail.

basically gives you a blueprint for how to adapt his techniques
for any area of the country, and almost any condition.

you so much Dan.

provided a wealth of information, and your integrity shines
through in all the interviews you conducted with the fishermen
in the course.

wanted to give you my thoughts.

a great day.”

Fayetteville, Arkansas

is A.J. with the first one he caught using
Joel’s techniques… the same day he broke his

personal record for number of crappie caught!

when you actually put them to the test…

Slam Your Limit Of Crappie Almost Every Time… Even When Other Guys Are Struggling

Joel has seen and done it all when it comes to crappie fishing, and
he’s got an incredible arsenal of inside secrets for you.

Here are 3 quick examples of 164 different secrets he’ll show you for
catching 2, 3, and even 4 times the amount of crappie you’re catching
now. (And if you’re not catching any… this stuff will blast your
catch count past most fishermen in your area):

Caught My Limit In Under 4 Hours!”

this is Elliot Perkins calling to tell you my thoughts on your
Crappie Fishing Course.

I can’t tell
you how much time this is going to save me.

There are
techniques in here I can use to get bites, even when I know there
are crappie down there — but they’ve got a bad case of lock jaw.

His techniques
work like a charm.

example, I used one of his fish finder riggings with his
vertical jigging technique off the end of a dock.I caught
my limit in under 4 hours!

I really enjoyed Joel’s personality. He’s a great guy, and
I’d love to fish with him.

very impressed with his strategies and techniques.

for providing such an amazing resource for crappie fishermen

to you later.

Arlington, Texas”

crappie limit caught off a dock with Joel’s
fish finder riggings and vertical
jigging technique…

imagine the thrill these guys felt when they used Joel’s secrets, and
had some of their best crappie fishing trips ever.

nothing like the big “inside smile” you get when you’re the
guy ripping crappie out of the water like nobody else… and
your buddies give you that jealous stare, before demanding to know what
your secret is.

and the the look on your wife’s face when you casually walk in the house
with the biggest stringer of crappie she’s ever seen.

here to tell you this can all happen, because…

He’s Got Crappie Catching Tricks For
Any Situation You’ll Find Yourself In…

all 4 seasons… whether you fish from a boat or from shore.

are just a few of the many secrets Joel will show you for each one of
these situations:

If You Swear Your Spots Are “Different”…

has fished for crappie from the East Coast to the West Coast, and almost
everywhere in between…
and he’s faced tons of “dead” spots where people were struggling
to get a bite.

it took Joel a few hours to “figure it out”. To reach way
back into his bag of tricks and find the perfect techniques to find
or attract them, put them in “attack mode”, and start triggering
strikes like crazy.

knows (as we all do) that a crappie is a crappie, no matter where
it is in North America.
Whether it’s winter or spring… whether the water is murky or clear,
hot or cold, deep or shallow…

Nature has wired ’em all a certain way. You just need the right techniques
and strategies for your specific situation… so you catch the daylights
out of them.

Joel has it all laid out so you don’t even really need to “think”.
You’ll have a secret weapon
for any situation, and any body of water.

used his jig and spinner approaches to fill a big wire basket
with crappie… in two hours.”

Dan, this is Bob Bell.

I’m impressed
with the crappie fishing course because it’s all encompassing.

It is also
very well written, and could only have been put together by someone
with extensive experience.

information included can save people a lot of time because it
lays out proven baits, riggings, and tackle for different locations
and times of the year.

Joel sounds
like a great guy. He’s believable, and a pleasure to listen to
and read.

used his jig and spinner approaches to fill a big wire basket
with crappie by myself in two hours. Of course it took me
twice as long, 4 hours, to fillet all of them.

wanted to give you some thoughts Dan.

is an excellent resource I’d recommend to anyone.

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

action shot of Bob Bell on the water, the same
day he used Joel’s techniques to fill that
wire basket with crappie… in 2 hours!

Even Out-Catch Most Local Guys In
Waters You’ve Never Fished Before

taking a trip to a body of water you’ve never fished before.

you follow Joel’s simple guidelines to select the perfect presentation,
technique, and strategy for your current location and conditions.

because you’re using special techniques that tap into crappie’s inner
instincts… you start blowing everyone else off the water.

feel the excitement and pride that comes with catching ’em like clockwork…
and you’ll have the exact steps you need to find out what makes ’em

you’ll save a ton of time trying to find them… and trying to “guess”
what they’ll bite on.

caught a 3 pounder using his vertical jig fishing techniques with
his recommended
yellow and black feathered jig!”

Dan, this
is Eddie Carlile calling.

I just wanted
to give you some feedback on your crappie course.

I’m very impressed
to say the least.

Joel’s got
a great personality and he’s very down to earth. Most importantly,
he held nothing back.

First of all,
Joel has included a set of instructions to find crappie in any
area, time of day, and season. There are also guidelines for exactly
what presentations to use in your most common situations.

No more aimless
searching for crappie. I know exactly where to go, what to look
for, and what to use.

Over the weekend
I used some of his night fishing techniques with jigs, and we
got more bites that usual… and caught a lot more crappie.

I also used
one of his jigging techniques to catch 30 in a single day… my
best day ever.

But the best
thing is… I caught a 3 pounder using his vertical jig fishing
techniques with his recommended yellow and black feathered jig!

This course
is so thorough that it leaves very little room for question. Other
books and courses I’ve seen may touch on something you know nothing
about, and leave you hanging without the details you need.

kit is very detailed with simple steps so you can understand everything,
and execute!

Thanks for
putting this together Dan.

Eddie Carlile

Abilene, Texas

Nothing Worse Than Sitting
For Hours Without A Single Bite…

after you’ve tried different spots… after you’ve tried every bait
you have… and you feel like you’re out there wasting your time.

some guys will tell you it’s OK if you don’t catch anything. That the
most important thing is “getting out into nature”… and it’s
not really about catching fish.

I agree
with the “getting out into nature” part.

if you’re like most fishermen, you go out to slam a motherload of crappie.
Not spend all day moving… waiting… moving… waiting… without
a single bite.

Joel has all the secrets you’ll ever need to catch your limit quickly.


and then after you’ve used these (and many more — you’ll see them below)…
and you’re sitting there with a pile of big crappie — then
you can sit and enjoy nature… OK?

remember: because you’ll be catching lots of crappie consistently…

Every Fisherman You Know Will Beg
To Go With You… Even The Kids!

When you
discover Joel’s inside strategies for keeping the bite going all day
long, your fishing partners will reap the rewards too.

It’s fun
as heck catching crappie, and you’ll be the guy everyone wants to fish
with — because they’ll catch more with you.

build tighter lifelong friendships, and the kids will beg to go fishing
with you constantly.

Now, it’s
possible you
already catch more crappie than you can handle. But…

You Want To Catch A Monster Crappie?
Do You Want To “Own” The Local Record?

If you
want to dramatically increase the average size crappie you’re catching…
if you want to feel the spine tingling thrill of hauling in a 3 pound
plus monster… Joel uses some sneaky tricks to find, attract, target,
and trigger an all out attack on your bait from only the
biggest crappies in your spot.

monster crappie catching secrets are “unique” to say the least…
and a few of them are downright “weird”.

And I never
imagined they’d work this well…

have used some of the recommended jigs and techniques outlined
in the course to catch our limit of crappie, many of which were
over 2 pounds!”

“Hi Dan,
this is Deb Lovin.

I wanted to
tell you about my experiences with your Instant Crappie Catching

My fishing
buddy and I have used some of the recommended jigs and techniques
outlined in the course to catch our limits of crappie, many of
which were over 2 pounds!

strategies and techniques in the course can be used by both
beginners and seasoned crappie fishermen to increase the
number and sizes of crappie they’ll catch.

experiences with the information prove this out.

for all this great information, and the many emails you’ve
sent me in the past. I believe you sincerely want to help
crappie fishermen catch more fish, and get more enjoyment
from every trip.

a good one, Dan.

Hickson, Tennessee

used one of his recommended soft body swimbaits with a weedless
hook, and I caught a 3 pound crappie!”

“Hi Dan,
this is Ontario Palmer.

I got your
course, and it is excellent.

The information
is so good and easy to follow, I
feel like I’m fishing with a guide.

Joel has obviously
been fishing his whole life for crappie and other species all
over the world.

He knows their
habits inside and out. And his stories, personality, charm and
humor really keeps everything interesting.

In the past,
I used one of his recommended soft body swimbaits with a weedless
hook, and I caught a 3 pound crappie! At first I thought it was
a nice size bass… but once I got it in I realized it was a crappie,
and thought I had the state record!

It wasn’t
the record, but it was still huge!

had a limited amount of time to fish lately, but I did get
out to try more of his methods, and I caught 13 crappie
between a half pound to a pound and a half (and a 7 pound
bass) in less than two hours! That’s great for this area.

I’m impressed with you as a person because you’ve put together
this great course, and you truly want to help people. That
fact shines through in your interviews.

a good day and talk to you soon.”

Madisonville, Kentucky

with a stringer he caught using techniques from the kit…
less than 2 hours!

100 Crappie In A Single Day Is Impressive…
But Hauling In A Trophy-Sized Monster Is “Legendary”…

just something about the fight with that monster crappie… and how
he looks as you haul him up out of the water…

how you’re buddies’ jaws hit the deck when they lay eyes on your prize.

The biggest
crappie they (and you) have ever seen.

it’s yours.

who sees what you caught will talk about it for years.

And Joel’s
got the techniques that will help you feel that thrill. There’s really
nothing else like it.

just 3 of the dozens he’ll show you.

And you
can have every secret in Joel’s arsenal, right now…

2 Years Of Hard Work, Joel And I Have Completed
This Step-By-Step “Instant Crappie Catching Tricks” E-Kit…

“Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit” contains every secret
Joel Adams
has ever
used. You’ll receive 6 downloadable manuals, a checklist, and
5 audio interviews with other crappie fishing gurus…

and it’s unlike any crappie fishing resource I’ve ever seen.

crappie fishing books I’ve read are full of some good information…
but they’re boring, and it takes forever to read through pages and pages
of fluff.

Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit is completely different.

is a “no B.S.” type of guy from his years in the military…
and from page 1 he jam packs
it with hundreds of his best crappie fishing secrets.

fluff, no filler, “no B.S.”.

be sucked into his insider crappie fishing world immediately because
the information is completely unique…

You Won’t Find Most If It On The Internet

This is
because Joel’s had more crazy fishing experiences than almost anyone
out there.

(In fact,
I’ve never met anyone else who caught crappie for food while living
in the woods at age 13… then fished all around the world in the Navy…
then learned about scientific “predator triggers” as a biology
major — and used them to catch crappie!)

Plus, every
technique is beautifully illustrated and photographed with simple step-by-step
instructions, so they are “brain-dead easy” to execute.

everything you’ll get in just a few minutes:

121 page “Instant Crappie Catching Tricks Core Secrets” manual
contains step-by-step instructions
for unleashing Joel’s core secrets… including beautiful illustrations
and photographs of every
step, so you’ll know exactly how to catch more crappie the next time
you go fishing.

are the secrets you’ll discover inside:

to make a “sure-fire strike indicator” using a guitar
string and a piece of duct tape, so you can instantly detect even
the smallest nibble… and catch him!

to easily predict daily crappie movement patterns based on the
time of year… so you know exactly where they’ll be before they
get there. (Every body of water is different, but Joel will show
you his simple method for tracking and targeting crappie, so you’re
always on top of them… even when the other fishermen aren’t.)

to “light line” small sinking crankbaits during the
pre-spawn so you slam crappie hand over fist… before the crowds
come! (You’ll follow Joel’s steps to work the crankbait from “shallow
to deep”, creating action crappie can’t resist…)

winter “bite zones” that hold small schools of crappie
wired to attack a specific jig type… as long as you use a slip
float. (Only the best crappie fishermen in the country know about
this one… and it’s deadly!)

The “Instant
Crappie Catching Tricks Advanced Secrets” course manual includes

Joel’s wildest, weirdest, and deadliest secrets… for crappie fishermen

willing to do almost anything to catch huge slabs of monsters. WARNING: some of this stuff is not for the feint
of heart!

some of what you’ll discover:

also included a simple checklist to make sure you hit all the best techniques
in the E-Kit.

was only after I put the finishing touches on the course that I realized
how many techniques, tactics, and secrets were included. The
checklist will be your guide.

follow it step-by-step to go through the information in the right order
so you “get” the simplest techniques first… before moving
on to the advanced tactics.

I’ve also prepared the following “surprise” bonus gifts for
anyone ordering today,
Sunday, March 18, 2018

has been crappie fishing for almost 66 years… and during that time
he’s come up with some creative “quick crappie catching” techniques.

this 47 minute interview you’ll discover:

tiny bait fish that can catch more crappie than any minnow by
10 to 1… but only if it’s dead! (Hint: you’ll trigger
frenzied crappie attacks by putting 2 or 3 of these poor little
guys on your hook after ripping their guts out.)

to exploit wind and sunlight to put crappie at a huge disadvantage…
and catch them like crazy in 1 spot for almost 60 minutes.

systematic deep water fishing method that automatically discovers
the perfect combination of presentation, depth, and technique
for triggering the most strikes. (This automatically adapts to
a crappies’ state of mind based on the current conditions… and
it’s absolutely brilliant!)

secret crappie fishing system Jerry discovered in the early 1980’s
when he used a 9 foot fly fishing rod, a bobber, and a special
jig to catch dozens of crappie between 1 ½ to 3 pounds…
at will! (He’ll show you how to adapt this strategy to
a standard crappie rod and trigger spin reel… so you fill your
stringer with monsters.)

didn’t give Rob much… but he can catch crappie (and fix your plumbing)
like almost nobody else.

uncles were big time fishermen and taught him everything they knew
when he was a kid. And he’s been putting those skills to the test
for 51 years… constantly refining his techniques… coming up with
new ways to stimulate action when everyone says it’s dead.

got the uncanny ability to sit in a crowd and catch the daylights
out of them when nobody else can get a bite.

to give your minnows dramatic wiggling spasms so they get slammed
a few seconds after hitting the water… almost every time!

to build a floating crappie catching platform using a stick,
an inner tube, a piece of plywood, a wire, a broom handle, and
a piece of duct tape. (This contraption automatically
attracts crappie, and can catch your limit for you.)

“pull and turn” technique that will free your tackle
from almost every snag… without having to break off and re-rig!
(All you need is Rob’s simple 3 step technique, and a pair of
needle nosed pliers.)

Rob and his best friend used pin floats and small jig heads
to catch 27 huge crappie… one of which was almost 4 pounds!
(They discovered this by complete accident, and he’ll show you
to use it to catch the biggest crappie in your spot within 30
minutes .)

a bunch more…

got over 50 years of crappie catching action under his belt… and
he’s only 51 years old!

guy was practically born with a crappie rod in his hand, and he’s
gonna tell you everything he knows, like:

bridge fishing secrets for catching a full stringer of crappie
in under 30 minutes. (You’ll use the legs of the bridge as a
big part of this strategy… and it works like a charm!)

secret “big crappie targeting” technique Ron used
to humiliate a group of fishermen who were making fun of him…
until he pulled out a crappie the size of a big bass!
(Nothing shuts ’em up faster than catching a big one that blows
’em all away… and Ron will show you this technique so you
can do it too.)

a barometer can accurately predict the number of crappie you’ll
catch before you go fishing. (You’ll use Ron’s barometer
crappie fishing guide to predict your success with 90% accuracy…
so you know exactly when your time will be well spent on the

is just an old country boy who’s been a crappies’ worst enemy since
he was 6 years old.

he’s always been willing to do whatever it takes to catch his limit
— no matter how difficult the conditions are.

Jim caught a 2 ¼ pound crappie while he was asleep…
with his toe! (He’s going to show you what he did,
and how you can reproduce his success to catch 1 monster on
almost every trip!)

“bait stacking” system for rigging a single line with
multiple “super baits” crappie will destroy!
(You’ll also use Jim’s bait discovery system to fine tune your
presentations… and drive crappie crazy.)

big mistake Jim made to lose a 3 pound “wall hanger”
crappie he hooked… (Too many guys make this big blunder…
and Jim will show you how to avoid it, so you don’t lose your
next trophy catch.)

to setup any curly tailed grub so it does a natural “wiggle
dance” that draws crappie in… forcing involuntary attacks.

Jim’s old fishing buddy out caught him 3 crappie to 1 with a
hollow body jig, an ultralight rod, and a weird (but effective)
technique… (Jim forced his buddy to show him the
secret, and he’s used it ever since!)

Joel is one of the most interesting guys I’ve ever met, I want you
to get to know him through this special interview I did with him recently.

it he tells the amazing story of his life, including: his childhood,
his military career, and most of his wildest adventures and fishing

love it.

what he’ll tell you:

a small idea transformed into an amazing A-to-Z crappie fishing
course filled with Joel’s unique secrets.

single reason Joel was able to catch crappie from the east coast,
to the west coast… and everywhere in between.

military adventures in Grenada, Beirut, and Operation Eagle
Claw in 1980.

he caught a 35 pound carp with a kite string, a hook, and a
piece of bread. (He was only 4 years old, and the thing
nearly pulled him into the water!

Joel ended up in a small town with a population of 20. (He still
lives there, and it’s only connected to the rest of the world
by a small dirt road…)

manual contains full transcripts of all 5 interviews, so you can read
everything you heard.
This way you won’t miss a thing, and you’ll easily absorb all the
techniques these crappie masters reveal.

there’s a workbook included that asks questions about the major techniques
revealed in each interview.

fill in the blanks to make sure you “get” each secret.

manual contains solutions to 34 of the most common crappie fishing
problems and mistakes.

been keeping a log (over the last 5 years) of the major crappie catching
“sticking points” and “slip ups” being made over
and over again. Things that prevent people from catching lots of crappie.

addresses each problem area and presents a solution for each… complete
with detailed steps and illustrations.

follow the information in this manual to remove unknown barriers that
may be hurting your ability to catch crappie.

what you’ll discover:

graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona, interned
at K-Pauls in New Orleans, and owned his own restaurant in Key West,

bottom line is: he’s a gourmet chef, and he’s put 30 of his best crappie
recipes into this cooking manual titled, “The Quick and Delicious
Crappie Recipes of a Gourmet Chef”.

just a couple of these delicious
meals (using crappie you caught with his techniques) can more than
pay for the course.

some of the delicious recipes included are:

that’s a lot of stuff.

the main course (including all 8 bonuses) will be yours today for
a low price that may surprise you.

plan for this course has always been to print and bind it into 5 manuals
and workbooks, along with 5 physical CD’s.

before I pay thousands of dollars to have 100 courses printed (the
printing company has a 100 unit minimum), I had to make sure there
was demand for this information.

I put the entire course into files you can download to your computer
quickly and easily.

you’ll get immediate access to the entire Instant Crappie Catching
Tricks E-Kit in it’s digital form. It includes:

these 8 free bonus gifts:

response to this offer from crappie fishermen (and women!) of all
experience levels is making my head spin… not only because hundreds
of fishermen are ordering, but because of the amazing feedback I’m

caught over 100 crappie each after
throwing all
the small ones back.”

Hello Dan,
this is Tip Quillin calling you about your new crappie kit.

It’s a great
resource for many reasons. First, because it gets into the actual
nuts and bolts of “how to” do things.

Most books
and magazines don’t break things down into easy to follow steps.

Second the
course gives you all the tools you need to be prepared for almost
any situation that comes along. It gives you multiple”plan
B’s to add to your arsenal.

I also think
Joel has a great personality, and he’s so likeable it makes
it easy to go through the course. He’s a natural born teacher.

I actually
used one of his jig baiting strategies to get the bite going
again after we thought it had died completely.

Both of
us caught our limits after we started using the technique.

To be honest, we caught over 100 crappie EACH after throwing
all the small ones back.

just wanted to tell you what I thought of the course Dan.
It is exactly what you say it is.

a lot, and have a nice day.

Mountain View, California

“prepping” in his “office” the night
before a crappie fishing trip

Of The Crappies Was
The Biggest I’d Ever Caught…”

Dan this is Ralph Wheeler calling.

I got your
Instant Crappie Catching Tricks Course the other day, and I
was very impressed with the information included.

used some of the methods Joel laid out in the Advanced Course
Manual to catch 36 crappie in a day, which is the most
I’ve ever caught at one time.

It was the
jig sizing system and minnow drifting techniques that did it.

I’m also
happy to report that one of the crappies was the biggest I’d
ever caught. It was just over a pound, which is very good for
this area.

had a lot of rough fishing days in my past, but since
I got the course I know exactly how to find them using
the crappie location system included.

course is exactly what you say it is!

a lot Dan.

Haines City, Florida

NOTE, UPDATED Sunday, March 18, 2018: Many
people who purchased the Instant Crappie Catching E-Kit today
want to purchase the physical course too. (when it comes out)

I’ve decided that anyone who gets the E-Kit today will also
get a special deal on the physical course when it’s released
(if you are interested)…

Can Only Guarantee The Special Price
Today, Sunday, March 18, 2018, Because
I’m Printing The First Batch Of Physical Courses Soon…

that happens, this “E-Kit” version won’t be available anymore.

if you’re on the fence, I’m giving you 60 days to see (and try) every
secret for yourself before you decide it was money well spent.

you place your order for the Instant Crappie Catching Tricks
E-Kit today, you can get a full refund at any time (for any
reason… or no reason) within the next 60 days after you place
your order…

and I’ll let you keep the Instant Crappie Catching E-Kit anyway.
(including all 8 bonus gifts)

You heard this correctly.

you get to keep the course anyway.

is more than a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you.

jig presentation and color guide
section of the kit was pure gold…”

Hi Dan,
this is Mark Bellsuth calling about your crappie fishing course.

The course
is like no other combination of books I’ve ever seen. There
is so much information any crappie fisherman can use to make
a trip successful.

illustrates, step-by-step, many unique methods of attracting
crappie and turning them into aggressive predators, even if
they seem hesitant to bite at first.

The jig
presentation and color guide section of the kit was pure gold,
and I can see how this information will create more opportunity
for crappie strikes too.

I used some
of the drift/jig patterns in the course, with a live minnow
to catch my biggest crappie ever.

It was 15 inches, big for my area and experience. I actually
thought it was a small catfish at first because of the

caught it on a drop-off.

impressed with your information Dan, and you’ve
proven yourself a trustworthy person by the amount of
information you’ve supplied.

have no doubt you are a true sportsman that wants to share
successful techniques with all of us.

wanted to tell you what I thought. Have a good day.

Michigan City, Indiana

Why is Mark happy? He’s got all the tools
he needs to catch crappie anytime he wants,
thanks to Joel’s techniques.

aren’t always easy, and most of us have felt a “cash crunch”
at one time or another. That’s one of the main reasons I’m offering
a downloadable (and more affordable) option first.

the biggest reason for the discount is: when you have Joel’s brilliant
crappie fishing secrets in your hands, I’ll feel good when I hear
about all the fish you’re catching.

be thrilled to hear how the secrets of a real American Hero (and all
the other guys on the interviews) helped you catch your biggest crappie
ever… and how good he tasted!

Are Darn Good Eatin’ Too — “Save” Your
Money Back After Just 2 Crappie Meals

you’ll also receive Joel’s gourmet crappie recipe book for free. (On
top of everything he’s done, he’s also a gourmet chef… he even owned
his own restaurant down in Florida for a few years.)

if you make a habit of it (why wouldn’t you? …crappie is delicious!),
you could argue that getting the Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit
could save you a lot of money over the years.

So Easy Even A Computer Illiterate “Old Codger” Can
Download And Use The E-Kit… Watch This…

click the play button below to see how easy it is to purchase the
course (and use it) from my secure server today:

Ordering Information Is Safe And Secure…
And Your Downloads Are Verified Virus-Free…

cases of identify theft are caused by businesses that use unsecured
servers to process payments over the Internet.

Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit is a different because I use
one of the leading secure Internet retailers: CLICKBANK.

process millions of dollars in transactions every day, and use advanced
data security technology — making it impossible for your information
to be compromised.

they even remove your payment information from their system after
your charge goes through. This eliminates the chance anyone will get
ahold of your information.

every piece of the Instant Crappie Catching E-Kit is scanned twice
a day to make sure they are 100% virus free.

really can’t see how ordering on the Internet could be any safer than

I sincerely want to thank you for your time.

feel a brotherhood with every fisherman I meet, including thousands
of my customers all over the world.

there’s one thing I’ve learned about fishing… it increases the quality
of your life.

in nature with a fun and exciting purpose lowers stress, creates happiness,
builds positive relationships, and gets people out in nature… in
all that fresh air and beauty.

could say that fishing is one of the secrets to living a long and
healthy life.

when you’re catching crappie hand over fist, almost every time you
try, your confidence in fishing (and life) soars.

have no doubt the crappie fishing secrets of Joel Adams, a U.S. Marine
and American Hero, can give you all this and more.

love what I do because it brings joy to guys like you… and if people
are catching more fish, it brings them closer together.

what we need in the world now… more than ever.



and Founder of Old Fishing Secrets

actually caught a 2 pound crappie in Badin Lake with one of
Joel’s strategies for
fishing around rocks.”

Dan, this is Dale Wallace calling.

wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the amount
of solid information in your new crappie catching kit.

already put a few of the tips to work and we’ve had great

actually caught a 2 pound crappie in Badin Lake with one
of Joel’s strategies for fishing around rocks.

so much more to go through in the course, I’m sure the
best is yet to come.

it easy Dan.


Norwood, North Carolina

Just one of the many crappie Dale has caught
using Joel’s systematic method for
fishing around rocks.

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The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

Review of 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !

Review of 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !

Review of 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !

Click here for bigger image

Review of 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !

Product Name: 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !

Click here to get 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! ! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of 3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !:

Click here for bigger image

3 High Converting Health & Wellness Offers (in French) ! ! !

Review of Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook

Review of Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook

Review of Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook

Click here for bigger image

Review of Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook

Product Name: Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook

Click here to get Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook:

Hello! My name is Mike
Gregory and Florida snook fishing is my passion!
I am lucky enough to live in
the beautiful state of Florida. So, I have had plenty of time to
devote to my passion. You might not have that much time.
After watching vacationers
leave my home state with a cooler full of disappointment, rather
than a cooler full of lunker snook, I decided to share my secrets
for catching the most snook in the least amount of time.
You might only have a week’s
worth of vacation to spend in the Sunshine State. You need to learn
how to make the most out of the time you have.
The snook is an elusive fish
to be sure. But it is not impossible to catch the big ones if you
know the right techniques. You can learn about those techniques in
my new book:
Recently, a new breakthrough
in Snook fishing was discovered and reported in an amazing new e-Book
called Snook Samurai.
It’s amazing, because it
covers nearly every bit of information you’ve ever wanted to know
about Snook fishing, plus more…
Just imagine being able
to catch Snook in no time without using a guide or spending a
fortune on expensive fishing gear.

Your Purchase is Secured by ClickBank

Your Purchase is Secured by ClickBank

Your Purchase is Secured by ClickBank

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Snook Fishing | Learn How To Catch Snook

Review of Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art

Review of Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art

Review of Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art

Click here for bigger image

Review of Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art

Product Name: Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art

Click here to get Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art:

49-page Adobe Acrobat PDF eBook.

Unlike most photography books, Portrait Photography Secrets emphasizes photography as artistic story-telling and focuses on your ability to see and to make artistic photographs instead of focusing on photography as merely a collection of technical skills.

Special consideration is given to wedding photography.

Portrait Photography Secrets (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) is suitable for desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and ereaders.

(Once purchased, download instructions will be emailed to you within 48 hours.)

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

My degree is in computer science. I have two sons.

I like to make websites and photographs.

If you are having trouble purchasing the eBook, or you have any other questions, you may contact Paul via text (778.720.0030) or email (

SECTION 1 – WHAT DO WE DO WITH YOUR INFORMATION?When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address.When you browse our store, we also automatically receive your computer’s internet protocol (IP) address in order to provide us with information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system.Email marketing (if applicable): With your permission, we may send you emails about our store, new products and other updates.SECTION 2 – CONSENTHow do you get my consent?When you provide us with personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order, arrange for a delivery or return a purchase, we imply that you consent to our collecting it and using it for that specific reason only.If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, like marketing, we will either ask you directly for your expressed consent, or provide you with an opportunity to say no.How do I withdraw my consent?If after you opt-in, you change your mind, you may withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use or disclosure of your information, at anytime, by contacting us at paul@jonaslee.comSECTION 3 – DISCLOSUREWe may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our Terms of Service.SECTION 4 – CLICKBANKOur store is hosted on ClickBank. 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So if you elect to proceed with a transaction that involves the services of a third-party service provider, then your information may become subject to the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which that service provider or its facilities are located.As an example, if you are located in Canada and your transaction is processed by a payment gateway located in the United States, then your personal information used in completing that transaction may be subject to disclosure under United States legislation, including the Patriot Act.Once you leave our store’s website or are redirected to a third-party website or application, you are no longer governed by this Privacy Policy or our website’s Terms of Service.LinksWhen you click on links on our store, they may direct you away from our site. 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If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.If our store is acquired or merged with another company, your information may be transferred to the new owners so that we may continue to sell products to you.QUESTIONS AND CONTACT INFORMATIONIf you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at—-

Copyright © 2017 Jonas Lee Photography

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Portrait Photography Secrets: Portrait Photography as Art

Review of From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.

Review of From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.

Review of From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.

Click here for bigger image

Review of From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.

Product Name: From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.

Click here to get From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack. at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.:

Click here for bigger image

From Fat To Fitness Model, Drop Fat And Build A 6 Pack.

Review of Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips

Review of Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips

Review of Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips

Click here for bigger image

Review of Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips

Product Name: Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips

Click here to get Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips:

Click here for bigger image

Men’s Health Books – Fitness And Wellness Tips

Review of Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!

Review of Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!

Review of Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!

Product Name: Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!

Click here to get Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!:

Now, you can create heart-stirring rooms easier and faster than ever
before by using a breakthrough new approach to home decorating.

And you get it all in one complete package – The Awaken Your
Interior Designer! Collection. (1037 photos/illustrations)

No more throwing up your hands in frustration because you can’t
figure out how to get started…or because you’re wondering if you’re
on the right track.

And by following our simple”Tools, Not Rules” philosophy, you’ll
quickly gain the confidence you need to decorate any space … no
matter what size home or budget you have.

The AYID! Collection was created based on detailed feedback from
“everyday people”, just like you. Now, you have a resource that
explores your toughest decorating questions.

The AYID! Collection is filled with so many useable ideas that you’ll
find yourself referring to it over and over again. It truly is the only
resource you’ll ever need to create beautiful and inspiring rooms.

Want some specifics? Glad you asked :-)…

Click here for a small sample of decorating questions you’ll get answered.color>

Click here to see some before and after photos of projects that you can accomplish.color>

That’s 6 unrivaled reasons for giving this package a try. And we
won’t even mention the reaction you’ll get from friends and family as
they fall over themselves admiring your home and talent, and
asking… “Who is your decorator?!”.

“I would like to go ahead and ecourage you to get(The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection). I have really appreciated reading it and seeing all the practical pictures and information. It gave me the encouragement to go ahead and step out on a limb in doing some decorating. It gave my husband and I the courage to purchase a love seat and sofa that were bold green and burgundy–so, I guess you could say we were bringing out our interior decorator. So, yes, go ahead and get The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection. I think it’s a great tool”
– Annetta Williams
Roseberg, OR”I expected the books in this series to be nice but nothing special. I thought they were “just ebooks”, so there would be no way that they could rival home decorating books that are published in print. Was I wrong! I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of information presented in the books — they really do cover absolutely everything you need to know to decorate with style and ease! What’s more, they are pure joy to read, written in a fun and friendly style that can make anyone excited about decorating.”
– Deborah Eger
Pleasantville, NY “These books are wonderful! The spirit that infuses them is loving and joyful, and the tips they offer are concrete and easy to implement. Suggestions, skills, and systematic approaches combine to make a fun read and a useful guidebook. You can get moving toward the home of your dreams right now!”- Robin Kreutzberg
Paradise Valley, AZ
“I don’t have a very decorating-oriented mind. (The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection) has helped me to figure out what my likes and dislikes are and how I can incorporate what I like into the decoration of my home and make it what I want for my family. I would recommend The Awaken Interior Designer! Collection to any one wanting to decorate their home.”- Teresia McArthur
Georgetown, KY

“I would like to go ahead and ecourage you to get(The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection). I have really appreciated reading it and seeing all the practical pictures and information. It gave me the encouragement to go ahead and step out on a limb in doing some decorating. It gave my husband and I the courage to purchase a love seat and sofa that were bold green and burgundy–so, I guess you could say we were bringing out our interior decorator. So, yes, go ahead and get The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection. I think it’s a great tool”
– Annetta Williams
Roseberg, OR

“I expected the books in this series to be nice but nothing special. I thought they were “just ebooks”, so there would be no way that they could rival home decorating books that are published in print. Was I wrong! I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of information presented in the books — they really do cover absolutely everything you need to know to decorate with style and ease! What’s more, they are pure joy to read, written in a fun and friendly style that can make anyone excited about decorating.”
– Deborah Eger
Pleasantville, NY

“These books are wonderful! The spirit that infuses them is loving and joyful, and the tips they offer are concrete and easy to implement. Suggestions, skills, and systematic approaches combine to make a fun read and a useful guidebook. You can get moving toward the home of your dreams right now!”- Robin Kreutzberg
Paradise Valley, AZ
“I don’t have a very decorating-oriented mind. (The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection) has helped me to figure out what my likes and dislikes are and how I can incorporate what I like into the decoration of my home and make it what I want for my family. I would recommend The Awaken Interior Designer! Collection to any one wanting to decorate their home.”- Teresia McArthur
Georgetown, KY

1) Awaken Your Interior Designer: A Guided Journey to
Creating the Home Your Spirit Craves, by Marney K. Makridakis and Michael J. Hollandcolor>

This 329 page volume walks you through every step of the
decorating process in an orderly manner. It’s packed with over 300 color photographs of
REAL homes to fill you with inspiration and ideas.(Click here to see this volume’s Table of Contents.)color>

After working with this e-guidebook for only a very short time…

(Click here to see just a few of the helpful aids you’ll find inside.)color>

Inside, you’ll get everything you need to
complete quick and stylish décor projects for walls, furniture,
windows, and accessories. Clear step-by-step instructions, photos, and
supply lists ensure that you’ll get the techniques right,
every time. Included in this three volume set are:

Rubber Stamping is all the rage. You’ve probably seen
colorful designs stamped on fabrics, cards, or small objects.

However, in this 129 page volume (225+ color photos), I take stamping to
a new level. It contains 15 exciting projects that you’ve never
seen anywhere else. You can give your home that “one-in-a-
million” look with very little time and money.

As an added bonus, I’ve included 12 original
stamping designs along with simple instructions to make your
own stamps…even out of potatoes!

Want to dress up an old lamp? Or, make “no-sew” slipcovers?
If you’d like to add style and flair to a room, but don’t have
the money to spend, this 118 page volume (275+ color photos) is for you.

Have a window treatment in mind, but don’t know if it fits
your decorating style, personality, or window type? Then read
this 117 page volume (150+ color photos) that makes it simple.

Order now
and you’ll receive an amazing treasure trove that will enrich your life! Just reach in and the right decorating gem is there, waiting to help you create a truly dazzling space.

“I ordered Awaken Your Interior Designer and I was really impressed. I’ve always been creative and watched decorating shows for ideas. I’ve also purchased a lot of decorating books, but most of them are expensive and without much useable content. I think whether you’re a seasoned decorator or beginner, there’s plenty of ideas in Awaken Your Interior Designer for you! I really love the section on color…that was really an eye-opener…”- Deedy StarrOklahoma City, OK”These books blew me away and dramatically exceeded my expectations. It’s unbelievable how much information is packed in Awaken Your Interior Designer — so much that I doubt I’ll ever need to buy another decorating book again, ever! The other books have totally original and unique projects with easy instructions and fabulous results, and I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you for inspiring me to make my home beautiful and showing me how easy it can be.”- Deana DavidCarmel, NY”…I think (The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection) is a great program…I find it thorough…I have used many of their suggestions for myself and also for my friends and family…”- Yvonne CornierCanada

“I ordered Awaken Your Interior Designer and I was really impressed. I’ve always been creative and watched decorating shows for ideas. I’ve also purchased a lot of decorating books, but most of them are expensive and without much useable content. I think whether you’re a seasoned decorator or beginner, there’s plenty of ideas in Awaken Your Interior Designer for you! I really love the section on color…that was really an eye-opener…”- Deedy StarrOklahoma City, OK

“These books blew me away and dramatically exceeded my expectations. It’s unbelievable how much information is packed in Awaken Your Interior Designer — so much that I doubt I’ll ever need to buy another decorating book again, ever! The other books have totally original and unique projects with easy instructions and fabulous results, and I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you for inspiring me to make my home beautiful and showing me how easy it can be.”

– Deana DavidCarmel, NY”…I think (The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection) is a great program…I find it thorough…I have used many of their suggestions for myself and also for my friends and family…”- Yvonne CornierCanada

It’s because I think everyone deserves a beautiful home. And I don’t think it should cost an arm and a leg for you to create warm, inviting spaces for your loved ones.

If you’re like me, you’re probably spending more time in your home these days. That’s why this very small investment in your happiness and your family’s well being is such a miniscule sum when you consider the lifetime of value that you’ll receive.

And when you
order right now,
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You get our insider report called Getting the Knack of Knick-Knacks: How to Effectively Arrange Your Mementos and Decorative Accents. Ever turn the pages of magazines or catalogs and wonder how they were able to perfectly group trinkets, vases, picture frames, etc., on side tables, coffee tables and display shelves?

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You get Home Is Where The Art Is: How to Select Artwork for Your Decorating Style. This insider report takes the guesswork out of selecting art. Learn the secrets to bringing your walls to life.

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Our special report, Light Up Your Style: How to Select Lighting Options that Match Your Decorating Style, will help you avoid the lighting mistakes that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

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Our special report, The Top 20 Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathrooms and Powder Rooms. When it comes to decorating, the bathroom is usually last on the list. Now, you have a resource that it filled with lots of easy ideas that you can implement right away.

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Marney Makridakis & Michael Holland

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InThe Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection, you’ll find extended information for these and hundreds of your other decorating questions. The answers to the questions have been condensed, but EVERYTHING mentioned here is covered in the books.

There is a big open window on the wall that looks into the living room and I don’t know what to do with it either. My living room is done in a country look with deer hanging on the wall. I would like to make them blend together but I can’t come up with any ideas.

Answer #1: By gaining an understanding of color harmony, you can quickly find the perfect solution to tying your kitchen and living room together. We won’t cover that topic here, but Awaken Your Interior Designer makes it very easy.

The book also offers 135 ready-to-go paint color schemes, several of which include grey and mauve. So I’ll use one of those palettes to quickly answer your question.

One of the American Country palettes includes three paint colors by Glidden: “Frankly Scarlet”, “Rosey”, and “Butterscotch Tempest”. This scheme uses a light and dark shade of mauve combined with deep butterscotch yellow as an accent color. These colors will brighten up your grey countertops.

You might select one shade of the mauve for the kitchen walls, and paint the living room the other shade. For extra impact, paint one living room wall in the “Butterscotch Tempest”.

Project Planning Tip #1:color> Before finalizing your color choices, I recommend that you take the color preference quiz in the Awaken Your Interior DesignereBook. (pages 73 -79). Polish off the look by using, Quick & Stylish Decorative Crafts, to create no-sew throw-pillows and lampshades with fabrics that complement this color scheme. (pages 45-51 and 78-83)

Answer #2: Your best bet will be to hang sheers or fabric shades to cover the window panes for privacy. And then add a topper that will enhance the line and shape of the bay window. Stay away from curtains or heavy drapes that close in front of the whole window area.

Project Planning Tip #2:color> In our eBook, Window Treatments Made Simple, we give you many more ideas for highlighting bay windows as well as tips for selecting a window treatment to match your decorating style. (pages 50-69)

Answer #3: In small spaces, function should come first. Start by arranging your furniture so that you can perform all necessary tasks and functions adequately. Consider using screens or space dividers to section off private areas of the studio.

You can add the impression of openness by hanging framed pictures of landscapes. Or, you can build faux windows by placing mirrors in old window frames.

Hang long draperies, starting higher than normal above the windows. And use tall furniture pieces to expand the height of the room.

You’ll find more tips for arranging furniture and making your space seem larger in Awaken Your Interior Designer. You also get lots of ideas for how to paint and decorate folding screens.

Project Planning Tip #3:color> Before furnishing your apartment, I recommend that you review the tips in the book on how to select fabric and wallpaper patterns that will make your space seem larger. (page 253)

Could you recommend a color or maybe a faux finish that will liven up our white walled living area?

Answer #4: Faux finishes are a wonderful way to add rich color and texture to your room. And since you want a dramatic change, I encourage you to give it a try.

Awaken Your Interior Designer includes step-by-step instructions for the six main faux finish techniques. It also shares ways to vary the techniques for different effects. Your choice of finish will depend on the style of your room.

For example, a dragging finish in burgundy looks rich and elegant for a Traditional-style formal room. However, a frottage finish, using two shades of deep green, is lovely and relaxed for casual décor styles.

Project Planning Tip #4:color> Before applying a faux finish, I recommend that you first take the decorating style quiz in the book to learn more about your decorating preferences. (pages 23 – 29)

How can I go about blending art, furniture, colors, without ending up with a stylized theme?

Answer #5: No, you do not have to choose one particular decorating style. As you noted, most rooms that are decorated in only one style look like they are out of a catalog instead of a real person’s home.

Awaken Your Interior Designer uses style information as a reference tool to help you make great decorating decisions. It also offers techniques showing how styles can be mixed together effectively.

Project Planning Tip #5:color> Before starting your decorating project, I recommend that you complete the color preference quiz and the furniture evaluation sheet in the book. That way, you’ll know which colors best fit your taste, lifestyle, and family goals. And you’ll determine your furniture needs. (pages 23 and 267).

Answer #6: Refurbishing the surface of your cabinets requires three steps: cleaning and repairing, priming, and painting. First, you should wipe them down with a mixture of water, dishwashing detergent, and a bit of ammonia, and then sand or caulk any imperfections.

Next, you should apply DTM Bonding Primer by Sherwin Williams or a similar primer to ensure a smooth paint finish.

Finally, you may apply either a water- or oil-based paint in the desired finish. Awaken Your Interior Designer discusses the pluses and minuses of each type. It will also give you insights into selecting the right shade of white paint.

Project Planning Tip #6:color> Before purchasing paint and painting supplies, I recommend that you review the tips in the book for avoiding common mistakes many people make when shopping for these items. (pages 200-204).

I see plaid put with floral and stripes and they look great, but somehow when I do it, it doesn’t look right. I would appreciate any help with putting me in the right direction.

Answer #7: To mix and match fabrics, you need to have an understanding of three elements: emphasis, scale, and color.

Emphasis refers to the way in which you use patterns to create focal points and keep a room visually balanced. And scale has to do with the size of the patterns that you mix together. With a basic understanding of these concepts, you won’t ever have to worry about mixing and matching patterns.

Awaken Your Interior Designer introduces what is called the “Ground Up” method. It leads you through mixing and matching fabrics, as well as determining where best to use them in your room.

Project Planning Tip #7:color> Before mixing and matching patterns, I recommend that you use the fabric planning chart in the book to identify the best types of fabrics for your lifestyle and decorating style. (page 238 – 239)

The dining room is sort of an Asian style table with chairs. The living room has a smoke colored look with colorful pillows. My kitchen cabinets are two toned cream and cherry.

What color trim would you go with throughout the house? Should the trim be the same throughout or different for each room? If you can give me any help I would appreciate it.

Answer #8: The best color choice for your trim depends on whether you want to actively highlight the moldings or have them play a more subtle role in the room.

If you want to highlight the moldings, go for a color that contrasts with the wall color. For example, a bright off-white used throughout the house would contrast with each of the colors you mentioned. But it would tie the house together, visually.

For a more dramatic look that also highlights the moldings, paint the trim in each room one shade darker than the color on the wall.

In Awaken Your Interior Designer, you can review the trim painting tips for more options. You can also find out if highlighting the trim is a good choice for your home, in general.

Project Planning Tip #8:color> Before you decide on the colors for your molding/trim, I recommend that you first review the section in the book on how to use color to relate rooms throughout your home. (page 151)

A wing chair will be on each end of the cocktail table. Hence, there will be a wing chair somewhat in front of the fireplace. Is this a good placement for the wing chair?

Answer #9: Two classic furniture arrangements that are timeless and effective are the L-shape and H-shape. The arrangement you pick depends on your furniture pieces and decorating style.

I’d suggest that you arrange your items in the classic “H-shape” configuration. This involves any combination of a sofa, loveseat, or chairs that are placed across from one another, with a large coffee table in the center.

This will maximize the impact of your fireplace. It will also create a sense of balance in a room with heavy Traditional style furniture.

Project Planning Tip #9:color> Before going through the pain of moving furniture around, I recommend that you use the graph paper and instructions in the book to sketch out a floor plan of your room.(pages 98 – 102) Then use the drawn-to-scale furniture pieces to evaluate different layouts (pages 320 – 321)

Click Here Now To Order By Credit CardUsing Our SECURE Servercolor>size>align>

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Unique eBooks help you to learn interior decorating faster than ever!

Review of Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Review of Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Review of Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Product Name: Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program

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Description of Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program:

From: Roger HaeskeThe EternalTeenager
South of Yuma, Arizona

Let me show you show you a “fast-as-LIGHTNING” way I discovered to melt
excess whale blubber, double your energy levels, get pro-athlete fitness and real world or “useable”
strength with easy to do 1 to 5 minute “Mini-Workouts.”

Who’s got time to waste driving to a gym and then doing 45-minutes to an hour of aerobics or
cardio when you could be doing short workouts at home that burn the blubber much more effectively?

In fact — long aerobics sessions can actually train your body to put on more

Unfortunately millions of obese people are still overweight due to horribly ignorant fitness
and dietary advice given by many certified personal trainers around the United States. Good thing I’m not a
certified personal trainer, it allows me to think outside the box and not be brainwashed by the orthodoxy.

If you’re doing, one and even two-hour long aerobics sessions to lose weight, you’re absolutely
wasting your time and for many people, actually training your body
to keep the fat on much in the same way that yo-yo dieting

There’s a much faster, better and cheaper way to get fit and melt the body butter once and for all.
No more gyms, weights or fancy shmancy exercise equipment needed ever again. In fact, you’re about to
discover one of my complete fat burning workouts that lasts a total of five minutes.

Actually, another one of my total body workouts lasts only four minutes and yet even well
conditioned athletes have a hard time finishing it.

Don’t worry; you can build up to it gradually over time or modify the intensity to suit your needs.
What I’m about to show you is for people of all ages and fitness levels from newbie to pro-athlete level.

Workouts very similar to my own have been scientifically proven to effectively burn up
to 9 times more fat per calorie burned than traditional, long slow and boring aerobic exercise sessions.

Yet most certified personal trainers will tell you that you have to do long aerobic sessions
lasting an hour or longer to lose weight. They say this because slower activity levels have been proven to burn fat
as the primary fuel instead of carbohydrates.

The fatal flaw with this idea is that in practice it doesn’t actually work.

While you are burning fat, this method of exercise also teaches your body to store fat. So while
you burn it off initially, your internal fat thermostat remains at a high setting and you end up putting the fat
right back on when you eat.

Why does the body do this? Because it needs the extra fat since your doing exercises that
rely on fat for the majority of the fuel.

What you need is a system that sets your body’s fat thermostat to low and can help
you get pro-athlete conditioning in a third of the time of traditional aerobics.

And wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need any equipment and could do many of these exercises even
while you’re at work, at home, travelling or just about anywhere?

I’d like to introduce you to a better way to get fit and do so in 15-minutes or much less per

One of the secrets is my discovery of two time-saving “multi-muscle” exercises, that grow 95% of the major muscles in your body. But there’s
much more to it than that.

(I’ll explain the exact details in just a minute. But first
I’d like to share a quick story with you…)

I’m blown away by how fast I am
on the tennis courts these days. I feel like someone operated on me and replaced my old legs with bionic,
super-athlete legs. My legs seem like they are made of steel and yet feel light as a feather. They have so much
power, bounce and resiliency in them. I feel like sprinting all day long.

I’m in my 40’s but I am running faster than I did in my senior year in
high school. It seems like I am running down tennis balls as fast as Andre Agassi. Not only that but I can stop on
a dime and quickly change direction.

I’ve also noticed that I can jump higher than in recent years and my
agility and balance have improved as well. I’m getting these and many other amazing benefits by doing just one
simple exercise only 5-minutes per day.

Don’t get me wrong, although this is an easy exercise to learn, it
doesn’t mean you won’t be working hard and breathing deeply. However, you’ll love it and feel a sense of

You also get a natural high from an exercise that takes only 5
to minutes to do. You can of course, spend more or less time depending on your goals and fitness

This exercise is easy enough for any beginner to learn and use but
powerful enough for world class athletes to get amazing fitness and health results. I teach all of my tennis
students how to do this exercise in less than 2 minutes.

It doesn’t matter how uncoordinated or un-athletic they are and trust
me I’ve had some very uncoordinated tennis students.  

It’s really easy to learn for anyone regardless of your current fitness
level. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. The results are powerful. You’ll totally transform your
body from the comfort of your own home. In fact, this is a go anywhere
and do anytime kind of exercise.

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Here are some unsolicited letters from satisfied

My name is Chris B. I ordered the LSE
profram about 7 months ago.

I didn’t believe it to be true that you
could get in fantastic shape with just bodyweight exercises alone…I was wrong! I was in
absolute terrible shape, weighing over 200 lbs and flabby.

I now weight 185 and am really seeing
positive muscle growth and strength all over, and lets not forget the weight loss and ab
strength I’ve gained!

I am particularly impressed with the way the
program is written, i.e. simple, and direct.

Christopher BarnesDaBigkahuna07@—–.com

I’m going on three weeks now with your exercise program and I feel great. It’s just what I
needed for an exercise routine. It’s fast, it’s quick and I feel and see the results already.
No gyms, no traveling, just exercising when and where I feel like it! It is definitely the
piece of the puzzle that I was missing!
Respectfully Yours,
Ken Bateman

Hello Roger, I wanted to take a minute to thank
you so very much for the fatastic Lightning Speed Fitness Ebook you wrote.

The exercises are AWESOME! They only
take me 8 minutes and I started seeing incredible results my 1st

I wanted to tone up to look perfect in my
Wedding dress and with your exercises I WILL definately be able to achieve the physique I
seek long before the day I have to get into my dress.

I could never thank you enough but I thought
this e-mail might be a good start. Please keep me on your mailing list about any other
products you produce!

From: Hernard Garcia [mailto:hgarcia0509@—–.com]To: rh@superbeing.comSubject: Great Program Roger. Great Results Too!!

Thanks for such an amazing program. At first I
was only able to do 100 in a row and boy was that intense. Im now able to do 500 in a row and
feel awesome. My goal is to reach 5000 in a row. The effects of that would be enormous. What
I also noticed is that when I jog now, my speed is as if I was running. Simply incredible I
must admit. Who knew that doing such a simple exercise can be so powerful.

I have been following your exercize
recommendations, and they have been great! I was never “fat” per se – I actually exercized a
lot before I was eating raw.

I’ve been doing a lot of the
Lightning Speed Exercise (LSE) and the Upper Body Exercise you
recommend, with amazing results. I’ve also been using my own body’s resistance, as you
suggested, for curls, neck exercises, abs, and a host of shoulder exercises. I dont know
why I ever went to the gym!

This is developing my muscles
so much more evenly. I recently hugged a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile, and he immediately
asked if I had been in the gym – said my arms and shoulders felt strong – he noticed this
from a 2 second side hug! At some point I’d like to go back to the gym to see how much
strength I’ve gained, especially in my shoulders.

I also noticed the benefits of the LSE’s when I
went running this morning. We had awful weather for the past few weeks (in Ohio) so I just
did lots of LSE’s at home instead of jogging. (I typically jog first thing in the

Today I went outside, and I just flew
down the street – I can’t even begin to describe it – I wasn’t exerting much effort at
all, but I was moving at what I would have previously considered a moderately
strenuous pace. I always finish with a spring- and today I went just as fast, hardly had to
“work” for it.

OK, I have to go now, but I just wanted to
let you know how much your website has helped me.

I am a personal
trainer/nutritionist who was looking for something new
to step up my program — and I believe I’ve found it.

On Tuesday of this week — I “tried” out the
Lightning Speed Exercise prior to my first client workout (did 50 reps no problem at all)
then did 50 with the first client (felt a bit of fatigue) and 10 with the second for a total
of about 110 over a 3 hour period.

While I had some muscle fatigue during the last
round – I was totally unprepared for the lactic acid build up I had and the accompanying
soreness. I haven’t been this sore since the last time I ran a 10-mile hilly road race for
which I hadn’t properly trained.

(Roger’s note: You won’t get this soreness if
you start out gradually and build up. Donna did too many repetitions for her first

I was able to do two sets of 20 with a young
teenage client I had this afternoon for a workout. I feel like I’ll be able to try for one
set of 100 -125 on Saturday.

And are my eyes playing tricks on me or
could I REALLY see some results after just one time? I’m fairly lean so muscle
growth shows up fairly quickly…

The upper body exercises are equally as
awesome. Even though I have a fairly developed upper body due to the consistent
strength training that I do — I have always found these upper body exercises difficult to

I am able to comfortably complete 2 sets of 15
and while I knew the next day I had done something – I didn’t feel like I had strained
anything. The weight distribution of this particular exercise is much more conducive for my

So — in short — I am loving both of the
exercises and looking forward to some great results not only in appearance but in

Thanks for checking in on me. I started right
away with the Lightning Speed Exercise. All I was able to do was 10 and that was not going
all the way down. I have to work into that. I do these everyday and can really feel the
difference in the strength of my legs already. I have not added any of the upper body
exercises at this point. Maybe later as my upper body has always been pretty strong.
Thanks Again! Lillian

Below you’ll find a list of all the wonderful things the
Speed Program will do for you. I
also encourage you take advantage of my free gift to you that’s in the yellow box. It’s my way of saying thank you
for visiting my website.

Report Titles: 10 Reports :
Plus Health & Fitness Updates

1. Build Rock Solid, Ripped Abs,
Anytime, Anywhere2. How To Double Your Energy Levels3. Seven Tips to Make Exercise Fun and Enjoyable4. Five Ways to Burn Fat & Boost Your Metabolism5. Seven Second Abs

I Respect Your Email Privacy!Your name and email address will not be shared with any third party for any
unauthorized reason. You can unsubscribe at any time with just one

Lightning Speed Fitness Program Benefits:

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Build A Ripped, Lean And Athletic Body With Two Easy
Exericises, In 15 Minutes A Day.

Get Fit Anywhere Because Your Body Is The

I don’t know about you, but I was sick and tired of all those
ab-rollers, ab-slide and gazelle type of infomercials. I wanted an easy workout program that I could do in my home.
I didn’t want to have to rely on exercise equipment. I wanted something fun and something that would motivate me to

The nice thing is the way my girlfriend drools over my buns of steel
and muscular legs. My legs are filled with explosive power and I’m in incredible shape. I’ve shared this exercise
with my tennis students and friends and they’ve received similarly amazing results.

The Lightning Speed Program has now been sold to enthusiastic customers
in 33 countries with minimal promotion. The price has already gone up three times. So please be sure to get it
soon, as I can’t guarantee to keep this low price much longer.

I want to share the Lightning Speed Exercise (LSE) with you. It’s
probably an exercise that you have done in the past or at least done in a similar way. But what you didn’t know was
how to do this exercise for extreme benefit. And maybe you didn’t know how very beneficial this exercise really
was, if done properly.

With the Lightning Speed Program you’ll learn how to do this amazing
exercise properly and partake of these life enhancing benefits. I invite you to join me in doing this easy to learn

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Bodyweight Fitness Secrets:

Lightning Speed Fitness Program owners get their top 87 fitness
questions answered. 42 pages

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You Get Over 70 Awesome Bodyweight Fitness
eBooks, Programs and Articles

You’ll never be
able to finish reading them all. If you follow only a few of these programs combined with
the Lightning Speed Program , you’ll get into the best
shape of your life. Read from whatever inspires you. Take a little bit from each program and
tailor it into your workouts. Or follow one type of program and when you get bored, try

Personally I recommend doing the bodyweight programs as they give
you functional or real world fitness, strength and athletic ability, are portable, less injuries
and much safer than lifting weights.

You may never need to pay for another fitness or weight loss
program again. You have access to over 70 books, programs, articles and forums. And this
information is not just something to get you to buy something else. Most of these resources are
complete body building and fitness programs, and books with pictures and even some

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You Get 3 Audios in MP3 Format and Detailed Written

Double Your Energy Levels with Lightning Aerobics Within

Discover the super energy boosting power of
Lightning Aerobics. This isn’t your average aerobics routine there’s a
special secret to it which normal aerobics doesn’t use. Plus you can do Lightning
Aerobics in as little as 15 minutes and gain tremendous benefits.

This is a whole program on it’s own
and will give you unbelieveable energy levels. It gives me so much energy that I
often want to do two or three workouts per day. You’re going to feel yourself flying.
You’re body will beg you to move it.

Lightning Aerobics combines
the Lightning Speed Exercise with several other
bodyweight exercises. By doing the exercises in a certain way and with a special timing,
it produces tremendous energy and fitness results.

It’s much more powerful than
running or regular aerobics. I never got these kinds of
super-energy levels from running alone. And I used to run for many years. The best part about
it is that it’s fun to do.

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Advanced 4-Minute Total Body Fat Melting Workout and
Super-Contraction Ab Exercise

These are some truly powerful exercises. But take
your time and go easy on the total body workout.

One of the exercises, is the best total
body workout I’ve ever seen in one exercise. It
combines several exercises into
one. Just one exercise will increase your endurance and muscle size
plus melt fat. The best part about it is that you can gain tremendous benefit from this
exercise in just four minutes.

The other exercise is the best abdominal
exercise I have ever done. It’s so much better than crunches or
sit-ups because it forces you to make a super strong muscular

Crunches and sit-ups don’t create a strong muscular
contraction and therefore can’t possibly increase the strength and definition of
your abdominals as much as this exercise will.

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The 60-Second Fat Blasting Workout
VideoYou can view the video on the customer page or download it in WMV

In this video I demonstrate what I call a
Mini-Workout that adds muscle to your legs, gets you huffing and puffing and revs your
metabolism into high gear.

Do three to five of these per day and I think you’ll be astonished at the
results. Personally I tend to do these for about 2 minutes at a time but for the newbie,
60 seconds is probably too much intensity.

These are great to do during little breaks throughout your day when
you’re too busy to do a full workout and especially if you don’t have time to go to a gym.

In fact, you can do these Mini-Workouts with just about every exercise in the
Lightning Speed Fitness Program. This is just another way in which you save loads of time with
my system.

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Watch the Brand New LSFP Instructional
VideosIn these 3 videos I demonstrate how to do all of the main exercises in the
Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

Now you can watch and learn. For many people this is much easier than trying to
follow written instructions and pictures.

I’m glad I finally learned how to upload video to the Internet because it just
makes it that much easier to learn these exercises.

Video number three shows you how to do a special push-up that works your legs more
so than your upper body. I bet you didn’t think that was possible.  But yes you can get a
great leg workout from doing easy push-ups.

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In short, my bodyweight exercise program will provide you with two easy
exercises that produce mind-blowing results. Plus I’ve included a ton of other exercises if you want to add more
variety to your program.

The choice is yours, you can just do the one total body exercise I’ve
just added to the program, or do the two main bodyweight exercises in the program, or add in a variety of, do
anywhere, bodyweight exercises. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

If you’re still skeptical, remember…

The Lightning Speed Fitness Program Is Backed By My…

I want you to be as confident as I am, and my customers are, that
you’ll see measurable improvements in your overall fitness. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want
to make your decision foolproof.

You see, I’m going to put MY MONEY where my mouth is,
and completely guarantee your satisfaction and results (or I’ll pay you!)

Use the Lightning Speed Fitness Program just 15 minutes a
day, for the next 30-days. 

You actually have a full 60-days to try it out. But I
guarantee you will get astounding results within the first 30-days of putting the
program to the test.

In fact, most of my customers end up getting significant increases in
energy and fitness within the first week. I guarantee you’ll feel like a new and
energized person by the end of 30-days of regular use of the program.

Question: What if after ordering your program I decide not to use
it, can I still get my money back?

Answer: Yes of course, if for any reason you are not satisfied or
the program is not for you, you can get a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Please try the main exercise first. It’s really quite simple, but once you actually
start doing the Lightning Speed Fitness
Program you’ll realize how powerful and life enhancing it
really is. You won’t know the benefits until you do the exercise.

There are also links to pictures of how to do this exercise and similar versions of
the exercise at the bottom of the report.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call. My contact information is
included below.

You will get this 15-page special report in ebook format, plus all the bonuses via
Instant Download in PDF or Microsoft
Word format. Nothing will be shipped to you, this is a digital product, it’s not printed on

Less than 2 minutes from now, you can be getting into the best shape of your life by
getting instant access to the program. You’ll never need to buy another fitness program again.

You’ll need the free Adobe or Microsoft viewers to be able to view these files . You
can download a free PDF viewer from this link. Most computer systems are capable of reading PDF files including
Windows and Macintosh.

Free Adobe PDF file Viewer

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,

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Bodyweight Exercises- Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Review of Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!

Review of Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!

Review of Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!

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Review of Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!

Product Name: Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!

Click here to get Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!:

Why do so few sound good? And why do so many people give up when trying to learn the uke? A study in 1993 by Anders Ericsson lifts the lid …

The study revealed that if you want to get good at learning something then:

So what is the secret to getting great as quickly as possible? Simple: Deliberate Practice. My video lessons do this by focusing on the things that will help you the most (in a way that turns weaknesses into strengths … simply and systematically).

All you’ve got to do is play along with three 7-minute videos per week, and your progress will skyrocket.

You will get better faster, because my videos use the PROVEN principles of Deliberate Practice.

My name is JP Allen and I’ve been teaching and performing music professionally for over two decades:
I’ve taught at University of Texas, Austin Community College and even toured all over the world with Grammy nominated Abra Moore.

I particularly love teaching ukulele (and the harmonica) because they’re so dang easy to learn – when you learn the right way…

Boredom (from mind-numbing practice), combined with bad habits, are a recipe for disaster.

My video lessons will work for you …

… because I don’t ask you to pause the video and practice alone, like the other ukulele video lessons do.

Let’s face it. Practicing alone can be boring. And when you practice alone it’s too easy to develop bad habits, because there’s no one there to guide you.

With my 100% play-along videos, you’ll have fun and you’ll develop good habits, because we’ll play together and practice together every step of the way.

If you’re willing to kick back and strum along with my quick and simple videos, you’ll be “hand-delivered” to a level your friends go “Wow! in a matter weeks.

The second common problem with learning the uke is that people just don’t have enough hours in the day.

Are you up for playing along with three 7-minute videos per week?

If you can, my Ukulele Buddy video lessons will be perfect for you. If not, you might as well just save your money. It took me over 25 years to distill this 100% video-based method down to its maximum potency. Three 7-minute videos per week is the sweet spot.

And YES … The more you play along with my videos, the faster you’ll improve!

How do you make one of the best learning methods on the planet better? Simple. Get a world-class uke player to join in the fun. Meet Mitch!

Mitch will show you how you can go onto the Internet and play any song you want for free (by understanding ultra-simplified ukulele tabs).

A graduate of the University of Hawaii, Mitch will entertain you and blow your mind with his crazy uke skills.

My lessons are suitable for all the different sizes of ukuleles.
When you buy my complete beginner’s uke course, you get over 10 HOURS of video instruction.

You’ll master all the easy must-know chords for playing your favorite songs. You’ll also discover the tricks for moving from one chord to another, effortlessly and smoothly (this will give you that “pro” sound).

After you’re done with the strumming lessons, you’ll really be able to make your little ol’ uke sing with a sweet tone. No more botched notes or buzzy chords!

Rippin’ the Roof Off the House – With Just One Chord! • How to Play Your Favorite Songs by Ear & with Ultra-Simplified Uke Tabs • How to Wow Your Friends in a Casual Setting • The Must-Know Chords • Locking It Down With a Solid Sense of Rhythm • The Most Popular and Easiest Strumming Patterns • Strumming Along with Other Musicians • Funky Reggae Grooves • Awesome Brudda Iz Strumming Pattern • Twelve Bar Blues • How to Write Songs with Your Uke • How To Tune • Right-Hand Muting • Ukulele Picking • Groovin’ Surf Song • Playing for Your Own Enjoyment … and a whole bunch more!

Four Awesome Digital Booklets:

The Instant Chord Method. How to learn hundreds of songs ― by ear ― and play them right away on your uke. How to play your favorite songs using ultra-simplified Uke Tabs. How to unlock the secret to decoding any strumming pattern by ear … in seconds!

Also, Song Ebooks and Some Handy Uke Tools For You…

The cherry on the cake! We’ve got a handy uke toolkit to assist your learning: a complete chord chart, a metronome and an easy learning check-list to help your learning process. And if that wasn’t enough we also have FIVE digital song books with some classic uke songs for you to play…

I understand that many people can’t afford to have Mitch or me instruct them privately, so our videos are the most cost-effective way for you to receive our complete system directly. With our videos you will get over 10 hours of play along instruction and that’s not counting the bonuses! What’s more…

…you’ll be able to go over the lessons as many times as you wish, all from the comfort of your sofa. But that’s not all…You’ll also get a FULL 60 day, money-back guarantee…

All you have to do is contact me or my best buddy Jason anytime through email at or call 1-800-292-4963 (extension 3) within 60 days of your purchase and…
We Will Give You a Full Refund Immediately (No Questions Asked)

If you’re an Advanced Musician, this course is probably not right for you. But if you’re someone who has noodled around with ukulele or other instruments with little success, you’re going to be playing at a level that makes your friends go “Wow!” in no time.Happy strummin’!

JP Allen
1-800-292-4963 (my personal extension is 5)

Yes, lifetime access to your videos and bonuses is included.
Yes, you can watch each lesson as many times as you want!

No, there are no additional monthly fees with either the DVDs or the instant online access option.

Yes, great idea 🙂
Just enter your loved one/friend’s shipping address, and we’ll send the DVDs directly to them, anywhere in the world!
After you order, we’ll send you an email containing a link to access all the special bonuses.
You’ll want to forward that email to the recipient right away, or if you prefer, wait until the special day.
One idea would be to order the lessons with your own email address.
Then just forward the recipient the link (which you will receive via email) to access the videos.
Optional: You can enter your recipient’s email address on the order, and they will get the access link (and receipt) via email immediately.

Yes the dvd’s are set to “region free”, so they will play on any dvd player or computer, in any country!

With an adult’s support, a young child is able to do the lessons.
Just let the child pace themselves, of course.
We’ve seen success many times, but please let us know your experience.
We do offer a 100% money-back guarantee, if needed.

You’ve come to the right place!
No musical foundation and no basic string foundation are required 🙂
My Ukulele Buddy lesson series was designed for nonmusicians and beginners.
I confident that we can help you become the uke player you want to be.
I think you are going to love the pace and style of the videos. If fact, we guarantee you’ll love it or your money back! So you really have nothing to lose.
All you need to do is play along with the videos 🙂
And if you do order the lessons, please do keep me updated on your progress.
I have a feeling you’ll be amazing your friends in no time at all.
I’d be over the moon if you’d be willing to submit a testimonial for our website someday about the lessons and your proud progress.
Once again, I’m confident we can get you there, and have lots of fun along the way!

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Ukulele Lessons – How to Play the Uke!

Review of Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News

Review of Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News

Review of Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News

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Review of Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News

Product Name: Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News

Click here to get Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News:

Are you willing to do a little bit of work today to transform your body to permanently burn more calories?

Would you like to stay slim for the rest of your life — almost effortlessly?

Imagine how it would be being able to eat almost anything you want — just like you see slim people do — because your body simply burned it all off.

How do you think it feels when your body burns off excess weight without you so much as blinking an eye?

If someone claimed to have found a weight loss method that worked with…

… your first thought would probably be that this person was crazy. Maybe even a liar.

Especially if he added there was…

I don’t blame you. Since you’re reading these lines, you’ve probably tried every diet and work out programs in the book without success.

The main reason most people fail to lose weight is because they give up on their workout program or diet within a few weeks or months. Continuing a program or diet simply takes too much time and effort.

My new approach is totally different.

I consider this the best weight loss program there is because it maximizes the effectiveness of any diet or work out. Even helps with minimal change.

What many of my readers have told me they were most amazed about was that once they put this little system into action, their body functioned like the bodies of all the slim people in the world.

Many people told me that after putting in just a few minutes a day for a few days, their weight loss was pretty much on autopilot. Their body functioned differently and they could forget about the program.

They never had to worry about their weight any more because their body was automatically taking care of everything. Just like the bodies of normal slim people.

What’s more, adding this little method to their current diet or work out program, boosted their normal results up to five times.

My name is Christian Goodman and I’m a natural health researcher.

In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly the third element of fat burning works to burn fat more effectively and stay slim.

But first, let me tell you how I discovered the secret of slim.

The secret is so well kept; they don’t even know it themselves.

You see, over the years, I’ve been receiving loads of e-mail—to the tune of hundreds in a single day—from satisfied customers who made the choice to try out one of my Health Guides.

The ones that surprised me the most were those in which my clients told me that, aside from finally enjoying lasting freedom from their ailments, they also lost weight as an added bonus.

As I received more and more e-mails from grateful (and now slimmer) clients, I began to notice a pattern.

They had bought my Health Guides that involved special exercises that aided breathing, such as my Headache And Migraine Relief program, my Fibromyalgia Program, and other programs in that category.

Initially, I didn’t see the connection.

How did these specific exercises help my clients lose weight?

I grappled with that mystery for the longest time, looking for the answer in medical journals, health books, and on the Internet.

The funny thing is, I found the answer in a beautiful hardwood forest in northern Pennsylvania.

I was pondering the question while camping there one still night.

I was exasperated at how hard it was to keep my campfire alight. The fire burned too slowly, and it produced a lot more smoke than heat. No amount of wood could make it burn any higher.

Then, all of a sudden, a gust of wind blew into the campsite—and the campfire flared up magnificently!

I realized that the exercises that helped my clients lose weight did so by bringing more oxygen into the body.

I knew that to burn anything, you need three things: heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Our bodies already have the heat and fuel (some of us have more of the fuel than others, unfortunately), just like my fire had enough heat and fuel.

I theorized that bringing more oxygen into the system—like the breeze had brought more oxygen into the campfire—would let the body burn fat more quickly and effectively.

So I set out to work. I gathered all the exercises I had in my programs that aided breathing and asked some individuals to test them.

Many started losing weight steadily.

As the days went by, they gave feedback as to how they did certain exercises differently, making them even more effective.

I wrote down every bit of wisdom that came from these great people.

Little by little, their feedback shaped my new Weight Loss Breeze Program into what you’ll be seeing very, very soon.

Seemingly simple exercises—most lasting no more than a few minutes each day—not only helped my clients lose weight rapidly, they also opened the doors to the following benefits:

What’s more, the exercises in my new Weight Loss Breeze Program fit easily into all diet or exercise.

In fact, these incredibly simple exercises seem to help the body run as efficiently as it possibly can, multiplying the results of other weight-loss efforts …

Doing the exercises, you will most likely not even break a sweat.

The exercises are so easy and simple that you can do them anytime during the day. You don’t need to go to a gym or schedule a specific time into your daily schedule for them.

You can do them while driving to work, during your coffee break, or while watching TV.

But that’s not the best part…

The exercises are designed to release the muscles that control the breathing process, helping you to breathe more efficiently round-the-clock, taking in more oxygen 24/7.

Like I said before, to burn fat, we need three things: fuel (body fat), heat (body heat), and oxygen.

The oxygen we breathe in metabolizes with body fat to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our primary source of energy.

So the theory is; the more oxygen we take in, the more fat we burn.

Virtually all weight loss programs out there focus on reducing body fat by dieting or sticking to low-fat meal plans, or increasing body heat by working out.

There aren’t any programs I’m aware of that advocate weight loss through increased oxygen intake.

The solution to our weight-loss woes is literally right under our noses. It’s a scientific fact that only 10% of our energy actually comes from food and water—the remaining 90% comes from oxygen.

What’s more, our bodies get rid of 80% of the toxic materials in the cells through breathing.

We thoroughly clean our bodies by breathing more efficiently and taking in more oxygen, allowing us to lose weight more easily.

A revolutionary discovery, my new Weight Loss Breeze Program elevates the role of oxygen intake in weight loss to a whole new level.

It has helped thousands of my overweight readers shed as many as 4 pounds in a week, all without the stress of extra dieting or working out (from what they already did).

Instead, it involves exercises that:

My new Weight Loss Breeze Program is incredibly efficient, yet so simple that it won’t get in the way of your other daily activities.

If you’re already enjoying a good diet and exercise regimen, then it’s even better—the new Weight Loss Breeze Program will fit right in.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle and watch as this program multiplies the results of your current weight-loss regime. No sweat.

I’ve witnessed, time and again, that my new Weight Loss Breeze Program has helped my readers:

I’m sure you’ve never heard about permanent results when it comes to losing weight. But in this case it looks like that’s the reality.

The exercises focus on releasing the muscles that control the breathing process, so people basically breath more efficiently for the rest of their life.

Many readers have told me they even kept on losing all that extra weight long after they stopped doing the exercises. Because their bodies have been retrained to breathe effectively and oxygenate every cell in the body for the most effective burning process

It’s like learning to bike, once you’ve learned it, you never forget it.

I’m so thoroughly convinced that my new weight loss method will help you that I’m giving it to you risk-free…

If you’re not totally thrilled with the Weight Loss Breeze Program, e-mail me any time within 8 weeks and I’ll refund your order… ASAP! Simple and sweet.

This is by far the simplest, yet most effective method I’ve ever found for losing weight and getting into healthy shape.

You’ll train your breathing passages to breath effectively around the clock. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get enough oxygen into your system forever.

That’s how slim people do it.

The final decision is yours. Click the link below and order the Weight Loss Breeze Program now.

PS: Finally, let me share with you what other customers recently wrote me after trying the simple Weight Loss Breeze exercises:

Size 12 to size 6, one size a week. I ate in restaurants throughout the six weeks of my weight loss and was never hungry. I loved this program!

Before I tried your program, I had tried losing weight on my own, through exercise and portion control, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was surprised at how quickly the pounds came off with the weight loss breeze program. Thank you Christian.

Jane Has him
Calgary, Canada

This was a life-changing thing for me. I love the feeling I get with your simple exercises.

I have lost about 50 lbs since I started my exercise program. In the beginning I only used the basic exercises but after a few weeks I felt so great that I now do all the exercises in your program daily. And LOVE them.

I feel younger, healthier and have more self-confident.

Pam LeBlanc
Baltimore, Maryland

Although I was skeptical, I bought your program online February 12th 2008. By April of 2008, I had lost 63.75 lbs.

I used your oxygen exercises in combination with a simple diet + walking outside for fifteen minutes three times a week.

The strange thing is, I don’t feel like overeating anymore and I can sense how much deeper and comfortable my breathing is. Is that normal?

Fred Gray
Darwin, Australia

I have used your program almost daily since we received it in January. It was major reason that I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and have maintained the weight loss over the last 3 months. What’s more, it was easy!

Linn Rogan
Daleville, Alabama

I find it amazing that when I started out with your program I was the typical “couch potato” and now actually enjoy getting up in the morning and going for a walk. I wake up happy, am boosting with energy and finally love to look into a mirror. It feels great!

I almost didn’t buy your program and when I did, I almost didn’t start working it. Thank goodness I gave it a chance. It made such a difference for me! The program was easy and I was never hungry. I am now off ALL my blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I feel and look terrific. Thank you Christian, you saved my life in every way a man could save somebody’s life.

All rights reserved ©, 2018

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Disclaimer: The website’s content and the product for sale is based upon the author’s opinion and is provided solely on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. You should do your own research and confirm the information with other sources when searching for information regarding health issues and always review the information carefully with your professional health care provider before using any of the protocols presented on this website and/or in the product sold here. Neither ClickBank nor the author are engaged in rendering medical or similar professional services or advice via this website or in the product, and the information provided is not intended to replace medical advice offered by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider. You should not construe ClickBank’s sale of this product as an endorsement by ClickBank of the views expressed herein, or any warranty or guarantee of any strategy, recommendation, treatment, action, or application of advice made by the author of the product.

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Weight Loss Breeze cb | Blue Heron Health News

Review of Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series

Review of Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series

Review of Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series

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Review of Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series

Product Name: Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series

Click here to get Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series:

Did Someone Say That AdSense Was DEAD?

Up Immediately To

To Get Free Access!


Google and Google AdSense
are trademarks of Google Inc. Neither are associated or affiliated with

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to
represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each
individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire,
dedication, marketing background, effort and motivation to work and
follow the program. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results
stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for
loss of capital.

Terms & Conditions |

Earnings Disclaimer

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var sc_invisible=1;
var sc_partition=17;
var sc_security=”393a234a”;

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Make Money With Google AdSense – AdSense Master Plan Video Series

Review of aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being

Review of aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being

Review of aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being

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Review of aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being

Product Name: aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being

Click here to get aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being:

Discover how easy it is to have your best life now

Discover how easy it is to have your best life now

Get Your Free Audio Hypnosis Session Now!

Sign up now and receive a 30 minute hypnosis session on relaxation.

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Julia’s Hypnosis for Easy Weight Loss program was the first thing that ever helped me lose weight, reach my goal weight and keep it off. Finally!!
The 10-day transformation that she recommended in her program gave me the jump start I needed and I lost 18 pounds in the first 10 days of beginning her monthly audio program. What I also loved was the fact that at the end of 12 months I had 12 life long tools that I can turn to any time I feel that I need a tune up. After the holidays is a great time to revisit an audio because it gets me right back to where I need to be. I would highly recommend Julia and her programs to anyone that has tried everything and feels that they will never be able to lose their desired weight. You can do it. Julia’s personal coaching program is well worth the money if you need her to hold your hand along the way. Just Do It!

I was introduced to Julia several years ago by a mutual friend and our paths had opportunity to cross several times. I was intrigued that she was a hypnotherapist, and I could also see she was a person of good character.

It just so happens the timing was right when she introduced her course, Hypnosis for Easy Weight Loss, as I was overweight and had just been diagnosed with very high blood pressure. My blood sugar was also a bit high and I really didn’t want to become diabetic and have to deal with two diseases for the rest of my life. Not to mention I was bursting out of my clothes and didn’t have the best appearance.

So I signed up for her program. The monthly lessons were delivered to my computer every month, making it very convenient, and its pay as you go, making it very affordable. You have they option to cancel at any time, so I decided to give it a try.

The only thing I had to lose was excessive weight. In looking back at the monthly lessons, the program is very well thought out, as the subject matter of each month builds on the lessons of the previous months. There were many months when I received my lesson and was so happy Julia decided to address that particular topic. And yes, easy it is. I just burned my CD monthly and played it while in bed.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was working at first, but in the beginning of the program you are asked to make a commitment to take it to the end, and I am so happy I did. The effect is so subtle, yet big changes were taking place. I slowly and steadily lost weight, every month. I found myself eating fresh, healthy foods and cooking at home from scratch.

It’s not like I tried to eliminate bad foods from my diet, I just started eating healthy, nutritious foods and once you are getting beneficial nutrients from your food, unhealthy fattening foods are no longer desirable. With this program, Julia taps into the extraordinary power of your subconscious, guiding you to want to take steps to better health.

I have completed the 12 months of the program and continue to lose weight. So far I have trimmed down 40 pounds, and the compliments are almost constant. I look and feel so much better. In a few weeks I will return to the doctor’s office to negotiate the dosage of my blood pressure medication, with the goal of eliminating it all together. That’s really big for me since good health is the key to being happy and productive in life.

The other nice thing is that I can use these 12 CDs as a refresher course any time I need a little extra help. You are left with a library of topics that you can revisit as needed. If you are seeking an easy, consistent, and healthy way to lose weight, I highly recommend Julia’s program. Even though you are given the option to cancel at any time, please choose to stick with it to the end.

I trust you will be just as pleased with your results as I am with mine. Thank you Julia for helping me to achieve my goal of trimming down to a healthy, attractive weight and for giving me the tools to keep it off for life.

Amazing! I have always wanted to try hypnosis and these sessions exceeded any expectations I had. The effects of hypnosis have become more and more obvious to me as time passes, although I experienced a sense of calmness almost immediately. I feel 100% more able to cope with my anxiety, without medication, as a result of my sessions. I am so thankful for my custom session CD. It is a tool that will always be a part of my tool box. That is a genius idea! I have many other areas that I will definitely take the time to explore through the use of hypnosis.

I just started listening to Julia’s weight loss recordings and I love them! They have helped me tremendously by eating smaller portions, release the need for sugar and realizing I have the power to shed all the excess weight. I would recommend Julia’s program to anyone who is struggling with their weight or inability to shed it.

My experience was a VERY positive one. I felt that I was able to find new ways of reaching my personal and professional goals. I was AMAZED by the amount of effect hypnosis could have on my life! After my first session I felt that I was able, already, to accomplish more than I had thought possible.

I have tried books, videos, tapes…and finally hypnosis has given me what I have been looking for after all of this time.

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2017

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aMindandBodyConnection – Hypnotherapy for Improved Well Being

Review of Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!

Review of Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!

Review of Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!

Product Name: Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!

Click here to get Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!:

Hitting cross-court might be the most popular drill in the world. Unfortunately most players don’t perform it in a very effective manner. In this video I show you how you can make this drill more effective!

In this video tip I explain the basic swing pattern that you need to develop for efficient topspin groundstrokes!

(Only viewable if you are subscribed to our free newsletter)

A lot of players struggle with missing the serve in the net too much because they hit down on the shot.

(Only viewable if you are subscribed to our free newsletter)

Most players make the mistake of swinging too much at their volleys. This video tip gives you a good idea of what you should focus on instead!

(Only viewable if you are subscribed to our free newsletter)

Leading with the edge is one of the key fundamentals for a great serve and in this video I talk about it in detail

In recent videos and blog posts I talked mostly about optimizing your technique and I do believe…

Tennis Strategy and Tennis Tactics are very popular topics among tennis players and coaches!

By entering your email, you will receive free video tips via
our newsletter and also product offerings from time to time.Our Privacy Policy

Please type this code in the box:

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Online Tennis Instruction – Learn How To Play Your Best Tennis, Free Tennis Tips And Tennis Videos!

Review of The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet

Review of The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet

Review of The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet

Product Name: The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet

Click here to get The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet – The LCFB Diet:

Imagine never having to suffer through some tasteless, boring and restrictive diet ever again.

And while you’re at it, imagine how you fully satisfy your hunger and cravings with foods like pizza, cheeseburger and chocolate cake, knowing that the ingredients used for all this deliciousness were carefully selected to maximize your fat burn and minimize your appetite.

Yes, plenty of common household foods have already been proven to speed up fat loss while bringing down your hunger and cravings.

If this sounds a little too good to be true, then you’ll be happy to discover how modern science can make that not only possible, but easily doable.

Well, it all starts with groundbreaking scientific research.

Recent studies have shown that your typical, “doctor-approved” weight loss diets SABOTAGE the hard work and effort you put into getting rid of that stubborn body fat.

If standard weight loss diets actually worked, we wouldn’t be facing a worldwide obesity epidemic right now, would we?

But for you, the lifelong struggle to get rid of that stubborn body fat ends right now.

Keep reading to find out how modern fat loss science can make it way easier for you to get rid of that stubborn body fat.

Here’s the first shocking scientific fact:

As soon as you limit your food options to some tasteless, boring and restrictive diet, your body will fight back like a rebellious teenager.

The longer you keep restricting yourself, the harder you struggle to stay away from your favorite foods, the stronger your hunger will become.

Here’s how bad this problem can get on a typical weight loss diet:

According to research published in the Journal of Obesity,

(Obesity; 2016 Jun; 24:2289–2295.)

Even though this is an extremely worrying scientific discovery (for anyone hoping to get rid of that ugly body fat with some standard, “doctor-approved” weight loss diet), most nutrition experts choose to remain silent about this critically important fact.

(I can only guess it’s because they want to keep earning money off the countless hunger boosting food plans they keep pitch to their unsuspecting clients.)

Just take a look at what happens to your appetite if you struggle on some standard weight loss diet for 6 months:

As you can see, science has proven that as soon as you go on a standard weight loss diet, your appetite shoots up right away.

But the scary part is, even if you start eating normally again after 6 months, your hunger and cravings won’t return to normal even after 2 years!

Just think about this for a while.

On top of struggling with intense hunger and cravings during the diet, your appetite will keep going strong long AFTER you’re already off the awful diet that boosted your cravings.

The bottom line is, if you want to skyrocket your hunger, cravings and appetite (and keep them going strong for 2+ years) then you should go on a balanced weight loss diet.

But if you’re ready to find out how modern science can help you get rid of that stubborn body fat without hunger and cravings, read on.

Here’s another shocking fact about standard weight loss diets:

Here’s the truth: If you want to teach your body to store more fat, you should go on a balanced weight loss diet.

Many overweight doctors will tell you that the “best” way to get rid of that stubborn body fat is to eat everything in moderation.

But that’s a BIG FAT LIE.

If eating everything in moderation actually helped people get rid of that ugly body fat, then everybody would be walking around in a zero-fat body, wouldn’t they?

You see, the fact that balanced weight loss diets boost your ability to store more body fat has been proven by science long ago.

So the longer you struggle on some tasteless, boring and restrictive diet, the harder your body will fight to hold on to your body fat.

Luckily, science has already discovered the root cause of this worldwide fat accumulation problem:

Research published in the Journal of American Medical Association says:

(JAMA; 2014 Jun; 311:2167-2168.)

The problem with standard weight loss diets is that while they may seem “balanced” on paper, they create a major imbalance of the fat storing hormone (insulin) in your body.

Insulin is the hormone made by the pancreas and its most important job is to store more body fat. The second job of insulin is to prevent the release of calories from your body fat cells.

What do you think happens as soon as you jump into some balanced weight loss diet that skyrockets the levels of insulin in your body?

Not only does this send a strong signal to your body to store more body fat, high levels of insulin also force your body to guard your body fat closer than a hungry dog guards his food.

If you want to destroy your muscles, reduce your natural ability to burn more calories and generally feel weak and tired all the time, then tasteless, boring and restrictive diets are perfect for you.

Everybody knows that muscle tissue is active tissue, meaning your muscles help you burn off more calories even when you’re lying on your couch (or sleeping).

So, do you really want to take your chances with some standard diet that will not only make you feel and look weak and out of shape, but also ruin your body’s natural fat burning abilities?

And I get it. Your one and only priority is to get rid of that embarrassing body fat. You may not even care if you sacrifice a “little” of your muscle mass to reach that goal.

But just take a look at how destructive a poorly designed weight loss diet can be:

According to a study published in the Journal of Appetite:

(Appetite; 2012 Jan; 58:831–834.)

But that’s not the worst of it…

When you’re losing your lean body mass you’re not only damaging and weakening your muscles.

That’s because the damage caused to your lean body mass by some standard weight loss diet won’t be limited just to your muscles. It will hurt your bones and vital organ tissue as well.

And I probably don’t need to remind you about THE most important muscle in your body (that just happens to be your #1 vital organ as well) – your heart.

Why would any sane person want to weaken their muscles, their bones, their heart and their vital organs while struggling through some poorly designed, hunger-boosting diet?

Why, when plenty of science already exists how to solve ALL of these problems.

While the “experts” in the weight loss industry keep recommending dangerously fattening diets to ever struggling clients, science already knows how to design a diet that:

(These are just three of the most common problems you’ll run into with most weight loss diets out there.)

It’s simple. Read on and I’ll tell you exactly what you should be eating instead of struggling on one of those tasteless, boring and restrictive diets.

I’ll show you the little known, science-based secrets you can use to keep eating the foods you love and still get that lean body you desire.

The science I’m about to reveal will boost your natural ability to burn away that stubborn body fat even as you keep enjoying your favorite foods (yes, even things like pizza, hamburgers and chocolate cake).

Honestly, the science I’m about to reveal may not be the right thing for you.

If you love forcing your body and your mind through tasteless, boring and restrictive diets (that release loads of fat storing hormone in your body), my research is NOT for you.

If you don’t really care about damaging your muscles, your bones and your vital organs (like your heart), my discoveries are NOT for you.

If you aren’t prepared to lose weight while eating tasty, common household foods that contain lots of store-bought fat burning ingredients, the science I’ve collected over the years is NOT for you.

Here’s the truth: I can show you how to prepare lots of delicious fat burning meals that look and taste like the foods you’ve been eating all your life (sometimes they’ll taste even better). But unless you actually commit to eating all that yummy stuff, you simply won’t get the results you deserve.

And you can do it QUICKLY, SAFELY and FOR GOOD.

That’s WITHOUT extreme hunger and cravings, WITHOUT flooding your body with fat storing hormone and WITHOUT damaging your muscles, bones and vital organs.

But you must be willing to start preparing your favorite meals with inexpensive, store bought ingredients.

(We’re talking common household foods and ingredients, so you probably already have most of these in your kitchen.)

If you’re not afraid of introducing small, hardly noticeable changes to your diet (and start eating bigger and better tasting meals), you’ll quickly get some amazing results.

By the time the standard dieting crowd starts massively falling off the wagon (because unlike yours, their hunger and cravings WILL skyrocket), you’ll already melt away lots of body fat.

And you’ll to do it without feeling hungry, starved and deprived of your favorite foods all the time.

If you’re ready to switch from tasteless, boring and restrictive diets to a food plan that allows you to enjoy tasty foods that deliver an awesome feeling of fullness and satitation, keep reading.

I’m going to show you the science on how you need to eat for hunger-free fat loss and how you can start right away.

But first, I should introduce myself (sorry I took so long).

My name is David Brown and I’m the exact opposite of the so-called weight loss experts.

After struggling with the failing mainstream weight loss advice for far too long (and only succeeding because of my own discoveries), I now research why those nutrition “experts” fail to deliver long term results for such a huge number of people.

And unlike most of those experts, who stubbornly insist on recommending dangerously outdated weight loss method to their clients, I take great pride in investing countless hours into going through piles of ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH on how our bodies actually burn off that ugly body fat.

And it’s only because I am now able to offer science-based advice that gives people real life results, my articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of people that visit my website and other major media outlets like Psychology Today, Mind Body Green, Elite Daily:

As soon as I discovered the shocking science on how standard weight loss diets make you fat, hungry and weak, I was desperate to find a science-based solution that actually works.

Surprisingly, plenty of research has already proven it’s possible to use store bought, common household foods and ingredients to fully reverse all those dangerously negative consequences of standard weight loss dieting.

A food plan called The Low Carb Fat Burn Diet, or The LCFB Diet for short, was born.

The compilation of cutting edge fat loss research behind The LCFB Diet is a highly effective alternative to the globally-failing standard weight loss diets that will allow you to:

But you don’t have to take my word for any of this.

Instead, take a look at what science has already proven about LCFB-style diets:

According to research published in the Journal of American Medical Association,

(JAMA; 2012; 307(24):2627-2634.)

This means that as soon as you switch from your standard diet to The LCFB Diet food plan, you’ll automatically start burning away hundreds of extra calories, day in and day out.

You’ll get to enjoy this awesome fat burning boost even without severely restricting your calories (which is a must on pretty much any balanced weight loss diet).

Maybe you’re not yet convinced that suffering through your typical, “doctor approved” weight loss diet is completely unnecessary for excellent fat loss results.

If you’re not ready to trust it’s possible to burn away lots of extra calories while eating lots of delicious foods everybody else is eating, here’s some more science for you:

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition says:

(JACN; 2004; 23(5):373–385.)

So, if you eat a 1,000 calories worth of the protein rich foods I carefully selected for The LCFB Diet, your body would burn off 350 calories just to digest them.

In this case, your body would only absorb a “net” of 650 calories from 1,000 calories of those specific foods.

This extra calorie burn that happens because you’re enjoying those specific fat burning foods is just one of the many reasons why you can eat more (and better) food on The LCFB Diet than on your typical weight loss diet.

Again, we’re talking common store bought foods you can buy at your closest grocery store even if you’re on a tight budget.

So even if you did absolutely nothing else but started using more of those protein rich foods I hand-picked for The LCFB Diet, you would still burn off hundreds of extra calories.

But there’s more fat burning science behind The LCFB DIET than “just” this 35% calorie burning boost:

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered:

(AJCN; 2008; 87:621-626.)

You see, when it comes to fats and oils, the standard weight loss dieting bunch makes the mistake of avoiding them like the Devil avoids the cross.

But you now know that modern science has proved that anyone who tells you all fats are bad for weight loss is lying through their teeth (whether they know it or not).

As soon as you switch from your standard, fattening kitchen oil to MCTs, you’ll immediately start seeing bigger and faster fat loss results.

Yet again, science has proven there is no need to severely restrict your calories and food choices to some insane diet.

If you simply switch from unhealthy, fattening oils and fats to healthy sources of MCTs, your body will start burning away more calories from your body fat reserves right away.

Because this is such an easy fat loss win, the recipes in The LCFB Diet rely on healthy, MCT-rich foods and ingredients to skyrocket your fat burn rate.

Here’s another piece of fat burning science that will start working for you as soon as you switch to The LCFB Diet:

According to a study published in the International Scientific Journal Acta Medica,

(AMM; 2000; 43(4):129-32.)

And that’s exactly why I’ve included plenty of fiber-rich foods in The LCFB Diet!

You see, because fiber is completely indigestible, your body can’t extract any calories from it, no matter how much fiber you eat.

In other words, fiber-rich foods allow you to eat bigger, better and tastier meals than on any of those tasteless, boring and restrictive diets.

Simply put, because of fiber, you get to eat more and better food WITHOUT any extra calories.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another fact about why doctor-approved weight loss diets keep failing so miserably at helping people get rid of that embarrassing belly fat:

Doctor Joanne L. Slavin, the author of more than 250 scientific publications in the field of Food Science and Advanced Nutrition, recently published a research paper proving that even the most popular weight loss diets are ridiculously low in fiber.

If millions struggle on popular diets that have so obviously been designed for fat gain instead of fat loss, then the fact that the whole world is crippled by a raging epidemic of obesity, is not surprising at all.

But for you, this insanity can stop right away.

All you have to do is switch to The LCFB Diet, an inexpensive, easy to follow food plan that is loaded with fiber-rich foods and other scientifically proven fat burning ingredients you can buy at every local grocery store.

Can you remember the last time you struggled to resist the overwhelming desire to just eat something normal during some ridiculously restrictive diet?

Your mind probably screamed thoughts like: “Why am I torturing myself like this?!?” or “I’ll never be able to stick to ANY diet!!”

And it’s true. Unless you have the willpower of a celibate monk in the Playboy Mansion, you’re bound to keep failing off the standard dieting bandwagon. With the insane amount of hunger and cravings balanced weight loss diets trigger, this isn’t surprising at all.

But luckily for people like you and me, who don’t possess the extreme mental toughness needed to withstand the mental pressure triggered by a typical weight loss diet, science already has the answers to our prayers.

First, let’s take a look at how…

You’ve seen the science on how standard weight loss diets flood your body with fat storing hormone that closely guards and protects your body fat, even as you struggle real hard to get rid of it.

Balanced weight loss diets deliver an unnecessarily high amount of carbohydrates into your body, which triggers the release of hunger boosting hormone:

According to research published in the Journal of American Medical Association:

(JAMA; 2012; 307(24):2627-2634.)

To be fair, some diets on the market are already designed to be as low in carbohydrates as possible.

Those diets are called “ketogenic” or just “keto” diets and they can help keep your hunger and cravings in check. But ketogenic diets make two critical mistakes:

Because ketogenic diets contain little to no carbohydrates, they severely limit your food choices and can drain away your energy to a point where you’re barely able to get off the couch (much less enjoy your life to the fullest).

With The LCFB Diet, I created a food plan that will provide you with the perfect amount of carbohydrates, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds:

Are you starting to see how all this cutting edge fat loss science comes together?

But there’s more hunger suppressing, store bought foods I’ve used for The LCFB Diet:

The ultimate goal for The LCFB Diet was to design an affordable rapid fat loss diet that keeps your hunger, cravings and appetite on the low end (so you could actually live a normal life even after you reach that elusive state of super high fat burn).

But to pull off what a huge majority of hunger-boosting diets couldn’t, I needed to rely on as much hunger suppressing science as possible.

So here’s another science-backed way of taming your hunger and appetite with common household foods:

According to research published by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition,

Honestly, I’m quite surprised the huge majority of the weight loss industry hasn’t caught on to this highly beneficial scientific fact yet.

But as you saw, science already knows that bringing down your hunger doesn’t require boatloads of pills, supplements or outrageously expensive weight loss drugs.

All it takes, to reduce your hunger to a point where you desire over 400 calories less food per day, is to replace hunger boosting foods with hunger reducing ones.

If you’re still not 200% convinced, then you should know that research published in the Journal of Obesity has shown that those same protein-rich foods have also been proven to bring down your desire for late night snacks.

And for the life-changing value you’ll be getting, it would be a bargain even at that price.

I personally guarantee you’ll love and enjoy the delicious fat burning recipes made up of inexpensive ingredients that have been proven to boost fat burn while taming your hunger and cravings.

I’m willing to back my words with a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re disappointed for any reason whatsoever, you’ll get every cent of your money back, no questions asked.

The bottom line is, you’re only agreeing to TRY The LCFB Diet absolutely risk-free.

So, if you’re ready to get rid of that stubborn body fat and start looking and feeling ten years younger, you’re ready to try The LCFB Diet.

I can’t wait to hear your success story and see your before and after pics. Be sure to keep me posted on your progress and email those photos to me as soon as you reach your desired weight.

Always feel free to ask absolutely any questions you may have on the way to your ideal body. I’m here for you 24/7, every step of the way.

I’m really making you a zero-risk offer. So do yourself a favor and start using The LCFB Diet to change your life right away.

But if you are ready to TRY The LCFB Diet, then do it TODAY. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and I won’t be able to keep the price this low for much longer.

If you return to this page after a couple of days, the price may already be back to normal and you’ll have to PAY MORE THAN DOUBLE for this life-changing information you can’t get anywhere else.

So get The LCFB Diet right now for just:

PS: As soon as you decide to finally get that lean body you’ve always wanted, you’ll receive full access to The LCFB Diet in a digital format (PDF). You can read it on your computer or your favorite e-reader (like Kindle), using free PDF-reading software (like Adobe Reader).

This means ZERO waiting time and ZERO printing, handling, shipping and customs costs. You can start in just a few minutes.

Remember, if you access The LCFB Diet TODAY, you still have 2 full months to TRY it out and see how well it works for you.

Download the book right away for just:

Got a question? Send me a message here:

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Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

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Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

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Review of Lose Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs – Fat Loss Revealed

Review of Lose Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs – Fat Loss Revealed

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Review of Lose Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs – Fat Loss Revealed

Product Name: Lose Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs – Fat Loss Revealed

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Welcome my name is Will Brink, and If you’re interested in the kind of
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Ok, the truth is …. there is no secret, infact this is
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What I will say is this, most diets pay NO attention to
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Yes you might
lose a little weight for a few weeks but past that, forget it, if
the diet is not specific to the persons body type, age, sex, and numerous
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This program allows you to create a
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Below are just a handful of people who have sent me their
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Many of them had failed numerous times before, but with
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They include individuals holding down a 55+ hour a week
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My name is Will Brink, over my professional career as an
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A little bit about me, (my
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I’ve also worked extensively on the “inside”
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Bottom line, you can count on one hand the number of people
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As my clients starting winning competitions and modeling
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This focus on fat loss, ended up translating into more and
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This popularity led to virtually hundreds of faxes,
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Over my life time I must have received those 3 questions,
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It was impossible to keep up with, combined with the fact
I was also spending hundreds of hours a month researching supplements
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“I have worked with all kinds
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At this time I had collated literally hundreds of folders
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And that really is how the Fat Loss Revealed system
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After literally thousands of hours of in the trenches real
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Fat Loss Revealed is essentially four
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Nutrition & Diet Supplement
Reviews & Advice Motivation
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Further down this letter covers a lot of general information
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Supplement Reviews
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The Fat Loss Revealed manual is unique in this department,
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In the supplement module, I
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All these Supplements below are reviewed in

With over 400 brand name supplements, such as the
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If you know medical doctors or top level researchers who tend to be a
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Fat Loss Revealed Doctor Testimonials…

weight loss industry is replete with misinformation and outright
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get “the real deal” behind the marketing hype to determine
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Joyal MD

Because Brink
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Of course, the
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“Will’s book is
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“Will’s book gives the reader basic background information on every
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“A person who
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Albers M.D.

Brink clearly
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Brink melds both
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Dr. Kevin Pezzi M.D.

During roughly
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of reason in this particular industry.

Fat Loss Revealed
is centered on presenting effective, evidence-based, hype-free dietary
and exercise principles in a user-friendly manner. Fat Loss Revealed
is a must for anyone looking to achieve a leaner, stronger, and
healthier body.” I use the FLR system myself and can recommend it.

Dr .Evan
R. Peck, M.D

Firstly It’s A Straight forward Realistic Program Fat Loss Revealed is laid out in almost
1-2-3 type steps. A blueprint that if followed provides anybody
of any age a flexible system they can follow to drop belly fat, get a
lean flat stomach and improve general health, or if you want to take it
all the way, a ripped six pack.

It’s a Program That Maintains Muscle While Losing Fat
You know what, losing “weight” is easy, but weight also includes
water and muscle and the very last thing you want to do is lose muscle!
Muscle is what gives you the toned lean look you’re after. Most
other programs are “weight loss” programs, not FAT loss programs!

A Program That Explains Exactly What You Need To Eat To Lose Fat Permanently;
Protein, Carbs, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, All Explained.
Fat Loss Revealed tells you EXACTLY what you
need to eat, how much to eat, what type of foods, it even gives
you pre made diets which you can change around if you don’t like the foods
listed. I give an allowed food list you can choose from, there’s no need
to live on fish or chicken breasts; nature provided us with hundreds of
healthy food choices, and Fat Loss Revealed takes advantage of that.

Ripped or Just Lean ? – Standard or Advanced Dieting Modules.
The program contains a standard diet which is fine for most people who
just want to shift fat and get a flat stomach, but if you want to go crazy
and get that ripped look , you need special techniques for shifting those
last few pounds so I’ve included an advanced module covering some more
complex techniques for shifting those last few pounds of fat. Such as
carb cycling, calorie cycling, re feeds and more.

A Program that Fuses Resistance Training with Cardio, A Diet Plan &
Motivational techniques, all in one program like no other
Because no matter what anybody tells you, the best way to achieve a lean
body for life is to follow a sensible – but targeted- eating plan
while following a scientifically proven workout program. It’s really
as simple as that.

A Program That Isn’t Going to Blow Smoke Up Your You-Know-Where
Look, I’m not going to feed you some BS about losing 20lbs in a week,
or pretend you only need to workout for 10 minutes twice a week. That
kind of junky information may be the norm in this murky industry but it’s
not my style. This is a scientifically validated and fully tested Fat
Loss System which creates real tangible long term results for it’s users.

That’s what it does, and I’m not going to dress it up and pretend you
can do zero exercise or just pop a pill and magically look the way you
want to, because you can’t, sorry. That’s the truth…

A Program That Doesn’t Starve You To Death
I don’t subscribe to the ultra low calorie diets, those diets expect you
to survive on calories so low, it’s flat out dangerous. Such diets
eat up muscle like crazy, kill your metabolism and slow down fat burning.
Put simply, such diets suck.

Mid April
Total Weight : 168(+) lbs
Body-Fat = 26%(+)
Waist Line: 37″(+)

Current Stats
As of September
Total Weight : 138 lbs
Body-Fat := 8.8%
Waist Line: 30″

was obvious to me that I had to do something about my weight problem.
The problem was I did not know where to start, what to eat, what
exercise for my body-type, or what supplements worked or didn’t.
I had tried pretty much every diet and ebook system I could find
online, but basically ended up giving up frustrated with my lack
of progress, I had almost given up on finding something different
that would actually make a real difference.

the end I came across Will’s Fat Loss Revealed , program purely
by accident from a recommended link on a fitness web site, I liked
Will’s straight up style and a quick search around the web told
me he was somebody I could trust.

purchased FLR in April and immediately knew this was a real fat
loss program with a diet and nutrition plan I could stick to.

program is like a “fat-loss blueprint” that clearly lays-out
on a “step by step” basis how to lose fat whether the
goal is for better health (my initial goal) or getting ripped.

It covers everything
needed to achieve fat-loss Including the essentials like nutrition,
fat loss supplement reviews and advice, on-line meal planner, work-outs
exercise videos. But to be honest the most amazing part of the FLR
system is the advisors and other people following FLR found in the
members area on the private forum and so forth.

The advice forum
is staffed with highly competent advisors that truly care and are
ready to answer and advise on the most confusing question(s) about
supplements (that do and don’t work!) and fat-loss methods.

I was honored
when the man himself, Will Brink, who writes for popular magazines
and who has trained world class champions answered questions that
I posted on the forum.

I have definitely
surpassed my initial goal of just “loosing extra baggage”
I’ve achieved a condition I just didn’t think possible thanks to
Will Brink’s information.”Sergio Lares

A Program That Finally Ends the Confusion Between Different Approaches,
an End to the “Which Is Best?” Question.
Fat Loss Revealed takes the very best elements of nutrition, cardio, resistance
training, supplementation and motivation. I base all my work on science
and real world feedback. When you read something in my program you can
be assured it’s based on what’s been proven to do the job in the
least amount of time with the greatest results, for long-term fat loss
and good health with no more confusion.

A Program Based On Everyday Foods So You Can Eat With Your Family
It’s a fat loss program that allows you to eat normal foods available
from any food store purchased all around the world. No special brands
or special foods, just plain old fashioned good quality healthy food that
you and your partner can enjoy without cooking half a dozen separate meals
each day for everybody in the household.

Program Which Details How To Avoid Hitting Plateaus Or How To Overcome
Them – So You Don’t Give Up.
FLR workouts, and the advanced dieting section, show you how to constantly
break past any weight loss plateaus.

Workout at Home Or In A Gym
Fat Loss Revealed provides training programs for all levels of fitness,
including gym based programs, but also workouts you can do in your home
with bodyweight exercises, all complete with pictures to show you the
proper form for each exercise.

A Program That Delivers Results Quickly So You Stay Motivated.I’m a big believer that consistency – really keeping people
on track -is the most vital aspect of any well founded program; that’s
why FLR delivers results as quickly as possible without sacrificing your
health, wealth or lean muscle tissue. As you can see on this page, we
have people who achieve amazing results in 12 weeks, but many experience
meaningful results in the mirror in as little as two.

A Program based on current research and real world feedback, not hype
and hoopla.
FLR is based on over 20 years of research, and I’m constantly tuning
and tweaking it on a consistent basis to take into account new information,
new small changes to maximize results, all based on the latest data and
real world user results vs. hype or exaggerated “lose 20 lbs in 10
days” rubbish used by so many programs out there. Way to many programs
promise the world and deliver disappointment minus your money.

A program which doesn’t’ condemn all supplement usage out of hand
While I do knock many so called “proven” fat loss supplements,
some supplements can help in the battle against the bulge and I review
those and explain exactly why they work and what benefits they have not
only for fat loss but for overall health and well being.

Totally Flexible for All Ages & Requirements
It’s designed for men and women of all ages, I have success stories from
teens to 75 year olds. FLR has different workout programs and diets you
can use depending on your requirements.

Here’s What Fat Loss Revealed Is NOT!

not about spending your entire life working out at the expense of everything
else and eating nothing but bland chicken breasts 24/7.

It’s not about having to use dozens of fat loss pills or potions. In fact,
in the supplements module of the program I tell you exactly how to spot
scam supplements, and I review over 50 fat loss supplements, most of them
come up empty I’m afraid. How much money could you save just knowing what
works and what to avoid?

It’s not about you having to buy special equipment. In my book you won’t
find links to buy special equipment, in fact in my book I don’t try to
sell you anything.

It’s not about ab rollers, infomercial gizmo’s , getting you to buy more
stuff once you purchase.

It’s not about pretending you can achieve the body you want by simply
popping a pill, and ignoring the basic fact you need to do some exercise
to get to your final destination.

It’s not about fad diets, celebrity diets, ultra low carb, low fat, low
calories and so forth, the diet is based on sound, scientifically supported
and tested research .

Fat Loss Revealed Testimonials…

Total Weight : 202 lbs
Body-Fat = 21. 9 %

12 Weeks Later
Total Weight : 182 lbs
Body-Fat := 9.5%

I’ll keep this
short , my goals were simple to be honest:
1 Drop my body fat
2 Maintain my muscle and gain a little
3 Do it all in 12 weeks
I always knew I could do it. When I finally decided to meet the
challenge I wanted a nutrition plan that could be customized for

The FLR diet and
Will (Brink) did a great job of teaching me what I needed to know
and outlining a nutrition plan that even I could follow.

I did run into
problems but when I did the FLR trainers and even the man himself
Will Brink, were there to answer questions, give advice and support.


favorite source of healthy nutrition and fat loss diet info came
from Will (Brink) and his FLR fat loss system.

information was my first line of defense in eating correctly to
lose the body fat.

recommend it without hesitation to my friends & family and continue
to do so.
As I’ve said many times before . I know from experience, you can’t
fail if you follow what Will says.

Blackburn | Mother of two

Here are my before
and after pictures.

The “after” was
taken on my 48th birthday after a workout.

I’ve made more
progress in 5 months following the principles in your information
than the entire (almost) 3 years of dieting and exercise. I never
would’ve thought a guy my age could’ve done this!” Pat Sitton

I could go on telling you how amazing the Fat Loss Revealed manual is
until I’m blue in the face, but I think I’ve already given you enough
information to make an informed decision on that, so let’s move
on to what’s seriously unique about this program.

Let’s face it, people need more than an E-book to succeed.
They need motivation, they need others to support them; social support
is a vital component to success overlooked and under appreciated by most
other programs.

Let’s say you have a slow week and don’t lose much weight, and doubt
starts to set in, then you start to lose motivation. That can be the start
of a downhill path.

As a personal trainer for many years, I knew I had to ensure I dealt
with the issue of keeping people focused and motivated in any program
I created, so what did I do decide to do ?

I had my team of computer geek’s create the Fat Loss Revealed
(FLR) private members area, and when you order the Fat Loss Revealed
manual, you automatically get VIP access into the private members area.

First and foremost, the members area contains a highly moderated
and organized private discussion forum where you will find literally thousands
of other members following the FLR diet, so from now on, you’ll have other
members to chat with and discuss your issues and get your questions

In addition to that, I’m on there every single day along
with my professional team of Fat Loss Revealed program advisors. This
is a big deal my friend, having one on one hands on support and encouragement
every single day, it makes all the difference. You’ll get free access
for a year when you purchase my Fat Loss Revealed manual.

And let me just add a note about my advisors: unlike the moderators for
most other forums who are bored college kids with minimal knowledge, my
advisors were hand picked by me, and they consist of food scientists,
medical doctors, and top level trainers.

Stuff You Can Do There
Ask yours truly – Will Brink & my team
of Fat Loss Revealed advisors anything you want about the program
or any general fitness, fat loss questions you might have.

Read Over 300 Brand Name Supplement Reviews
Read Dozens of Fat Loss Articles

View the Members Photo Gallery For inspiration.

Chat with Other Members about your success and progress

Post your workout or diet for a review by advisors.

View hundreds of Recipes

Or just chat in a 100% moderated, polite environment.

So you’ll never be stuck again, you’ll
be able to follow the plan and ask questions every day if you need to,
plus get feedback and motivation from other members.

In addition, you can read thousands of pages of information on fat loss,
view over 300 brand name supplement reviews – all with member feedback
– and much more. I can’t do justice to explaining
all the motivational material found in the members area.

You can ask anything you want; it doesn’t even have to be about Fat Loss
Revealed. We deal with all kinds of health issues, working out, keeping
fit while on the road; literally hundreds of topics are discussed.

In addition, I’ve created a number of very cool tools you can use in
the members area :

Online Meal & Calorie Calculator

I know how complicated planning a diet can be. Lets face it, it
takes time, and time is something many of us just don’t have nowadays.

I had my tech guys create the online Meal & Calorie planner.
It performs all the calculations from the e-book for you. You literally
just enter a few details – like your weight, height and sex etc
and it spits out all the diet information for you, so if your in
a rush and just want to get started losing fat, you don’t even have
to read the diet section of the Fat Loss Revealed manual.

All your meals will be displayed with calories, protein, carbs
and fats all laid out for you online in an easy to read meal plan,
that you can print out if you wish or view online.

For the Serious

For those who want to really keep a serious eye on their diets
and monitor ever last morsel, I had the diet planner programmed
specifically for you.

Completely online you can store your foods, your recipes, make
up entire 365 day meal plans, see your progress with graphs, print
out your diets, easily adjust macronutrient levels. It’s the ultimate
diet planning tool for those serious about sporting ripped 6 pack

Not only does Fat Loss Revealed,
explain exactly how to put together your personalized diet, it also
comes with numerous pre made diets.

You can view them online, even edit them online with the Diet Planner,
or you can just print them out and stick them on the fridge.

We have them for all bodyweight’s, so everybody is covered, just
choose your bodyweight and download the relevant meal plans – simple.

No more guessing how to
do an exercise .

I include both “at home” workouts in the program and
ones requiring weights and a bench. I had this exercise video database
complied showing all the exercises in the Fat Loss Revealed Program.

Now you never need to guess whether your performing an exercise
correctly again.

Oh yes, I nearly
forgot, there are also plenty of motivational charts such as progress
sheets, workout guides, measurement logs and plenty of other tools
you can use to help you stick to your plan.

Reviews of the research studies on supplements.
Did you know that some of the most heavily marketed supplements
only work for rats and mice, NOT humans – are you using them?

Are you aware that some of the most popular weight loss supplements
today have no research at all behind them? Are
you throwing money away on these? Find out which ones have been
tested in real human beings in clinical settings as well as real
world situations – not just rodents or test-tube experiments.

Fat Loss Revealed Testimonials…

12 Weeks Later
Total Weight :173.8

My fat loss journey
started after looking in the mirror one day and noticing my gut
poking out more than ever, so I got a friend to take a picture of
how bad I let myself go (without my head in it because I was too
ashamed it was my gut!) and I began my mission to lose it.

I became a member
of FLR just out of curiosity , I had no real hopes but in it I found
everything I needed to know on how to lose fat – straight to the
point information that really works.

First thing I
did was I set my self goals and recorded my results as explained
in the motivation section. . Then I went into the members forum
where I punched in my details in the Calorie Planner which worked
out my macronutrient requirements per day, I also used the diet
planner, it’s an amazing piece of software, it’s allowed me to keep
total control over my diet , I couldn’t be without it.

I stuck to the
diet, did my training as laid out in the book and the gut began
to disappear.

In the before
picture using the 3 site Accu-measure pinch test I measured; pec:
7mm, ab: 11mm, quad: 8mm, and my weight was 195lbs.

Sticking to the
FLR diet I got down to pec: 3mm, abs: 4mm, quad: 4mm with a body
weight of 173 lbs. So I lost around 20 lbs of fat and even gained
about 6 lbs of muscle mass .

I never thought
I could get this lean. FLR made it happen. And the best part about
purchasing the e-book is the members area where expert advice is
given to any question you may have and it’s filled with tons
of useful information. Thanks FLR!


July 2008 – 150 lbs

“I have been
overweight for as long as I remember. I have tried (and failed)
to lose weight many, many times over the last 10 years as I just
could not stick to any of the ‘diets’ that a lot of people would
believe you have to be on in order to lose weight (i.e. salad, salad
and nothing but salad!) Towards the end of last year I had hit my
highest weight ever – and even close friends and family started
to comment about my increased size… that’s when I decided to take

I first came across
FLR after searching online for weight loss supplement reviews, and
thought ‘what the heck’ and gave FLR a try – which turned out to
be by far the best decision i’d made all year! I quickly learned
that my extreme diet was all wrong, and that it was making my weight
loss goals near on impossible! The extensive information and instruction
about diet, exercise and supplements set me on the right path to
achieve my goals… a path which i’m happily still following over
6 months later without a second thought. The forums are also incredibly
helpful, with brilliant advice from other members about everything
from meal recipe ideas, through to advice on training routines.
I have found the answers to a lot of my own queries simply by searching
through the forum.

I would not hesitate
to recommend the FLR package to anyone who wants to take control
of their health (and waistline!) once and for all without the fads
and gimmicks that will lead you astray.”

Edwards – Northamptonshire, UK

was hopelessly overweight and quite down on myself. I wasted so
much money on fat loss pills and creams, I think I must have tried
every diet in the universe. I did lose weight, a few pounds here
and there I was a classic yo – yo dieter but I always gained it
back and more.

feel so glad, I finally found your FLR program Will, what it’s done
for me is something I can’t put into words.

total, “I have lost over 50 pounds of fat while gaining lean
muscle to give me that toned look I always wanted, my friends and
family still can’t believe it and I recommend FLR to all of them,
I think you have half my family tree as FLR members now.

didn’t do it as a crash, or quick fix diet, but as a steady healthy
reduction in bodyweight as outlined in your program.Your direction
and knowledge of diet and supplements has been more than invaluable
to my success. Thank you Will.

The Online Meal & Calorie PlannerJust enter your height, age, weight and sex, and all the
calculator does ALL the work for you.

The calculator follows the exact diet from the Fat Loss Revealed
manual but saves you have to work anything out so you can get started
immediately – The Ultimate Convenience tool.

The Online Diet PlannerCompletely online you can store your foods, your recipes,
make up entire 365 day meal plans, see your progress with graphs,
print out your diets, easily adjust macronutrient levels , the ultimate
diet planner.

Video Exercise Database

No more guessing how to do an exercise or not getting the most
from it by incorrect posture .

Just sit back and watch exactly how an exercise should be performed,
each video is also accompanied by a full text description with tips
and pointers on each exercise.

Pre Made Fat Loss Diet Plans

No more time consuming writing out of your own diets, we have made
diets for all bodyweight’s that specifically match the Fat Loss
Revealed Diet Plan. So now you can get started immediately.

Tasty Fat Loss Recipes

Another BONUS, you’ll find a collection of tasty fat loss recipes
specifically designed for use with the Fat Loss Revealed program.
They include: Breakfasts Lunches Dinners

+ Healthy Energy Giving Shakes

If you’ve been to the bookstore , you’ve seen entire walls covered
with the so called latest and greatest diets.

This unique bonus e-book reviews around a dozen
of the most popular diet programs and books on the market giving
a full assessment of who the author is, who the diet is geared
towards, what’s covered in each book and ultimately if the diet
is healthy and effective. In addition each diet is given an overall
assessment and a grade.
All the following diets are reviewed in detail ,along with interestingly
a look at the authors history.

BONUS #2 : Turbulence
Training For AbsLose belly fat and get a flat stomach
with Men’s’ Health’s Contributor Craig Ballantyne CSCS, M.Sc

Turbulence training is the revolutionary way to
workout at home without much equipment , just a set of dumbbells
and a ball. it’s ideal for busy men and women who need to fit
in a quick invigorating workout whilst burning body fat as fast
as possible.

Craig Ballantyne is one of the worlds top experts
on fat loss and is a contributing author to Men’s Health
magazine, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum
Fitness and The for Women Oxygen magazines.

#3 : Healthy Meals On The GoOver 30 delicious, nutritious, fat-blasting
smoothie recipes. By Vince Delmonte H.B.K. CPT

Now you can create your own tasty, rewarding and diet-conscious
meals… with the perfect caloric impact for getting a lean six

You’ll learn “Juicer” smoothie recipes to get your
10-15 serving of fruits and veggies plus “meal replacement”
smoothies ideal if your pushed for time and can’t get in a solid
The smoothies that make the “Jambas” and the rest taste
like they came out of a tin can.

You know… the chain smoothie shops try to make it look like rocket
science to make a great tasting and nutritious smoothie. Now you’ll
do better than them when you whip up your own, simply… quickly…
and easily… anytime you want.

#4: Extreme & Controversial Fat Loss Techniques.

In this revealing e-book Natural bodybuilder
and best selling fitness author Tom Venuto BSc, CSCS , NSCA-CPT
reveals the real risks and the inherent benefits of some of the
most controversial extreme fat loss techniques that are in use

He will show you the risk-benefit for each technique
and how to determine if it is right for you in your quest for
a leaner physique!

Some of the topics covered are:

Don’t worry, never happens, I’ve solved that issue . As soon
as a new supplement needs reviewing or I want to add some more content
to the book, I just update it and upload the new version to the
Members Area, so all our members can can download it.

That’s the joy of delivering it online; it never becomes outdated
or obsoletes.

Let’s face it, what value can you put on having a lean healthy body
? What price is good health and feeling good about yourself worth?

What price can you put on having over 12 months free access to the author
of the program you’re following and thousands of other people following
the same program as you, it’s virtually priceless.

So Let’s
Wrap This Up … Here’s What You’ll Receive.

I also want to remove all the risk for you, my reputation
is important to me. I’ve worked hard to provide honest, high quality information
all my life, I stand 100% by my work, so let me make you this …

No Questions Asked, No Hassle,
No-Hoops-To-Jump-Through 100%
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

All you need to do now is click the order button and get started.
I’ll see you in the members area in a few minutes.

This is a 1-Time payment only, you will
never be billed again. If you can find a better package offering even
close to this much value with 12 months access to the author and thousands
of others following the same program, then I’ll eat my hat.

Will Brink
Researcher, Your Industry Insider, Magazine Columnist & Author.

P.S . Don’t delay any longer on building the best body you can own. It’s
time now to strip that belly fat, lean out, get that healthy glow, that
sexy six pack, it is doable, start telling yourself it is. Stop the negative
process in it’s tracks. Follow my program and you will achieve your goals.

Either the overall price will be going up very soon, or I’ll be separating
the members area and all the tools in there and charging extra for that.
Please don’t come back later and ask me for this price when it’s gone,
I won’t be able to do it.

I understand that If I am not satisfied with the
package , I have A No Hassle, No-Hoops-To-Jump-Through 100% 60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

NOTE: Fat Loss Revealed & All Associated Bonus Material etc
is electronic form. No physical products will be shipped. After
you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the
bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF,
which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

® Brink’s Fat Loss Revealed is a registered trademark.
Serial Number: 77292939 Registration Number: 3440166

PO Box 812430 – Wellesley – MA 02482 Tel : 508 655 3318 Fax : 501 421 4236
Please note our staff are not trained to answer calls relating to advice on nutrition,diet, supplementation etc.
The phone lines are purely for billing or technical inquires.

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Lose Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs – Fat Loss Revealed

Review of The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan

Review of The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan

Review of The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan

Product Name: The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan

Click here to get The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan:


Buy Paleo Thing T-Shirt

Hello, My name is Sean Kelly. 20 years ago, I quickly lost over 40 pounds of fat and became lean, strong and healthier than I had ever been. I was so shocked with the simplicity and ease of my transformation that I began to research and discover exactly why the unusual methods I used worked so well. In my early 20’s in my desperate effort to get into shape I did hours of “cardio” exercise and bodybuilding at my local gym. I was always on some new diet and I often starved myself trying to get lean. Still, I got nowhere. Any small gains I did make seemed impossible to hold onto and were quickly lost. I began to wonder “why on earth is it so impossibly difficult to lose some fat and keep it off?” Upon discovering the principles in this book, my problems quickly ended for good. The underlying truth behind why we are becoming so increasingly fat and unhealthy continues to be hidden from the vast majority of us. The simple, elegant solutions delivering permanent fat loss and health are equally unknown. Yet, these proven methods will work for anyone.

The Eco-Diet isn’t some fad “diet of the week”. It’s a scientifically based and nutritionally sound way of eating based on the same diet our ancestors followed for thousands of years. Let me share with you some of the truth I discovered: the entire food industry, diet and fitness industry, and the medical and pharmaceutical industries REQUIRE YOU TO BE AS FAT AND UNHEALTHY AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise, they will simply have fewer “customers” and will make less money. Unfortunately, these immensely powerful industries highly influence our government. This is why the odds have been stacked against you right from the start. This is exactly why it seems so inescapably difficult to get lean, strong and healthy. You are literally immersed in the problem. Worse, almost all of the so-called solutions literally make things worse. Further, you have been conditioned to think that failure is your fault when in fact you have been set up to fail.

“Today’s modern fitness and gym culture is shortchanging women more than any other group. There is a wholesale tendency in gyms to push women toward exercise classes, hours of cardio work on treadmills, small light weights and fancy looking machines. All of these activities have one thing in common; they result in very little if any positive physical change. Also, women are often uninformed or misinformed regarding the proven physiological facts. Women often pay for expensive, long term, but ineffective personal training. Any changes that do occur are often excruciatingly slow or involve mountains of time and effort.”

Sean Kelly is an NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). He has achieved over a dozen national and world power lifting records.

Sean’s main areas of interest include advanced strength training and anthropology related to diet. Specifically, his two main areas of practical study have been adapting advanced strength methodologies to the goals of the general public and successfully following an evolutionary diet in contemporary society.

Sean puts the ideas in this book into practice every day at Fortis Fitness gym, Here, people are introduced to these uniquely effective philosophies regarding diet, exercise and building muscle. The unification of these proven ideas is detailed in this book.

For over 20 years, Sean has been researching and discovering the endemic causes of our society’s obesity and diet related ill-health epidemics. He has practiced and applied these unconventional but highly effective solutions with great success.

Sean’s wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge is remarkably vast and it shows in his book “Why We Are Fat.” Sean is all about educating people. The information he gives is above all else about strengthening the mind, and not just the body. It is a must read for anyone that is at least curious about how to quit dieting on and off, and how to improve their nutritional LIFESTYLE for the better, permanently.

Sean’s modified strength training program is the most effective weight training regime I have ever used and I have used many others prior to discovering it. It is also unquestionably the most enjoyable to practice. Once I started using it I have never used any other training program since, and with good reason. The constantly evolving nature of the program makes training dynamic and never boring. And most importantly it produces great results. There are no special tricks. What separates the ideas in this program from others is in-depth science and research.

After weight training for nine years, I made the biggest increases in strength and health I’ve ever had using the principles in this book. I’m not an athlete or bodybuilder. I am a regular guy who wanted to look and feel better, to be stronger and healthier. The knowledge I gained from Sean and the principles of the Eco-Diet and training program have contributed to me attaining that goal more than anything else.

I’m usually not one to say something like this but this book changed my life. I’ve been going to the gym regularly for over 15 years now with little or no results. Since using Sean’s methods I’ve actually started LOVING going to the gym, for the first time ever its fun and I see results week to week. I look better than I did when I was 20 and I’m stronger than I have ever been. Following his simple guidelines for eating dropped pounds off my waist within a week! No joke.

Seans Kelly’s methods are a common sense revolution…A gathering of the best fitness and nutrition knowledge, shining forth through the mists of gimmick and delude…Not unlike a crucible…If you should have the means employ your magical powers of possession and raise the bar towards changing your life…Do it today.

What you have at your fingertips is the culmination of years of research, trial and life experience, thoughtfully condensed in a coherent, funny and relatable way; a true reflection of Sean’s insatiable drive to live well and help others do the same. This is a gift that will help you feel and perform at your utmost capacity.

This information is invaluable. Sean is offering an honest investment in your livelihood; something most people take completely for granted. This is your life. This is your only body. Love it, respect it and start by buying this book!

If you want to get into good physical shape the fastest and easiest way – you should follow Sean Kelly’s advice. That’s a big claim – here’s why. Sean’s a bright, obsessive, voracious learner and seeker, who lives physical fitness, and who seems genuinely driven to convey his wisdom to others.

He has a successful fitness gym that he treats as his own research facility – ranging from beginners having difficulty lifting the bar (that holds the weights) to those athletes wanting to be champions, to personal trainers and their clients (many recovering from injuries), to the various strength building classes. Sean is a perfectionist trying to create and live the perfect holistic physical regime.

If you can follow his guidance and push through the first month and get into the rhythm – your body will take over. What I picked up on is “this guy is creating the optimum efficiency in the physical fitness building process” – which means he can get me to the state I want to reach as fast and easy as possible.

Personally – it feels great standing upright again and I’m starting to enjoy real food again.

Since I started working out and eating as per the instructions in this book I have lost 20lbs of Fat and Gained strength quicker than I ever thought I would. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have people that have known me for years asking me ‘What have you been doing? You look great! And every time I tell them about the advice I received from Sean and through his book.

The ideas may seem like they will be hard to follow at first glance but believe me after you do it for a few weeks you will start to wonder how you ever ate all that processed junk before! It actually makes shopping pretty easy too as all you need to do is get the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat and forget about most of the junk in the middle aisles.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a healthier and happier life!

This book will enable you to think about your food and training from a new perspective. A brief outline of how the food industry has contributed to the overall unhealthiness of our society is compelling enough to make you think twice about your food choices. Sean’s plan is loosely based on Paleo principles, but it is flexible enough and achievable enough to be adopted without pain or hardship.

I purchased the book, made some basic dietary adjustments combined with twice weekly strength training sessions and lost 10 pounds over the course of 2.5 months. I also lost several percentage points’ worth of body fat while getting stronger in the gym.

The muscle gains and fat loss continue as I stick to Sean’s plan and become even more comfortable with my “new” eating philosophy. As the book outlines, the idea of returning to mass-produced, unhealthy foods is not even an option after several months on the program.

I would highly recommend the book to anybody who is open to making ethical food choices and training smart as a way to achieve better overall health. Sean’s program is a philosophy, not another “diet of the month”, and it works.

I joined Sean Kelly’s gym a year ago and like all new members, I was asked to read through materials introducing all new members to the nutritional and workout programs that Sean recommended. Both are outlined in this book. After being introduced to it, I was quite skeptical. I gave it a try anyway and I lost over 35lbs in just over 4 months.

The results constitute a lifestyle change for sure, but results can’t be argued with and after a few weeks it is much easier to stick to the plan. All the arguments made to support this way of eating, backed by a ton data and other books and papers helped me to push ahead with it. I also felt that all the explanations made a lot of sense to my logically wired brain.

The workout part of the program was, by comparison to the nutritional side of the program, even easier to stick with. It was also nice to see a program that does not have you go to the gym every day for hours, but will have you stick to few key routines that leave you more time to do things you really like (unless of course you really like to spend lots of time at the gym).

I strongly recommend this book and I am confident that anyone that will at least try to follow this way of life, will see results, fairly quickly too.

Fully immersing in this lifestyle change can’t help but affect your whole life, for the better! Follow the programs- (diet is CRUCIAL) and your body WILL change. We look and feel better than we ever have, and we are in our mid-30s.

To quote Robb Wolf: “Wheat is Satan’s excrement”. Once you clean your system of it and then go back and try some- you will realize the glaring truth of that statement. Grains and sugars are truly poisonous to our bodies and if you can kick your addiction, it will be the greatest gift you could give yourself. Wheat & sugar are also ingredients that food corporations purposely put in everything because it keeps you hungry, which keeps them making money. They know it makes us sick. (Which is great news for Big Pharma.)

We have been 95% paleo for almost 1 year. (we still put organic whipping cream in our coffee and enjoy some cheese here & there, or a rare serving of white rice.. and some organic beer once in a while!) It’s hard to imagine now, going through the rest of our lives feeling tired all day, hungry every 2 hours, in a mental fog… stuck on a nightmare rollercoaster of blood sugar ups & downs. Not to mention the myriad negative long term health effects that our modern diet causes. Alternatively, this plan is life changing – 100%! Thank you for everything!!

I have never so looked forward to going to the gym!!!~Kish Iqbal

This new plan does not involve tired old ideas. Rather, this book unifies diet, exercise and building muscle into an enjoyable solution that you will continue indefinitely. These ideas work WITH your natural desires and behaviors, not against them, delivering permanent success.

More truth about the real source of our problems: The vast-majority of the weight-loss industry is a SCAM designed to separate you from your hard-earned money, all the while promising you results that normal people will never achieve.

This program will get anyone exercising regularly, no matter how much you think you may hate it. Learn and understand how permanent states of fantastic, seemingly effortless health and fitness are really all about:

Finally, this solution will give you total freedom from being overweight and unhealthy. If you have been struggling and are frustrated, please do not feel bad about previous failures. Understand that you were set up to fail. Everyone around you is also failing. It is not your fault. The truth will now set you free.

Humble and Fred Interviewmap :: {skin:’green’, animate:true, width:’200′, volume:0.6, autoplay:false, loop:false, showVolumeLevel:true, showTime:true, showRew:true, downloadable:true, downloadablesecurity:false, id3: false}
Interview on Humble and Fred Radio Show

Author – High Resolution Picture

Eco-diet Electronic Press Kit

Powerlifting USA article

Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 70: Sean Kelly (Powerlifting Expert) Part 1 Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 70: Sean Kelly (Powerlifting Expert) Part 2

OmarIsuf Video “COMPLETE TOUR of My New BADASS GYM (Fortis Fitness)”

For all kinds of information on where to get animals raised humanely in their natural environment and farms raising pastured

To find farmers’ markets near

To find out which species of fish are currently caught wild, and sustainable fish to eat responsibly try these

Here are 3 of the bigger organic grocery store chains (again, I would advocate using these stores only in emergencies or for buying unique items or substitutes. I would strongly suggest buying most if not all of your food from farms, farmers’ markets and even regular grocery stores)

For a health food, natural food, and organic stores etc. near you

To order products derived from humanely raised

For a food co-operative near

For proper weight training exercise technique and other resource information: (Please look specifically for certified instructors only on these sites for learning proper technique)

For information on specific calorie counts in different

For information on the amount of calories burned during different

For information on animal cruelty in today’s modern food

For information on the Slow Food

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The Eco Diet: Healthy Eating | Diet Eating Plan

Review of PDF Barn Plans

Review of PDF Barn Plans

Review of PDF Barn Plans

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Review of PDF Barn Plans

Product Name: PDF Barn Plans

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Let me ask you a question about barn plans…

From: John Davidson – Residential Architectural Designer

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-We offer only the best barn plans to our dear fellow homebuilders for both professionals and novices.

-Barn plans contain instructions that are clear and easy to understand…after all, the best way to start to build a barn is to have a guide that is simple to follow and worry free.

-Detailed and specific information are the things that barn plans provide to you. There is no way you will be lost and confused during the construction.

-The best part of our barn plans is that we have a wide variety selection of styles and designs. Choices may range from simple to classic to a new generation of architectural barn plans. Different sizes of barn plans are also available. We strategically created all this shapes, designs and sizes because we want to cater everyone and making sure that everyone’s budget would fit to the cost of the plan of his/her choice.

-Competent and affordable barn plans are what we offer to the market specifically to the construction industry. The tradition of providing quality barn plans to homebuilders started 25 years ago. Now, our integrity and reputation are strengthened by our core value in producing only top quality barn plans.

-Well laid out and exclusively created by our talented and professional architects are the barn plans that we offer to you.

-Explained clearly in the barn plans are the building materials, measurements, insulation and other related construction matter. Truly worried free are the barn plans.

I’m so confident in my barn plans and instructions that I’m willing to put all the risk on me. In fact, I’ve decided to do something that some people may consider outright crazy.

Here is the Deal: Try out all of our Barn plans plus the bonuses for a 60 days. And if you are not happy with our products for some unexplainable reason or don’t like the plans. You can contact me anytime and in addition we have an online support center to help you. If not happy anytime within the 60 days for any reason, I can assure you the 100% money back guarantee and I will personally refund all of your money.Reserve Your Copy Right Now!

Always remember that a barn which is well planned and built by you would have to last longer. The most important aspect of this barn plans is your safety. Your children who no doubt are extremely precious to you will be playing inside a great deal of the time and you don’t want their safety compromised in any way I’m sure.

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Good luck in building your new Barn

Specialized Design System LLC – Residential Architectural Designer

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Plans can be purchased separately

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PDF Barn Plans

Review of –

Review of –

Review of –

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Review of –

Product Name: –

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Dear Health Conscious Reader,

My name’s James Daniels, ex-insomniac, Paleo Diet follower and author of Paleo Sleep, the  paleo-inspired sleep program that optimizes your sleep-wake cycle by realigning your body with Mother-Nature.

That’s me on the right with my wife Katy, and believe me, I look a lot healthier than I did 15 years ago.

In a nutshell, my program teaches you how to sleep like our caveman ancestors, which in the modern day means getting a healthy, deep, refreshing night’s sleep – every single night.

Whether you suffer from a couple of bad night’s sleep a week, you’re a seasoned insomniac like I was, or you simply want to optimize your sleep to better your health, increase energy levels, reduce chance of illness, hike your productivity levels, live longer and generally feel happier and more alive, my program WILL WORK wonders for you.

But first allow me just a few minutes to explain my story and how my real life battle with insomnia led me to develop this program. And  just in case you’ve landed on this page thinking, “So, what’s a little lost sleep?” you’re about to find out why not sleeping enough poses serious health risks.

Just one night of missed or inadequate sleep is sufficient to make you as insulin resistant as a type 2 diabetic.~ Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution

Consider how important diet is for repairing the body, warding off illness, preventing fatigue, and promoting longevity. I mean, these are just some of the reasons that sparked your interest in the Paleo in the first place, right?

Well, skimping on sleep has just as many serious health implications as eating a diet laden with processed sugars, dairy and gluten. Here’s 5 key risks you should be aware of:

Sleep deprivation has been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels and irregular heartbeat.

Sleep deprivation alters immune function, including the activity of killer cells that fight off immunity, which means you are more likely to get sick with a serious illness.

Sleep deprivation affects the way the body stores and produces carbohydrates. This alters the activity of hormones that regulate appetite, causing us to crave more food.

Those with a sleep debt are 10x more likely to have an auto accident and other accidents in general. You are also more likely to make mistakes at work, which could be very serious if you are a doctor, pilot or machinery operator.

Lack of sleep affects mood. It makes us irritable and impatient and impairs concentration and focus. Being in this zone makes us unhappy and demoralized, affecting our relationships, work performance, exercise and eating habits. Stay like this for too long and depression can set in, causing you another huge health issue to deal with.

The long and short of it is that sleep is VITAL to our health, and not getting enough of it is a very serious risk.

I hit the wall of insomnia during my teens. I went through some stressful times, what with my parents breaking up, the stress of studies and the loss of a close friend.

By my twenties I was a walking zombie, which wasn’t helped by the fact that I was working nights to support my study. This compounded the existing sleep debt I’d built up, and by the time I was put on pills, I was at the door of mental and physical exhaustion.

Honestly, I thought I was going to die. That’s no exaggeration. I felt so unwell. I actually began to contemplate at what point the body would cease to function without sleep.

I was breathless, constantly fatigued, gaining weight, pale and suffering cold after cold.

The pills did put me to sleep, but as soon as I came off them I went right back to my old sleeping habits – a few hours a night, if that. I was totally lost, my body didn’t know when to sleep and could only sleep with meds. I was getting weaker and sicker.

I flunked college, lost my girlfriend and got depressed. I felt like crap and looked like crap.

I had to sort myself out before lack of sleep totally ruined my life. So I decided to take a stand, to take back control of my life and get a grip.

What the hell, I figured, I’m not sleeping anyway so why not use this time to try and crawl out of this ditch I’d gotten into.

In one inspirational act of defiance, I threw the sleeping pills down the toilet, went to the local library and began to use those sleepless nights to study.

I studied sleep through the ages and began comparing the way man lived 10,000 years ago to the way he lives today.

What I discovered was incredible.

Sleeping problems, as we know them today, only began to surface around 200-300 years ago; pretty much when man began living and eating dramatically differently to the way in which his body was used to.

Things got a whole lot worse when electricity came along, because man started sleeping at odd hours outside of his natural rhythm. And when the agricultural revolution took full pace, the changes to food, work and modern living that came with it began to seriously mess with our sleep.

And so here we are today, with 1 in 3 Americans suffering from some degree of insomnia, and 1 in 10 on sleeping pills.

It really is. I mean, how can something so natural have become so difficult for us?

Sleep is as natural as eating, and just as important to our health, yet we’ve neglected sleep so badly that we’ve drastically affected our health.

The knowledge I discovered led me to take drastic action. I began A-B testing my sleep, testing what effect particular aspects of lifestyle had on my sleep. My research uncovered six key areas that were affecting my sleep-wake cycle and causing insomnia, and quite simply, by improving these six core areas of my lifestyle and environment, I was able to cure myself of sleeplessness once and for all.

During my research, I learned about brain waves and how important the electrical currents of the brain are to the sleep process.

Brain waves must slow down in order for the brain to prepare to go to sleep, but because of our anti-sleep lifestyle, which includes artificial light, dietary stimulants and numerous brain-stimulating digital devices, the brain really struggles to slow down into low brain activity.

This is basically the primary cause of a bad night’s sleep; having an overactive brain at bedtime.

To help slow my brainwaves down, I began using special audio recordings called binaural beats. This is basically advanced meditation music that uses a process called ‘frequency response’ to entrain the brain into states of relaxation or deep concentration.

I first began experimenting with Theta frequency recordings, which produce a deeply relaxed state and are commonly used by meditators, and then with Delta recordings, which replicate the Delta wave production that happens in deep sleep. This began entraining my brain to release Delta waves around the time I wanted to go to sleep, enabling me to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper through the night.

By combining my six-step sleep methodology with this special music, not only did I start falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper, but I felt greater mental balance; less stressed, more productive and more focused during the day.

Needless to say I was overjoyed. I felt normal again. And after getting a solid 3-months sleep under my belt, my health completely restored itself.

I also managed to get another girlfriend (we’re now married), who, by the way, is Crossfit crazy, and responsible for finally getting me to commit 100% to the Paleo Diet, for which I am forever grateful!

Since my amazing discovery and recovery, nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping others who want to improve their sleep. And I want to offer you the same opportunity.

It’s so easy. All you have to do is commit to following my simple Six-Step program as it’s laid out in the book, and you’ll be sleeping better within 3 days.

The fact is, no matter how committed you are to the Paleo Diet, if you aren’t sleeping like our hunter-gather ancestors did, then you are neglecting your health and missing out on the benefits of the food you’re eating.

By combining my six-step program and special audios with your Paleo Diet today, I guarantee you’ll notice an improvement in your physical and mental performance within just 3 days.

I’ve been a great sleeper and now I know why! The book is extremely interesting in terms of learning why so many of us have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

The methods are practical, easy to follow and completely in line with my paleo training. Better sleep has meant I am now able to workout longer and I feel sharper in the ring as a result.

I also listen to Primal Sleep post my workout in the evenings to settle my mind before bed, and I’ve been using Nature Mind on a Sunday to completely wind down. I totally recommend Paleo Sleep to anyone who wants to feel more energetic and alive!

“This Changed My Life” – Walter Barclay (Angel Investor)

When people ask me what’s the secret of your success, I usually say “no sleep!” Thing is, that isn’t a joke. I barely used to sleep at all, and things haven’t gotten much better with success.

I need my sleep to keep on top of my busy schedule, but having read your book I now realize that pretty much everything I was doing previously was working against my natural sleep cycle. I was depriving myself of sleep by expecting too much from my body.

Thanks to your advice I have developed a routine that complements my sleep. The  audios are great and helping me relax a whole lot more. I’ve also made a number of dietary changes, including cutting out the sodas! Cheers buddy.

Managing my website and two children leaves me so tired, yet I used to have at least 2 nights a week when I’d take ages to de-stress and fall asleep, which meant getting just a few hours.

Using these magical audios I’m falling asleep faster than ever and sleeping all the way through the night. I feel a million dollars for it!

You know I love brainwave entrainment, and combining it with this good sleep hygiene stuff like is just awesome!

I’d never considered for a minute the way our ancestors slept thousands of years ago, but everything you say just makes perfect sense, and works!

The whole package rocks, from the book to the audios to the diet advice. I am loving my sleep right now and my productivity is through the roof! I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their sleep. Amazing stuff dude!

“Faster Recovery” – Michael Hemmings (Gala Harriers)

As a senior member of the club, I have slowed down these last few years. I can’t train as much as I used to so I need every advantage I can get.

James’ advice has made a huge improvement to my sleep pattern and had a massive impact on my recovery time after running. My wife has been cooking me plenty of sleep-friendly foods from your book too. Thanks for the great advice.

 Fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed.

 Sleep undisturbed all the way through the night.

 Sleep 7-8 hours every night.

 Sleep through noise disturbance.

 Sleep well even when sharing a bed.

 Wake up feeling fully refreshed & raring to go!

You’ll get my bestselling Paleo Sleep book, containing the crucial Six-Step formula and 8 further chapters sharing my research on optimizing the natural sleep-wake cycle.

The book is stacked full of practical , easy-to-implement advice for addressing common problem sleep areas such as sleeping before stressful occasions, sharing a bed, air travel, napping, alcohol consumption and more.

The book is downloadable in PDF format, making it ultra-easy to share across all digital devices, including tablets, phones, laptops and desktop computers.

jQuery(function() {

Want to fall asleep fast and sleep deeply all the way through the night?

Primal Sleep promotes Delta wave production in the brain, assisting in slowing your brainwaves down and paving the way for deeper, longer, more restful sleep.

Listen to Primal Sleep up to 2-hours before you want to go to sleep.

jQuery(function() {

Can’t stop thinking? Mind hopping around like a flea?

Relax your overactive mind with this calming Theta frequency recording.

Listen to this blissful meditation music in the late evening to wind down and bring your mind to stillness before sleep.

jQuery(function() {

Been sleeping lightly lately? Waking up during the night?

Deep Dreams is a Delta wave meditation designed to help you sleep for 7-8 hours in a wonderful dream-filled state.

Listen up to 2-hours before you sleep to drift away with the fairies as soon as your head hits the pillow.

The Paleo Sleep Diet Guide helps further optimize the health of your sleep through paleo-based nutrition.

Eat your way to better sleep by identify which foods are sleep-friendly and which foods have the potential to keep you awake at night.

The Paleo Sleep Diet Guid comes as a PDF Download format that’s compatible across all digital devices.

jQuery(function() {

Stressful day at the office? Too tense to sleep?

Relax with this Theta Zone meditation whenever you need to let off some steam. It’s calming properties are designed to massage your mind and clear a pathway for uninterrupted sleep.

You can also use this audio at any other time you feel stressed or experience symptoms of anxiety.

What’s more, you’ll also receive a guide that’ll teach you more about the special binaural beats frequencies used in the audios, and how to get the most out of using this special music.

I’m so confident in Paleo Sleep and its ability to improve the quality of your sleep, that if your sleep hasn’t improved within 3-days, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked !

Here’s to great sleep and a healthy, long life!

P.S. If you any need any assistance with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here.

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