Review of The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert

Review of The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert

Review of The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert

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Review of The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert

Product Name: The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert

Click here to get The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert:

The Natural PCOS Diet book reveals the secrets to overcoming PCOS naturally and effectively.

If you’ve been searching for the answers for your PCOS symptoms, then you’ve arrived at the best source of information.  Here’s why.

I have been treating patients with PCOS successfully for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience and an expertise in dealing with PCOS.

Hirsutism (excess hair growth)

An irregular menstrual cycle

Feeling tired all or most of the time

Overcoming PCOS is not just about following a suitable PCOS diet plan.  There are other essential factors to address including:

These factors and more are covered in detail.

“I was struggling with PCOS, energy levels and day to day living, keeping up with work commitments and two young kids. My doctor was unable to help me so I turned to the internet. I came across Jenny’s web site and bought The Natural PCOS Diet with the bonus cook book. She also helped me through a Skype consultation and after a chat about my medical condition, Jenny prescribed me certain supplements that have changed my life. My symptoms have subsided and my head is clear again and the best thing is I have the energy to exercise and my fitness has improved dramatically. Through Jenny’s book I have learnt what triggers my symptoms and have made small changes to my diet which is not only making me feel great on the inside but also on the outside with my skin glowing and weight improving. With all of these positive changes to my life my depression is also diminishing which makes home life so much happier for everyone. Thanks Jenny!”

Mrs. P, Sydney, Australia

Grab your copy of ‘The Natural PCOS Diet’ and the bonus ‘The Natural PCOS Diet Cookbook’ – packed full of practical, healthy recipes to help navigate you on your journey back to optimal health.

Take a look through this website for more information on relevant topics for your PCOS issues.  Discover how you can overcome and conquer your PCOS naturally – when provided with the right guidance!

Download e-book immediately after purchase. 

Secure payment.
All major credit cards accepted. 

I am confident that once you purchase the book you have everything you need get started that I offer you my personal 60 day satisfaction guarantee. This means you can take a full days to try The Natural PCOS Diet for yourself. If you are not delighted by the results or 100% happy, I will give you a prompt and courteous refund.

I am a registered naturopath, nutritionist, homoeopath and medical herbalist, and a fertility expert. I am also the author of the popular fertility book ‘The Holistic IVF Diet Guide to Making  Babies’.

With 20 years experience in clinical practice, I am passionate about restoring hormone balance to women of all ages experiencing hormonal problems ranging from PMS, PCOS, infertilty to menopause.

I take a proactive and realistic approach to improving your hormone health and wellbeing. Many of my patients compliment me on my understanding and compassionate nature.

I hope the information in this book will help you overcome PCOS naturally as it has for many hundreds of other women.

“PCOS is often described as something that happens to you rather than a health condition which you can regulate. With Jenny’s helpful and practical advice, I was able to manage the worst symptoms and even more importantly I felt like I was back in control of my health. Jenny is a realist – she didn’t recommend any changes to my lifestyle that I couldn’t achieve.”

“Ever since getting my periods when I was twelve I have suffered from severe cystic acne on my face. I also had irregular periods, where I sometimes could go for six months without bleeding. On top of this I was particularly hairier than other girls my age and would often experience huge slumps in energy. This went on for years without me knowing or getting to the bottom of “why?” I was finally diagnosed with PCOS last year and have since been following Jenny’s PCOS plan, The Natural PCOS Diet. My acne has significantly improved – I have gone three months now without breaking out, my period cycle is a lot more regular and I now know how to control my low blood sugar episodes. Jenny’s book, The Natural PCOS Diet, has all the essential information you need to know about PCOS and provides you with a multitude of treatment options.”

Ms. H, Redland Bay, Australia

“My battle with PCOS began 6 years ago; when I decided that at 15 years of age, I should definitely be in the stream of womanhood with a regular period. Something that never arrived. I went to see my GP who decided that the appropriate solution to the problem was being on the OCP – typical therapy for orthodox medicine, treat the symptoms without concern for the cause. I didn’t quite agree and was soon sent for an ultrasound, where I was properly diagnosed with PCOS. Since being diagnosed with PCOS I have been seen by many gynaecologists and doctors whom “Specialise in Women’s Health” – All to no avail. “It is imperative to be on the pill”, “being on the pill is worsening your condition”, “you are well over your ideal BMI, lose weight, problem solved”. These are common phrases that I have become accustom to hearing by “Qualified Doctors”. By this stage, after 6 years of “costly treatment” in which I have found absolutely NO success with, I had decided to take the matter into my own hands. I have always felt that Naturopathy is the way to go, and by chance – or fate, whichever, I have stumbled across Jenny Blondel. I have purchased and read her e-book “The Natural PCOS Diet” which I have found very enlightening. This book has very quickly become my bible. I regularly refer to The Natural PCOS Diet in order to stay focused and motivated with my new found lifestyle. I have now been following her recommended diet plan from The Natural PCOS Diet for 2 weeks, and can see and feel the dramatic changes occurring in my body. I look forward to getting back to a healthy weight, and being mentally balanced again as my hormones go back to normal, also (unlike many other woman) I will rejoice at the opportunity and blessing that a natural period cycle will have in my life. Something that I have been made to believe would never evolve naturally without forcing my body to act in this manner – through use of the OCP.

My biggest praise and thanks goes out to Jenny Blondel for the light she has bought to my life, and the re-newed direction she has been capable of giving me. It has been the biggest blessing.”

Ms. G, Brisbane, Australia

“I went to Jenny after I had been diagnosed with PCOS when I came off the pill to try and have a baby. I was overweight, depressed and not ovulating. I did not want to go down the western medical route which was just to offer me Metformin and Clomid; instead I wanted to go for a more holistic approach as I thought this would be healthier and longer lasting. I was very glad I found Jenny. She gave me good dietary advice as well as giving me herbal medicine and exercise advice.

After six months of sticking to The Natural PCOS Diet and a strict treatment programme, I had lost enough weight, my hormones were much more balanced and I got pregnant! Now I have a lovely three and a half year old and I really feel I owe this to Jenny and her treatment. I still have occasional issues with my PCOS but I have a much healthier diet than I had previously and feel I manage it better. Until I tried to get pregnant I had no idea I had PCOS though I have always had blood sugar problems. Having Jenny as my Naturopath is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Ms. W, Yorkshire, England

“I contacted Jenny Blondel after becoming convinced that traditional medicine didn’t hold all of the answers for me and my hormone issues. After six months of breastfeeding my twin sons (who were conceived after a diagnosis of PCOS with the help of a traditional fertility doctor using Clomid -I was not ovulating on my own and hadn’t gotten my period for nearly eight months after stopping the Pill), I got my period. It was outrageously heavy and had lasted for six weeks by the time I contacted Jenny. The medical practice I went to simply kept giving me birth control pills and told me to take them in increasing quantities; they said that was the only thing that would stop the bleeding. I did not want to go back on birth control pills, but I took them anyway because I had become anaemic and wanted something to stop the bleeding. They didn’t work. Luckily, when they prescribed yet another round and gave me another medication to control the nausea (and told me to hire a babysitter for my boys because I would likely be too sick to care for them on the first day after beginning this even stronger round of hormones), I had already contacted Jenny. I didn’t follow through with the last round; I knew there had to be a better way.

After a one-hour consultation with her, I felt more heard than I ever had been before by traditional doctors. She asked the right questions (that I had been wondering why other doctors weren’t asking me!) that made me feel like she really had a holistic understanding of the issues I was currently facing and those that had plagued me in the past. Instead of prescribing something to address one symptom, she set up a plan for me to straighten out my hormones that she believed would address the underlying problems that resulted in several different symptoms. Within three days of being on the herbs she prescribed for my bleeding, it stopped. That, in and of itself, was astounding. Then, by following her advice, a regular menstrual cycle again became a part of my life, which hadn’t been the case without the Pill in at least 10 years. Three weeks ago, less than a year and a half after first seeking her out, I gave birth to our third child, Caroline. I paid attention to my cycle to prevent pregnancy, and once we were ready, we conceived our daughter completely naturally, with no assistance and no trouble (or delay!) at all. I am so grateful to Jenny for her help and for her attention; I trust her, her book – The Natural PCOS Diet, and have recommended her to many friends.”

Download e-book immediately after purchase. 

Secure payment.
All major credit cards accepted. 

I’ll send you fortnightly wellness tips, discuss specific health concerns and share my favourite healthy recipes to boost nutrition.Also get access to the bonus ‘Simple 7 Day Detox Guide’.

The Holistic IVF Diet Guide to Making Babies

“Through Jenny’s wisdom and knowledge we discovered the benefit of a change in diet to promote egg quality. After putting Jenny’s advice into action we were delighted during the next IVF cycle to obtain a high number of quality eggs which fertilized. As I enter this testimony I eagerly await the arrival of our first bundle of joy!” – Mrs LB Martin., Townsville QLD Australia – 13th June 2015

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The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel ND Hormone Health Expert

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

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Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Product Name: How to Write a Formal Letter |

Click here to get How to Write a Formal Letter | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Using information from the experts, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

Compose business letters and emails to correspond formally and professionally.

As a companion to our popular ebook, How to Write a Letter, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

This online letter writing course includes:

Push the envelope and get ready to sign, seal, and deliver professional letters!

For a complete course outline see: How to Write a Formal Letter Course Description

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of Augmented Reality A to Z Guide

Review of Augmented Reality A to Z Guide

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Review of Augmented Reality A to Z Guide

Product Name: Augmented Reality A to Z Guide

Click here to get Augmented Reality A to Z Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Augmented Reality A to Z Guide:

Get a Guided Tour Through the Concepts of Augmented Reality. Don’t Be Left Behind, Get Plugged in Now to the Emerging Technology!

Augmented Reality A to Z Guide – A Fundamental Guide to the World of Augmented Reality!


var mydate=new Date()
var year=mydate.getYear()
if (year < 1000) year+=1900 var day=mydate.getDay() var month=mydate.getMonth() var daym=mydate.getDate() if (daym<10) daym="0"+daym var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday") var montharray=new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December") document.write("“+dayarray[day]+”, “+montharray[month]+” “+daym+”, “+year+””)

It’s no secret as to how you ended up on our page today. As Augmented Reality has quickly become one of the hottest trends in technology, more people than ever are searching for answers to what exactly Augmented Reality is and how it really works. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately left behind by the rapid developments taking place every day. From it’s very onset, Augmented Reality developers set out to change the world, by manipulating how we interact with that world.

This eBook is the culmination of my long fascination with convergence of the physical and digital worlds, in addition to the fortune I’ve had as being the Managing Director of one of the most comprehensive news outlets on Augmented Reality on the web – Through my interactions on that website, I’ve seen Augmented Reality technology literally leap off my screen into the stratosphere becoming one of the most talked about, provocative and promising technologies of the 21st century!

There are several key factors which must be addressed for a thorough understanding of Augmented Reality technology. Bits and pieces here are there just doesn’t allow you to connect all of the dots. That is what this eBook has set out to do; Providing you with a ground-up, thorough introduction to the world of Augmented Reality and all of the basic compenents which come together to make it work. This eBook is not meant to be a technical handbook but rather an industry guide to understanding basic Augmented Reality theory and its many applications!

Learning what Augmented Reality actually means:

Augmented Reality technologies are so new, there is no central place online or elsewhere to get a full introduction to the principles of the technology and understanding of the emerging market, until now! The eBook helps you to know everything you want to know about what Augmented Reality is, where it came from and where it is going. Most of us have heard of and some even tried Augmented Reality applications, but only a few actually know what it really means.

Look no further than the carefully collected research DONE FOR YOU and packed into over 60 pages of text in “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide”! The language that has been used in the eBook makes it very easy to get a general understanding of the very complex processes which come together to create Augmented Reality. You, as a reader will find it very easy to follow along and comprehend subject matter that most people would think requires a Ph.D. in Computer Vision to understand! Each concept builds upon the next to show you all things that must be considered along with how all of the steps can lead to a working Augmented Reality software application.

As a reader, you will greatly benefit from the eBook. It will also make you ponder how you can use the technology to your benefit and perhaps even inspire some great ideas for how it can be applied in new ways! How fast the world is changing because of the emerging technology, it’s time for you to jump in before it’s too late! For those who need to know everything about Augmented Reality, I would suggest that you grab a copy of this eBook right NOW!

Augmented Reality A to Z Guide explains everything so logically that even beginners and more advanced developers will find it useful as a reference and guide to the world of Augmented Reality applications!

Here, take a sneak peek into what the eBook “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide” includes. Table of Contents from “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide” below-

The eBook offered by us is about the history, enabling technologies, current developments, industries and applications of Augmented Reality technology along with how you can develop your own simple mobile application. It will help the readers to understand where Augmented Reality came from, where developments are currently being made and where it is going. It will also help the readers to be enlightened on the different terms they may encounter and what it all means before attempting to create an Augmented Reality application on their own if they desire.

…Just take a look at the Table of Contents from “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide”!

1.0 Augmented Reality: Definition and History

1.2 History of Augmented Reality

2.1 Enabling Technologies Handheld Displays Projection Displays Problematic Areas in AR Displays

2.2 New Tracking Sensors and Approaches

2.3.1 Outdoor, Unprepared Environments

2.5 Calibration and Auto-Calibration

2.6 User Interface and Interaction

2.6.1 Visualization Problems

2.8 Photorealistic Rendering

2.9 Human Factors Studies and Perceptual Problems

2.9.2 Fatigue and Eye Strain

3.2 Collaborative Applications

3.3 Commercial Applications

4.1 Technological Limitations

4.2 User Interface Limitations

5.1.5 Mechanical Technology

5.1.8 Advertising and Promotion Wrigley’s 5 Gum® Topps® 3D Live Trading Cards Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Doritos® Sweet Chili Chips USPS Priority Mail Virtual Box Simulator

6.0 How AR and Computer Vision Works

6.1 Tracking-by-Detection

6.2 A Simple Classifier for Keypoint Recognition

6.3 Relaxing the Need for Texture

7.0 Demonstration of AR: Practical Examples

7.4 District 9 – The Movie

7.10 “A Twinkle in the Eye” Contact Lens

8.0 Examples of AR Mobile Apps

8.2 Wikitude – World Browser

8.9 Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

9.0 Developing AR Mobile Apps Using Open Source Libraries and Tools on the Internet

9.1 Some Open Source Libraries and Platforms for Developing AR Apps

9.2 Open Source Libraries

9.3 Developing AR Mobile App Using Layar

10.0 Glossary of Important Terms

11.0 Bibliography and References

Augmented Reality A to Z Guide Helps You To Understand How Augmented Reality is Created and Which Applications are Catching On..Upon Download,You’ll Receive These Virtually Immediate Benefits!

In addition, look at what other people have said about the eBook!

If you’re looking for a quick read which lays it all out there and describes in detail the many ways that Augmented Reality can be applied, get your hands on “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide” today, the truth may surprise you!

Get 2 Fantastic Bonuses Features With Every Order!!!

Bonus#1 iPhone Tricks and Apps

Now with every purchase of the eBook ‘Augmented Reality A to Z Guide’, you will be entitled to receive a free bonus of all of the best apps and tricks for your iPhone. This further helps you to understand the functionality and potential opportunities that lay ahead for one of the top Augmented Reality platforms.

Bonus#2 Mobile Marketing Trends and Small Businesses

In addition to the cool factor that Augmented Reality brings to mobile, it’s also important to understand the market and marketability of mobile apps and where Augmented Reality fits in. This Ebook gives the readers a fair idea about why mobile marketing is advantageous for small businesses. Marketing is the most important aspect of commerce for any type of business. The evolving mobile marketing trends very well suit the small businesses. Mobile marketing is both effective and affordable. For small businesses which have a limited budget, it is perhaps the only answer that helps the business owners to reach out to fairly large number of customers and earn higher returns on investments made. So, go out, grab a copy of the e-book today. Stock limited.

You won’t be disappointed. Remember, I’m offering this eBook with a personal 60-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you decide that it is not for you!

Welcome to the New Reality,

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ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Augmented Reality A to Z Guide

Review of How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft

Review of How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft

Review of How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft

Click here for bigger image

Review of How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft

Product Name: How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft

Click here to get How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft:

ClickBank is the
trusted retailer for

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your
purchase, let us know. We’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is

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Use of this website is
subject to our…

& Conditions I Privacy Policy I Earnings Disclosure I Contact

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How to get magical powers – Learn real magic spells Witchcraft

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

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Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Product Name: How to Write a Formal Letter |

Click here to get How to Write a Formal Letter | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Using information from the experts, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

Compose business letters and emails to correspond formally and professionally.

As a companion to our popular ebook, How to Write a Letter, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

This online letter writing course includes:

Push the envelope and get ready to sign, seal, and deliver professional letters!

For a complete course outline see: How to Write a Formal Letter Course Description

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of Family Bunker Plans

Review of Family Bunker Plans

Review of Family Bunker Plans

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Review of Family Bunker Plans

Product Name: Family Bunker Plans

Click here to get Family Bunker Plans at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Family Bunker Plans:

If your anyone like me, you want to do absolutely everything in your power to make sure your family is safe, no matter what.
We all know our country is heading in a pretty scary direction and these days our family’s are faced with more dangers than ever before.

My name is John Hartman,
I am a retired member of the United States armed forces and a certified disaster and survival expert.
I will do anything and everything to protect my family and I sure hope you have similar values.
4 years ago I decided it was absolutely necessary to provide my family with a safe hide out – in case the “you know what” hits the fan. I came to the conclusion that…

“The Ultimate Solution Is A Survival Bunker”

After deciding to provide my family with a survival bunker I sat down and drew up a plan with all of our special requirements.

It was at this point that I decided to build my own bunker so I could keep costs as low as possible!
I researched for months and asked several builders to help me plan out a bunker so I could do the work myself to save some money. It wasn’t until 6 months after starting my research I was contacted by a nice fellow that goes by the name of Brian Walters.
Brian is just like me, he’s an honest red-blooded American with a loving family. He has gone the extra mile and created a professional bunker for his family. He’s stocked his bunker with all the goodies – survival food, flares, water and everything else him and his family will need in th event of a disaster.
After speaking with Brian over the course of a few weeks I finally convinced him to help me with my own family bunker. He drew up some rough plans, wrote down the parts I needed and planned out my site.

Brian’s plan gave me the opportunity to provide my family with a survival bunker with a very small outlay on parts and I save even more money since I can now do the work myself!
In March of 2011 we started to work on my underground bunker.
My family also helped with the project, we actually had many great bonding moments during the build process and I got even closer with my family.Just one month after the day we started the project we had completed all the hard work. Now it was just time to install some shelves for our survival stockpile and fit out the bunker with some decorative touches (my wife loved this part!)

I’m so proud of myself and my family for completing this project and I’m extremely impressed with the final result.
Being a disaster and survival expert I knew there were other families out there that would greatly benefit from their own bunker.
So Brian and myself decided to combine our knowledge and create a simple to follow, step-by-step guide to building a bunker for YOUR family.

We’re risking our reputation…

Brian and myself are professionals in survival and disaster preparation – It’s what we’re know for! Since our reputation is on the line, we leave no stone unturned! Here’s what you’re going to learn with our Family Bunker Construction Manual:

As you can see, this is extremely extensive. You will not find this level of detailed information anywhere else. Not in the library, not in other online guides, not You Tube, nowhere!

But I’m not a builder, can I
still build a survival bunker?

“Here’s why people are saying our
plans are the best out there”

“The Most Comprehensive
Up To Date Construction
Guide Available.”

Customers from all over the world are thrilled with the quality and level of detail in our construction guide. Take a look at what they’re saying below:

“… These plans a perfect, exactly
what I’ve been looking for!”

“After spending countless hours searching for bunker plans I came up with nothing. Then my buddy Bill sent me a link to your site and I’ve been thanking him ever since. These plans a perfect, exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

– Jason S.via

“thanks for making this so simple”

“Hi John, thanks for making this so simple. The diagrams and step-by-step plans are very easy to follow.”

– Ken O.via

“The 3D diagrams are very cool.”

“Simply amazing! The 3D diagrams are very cool. I learned a lot from your plans!”

– Alex T.via

“Highly recommend this guide”

“Lucky I got this guide. I was going about the construction process entirely the wrong way and this has saved me much more than I paid, not to mention the time I’ve saved. I highly recommend this guide.”

– Karren W.via

“When disaster strikes, my bunker
WILL save my families lives.”

“Just like yourself, my family is priceless to me and I will do anything in the world to protect them. This guide is perfect for me and my family. When disaster strikes, my bunker WILL save my families lives. If you aren’t planning for the future and don’t have a safe hideout, your putting your family in great danger..”

– Thomas H.via

These days, with increased natural disasters and more threats from terrorists, a safe hideout is absolutely vital if you want 100% piece of mind for your family. Just imagine, always having that save location that you and your family can retreat to if you’re ever in danger. Nothing else comes close the the security these plans will offer your family.
Not to mention, our plans offer you the cheapest solution available!

Get our 3 bonus guides when
you order right now.

Bonus Guide #1Survival Stockpile

Complete your bunker with all of the essentials. Our survival stockpile is a complete list of tools, foods and other resources your family will need to get through the crisis alive. Get our complete survival stockpile guide as a free bonus when you order today.

Bonus Guide #2Family Protection Plan

When the crisis comes, you’re going too need a plan. I’ve seen a lot of plans in my time and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of them fall apart. With my years of experience as a certified disaster expert, you can be sure that my family Protection Plan WILL become a very valuable resource.

Bonus Guide #3Off-Grid Power Backup

Having unlimited power during a crisis is something preppers could only dream about. But now, with my step-by-step plans you will have access to unlimited power by setting up a mini off-grid power system. Having access to reliable power can mean the difference between life and death. Now you get my Off-Grid Power Backup plans when you order my Family Bunker Plans today.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you need more information or for customer support you can email us here:
John Hartman
P.S. Remember, this is an instant download so there is no waiting for shipping. You can get started with planning in just minutes from now.

P.P.S. We’re also offering the guide with a complete 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with my guide for any reason, just send us an email and we will personally refund every cent straight back to your account. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Order Family Bunker Plans here

“When disaster strikes, my bunker
WILL save my families lives.”

These plans are well worth the small investment. I urge everybody to take action now and get your hands on them right now. How are you going to feel if in 6 months there is a natural disaster or terrorist attack? You and your family are in direct danger and right now you have the chance to get a solid survival plan in place.
Get your copy of Johns bunker plans just like I did, and give your family the security and safety they deserve!

– Frank H.via

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Family Bunker Plans

Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale  – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

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Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

Product Name: Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

Click here to get Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale :

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Our most trusted sources in an easy to use database. Almost all of our sources, suppliers, and partners have websites (and no, unless you know the actual companies, you will not find them using Google!). We have been in business for 14 years and helped thousands of smart consumers, like yourself, save money buying their favorite designer names. We have the most sources, jobbers, suppliers, and wholesalers of luxury designer handbag, purses, accessories, shoes, clothes, and apparel.

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Another way to look at this would be to compare it to fruit in a super market. Does the farmer pick the fruit and deliver it himself to the market? Unless you are shopping at a farmers market, probably not. It goes through various channels and distributors before making it’s way into your shopping cart. The same happens with designer goods. With each level, the price goes up.

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Q: Can I just find these wholesalers and suppliers on Google or Yahoo?

A: Our sources are exclusive. These are some of the same sources that big name discounters even use such as BlueFly and Overstock. Unless you are familiar with the actual companies, you will not find them on Google!

Q: How often are your sources updated?

A: In most cases daily. We are continuously working to find the new and best sources, wholesales, distributors, and suppliers. As soon as we make the connection we post it. 

Q: Can I make money selling on eBay or other market places?

A: Absolutely. The reason we have most of these sources is that we too were sellers (Power Sellers actually) on eBay. We profited for many years in the resell business. 

Q: I know it has been answered already… but is everything really Authentic?

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Review of Discus Fish Information

Review of Discus Fish Information

Review of Discus Fish Information

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Review of Discus Fish Information

Product Name: Discus Fish Information

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Description of Discus Fish Information:

These are the discus care secrets professional aquarists don’t want you to know!

Did you ever want to buy and keep discus fish but were afraid that you didn’t know enough to keep them alive in captivity?

Do you dream of having beautiful, iridescent discus fish swimming in crystal clear tank at home?

Are you ready for the fastest and most convenient way to learn about discus fish ever?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you’ve read all day. Here’s why…

You’re about to discover a proven system for discus fish care that is concise, accurate and most of all, easy to understand. This system works whether you have taken care of discus fish before or this is your first time to take care of this popular tropical cichlid.

My name is Alex George, I have been planning on how to start discus fish farming but don’t have any knowledge on it, but after a friend told me about your discus fish lesson program and I signed up for your lesson, I can perfectly run a discus fish farming now. 

Here’s the thing: taking care of discus fish in a freshwater tank is not just for experts.

There is a general misconception that discus fish are wildly difficult to take care of – this is completely false!

When you know how to establish routines and follow basic instructions, you’re already fit to take care of tropical cichlids such as the discus fish.

What most people don’t realize is that taking care of discus fish extremely easy to do. I know, because…

In that time, I’ve developed a foolproof ‘formula’ for caring for tropical discus that works regardless of the aquarist’s experience level.

I’ve compiled all my knowledge into an easy to follow, downloadable guide called “The Golden Book of Discus Fish Care”

This system is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know about discus fish care and essential tank maintenance.

I know that’s a bold promise and it might sound a little “over the top” …but it’s true, and I can back up every word.

(Nobody else is willing to put their “money where their mouth is” like this…)

The bottom line is this: My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you… just like it’s worked for hundreds of novice aquarists before you.

My name is William Benson, Thanks a lot; I got instant mail immediately I signed up, I adhered to your instruction and it worked perfectly. I heard no knowledge on discus but with this first lesson, I think it’s a great start on how to deal with discus fish.    

In my course I will teach you a time-tested and perfected system for maintaining a freshwater tank that is perfect for discus fish. This formula is a simple, step-by-step plan you will follow to ensure that all your new discus fish will never have to deal with scourges like “New Tank Syndrome”.

Of course, I also provide step-by-step instructions on discus nutrition, breeding, mating, etc.. So, you’ll have all of the essential information that you will need to raise healthy and happy discus fish at home.

My system has been tested, tweaked, and perfected by years of research and experience. The reason why it’s so popular is simple:

And there’s nothing like it available…not in bookstores, at, or even on the Internet.

See, what most people don’t realize is that discus fish care is extremely simple. You just need to know what to do, and how to do it!

Even if you’re a total beginner and haven’t got a clue where to start, you can start caring for new discus fish at home within seven days or less!

The Golden Book of Discus Fish Care covers all of this, and a lot more. And when you read it, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with how simple it really is to care for tropical cichlids.

And that’s not nearly all.

You can order this amazing system right now and actually start discovering the best ways to care for discus fish within 30 seconds…yes, that is right…WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can start your journey as an expert aquarist and discus keeper

That’s because I’ve taken the entire system and turned it into a downloadable eBook.

Like I said earlier, you can place your order right now and start benefiting from this entire system 30 seconds later.

Just click one of the blue links (like this one: order now) and you’ll be taken to my 100% secure order page.

As soon as your order is processed (takes about 45 seconds), you’ll be taken to the “Download Page” where you can instantly download the entire manual along with your bonuses.

This downloadable guide reveals the same closely guarded secrets that professional aquarists use to breed the best strains of discus in the world.

Click here to order right away and start giving your discus fish the care that it truly deserves today. You’ll be thrilled with how fast, fun, and easy it is to care for new discus fish once you learn the right way to do it.

But thanks to a special arrangement I’ve made with the publisher, we’ve made this sensational resource The Golden Book of Discus Fish Care which contains my entire discus fish care system, available to you as a downloadable eBook directly accessible from the Internet.

This way I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win.

But even at a higher price, it’d be a bargain because this system works like crazy!

I know from first hand, personal experience that it does and I’m so confident you’ll love it that I’m offering the following guarantee:

You heard me correctly. This amazing guide is guaranteed to work for you. And I stand behind it 100%. Test drive it for 60 days.

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

There are no questions asked, no “wiggle clauses” and no funny business.

You have 60 full days to put it to work for you, and either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free. Wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

So, click here and get your discounted copy of “The Golden Book of Discus Fish Care” right now. You have absolutely no risk…and everything to gain!

You’ll be thrilled with “The Golden Book of Discus Fish Care”…and you’ll be overjoyed by the excellent results. Click here and get instant access right now.

Wishing you the happiest years of your life with your new discus companions.

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Discus Fish Information

Review of EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit

Review of EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit

Review of EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit

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Review of EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit

Product Name: EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit

Click here to get EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit:

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Order Now!!! (PayPal or Credit Card)



Have you thought about applying for a
United States green card?

Do you know that you can apply for a
green card without the sponsorship of
an employer?

Do you know that you can apply for a
green card all by yourself?

If you have a graduate degree (such as a
Master’s Degree or a PhD degree) or if you are pursuing a graduate
degree, you can apply for a green
card by yourself.

Helps You To Put Your
NIW Green Card Application Package Together.

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Our EB2 NIW DIY Kit  comes with one
bonus. This bonus was added to help you obtain certified English translations for your foreign documents.

BONUS: Sample
certified translations for foreign (Chinese) documents: Birth
Certificate; Marriage Certificate; Prize Award Certificate; B.Sc.
degree diploma. In our Package, we also reveal how and where you can
obtain your own certified English translations of foreign documents.

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By Ordering You Will Get:

This ebook will explain the
green card application process. The ebook was compiled in a “Questions & Answers” format. This shall give you a big-picture view
of the green card application process.

This checklist will get you
started on your green card application. The preparation of some
documents is straighforward. However, some other documents might take a
lot of time to prepare. For example, it may take five to six weeks or
even longer to obtain your recommendation letters. With this checklist,
you can start to put together your green card application package.

petition letter is the key to your successful I-140 petition. The
sample petition letter is in Microsoft Word format so that you can
modify on.

The sample recommendation letters are in Microsoft Word format so that you can modify to draft your own recommendation letters.

Application is also known as
“Adjustment of Status” application. The I-485 application is a
relatively easy step in your green card application process. Our
detailed checklist will make this step even easier.

We provide the following example filled forms: I-140, ETA-750B; I-485, G-325A, I-131, I-765.lication).
Our example forms will help you the form filling process smooth and
with ease. (Note: We did not include an example form for I-693 because
it will be filled in by your immigration exam physician.)

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will get instant access to the EB2 NIW DIY Package



You may be asking.

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Because we are so confident of our
EB2 NIW DIY Package,
I am willing to go further and offer you a 60 days 100% full money back
guarantee.  If for whatever reason our NIW DIY Package does not
meet your needs, just tell me and I will personally give you a full and
courteous refund.
Absolutely no questions asked!

In summary, here are what you will

Order Now And You
will get instant access to the  EB2 NIW DIY Package

 You Can Pay By Credit Card or
PayPal Online Now…

Products provided by
Sold by ClickBank Inc., Boise, ID USA.Order online safely and securely.

Looking forward to helping you finally
obtain your green card for the United States of America.

Just in case
you missed it above.  If you’re unhappy with this NIW DIY Kit for
any reason, just tell us and we will give you a full and courteous
refund. Absolutely no questions asked.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Any question?
    Ask Us 

19 Forshee Circle, Montvale, NJ 07645 Contact Us  
Affiliate Program

Copyright © 2015
Rights Reserved.

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EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit

Review of How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…

Review of How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…

Review of How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…

Click here for bigger image

Review of How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…

Product Name: How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…

Click here to get How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps… at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…:

Kevin Burch – as interviewed regularly on the BBC

The death of a loved one is a painful experience that we all have to face at some point in our lives.

Have you recently lost someone close and now been asked to present the eulogy to all the family and friends?

Please don’t panic, I have some good news for you that will without doubt make it much easier for you.

How to Write And Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps contains:-

Despite having presided over 100 funerals and delivered around 80 eulogies,
I’ll never forget the first time I was asked to write a Eulogy.

It was for Tom, my grandfather. When Tom died, my sense of loss was overwhelming. Suddenly I was faced with writing and delivering a eulogy for the first time in my life, in just a few days time.

I stared at the blank page and began to quietly panic… I was desperate to do a great job.

I deeply wanted and needed to deliver a Eulogy that would be remembered, but I wasn’t sure how. Tom had been like a father to me and now he was gone. His life was so full, and he had done so much, that it was hard to know where to start and how to describe him.

In fact, it was hard to find any words at all, let alone words that would do justice to his memory; words that I would have to present to a room full of people that loved him too.
I was feeling pretty emotional and wanted to “keep it together” on the day so I could do my best, and that was nerve-racking to say the least.

You may be in a similar situation yourself as you read this. If so, you have come to the right place…

Writing a eulogy feels like a huge responsibility, doesn’t it? Maybe you are experiencing something similar to how I felt when faced with saying Tom’s final farewell. You’ll be feeling very honored that you have been asked, whilst at the same time nervous and maybe a little apprehensive about writing a eulogy, and perhaps also a little anxious about speaking in public.

You’ll probably be asking questions like:

Also, you may well be short on time; you’ll likely be helping others to cope, dealing with arrangements for the service, whilst feeling emotionally fragile yourself. Don’t worry, I have been there too.

That is when writing a Eulogy can begin to feel like a real struggle. You don’t want to rush it or ‘wing it’ on the day, but you are just lost for words right now and not sure where to start.

It won’t surprise you to hear that writing my first eulogy, without any help, guidance or experience, took me a long time. And I found it a very tough job.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

“I read my Eulogy at my Father’s funeral service last Tuesday and after all my angst writing it, and with the wonderful confidence your book gave me, the vicar said ‘Bravo’ at the end of it and started to clap, which in turn started off the whole congregation in the chapel!

I was taken aback, it was very very appreciated and totally unanticipated as I had been extremely nervous standing next to my Father’s coffin to speak. However, I was sooooo completely happy and totally satisfied that I had gone through with it.

I had pushed through the pain barrier and it was an emotional journey to even write it let alone stand up and say it, as I know you totally understand. So THANK YOU SO MUCH again for this book, as it pointed me in the right direction and gave me confidence to do it. It was an astounding experience for me in more ways than one!”

Glynis Brown
Plymouth, UK

Just like Glynis you too can experience this process in a way that enables you to deliver a Eulogy that feels like a great honor and a precious gift.

Now, you are the person that has been called upon to give the final tribute and farewell- to celebrate a person’s life and commemorate their passing. It seems a daunting task I know, but at the same time this can be a very healing and rewarding process if you have the right support to guide you through.

The easiest and best way to get your Eulogy written is if you follow a tried and tested framework that helps you set everything out in order.

That’s the beauty of “How to Easily Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps”- It takes away the doubts and worries you may have right now about what to write, how to say what you feel, and what order to put things in.

Although it felt overwhelming at first, in the end I was so grateful and honored that I had delivered Tom’s Eulogy.

His loved ones really appreciated having such a memorable and meaningful tribute to the man they loved.

It felt good to know that I was somehow instrumental in that… and I was deeply moved

…In fact, Tom’s funeral and eulogy had such an effect on me that since then I have trained as a professional funeral presider. (I lead funerals and take the role traditionally filled by a priest).

Since Tom’s funeral I have taken almost 100 funerals and written, advised on, and delivered nearly as many eulogies! For me it is a great privilege to share my experience and expertise with others in these difficult times, and it is especially rewarding to receive feedback such as:

Thank you so much for the lovely way the good-bye service was conducted for Owen. The presentation by you was super.

For me, it was everything I could have wanted for Owen’s farewell.

The following day Paul [son] was stopped several times by friends who said they had “enjoyed” it so much (if that is the right word).

My best wishes go with you for the future.

Lilian Davies (age 83)Bristol, UK

What’s great about this for you is that my experience has led me to create a handy all-in-one downloadable guide book, especially written to help you create a perfect Eulogy under any circumstances.

How to Easily Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps is simple and easy to follow, making your Eulogy not just easy to write, but an enjoyable and touching process! You will be able to feel composed whilst you write it, and confident when you come to deliver it …. Here’s how:

Here’s what a Church of England Priest has to say…

“Your eulogy guide is clear and easy to follow.

I recommend it to anyone wanting to put together a eulogy, but not knowing where to start. The ‘how to’ instructions, the templates

and the sample eulogies you provide make for a very comprehensive tool.

And your style is so conversational and friendly too!”

The Reverend Laura Hodges
Oxford, UK

Whether you have been asked to write a Eulogy for a close relative such as a brother, sister, mother, father, or a eulogy for a grandfather or grandmother, or if you have to write a Eulogy under difficult circumstances, this book can help you.

Remembering someone’s life is a great honor and you will find all the tools you need so you can do this in the best possible way for a wonderful tribute to their life.

“Kevin. I recently received on line your eulogy assistance documentation and want to thank you. Unfortunately I must send you a copy of completed eulogy when time permits.

As time was of the essence I thank you once again for your unsurpassed knowledge in this, a very sorrowful time of our lives.”

I know how a personal, well crafted, and confidently delivered Eulogy can make all the difference at a funeral. I mean, let’s put it in perspective … Can you imagine a total stranger doing speeches at your own or a loved one’s Wedding?- It would feel impersonal, cold, and distant… as though an element of something special was missing…Am I right? Well it is the same at a funeral, don’t you agree? A personal eulogy warms the heart and reassures us that though our loved one has passed their memories truly will live on.

So you can see how important this is, and how much of a privileged position you now hold as you fulfill this opportunity to pay homage to someone’s life.

No matter how hard this time is for you, I can reassure you that my years of experience as a trained & professional funeral presider and the number of Eulogies I have written and delivered allow me to guide you to creating not just a Eulogy that you can be proud of, but a Eulogy that will touch all those who hear it and will be well received, appreciated, and remembered forever.

Thank you so much for your wonderful guide. The information you made available was of enormous help getting through a difficult time. The death of a loved one is such an emotional event that to compose a meaningful eulogy during this time of mourning is a most difficult task.

Not only did I compose a wonderful tribute to a remarkable man I had so many people compliment me for not only the content of the eulogy but the way it was delivered. This was only made possible by your wonderful publication.

Geoff Watkins
Vancouver, Canada

If you are nervous not just about the content, but also about the delivery of your Eulogy, then don’t worry, it’s quite natural. To help with this I have compiled a special bonus to guide you through four little-known and powerful techniques that will enable you to deliver your eulogy with grace and confidence, no matter how upset you might be feeling inside.

You will be able to do your job and ‘keep it together’, thanks to these expert, easy to follow tools that are simple and very effective. As speaking to you as a professional speaker, I can assure you that just reading this bonus guide will make you feel relieved and confident that you will be able to deliver your speech to the best of your ability!

In all the years that I have been conducting Eulogies and presiding at funerals I now have experienced many beautiful, powerful Eulogies, and I have also seen and heard Eulogies that unfortunately failed to really commemorate the deceased. Usually this was because of one or two simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Such a shame!

Simply ensuring you have met the 6 steps in this guide is the difference between a beautiful, memorable tribute to a person, and a eulogy that is disappointing to say the least.

But how do you make sure that you get it right? In “How to Easily Write and Deliver a Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps” I go over in detail the keys to a great Eulogy and how you can get it spot on:

The guide is clear and simple and takes you from staring at your blank piece of paper right up to your delivery of the speech on the day of the funeral.

All you need to do is simply follow the 6 simple steps one by one. You’ll be guided by the hand on exactly what to do in a manner that is gentle, clear, and straight to the point, to make this as easy as possible for you.

You see to write the Eulogy there genuinely are only 6 steps you really need to know to guarantee you get it right:

1. Take a moment for yourself (to be in the right mood – I’ll show you how to do this in less than 60 seconds, no matter how emotional you may feel)
2. Decide the kind of eulogy you want to create (this is a crucial step that many people miss out- and at yet it’s so simple) 3. Gather the information you need (I’ll tell you the questions to ask – you choose which ones work best for you)

4. Bring it all together into a flowing whole (a simple process, once you have the framework) 5. Rehearse and refine your speech (I’ll show you some easy, confidence-boosting ways to do this)
6. Deliver the eulogy (my on-the-day checklist and practical tips will smooth the way for you)

If you are staring at a blank screen with no idea what to write, if you feel overwhelmed by the task at hand and too emotional to do this,
or if you have left it to the last minute and are panicking, then don’t worry. I have included a “fill in the blanks” template for you to use.

This is how you can write your eulogy in just an hour or two. ..

All you need to do is fill in the gaps with the personal details. Everything is ready for you to add your own anecdotes, personal memories and whatever you wish, but the core structure of the speech is done for you. This will give you complete peace of mind that your Eulogy is clear, cohesive and flows as a whole, so that everyone listening will understand and be taken on a memorable journey. But, don’t worry – it will be personal and meaningful, because you will be adding all the particular details about the individual’s character and qualities, and choosing from the many poems and quotes the ones that are relevant for you.

There is a selection of templates ready for you, so whether you are writing to remember someone young or old, male or female and whether they passed under natural circumstances or difficult circumstances, you will be prepared.

I want you to know how useful I have found your book. I was asked to write and deliver a eulogy for someone under difficult circumstances. He had only one relative and she felt unable to stand up and speak in public. The widow trawled through her friends and came up with me as I am used to public speaking. I was at a loss but your book with its examples enabled me to write and deliver a fitting tribute to a lovely man.

Susan Carter,
Staffordshire, UK

When you know that your speech will be just great- because the panic of what to say when, and just as importantly what NOT to say, is out of the way- then you can really enjoy your task, and make your role truly fulfilling and rewarding.

Read below what Beryl had to say about the eulogy she was to write for her father

I have tonight written my first draft of the eulogy for my Father. I could not have done it without the support of your fabulous book. Many kind thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience, you have taken the stress out of the job, and I have actually enjoyed writing it!!”

Beryl Wainwright
London, UK

To make it even easier for you Chapters 6 & 7 includes 27 poems and 71 quotes, all perfect for using in your speech. The poems and quotes I have added here are accessible to everyone. Many of them are really well known, you might not even realize you know them until you hear them! All of them are poignant, personal and reassuring.

A carefully chosen verse will bring a special touch to your Eulogy. In fact, you might even find that they express sentiments you are trying to say both simply and eloquently, in a way that really compliments your speech.

Even if you don’t usually like poetry you may be surprised how much comfort you can take from the specially selected poems listed here, and how much you enjoy choosing the perfect one for the eulogy you are writing.

Having all these wonderful quotes, from the likes of Churchill to Jimi Hendrix, and beautiful verse from poets including W.H.Auden, Kahlil Gibran, Tennyson and Christina Rossetti among others, is sure to save you hours of time trawling the internet for famous or suitable phrases or lines of verse. You’ll find many of the most famous, meaningful and most celebrated poems at your fingertips, reproduced in the book for speed and convenience.

Having a proven template ensures that you will not miss any of the important details you are anxious to include. There are immeasurable advantages to having this support when you are writing, many of them intangible which may not truly become obvious until after you have delivered your eulogy. Imagine the sense of pride and achievement that comes from knowing you did a great job.

Today I had the pleasure of doing what I thought would be impossible. It is hard enough to lose a loved one, even more so when 3 weeks ago we thought Mom would be on the road to recovery!

I followed your PDF file and paid attention to sections 5 and 6 again then read the excellent Public Speaking information you also included in the PDF.

I found it a less daunting experience than I thought it would be, I know that without reading your material I would have failed my Mom miserably. I can only say that your information works. I am a big doubter on these things, maybe a person who tends to look for “catches” etc, but this is very good and helped me perform a eulogy that I thought I was incapable of doing.

Writing what I wanted to say is maybe the easy part, saying it to a large audience is the hard part, delivering it with the right amount of feeling, emotion and compassion was the part I would fail.

I did not. and I was pleased to hear people thank me for a speech I never dreamed I could have done. The only good thing that I can take from today was I did not let my Mother down.

Once again Kevin, thank you.

Tony Madge
Tamworth, UK

Don’t make the mistake of just trying to “wing it” and hope for the best. To deliver a warm, loving and sentimental speech does take a little preparation, but it doesn’t have to take long or drain you emotionally. It can be a great pleasure, and in 1 hour or less you can be ready to go.

“Thank you Kevin! Your book is excellent and I am very happy I bought the entire guide. It is a great resource to own
and it is full of wonderful tips for anyone having or wanting to give a eulogy.

Thank you and best wishes.”

Amanda Bevan

Boston, MA, USA

The book is very simple and easy to read, and more importantly it can be read quickly. You won’t be stuck trawling through pages of speeches, but I have included some extra bonuses:

In This Handy Manual You’ll Find Famous and Inspiring Eulogies, including:

“Quick & Easy Public Speaking Confidence”

Order today and you’ll also get a handy checklist for the day, so that you are leaving nothing to chance, and will remember everything you need.

You can download all this at the touch of a button and have your Eulogy written within the hour, or take your time and do it at your own pace following a step at a time- It’s completely up to you!

By now you know that having this kind of guide at your fingertips will help you craft the eulogy you want and need to commemorate the life of a loved one. To instantly download the guide all you need to do is simply click on the button below and you’ll be taken to a secure server to process your order.

Now, because this is a digital guide you will receive a link to download to your desktop, simply follow the instructions and within minutes you will be able to get your hands on the guide and get your eulogy done. You also get the benefit of my…

With nearly 100 funerals and well over 80 eulogies under my belt and feedback from happy customers around the globe I’m convinced you’ll find writing your Eulogy easy for 5 reasons:

But, if within 60 Days you are not completely satisfied for any reason, or you don’t feel that your Eulogy was everything you wanted, or that it was not absolutely wonderfully received, then I will refund your small investment in full with no questions asked.

To remind you here is everything you will get when you order…

The complete guide to writing a eulogy from scratch, to delivering it to your audience. Includes:

Profound eulogies, for some of the most significant people of our times, including Ghandi and Pope John Paul II.

In This Handy Manual You’ll Find Famous and Inspiring Eulogies, including:

Order today and you’ll also get a handy checklist for the day, so that you are leaving nothing to chance, and will remember everything you need

I further understand that How to Write And Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps is fully covered by Kevin Burch’s personal, 60-day, no-questions-asked, no-hassle-whatsoever, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Above all, remember this: How to Write And Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps was created especially to help people just like you. And not just to help you survive this difficult time, but to help you do something you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Please do feel free to email me with your own story of how things went well for you, whenever the time is right for you.

With all best wishes for the days ahead,

Kevin Burch
Managing Director

Empowering Publications
36 Lyndhurst Road
Bath BA2 3JH, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7193 5968
(Please contact us with ANY questions!)

Thank you, and may peace be with you at this time.

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How to Write and Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps…

Review of My Instant Swipe File! –  Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Review of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Review of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

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Review of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Product Name: My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Click here to get My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!:

“Million-Dollar Copywriting Cheat-Sheet”
Lets You…

“Write HOT Sales Letters That Sell Like
CRAZY – In No Time Flat!”

Brand-New Copywriting “SECRET WEAPON” is
Your Short-Cut for Writing Powerful,
Sales Letters That Make Customers BUY!

From: Jeff Gardner
Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
President, Gardner Marketing Group Inc.

 Imagine being able to cut 5,
10, even 15 years of off of your copywriting
“learning curve” and instantly be able to
write killer sales copy that pull in daily


            Actually, it’s entirely possible
– and I’ve used this same “secret” to write
killer sales letters that have produced
millions of dollars in profits for
myself and my company.

            Here’s how:

            Most (if not all) great
copywriters, actually collect the best sales
copy from the best copywriters – and tuck it
away in a “Swipe File”.

            Then, whenever the copywriter
needs an amazing headline, the perfect
guarantee, or a killer close… they go to
their “swipe file”, find a hot piece of copy
that’s already been proven to work… and
simply “model” it.

            Not copied word-for-word, but

            For example, one of the most
famous headlines was written by John Caples
in 1925…

All Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano,

But When I Began to Play…”

Over 80 years later, copywriters are
still pulling this gem out of their “Swipe
Files” and using the basic concept to write
new killer headlines.

fact, recently I did a search and found
these variations…

“They All
Laughed When I Told Them The 30 Minute
Workouts Would Help Me Lose Weight But I Got
The Last Laugh When They Saw Me In My

“They All Laughed
When I Said I Was Going To Create A Profit
Pulling Website Quickly & Easily . . . But
When I Made My First Sale Just 4 Hours Later
. . .!”

using the structure of John Caples’ original
killer headline, copywriters are able to
instantly create their own original
headlines for new products, services, and

staring at a blank screen. No endless
hours of frustration or confusion. No
writing and re-writing endlessly, trying to
find the perfect copy.

Write Hotter Copy… Starting Today!

            Great copywriters are
constantly digging through their “swipe
files”, looking for the best headlines,
offers, guarantees, bullets, postscripts,
closes, and more – to beef up their copy and
make it sell like crazy.

            After all, why kill yourself
trying to write something from scratch…
when you can get great, cash-generating
copywriting ideas from the world’s greatest
copywriters – who have generated billions of
dollars from their sales copy?

            And that’s why I’m writing to
you today!

An Incredible “Swipe File”
Can Truly Be Worth Millions!

            You see, in my office, I have a
large black 4-drawer file cabinet that holds
my very own personal swipe file.


I’ve been writing copy for over 20 years –
and my swipe file has made me millions of
dollars. I’ve been fortunate
enough to write many, many “million dollar
sales letters” and while I’d like to lay
claim to every million dollar copywriting
idea, I must admit that I rely heavily on my
swipe file.

            After all, anytime I’m stumped
for a headline, an offer, bonuses, benefits,
guarantees, postscripts, pricing, or any
part of copy… I can just open up the
file cabinet – and I’ve got millions upon
millions of dollars of the world’s best copy
to look through and borrow from.

            Not copy word-for-word. That’s
illegal. But I can borrow the basic concepts
and ideas – and by using it over the last 20
years, my swipe file has made me many,
many millions of dollars!

            Why should you care?

            Well, I had originally thought
about publishing parts of my own personal
swipe file, but after trying to track down
some of the copywriters whose copy I have
filed away, I realized that I was looking at
an almost impossible job. My swipe file
includes copy from over 20 years of research
and study – and much of what I have socked
away is from copywriters who are no longer
among the living.

            So I decided to start all
over. From scratch.

            I contacted the greatest
copywriter’s from around the world.
Copywriters who are currently responsible
for generating millions of dollars, both
online and offline, from their killer sales

            And I asked them to submit their
very best sales letters to me – for
inclusion in a brand new “Swipe File”.

            I was shocked with the
response I got.

            Over the last 10 months, I’ve
spent hundreds of hours pulling these
letters apart – and categorizing the best
copy from all of these letters into
different categories.

            Finally, after almost a year,
I’ve completed this project – and I’m now
making it available to anyone who wants to
beef up their sales copy… double, triple,
even quadruple their sales… and write more
profitable sales letters virtually

            All of the greatest copy from
the world’s greatest copywriters is now
available in a brand new copywriting tool
I’m calling…

My Instant Swipe File™

Your Copy Now by Clicking Here!

           Now, in just minutes, you can
have access to the best examples of
hot-selling, money-making sales copy from
the world’s greatest copywriters, including:

John Carlton

Michel Fortin

Dr. Harlan

Joe Vitale

Yanik Silver

Bob Bly

Dan Lok

Randy Charach

Mike Jezek

Grady Smith

Jesse Forrest

These copywriters have
become famous, because their copy has
produced millions upon millions of dollars
in sales for themselves and their clients.
These amazingly skilled professional
copywriters charge top-dollar for their
work, because their copy consistently
produces huge returns, over and over again.

Now, you can borrow
their best ideas and concepts for your very
own sales copy… once you own your very own
copy of this exciting new copywriting tool!

Imagine… with “My
Instant Swipe File™” in your hands, you’ll
never be at a loss for what to write.

Within seconds, you can have million-dollar
ideas for…














And much,
much more!

I guarantee that
this will soon become your most-used “secret
weapon” for writing killer copy!

Just a few ideas from “My Instant Swipe
File™” could even double, triple, or
quadruple the selling power of virtually any
sales letter… almost instantly! 

Success Stories

Hey Jeff,

Your collection of instant swipe
files is truly astounding!
As a professional copywriter
myself, I’ve had days when I
struggle to think of the “perfect”
words to trigger the target
prospects’ emotional buttons.

With your product, writing sales
copy has become as easy as pie.
I know that I can always rely on
your complete arsenal of proven
moneymaking swipe files to come
up with the most compelling
sales letters for me and my
This could be worth thousands of
dollars. At the very low price
you’re charging, it’s a
This is “a must-have” for anyone
who writes copy.Michael Lee

Expert and Professional

You’re charging too low Jeff!
This package is a goldmine.
It doesn’t matter whoever you
are and whatever you’re selling,

you’ll find these monster
winners condensed in one place,
an easy reference to create your
own killer sales letter with
Remember that a good sales
letter is like having a full
time employee that convert
visitors to customers. So, if
you want to make a quantum leap
to your website conversion, My
Instant Swipe File, is the
perfect companion.
Thanks for doing all the hard
work and making all this easier
for us Jeff!



Whether you’re a novice or
expert copywriter, having
Jeff’s indispensable e-book, “My
Instant Swipe File, ” is like
having the world’s best copy
experts looking over your
shoulder helping you write
killer sales letters.

Stuck for a
headline? BOOM! You’ve got one.

Lead ins?

points? BOOM!

You get the
picture – No more writer’s
block. My Instant Swipe belongs
in every internet marketer’s


Jeff , I just read your “My Instant
Swipe File” and I must say that
I was very impressed. It has
not only pointed out some
weaknesses in my own sales copy
but also given me a solution or
model to improve on it!
Writing copy is an art and I
(like many of us) can always use
help here. I give it 2 thumbs up
and will be modify my sales
pages as a result and fully
expect to increase my conversion
because of your eBook!
Thanks for a great new read!
Sincerely ,


If you’ve ever studied
copywriting, you know that
your best way of learning the
craft is to identify the
top-of-the-line copywriters and
their sales materials… then to
hand-copy each and every example
several times.
The big problem most of us
copywriters have is… how do
you identify and get hold of
these materials? Sure, we all
likely have our own swipe file.
But which is written by whom?

Jeff Gardner has the

PERFECT solution.
His “My Instant Swipe File”
contains sales examples from THE
leaders of our copywriting
profession. Documented, included
by permission from each author.

This stuff is really powerful.
Not only that, but he’s broken
down each sales letter into
categories like Headlines;
Guarantees; and so on.
I’ve studied under some of these
top-grade copywriters. They
really deserve to be grouped
with such famous names as John
Caples, for example.
And Mr. Gardner has also
provided biographies for each
copywriter. These I find inspire
and encourage me to keep on with
my own learning and honing of my
copywriting skills. And he has
provided templates for our use!
So I can use these examples and
easily adapt them to whatever
topic I’m working on at that
Mr. Gardner has obviously done a
lot of work on our behalf.

His product is worth wayyy
more than he’s charging.
I’m proud to have access to this
resource whenever I need it.
(And believe me, I sometimes
have needed it several times
just in one day!)
Then he goes on to sections
regarding actual techniques that
work. Say you need to make your
reader aware of a specific
problem – Mr. Gardner uses
actual quotes from salesletters
written by these A-1 copywriters
to show how THEY did it. And did
it the right way, that sold
their product well.
So much to learn here!
And Mr. Gardner has a truly
logical way of organizing this
Swipe File as well as a
refreshingly easy-to-read style
of presenting it. Very
impressive. Very useful. Very
vital for each and every
copywriter to have in his or her
arsenal of resources!
Ever struggle with providing
proof and credentials? Just
check out how the experts do it!
Pricing justification? Cutting
to the all-important offer?
Doing the take-away? And never,
ever forget that all-important
guarantee! Hey, Mr. Gardner has
it all right here. This world
class group of copywriting
experts show how they do these
complicated techniques – and
make each one seem easy.
I also am awed by just the
freebies that Mr. Gardner
includes. In my opinion, these
alone are worth the price of the
Instant Swipe File: A detailed template for my
sales letters – PLUS an
explanation (very well-written
and easy to understand) of why
each element is important and
why it needs to be there. Very
A copywriting checklist! This is
an awesome timesaver. Research,
writing your salesletter – all
there. I am so blown away by
just this one bonus.
And! (This one is close to my
heart.) Specific words and
phrases that have been shown to
be especially powerful for
sales. I’ve spent years keeping
a list of just this sort of
thing… and here is Mr. Gardner
giving this away for a free
bonus. Wow. That’s all I can say
– wow.
His final bonus is an article by
David Garfinkle – a winner of
winners right here and now –
about how to pull in the maximum
response. This is powerful
stuff. I can’t tell you
how simple yet profound this
expert’s insights are.
All in all, Mr. Jeff Gardner
proves he’s a master at
over-delivering. Just the main
Instant Swipe File is worth far
more than what he’s asking. And
each precious bonus gift
multiplies the value
exponentially. His writing and
talent for organization and
presentation shine through this
whole package. I’m more than
delighted to have it in my
possession – and believe me, I
use several portions of it every
single day. From hand-copying
works of the Masters to editing
my copywriting projects to
maximize their effectiveness –
this is one of the most powerful
tools I have ever seen. More
like the Swiss
Knife-of-All-Trades on steroids!

Sincerely,Dot Pecson


“My Instant Swipe File” is
just what it claims to be –
an all-in-one swipe file of
copywriting knowledge. It
combines an abundance of top
quality copywriting samples with
informational articles, and
thought-provoking templates. The
bonuses add just the right
ingredients to round out the
content and make this a complete
source for any copywriter
needing inspiration to produce
the perfect piece of copy.Jenny Evans Dunham

Hi Jeff,I’m a little upset! You
claim to be offering a swipe
file? But that is only a part of
what is really a complete course
in effective copywriting.
The people you have brought
together for this project are a
veritable “Who’s Who” of the top
copywriters in the world.
The other thing that impressed
me was the bonuses (each of
which could be sold separately,
in my opinion). Each one ties in
so well with all of the others
that I think you have created
something amazing.
To be honest, your offer isn’t
for everybody – after all, there
will always be those who
don’t care about making money
online. But, for anyone that
wants to write copy that sucks
people in and increase their
profits to boot, then this is
clearly a must-have.
All the best,Michael Oksa


Do you have any idea what you
have just done?

One Single Download From You Has
Replaced Hundreds Of Bookmarks
and Downloaded salespages from
my own “swipe File” Collection!
You have managed to gather some
of the best salescopy ever and
put it together in a very easy
to read, learn and impliment
This is by far one of the best
products I have purchased yet
this year.
You are a Rock Star My Friend!
Thank you for such a great
product!Michael D Price


Jeff,I thoroughly enjoyed My
Instant Swipe File. I have
always hated creating Sales Copy
because I’m just not that good
at it. My
Instant Swipe File is going to
make a HUGE difference in my
profits this year.I may finally be able to
create copy that actually SELLS!
Thanks so much!
Scott Raven

Raven Media
Group –

Using sales letter
templates or sales letter writing software?
My Instant Swipe File™ can easily help
increase the sales and profits from these
letters in just minutes!

Or, if you’ve bought
copywriting courses or attended seminars,
My Instant Swipe File™ can give you
real-life examples of the copy you’re being
taught to write, shortening your learning
curve by months, even years!

I guarantee that once
you grab My Instant Swipe File™, it’ll be
one of the most used copywriting tools on
your bookshelf. Every time you want to write
another winning sales piece, simply take it
off the shelf – and you’ll find all of the
inspiration you need instantly!

And, to make sure
that you’re writing killer copy in no time
flat, I’m also including these 4 exciting
bonuses with your order…

Bonus Copywriting Tool #1:

Proven Winning Sales Letter Template!

Created by copywriter and marketing
consultant, David Frey, this simple
step-by-step “Sales Letter Template” makes
it easy for you to start, write, and finish
a killer sales piece in no time flat.
Simply follow the easy-to-use template…
and it’ll walk you through writing a sales
letter for virtually any product, service,
or offer… from beginning to end.

Bonus Copywriting Tool #2:

Copywriting Checklist

Developed by million-dollar copywriter, Mike
Pavlish, this “Copywriting Checklist” can
give you an almost unfair advantage over
other copywriters. Run each of your
sales letters through this checklist to make
sure that every letter is as powerful as it
can be. Using the same checklist Mike
Pavlish uses when he’s writing money-making
copy for clients, you’ll know that every
letter you write is the best it can be.

Bonus Copywriting Tool #3:

Hot Word & Phrase “Cheat Sheet”

Brain frazzled and you need a new,
different, eye-catching, or unique word?
With the “Hot Word & Phrase Cheat Sheet”,
you’ll have the best, most attention-getting
words you’ll need for headlines, sub-heads,
guarantees, and even product names! This
simple “cheat sheet” gives you all of the
most powerful, hard-hitting words to make
your copy sizzle!

Bonus Copywriting Tool #4:

How to Instantly Double the Response
of Any Ad, Letter or Web Promotion!

Highly-respected copywriter and Founder of
the World Copywriting Institute, David
Garfinkl, reveals his step-by-step system
for doubling the response of virtually any
ad, letter or web promotion… instantly!

You get all of these
additional copywriting tools… downloadable
instantly in PDF format… when you order
today. Each of these special “tools”
will become more ammunition in your arsenal
of copywriting tricks. Armed with My Instant
Swipe File™ and these four bonus Copywriting
Tools, you will be cranking out hot-selling
sales letters in no time flat… without
breaking a sweat!

In fact, I’m so
confident that this entire package will
truly help you increase the selling power of
all of your copy, I’m going to guarantee it
with a “strong-as-steel” money-back

Write Hotter Copy Overnight –
Or I’ll Buy it Back From You!

            Invest in your own personal copy
of My Instant Swipe File™ – and if you’re
not writing hotter sales letters, faster and
easier… and generating more money from
what you’ve written… then simply let me
know and I’ll buy back the entire package
from you, no questions asked.


My Instant Swipe File™ must work for you, or
you pay nothing. Simply take it
for a no-risk test-drive… and if it’s not
better than I promised, simply let me know
within 60 days from purchase – and I’ll buy
it back from you, No Questions Asked!

            Believe me, with My Instant
Swipe File™, you’ll have the “million dollar
copywriting ideas” you need to turn any
sales letter into a winner! Or, if
you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have
all of the ideas you need for the perfect
headlines, openings, offers, bonuses,
bullets, guarantees, closes, and more…
right at your fingertips.

Here’s a Tool You’ll Use Again
and Again –
That Can Pay For Itself 100
Within the Next Few Weeks!

            What would you pay for a tool
that you’ll use over and over and over again
when you’re writing killer sales letters?
A tool that will soon become dog-earned
and worn, from all of the use you’ll get out
of it?

            Best of all, just one idea you
get from the My Instant Swipe File™ package
can make you many, many times back your
one-time investment. In fact, this small
one-time investment is truly tiny compared
to the thousands, even millions of dollars
it can potentially make you over the coming
months and years.

            The time to act is now.

            If you’ve already written a
sales letter, you can use My Instant
Swipe File™ to double or triple it’s
effectiveness instantly – using the
million-dollar copywriting examples featured

            No letter yet? No
worries! You’ll fly through your letter,
using My Instant Swipe File™ – getting
instant ideas for the perfect headline,
opening, offer, and more!

grab your copy of My
Instant Swipe File™ right now – and within
just minutes of investing in it, you can
have it in your hands, ready to use and
profit from.

            Don’t let this pass you by. The
sooner you start using My Instant Swipe
File™, the faster you can start profiting
from it. And since you’re protected by our
“strong-as-steel” money-back guarantee, you
have absolutely nothing to lose.

Click here now to increase
the money-making power of all of your sales
copy today!

Yours For Success,


Jeff Gardner
Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
Gardner Marketing Group Inc.

P.S. When I first started writing
copy many years ago, it actually felt
painful. None of it ever looked “good
enough”. Then, one day I read about
copywriter’s using a “swipe file” – and
started filing away all of the best sales
letters I could find. Since then, writing
copy has become a breeze. I no longer fear
“the blank page”, because anytime I need
inspiration for a headline, opening,
sub-heads, guarantee, offer… or anything
for my letter… I simply go to my swipe
file and find what I need instantly. It’s
not only made writing copy more fun, but
also more profitable. I’ve been very
fortunate to have written multiple sales
letters that have generated over one million
in sales. Now, I’m offering YOU a
copywriting tool that can not only make
copywriting more fun, but also more
profitable. Whether you’re writing copy for
clients… or for your own business… you
owe it to yourself to add My Instant Swipe
File™ to your toolkit.
Click here now to
grab this entire package within minutes!

Affiliates – Make

Copyright 2013 Jeff Gardner

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My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Click here for bigger image

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Product Name: You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Click here to get You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach:

An essential GUIDE that EVERY ONE SHOULD Know about Generating PROSPERITY to assure YOU Enjoy the LIFE style of your DREAMS … Starting Immediately.

HEY! The BEST TIME to plant a “MONEY TREE” was 20 to 30 years ago. The SECOND BEST TIME is NOW!

If you judge those Nine Statements as untrue, after going through the e-Course and having done all the assignments in it, at least once, and substantiate that you did not get any improvement in yourself or your wealth and you want to return it in 60 days, you can do so by email and get my FULL REFUND

Fresh from # 1 Aussie Business – Productivity Coach and Life Coaching Mentors – Noel and Margaret Spann. Insights that supersede many of the old, out dated routines and life coaching methods as sold on the Internet.

To: Anyone serious about learning what will lead you to more Money and Freedom, here are the ANSWERS to learn what actually triggers the Synergies to Become RICH

From: Noel and Margaret Spann, an Australian veteran Small Business and Productivity Mentor and Spiritual Metaphysics Life Coaches with a Virtual kaleidoscope full of Life Skill and Entrepreneurial Insider ANSWERS.

Dear fellow Traveller on the Journey of LIFE

If you have ever worried or stressed about life; or if you are looking for answers are overwhelmed with all the information on the net – and don’t know where to start?

Then this may be the most important message you will ever read!

Big call? Maybe.And here’s why.

So let’s not beat around the bush. I want to do a bit of straight talking, mixed with some tough love. The fact is, I want to do my best to convince you … that it is high time YOU TOOK SOME ACTION to improve your life and affairs.

Look, in 60 days you could be enjoying massive changes in HOW you get a life.

Say you could get good ANSWERS to change some things about on how you think, feel and do things in your life – Just a Few – and you experienced an skyrocketed influx of Multi- wealth generating opportunities, how’d you feel?

Imagine what it’d be like to have a decent Cash flow; or you having a High Positive Impact on others – like your family friends and work mates? What would it be like?

What would it be like if Life evolved the people, opportunities and amazing never thought of ideas and ways that rapidly brought your Desire or Mission into being and in the synergistic kind of way.

And with it came a transformation – a lifting of all the sad feelings… the Stress, Fear, Struggle, Anxiety, Frustration and Uncertainty – all faded, gone or at least easier to deal with?

How would you feel if you had a Happier life like this? Or should I say … a more synergized Life

So then, why wouldn’t you at least want to have a look at the YOU CAN ANSWERS… and look at HOW you’d get synergies to happen in order to Transform your LIFE??

This is my Invitation to you … Join the YOUCAN “Family” of Achievers…

Seriously, the Answers for YOU to move yourself up the “Continuum of Life” can be found in the 20 lessons in the “Synergies to Get RICH and Get a LIFE” program – the #1 Life Transforming and Change Management on-line e-Course that took me more than 4 years to write.

Discover the pragmatic formulas all through the 20 lessons to help you elevate your human potential so you do have the working tools to lead a truly epic and exciting life.

You will learn to use the keys we found, that “Unlocks the DOOR” and gives you ANSWERS to live a passionate, liberated and exhilarating life … Skills you should have learnt when growing up, but never had a chance to.

You will learn how life happens through you, not to you; how we tend to be trapped in a humdrum life, doing mediocre things we don’t really want to be doing; where stress and fear rules our life and has us creating restrictions.

But the good news is this!

You can reverse it all, by following the answers and formulas set out over the 20 lessons.

This fascinating eCourse will help you learn new ANSWERS that takes “The Secret’s” Laws of Manifestation and old Goal setting rules up to ever higher levels of consciousness.

As you read, you will learn new techniques … like Quadrant Thinking and Master Planning Methods, and tapping the P-X factors of your Spiritual Synergies, the Creative Force; the “right way” to raise your consciousness in order to manifest your Desires; ways that’ll better position you in your calling; to “turn” your life, career and business affairs around and accelerate YOU towards your DESTINY.

It’s a big transformation – from feeling that “life is not good enough” into enjoying the happier life you deserve.

It’ll be where you’re up there among the geniuses, “walking” with the creators, the successful innovators, the happy ones, the zany ones…They have a way about them, a spark, a sense of charisma, an elusive state of being…

What is their secret – or is there a secret?

No, it is not a secret anymore. It’s not a secret because we made it into a YOU CAN Formula… as a way that you too can unleash your own greatness?

Look, to turn that formula into your reality, you don’t need a high education. What you do need is a real desire – one where you will do what ever it takes to transcend what is going on in your life. It is your birthright to release your “greatness“ and have everything good. We teach you “how to.”

In the 20 lessons, I will share my never before revealed Formula to tap the Synergies to get Rich and get a Life, to help you transform your self-sabotaging attitudes it into a mindset of being Rich.

I guarantee the Formula works and gets results. It changed my life! I can’t see why it won’t change yours!

Just be prepared to experience these kind of RICH side effects: Every day unfolds perfectly – Every interaction goes amazingly well – your self-sufficiency levels go soaring – You feel optimistic about your future – Your aspirations climb to even higher goals. Happiness becomes your Way of Life. And much, much more.

Look, I am pretty sure you’d relate to the story about how it all came about.

Some 5 years ago I worked as a Business Productivity Coach. As an outcome of the Global Recession I saw how so many managers didn’t have a life. Some were just 6 weeks off “going broke.” Many had been “intensive care” basket cases for years. I saw so many people looking for a “sprinkle of success” so that they could GET a bit of life.”

I co-founded the G25 Business Networking Clubs and taught small business skills clinics. I surveyed, “How did making money fit in with getting a life”. But I found only 1 or 2 out of 10 who attended, were fully applying what I taught

Those business owners who DID apply my “secret sauces” and strategies “took off” like a rocket. They made “big bucks” and lived a lifestyle to match. What I taught them, worked really really well. Then I caught up with about 60% of the remaining lot. They’d got differing levels of successes. The last 30% of the surveyed group were happy in their misery. They loved the warm fuzzies and the networking leads they got at each meeting, more than me challenging their practices.

Even then, I found, they would stuff up the simple skill of servicing networking leads, by not delivering “client satisfaction.” Their Club Mates even stopped giving them leads to contact.

Don’t get me wrong; they were great hard-working men and women.

But their fears and trepidation just killed what they learnt. Most ony wanted a “silver bullet” solution – a join the dots system; or hire a “fairy godmother” to “make it all better.” Crazy!

If you are not prepared to put in some time every week if not daily, to work on you and your enterprise … to be making some serious money so you “can get a life,” then stop reading now. Keep doing whatever you are doing … and good luck!

Maximising your happiness by ramping your enterprise in order to make some money… is not to be like an amateur dog breeder trying to make a few extra passive bucks – like you introduce your darling little girl doggie to a good looking, sexually keen, boy doggie, avert your eyes, and pretty soon, you’re selling puppies.

If you are happy to spend the time in front of your computer making Google Search your “research buddy” to patch what needs to be done all together, it’s okay. That is, if your aim is to become something like a big time professional dog breeder, going for the big bucks.

But if you want to “fire up the synergies” to open up all the channels and unanticipated support to make the “MONEY you NEED to GET a LIFE” … then to find those Answers you must go a lot deeper. In saying that, I suggest you etch this quote deep into your mind, “If you are going to join the dots together, make sure you are one of them.”

Here is the twist… The action step to get “into the zone” for the synergistic dynamics to happen… to generate wealth so you “GET the LIFE you WANT” … is relatively easy to do… But it is a lot more involved process for you to prepare your mind – raise your consciousness – for it to happen. So let me give you another “mind etching’ saying.

“If you want to grow a money tree, you’ve got to prepare the soil before you plant.”

That is where the work is… to look at the psychology of your thinking and feelings.
Don’t let the academically learnt “work or business skills” take priority over finding and unleashing your Spirit.

This is when the Synergy in what you think feel, look say and do multiplies and accelerates what ever you do – and it is in and through this dynamic that your destiny morphs into being what you desired and envisaged

Believe it or not, most of the old goal setting routines don’t “cut it.” Nor will learning new geeky work skills or buying into get rich quick scheme “leap frog” you into making your fortune – if your sub-conscious is on negative and your attitude tank is full of “glug”. Nor can you just “give lip service.” Because… for the Synergistic impact to work to your advantage you must be committed to make Happiness your preferred “way of life’, totally. By this you need to quit your “baggage,” stop “bad mouthing” everything and trigger the synergies that’ll make money so you get a good life.

Fact is…time after time, I saw negativity and fear absolutely deplete keen, smart, hard working people.

They desperately wanted to change – a better job; start or fix a business; be “someone.” They were trapped by their crappy thinking…fear, failure, poverty etc. It stuck in their minds. They constantly thought negatively, so they got more. And unfortunately, it would get worse and worse.

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a natural system, like the Laws of Creation. It produces results that can be different from or greater than the sum of the individual inputs. For example the synergistic result of the product of 1+1=2 can be greater. The Output Answer could be 3 or 23. It can be new elements or parts showing up in a result, which could be … people, hardware, opportunities, facilities, another leg: all things.

This synergistic multiplier dynamic as seen in teamwork produces a more magnified result than that flowing from one person alone. The magnifying impact happens for couples working in harmony on a common goal. In sport, it is the dynamic by why a champion team will beat a team of champions. When fans cheer their home Team, that team seems to “grow another leg.” This dynamic happens in the workplace. It’ll do it in you, after you set about raising your consciousness.

In short, it is in how and what you think …is what you’ll get back. If you are inclined to think negatively you get more of it. If you are inclined to think positive and up beat, you will get more of that. It is a Law of Life that success oriented people use to WIN and Win and Win again.

Now, let me Wind it Back … way, way back…

If you are like me, I am sure you have sensed the positive results of the synergies happening for you since you were a kid.If you were one who applied your imagination in your child hood exploits, you would be more keenly aware of them.

For me, I felt the synergistic movement happening in me at 10 years of age. It got me into my first business venture selling kindling for wood fired kitchen stoves to almost every house in the neighbour hood. I made money. I had a “Good” Life back then as a “Kid with Money”. So the powerful Imagination and Entrepreneurial bugs had bitten me, way back then. And my life ever since, has been like that intensive violin music piece “the flight of the bumble bee…but with me, it was and is with my Synergies flying.

How about you? Have you had the feeling?

Many folk have said things like, “Yes, but it gushes on and off like a wildcat oil well. It only blows in a positive mode every now and then … then defaults back to worry and stress mode …and my life tends to going to hell in a hand basket.”

Okay! But now … How about if I could show you a way to TRANSCEND the negatives and TRANSFORM your LIFE…

A way that you could get your consciousness into a frame of mind where positive “P-X Factors” would trigger 24/7, to help support, attract and expand the synergistic dynamics that goes into morphing whatever it is you truly desire… into your reality.

The “Synergies to Get Rich and Get a Life” e-Course I wrote as 20 lesson Plan to Raise ones Consciousness… actually does that. It will Transform your Mind and your Life from Misery to Happy

To develop the tools and support to help people examine beliefs and desires; to raise the glass ceilings; to unblock past mental conditioning as in fears and self-limitations, has been a life’s work. It took 4 years of writing and testing to get it into a system.

I am NOT promising you won’t be challenged. I am sure you will be. I am NOT promising you won’t fervently disagree with some things I’ve written and answers given. You probably will. And I am NOT promising you a wishy-washy reading and very vague learning experience. Because, I doubt that will happen.

What I am promising YOUJourney to find YOUR Answers.

And because of it, you will wind up agreeing that the nine statements I set out on page two of this letter are absolutely true and inarguable.

This e-Course is the Source to develop a lot of crucial thinking and considered answers on your part.

First, this is what this e-Course is not.

Prompting your … Synergies to Get Rich and Get a Life, whether it be in any the Areas of wealth, health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, your business/career as one or the lot… is not an ego trip … of where you rush out in a “wild eyed” frenzy, exercising your intellect, and go about brainstorming and massaging all number of tactics into becoming a quasi project plan with all the critical activities listed out. And it is not one of those dubious stocks or property investing processes, bristling with “false promises” to jump-start your wealth.

This e-Course tunes your consciousness to bring on the synergies in a Way that boosts your LIFE.

And, by the way… just in case you are wondering.

There is a bit of a time consuming self-searching analysis you need to do of you, to sort out the incapability’s in your thinking… to unlock and open the doors of your mind and get on to the right path.

“Hi… My Name is John Gregg. I am a Lawyer offering Legal services to my niche market… The support Noel Spann gave me as in what he outlined in his Program “The Synergies to be Rich” made a big impact on me. For instance, over the past few years I have halved the resources I was using in my practice; doubled the income; and completed some “wild” ventures, way outside of my comfort zone. To be shown how it’d all happen and I did it, is priceless in anyone’s money. John Gregg Brisbane Australia

Hi Noel, From where we were, facing ruin, to what we are achieving now in life and business, we have been Doubly Blessed. 1) To have met you. 2) To have had the Opportunity to Work with YOU. Hector and Rondell Johnson of Logan City Australia

What now follows is a list of the key points answered in the 20 lessons 0f this eCourse. Even as good as these revelations may be, there is more. Greater “ah ha” insights will appear as you do the assignments.

I urge you to take a slow, careful, thorough look at this short list of potentially life-transforming changes.

There is even some value to be had just by studying this list – even if you don’t buy the Program.

In this case, try thinking of this list as a “quiz” or “test” about your own knowledge, skills, ability and attitude that’d trigger what you need to BE and DO and HAVE in order to get Rich.

By “Rich” I mean it could be in “health, wealth, happiness, relationships, spirituality or business/career. One,the other or the LOT. Ask yourself how many of the “Areas of Life” are you certain you know all the answers to, right now?

Words can’t explain feeling the intense flood of satisfaction that fills my heart when people write to tell me how “got” their thinking and feelings together, raised their consciousness and successfully made the money they needed– so they got a Life – and changed their old mediocre world into one of “happiness, joy and laughter”.

Call me crazy, but I swear you’ll have to suck lemons to keep the smile off your face.

Anyway…you’re going to absolutely LOVE what this e-Course can do for you!

So what do I mean when I say “a whole lot more”? Let me explain…

I wanted you to have quite a bit more at your finger tips so that you didn’t have to go searching for anything more online to stimulate your success oriented thoughts and feelings!

So I’ve put together these EXTRA SPECIAL BONUSES for you…

For FREE! Now that’s a pretty good deal, right?

In truth, these Bonus gifts have some pretty powerful stuff in them to help you reach the “Purple Patch” in your life. I know because I experienced them. I know you’re going to love them as much I do, because of the outcomes you’ll get .

I gave a copy of each of these Bonus Mini eCourses to my Lawyer John, for a critique read of what I had written and give me some feed back. He read them all in a week and phoned me saying, “Noel, each one of these eBooks would be worth any kind of investment… on their own. And you want to give them away in your “all up” total deal? Crazy!”

That was a nice complement, in a round about kind of way.

Never the less I thought I should give you a brief synopsis about these Bonus eCourses. And all the eCourses complement each other. Each Mini eCourse has its own 40-day Self-Coaching Plan.

All the old Goal Setting routines we know and use, won’t ever work properly… to make money and improve our Life… if we continue to set them on a foundation of your emotions, which are usually and constantly out of sync with your thoughts. And those thoughts are directly influenced by our beliefs, attitudes, emotions, experiences and actions.

This Mini eCourse will help you break that “mould” and get started on understanding the mind dynamics within goal setting failures and successes. In the process you will gain a well intended mindset boost on your Journey to finding the Secrets to Live a Successful Life.

The central theme to this Mini eCourse expounds the reality that Thinking Smarter Makes You Richer in Health, Wealth, Happiness and Relations. I have used the analogy of “ Growing your own metaphoric Money Tree” to help you Learn how to be Spiritual and get really, really, really RICH – Generous, Peaceful, Balanced and Kind.

You will discover how to plant the “right” Money Tree seed in order to use the seldom talked about wealth generating secrets the natural way … to raise your consciousness; to stimulate your “P-X Factors; to switch on the synergistic multipliers; to manifest your desires; and to marvel at how it all miraculously manifests from areas and opportunities that you never thought possible.

This eCourse focuses on helping you achieve a transformational makeover of your full potential. It outlines the Quadrant Thinking techniques to raise your three levels of Consciousness to achieve a harmonic balance in your thoughts and feelings.

After reaching that point in the manifestation process, your prosperity comes under the influence of the synergistic factors that exponentially multiplies the outcomes. Part of the process is teaching you how to prepare a simple one page MASTER PLAN

No doubt you’ve been doing a mental calculation … thinking … this investment in this pretty powerful 20-lesson eCourse with those three bonuses, will cost me a fortune… right?

Frankly, that is the best part – the price. To be honest with you the countless hours over 4 years in research and writing plus the invaluable years of business and life coaching I have tapped into, then I would have to charge you thousands of dollars.

I would love you to get started on tapping into your Synergistic Powers to discover the joys of self- sufficiency, your way. But, in reality it all has to work in your favour.

I have no idea how you would react to my OFFER – is it too little or too much to you?

My Accountant George said I was crazy to offer all that..

“What are you ON?” he asked. Then he warned me, ”People are going to get on the Internet – buy your stuff real cheap – get a lot of your secrets to running a successful business, let alone get a life – then ask for their money back – and laugh all the way.”

But you know what? I don’t even have to be in this online business.

But I “walk my talk”. I’ve chosen to believe that most people out in Cyber Land are too fair-minded to want to do that. I am sure that the good people out there would appreciate the Answers they will get from this online e-course to not act deceitful like that. Besides when they read its material, they will know exactly how such negative intent deletes them.

Even so, if my introductory Fast Start offer with its three powerful Bonuses still feels “too much” to you, then I’ll only ask that you question your-self about what exactly do you mean, and whether or not you ‘d be correct in rejecting this offer. If you say, “I can’t afford it,” you definitely need this Transformational e-Course. Desperately!

In fact, you need to urgently erase ‘I can’t afford it’ poverty thinking from your mind. There is truly nothing that a successful or success-oriented person cannot afford.

Just think for a bit, on how you can make it happen … and the Answer will come.

Yes, I agree, the folk who “have a life”, do make reasoned, hopefully prudent, some-times frugal decisions about what to buy or not buy – no matter if it is simple or sophisticated. But at least they are not squashed by what others say, think or do.

If this is your case, or if the price is a barrier, then you may very well need this e-Course more than any other person reading this letter. If it means you think this Program ought to be cheaper, or you resent what you guess would be my profit, then you are looking at Rich… as in Health, Wealth and Happiness etc… all wrong.

You’re looking at the wrong person… me… Instead; you should be looking at you. You’re too focused on cost, not the value in investing, not the value in the Process and how it can release your mental blockages about becoming Rich so you get a Life.

These are profound lessons here, just in you thinking about buying this e-Course.

Well my friend, that’s as hard as I’m going to work to justify price and investment.
You know, if I still had a selling career, I’d work a lot harder to spread the love.

So for now, I will leave it up to you, not so much out of my laziness but out of my growing a strong preference to sift and sort people for my team of high achieving clients; to be able do more with those who “get it”, and less with those who don’t.

This is one of the rare privileges of me being a veteran high-achiever. I attract the winners in life and we have a whole lot of fun talking about achieving mucho stuff.

And you can be RICH – with or without money. But with money, you’d agree, it is a whole lot easier.

It’s important that you start asking yourself the question…”Am I ready to DO THIS?”

Because if YOU ARE, then this e-Course DIY Personal Transformational process is different to what you’d normally get when you are learning new skills and operational secrets.

The YOUCAN Life Coaching training process, because of it’s experiential adult learning methods, is aimed at helping you to “smash through your glass ceilings” and open the “Window of Change.” When you start working on the routines to effectively change YOU and Your LIFE, your abilities lift and what successes you want out of this world, happen.

In this eCourse, you are going to get the “Synergistic Life CODE Building Plans” for things to happen.

This IS a fantastic investment in you and for you. And I know that it’s going to pay off in a big way.

Your Life need NOT be dismal … because this is what we discovered … as you will … when on our Journey of Transformation – to change, to become RICH and get a LIFE.

So if you’re ready to Transform yourself Up to the next level in life – and you are ready to DO IT properly this time, then we’re looking forward to helping you make it all happen.

P.P.P.S. Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all.

So what are you waiting for?

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You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Review of Divorce Papers

Review of Divorce Papers

Review of Divorce Papers

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Review of Divorce Papers

Product Name: Divorce Papers

Click here to get Divorce Papers at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Divorce Papers:

 State Specific Forms 

Divorce Does Not Have To Be Expensive


Forms © Instantly Downloadable & Printable

Divorce Papers and forms
are available for every state in the US including the
District of Columbia DC



Alabama Divorce Papers

Sources:U.S. Census Bureau
National Center for Health Statistics

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Divorce Papers

Review of Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To

Review of Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To

Review of Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To

Click here for bigger image

Review of Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To

Product Name: Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To

Click here to get Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To:

Crickets were once the most difficult feeder insect to breed, which is why 98% of people gave up after a few months using conventional methods. The reason for this is very simple….breeding crickets is easy, the hard bit is continuing with a laborious maintenance schedule. The problem with conventional methods is they require constant spraying, feeding, watering, moving crickets to 7 different containers and cleaning.  To make things worse, pests take over due to lack of maintenance and the whole system crashes. It’s easy to see why the vast majority of people give up. These methods are better suited to large scale commercial production…not feeding one or two bearded dragons.

No matter whether you are starting out or want to breed for profit, our methods will move you well past the standard “place a bowl of vegies, in a fish tank with toilet rolls”.

Our automated low maintenance systems are tried and tested for over a decade. The result is smarter low maintenance, consistent and productive breeding methods for both private and commercial applications. In summary our low maintenance methods are achieved with:

 Reliable and robust food and water dispensers which attends to your insects for 14 days or more;

 Unique container design which: increases air flow; removes toxic odors; maximizes heat retention and prevents pests from entering.

 Heat Systems that supercharge cockroach production…and it’s not incandescent bulbs.

 Streamlined cleaning and maintenance methods that easily separates detritus and cockroaches with no escapees.

 Unique container configuration which prevent cartons from spoiling, reducing the need to change them weekly to once every 9 months.

Only one breeding container to manage. Using conventional method you need to manage up to 7 different containers.

The above innovations mean crickets can now be bred:

Requires no active management….no daily spraying or moving crickets around

With only 5 minutes maintenance/container every 10-14 days (less time than standing in line at the pet store)

Systems so productive that the average family will be able to feed 4-12 bearded dragons (depending of feeding rate) just from their scrap vegetables;

Best of all they are easy to build, and most materials are made from recycled materials or from your hardware store.

Our methods have a proven track record and produce large numbers of cockroach’s week in…week out.  For a small one off investment (probably a week or two supply of live food costs) you will be armed with numerous techniques that will fast track successful cockroach breeding.

How did we achieve this…well in a nut shell, we created two separate zones within a single container (conventional techniques require up to 6 separate containers);  one high humidity area ideal for breeding; and a lower humidity area which is required for housing and food/water. We have also developed a unique detritus collection system which collects the waste and prevents contamination of breeding substrate and food areas.

This makes cleaning a breeze, eliminates odours and disease, increases egg viability and significantly increases cricket production. We have water and food dispersers which do the feeds for you, even when your on holidays! Unlike conventional techniques which need to be actively managed (daily spraying, and moving pinheads to new containers) our systems run themselves ?.

You can see why we are pretty proud of what we have achieved.You can see why these are the most  advanced, low maintenance and productive cricket and cockroach breeding systems in the world.

This definitive guide is not a literature review of internet blogs…it pioneers new and innovative techniques found nowhere else”.

All the “how to build” instructions are explained in easy to understand text…and with numerous color photos. And best of all, nearly all the materials are easily obtained from you hardware store or using recycled materials at home.

We have completely overhauled every aspect of cockroach production including:

WildlifeHub has been producing crickets, cockroaches, and mealworms commercially for 11 years to wildlife parks, zoos, pet stores, wildlife rescue clubs, large scale reptile keepers and the general public…. “We are More than happy to pass on our commercial tips to you”.

Many wildlife and reptile enthusiasts are always looking for a cheap and fresh supply of food for their animals. This is a great way to turn an expense into an income. We cover important topics such as; pest management, how to grade crickets to various sizes, dispatching, transport and marketing tips and advice.

Our cricket manuals covers both basic and advanced techniques suitable for both private and commercial production. No matter your experience level, we have it covered.   

We have dedicated over a decade not just breeding feeder insects…but also writing the most comprehensive books and developing videos. We really want you to succeed, and our training and support is next to none. Below is a summary of our commitment to your success when you purchase our books:

Free Skype training as required. As we have converted our techniques to video, I can show you our methods directly in a Skype video session. It’s really easy!!

The World’s most Comprehensive and innovative feeder insect guides (with hundreds of photos)

For those of you who like diversity for your animals you will be glad to know we have also streamlined cockroach Breeding.

It is our aim to have every person who purchases our books to be self-sufficient in live foods.

I was very glad to say good bye to the old methods which you have to continually spray every day. These new methods really make cricket breeding so much easier. The books 9 chapters cover every aspect of cricket breeding you can think about, and the hundreds of photos really make the process really easy to understand and build. I have since added additional containers which has really cut down the amount of feed I buy for my 100 geckoes, monitors and dragons. This book is not a literature review of existing methods, it really is a complete overhaul. The author is really approachable, and I have no problems contacting him when I have a question. If you want to save money, this book is a must for every reptile owner.

Below is a summary of the ways you will be able to save time and effort breeding crickets with our comprehensive guide.

2 breeding systems to choose from to ensure the best method for all types of breeding. (i.e. small, medium and large scale/commercial production).

26 pages detailing advantages/disadvantages for different systems, building material, and step by step instructions how to construct  breeding systems.

See above sections (Why our systems work so well) for details how our breeding systems produce twice the crickets with half the effort.

Learn the essential management secrets which ensures productive and consistent breeding. 

9.0       Zega Substrate Breeding System (Small Scale Production)

9.1       Summary of Breeding Method………………………………………….. 118

9.2       How to Make a Zega Substrate Breeding System………………….. 120

9.3       Management of a Substrate System…………………………………… 128

9.4       Cleaning a Substrate System……………………………………………. 129

9.5       Maintenance of a Substrate System…………………………………… 131

10.1     Summary of Breeding Method………………………………………….. 135

10.2     How to Make a Batch System…………………………………………… 137

10.3     Food and Water Dispenser for a Pinhead Grow Out Container……. 147

10.4     Management of a Batch System……………………………………….. 151

10.5     Pests for a Batch System…………………………………………………. 152

10.6     Cleaning a Batch System………………………………………………… 156

10.7     Maintenance of a Batch System……………………………………….. 158

Learn the 5 essential design considerations for an efficient container which is durable, maximises growth rates, and saves time in maintenance and feeding activities.

Some of the items covered includes how to maximise ventilation and air flow, easy access ports for feeding and removing crickets, removable screens for increased ventilation/heat   management, keeping pinheads in and pest out.

Detailed instructions and photos showing how to build step by step.

3.2      Lids…………………………………………………………………………………24

3.3       Ventilation…………………………………………………………………….. 25

3.4       Feeding Port………………………………………………………………….. 26

3.5       Screening………………………………………………………………………. 26

3.6       Barrier Cream……………………………………………………………….. 27

3.7       Component Set-up……………………………………………………………28

3.8       How to Make a Cricket Container…………………………………………… 29

Learn the thermodynamic principles for efficient heat conservation.20 methods to reduce your heating costs.How to estimate your heating costs and manage excessive heat.How to store breeding containers so they are easy to access and feeding can be done without opening the lid. This will allow numerous containers can be stored into a tight configuration, to save space or to increase the number of containers.

6.1       Heating…………………………………………………………………………. 75

6.2       Humidity……………………………………………………………………… 76

6.3       Heating Systems……………………………………………………………. 77

6.4       Reducing Heating Costs…………………………………………………. 80

6.5       Estimating Heating Costs………………………………………………. 82

6.6       Managing Excessive Heat……………………………………………….83

6.7       Storage of Colony………………………………………………………….. 83

Our innovative breeding systems prevent detritus from coming into contact with wet substrate, preventing fouling (eliminates smells) and cutting maintenance frequency by half.

3 different cleaning systems reduces maintenance to only a few minutes for each breeding container.

7.2       Pests……………………………………………………………………………. 91

7.3       Genetics………………………………………………………………………. 95

7.4       Safety………………………………………………………………………….. 96

Detailed information on how to manage all major pests, which often result in the failure of consistent cricket breeding.

Details how to build ant exclusion devices and micro-fly traps to prevent infestations.How to maintain genetics and maintain productivity

Learn how to quickly separate crickets from their cartons without  escapees and with minimal effort.

Make a cricket counting device which makes estimating cricket numbers easy and hassle free.Two systems to calculate cricket numbers (for small scale and large scale production).3 different packaging and storage methods for dispatch to clients.Full details how to manage a commercial colony from breeding, maintenance, grading, dispatch, transport and marketing.3 different breeding systems which can be used for large scale private production or commercial production.Details on how many crickets you can expect to produce with the different breeding systems and economic benefits.Outlines what you need to consider for commercial production and the expected expenses and potential income.Over 14 tips how to market crickets and find clients.How to keep detailed records and efficiencies to maximise profits.Example promotional material to help market your crickets

8.1       Grading by Size…………………………………………………………….. 98

8.2       Estimating Cricket numbers…………………………………………….. 102

8.3       Packaging and Transport…………………………………………………. 106

8.4       Economics……………………………………………………………………. 110

8.5       Marketing…………………………………………………………………….. 113

8.6       Record Keeping…………………………………………………………….. 115

Part 1- Choosing a Breeding Method and Introduction

Table 1-             Advantages and Disadvantages between                                                                     Breeding Crickets and Cockroaches………………………………….. 13

Table 2-            Conversion between Imperial and Metric Units…………………. 15

Diagram 2.3-     Anatomy of a Cricket…………………………………………………… 18

Part 2- General Techniques- For Both Breeding Methods

Table 3-             Growth Rates………………………………………………………………… 21

Figure 3.3-        Air Flow through a Container………………………………………. 25

Table 4-            Design Summary for Constructing a Container

                            – Efficient Method…………………………………………………………… 30

Table 5-            Detailed Instructions Constructing a Container-

                             Efficient   Method………………………………………………………….. 33

Table 6-            Nutritional Comparison between Different

                             Dry Food Types……………………………………………………………. 42

Table 7-            Making a Food Tray………………………………………………………55

Table 8              How to Make a Small Scale Food Dispenser………………….. 56

Table 9-            Making a Large Scale Food Disperser…………………………… 60

Table 10-          Making a Large Scale Water Dispenser…………………………. 65

Table 11-           Making a Large Scale Water Dispenser with Pebbles……… 72

Table 12-          Temperature Ranges for Crickets……………………………………75

Table 13-          Cleaning Food and Water Dispensers…………………………… 85

Table 14-          Making an Ant Guard for Power Cords………………………….94

Table 15-          Grading Crickets………………………………………………………… 98

Table 16-          Counting Crickets- Large Scale …………………………………… 103

Table 17-         Transport Methods……………………………………………….. 107

Part 3- Small Scale Cricket Breeding

Figure 9.1-       Diagrammatic Representation of a

                              Substrate Breeding System……………………………………. 118

Table 18-         How to Make a Substrate System……………………………. 122

Table 19-        Removal of Detritus from a Substrate System………………. 129

Table 20-          Maintenance Schedule for a Substrate System……………. 132

Part 4- Large Scale Cricket Breeding

Figure 10.1-     Diagram of a Batch Breeding System………………………. 136

Table 21-         Summary of a Batch Breeding System……………………… 138

Table 22-          Detailed Instructions to Make a Batch System………….. 141

Table 23-        How to Make Food and Water Dispenser for a

                            Pinhead Grow out  Container…………………………………. 147

Table 24-         Cleaning a Batch System (No Substrate) …………………. 156

Table 25-          Maintenance Schedule for a Batch System………………. 158


Appendix 1         Example Marketing Brochure……………………………. 163

Copyright 2014 – Wild Life How To – All Rights Reserved.

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Breeding Crickets Guide Clickbank – Wild Life How To

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Review of Silva Ultramind ESP System Download

Review of Silva Ultramind ESP System Download

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Silva Ultramind ESP System Download

Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

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Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

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Review of Racing Genius – Expert Horse Racing Tips

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Review of How To Draw Caricatures – Expert Video Lessons from 30 year veteran caricaturist Artist Graeme Biddle

Review of How To Draw Caricatures – Expert Video Lessons from 30 year veteran caricaturist Artist Graeme Biddle

Review of How To Draw Caricatures – Expert Video Lessons from 30 year veteran caricaturist Artist Graeme Biddle

Click here for bigger image

Review of How To Draw Caricatures – Expert Video Lessons from 30 year veteran caricaturist Artist Graeme Biddle

Product Name: How To Draw Caricatures – Expert Video Lessons from 30 year veteran caricaturist Artist Graeme Biddle

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From: The desk of Artist, Graeme BiddleDate:

RE: Caricature Trade Secrets

My name is Graeme Biddle, I am a highly successful caricature artist with
over 30 years experience and I would like to share with you my secrets
that I am about to take with me into retirement. Once I am out of the market
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I have made
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What you can learn from me could take you years to figure out on your
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I will be showing you exactly where to
go to actually earn a little exta money.

How could the cartoonist be such a successful model for your art business?
Well the answer lies here…The “Caricature Artist” is
the life of any party or event and someone who makes people laugh and have
fun, and there’s a good reason for this.

While other guests at a party are standing around making small talk, YOU are
there making people smile as you dish out FUN by
the “bucket load” with your crazy
cartoons of the guests.

Simply put, Caricaturing is fun and the best part is you can get paid
to do it and paid quite handsomely I might add!
There are tons of work assignments for this type of work and with the right
instruction you too can find this work flow that simply remains consistent
and provides repeat business year after year.

But figuring out how to draw Caricatures that people “love
and are prepared to pay for” is the Hard Part …

It could take you years and could cost you a small fortune
to figure out just the right combination of technique and approach that
make some cartoonists“highly successful and in constant demand”
while others fall flat on their faces.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with the right
combination of style and techniques to take your cartooning skills to the
next level, you can now learn it inside this new learn to draw caricatures
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At last! Your exclusive pathway to learn to draw caricatures
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“Hey Graeme,
Thanks for writing Fun WIth Caricatures.The program was the foundation which enabled me to start creating caricatures that people found entertaining and for which they where willing to give me money! I had no previous formal training yet people are amazed and delighted at what I can do in 5 minutes with a marker and a pencil. I often hear the comment from people watching me draw, “I could never do that!” but the truth is, with study and practice almost anyone can!”

Jack Hawkins
Caricatures by HAWK

“I am making money NOW as a caricaturist on
the docks of Kona Hawaii”

Thank you for the email. I am making money now as
a caricaturist on the
docks of Kona Hawaii…..thanks for your quick 21
day schooling. Soooo good! I am a well resepected Master Muralist and already had an art background but needed the
skinny on doing caricatures for money. I have been the keynote speaker
at the 7th Annual Canadaian Mural Convention and successfully sold my
Crazy Mural Lady business in Florida before moving to Hawaii. Your
course served me wel.”

Alice Harrington, Kona
Hawaii Caricatures

“Thank you, I’ve got a lot of enjoyment the first level course, sorry I didn’t invest in the big package the first time but was watching the budget.”

Thank you very much for your FUN WITH CARICATURES course, I must say I ordered it with the usual reservations of purchasing something off the internet but it was excellent. I found it informative and loaded with practical drills and suggestions. If one is willing to put in the time and effort you can produce good results in a surprisingly short time. I enjoyed the course so much I plan on ordering the “Pro” version as soon as possible.”

“The Material is Fantastic”

“I’m still doing the course but as ever, life gets in the way.
The material is fantastic and I’m hoping to get some more practice in
soon. I’m up to day 7 at the moment.”

Tim Wells, Welly’s Caricatures

“Worth Every Cent I Paid”

With thanks, Dorothy Joseph

You Have Come Up With Is Outstanding”

“Dear Graeme I must say what you have come up with is outstanding. You should feel very proud of yourself. I’ll be spending many hours going
over all the information you have put together. I find doing caricatures
very fun and relaxing. I really believe as I have stated many times thorugh
out the years that more people should get involved in doing them. I really
believe people would be more happy and satisfied either if they are doing
caricaures for profit – fun – or down right pleasure.”

I know you’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side,
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For over 30 years Artist Graeme Biddle has been drawing
a living from cartooning and caricatures. Along side of his constant stream
of clients Graeme has managed to avail himself to teach others with his
cartooning and caricature lessons for the lucky few who have lived in close
proximity to his art studio.

Over the years with much travel to more than 27 countries around the globe,
Graeme has taught literally hundreds of students how to draw and cartoon
better with many going on to their own successful art careers. All with
the simple ability of making money drawing fun caricatures in all sorts
of places that most artists would not think of looking to find this type
of work.

Which of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use to Bolster
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3 Easy Ways to make caricaturing instantly profitable – plus lots
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You get the following incredible package of STEP BY STEP resources:

Now if you’d like to actually see a few sample chapters from
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Just imagine in just a few minutes you too can start to learn the secrets
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My Unequivocal, Extremely Simple,
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Dont’ like it? Then you get your money back.

It’s that simple. You’ve got 60 days to read, play,
experiment and earn more money.

I personally guarantee that if you follow
each simple step of my “ Fun With Caricatures – 7
Days To Cartoon Success” learn to draw caricatures
home study course you will be equipped to not only amaze people with
your newly honed cartooning skills but you will be able to find a way
of making a little extra money, that will easily
deliver a extra cash working part time for fun or even more per week if
you become a full time caricaturist!

In fact even after a full 60 Days, you honestly believe
that I haven’t delivered on this promise, then let me know and I’ll issue
you a prompt and courteous
refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for
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So I am here to help you and if you follow my instructions as laid out
in my step by step learn to draw caricatures home study course you will be able to draw caricatures
just like me, if not even better.

In fact some of my students are better
artists than I am. I know that sounds funny to you but it is true, I have
a quick and sketchy style that some think is a bit cheap and easy looking
but you know what people still love my caricatures. And they pay me handsomely
as well.

You see it doesn’t matter what sort of a drawer you are, even if you have
a come-what-may still like mine, with all it’s misgivings, you are still
going to get people to laugh their socks off with the wonderfully funny
caricatures that I can teach you to do.

Claim Your Copy of Fun With Caricatures
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That means you can try out all the materials
at my risk, while you see
if they work for you or not. And if they don’t produce, I honestly want
you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep the free bonus gifts
as my way of thanking you for giving the “ Fun With Caricatures – 7
Days To Cartoon Success” learn to draw caricatures
home study course a try.

There is no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden
to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t produce immediate profits
using these easy to follow caricature lessons, then I’m the loser, not
you. (remember my refund reminder will be coming to you!)

You Really Can’t Afford Not to Invest in “ Fun With Caricatures – 7
Days To Cartoon Success” learn to draw caricatures home study

“Just One of Graeme’s Secrets Will Cover the

With thanks, Greg Gillespie
Former Advertising Artist

It’s easy to get started right away just click on the “Add to Cart!” button
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You must do this as we have a special project that we will be inviting
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huge caricature market that attracts 100,s of thousands of website visitors
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Purchase Online by Secure Server

Get ready to realize your potential as a finely tuned Caricature Artist
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P.S. Just think! You’ll never
again suffer through the pain and hassle of not being able to draw clever
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you can draw caricatures, the only reason they will be laughing is because
you will have them in stiches, when they see your amazing caricatures!

Yes I am a real person, feel free to contact me!

Contact Info
Graeme Biddle
22a The Centre, Darley St,
Forestville 2087, NSW, 2087, Australia

Support | Privacy
Policy | Affiliates |
Earn Money

Click here for bigger image

How To Draw Caricatures – Expert Video Lessons from 30 year veteran caricaturist Artist Graeme Biddle

Review of Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

Review of Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

Review of Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

Click here for bigger image

Review of Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

Product Name: Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

Click here to get Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters:

Click here for bigger image

Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters