Review of Greatest Habit Learning Center

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Review of Greatest Habit Learning Center

Product Name: Greatest Habit Learning Center

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Description of Greatest Habit Learning Center:

On this website, John Corneliu shares his research findings into the practice that is causal in the realization of the greatest levels of meaning, happiness and personal power in our history.

Here is a practical guide to integrate 7 battle-tested principles to bring about real resolutions to the problems we face today – whether in our careers, health or relationships – as applied by greatest men and women of all time.

In this newly updated, audience-favourite courseware, we reveal how to realize the best from this practice, in the smallest learning time, for the total good.

Enrol into Our Course to Experience for Yourself:

In the true application of the greatest habit we live creatively in the various realms of meaning. We participate meaningfully in the individual and unique creative endeavours set for us.

Happiness follows the self-affirmation of our essential being at the heart of the greatest habit. When practiced truly, the soul is lifted above the material world and we come to know our purpose to feel joy.

When we make the most of the greatest practice we become a courageous force for the highest good. With the greatest habit we become empowered to be a light onto the world and live a life heroic.

Come to understand anew the greatest habit from the lives of the greatest souls in our history and how to model them.

Experience the unfathomable potential available to all – when living through the spirit that has loved us into being.

Practice the principles that make the critical difference between a life of quiet grace and one of quiet desperation.

During an intensive Masters of Education research project that compared the findings of two of the most important research projects into the nature of personal greatness – which sought to identify the key practices in the lives of the happiest, healthiest and highest achievers in history – one habit towered above all others, prayer. Yet according to Brandeis University, up to 90% of Americans pray, with more than 50% doing it daily, and there are more or less similar figures all around the world. There is actually no shortage of prayer. But there is a vast and distinct shortage of results. What makes the difference?

This question began to intrigue. If prayer is the greatest habit for living our best life – and research into the habits of the greatest people in history overwhelmingly proves that it is so – why is it that most that pray, live a life far below their real potential? True to the form of the research findings, much prayer was applied as looking over the data, the comparative studies, the active principles in the lives of the greats – and a dangerous calling emerged: “Go out into the wilderness for 40 days. Contemplate on the principles of effective prayer and they shall be revealed.”

For a continuous period of 40 days, on the remote island of Tasmania, in total isolation, solitude and silence, John Cornelius thought about these principles. Stepping back from the mountain of researched ideas, the question of what makes prayer effective became a positive obsession and a subject of constant contemplation. In this 40 day vision quest, the principles were distilled and set up into a logical and learnable system for personal development. The 7 most important principles became this course.

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The course takes you through 5 phases of growth:

Your Support Network in Making the Most of the Greatest Practice for Meaning, Happiness and Power:

John Corneliu is
managing director and author of the Greatest Habit Courseware. His latest and greatest answered prayer has been to meet his soul mate and to have married her. (READ MORE)

Ana Carapetrov is our lead creator of multi-media presentations and our customer relationship manager. She loves dogs and life by the river with her husband and small daughter.

A woman of many talents, Patricia Santos is our communications expert and lead designer. She’s also an award winning soprano and the proud new mother of a baby girl.

Greatest Habit Learning Center (GHLC) is a foundational starting in Jonah’s Club. It is an essential educational centre to live out the mission of equipping individuals with the soul habits for realizing  our highest destiny and happiness.

GHLC is the training arena to cultivate the universal habit of greatness – Principle Centred Prayer. Our mission here is to help one another to realize our full potential by putting into practice the prayer principles that the great souls use and have used, for blessed results, in all dimensions of life.

This is, the world’s first research (or evidence) based program for maximizing the practice of prayer — wherein we may know the truth and the truth shall set us free. We are not affiliated with any religious institution, doctrine or denomination. Our basis is the the Good Book, the wisdom of the Greats, and direct researched observations of what makes a meaningful difference.

GHLC purpose is to experientially demonstrate the practice of prayer and how it helps us fulfil our personal, social and spiritual potential – to realize the total good.

‘Too many people regard prayer as a formalized routine of words, a refuge for weaklings, or a childish petition for material things.’ as Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine put it:

“We sadly undervalue prayer when we conceive it in these terms, just as we should underestimate rain by describing it as something that fills the birdbath in our garden.

Properly understood, prayer is a mature activity indispensable to the fullest development of personality – the ultimate integration of man’s highest faculties.

Only in prayer do we achieve that complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind and spirit which gives the frail human reed its unshakable strengths.”

It is from this ‘mature activity’ perspective that achieves a ‘complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind and spirit’ that we seek to maximize this habit. For ‘prayer is the very highest energy of which the mind is capable’, as the great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge put it.

As such, our central aim is to support one another in making the leap from ‘Primitive Prayer’ (old prayer habits passed down unconsciously from generation to generation) > to Principle Centred Prayer (mature/ new prayer habits for the 21st century):

Where prayer is largely a form of superstitious incantation for bringing about ‘good luck’ and protecting one against ‘bad luck’. It has the tendency to try to order the universe according to the wants of one’s ego.

Where prayer is consciously understood as a reasonable and sensible solution that holistically resolves life’s complexities. It has the tendency to align with the Universal Order in which we find ourselves in and the purpose for which we are created.

Where prayer is limited to just a few handed down beliefs, rituals and traditions, with a tendency to close one’s mind to depth of practice. It often follows tribal tendencies, without seeking to grow, to learn, and to become better through its practice.

Where prayer is independent of the good opinions of others, but meaningfully and personally connects with Our Creator. It has a tendency open people up to others, to discernin and learn from other traditions. It is recognizable by the soul growth that brings about positive personal, social and global changes.

Where prayer is used only when a problem arises and as a ‘last ditch attempt’ when all else fails. It has the tendency to focus continually upon ‘getting’, serving one’s self-interests and the need to be right.

Where prayer is a proactive orientation that connects us with our Universal Source and is able to meet all needs and aspirations. It has the tendency to get and to give – like breathing in and breathing out – to bring about the total good, the good of all people.

Through direct application and personal experience, Greatest Habit Learning Center seeks to make clear that prayer is not a form of ‘idle amusement’ as Mahatma Gandhi put it, ‘but the most potent tool for action’ . We seek to make this wisdom experientially demonstrable all the way through.

Some feature articles from within our club:

“The only thing that interfears with my education is my learning.” Albert Einstein

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when grownups are afraid of the light.” PLATO

Let’s begin with the most important blessing, advantage or gain that the greatest habit offers. Let’s begin with the centre of it all:

Coffee is good for talent, but genius wants prayer. Ralph Waldo Emerson

John thank you so much, I cannot begin to tell you how much this course has helped me. It is so much more than that. It is a life empowerment course. I found that I have to start again from the beginning, just so that I can grasp the content and put it into practice more easily… Not that it’s hard to understand, there is just so much there, that the more you read it, the more you see. Once again I thank you and may God bless you for your faithfulness.

Your commitment to this course has been astounding! Thank you so much for making the effort to comfort people spiritually. Thank so much for your dedication and work in everything. You’ve been wonderful, encouraging and I can imagine the work that went into this course. Lots of thanks,

I’ve begun reading part of your program and I am hooked. I’m loving it and especially what I think is amazing is the way you’ve articulated and organized all of the information. I’ve read different books and taken a couple of courses that somehow talk about all that appears to be in your course, but it’s been like scattered information. In your program I find that you have managed to organize the wisdom and knowledge of many wise people in different times and places. For this I’m very grateful for your generosity and for sharing your work in this way.


CONSIDER, how as children we take the time to learn the habit of reading-writing and reap the gift of life-long education. As teenagers we take the time to learn the habits of socialization and reap the gift of friendships, love and marriage. As adults we take the time to learn the habits of our profession and reap the gift of income earnings and self-esteem.

But we go past the greatest habit of all – without much consideration, nor learning…

To get in touch please fill out this form and we’ll endeavour to get back to you within 48hrs. Thank you.

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Greatest Habit Learning Center

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