Review of Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs

Review of Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs

Review of Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs

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Review of Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs

Product Name: Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs

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Description of Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs:

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Stroke By Stroke – Guide To Giving Amazing Hand Jobs

Review of Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

Review of Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

Review of Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

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Review of Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

Product Name: Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

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Description of Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes:

Welcome to my popular series of dessert cookbooks featuring hundreds of old fashioned dessert recipes from Grandma’s collection. There are simply too many recipes to feature them all on my website, so I compiled them into a series of quality PDF cookbooks (Ebooks) for you to enjoy.The vintage recipes are compiled from old handwritten recipe journals and the best cookbooks from the nineteenth century, saving you the time and expense of searching for them yourself.These ebooks are available for immediate download and are compatible with most computers and mobile devices. You can easily read them on your computer screen or print pages out on your printer and begin to make your favorite desserts within minutes.

Nothing approaches the rich, creamy taste of homemade ice cream, and these original recipes are some of the best ice cream recipes ever published.Click Here for more information.

An amazing collection of the best frozen dessert recipes as taught by three of the 19-century’s most famous cooking school instructors and cookbook authors.Click Here for more information.

For a special gift or a delicious treat, nothing beats homemade candy, and these old-fashioned recipes from Grandma’s collection will let you make the best candy imaginable. Why not make some today!Click Here for more information.

These hard-to-find drink recipes were once used in nineteenth-century homes and pharmacy soda fountains to make refreshing nonalcoholic beverages. Now, they are yours to enjoy!Click Here for more information.

My recipe Ebooks are in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files for reading on your PC or MAC computer.Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if your computer doesn’t have it, you can get a FREE download of the latest version by clicking on the “Get Adobe Reader” button below. A new window will open in your browser so you don’t lose this page.

I know you will enjoy these quality recipe Ebooks. Now, you won’t have to surf the Internet looking for a hard-to-find recipe to make that delicious treat you loved as a child. The recipe will be right in front of you on your computer screen or tablet.

Enjoy having Grandma’s dessert recipes handy on your hard drive whenever you want to make a special old fashioned treat!

Listen to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s “Who’s On First?” skit from the World War 2 Special Services Division V-Disk.

Visit the Homemade Dessert Recipes Home Page

Subscribe to FREE Recipe Updates and Receive Grandma’s PDF Cookbook as a Gift.

Please click the Like button above and help me preserve Grandma’s old fashioned recipes in their original form.

What is this antique item? The Answer is found below.

Try authentic Renaissance cake recipes from the days of King Charles the First. Surprise your guests with historical dessert cakes fit for royalty.

Grandma’s homemade baked goods recipes will make deliciously old time donuts, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, dessert squares, and more.

You’ll love Grandma’s favorite gooseberry pie recipes. Nothing beats the tart, sweet taste of garden gooseberries in a pie.

I watched the video on making an Aeolian downspout harp and proceeded to create one: a 3×4-inch, 3 foot long, 10 string, 2 sided wind harp. I thought it

Read my detailed Solo Build It Review with Q&As and step-by-step instructions on How to Build a Recipe Site.

Grandma’s button hooks for  fastening tight buttons on leather boots and gloves.

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Dessert Cookbooks Featuring Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

Review of Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home

Review of Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home

Review of Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home

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Review of Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home

Product Name: Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home

Click here to get Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home:

With the Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home you will be prepared for the next wave of massive growth in the world economy.

Just as the industrial revolution transformed soceity to its core and created untold wealth, the coming seachange in manufacturing is going to do the same!

This change in the world is happening NOW! You can be a part of it.  Even with no technical or computer skills you can learn about 3D printing at home and the impact that it could have on your life in the very near future.

This guide will give you all the knowledge you need to take the next step,  in an easy to read and concise 10 page eBook.  Your eBook will be delivered instantly via direct download.  You will be able to read it on any device that can read PDF files.

Anytime you are dealing with technology there is the chance that the person sharing their knowledge will use terms and concepts that not everyone understands. (Jargon)  We have spent countless hours ensuring that you have a guide that cuts through all the technical mumbo jumbo and provides you just the real knowledge you seek!

We believe this is the most informative and concise guide to 3D Printing at Home ever created.  And we want as many of you as possible to benefit from this guide.  So for a limited time the Essential Guild to 3D Printing at Home eBook is 60% off!

” I found this book to be very informative not only for the potential 3D print buyer but also to the general public as both educational and a look into the future. As a former print buyer this would have been a very valuable guide in helping me make decisions regarding purchase of individual products or the purchase of a 3D printer itself. Now as a business manager for an individual artist it also opens new possibilities for expanding his art.”

Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

This is the bottom slider area. You can edit this text and also insert any element here. This is a good place if you want to put an opt-in form or a scarcity countdown.

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Essential Guide to 3D Printing at Home ~ 3D Printing At Home

Review of Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing

Review of Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing

Review of Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing

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Review of Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing

Product Name: Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing

Click here to get Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing:

Hi I’m Robyn Barraclough,

Thanks for visiting me. I am a practicing Bodyworker and Naturopathic Herbalist and Educator. I get amazing results teaching other Natural Therapists, Health Practitioners and Body Workers how to use Facial Diagnosis to see what mineral deficiencies are showing and then get great results using Biochemic Tissue Salts.

It’s natural to feel unsure and tentative that you could do this too. What if I can’t see anything? What if I give a remedy and it doesn’t work? What if I make a mistake? These scary thoughts probably mean you are in the right place, right now.

Since you’re here reading this, it’s likely that there is a very important part of you that wants to do the very best for your clients, and for the health of your family as well. I fully understand that.

That’s why I am releasing this highly effective teaching system to accelerate your learning. I help you avoid the mistakes that many practitioners make so you get a head start to building your practice, or improving your current results in your practice.

Experience The Satisfaction Of Seeing Results Beyond Your Expectations, Of Clients And Your Family Being Healthier And Happier.

I have seen very good practitioners struggle because they couldn’t build that initial trust with clients. It wasn’t that their practice or product wasn’t good, often it was that they lacked confidence, or their clients didn’t get early wins from their treatment.

Being in practice is not just about being a good practitioner. What the client experiences in The first few consultations makes a huge difference to building long term clients, or clients who build your business by referring, even if they were a shorter term client.

Clients come to you because they want to feel better, if they don’t experience early results, they will look elsewhere.

Most modalities take time, and aren’t quick fixes, but that doesn’t stop your clients feeling like they want to be fixed – NOW…. So what do you do?

Normally, Bodyworkers tend to have the advantage over naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths and others in this way. Usually the client of bodyworkers can walk out with something tangible, in that they feel better after the treatment. If the client doesn’t have that as a physical experience you need to provide them with something that gets results soon after.

I found I couldn’t consistently get that experience when prescribing natural remedies, until I started using Tissue Salts. I attended a few courses of tissue salts.

In my herbal and homeopathy training, we  but didn’t study them in detail. I attended one day courses on Tissue Salts but none left me feeling confident to go out and use them and know what I was doing. Maybe you have experienced that too? Unable to find the training I was after I went on a quest for a high quality course that would give me confidence and tools to prescribe effectively and confidently. Now, the Tissue Salt course I teach changed that for me, as I am sure it will for you too.

Not only will you leave with a full understanding of the Tissue Salts, you will also be eager to  try it out, because you will be seeing the very facial signs I talk about in your clients. You will find they will then tell you signs and symptoms that back up that information and work out what was is required. This is how it was for me.

I Was Only Left Looking For WHY?

Why Did They Have Those Mineral Deficiencies?

This course is based on the works of Dr. (med) W.H. Schuessler and “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy” Diploma Course. We have worked incredibly hard to get access to the best course material on this topic, from the key sources of literature and resources on this topic. (No mean feat, I can tell you!) “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy” manuals used in this course are copyright: Biochemischer Bund Deutschland (German Association of Biochemistry); The EU Association of Biochemistry (Dr. W.H. Schuessler); The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia-Pacific); the Alliance for Biochemic Medicine (Dr. (med) W.H Schuessler Ltd); and Boethetic Pty Ltd). So you are getting up to date information used to train practitioners in Germany, in Europe, UK, Australia and world-wide delivered to your home, evidence based therapy and Continuing education module for Doctors, Dentists, Chemists and Veterinary surgeons in the European Union.

It is taught in association with The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia – Pacific), and The German Association of Biochemistry (Biochmischer Bund Deutschland eV), the world’s leading authority on the subject of Inorganic elements and the fundamentals of biochemistry of Dr. Schuessler.

So many students comment on how this course leaves them feeling confident to prescribe, they start using and prescribing as they are studying, getting quick wins.

I have found that by working with people with Bodywork as well as with remedies, and particularly with Tissue salts, I am getting better results in probably half the time it used to take for them to improve on Bodywork by itself. It’s like I have someone working with them, supporting them between visits…

Practitioners of all types have told me similar stories.

I have also discovered that for me, I get better results by giving tissue salts before I give the herbs or homeopathic remedies, firstly because I get great initial results, and secondly because the body is working better biochemically, and the appropriate remedies work more effectively.

Thirdly, the case becomes less general more differentiated showing clearer signs for the appropriate remedy or remedies.

I have taught loads of people from the most experienced practitioners (allopathic and alternative) through to Mums who want to be empowered in the health of their family to see the facial Signs, use the minerals, and get great results. Some of those mums have even decided that this is the first step in their new career path.

It’s my hope you’ll join me and experience my structured program as you move towards empowering your clients and your family with Tissue Salts.

Inside I will share my 10 Secrets to Improving Your Results with Clients and Ending the Struggles in Your Practice. All I ask is that you introduce yourself. You’ll get all the information that you need to start the most creative and rewarding journey of a lifetime. See you on the other side.

DISCLAIMER The website’s content and the product for sale is based upon the author’s opinion and is provided solely on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. You should do your own research and confirm the information with other sources when searching for information regarding health issues and always review the information carefully with your professional health care provider before using any of the protocols presented on this website and/or in the product sold here. Neither ClickBank nor the author are engaged in rendering medical or similar professional services or advice via this website or in the product, and the information provided is not intended to replace medical advice offered by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider. You should not construe ClickBank’s sale of this product as an endorsement by ClickBank of the views expressed herein, or any warranty or guarantee of any strategy, recommendation, treatment, action, or application of advice made by the author of the product.

© Boethetic Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Members Area

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Tissue Salts Training Courses | How to use Tissue Salts to correct Mineral deficiences and to improve health and wellbeing

Review of

Review of

Review of

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Review of

Product Name:

Click here to get at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of

Don’t kid yourself!
Normally when you ask for help the Judge says to turn around and see the
court. If he gives you help, he will have to give it to everybody else.
Of course you do not get understanding from a Judge!

We Don’t Argue the Facts or the Traffic Ticket, We Use the Rules of the
Court and the Court Procedures!It is Your ONLY GUARANTEED way to WIN.

Others on the internet have a service that will charge you for trying a
written appea and several postponements. Of course they will guarantee
their results, and if it doesn’t work then they will give you a portion
of your money back. Don’t be fooled by
We are the only one who will give you the info straight right out of the
legal court books.  You can also visit our

CATicketBusters blog for more information.  It’s there for you now; but you don’t have a clue on
where to look or how to find it, or more importantly –
what to do when you do find it! I’ve spent
hundreds of dollars for:

AND I have spent months reading the information and then testing it
in court perfecting my system. I needed to know what I was doing, I
needed to know my rights and so do you but without you having to put in
all of the hours and money that I did. And
the people I have helped have WON their cases every single time. 

– Because it works every time.

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Review of Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits

Review of Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits

Review of Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits

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Review of Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits

Product Name: Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits

Click here to get Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits:

It’s a Car Flippers rite of passage. Once you profit big on your first flip, you *know* more money can quickly follow.

The most important day after that?

The day you hold the second stack of cash in your hands.

That’s the day where you know for sure…

In order to get there, it only makes sense to let proven winners help you, doesn’t it?

Because when using proven techniques you win every time!

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to…

When it comes to making the most money flipping cars, who can guide you?

This isn’t a trick question.

Because until Car Flipping University despite all the best advice and gurus available no one was able to provide a method to come out ahead on every flip.

That is why we created our own program. So you would have the best information. Information so dependable and reliable that you will save countless hours searching for deals, and never lose money on a flip

It’s critical to your immediate success you’re shown specifically what’s working now – from people on the grind, doing it every day.

This way, you will avoid large amounts of trial and error. Most importantly you will skip the frustration of things not working as expected and take full advantages of all the shortcuts created by a 30 year veteran.

Now, with the current buyers market and heavier competition for deals we have excelled in new and profitable territory.

So many things have changed. That’s why we’re constantly improving techniques to ensure you make 2 – 5 times more profit on every flip.

Car Flipping University delivers the latest up to date strategies, methods and tactics to maximize profits starting with your very first sale.

This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees.
“Don’t wait for shipping! Get instant access after payment.”

Whether it be career Mechanics, backyard Mechanics, or just the Mechanically inclined they are jumping on board to make extra cash!

Many struggling Entrepreneurs are getting involved to make additional cash while pursuing their grand vision!

For too many people, hard work just isn’t enough! They are earning the extra money they deserve in their spare time!

And your invited to enjoy…

Some of our students want to learn how to create additional income in their spare time using our proven process.

Others see opportunity in purchasing personal vehicles for friends and family at a fraction of the cost.

We’ve witnessed every day people supplement much needed income with as little as one flip a month.

We’ve also seen people get started and replace entire incomes in short periods of time.

You can decide how much or how little you want to be involved.

It’s totally your choice. The course makes it easy to find your own path.

One of the most time consuming tasks for any person flipping cars for profit is finding the right deals to buy. Say goodbye to the constant struggle of searching for deals when you use this technique.

Receiving inbound calls from motivated sellers makes the buying process a breeze. In this module you will learn the power of harnessing leverage in the car buying process. Haggling on price, and having competition beat you to THE BEST DEALS will soon be a thing of the past.

This is an amazing advantage for anyone involved in Car Flipping. Especially if you’re…

Attracting Motivated Sellers is the easiest way and quickest path to making profitable flips.

Newly empowered students have taken Ray’s training and made their first profitable flip within 1 week.

Buying a car for the right price is going to make you a good profit on every car that you flip.

Don’t think it’s possible?

Think again. It is more than possible, and once you do it for the first time you won’t want it any other way.

Also, did you know there are seller personality types? Knowing how to deal with each type of seller, what leverage you have, and the right price to pay for a vehicle is all taught in this important module.

Our Expert Buying Process is right for you if:

There is much more to getting the best deal on a car purchase than simply showing up. You will learn all of it, and more!

Knowing these important techniques of negotiating will put you years in front of your competition.

When buying and selling cars for profit there is nothing more frustrating than waiting to see your investment returned.

In this section you will learn how to sell your vehicles fast while still making a great profit.

You will learn the best places and techniques for selling your vehicles. You will also discover the most common rookie mistakes that are made and learn to operate like a pro from day 1.

In addition you receive full access to the best techniques for creating ads that will attract the right buyer and get you the most money on your sale.

A Quick Sale is good for you if:

This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees.
“Don’t wait for shipping! Get instant access after payment.”

Inside you’ll find all the resources you need to leverage your flips with peak performance. This includes all resources for finding inexpensive parts, selling vehicles fast, Vehicle purchasing checklists, and much more.

This toolkit will save you huge amounts time and money as well as gain you infinitely more money on all your flips!

With the call center marketing area you will learn step by step how to generate inbound phone calls with ease from highly motivated sellers! We will hold your hand through this process using simple easy to follow video tutorials to guarantee your success.

You will discover where to go and what you need to do to turn on a stream up to a full blown river of phone calls from motivated sellers virtually on demand.

This is the difference between winning and losing on car deals and you will soon be a winner EVERY TIME!

Just think what it will be like to be a part of a tightly spun group of car flippers there to encourage you, help you along, and quickly deliver much needed advice.

We think of it as a car flipping super group.

We’ve created the Car Flippers University Private Facebook community so you will always have friends to celebrate your victories with.

This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees.
“Don’t wait for shipping! Get instant access after payment.”

As you probably guessed we are pretty proud of Car Flipping University.

It’s bringing hope to people all over helping them to make an extra income that they so greatly want and deserve.

People are saying it’s:

And we’re pretty certain you’ll agree.

However, if you are not completely satisfied with the training for whatever reason you can request a refund.

It’s not likely that will happen, but we want you to have complete confidence enrolling now, knowing there is no risk on your part.

So go ahead and enroll now, and get started with this pro course that is designed to get YOU paid! With this course you get over 30 years of experience in car flipping allowing you to skip the lines, skip wasting time, and go straight to big profits. We stand behind the teachings of this course 110%.

You won’t find a better guarantee than this anywhere.

This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees.
“Don’t wait for shipping! Get instant access after payment.”

Copyright © 2016 Car Flipping University. All rights reserved.

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Car Flipping University – Learn to Buy and Sell Cars for Huge Profits

Review of Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!

Review of Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!

Review of Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!

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Review of Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!

Product Name: Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!

Click here to get Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!:

From: Geoffrey WoodruffDate:
var mydate=new Date()
var year=mydate.getYear()
if (year < 1000) year+=1900 var day=mydate.getDay() var month=mydate.getMonth() var daym=mydate.getDate() if (daym<10) daym="0"+daym var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday") var montharray=new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December") document.write("“+dayarray[day]+”, “+montharray[month]+” “+daym+”, “+year+””)

8 Brand New Minisite Designs with Headers, Footers, Backgrounds & More!

We’ve created a full collection of gorgeous minisite designs spanning across the hottest markets and niches online!
All of these minisites were created exclusively for the “Copy Dazzle” collection, so you won’t find them anywhere else!
They come with headers, footers, backgrounds, pre-created HTML templates and PSD files so you can easily edit them to reflect your domain and offer!

Note: You will also be given over 20 other minisite designs not shown on this page PLUS squeeze page designs and matching Wordpress themes!!

eCovers AND Action Script Included!

We’ve also included pre-compiled ecovers for every one of our minisite packages, so you’ll have a gorgeous product image to use with your marketing campaigns!

And to make it even easier, we’ve included the exact ecover action script we personally use, so that you can make changes to the graphic easily!

Add Sizzle To Your Sales Pages & Offers Instantly!

Sales page “scruffies” can help draw attention to important points, and keep your visitors attention.
We’ve created a full inventory of handwritten scruffies that will instantly spice up your sales pages, blogs and websites!Includes:
* Call to action handwritten scruffies
* Handwritten phrases
* Marketing prompts
This package also includes all handwritten font styles and PSD images so you can easily create additional scruffies and elements if you need them!
Dozens of high quality scruffies and graphics broken down into colors and styles!
Perfect for “Internet Marketing” sales pages and offers AND niche based websites!

Dazzle Your Visitors With Gorgeous Sales Page Elements!

Sales pages wouldn’t be complete without graphical elements highlighting important benefits and features of your offer.
With Module #3, you’ll get a full inventory of arrows, accents, buttons, stars, checkmarks, numbers, testimonial boxes and MUCH more!PLUS – you’ll receive PSD files for all included graphics so you can easily change the color, size or style of every single graphic!
Use accents to emphasize bullet points! Use arrows to instruct visitors into taking action, and use stars, buttons and icons to add pizzazz to your sales page, and keep your visitors attention!Over 100 graphics included in this module!

Building a List has NEVER been Easier With Pre-Designed Squeeze Pages!

We’re making it easy to start capturing leads and build a targeted mailing list!
With Module #4, you’ll get a full inventory of matching squeeze pages, complete with headers, footers, backgrounds and opt-in forms that are easily edited and customized!
Just plug in your opt-in code and these dynamic squeeze pages will come to life – collecting leads from every visitor to your site!
Squeeze pages match the Minisite templates that are included in Module #1 so you can easily set up an entire sales system!

Note: You will also be given other squeeze page packages, including “alternate” squeeze designs and our new squeeze page styles!
>> Check out alternative layouts here & here!

Customizable Headers For Your Website, Adsense Site, or Blog!

Module #5 provides you with a full set of gorgeous website headers, that include PSD files for easy editing.
Use these headers on your squeeze pages, websites, Adsense sites or blogs!
Includes over 20 different headers with a bonus collection of additional headers (including blank headers where you can easily add your website or product title!).
Headers cover Internet Marketing, Business and Niche topics for a well rounded variety!

Every successful offer needs a headline. You’ll have everything you Need!

Headline styling is an important component of a successful sales page, and with Module #6, you’ll have ready-made headlines that you can instantly customize and use with your offers.
There are 9 different headline styles in PSD and JPG format, AND we’ve included “copy & paste” css headline “cheat sheets” so you can create stunning headlines and sub headlines without Photoshop or any other graphic editing program!
Just copy and paste our pre-created css styling’s to your sales page following our simple instructions.
Module #6 also includes stylized text boxes that you can use for disclaimers, terms of service, guarantees and more!

Matching Wordpress Themes!

With Module #7, you’ll be given direct access to 8 Wordpress themes that match the Minisite and Squeeze Page designs from Modules #1 and #4!
Use these Wordpress themes to create gorgeous blogs around your market, and with PSD files included, you can easily customize the designs to suit your needs!
Wordpress themes are VERY easy to use. Just upload the entire folder into your wp-content directory, activate it from your WP admin panel and it’s ready to go!

Copy Dazzle was created to eliminate time consuming, costly work so you can get your business online faster and easier than ever before. Grab your copy of our exclusive graphic and design collection and maximize your income with premium, high quality graphics and designs!

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Copy Dazzle: Complete Minisite, Salespage, Squeeze Page & Graphic Collection!

Review of Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

Review of Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

Review of Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

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Review of Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

Product Name: Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

Click here to get Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects:

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Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Product Name: The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Click here to get The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!:

Why “Best Used Jeeps”?FACT: Some used Wranglers are overpriced…but one model is still a better deal.FACT: The later CJ models are often not as high quality as the Wrangler…yet the prices can be very similar.FACT: One Jeep 4×4 model is an exceptional bargain…and it’s not the Wrangler or CJ.FACT: The 4×4 Grand Cherokee (2005 on), 4×4 Liberty, 4×4 Patriot and 4×4 Compass all have one thing in common that the Wrangler does not have.FACT: Finding expert honest and unbiased opinions regarding the various late models…and including the variety of older Jeeps…is becoming more and more difficult…until now.FACT: You now have the opportunity to own a complete guide to Jeeps with your total satisfaction 100% guaranteed…all in an instant easy to read ebook.Hello,

…I’m Larry Morton.
I am a long time, genuine, unabashed, proud Jeep Lover! I’ve owned, driven and professionally written about all kinds of Jeeps off the road and on.
I have made it a point to intensely study and learn all I can about Jeeps for many years now (and continue to do so).Why do I do this?I receive a lot of questions about all sorts of Jeeps through my website…and one day it occurred to me that most folks (possibly like you) just don’t have the time to spend comparing the many available Jeep models…or maybe just need a little guidance….and many people have simply asked for a clear handy guide that describes and evaluates most Jeep models over a 65+ year span.
It was also obvious to me that most people are desperately seeking honest, clear and direct information without a bunch of self-promoting hype. I know this for a fact…because I am also pleasantly surprised when I can get the substance without the filler.
While doing my research I found that I could easily spot the “best Jeeps”…and just as importantly…identify the “worst Jeeps” just by knowing what to look for.
I wrote Best Used Jeeps to give you everything you’ll need to have a better understanding of these wonderful historic vehicles.
If you have been wondering about owning a late model Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee XJ, CJ7 or any number of Jeeps from modern to classic…then this book is for you!
Also, each Jeep reviewed in the book has a clear photo to give you a visual idea of that model presented.
With this easy to read ebook you simply: Buy it! Read it! Own it!

Jenifer Livesey says:
For anyone who’s interested in Jeeps, this is the book to read! I’ve liked the styling of Jeeps for years, but this book gave me insight into many pros and cons that I wouldn’t have known about on my own.
I was amazed to find out how many models there were that I never knew existed. All of this information being in one book is like having a Jeep dealer in your pocket (only with unbiased honesty).
It was so nice to have all of this information in one place.

Andrew Savidge writes:
As a Jeep enthusiast and someone who has purchased several used Jeep models reviewed in this book, I feel Larry Morton has his finger on the pulse of the used Jeep vehicle market.
His insight into the off-road capabilities of each Jeep model as well as his ability to drill-down to find the true bargain used Jeep models has helped me rethink my next used Jeep vehicle purchase.
If you are a veteran Jeep owner such as myself, or someone considering their first used Jeep, after reading this book you will come away thinking, “why doesn’t everyone own a Jeep?”

Debra L. writes:
Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your book…Since I was reading up on researching the Wranglers, I seem to lean toward a TJ Wrangler of choice. Seems like the vehicle I would like as a second truck. Thank you for your input. It really helped.

Josh B. writes:
Larry, I just love it [purchased his first Wrangler] thanks to you and your guidance. Your book was great and even better on the second read.

Henrik H. states:
I have bought your E-Book and enjoyed it immensely. Just the thing I needed.

***Click Now to Purchase Your Ebook …Download and Start Reading Instantly***

My eBook is available to you instantly after purchase. A simple download is all you do to immediately begin reading Best Used Jeeps right from your computer.
Also, you will have permission to print my eBook to paper in its entirety for your personal use, to keep as a hard copy guide. I simply ask that you not reproduce my eBook for resale or distribution…just For Personal Use Only.
By the way…your purchase is always verified safe and easy using the secure ClickBank order form provided.One Low “No Bull…No Hype…No Strings Attached” Price of:

Your time is valuable…so why spend hours and hours researching all about Jeeps…when I have already done it for you? You can have a quick, thorough reference guide at your fingertips…in only a few short minutes.
I have condensed over 200 pages of jam packed Jeep information into an easy to read…time saving 71 pages…by removing unnecessary fillers and fluff.
There’s nothing to lose…and tons of information to gain. If you are thinking about purchasing a Jeep the more you know about them…the more money you will save when purchasing a used one. It is that simple!
You are only a click away from making a smart decision. You are about to own an ebook that will deepen your understanding and give you the big picture view of almost every Jeep produced.
***Your satisfaction is so important to me…that if for any reason you are not sure if my Best Used Jeeps guide is right for you…Please Contact Me directly with your questions…

…and, if I think my book is not what you are looking for, I will honestly tell you so…before you buy.***

Copyright ©, 2007-2010.All Rights Reserved.

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The Best Used Jeeps Buyers Guide!

Review of Let’s Write A Grant

Review of Let’s Write A Grant

Review of Let’s Write A Grant

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Review of Let’s Write A Grant

Product Name: Let’s Write A Grant

Click here to get Let’s Write A Grant at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Let’s Write A Grant:

Dear Grant Writer,Let’s Write a Grant is the most practical book on the market
to learn grant writing. The book is a step-by-step
guide that demonstrates how to write standard foundation grant
The book uses an easy-to-follow format leading the
writer through the development of a grant request by posing questions
to answer in each of the seven sections in a common grant application:

Detailed information is provided about each of the seven sections:

And that only scratches the surface of what you’ll learn from
this information-packed book.

For new and experienced grant writers, Let’s
Write a Grant addresses how to write a cover letter and a one-page
letter proposal.
It also saves you time by demonstrating how to
quickly and easily convert a letter proposal into a letter of intent. Let’s Write a Grant even provides information on how to get
the most out of a single foundation proposal—by tailoring the proposal
to send to other foundations.
Once the proposal is written, then what? This book even offers advice
for packaging your proposals so they make the right impression
once a foundation receives them.Attention teachers: Let’s Write a Grant
is a great resource for persons wanting to learn how to write a grant
AND it is great tool for instructors who teach grant writing. Let’s
Write a Grant is the required textbook used by the author and
other instructors at Purdue University Calumet to teach grant writing.
Instructors say the book can be easily adapted into the curriculum of
most any course.Use Let’s Write a Grant to teach grant
writing. Teach a stand-alone class or workshop on grant writing or
incorporate the book’s content into other courses. Let’s Write a
Grant is, for example, part of the curricula for courses in
instructional technology at Purdue University Calumet and the basis of
the web site for grant writers,

Let’s Write a Grant is a required textbook for
Purdue University Calumet’s Instructional Technology Master of
Science degree program and has been the basis for the author’s grant
writing classes conducted at the University of Missouri-St. Louis for
over 20 years.
Hear what these experienced writers have to say about Let’s Write
a Grant:

“I wanted to pass along that our grant writer
has been using Let’s Write a Grant to re-write some of our
stock proposals. She says it is OUTSTANDING, the best book she has used
on the topic. It is the best, most concise guide we have found that
really explains each component of a strong proposal. In terms of
clarity, conciseness, and usability, it is head and shoulders above
anything available at The Foundation Center, and we have reviewed
copies of all their proposal writing books. Thank you for this valuable
– Joseph Berninger, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I’ve been a grant writer for 15 years and have
not found a more concise step-by-step guide to writing a winning
proposal than “Let’s Write a Grant” by Glenda O’Neal. This
book is a “must have” for any level grant writer. Ms. O’Neal has
simplified the art of grant writing.”
– Karen Wells, Boca Raton, FL

“I am a teacher and, having written state
government grants, am amazed by how the author has simplified and
broken down the writing process to develop a foundation grant. The book
is well-written and organized, easy to follow, and a great writing
guide. I’ve read and placed it on my book shelf as a “can’t live
without it” reference book. I can finally stop searching for a good
“how-to-write-a-grant” book because I’ve found it!”
– Brenda Lack, Carmi, IL

Let’s Write a Grant is a great instructional tool
for beginning grant writers and persons wanting to learn grant

“It was so nice to receive your excellent book
on how to write a grant. I will be teaching a small workshop on grant
writing this week and would love to use some of your ideas, with your
permission, AND tell attendees how to buy copies.”
– Karin M. Mills, Indianapolis, IN


Let’s Write a Grant is an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) format.
After purchasing Let’s Write a Grant you will be directed to
a secure page where you will download the file. Almost all computers
have Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed. However, if your computer does
not, we will provide a link that lets you download this software for
free. Adobe Acrobat is compatible with all PC and Macintosh computers.

You will purchase Let’s Write a Grant through
for secure ordering. This is the most secure method of payment
possible, and it is used for your protection.

Click on the button below to order now and you have 60 days to
decide whether or not to keep Let’s Write a Grant. If you
decide to return it, we’ll refund your money. That’s our no-risk

© 2010 grant
writing resources | about the
author | privacy policy
| affiliates
| contact us

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Let’s Write A Grant

Review of Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing

Review of Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing

Review of Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing

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Review of Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing

Product Name: Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing

Click here to get Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing:

If you read the tabs at the top of each page you’ll discover I offer ebooks. Over the last few months I’ve been rewriting and updating each and every one – and there are five of them. Five ebooks and an audio.

Each ebook and the audio is designed and written to help you make more money as a freelance writer. They each provide how-to information to make your freelance writing career easier, more productive and more profitable.

They’ve also got new covers and, in some cases, new prices. The titles include:

And if you’ve got a website you can make some money selling these books through the About Freelance Writing affiliate program which pays a full 50% on every product sold. Not bad.

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Good to know Anne! I have already signed up for your affiliate program so do you have new banners or links for it too? Or has anything else changed with regard to the affiliate program?Allison recently posted..Work through a slump – or take a break

The resources center page thingie has the new graphics… not banners as such… do you need me to make some banners? What size?

Actually a 125×125 square would be ideal as I have ad blocks on my writing blog now too. It would fit it wonderfully there. Thanks so much Anne – let me know if you need any more info and keep up the good work with your blog!Allison recently posted..Work through a slump – or take a break

125×125 makes perfect sense… thanks… I’ll post here when I’ve got one there.

There is now a 125×125 ad on the site – along with some redesign… will that work do you think? If yes, I can put it on the resources page.

Yes it looks good – just the right size and perfect for my needs. Am I correct in thinking my affiliate info will be embedded into it when I use it? Thanks Anne!Allison recently posted..Introducing PLR Articles Online

Ah, no your affiliate info isn’t automatically embedded… wish I knew how to do that… in brief you copy the graphic and then link it using your affiliate code… when I post on the affiliate resource page I’ll make that clear… great question! Thanks.

Anne, I didn’t know you were so prolific. Good for you for updating and relaunching your products.John Soares recently posted..How to Hold Highly Effective Meetings

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Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched – About Freelance Writing

Review of Learn How To Inspect A Used Car

Review of Learn How To Inspect A Used Car

Review of Learn How To Inspect A Used Car

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Review of Learn How To Inspect A Used Car

Product Name: Learn How To Inspect A Used Car

Click here to get Learn How To Inspect A Used Car at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Learn How To Inspect A Used Car:

Wouldn’t you feel more confident about shopping for a used car if you were armed with a wealth of practical knowledge about how to properly inspect a used car?

No one wants to spend days or weeks shopping for a car only to drive home and discover they overlooked a critical problem during their initial inspection.

Hello, my name is Jerry Ellingson. I have worked in the automotive industry as an Auto Technician for 15 years. I’m very excited to tell you about my newly completed eBook…

A “Do It Yourself” guide to inspecting a used vehicle.

By Jerry Ellingson, ASE Certified Auto Technician

In this eBook I will share with you the techniques I have learned over the years during countless used vehicle inspections I have performed for numerous car dealers

I know it can be very frustrating to shop for a used car. If you are like most people you don’t know everything there is to know about cars and you don’t care to. Unfortunatly, there are a lot of dishonest car dealers and private sellers
who will use your lack of knowledge to their advantage. This eBook contains information that a lot of vehicle sellers would rather you didn’t have.

After reading this eBook, you will be armed with a greater knowledge and understanding of exactly what to look for, listen to, and even smell when you are inspecting a used car. You will be able to approach the seller with confidence knowing
that you are capable of finding potential problems before handing over your hard-earned MONEY. In most cases you can use your findings as a bargaining tool to lower the price of the vehicle.

I have written this eBook with the average used car shopper in mind. I use language you can understand and I include photos to illustrate the various topics of discussion.

By utilizing the information in this eBook, you will learn how to…

As an extra bonus, I’ve also included…

Below are some actual, full sized, screen shots from the eBook

(Click on each image to enlarge it to actual size)

By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much all this information will cost you…

Well, to put it simply, I don’t want the cost of an eBook to keep you from gaining the practical knowledge you need to be able to inspect a used car properly. It’s my pleasure to share with you what I’ve learned while performing many used car inspections over the years.

I want you to be able to shop for a used car with confidence and feel good about your purchase when you drive your car home.

As a matter of fact, I’m so sure that this eBook will prove to be an invaluable tool in your search for a used car, that I will guarantee it!

If within 90 days, this eBook doesn’t give you enough valuable information to to prove helpful to you in your search for a used car, I will refund your purchase price. No questions asked!

How can you go wrong? ORDER NOW!

You have nothing to lose and a wealth of valuable used car knowledge to gain!
Implementing the tiniest bit of this eBook is worth more than the cost of the whole eBook

I wish you the very best of luck in your used car search, Happy motoring.

How can you view this eBook ?

You will get an online account to surf to your copy of the online eBook from wherever you want (smartphone, tablet, pc, mac just name it)

Additionaly, you can download an offline copy of the book to read on your PC, or using Internet explorer or Firefox (for example you can view it on a firefox browser on your smartphone – offline)

Secure credit card processing and instant download

After your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a page where you will get your special online edition as well as the offline files you can use to view the book from wherever you want

(learning even one of the many tips in the book is worth more than that!)

No credit card? No problem – You can also pay by Paypal

You can become an affiliate of!

The setup is super easy, Just follow the instructions on the links below

Clickbank tracks your hoplink, so any one buying my eBook through your link will be tracked and the commission will be sent directly to you

Copyright ©
2017. All rights reserved.

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Learn How To Inspect A Used Car

Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

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Review of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

Product Name: Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

Click here to get Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!:

“Five Days to Foundation Grants” is a succinct (a mere 77 pages) distillation of grant proposal writing magic! The author covered all the basics of grant proposal writing, including foundation prospect research on a budget (nothing needed but an internet connection), how to use storytelling to your organization’s advantage, how to submit an online grant proposal, and what materials you’ll need. I’ve taken two day accredited courses that didn’t cover as much material as this book. The grant checklist forms alone are more than worth the price! Highly recommended!

K. Purcell
Orlando, FL

The Full Life Ahead Foundation

Dear Non-profit Professional,

How many times have you scrambled to meet a grant application deadline
with minutes to spare?

Are you spending more time focusing on getting funded – at
the expense of the programs and people you serve?

Do you live in a rural area where grant proposal writing training
is difficult to find?

Does the thought of approaching new foundations and corporate funders
intimidate you?

Are you wasting valuable time drafting tedious proposals for State,
Federal and Foundation dollars, with nothing to show for it but rejections
and a trickle of funds? Have you ever relied on government funding,
only to find out at the last minute that the funds have dried up? Has this ever
happened to you?

How would you like an organized proposal writing method – a system
complete with every resource you needed to locate and tap into the
hidden wealth of foundation funding, including an easy to use grant
tracking database, AND pre-written proposal samples of funded grant
proposals? Imagine being spared hours of time and frustration and
getting the funding that your non-profit deserves!

If you’d like to have complete control of your operating budget,
generate incredible funding for your
agency’s programming – and build more
programs, read on.

How many of these thoughts have you had about foundation funding?

I used to believe a lot of these myths myself – until I developed The
System that Puts Your Foundation Funding on Auto-Pilot.
How many do you believe?

Myth: We can’t rely on foundation funding.

Truth: Nonsense. I‘ve worked with organizations that
derive a good 70-80% of their overall budgets from foundation funding.
And, while a well diversified budget is important, there is no reason
why, with a well run system of developing compelling proposals
and sending and tracking your grant requests and reports on a regular
basis, you can’t begin relying on foundation grant funding
for a major portion of your budget today!

Myth: Writing a grant proposal is a tedious, time-consuming

Truth. If you’re writing a grant for state or federal funding,
yes, expect a long, tedious, time-consuming chore ahead of you. Writing
to private foundations is, however, quite another story. Certainly,
the guidelines vary for the assortment of foundations out there.
Many are very typical, asking you to submit your IRS Letter of Tax
Exemption, a project budget, audited financial statements, etc.,
along with these often standard questions such as:

If you’re familiar with your organization, the clients you
serve and the programs that set your agency apart from the pack,
writing a proposal should be a piece of cake. Our system provides
you with not only easy to use, pre-written templates and outlines
for organizing your proposal, but also specific instructions on how
to write truly “compelling” proposals
guaranteed to get your prospective funder to sit up and take notice!

Myth: If you have one perfect grant proposal, it will suffice
for any foundation.

Truth: Despite the similarities of many foundations grant application
guidelines, every foundation is as unique in its history and mission
as your organization. Learn how to create proposal templates expressing
your unique benefits that can be individually tailored to match the
priorities of each distinctive prospective funder’s – quickly
and easily!

Myth: The “XYZ” Organization’s board member
knows one of the trustees at the “XYZ Foundation.” We
don’t know anyone.

Myth: Foundation grants are large and come from large foundations.
They wouldn’t be interested in our modest non-profit.

Myth: XYZ Foundation only supports grants for education
and human services. They wouldn’t even look at our arts program …

Truth: Don’t be too sure of that. Many development professionals
make this common mistake. When I was seeking funding for a crucial
component of my organization, I came across a regional foundation
with the some of the most specific funding criteria I’ve ever
seen. My organization was health-related but we certainly didn’t
have anything to do with their pet cause, Crohn’s Disease. Yet I managed, with a single one page letter, to generate the funding
necessary to buy expensive and very much-needed equipment.

Myth: Foundations don’t support funding for general
operating support.

Truth: Here’s a common misconception that I took away from
spending six years working in programming for one of the nation’s
largest foundations. My foundation did not generally support general
operating costs, however nearly 70% of the family and corporate foundations
in the United States DO! We’ll show you how to seek out those
foundations quickly and effortlessly.

Myth: Accepting foundation funding will compromise our programs.

Truth: Double nonsense. You’ve no doubt read about certain
larger foundations with their own agendas and programs – foundations
looking for organizations they can tailor to fit THEIR programming
standards. Those foundations represent a minority of the total private
foundations in the country.

A nonprofit organization grounded in foundation and individual funding
is better able to remain true to its mission and clients –- government funding can carry the most restrictions (and how many times have
you spent weeks drafting a proposal only to have the program guidelines
change at the last minute or the funds dry up altogether?!).

If you’re still reading, I know all about the daily struggles
you face trying to find funding for your organization. I’ve
been where you are now and that’s how I developed the System.

Let me tell you my story …

I don’t need to tell you that it was challenging!

With the aid of a successful local businessman,
this particular organization had run a hugely successful capital
campaign just five years prior. And what had they done since?

Nothing. Not a thing. Major donors were ignored.
Foundation contacts lapsed. The organization belonged to some key
community organizations, yet hadn’t had any contact in years.
Worst of all, records were missing! Frankly, I thought that I’d
taken on more than I could handle.

But I decided to start out with what I knew
best – writing
grant proposals. You see, I’d spent six years working in programming
at one of the nation’s largest private family foundations I’d
seen thousands of proposals cross my desk. I studied the proposals
that were successful.

And I distinctly recalled the day when the
foundation president and I reviewed a proposal together. She remarked,
a bit gravely, “Well
it has all the successful elements of a good proposal but it’s
not very compelling, is it?”

That conversation stuck in my mind.

Without any history to go on and with a lot of
other areas to cover (community and public relations, getting a
website up and running, organizing our annual appeal and … well,
you get the gist), I needed a system for researching prospective
foundations, writing effective grant proposals and getting them
out the door – fast!

I began researching regional foundations and it was during this
initial phase that my system began to come together.

I identified three different types of foundation funders, and knowing
the differences between them proved to be a key component in the
creation of my system.

When I thought about the most successful proposals
I’d seen,
they all had a common theme.  The truly compelling proposals
engaged the reader and told a story.  And —
just as importantly — they aligned with the mission of our foundation’s

My system began to take root …

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have The System That Puts Your
Foundation Funding on Auto-Pilot!

Think about it. Writing effective grant proposals is one of the
most powerful skills a development professional could have and
one of the rarest. It’s a known fact that many people simply
HATE to write! Simply put, the outlines and proposal letter templates
contained in this system alone are priceless.

And creating your own foundation proposal stystem is the hard part

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune in workshops,
books, consultants’ fees and rejected proposals to figure out
just the right combinations that make some proposals work – while
others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just
the right method for finding funders to support your program, you
can now have it inside a new product called:

At last! Everything you need to craft compelling FUNDED foundation
proposals is here in a unique system designed to increase your output
of proposals, increase your organization’s funding and never
again scramble to meet a deadline.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what clients from all over
the country are saying about this unique proposal writing system:

“The e-book 5 days to Foundation
Grants has portrayed the grant writing
process in such simple steps that a virtual novice should
find success.
Accompanying charts provide helpful assistance in organizing
information, and the links to online sources are priceless.

“This book not
only condenses 9 days worth of grant writing workshops into
a mere 74 pages, but adds important information on developing
an organization’s unique and
identifiable USP. The author did a fantastic job in presenting
deep material
in an easy read!

“I am one of those virtual novices in grant writing,
and represent a rural
health agency in a frontier northwest Kansas county. Grant
writing is only
one aspect of a myriad of jobs I am expected to perform at
our facility.

“Your book struck me as being the “Reader’s Digest” of
grant writing
manuals…..I’m sure I will refer to it many times in the
future as a road
map to success.”

Othelia Vacura
Oberlin, Kansas 67749

“The Grant Proposal Toolkit provides a variety of templates, sample proposal letters and checklists. For new grant writers, staring at a blank sheet of paper can make the whole process seem overwhelming. Having a collection of templates and sample letters to look at can be all you need to get your creative ideas flowing. I especially liked the sample checklists since organization is the key to successful grant writing.

I would recommend Pamela Grow’s Write Grant Proposal package to anyone looking for a collection of grant writing tools. This package will help with not only researching potential foundations but also provide useful ideas on organization and writing tips which help you show a funder the value of your non-profit organization.”

Lisa Filbin
Gardnerville, NV

“Thanks to Pamela Grow (the author), this Writing Grant Proposals eBook has been one of the simplest, yet most beneficial fundraising books that I have read so far.

It’s short but comprehensive. It’s easy to read and gets to the point (Pam Grow doesn’t waffle on about unnecessary information).

It can be used by (ignorant) Grant writing beginners (like I was), as well as seasoned veterans!”

“Boy, Pamela – you are

“I wish you could talk to
all of my faculty (and some of my administration) to
help them begin to understand thinking-beyond-their-perspective-of-their-program” and
the importance of extensive research.

Having received 4 rejections
in 2 days, your program is a ray of sunshine!”

Audrey S.

“5 Days to Foundation Grants is a jewel! The style
is very readable, almost conversational. It makes the reader feel
that successful grantseeking is possible, even with minimal experience.
The filing system seems quite manageable, and makes sense. Also,
the specific examples of the LOI and follow-up letter will
be helpful to a new proposal writer.

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn from your experiences
as both funder and seeker of funds. I see that the glaring
change I need to make in my grantseeking is to set very clear
goals. Your guidelines for doing just that will be put to use

“The book is wonderful – a helpful tool to both the novice and
the experienced. It is easy to read and understand and should
be a part of any proposal writer’s library.”

Marie F. Smith, CRA
Manager of Grants, Contracts and Compliance Administration
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

“I found your comments
on marketing tactics to be very interesting and helpful … provides
me with needed information to move beyond our typical
ways of doing things”.

Peggy S.

“What a unique perspective
you have, having been on both sides of the
fence! Thanks for sharing.”

Leah H.

I know you’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative
side, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over
and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results.
That’s why I want to let try out my proven proposal writing system
– completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique
guarantee in a moment.)

Proposal writers and development professionals tend to follow a
traditional pattern when it comes to approaching foundations and
seeking that ever-elusive grant funding.

If you’re like most grant writers or development professionals,
your approach to getting foundation funding has followed a traditional
pattern. You search out the conventional avenues, seeking foundations
that “might” provide a good match to your organization,
or continue seeking funding only from the same foundations that have
supported your efforts for the past 20 years, spending weeks drafting
the “perfect” proposal, along with a letter that might
start out something like this:

Imagine yourself on the other side of the table,
reviewing several proposals from worthy organizations a day, all
employing the same tired jargon …

Let me emphasize to you right now that I know that the work you’re
doing is of vital importance and I’m in no way disparaging
your fundraising efforts.

But let me ask you another question: are all your efforts resulting
in a true bottom line return on investment? Or are you ready to notch
up your funding, with the needed information to move beyond the traditional
way of doing things?

If you have an open mind, and more importantly could use more dollars,
continue reading.

How will this system differ from the countless courses you’ve
taken and all the grant-writing books you’ve already read?
Simple. I’ve been where you are now, seeking foundation dollars – more
importantly I’ve spent 6 years in the inner circle of programming
for one of the nation’s top foundations. I know how foundations
operate and I know what it takes to craft compelling proposals.

Whether you’re a grassroots organization or a larger, more
established non-profit, a seasoned professional or a novice – everyone
can profit by learning the easily implemented promotion techniques
contained in this program – techniques that will significantly
boost your foundation funding.

What, exactly, does the system contain?

5 Days To Foundation Funding eBook –

And here’s the best part – hate to write? For
many individuals in development, writing a proposal is a tedious
and painstaking process – and believe me it shows! Your
system comes complete with the Grant Proposal Toolkit – actual
sample funded proposals, letters and forms you can use to successfully
market your organization to foundations!

This package will set you on your path to crafting the most effective
proposals you’ve ever written – guaranteed!

“I have been writing grants
for seven years and it has taken me that long to develop
some of the processes that you outline. I wish someone had
shared that information with me years ago.”

John Mercer
The Washington Hospital Foundation
Washington, PA 15301

Okay, so what’s the cost for this incredible resource?

You could spend a fortune in books and training to find all the
information available to you in The System That Puts Your Foundation
Funding on Auto-Pilot and still not have a ready to use
system for achieving lasting foundation grants.

Like me, you’ve probably sat through many grant proposal writing
workshops. Frankly, I’ve SLEPT through a few.

If you’re lucky you’ll glean a kernel of useful information.
A lot of times you’ll get the same old rehash. Reading and
following grant application guidelines is fairly basic …

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. I’ve worked in the non-profit
field for over fifteen years. I have a strong belief in YOUR mission – and
I want to share with you what I’ve learned – from courses,
books, trial and error, marketing and, most importantly – the inside
scoop – from the foundations themselves!

“The book is wonderful – a
helpful tool to both the novice and the experienced. It is
easy to read and understand and should be a part of any proposal
writer’s library.”

Manager of Grants, Contracts and Compliance Administration

Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Your success in using The System that Puts Your Foundation Funding
on Auto-Pilot is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank

I personally guarantee that if you fail to recognize your
established goals of increased foundation funding within 12 months or are dissatisfied in any way…

If you honestly believe I haven’t
delivered on this promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a
prompt and courteous refund. Is that fair or what? Have you ever attended
a proposal writing seminar or workshop that offered you a guarantee?

That means you can try out all these materials at my risk, while
you see if they work for you or not. And if they don’t produce, I
honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep
the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving The
System That Puts Your Foundation Funding on Auto-Pilot a

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden
to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t produce immediate profits
using this system then I’m the loser, not you.

It’s easy to get started right away. Click the order link below
to be taken to a secure order page provided by my authorized reseller,
Clickbank. After you’ve submitted your credit card information and
other details you’ll be taken to the private webpage where you can
download all the files.

here to place your secure order for your copy and get ready
to grow your organization today!

To your fundraising success,

P.S. If you’re new to nonprofit work and grant proposal writing, “Five Days to Foundation Grants” is perfect for you!

P.P.S.: For less than the price of a book, you’ll have a systemized, easy to use course guaranteed to find you funding fast!

Note: “The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding
on Auto-Pilot” was specifically tailored
to nonprofit organizations seeking foundation and corporate funding
and does not include information on government funding.

*Giving USA 2011 Report.

Pamela Grow,
PO Box 274,
Haverford, PA 19041 – Tel: 484.557.0779

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Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

Review of Learn That Language Now Program

Review of Learn That Language Now Program

Review of Learn That Language Now Program

Click here for bigger image

Review of Learn That Language Now Program

Product Name: Learn That Language Now Program

Click here to get Learn That Language Now Program at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Learn That Language Now Program:

I’m going to tell you something that most language experts don’t want you to know. That all the material you need to learn a language is available for free and is right in front of you.

Everyone knows that the more time you spend in a language, the better you’ll be at it.

Think about your favorite past times, the activities that fill the extra hours of your day…

What if you could do these activities and at the very same time, invest in yourself by learning a language?

So, would you rather be doing fun activities in a language or boring textbook exercises? I’ll tell you this much, the hobby you are most passionate about will be the one that teaches you the most. If you enjoy boring textbook exercises, then by all means continue to use them. But if you’re like me, then read on…

But hey, don’t take my word for it, take theirs!

“I must admit I was very skeptic about it when I first came across your auction but I am so glad I decided to give it a try, it has truly opened my eyes. When I got home tonight and checked my e-mail and saw the program, I opened it and intended to just look through it very quickly before going to sleep. Now, I realize that I wasn’t able to stop and finished the whole thing in one sitting.

Once again, this book is ingenious and you are too for writing it.”

I know what you’re probably thinking. What if this doesn’t work for me? That’s the reason I’ve guaranteed the course. I’m going to give you my full 365-day guarantee, as a matter of fact.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but you can take my course, you can read it, you can listen to it, you can watch it and send it back anytime within a entire year for a full refund. It’s that simple. That’s how much I know this information is going to be valuable to you.

No questions asked; no small print; that’s a guarantee for an entire year, 365 days. Even if it’s on the last day, I’ll refund 100% of your money if you’re not 100% satisfied. Is that fair enough?

My foreign friends always are astounded by my ability to sound natural in their language. When I meet people online, they assume I was born in their country!

They ask me, “Robbie, you talk like you’ve been here for years, but you’ve only visited for a few weeks! When I speak English I sound like a foreigner, what is your secret?”

I tell them, it’s simple really. Everyone knows the more time you spend learning a language, the better you get. “But who has time for that?” No one does! But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn the fun activities and hobbies you currently love into opportunities to learn a language!

It’s usually at this point where they stare at me with a blank face, or start to laugh. Learn while having fun? That’s nonsense.

After a few conversations like this, I began to realize- how many friends and family members did I have who struggled for years to learn a language, only to come off as a dumb foreigner when they finally had the courage to speak?

I began to talk to people and ask them their past experiences with language. Almost everyone I talked to had hated their classroom, or audio program experience! They told me they hated the tediousness, the slow rate at which they learned, and then months later they couldn’t recall a single sentence!

I went online and found the same opinions and discontent with learning a language. I personally LOVED to learn languages, was fluent in a few and conversational in many more! When I tell people that I enjoy learning, they tell me I must be nuts!

Soon I had hundreds of e-mails a day, I couldn’t help them all! Everyone wanted to know my secret. It was at this point that I started to write.

In a frenzy over 3 weeks I wrote down all my tips, techniques and methods into a book. I wrote down everything I had used to learn a language quickly and enjoyably until I sounded just like a native speaker.

I am ready to pass on all this information to you. I wrote this program to help others avoid the same mistakes I did when I started to learn languages.

By doing this, you will save HUNDREDS of hours of wasted study time and hundreds, perhaps thousands of wasted dollars, as well.

Everything I’ve written in my ebook is the tips, tricks, techniques and method that I’ve found to actually work. You won’t find any ridiculous ideas here like subliminal learning while you sleep. Everything here has been tested by me from scratch for you and is from real world experience.

I can’t thank you enough for your book. I’ve barely gotten started it and already it has been worth the price.

Before I even began reading your book I was intrigued by the points you had made about language learning in your ebay advertisement and by the questions you asked in this e-mail. I am very much into learning about the ‘mechanics’ of and motivations behind how we learn, as well as having an interest in languages.

Thank you again, Rob, for sharing your hard won knowledge and experience with others. I will certainly spread the word about this resource to anyone I know that is interested in learning a new language.

Thanks for the quick response in getting your program to me. I’ve already read through it once. It makes a lot of sense to me and I’m going to apply your ideas in learning Italian.

Thanks again for the very informative (and motivating) book! I’ll be adding my positive feedback to Ebay in a day or two when I return from a trip.

Thank you very much for getting back with me so soon. Thank you so much for all your wonderful recommendations. I appreciate your help a lot. You make a lot of really good points.

You know what…you’re awesome…I have enjoyed talking to you via e-mail. I’m going to take some time to think things through a bit but I may need to write back if I have more questions. Thank you for help and kindness. You’re a very nice person.

However, I wanted to make this program affordable for everyone, and a wise investment in yourself, and new opportunities to explore for life!

Best Wishes and Good Luck,

P.S. Remember, I take all the risk; you risk nothing. You’re 100% protected. Not only do you get my 365-day guarantee, but you’re buying on your credit card. You know that you have nothing to lose at all, so go ahead and try my course today.

2013 Learn That Language Now
Contact Us |
Privacy Policy

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Learn That Language Now Program

Review of Palm Read Easy

Review of Palm Read Easy

Review of Palm Read Easy

Click here for bigger image

Review of Palm Read Easy

Product Name: Palm Read Easy

Click here to get Palm Read Easy at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Palm Read Easy:

“Who Else Is Ready To Join The Inner Circle Of People Who Enjoy The Gift  Of Gaining Complete Control Over Their Destiny Through The Advantage Of Palm Reading?”
“The Time Has Come To Gain A Complete Understanding And Working Knowledge Of The Art Of Reading Palms So You Can Gain The Insight Needed To See The Future Before It Unfolds!”“Hypnosis Pioneer Announces The Release Of The Secret Formula That Is Transforming The Lives Of People Everywhere By Equipping Them With The Ability To Open The Window To the Future And See What Lies Ahead On The Road Of Life!”

Has the ability to look into the future ever been something that has peaked your curiosity?

Have you ever wondered if the people that you’ve seen analyzing someone’s destiny by reading their palms, are even for real?

Do you often ponder whether or not something like this could even be done?

Well, if you’ve answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then you have arrived at the right place.

Not Only Will You Discover The Truth About Palm Reading, But You’ll Learn How Real It Actually Is And How You Can Master And Apply It To Your Life


We Don’t Abuse Or Share Your Information EVER!

Before we go any further, I think you should know exactly who I am.

My name is Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and for the past 25 years I have been helping people create powerful, lasting change to positively impact their lives in various areas, using the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis and the methods by which the mind works have always fascinated me; I guess that’s the reason I spent so much time investing in an education in psychology.

Years before I earned my doctorate in education, I was in a classroom studying all the prerequisites needed for me to achieve my educational goals.

And while things like psychology interested me, it was the study of metaphysical subject matter that really fascinated me.

Things like numerology, astrology and auras were things I truly enjoyed learning about.

Then one day I came across what we know as palmistry, the practice of reading one’s palm to learn about their destiny in life.

Now at first, I was astounded by the fact that something like this could even be done, but then I asked myself what the point would be in discovering someone’s destiny if it could not be changed?

In Other Words, What’s The Point Of Knowing Exactly How Your Life Is Going To Play Out Regardless Of What You Do To Change It?

That’s both boring and scary if you ask me.

Nevertheless, I decided to explore palmistry anyway and see if it was something I was misinterpreting.

And as it turned out, I was.

Once I learned the secret to why palmistry wasn’t what I thought it was and that it could have a profound impact on how one’s future played out, that’s when I really started delving into it.

I read as many books as I could get my hands on, often cross referencing what I had learned in each book to see if there was any conflicting information.

I began to sift through all of the information that I was exposing myself to and just like anything else, started realizing which information was relevant and which was bogus.

And After A Few Good Years, I Successfully Armed Myself With The Ability And Craft To Read Palms

Now, I realize that not everyone has years to invest in mastering a craft through countless episodes of trial and error so I decided that I would take all of my knowledge and create one simple, comprehensive resource that anyone could use to learn and master palmistry all within the same day!

That’s right, not only will this program teach you about palmistry, but you will be able to apply what you learn all within a few hours.

Introducing Palm Read Easy

Consisting of Four Empowering Learning Modules, this program will reveal:

Line Interpretation – Learn the major lines of the palm including the heart, life, head, trident and destiny lines and how to interpret the meaning that each one holds.

Foretelling Mastery – Discover what the future holds for yourself as well as others.

Major Hand vs. Minor Hand – Learn the difference between a person’s hands, what it means, and why it’s so important.

Palm Destiny – Learn your destiny according to your palm and why the left is so much different than the right.

Real Life Application – Learn how to apply what you learn from palm reading into your own life to gain further enrichment.

Redirect Signals – Learn to give advice to others based on what you see and how it can affect their destiny.

Hand Texture Observation – Learn the difference between a spongy texture and a rough texture and what this means about someone’s personality.

Reading Delivery Skills- Learn the correct way to deliver unwanted information so people do not get insulted by your observations.

The Meaning Behind Flexibility – Learn about the flexibility of someone’s fingers and what it says about the way they live life.

The Role Of Fingers – Discover the meaning behind the length of someone’s fingers and a quick and simple technique to measure their length without using a ruler.

The Four Types Of Hands – Learn to quickly identify the four different types of hands including the earth hand, the fire hand, the air hand and water hand and how they affect everything a person does in life.

Advanced Hand Identification – Once you master the basics, you can now explore the next level of hand identification where you will be able to identify the conic hand, the active hand, the philosophical hand and the psychic hand and why each is so unique and special.

The Mystery Of The Mixed Hand – Learn the meaning of this special hand and what it means abut a person’s makeup.

The Mound of Lunar and Venus – Learn about these two areas of the hand and what they indicate.

And aside from the abundance of information that you will acquire in just four modules, I will also give you some powerful tools to help you apply your new found knowledge to every day life.

After all, knowledge without purpose or execution is pretty much useless.

And Now You’ll Not Only Be Able To Execute What You’ve Learned But You’ll Be Able To Start Applying It Within The Same Day

That’s how effective and easy this program is to use.

If you are ready to experience palmistry in its rawest form, as well as the secret techniques essential to mastering the craft, then act now and take advantage of the opportunity that awaits you.

And to prove to you how confident and positive I am that this program will change your life, I am willing to let you try it risk free for a full 8 weeks.

Your purchase of the products is governed by the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement (‘EULA’). Please read this

EULA carefully before completing your purchase. By completing your purchase, you agree that you have read the EULA and agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of the EULA DO NOT complete your purchase.

I agree to the

Terms of the EULA

To Your Success,
Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

Don’t wait any longer, take action today and begin to open the window to your destiny.

P.S. – Remember you have absolutely nothing to lose because you can try the program for a full 8 weeks before deciding whether or not you want to keep it.

P.P.S. – This program will enable you to see the future before it unfolds by transforming you to a master of palmistry all within just a few hours of learning about it.


We Don’t Abuse Or Share Your Information EVER!

If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, Contact Us


Statbrook Associates LLC
7848 W. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(Tel) 702-430-1196
Toll Free: (877) 944-9766

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Palm Read Easy

Review of Simple Development Systems Fundraising

Review of Simple Development Systems Fundraising

Review of Simple Development Systems Fundraising

Click here for bigger image

Review of Simple Development Systems Fundraising

Product Name: Simple Development Systems Fundraising

Click here to get Simple Development Systems Fundraising at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Simple Development Systems Fundraising:

Give me 10 minutes and I’ll reveal my…

Are you working in a one-person development department?  Do you need a solid fundraising plan?  This was written just for you.

I’ve been where you’re at right now.

You’re the (as one of my subscribers wrote): “ED, Major Gift Officer, Grant Writer, Patient Relations Representative, Prospect Researcher and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

… not to mention PR and marketing director, event planner, individual giving manager, director of stewardship and, yes, even graphic designer!

It’s been a very eye-opening experience to realize that being a good “business woman” is far removed from being a good “fundraiser” or Development Director.  You make the steps that need to be taken seem so simple; by emphasizing the importance of our regular (12 times a year!) communications with our donors, and holding those connections precious above all else, and by daring to pursue relationships more often and more openly, we are seeing lovely results.  We find that our donors do indeed want to hear from us more often, even if it is only to say ” We appreciate you and here’s what we’ve been accomplishing with your help!”

In other words,  you gave me a beautiful gift, and thank you. Know that all I’ve learned from you has made us a better, more “donor centered” organization, and me, a better “friend and communicator” to our valued supporters.

Dawne CameraThe Dreaming Zebra Foundation

Where do you find the time to:

I’ve been where you’re at right now

“I am just finishing the first year with my organization as the new Executive Director. I had no idea that during the year my role would soon expand to include donor developer, record keeper, fundraiser, webmaster, social media monitor, planned giving coordinator, event planner, etc.. pretty much the description of a one-person shop!   I was intrigued with the title of Pam’s new book on Simple Development Systems, Successful Fundraising for the One-Person Shop.   I knew she had written it just for me!  This book is a simple, easy to read, essential resource that I wish I had on day one of my job. While reading through each chapter, I was able to click on links to great references by experienced authors, many whom I’ve already been introduced to through Pam’s weekly blog.

I know that I will be referring back to this book, printing off pages for my “swipe” file, and using her tips over and over. Every chapter is on a topic that is so relevant to someone like me who finds themselves wearing different hats. I’m looking forward to really using the toolkit she has provided that will help get my plans and goals down on paper in an organized way. Absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is doing it all!  I didn’t know there was so much that I didn’t know.   Now that I know better what questions to ask, I can finally get a plan in place to work on the answers.  Thank you.”

Cheryl MelendezExecutive DirectorGospel Literature International

In the midst of a global recession, can you really afford to continue what you’re doing?

Building multiple streams of income is your answer and Simple Development Systems will show you step-by-step how to

Simple Development Systems is absolutely easy to use, easy to understand and covers all of the topics I’ve had to self-teach myself in an organization with no dedicated development staff.  Your idea around creating a culture of philanthropy really resonated with me because I absolutely agree that everyone plays a role in fundraising – it’s about connecting the dots.  I also listened to the teleseminar on monthly giving, and you’re right, it’s a no brainer.  I’m going to get this started!

Thanks Pam – this is a great reference guide with practical tips that I can put to use right away.

Caroline Tillier
Program Advocate
Seattle, WA

But how do you know this will work for you, in your small fundraising office? Why should you believe me?

Back in 2001, I quit my job with one of the Philadelphia region’s largest grantmaking foundations to take on a development position with a small community health agency .  My task?  To create a development department from the ground up.

I don’t need to tell you that it was challenging!

And what had they done since?

Nothing. Nada.  Not a thing.

And the more I dug, the worse things looked.

The closest I’d come to fundraising experience was reviewing grant proposals at my old job.

Frankly, I thought that I’d taken on more – much more – than I could handle.

I can still recall today how, two weeks after starting and close to tears, I called my best friend and mentor to share with him all the negatives I was uncovering on a daily basis.  I had no idea where to start.  Talk about a pity party.

“How many people get to create their own job????”

That was a light bulb moment for me!  I began to get excited.

The very next day I sat down at my desk and mapped out my very first fundraising plan.  I made:

And then I did one of the smartest things I’ve ever done – something that I continue to do ten years later.

It’s not something that you’ll ever find in a typical “development” course or workshop.

But it will make a major difference in your fundraising as you use it in the next year.  It’s just one of many ideas you’ll be shaking your head, wondering why you hadn’t learned this years ago.

Pamela’s book focuses on donor-centric fundraising. She covers what to do in your first 100 days as a development director, donor profiles, newsletters, direct mail, how to thank donors, monthly giving programs, grant seeking, building a website, choosing a donor database, and social media.

The result is a road map to success that can take the scary out and bring in a sense of comfort, self-confidence, and focus about what can and should be done.

Joanne Nonprofit

So what happened after I used this formula?  Fast forward a short 12 months and we had:

Are you new to nonprofit fundraising and a little overwhelmed at the scope of your job?  Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro who’s smart enough to know the best never stop learning?

Either way, Pamela Grow’s Simple Development Systems eBook is a fantastic resource.

No time to read? What if someone put together, in one easy to read book, advice and tips from some of the smartest, most creative people in the field? And packaged it with links and worksheets to make sure you get the most from the experience?

Pamela shares her know-how in all areas of fundraising, and then brings in other experts to write about their particular areas of expertise. She pulls it together in a bright, conversational style – like a note from a good friend – if that friend happened to know an awful lot about fundraising!

You have time for this. In fact, you don’t have time to NOT read it. You’ll know more, work smarter and most importantly, get better results.

Mary Cahalane
Development Manager, Individual GivingRiverfront Recapture, Inc.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your job right now?  Let’s be honest.  Spearheading a one-person development department can feel like you’re spinning 10 glass plates in the air.  You’re the grant proposal writer, database administrator, director of individual gifts, webmaster, event planner, social media director and more!  And every day it seems as if “they” – the trendsetters – are dangling more bright shiny objects in front of your face.  Honestly, in a small fundraising shop, I don’t look at “trendsetters” I have a hard enough time keeping my head above water as it is.

“…if you’re working in a one-person development shop (either as the one staff member responsible for development, or as an Executive Director who is responsible for fundraising too…) then I want to highly recommend my friend Pamela Grow’s new book and toolkit Simple Development Systems: Successful Fundraising for the One-Person Shop.”

Joe GarechtThe Fundraising Authority

Simple Development Systems will cut to the chase, leaving you with the framework to develop a successful donor-centric fundraising plan for your organization.  Why donor-centric?  You’re looking to build lifetime donors and raise the money your organization needs now – and in the years to come – aren’t you?

Here’s just some of what you’ll be learning:

I wanted to let you know that we recently received a very large grant that was 4x the amount that the charity awarded us last year… When writing the proposal this year I included personal stories wherever possible. Since our programs have not changed from last year, I’m thinking that the personal stories are what made us stand out this year!

Thanks again for being such an awesome example of how to approaching fundraising.

I’ve learned so much from you in 12+ months!

Tyler WilsonPower of P.L.A.Y. Foundation
Member of Simple Development Systems pilot coaching program

Regular readers of The Grow Report, my weekly ezine, know that I’m a huge believer in sharing the best resources out there.  That’s why you’ll benefit not only from my expertise but from the guidance of a host of seasoned experts who have contributed to Simple Development Systems Fundraising.  People like

“Simple Development Systems is fantastic. I’m about to be a new ED and I am excited to lead the organization into a new era of donor centric activities.”

Michael Faith, MSW, Executive Director, Living Yoga

This book has eight chapters, ranging from how to effectively tell your story, to grants, to stewardship, to events, and everything in between.  Many chapters feature short Tales from the Trenches.  Additionally I’ve included a number of must-read articles from my websites and scads of bonuses.  Fundraising worksheets, samples and templates are included in the accompanying toolkit.

“Pamela Grow’s new book, “Simple Development Solutions, Successful fundraising for the one-person shop” is exactly as promised – a simple, thorough framework for donor-centric development. As a very busy one-person department, I found it straightforward and well worth my time – even in early November.  It’s packed with easy, high-impact action steps from Pam, and an amazing amount of valuable content and links from experts like Tom Ahern, Ken Burnett and Jules Brown.

My first pass resulted in sticky notes for immediate reference on: a terrific grants chapter, a link to Harvey McKinnon’s teleseminar on establishing a monthly giving program, “20 Phrases that will make your donor feel like a hero” (from, and the bonus “10 Steps to Getting Your Nonprofit More [event] Sponsorships Fast.”

Having all these resources together in one place is a huge value. The language is clear and the recommended actions are tried and true and realistic for a single person shop. Thank you Pam!”

Ann Schutt, Fund Development Coordinator for a non-profit health agency

In the Resources section of this book, you’ll find my favorite selected online resources.  Because this is an interactive ebook in pdf format, you’ll be able to click directly on links as you read and instantly go to the accompanying resource.

As a bonus for ordering Simple Development Systems, you will have full access to the 90 minute webinar Profitable Donor Newsletters from Tom Ahern

At a mere 120 pages, Simple Development Systems is a short read.  Don’t mistake short for lacking in substance – or results.  This book is packed chock-full of information for the small shop, cutting out all of the fluff and leaving you with a plan for donor-focused fundraising now and into the future.

“I just received my copy of Simple Development Systems: Successful fundraising for the One Person Shop. I felt like it was written just for me! What a gift! As I begin my new position as Director of Development at Saint Rose of Lima School, Simple Development Systems will be my Bible!

The book is invaluable to me, with tools and resources I would never have access to without Pam! Thank you.”

Jane Mensack
Development DirectorSt. Rose of Lima School

Another bonus?  Simple Development Systems will be revised and updated on a regular basis, and you’ll always have access to the latest version.

You can raise exponentially more money for your nonprofit. And Simple Development Systems can help you get it done, by giving you the steps to raise money now and well into the future. And it’s right here, right at your fingertips, waiting for you to take that next step.

I just purchased your Simple Development Systems last week–I wish I would have found it 5 years ago when I took this job.  It’s wonderful!  One of the most challenging aspects of working in a very small development department is focusing your efforts in the places that will have the largest impact.  There can be a lot of distractions and “fires” that gobble up your day.  This easy-to-read and implement guide has helped me to fine tune my plan for next year.  The chapter on Grants and the information on writing effective newsletters were my favorite sections, but it’s all worthwhile.  I’m confident that this is a resource that I will grab again and again in the future.

Heidi Mayer, Lutheran Home Foundation

You’ll be sitting at your desk in the morning as usual, cup of coffee in hand, when your office manager drops by with the mail. And instead of one check, or two, there will be ten remit envelopes, then the next day twenty, then a big grant check!

Imagine telling your coworker the good news, their program got funded for another year! And doing a little dance together!

Imagine typing in those new numbers on your board report, how happy you’ll feel shaking hands at the board meeting, and listening to admiring compliments on your new success!

Whether you’re new to nonprofit development  or a seasoned pro, you can map out a solid strategy for donor-centric fundraising, and succeed!

“Even though Pamela Grow is well-known for her grantwriting advice, I want to let you in on a little secret: She’s a fantastic nonprofit marketer too! Her new book is so easy to read, that it’s like sitting down for a cup of tea with your development mentor, who helps you get your feet under you and get those early wins in a new development job. From helping you choose your donor database to best practices to getting your email newsletter opened and having people click on the donate button, Simple Development Systems has it all. I learned a lot by reading Pamela Grow’s Simple Development Systems, and I think you will learn a lot too.”

-Mazarine Treyz, Author, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising

It’s time for you to decide.

I was so impressed by Simple Development Systems that I purchased it for home first and then for work where we have had a recent addition to the fundraising team.  The first 100 days instrument is vital for those joining a new organisation, I wish I had seen it 10 years ago.

I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and find it very useful, especially reminding me of the basics. Most of my last 10 years have been as a sole fundraiser.

Derek Dean
Fundraising Coordinator
Home and Family Society
Christchurch, New Zealand

Please note:  Simple Development Systems is an earth-friendly, digital product, and not a physical book.  After your purchase is complete, you will download the book (from which you’ll be able to access the recorded webinar and teleseminars) which you can then read on your computer or print out.

Your success in using Simple Development Systems is completely guaranteed.

If, after reading the ebook and completing the assignments,  you truly believe I haven’t delivered on the promise to show your organization the keys to sustainable funding then let me know within the first 30 days of purchase and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Is that fair or what?  How many workshops or training courses have you attended that offered a guarantee?

I wish I’d had your book the day I started.  I am 10 months in and feeling overwhelmed and under equipped.  I hit the ground running and in retrospect feel I have been both reacting and drifting ever since.   Wish I could have the first 100 days back!  Second and third 100 too.  Your book and toolkit provides some structure and immediate takeaways for me.  Thank you!Dorothy Development OfficerMidwestern Arts Organization

Quit floundering and learn the secrets to creating a focused, donor-centered fundraising plan – once and for al!

PS:  Still not sure?  Download the Table of Contents before you decide.

PPS:  Questions?  I’d be happy to chat.  Email me at or call me at (484) 297-2186.

“…Pamela Grow’s focus on stories as a way for non-profits to touch the hearts and minds of supporters reels me in. In her e-book, Simple Development Systems, Pam has an entire chapter on story telling, full of rich examples to spark your imagination.

Not just an e-reader, Simple Development Systems is fully interactive. It pulls you in and sends you out and pulls you in again. With specific assignments like Schedule lunch with one of your board members or a supporter, it pulls you in. And with clickable links to relevant material by other experts in the field, it sends you out to explore. With one click, you’ll find yourself transported to Tom Ahern’s transformational 90 minute webinar on Profitable Donor Newsletters.

This e-book is lively and engaging and informative. It’s generous and personal. And it’s got a toolkit chock full of practical worksheets, forms, and examples you can use whether you are new in the business or an old timer looking for a fresh take.”

Andrea KihlstedtAsking Matters

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Review of The Ultimate Guide To Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers

Review of The Ultimate Guide To Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers

Review of The Ultimate Guide To Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers

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Review of The Ultimate Guide To Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers

Product Name: The Ultimate Guide To Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers

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The Ultimate Guide To Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers