Review of The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

Review of The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

Review of The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

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Review of The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

Product Name: The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

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Description of The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret:

This is not NLP, This is not
language patterns, this is not pick up strategy, this is not
anywhere else!

Secret Report
– “Covert Mind Control Strategy”

By finding this

You are part
of less than 1% that will have access to guarded information
covert influence

Revealing the purest form of mind control
ever to the civilian

We found the
Captain’s secret drawer and what is in it, do you want to know?  We wonder how
quickly you will become aware of the feeling of a top-level spy
discovering the secret documents of mental persuasion and all the
as you see this life-changing power of learning the
most powerful mind control secret, giving you the ability
to secretly deliver hypnotic suggestions, subliminally, to anyone
in literally seconds of effort.

Perhaps just
one part of this shocking information will relate to you as an
individual as you focus on the unspeakable leverage you will gain in

Finally the
real deal, this report which was never suppose to be released
unveils the oldest most powerful mind control strategy known to man
in our opinion.  A totally covert method combining all three
elements of the universal hypnotic formula
which you will learn. 
You will be able to hypnotize people without them knowing in literally seconds of effort.

6 Mind
Control Researchers Opened Pandora’s Box during an in depth study by
linking a simple strategy to the most powerful method of subliminal
delivery of hypnotic messages!

·Not Language

The New Covert Hypnotic
Persuasion – “Behavioral persuasion based on reality interpretation. 
We believe there is no other method as powerful that has so many
advantages. The secret is simple, it can be said in moments but its
an understanding you will gain making you unstoppable .”

“This will
change reality for sales people, the seduction scene…actually anyone
who learns it for any reason.” 

simple strategy

completely irresistible

·100% undetected
by others

·Can be used
covertly by quiet and shy people

·Works with
personality types

·Exact strategy
to be meta-persuasive no matter who you are

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Read A 10 Second Hypnotic Method

researcher says, “In our opinion there is no reason anyone who learns this shouldn’t change
the amount of money they have, lovers, friends and power in a short

We realize that if this isn’t as powerful as
described you would return the report?

Then how can we make such claims?

discovery the method was tested and approved as 100% mission-success

Short list of
the covert strategy conclusions:

·Secretly hold a true hypnotic

·More easily acquire money (mega-power for sales people)

this for irresistible seduction on any person

·Simply pick the person and
deliver suggestions that frames their thinking

·Frame yourself with “General,Leader,Commander”
like emotions with peers

·Start a business of your
own with this secret persuasiveness

·Feel the gratification of
leaving a bully helpless against you

·Use the method a CEO would
use in business in your own life

·Or choose to quietly influence while gaining what you want

·Watch as people actually
respond to your hidden directives

·Experience the rare feeling
of having covert power over others

this hypnotic power in as long as it takes to read 26 pgs.

·Have the feeling of
knowing you can shape the mind frame of your disciples

“The first
successful covert op is the most rewarding”

The benefits of this secret
technology are endless, there are not enough descriptions to say it
all.  One of the creators of this report heard from a un-named
business associate that this method in another form was released in confidentiality
to a street gang and the key members.  They started going out
on the streets each day and coming back with hundreds of dollars
cash to their local lieutenants.  Simply by having this kind of
influence. This shouldn’t be getting in the wrong hands which is why
we reserve the right to refuse sale or cancel even after purchase to
any person, group or particular organization at our discretion.

Witness the
tactic revealed right in front of your eyes?

This report
was designed to directly and simply give you the actual secret
behind true mind-control in just 26 pages.  There are not
hundreds of pages of theory and examples. 
will not read a bunch of “beating around the bush” but see the
actual secret revealed to you in front of your very eyes.

Turn The
Tables On Them!

of the world have taken the strict parent role with you without
This information has been kept from all of us and it is the secret
party the grown ups have been at after we are put to bed.  It is being held from you with one hand while the
other holds the top of your head back so you cant reach it.  In
business, life and seduction the 97 percentile is controlled by 3
percent, covertly mind controlled!  You are 1% of the 97% that
will even see this page.

We have broken
their rules, here you go!

We had to
decide how to handle such information, should we make it available,
should we keep it hidden?  There is no way people can pay the
amount it is actually worth…

all things it had to be revealed but to those who believe and desire
change and it had to be an affordable price so we had to come up
with an idea… 

You will not
believe this!!!

Imagine Making
The World Your Playground

-Can be used by
anyone of average intelligence

-Is completely

-Is actual
hypnotic communication

-Deliver the
most irresistible subconscious suggestions instantly

-Can be used for
any suggestion possible you can think of

Robert H. – I really
was becoming skeptical and then with your web site wondered if it was yet
another huge promise with mediocre information at best and all I can say is holy crap!  It only took a few
pages in and I knew, cant believe I spent as much as I did on
systems before but now I just pass by the products I would of
ordered before, I no longer am seeking the missing link, this filled
in the blanks.  Really I am sincerely thanking you, this is
something I used the day I read the eBook.  All I
can say if you want to use my testimony is this is the
most real, powerful and common sense information finally
made available.  Also I’m a little embarrassed with
how simple it is

T.M.A. – The other day I watched as
one person started responding to what I was doing and I could see how
it was affecting them.  Im
totally in the “pinch-me” mode because I know I have a
secret tool now and cant believe it is real.

Its time we re-define the elite
and take the power back

The most
powerful real world strategy to take control now!

Click Here To Get Your Copy

26 Page report, PDF file,
The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

Using Clickbanks Secure
Merchant Checkout

Refund Policy –
60-Day Guarantee – If you are not satisfied you have 60 Days to
Request a refund

Make Money On This Product For Free HereCopyright 2012 Allinati

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The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

Review of Black Magic Tantra

Review of Black Magic Tantra

Review of Black Magic Tantra

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Review of Black Magic Tantra

Product Name: Black Magic Tantra

Click here to get Black Magic Tantra at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Black Magic Tantra:

Read This Report To Discover The Shocking TRUTH About Women, Tantra And The New Age Scene!”

Dear Fellow Lover of Women:

They call me the “king of underground methods” because I’ve spent the past several years building up an unstoppable arsenal of persuasion tactics. &nbsp No matter how “off the wall” some technique might be, I go out of my way to learn it and incorporate it into my “style.” &nbsp Then, if it works, I release it to you.

Recently I made the acquaintance of a man I’ll call “Dr. Weger” (pronounced VAY-gur). &nbsp Who is he and why should you care about him? &nbsp Read on…

Weger is one of those guys I would see out on the town with a beautiful woman on his arm… but seeing him was rare… he’d be there one moment, and then he’d be gone. &nbsp Blink and you’d miss him – but he had something unusual going on.

After a period of several months I finally managed to corner him, buy him a drink, and pick his brain… and you won’t believe what I found out.

He attributed nearly all his success to his knowledge of dark tantric practices learned from defrocked “gurus” of the worst sort – and explained (in explicit detail!) exactly how he manipulates his local “new age” scene to act as his “fish pond” of incredibly hot women!

Some of it I wouldn’t believe had I not witnessed it with my own eyes. &nbsp I’ve seen many books dealing with “driving women wild” – but have never seen an all-encompassing book that tells you how to drive women wild – and exactly how to find attractive women to USE the techniques on!

Claim Your Free Report!

The Vital Energy Method describes the exact steps necessary to achieve a sexual “clean slate” before you start learning Black Magic Tantra. &nbsp It makes you feel incredible too! Just sign up below to receive it, and don’t worry – I will never sell your email address.

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

The Vital Energy Method describes the exact steps necessary to achieve a sexual “clean slate” before you start learning Black Magic Tantra. &nbsp It makes you feel incredible too! Just sign up below to receive it, and don’t worry – I will never sell your email address.

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

Just sign up below to receive it, and don’t worry – I will never sell your email address.

And don’t worry – I’m not trying to turn you into some “flower power” weirdo. &nbsp You won’t have to refrain from bathing or eat rice cakes in order to use these tantric secrets on the the best women in town – in fact, the more “normal” you are the better! &nbsp Just because women are into Tantra or “new age” ideas doesn’t mean they want to go out with crazies.

I want you to understand just how close to fulfilling your dreams you are right now, because in a moment I’m going to reveal what I discovered from Dr. Weger that will help you immediately.
With “Black Magic Tantra” you will enjoy more success with pleasing women sexually, meeting new people, developing great relationships, and creating the type of life you want.

I want you to understand just how close to fulfilling your dreams you are right now, because in a moment I’m going to reveal what I discovered from Dr. Weger that will help you immediately.

With “Black Magic Tantra” you will enjoy more success with pleasing women sexually, meeting new people, developing great relationships, and creating the type of life you want.

I used to sit down with Dr. Weger and take notes because he would literally pour new ideas into my mind. &nbsp Most of what he revealed has never been revealed to the general public before.
To be fair, I should warn you that some of the methods described in this book are sneaky to say the least. &nbsp They’re not nice, and you use them at your own risk. &nbsp Many of the “black Tantra” methods used are downright evil, and Weger learned them from individuals I can only describe as “shady.”
After reading the ideas in this book and using them in real life, some people will hate you. &nbsp They’ll hate you because you’re more successful with women than them, or because your social life is vastly richer than theirs. &nbsp But that’s OK – you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice the haters.

To be fair, I should warn you that some of the methods described in this book are sneaky to say the least. &nbsp They’re not nice, and you use them at your own risk. &nbsp Many of the “black Tantra” methods used are downright evil, and Weger learned them from individuals I can only describe as “shady.”

After reading the ideas in this book and using them in real life, some people will hate you. &nbsp They’ll hate you because you’re more successful with women than them, or because your social life is vastly richer than theirs. &nbsp But that’s OK – you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice the haters.

Order Now And Receive This
Free Bonus Report

Bonus Report:
“A Week In The Life Of A Tantric Guru”
I persuaded Dr. Weger to type up this “journal” of his life. &nbsp You can discover exactly how he spends his time – and pick up tips to explode your own dating/sex life along the way. &nbsp If you want to become the “new age” guy that draws in gorgeous girls like a magnet, this is the report for you.

“A Week In The Life Of A Tantric Guru”

Order Online By Safe, Secure Server
Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

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Black Magic Tantra

Review of – Monthly Recurring Commissions

Review of – Monthly Recurring Commissions

Review of – Monthly Recurring Commissions

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Review of – Monthly Recurring Commissions

Product Name: – Monthly Recurring Commissions

Click here to get – Monthly Recurring Commissions at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of – Monthly Recurring Commissions:

Click here to view charts



% Gains

Compound Portfolio

As a member, you will

Click here for bigger image – Monthly Recurring Commissions

Review of Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover

Review of Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover

Review of Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover

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Review of Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover

Product Name: Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover

Click here to get Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover:

Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video.
Download the video instead.

Make sure your sound is turned on!Please wait up to 10 seconds for the video to load.

A Controversial Video Presentation for Our Controversial Guide! Introducing the Surefire Method of Catching Your Cheating Spouse Red Handed! GUARANTEED!

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, the person you have given so much of yourself to, the person you have loved so unselfishly and sacrificed so much for, the person you stood by when anyone else would have left, then this could be the most important video you will ever watch.

Whether you’re just looking to uncover the truth simply to go forward with your life, or you need proof of cheating & infidelity to win in court, our controversial yet highly effective ebook will guide you every step of the way.

Our ‘How to Catch Your Cheating Lover’ ebook will offer you insight to both the physical and the mental side of infidelity. Like why do people cheat? What signs to look out for? And how you can take advantage of your partner’s ego to make them reckless, sloppy and ultimately, get caught!

Real People. Real Results.

With over 7.000 satisfied customers worldwide, there’s no reason to assume that this product will not work for you.

“I followed your simple guide and was able to catch my spouse red handed in just 2 days!”

I was able to gather 3 sources of evidence, which I showed him whilst I was yelling at the top of my voice to him.

He was completely lost for words!

“The infidelity signs you mentioned were spot on… I caught my ex-girlfriend using your cell phone method.”

I’d like to thank you so much for the eye-openers and suggestions. I was totally wasting my time and life dating that cheater!

I’ve gotta say, I’m so relieved now that I can move on with my life.

“Thanks to you guys, my husband is back and our marriage is back on track!”

You have literally helped me save my marriage! I was able to identify the signs of infidelity by having a chat with him and asking him the things you suggested in your guide.

I was also able to get him to admit that he was emotionally attached to another woman, who he had been meeting.

We managed to identify the real issues between us, and have been able to get this problem sorted.

“I am 31 years old and thanks to your book I’ve gained evidence that my wife is having an affair.”

“I am 31 years old and thanks to your book I’ve gained evidence that my wife is having an affair. Everyone has taken my side and I’ve received great support from my kids and friends. I actually feel quite relieved. I’m a good man and I only hope that I can find a woman who loves me for who I am and can see the good in me. Many thanks”

“Thanks to your book I just discovered my fiance has been having an affair.”

“Thanks to your book I just discovered my fiance has been having an affair. I’m three months pregnant can you believe! I really don’t know what to do now, but I’m certain it is best for my unborn child not to be anywhere near him!”

“My husband had an affair 6 months ago and since then I’ve never been able to trust him.”

“My husband had an affair 6 months ago and since then I’ve never been able to trust him. I purchased your books because I had to know the truth. Well, my worst fears have been realized, he never even stopped cheating on me. Thanks to your course I discovered he’s been cheating on me with the same woman (from his office) during lunch breaks at his work! Thank you for your help, now that I know I can never trust him again, I’ve ditched him and I’m going to move on!”

“I just want to thank you Edward for creating this book.”

“I just want to thank you Edward for creating this book. Thanks to you I discovered that my fiance of one year has been cheating on me for 7 months with her ex-boyfriend. I’ve since broken up with her and she has lost most of her friends, which were mutual friends. If it wasn’t for you we could have got married! Thank you.”

“Hi Edward, I sat down and read the whole book at one sitting, then referenced and mark the pages that particularly pertained to my situation”

“Hi Edward, I sat down and read the whole book at one sitting, then referenced and mark the pages that particularly pertained to my situation. Your book gave me detailed scenarios for both sides of the relationship. With the techniques that were at my fingertips, I have found that my wife was not cheating on me after all. It help me find the truth, and it is something that we are both reading to keep each other in check through these hard times. I am so glad that I used all the resources that you laid out in detail to find the truth once and for all! Thank you Edward!”

“I was able to gather enough information to confront with absolute proof”

“I was able to gather enough information to confront with absolute proof.

Thank you for the tips, but mostly for the affirmation of my beliefs and feelings. The support from your book was such a relief and it pointed me in the right direction as to planning the right time to confront my cheater. It gave me the strength to hold out until I had all that I needed to be in the position of power. Finally I had the truth. We are actually trying to work through this together. I am grateful that I bought your book.”

“Hi Edward, I am just writing to say thank you”

“Hi Edward, I am just writing to say thank you. If it wasn’t for you I would probably still be none the wiser that my fiance was cheating on me. And to think we were about to get married! I have no idea what she was thinking or why she was going to marry me, given she was having an affair. Anyway, I’ve ended things and there is no way in hell I’m ever going have her back. Thanks again – you saved me a massive mistake!”

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Catch a Cheat – Catch Your Cheating Lover

Review of Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

Review of Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

Review of Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

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Review of Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

Product Name: Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

Click here to get Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts:

I Don’t Know What To Say…

This is the biggest response I hear most individuals say; “I don’t know what to say”. They want to create EFT Scripts, they want to release negative emotions, but in the end it seems so difficult they simply remain stuck trying to come up with Scripts.

I agree that for the most part scripting can seem very intimidating.. So when you couple that with your own expectations, whilst feeling all these negative emotions, it’s no wonder many individuals find themselves stuck long before they even begin.

What If I Say The Wrong Things ?

This is one of the second biggest reason many individuals remain frozen when it comes to creating EFT Scripts. They fear that if they end up saying the wrong things they will end up doing more harm then good.

They fear that because they have not received any training in EFT that they would end up in a worse situation then before they began. This most definitely stops many individuals releasing out of pure fear of the unknown.

The problem is that humans are always trying to over-complicate everything. However many times the answer to a problem lay in a simple solution or idea.

Lets take the humble shopping trolley, it came about because a store owner whilst watching his clients select products from his shelves wondered how he could make them purchase more. He solved this by putting some wheels on a basket…  

Beer held the answer to modern vaccines, this beverage that has been around for thousands of years can be accredited as being the catalyst to modern vaccines. A chemist who whilst trying to solve why beer sometimes went bad discovered that small microscopic creatures were the cause, and after some additional probing he discovered similar creatures also effected us and this whole new science opened the doors to vaccines and modern medical science.

EFT has been shrouded in an air of complexity sense it was first discovered and used over 30 years ago. From then to now it has certainly evolved into one of the world’s leading solutions for the releasing of negative emotions. In fact EFT is so successful that it is making headway where psychology has only dreamed of going, enabling many hundreds of individuals the opportunity to release emotional trauma where 20 or 30 years of psychology had failed them. However the one area which has been overlooked is the construction of the EFT Script itself.

Fast forward to present day I discovered that the same issues that plagued the past 30 years still exist today. As I set about helping many hundreds of individuals overcome mountains of negative emotions I found that the same set of problems were being experienced by almost everyone I came in contact with.  Over this time I constantly heard the same comments over and over from client after client who expressed how difficult they found EFT to do by themselves. This prompted me to look for a way to overcome the issue without messing around with the EFT process. My idea was that I had to come up with a way to enable anyone from any walk of life the ability to create personal scripts, and to be able to do this without any help.

I had a head start on this as I had to overcome some of these same problems many years previous when I first started on my own journey, long before I became an EFT Practitioner. In fact in my early days I came up with a method of scripting that could not be considered real EFT Scripting, as this simple process has nothing to do with EFT at all. I knew that this method had worked for me time and time again and all I had to do was to figure out how to teach this to others..

So I revisited this process refining it further, and what I soon discovered was that anyone with a pen and paper could be taught to script with this method. Even if an individual knew nothing about EFT, he or she could be creating scripts and releasing in minutes. Conventional Scripting in the common format becomes a by product of the process and not the main feature. In fact scripting has very little to do with this method until you begin to tap.

I discovered after sharing this process with clients that all their anxiety about scripting seemed to instantly fade away, and the end result was that those who previously said they could not script were now scripting and releasing on their own. Thus the Pen and Paper Method™ of Scripting was born.

The Complete Program To Creating EFT Scripts

The “Pen and Paper Method” of Scripting forms the core element of this program and just that guide alone will have you scripting in minutes. In fact you do not need any of the other parts of this Scripting Program to have success with personal scripting and releasing. This guide is so good just on its own that you don’t require anything else and if you want you could pick it up by going to

However over the time I have been a practicing practitioner I have learned many tricks that can assist anyone with releasing of stuck and limiting emotions. I felt encouraged to provide an extension program that comes packed full of tips and tricks that will have you releasing on a far deeper level. The information in this program will have you releasing on topics which seem to be sticking like super glue. You wont only be able to release your own negative emotions but by the end of the program you will have so many different ways to attack stuck or limiting emotions that you will be as good as, and in some cases better then the average EFT Practitioner.

The information in this program is not just a random selection of text put together to fill pages, you are going to be receiving ALL of my knowledge of tips that I use every day when helping my personal clients. You can use the pen and paper method of scripting and simply add these additional tips as you need them.

The feedback about this program has been awesome:

I am thoroughly impressed with your method of scripting. I think it is easy to read and follow.

It flows very easily all of the way through. I didn’t have to re-read any part because of your seamless way of explaining the process. I really enjoyed the last page because it is a quick reference to return to and review the steps when I am ready to create my next script. The examples you gave were a very important part of the guide.

I’ll admit that I was a little nervous about learning to script (maybe I should tap on that!!). I thought that it was going to be difficult. The scripts that you create on your site are so wonderful. I really never thought that I could create any scripts just for me. Reading your guide was like having you right there beside me. I was unprepared for the issues that came up while writing out my questions and going in depth about my chosen topic. Just writing it all out without judgment liberated me to uncover hidden thoughts and feelings. I liked your idea of doing this exercise without even thinking or worrying about turning it into an EFT script. I was just free to let my pen express what I was feeling. The steps following this exercise effortlessly led me right into creating my setup phrases and tapping point phrases.

Wow! It was so easy and effective. Since it was my own words, the EFT seemed to be more helpful and successful than following someone else’s scripts. There was so much emotion put into my free writing that the scripts I created made a big impact. I really released a lot of negative emotions and beliefs. It was one of the most productive tapping sessions I’ve ever done!

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to put together such an astonishing scripting guide. I can’t see anyone, whether they are experienced with EFT or not, having any problems following along with your instructions and having outstanding results. I will definitely be using your method over and over again.

To see more testimonials please click here

Pen and Paper Method of Scripting

This guide will show you how you can develop and create personal scripts within minutes, with very little or no experience.

This unique method of scripting isn’t really a scripting method at all, but a way to script without actually scripting.

Using this method I will show you how EFT becomes a by product of the process, tapping and using EFT is something that is done at the end and only taken into consideration at the very last step..

“Connecting All The Tiny Pieces”

This guide is a complete program dedicated entirely to the whole scripting. process.

The guide covers what I call the 14 Key Elements to releasing and scripting. I take you on a journey of emotional release and script development.

Plus in addition to this guide I have included additional information in the form of MP3 Audio’s which you will listen to at specific intervals as you consume this guide to creating eft scripts.

This is a small guide which provides you with additional personal tips which I use for releasing and scripting.

This guide also elaborates a bit further and talks about vibrations, energy, and the role negative influences play in attracting a happy, loving and fulfilling life.

I also provide you with personal lists and tools which I use when helping others release blocked energy

I have also included an ebook containing 11 Bonus Scripts aimed at Success and Wealth Creation.

This ebook contains Full Length Professional Scripts which consist of over 60 minutes of tapping covering these topics:

Fear of Greatness,  Fear of Not Being Good Enough, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Money Doesn’t Like Me, Letting Go of Debt, Money Is Hard To Come By, Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, I will never have enough money, There is never enough money

Disclaimer | Affiliates | Contact

Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

EFT Creating Scripts Creating Personal EFT Scripts

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Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

Review of Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Review of Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Review of Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Click here for bigger image

Review of Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Product Name: Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Click here to get Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations:

Click here for bigger image

Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Review of The Language of Lust

Review of The Language of Lust

Review of The Language of Lust

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Language of Lust

Product Name: The Language of Lust

Click here to get The Language of Lust at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Language of Lust:

(Make sure your sound is turned on. Please wait up to 10 seconds for the video to load.)

I respect your email privacy

cum like a freight train on command…

even if you’re Short… Broke… Fat… Old
or have a cock so small it looks like it belongs on a G.I. Joe action figure…

My name is Lawrence Lanoff

and I’v got a completely average cock.

But soon you’ll join thousands of other men and women who call me The Darth Vader Of Dirty Talk…

the sexual psychology of women…

What women really want from men but refuse to tell us…

Why they say one thing but mean another…

WHY nice guys like you and me got rejected and abused again and again while douchebags get laid as easily as going to the ATM…

After months of research, I sat down at my laptop and I boiled down

I’d learned and discovered into

33 tricks that wake up the animal in a woman, make her feel safe and open with you (and only you) and
fixes her sexual hunger on you, right where it belongs.

I’ve created an “Owner’s Manual” for a woman’s most important

I‘ll show you how to use texts, Skype or the phone to create a vivid emotional PORN MOVIE in her mind
where she’s the “innocent” girl and you’re the SEX GOD she’d do anything for.

and how to give her more pleasure with your thumbs than any other guy could with his whole body and an industrial strength vibrator.

and exactly what to say and do when she’s “not in the mood” to have her, gushing, spreading her legs and breathing heavy in seconds.

Do this and she’ll feel like you had deep, connected, rafter-shaking sex without taking off a single item of clothing and without even

and it instantly triggers a vicious flood of emotions in a woman

You’ll see a slightly cruel smile cross her lips… a glint in her eye… and you lean back
and enjoy the ride as she “gets back” at her ex by giving you the dirty, sweaty time of your

Use this to condition a woman to become unreasonably turned on and quiver with desire for you every time
you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice in her ear…

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turned on you are, the more turned on she gets…

Until she’s aching for you with sexual desperation, pulling you by the belt to the bedroom and
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And incredibly powerful word that hammers her attention to you and makes her feel more desired,
lusted after, wanted and appreciated than any man has ever made her feel before (or ever will

I’ll teach you a simple sequence of psychological hacks to awaken a woman’s buried bi-sexual
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thinking you’re doing her a favor when you finally agree to let her bring another girl into the
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will get even the shyest woman not only to watch porn with you but to take notes and try out what she sees on the screen…

I promise you’ll be shocked and will feel a wide smile spread
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My private collection of Done For You Dirty Texts… over 200 tested and proven romance novel
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What’s AMAZING about these texts is that they start turning up the heat with a girl you have your
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Do you know what women find irresistibly attractive in men?

The ability to see something you want

(and you can feel you want this so much)
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I hope you understand that I’ve stacked the deck so much in your favor that you can’t lose.

Actually there is one way you can lose

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Again, I’m Lawrence Lanoff and I can’t wait to hear about
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The Language of Lust

Review of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking

Review of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking

Review of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking

Click here for bigger image

Review of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking

Product Name: Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking

Click here to get Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking:

Dear Friend, You may not know it, but America needs a hero. It’s gone virtually unnoticed, but some of our proudest American traditions have slowly been fading away. With the waning of those traditions, many of our cherished natural resources — such as land, wildlife, and habitat — are in danger.

The key to this crisis remains with the most unsung of heroes…

…A hero who requires no fanfare…A hero whose costume is concealment and whose tools of the trade include a perfectly calibrated firearm and a razor sharp blade.

That hero is — the American hunter. 

Let me explain a little…

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the sport of hunting is slowly dying. 

The statistics are grim — hunting has been in a steady decline since its peak in 1982. And, of the hunters we have left, 55% of them are over the age of 45. This means the majority of hunters will age out of the sport within 2 decades.

Our great American pastime could go extinct within our lifetime!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds downright frightening to me!Before I go on, let me introduce myself. My name is Haley Heathman and I’m a concerned hunting guide’s wife.

It was only recently that I became aware of the sorry state the sport of hunting is in, but the more I researched it, the more I realized it was true. 

While researching, I asked my husband about what types of clients he guides. He told me that most of them are wealthier types who book guided hunts a few times of year and who enjoy the sport as a hobby or as a way to entertain business clients or colleagues. 

In other words, these clients view hunting as a leisure activity — an alternative to the golf course — rather than a way of life. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. For those who can afford it, it’s a great recreational activity.

But if the sport of hunting is to survive, we need to attract and recruit more hunters who view the sport as more than just a novelty. 

We need people who are passionate about the sport and its survival. People who embrace hunting as a way of life, a matter of tradition, and a reflection of the values we embody as Americans. 

I’ll be frank with you — I’m not an expert hunter. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be an ally and an advocate for the hunting community. 

My husband is an avid hunter and hunting guide. I’m constantly surrounded by other hunters and outdoorsmen and have sat through many a tale about people’s hunting expeditions. 

And while I might not be out there in the field getting my hands dirty every season, my motto has always been, “You kill it and I’ll cook it”. In fact, if I’m any example, I think one of the surest (but by no means the only) ways to attract and retain new hunters to the sport is through food and cooking.

Food unites people and is a window into another person’s culture.

But truth be told, I’ve been amazed at the number of the lifelong hunters I’ve known who don’t even know how to properly cook their game. In some cases, it’s been downright gag-inducing! 

Frankly, I was shocked. I expected more from lifelong hunters. I thought they had it all figured out and had learned the art of cooking wild game right alongside the skill of hunting and cleaning it. No wonder non-hunters have such a poor image of hunting and eating wild game meat if they can’t even count on the most experienced sportsmen among us to be able to cook a delicious and satisfying meal from the animals they harvest! But that’s not all. I’m astonished by the number of hunters who deliberately avoid hunting certain animals because they grew up believing and were told that the meat was “no good”……Or who only harvest the choicest cuts from the animal, like the tenderloins and backstrap, but leave the rest behind because “vultures gotta eat too”!I’m proud that the hunting community is so passionate about conservation of land and wildlife.That’s why it makes me so angry to hear some hunters practically boasting about leaving the majority of their prize behind and carelessly wasting so many usable and edible parts of their game with no thought at all about using the offcuts, giblets, wings, legs, or carcass.  

But that’s not even the most concerning thing. Let’s face it, our American heritage and long-standing traditions are under attack…

Educating future hunters and recruiting new ones to join our proud community is paramount if we want our way of life to survive.Look, I’ve read through countless Facebook threads and forum posts on prominent hunting pages. There is no shortage of opinions about what we can and should be doing to save the sport of hunting and, by extension, the various conservation efforts hunting supports. 

But it’s one thing to be an online keyboard activist, it’s another thing to take action. I decided I couldn’t sit around and wait any longer. I decided it was time for a bold new product in the hunting world. 

Something that fully captures the spirit of the American hunter. Something that ensures our great American pastime will be around for generations to come. Something that inspires current and future hunters to hone their craft and continue pursuing their passion for the outdoors. It has never been more urgent to reclaim our noble American heritage of self-reliance and personal responsibility. 

And so I got to work. I spent hours, weeks, and months relentlessly creating something the hunting community desperately needs.The result? 

America needs more heroes, and I intend to give them some!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you will benefit greatly from the goldmine of knowledge shared in this book.With this powerful information, you’ll be able to use it to become an inspiration, a positive role model, and an excellent ambassador to the sport of hunting. Not only that, you’ll be able to do so while providing for your family, being the envy of all your hunting buddies, and sharing long-lasting memories with the future hunters you take to the field with.

This is the ONLY book of its kind that guides you through the entire “field to table” process of hunting, cleaning, and cooking 6 of the most commonly hunted wild game species in North America. 

When asked, most hunters will tell you that a successful hunt isn’t just about making a kill. They’ll tell you it’s about the camaraderie with friends and family, being out in nature, enjoying God’s creations, and getting away from the stresses of home. It’s the male version of a yoga retreat!

Deep down you want to walk out of the field as a “winner”.

Whether that’s because you nailed the prize buck…took down a monster bull…outsmarted the boss tom…or shot your limit of ducks in just a matter of hours…nothing beats the feeling of pride you get knowing you took on Mother Nature and emerged victorious.

Imagine the looks of admiration on the faces of your friends when you show off yet another beautiful specimen that you harvested yourself.

You’ll feel a smug sense of satisfaction knowing they’re all envious that you manage to fill your tags season after season while they’re going home empty-handed. 

Plus, there’s nothing sexier to a woman than being with a man who’s a “winner” and can provide for his family.So while “kumbaya” around a campfire is nice, it doesn’t put food on the table for the family or get you looks of admiration from your friends. 

Here’s a “sneak preview” of what you’ll discover to make you the envy of your hunting buddies and irresistable in the eyes of your woman:

As exciting as the thrill of the hunt is (not to mention the adrenaline rush you feel when you finally close in on your target and hit your mark), it’s only the first part of the whole “field to table” process. 

As any good hunter will tell you, the key to amazing tasting game meat doesn’t start in the kitchen…it starts in the field!

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine real quick…

The usual guy he used to process his venison was completely full and couldn’t accept any more game meat at the time. So my friend decided to take his game to another guy across town he’d heard about. 

He went in, told the guy how he wanted his meat processed…ground venison, cajun smokies, summer sausage, burger, steak, and the rest. 

The “processor” took my friend’s deer to the back and came back several minutes later with a load of already processed frozen venison! For seasoned hunters, this is the stuff nightmares are made of! 

Whose venison was that? Was it even the same kind of deer? Was it left to sit in the sun for hours before they cleaned it? Was it gut shot? Was it a clean kill? How long had it been in the freezer? 

My friend said his stomach churned and he felt slightly nauseous when he saw that frozen meat come out of the back. He’s extremely careful about dressing his game. He knew his meat was fresh, humanely killed, and expertly cleaned. 

Was the frozen stuff going to taste like barf on a plate? Or worse, would he get food poisoning or violently ill from the questionably field dressed and processed meat he was being given? 

My friend decided it wasn’t worth the risk. He politely thanked the “processor”, retrieved his deer, and went elsewhere. 

Whether you process your game yourself or send it out to be processed, the key to safe, fresh, and tasty game meat is being able to swiftly (but carefully) field dress and clean your meat. 

Hunting guides do this week in and week out. They have found plenty of time-saving tricks and shortcuts that will save you HOURS of time and eliminate the frustration of struggling to clean your game. Not to mention, when you do it quickly and you do it right (using the “guide tested and approved” methods revealed inside that will make cleaning your game so second-nature…you’ll be a machine!), you virtually eliminate any risk of contamination or spoilage of your meat. 

Here are some of the more invaluable game cleaning “knowledge bombs” you’ll find inside: 

Imagine how much more enjoyable hunting will be once cleaning your game becomes so simple — it’s automatic!

No more frustration…no more clumsy “botchering” jobs…just easy breezy game cleaning that can be done in half the time you’re doing it in now with some of the ridiculously effective techniques revealed in this book. 

But we’re just getting started.

A whole new world of culinary possibilities is about to open up before you!Once you make the leap to hunting more types of wild game than you ever dreamed of before (all thanks to the eye-opening secrets packed in this book that will make you so antsy to get back out in the wild you’ll be grabbing your gun before you even turn the page)……and once you discover that there’s more than one way to skin a deer, pluck a duck, and breast a bird…

But hold on for just a second, I’m about to let you in on another secret.

You see, in addition to being a hunting guide’s wife (privy to all the “Dirty Little Secrets” I hear told by my husband and his guiding buddies), living in the Middle of Nowhere, Montana and enjoying the simple life, I also have a not-so-secret second identity…

Are you ready for it? Here goes…

I spent 9 years traveling the world as a superyacht stewardess working in direct contact with some of the world’s most rich and powerful people. 

I can’t believe I actually got paid to get such a world-class education on the finer things in life!

But if I’m honest, I much prefer living the simple life with my husband and dogs surrounded by the genuine people you meet in middle America. Now, I no longer have to pretend to care about how many different ways I can fold toilet paper (yes, that’s a thing) or having to launder (and iron!) the underwear of people who can barely remember my name. 

When I wasn’t doing the mundane work of polishing wine glasses and squeegeeing shower stalls 3 times a day, I worked side-by-side with professional chefs who cooked for celebrities, royalty, dignitaries, billionaire CEOs, professional athletes…and even other world-renowned chefs! I studied the ways of all the chefs I was working hand-in-hand with, asked questions, helped plan menus, and learned all their trade secrets.

I even had the honor of filling in for these chefs and cooking for demanding yacht guests when the need arose! 

And I’m ready to use all the knowledge I accumulated from the years I spent serving and cooking for the world’s most picky diners and apply it to cooking wild game.  Eliminating the “stigma” from wild game meat is the most crucial (and also the easiest) step we can take to enticing non-hunters to join our ranks.

Contrary to popular opinion, wild game doesn’t have to be mere survival gruel you just slop on a plate like a cafeteria lunch lady serving Grade E mystery meat…

In fact, I’ll show you how to elevate and create gourmet wild game meals so sensational…

    Even non-hunters will be begging you for your recipes!

If they even realize they’re eating wild game, that is! 

That’s the thing, when cleaned and cooked properly, wild game hardly tastes gamey at all. Most people won’t even realize they’re eating meat you harvested yourself because it’s so mild tasting and delicious! 

But finding out how to eliminate or hide the “gamey” taste to game meat is just one of the many secrets you’ll discover inside.

Here are a few more culinary “tricks of the trade” you’ll learn that will have you whipping up wild game meals so mouthwatering, Steve Rinella himself will be jealous: 

           Why your trophy buck might not be the best eating buck (so choose your mark wisely!)…how to extract the secret “liquid gold” (considered a delicacy in the culinary world) your duck is holding on to (people pay big bucks for this highly-prized ingredient in gourmet food stores)…how to turn your goose legs into a familiar and crowd-pleasing appetizer for when you have friends over for a BBQ or to watch the big game…plus my own favorite upland bird recipe (the secret is in the sauce, as they say, using this common garden-grown vegetable)… and much, much more.

Anyway, I could go on and on but here is the deal:

Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It is a crash course in everything you need to take your hunting game to the next level.

You’ll be well on your way to becoming a silent American hero after reading this book!

The book is conveniently broken up into 6 sections, one for each type of game. Each of those sections has a specific chapter dedicated to each part of the “field to table” process where you’ll find TONS of actionable advice and creative inspiration. 

There is so much information packed into each chapter (written in an easy-to-digest and fun writing style) that there is literally no way you won’t walk away without learning something that will enable you to march right back out in the field and “Get ‘er Done” like you never have before. 

I know this sounds almost unbelievable…and I can’t wait for you to experience what it feels like to be a true “master of your own domain” and to genuinely know what it’s like to be self-reliant…a skilled survivalist…and a respected role model your kids, grandkids, and spouse will look up to.

These are all proven strategies, methods, techniques and skills that are guaranteed to work if you apply them correctly.

So are you ready to take on the role of ‘Hero’ and join the effort to preserve our heritage while conserving our lands and wildlife?

Are you ready to experience the joys of being out in the wild, breathing in the fresh air, and being blown away by the abundance and beauty that Mother Nature has to offer? 

Would you like to prove your worth as a man who can take care of himself and his family no matter the circumstances? 

Are you excited to discover all the new culinary delights you can create with your wild game?

If you’re still reading this, it means the answer is YES!

Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It is the result of years of being outdoors, hundreds of conversations with experienced hunting guides and avid outdoorsmen, my own personal experiences in the kitchen and in the field, as well as hours upon hours of extensive research into all things hunting. 

I did the hard work of picking hunters’ brains, compiling all their secrets, and putting it all into one convenient, easy-to-access book for hunters everywhere.

As you may well know, a guided hunt will cost you anywhere between a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars depending on what type of game you’re hunting. 

Most of this goes towards the experience you get plus access to private hunting lands, food, licenses and lodging when necessary. Many hunters will gladly pay many thousands of dollars for such all-access experiences…and maybe they’ll even learn a thing or two along the way. 

But not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a guide to take them out hunting and show them the ropes. 

Or perhaps you’re more of the “do-it-yourself” type who prefers to take care of business on your own. 

Either way, you’ll get massive value out of all of the incredible tips, pointers, and information provided in this handy “One Stop Shop” of hunting and cooking know-how.Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll discover…

And this isn’t even half of what you’ll gain inside Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It. I can’t cover everything here because if I did, it’d take me at least another hour…

There isn’t even enough time for me to tell you about…

Imagine how INCREDIBLE it’s going to feel when you can march confidently into the wilderness and finally take down that monster bull that’s been eluding you for years now…

Or when you’ll be able to zip through cleaning and prepping dozens of game birds at a time without even breaking a sweat you’ll be such a pro at it. 

How much is it worth it to you to be able to put food on the table year round without ever having to go to the grocery store if you don’t want to?

Or imagine never being stumped by how to cook your game meat ever again!

How much is it worth to be able to take your kids and grandkids into the Great Outdoors and teach them life skills they’ll have with them forever…the pride you’ll fill with as you watch them put to use the lessons you’ve taught them as they take their first prize…and the memories you’ll make along the way? Some would say those types of experiences are PRICELESS! 

If you knew you could press a magic button and a lifetime’s worth of hunting and cooking knowledge would be uploaded straight into your brain like the Kung Fu program was to Neo in The Matrix, how much would that be worth to you?

You’ve probably seen other people who sit on their rumps 50 weeks out of the year but who will shell out hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars on an expensive guide for the 2 weeks of the year they want to dust off their gun and try and kill something…(with woeful results, mind you).

What do you think would be a fair price to be able to go out almost any day of the year (not just a select 2 weeks) and bring home some fresh game for supper? 

Of course, you might think that is a totally fair price to pay to know how to take down 6 of the most commonly hunted game species in North America…be able to clean it like a pro in no time at all…and also be able to cook a wide array of sensational meals friends, family, hunters, and non-hunters alike will go gaga for…but you might also be thinking that that price may be out of your reach…and I can totally understand that. 

That’s why I made it my mission to take the mystery out of hunting, cleaning, and cooking wild game and pack as many secrets, tips, and tricks into this book as possible for the benefit of both current and future hunters…all while making it as affordable and risk free as possible.

So what I want to do now is reward you for taking the time to read this and staying with me this far and for taking action right away…

But you have to take action right away.   

But…if you’re still reading this letter it means he hasn’t quite convinced me to raise the price just yet…but the clock is ticking! 

I laid out my mission earlier to take the mystery out of hunting, cooking, cleaning wild game while making it affordable for everyone.

I want to recruit as many new hunters as possible and inspire current hunters so we can recapture the essence and freedoms that have made America the greatest nation on the planet. So I intend to keep the price as low as possible until my husband finally gets mad enough at me for giving away the farm and forces me to raise the price to reflect its true value. That could be just days away!

 And to totally put all the risk on me and to make it really easy for you to buy with complete confidence, I’m offering a 60 day”No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee”.

If you aren’t convinced there’s enough valuable and actionable information contained in this book to make you a more kickass hunter… or you are not fully satisfied with the product for whatever reason, send me an email with your receipt and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

Not convinced yet? I want you to feel like this is an absolute no-brainer…That’s why I’ve got 2 incredible bonuses for taking action TODAY!These are bonuses I’ve created specifically just for the action-takers who are serious about taking their hunting game to the next level. These bonuses are EXCLUSIVE only to the motivated individuals who purchase Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It. You won’t find these bonuses anywhere else.

Internationally renowned super chef Gordon Ramsay called Tanorria’s ‘Shrimp and Grits’ dish “…the best he’s ever had in the MasterChef kitchen”. And now she’s agreed to lend her culinary talents to create 7 custom recipes exclusively for the lucky readers of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It!Known for creating delicious, scratch made “comfort foods”, Tanorria has done the same with her wild game recipes by crafting familiar and easy-to-make dishes out of wild game that the whole family will enjoy. 

You won’t find these recipes anywhere else…each one was written exclusively for readers of my book. But wait, there’s more! In addition to Tanorria’s 7 recipes, Texas chef JC Broom has also contributed 7 mouthwatering recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. 

As you know, everything’s bigger in Texas…and JC’s recipes are no different as each delectable dish is eagerly awaiting to punch you in the face with flavor!

Elevate your wild game meals into something you’d be proud to serve no matter the occassion with one of these chef-inspired recipes! 

I sought out 4 of the most renowned and experienced hunters and outfitters from around the nation and sat down for a one-on-one interview with each of them.Over 2 hours worth of interviews with 3rd and 4th generation hunters (like famed hunter and fisherman Phil O’Bannon and Gladesman Outfitters’ Tim Davis)…

…you’d literally have to pay hundreds of dollars by booking a hunt with them in order to get such insider information otherwise!

I was able to get these guides to “tell all” when it comes to elk, turkey, upland bird, and waterfowl hunting…and now you, too, can hear all of the secrets you’d have to pay big bucks to hear otherwise! 

Each interview is packaged into a convenient .mp3 format so you can listen on your computer, on your iPod, or on your phone.

You won’t hear these interviews anywhere else, they were exclusively recorded for readers of my book.   

In case you’ve lost track, let me break it down for you so you can see what all of these amazing products are worth:  

Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It

What I want you to do right now is click the button below and fill in the payment details. 

Once you do that, you’ll get full access to Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It plus both bonuses. You’ll be able to access these on any device at any time, including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below right now to instantly improve your hunting game…

Now, I was going to save this as a surprise for the early action-takers, but seeing as how you’re still here reading this letter, I’m guessing you’re still deciding whether or not to purchase this incredible product.

So I thought I’d better also mention this additional FREE GIFT that you’ll be receiving when you take action today… 

I’m offering the audio transcripts for all 4 of the bonus audio interviews as a free gift to you for taking decisive action towards being a better, more complete hunter today.

These transcripts will enable you to have access to all of the powerful knowledge shared in my interviews with some of the nation’s top hunting guides in both audio and visual format. You’ll be privy to all the insider secrets no matter your preferred format!

If reading is more your style, grab all 4 of the expert audio interviews in one convenient transcript book.

Listen on the go or read at home — whichever your preference, I’ve got you covered! Don’t miss a single, scintillating sentence!

This bonus is, once again, exclusive only to buyers of ‘Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It’, so don’t delay! Buy today! 

Let’s break this down one more time so you can fully see what a massive value this incredible product is: 

Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It

But you must order right now to get it. This offer really could vanish tomorrow. Maybe even tonight. So hurry. Click below to order now. 

Now you can test drive my product for two months with NO RISK!

If you want to return my book for any reason, simply email me a copy of your receipt, and I will refund 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

P.S.  Remember, I can only keep selling this product at a loss for so long. If you want to know all the insider secrets  that professional hunting guides make you pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for, then you MUST act now!

Hunt with confidence, make game cleaning a breeze, and cook extraordinary meals family and friends will rave about for weeks on end. 

Plus, don’t forget about the 3 INCREDIBLE Super Bonuses you get with the purchase of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It:

But this amazing deal won’t last. My hunting guide husband is pressuring me to raise the price to reflect the true value of this product. So click below to order right now before this incredible deal is gone forever! 

P.P.S. You have everything to gain…and nothing to lose…by accepting this risk-free offer! Remember, there’s a 60-day “No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee”…so what are you waiting for? Click the button and become the hunter, outdoorsman, and provider you’ve always wanted to be…instantly! But hurry, this deal could be gone by as early as tonight, so ACT NOW! 

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Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It — Wild Game Hunting And Cooking

Review of Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement

Review of Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement

Review of Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement

Click here for bigger image

Review of Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement

Product Name: Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement

Click here to get Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement:

From the desk of: Lily Jensen

Welcome! I am so happy you’re here today! 

I’d like to ask you 3 simple yet direct questions:

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, you are in the right place! 

Welcome to this special opportunity to Design Your Perfect Life using the powerful art of conscious visualization!

The following idea, by Dr. Denis Waitley, has been proven true by thousands of people from all walks of life as well as NASA scientists, professional athletes and physicists alike!

But in order for your visualizations to be impactful and align you with the huge, life-changing results you desire, they must be practiced a very specific way to be sure you are engaging all the right tools, energy and emotions that will powerfully cause these changes in your life.

If you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above, then this course is for you! Because the only way to have and do these things is to first believe they are possible thereby setting in motion the Universal Laws that will turn these dreams into reality.

Law of Attraction experts as well as people who have achieved their goals and dreams using conscious energetic principles all agree on one thing:

This powerful course will immerse you in a clear understanding of exactly how to use conscious visualization strategies. It will also provide you with 7 potent weeks of practice (49 daily exercises!) so you can design every area of your life exactly as you want!

The lessons in this course will thoroughly cover how to approach visualizing for maximum potency and reprogramming of your subconscious mind and will take all the guess work out of the process by providing you with exactly what to focus on each day, making sure your visualizations are interesting, exciting and filled with positive emotion.

During these 49 days of conscious visualization, you will “step outside the box” with several ways to approach the areas of your life so that the categories you focus on will fit within your personal lifestyle and desired outcome.

For instance, if you are not interested in a “romantic relationship” there are other ways you can approach that topic which will be perfectly fitting for your lifestyle. And when the course is over, you can continue using these tools to design and create your perfect life in any other ways you wish!

Stop the internal battles between what you want and what you actually believe you can have. Quickly shift into alignment with the life you desire using this powerful, proven daily practice. Once you know the proper techniques, it’s not only easy, it’s a lot of fun!

Moments from now you can begin to experience what thousands of others have discovered and I’ve made sure that this opportunity is priced within everyone’s budget so that I can impact as many lives as possible!

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Just look what others have said…

Sign up for this course and powerfully reprogram your subconscious mind while designing your life for the next 7 weeks.

Once you have a complete understanding of exactly how to use these tools, you can continue using them to create your perfect life in any other areas!

I’m Going One Step Further Though…

I want you to have ALL the tools you need to succeed in reprogramming, designing, AND LIVING the life you came here to have…

So when you Take Action TODAY, I’m giving you 3 additional Fast Action Bonuses…

I totally understand that you may have tried a lot of things in the past that haven’t worked for you – and I can appreciate that, I’ve been there.

That’s why I intentionally designed the lessons in this course to set you up to succeed where others have failed.

But I’m going to go even one step further to remove any reservation you may have about this course being right for you…

I am so confident that you’ll achieve the results you desire, I’m offering you a 100%, no questions asked, RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee.

That’s right – if for any reason you are not totally satisfied with Design Your Perfect Life within the first 60 days of your purchase, I will refund your investment 100% – no questions asked!

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“Design Your Perfect Life” Now

YES – Lily, I’m READY
to begin living the life of my dreams today!

You will get INSTANT ACCESS right now
— Even if it’s 3.00 A.M.!  *NOTE: These are digital downloads in Adobe PDF Format and you will be taken directly to the download page upon successful completion of checkout. Should you experience any problems being returned to the proper page, please Click Here To Contact Us.(Click the Order Button Above to Download.)

In the next 7 weeks, you are about to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind and opening doors beyond your wildest imagination. Click “Download Now”above to start your exciting journey!

To Your Magnificent Success!

P.S. While I have intentionally kept the price of this course as low as possible, I can’t promise that I can keep it this low forever. The material in this course is just too powerful to walk away from and return to later. So get started today before more of your life slips away:

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“Design Your Perfect Life” Now

© Copyright 2011-14 Path To Abundance, Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Design Your Perfect Life | Your Personal Agreement

Review of How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship

Review of How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship

Review of How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship

Click here for bigger image

Review of How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship

Product Name: How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship

Click here to get How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship:

Steps To Help Stop Your Break Up and
Get Your Ex Back
Even when you’re the only one trying

Can Often Get Your Love Back, Sometimes Within Just a Day or TwoEven If Your Situation
Seems Hopeless 

Jason screwed up. He
cheated on Jen, got caught and kicked out. He felt like an idiot and wanted
desperately to get back together. He begged and pleaded with her to give him
another chance. “It meant nothing, it’s you I really love!” But Jennifer
said what most women in this situation feel: “No Way, I can never trust you
again.” Both of them were hurt and feeling miserable.

Jason had lost his love
over a “meaningless” fling. He was desperate for relationship
advice. Jen felt betrayed and could see no way to get back to the
feelings of love for her man. Was there any marriage help for her?

Relationship breakups
happen all the time for all kinds of reasons. Cheating is one of the biggest
causes, but it can be anything. Constant fighting and arguing. One mate just
“isn’t that into” the other one anymore. Or one of you is too controlling
and the other feels smothered. Whatever. Relationship problems lead to
breakups.  Now, not every relationship can be saved, every situation
is unique.

But what if
you can get your ex back, even for the worst of
transgressions? Using the information you’re about to discover, Jason made a
specific kind of call to his soon-to-be ex wife

that took less than ten minutes.

In that one phone call
something remarkable happened for Jen. She actually began to feel like maybe
she could trust him again. So they got back together that same night. Yes,
they still have some things to work on, but they got back together because
Jason learned something about helping his ex move back towards trust.

What if you
could get your ex back? And in the process build a stronger love
relationship than you had before? It happens a lot, and it can happen for
you.  Now, every situation is unique and not every break up can be
repaired.  However, what if you could move beyond any and
all past mistakes made between you and get over a break up
in hours?

My name is John Laney and
I teach courses on Relationship and Emotional Intelligence. I’ve written a
book called
How To Get Your Love Back Now. The 7 Step Reconnect
Method Jason used is just one of the powerful approaches you can learn to
win back your ex.

What if your
relationship ended over another huge problem –your ex just isn’t that
into you?

The passion died away.
Like when Mike told Debra “Things just aren’t the same anymore… you’re not
The One for me…” and walked out of her life. Debra felt crushed. Another guy
she really liked had dumped her. Ouch! But what could she do when he just
wasn’t that into her?

This kind of common
relationship problem requires a whole different approach than Jason needed
with Jen. And its not hard to learn at all. Debra made a different kind of
call to Mike. Again,

It took less than ten

She followed it up with a
second call the next day and they were back together and got over their
breakup within two days. She and Mike are now both back in love and
having more fun than ever before. You can learn exactly what she said in the
call to win back his heart. You see, relationships deal in Emotional Logic.
Learn it, and you can turn your ex back into your love.

Click Here To Order Now!

Jason used some compelling
Emotional Intelligence to get back with Jen. The 7 Step Reconnect Method
that he used won’t work for everyone. Yet it’s perfect for
some situations. It is powerful and it will help you to move beyond mistakes
with your ex much more quickly.

Debra used a very
different kind of Emotional Logic to get back with Mike. Even after Mike
said the dreaded words “Maybe we can still be friends.” And, she had
a lot of fun doing it.

I am going to tell you in
this letter one of the first basic pieces to winning back the love of your
ex. But first, here is a short video I put together on some relationship
intelligence you can put to use today in getting your ex back.


Look. If you are in the
midst of a break up or
divorce, I know it’s a hard time. A
break up is an emotional hurricane of very difficult
feelings to deal with. Heartache. Sadness. Loneliness. Desperation. In
Jason’s case guilt and shame and in Debra’s case sadness and grief. Break
up’s trigger some of the worst feelings in our lives.

You can cry at the drop of
a hat. Or see two lovers holding hands and suddenly feel the weight of a
bowling ball in your gut for what you’ve lost. Hear a love song on the radio
and feel crushing heartache.

But what if you could
win back your ex? What if you could not only begin to repair the
damage but learn some simple methods to have more love than ever before?
What if you could stop a divorce dead in its tracks with a 7 minute
conversation?  What if you could turn your ex wife or ex husband into
your lover again within hours? 

But how?? Is there some
secret recipe to making your ex want your back? Is there some code proven by
others that you could rush your love back into your arms?

The Code can be called EQ.

EQ stands for Emotional
Intelligence. Jason had a tough problem to overcome, right? Cheating is one
of the biggest relationship killers in the world. He desperately wanted
another chance, but Jen kept saying she could never trust him again. What
can you do if that’s the case? Man or woman – whether you wronged your mate
or they wronged you – learning some EQ will help you get your love back and
stop your break up or divorce.

You need Emotional Intelligence if you are

your ex ten times a day and leaving voice mails

over what happened

a hard time thinking about anything else

drained of energy

hopeless, like nobody will ever love you again

about stalking and spying on them

your last conversations endlessly

And, if you do talk to
your ex, what if it gets no better, or even worse? Does your ex
girlfriend or ex boyfriend seem more distant or angry or resolved to
stay clear of you? That’s okay, because

We can make a lot of mistakes
during a break up, like

Some friendly advice?
Don’t do those things or stop doing them.  They’re bad Emotional
Logic, and will drive your ex even further away!

Make Your Ex Want You Back
With the 7 Step Immediate Reconnect Method

I said, I teach Emotional and Relationship Intelligence courses. And one
of the first things that you learn coaching couples is this: all
relationships have breakdowns. You know what a breakdown is – Fights,
arguments, upsets, distancing. It’s gonna happen in all relationships.

Well, since millions of
couples every day have breakdowns in their relationship, many studies
have been done to see what works and what doesn’t work when couples have
problems. After all, there are lots of opportunities to observe this,

Most people deal
with breakdowns by doing one of two things. They either attack
or withdraw. Attackers (who aren’t bad and are very nice people
usually) try to argue or
dominate or manipulate their mate into agreeing with them.
Attackers are so uncomfortable with the breakdown/upset they try to
force their mate to see it their way.

“Retreaters” (who
are also very nice people) have a whole different strategy. They are
so uncomfortable with the breakdown that they shut down. Withdraw
behind a wall of silence. Shut out their mate. They come across as
cold and distant.

Now we have all
attacked and “retreated” in different arguments in our lives. In
some relationships,
both of you retreat behind walls of silence. The distance
between you gets so vast and can feel so uncross-able! And with some
other couples, both of you attack and argue
until it seems that’s all that you do. And some of us
“attack” by begging and pleading relentlessly with our ex.

But both attacking and
withdrawing are mistakes!

They keep the upset from
being resolved! And, attacking and withdrawing both
damage the quality of the relationship. But if you’re like most people,
you’re stuck! You probably know that attacking/forcing your ex won’t get
them back. Or you know that the “silent treatment” and being cold and
distant isn’t working either.

What else can you do?

Well, just as studies
have figured out what doesn’t work, there are also several things people
do to reconnect that do work.
Saying “I’m sorry” til you’re blue in the face doesn’t work, but
saying “I’m sorry” using the right Emotional Logic can work within

Three other important things have to happen first
in an apology for it to really work the way you want it to.  And
almost nobody gets them right. Learning what to say before I’m sorry can
allow you to be back with your ex often within minutes or hours from

Click Here To Download Now!

I’ve been studying and
teaching about breakdowns in relationships for years now. I’ve coached
lots of people on how to reconnect and get back together. And one of the
most interesting things I’ve learned is this: a few powerful
conversations that take
less than ten minutes can begin to get most couples past big

Whether its cheating or
being wronged or loss of passion and boredom. Often times,
just ten minutes of the right
kind of Emotional Logic can begin to win back your love.
No begging or pleading. No yelling or forcing. No more being cold
and distant. The Emotional Intelligence involved in getting your love
back can be learned in minutes from the book

book isn’t about tricks and gimmicks like “bumping” into the ex wife at the
restaurant they’re eating at or trying to make your ex boyfriend jealous by
acting like you have a new lover. Tricks and gimmicks won’t work in the long
run. Trying to manipulate or trick your ex to get back with you is a flimsy
plan that will hurt your long term.

Let’s look at what’s
in How To
Get Your Love Back Now
and how it can help you:

The 7 Step Reconnect Method.
This is powerful. It gives you an “almost unfair advantage.” And you
can learn it in just minutes and put it to use today. Now, your
break up won’t be over in just minutes, but it can be well on the way
to being repaired.  You’ve got to learn this
essential tool whatever your situation.
(Begins on Page 10)

How to Regain Their Trust!
If you cheated or in some other way betrayed your
girlfriend or boyfriend, and you’re worried they’ll never be able to
trust you again, you must
learn this. Most people think it can take years, if ever, to rebuild
trust, but you’ll find out it can be done within hours!
(Page 13)

How To Get Over Being Wronged!
Lots of lovers get betrayed by their mates, and feel like they can’t
trust them ever again. Learn how to give your ex a second chance and
keep the same problem from ever happening again.

(Page 23-28 tells you exactly how to accomplish this!)

What To Do If They’re Just Not That
Into You! This happens a lot
in relationships. Your partner gets bored or loses passion for you.
They just don’t seem to be that into you any more. What can you do
to turn this around in just a few days? Not only is there lots you
can do – it can be some of the most fun you’ll have too!
(The Chapter beginning on page 59 walks you through this easy and
fun fix!)

The Immediate Reconnect Strategies.
The 7 Step Reconnect Method is just one of several that you can
put to use today to get back with your ex, depending on your
particular situation. This section takes you by the hand and walks
you through exactly how to reconnect quickly with your mate. Not a
bunch of theory, just a practical “here’s what you say and do” to
get your ex wanting your back.

What If They Aren’t Returning My
Calls? How can you reconnect
if they refuse to talk to you? Find out exactly what you must do to
deal with this common problem.
(Page 33)

How To Stop All the Fighting and
Arguing. That’s what’s driving
you apart. Learn two powerful skills to stop fighting
at the source. Before
it begins, oftentimes. Discover how to make love not war with your
(Starts on Page 78)

What If They’re Seeing Someone Else?
This is one of the most challenging scenarios you can deal with.  You
want your ex back, but they’re dating someone else.
Your odds are low regardless.  However, this one
technique on page 57 might just change your future.

Sex With The Ex!
Make up sex is great, and this is a vital part of your reconnect
strategy. Yet men and women should deal with it entirely
differently.  Find out how fast you should have sex with your
(Find out why on page 20)

The Gradual Reconnect Strategies.
Some relationships need time to heal. Couples are obviously at
different places in their relationship breakdowns. Some may seem
almost beyond repair or hope. Everyone has a different story and
situation they need to deal with. If the Immediate Reconnect
Strategies don’t work for you fast, then these Gradual Reconnect
Strategies will get your ex back into your arms.

How to Stop The Pain of a Break Up!
In a break up, both of you are dealing with some of the heaviest
emotional troubles you will ever experience. How can you take care
of yourself and start to feel better immediately, today? How can you
help your ex get over their bad feelings? Learn this and in as
little as two minutes a day you can make heartache disappear.
(Page 45)

How To Make Your Ex Purr with
Learn this amazing tool for when you get back together. It takes
just five minutes a day, and you’ll soon be hot for each other like
you were in the beginning. 
(Page 67)

Want proof that it works?

I realize this might be
starting to sound like some overhyped sales pitch and you may be
skeptical. Having worked with tons of couples, I can honestly tell you
that this is relationship advice
we all need. I’m passionate about getting the word out. It does make a
difference. Everyone should have it. Hopefully someday it will be taught
in schools. But here’s some “proof” from satisfied clients:

“Got Back
Together Later the Same Day!”

“John, your course
is golden! Got back together later the same day I ordered your book.
Thanks for making it so simple and easy. Your 7 Step Reconnect
Method makes sense and was easy to follow. Julie and I are both back
in love again!”

Tony Hill, San Diego, CA
(got back together in 7

cheated on me and you saved our marriage!”

“Thanks for helping
me get my ex back! He cheated on me and I didn’t know how to get
over it. I was so mad but so sad. What you told me to do really
worked. Thanks for showing me the light!”

Jen Davis, Lakewood, CO
(got back together in 2

“Stopped Our

“John, what you
taught me about relationships in just a few chapters not only helped
me get my
ex wife back but now we’re happier.  I didn’t think
anything could stop our divorce but this did it!”

Rob Jefferson, Boston, MA
(got ex back in 15

“My ex got back
into me big time!”

“My ex just wasn’t
that into me. I did what you said, and now he is more into me than
ever.  And, just like you said, it was fun to do!  This
should be on Oprah!”

Ardelle Johnson, Minot, North Dakota
(got ex back in 8 days)

Click Here To Add To Cart!

Let me be clear. This is
not about using some tricks or gimmicks to try to manipulate
the ex into taking you back. Even if such things worked, your
relationship would be based on trickery and not Real Love. Eventually it
will fail.

This is about using your
Emotional Intelligence to get what you both want and need in your
relationship.   The Emotional Logic necessary to stop your
break up or divorce
and make your mate want to hold you close again is easy to learn.  You
can download the book in the next 2 minutes and use the 7 Step Reconnect
Method within one hour from now!  You’ll love it, and likely so will your ex!

What if your strategies don’t work
for me?
Good question. This book comes with a 60 day guarantee. You get 60
days to see if it works or doesn’t. And if you read this book and
don’t think it will work for you, you’ll get a refund. No questions
asked. And, you’ll have learned some powerful Emotional Logic for
the time you invested to read the book.
You’ll still have this powerful knowledge to use for the rest of
your life.Can I
really get my ex back in just hours?
Usually not! But you can start to get your ex back that fast. 
You’ll understand how within the first 15
pages of the book. Many couples can get back together within hours
to a few days after learning this technique.  Other couples and
situations will take longer.  Whatever your circumstances, you
will find it covered in this book.

Does this
work every time?
No, it doesn’t!  There are some situations that are beyond
repair, and you won’t be able to get your ex back quickly, if at
all.  And, if your ex has moved in with someone else, or moved
hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, your chances of
getting them back are greatly diminished.  Also, if you were in a
physically or emotionally abusive relationship, you should get
counseling before even considering getting back together.

When will I receive the How To Get
Your Love Back Now book?
Immediately upon ordering. You will be able to download it in just
minutes and start putting it to use to win back your love. However,
I strongly advise that you read the whole book before using any of
the Immediate or Gradual Reconnect strategies. You need to
understand how they all can work together based on your individual
situation to win back the love of your life. But you can read the
whole book in just about an hour or two.

What if we broke up a long time ago?
Is it too late?
No. As you will see, in some cases it can even be easier for you to
reconnect. Your situation is far from hopeless. The
techniques taught in the Reconnect Strategies have still proven
successful even after a long break up or divorce.

Click Here To Order Now!

Order now because
every hour you wait might only have them drift further apart from you.
Time can be your biggest enemy.  And you deserve to spend the rest
of your life with the person you love. You deserve a second chance to
make things right with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

So please, give
yourself a treat. Do something great for both of you. You do deserve it.
There is absolutely no risk!  Click the order button below.
Download How To Get Your Love Back Now.  Learn the
incredible power of the 7 Minute Reconnect Method and use it today.


Click To Add To Cart!

We weren’t taught any
Relationship Intelligence in school.

It took me years to learn this stuff. You can learn it in minutes. And
if you’re suffering from a break up shouldn’t you know some of the most
powerful Emotional Intelligence techniques available to get back
with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend? People have used
Emotional logic to stop a divorce dead in its tracks,
so this will work for your situation too. Wouldn’t you benefit for the
rest of your life if you knew clearly how to repair a broken

P.P.S. Here are some more of the comments
I’ve gotten from happy customers…

My husband called off the divorce!”

He was so mad
that I cheated on him, I thought he’d never get over it, but after using
your Trust Rebuilder he started to soften and now things are looking much

“We have a date for tomorrow!”

I called him up,
followed your advice step by step, and we’re seeing each other again
tomorrow.  Thanks one hundred million!Sue

Download How To Get Your Love Back Now

Your book was a lifesaver!  It
really helped me to know exactly what to do.  I thought she’d written
me off completely but we talked for over an hour last night.  Things
are looking good and I really thank you!Nathan

“It took less time
than I thought!”

Haha!  You said your immediate
reconnect strategy would work fast, and I didn’t believe it, but I’m not
complaining!  She accepted my deep apology and invited me over last

“My attitude is much
better and he noticed!”

You can get so down on yourself and
weepy in a breakup.   After following your advice, I felt so much
better and he noticed.  He actually suggested getting together for
coffee next week.  I didn’t have to push!  I am so grateful.Jo

How To Get Your Love Back Now

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Privacy Policy   | Affiliates
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How To Get Your Ex Back Now | Save Your Love Relationship

Review of Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Review of Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Review of Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Product Name: Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Click here to get Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!:

Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Dear Bachelors and Bachelorettes,

I lost my job in late 2008 along with a lot of other Americans. I knew our economic troubles were coming and I made financial preparations, but they were woefully inadequate. I didn’t have a backup plan in case I was thrown out of work. Worse yet, when it happened, I could no longer apply for the work I had been doing unless I had a college degree!

I was living the high life, or so I thought. I enjoyed exotic cars and sun-soaked vacations. I had a nice house and no real financial worries. But when I got shut out of the job market, I went broke overnight. Within months I was in foreclosure. My car loans were in default, not to mention my credit cards. I was frantically sending out resumes at the rate of a few hundred month and getting no calls whatsoever. There was little food left and no money to buy more. My heat and electricity were shut off. Life quickly became a bare struggle for survival.

With charity from my family and from local organizations, I held on. During that time, I lost considerable weight and became weaker. No matter how carefully I rationed, I watched the fresh food go. Then the dried. Then the canned. I kept busy with school to keep my mind occupied, not to acknowledge the unfathomable reality that I was slowly, literally, starving to death. A few of my more desperate friends committed suicide. I was in utter disbelief that all of this was happening, and in America no less.

The worst and most hand-wringing frustration is not having enough money. Every day, 6,000 more families sink below poverty level. When bills are piling up with no end in sight, the pain stings night and day. Much worse than never getting ahead is the very real threat of falling so far behind, you can’t recover. You’re forced to run faster and faster just to keep what you have.

While the economy teeters upon another potential collapse, the uncertainty of how secure your job really is may have you in a state of wide-eyed fear. You may hate your job or your boss and seethe with anger over the lack of respect the organization treats you with, but without a degree, the harsh reality is that you’re at their mercy. You can’t afford to lose what you have.

Statistics show you’re not alone:

Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find, according to the Social Security Administration: Only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to; 36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke—dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living. That’s 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

Some people say to themselves, “I’ll work until I die.” Unfortunately, if you don’t get educated, you’re probably right. The further tragedy is that your kids will likely follow suit and won’t escape this miserable fate either. The unnecessary and brutal struggle will be perpetuated. What if there was a way to break all of these horrible trends?

Occasionally I’d meet some of my degreed friends who would throw me a free lunch. They weren’t starving. Their lives hadn’t been disrupted at all. Then I had a major eye-opener: I saw a statistic that said while the unemployment rate was over 15% for the general population, but only 2% for degreed people! So I decided that getting a degree–even at the cost of four years of my life–was the quickest way out of starvation and homelessness. Still, a four-year commitment? That sounded awful. Then I was reminded of my original schedule 20 years ago: eight years part-time. I certainly didn’t want that (and you don’t either), so I began searching for ways to speed things up.

With extensive study of my college course bulletin (a yearly catalog defining rules, regulations, and classes), I realized I could finish the degree much faster than was customary. The college dictated the sequence of activities, but not the pace at which those activities must be accomplished. Much beyond the few ways schools offer to accommodate adult students, such as after hours and online classes, I found a number of degree accelerating methods which, when put together, turbo-charged the process of getting a degree. The result was that instead of four years or even three, I finished my bachelor’s degree in ONE year and three months!

I thought this was nothing short of amazing: ONLY ONE YEAR after going back to school, I graduated, and then enrolled in the Master’s Degree program! I shared my secrets with a number of other students and they ran with them. Soon they were thrilled to be getting the same results. Getting real results, really fast, invigorated them with hope and made getting the degree so much more rewarding. It also proved to me that anyone could do it.

“I read this book after spending eight years in school achieving a professional degree and it made me sick to think of how much time and money this book could have saved me. … hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the extra income I could have earned had I graduated a few years earlier…” –Dr. Peter Fox

I decided to write a book outlining exactly what I did so that people anywhere can benefit from the system I developed. The result is Bachelor Monkey! (named in honor of the last class I took the old-fashioned way: Anthropology). Within it, I chronicle the twists and turns of my whole journey including my mistakes, so you can learn from them (the fact is, I could have graduated even faster!). I also outline most of what you will encounter with college, from financial aid to class scheduling to degree counseling, so you don’t have to suffer alone in the fog of a very confusing process.

I found that the choice of the school is critical. The university structure itself will determine whether you can save any time at all, and how much you can save. It will also determine how stressful or stress-free the experience will be. For those of you with five years experience in business or more, college isn’t going to be very difficult. Time wise, with a well-orchestrated plan, I didn’t have to give up my life either, and neither will you. With the format I provide, the cost of your degree will also be much less.

My fast degree system is only for getting diplomas from fully-accredited universities. Personally, I wouldn’t touch any of the online schools that you see on TV commercials. I’ve seen enough people being referred to (during the interview process at work) as having “online degrees” that the name itself discredits them. In my opinion, having an online degree puts you a notch above a high school diploma, but still falls far short of what is considered a legitimate bachelor’s degree.

Then there’s the disaster of paying for a fake diploma: “One Week or One Month” they chant, is all it takes to review your job credentials and grant you a degree! No classes, no tests… it sounds so easy, right? Companies are so familiar with this that I guarantee you’ll be caught. Mine checked to make sure my degree was real. Employers have databases of job applicants they share with each other. This is fraud. Do something dishonest like this and you won’t be able to find work anywhere.

I expect a big explosion of massive fraud to be uncovered in the fly-by-night online and instant degree community in the next few years. The awful thing is that people who’ve sunk their hard earned money and/or time into pursuing such a degree will have lost all credibility with employers and will have to start over. I think the whole movement takes corrupt and greedy advantage of your predicament. You’re much better off on a legitimate fast track like Bachelor Monkey! using perfectly legal and educationally credible techniques, accepted by American colleges and universities for the last 70 years or more.

Regarding online degrees, there are some good, old, established bricks-and-mortar universities that offer online classes if you want to go that route, and are the only ones I would trust. I used online classes as fillers or when I had no other choice when a course wasn’t offered locally, but that’s all. Live, in-person classes are much easier, by the way.

I didn’t think I could afford college either. Until I realized how I could. Quite frankly, I agree with you: College costs too much and it takes too much time—if you do it the way schools want you to. But that just makes them rich. You’re not going to do that. You won’t have 4 years worth of loans. At most, just ONE year’s worth of loans. And with some of the proceeds, you can pay bills like I did, quitting that second job while you study. Forget about that second job. When you finish school, you won’t be going back to it.

I think all adults have the life experience they need to function with ease in college. You don’t have to worry about being smart enough. You are. College didn’t teach me things that were too difficult to understand. The effort was more like vacuuming and dusting. It was something I could do, I just didn’t want to, but I did it anyway.

My parents didn’t go to college either, and they made ends meet. But they grew up in a different world. Ours is considerably more turbulent and uncertain. The middle class was strong then. Now it’s teetering on the edge of extinction, and getting a college degree is one of the only ways to escape the devastation.

With my fast degree system, it will only be a year or so before you’re onto a better path in life. Where will you be a year from now if you don’t do it? A year more tired. A year more desperate. What if you CAN get out of this rut? What if you were a college graduate with a new job that pays twice or three times as much with full benefits such as vacation, sick time, and health and dental insurance? You don’t have time to do college conventionally: I understand. No one does. If you do it at all, you have to find a faster, cheaper way. This is it.

I bet you work hard and do a great job, but nobody notices. I bet you’ve gone year after year with no raises. Some of your superiors probably don’t even treat you like a person. I was so sick of uncaring bosses threatening me with all the different ways I could be fired. They treated me like garbage. Like a total nobody. I saw myself get passed over, time and time again for promotions, even though I could do the job better than anyone. Worse, I saw myself rise to a cherished management position, only to lose it to someone with the “proper credentials” (and I had to train him to replace me). I had no leverage, and without a degree, neither do you.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the tent cities popping up across America. Who do you think lives there? The educated upper classes? Not a chance. We’re being left behind. Should we accept the destruction of our way of life while the corrupt rich pursue a psychotic agenda? We need middle class representation in the higher echelons to keep things fair, but we need the formal education to match them if we ever expect to be heard. We need people who won’t forget. We need people who will help others rise.

Maybe we could share a house with another family. But then we’ll have just a room in the house. Then a corner of the room. Otherwise, it’s Tent City. I can’t believe I was almost homeless. Nothing in my life has been so psychologically devastating as what I realized I was headed for if things didn’t turn around. No running water. No indoor plumbing. No heat. No air conditioning. No clean food. Community showers. Life in prison is better. But only until some pathogen (man-made or not) sweeps through and wipes everybody out. Perhaps the politicians will call them “CDC specials” for disposing of us undesirables. Unless you have a death wish or just really like camping, you MUST make a decision to change your future.

An alarming study revealed in The New York Times on September 20, 2012, found that life spans are now SHRINKING for the least-educated in America:

“The steepest declines were for white women without a high school diploma, who lost five years of life between 1990 and 2008” … “White men lacking a high school diploma lost three years of life.”

I think that’s stark enough, and it wasn’t much different for other races. The financial and physical stress you suffer for not having a college diploma will kill you up to five years sooner than nature will. Not to mention your quality of life: home evictions, lost relationships, ongoing personal trauma from unattended medical and dental needs, and the malnutrition and depression you’ll endure throughout your years of agony.

It’s time to take positive action. Imagine having freedom from financial worry. Imagine if, one Friday, you worked half the day before you realized it was payday, because you didn’t need the money. You have more than enough and are no longer living check to check.

Imagine having the time to do the things you want to do: read a good book; take up yoga; learn a language… Imagine more quality time with your loved ones: time to help the kids with their homework, time to walk the dog, or go to the beach. You can enjoy some nice, slow, peaceful, quiet time with nothing else to worry about, or dream up some new adventure and go live it.

Now, I’m not rich, and I’m not telling you you’ll get rich. But most days, by 4:30pm, I’m back home and in sweatpants, and I’m not going back out. No second jobs. No daily struggle between financial crisis and exhaustion. That to me is so comforting, so rewarding, and gives me such a sense of wealth, I’m pleasantly reminded of how worthwhile that intense year was. And what about the impossible, such as whisking your loved ones away to exotic locations like Hawaii or Paris? Maybe that’s too great a leap to consider right now, but it will be possible, as well as anything else you can dream of.

You’ll look back and marvel at how far you’ve come. You’ll be doing things you wouldn’t have dreamed of, just a few years ago. It’s like your living someone else’s life. You’ll be certainty about your financial future. You’ll have leverage and respect at work. A bank account NOT constantly bouncing off zero, but a bank account well-padded for future wants and opportunities. Enough savings to retire in style. A high income with all the perks. There’s no guarantee this will happen, but it’s virtually guaranteed that it won’t, if you don’t get a degree.

What’s more is the status of having a college degree. Believe me, it’s powerful. I achieved my degree so fast and so much easier than I expected to, that I kept going to complete a Master’s Degree as well. Together, they give me considerable clout. Almost doctor-level clout. It’s a great feeling when you know your words carry weight. (By the way, do you think it took me 3 years to finish my Masters? No: a year and a half). Degrees give you leverage.

Entertainingly enough, whether your bosses like you or not, the degrees put you next in line for significant positions of authority. And, not that I love this fact, but the next time a promotion comes along and its down to you and that dynamic go-getter who’s always out-shining everyone else, but doesn’t have a degree, you’ll get the job. And the money.

I can’t tell you how much better I am treated in job interviews now. With the degree, I no longer have to prove myself. If I at least washed that morning, I’ll be seriously considered for the job, and I’m interviewing for positions two levels above where I used to be. More money, more responsibility, and more respect! I’m also less flexible and less concerned with the outcome, because the degree gives me lots of options. If they don’t want to hire me, I DON’T CARE.

Look at all of the famous people who knew a degree was worth their time and effort: Adam Sandler, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashley Judd, Barbara Walters, Carrie Underwood, Chevy Chase, Christy Turlington, Conan O’Brien, Dale Earnhardt Jr., David Duchovny, David Letterman, Debra Messing, Denzel Washington, Dolph Lundgren, Donald Sutherland, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil McGraw, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Edward Norton, Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker, Howard Stern, Hugh Grant, Hugh Hefner, J.K. Rowling, James Earl Jones, James Franco, Jay Leno, Jennifer Garner, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Springer, Jodie Foster, Jon Stewart, Julia Stiles, Katie Couric, Kenny G, Kevin Costner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristin Bell, Lisa Kudrow, Lucy Liu, Ludacris, Matthew McConaughey, Meryl Streep, Michael Jordan, Montel Williams, Natalie Portman, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel McAdams, Reba McEntire, Regis Philbin, Renée Zellwegar, Rowan Atkinson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Shaquille O’ Neal, Sheryl Crow, Sigourney Weaver, Spike Lee, Stephen King, Steve Carell, Tim Allen, Tina Fey, Tommy Lee Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, Will Ferrell, and Zach Braff, and there are many more.

I realize this information could be a thousand dollars and it would be a bargain. But you don’t have a thousand to spend, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Quite frankly, I’m doing it at cost. Why? War trauma. This is me, carrying a wounded soldier to safety. None of us deserved what we’ve went through these last few years. This project answers a problem that is so socially critical, I want you to have it. I want you to graduate quickly. I want your voice to count and to help change things. I want to secure our freedoms and wipe out our vulnerabilities. I desperately want a better world for us all to enjoy; especially for our kids, and among them is my own daughter.

Bachelor Monkey! includes:

And to help you out even more, I’ve included:

Even if I’m only half right, you will graduate in two years, still saving several years of your life. Once you’re done I just hope you won’t forget me, and perhaps you’ll say a silent thank you. Something like, “Thank you so much for writing this. I’m on the other side now. I’m in the club. My kids will have much better lives now and I’ll save a fortune on their educations too. My future is secure. My dreams are no longer nightmares. My stress is gone. My life is an adventure again. I can breathe again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I have to wonder what the universities will do when they realize these secrets are out. Maybe they’ll do nothing. After all, it will attract more people to get degrees, and more business for them is a good thing. Still, many people are snapping this up while it’s available, just in case. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among them. Besides, you want to get to the new jobs first… or you could arrive years late when the best jobs are long gone.

Of course it takes a very clear-thinking individual to see the implications of what I’m offering: Everything you hope will happen by speeding up your degree, will happen 3 years sooner. Need a better car? Next year. Want a promotion? Next year. If you’re 40 years old now, do you want to finish college when you’re 44, or 48, or next year, when you’re 41? How much career progress could you make in those 4 to 8 years if you’re not struggling to finish school? The unfortunate reality for most of us is that if you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, chances are, you’ll never even try to reach the other side. A year is nothing. Invest a year, and you’ll have the rest of your life to reap the rewards.

If I were your close friend, my advice would be “God, do this.” A year from now, everything can change. You can get away from your financial difficulties for life. You can have a better, more secure retirement. You can help your kids get through college as well, and save yourself a fortune. Statistics show that the unemployment rate is significantly less for college graduates; as low as 2% compared to 15% for the non-degreed. If your kids hope to have a decent life at all, they are going to need a college degree.

Don’t wait. Get your copy of Bachelor Monkey! now. I made it cheap so anyone could afford it. For less than thirty bucks, you can get on the fast track to graduating college. The cost is nothing compared to how much you will benefit. You will save years. You will save thousands. Your life will never be the same. Afterwards, I’d love to hear your story. Please email or write and let me know how you did, who else you’ve helped, and how your life has changed. Also, don’t forget to join the Ethics Underground Newsletter and download my Mortgage Mutilator for FREE, which works to pay off college loans fast, too.

Best wishes for your every endeavor,

PS. To recap, you can get a four-year college degree from the school of your choice much faster than you imagine: in as little as ONE year. I did it in ONE YEAR AND THREE MONTHS, and if I had a guide like Bachelor Monkey! when I started, I could have done it even quicker. This fast degree system is for use with authentic, fully-accredited universities only: No fake degrees or online diplomas are necessary. With no college degree, life is much harder. Invest a year, and I guarantee you’ll be well on your way to a better life: more money, more time, and much more control over your future. Even in a bad economy, unemployment for degreed people ranges 2-4%, where the non-degreed suffer unemployment rates of 15-25% or more. Invest in yourself and get Bachelor Monkey! right now. Do it before the universities decide to close these loopholes (Get it now and you’ll finish school long before they do). Your purchase is fully guaranteed by ClickBank, so there’s no risk on your part. Swing on over.

Here’s a letter I received recently:

“The information in this book is extremely relevant to today’s quickly changing career and political environment. I read this book after spending eight years in school achieving a professional degree and it made me sick to think of how much time and money this book could have saved me. When I started my education, student loan rates were at 4.5%. Two years before graduation (and in the middle of the lion’s share of my educational expense) the rate jumped to the maximum allowable rate of over 8%. Over the next thirty years that extra 4% could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the extra income I could have earned had I graduated a few years earlier (instead of October 2008). The job market is changing at a rapid pace, the traditional structure of education is finding itself unable to keep up. The jobs that are in demand today might not be in demand by the time a masters degree is completed in the traditional six year time frame. The sooner you can finish school the greater the chance you will be riding the peak of the wave instead of swimming your heart out to catch up while the next set is crashing down on top of you.

There are also some intangible benefits to this knowledge that are not mentioned in the book, especially for the more traditional student going into academia or the professions. One of these is the weeder class. These are the classes that are difficult to pass, let alone get an A. These are the classes that sift out the talented individuals in the class. Doing well in these classes mean internships might open up, or research opportunities, or a stellar letter of recommendation. Doing well in these key classes can make the difference between being a low paid lab tech and getting into the medical school of your choice. Using the knowledge in this book and a little extra planning, you could potentially free up the time and energy you need to shine in the classes and open up more opportunities for yourself.” –Dr. Peter Fox, Davenport, IA

If you’d like to share, We’d love to hear from you. Please send your success story or any questions in the contact form below. Maybe your story will be featured here!

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*This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Adam Sandler, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashley Judd, Barbara Walters, Carrie Underwood, Chevy Chase, Christy Turlington, Conan O’Brien, Dale Earnhardt Jr., David Duchovny, David Letterman, Debra Messing, Denzel Washington, Dolph Lundgren, Donald Sutherland, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil McGraw, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Edward Norton, Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker, Howard Stern, Hugh Grant, Hugh Hefner, J.K. Rowling, James Earl Jones, James Franco, Jay Leno, Jennifer Garner, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Springer, Jodie Foster, Jon Stewart, Julia Stiles, Katie Couric, Kenny G, Kevin Costner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristin Bell, Lisa Kudrow, Lucy Liu, Ludacris, Matthew McConaughey, Meryl Streep, Michael Jordan, Montel Williams, Natalie Portman, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel McAdams, Reba McEntire, Regis Philbin, Renée Zellwegar, Rowan Atkinson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Shaquille O’ Neal, Sheryl Crow, Sigourney Weaver, Spike Lee, Stephen King, Steve Carell, Tim Allen, Tina Fey, Tommy Lee Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, Will Ferrell, and Zach Braff, , nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Adam Sandler, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashley Judd, Barbara Walters, Carrie Underwood, Chevy Chase, Christy Turlington, Conan O’Brien, Dale Earnhardt Jr., David Duchovny, David Letterman, Debra Messing, Denzel Washington, Dolph Lundgren, Donald Sutherland, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil McGraw, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Edward Norton, Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker, Howard Stern, Hugh Grant, Hugh Hefner, J.K. Rowling, James Earl Jones, James Franco, Jay Leno, Jennifer Garner, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Springer, Jodie Foster, Jon Stewart, Julia Stiles, Katie Couric, Kenny G, Kevin Costner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristin Bell, Lisa Kudrow, Lucy Liu, Ludacris, Matthew McConaughey, Meryl Streep, Michael Jordan, Montel Williams, Natalie Portman, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel McAdams, Reba McEntire, Regis Philbin, Renée Zellwegar, Rowan Atkinson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Shaquille O’ Neal, Sheryl Crow, Sigourney Weaver, Spike Lee, Stephen King, Steve Carell, Tim Allen, Tina Fey, Tommy Lee Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, Will Ferrell, and Zach Braff.

Ronald E. Springer holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Central Michigan University and has done post graduate work at Harvard. He has authored several books and has been a guest on dozens of radio shows across the nation. His latest work, Bachelor Monkey! explores his swift journey into and out of the college jungle. Bachelor Monkey! cuts through the confusion and gives you a strategic approach to finish your degree in record time so you can make more money and live a better life. The answers are just minutes away. Jump on the fast track and order now!

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Bachelor Monkey – Swing a Four Year Degree in ONE YEAR without Going Bananas!

Review of Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance

Review of Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance

Review of Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance

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Review of Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance

Product Name: Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance

Click here to get Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance:

Our 10th Anniversary Edition!  This is the newest version of our kit which includes the latest questions asked at Embassy interviews, the new forms posted by USCIS and updated tips and guides based on the feedback we receive from our customers. We are delighted to report 100% success with our kits since 2003 and look forward to serving future customers.

Perhaps a better question is how well do you know the The Visa process, Immigration Law, and possible problems with your application? And more importantly, can you explain the process to your Fiancée? She will have questions too!

Most Americans have never filed for anything with the Immigration Office. They have no idea that the immigration system’s purpose is to accept your forms and fee’s (your money) while providing minimal guidance on what you should include, attach and anticipate.
Our Visa Kit has been written based on successful Fiancé Visa applications that were filed without assistance from a lawyer. All templates, examples and instructions come from people just like you, who simply want to bring their Fiancée to the United States as quickly as possible. You can spend months reading horror stories and unqualified information about how to apply for a Fiancé Visa, or you can download the kit and know your package will be processed quickly.

The kit is optimized for Russian speaking Fiance’s with tips, guides, forms and samples based on the application process used in Russian speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and more)

Remember: Most people will only do this once, so there are few experts out there aside from lawyers. Our research was based on personal interviews and first hand experiences of dozens of couples who applied by doing the paperwork themselves and then completed the process successfully.

We have a 100% success rate on applications filed using our kit! We also communicate with our customers after the sale in the event an odd question or situation comes up. We’ve also been in business since 2004 with many happy customers from all over the United States.

You do not need a Fiancée Visa lawyer or Immigration Attorney to apply for a Fiancée Visa. In fact, a lawyer must charge for their service but you will still have to provide all the documentation for your Fiancée’s Visa. An attorney can only complete the paperwork and mail the package. They cannot produce the required documents, meaning you will still be doing most of the work yourself. It makes sense to consider a Fiancé Visa Kit so you save time and money.

This kit breaks the application process down, step by step, so you don’t have to wonder what happens next. Keep in mind, your Fiancée will also have questions. Will she get the answers from you or have to rely on the embassy or her misinformed friends?

The Fiancée Visa Kit includes:

Detailed explanations and guidance on each step of the process.

Complete set of electronic forms which can be printed or filled out on your computer.

Templates, guides and examples based on successful application packages.

Time saving links to the most current USCIS information to speed you through the administrative work.

Money Saving tips that will pay for the kit ten times over.

Chapter List (40 pages + forms and templates)

The I-129f, Petition for Alien Fiancé

The Biographical Background Form

About Your Birth Certificate

The Affidavit: Intention to Marry

Proof of Relationship Template

Interview at the US Embassy

Photographic Requirements

Simple answer, It’s a better value and it’s based on real experiences. When I began to apply for my Fiancée’s visa, I looked for a Kit but didn’t find anything based on personal experiences. None of the authors were able to say they filed a K-1 Visa for their future wife, nor had they seen what the medical exam or Embassy was like.

They also couldn’t say they had filed all the paperwork themselves–but I can because I did! The Fiancée Visa Kit explains how I did everything, and successfully brought my Russian Fiancé to the United States. I also interviewed hundreds of other American men who married Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian women. The kit contains tips from this research that can help you save money and avoid a lot of headaches and heartache.

The Kit also helps you understand what your Fiancé will experience during the various stages of approval. Remember, She will definitely have questions and will want the answersfrom you, not the government! You want to be well informed when she asks things, because she is placing her future in your hands and needs to trust that you can take care of her when she arrives.

How much will the Visa Process Cost?

Avoid unplanned expenses by reviewing the step by step cost estimates. The filing fee is just one of several noteworthy costs in the overall process. The kit includes a financial planning guide to help you prepare ahead of time.

What happens at the Interview?

The Embassy interview is a very mysterious segment of the Fiancé’ Visa process. Only your Fiancé is permitted in the interview. The typical questions and overall process is covered in the kit.

What should I include in the Financial Support Document?

Your financial records are required when your Fiancé appears for her interview. The embassy personnel are allowed to ask for multiple items making it frustrating to know what should be included. Failure to provide the right information could mean a second interview and more delays. The kit includes a comprehensive list and samples of documents to include.

How do I provide “Proof” of our relationship?

Not sure what to include? It is essential to prove your relationship to the Immigration Service. Failure to include enough proof could mean delays or denial of your application. The kit includes both PDF and PowerPoint versions of a proven layout which can be adapted to your needs. This layout received very positive comments from the Embassy and Border personnel when presented

What should I write on the cover letter or affidavits?

The kit includes a sample cover letter outlining the contents and details of your package. There is also an optional affidavit of your intention to marry within 90 days once your fiancé arrives, including notary statement.

You can begin completing the forms within minutes of downloading the kit! Don’t keep your Fiancée waiting, get started today!

Then you should know the Fiancée Visa kit comes with an 8 week money back guarantee. That’s right, if it doesn’t help you file for your Fiancée’s Visa, just return it and you get your money back. However, we are confident you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

Email Support:[email protected]

The Kit and electronic forms can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Templates can be edited in any text editor but Microsoft Word is recommended.

The Proof of Relationship layout can be digitally edited in Microsoft PowerPoint. Or it can be printed and edited manually.

The Kit has been tested on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. A zip file extractor is needed to open the package. Instructions on obtaining a free extraction program are included on the page where you download the kit.

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it here.
If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can purchase a copy here

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Russian Fiancee K-1 Visa Kit $87.96 – My Russian Fiance

Review of Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018

Review of Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018

Review of Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018

Click here for bigger image

Review of Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018

Product Name: Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018

Click here to get Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018 at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018:

Se concentrer en 3 respirations,lire 1 livre de 200 pages en 1Het mémoriser vos cours en 30 minutes !!!*

* Les résultats peuvent varier d’une personne à une autre.

En deux ans plus de 2000 personnesformées dans15 pays et 97% de satisfaction

Votre formateur est diplômé en developpementpersonnel, gestion de projets, ingénériede formation, etc.

Nous sommes convaincus de l’efficacité de nosformations, c’est pourquoi nous
nous engageonsà vous rembourser si vous n’êtes pas « satisfait ».

Nous sommes convaincus de l’efficacité de nos formations, c’est pourquoi nous nous engageons à vous rembourser si vous n’êtes pas « satisfait ».

Rejoignez plus d’un millier de personnes formées au programme.

Des techniques accessibles à tous.

Pour y découvrir les techniques les plus puissantes qui existent actuellement dans le monde.

Votre investissement est 100% couvert et sans risque.

Si dans 30 (trente) jours, vous demandez un remboursement parce que la formation ne vous a rien apporté, nous vous rembourserons intégralement sans conditions.

“Lire un livre par jour est devenu tout à fait possible pour moi maintenant, c’est un plaisir car je peux continuer d’acheter d’autres œuvres sans en faire de la décoration.”

“Boosteur d’intelligences m’a redonné le gout de la lecture avec plus de plaisir et moins d’efforts.”

Lire la FAQ / Consulter les Mentions légales ou les CGV

Copyright © 2017 Trans-formations, All Rights Reserved

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Boosteur d’Intelligences 2018

Review of Secrets to Eliminate Clutter

Review of Secrets to Eliminate Clutter

Review of Secrets to Eliminate Clutter

Click here for bigger image

Review of Secrets to Eliminate Clutter

Product Name: Secrets to Eliminate Clutter

Click here to get Secrets to Eliminate Clutter at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Secrets to Eliminate Clutter:

If you would like to declutter any room quickly with minimum effort, declutter your home and organize it on a shoestring budget and simplify the way you live,
then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Recently, a new breakthrough in decluttering was discovered and reported in an amazing new eBook called Secrets to Eliminate Clutter.

It’s amazing, because it covers nearly every bit of information you’ve ever wanted to know about getting rid of clutter, plus more…

Just imagine being able to eliminate your clutter in just 7 days (or less) without using any expensive tools or spending a fortune on expensive storage.

And you could do this from the comfort of your own home – wouldn’t that be great?

Yes, you could have the neatest home. It truly is possible, but you just need to know how.

That’s why this brand new amazing eBook on Decluttering Tips can help you do – plus you can….

Because, every bit of this eBook is packed with the latest cutting edge information on clutter elimination and it took over 1 year to research, gather the data and compile it into this amazing new eBook.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Secrets to Eliminate Clutter eBook:

But that’s not all…Because that’s just a small tiny fraction of the amount of information you’ll discover in this jam packed eBook that you can download within 5 minutes from the comfort of your own home.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you
4 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any
solution you obtain:

1: This is an extraction of the best tactics that expert organizers use on their jobs of decluttering homes.

2: It is written in plain English, you won’t find any super complicated technical jargon here.

3: I have used them and it is proven to work, it worked for me and will do it for you, guaranteed or your money back.

4: It is an affordable eBook and you don’t need fancy tools to make it work.

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And that alone would cost you an arm and a leg…

Because you see…this isn’t some off-the-wall, slapped together eBook!

But best of all… This eBook is written in plain, easy-to-understand English (This means that you won’t find any super complicated technical jargon here) – It’s written to be dead-easy to read and understand, and it’s laid out so you can easily follow it.

Yes you read right…That’s just a fraction of what it’s really worth and the cost to put this eBook together (Countless hours interviewing experts, doing research, and double checking to make sure that the information included is the most cutting-edge and up to date information there is).

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Here’s a list of the bonuses that you’ll also get:

This amazing bonus #1 is all about how to set your goals, any goal in your life !

I included this bonus thinking that it will help you to reach your goal of decluttering your space.

This amazing bonus #2 is all about decorating your home on a small budget!

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Secrets to Eliminate Clutter

Review of (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan

Review of (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan

Review of (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan

Click here for bigger image

Review of (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan

Product Name: (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan

Click here to get (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of (1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan:

I you didn’t answer “homesteading”, then please hold it right there, because you could be very vulnerable in the aftermath of a long term disaster…

My name is Dan F. Sullivan and after years of prepping, I came to the conclusion that the only way to have a solid, steady food and water supply is to HOMESTEAD.

Homesteading is the only (legal) way I know of to become almost completely self-reliant from the food corporations, the utilities companies, the Government and Big Pharma… by harvesting hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of organic food year-round, and collecting thousands of gallons of crystal-clear drinking water for free…

To take back your health by growing your own groceries, and making your own food out of basic ingredients, such as cheese, bread and even chocolate to name a few…

Then you could stockpile the excess produce for dark days… (The shelf life of ingredients is longer than that of the resulting foods, anyway…) So while other preppers pay thousands for overpriced, highly-processed “emergency food”, you’ll build your survival stockpile for free…

It’ll be like having your own personal supermarket just a few feet away from you… Though not the kind that sells processed meat full of hormones and steroids, veggies full of pesticides that have absolutely no taste at all, not to mention and all the other junk full of preservatives…

So let me cut right to the chase and show you:

Out of my over a dozen experienced prepper writers on, I handpicked the ones that are also excellent homesteaders…

Tara Dodrill is rocking it on a 56 acres farm in Ohio: 6 horses, 6 cows, 4 goats, dozens of ducks, chickens, guinea fowls, donkeys, sheep and dogs…

Next we’ve got Megan Stewart, an amazing gal and my most cherished writer. You may have read her excellent articles on the blog. She’s an expert homesteader and prepper and practices what she preaches.

Then there’s Ryan Dotson, a master survivalist and an excellent cook, very good at making survival food staples on his homestead, such as hard-tack and pemmican…

Jeanie Beales is not only the most passionate gardener I’ve ever known, she’s very knowledgeable in home remedies, and has lots of other skills. She can also teach you A LOT about cooking.

Next we have Rebekah White, a hidden homesteading gem… She lives on a 22 acre farm in Vermont, the 7th coldest state in the country, proving that you can raise chickens, massive quantities of zucchini and even bees in colder climates.

Last but not least, we have Paige Thompson, one of my newest writers, living on a homestead with her husband, surrounded by dogs, cats and lots of chickens. When she explains a homesteading concept, the level of detail is simply amazing.

Together, my homesteading dream-team has over 100 acres of land and DECADES of combined knowledge and experience… and they all agreed to share it with you…

We all worked our rear ends off, to finally come up withThe Ultimate A to Z Homesteading Encyclopedia:

…the only course that will show you how to start a fully-functioning homestead from the ground up in as little as 7 days.

Let me prove to you how in-depth and jam-packed this course is by giving you just a taste of what you’ll find inside its over 500 pages and over 15 chapters:

● It all starts with your vision. What’s the ultimate goal you want to achieve with your homestead? Before you start digging in your garden or buying your first chicks, you need to figure out what you want. We’ll help you do this even if right now you’re confused and clueless, by thoroughly explaining basic concepts, and giving you lots of options of where to take your homestead. We’ll literally help you turn your dream into reality.

● Once we take care of that, we’ll talk about finding the right land for your dream homestead. You need to know all the restrictions and regulations, such as mandatory hook-ups to municipal water, or to the sewage system… Some states and counties limit the number of animals or even forbid rainwater collection, but in some places (we found 7 different ones in the U.S.), you can get fertile land for FREE.

● Next, we’ll give you layout tips and examples on how to set everything up. Do this by the ear and you’ll be sorry when you realize you should’ve put them in different places or in different orientations. There are crucial factors to keep in mind, such as the slope, the sun, and of course, the various emergencies that could occur (such as house fires and wildfires).

● Once we have your vision and your plan, that’s when the real fun starts. You need to think about land clearance, fencing and, of course, protecting your homestead from prying eyes, and setting up things like early warning systems.

● The A to Z of gardening. We’ll talk about each veggie one by one… Lettuce, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes and many more, when and where to plant them, how to water them, and of course, we’ll help you avoid costly mistakes that even seasoned gardeners make sometimes.

● We’ll also tell you how to grow these 4 plants that work as natural painkillers, 4 plants you can make sugar from (and barter with post-collapse) and half a dozen other medicinal herbs you can use when doctors may not be available, or even today to avoid buying medicine…

● We’ll also reveal the one common plant that keeps pests away, such as worms and even rabbits and, at the same time, attracts a whole bunch of pollinators… We’ll tell you the fast-growing, highly-nutritious wonder-tree that’s a natural mosquito repellant, and last but not least, and the mystery berry that does well in sunshine as well as the shade, is jam-packed with fiber, antioxidants and vitamins, and will produce fruit for the next 20 years.

● Everything you need to know to successfully set up raised beds. They have less weeds, the plants need A LOT LESS water, they defrost sooner in the spring and your dog won’t get to them.

● Then we’ll show you how to build your first greenhouse. This “no fail approach” will get you more produce you ever thought possible, and all you need are some basic materials to set it up.

● Next, we’re taking things one step further and showing you how to grow fruit trees, grapes, and berries. These require very little maintenance, yet they’re another one of those things that will put your homestead on autopilot.

● Weeds? Predators? You can crush all of them, no matter how large or sneaky but, if you don’t, it’s going to be SHTF in your back yard: deer, mice, snakes, hawks, foxes, gophers, and even black bears. Nothing will ever touch your garden ever again. We’ll give you dirt-cheap hacks such as using VHS tape to deter them. Don’t throw away any “junk” you have lying around the house until you read this!

● In homesteading, the chicken always comes before the egg. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about them: raising store-bought chicks, building a chicken coop, getting your hens to integrate and start laying eggs, not letting them escape the perimeter, or eat things that will get them sick and so much more.

● In fact, we’ll tell you how to take care of ALL your animals and how to keep them healthy and safe… Rabbits, goats, cattle, pigs and turkeys, even horses… How to feed then pre and post-collapse with whatever grows on your homestead. We’re going into a huge amount of detail with each, including safety issues, the costs of raising them and much, much more.

● Then we’ll show you some really cool and useful DIY homesteading projects: fly traps, chicken nesting boxes, DIY mouthwash, laundry detergent, and many, many more. Each project is an opportunity to spend time and bond with your family, because they’re so easy, even your kids can do them. We even show some of them on video, so they can easily follow along the instructions…

● We’ll talk about all the possible ways to heat your house: wood, coal, propane, solar… The sooner you switch to them, the sooner you’ll see your electric bill drop like a rock.

● How to make your homestead bulletproof and ready to bug in. If and when the big one hits, you want to be ready and to protect your investment.

● But what if you’re forced to evacuate? No place on this earth is immune to disasters… so when that flood or that wildfire comes, part of your homestead will be portable and ready to go. You obviously can’t take everything with you, but you can take the essentials that will allow you to start over again in a different place.

● 5 ways to preserve food. Smoking, dehydrating, freeze drying, pickling, as well as 3 types of off-grid refrigerators that require zero electricity. All in minute detail.

● How to set up a cheap drip irrigation system that uses gravity to water your plants even if you have to leave your homestead. In fact, we’ll tell you a number of things to automate your homestead, and make it run partially on autopilot.

Now, this was just a taste of what you’ll get inside Autopilot Homestead, because we’ll also discuss bees, perennials, essential oils, tractors and their uses…

I even brought an active-duty infantryman to the team, certified as a Combat Lifesaver in the U.S. Army and will teach you basic first aid and prepare you for homesteading accidents.

This course will help get your basic homestead up and running in less than a week…

And it’ll put at least some of these things on autopilot…

And believe it or not, this isn’t everything… because I decided to add these kick-ass bonuses to motivate you to get started…

Bonus #1 first is the Autopilot Homestead Action Plan booklet, to help you put everything from the main course into practice. No theory, just things to do one step at a time.

Bonus #2 is a collection of over a dozen PDF printables: daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal planning sheets for crop growing, care and health records for each animal, an incubation chart, and many more goodies.

Print them out and keep them handy on your fridge, in your barn, basement or anywhere else you might need them:

The 3rd bonus is titled 37 Ways to Boost Your Energy. Whether you feel tired because of all the unhealthy food you’ve been eating, or because your job is stressing you out, we’re giving you 37 ALL NATURAL ways to feel energized, and more confident from this day forward.

Last but not least, the 4th bonus is titled Amazing Home Remedies you can use to treat minor injuries by yourself, without relying on a doctor. Jeanie did an excellent job on this one …

To recap, you get the Autopilot Homestead e-course, which takes you from absolute zero and helps you have a vision, set goals, make a plan, and then put that plan into action.

Then you’ve got the 4 PDFs to help you get the most out of the main course…

On top of that you have the videos to show you things like how to make hardtack and pemmican, not to mention all the DIY stuff…

When you go through it, I’m almost certain you’ll love it… But just in case you don’t, I’m backing it up with my iron-clad money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works… You’ve got 60 days (that’s two whole months) to go through it all, plan your homestead, and start applying…

If you’re not happy with the progress you make, asking for a refund is incredibly easy… You see, when you order, you’ll get an email from ClickBank (the trusted online retailer that makes this transaction possible) with a refund link. If you’re not happy for whatever reason, you can use that link to get your money back OR you can contact me directly and I’ll give you the refund myself.

If you could only get one homesteading course, this would be it. Do everything the way we teach you and your homestead will grow right before your eyes…

So start your homesteading adventure right here. Commit to giving this a try and we’ll commit to helping you set everything up… So long as you have the time and don’t mind a little hard work, you can do it.

Click the button below now and I and my experts will see you in the Members’ Area shortly:

founder and editor-in-chief of

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(1) SHTF Homestead, by Dan. F. Sullivan

Review of One Time Offer

Review of One Time Offer

Review of One Time Offer

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Review of One Time Offer

Product Name: One Time Offer

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Description of One Time Offer:

The Full Manifestation
& Law of Attraction Series !

19 Sensational
downloads designed to manifest money, sex,
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So How Does These Products Work ?
Why are they so different to all the other Law of Attraction and
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selected a number of successful people. Some were materially
successful, some were great healers or motivators, some seemed to have
amazing power over the opposite sex. Others were great artists and
others had a successful marriage and family life.

All the successful people had
one thing in common. When they were focused and intent on their wish we
saw similar brainwave patterns emerge again and again.

It seemed that the ability to
manifest has a reproducible and re-creatable brain pattern. We have
been able to recreate this pattern using brainwave harmonics and
binaural induction.

Further research showed that
the dominant pattern was similar but certain sub harmonics varied.
There was a dominant sub harmonic for healing and a different one for
manifesting material gain. There was yet another for sexual magnetism
and another for psychic ability.

In all we discovered 7 sets of
sub-harmonics that influenced material gain, sexual magnetism, healing,
love, artistic ability, psychic ability and spirituality.

The 7 sets of sub-harmonics
were superimposed on the basic manifestation pattern. It was found that
combining the necessary sub harmonic with the dominant manifestation
pattern, gave much faster and more consistent results than by using the
dominant manifestation pattern alone. All 7 sub-harmonic/manifestation
patterns are available for immediate download in this one time offer – you
could be using the most incredible law of attraction programs in the
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Beware: This Could Be The ONLY

“I bought the full series
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manifestation is spot on. I am using it for remote healing and getting
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“Awesome!!!!!! Peter
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First, take a look at the products you’ll be
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These 2
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Examples would be increased wealth, more
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These 2
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This is
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These 2
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These 2
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It can
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These 2
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 These 2
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You listen to the Magickal Focus
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 These 2
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music and frequencies help to focus your own vibration and resonance.
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calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create
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product is used for Magick
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has its own resonance.  If you know how
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If you know how any system resonates, you can influence that system. Listening
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One Time Offer

Review of Frog Formula

Review of Frog Formula

Review of Frog Formula

Click here for bigger image

Review of Frog Formula

Product Name: Frog Formula

Click here to get Frog Formula at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Frog Formula:

Image by Lightspring/

Trigger so much devotion in him…

…that he will never think about another woman

Image by Chrisbrignell/

Frog Formula unmasks the science behind his sudden loss of interest & his unwillingness to commit

Discover why you are attracting the same type of man over and over again by subtle things you do and say!

Men are psychologically wired in one of THREE major ways..

 You unconsciously act in a way, that turns off the very men who want to  commit & make you truly happy.. 

….This is why the numbers game “kiss enough frogs” does NOT work!

I am going to tell you some things that may be hard to read.. but they are necessary.. sometimes the truth can be ugly and hurtful but is needed for life altering change. 

Image by Zastolskiy Victor/

Did you know that in the Russian folk tale version of the fairytale, the Frog Prince, the frog is actually a woman?   

Sometimes we are the frog and don’t even realize it.  By “frog”, I don’t mean looks, weight, height or anything related to physical appearance, state of finances or intellectual capability. 

The frog is something or someone that brings out the worst in you by triggering unconscious pre-wired behavior, crushing your chances at a happy relationship.    

We like to think that we are in control but much of the time, we are on autopilot. 

Ladies, it’s not just men who go hunting with beer goggles on..  In our case, the beer goggle is our pre-programmed view of the world that we cling to for dear life.  

This kind of faulty programming holds us back from entering into a happy relationship with someone who genuinely gives a sh*t about us. 

If you believe that 1+1 = 3 as fact, you are not going to be going far in the field of advanced mathematics.  

Your foundations are incorrect.  Believing false facts about relationships at a subconcious level holds you back from riding into the sunset with Prince Charming.  

About half of the population has an insecure relationship attachment style.  That’s a whole lot of frustrated & unhappy people!  

We are reacting robots most of the time, repeating the very same patterns.  We have been programmed a certain way, then we wind ourselves up and repeat the same behavior over and over again, sometimes for a lifetime.  

I want you to switch to another mode of being when it comes to relationships.  I want you to give off of a vibe of being a woman of quality, not someone who is putting herself on a going out of business sale.  

Ps. You can be very successful at your job, business, art or athletics but still give off a vibe that you are NOT a woman of substance when it comes to relationships.  

What you think is subtle behavior, is a flashing light putting off quality men – and you will be stuck with the toads doing the fade-away, usually after they get what they want…  

….because no man will ever tell you he is just having a wee bit of fun with you until someone better  (relationship material) comes along.  

My name is Kat Stevenson.  I am not a psychologist or a doctor.  My unique qualification in giving relationship advice comes from my self-inflicted world tour of dating “aloof” men, then learning from my many mistakes and finally landing my partner in crime, my very best friend.

Once upon a time, I have kissed more frogs than I care to admit, and have occasionally been the frog myself.   Having worked in the cross-cultural communications field on five continents, I have amassed a great deal of information on what makes human beings tick.  

I have learned from people who do have fancy psychology degrees and combined this knowledge with my people management and anthropology work from the cities and suburbs of the US of A, to African safaris, deadly conflict zones and world capitals.. The most life changing works I have researched were on Adult Attachment Science.  

Image by Illustration Forrest/

Human behavior is a lot like playing chess.  There are a fixed number of different players. They move differently according to the rules prescribed to them. 

Human beings are very predictable once you understand their programming.  Once you figure out what makes certain personalities tick, you can anticipate their next move – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Once you understand the game, yourself, and the other players, the world is your oyster. It is nothing short of having a superpower.  

Men, (people) are really not that complicated, but you need to know which piece you are moving on the board. 

Why not become a Grand Master when it comes to relationships of any kind?  If you have to pick a chess piece, why not be the Queen, who can move in any direction across the board? 

Image by Sahachatz/

There are four types of people when it comes to adult romantic relationships according to the field of Adult Relationship Attachment Science*:

Tango is all about the AXIS.  Two human beings connected in a sensual way, leaning against each other, twisting and turning but both of them are safely rooted in their axis, so should one turn away, the other one doesn’t fall down. 

I’ve spent many months in Argentina, where the tango is very much alive, and not in the way of a tourist trap.  Tango is not just a dance, it is a transposition of human relationships.  

If there is one thing we can learn from the tango, is always maintain our axis, so we don’t fall down should another person turn away or disappear. 

Roberta (35) fell in love with James (38) at first sight.  They met on a popular online dating platform.  Roberta has been on a number of lackluster internet dates where men lied about their height, age, jobs, and posted pictures from ten years ago.  

Then Roberta met James.  He was so much more handsome in person than in the profile picture.  He was everything he claimed to be in the profile and more.  The conversation at the mall coffe shop flowed effortlessly.  They had so much in common.  James seemed enchanted with her.  

He gently brushed her hand as if by accident, then took hold of her hand.  It was such a small gesture but she was smitten.  He called her beautiful and smart.  He looked at her with genuine admiration.  

He walked her to her car and passionately kissed her.  They ended up making out on the hood of her car like teenagers.  He followed up with a text to make sure she got home safe.  He had an overseas assignment but still managed to call.  They spoke for hours every day.  

When he came home, he rushed straight from the airport to see her with a bouquet of flowers.  Things got physical way sooner than Roberta wanted but what the hell, she didn’t want to lose him.  She also didn’t want to play games or hard to get.  She was all about honesty.  

After two months of being the model boyfriend, James didn’t show up for a date.  He also didn’t return her calls until two days later, and then only to break the next date with the excuse of being sick.  However, every time Roberta has mentally prepared herself that it was over, he resurfaced making her feel that she overreacted.  

Roberta and James had planned a European long-weekend getaway beforehand.  Roberta booked the hotel..  James seemed to be looking forward to it, even though the frequency of the calls and texts have been getting more and more scarce.  

After their first date, James managed to call her from overseas from daily.  Now they were in the same zip code and he was extremely busy redecorating his kitchen with his friends to even text her back.  

The more James retreated, the more Roberta pursued, not realizing that anything or anyone you chase runs away.  

Roberta lost out on her European getaway.  She spent the vacation time she already requested off from work in the gutter feeling sorry for herself.  

She felt like an idiot having already told people about her new relationship.  She blamed herself for not seeing the relationship as too good to be true from the beginning.  She retraced every text message and email to see where she went wrong.  

James never showed up for the European getaway.  He didn’t call or write to cancel.  He just disappeared.  Roberta figured it out a couple days before but kept hoping for a grand gesture which never came.  

A few weeks later, a “Dear Jane” email arrived from James explaining that he just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to date and was so busy with work that he barely had time to spend with his dog.  He was also going back to school so he was going to be a busy, busy man.  

Roberta took this to try to convince James to get back into a relationship with her so she could take care of the dog while he worked and studied.  James never responded, however, Roberta still held a candle for him for months to come.  

She finally got the message when James’ online profile resurfaced again.  He found the time among work, school, and the dog to date other women.

When Roberta reached out to him by email suggesting they be friends, he never responded. 

Roberta went back to reading self-help books on how not to be so needy and clingy and drive men away.  

James wouldn’t be caught dead reading those books.  According to him, the problem is with the women he dates, not himself.  He just hasn’t met the right one.  It’s just a numbers game.  (pst. we know it isn’t.)  

Given Roberta & James’ attachment styles, what may seem like great chemistry at the beginning is actually a disaster waiting to happen.  Both James and Roberta could benefit greatly from dating a secure person. 

Someone truly secure in their relationship attachment could give Roberta the closeness and affection she needs.    Similarly, a secure person could give James the space he craves so he keeps coming back for more. 

Relationships between two people with insecure attachment styles can lead to a whole lot of pain and suffering.  

Frog Formula’s secret sauce is creating a blueprint for changing your attachment style.   Let me tell you, the difference between a secure and an insecure relationship is like flying first class vs. getting stuck in coach in the middle seat.  

If you are in an insecure relationship, the longer the relationship, the longer the flight in the middle seat without a seabelt constantly going through turbulence.. 

I want to get you out of that uncomfortable middle seat and into first class! 

There is a far better, happier, more fulfilled love life waiting for you but only if you are willing to take certain simple steps to change your subconscious behavior.  

You are subconsciously choosing the uncomfortable seat…  

First class is yours for the taking without the heavy price tag.  

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The real problem is that anxious and avoidant people attract each other like disastrous magnets.  This only leads to a vicious cyclone of frustration and unhappiness. 

Another war, us women constantly wage is against time.  You do not have time to waste on frogs, which is why this information is all the more crucial.  Women on average may live longer in terms of average life expectancy, but men live longer in terms of quality of life.  A 40 year old man is still considered “young” with plenty of time to settle down.  

These attitudes are changing, and I know women who look better and are much happier at 40 than they were at 20.  The internet is full of celebrity mothers who had kids in their 40’s.  The reality is also that there is a reason this makes the news. 

We pick certain men blindly because we don’t even realize that we have grown up with permanently glued on distorting goggles on.  We miss red flags.  We paint rosy pictures of someone we hardly know.  We hold onto false facts and miss out on a happier reality.  

The eye of the hurricane is characteristically calm.  When you are in the eye, you don’t realize what’s going on but everyone else can see disaster a mile away.  Don’t let another man who is programmed to distance himself waste your precious life.  There are plenty of good men out there.  

Let Frog Formula show you how to pick the good apples while spotting the ones that are likely to give you the relationship equivalent of food poisoning.  

….Frog Formula makes sure you invest your time & heart wisely

Given that there are 3 major relationship attachment styles, on top of other personality traits, you need to invest your time wisely.  

You cannot have everyone like you, no matter how kind, hot or brilliant you are.  

 If you don’t know who you are, you will just accept anyone and will try to conform to what you think they need.  

The key is recognizing whose cup of tea you are and investing your time, heart and energy wisely.  There are enough men waiting to waste your time in short intervals for a lifetime.  

No woman ever decides to let a man waste her time.  She believes this could be the one & invests her time in the wrong kind of man over and over.

Image by Zastolskiy Victor/

Many women find they can’t get over someone without closure.  This will drive you crazy and put you in a mental loop constantly thinking about someone who may not think you are worth the air he breathes. 

There is a psychological reason for this.  I will show you what is causing it.  He is not the “one who got away”.

Despite of how crappily someone has treated you or ghosted you without an explanation – our minds have a way of tricking us into a mental reflex reliving his best (real or imagined) qualities.  

The lack of closure is triggering an effect on you because of a continuous mental loop.  Once you understand it, you have the power to change it.  

Becoming aware of this critical scientific discovery will spill over to other parts of your life as well.. 

I want you to pack your bags & leave the emotional hurricane behind..  If you fall into the Anxious Attachment Style category, this willl be difficult because you are even more wired to stay attached…

….but it is possible, and it is life changing.  

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Our culture and hoards of self-help books have conditioned us that there is a war between men and women.  However, the “war” is between the anxious and avoidant people.  There are plenty of anxious men who attract avoidant women over and over again as well.  

While this program was written specifically with women in mind, the theories expressed in it apply to men & same-sex couples as well.  

While society treats men and women differently, there are indeed differences between how men and women communicate, but this is only part of the answer.  

Intimate relationships are like playing chess.  There are a certain number of players and there are certain predetermined rules of nature.  If you are not aware of how the different players move and what the rules are, you aren’t playing chess.  You are playing snakes and ladders, and that with a blindfold on.  

Just like getting into shape or going to medical school can radically transform your life, so can the awareness of attachment science and micro habits.  If you have an insecure attachment style (anxious or avoidant), you can become secure by becoming aware and changing your micro habits.  People can change their attachment styles over time.  

Unfortunately, adult attachment science is not thought in schools, and many women end up either chasing avoidant men their whole lives or settle for an unhappy relationship.  

Image by Lightspring/

You have certainly heard of “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” by Lao Tzu.  But what if a single step is not enough?  That’s when we have to start with a baby step.  

In some cases, for those of us who lack momentum, we have to start with something even smaller than a baby step – we need micro steps. 

For profound and lasting change, we need to turn those micro steps into micro habits.  This can be done for writing a book you’ve always wanted but never got around to, getting your dream job or getting into the shape of your life.  

What previously seemed impossible is no longer daunting.  You don’t need inspiration, because let’s face it, inspiration only gets you so far.  You need momentum, and the more microscopic the habit, the more attainable the goal.  

Cover Image by Lightspring/

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

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Relationships end.  Some should have never begun.  Some scar us so badly that we begin to look at ourselves like we are having a Going Out of Business Sale.  

We are victims of our programming.  Sometimes you can read hundreds of self-help books and not see the obvious problem.  The problem is that you see a version of reality as fact.  

It’s not your fault.  Once we determine something as fact, our RAS (reticular activating system) is on a search mission to find that same “fact” in all areas of life.  

You went on a date with yet another “a**hole” so you conclude that all men are this way.  Your mind goes, every time there is a man who falls short of gentlemanly standards, hey! see?! there goes another a**hole.   

You are so consumed in hurt and frustration that you actually miss out on some really great men.  In case you are still wondering, yes, there are some really great men out there who are just as frustrated as you are.  

“I’ve been wasting my life chasing what you would call avoidants.  I’m finally in a secure relationship and let me tell you, the difference is like night and day.”

“Frog Formula made me laugh and cry.  It is brutally honest but I badly needed it.  I was obsessing over how to get my ex back but Frog Formula thankfully changed my mind.  I weeded out some more avoidant men from dating apps but now am in a secure relationship.”

“I was the “frog”!!  I didn’t even realize it!  I was subconsciously pushing good men away.

I am highly educated.  I always had great jobs, my own place etc.  I always thought of myself as an independent woman of substance but I wasn’t projecting that in relationships.  I was the very opposite of a woman of substance when I was with a man.”  

You may be a great communicator when it comes to your friends, even male friends.

Are you an effective communicator when it comes to men in relationships?  

Cover Image by Lightspring/

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Before you can influence anyone else, you need to be in control of yourself, or Queen over self. 

Most of our problems are of our own doing.  Fortunately this means that we can undo them as well.    

Cover Image by Gts/

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

7 Essential Secrets to LOVE that lasts:

Understand why even committed relationships fail in the first place and make sure it never happens to you.  

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind.

Once you live a life less cluttered, you’ll be forced to contemplate things you  suppress.

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

The Iceberg Method is based on research of the psychology of some wildly successful people.

Your current success is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Iceberg Method dives deep beneath the surface to discover how you can be so much more. 

Cover Image by Lightspring/

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Frog formula is the result of 15 years of global research.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on travel around the world, meeting people who could shed life on the secrets of happy relationships. 

Bonus #1 – Frog Comm: Speak HISLanguage

Bonus #2 – Queen Caliber

Bonus #3 – 7 Essential Secrets to Love that Lasts

Bonus #4 – 10 No Fail Relationship Techniques

Bonus #5 – The Iceberg Method

Try Frog Formula for yourself for a full 60 days!

If for any reason you are not happy, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

The way I see it, is that you have two options.. 

Option One is to close this page without joining the program…

And settle for staying a diamond in the rough and in many ways an average love life or worse.. 

Keep spending your precious life on men who don’t appreciate you and will never give you what you truly want and need.

With a lot of hard work, struggle, and frustration to keep working harder at relationships that go nowhere.. 

And surely you deserve more than that.. 

Just take my hand right now, enroll in Frog Formula and let me guide you through the wisdom of the ages..

You will get EVERYTHING I’ve promised you, at an introductory price..

If you act now, you cannot lose..

With my 60 day guarantee, you risk NOTHING..

You have the power to get results right now and experience the incredible results you want & DESERVE…whether you are turning 30, 40 or 50! 

You can fundamentally change your life & relationships at ANY age. 

But like always, the choice is up to you…

I think you’ve spent enough time struggling…

I think you want and deserve to enjoy what you do…

I think you deserve to know exactly what it feels like to be in a loving and secure relationship.

To live your life on YOUR terms and do something that makes you truly happy & accomplished…

I mean… isn’t that something you want?

Don’t you at least want to find out?

Simply click the big button below, enter your payment details and you’ll receive full access to Frog Formula!

PLUS the complete free bonus series!  

WARNING: Implementing Frog Formula may result in the following side-effects:

The Frog Formula program contains adult language and content and is intended for an adult audience.  By purchasing the program you are consenting that you are at least age 18 or older.  Product images are for visualization purposes only.  The actual product is digital. 

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Q: I want my ex back.  Can Frog Formula do this for me?  

A: While Frog Formula will certainly provide you with tools that will help with getting an ex back, you may not want him back by the time you are finished.  

Q: I’m in a relationship with an avoidant guy. I tick the box for anxious..  I don’t want to leave him because I really love him.  Will he change? I think I just need to learn to give him more space. 

A: People’s relationship attachment styles have changed over time in a number of cases so never say never.   

HOWEVER, If you are anxious and he is avoidant, you will find yourself giving up on your needs because if he doesn’t get it his way, then he begins distancing himself. 

You can still work on becoming secure yourself which will help any relationship. 

Q: Sometimes I’m as you describe “anxious” and sometimes I’m “avoidant”.  Isn’t everyone avoidant with people they don’t like?  

A: When we say someone has an “avoidant” attachment style, it is because they begin distancing themselves in a relationship.  They did enter into the relationship willingly and there were attracted to the person at some point.   We all avoid things and people we don’t like in the first place – but this has nothing to do with a relationship attachment style.  i.e. I don’t care for men who are rude to service staff, so I avoid them – it has nothing to do with my attachment style or theirs.  

Q: I’m married.  Can this book help me?  My husband may be of the avoidant variety, but I don’t plan on leaving him. 

A:  Absolutely, anyone in any kind of a relationship can benefit from Frog Formula.  It is all about getting to know yourself and your partner in a new way, through a new lense.  It will also help explain his seemingly inexplicable behaviors and help you speak to him in his language. 

Q: I’m a man.. I keep attracting women who run away.. I think your book is written for women only.

A: While the book is written primarily for a female audience dating or in relationships with men, men as well as same-sex couples can absolutely benefit from it as well.  

The Frog Formula program contains adult language and content and is intended for an adult audience.  By purchasing the program you are consenting that you are at least age 18 or older.  Product images are for visualization purposes only.  The actual product is digital. 

I look forward to getting a message from you, telling me about all the amazing success you’ve experienced using the techniques in Frog Formula.  

Each email I receive from my amazing clients gives me an enormous sense of pride, so please write and tell me your story.

Begin your journey and join Toby the Toad’s Frog Following today! 

Sincerely,Kat Stevenson & Toby, the Toad

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