Review of Government Seized Car Auctions –

Review of Government Seized Car Auctions –

Review of Government Seized Car Auctions –

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Review of Government Seized Car Auctions –

Product Name: Government Seized Car Auctions –

Click here to get Government Seized Car Auctions – at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Government Seized Car Auctions –

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow these simple instructions to get started finding quality cheap cars.

Use this drop down menu to select the type of car you want to find at a car auction. These include sports cars, sedans, compact cars, SUVs, trucks, vans & motorcycles.

All major brands available at Government Car Auctions Find the used car you desire most! (Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kawasaki, Kia Motors, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saab, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen VW, Volvo, Yamaha, plus more auto brand auctions).

Participate in Government Car Auctions online at any time Select the country you reside in to target a seized auto auction with our powerful car auction search engine. The results you see is designed to show you a sample of the potential savings you can achieve by joining We do gather contact information to send you information on government auctions and provide you with listings. In compliance with local state and federal laws your information is kept private and never sold or rented to any other third party. We value your privacy.

NEW: Recently added for our members is the 2017 auto auction guide. The guide is designed to help explain to new auction goers how to buy from an auction. Not required to get started. However for those hungry to learn how to master the art of buying at bargain basement prices a very enlightening guide. Must be a registered user to access the 2017 auto auction guide. Find bargains from over 5,000+ auction sources! No one comes close. Clear titles, no liens, previous financial obligations cleared on all vehicles. No special license or experience required.

Auction Sources that dealership use to get vehicles up to 95% off Kelly Bluebook Value are now available for personal use

Using this simple buying technique cuts out the middle man. It also saves thousands off the purchase price along with ending the annoyance of having to deal with car dealership or owners.

Over +5000 Auction sources including IRS DEA Bank State, Police ,FBI, Independent, and more.

No License Required to participate.

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Government Seized Car Auctions –

Review of South African History |

Review of South African History |

Review of South African History |

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Review of South African History |

Product Name: South African History |

Click here to get South African History | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of South African History |

Use this series of nine South African History file folder projects and lapbooks to learn about the people of South Africa.

Traditionally, school children create theme books about the various people groups of southern Africa, but as homeschooling moms and teachers, we have realized that for younger children, even with help and supervision, this can be quite an overwhelming task.

We have created these history file folder projects (lapbooks) to create convenient, printable mini-booklets for children to compile into a theme unit. All the relevent reference material, instructions as well as templates to print and cut are provided.

Doing projects are great fun when they are linked to your children’s topic of study and not just done for the sake of having something to show others.

Lapbooks get children colouring, cutting, folding and narrating all at the same time as you create an easy-to-store and-display folder related to their studies.

Sample pictures of South African History file folder projectsMany people question the importance of studying History. Here is a good explanation:

“The way in which the world develops has a relation to the way in which it was in the past. A community without history is like a person without a memory – incoherent.” (Bernard Baylyn of Harvard University)

Homeschool families have discovered that learning about South Africa is so much fun with our literature-based curriculums.

We know that some folk only want the South African history section of Footprints but since it is a complete unit study, we are unable to split up our program to suit them.

BUT here is the good news! With this series of file folder projects, commonly known as “lapbooks”, you can choose an era in history or a specific South African people group and do a fun, easy study of the topic of your choice.

You can uses these projects to complement your homeschool curriculum, to supplement a unit study or as a stand alone unit. They can also be used as convenient bridging projects for families who are waiting for their curriculum to arrive.

Ten Benefits of File Folder Projects

Click on the book images to go to a new page giving an in-depth explanation of the contents of each ebook product.

1. A file folder project will enable your children to work on and review key information about the topic being studied.
2. It will develop auditory and comprehension skills as well as the ability to search, sift and find answers in a written text.
3. The hands-on activities are fun and develop fine motor skills.
4. Children love to learn by doing!
5. The creative possibilities are endless. Children can be creative and add their unique touch to their projects.
6. File folder projects are ideal for multi-level learning.
7. Project packs can be incorporated into unit studies, supplement topics of study or stand alone.
8. A project gives the children a reason for writing and drawing.
9. File folder projects are compact and easy to store.
10. A file folder project can become part of a child’s portfolio of work and are a great tool for reviewing completed work.
11. A file folder project saves a mother/teacher time and effort as all the research and information is provided for your convenience!BACK

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South African History |

Review of BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course

Review of BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course

Review of BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course

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Review of BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course

Product Name: BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course

Click here to get BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course:

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BookFuel Publish and Marketing Video Course

Review of My Instant Swipe File! –  Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Review of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Review of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

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Review of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Product Name: My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Click here to get My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!:

“Million-Dollar Copywriting Cheat-Sheet”
Lets You…

“Write HOT Sales Letters That Sell Like
CRAZY – In No Time Flat!”

Brand-New Copywriting “SECRET WEAPON” is
Your Short-Cut for Writing Powerful,
Sales Letters That Make Customers BUY!

From: Jeff Gardner
Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
President, Gardner Marketing Group Inc.

 Imagine being able to cut 5,
10, even 15 years of off of your copywriting
“learning curve” and instantly be able to
write killer sales copy that pull in daily


            Actually, it’s entirely possible
– and I’ve used this same “secret” to write
killer sales letters that have produced
millions of dollars in profits for
myself and my company.

            Here’s how:

            Most (if not all) great
copywriters, actually collect the best sales
copy from the best copywriters – and tuck it
away in a “Swipe File”.

            Then, whenever the copywriter
needs an amazing headline, the perfect
guarantee, or a killer close… they go to
their “swipe file”, find a hot piece of copy
that’s already been proven to work… and
simply “model” it.

            Not copied word-for-word, but

            For example, one of the most
famous headlines was written by John Caples
in 1925…

All Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano,

But When I Began to Play…”

Over 80 years later, copywriters are
still pulling this gem out of their “Swipe
Files” and using the basic concept to write
new killer headlines.

fact, recently I did a search and found
these variations…

“They All
Laughed When I Told Them The 30 Minute
Workouts Would Help Me Lose Weight But I Got
The Last Laugh When They Saw Me In My

“They All Laughed
When I Said I Was Going To Create A Profit
Pulling Website Quickly & Easily . . . But
When I Made My First Sale Just 4 Hours Later
. . .!”

using the structure of John Caples’ original
killer headline, copywriters are able to
instantly create their own original
headlines for new products, services, and

staring at a blank screen. No endless
hours of frustration or confusion. No
writing and re-writing endlessly, trying to
find the perfect copy.

Write Hotter Copy… Starting Today!

            Great copywriters are
constantly digging through their “swipe
files”, looking for the best headlines,
offers, guarantees, bullets, postscripts,
closes, and more – to beef up their copy and
make it sell like crazy.

            After all, why kill yourself
trying to write something from scratch…
when you can get great, cash-generating
copywriting ideas from the world’s greatest
copywriters – who have generated billions of
dollars from their sales copy?

            And that’s why I’m writing to
you today!

An Incredible “Swipe File”
Can Truly Be Worth Millions!

            You see, in my office, I have a
large black 4-drawer file cabinet that holds
my very own personal swipe file.


I’ve been writing copy for over 20 years –
and my swipe file has made me millions of
dollars. I’ve been fortunate
enough to write many, many “million dollar
sales letters” and while I’d like to lay
claim to every million dollar copywriting
idea, I must admit that I rely heavily on my
swipe file.

            After all, anytime I’m stumped
for a headline, an offer, bonuses, benefits,
guarantees, postscripts, pricing, or any
part of copy… I can just open up the
file cabinet – and I’ve got millions upon
millions of dollars of the world’s best copy
to look through and borrow from.

            Not copy word-for-word. That’s
illegal. But I can borrow the basic concepts
and ideas – and by using it over the last 20
years, my swipe file has made me many,
many millions of dollars!

            Why should you care?

            Well, I had originally thought
about publishing parts of my own personal
swipe file, but after trying to track down
some of the copywriters whose copy I have
filed away, I realized that I was looking at
an almost impossible job. My swipe file
includes copy from over 20 years of research
and study – and much of what I have socked
away is from copywriters who are no longer
among the living.

            So I decided to start all
over. From scratch.

            I contacted the greatest
copywriter’s from around the world.
Copywriters who are currently responsible
for generating millions of dollars, both
online and offline, from their killer sales

            And I asked them to submit their
very best sales letters to me – for
inclusion in a brand new “Swipe File”.

            I was shocked with the
response I got.

            Over the last 10 months, I’ve
spent hundreds of hours pulling these
letters apart – and categorizing the best
copy from all of these letters into
different categories.

            Finally, after almost a year,
I’ve completed this project – and I’m now
making it available to anyone who wants to
beef up their sales copy… double, triple,
even quadruple their sales… and write more
profitable sales letters virtually

            All of the greatest copy from
the world’s greatest copywriters is now
available in a brand new copywriting tool
I’m calling…

My Instant Swipe File™

Your Copy Now by Clicking Here!

           Now, in just minutes, you can
have access to the best examples of
hot-selling, money-making sales copy from
the world’s greatest copywriters, including:

John Carlton

Michel Fortin

Dr. Harlan

Joe Vitale

Yanik Silver

Bob Bly

Dan Lok

Randy Charach

Mike Jezek

Grady Smith

Jesse Forrest

These copywriters have
become famous, because their copy has
produced millions upon millions of dollars
in sales for themselves and their clients.
These amazingly skilled professional
copywriters charge top-dollar for their
work, because their copy consistently
produces huge returns, over and over again.

Now, you can borrow
their best ideas and concepts for your very
own sales copy… once you own your very own
copy of this exciting new copywriting tool!

Imagine… with “My
Instant Swipe File™” in your hands, you’ll
never be at a loss for what to write.

Within seconds, you can have million-dollar
ideas for…














And much,
much more!

I guarantee that
this will soon become your most-used “secret
weapon” for writing killer copy!

Just a few ideas from “My Instant Swipe
File™” could even double, triple, or
quadruple the selling power of virtually any
sales letter… almost instantly! 

Success Stories

Hey Jeff,

Your collection of instant swipe
files is truly astounding!
As a professional copywriter
myself, I’ve had days when I
struggle to think of the “perfect”
words to trigger the target
prospects’ emotional buttons.

With your product, writing sales
copy has become as easy as pie.
I know that I can always rely on
your complete arsenal of proven
moneymaking swipe files to come
up with the most compelling
sales letters for me and my
This could be worth thousands of
dollars. At the very low price
you’re charging, it’s a
This is “a must-have” for anyone
who writes copy.Michael Lee

Expert and Professional

You’re charging too low Jeff!
This package is a goldmine.
It doesn’t matter whoever you
are and whatever you’re selling,

you’ll find these monster
winners condensed in one place,
an easy reference to create your
own killer sales letter with
Remember that a good sales
letter is like having a full
time employee that convert
visitors to customers. So, if
you want to make a quantum leap
to your website conversion, My
Instant Swipe File, is the
perfect companion.
Thanks for doing all the hard
work and making all this easier
for us Jeff!



Whether you’re a novice or
expert copywriter, having
Jeff’s indispensable e-book, “My
Instant Swipe File, ” is like
having the world’s best copy
experts looking over your
shoulder helping you write
killer sales letters.

Stuck for a
headline? BOOM! You’ve got one.

Lead ins?

points? BOOM!

You get the
picture – No more writer’s
block. My Instant Swipe belongs
in every internet marketer’s


Jeff , I just read your “My Instant
Swipe File” and I must say that
I was very impressed. It has
not only pointed out some
weaknesses in my own sales copy
but also given me a solution or
model to improve on it!
Writing copy is an art and I
(like many of us) can always use
help here. I give it 2 thumbs up
and will be modify my sales
pages as a result and fully
expect to increase my conversion
because of your eBook!
Thanks for a great new read!
Sincerely ,


If you’ve ever studied
copywriting, you know that
your best way of learning the
craft is to identify the
top-of-the-line copywriters and
their sales materials… then to
hand-copy each and every example
several times.
The big problem most of us
copywriters have is… how do
you identify and get hold of
these materials? Sure, we all
likely have our own swipe file.
But which is written by whom?

Jeff Gardner has the

PERFECT solution.
His “My Instant Swipe File”
contains sales examples from THE
leaders of our copywriting
profession. Documented, included
by permission from each author.

This stuff is really powerful.
Not only that, but he’s broken
down each sales letter into
categories like Headlines;
Guarantees; and so on.
I’ve studied under some of these
top-grade copywriters. They
really deserve to be grouped
with such famous names as John
Caples, for example.
And Mr. Gardner has also
provided biographies for each
copywriter. These I find inspire
and encourage me to keep on with
my own learning and honing of my
copywriting skills. And he has
provided templates for our use!
So I can use these examples and
easily adapt them to whatever
topic I’m working on at that
Mr. Gardner has obviously done a
lot of work on our behalf.

His product is worth wayyy
more than he’s charging.
I’m proud to have access to this
resource whenever I need it.
(And believe me, I sometimes
have needed it several times
just in one day!)
Then he goes on to sections
regarding actual techniques that
work. Say you need to make your
reader aware of a specific
problem – Mr. Gardner uses
actual quotes from salesletters
written by these A-1 copywriters
to show how THEY did it. And did
it the right way, that sold
their product well.
So much to learn here!
And Mr. Gardner has a truly
logical way of organizing this
Swipe File as well as a
refreshingly easy-to-read style
of presenting it. Very
impressive. Very useful. Very
vital for each and every
copywriter to have in his or her
arsenal of resources!
Ever struggle with providing
proof and credentials? Just
check out how the experts do it!
Pricing justification? Cutting
to the all-important offer?
Doing the take-away? And never,
ever forget that all-important
guarantee! Hey, Mr. Gardner has
it all right here. This world
class group of copywriting
experts show how they do these
complicated techniques – and
make each one seem easy.
I also am awed by just the
freebies that Mr. Gardner
includes. In my opinion, these
alone are worth the price of the
Instant Swipe File: A detailed template for my
sales letters – PLUS an
explanation (very well-written
and easy to understand) of why
each element is important and
why it needs to be there. Very
A copywriting checklist! This is
an awesome timesaver. Research,
writing your salesletter – all
there. I am so blown away by
just this one bonus.
And! (This one is close to my
heart.) Specific words and
phrases that have been shown to
be especially powerful for
sales. I’ve spent years keeping
a list of just this sort of
thing… and here is Mr. Gardner
giving this away for a free
bonus. Wow. That’s all I can say
– wow.
His final bonus is an article by
David Garfinkle – a winner of
winners right here and now –
about how to pull in the maximum
response. This is powerful
stuff. I can’t tell you
how simple yet profound this
expert’s insights are.
All in all, Mr. Jeff Gardner
proves he’s a master at
over-delivering. Just the main
Instant Swipe File is worth far
more than what he’s asking. And
each precious bonus gift
multiplies the value
exponentially. His writing and
talent for organization and
presentation shine through this
whole package. I’m more than
delighted to have it in my
possession – and believe me, I
use several portions of it every
single day. From hand-copying
works of the Masters to editing
my copywriting projects to
maximize their effectiveness –
this is one of the most powerful
tools I have ever seen. More
like the Swiss
Knife-of-All-Trades on steroids!

Sincerely,Dot Pecson


“My Instant Swipe File” is
just what it claims to be –
an all-in-one swipe file of
copywriting knowledge. It
combines an abundance of top
quality copywriting samples with
informational articles, and
thought-provoking templates. The
bonuses add just the right
ingredients to round out the
content and make this a complete
source for any copywriter
needing inspiration to produce
the perfect piece of copy.Jenny Evans Dunham

Hi Jeff,I’m a little upset! You
claim to be offering a swipe
file? But that is only a part of
what is really a complete course
in effective copywriting.
The people you have brought
together for this project are a
veritable “Who’s Who” of the top
copywriters in the world.
The other thing that impressed
me was the bonuses (each of
which could be sold separately,
in my opinion). Each one ties in
so well with all of the others
that I think you have created
something amazing.
To be honest, your offer isn’t
for everybody – after all, there
will always be those who
don’t care about making money
online. But, for anyone that
wants to write copy that sucks
people in and increase their
profits to boot, then this is
clearly a must-have.
All the best,Michael Oksa


Do you have any idea what you
have just done?

One Single Download From You Has
Replaced Hundreds Of Bookmarks
and Downloaded salespages from
my own “swipe File” Collection!
You have managed to gather some
of the best salescopy ever and
put it together in a very easy
to read, learn and impliment
This is by far one of the best
products I have purchased yet
this year.
You are a Rock Star My Friend!
Thank you for such a great
product!Michael D Price


Jeff,I thoroughly enjoyed My
Instant Swipe File. I have
always hated creating Sales Copy
because I’m just not that good
at it. My
Instant Swipe File is going to
make a HUGE difference in my
profits this year.I may finally be able to
create copy that actually SELLS!
Thanks so much!
Scott Raven

Raven Media
Group –

Using sales letter
templates or sales letter writing software?
My Instant Swipe File™ can easily help
increase the sales and profits from these
letters in just minutes!

Or, if you’ve bought
copywriting courses or attended seminars,
My Instant Swipe File™ can give you
real-life examples of the copy you’re being
taught to write, shortening your learning
curve by months, even years!

I guarantee that once
you grab My Instant Swipe File™, it’ll be
one of the most used copywriting tools on
your bookshelf. Every time you want to write
another winning sales piece, simply take it
off the shelf – and you’ll find all of the
inspiration you need instantly!

And, to make sure
that you’re writing killer copy in no time
flat, I’m also including these 4 exciting
bonuses with your order…

Bonus Copywriting Tool #1:

Proven Winning Sales Letter Template!

Created by copywriter and marketing
consultant, David Frey, this simple
step-by-step “Sales Letter Template” makes
it easy for you to start, write, and finish
a killer sales piece in no time flat.
Simply follow the easy-to-use template…
and it’ll walk you through writing a sales
letter for virtually any product, service,
or offer… from beginning to end.

Bonus Copywriting Tool #2:

Copywriting Checklist

Developed by million-dollar copywriter, Mike
Pavlish, this “Copywriting Checklist” can
give you an almost unfair advantage over
other copywriters. Run each of your
sales letters through this checklist to make
sure that every letter is as powerful as it
can be. Using the same checklist Mike
Pavlish uses when he’s writing money-making
copy for clients, you’ll know that every
letter you write is the best it can be.

Bonus Copywriting Tool #3:

Hot Word & Phrase “Cheat Sheet”

Brain frazzled and you need a new,
different, eye-catching, or unique word?
With the “Hot Word & Phrase Cheat Sheet”,
you’ll have the best, most attention-getting
words you’ll need for headlines, sub-heads,
guarantees, and even product names! This
simple “cheat sheet” gives you all of the
most powerful, hard-hitting words to make
your copy sizzle!

Bonus Copywriting Tool #4:

How to Instantly Double the Response
of Any Ad, Letter or Web Promotion!

Highly-respected copywriter and Founder of
the World Copywriting Institute, David
Garfinkl, reveals his step-by-step system
for doubling the response of virtually any
ad, letter or web promotion… instantly!

You get all of these
additional copywriting tools… downloadable
instantly in PDF format… when you order
today. Each of these special “tools”
will become more ammunition in your arsenal
of copywriting tricks. Armed with My Instant
Swipe File™ and these four bonus Copywriting
Tools, you will be cranking out hot-selling
sales letters in no time flat… without
breaking a sweat!

In fact, I’m so
confident that this entire package will
truly help you increase the selling power of
all of your copy, I’m going to guarantee it
with a “strong-as-steel” money-back

Write Hotter Copy Overnight –
Or I’ll Buy it Back From You!

            Invest in your own personal copy
of My Instant Swipe File™ – and if you’re
not writing hotter sales letters, faster and
easier… and generating more money from
what you’ve written… then simply let me
know and I’ll buy back the entire package
from you, no questions asked.


My Instant Swipe File™ must work for you, or
you pay nothing. Simply take it
for a no-risk test-drive… and if it’s not
better than I promised, simply let me know
within 60 days from purchase – and I’ll buy
it back from you, No Questions Asked!

            Believe me, with My Instant
Swipe File™, you’ll have the “million dollar
copywriting ideas” you need to turn any
sales letter into a winner! Or, if
you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have
all of the ideas you need for the perfect
headlines, openings, offers, bonuses,
bullets, guarantees, closes, and more…
right at your fingertips.

Here’s a Tool You’ll Use Again
and Again –
That Can Pay For Itself 100
Within the Next Few Weeks!

            What would you pay for a tool
that you’ll use over and over and over again
when you’re writing killer sales letters?
A tool that will soon become dog-earned
and worn, from all of the use you’ll get out
of it?

            Best of all, just one idea you
get from the My Instant Swipe File™ package
can make you many, many times back your
one-time investment. In fact, this small
one-time investment is truly tiny compared
to the thousands, even millions of dollars
it can potentially make you over the coming
months and years.

            The time to act is now.

            If you’ve already written a
sales letter, you can use My Instant
Swipe File™ to double or triple it’s
effectiveness instantly – using the
million-dollar copywriting examples featured

            No letter yet? No
worries! You’ll fly through your letter,
using My Instant Swipe File™ – getting
instant ideas for the perfect headline,
opening, offer, and more!

grab your copy of My
Instant Swipe File™ right now – and within
just minutes of investing in it, you can
have it in your hands, ready to use and
profit from.

            Don’t let this pass you by. The
sooner you start using My Instant Swipe
File™, the faster you can start profiting
from it. And since you’re protected by our
“strong-as-steel” money-back guarantee, you
have absolutely nothing to lose.

Click here now to increase
the money-making power of all of your sales
copy today!

Yours For Success,


Jeff Gardner
Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
Gardner Marketing Group Inc.

P.S. When I first started writing
copy many years ago, it actually felt
painful. None of it ever looked “good
enough”. Then, one day I read about
copywriter’s using a “swipe file” – and
started filing away all of the best sales
letters I could find. Since then, writing
copy has become a breeze. I no longer fear
“the blank page”, because anytime I need
inspiration for a headline, opening,
sub-heads, guarantee, offer… or anything
for my letter… I simply go to my swipe
file and find what I need instantly. It’s
not only made writing copy more fun, but
also more profitable. I’ve been very
fortunate to have written multiple sales
letters that have generated over one million
in sales. Now, I’m offering YOU a
copywriting tool that can not only make
copywriting more fun, but also more
profitable. Whether you’re writing copy for
clients… or for your own business… you
owe it to yourself to add My Instant Swipe
File™ to your toolkit.
Click here now to
grab this entire package within minutes!

Affiliates – Make

Copyright 2013 Jeff Gardner

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My Instant Swipe File! – Write Million-Dollar Sales Copy… Instantly!

Review of Intelligent Cruiser

Review of Intelligent Cruiser

Review of Intelligent Cruiser

Click here for bigger image

Review of Intelligent Cruiser

Product Name: Intelligent Cruiser

Click here to get Intelligent Cruiser at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Intelligent Cruiser:

Cruise Secrets Guaranteed To Save You Money

It’s so easy for my family and friends to cruise for less,
it feels like the cruise lines are paying them to take a vacation!

While they spend practically nothing, I just shake my head in utter
disbelief as I watch what others just like you are spending for
your cruise vacation.

But now, the shocking truth will be exposed in my revolutionary guide
on how to cruise for less – the same guide that has the cruise
industry trembling at the knees.

…until I was forced to quit because I no longer wanted to trick
passengers into spend obscene amounts of money! I took a
stand and my job was threatened.

This guide is my response to that threat.

With my extensive industry knowledge, I’m introducing thisastonishing, one-of-a-kind guide on how you can save
a boatload of money on every cruise you ever take – the
secrets that could only come from someone within the industry.

I am absolutely certain that once you’ve read my guide, you will be left COMPLETELY SHOCKED AND SPEECHLESS at just how much you’ve
been misled, overcharged and even flat out deceived by the cruise lines.

I guarantee you that this information will absolutely transform the way you
cruise like nothing else out there. Keep on reading to discover why
cruise lines are frantically ringing the alarm bells in an attempt to prohibit
the public from having access to any of this information!

Also, keep in mind that this guide will work with any cruise line, any ship, and any itinerary worldwide!

My Personal Promise: My sole objective is to save YOU money. I have vowed to
overcome every hurdle in my quest to provide you with the insider cruise savings
knowledge that cruise lines are terrified about. This info is unlike anything you’ve
ever come across before. If you’re expecting some boring list of useless tips and
pointers, like those available at bookstores or written by inexperienced cruise
passengers, you’re in for an honest shock.

“With this guide there is no way we will over-spend on our next cruise. We are ready to save more money than we
ever thought possible.”

Robyn Baron, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

One cruise line even tried to hire me earlier this year by offering me an absurd 20% salary increase in a last-ditch effort to stop me from revealing this explosive
information. “Not a chance!” was my reply. I spent 10 years working 6-month
contracts, 12-16 hours a day, dedicating my life to this industry. But now, let me
have a chance to be on your side.

Here is just a tiny glance of the powerful insider information that you will discover in
this vacation-transforming guide:

The most amazing part is that the above is just a fraction of everything that’s revealed in my guide!

Cruise lines prey on the fact that every passenger who walks up the gangway on embarkation day has absolutely no idea how the cruise industry truly works. As a result, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll fall straight into their clever and costly traps.

I swear to you, during our bi-weekly management meetings, we spent half the time talking about how easy it was to take passengers’ money and the other half trying to devise clever ways to take more of it.

You certainly don’t want to be throwing money away for no reason at all…but if you don’t know the secrets, you’ll be playing right into the hands of the cruise lines.

Cruise lines are experts at getting you to empty your pockets while on board. It’s almost like walking into one giant, floating Las Vegas casino. The ship’s layout, the colors, the music…everything is designed to get you to spend more money.

To add insult to injury, the cruise lines then charge you some of the most absurdly inflated prices for everything from drinks, spa treatments, shore excursions, internet, laundry, photographs, alternate dining, gifts and souvenirs and more.

How do they get away with this?

#1: Most people justify their over-spending because after all, they think that a vacation is not a time to worry about money.

#2: Cruise lines skillfully conceal all of your options, creating the illusion that spending money is the only path to the amazing cruise vacation you’re after.

You can cruise over and over again and the benefits of this insider information will never end. This guide will work for you every single time you take a cruise vacation. Period.

But when you consider that…

– The sky is the limit in terms of how much money you can save

– The extraordinary benefits apply to every cruise you ever take again

I think you would agree that this is a golden opportunity that should be taken very seriously.

Sure, maybe it all sounds too good to be true.

And that’s why I’m not even going to ask you to take my word for it…

But before I get to that…let me ask you this:

If you’re stuck for ideas…let me know…I’ll help you out!

Seriously, what are you going to do with all that money you save? You don’t have to answer now, but start thinking about it. Will you keep it in the bank for later? Spend it on more important things?

The choice is yours…but the fact is: you will have extra money that was otherwise about to be wasted for no reason at all.

Don’t waste your money…make sure you are protected instead.

Here’s what’s really happening around you:

Most of the waiters and waitresses, bar tenders, cabin stewards and other crew members directly responsible for providing you with a brilliant vacation experience, rely on the tips/gratuities they receive for about 85%-95% of their wages.

The cruise lines ’employ’ thousands of people in these positions but pay them practically nothing.

Take a look at how the cruise lines benefit from this:

And now you can do something about it. I will show you how to use some very simple tactics to completely change this formula. You’ll benefit by having every single crew member you come across genuinely wanting to enhance your cruise experience to the max.

Don’t think this is anything special?

Did you know that certain crew members on board every ship have the authority to provide guests with benefits that usually cost hundreds of dollars?

I gave away free meals, free wine & champagne, free massages & spa sessions, free casino chips, free internet & phone cards, free bar drinks, free souvenirs,free jewelry, free shore excursions, free dry cleaning, free photographs and even FREE CRUISES…

Just think what this would all cost if you had to pay for it – it’s an astronomical figure. You can now learn the astonishingly simple tactics that can put you on the receiving end of all these freebies.

Maybe you’re a first-time cruiser wanting to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of inexperience…no problem! You’ll instantly discover how to save incredible amounts of money and how to load up your cruise with value-adding benefits that only a select few in the industry even know about.

You’ll become an expert cruiser before you even step on board.

“My boyfriend and I are taking our first cruise and I’m so glad I ordered your download. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to put to use the valuable information I’ve read!”
 Amelia Williams,
Melbourne, Australia

Perhaps you’ve taken 5, 10 or even 20 cruises already but want to know exactly what you’ve been missing – sure thing! You are about to uncover a boatload of untapped savings that will make you wish you had this information before you ever began cruising.

With so much powerful information – including the secrets of how to cruise for free and how to fly for free – you are guaranteed to see immediate results. And it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to cruise on a ship with 3000 passengers or one with 500 – this information will save you money right away.

Just one of these powerful reports alone can have an amazing effect on your wallet…

“We just found out today that we’ll be taking our first free cruise in June. There is now a chance that we’ll be able to take 2-3 free cruises in the next year…”
 Karen Sedlock
Reston, PA

Imagine the savings and benefits when you have all 100+ pages of the most effective insider information right at your fingertips.

The One Thing You Should NEVER FORGET…

Cruise lines rely on the fact that you are an un-informed customer. And they want to keep it that way – after all, the less you know about what’s really going on behind the scenes, the more money you will spend.

Well, here’s your chance to say ‘No way!’ As an Intelligent Cruiser, you will join the thousands of others who now know all the secrets and who are saving thousands of dollars every time they cruise. It’s really that easy!

In order to guarantee this is the most comprehensive book of insider cruise information available, I recruited many of my expert colleagues to join me on this project.

– Guest Relations Manager
– On Board Financial Officer
– Front Officer Manager
– Shore Excursion/Tour Manager
– Restaurant Manager
– Executive Housekeeper
– Spa Manager
– Revenue Committee Officer

The amount of expert experience that went into this book is unlike any other resource you will ever come across. And to top it all off…

My team of insider experts and I have worked for almost every major cruise line, including Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, P&O Cruises, Princess and Royal Caribbean.

To put it as simply as possible – we definitely know our stuff…

And when you use the insider knowledge I’ll share, you’ll be able to take a cruise vacation for such an absurdly low price that you’ll be utterly disgusted by the amount of money you would be wasting without this information!

*based upon a typical 7-day cruise

REMEMBER! The information in this guide works with any cruise line and any itinerary in the world. Whether you’re cruising to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central/South America, Hawaii/South Pacific, Australia, Baltic, Alaska, Asia or the Middle East…this guide applies to you!

That is absolutely crazy.

Our low, one-time price (for over 100 pages of insider material) is only:

(Last Updated: September 2017)

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s something else…

In order to make this the easiest decision you have ever faced…I am going to give you my…

Listen, if you don’t agree that this information will save you money during your next cruise, just send me an email and I’ll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. I’ll even go ahead and extend this guarantee for a full 60 days.

It would really take you over 100 hours of research to learn just a tiny portion of everything there is to know. If you have the time, then by all means, get ready to stare at your computer for hours on end.

But if you would rather have over 100+ pages of the most essential insider information instantly delivered to your email inbox…then I urge you to take action right now and grab this money-saving material.

Trust me, as soon as you start reading this guide (which comes in an easy to read PDF format), you’re going to be banging your head on the table for not knowing about it earlier!

Instant Access! After placing your order, you’ll instantly receive an email with a private download link so that you can start benefiting from the Intelligent Cruiser in no time at all.

Wishing you clear skies and calm seas!

P.S. Remember, I have honestly quit my job in order to make sure that cruise ship passengers are armed with the information necessary to avoid being taken advantage of. And based on my experience, I can guarantee that you have no idea what you’re really up against. That is why I am offering you a 100% Risk-Free opportunity to try this product. You simply need to know this information. You’ll be blown away at how easy it is to start saving a ton of money right away.

Contact :: About Me :: Affiliates :: Privacy :: Terms

Copyright © 2017 Intelligent Cruiser – All Rights Reserved

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Intelligent Cruiser

Review of Welcome –

Review of Welcome –

Review of Welcome –

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Review of Welcome –

Product Name: Welcome –

Click here to get Welcome – at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Welcome –

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Welcome –

Review of CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants

Review of CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants

Review of CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants

Click here for bigger image

Review of CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants

Product Name: CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants

Click here to get CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants:

Quickly find Arrest & Warrant records instantly. Reports can include:

Search & find millions of court records. Reports can include:

Find Civil Court records for Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgements. Reports can include:

A Background Search can help you uncover important information. Reports can include:

Select a state


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CheckCourts – Free Court Records Scan – Find Court Records, Sex Offenders, Arrest and Warrants

Review of Become an expert in Solar Power

Review of Become an expert in Solar Power

Review of Become an expert in Solar Power

Click here for bigger image

Review of Become an expert in Solar Power

Product Name: Become an expert in Solar Power

Click here to get Become an expert in Solar Power at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Become an expert in Solar Power:

Download the Solar Power Design Manual and you will get:

Buy the Solar Power Design Manual now and Download it right away.The Solar Power Design Manual is an E-Book which you can download immediately. Nothing will be sent by mail.

After your payment has been approved, follow the link to go to the download page. If you have any questions about your order, you can e-mail me at the address given in the order confirmation.

There are many solar power books currently on the market, but I hope you’ll agree that none of them are backed up by the wealth of knowledge and experience contained in the Solar Power Design Manual. Download it today – you won’t be disappointed.

In case you’re not sure, I’m going to throw in the Solar Sizing Excel® spreadsheet template as well. I wrote this for myself, to save me having to do all the calculations manually, and it includes a couple of worked examples to show what’s possible. I think you’ll find it extremely helpful.

Plus, once you’ve downloaded the manual and extras, you will be given the option to receive future updates, free.

24270 Angoisse

P.S. Still not sure? Just e-mail me at
if you’ve got any questions.

If you like the book, why not Sell it yourself and Earn Commission!Sign up as an affiliate and start earning today.

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Become an expert in Solar Power

Review of Write A Cookbook

Review of Write A Cookbook

Review of Write A Cookbook

Click here for bigger image

Review of Write A Cookbook

Product Name: Write A Cookbook

Click here to get Write A Cookbook at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Write A Cookbook:

NY Times Best
Selling Author Ron Douglas Reveals The Secret System He Used to
Sell Over 1.4 Million Cookbooks…

A Proven Blueprint You Can Easily Duplicate to Publish Your Own Cookbook and Make
a Profit
in 60 Days or Less”

The “Write A
Cookbook And Make It Sell” Course Will Teach You

How to quickly assess the
market to choose a winning theme and price for your cookbook

Where to find royalty-free
non-copyrighted recipes

What free software to use to
easily organize your recipes

How to get your cookbook
designed and created inexpensively but still look professional

A risk-free method to fund your
project with profits from customers instead of out of pocket

The shortcut tactic to get your
cookbook selling on and Barnes & Nobles

Where to find high-powered
Agents who will get you a book deal with a huge sign on bonus

How to avoid getting ripped off
and wasting a ton of money on your cookbook project

An amazing marketing system
which will have groups of people eagerly waiting to buy your cookbook
before it’s even released.

And Much Much More…

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our ‘Write A Cookbook’ System

 Order Now or Continue Reading…

I Got So
Sick Of All The Discouraging Myths and Misinformation Out There That I Decided
I Had to Finally Reveal The

It’s a crying shame. 
There has never been a better time to publish a cookbook, but most
of the people I speak with don’t think they can do it.  You
know the type of people I’m talking about – the ones who, even with
opportunity staring them right in the face, will always tell you why
they can’t do something.

As the founder of
several popular cooking communities online (such as,,, etc.), I meet people all the time
who have great ideas for a cookbook and could be making a lot of money. 
Not just one time cash – I’m talking royalties for years to come just from
a book you worked on once.  I really can’t think of a better investment
of time. 

Heck, I’m still getting nice
checks from a cookbook I released in 2003.  Plus, after independently
selling over 90,000 copies of that self-published title, a
publisher paid me a life-changing multiple-six figure sign on bonus plus ongoing royalties for the
rights to that cookbook title.

However, despite this
tremendous opportunity to earn passive residual income, 99.9% of these people
will never do anything because they’ve been influenced by what I call the
“10 Myths of
Publishing Your Own Cookbook.”

Don’t Let These Common
Myths Prevent You From Sharing Your Passion For Cooking With The World!

Myth #1.  You
need lots of money upfront.

FALSE.  My system will
show you how to get started with little or no cash and increase your sales
while spending profits instead of your hard earned savings.

Myth #2.  You
have to be a chef or cooking expert.

FALSE.  Everyone has to
start somewhere.  I wasn’t a chef when I first started but after
authoring 5 cookbooks, I’m now known as a cooking expert.  All
you really need is a good idea for a cookbook or a different spin on an
existing idea.  I’ll show you how to find it.

Myth #3.  It’s
too time consuming to get done.

FALSE.  My system shows
you what free software and services to use to make creating a cookbook
easy.  I’ll also show you where to find skilled freelancers overseas
who are professional but super inexpensive by US standards.  These
guys do excellent work and are just waiting for new projects.

Myth #4.  You need to have
hundreds of recipes that only you know.

FALSE.  Having all your
own unique recipes is always best, however, cookbooks can also be a
collaborative effort with family and friends who have recipes to
contribute.  Don’t let this common obstacle keep you from getting

Myth #5.  I
will get sued if I accidentally use a recipe that someone else has

FALSE.  According to
copyright law:

“Mere listings of ingredients as in recipes,
formulas, compounds or prescriptions are not subject to copyright
protection. However, where a recipe or formula is accompanied by
substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or
directions, or when there is a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook,
there may be a basis for copyright protection.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advise you to steal
other people’s recipes, but the law clearly states that you can use a
recipe as long as you’re not using the “substantial literary expression”
from the author’s instructions. 

Now, don’t go and re-write someone’s
cookbook.  Be original, find you’re own idea.  But at the same
time, don’t let this stop you from starting your cookbook – just ask your
lawyer for advice.

Myth #6.  You
need to be very tech savvy or a computer expert.

FALSE.  Like I mentioned,
these days, user-friendly software and inexpensive freelancers will do
everything you need done.  After publishing five cookbooks, I still don’t know
Quark, PageMaker, Typesetting, PHP or any of that techie stuff.  If
you’re savvy enough to log on and read this letter, I can show you how to
get your cookbook done.

Myth #7.  You
need to get a book deal or have a good agent.

The course does cover where to
find a good agent and how to get your books in stores.  However, you
can also do quite well by self-publishing because you keep all of the
profits.  You don’t have to wait around for years hoping that a
publisher gets interested in your cookbook.  These days it’s never
been easier to publish your own cookbook at make sales both online and

I’ll show you services that
specialize in helping self-published authors.  And once you can
demonstrate some sales and a demand for your cookbook, it will be much
easier to get a book deal (if you still want one at that point).

Myth #8.  All
the good cookbook ideas have already been taken and there is too much

FALSE.  That’s probably
the most ridiculous of all the myths that hold people back.  There is
a lot of competition because a lot of people buy cookbooks.   People cook
everyday and there are
more cookbook buyers than you can imagine.  I have customers who collect
cookbooks and read them like novels.  They purchase every cookbook
that I
publish or recommend.

If there was no competition I’d
be more concerned.  Plus, if people are looking forward to you
putting out a cookbook, they will buy it because YOU are what makes
it unique. 

For instance, I have a Holiday
Cookbook and a Low Fat Cookbook that still sell well.  All I did was
put my own spin on a common idea.  In the course I discuss how to
determine what the market wants and what will sell well before you spend
any money.

Myth #9.  You
have to spend a lot of money on advertising to make any sales.

FALSE.  My step-by-step
“Quick-Start Marketing System” will show you how to get large groups of
people eager to buy your cookbook before it’s even released.  I’ll
even show you how to get others to happily promote your cookbook for you. 
This free system has been proven to work with little or no money to start.

Myth #10.  You
need to keep inventory and ship orders to customers yourself.

FALSE.  I’m currently
shipping over a thousand cookbooks per month and I don’t keep any
inventory or ship any books myself.  I’ll share with you the
automated services I use for hands-free and worry-free fulfillment. 
With my system, you only pay using the money you receive from customers. 
Plus you can mention my name and get a huge discount :-).

Here’s What
The “Write A Cookbook And Make it Sell” Course Covers

Module 1: 
Planning Your Marketplace Penetration Strategy

How to quickly understand what the market wants in
order to develop your strategy and plan of attack.  Planting the
seeds for success.

Module 2:  Choosing The Best Cookbook Topic

How to determine if your
cookbook topic will sell – in advance.  I’ll show you a surefire way
to pick a winning theme for your cookbook and ensure that people will want
to buy it. 

Module 3:  Recipe & Copyright Law

Everything you need to
know to avoid legal issues.  Plus, a quick and easy way to get an
ISBN number and copyright protection for your own cookbook.

Module 4:  Content Creation

Where to find recipes, royalty
free photos, images, and other content for your cookbook.  What to
add to your cookbook (besides just recipes) to make it stand out from the
competition – and where to find it.

Module 5:  Designing Your Cookbook

Everything you need to
know to design a ‘bookstore quality’ professional cookbook.  What
free software to use.  Where to find skilled freelancers for cheap. 
Editing, typesetting, cookbook layouts, cover design, binding options –
how to get it all done.

Module 6: 
Pricing & Profit Analysis  


Module 7:  Promoting Your Cookbook Online and

How to build up
excitement from your target market and have them clamoring for your
cookbook before you even release it.  Inexpensive and even free
methods to create a huge demand for your cookbook.  How to get listed
on Amazon Barnes & Noble.  How to ensure you get long term sales of
your cookbook.  How to find an agent and position your cookbook to
win a lucrative publishing deal.

Module 8: 
Order Fulfillment, Inventory & Automation

I share with you the resources I use to manage my
business.  You’ll never have to worry about storing inventory in your
basement, carrying boxes, or making last minute runs to post office. 
I’ll show you how to set up to handle unlimited orders without breaking a
sweat.  Everything will be automated for you.

Module 9: 
Ron’s Quick-Start System for Success

“Ron, I think you’ve officially lost your marbles. 
After using your course to launch my cookbook and make a nice
5-figure profit, I’m living proof that your system works. 
However, I can’t understand why you would give away your secrets for
such a low price.  Anyone who doesn’t jump on this offer is
crazier than you are.  Thanks for all your help.”

Debbie Weaver

“If you’ve ever thought of writing your own cookbook,
this comprehensive “tell all” course will eliminate all confusion for you. 
It’s truly a blueprint for cookbook success.”

Publish a cookbook as a family heirloom, a church
fundraiser, as a steady source of income for yourself, or just for the
pleasure of sharing your favorite recipes with others.

Grab this priceless insider information now at the
special introductory price and get started publishing your own cookbook

Special Introductory Discount Ends Soon – Order Now

Plus If You Order Today,
You’ll Get The Following

Free Bonuses (Only Guaranteed For Today)

These are public domain and uncopyrighted cookbooks
compiled in PDF format that you can download and resell.  You can
offer them as a bonus with your cookbook or sell them as stand alone
products.  You will have the full rights to the following cookbook

Free Bonus
#2 – Open Source Website Templates –
(A 49.99 Value)

These are professional website templates which you can
add your content to and use for your site.  Why waste hundreds of
dollars on web design when you can download these customizable templates
and make them your own.  Standard HTML and image files compatible
with any HTML editor.

Free Bonus
#3 – “How to” Online Business Videos – (A
39.97 Value)

How to Create a Professional
Looking Ebook For Free

5 Easy Ways to Get Website
Traffic For Free

How to Master Web Graphics in
10 Easy Steps

Insider Secrets to Get Your
Site Listed in Google and Ranking Well

Special Introductory Discount Ends Soon – Order Now

Ron, I want to thank you very much!!!   The
course answers many questions – very well written!  It is
COMPLETE with no-strings-attached.  Many times you get partial
info on something and you have to subscribe for the rest of the
information.  Clear-cut and right to the point. 
Everything from A – Z! 

I think this course is perfect!  Everything in it is
very well explained.  Much detail and everything that is needed
to know.  Anyone who does not follow this draft would be
foolish – you’ve done all the work!


Lackawanna, NY

After making your secure
payment, you will see a link that says “Click Here to Complete Your Order.” 
This link will take you to our private customer only area.  There
everything will be explained to you so that you can easily download the course
and bonuses to your computer.

Disclaimer  | 
Program  |  Customer Support  |  Order Now

Copyright 2015

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Write A Cookbook

Review of RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide

Review of RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide

Review of RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide

Click here for bigger image

Review of RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide

Product Name: RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide

Click here to get RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide:

Free RV Education 101 Newsletter

Published by:
RV Education 101
150 Bay Ridge Rd
Harrells, NC 28444

Phone (910) 484-7615
Fax (910) 484-8276

Mark Polk is proficient in RV repair and maintenance, and he was the Sales Manager & Finance & Insurance Manager for an RV Dealership for many years, giving him valuable insider information as an expert in the RV buying process. And when you’re finally ready to go shopping for the perfect RV, there is one of Mark’s valuable RV buyer’s checklist included, so nothing is overlooked. You need to slowww down the RV buying process and make some educated, well informed decisions. When you purchase an RV it’s easy to overlook something, forget to check something, or most importantly not be properly informed about something. Whatever the case may be, you don’t realize it until after you buy it and then it’s too late.Owning an RV is meant to be fun. Making the wrong buying decisions can make it miserable rather than fun. If you follow the steps in this RV buying guide you will be on your way to an enjoyable RV ownership experience for years to come.

“When we were in the market for our first RV we didn’t know much about them, except that we wanted one. While researching the subject I ran across the Insider’s Guide to Buying an RV, and every page in the book answered the questions I had and many more I didn’t even think about. Not only did it help in deciding the type of RV right for us, but it prepared us for shopping phase as well.” ….Charles & Sonja Weston from Austin, TX

Home  |  RV Books  |  RV E-Books  |  RV Training Videos/DVDs  |  RV Video Downloads  |  RV Tips Videos  |  Frequently Asked Questions  |  Resources

© 2008 RV Publications. All Rights Reserved. | Site designed and hosted by Tempest Technologies, LLC

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RV Publications | RV Buyer’s Survival Guide

Review of The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Review of The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Review of The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Product Name: The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Click here to get The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide:


Hey, I’m Skip Tanner – creator of – and author of over a dozen survival books.

I will show you exactly how to keep your family safe, secure and well-fed in times of chaos, natural disaster, even total collapse in a moment, but first I want to give you A WORD OF WARNING…

…the following information has proven too intense for some. You have to decide right now whether you can take it or not – it’s NOT for everyone. This is critical life saving information that deals with life or death situations.

If you walk away right now I get it – no hard feelings. Some facts and ideas are simply too hard to accept. Like the nightmares haunting your waking hours, the jaw dropping images flooding the newsreels, and the “death toll numbers higher than expected” headlines filling the pages of your hometown newspaper.

But if you consider yourself someone who wants to protect their family…or someone who is losing faith in the failing Government, then stick with me here…follow along carefully…this is for you.

That number shocked me… because these folks clearly understand what is going on in the world we live.

Yet 9 out of 10 of you are putting your families in grave danger.

I call these folks the 90% Core Denial Group.

Our own surveys prove that well over half of Preppers OPENLY admit that they are missing critical pieces of their survival strategies.

This Core Denial Group goes on as if everything is hunky-dory. Yet, each day they are gambling with the lives of their loved ones…hoping that one of these oversights don’t bite them in the ass… taking away everything they have worked so hard to protect.

And here’s another scary truth.

You will never survive if you’re not 100% prepared… emotionally, physically and mentally.

In times of chaos, natural disaster, even total collapse – it will be totally up to you to keep your family safe, secure, and well-fed – while everybody else is scrambling, confused, and frankly – desperate.

We don’t wish for bad times – but sometimes “shit” just happens to hit the fan.

Whether it be incompetent political leaders around the world driving economies to the brink of collapse and over the edge …

… or be it natural disasters – where a response for help can take days or weeks to arrive. Regardless of what puts you and your family in peril – chances are nobody will be coming to save you in the immediate aftermath of a crisis.

You must be prepared. You must already know what to do. You must instinctively kick into action and activate plans you have already made without a moments delay.

So beyond the immediate protection of your family – beyond just surviving the crisis – you also must be prepared and know how to survive in a post-crisis situation – if it continues for weeks, months, or even longer.

And trust me… It’s too late to find food, water and other necessities once disaster strikes. You don’t want to be caught with no alternatives when it comes to protecting your family…

You wont be able to buy even the simplest things like food and water after the event. Hell, even if you’re warned by the failing government structure… it’s already too late.

And while you may be aware of the news, and just how precarious things are around you – the truth is the doom and gloom being reported on the news is actually being UNDER REPORTED …

We are at all times on the edge of chaos – and only those who are prepared for true chaos have a good chance of coming through such situations relatively unscathed.

With so much uncertainty in the world – political unrest – and potential chaos always around the corner – it just makes sense to be prepared.

There is an enormous sense of security knowing that you have things covered.

Even if the thin veneer of “order” collapses around you – you have a stockpile of food and clean water PLUS a system to ensure an ongoing supply for your family.

And you are prepared and know how to defend your family from potentially desperate people seeking to take what you have.

Because when it’s all said and done, the truth is …

When the SHTF … people only care about themselves.

You can talk about altruism and generosity and doing something for “the public good” all you want, but those concepts are fallacies. They don’t exist when people are desperate and are fighting to survive.

No One Is Coming To Help You.

Which is why you must be prepared … because the truth is – we all know bad events can happen at any time, and without warning. And not just natural disasters – but also political unrest and economic calamity are always just an unexpected moment away.

So how do you prepare? What should you be focusing on first, second, and so on? And can you really prepare if you’re on a budget?

Well, some good news for you …

If you know what you’re doing you can prepare very effectively on a budget

The number one mistake many people make is to amass large stockpiles of all the wrong stuff – items that won’t ultimately be very useful in a crisis situation.

In being prepared, you’re really buying peace of mind by gathering enough food and water and other goods to keep you and your family alive for when you need it. But knowing precisely what to buy – even when on a budget – and knowing how to store it is priceless.

How to make the best use of it when a crisis does strike – this will make all the difference between surviving – and having a bunker full of useless items that consumed your precious resources to amass.

And you must also be prepared for the scenario of the “unexpected” becoming “the new normal” …

It’s not enough to be ready for times of chaos and confusion. What if chaos becomes the NEW NORMAL?

Being prepared for a crisis situation is essential. But, you must go beyond surviving the initial days after an event occurs. Nobody wants this – but it has happened time and time again all over the world …

A natural disaster where help doesn’t arrive in any meaningful form for weeks. Or an economic meltdown that strips away any sense of order for months or longer.

If chaos and confusion reigns – and becomes the new normal – it’s no use fretting about it – you have to be prepared to handle it.

Believe me, in such a situation – other people will become desperate.

You want to keep your family safe and secure, well-fed and healthy – yet you have to remain invisible to others. And it’s always a last resort – but, if you need to defend your home and family – you must know what to do.

How will you know what to focus on to prepare? What is a waste of your time and energy, and what will pay-off and provide for you and your family when you most need it?

A total of 132 pages that show you how to start preparing RIGHT NOW AND ON A BUDGET for a crisis situation …

Your time and money is always limited, and you want to be prepared as quickly as possible.

But it is critical that you don’t make this deadly mistake …

Not many people prepare for the worse…it’s a fact. We all know disasters occur on a regular basis, but many would rather just bury their head in the sand and believe “these events only happen to other people”.

And this is a false sense of security …

Even if you consider yourself a Prepper, please remember that 9 out of 10 may still be lacking a critical piece of their survival plan such as:

As events like Hurricane Katrina demonstrate – when the unexpected slams into your world – you really will be on your own … so the time to get prepared, and do it right, IS NOW …

With the Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide, focus number one is to start preparing RIGHT NOW for a crisis situation – and how it can be done on a tight budget.

You’ll be briefed on the 14 scenarios that could instantly plunge you and your family into a “survival situation” – understand the likelihood of each dire situation – whether you should stay put or bug out – and precisely what to do in each case …

And you’ll understand precisely what to do – NOW – to ensure you have plenty of food and clean water for your family, regardless of what crisis may develop.

The Survival Guide Will Show You:

Having a supply of food is essential – but even more essential – is a supply of clean, drinkable water. The Survival Guide Books covers many life-saving tips on making sure you have all the water you need, including:

And a seven-step process to storing small-to-large volumes of water over a long period of time … while keeping it free of bacteria and contamination – purified for drinking at all times …

Don’t think it can happen to you?If you’re like a lot of people I talk to, you might think, “I don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to natural disasters. I don’t live near the coast, so I’ll never get hit by a hurricane.

“I don’t live in the Plains or the Midwest, so I probably won’t experience a tornado. And I don’t live in a flood plain, so that’s not likely either.”

But here’s the deal – natural disasters are always a threat… no matter where you live tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and their aftermaths CAN AND WILL impact your life.

But there’s an even bigger threat from man-made disasters.

You just have to look at the example of Argentina – which collapsed into chaos virtually overnight back in 1998 – and is on the brink of collapsing again.

But so is every other Western economy – including the United States.

It CAN happen to you, and it can happen at any time.

There are no geographic boundaries to shield us from the corruption and stupidity of our own government – and the governments of other countries.

But rather than ignore the facts – or to feel powerless – the one thing you can do is be prepared …
And when chaos strikes – and things do not return to normal for some time – it will be essential to know some outdoor survival skills to get you through …

None of us want to be caught in a bad situation – a natural disaster, or chaos and confusion at the hands of many types of man-made events …

But things happen – often without warning, or without anybody paying attention to the warning signs.

So, if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where all the modern conveniences of life are not available – such as a fully stocked supermarket, electricity or running water …

… you’ll be thankful for the skills you’ve gained from the Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide, such as:

If it comes to the point where survival depends upon hunting down your next meal – these are the 4 weapons of choice to ensure you won’t go hungry – even if you’re not a hunter and don’t have access to high tech firearms or ammunition …

Did you know petroleum jelly is a great aid in starting a fire? Yes, it is!

One thing many people don’t want to even contemplate – is what if there is a meltdown so severe, that the modern functioning society as we know it today – never returns, or at least not for months or even years to come.

Given the precarious state of affairs in much of the Western world – this idea is not as far-fetched as one might think. Plenty of empires have collapsed under the weight of their own mismanagement before.

I’m not making predictions here, I’m just saying, BE PREPARED for the worst. If you don’t need it, fine. But if you do, at least you will be one of the few that survives …

It’s not just enough to have food, water and batteries to get you by until help arrives.

You must be prepared to live without electricity, clean running water, or other city services you expect to always be there.

In a time of crisis or natural disaster – they most likely will NOT be available.

And it’s anybody’s guess how long you’ll have to live “off-the-grid” …

Plus, you’ll discover the best options for a fresh water collection system – depending upon where you live and the climate … You’ll also know:

Regardless of how prepared you are – when it comes down to it – your best or ONLY option in a crisis might be to escape – but you must be prepared …

The Ultimate Survival Guide also covers why forming a “mutually beneficial preparedness” group could be a great idea – or a really terrible one …

Ultimately, it’s all about having options. That’s what these guide books are all about. When there is a crisis situation, if you don’t have a storehouse of supplies – food, water, and emergency supplies – you simply don’t have options …

No options, makes you vulnerable to predator, danger and lawlessness.

And because being prepared doesn’t have to be expensive – it can be done for as little as pennies – you owe it to yourself and your family to take action.

Start preparing TOMORROW to ensure your family always remains safe, secure, and well-fed …

The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide is designed to keep you and your family safe, secure, and well-fed – in times of chaos, natural disaster, even total economic collapse …

Being prepared is something you can’t afford not to be – because the consequences of incompetent political leads and unpredictable acts of God are guaranteed to keep happening -especially when you least expect them.

The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide will show you:

No longer feel helpless, out-of-control, and at the mercy of others and circumstances. When the next crisis situation strikes, you’ll know precisely what to do – kick immediately into action – and ensure the safety and security of yourself and your family …

The Expert Prepper Guide gives you step-by-step instructions on everything you need to do to be prepared to survive any crisis situation – and combined with the report you just purchased “Becoming a King In the New World” you will thrive in the aftermath … be it days, weeks, months or more … 

The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide contains everything you need to know to prepare – survive – and even thrive in periods of extended unrest …

Regardless of how prepared you are – when it comes down to survival and others who are not as well prepared as you – you can bet they’ll be coming after what you’ve got if they know you have it …

The obvious first line of self-defense is – don’t advertise to the world that you have anything worth taking. But also, do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family …

The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide covers everything you need to know about defending yourself and your family so you can survive and even thrive in the new world.

This is your comprehensive plan for ultimate peace of mind because this covers everything on how keep your family safe, secure, and well-fed in times of chaos, natural disaster, even total collapse.

And All You Need To Do Is Click
On The Button Below

For the price of a meal you can have ultimate peace of mind no matter what disaster comes your way.

And can you really put a price on the safety and security of your family?

“The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide” is your best weapons against future disasters …

So you can proceed with total confidence …

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide you don’t pay – it’s that simple …

You have a full 60 days to decide. Review the materials – follow the instructions – put them to the test …

If you still decide that the Ultimate Survival Guide is not right for you – All you have to do is return your merchandise and we will refund the full price of your purchase, less shipping and handling. Once the materials are returned we will gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings. It’s that simple…

…for a crisis situation … and when the chaos strikes – you’ll have essential outdoor survival skills …

… plus, how to survive and even thrive when a state of chaos and confusion remains for weeks, months, or even years to come …

You can’t control future events – and that’s why it’s essential to have a master plan to ensure your family is kept safe, secure, and well-fed – in times of chaos, natural disaster, even total economic collapse …

So now – TODAY – the choice is yours …

Be proactive – be prepared – and no-matter-what happens – at the hands of incompetent political leaders or unpredictable acts of God – you’ll know what to do to keep yourself and your family safe …

Do absolutely nothing to be prepared – and just hope nothing happens – or if it does – somehow, you’ll be okay …

Can you really afford to take that risk?

Things happen everyday, all over the world – and they will continue. Being prepared is simply a wise choice …

And when you are prepared, you will never be at the mercy of others or circumstances – instead – you will be in control and know precisely what to do …

If you prefer that scenario – then simply click the button below …
Peace of mind is priceless – especially when it comes to your family – don’t be the one who knew what to do – but never did anything about it …

Even if you never have your brush with disaster – you’ll always be prepared and have peace of mind.

But the chances are you may – and when you do – you’ll know what to do to ensure you have plenty of food, and a clean and healthy supply of water …

… if you’re in imminent danger – you’ll know how to handle the situation. If you have to get out of dodge, you’ll know how to hunt or gather food – how to start a fire anywhere, and how to treat injury or illness – if required.

If the crisis passes quickly and things return to normal – great! But if they don’t – you’ll know the number one skill in a post-collapsed economy.

The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide is your passport to peace of mind and total preparedness …

I look forward to guiding you as you prepare. To get started, simply click on the button below.

To the safety and security of your family …

©2016 All Rights ReservedTerms & Conditions |
Privacy Policy | Contact Me| Order Now

Skip Tanner is a pen name used to protect the author’s privacy

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The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Click here for bigger image

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Product Name: ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Click here to get ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards:

Claim Your Urban Survival Playing Cards as part of a HUGE National Promotion

The Only Playing Cards That Could Save Your Life

These aren’t simply playing cards…they’re a powerful survival tool for you and your loved ones to use if you need to survive a disaster situation.

Our 1st printing SOLD OUT in 24 hours!  The 2nd & 3rd printing SOLD OUT before we got the order.  We’re currently taking orders on the next printing of 2,000 and they’re going FAST!

I know that you are going to love your Urban Survival Playing Cards. However, if for any reason at all you are not COMPLETELY satisfied within 60 days, I insist that you contact me for a full refund. Simply send me a note and drop the cards in the mail and I will issue you a prompt no-questions-asked refund.

“Fantastic information. When I go thru the deck I remember things that I have taken for granted. Well laid out info source.”

“Very nice deck of cards. Survival information good to have.
Hopefully won’t need, Be hard pressed to find more
information in such a small package.”

“I bought them for Christmas presents for my family andwhen my son looked at them he wanted more.”

“Good instructional usage.”

“They are really useful, I have used them here in the house
several times since I got them, in my storage
center and in fixing 72 hour kits.”

Copyright 2016 – Urban Survival Playing Cards – All Rights Reserved

Powered by OptimizePress 2.0

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ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Product Name: The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Click here to get The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!:

Why “Best Used Jeeps”?FACT: Some used Wranglers are overpriced…but one model is still a better deal.FACT: The later CJ models are often not as high quality as the Wrangler…yet the prices can be very similar.FACT: One Jeep 4×4 model is an exceptional bargain…and it’s not the Wrangler or CJ.FACT: The 4×4 Grand Cherokee (2005 on), 4×4 Liberty, 4×4 Patriot and 4×4 Compass all have one thing in common that the Wrangler does not have.FACT: Finding expert honest and unbiased opinions regarding the various late models…and including the variety of older Jeeps…is becoming more and more difficult…until now.FACT: You now have the opportunity to own a complete guide to Jeeps with your total satisfaction 100% guaranteed…all in an instant easy to read ebook.Hello,

…I’m Larry Morton.
I am a long time, genuine, unabashed, proud Jeep Lover! I’ve owned, driven and professionally written about all kinds of Jeeps off the road and on.
I have made it a point to intensely study and learn all I can about Jeeps for many years now (and continue to do so).Why do I do this?I receive a lot of questions about all sorts of Jeeps through my website…and one day it occurred to me that most folks (possibly like you) just don’t have the time to spend comparing the many available Jeep models…or maybe just need a little guidance….and many people have simply asked for a clear handy guide that describes and evaluates most Jeep models over a 65+ year span.
It was also obvious to me that most people are desperately seeking honest, clear and direct information without a bunch of self-promoting hype. I know this for a fact…because I am also pleasantly surprised when I can get the substance without the filler.
While doing my research I found that I could easily spot the “best Jeeps”…and just as importantly…identify the “worst Jeeps” just by knowing what to look for.
I wrote Best Used Jeeps to give you everything you’ll need to have a better understanding of these wonderful historic vehicles.
If you have been wondering about owning a late model Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee XJ, CJ7 or any number of Jeeps from modern to classic…then this book is for you!
Also, each Jeep reviewed in the book has a clear photo to give you a visual idea of that model presented.
With this easy to read ebook you simply: Buy it! Read it! Own it!

Jenifer Livesey says:
For anyone who’s interested in Jeeps, this is the book to read! I’ve liked the styling of Jeeps for years, but this book gave me insight into many pros and cons that I wouldn’t have known about on my own.
I was amazed to find out how many models there were that I never knew existed. All of this information being in one book is like having a Jeep dealer in your pocket (only with unbiased honesty).
It was so nice to have all of this information in one place.

Andrew Savidge writes:
As a Jeep enthusiast and someone who has purchased several used Jeep models reviewed in this book, I feel Larry Morton has his finger on the pulse of the used Jeep vehicle market.
His insight into the off-road capabilities of each Jeep model as well as his ability to drill-down to find the true bargain used Jeep models has helped me rethink my next used Jeep vehicle purchase.
If you are a veteran Jeep owner such as myself, or someone considering their first used Jeep, after reading this book you will come away thinking, “why doesn’t everyone own a Jeep?”

Debra L. writes:
Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your book…Since I was reading up on researching the Wranglers, I seem to lean toward a TJ Wrangler of choice. Seems like the vehicle I would like as a second truck. Thank you for your input. It really helped.

Josh B. writes:
Larry, I just love it [purchased his first Wrangler] thanks to you and your guidance. Your book was great and even better on the second read.

Henrik H. states:
I have bought your E-Book and enjoyed it immensely. Just the thing I needed.

***Click Now to Purchase Your Ebook …Download and Start Reading Instantly***

My eBook is available to you instantly after purchase. A simple download is all you do to immediately begin reading Best Used Jeeps right from your computer.
Also, you will have permission to print my eBook to paper in its entirety for your personal use, to keep as a hard copy guide. I simply ask that you not reproduce my eBook for resale or distribution…just For Personal Use Only.
By the way…your purchase is always verified safe and easy using the secure ClickBank order form provided.One Low “No Bull…No Hype…No Strings Attached” Price of:

Your time is valuable…so why spend hours and hours researching all about Jeeps…when I have already done it for you? You can have a quick, thorough reference guide at your fingertips…in only a few short minutes.
I have condensed over 200 pages of jam packed Jeep information into an easy to read…time saving 71 pages…by removing unnecessary fillers and fluff.
There’s nothing to lose…and tons of information to gain. If you are thinking about purchasing a Jeep the more you know about them…the more money you will save when purchasing a used one. It is that simple!
You are only a click away from making a smart decision. You are about to own an ebook that will deepen your understanding and give you the big picture view of almost every Jeep produced.
***Your satisfaction is so important to me…that if for any reason you are not sure if my Best Used Jeeps guide is right for you…Please Contact Me directly with your questions…

…and, if I think my book is not what you are looking for, I will honestly tell you so…before you buy.***

Copyright ©, 2007-2010.All Rights Reserved.

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The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Review of Buying a Used RV

Review of Buying a Used RV

Review of Buying a Used RV

Click here for bigger image

Review of Buying a Used RV

Product Name: Buying a Used RV

Click here to get Buying a Used RV at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Buying a Used RV:

But … Why would you try to do it
yourself when you can get expert advice from a certified RV repair technician?

Get yourself “armed and dangerous”. 

This guide will teach you exactly what to look for and
especially what to look out for when
shopping for a used RV.

For example: Can you see the telltale flaw in this used

If you answered “yes” you have a pretty good eye.

This RV looks pretty solid, but lets take a closer look!

This fifthwheel has a small delaminated area just above the midpoint of the
fender skirt … see the small bulge there? That indicates that de-lamination has started and
will lead to further problems down the road. See anything else?

The large bulge in the siding between the awning arm and the fender skirt
shows that the entire last third of this wall has suffered de-lamination to a major extent. All
of the strength of this wall has been destroyed and the cost of repairing this damage would
exceed the value of this older fifthwheel.

The very best time to discover the faults of an RV is before you
buy it!

You’ve decided to buy an RV!

An exciting time, to be sure. Armed with the local classified ads,
you head out to find your dream machine. You check out two or three and then … there it
is … the perfect RV for you … The right floor plan, the most attractive decor and it
just feels right!

But … before you plunk down your cash, check
every item in this RV Buyers Guide.

If the RV passes all tests and the price is right – CONGRATULATIONS – you
have found a gem.

The Greatest Gold-Mine Of “How to Buy A Used Rv” Advice Ever Crammed Into One

  Buying a Pre-loved RV is an exciting
experience, while at the same time, it can be a frustrating and ultimately expensive
proposition. The purchase of a “new-to-you” recreational vehicle is an out
and out thrill. Whether it is your first, your fifth, or your final one, the grandeur of having
a “Castle of the Road” is a feeling that compares to being a Gypsy, a nomad, a frontiersman,
one who knows no bounds and will travel where no man or RV has gone before. Many dreams and
hard earned dollars have become part of your escape from our everyday problems and

BUT, those dreams and dollars need
down-to-Earth vision and “hands on” information.

This RV Buyer’s Manual shows you:

I Guarantee that 100% … if you don’t save at least
100 times the low cost of this e-book on your next used RV, then send me an e-mail with
your purchase info and I will refund your total purchase price. No questions or hassles!
You can’t lose!

How can you not buy this guide?

New Bonus! a 15 segment video
series detailing what you need to know when buying an RV now included at
no extra cost!

Return to the RVers Corner Home Page 

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Buying a Used RV

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Click here for bigger image

Review of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Product Name: Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

Click here to get Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates:

Iszuddin Ismail has been designing since he got involved with Internet marketing, starting with his own websites. His early projects includes the and to date has gained over 14,000 members., which offeres a new breed of squeeze page templates and optin box designs are used by many all over the world including well-known online marketers like Lynn Terry ( and Paul Cooley (

Today, Iszuddin is offering a brand new look for those who are selling using mini-sites. And this new look has the potential to gain better response and increase sales.

I am not much of a copywriter. I am designer and a programmer. So here’s what this page is all about…

What I have is a new mini-site template that is different from what you normally see. It’s designed to give you that professionalism look combined with a powerful corporate presence.

Like it or not, people are tired of the typical header-footer mini-site design.I am tired of it.

They don’t trust it anymore. The minute they see you typical header, they’ll be reaching for the litte “x” button on the top right of their browser.

They trust Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google…

And take a look at other websites that actually do sell something…,,,,…

Even huge online marketing gurus are changing the way they sell products online. Just take a look at,,,…

Is your mini-site anything like theirs?

That’s why I created the Mighty Minisite template…

To give you that “dependable” look and gain the trust of your website visitors immediately.

And you know that people only buy from websites they trust.

The most reason why I createad Mighty Minisite template is to take your online branding to the next level.

But because this is also a template product, Mighty Minisite template was coded to be easy to use, with SEO friendliness and clean code.

A major part of it is done by applying easy to use and modify CSS formating.

With sleak CSS coding, some of the biggest benefits that you get is a light-weight website
because you no longer need to use HTML codes like

, , to style your sales letter.

Mighty Minisite template also include some of the best ways to hightlight content on your website. Check out how easy it
is to display a list, create a boxed content, display headlines and more…

Basically, everything you need to create a professional, corporate look mini-site is there.
You don’t have to have a sleazy mini-site design anymore.

But that’s not all… We want give you options…

Though using a mini-site template, as an online enterpreneur myself, I understand that you maywant your mini-site to look different from other people’s.

So I provided you with options…

I know at times marketers just want a simple top-to-bottom layout without any distraction. This same mini site design is also available without the sidebar.

In fact, you can toggle between the two easily, simply by applying the “full” class to , like this .

Don’t like the blue – use the red. The red is suitable for a fierce, aggressive look. And with the right background, you can also
project a cuddly, lovable image. Use which ever you want according to your project.

You can choose to use either of these color designs.

I really thought through all the things that you may want to have when designing this mini-site template.

First of all,



are already styled. You can straight away use them for headlines and sub-headings.

On top of that, using

will simply brings up the nice blue text box, with a huge double quote in the background.


will create a nice Johnson box for module details, bonuses or any other info.

And with lists, instead of the boring square or dot, you can create a nice YES or NO list, where the bullets are either a cross image or a check image. Just use


    Transform a normal, boring list to a beautiful list with graphical bullets

    Transform a normal, boring blockquote to a beautiful box with background graphic.

    Transform a normal content into a strong Johnson box. Just apply class=”module” to the


    There two easy ways to customize your mini-site. From the Photoshop PSD source file, you can edit the header by applying your own logo and text.
    Another method is by applying your own background graphic.

    Mighty Minisite was designed to allow the users to use any background graphic. Use a grunge theme to make a grunge website. Use a sky theme to make a happy website.

    Basically, it’s all up to you.

    I can just give you the main PSD source file, but I know that Photoshop can be a challenge for some.
    So I’ve split those PSD files into several pieces making it easier to use and to understand

    Instead of one big PSD file, you will get PSD like header.psd and orderbutton.psd.

    No messy slicing required.

    What more can you possibly want…??

    Using Mighty Minisite, you can have a brand new look and this could improve your conversions overnight. Just grab it today and start customizing it.

    By tomorrow, you could be experiencing that extra sales you never thought is in your website. Or perhaps that extra subscribers when you thought your website was
    up to its limit.

    Yep! Here comes your bonuses…

    I want to make sure that you can really use this. I don’t want this to be something that gathers dust in your PC (if it could).
    So I’ve created a few more things that will help you use this.

    This is the most powerful aspect of Mighty Minisite. While others just provide you with a mini-site template, I want you to have a system that will make you life easier.

    Of course, this is not a complete content management or something like that, but with simple PHP coding and some include() function, we are able to separate the content into several parts.

    When you have that, you no longer need to go through each line of code just to find what it is that you are looking for. Furthermore, Mighty Minisite PHP System is also like an templating system
    where you can change one aspect of the website and the rest of the pages follow.

    If you’ve built some website in the past, you must know how difficult it is to update 3, 4 or more web pages just to change that little menu on the top. Normally, you have to change all of the
    affected files for that.

    But now, you know where everything is and you know that one change will affect all.

    To update menus on the top, edit _topmenu.php.

    To update menus on at the footer, edit _footermenu.php.

    And you can also define more than one sidebar files. And each new web page that you create with the PHP System, you can assign which sidebar you want to use.

    I’ve also included some variables for SEO friendliness and make if easy for you to optimize your website for the search engines.

    Mighty Minisite would not be complete if I don’t provide you with the guide on how to use it. This comprehensif
    guide covers everything that you need to know on how use it.

    You will learn from the basics on how to get started, editing using Photoshop, advance customization and all the way to using it with PHP.

    This 15-page ebook will get you on the right track to build your new mini-site with Mighty Minisite.

    Most of use are visual creators. We want to see how it’s done rather than read about it. If you need step-by-step hand holding help, just watch the tutorial video.Just like the ebook, the video tutorial covers all the necessary things you need to know on how to use Mighty Minisite.

    Over 40 minutes of viewing time You can bet that we really covereda a lot on this video. You can also expect some really cool tricks when using Mighty Minisite.

    Here’s what you will learn in these videos

    Yes, I do custom design. But a custom design may not be for everybody.

    An aspiring online enterpreneur might just want to get a minisite up and running as fast as possible without having to spend too much.

    So you go around looking for quick solution.

    Maybe you can just use that mini-site template that comes with the PLR product.

    Maybe you can just use that free mini-site template you just downloaded from some where.

    Maybe you even bought some mini-site templates that you think can help you market your product.

    Unfortunately, those “free” and “cheap” mini-site templates does not do your product any justice. But I understand — those were the only options you had.

    If only you had a better choice. Well, now you do – Mighty Minisite!

    This will make you life easier. You’ll know where everyhing is and it’s easy to edit. You don’t have to scribble through codes like a rat.

    So that you really understand what Mighty Minisite can do. Will guide you through all that you need to know about Mighty Minisite.

    When you need a hand-holding guide, the video will give it you. It’s like I am there teaching you on your computer screen.

    Now, let me add to that…

    Yep, you don’t have to use the shield logo you see in there. You can create your own. And if you don’t want that, there are 10 more
    logo graphics to choose from.

    You know you can change the background and quickly bring to life a different new mini-site. And now, you have 5 more background designs for choose from.

    And as icing on the cake, here’s a collection of 625 web graphics, consisting of sticker badges, order buttons and nice little icons.

    OK, I suck at copywriting. At this point, I just don’t know what to say anymore.

    I guess this is the part where I ask you for your money. And you know it’ll be worth it?

    What you are getting is a complete minisite template, with various options and styles, and also with some cool bonuses to help you get your mini site up and running.

    If you’re not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, we’ll will be happy to refund your money upto 60 days from the day of purchase.

    So, if you are ready to pimp-out your minisite to a whole new level, just click the order button below. Get Your NicheSiteTemplate Today!

    With this purchase you are granted the rights to use Mighty Minisite on your own website and even use it to design websites for clients.
    However, you may not sell it as a template or redistribute it in any way, online or offline, free or paid.

    Contact Us – Affiliates

    Click here for bigger image

    Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, Squeeze Page Templates

    Review of Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

    Review of Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

    Review of Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

    Click here for bigger image

    Review of Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

    Product Name: Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

    Click here to get Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity! at discounted price while it’s still available…

    Description of Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!: If You Have Charity Or Fundraisers As Clients Then This Is For Them. A Simple To Follow Plan That Will Help Them To Make Money Easily. Fully Prepared Templates And Instructions. Affiliate Tools At

    Click here for bigger image

    Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

    Review of Instant Event Fundraising System

    Review of Instant Event Fundraising System

    Review of Instant Event Fundraising System

    Click here for bigger image

    Review of Instant Event Fundraising System

    Product Name: Instant Event Fundraising System

    Click here to get Instant Event Fundraising System at discounted price while it’s still available…

    Description of Instant Event Fundraising System:

    Have you ever been disappointed with the results of your fundraising events?

    Are you unsure of how to properly run a fundraising event for maximum profit?

    Are you new to fundraising and worried that you might fail to raise the money your group needs?

    If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re not alone … and you’re about to discover that there IS a solution …

    What if there was one resource that could help you plan, promote and maximize the profits from your next fundraising event?

    What if that one resource had been developed for, tested by and proven successful for hundreds of community organizations just like yours?

    What if that one resource could GUARANTEE your next event would raise thousands of dollars for your group?

    The Instant Event Fundraising System™ is just such a resource … the only one of its kind … developed through 30 years of hands-on experience with hundreds of community organizations of all types.

    BEFORE YOU READ ANOTHER WORD about all the benefits this system has to offer … listen to just a few of the comments made by hundreds of people – people just like you – that are using the Instant Event Fundraising System™ to raise thousands of dollars for their organizations …

    “ Your project planner is GREAT! It cut down a lot of work for us and it was easy to follow. Great ideas! ”- Yongchil Ly, Ecole des Pionniers
    Port Coquitlam BC

    “ Fabulous – made planning and goal setting easy!

    I am excited to try some of your ideas at other events
    throughout the year! ”- Susan Purton, Yennadon Elementary
    Maple Ridge BC

    ………….If you
    are …

    Learn from an expert as he reveals secrets observed over nearly 3 decades of putting on fundraising events for school and community groups.
    Here are just a few of the breakthrough strategies you’ll discover :

    How to almost instantly expand your market to double or more for your event

    The RIGHT way to approach businesses for their support of your event ( 99% of groups get this all wrong and it’s costing them thousands of dollars )

    never pay for newspaper advertising again once you discover the breakthrough techniques that get you all kinds of FREE media coverage

    “ Excellent! You can’t go wrong with this kind of planning and experience. I have promoted everything from rock concerts to comedy shows, and your system left no stone unturned! ”- Tim Shearlaw, Three Hills School & Community Renewal Society
    Three Hills AB

    “ Your system is EXCELLENT! 100’s of ideas, and so well organized that it’s an easy-to-follow blueprint to success. We used all of the publicity ideas that we could and sold out in advance! ”- Jack Hicks, Rosetown Lions
    Rosetown SK

    “ Your system helped us pull it off in only 3 weeks … we rate you a TEN! It’s filled with great information we’ll be able to use
    as a guideline for other fundraisers! ”- Denise Wootton, Crescent Park Elementary
    White Rock BC

    Hello, my name is John Kaplan. I’ve devoted much of my career to helping school and community organizations turn family fun into thousands of dollars through my Fundraising Magic™ program.

    My wife Heather and I are also actively involved in the fundraising activities of the parent committees in the schools that our two sons attend.

    I’ve had an opportunity to observe – from both sides of the fence – exactly what it takes to achieve enormous success with an event fundraiser. (I’ve also learned from the failures).


    Instant Event Fundraising System™ has been built, during 3 decades of hands-on experience, from one basic premise: How to provide a simple step-by-step plan to the groups I work on behalf of that guarantees them of a hugely successful event every time.

    Since the organizations I work with are so widely varied, this plan has been developed to be used by any type of group, large or small, from tiny town to big city.

    Regardless if you’ve had any experience in putting together a fundraising event or whether this is your first involvement, the tools, techniques and strategies included in the Instant Event Fundraising System™ are guaranteed to save you tons of time, relieve all kinds of stress and frustration, and help you avoid countless pitfalls.

    There’s nothing worse than being held responsible for a failed fundraising event. The tragedy lies not in the lack of dedication by well-intentioned individuals simply trying to do their best, but in the absence of real nuts-and-bolts knowledge and techniques that frankly can only come from years of experience.

    It’s this knowledge that I’m honoured to share with folks whose mission it is to bring together a successful fundraising event that will earn them the appreciation of their communities and the organizations they represent. From my own experience and that of countless others I’ve helped with this system, I can tell you that there’s no greater feeling than that of having pulled off a hugely successful event.

    Put the Instant Event Fundraising System™ to the test – at my risk – as hundreds of other successful groups like yours have done during the past thirty years, and see for yourself how this amazing step-by-step system can catapult your fundraising results over and above anything you may have believed possible..

    To Your Fundraising Success,

    An invaluable resource you’ll be able to apply to virtually ANY event you undertake …

    PLUS, you get these 3 FREE BONUS items:

    If you want to benefit from the techniques proven successful by the hundreds of groups that are already using the Instant Event Fundraising System™ act NOW!

    ©Abracadabra Show Productions Inc.
    383 – 13988 Cambie Rd, Richmond BC V6V 2K4
    ph(604)521-8804 fx(604)278-8549 email:

    Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

    Click here for bigger image

    Instant Event Fundraising System

    Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

    Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

    Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

    Click here for bigger image

    Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

    Product Name: Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

    Click here to get Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot! at discounted price while it’s still available…

    Description of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!:

    “Five Days to Foundation Grants” is a succinct (a mere 77 pages) distillation of grant proposal writing magic! The author covered all the basics of grant proposal writing, including foundation prospect research on a budget (nothing needed but an internet connection), how to use storytelling to your organization’s advantage, how to submit an online grant proposal, and what materials you’ll need. I’ve taken two day accredited courses that didn’t cover as much material as this book. The grant checklist forms alone are more than worth the price! Highly recommended!

    K. Purcell
    Orlando, FL

    The Full Life Ahead Foundation

    Dear Non-profit Professional,

    How many times have you scrambled to meet a grant application deadline
    with minutes to spare?

    Are you spending more time focusing on getting funded – at
    the expense of the programs and people you serve?

    Do you live in a rural area where grant proposal writing training
    is difficult to find?

    Does the thought of approaching new foundations and corporate funders
    intimidate you?

    Are you wasting valuable time drafting tedious proposals for State,
    Federal and Foundation dollars, with nothing to show for it but rejections
    and a trickle of funds? Have you ever relied on government funding,
    only to find out at the last minute that the funds have dried up? Has this ever
    happened to you?

    How would you like an organized proposal writing method – a system
    complete with every resource you needed to locate and tap into the
    hidden wealth of foundation funding, including an easy to use grant
    tracking database, AND pre-written proposal samples of funded grant
    proposals? Imagine being spared hours of time and frustration and
    getting the funding that your non-profit deserves!

    If you’d like to have complete control of your operating budget,
    generate incredible funding for your
    agency’s programming – and build more
    programs, read on.

    How many of these thoughts have you had about foundation funding?

    I used to believe a lot of these myths myself – until I developed The
    System that Puts Your Foundation Funding on Auto-Pilot.
    How many do you believe?

    Myth: We can’t rely on foundation funding.

    Truth: Nonsense. I‘ve worked with organizations that
    derive a good 70-80% of their overall budgets from foundation funding.
    And, while a well diversified budget is important, there is no reason
    why, with a well run system of developing compelling proposals
    and sending and tracking your grant requests and reports on a regular
    basis, you can’t begin relying on foundation grant funding
    for a major portion of your budget today!

    Myth: Writing a grant proposal is a tedious, time-consuming

    Truth. If you’re writing a grant for state or federal funding,
    yes, expect a long, tedious, time-consuming chore ahead of you. Writing
    to private foundations is, however, quite another story. Certainly,
    the guidelines vary for the assortment of foundations out there.
    Many are very typical, asking you to submit your IRS Letter of Tax
    Exemption, a project budget, audited financial statements, etc.,
    along with these often standard questions such as:

    If you’re familiar with your organization, the clients you
    serve and the programs that set your agency apart from the pack,
    writing a proposal should be a piece of cake. Our system provides
    you with not only easy to use, pre-written templates and outlines
    for organizing your proposal, but also specific instructions on how
    to write truly “compelling” proposals
    guaranteed to get your prospective funder to sit up and take notice!

    Myth: If you have one perfect grant proposal, it will suffice
    for any foundation.

    Truth: Despite the similarities of many foundations grant application
    guidelines, every foundation is as unique in its history and mission
    as your organization. Learn how to create proposal templates expressing
    your unique benefits that can be individually tailored to match the
    priorities of each distinctive prospective funder’s – quickly
    and easily!

    Myth: The “XYZ” Organization’s board member
    knows one of the trustees at the “XYZ Foundation.” We
    don’t know anyone.

    Myth: Foundation grants are large and come from large foundations.
    They wouldn’t be interested in our modest non-profit.

    Myth: XYZ Foundation only supports grants for education
    and human services. They wouldn’t even look at our arts program …

    Truth: Don’t be too sure of that. Many development professionals
    make this common mistake. When I was seeking funding for a crucial
    component of my organization, I came across a regional foundation
    with the some of the most specific funding criteria I’ve ever
    seen. My organization was health-related but we certainly didn’t
    have anything to do with their pet cause, Crohn’s Disease. Yet I managed, with a single one page letter, to generate the funding
    necessary to buy expensive and very much-needed equipment.

    Myth: Foundations don’t support funding for general
    operating support.

    Truth: Here’s a common misconception that I took away from
    spending six years working in programming for one of the nation’s
    largest foundations. My foundation did not generally support general
    operating costs, however nearly 70% of the family and corporate foundations
    in the United States DO! We’ll show you how to seek out those
    foundations quickly and effortlessly.

    Myth: Accepting foundation funding will compromise our programs.

    Truth: Double nonsense. You’ve no doubt read about certain
    larger foundations with their own agendas and programs – foundations
    looking for organizations they can tailor to fit THEIR programming
    standards. Those foundations represent a minority of the total private
    foundations in the country.

    A nonprofit organization grounded in foundation and individual funding
    is better able to remain true to its mission and clients –- government funding can carry the most restrictions (and how many times have
    you spent weeks drafting a proposal only to have the program guidelines
    change at the last minute or the funds dry up altogether?!).

    If you’re still reading, I know all about the daily struggles
    you face trying to find funding for your organization. I’ve
    been where you are now and that’s how I developed the System.

    Let me tell you my story …

    I don’t need to tell you that it was challenging!

    With the aid of a successful local businessman,
    this particular organization had run a hugely successful capital
    campaign just five years prior. And what had they done since?

    Nothing. Not a thing. Major donors were ignored.
    Foundation contacts lapsed. The organization belonged to some key
    community organizations, yet hadn’t had any contact in years.
    Worst of all, records were missing! Frankly, I thought that I’d
    taken on more than I could handle.

    But I decided to start out with what I knew
    best – writing
    grant proposals. You see, I’d spent six years working in programming
    at one of the nation’s largest private family foundations I’d
    seen thousands of proposals cross my desk. I studied the proposals
    that were successful.

    And I distinctly recalled the day when the
    foundation president and I reviewed a proposal together. She remarked,
    a bit gravely, “Well
    it has all the successful elements of a good proposal but it’s
    not very compelling, is it?”

    That conversation stuck in my mind.

    Without any history to go on and with a lot of
    other areas to cover (community and public relations, getting a
    website up and running, organizing our annual appeal and … well,
    you get the gist), I needed a system for researching prospective
    foundations, writing effective grant proposals and getting them
    out the door – fast!

    I began researching regional foundations and it was during this
    initial phase that my system began to come together.

    I identified three different types of foundation funders, and knowing
    the differences between them proved to be a key component in the
    creation of my system.

    When I thought about the most successful proposals
    I’d seen,
    they all had a common theme.  The truly compelling proposals
    engaged the reader and told a story.  And —
    just as importantly — they aligned with the mission of our foundation’s

    My system began to take root …

    Sounds too good to be true?

    Well, it isn’t if you have The System That Puts Your
    Foundation Funding on Auto-Pilot!

    Think about it. Writing effective grant proposals is one of the
    most powerful skills a development professional could have and
    one of the rarest. It’s a known fact that many people simply
    HATE to write! Simply put, the outlines and proposal letter templates
    contained in this system alone are priceless.

    And creating your own foundation proposal stystem is the hard part

    It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune in workshops,
    books, consultants’ fees and rejected proposals to figure out
    just the right combinations that make some proposals work – while
    others fall flat on their face.

    But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just
    the right method for finding funders to support your program, you
    can now have it inside a new product called:

    At last! Everything you need to craft compelling FUNDED foundation
    proposals is here in a unique system designed to increase your output
    of proposals, increase your organization’s funding and never
    again scramble to meet a deadline.

    But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what clients from all over
    the country are saying about this unique proposal writing system:

    “The e-book 5 days to Foundation
    Grants has portrayed the grant writing
    process in such simple steps that a virtual novice should
    find success.
    Accompanying charts provide helpful assistance in organizing
    information, and the links to online sources are priceless.

    “This book not
    only condenses 9 days worth of grant writing workshops into
    a mere 74 pages, but adds important information on developing
    an organization’s unique and
    identifiable USP. The author did a fantastic job in presenting
    deep material
    in an easy read!

    “I am one of those virtual novices in grant writing,
    and represent a rural
    health agency in a frontier northwest Kansas county. Grant
    writing is only
    one aspect of a myriad of jobs I am expected to perform at
    our facility.

    “Your book struck me as being the “Reader’s Digest” of
    grant writing
    manuals…..I’m sure I will refer to it many times in the
    future as a road
    map to success.”

    Othelia Vacura
    Oberlin, Kansas 67749

    “The Grant Proposal Toolkit provides a variety of templates, sample proposal letters and checklists. For new grant writers, staring at a blank sheet of paper can make the whole process seem overwhelming. Having a collection of templates and sample letters to look at can be all you need to get your creative ideas flowing. I especially liked the sample checklists since organization is the key to successful grant writing.

    I would recommend Pamela Grow’s Write Grant Proposal package to anyone looking for a collection of grant writing tools. This package will help with not only researching potential foundations but also provide useful ideas on organization and writing tips which help you show a funder the value of your non-profit organization.”

    Lisa Filbin
    Gardnerville, NV

    “Thanks to Pamela Grow (the author), this Writing Grant Proposals eBook has been one of the simplest, yet most beneficial fundraising books that I have read so far.

    It’s short but comprehensive. It’s easy to read and gets to the point (Pam Grow doesn’t waffle on about unnecessary information).

    It can be used by (ignorant) Grant writing beginners (like I was), as well as seasoned veterans!”

    “Boy, Pamela – you are

    “I wish you could talk to
    all of my faculty (and some of my administration) to
    help them begin to understand thinking-beyond-their-perspective-of-their-program” and
    the importance of extensive research.

    Having received 4 rejections
    in 2 days, your program is a ray of sunshine!”

    Audrey S.

    “5 Days to Foundation Grants is a jewel! The style
    is very readable, almost conversational. It makes the reader feel
    that successful grantseeking is possible, even with minimal experience.
    The filing system seems quite manageable, and makes sense. Also,
    the specific examples of the LOI and follow-up letter will
    be helpful to a new proposal writer.

    “Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn from your experiences
    as both funder and seeker of funds. I see that the glaring
    change I need to make in my grantseeking is to set very clear
    goals. Your guidelines for doing just that will be put to use

    “The book is wonderful – a helpful tool to both the novice and
    the experienced. It is easy to read and understand and should
    be a part of any proposal writer’s library.”

    Marie F. Smith, CRA
    Manager of Grants, Contracts and Compliance Administration
    Institute of Ecosystem Studies

    “I found your comments
    on marketing tactics to be very interesting and helpful … provides
    me with needed information to move beyond our typical
    ways of doing things”.

    Peggy S.

    “What a unique perspective
    you have, having been on both sides of the
    fence! Thanks for sharing.”

    Leah H.

    I know you’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative
    side, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over
    and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results.
    That’s why I want to let try out my proven proposal writing system
    – completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique
    guarantee in a moment.)

    Proposal writers and development professionals tend to follow a
    traditional pattern when it comes to approaching foundations and
    seeking that ever-elusive grant funding.

    If you’re like most grant writers or development professionals,
    your approach to getting foundation funding has followed a traditional
    pattern. You search out the conventional avenues, seeking foundations
    that “might” provide a good match to your organization,
    or continue seeking funding only from the same foundations that have
    supported your efforts for the past 20 years, spending weeks drafting
    the “perfect” proposal, along with a letter that might
    start out something like this:

    Imagine yourself on the other side of the table,
    reviewing several proposals from worthy organizations a day, all
    employing the same tired jargon …

    Let me emphasize to you right now that I know that the work you’re
    doing is of vital importance and I’m in no way disparaging
    your fundraising efforts.

    But let me ask you another question: are all your efforts resulting
    in a true bottom line return on investment? Or are you ready to notch
    up your funding, with the needed information to move beyond the traditional
    way of doing things?

    If you have an open mind, and more importantly could use more dollars,
    continue reading.

    How will this system differ from the countless courses you’ve
    taken and all the grant-writing books you’ve already read?
    Simple. I’ve been where you are now, seeking foundation dollars – more
    importantly I’ve spent 6 years in the inner circle of programming
    for one of the nation’s top foundations. I know how foundations
    operate and I know what it takes to craft compelling proposals.

    Whether you’re a grassroots organization or a larger, more
    established non-profit, a seasoned professional or a novice – everyone
    can profit by learning the easily implemented promotion techniques
    contained in this program – techniques that will significantly
    boost your foundation funding.

    What, exactly, does the system contain?

    5 Days To Foundation Funding eBook –

    And here’s the best part – hate to write? For
    many individuals in development, writing a proposal is a tedious
    and painstaking process – and believe me it shows! Your
    system comes complete with the Grant Proposal Toolkit – actual
    sample funded proposals, letters and forms you can use to successfully
    market your organization to foundations!

    This package will set you on your path to crafting the most effective
    proposals you’ve ever written – guaranteed!

    “I have been writing grants
    for seven years and it has taken me that long to develop
    some of the processes that you outline. I wish someone had
    shared that information with me years ago.”

    John Mercer
    The Washington Hospital Foundation
    Washington, PA 15301

    Okay, so what’s the cost for this incredible resource?

    You could spend a fortune in books and training to find all the
    information available to you in The System That Puts Your Foundation
    Funding on Auto-Pilot and still not have a ready to use
    system for achieving lasting foundation grants.

    Like me, you’ve probably sat through many grant proposal writing
    workshops. Frankly, I’ve SLEPT through a few.

    If you’re lucky you’ll glean a kernel of useful information.
    A lot of times you’ll get the same old rehash. Reading and
    following grant application guidelines is fairly basic …

    So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

    Well, it’s really quite simple. I’ve worked in the non-profit
    field for over fifteen years. I have a strong belief in YOUR mission – and
    I want to share with you what I’ve learned – from courses,
    books, trial and error, marketing and, most importantly – the inside
    scoop – from the foundations themselves!

    “The book is wonderful – a
    helpful tool to both the novice and the experienced. It is
    easy to read and understand and should be a part of any proposal
    writer’s library.”

    Manager of Grants, Contracts and Compliance Administration

    Institute of Ecosystem Studies

    Your success in using The System that Puts Your Foundation Funding
    on Auto-Pilot is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank

    I personally guarantee that if you fail to recognize your
    established goals of increased foundation funding within 12 months or are dissatisfied in any way…

    If you honestly believe I haven’t
    delivered on this promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a
    prompt and courteous refund. Is that fair or what? Have you ever attended
    a proposal writing seminar or workshop that offered you a guarantee?

    That means you can try out all these materials at my risk, while
    you see if they work for you or not. And if they don’t produce, I
    honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep
    the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving The
    System That Puts Your Foundation Funding on Auto-Pilot a

    There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden
    to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t produce immediate profits
    using this system then I’m the loser, not you.

    It’s easy to get started right away. Click the order link below
    to be taken to a secure order page provided by my authorized reseller,
    Clickbank. After you’ve submitted your credit card information and
    other details you’ll be taken to the private webpage where you can
    download all the files.

    here to place your secure order for your copy and get ready
    to grow your organization today!

    To your fundraising success,

    P.S. If you’re new to nonprofit work and grant proposal writing, “Five Days to Foundation Grants” is perfect for you!

    P.P.S.: For less than the price of a book, you’ll have a systemized, easy to use course guaranteed to find you funding fast!

    Note: “The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding
    on Auto-Pilot” was specifically tailored
    to nonprofit organizations seeking foundation and corporate funding
    and does not include information on government funding.

    *Giving USA 2011 Report.

    Pamela Grow,
    PO Box 274,
    Haverford, PA 19041 – Tel: 484.557.0779

    Click here for bigger image

    Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

    Review of Football Trading System on Betfair | Betfair Trading Expert

    Review of Football Trading System on Betfair | Betfair Trading Expert

    Review of Football Trading System on Betfair | Betfair Trading Expert

    Click here for bigger image

    Review of Football Trading System on Betfair | Betfair Trading Expert

    Product Name: Football Trading System on Betfair | Betfair Trading Expert

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    My name is Dr Matthew Abraham and I’m from London (UK) and I have a PhD in Probability & Statistics and this means I have an unhealthy obsession in studying statistics & trends and getting to the bottom of how to things work. I have enjoyed sports and sports betting for a number of years and I used to bet for fun and win and lose just as much as the next punter. However after getting introduced to Betfair in 2005, it became clear that there was a lot of money to be won, if I could just create the right trading strategy. Well I created 4 of them and now I’m reaping the rewards and YOU CAN WIN BIG TOO!!

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    I don’t know anything about sports, can I still use this?
    Yes of course you can, this is the beauty of my trading systems. I simply teach you which buttons to click and which bets to place. The guides contain screenshots, which show you exactly what to do, along with clear instructions, so you can’t really go wrong.

    How much money do I need in my bankroll?
    That’s entirely up to you, I started with £1000, but you’ll achieve excellent returns starting with a small amount such as £50/£100

    If you sell too many systems will the markets get saturated?
    No, not at all, these systems can be used forever, as long as there are football matches and a betting exchange to trade on, you can make money year after year

    Trading. What the hell is it?
    Trading is remarkably easy and I explain everything in minute detail within the systems. You’ll be up and running and making money in no time at all. Trading is backing for and against the same outcome at different prices to guarantee a profit

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    Well, I can appreciate your skepticism, but there isn’t a catch with this at all, I am so convinced that you’ll make money from my Betting Trading Expert System, that I offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

    Is this legal?
    Yes 100% legal and 2000% profitable. The strategies and picks I give out are totally legal, as long as you’re old enough to bet and it’s legal in your country

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