Review of ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

Review of ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

Review of ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

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Review of ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

Product Name: ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

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Description of ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women:

Wouldn’t life be great if we could be liberated and regain the power of the Wise Women living within us?

Wouldn’t it be great if we were to start in secret ancient rituals and happily welcome the birth of miracles?

I wrote the book with the goal to raise people’s awareness of an important topic: the world of a woman wounded by the Patriarchate.

It was my goal to call for healing wounds (as Queen Afua calls it). Let us heal wounds from being raped, abused, social, religious, family expectations; for women who are in need of all forms of wellbeing, for our sisters, and give support towards the light.

In the book, in addition to a short description of the method, you will find the stories of 5 amazing women who shared the events of their light, encouraging others to change their lives.

You can buy this book: Amazon

After the book appeared, several people asked how to apply the method in everyday life. How can you transform the shadows into a blessing, how can you go from kidnapped Kore to Goddess Persephone?

I would like to answer this quest in this short introductory course.

If you look among your friends and acquaintances, how many women can you say that has a liberated, joyful, and “awakened” life?

I remember. I was tired and smashed. The circumstances, my husband’s illness, the wounds of my past that swirled in my soul were paralyzing.

I sat in the kitchen with a thick book on the desk in front of me.

The book was in Greek mythology.

I asked for a sign to understand why this was happening to us.

I wanted to recognize where I completely lost myself.

I opened the book and started reading it.

Persephone, (Kore, a girl who is still immature, sees a flower in the field.

She goes to it and bows down, the ground suddenly opens, and Hades kidnaps her onto a carriage of a black horse.

Kore finds herself as the wife of Hades in the Underworld. She’s sad.

The beauty of nature, Demeter’s sorrow, ends in the earth.

Persephone / Kore’s personality is lost in the abduction.

Her soul is filled with grief.

She lives in the Underworld surrounded by shadows.

Then one day the light comes out.

Although she had eaten from the pomegranate, Hades linked her to the Underworld, but the carriage pulled by the white horses takes her to Earth through the open ground.

Thanks to her supportive mother she takes on her role as a goddess.

In the time spent as Hades’s wife, she was still a wise healing woman whom the mortal defeated in the Underworld with advice.

The Queen of the Underworld overcame the shadows and supports others in the light.

Persephone’s archetype was understood at the time.

That’s when I understood what happened in my life.

I was kidnapped when a man was raped.

I was kidnapped when they were financially all collapsing around me.

I was abducted when faced with the circumstances and my family problems.

How do I get to the light?

How can I leave all the shadows that I have experienced in my life behind?

Can I forget my pain forever?

Can I cure my soul’s injuries?

My heart desired that I become a writer. Maybe I’d publish a book and have a magazine. But in my mind they were the thoughts which I made into the following beliefs over the years:

I do not have enough money.

I’m a woman, no one would take me seriously in business.

I do not have the opportunity to develop.

I live in a small village in Hungary and raise animals. How can I become what I want?

I’ve been having countless similar conversations.

I read Persephone’s story.

I learned. I read. I meditated. I got messages and signals. I understood the reasons behind my abductions.

I shaped my shadows into blessings.

Men are no longer my enemies, but also my great supporters.

Money is a magical tool which I can spend on others and myself.

My circumstances are mine – I create them.

I am the creator of my life, I take 100% responsibility for it.

I woke up. I returned to the Source.

I got back to my real self.

My fear changed to the love of life.

My shadows became blessings of my Divine Purpose.

As a healing woman, the queen of my underworld I am able to help others reach the light.

Persephone taught me that the world of shadows can be omitted.

She taught me that I could change my life.

I am the creator of my life and reality.

Persephone and goddess Demeter in my Akasha sanctuary gave me methods that support me in spiritual development and changes in life. They support me in finding myself as a woman, the goddess who lives in me and merges with me on a sacred journey.

I have compiled the Persephone’s Journey basic course to help my dear sister transform her shadows.

We are all injured, we all have our stories of kidnap.

Social, family, religious expectations.

But the light of our awakening soul passes through everything…

Persephone’s Journey is a loving journey to the center of the heart.

An astonishing journey which is female in the wonderful dance of the soul.

Blessing through the archetype of Persephone to the whole world.

THE ISLAND OF FORGIVENESS (meditation mp3 Value USD 9.00)

THE FLOWER OF MANIFESTATION (meditation mp3 Value 17 USD)

JOURNEY OF PERSEPHONE WORKBOOK (pdf  5 – week complex Persephone’s Program Value 39 USD)


– Understand them more deeply

– Recognize the power of forgiveness

– Discover your Divine Purpose

– Change your shadows into blessings

– Understand the ideas of patriarchy and matriarchy and their impact on everyday life

– Recognize the 4 seasons of a woman’s awakening

– Get to know the women around you and understand their behavior

– Get to know the woman’s personality type 3 which is important for Persephone’s journey.

How would it feel if you could say that you were able to leave your shadows behind?

How would it feel to wake up and know that you had lived under control?

How would it feel to regenerate the Goddess Fortress and soak up the happy and energetic  feeling?

The basic course of Persephone’s Journey is available so if you have shadows that hold you back from having a great life, I will share the awakening journey with you.

However, I will not promise you anything.

Wellbeing? Happiness? Riches? Joy?

I cannot promise anything since I’ll only give you a map. You’ll have to go the way.

And if you decide to travel along this map, you will find all that I did not promise.

As you read the book, do the meditations, and use the workbook, your life will change more and more.

The shadows will be transformed and you will relax in the fertile areas of Persephone and join the blessed energies.

As you advance in the course, you’ll experience more and more wonders, regain your personal strength, and return to the Goddess’s source.

Persephone’s Journey is a loving journey to the center of the heart.

An astonishing journey which is female in the wonderful dance of the soul.

Blessing through the archetype of Persephone to the whole world.

*******Downloadable pdf with BONUS meditations, and workbook(pdf) with the 5-week program

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ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

Review of Love Your Home Decorating E-Book

Review of Love Your Home Decorating E-Book

Review of Love Your Home Decorating E-Book

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Review of Love Your Home Decorating E-Book

Product Name: Love Your Home Decorating E-Book

Click here to get Love Your Home Decorating E-Book at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Love Your Home Decorating E-Book:

“I LOVE your book. It is very simple and clear with lots of good
ideas presented in a logical (do-able) way. Inexpensive and full of
encouragement.Your book is perfect for anyone that is interested in
updating or taking on a project and unsure how to begin.”Michelle from Fenton, MI

“Well written and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend to the

do it yourself  decorator.”

Sonia from Pittsburgh, PA

I’ll show you quickly and easily how to……

“I didn’t think I would ever be able to decorate my home and be happy with the results, but your steps really worked. Thank you!”

“Couldn’t figure out why I hated my living room until I read the 10 secrets and followed them.  Now I’m much happier with my room and want to show it off. “

Here is the technical stuff you need to know about, so be sure to read this part, too!

an E-Book. That means when you purchase the material you will download
it to your computer immediately using Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have that program,
it’s free and you can get it by clicking here.

If you have any other questions or problems accessing the material after purchasing, please contact me and I will respond in a timely manner.

I offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the material. Just contact me within 60 days of purchase.

So if you are a Do-It-Yourself
Home Decorator, want to learn more about home interior decorating, or
just want to give it a try on your next project, go ahead and purchase LOVE YOUR HOME…10 Secrets to Creating a Space You’ll Love. You’ll save time and money, have less stress and enjoy your beautiful home more.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a
registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and
used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an
endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Love Your Home Decorating E-Book

Review of Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas

Review of Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas

Review of Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas

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Review of Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas

Product Name: Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas

Click here to get Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas:

At Last! Proven Ways You Can Make Money From Your Knitting Passion!

Hi, I’m EmilyWork-at-home mother
of two and new owner of Knitting For Profit!

If you love knitting and enjoy the idea of making money from doing something you love…

Then…you’re about to discover how real knitters and crocheters from around the world have made great money from their skills and knitting passion.
Hi, my name is Emily and over the past 2 years I’ve been searching the world and interviewing successful “knitterpreneurs” – people who really do make money from their knitting and crochet.

And now I’ve developed six proven strategies for making money from knitting and crochet based on the little-known secrets of successful knitters already living the dream of earning great money from their thriving knitting business.

If you’d like to learn how to start making cash from knitting so you can earn extra income for your retirement or family, or even leave your old job completely…

And if you’re ready to know how to get started without needing to be an expert knitter, with no business experience, and no huge business mortgage, then this is the most important page you’ll ever read!

Start a SUCCESSFUL knitting business. It’s a fact – 95% of people who start a small business fail within the first year. Now you can learn how to be in the successful 5% group and keep making money from your knitting business for life.

Make money from your knitting even if you have no idea what to sell. If you’ve ever wanted to knit products that sell extremely well, but just dont know WHAT products to create or whether they will sell or not, then don’t worry. Not only will this system teach you what knitted products will sell well with many, many real examples, but you’ll also learn more than a dozen ways to fire up your “knitterpreneur creativity” and accelerate your ability to create knitted products that will really sell.Make money from your knitting without having knitted products of your own. When you mention making money from knitting, most people naturally assume you need to sell your own knitted products. Whilst this is often true, it is not necessarily the most profitable or easy way to make money. Did you know there are successful knitters who have learned how to use other powerful ways to generate profits without selling their own knitted products? Now you can learn these alternative strategies and secrets from their real-world experience.

Make money from your knitting without making very expensive mistakes and wasting time. 97% of so called “make money from your hobby” programs are a total waste of money if you are a knitter! These programs are more often than not just re-hashed general small business guides, not specific to knitting or crochet at all. You’re being misled by guides that don’t really understand knitting or crochet. If you want to learn the truth about how to make money from your knitting, then read every word of this new book because it could save you thousands of your hard-earned dollars!

I have been a small business entrepreneur for the last 16 years. Over this time I personally founded and successfully sold three of my own businesses. I have worked in a range of businesses and industries from manufacturing, building, hire, fitness, personal development, and fashion. Small business sales and marketing are my life – outside of raising my two children, it’s all I’ve ever done!


was a revelation to me, now I see how I really can make money from my

knitting! I’m going to get a copy for my sister too – she could do with

some extra

income and will be so happy

she can make money with knitting!”  Janet

MacBurnie, Sydney


this is

fabulous. This is exactly what we need in this industry” 


Matthay, “The Knitting Diva”

I’ve spent my entire working life studying business, sales and marketing. Ever since my first home based business, I wanted to know everything there was to know about success in business – I’ve been absolutely consumed by it. So I began studying and attending seminars. I was voracious! I bought every book on how to sell effectively, on marketing, accounting, and building a business, that I could get my hands on.

Stay with me here…this will benefit you greatly, you’ll see…

I also spent thousands of dollars on seminars and tapes, CD’s, on business success, marketing and sales. I would spend hours in my car listening to all my CD’s. I attended expensive seminars, took copious notes and listened to every word.

I applied everything I learned to my own businesses. Some things worked exceptionally well, while others just bombed or were a complete waste of time and money. Most importantly though, I tried everything! Now, 16 years and thousands of diligent work hours later…

The first thing I discovered from my wide business experiences is there are certain rules to sales and marketing that are essential to success in business, no matter what the product or industry.

The second thing I discovered is that some business owners just never seem to get it and unless they learn and apply certain time proven techniques they are destined to failure. In fact many of these owners end up losing money and just “spinning their wheels” with ineffective businesses.

In 2007 my mother-in-law introduced me to the joys of knitting – I am truly in awe of the amazing pieces she can create with yarn and two needles! But when I saw how beautiful knitted or crocheted pieces like this were selling for such pitiful amounts on E-bay and at markets, I was shocked. I decided I had to do something about it.

I saw skilled knitters who had put many hours of work into their amazing creations, and after taking into account their time, effort and money spent on yarn, at these low prices there was no way they could effectively make money. I knew that with the right knowledge and good ideas, they could be getting paid double their asking price AND have people begging to buy more!

From my extensive business experience I had learned the hard way that selling at such cheap prices only ends in one outcome – you make no money and eventually give up or go out backwards.

Imagine making money from something you actually love doing!

Because of my new found interest in knitting and my obsession with small business success I started looking at the best ways you can make money through knitting and crochet.

I poured everything out of my head onto paper and began applying all I knew about business success to knitting and crocheting. Would the same great ideas and proven business success principals work as well for knitters and allow knitters from all around the world to make money from their passion?

I had to find out, so I went in search of success stories – knitterpreneurs who would prove to me that it was possible. I set out to discover exactly how they did it, what specific techniques they used and what sort of success and lifestyles they lead, how did they start, and what tips did they have for beginners.

Turn your hobby into extra income

And guess what?… There were stacks of real case studies of everyday people (just like you) that were making money this way…

Like Valerie, a stay-at-home mum who started with no experience, virtually no money and four small children. And Leah, who designs knitted garments and costumes for Hollywood stars, and Fiona who teaches people from around the world. And Diane who supplies boutique stores across America and yet her only product is so simple – scarves.

Once I started looking, I found so many knitters living their dream, and making money from their passion!

The next step was to put every vital piece together and share it with the world…

Here are the questions I needed answers for…

From this labour of love I unlocked six strategies, each of which, when used the right way, are guaranteed to help knitters and crocheters make money from their passion.

Now, for the first time ever, the same strategies and techniques knitters from around the world have used to create income through their knitting, is now available to you in a single, information packed, 134 page E-book.

This is a complete knitting success manual in a downloadable E-book format, jam-packed with all the methods previously known by only a small handful of successful knitterpreneurs.

This program contains my six strategies for making money from knitting (based on the techniques of real knitterpreneurs) and all the information you’ll ever need to help you make money from your passion of knitting.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Copy of Knitting For Profit Today:

Knitting For Profit is so much more than just an “E-book” – it’s a complete system for success – possibly the most comprehensive system for learning how to make money from knitting ever developed! No hype, no gimmicks – just the FACTS you need to know to make money from your knitting NOW.

No Matter What Your Goals Are, You Can Start Using These Powerful Strategies RIGHT NOW To Make Money!

Of course, you may be saying to yourself, “Sure, Liz, this all sounds fantastic and it’s a dream I’d love to come true, but what about me? Can I really do it?”

Great question! The good news is; these strategies can be easily understood and implemented by anyone and it’s not just for expert knitters.

In fact we have real examples of women just like you who started with no money, no business experience,while raising small children and they’ve made a successful knitting business. You don’t have to be an expert knitter or be business savvy to get fantastic results with these strategies.

“This is an amazing book! The strategies that are described in detail in the book are great and go through the processes of getting started in an easy step-by-step manner.

The amount of useful links in the book are fantastic and point you in all the right directions be it for buying yarn/wool or the little extra finishing touches to give you that professional look, or where to see what the latest fashions are for designing your own patterns.

I particularly enjoyed reading the real life experiences which just goes to show that it can be done and not to give up. I had reached a point myself where I wasn’t sure whether to keep going with my knitting and whether it was all worthwhile.

Liz’s book has done so much to reawaken my enthusiasm and to encourage me to get things started again and keep going, not to give up and achieve my goal.

Thank you so much for this book Liz”

It doesn’t matter what your goals are: Most of the principles are the same whether you want to just earn enough money to pay for your yarn or create a knitting empire, earn money part time or be able to leave your job and knit full time or you just want to earn some extra income for your family.


you so much for all the motivating and “get your brain working” info and ideas. You are really quite marvellous and must have put so much work and effort into it all. It sounds as though it comes straight from your heart and you must have inspired and helped so many, many people.”


If you’re like most knitters and beginner business owners, the reason you’re having such a hard time making money consistently is because you’re using methods that couldn’t possibly work, especially in these tougher economic times. If you continue with faulty business practices, it’s going to get harder and harder to make money and you’ll eventually get so frustrated and give up.

Successful knitterpreneurs do things differently than the 95% of knitters who fail. The knitterpreneur’s way to profits allows you to make money while still enjoying knitting – and that’s the key to your success.

Why go through years of trial and error when you can – in a matter of hours – read this manual and master the knitting profit secrets known and used by knitterpreneurs around the world?

This is exactly the kind of business building information I wish I’d had 16 years ago when I was just getting started! Learning even one or two of these “insider’s secrets” would have short cut my success by about TEN YEARS! Maybe more. These are secrets most people NEVER discover by trying to do it on their own.

These are not just theories written by someone who has never been to a craft fair or tried to sell a beautifully made piece of clothing. It is written especially for you as a knitter. All the strategies, techniques examples and ideas are real and apply only to knitting and crocheting and come direct from some of the world’s most successful knitterpreneurs.

I have interviewed real women who started out just like you, and they’ve gone on to achieve their dreams. They share their stories, tips and ideas so you will not only be inspired but you’ll also gain the confidence to know you can do it too.

I decided the best way I could help knitters to start making money from their beautiful creations and amazing skills was to put my six Knitting For Profit strategies into a written format that was simple, complete, easy to understand and easy to apply. Now I’ve made it available to anyone truly dedicated to self-improvement with the sincere desire to learn.

Because the E-book is downloadable, you can order it right here on this web page from anywhere in the world and get started TODAY. Thanks to technology, just minutes from now, with a couple of mouse clicks, you will be one step closer to your dream of making money from knitting!

This ONE bonus alone may be worth the price of the entire E-Book. It’s easy to see why: As part of the coaching and support you will get lots more great information and ideas on how you can make money from your knitting. If you get stuck or have a question, need motivation or some fresh ideas, you can ask me personally.

I really want you to succeed, so I’ll be right there to help! I don’t want you to be frustrated trying to do things all alone. I remember how hard it was when I first started out. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you I’m including 3 months of free email coaching so if you have any questions they will be answered by me personally.

Set yourself up for success right from the start! Finally! Someone developed a business plan template specifically for knitters and crotcheters. This 7 page template will help you plan your business correctly right from the start and give you a clear pathway to follow. The average person just jumps straight in without any planning at all and we all know the phrase “fail to plan, plan to fail”..

By actually spending some time to plan out your business you’re GUARANTEED to get better results and start making money sooner. You will know what tasks you need to focus on and what to avoid. This is a complete business plan template specifically set up for knitters. To use it is as simple as just filling in the blanks with your ideas and goals. This template guides you along with easy to answer questions that get you thinking about your knitting business.

Have you ever wondered how much you should charge for your products? This is a critically important question and the answer to this can determine all the difference between whether you make money from your knitting business or not. (Tells you what you should be charging at the minimum)

You need to see if your sales price for each item stacks up compared to the profit levels you need to make good money – and determine your TRUE ideal selling price points. Most knitters are losing money and they don’t even realize it because they’re not even measuring it!

The fact is, if you’re only guessing at pricing (or putting on pricing that “sounds fair”), you have no way of knowing if your business is really working. And if you’re losing money, it’s inevitable – you’re heading towards the same fate as the other 95% of small business failures.

As you are well aware, the wrong choice of colours can totally destroy a design.

This bonus gives you access to a fantastic interactive colour tool that quickly and easily allows you to see contrasting and complimentary colour combinations. This will remove the guesswork of choosing the right yarn colours, and make your creations even more irresistible!

Included are over 150 links to essential resources and free services I have found, complete with descriptions and contact details. You’ll have immediate access to all the resources you will ever need to get going in your knitting business at the simple click of your mouse button, and you’ll get this fantastic resource for FREE, right now if you order today.

When you come on board with me, I’ll be with you for the long term, continuing to find ways to make the program better, more complete, and easier to follow.

If new editions of the e-book are released, you’ll receive all e-book updates absolutely free. That’s one of the awesome benefits of e-books. If a new edition of a hard copy book is released, you’d have to go to the bookstore or and buy it all over again!

When a new, updated edition of Knitting For Profit E-book is released, you get it for FREE! It’s easy – I will contact you through my private clients email list and send you instant download instructions so you can stay totally up to date on the latest knitting for profit breakthroughs.

“Hi, I started reading your book and it is very informative – then I got your bonuses on top of it. I am delighted! The information I received is worth 10-fold what I paid for!”

“Knitting For Profit”
Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money From Knitting and Crochet

Bonus #1
Three Months Email Coaching and Support

Don’t wait another minute to order at this low price! Your valuable FREE extra bonuses will not be available for long – this program may soon only be available as part of a membership/mentoring package which will sell for hundreds of dollars.

Once you place your order on Clickbank’s secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download your KNITTING FOR PROFIT manual and get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve downloaded your book, read the entire manual from cover to cover. Then take action and start immediately! Everything is explained in plain English, which means it’s easy to read and understand. And it’s even guaranteed – if you don’t think the information and ideas will help you make money from your knitting – I’m happy to give you all your money back, no questions asked!

Look at it this way: The money you invest in this program is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you would spend on yarn each year.

The best news of all is that the cost of this manual is absolutely nothing unless the program works wonders for you because you get a…

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Read the whole book. Examine the strategies. Test the ideas out. Use the system. If you’re not thrilled with the information and results, then I simply want you to write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if Knitting For Profit helps you achieve your dream of making money from knitting, I want you to email me your success story and tell me about the results you’ve achieved – and tell your friends about it too!

If you’re even remotely interested in learning the truth about how to make money from your knitting, then you owe it to yourself to at least try “Knitting For Profit.” If it’s not for you, I’ll understand. Frankly, this program isn’t for everyone. Sadly 95% of people in the world are going to keep struggling and fail. But I don’t think you would have read this far if you were likely to fail.

Really, if you’re serious about making money from your knitting it will cut years off your learning curve, save you from making very expensive mistakes, and put you on the right track from the start.

I’m not looking for a huge mass of followers – I’m looking for a small handful of knitters and crocheters who want to become successful “knitterpreneurs” and who are willing to put in the effort to make their dreams a reality – people who simply need the right information, motivation and coaching to help make it happen.

If you’re one of those special people – one of the top 5% who are ready to make the commitment and willing to put forth the effort – then come on board with me and order today.

PS The Knitting For Profit strategies can work for you if you’re committed. If you’re sincere about wanting to reach your goals, then don’t put this off! Make a decision that could improve your life today! Right now, if you don’t decide to take the first step towards making money from knitting, then this could mean the difference between earning a great income from knitting or looking back and regretting that you never gave it a go.

PPS Remember, with the “no questions asked” total refund guarantee, there’s no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by at least trying my Knitting For Profit strategies, but you need to act quickly to get in on this introductory offer before the bonuses are removed, so click on the link below to order today.


you for

your e-book, it is great and VERY thorough. It is not only well

written, but valuable, needed information for anyone wanting to Knit

for Profit.”
Sharon Nani of “The Knit Tree”

PLEASE NOTE: Knitting For Profit is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


ClickBank sells our

products – they are a secure trusted online retailer specializing in digitally

delivered products. They use the strongest security

features available

on the internet and never store your financial data on their system.

Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no-one but the

bank has access to your information. They are also approved by the

Better Business Bureau.


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Essential Make Money Knitting Ideas

Review of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Review of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Review of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Product Name: The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Click here to get The Ultimate Link Building Dossier at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier:

I know your time is precious and I don’t want to waste it so I’m going to just cut right to the chase and let you know exactly how I can help improve your search engine marketing plan. Here’s the truth… if you want better organic search engine rankings and more “no cost” visitors to your website, then you need to focus on generating more incoming links to your website.

Here’s The Reason Why…

If you’re interested in finding out more then I’m going to show you exactly how you can add thousands of powerful incoming links to the websites of your choice and structure them correctly for maximum impact. It’s actually pretty easy once you know how.

These links will DRIVE your website to the top of the search engines and ensure stable, long term, free traffic from the search engines for years to come. I’ll cut out the confusion and give you a clear focused path to measurable results. You’ll understand why as you continue reading…

Look, there is absolutely nothing like having a steady stream of incoming traffic from top organic search engine results, day in, day out, 24/7. No cost traffic that continues to arrive even if your advertising budget dries up – traffic that you don’t have to continually sink into Google Adwords to ensure it shows up (or anywhere else for that matter) unless you decide that’s what you want to do.

If you’re not currently in that position then I’m going to help you get there.

If you are in that position then I’m going to help you refine and improve upon it.

But first, with all the total bullshit about search engine optimization floating around in online marketing circles, I totally understand if you’re sitting there thinking you’ve heard all of this before, so why should you believe what this guy has to say?

Well actually, I’m no one special. I’m just a regular guy.

However, it does just happen that I’ve been marketing online as a full time occupation since 1999. Since then my core specialty is organic search engine optimization and I specifically focus on link building to achieve real results.

I’ve also become known as the “go to guy” for incoming links in my circle of online business associates and mates. You’ll find out why in a minute…

Everything I’ve learned has come from 10+ years of real world testing. Along with many other techniques, some you’re probably familar with, others you’re probably not, this includes running several link advertising networks. These networks contain tens of thousands of unique, independant websites, and quite literaly millions of individual pages that I can place links on at the click of a button…

You see, very early on I realized that in order to dominate the organic search engine results I was going to need the ability to generate incoming links to our websites. I would need to do that in large volumes, from a diverse range of independent websites, and with as much ease as possible.

So in 2004 I developed and released a free “text link ad supported” application that was in use by over 10,000 independent webmasters after just six months. It was a niche directory script that allowed webmasters to automate the management of their link partners. As a trade off, those people that decided not to purchase a license to use this application were required to carry the text links I wished to display on the pages of their niche directories.

To cut a long story short…

Using this application, each of those webmasters added an average of 115 new pages to their websites. This gave me the ability to place 4 unique text links, linking to the locations of my choice, using the anchor text of my choice, on each of those pages, at the click of a button. If you crunch the numbers that works out to be around 4.6 MILLION incoming links.

I could literally place the websites I wanted to generate links to inside the advertising distribution system, decide how many links I wanted to point to them and where, click an update button, and hey presto Joe, there we go.

The next day those links would be live, working to drive those websites up the organic search engine rankings, and forcing them to aggressively dominate top 10 rankings for many highly competitive keyword terms.

Recently we built a second advertising network.

This newer network contains several thousand independent bloggers.

It gives me the ability to add over 1.7 MILLION contextual text links, placed within content on those blogs using whatever keyword terms I like, again at the click of a button. In fact, every week we gain around 27,000 new locations where we can potentially place text links on from on this second network.

Not only do I have the above linking ability available on tap & at the click of a button for real world testing – but rest assured, I’ve explored and evaluated just about every other link building technique that’s out there.

It’s what I do. It’s my profession. It’s my passion. And that’s because it works.

Everything from pure “white hat” link building techniques, to very shady “black hat” underground stuff that my old grandma might not be too proud of. All stuff that has a DRAMATIC IMPACT on search engine rankings.

Now don’t get me wrong, I say none of this to brag or toot my own horn. That’s definitely NOT the Kiwi way (I’m from New Zealand if you’re wondering – and no, I’m not a hobbit).

I only mention this to highlight the fact that when it comes to link building for search engine optimization I do actually know a thing or two.

As you might imagine, having linking ability like that on tap, I’ve tested almost everything under the sun when it comes to building incoming links to a website and how that impacts our search engine rankings. To put it simply I know what works and what doesn’t through intensive testing of many different link building techniques.

I DID NOT learn what I know by word of mouth or from people talking smack in discussion forums. Places where the vast majority of people have fallen under the influence of Google’s propaganda machine. People who spread (unknowingly or otherwise) second hand misinformation about link building and search engine optimization.

Stuff like that is just really horrible to see.

Here’s Joe, telling Jane not to do this or that, because he’s heard it’s bad and potentially damaging. And yet here I am, having done exactly what they’re referring to just days before.

In fact, I’ve been doing that same thing for tons of different websites, every week, for years, and nothing but tremendous search engine ranking results are achieved.

I guess it’s not too surprising – not many people are in a position to test such things as accurately as I am, so most have to rely on what they’ve heard from Joe’s uncle’s sister’s next door neighbor. I’m sure some of the stuff you’ve heard has probably confused the crap out of you too.

Well, clear your mind because I’m going to remove all of the clutter and help you to refocus towards real measureable search engine ranking results…

SIDENOTE: If the idea of being in control of thousands of incoming links sounds pretty cool to you, I’ll show you how can add as many as 86,900+ incoming links to any website you like over the next 12 months largely on autopilot. And this number will increase year after year.

This is the closest link building technique to my own primary business model and one that ANYONE – including YOU – could easily replicate without having to get into the software development business. And this is just one of the many link building techniques that I’m going to teach YOU – although don’t get me wrong – it’s not a magic button and does require “work” to get the ball rolling.

…anyway, although I get frustrated when I see misinformation being spread, the thing that REALLY got to me the most was the day I realized how many of my 47,000 web marketing students were falling under the same propaganda spell.

After asking these students to send me in their link building questions and concerns, it was plain as day that many people just had it totally wrong.

So I decided to lock myself away, knuckle down for a couple of months, and distill the total knowledge of my past 10 years experience as a professional link builder into a complete 204 page guide to building incoming links.

An in-depth reference guide that anyone could use to add literally thousands of search engine boosting incoming links to the websites of their choice, whenever they desired.

It’s kind of corny, I know, but I’ve gone and called it…

If you already know me and like the straight shooting advice that I’ve taught you over the past 10 years then please feel free to go ahead, click here and order now.

If you don’t know me and you want more information first, no problem (and nice to meet you ;-0). Before I explain exactly what’s contained within the dossier and what I’m going to teach you, I do want you to know that I’m not going to insult your intelligence.

Even if it’s what you really wanted to hear, I’m NOT going to tell you that you can generate 10,000 unique visitors per day at no cost from the search engines – by the end of this week – if you follow the link building tactics I’m about to reveal to you.

Truth is I’m a realist.

I mean, heck, I’ve been in this game for more than 10 years now and not every website we create is a flying success right out the gate. So rather than mesmerizing you with outrageous results & claims that are far the norm (results that might even be out of reach for many advanced online marketers) I want you to take a quick look at the two worst performing niche websites we currently have in our portfolio.

I call these our “beer fridge” websites because they do a really nice job of keeping the beer fridge stocked up – and I like beer ;-0

And when we launch any new website, and implement the link building techniques that I’ll show YOU how to easily introduce into your own search engine marketing plan, this is generally the worst we can expect to happen.

(After setting up our initial link building campaigns and focusing on them for a few months we haven’t done any active link building on these sites for almost 2 years now, and yet, notice how stable that free traffic is every single day…)

This first site is in the “chicken keeping” niche. All it’s traffic arrives from free organic search engine rankings (there is no paid advertising) and the only thing we’ve done is use the exact same proven link building advice I’m going to give you to achieve similar (or more than likely much better) search engine rankings & traffic.

It averages 384 visitors per day (or 140k visitors per year)…

And as mentioned, this is one of the worst performing sites we have and what I would consider to be below average results because we haven’t done any further focused link building on it for years!

Here’s worst performing website #2.

If you’d believe it, this site is in the “worm farming” niche. Yes, you did read that correctly – worm farming.

Again all it’s traffic arrives from free organic search engine rankings and the only thing we’ve done is use the exact same proven link building advice I’m going to give you to achieve similar (or more likely much better) search engine rankings & traffic volumes.

This site averages 363 visitors per day (or 132k visitors per year)…

If you setup a solid link building campaign to support your website like I’ll show YOU how to do, then you too can also see extremely stable traffic like this coming to your website every single day.

We spend a total of 15 minutes per week on the above two websites doing customer service stuff and we’re able to do that simply because we setup a focused, well structured link building campaign. Those links helped position these websites as leaders in their respective niches within the search engines.

It’s nice to have the choice to pay for additional advertising and traffic if we want to!

(No Pictures Of Ferraris Here) – Here’s Exactly What’s Contained Within The Dossier and What I’m Going To Teach You Today…

Yes, there’s a lot of information here, but it’s not going to overwhelm you. It’s all laid out in a very straight forward and easy to understand manner that you’ll be able to follow and retain no problem.

Not to mention that you by no means have to employ all of these link building techniques in your search engine marketing plan. You’ll be able to pick and choose depending on what best suits your needs, goals and marketing budget…

And of course there is a lot more. The above are just a few key notes contained within the “Link Building Techniques” section of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier…

In addition to the link building techniques (and exactly how to implement them), you’re also going to learn the specific theories behind what we do.

This will help you to prioritize your focus, ensure you’re not wasting any investment or time in techniques that just aren’t going to perform, and help you to realize fast, measureable, ever improving search engine results…

For example you’ll learn the #1 hands down most important concept in building incoming links to improve search engine rankings. Most people think this relates to Google Page Rank but they’re dead wrong.

Once this clicks & resonates with you, you’re going to be 100 times further ahead than any competitors you have out there, trying to out link and out rank you. If you focus on this key concept and approach you can literally dominate search engine rankings for even extremely competitive keyword terms if that’s your goal.

Most people tend to really over complicate things when it comes to search engine optimization. And that’s not surprising. It’s been said there are around 200 individual ranking factors that Google (and that’s just Google) takes into consideration when determining where they rank any given website.

Things like having the right “Meta Tags”, using “Heading Tags” in your content, giving images “Alternative Text”, getting the ideal “Keyword Densities” inside your pages right and so on and so forth.

The TRUTH is, that whilst all of those things are good standard SEO practice IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. You can have the WORST website in the world and still achieve EXCELLENT search engine rankings through the power of a well focused, good structured, and correctly implemented link building campaign.

Whilst there might very well be 200 different ranking factors – one of those is related to the incoming links pointing to your website – and that one factor alone will produce 95% of the positive ranking improvements you will see.

That’s just the way it is.

So rather than worrying too much about the 199 other factors that are only going to produce 5% of the results (and potentially overwhelming yourself to the point of being non-productive), we like to stay laser focused on the single factor that will produce 95% of the results.

It just makes sense right? Sure it does!

So if you’re like me and you don’t want to have to spend hours upon hours tweaking every single page on your website until the cows come home – to see bugger all improvement in your search engine rankings for the effort – then “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If you follow and implement at least some of the advice contained within “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” then it’s not unrealistic to have at least an additional 30,000 incoming links pointing to your website – working to drive it up the organic search engine rankings – over the next couple of months.

In fact, most people could easily double or treble that with a bit of focus.

What’s more understand that just about every link building technique we use will get your links in front of “eyeballs”.

That means as you’re link building campaigns expand, you’re going to see an ever increasing amount of direct traffic arriving to your website from those links, as well as the high quality traffic that top organic search engine rankings provide.

Here’s how to secure your copy right now and start getting the search engine results that you really want to see…


Simply click on the “Add To Cart” button to order now through our secure payment processor. After successful payment has been made you’ll be immediately redirected to a private download page where you’ll be able to download “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” as a PDF document.

If you have any questions before you order, please feel free to contact us, otherwise you’ll also receive our priority customer only contact details once you’ve ordered where you can ask any questions you like.

Here’s to your link building success…

The Link Building “Go To Guy”.

P.S. Search engine optimization and link building is only as hard as you want to make it. Sometimes you just need to cut out all of the confusing crap, stay focused on what is known to work, and get stuck in and take action. That’s what “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” is going to help you to do.

You can get lost in discussion forums for years asking SEO questions, getting conflicting advice from people not qualified to be offering it in the first place, and end up pulling your hair out in the process. Or you can order “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” today and learn everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years as a professional link builder. Worst case you’re fully protected by the guarantee.


(Disclaimer – This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo.)

“As someone who launched one of the first SEO companies back in the mid 90’s, I can state without hesitation that I’ve seen almost every SEO book, document, video, and everything else that has come along related to SEO in the past 15 years. I want to tell you about a new SEO guide from Duncan Carver that I consider to be the definitive SEO guide of the modern SEO Era.

It’s called The Ultimate Link Building Dossier, and it’s simply one of the best SEO guides I have ever seen. Period. If SEO or getting ranked in the search engines play any part in your business, and you ignore Duncan’s two hundred page gem, well, let’s just say you’re making the biggest mistake of your online marketing career.

I’ve shown the dossier to a couple of my SEO friends and each has had the same response. And that response is “wow”! I don’t care if you’ve been in the SEO game since day one, or just getting started, this is the one guide you absolutely MUST have. I’ll stake my reputation on this one. There is nothing else even close to what Duncan has delivered.”

Dave Kelly –

“Hi Duncan, There are few people I turn to online for proven advice on link building and SEO. And you’re always at the top of my list of experts. When you released “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” I couldn’t believe my good fortune…

My next step is to build a team of outsourced workers to put even more of what you teach into action. There’s so much you reveal in The Ultimate Link Building Dossier I could never do it all myself. After reading through your work there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of… anyone who gets their hands on this will never be short of traffic ever again. I give “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” my highest possible commendation. All the best!”

Brian Terry –

“Duncan, I’ve been a professional writer for decades and for the last few years have been using my writing to get clients up on the top of Google. So when I picked up your manual, the last thing I expected was to learn anything new about article marketing.

Well, it was quickly obvious that I have overlooked some powerful writing strategies. I’m starting right away to work them into my own link building routine. Specifically, I’m going to change how I write around my keywords, because I had one of those ‘light bulb moments’ when I saw how you link your keywords to a writing program. Excellent stuff, Duncan.

And thanks also for that Action Plan in the final section of the Dossier. I’ve been employing writers in Asia for the last year, and I am now going to use that Plan to widen out the type of work they do for me. A great resource, brim full of practical, audacious link building strategies and tactics. Thoroughly recommended”

Len McGrane,

“The information in the first part of the book was astonishing as far as I’m concerned. You were talking about XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX being the key to a link’s value, which is a new idea to me, and how this can be taken advantage of deliberately in a number of ways… including, astonishingly directory links. To be honest, to me that alone is worth the price of the book.

This changes my understanding of SEO, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I’ve *seen* this concept in action but never understood what was happening: things like an inner page of a client’s site being picked to rank over the home page I’m actually linking to (using the inner page’s keyword in anchor text pointing to the home page). Multiple pages of the same site being picked to rank top 3… I’ve used it in my link building to a limited extent with good success.

I’ll have to re-read it several times to embed and grasp the implications. The book is well written and clear. You give lots of examples which is how I understand information practically. I’m a happy buyer.”

“Duncan, I have been doing SEO for 7 years and have got some great results, for myself and my clients. Sometimes we can get set in our ways and not “see the forest for the trees” – In the first chapter, some lights went on… i checked one of my sites (which is at number 1 for its main keyword), and the factors you specified were exactly right.

Paul Easton, Auckland, New Zealand

PS: One of the products you recommended I have been using for 2 months, and its resulted in increased ranking in amounts from 100 – 500 places in Google!

“Duncan, your Ultimate Link Building Dossier is awesome! I’ve been working online for several years so I am aware of the many different backlink creation strategies. The problem is that I had all the information jumbled up in my mind. I would jump from one approach to another without having any kind of overall strategy.

While reading your ebook it began to fall into place. I now have a plan with a solid understanding of precisely what actions I need to take and which ones are more important than others. Thank you!”

“I’m a relative newbie, particularly in the minefield that is link building and I wasn’t sure whether I should buy this book or not. Well, the answer is I’m glad I did because it has really opened my eyes to the possibilities and rewards that are available if you go down the right path. And this book does just that.

The wide variety of link building techniques in the book is literally mind boggling and I can guarantee that there are some you haven’t used before or, if you have, probably not to the their full extent.

Not only does it lay out lots of link building options for consideration but it is written in a very easy conversational manner which was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, I can honestly say that this is the first time I have really understood the ins and outs of link building and the way to go about it to get the highest rewards – which you will if you read it. It’s now printed out into a binder and will be my link building reference from now on.” ~ Joe Watson

“Duncan, I am 50 pages into your book and it has given me the clearest picture so far of how to do link building. Last year my site was pulling in about 21 people per day. Now I am averaging 91 in the last month of Google Analytics data.

So far, the clarity of the issue as you have presented is the best of all of the books so far. I may have a few questions as I go. Thanks again for the follow-up. Regards,”

Paul Dean, You Learn Forex Orlando, FL –

“I didn’t create this, but I really wish that
I had done. No hype. No fancy shmancy marketing buzzwords. This is hands down the best SEO system that I have read and manages to do it without boring you to death…”

Ben Shaffer –

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The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Review of Eliminate Potty Mouth

Review of Eliminate Potty Mouth

Review of Eliminate Potty Mouth

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Review of Eliminate Potty Mouth

Product Name: Eliminate Potty Mouth

Click here to get Eliminate Potty Mouth at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Eliminate Potty Mouth

Review of Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs

Review of Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs

Review of Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs

Click here for bigger image

Review of Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs

Product Name: Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs

Click here to get Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs:

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The Ultimate Strategies I Applied To Breakthroughs To Make Money Online! – In Hopes To Inspire You And Teach You My Techniques!

Why is it people do the exact same thing,
but getting two different results?

Have you ever been in a situation like you are doing everything you are taught, but you aren’t getting the results that others are getting doing the exact same thing?

Why others dominate and why not you? Affiliate marketing, and online business may first appear as easy ways to make money online, but then people soon realised that the web is not an easy tapped goldmine to generate money as what we have told.

In the end you get overwhelmed, confused and give up!

Is this sounds familiar to you?

Read My Story Why I End Up Working From Home
& Start Living My Life Into My Liking!

My name is Jeng Cua, founder of and the creator of, I’m going to share with you how you can generate income from the internet. I know, it’s quite a big claim to make… but you’ll see how easily it can be done once you fully understand how to structure a REAL online business from home the right way.

I am exactly like you working full time from 8-5. I used to be an expatriate involved in two business start up selling snack food for 16 years, until I quit my full time job on May 2, 2012.  

Everybody says “You would be foolish to give up a steady paycheck and a corporate job security to take a chance on something new.” I know, I know, I know…

But… when is really the right time to quit your job?

Here’s the thing.  It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about, but what’s hard is filtering out what you are willing to give up doing the things that you REALLY love doing or passionate about.

I got involved with Network Marketing business believing that this is the best & easy way for me to run a business that I can consider “my own” giving me and my family the financial freedom that I am searching for, but guess what…

After 7 months of chasing people to buy and join my business opportunity, I  realized that this is not the kind of business that I want to pursue for the rest of my life.

Then…I ask myself.  Do I need to pursue my dreams or not?

I don’t let my fear and lack of knowledge hold me back and I would say that I am always been a risk taker…


I remember once I told my former boss, Mr. Carlos Chan  (#28 Philippines 50 Richest, source Forbes 2016), Mr. Carlos Chan is the Chairman of the Oishi brand, a famous snack-maker in the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and had the fifth largest market share in China’s snack-food market.

Here’s what I told him…  “life is not fair”, he looked at me and ask me why?

I answered him…because if Li Ka Shing (#20 World Billionaires  – source Forbes 2016), will invest in the Philippines,  he will definitely contact Mr. Henry Sy (#1 Richest in the Philippines) or you (which is I’am referring to my boss) to partner with and not with jeng or brian (my husband) -:(

Then….he looked at me and smiled saying “you are right Jeng!”.

Lunch at Dusit Thani Hotel With My Former Boss Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Chan With Their Daughter Ms. Rinbee

Mr. Carlos Chan has always been my #1 inspiration not only the way he run and handle his businesses & people, but also the way he raised his 6 children who are very well disciplined and humble.


To achieve your greatest potential, your association to great people matters.  In fact, there is an old proverb that reads, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Quite often we become like the people we’re around. We become like the book we read. If you want to be financially successful, surround yourself with those who are financially successful.

My collection of inspirations, principles, and positive thoughts has grown over the years. I’am so blessed and so grateful to be surrounded by my loving and kind family, relatives and friends.

And I must admit that I am one of the few lucky and most privilege person on earth to meet, dine, shake hands and acquire great knowledge by observing & talking directly with some of the top well respected leaders and richest business people in the world. 

With The Late President Corazon Aquino, Ben Thanh Market, Vietnam

With Former President Fidel Ramos, Mariott Hotel Philippines

Dinner With Mr.& Mrs. Henry Sy (#1 Richest in the Philippines), at Highlands MOA

Dinner With Mr. & Mrs. Lucio Tan (#4 Richest in the Philippines). at Dadong Beijing China

We are normally influenced by the behavior of the people with whom we associate. If we surround ourselves with positive, great, strong, motivated and successful people we will tend to model their behavior and follow some patterns to success. There is no difference in playing the game of the online industry.  Your association to people matters!

But, you also need to understand to get anything you want in life and in business, you need to set a strong discipline to yourself, work harder (I mean really more harder) and form a good habit that will bring you closer to your goal each day.


I’m definitely not trying to encourage you to march into your own boss office and quit your job tomorrow without any plan of contingencies – unless you have something deep inside you that you really want to achieve someday, then follow your intuition.  

Here’s one of my (many, many, many)
biggest lessons I learned….

“I learned how to perfect the Art of Failure!”

Though, I have that full experience in setting up and running a multi-million dollar mainstream business, running an ONLINE business is something new to me.

So, Here’s what I did….

I flew to the United States from the Philippines to meet up with those online marketers who already been in this industry ahead of me and already earning REAL money online.


Russell Brunson has been in the online game for decades, he is a multi-millionaire online entrepreneur.  He is the founder of DotCom Secrets, best selling author, owns a software company called ClickFunnels and one of the top super affiliates in the world.

Joel Therien, the Chairman and CEO of GVO & Pureleverage. He used to be a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab Specialist and decided very quickly that working for someone else was not going to provide him with the future he desired.   He is now running a multi-million dollar online business

“Your First Is Always The Hardest!”. Your first step takes courage, but  your next will be more easier!

My First Affiliate Commission From Peerfly!

I am not here to show you thousands of dollars to make, but the journey to get there. Your first million will always be coming from your first dollar made.  And once you hit your first million, then your second million will be more easier!

WHY? Because you already developed a certain skills how to do it!

TIP:  Detach yourself with your emotions to make money fast. Just concentrate and enjoy every bit of the process because those fancy cars or beautiful mansions can depreciate in time, but your skills will not!

Doing an online business is phenomenal since you don’t need to have big capital to invest, you don’t need to build a manufacturing facilities, you don’t need to hire 3000 employees and build a warehouse to stock your goods.  

WHAT YOU NEED?  Running an online business, you need the right knowledge, right system, online marketing tools and to work smarter & not harder!

After years of trying, I eventually found the right pattern to make REAL money online and I’m really pleased to announce that anybody can do this to generate an income on auto-pilot (if done correctly) from the comfort of your home.

“In A Nutshell, Follow My Entire 4 Modules So That You Can Set Up Your Own  Income Generation Machine Online 24/7” 


Skill Levels:  All Levels
Curriculum:  4 Modules
Lessons:  36 Lessons
Format:  Video Training
Language:  English

MODULE 1:  Preparation And What You’ll Need:

LESSON 1:     Principles of Personal Vision to Get Anything You Want

LESSON 2:     Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business – Part 1

LESSON 3:     Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business – Part 2 

LESSON 4:     Knowing Your Core Why & Who You Are: Your Path To Success

LESSON 5:     Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Profit Fast From The Lowest Hanging Fruit – Part 1

LESSON 6:     Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Profit Fast From The Lowest Hanging Fruit – Part 2

LESSON 7:     Strategizing an Influential Campaign Blueprint 

LESSON 8:     Getting The Campaign Blueprint “Go Signal”

LESSON 9:     Domain Ownership & Web Hosting

LESSON 10:   Closing The Loop: Getting Things Done

MODULE 2:  Hook Mastery

LESSON 1:     Strategies & Psychology in Creating an Effective Custom Sales Funnel

LESSON 2:     Landing Page Secret Formulas

LESSON 3:     Landing Page Creation Demo From Scratch – Part 1

LESSON 4:     Landing Page Creation  Demo From Scratch – Part 2

LESSON 5:     Creating Your Own Custom Video

LESSON 6:     Connecting The Dots

LESSON 7:     Pre-flight Check Before Launching Your Campaign

MODULE 3:  Conversion Mastery

LESSON 1:     Conversion Tracking Set Up

LESSON 2:     Creating A Custom Domain Tracking Using A Sub-Directory

LESSON 3:     Split Testing Demonstration

LESSON 4:     Facebook Conversion Pixels Install To Webpage

LESSON 5:     Creating A Facebook Remarketing Audience

LESSON 6:     Setting Up A Google Analytics Account

LESSON 7:     Install Google Analytics Tracking ID To Website

LESSON 8:     Creating A Google Adwords Conversion Tag & Install To Website


LESSON 1:     Facebook Ad Creation

LESSON 2:     How To Avoid Google Adwords Account Suspension

LESSON 3:     Understanding The Rules To Structure A PPC Ad In Adwords

LESSON 4:     Creating Your First Ad In Google Adwords

LESSON 5:     Creating A Remarketing List With Google Adwords

LESSON 6:     Remarketing Tag Verification With Google Tag Assistant

LESSON 7:     Creating A Remarketing Campaign With Google Adwords

LESSON 8:     Monitoring Campaign & Ad Group Performance

LESSON 9:     4 Best Driving Traffic Methods In Facebook

LESSON 10:   Analyzing, Tweaking & Adjusting

LESSON 11:   Scale and Leverage

After putting this out in the market for a pre-launch test, I am so grateful to see positive feedbacks from those people who trusted me and bought my product and I am so happy to see some people already made some money by following the simple steps that I’ve provided inside this course.

Some People Already Made Their First Sale By Following The Strategies Inside This Course  – Here’s My Proof!

Here’s What People Are
Saying About This Course:

“ I bought Jeng Cua Course because I saw
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After that I was ready to follow her.
I have been in many Mastery Courses run
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Jeng Cua is a very kind and genuine person.
Her Course is down to Earth and easy to follow,
I highly recommend her Breakthroughs
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–  Jari Wilenius, Finland

“ I bought her course and I must say she includes
a LOT in there. Useful stuffs only. No fluff and
no filler. Step by step and a deep dive into exactly
how to do email marketing with affiliate products,
driving traffic and tracking conversions.

I’m impressed by the high quality of her training.
This lady means serious business! I was happily
surprised that this is a quality course when it
comes to the content.  It’s geared towards total
beginners, but still it goes throughs everything
from total beginner level, to intermediate,
and advanced level too.

It’s also included action steps that you
supposed to finish before moving on
to the next training video. “– Marko Akinaga, Japan

“Upon discovery of this, I got hooked with all the videos presented by Ms. Jeng Carreon Cua, this online Breakthrough Course is what I really need, the steps are clear and easy to follow. I see clearly now what was missing in what i do since I started online marketing years back but earn very little. The tools and the strategies are just amazing. I love the challenge and this time the Breakthrough that I want will soon be a reality. My success will be my way of blessing others as well. Thanks Ms. Jeng for sharing this!” – Joy Robosa, Philippines

“I have been scammed 3 time finally I decided to buy breakthroughs mastery course and this course is very helpful for all people.Actually there is a lot of course for making money online but the reason why other course and this course has much different it’s easy to understand it has step by step video trainings and content for home work so we know clearly what we must need to do and it has breakthrough mastery course group for their members where we can ask anything if we are facing any problem about course”– Waqas Qureshi, Dubai

“Hello Jeng, I much say that you have hit a homerun with this one. Thanks also for emphasizing that any changes that one makes depends on oneself.One shoe does not fit all but for myself I am definitely coming aboard with your training,You have put it altogether for those of us that would like a better future in all ways.100% to you.”– Craig Roberson, USA

…is a revolutionary new online business system that not only guarantees to help you make money online — it promises to help you develop your skills  — to earn extraordinary income — in building your own irresistible selling machine that will work for you 24/7

36 Days from Right Now!

is that you can actually begin the program in the next few minutes. You can take 1 lesson per day and master it in just 36 days!

Seriously, put the Breakthroughs Mastery Course to work for you… it’s the ultimate way to breakthroughs to build a REAL money generation online. If you are really ready to start a REAL online business, the good news is you can EARN while you learn.

I’ve included some free bonus stuff…

BONUS: Access to I’am a Champion 90-Day Challenge!

You will get INSTANT access to I’am a Champion 90-Day Challenge at the end of each modules.  The 90-Day Challenge includes… A 90-Day supplements to push you to keep going each day.  This is the best challenge for you to EARN while you learn.

The ENTIRE 90-Day Challenge is posted in a streaming video. This is great for folks who want a head start and start generating some extra income while mapping out your “Own” business plan.

Also, this is a wonderful solution to those beginners who haven’t made any dollar online. We add  videos from time to time, such as different traffic methods – both free & paid, how to build and lead your own tribe and other pills to get the results you want.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied, we will refund yourmoney, No Questions Asked.

If you are not completely satisfied with the journey, and for any other reasons you’ll get from the Breakthroughs Mastery Course, then we will refund your money – NO QUESTIONS ASKED, no heart feelings!

I am so confident that you will absolutely love the journey in building your “Own” Online Business Breakthroughs in Designing Your Future, that we’re offering a “100% guarantee.”

Will you try to REINVENT the way you make a living? Do what you love and Design your Future?

It’s 100% risk free. How’s that for guarantee?

My Family Trip To Beppu, Japan Visiting the 8 Hells of Beppu & Experiencing the Thrill of Sand & Mud Bath

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Keep in mind that this investment today is the best investment that you can make to change your perspective in life & the way you do your business. This is a thousand times cheaper than paying a 4 year Bachelor Course in school. 

So here’s what you need to do…

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I truly look forward to hearing your
Breakthroughs Journey Success using this Breakthroughs Mastery Course!

Please send your comments, testimonials,success stories and questions to me personally at:

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Breakthroughs Mastery Course – MyBizBreakthroughs

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Click here for bigger image

Review of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Product Name: Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Click here to get Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system:

Lead generation and list building is the
most reliable way to make money online . . . and the Lead
Science system is the only guaranteed way to build your
list with people actually looking for what you are offering. Better
yet, you can actually get paid to build a list!

Whether you are interested in shoving a few extra
dollars in your pocket or if you have an established offline business
looking to multiply your profits online, this article reveals
powerful shortcuts and techniques you need to succeed quickly
and easily. If you would like to discover over 100 ways to build
your list for free, enter your name and email in the form below
the video. Watch the video or read the article to discover how
you can actually get paid to build your list!

Click Here To Get It Now!(the link above will open a new

If you are just starting out and don’t
have a product or service to sell, I will show you how to make money
without a product below, but for now, let’s assume you have something to

Typically, people don’t buy anything from you until they are
familiar with you and trust you. Statistically, they need to see or
hear from you 7 times before they will buy from you. There are
exceptions, of course, which we will cover in a moment.

Maybe it is a new X-Men movie or a Disney movie
. . . Where would you buy it?

Most likely, you immediately thought of Walmart, Target, Best
Buy, or

Did you even think about going to Universal
Studios or maybe Disney’s web site? . . . Probably not .
. . Why?

I suspect your first thought was one of your familiar places you
know and trust.

Maybe you have figured out Walmart always discounts the
price for new releases the first week.

Hint: If you didn’t know that already, visit Walmart
on Tuesdays and look at the New Release display.

Maybe you prefer to shop
at Target with low prices and an upscale atmosphere. Or maybe you are used to getting the best prices and
convenience of with free shipping as a Prime

Maybe you didn’t know you could .
. . or maybe you aren’t convinced Vudu or UltraViolet
will be around from now on, and your purchase might
disappear in a year or two. That is a trust issue.

The point is
the sources that first pop into your head are familiar; you
trust them; and these stores
are generally your first choice.

There are generally two
cases where you might buy something you just saw
for the first time on an unknown web site:

1. You are desperate. You have searing pain, are scared or
embarrassed, or you are up against a serious deadline and need it

2. You can not find the product or service anywhere else.

Even in these situations, you might look
around first for a review about the
site, or get their newsletter and see how they perform before you
buy. They need to gain your trust.

There is one other way you
might buy the first time you come across a new
vendor. If the web site looks professional and offers
information and a ton of bonuses or other benefits you won’t get
anywhere else.

5 ways are covered in the video, but one answer is to
build a list of potential customers and
regularly communicate with everyone who indicates they are
interested enough to join your list.

By the way, you don’t want to
buy a list, because those people
still don’t know you.

A popular way to advertise online is with Solo
Ads where you pay someone to send your offer to their list. This can
work well, because their readers are already familiar with the list
owner, and the list owner is referring you and your offer to his
subscribers. This is known as a third-party endorsement.

However, even when you rent the list owner’s familiarity, it is
best if you use the solo ad to get people on your list . . . so you can
build their trust and establish familiarity.

If you try to sell directly from
the Solo Ad, you only get one shot; they either buy or they don’t .
. . and then they are gone.

But if they join your list, you can
keep selling as long as they stay on your list.

Think about your online purchases;
isn’t this how you think when you visit an unfamiliar site?

Every time you interact with a potential
customer . . . whether via email, on the phone, or with a web site .
. . you need to think about creating trust.

As discussed below, you can use your list to make
money in lots of different ways, but the key is to make future
offers to your list. Using a balance of relationship
building, providing useful or entertaining information, and mixing
in offers over time is how you make money once you have your list.
Obviously, not everyone will buy every offer, but most of the people
on your list will buy from time to time if you balance those three

key is you need to take care of your subscribers
properly (more about that is covered in the video).

Now, that is just the industry average.
I will show you techniques to do even better than
that in a moment.

In fact,
I will show you over 100 ways to generate
leads when you

click here. You will also get a comprehensive
List Building report for free, so go ahead and enter your name and email now if you haven’t

As explained in the video, there are advantages and disadvantages
to using free techniques and paid advertising techniques to build
your list, but. . .


The people who subscribe to your
list using the Lead Science method are NOT
getting paid to sign up or to click on anything.

These new subscribers are actually looking
for what you are offering . . . and you are guaranteed
to get 50 per day!

Get Lead Science

To absolutely ensure your success,
Lead Science even includes my
Done For You campaign that lets you earn while you
learn. It even includes an option to build a huge monthly income on
complete autopilot while providing you unlimited advertising
worldwide across the Internet.

1. I am going to give you a LOT
of bonus material that will increase your profits
and conversion ratio.

2. I don’t want you to get
bogged down in trying to learn everything before
you do anything.

You will watch the first 3 or 4
videos and then spend about 10 minutes implementing my
Done For You program. Then you can continue going
through all the bonuses to increase your profits while
the Done For You program is building your list and
making you money.

3. The Done For You program
offers you at least 2 ways to make money.

Get Lead Science

Now you understand why list building and lead
generation techniques are important, and you can see how easy it
will be to stuff your pockets with cash.

Let’s briefly discuss how to transform your
visitors into your subscribers.

As the number of daily emails in your
prospects’ inbox grows, people are less and less likely to jump on your list to get a
free newsletter or to get a freebie report as time passes
on the Internet . . . even if you promise not to sell their
name and email.

So you need to catch their attention and promise
them real value when they get on your list. Then you need
to deliver even more than you promised, and
what you deliver needs to be valuable to them.

It is even better if you can offer them real, useful information
before they get on your list. This helps build trust
and credibility.

After they get on your list, continue to deliver value and build
trust. Don’t make every email a sales letter or even a disguised
sales offer.

When you do make an offer or endorsement, make sure you are
offering real value, and try to make it like you are sharing
something valuable rather than Selling them something.

I will show you how to get hundreds of great
products offering real value that will inspire people to sign up.
The 100+ lead generation techniques you will discover when you
enter your name and email
here will get
people to your opt-in page. And of course, the Lead Science program
makes all this easier and faster with guaranteed subscribers.

But the 100+ list building techniques are all
free, so why not use them in addition to the Lead Science
method? This way you will build your list even bigger for bigger

we have been stepping through the exciting potential of building
your own list of eager subscribers and converting your list into
profits, you may have been wondering exactly How you will
handle all these subscribers.

After all, you will
have 100 subscribers in 2 days with the Lead Science program . . .
and that translates to more than a thousand (1,500 specifically) in
a month, and 18,000 in a year. If you choose to ramp it up, you
could have a list with over 100,000 subscribers in less than
a year.

When a new potential customer joins your list, you are going to
want to . . .

You want to send this information to
all your new subscribers so they all have a common understanding of
how you and your products and services can help them.

You also MUST have the ability to
send out a Broadcast email when you want to make an announcement or
recommend a new offer. If you have 100,000 people on your list,
sending a broadcast email to that many people from your email
account (or even software on your website) is NOT an option!
If you try broadcasting this many emails
from your email or web site host account, your account will be shut
down with no questions asked!

Imagine you get 50 new subscribers per day every day for 6
months. And let’s say you are only going to send them 10 emails . .
. one every other day. In other words, your Email Campaign
is a series of just 10 emails you have written in advance.

After 6 months, you will have 9,000
subscribers. On any given day, you will need to send email #1 to 50
people, email #2 to 50 more people, email #3 to 50 other people, and
so on. This means you have to keep track of which 50 people need to
receive each of your 10 emails, and it changes every day. That is 500 emails you need to send
to the right people everyday!

Well, don’t worry; this is actually very easy to do.
You just
need a professional

autoresponder service. All you have to do is write your 10
emails and load them in the online form, and the autoresponder
software will take care of everything else for you.

If you decide you want to take the easy path and get 50
guaranteed targeted subscribers every day using Lead Science, I will show you how to
get and use your autoresponder as well.

We have already discussed the reason you need to get people
familiar with you and your offer . . .

example, you might want more readers visiting your blog . . . or you
may want to communicate directly with all your subscribers or offer
them insight and value you do not want to publish on your blog. 

Maybe you want to boost your brand name or become famous. Most
people, however, are looking to make more money . . . one way or another.
So . . .

There are lots of ways you can make money with your list. For
example, you can sell affiliate products, promote

CPA offers, market your own products or services, take
advantage of ad swaps, or even sell your own Lead Generation

High-CPC ads are those
topics for which businesses pay a LOT of money for each click (i.e.,
CPC = Cost Per Click).

However, you can
place your Adsense ad block (quick and easy to create on Google) on your website
for free.

When your reader clicks that Adsense ad on your site
related to your topic, Google will send you a check for a portion of the money paid for the

NOTE: Your commissions have to
exceed the payment threshold before they send you a check.

Tap the power of Lead Science now!

Just don’t
tell them to
click on ad, and don’t click on the ads on your
website yourself. Both of these are violations of the Adsense Terms of Use, and
Google will detect it and delete your Adsense account without
warning. They will also ignore your apologies and requests to
reinstate your account.

By the way, if you also include an affiliate product link, CPA
banner, or context link in your article, you can also make money
when a reader clicks the ad or link and makes a purchase.

Here is an example of an article about

the Top 10 Fat Burning Super Foods with Adsense installed.
You can see the Adsense block in the sidebar marked “Sponsored
Links” and in the body of the article.

The High-CPC Adsense method is just one way to
make money with your list. As a member of the Lead Science team you
will learn more ways over time.

Obviously, selling anything to leads who join
your list will make you money, but that is not what I am talking

And as I explained above, you can immediately direct new
subscribers to your Adsense pages and make money if they click an ad, but
that is not what I am talking about either.

As a member of the Lead Science system, you
will discover an easy way to get your own free website to help you
start making money. It is completely free; it costs you nothing to
get it, and it comes with free hosting and marketing.

You can promote it, refer subscribers to it,
and make lots of money with it automatically. You don’t have to
build anything, post anything, host anything, deliver any products,
take payments, address refunds, or do any other Customer Service
activities. All that is done for you. All you have to do is
claim your free website, click a button to activate it, and promote
it . . . if you want to.

Well, giving them a free money-making web site is a way to offer them real value,
and you get paid when they take it.

Then you can add more value by showing them how to promote their
free website so they make more money.

Get your
Done For You
campaign here.

Whether you have your own products and
services and your own web site, or if you are trying to promote a
blog or your Facebook Fanpage . . . whether you are trying to make
money promoting affiliate products or CPA offers or simply trying to
increase your brand awareness and better serve your customers for
your offline business . . .

All that is well worth the tiny cost to become
a Lead Science member, but I want to make this as valuable for you
as possible, so . . .

am not going to load up on bonus gifts you will never use just to
dazzle you and get you to invest in the Lead Science program. The
bonus gifts below are specifically designed to help you get more out
of the Lead Science system.

Building a list of subscribers is of little
value to you unless you know how to write effective emails that
inspire your subscribers to become customers.

The Done For You program comes with a
pre-written email campaign, and I am giving you 10 more ready-to-run
campaigns which you will see shortly … but I want you to know how
to create your own as well. That is why the Lead Science Lead
Generation System includes a free lifetime
membership to the eMarketers Club.

You will get instant access to my special
reports, audios, and bonuses that will show you how to quickly and
easily create, grow, and nurture your own wildly profitable email
list. Here is what you get when you claim your free membership now:

As mentioned above, I am including 10 more
pre-written email campaigns you can use to build your list and make
extra money. You will get at least 6 emails for each of the

You can add in extra emails to ensure you get
paid to build your list even without making a sale. All you need is
a Clickbank account which you can

get free here. You can use each campaign to build multiple
lists or gang them together into one or more campaigns selling
multiple products.

Another good strategy is to add these emails
to your Done For You program. That way you will have a string of
offers all ready for each subscriber!

The next bonus gift is a Done For You
Income Funnel. All you need to do is watch the video and
spend a few minutes setting up your funnel. You can then promote the
link for your funnel or even offer it as an incentive to get
subscribers to join your list. This income funnel offers several
ways to make extra money on autopilot with an astounding 63%
conversion rate.

Whether you want to promote a web site, your
blog, or an affiliate link, a great way to do it is with free
traffic from the search engines. The only problem is it is not
trivial to get your web pages ranked on the search engines, and it
can take weeks or even months to even get your site index (i.e.,
“listed”) on the search engines.

So this important little bonus gift is free
access to an online software tool that gets your site indexed within
24 hours!

Watch the first few videos and within about 10
minutes, you will have your Done For You list building system
set up . . . not only generating leads . . . but getting subscribers
AND making you money!

And don’t forget you can turn on the
automatic monthly income builder as well. You won’t have to
change anything to start building your extra stream of monthly
income. Just turn it on.

Once you get your Done For You system running,
take your time and go through the bonus gifts. Discover powerful
techniques to (1) make money without selling, (2) write emails that
shove wads of cash in your pockets, and (3) kick-start additional
streams of income.

If you are not happy with the package, you can
simply request a full refund (using the link in your email receipt),
and you will get your money back within 48 hours directly from the
payment processor.

You even get to keep all the bonuses if you
are not happy with the Lead Science list builder package!

You have nothing at risk and
nothing to lose . . . And yet you have a whole new
lifestyle and world of opportunity to gain!

Plus, you will get 8 videos that can slash
your bills by many times the cost of the Lead Science system. Would
you like to . . .

These 8 videos show you how to do all that,
and you don’t have to buy anything or sign up for anything. Just
watch the videos.

I promised to show you how to make money
without selling.

If you get this program now .  . . before
time runs out . . . not only will you get the complete training
guide on how to do this, but you will also get the audio and video
version of the course so you can watch over our shoulder and see it
first hand. You can learn more about the

written version here and the

audio/video version here. You get both (plus all the
listed bonuses) FREE with the
Lead Science list building system if you get it Now!

Lead Science is really all about make a
list with reliable and scalable results, but it is equally important
you know how to take care of your subscribers. Your subscribers have
taken that critical first step to trust you, and you need to take
care of them like they are your family and your source of income at
the same time. You need to care about them and keep them happy while
also making money. You can’t keep them happy if are constantly
selling to them, and you can’t make money if you give away
everything or if you give away stuff that has no value to them.

this rare bonus provides you a formula to build a relationship, keep
them happy, generate on-going sales, and simultaneously build an
ever-growing monthly income. My
100+ free list
building techniques shows you how to get leads online, but
Lead Science helps you make a list and use email
marketing to create a following that puts increasing wads of cash in
your pocket!

When you combine the Lead Science lead
generation techniques with the eMarketing club secrets and this
formula for keeping your followers happy, you will be unstoppable!
But you must get Lead Science now while you still
qualify for the Fast Action Bonuses.

The only thing
left is to reveal the price!

In the Make Money Without Selling
course alone, you will see how 10 businesses literally made
millions of dollars just with that technique alone.

In the List Building Made Easy
course you will see how 10 more businesses make millions with their
list, and you will learn the exact same techniques they used! . . .
And they didn’t have the Lead Science system
that guarantees results!

What if you sold a product or
service that generates a recurring monthly
income? . . . like the monthly income program you
can build automatically with the Lead Science lead

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is
a registered trademark

Policies & Disclaimers:

Terms & Conditions 




About Me©1999-2017  Lifestyle Publishing. All
rights reserved.
 SAN 298-153X    

Click Here to Contact Us.

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Lead Science Generation System – The only Guaranteed list building system

Review of Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine

Review of Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine

Review of Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine

Click here for bigger image

Review of Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine

Product Name: Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine

Click here to get Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine:

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog sloppy sitting with the back legs out to the side, or not “springing” up effortlessly when you come home. Sadly, now that furry, former “bundle of boundless energy” just sits there all day. You need to ask yourself: “Why?”.

Think About Your Dog for a minute…

Did you say YES to anything there? You are in the right place right now.

Haven’t seen any yet? Sadly, chances are some of those signs are just down the road. Time spares noone. Not even beautiful aging dogs.

If any of those three above describe you then you’re on the wrong page. For those you’ll need a dog sport coach, veterinarian or dog obedience trainer.

Having said that, top-level coaches, trainers and veterinarians who have done their homework all have one thing in common:

So, successful canine health and obedience professionals endorse this little-known key to healthy aging dogs you will discover below.

This blueprint to a smiling, jig dancing old dog walks you through a simple shortcut that takes 10 minutes per day to help your dog age gracefully, pain-free and most importantly…with dignity.

Start taking advantage of something that has already worked for countless millions of humans and thousands of dogs.

Carrie Smith BScPT, a certified canine rehabilitation therapist with 14 years experience, has just put the finishing touches on “Wagging for Life”. A comprehensive, easy to understand, “in your own home” guided course which contains the same secrets she uses in her canine rehabilitation clinic. Her happy clients return to the clinic time after time to have Carrie help there senior dogs live happy comfortable lives…
and yes, as you’d hope… these secrets are good enough for her to use at home giving that same gift of comfort, happiness and dignity to her own 10 year old Golden Retriever named Piper

You can get access to the therapeutic skills that not only keeps old dogs happy and healthy in their homes but is also responsible for putting athletes on Olympic podiums.

A certified canine rehabilitation therapist is rare enough. Rarer still is one who also continues to treat human athletes at the pinnacle of their sports in World Cup and Olympic competition. Carrie is that distinguished level of physical therapist. Her track record is a testament to her skill, compassion and knowledge. She jokes that treating animals comes naturally to her because, after all, she works with World Cup rugby players.

So, rest assured, you are getting the culmination of 14 years of expertise from a certified canine rehab therapist layered on top of 30+ years of human physical therapy knowledge.. Carrie currently has
both canine and human clinical practices. In those two clinics people and dogs jockey for Carrie’s extremely limited time…but not you. No waiting, No parking hassles. No “punch in the wallet” fee for service. We’ve got your dog covered. Right here…. Right now…Today.

Don’t underestimate Carrie’s approachable, easy to understand language and manner. She makes her recipe for a happy old dog feel like she is talking to a close friend.

You will get all of the expertise and insider knowledge Carrie’s clients pay hundreds of dollars for without the steep bill or painful Latin medical jargon. You love your dog but…

Quite possibly not even your dog is worth you living most people’s worst nightmare…
feeling like you were magically dropped into a crowded medical school lecture hall wearing nothing but black dress socks and listening to a language you don’t understand. That is what most information like this makes you feel like but not here. Not Carrie!

Without a doubt, this is the complete A-to-Z guide that gives you everything you need to know about putting life in the years of your senior dog.
It’s all here…especially if the thought of any of these ravaging your dog keeps you up at night…

You’re getting 182 pain-relieving pages of easy to read, informative content. Use the digital version on your desktop computer screen, tablet or phone. Maybe you want to print it out and take notes in the margins? Picture yourself thumbing through those dog-eared page corners boasting hand-written notes that will chronical your beloved friend’s improvement. Imagine how gratifying it will be to look back and see where the two of you started this journey together.

Here’s where we set your dog’s starting point in the best way possible.

Learn when NOT to exercise and how hard to push when you do. This is crucial especially for aging dogs. Some of this is common sense while some of it will surprise you.

Breeds earn their “beautiful old dog” title at different ages. Learn what to look for in your furry friend.

Top 5 signs of aging in dogs

Get ready! This is the “money” module!

Everything in Wagging for Life has been patiently explained and set up to ensure you and your dog aren’t left behind or buried in jargon. Clear conversational writing and confusion-busting images are dripped out to you over the 5 weeks so you aren’t overwhelmed and the knowledge is reinforced through repeatition.

Imagine a dog that used to just lay there listlessly on the livingroom floor now trotting around the house searching for those favourite shoes or bags of groceries carelessly left within reach of a healthy mischievous dog. Remember that dog? Well, looks like the genie is out of the bottle. Forget about the shoes and order takeout. Your dog is back and your dog is worth it! ?? ?? 🙂

Of course, you are totally covered by a 60-Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident in your ability to get results that we will let you go through the entire course – learning how to help your aging dog then get a full refund if you aren’t thrilled with the results. We are that confident in the quality of the content.
Remember, you’re covered if any of these happen:

Simply use the toll-free number or email found on your Wagging for Life receipt to get in touch with our payment processor’s customer service representatives. That’s all you need to do for an immediate, no questions asked refund of the full purchase price.

Look, we love our dogs too. If it doesn’t work for your furry friend or your hectic schedule then we don’t want your money – it wouldn’t feel right.

I don’t think so. These are just honest people with beautiful old dogs in their lives. Listen closely, some are everyday dog lovers from all walks of life while others are current & retired veterinarians with credentials on the line. Each of them was so thrilled and amazed with the results and benefits of the system you’ll discover in Wagging for Life that they’re willing to sign their names to a testimonial. I think you’ll agree, It takes a heck of a product to inspire that kind of openness and cooperation.”

“The program I’ve taken with Carrie is the best thing I’ve ever done for Chaos. Without the program her quality of life would not be the same.“

with 11 year old German Shepherd “Chaos”

“I refer these animals to Carrie and then I see them again and I see the difference in them and I hear the clients tell me it’s made such a big difference.”

Dr. Nathalie F(Veterinarian)

“For me the most significant change for Megan is being able to get in and out of the back of the car. It makes a huge difference to my life and to hers and now I just open the door and up she goes!”

with 13 year old Labrador Retriever “Meagan”

” it’s good for your dog and at least 10 minutes a day. This is the minimum you can give to your companion, that’s for sure.”

Dr. Francine L(Retired Veterinarian)

with 16 year old Border Collie “Salsa”

For a limited time you get the Wagging for Life digital book set at a deep discount. As an added bonus, this package INCLUDES the multimedia learning tools that will soon only be available as a separate product. An unbelievable value for you today

Gizmo is back to chasing his ball and reminding the city garbage truck just who the REAL owner of this street is.

That means you get everything! Including the:

182 pages of comprehensive downloadable digital learning suitable for reading on screen or printed out to make personal notes on your dog’s improvement.

25 convenient audio files to reinforce what you have learned while walking, driving, travelling to work or relaxing on the couch.

5 memory-jogging cheat sheets to print out and post on the fridge ensuring the exercises are right there as a reminder and refresher for everyone in the house.

Course Companion to make sure you stay right on track

25 informative “watch & learn” videos covering everything in the digital book set in greater depth and professionally shot and edited in HD quality.

Go through the entire course with your dog

Ask us questions when you get stuck

Tell us how your dog has improved

Share an honest testimonial when you are done

Yes? Then you will get an even better deal today!

This is a WIN – WIN amazing deal on both sides because your success story is what is going to make the Wagging for Life online course an irresistible NO-BRAINER to dog lovers like you in the future. The only difference is: those future customers will be paying far more than you will today to get all the wonderful results for their dog! So, you could wait to get Wagging for Life in the future but…

Why pay more for something you know will help you help your dog right now?
“Do we have a deal?”

Now that you’ve been shown this no-risk way to put life in the years of your aging dog the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you’ve read this far, you know you have an undeniable desire and responsibility to make your senior dog’s golden years as happy and healthy as possible.

The only thing left right now is to take the first step and do it.

OK get in on this risk-free offer right now before it’s too late.

Every moment that passes is another moment you’re not actively moving towards your dog’s comfortable, happy senior years.
Seriously, you won’t find anything like Wagging for Life on any other webpage or in any other online course.

The next 494 customers will get the fast action bonuses and the great low price.

Perhaps the only source of comprehensive information for those who:

Look, stop cobbling together anecdotal “how to” advice from unqualified sources OR WORSE…

After all we are talking about a beloved friend that is giving you so much unconditional love.

Get the potent combination of a certified canine rehabilitation therapist’s proven strategies and specific, step-by-step exercises only found right here, today.

Book and DVD images are for illustration purposes. The product your are buying is digital

“P.S. Two years from now, will you look back at this moment as the time you stumbled onto something that completely changed your dog’s senior years, or will you look at it as the time you threw away a great opportunity to make a difference in your dog’s life? Don’t wait. Order now.”

A.No, not if you use common sense and have clearance from your veterinarian. We have included 3 levels of ability from Carrie’s lovable lump of a dog Piper who just wants to sit and be loved to the advanced Iggy level. Iggy is a semi-retired sport dog that just loves to go. So, there is definitely one for your dog. You just need to watch the signs your dog gives you and don’t push too hard.

A.No, you don’t. A great deal of creativity has gone into making sure the equipment used can be found around most homes. Anything you can’t find at home will be available at a dollar store for very cheap. I am referring to things like: ping-pong balls, a small paint roller and … oh yes… the very important peanut butter bribe. In fact you will learn what peanut butter ingredient can harm your dog and should be avoided at all costs.

A.I must admit this one was slightly paraphrased. However, it is human nature for some of us to think there is a magic solution to our problems that doesn’t take any of our attention or effort. For Wagging for Life to give you and your dog quality time together in the years ahead you must spent quality time with your dog right now. Even if it is just 10 minutes per day. That look in their eyes that says “thank you” is so worth it.

A.No – that’s the short answer.  The longer answer is: if your dog has a pre-existing condition or injury it might be a good idea if your veterinarian thinks increased activity is OK with those conditions.  In the vast majority of cases increased activity is good for your furry friend’s mood and body.

A.No, Carrie has the education and the ability to share it in a way everyone can understand. Just follow along in the course and ask questions when you don’t understand.

A.Yes. If your dog is breathing and has four legs you are good to go. In fact, I would say the four legs requirement is negotiable! Seriously, big dogs, little dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs are all welcome to join in.

A.Simply put…ask for help.   There is room on every lesson page for comments.  If you aren’t comfortable asking publicly – send us an email.  We love to help and questions make everything clearer for everyone in the future.  Think about it this way: your questions help dogs you don’t even know.

A.It’s simple.  Contact customer service using the information on your receipt for a prompt, no questions asked, full refund.  We are here to help dogs  not take your money without providing massive value to you and your dog.

A.Yes, you bet!  Carrie Smith has been a certified canine rehabilitation therapist for 13 years.  On top of that, for more than 30 years she has been working in her human practice on patients including Olympic, World Cup and professional athletes.  It is safe to say: Carrie knows how to help two and four-legged patients get the most out of their lives.  She does it whether the patient loves the comfy couch or the grassy park.

A.Everything you need is minutes away – tucked safely in your online membership area.  You will be able to access it anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection.  If you prefer to hold a book and read it that way: everything is ready for you to print at home.

A.Clicking that button will take you to the ClickBank secure order page.  ClickBank is one of the largest and most trusted digital merchants online today.  Your information, including your credit card, is protected by the same level of security used by your bank.  Order with confidence.

A.Most can be done in an apartment living room. Usually, if you have room for a dog – you have room for wagging for life!

A.Your credit card statement will show a purchase from “ClickBank” or “Click Sales, Inc.”

A.Click the “Click For Secure Purchase Button” below and get started right now.

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Individual Wagging for Life Results may vary and testimonials do not claim to represent typical results.
All testimonials are real dog owners but may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
Every person has a unique relationship with their dog, exercise habits, feeding regime, and applies the Wagging for Life information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical users’ experience. These results are meant as a showcase of what may be attained by Wagging for Life dogs.
By using this system you assume certain risks inherent in all exercise programs. You should not begin the program with your dog if you are aware of a physical condition that makes exercise dangerous. Wagging for Life is an educational service that provides general health information. Carrie is not a veterinarian, and her advice is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a veterinarian before beginning any exercise program with your dog.
ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission.
ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.
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Wagging For Life Bundle 4w4l — Argos Canine

Review of We Help People Find And Appy for Government Grants

Review of We Help People Find And Appy for Government Grants

Review of We Help People Find And Appy for Government Grants

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Review of We Help People Find And Appy for Government Grants

Product Name: We Help People Find And Appy for Government Grants

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Please read our

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Contact by a Funding Source is based solely on the

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website, so please make sure that

your application is as accurate as possible. Any information that

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are leaving Link to Debt

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claims no responsibility for content of third party sites, linked

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© Copyright 2006-2016

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We Help People Find And Appy for Government Grants

Review of TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Review of TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Review of TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Click here for bigger image

Review of TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Product Name: TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Click here to get TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!:

*if you can’t open this video,
you should install Flash player

My name is Eugene Elchaninov. Next to me you can see my dog TreT who has already become famous in the
Internet for his unbelievable tricks!

Most people used to see only cats on the trees, roofes and fences, but not dogs as a matter of a rule,
any dog will stop immediately when it reaches even a low fence or barrier.

It will keep barking discontentedly at somebody who is standing on the opposite
side of the unapproachable fence. The dog even will not try to overpass this obstacle.
The nature rule the roost like this and most all owners of dogs are 100% sure that their
pet will never be able to solve the following task!

TreT is a brilliant reassurance – as it seems like he is ready to jump on you out of the picture
and appear just next to you. 🙂

He is a very good example, which shows that dogs are very dexterous by nature!

You will definitely take objection and say: “Yes, my Fenya maximum can jump on the sofa,
but for him it is impossible to jump on the tree or a fence! How is it possible for him to be able
to do the same tricks as TreT does?”

Your dog is able to do impossible (for dogs) things!

Your dog is able to overpass different kinds of obstacles!

Your dog is able to jump over high fences!

Your dog is able to climp the stairs!

Your dog is able to climb the tree!

Your dog is able to jump very high and far!

Your dog is able to walk on very narrow surfaces!

Your dog is not afraid of altitude at all!

Your dog is a real acrobat as well as rock climber!

Your dog is able to climb craggy rocks!

Your dog is able to demonstrate unbelievable tricks of parkour!

Your dog is able to choose on his own the optimal (the
fastest and the easiest) way of overcoming different kinds
of obstacles!

Your dog is able to do things which other dogs cannot

Your dog is able not only to repeat your commands – he
heads his own thoughts in the correct direction (most
dogs are not able to do this)!

Your dog is able to jump much higher comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is able to run much faster comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is much tough comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is much stronger physically comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is much braver comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is always in a good fit!

Your dog is always has a very good appetite!

Your dog is always has a very good mood!

Your dog is always has a very good state of health and he gets sick very seldom!

Your dog follows you for a walk always with a pleasure as it is a big holiday!

Your dog treats you as a real friend, but not like a master!

Your dog does not live a boring life. It is rather full value, very interesting and
varicolored life, comparing to other dogs that usually go for a walk with their
owners just to go to the toilet!

You are going to be ourdoors on the fresh air much oftener.
You will be engaged in many different activities with your pet and
as a result – you will feel yourself much better!

You will start going for a walk with your own dog with great pleasure!

You will be very very proud of yourself as well as of your dog!

You dog will start trusting you much more!

Your dog is going to understand you in a half-word!

Your own life and the life of your dog will become much more interesting!

Both you and your dog will get a new and very
interesting hobby!

You will be able to organize real circus performances
for children and friends who will share their own
impressions about your dog with their friends!

You and your dog will be able to become famous
in the Internet as well as on TV!

Your dog will be able to catch even a very quick thief, if you use your
dog for guarding any kind of territory or living objects!

Your dog will be able to save a lot of human lives if he takes
part in different kinds of rescuing activities!

Your dog will be able to find the solution in all
possible situations and his reaction on a sudden
danger will be very fast (a car, etc.)!

You will be able to earn money teaching other
people dog’s parkour!

Your own life and the life of your dog will be colored
in completely different colors!

Your will get additional one more goal in life!


I along with TreT will help you to train your dog all tricks which TreT
can do and everything what you have seen on the video! I will share out with
you my unique technique of the training TreT. With the help of this training
technique you will be able to teach your dog unbelievable things!

Of course, personally I and TreT will not be able to come to you.
That is why I decided to present my vast experience of TreT’s training in the
format of tutorial video course, so that people from all over the world can
practice an interesting science of dog’s parkour with their pets, which was
named by me and by people holding the same views as “TreT-Style” –
in TreT’s honour , can be considered to be the founder of the present discipline 🙂

During the whole year I have been planning, preparing and shooting the necessary
material in order to explain you my own method of TreT’s training in an affordable,
interesting and spectacular way.

The following tutorial video course is a result of our hard work with TreT:

The following tutorial video course will open ALL secrets of the training of TreT and will
prepare your dog to perform difficult tricks of dog’s parkour – as perfectly as TreT does!

If you keep practising systematically on this tutorial video course with your own dog, you will
be able to open the hidden potential (and fantastic), about which neither you no your dog.

Duration: 12 minutes, 32 seconds

From the following course you will get to know:

The general overview of the following course; its difference comparing to
specialized dog’s training tutorials and why it will be useful for you?

The general overview of TreT-Style?

How is it necessary to carry out training lessons so that the dog could
enjoy its trainings and would be waiting for the next training?

What is the most important aspect in TreT-Style-trainings?

What is the key factor in the life of any dog and in TreT-Style-trainings particulary?

What is it necessary to do before starting training lessons of the following course?

What attitude should you have towards your dog so that it would do the training
with a sincere pleasure and joy and would always respond you with reciprocity in
the process of your TreT-Style-trainings?

What is it necessary to do when the dog cannot do something?

КHow is it necessary to plan and carry out absolutely all trainings so
that it would be very interesting for the dog to practice with you?

The role of stimulants in trainings and a smart use of them – what
you are allowed to do and what you should not do!

What time should you wait for the trainings after taking food?

What food do I give to TreT in order to keep him in a good shape?

What kind of food was in the plate of TreT before he was one year old?

Is it necessary to feed the dog just after the training?

A very valuable advice which will help to maintain the spine of your dog!

What kind of additional things will you need to have for sterling trainings?

The principles of safety while TreT-Style-Trainings!


Duration: 10 minutes, 58 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

What commands must your dog know in order to have a have a sufficient TreT-Style-Training?

Valuableadvices on how bringing up a puppy correctly and how to teach him basic commands (but the required ones)!

How can you teach your puppy to react on his own name?

How can you teach your puppy the command “to me”?

How should you behave yourself if the puppy have made a mistake and made something wrong?

There are two restricted commands – what are the similarities and the differences between them?

What should you do when you start getting angry very much when your dog does not want to fulfill your commands?

What will you need for teaching your dog commands?

At what age can you start teaching your puppy one very important basic command
(which will be very useful for course lessons as well as in your everyday life) and
how should you do it correctly so that the dog understands everything what you want from him?!

How much time per a day (as well as per a week) is it necessary to spend while teaching your dog commands?

What should you do after your dog has learnt how to fulfill the command?

The role of glance in the process of teaching commands to your dog!

What are the best places to trainings with the dog?

What should be added to the command itself in order the pet could pay his attention on it?

Whatimportant command is it necessary to learn on the next level and how can
you do correctly (several ways on how I was teaching the command to TreT)?!


Duration: 16 minutes, 58 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

What age should you start doing physical exercises from
(and what should you do before that age)?

There are several variants of the most optimal preparatory exercises
for a young and weak dog, their correct use up (how, when, how much).
Each exercise will come in hand for your dog while he does TreT-Style training!

What should you necessary do for your dog before the training?

The influence of the weight of the dog on the process of training!

How long (and how many times per a week) is it necessary to have
trainings with your dog (do not count walking) in order to achieve
sufficient results in TreT-Style? This particular moment is very important!

What should you start your training with (how exactly and how much)?

There is a very useful exercise for developing spring ability of your dog,
plus one additional small but very important secret regarding this issue!

How should you make up the most optimal plan of training lessons for your dog?

There are several wonderful exercises for the strengthening the spine and joints,
as well as for the development of the front and back paws, the back and chest muscles
of your dog; their correct fulfillment (exactly how and how long)!

How can you fixate the result of the trainings correctly from the previous step?
And the most important – what should you use in order to prevent all possible
traumas of your dog.

How long should preparatory trainings last before starting more or less serious
tricks of TreT-Style?


Duration: 15 minutes, 20 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

What is “walking training” and when should you start practicing them?

How should you rank walking-trainings between specialized trainings?

How should you select the rote for walking-trainings and what are they supposed to look like?

How long should a normal walking-trainings last?

What should you necessarily have with you during walking-trainings?

How should you carry our walking-trainings?

What is the most important command of TreT-Style which we use all the
time for crossing the barriers? What does it mean for your dog and how
can you teach this command to your pet?

What command for crossing the barriers do I usually use for TreT?

How is it necessary for your dog to work out the exercises of
crossing the barriers – the technique and the duration?

There is one very useful artifice which can help your dog
finally outdo the unapproachable barrier!

What necessarily should you do after a while of walking trainings in
order to develop a correct intelligence of your dog for overpassing
different kinds of barriers and to graft your dog a sport interest
to Tret-Style?!

How can you “help” your dog climb a high barrier?

What should you necessarily do in order not to make any kind of
injuries of your dog’s paws when he jumps down from a high barrier?
This moment a very important!

How should you finish each walking-training?

What is the best weather for TreT-Style trainings and what
should you do when the weather is bad?

There is one very useful and interesting game which can develop mental
abilities and the reaction of your pet (how should you carry out it)?

How is it necessary to use the language of gestures for a better
understanding of TreT-Style commands for your dog?


Balance and equilibration:

Duration: 11 minutes, 07 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

There is a very easy and very effective way of developing the coordination
and balance of your dog which you can use at home!

There are several valuable advices – how should you develop balance and the
sense of equilibration in difficult conditions in the street?

There is a wonderful exercise for developing dog’s coordination in the area
which will be very useful for the dog in the future while doing some tricks.
It will teach your dog how to landfall on paws correctly. You will get to know
how to do the following exercises correctly and what time is it necessary to
spare for them (in the very beginning and at the end)?

There is another very interesting and quite useful exercise for developing visual
memory of your dog, as well as for correcting his motion and balance (plus one very
important nuance and the correct fulfillment).

What kind of surfaces should you search for in your area in order to develop
a good coordination of your dog with their help? There are concrete examples!


Duration: 09 minutes, 00 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

Starting from what age should you teach your puppy not to be
afraid of the height (and how should you teach it)?

What should your dog gain after getting rid of the fear of the height?

Where should you be during the height exercises with your dog?

There are valuable advices – how correctly should you teach
your dog not to be afraid of the height?

How is it necessary to teach your dog to climb attitudes on his own?
As well as how shold you teach your dog another very important command
for bringing under tricks?!

What should you do just after the first success of your dog in overcoming the height?

Duration: 12 minutes, 46 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

There are valuable advices regarding following safety measures which
will help you to avoid any kind of injuries of your dog while making tricks!

What is your role in observation of safety measures for your dog – what exactly
should you do in order to make sure that your pet is not going to have any
trauma during the trainings?! There are very important moments!

What objects on the play-field can couse following harm to your dog?

What is it necessary to follow on the surface of different
material types during the trainings?

What should you pay special attention on, while practicing tricks, such as jumping?

What kinds of surfaces are good for practicing such kind of elements as jumping?

What kind of barrier is it possible to jump over and what kinds
of them you should definitely avoid?

How can you follow correctly all safety measures during trainings on the height, so that
in case of falling down from the height, you would be able to secure your dog on time?

What should you necessarily count while mastering new height of your dog in order
not to overdrive your dog to the blind-alley and to avoid a possible and quite dangerous
falling down from the following height?

What should you do when your dog is mastering a new height?

When are you allowed to offer your dog to start mastering serious heights?

What should you do if your dog has got an injury or just is
feeling tires during the training?

There is a very important rule which absolutely all fans and followers of Tret
who would like to develop the same abilities should keep it in their mind!

What should you always control by your dog during TreT-Style trainings?

What (and how exactly) necessarily should you do after each
training when you come back home.

What should you always have with you during trainings at a hot day?

Where is it better to carry out the trainings during summer heat?

How should you carry out trainings in a rainy weather?

How should you carry out trainings in winter times?
It is especially typical for dogs with short fur!


Duration: 12 minutes, 28 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

When is it time for your dog to start mastering tricks and how can you
distinguish that moment so that you dog does not come to any harm?

What implies under the term “trick” in the Tret-Style?

What should your dog have developed in order to achieve success in mastering tricks?

What is “moral preparation” of your dog for tricks?

What are “simple” and what are “advanced” tricks?

How can you teach your dog to climb trees by himself?

How is it possible to master the basic (but quite difficult) trick “tree-fence”?
Analysis of the following trick in all details and components!

What kind of place do you need for a normal accomplishment of the trick “tree-fence”?

How can you explain your dog the sequence of actions which are
necessary for a correct performance of the following trick?

How can you insure correctly your dog while mastering and performing the following trick?

How can you select the barriers during trainings so that it will
be much easier for your dog to master tricks directly?

What kind of construction will help you in preparing your dog for tricks
during everyday trainings? You should try to do your best to find this
important element in your area!

What part of your body can be a auxiliary element during
training “two-step” tricks?

What is your role in mastering tricks?

What is it not allowed to use during TreT-Style training by all means?

Who is “TreT-Styler”?

Summing up and generalization of the most important moments of the course!


The information in the course if presented in a very conservative form!

There is no “water” in the course! Despite the small size of the video
(~1,5 hour), there is a great amount of useful material in it!

You will not have to spend a lot of time for mastering the video-course – you will
be able to learn all the material and to start doing practical classes just afterward,
which is very important!

Besides it is very interesting to watch the course because it has a plenty
of wonderful tricks in TreT performance! You will not get bored!

Aside from the basic material, you will get a great amount of
valuable gifts which will help you during your video-course trainings!

Gift № 1:Working program of trainings for the following course in electronic version – step by step
it describes the process of trainings according to the following course with clear directions
of the whole order of actions for each lesson!

This is a detailed plan of your trainings!

There will be no need for you to think over the way of how to start mastering TreT-Style –
you will get direct instructions for every stage of trainings of the following course!

Format: PDF + possible print out!

Content: 8 stages of lessons of the following course with detailed description!

The following present (in PDF format) you will find in the main menu of this course
along with the main video-material (choice “Trainings Plan”).

Gift № 2:My personal consultations regarding any kind of questions connected with TreT-Style or
with the material of the following video-course – during the whole period of your trainings.

If any kind of questions arise or you face any kind of difficulties with mastering or
practicing of the material of the following video-course, I will definitely help you!

You will not be left without my support! 🙂

The link to the contacts in order to connect with me you will be able to find in
the main menu of thr course, together with the main material (point “Contacts”).

Gift № 3:The access to a closed group of clients – here you will be able to communicate freely
and share your own experience (as well as photos and videos with your achievements of your pet)
not only with me but with all people who have decided to practice TreT-Style seriously and by
all means to make your dog a super-hero!

This is a closed community which will be open only for my clients – there will be no external people in the community!

The link to the closed club you will find in the main menu of this course along
with the main materials (the point “Closed club”).

From the main menu of the course you can easily run the necessary video-lesson
(in accordance with the present stage) or easily open a desired bonus. The menu of
the course is well-structured, it is very convenient and easy to use –
you will not get confused for sure!

Access to all video course materials You will receive immediately after payment, ie You will be able to start studying the lessons very quickly (which is very good and convenient).

For this reasonable price you will get my and TreT 4 years experience of many hours of every day trainings, planning and photo and video shooting in a converted but quite convenient for comprehension form, that will not take away a lot of your time on learning and at the same time it will let you to master the whole material and start practical trainings very soon!

You will be able to start practicing at the same day when you get the following course!

You will ask: “Why do such materials cost so cheap?”

In fact the services of an ordinary dog’s training cost several
times more expensive! In most cases it is the price for ONE-TWO
lessons of a general dog’s training course in a good club!

As you can see, even the simplest training of your dog is not a cheap thing…
There is no need to speak about special training?!

Besides you will not be able to find anywhere else similar services of
education of what TreT can do – this is a unique method of training!

Why do I sell my and TreT’s work of many years so cheap?

Everything is very simple – I want as many people as possible to get
their dogs involved into a wonderful world of TreT-Style! I would like TreT to
have worthy followers and I will be very happy if exactly YOUR DOG…

#mc_embed_signup{background:#ffffcc; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; }
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We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. */

I think that you do not have doubts in my competency regarding the
questions of dog’s trainings of all tricks of dog’s parkour 🙂

Our clips with TreT can confirm it much better than any kind of words!
I have taught TreT to do unbelievable (for dogs) things and fron my side.
I can promise you that I will help you to teach your dog everything what TreT
can do himelf! You should not have doubts!

TreY is a rather famous character and already quite popular.

He is on the new on a regular basis (around the world).

He took part in several TV projects as well!

By the way, here is the reportage of the news of one TV:

And here is the reportage of the news TV-channels in the USA:

Besides newspapers and magazines wrote about Treat for several times:

As you can see, our work with TreT is serious and quite hard and there are no earthly
reasons (and also no time) to spend our time cheating or any kind of frauds!

Personally I can promise you,, that your money will not be “wasted”
and you will assured get all the material of my educational course!

If you decide within 60 days, that my and TreT’s work does not cost
the price which you have already paid for it, I will return you all money which
you have spent on the following purchase of learning materials! You will return
your money without any additional questions!

Reliability of this guarantee proves to be true service CLICKBANK.COM
through which there is a payment of this course.

I understand all your fears and hurry up to calm you down: my method
matches particulary to any kind of the dog! There is only one limitation
which is the age of your dog – the younger the dog the better it is
(it will be difficult for older dogs to do all tasks of the video-course).

My mohod has been used for the training of different kinds of dogs:



“Pit bull terrier”!

Dachshunds!!! (and this is not a joke – this is true,
dachshunds with short legs)!


And many other kinds of achieved success
in training of the following course!

* Play the video below:

*if you can’t open this video,
you should install Flash player

It goes without saying that for lighter and more active
dogs it will be easier (partly) to do some elements of
the training comparing to the representatives of heavy
and phlegmatic kinds of dogs, but inspite this fact absolutely
any kind of dogs (with a proper approach) is able to achieve
splendid results!

Right now I will answer one more question (FAQ) which you may have as well,
that is: “Is it allowed to keep on practicing in winter or it is necessary
to do the practice only during warm season of the year?”

You can practice at ANY weather, the only important thing is to
follow distinctly all instructions of the course (all necessary
recommendations are provided in it)!

Your dog will learn how to do unbelievable tricks which are inapproachable
for most of dogs on this planet. Your dog will be able to do things which
cannot be repeated even by dogs which done special famous and modern types
and methods of dog’s training!

Your dog will jump much higher and much further comparing
to oher dogs; your dog will become physically stronger,
firmer, faster, speedy, hardy and braver!

Your dog will be able to overpass different kinds of barriers,
jump over high fences, climb the trees, bluff rocks and other
surfaces (as a real rock climber), climb the staircases,
walk on very narrow surfaces etc!

Your dog will forget his innate fear of the height for good and all,
which most dogs have withour reference to the kind of the dog!

Your dog will learn how to think all over by himself in a correct
direction and he he will be able to choose the most optimal way of
overpassing the barrier in the present condition!

Henceforth your dog is not going to walk sleepily walk on a glade
or a square but will do a physical training on a regular basis.
This will have a positive influence on his appetite, moods and
of course on the health condition! As a result your dog
will be ill very seldom!

You will present your dog a sterling and happy life, full not
only with simple dog’s joy, but deep with a great amount of new
events and very interesting impressions which most of dogs can
only dream about (unfortunately)!

You will learn and practice the exercises which will be very
useful for your dog in his everyday life. They will form skills
to react on sudden situation in a quick (and correct way) – as
well as on a dangerous situation (for example, to jump from a car etc).

You will feel yourself much better because you will start
spending a lot of time outdoors on the fresh air and having
physical training with your dog. The TreT-Style means not
only a work from the side of your dog but some amount of
particular physical activities from your side as well!

Without facing problems your dog will render innocuous even
the speediest criminal (who is not aware of dog’s abilities),
if you use your dog for the security of the territory,
objects or placements!

You will be able to train your dog in a desirable direction –
especially if your dog does any specific work: rescue dog,
bodyguard, hunter etc!

During the training of the following course, the nervous system
of your dog will be much improved and developed. The dog will
become more balanced which will be very useful for different
kinds trainings! Besides, your dog will have a normal reaction
on work in extreme conditions (which is very important in
rescuing kinds of work)!

You will be able to use your dog for guarding practically any
kind of object, because there will be no irresistible barriers
for your dog if you have a correct approach in your training!

Nothing will stop your dog! He will find a correct way to overpass
particularly any kind of barriers on his way!

Your dog (especially it regards young dogs) will have a normal
development, because the trainings of the course will bring to him
a whole ocean of new emotions and necessarily impressions!

You will display all true and unfeigned abilities of your dog!

If you have children, they will stop escaping walking with your
dog (as it usually happens in most cases) – they will ask on their
own to have a walk with the dog!

Your children will have another interesting but worthy hobby in
their life (instead of alcohol and cigarettes)!

If your children are quite young, you will be able to organize real
circus performances which will bring sincere delight, happiness,
tender emotions, applause and laught!

You will teach your dog unbelievable tricks of parkour!

You will be able to practice with your dog any convenient time and
any appropriate place – you do not need complicated items or
special facilities!

You will make your dog literally an ideal dog!

If you do active sports, your dog will become your reliable
friend and helper in all your favourite activities and hobbies.
The mutual rest will bring you enjoyment to all members
of your family!

All members of your family will receive a great amount of positive
emotions when they see WHAT (as it turned out) their
“ordinary” dog is able to do!

Your dog will start trusting you completely!

Your mutual understanding will become much better!

You and your dog will become real (truthful and faithful) friends
who respect and understand each other in half-word!

Your dog will get used to city conditions (its socialization) and will
become much more self-confident in the conditions of the street!

In spite of usual types of trainings (when a particular skill
is needed more for the owner than for the dog) TreT-Style-Training
will let you to develop necessary skills and intellect of your dog,
which are necessary first of all for the dog (not for the owner)!

Your dog will be able to take actions in any circumjacent situation!

A rescue dog, which has been trained by TreT-Style method,
will be able to get to places where an ordinary dog would never
manage to get in! Finally your dog will be able to rescue somebodies
life or even several lives! You and your dog will become real heroes!

Your dog will become a real pride for you and for other people as well!

Your dog will become much braver and will get rid of many inherent
fears, which are common for “ordinary” dogs. As a result your dog will
be able to develop all his natural talents at most!

You will be able to take part in the competitions of TreT-Style!
Such kind of activities among the dogs who have achieved particular
positive results in this interesting kind of sport are already
planned for the nearest!

You and your dog will become famous in the Internet very easily.
You will become real heroes of YouTube and popular social nets.
You may even be shooted in a movie – as it happened to me and TreT!

Your own life and the life of your pet will become much more
interesting, more colorful and full of interesting events!

You will be able to develop a unique and profitable business-direction
in your city and earn good money on teaching others dog’s parkour
(using the training TreT method)!

If you are a professional dog trainer, you will be able to diversify
your standard programs of dogs’ trainings with TreT-Style and earn
much money for your services. Also you will be be distinguished against
the background of other competitors who provide same kind of services!
Starting from you will not go to your clients – they will come to you!

The following course is a perfect supplement to any kind of dog’s
trainings (it does not compete with them, it elaborate them)!


You will bring colors not only to the life of your pet but
at the same time your own life will be much improved as well!
Starting from now walks with your dog will not be a boring and
routine activity. They will become interesting adventure which
will bring happiness and joy not only to you and your dog but
for the rest of people too!

* All you need to do is to learn the material of the following course
very attentively and to master all lessons during your practice (with the dog)!

“All people around wonder how my dog can do such tricks?”

I together with my dog like TreT-Style very much.

I got to know about TreT long time ago,
but I could not even imagine that I would have got a chance
to teach my dog something similar. My dog is not pure-bred,
she is metis. Now she is 3 years old (on the 26th of July
she will be 4). But even despite the fact that she has very
short legs and the lack of pure-bred, Tase puts in her best
licks and achieves very good results in Tret-Style trainings!

When we started communicating, you gave me a lot of useful advices,
which helped me a lot to draw Tase in TreT-Style. We have been practicing
the following sport for about 6 months. In the beginning we were mastering
children’s play grounds, ladders and walking on fences. Most of all Tase
is fond of climbing trees (cats should be careful now)! 🙂

But we could not master several barriers. But having watched very
attentively your (and TreT’s) video course, Tase and me started to
follow step by step your method. Finally Tase started to do everything
much faster and with much enjoyment. She has also mastered some new
(and very interesting) commands of parkour.

Tase and me have achieved a lot of success only thanks to you and TreT!
All people around us keep on wondering how a dog with such short legs can do such
tricks which are difficult for most of dogs (even for dogs with long legs)! 🙂

If I could have begun to practise with Tase starting from 1 year old age,
we would achieve much greater success. But it is not so important – we are
very happy that we have started doing this port! We are going to keep on
practicing and shooting new videos! 🙂

Eugene and TreT, Tase and me are very thankful to you for creating
such an absorbing (for dogs as well as for owners) kind of sport!!! 🙂

I am sending you some images of my Tase::

And of course the video of Tase:

Valentina Golubcova

“Me and my Gerda are so delighted! :)”

I must confess – I am a big and old fan of TreT and his sport art.
When I have seen the videos with TreT, I have got such a strong desire to
teach my Greda everything what TreT can do!

Several months of trainings and regular correspondence with you brought
positive results – Gerda have started achieving good results in dog’s parkour!
But she must keep on practicing a lot in order to achieve TreT’s results.

Some elements of TreT-Style (for example climbing the tree) we could not do.

Or for example cascade overpassing barriers.

But after mastering your course during several weeks, the situation changed to
positive direction! Now Greda can climb any tree without facing any kind of problems
and can easily overpass several barriers!

Greda and me are so delighted about what we cam do! 🙂

But the most important is that I can see that my dog likes to
practice TreT-Style. I can see her unhidden joy during the training.
She pulls me to the training and is very happy about her own results.

I am happy that I managed to fill the life of my dog with some sense.

This is the most important!

It goes without saying that if we could have started practicing your
course earler, the situation would be different now. But we are not depressed
about it – as people say “It is better late than never”! 🙂

Thanks you so much for your course, it helped me and Gerda a lot!

Here are some images of Gerda (during her training):

And here is the video that demonstrate her results:

Sincerely yours, Oleg Grusko

* The price is lowered for very short term!

* Along with the main course, you also get useful BONUSES!

* Access to all content of the video course You will receive immediately after payment.

* The web-site private policy guarantees that your
private data (Email + post address) will NEVER be spread or forwarded to a third party!

P.S. Now everything depends on you – your dog should remain simply well-trained or
it should become a real super-hero who will become your pride and the example of imitations for other
people. Your dog will be able to bring fame for both of you in the Internet and on TV-screen!

P.P.S. From the following course you will get to know
ALL secrets of the training of TreT and prepare correctly
the dog for making very difficult tricks of dog’s parkour –
as professionally as TreT does!

P.P.P.S. As sooner you start practicing
the following course as sooner you will change the life of
your dog to a better side. Also your material condition will
be improved too (you will be able to earn money in your city
teaching other people dog’s parkour)!

P.P.P.P.S. Remember that you take NO risks!
Within 60 days you can return your all money, which you will pay for it – without asking any kind of question!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Do not get afraid! It is very easy to
order the whole set via Internet! All you need to do is to clink the
link and follow simple step-by step instructions – definitely you will
not get confused!

In case you have any kind of questions or difficulties –
feel free to get in contact with technical support service of the web-site!

1. E-mail:
2. ICQ 420244796 – Denis
3. Skype: bestboxing_ru

“I wish you and your dog strong health
and much success in mastering TreT-Style!”

Sincerely yours, Eugene & TreTContacts


Copyright © Eugene Elchaninov :: TreT-Training.Com: All rights reserved!

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TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Review of Red Eared Slider Secrets – The Red Eared Slider Secret Manual

Review of Red Eared Slider Secrets – The Red Eared Slider Secret Manual

Review of Red Eared Slider Secrets – The Red Eared Slider Secret Manual

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Review of Red Eared Slider Secrets – The Red Eared Slider Secret Manual

Product Name: Red Eared Slider Secrets – The Red Eared Slider Secret Manual

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Your Red-Eared Slider May Not Be Getting The Care It Needs If:

From the desk of Chris JohnsonDate
: today=new Date();todayInMillisecs=today.getTime();milsecsInADay=1000*60*60*24;mydate=new Date(0*milsecsInADay+todayInMillisecs);var year=mydate.getYear();if (year < 1000)year+=1900;var day=mydate.getDay();var month=mydate.getMonth();var daym=mydate.getDate();if (daym<10)daym='0'+daym;var dayarray=new Array('Sunday','Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday'); var montharray=new Array('January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December');document.write('‘+dayarray[day]+’, ‘+montharray[month]+’ ‘+daym+’, ‘+year+”);

RE: An Urgent Message To All Red-Eared Slider Enthusiasts!

Dear Fellow Red-Eared Slider Friend,

Did you acquire your Red-Eared Slider with no intention of researching the animal and following up on instructions from the pet shop?

Were you under the impression that the Red-Eared Slider is an inexpensive pet?

Okay, I will admit it – I LOVE Red-Eared Sliders! I have owned and bred these wonderful creatures for a great number of years. In fact, I am one of the most renowned experts on these beautiful semiaquatic turtles.

Unfortunately, not everyone who purchases a Red-Eared Slider has the same level of expertise as me and other authorities on this particular reptile. All too often, an inexperienced patron will wonder into a pet store and purchase a Red-Eared Slider because it looks cool and easy to handle.

Many people believe that they are buying an animal that will be no more difficult to take care of than a goldfish. These people will inevitably make horrible mistakes that can seriously endanger the well-being of their cherished Red-Eared Slider.

In order to fully understand the reason Red-Eared Sliders require such special care and attention, it is important to learn as much about them as possible, starting with their origin. Turtles are one of the oldest living animals on the planet, existing for millions and millions of years!

Red-Eared Sliders Are Among
The Most Recognizable Creatures On Earth!

The natural habitat of the Red-Eared Slider is on the bottom of streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, dining on mealworms, crickets, crayfish, flies, tadpoles and dragonflies. In addition, the Red-Eared Slider is quite the sun lover.

Now, just imagine tearing a Red-Eared Slider from its natural habitat in a large lake or pond, where the temperature is just right… and moving them to…

A Bowl In Your Living Room!

Unless you happen to live on the bottom of a large body of water, I doubt your living room has the same conditions as the Red-Eared Slider’s natural habitat.This means that you have to create an artificial environment that is similar to their natural habitat.

It is not as simple as filling and aquarium with water and adding a few rocks!

This is where the trouble starts! Most people not only have no idea how to mimic the natural habitat of the Red-Eared Slider, but also do not realize the expense that is involved. When you factor in all of the necessary equipment and supplies, raising your very own Red-Eared Slider can become quite an expensive pastime.

Fortunately, over the years as an owner and breeder of Red-Eared Sliders, I have worked out several tricks and shortcuts that I am willing to share with you, so you can save money, and perhaps your turtle’s life! Are you ready to learn how to create a top notch, comfortable environment for your Red-Eared Slider?

If you have been considering obtaining a Red-Eared Slider for a while now, you will agree that there are many, many websites and forums on the Internet related to Red-Eared Sliders. However, you can read them all and still not know how to provide the best possible care for your turtle. The reason for this is that most of the people who write for these websites and visit these forums are not experts like me. In fact, many are actually clueless on the subject.

Following the information you find on these websites and forums is like the blind leading the blind!

Why would you want to waste your time trying to learn from people who have no idea how to care for a Red-Eared Slider properly when you have the opportunity to pick the brain of a veteran owner and breeder who actually does it every day?

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This information is available for instant download via the Internet. No matter if you are thinking of purchasing a Red-Eared Slider, of if you are already the proud owner of one or more of these amazing creatures…you will be able to determine quickly whether you are treating your turtle right.

“I Own A Red-Eared Slider…Your Book Showed Me Just
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I am the proud owner of a happy, healthy Red-Eared Slider that is the greatest joy of my life! I thought I was taking proper care of him, but once I read Red Eared Slider Secrets, I realized that I was making a number of mistakes. I plan to recommend this book to other Red-Eared Slider owners I know!

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I had decided that I wanted to buy a Red-Eared Slider, so I was researching it on the Internet. When I found your book, I thought, “Might as well”. I am so glad I made that purchase! By following the guidelines in this book, not only was I able to avoid being scammed by a shady pet storeowner, but I also saved money on supplies! Many thanks!

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Here are just a few things that I will teach you in this book just about selecting the right Red-Eared Slider:

Once you have chosen the right Red-Eared Slider, you will need to know how to communicate with it. Although they are awesome creatures, these turtles do not talk. Instead, they rely on body language to communicate their feelings to you.

If you want to make sure your Red-Eared Slider has everything it wants, it is crucial for you to learn how to understand body language!

“This Book Is So Spot On!”

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Red Eared Slider Secrets. I bought it only recently, expecting to know already most of the facts covered, as I am already a Red-Eared Slider owner. However, you discussed one serious problem that I have been having with my turtle! My Red-Eared Slider is now happier than ever! Thanks so much!

“The Perfect Pet For A 12-Year-Old!”

My son has been asking for a turtle for quite some time, but I was always afraid that he would not take proper care of it. I bought Red Eared Slider Secrets and made sure he read it before I would agree to take him to the pet store. I was so surprised with how much he actually learned…he is following all of the guidelines in the book and taking very good care of his new friend. Thanks for the help!

“Now I Know What I Am Doing Is Right!”

I have been breeding Red-Eared Sliders for a number of years, so I thought that I knew all there was to learn about these beautiful creatures. However, reading your book showed me that it is possible to do a better job!

In this book, I also talk about setting up the proper enclosure for your Red-Eared Slider. Keep in mind, as I mentioned earlier, you need to mimic that natural habitat of these turtles as closely as possible.

I will teach you how to:

In addition to setting up a proper enclosure for your Red-Eared Slider, you will also learn how to handle your turtle in a way that is safest for both you and your reptile. Have you ever noticed how experts are always so relaxed when handling their Red-Eared Sliders? This is because they know what they should and should NOT do when handling these animals.

“I Am Having So Much Fun With My Red-Eared Slider!”

Before I read Red Eared Slider Secrets, my turtle would always hide when I tried to take him out of his enclosure. Now that I have learned about the techniques that you use, my Red-Eared Slider is so obedient and fun to play with all the time. In addition, he is also eating and sleeping much better. We are both SO happy!

A proper diet is essential to prolonging the life of your Red-Eared Slider. Your turtle must be well fed in order to grow to a healthy size and live a long, happy life in your home. Unfortunately, only a few turtle owners that I have met are actually feeding their Red-Eared Sliders the right foods.

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My Red-Eared Slider, Elliot, seemed to have lost his appetite. I was just about to pack him up and take him to the vet when someone told me about this book. I downloaded it and in just a few days, Elliot is back to his old self, eating normally once again! A trip to the vet would have cost me hundreds of dollars! My wallet thanks you!

“This Book Should BE Treasured By All Red-Eared Slider Owners!”

This book is a Godsend for ANYONE who owns or breeds Red-Eared Sliders! I was going nuts worrying about my Red-Eared Sliders, whether I was giving them enough to eat. I was constantly fretting over these little guys. Reading Red Eared Slider Secrets calmed all of my fears. Now, I am sure I am doing everything right!

When you read my book, you will learn:

If you have made it this far, then you are aware of just how much valuable information I am willing to reveal to you in order to help you provide the best possible care for your beloved Red-Eared Slider. In fact, you veterinarian probably does not even know about half of the stuff that you will find in my book…just because he or she is not likely to be experienced in caring for Red-Eared Sliders!

In this book, I will also tell you about some of the more advanced issues surrounding Red-Eared Sliders, including:

How To Breed Red-Eared Sliders Just Like A Pro!

It should come as no surprise that breeding your own Red-Eared Sliders means acquiring quite a bit more knowledge. However, I admit it is an incredibly rewarding experience…if you know how to do it the right way!

I have first-hand experience breeding Red-Eared Sliders, and I am willing to teach you everything that I have learned over the years.

Let me be frank for a moment…

You Will Not Be Able To Find Such Valuable Tips

Anywhere Else…Unless You Know Where To Find

Your Own Red-Eared Slider Expert!

All of the strategies and techniques that I teach you in Red Eared Slider Secrets are not simply a bunch of theories. The information that I provide to you is based on several years of experience as a Red-Eared Slider owner, breeder and enthusiast!

Caring for Red-Eared Sliders is the way that I make my living day after day, so it goes without saying that I know what I am talking about when it comes to these amazing creatures.

Would you prefer to spend your days worrying about your Red-Eared Slider, whether you are providing it with the best possible care…or would you like to have this valuable guide on hand to teach you everything you need to know and what to do in every possible situation?

My book is written with the home Red-Eared Slider owner in mind, so you can expect it to be totally practical and not get to deep into details regarding extensive knowledge or sophisticated equipment.

In order to make caring for your Red-Eared Slider even easier, I am going to offer you a special bonus to ensure the experience is as pleasurable as possible for both you and your turtle friend.

So How Much Is All Of This Worth To You?

Just think about this for a moment – The Red-Eared Slider can live for up to fifty years in captivity. If you already have one or you are thinking about buying one…then you should plan to have it in your life for the next fifty years.

Throughout those fifty years, you will need to be a responsible pet owner and give your Red-Eared Slider a comfortable place to live. Yet, this is not something that is going to come easily…or inexpensively. Just purchasing an enclosure and furnishing it can cost you hundreds of dollars.

You need to consider just how much money you plan to spend on:

Obviously, owning a Red-Eared Slider is not a cheap endeavour. However, if you use the methods that I teach you in my book, you will be able to save money on supplies, food, enclosures and more by learning from expert breeders just like me.

Simply having access to this information is going to save you time and money!

Taking proper care of your Red-Eared Slider and knowing the best ways to handle it will save you hundreds of dollars in vet bills alone, not to mention the pain and heartache if your beloved Red-Eared Slider should die.

I have made it my mission to provide as many Red-Eared Slider owners as possible with the knowledge they need give their turtles everything that they need to stay happy and healthy for many, many years. You can download Red Eared Slider Secrets for a low affordable price and read it instantly on your PC or MAC, iPhone or iPad. If you like, you can even print it out so you can refer to it even when you are away from your computer.

You read it right. For less than the price of a single month of pet food and supplies, you can have your very own copy of my book, which will save you loads of worry, frustration and other troubles, such as that helpless feeling that overcomes you when you do not know what to do.

Still not sure it is worth it? What if I include…

I firmly believe that every Red-Eared Slider owner should get a copy of this book because this information will dramatically improve the life of your turtle.

As a matter of fact, I am so sure you will benefit from reading my book that I am willing to give you time to test my techniques with your own Red-Eared Slider. If you are not 100% convinced that my methods work and will help you learn how to become a better pet owner…for any reason at all…just let me know about it and I will give you all of your money back!

In addition, I will let you keep the book and the special bonus for FREE, just as my way of letting you know I appreciate your business.

If you own a Red-Eared Slider, you definitely need this book.

Go get your copy right now!

“Yes, Chris! I Want To Download My Very Own Copy Of Red Eared Slider Secrets Right Now!”

I understand that if I act now, I will gain instant access to this downloadable book full of tips and techniques that I can use to provide my Red-Eared Slider with the best possible care. I also understand that this information is not available elsewhere. I will also learn about saving money on food and supplies for my Red-Eared Slider.

Although not likely, but if for any reason I am not 100% satisfied with this book, I can get an unconditional 100% refund and keep book and the bonus just for trying it.

We value our customers, so you can rest assured your privacy is our greatest concern. The information you provide will never be shared.

NOTE: Download Your Copy Immediately,
No Matter
What Time Of Day Or Night!

P.S. I am going to be very blunt right now. If you are not interested in paying such a small amount of money to learn how to take better care of your Red-Eared Slider, and put your worries to rest forever, you are NOT FIT to be a turtle owner. Otherwise, get your copy now. Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Red Eared Slider Secrets by Axon Media

© 2011 – 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Red Eared Slider Secrets – The Red Eared Slider Secret Manual




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Review of Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Review of Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Review of Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Click here for bigger image

Review of Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Product Name: Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Click here to get Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry:


!    How to Make Money at Craft Markets, Shows and Events with a Unique


Finally, an

Easy to Follow

Making Simple Wire Name Jewelry

No Matter What your Previous


Other Marketeers were Constantly

Amazed at how much money I could make twisting bits of wire


Andy, I bought the ‘How to Make

Wire Names” book and I am GLAD I found it. I am a 66 yr old disabled man on dialysis and now I have a

way to make a living!

Peter Lansing, Milford,


What is name jewelry exactly? Never heard of that

! – Someone told me one day when I was selling my earrings in Hania, Crete, “There’s this guy selling Names round the

corner” – Huh? I went and had a look…

When I saw what It was…. A guy making peoples first

names out of wire and using pliers to twist it – just like this

Here are a few hurdles I came across when I first started out on this

venture which could be the very questions you may be asking..

Will I do what I

usually do – start something and never finish it ?

You may relate to one or more of these,

a couple of them were real problems for me ! At first I just practised while I made earrings figuring I didn’t have anything to lose. The rest of the stuff I could work out later.

Until I came across “How To Make Wire Names”  by Andy, I

did not expect to find a way to make some extra income, I was convinced that everything on the

internet was a scam..I bought the book and to my surprise this book

works!Andy had gone to great effort to include everything I knew I needed and what I

did not know I needed. 90 Days later I am selling my

work!Everyone Likes the work Andy has taught me in his book.

My first day out at a school “Fun Day” I was told to expect poor

sales by the other vendors

Dennis Rietwyk, FL,


Heres a quick preview of what you will have at your


 No more problems, now you can make money when you



Through Clickbank






Here is my sales sheet from one Thursday night market in

Darwin, Northern

Territory, Australia in


Not bad for twisting some wire for a few hours !

“Okay, how

much is this Ebook going to cost?”

I’m sure you can appreciate my reason for this.. Your

Ebook should you decide to download it contains 26 years of my

knowledge, all compiled into a jam packed 156 pages complete

with full instructions and easy to follow diagrams.

In fact one of my buyers agreed with me, “Most other sellers

of the same or similar product wanted too much money trying to sell the business and tools I already


 No more problems, now you can make money when you



Through Clickbank

When you download my ebook you get a

100% money-back guarantee. Clickbank who

processes your credit card or Paypal payment is the largest seller of ebooks on the


I never get to handle any credit

card details (clickbank does everything automatically) so your details are secure.

If you decide within 90 days after your purchase

that you don’t like my ebook, clickbank will give you a complete refund of your purchase


All I ask is to let me know what dissatisfied you

about my ebook so I can review it for possible improvements.

 Solve your money worries now…


Through Clickbank






If you are thinking of buying my book with the idea of making this craft into a business, then the biggest risk in life is not to take a risk,

you never know – it may change your life !

You can have all the skills under your belt that

you need in this ebook to make a good income

Or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being

able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen

me through all these years..

 Yes Andy ! I want to make money whenever it suits me



Through Clickbank

This is what you will see on the checkout page:

Last Chance to become

Financially Independent..


Through Clickbank






P.S. – You will also get the chance to buy my latest Ebook “Wire Writing Profits” during the checkout process. This additional book which i wrote in 2016, goes into all my experience from almost 30 years of selling names and will teach you the same if you are serious about making money with your craft.

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© Onoma Enterprises 2017

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Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Click here for bigger image

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Product Name: How To Build A Chicken Coop

Click here to get How To Build A Chicken Coop at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How To Build A Chicken Coop:

Dear Fellow Chicken Farmer,

I still get mad when I think about my poor chickens…

You see, it’s about a year ago when I witnessed the Great Chicken Massacre in my own yard.  Just imagine how I felt…

It was a Sunday morning.  The sun was shining brightly, making for a perfect day.  And I decided to start this day by enjoying some fresh, delicious eggs from the hens I kept in my backyard.

Except there weren’t any eggs in the coop that morning. In fact, there weren’t even any chickens!  All that remained were bloody feathers scattered around the coop…

What happened?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Could have been wolves or coyotes.  Maybe stray dogs.  But I can say this for sure…

These Chickens Were Massacred in Cold Blood… All Because I Chose a Flimsy Chicken Coop That Couldn’t Protect Them!

That’s right, I tried to save a few bucks by purchasing the cheapest coop I could find. And my chickens paid for it with their lives.  But it would never happen again – and I want to make sure it never happens to you, either…

Listen, if you’ve shopped around for chicken coops, then you’ve probably already noticed those pre-built coops are expensive (at least the good ones are).  I’m talking thousands of dollars.  But even the partially built (pre-fab) coops can leave your wallet feeling pretty empty.

There’s a much cheaper way to keep your chickens healthy, comfortable and safe: Simply build your own backyard coop!

And it’s easier than you think — especially when you have the right step-by-step plans!  Think about it…

Just look at the benefits:

End result: You can enjoy the self-sustaining lifestyle of stepping out into your backyard any time you want to collect fresh, delicious, organic eggs from your own chickens!

And that’s exactly what you get when you download the “Make Your Own Chicken Coop” plans and instructions! 

Best of all, these are proven plans that will allow anyone to build a coop.  Let me explain…

You see, once I decided to build my own “tough as nails” coop, I enlisted the help of my best friend (he’s a carpenter).  He drew up the plans and told me what to do.  I got a little worried because he was too busy to help me with the actual construction. But it didn’t matter, because…

These instructions are so easy that I built a safe and sturdy coop in just a couple days by myself – and now you can too!

Listen, you’ve never seen anything like this guide before.  Not only do you get a written set of plans (so you can print them off and have them next to you while you build your coop), but you also get a video guide that shows you what to do at every step!

This is the ONLY set of chicken coop blueprints on the ‘Net that includes both written plans and an easy step-by-step, “no guesswork required” video guide!

What’s more, whether you need a coop for just a couple chickens or you want a mid-range coop that can hold up to 8 chickens, you’ll have everything you need when you download this guide today!

And best of all, you can build a coop even if you don’t know a thing about construction!  That’s because there’s:

No carpentry experience required!

No special skills or knowledge required!

No deep pockets or big budget required!

Step by step video instructions to accompany the chicken coop blueprints for both the starter coop and the mid-range coop mean that ANYONE can build a chicken coop with ease:

Listen, maybe you’re like Steven, who’s one of my satisfied customers.  He was about ready to give up on his idea of raising chickens until he found my chicken coop blueprints.  Just see how well my guide worked for him:


you for an awesome guide!


was nearly ready to give up on the

idea of a chicken coop as I have not really got the budget for a

brand new one.


your guide and decided to give it

a go, and I am delighted!


new coop looks great and the video

instructions made it super easy even for me. 🙂


again Dan.”


Willamson – UK

Or maybe you’re like William, who almost broke the bank buying an expensive chicken coop rather than building one. Boy is he ever glad he found this guide!  Look:


am not that good with D.I.Y jobs

and my wife told me not to bother with the guide and just buy a coop

out right.


am so glad I bit the bullet and tried

the guide!


me about 3 and a half days to

build the coop (that is outstanding for me!) and even got a smile

from my wife!


videos and I love my coop!


so much!”


Denner – U.S

Your chickens will love their new coop – and so will you!

Simple: Because it’s the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to build a coop that protects your chickens and keeps them comfortable!  Just look at what you get when you order now…

You Get the Complete Plans for Two Chicken Coops!

You Get Step-by-Step Written Plans and Video Guides – No Guesswork Required!

Don’t settle for written instructions where it’s easy for even a pro to make a mistake.  Order my guide today and you’ll get written plans and a video guide. That means there’s no room for error and you simply can’t fail… even if you don’t know a thing about carpentry!

You Get One-On-One Support (But I Bet You Won’t Need It)!

You can look around long and hard, but you won’t find anyone else offering a video guide.  That’s why these plans are so easy to follow.  And just to give you full confidence in these plans, I’m offering personal support.  You can rest assured that help is just a click away… even though you probably won’t need it!

Simply put, this is the “no fail” way to quickly and easily build your own backyard chicken coop!

By now you know this is the guide you’ve been looking for. But you have one question…

Let me put it this way: This is the best value on the web – especially when you consider this guide will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars since you don’t have to buy a pre-built coop!

Now here’s the thing:  others charge as much as a hundred bucks for their blueprints, but the plans are so confusing that you need to be an architect to decipher them.  No thanks!

My plans are different because I offer the only step-by-step video guide on the web!  Plus, these plans are so easy to follow that anyone can use them to build a coop (even if you don’t know a lick about carpentry). 

That’s right, for the cost of a chicken dinner for two you get the only video guide on the web that shows you how to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by building your own backyard chicken coop!

Steve Robertson from Georgia, U.S.A was so impressed he sent everyone a message about the guide:


player will show in this paragraph

Listen, that’s a steal even at twice the price. But just to make this offer an absolute “no brainer,” I’m going to toss in a free bonus if you order today…


included with your purchase of the

complete guide and videos you will get a FREE report that will show

you how to get started looking after your new chickens!


To Hatch Your Own Chicks!


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How To Build A Chicken Coop

Review of Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates

Review of Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates

Review of Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates

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Review of Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates

Product Name: Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates

Click here to get Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates:

World’s #1 Super Affiliate Reveals His Deepest
Money-Making Secrets…

You Read That Right. Now Let’s Get You Paid…


Ewen Chia


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RE: Why traditional marketers, salesmen, and network marketers
are dropping everything to focus on affiliate marketing in

To my most frustrated and overwhelmed friends,

I got a message yesterday that made me think of you…

It was from an old friend I coached years ago.

I’m happy to announce he’s doing extremely well right now with
an Affiliate Marketing business that I helped him start.

(Actually, I kinda had to force him to take it – but I’ll get to
that in a minute).

Seeing his letter made me happy – it was also frustrating…

Because you and I both know that the Internet should be a
powerful way for ordinary folks to make money.

It should level the playing field.

It should be an escape hatch that protects you from
layoffs, pay-cuts, and insulting wages.

Unfortunately, for the past three years…
Things have changed in ways I never saw coming.

It’s harder than ever to make a penny online unless you’re a
Super Affiliate like me.

There’s more competition than ever, in every market you can

Traffic is getting more expensive for everyone except those at
the top.

There are no “David and Goliath” stories anymore. We
“Goliaths” have the game completely rigged against you
and it’s not fair.

I can’t ignore this problem any more.

As much as I love being able to push a few buttons and dump
thousands of dollars into my bank account – I can’t sit by and
watch this happen to the digital marketing community.

And, I think I can do something about it, but I’ll need your
word you’ll do exactly as I say when the time comes.

As you continue reading this letter…

Ask yourself if you’re really willing to do ANYTHING to
change your financial destiny.

Because you will need to take one big step that isn’t easy for

…If you want to unlock the ability to print money on
demand like my top students do every day.

If you do, I promise to completely transform the way you create

My name is Ewen Chia. I’ve been in this
business for well over a decade.
You might know me from my international speaking and training
business, or from the bestselling book I wrote called “How
I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too!”

However, I haven’t always been a “Internet
hot shot” –
I started off like I’m sure you did – a little confused about
how to make money online, and a little frustrated at my lack of
Although hopeful that I could find a way to make a modest living
for myself and my family.
Little did I know, the businesses I’d create would turn me into
a millionaire over, and over again.
And allow me to travel the world giving speeches at symposiums,
conferences, and seminars…

Coaching major companies on Internet
Marketing strategies…

Yet there’s one skill I’ve developed that
completely blows everything else out of the water…
If I’d found out about affiliate marketing before I spent years
building myself up the hard way, I would have enjoyed myself a
lot more…
And I would have saved myself about a thousand headaches over
the years…
The secrets I’m about to share with you turned me into “The
World’s #1 Super Affiliate” – so as you read this letter
from top to bottom, keep this in mind:

Here’s what some industry experts have to

The methods I’m giving you aren’t a marketing “theory”.This isn’t guesswork.
I’ve discovered all of this through almost 20 years of trial
and error since I started on the internet in 1997.
So when you use this training, you’re skipping over all of the
headaches, heartaches, and nightmares I had to go through to get
where I am.
It wasn’t easy to make the decision to open up my Super
Affiliate playbook like this.
These are the exact systems and secrets I rely on for
successfully making millions online as a top-tier affiliate
Now, I’m not showing you the pics below to brag or boast…

I simply want to give you a few solid reasons to pay
extremely close attention…

Throw it all out the window.

The rest of this letter will give you everything you need to
know about me, what I do, how I’ve earned millions every year
since 2005…
And how you can become a “Super Affiliate” while everyone else
continues to struggle with the same predictable problems:

·    You won’t have to learn any tech stuff or fix broken websites

·    You won’t have to buy any traffic

·    You won’t even wonder where to find traffic

·    You won’t have to figure out what product to sell

·    You absolutely won’t get distracted or confused by the newest,
shiniest marketing course or digital marketing tool. You’ll have
a clear path to follow, for once

You may have noticed I’ve been the World’s #1 Super
Affiliate, time after time, year after year.

Now, apart from the millions of dollars in
commissions earned – I’ve also been topping affiliate
contests and winning additional prizes for years…

And I worked hard to get there because of one simple truth…

And for over a decade, I’ve been the
Internet’s most trusted instructor in Affiliate Marketing.

My students have gone on to do incredible things – not because
they’re all lucky – but because they had a time-tested system to
And you really do need a killer system to ensure success with
affiliate marketing.
It’s different from literally every other form of business.
Yet at it’s core, it’s the most simple business on Earth.
Want to know why?

Because you don’t have to create a product…
Or go door to door or cold-call leads out of a call-center…
Or hire anyone, or fire anyone…
Or build a downline…
Want to know the big secret?Want to know why I LOVE affiliate marketing?
All you do is recommend other people’s products online.
That’s it.
That’s the whole thing.
Simple right?
And you’ve seen affiliate marketing for years, even if you
didn’t know it.
When a blogger recommends a product on Amazon…9 times out of
10, they’re using a special affiliate link so they can get a
percentage of every sale they send over.
When a YouTuber or podcast host recommends a product, they use a
special affiliate link to get credit for the sales they create,
and they get paid promptly by the companies they send traffic
As an affiliate marketer, you’re extremely important to the
businesses you support.
That’s because you know how to send them traffic – and traffic
is the lifeblood of Internet based businesses.
Most business owners are clueless when it comes to driving
They think it’s hard, they think it’s complicated…
(We don’t have to tell them that they’re wrong, let’s keep that
to ourselves.)And being a SUPER Affiliate is even better…
Super affiliates can send a whole lot more traffic than your
average blogger or podcast host.
As a Super Affiliate, you’ll have the power to drive tens if not
hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in sales for any
company you choose –
Which (as you’ll see) not only allows you to cash in on a
percentage of every sale…
It also gets you preferential treatment…

Business owners know that they have to keep their super
affiliates happy…
So they send you gifts 🙂
You can expect to find a nice little package waiting for you
just about every time you check the mail – and not just the
usual books and DVD’s that people want you to review…
I’ve been given:Frozen filet mignon steaks by the dozens…

Toys for the kids…

Bottles of rare wines and liquors from around the world…

Cuban cigars (I won’t tell if you don’t!)…

Free product samples…

Video game systems…

When you’re a Super Affiliate, you can:

·    You can skip over ALL “tech stuff” – I mean,
I’ll even
give you a successful website. It may not look fancy
– (but think about Google. It’s not flashy, and people love it,

·    Get started in any new market immediately. One
hour from now, you can be making sales in any market you want.
You don’t have to cold-call, or talk to anyone, or even leave
your house – just make a recommendation, and collect your

·    You can make money without EVER creating a product of your own.
Why struggle to sell a new product…when you can wander into a
market like golf, guitars, or gardening…and you get paid
on day one!

Without a drop of hype, I can promise you that as a Super
Affiliate you can decide today that you want to enter any market
you want…

And by tomorrow you’ll be making sales and earning
commissions from the hottest companies.

When people say “overnight success” – they don’t usually mean

I absolutely do.

Now you’re probably about ready to call my bluff.

I know this because I would have one burning question in my mind
if I was in your shoes right now:

“If you’re really making money that easily, and that quickly –
why would you tell anyone how to do it? Wouldn’t you make more
money if you didn’t have new competition?”

And the answer is a very loud:

There are so many markets online right now, there’s no way I
could possibly be in all of them.

And there’s new niches and markets opening up all the time.

For example, a few months ago, I started in a
new niche I knew nothing about and started to siphon cash from
it with my system which you’ll soon learn about…


even if you did start recommending products in the same markets
I’m in, it wouldn’t affect me in the least.

In fact – there’s so
much money and customers to go around, we could probably partner
up and make even more together than either of us could on our

One of my best strategies for earning huge checks involves
making friends with my so called “competition” – so we can team
up and crush it together.

Actually – remember that message I got?

It was from a young man named Aaron. He and I have done some
top-secret promotions in a market he’s in, and we both earned
more by working together than we could have on our own.

Of course – he wasn’t always a Super Affiliate, and when I met
him he was about as green as they come.

Aaron is a smart, hard working guy – back when I met him,  he
and his wife were starting a family down in Panama.

I was coaching him – helping him get setup online as a favor to
his dad…

He needed a website for his construction business…but he was
intimidated by “tech stuff” and his dad knows I’m a “hot shot”
on the Internet.

His dad and I have known each other for a long time, so I
was happy to help out.

(I also loved the fact that “helping out” meant I had an excuse
to travel from Singapore to Panama, and stay at a beautiful luxury resort on a beach near his

“Hey man…sorry to call so late – I don’t know anybody around
here yet and you’re the only person I could think of to call…can you meet me at the hospital?”

I didn’t ask any questions other than “Which hospital?” – then I
got a cab right to him.

He met me out front – his shirt was singed, his hair was a mess,
and he had soot all over his face and hands…

“I don’t know what happened…I  – I got home and – and – the
house was smoking” he said…

It took a while to get the story out of him.

Aaron saw smoke, and ran inside the house to get his wife out –
he found her unconscious on the bed in their room.

The smoke was thick and black, the curtains and the corner of
their mattress were catching fire – the fire was starting to
spread up the wall in waves…

He barely managed to make it out – the doctors said it’s a
miracle he made it out alive, especially because he had to carry
her the whole way.

I tried to comfort him, but it was no use.

I offered him money – he refused.

I offered to give him a job – he wouldn’t take it.

I understand that.

I am also stubborn, and I can’t stomach the idea of taking

So, I went back to the resort later that night.

He had finally fallen asleep by his wife’s side – and there
wasn’t anything I could do for them other than rest up and come
back in the morning.

When I arrived back in my suite I got ready for bed.

I laid there, trying to make myself sleep for over an hour
before I got up, took a shower, and walked down to these
beautiful arbors near a lagoon.

I remember thinking:

Then I had a bit of an epiphany…

I had been trying to think of a way to give Aaron money –
when really I should have been helping him earn money
like I do…

I knew I could help him sell other people’s products and
make a lot more money (in a lot less time) than he would
ever believe.

And he couldn’t object if I did…

After all, he did ask me to build him a website…

So if I built one like mine…the ones I use to earn big
commission checks from other companies…

He would have to accept that right?

I still had access to his email and details, so I got to work
building him a completely turnkey super affiliate business…

I picked a market I knew he was interested in – and spent about
an hour and a half plugging a few things together…

I built a simple, plain and kinda boring business – just like dozens
of the ones I use…

I like simple, boring businesses because they work like nothing else.

And wouldn’t you know it, minutes after I turned it on, it was
working like gangbusters.

Now, I did “cheat” a little bit.

I knew some tricks about getting traffic in that market
(actually, I know tricks for getting traffic in almost every
market because of a startup I’m building, but that’s another

I set up his affiliate account so that it would send his money
to his paypal address instantly.

And I sat there – hoping that I hadn’t crossed a line.

As the sun started coming up, I felt like I might be able to get
some sleep.

Now, you know that feeling of deep sleep…

Where you don’t have a thought in your mind…

But your body feels so comfortable…

You feel so relaxed and content…

Well that’s what I was feeling when the phone rang only two
hours later…

It was Aaron…
He was speaking so fast, I could barely understand him –

But I realized why he was so panicked after I shook off the
drowsy haze of interrupted sleep…

He was confused and scared…

Asking me where this money came from, why some company halfway
across the world was sending him all these weird deposits…

I explained everything.

Then he went quiet.

Then he hung up.

I tried calling back but he wouldn’t take my calls.

The next day – after a dozen missed calls and unanswered
voicemails, I got the hint.

He was mad at me.

There wasn’t anything I could say or do to convince him that
what I did wasn’t “charity”…

So I caught a flight to the US to visit some friends and fellow
super affiliates at a seminar.

On the last day of the event, I got a call from Aaron.

To my surprise, he took another look at the business I made

He told me that the sales had continued to come in strong for a
few days…

He made enough to replace most of his equipment and get a decent

Then he paused…

“But…Ewen, what if I wanted to do what you do…Could you show
me how to do that?”

I smiled, and said “of course” and bought a ticket back to
Panama City.

For the next week, I coached him.

I walked him through every step, every click, every important

I showed him how to get traffic…
How to build an email list to make even more money…

I gave him proven templates of mine…

And the proven emails that I use every year – because I know
they drive so many sales every time I use them.

I tell you all of this because of that message I got from him

He’s a Super Affiliate like me now, in a growing market…

Right now he’s the guy everyone wants to do business
with, because they know he can drive so many sales for them…

Just like some of the other super
affiliates I’ve personally coached…

And many,
many more…

It’s a great position to be in.

When you’re a Super Affiliate, you have a lot of power.

You hold the keys to other companies success, because you can
help them sell FAR more product than they can in a given day.

And really, that’s the problem if you have a product

If you have a product, but not enough customers, then you need
people like me.

Without Super Affiliates, there are many businesses that would
shrivel up and die.

Sure, they could pay for advertising (and hope it works).

But when you’re a Super Affiliate – you don’t need anything from

People send you free products…
They send you gifts, hoping to get your attention…

Sometimes, if they really need to make some sales, they’ll even
send you a check before you’ve done anything for them, as
a ‘bribe’ to help them out.

Want to hear the craziest thing?

From time to time, I earn 100% commissions.

That means the product owner isn’t making anything when I
send them a customer.

In fact, they’re actually losing money on purpose, just
because they know that the customers I send them will buy a lot
more from them in the future.

You might think it’s crazy, but that kind of thing is worth it
to some companies.

After I got to Panama to coach him, it was all so easy and
fun to train him.

The coaching I gave Aaron was simple…

Point and click, copy &
paste, go here, go there, click the “done” button, collect the

And I’ve been thinking about it since he gave me that wonderful
update yesterday…

He didn’t have to learn any new stuff – not really – I just had
to show him some simple systems and give him some templates.

And now look at him!
He’s earning more than he could possibly make in
construction – and he’s working less than I do!
On top of that, he can’t lose this business like he lost his
construction business.

It’s risk free.

Even if his phone and laptop were to explode…

All of his super affiliate businesses will still work – cranking out cold hard
cash every day, and giving him the freedom to travel and take
vacations with his wife whenever he wants to.

Which brings me to the big reason for writing you this letter…

Once you accept the fact that in today’s internet…

Making and selling products online is hard, risky, and time

And once you realize that being a Super Affiliate is simple,
quick, and risk-free…

Then you’re ready for the biggest shift in mindset and wealth
creation you’ll ever need to make.

And to help you make that transition easy and effective…

As I said, there’s a leap of faith you’re going to have to make.

And here it is:

I need you to do exactly as I say.

That means you can’t try to “improve” the templates I give you
with new graphics or fancy coding.
And you agree not to change the text of the emails I give you.

It means you won’t decide to do things in a different order, or
take any shortcuts.

If you can agree to follow my directions exactly, then I’d be
honored to be your coach and to help you create a Super
Affiliate business.

Because then I can’t give you any kind of guarantee.

It’s my word to you…

That if you do exactly what I tell you to do –

If you follow every click I make, every “copy & paste” direction
I give you…

Even better – I’m going to get you started immediately on the
most crucial step…making real money online for once…

I’ll show you exact steps to take so that you don’t just get
“some money” a few days from now…

You get paid for your work EVERY MONTH, over and over…

Here’s why that’s crucial:

Usually if you recommend a product and make some sales, you’ll
get your commission check a few weeks later, and that’s that.

However it’s a lot easier to plan your life, your business and
your vacations if you’ve got consistent income.

And I’ll teach you how to achieve that. In fact…

For over a decade, the world’s top
affiliates have all trained under me to see phenomenal results.
And they all use my strategy because it just keeps working.
When you’re your own boss, running your own affiliate marketing
income stream, you are fully in control of how much money you
make from day to day.
Want a raise?
Use my strategy.

It’s a raise you can give yourself any time
you want to make more money.

It’s a raise you give yourself over and over
It’s a raise nobody can take away from you.
And I highly, highly suggest that you do use my strategy to
constantly upgrade the amount of money you’re making.

(I will even show you exactly how I
did it in the member’s area…)

One of my heroes, Andrew Carnegie knew that you need to make a
LOT more money than you think, and you need to keep it handy.

Because when not if, the economy
goes through chaos…

It’s the folks with cash-on-hand who can buy the property, the
stable businesses, and the luxury goods that will multiply in
value as the economy rebounds.

So because being a Super Affiliate allows you to generate
massive paychecks quickly, you’ll be in the perfect position
to profit no matter what happens to everyone else.

And think about my young friend Aaron…

His brush with disaster taught him another good lesson.
Sometimes terrible things happen to good people. When disaster
strikes, you can spend years trying to rebuild – or you can just
cut a check and rebuild.

When you start to see the world through the eyes of a Super
Affiliate, you’ll realize just how lucky you are to have escaped
the rat-race…

Most people can’t do what we do.

Most people will never be able to profit massively during an
economic crisis…

Most people will never be able to earn this much pure profit so

Super affiliates can do exactly that.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn when you don’t have to
focus on a product, customer service, insurance, and all the
other expenses that “normal businesses” need…

So now it’s time to choose.

You can continue to search…

You can leave this page, wondering if I’m “legit”.

You can try the sales gimmicks on Twitter and the expensive
Facebook strategies that never seem to quite pan out.

You can buy the courses, and seminars, and “how to” information
that leaves you with more questions than answers.

You can work with me directly, like I worked with Aaron.

You can get coached by me every month – and get specific
answers to your questions…

You can follow a proven system…

Where I give you proven templates that give you the list
of people who you’ll use to drive massive numbers of sales…

Emails that grab attention and make people want to buy from the
offers you recommend…

Software that guarantees you’ll never have to touch a line of
HTML, CSS, PHP, or do any other “tech stuff”.

I’ll even make this as simple as it gets:

And your business has the real potential to make thousands of dollars in
commissions per day on complete autopilot!

Your business will be finished, by me, following my exact
methodologies – so you don’t have to lift a finger.
You don’t have to worry about paying a web hosting bill every

It’s yours because you’re working with me.

That means
you have ZERO overhead.

Every check you get from your new
business is now 100% profit.

You don’t have to worry about buying an autoresponder service
that can handle hundreds of thousands of contacts, because I’ll
give you access to mine.

You’ll be able to send as
many emails as you want to thousands upon thousands of people.

You absolutely need a service like this – and while other
companies charge hundreds or thousands per month, I will get you
in for free.

If you want to go into a new market, you’ll get my personal
page-building software that customizes your pages so you can
strike while the iron is hot.

I will invite you into my inner circle, and give you access to
our private online mastermind group.

That means you’ll have a supportive group of like minded
individuals to support you, help you, and give you a leg up any
time you need it.

I will personally make sure you never feel confused or stuck,
because I’ll give you the same kind of quality training videos
we use to get new employees up to speed in under two hours…

top of ongoing support to make sure you always get help when you
need it.

Sound good?
(It should 😉
If so…

If you need to know more, I understand.

Here’s the detailed
list of everything you’re getting when you become
one of my newest VIP members…

This is an exclusive video series and secret manual that shows you exactly how
to get started.

This is your quickstart training – it gives you my
proprietary, patented strategies and methods. Since I’m opening
up completely in the videos and manual, they are legally

I wouldn’t normally put my secrets out in the open like this,
but what we’ll go over in this blueprint will help you
thrive fast, and get real cash from your new Super
Affiliate website in 3 days or less.

Keep in mind, this is MANDATORY VIEWING. You absolutely need to
get up to speed on all this before we have our first coaching
call together.

When you work with me, I make sure that you’re covered, no
matter what.

You’ll have direct access to me and my team

Just drop us an email anytime you get stuck, and we’ll get
you un-stuck.
We’re here to answer your questions, help you grow your
business, and support you in any way we can.

When you work with
me, you’re family.

What if you could be a fly on the wall as Super Affiliates
traded secrets, set up deals with each other, and shared
critical insights with one another?

What if that Super Affiliate
group was hidden in plain sight – like an invite-only poker club
hidden below a laundromat?

I’m going to do for you what I did for Aaron…
I’m building you a proven “done for you” turnkey super
affiliate business that cranks out
super affiliate commissions for you FAST.

You’re getting everything – just like I did for him – including
the exact website, elements, email campaigns, copy and designs you need
to make a fortune with…

…All completely DONE FOR YOU!

own this business and keep all the profits you make from it as
long as you’re a VIP member (no one else will do this for

If you already have websites, you can stop paying your hosting

Because I’m giving you a free professional web hosting
account on top of everything

So not only will I give you all the training
and hand-holding you could ask for, I’m also going to save you
some money in the process and take responsibility for keeping
your site online and safe.

You’ll get the same powerful speeds
and top-notch security features that I rely on to keep my
businesses safe…and you can use this to host any websites you

So that’s one less thing you need to think about, and one less
monthly bill to pay.

got an excellent, professional email platform with UNLIMITED autoresponders,
campaigns, and broadcast tools you’ll want and need.

This is the same platform that companies like Aweber and Get
Response charge high fees for.

You get this included here and you can use this for any business
to host and email unlimited subscribers in your list (which I’ll
teach you exactly how to build).
That’s the other major cost you’d normally have to pay – but
since I’m paying for it, you’re not going to have ANY monthly
services to pay for – for as long as you’re a VIP member.

The top Super Affiliates know that when an opportunity arises,
the first to seize it will make an obscene fortune overnight.

The problem is, if you don’t have a web designer and tech guy on
hand, there’s no WAY you can set up a website to cash in.

That’s why I’m giving you my personal proprietary secret Super Affiliate software that
creates your entire business and website in MINUTES…

you having to code anything or do any tech stuff!

Just click, publish and profit. Simple.

Now on top of everything you’re already getting as a VIP member,
you also get a…

right, I won’t just leave you hanging with this new
business you’ve got – instead you get to profit
right now…

I’ll hand you
a built-in passive income system to instantly fire up your first
super affiliate money
gusher.If you’re new to super affiliate marketing, you might
not realize that making huge cash windfalls on a
product promotion isn’t all that hard to

Once you have a going business, all you do
is fire off an email to your list and watch the money
roll in – on demand every time. And you’ll be
taught exactly how to do that anyway with this
membership.With an in-demand
TOP-NOTCH membership like
Super Affiliates,
all you do is promote it once and make PASSIVE
income automatically each month.

When your referrals
sign up, you get paid residual income
monthly for as long as they stay
members. And with a quality website like
Super Affiliates…

Trust me – this is
the EASIEST and most no-brainer money-making
program EVER.

Super Affiliates VIP Membership is a surefire
hot-seller, and you’ll get everything you need to make
the cash and you even get trained
step-by-step to profit as a member


So don’t delay because every
second you do so is like “lost” income to you…

Just drop us an email anytime you get stuck, and we’ll
get you un-stuck.
We’re here to answer your questions, help you grow your
business, and support you in any way we can.

Super Affiliate Business

get a

professional web hosting account on
top of everything else…and you can use this to host any
websites you want!

You get a professional email platform with UNLIMITED
autoresponders, campaigns, and broadcast tools!
This is the same platform that companies like Aweber and
Get Response charge high fees for.

You get my personal proprietary secret Super Affiliate software
that creates your entire business and website in MINUTES…without
you having to code anything or do any tech stuff! Just click,
publish and profit. Simple.

Built-In Passive Income

Number Of Members:

Current Price:


(NEVER Repeated Again)

Don’t pass out on
me. That’s not a typo. But…There are two big catches. And I’m doing this to keep people
from distracting us as a group so that we can maximize your
income.1. You reserve your spot for as
long as you’re a member – if you drop out, you may not
be able to
get back in.

reserve the right to end this discount at anytime without

You’re Not Just Getting Me As Your Coach…

You’re never going to find an all-access VIP pass like this anywhere

I’m doing this because I think you deserve better – and I can’t
see the current Internet Marketing world going anywhere but

The “gurus” are out of control.

The constant product launches are siphoning off money from folks
like you who should be using every penny you have to get your
online business to a point of profitability.

I’m giving you all of it on a silver platter because you deserve
better, and because (unlike many of the other gurus) – I don’t
need to charge a ton in order to pay my bills on time.

I’ve got money. I have plenty of money.

And I take care of family first.

When you’re in my inner circle…

Test out my coaching, my software, and the online business I’ll
build for you.

Let it run for 8 weeks or less.

If by the end of those 8 weeks, you aren’t earning what you
hoped for…Then I’ll return your money with no BS, no hassles
and no hard feelings. (What that means is that if you’re not
100% thrilled, you get your money back – even if your new
website is earning a lot for you every day!)

Let Me Make This Clear:

I’m Giving You 110% Effort. I’m Helping You Create Massive
Wealth From Your New Business.

I’m Holding Nothing Back When I
Coach You…

I know there are a lot of professional “coaches” out there.

The thing that sets me apart is that I am not a coach per se. I am an
I actually run businesses every day.

I do what I teach –  so I can’t sign on to coach an endless
number of future Super Affiliates.

I can accept a group of 500 right now – and then
we’ll see if I can accept another in the future.

So if you leave this page now, you risk:
1) Missing out on a chance to train with me and learn the
strategies I’ve relied on to become (and remain) “The World’s
#1 Super Affiliate”.

2) Never seeing the landslide of money you can easily
extract from a simple recommendation.

3) And you risk missing the chance to get the Super
Affiliate business
you need to break free of your current income

Most people plod along and accept their life.

Deep down, they may truly wish things were better…

But when you don’t have an opportunity to multiply your wealth…

To make money on demand…

To get paid every month for something you did a year ago…

When you don’t live the lifestyle of a Super Affiliate, it’s
hard to believe that things can be dramatically better
than they are right now.
You may have these deep desires yourself…
You may wish for a bigger house, a nicer car, a vacation with
the people you love, financial freedom, security, independence…

And you may have a little voice in the back of your head telling
you that:
“I can wait until my car breaks down to figure out how I’ll get
a new one”
“I can stay at this job, even though it doesn’t pay well,
because I might get a raise if I can prove myself..”

“I don’t need a fancy house – I wouldn’t want an indoor pool

Or the worst of all:

“When I win the lottery, I’ll….

Those voices exist for a reason.

They help to keep you sane.

Because when you deeply WANT something, yet you can’t even
imagine how you’d get it…
It’s like an itch, buried deep under your skin.

The problem is…one day, you’re going to realize that doing

Denying your desires…

You’ll realize that none of those things help you get closer to
the life you truly desire and deserve.

In fact, they keep you at arm’s length.

Those voices prevent a better future.

And so does the voice that says “I’ll do this tomorrow”.

So take my word for it –
As a guy who’s had to confront those voices many times…

It’s so much better when you say “I’m going for it – and I’m
doing it right now.”

I look forward to working with you.

Click here now to join me…

I’ll see you in the member’s area…

To Your Super Affiliate Success!

PS. Check out this email I just got
from a longtime friend who owns multiple million
dollar businesses…

“Hey dude – I need to get
your SA training for my affiliate team – but I’ve
got so many subscriptions it’s driving me nuts.

And here’s my

“Sorry , I have to turn
down your generous offer.
Also, I’m going to be a little tough on you –
because I know you and you should understand
much better than this.
Remember what Dave said at last month’s mastermind?

“The monthly charge isn’t for the training, it’s for
You can go the slow way that wastes your time, or
the fast way that leverages mine.
Your choice.
But you should choose to let me train your team.
They will get stuck. They will run
into problems. It’s just part of making money
online. You know this better than most people.

Now, you could do all the

Is this for newbies or
experienced marketers, how will I benefit?This is perfect for ANYONE,
regardless of experience or skill levels. Everything is clearly
explained and you’ll be guided in a step-by-step fashion.

if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll get results as long as
you’re willing to treat this like a real business, put in the
right effort and stay committed to your success.

Remember, you’re getting coached
personally by the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate”
PLUS getting your super affiliate business built for you…

So if you want
the PROVEN way to make real money online from affiliate
marketing, this is your best choice.Does this work in any niche or industry?Yes of course, the strategies and
methods you’ll learn are universal and apply to all niches and
industries. Ewen uses the same system to profit from many
different niches online…and so can you!

Does this work on windows and mac?Both. This is a global online
membership that just requires an internet connection, regardless
of where you are in the world. The strategies and methods you
learn also work universally so you can do this ANYWHERE.How can I get started, I don’t know
anything.The best way is to follow the
STEP-BY-STEP proven blueprint and training in the member’s
area. We’ll also be guiding you every step of the way.

knowing anything” now is actually GREAT as you’ll be learning
the correct system and setting the right foundation.Will I really get everything to make money
as a super affiliate in just this ONE membership?Absolutely! Ewen created this
exclusive membership to be the internet’s MOST COMPLETE and
ULTIMATE resource for super affiliate marketing.

You get real
coaching, training, tools, support, software, web hosting
account and even your own professional autoresponder account…ALL-IN-ONE
convenient member’s area!

Is this a “get rich quick” or “pyramid”
scheme?No way! Not at all. This is an
exclusive (but limited) membership that gives you the real
coaching, training, support and more you can use to build a REAL
BUSINESS online…

All based on Ewen’s credibility and years and
years of “in the trenches” experience on the internet.

How fast can I see results with this
membership?As fast as you can start to take
action. This can be immediate, a few days or weeks, depending on
your own approach. We also build you a money-making super
affiliate website to get you started successfully.

Why do I need to invest a monthly fee?Because then you can be
continuously coached and guided to make more money every month.
You’ll also be given all the tools and software necessary to
become successful. This is a small investment to build your own
business and you can also cancel anytime with no obligations or
hurt feelings.

Does this come with a money back guarantee?Yes, you have 8 full weeks to try
everything and if you’re ever unhappy, you can get all your
money back by sending us an email at support @ (remove spaces)!Why is there a limit to the numbers of
members you can take in?Because we provide real coaching
and training to you, apart from everything else you get as a VIP

This takes time and effort and we
can only take in a limited number of members before closing
access permanently.

Take action now
before the door closes forever…

Member Login

Earnings Disclaimer


Copyright (C) Ewen Chia, – All Rights
Reserved Worldwide.

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Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates

Review of Passive Income Secrets

Review of Passive Income Secrets

Review of Passive Income Secrets

Click here for bigger image

Review of Passive Income Secrets

Product Name: Passive Income Secrets

Click here to get Passive Income Secrets at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Passive Income Secrets:

Please turn up your speakers and press play to discover
how you can create a 100% Passive Online Income TONIGHT!

Quick Update… I mentioned the date as the 5th October 2016 on the video. It’s now well over a year later and since the video was recorded my partner and I have tied the knot! We got married on 7th October 2017 🙂 Autotweets is still going very strong and we’ve had some wonderful feedback from our members, which you can read at the bottom of this page.

From: Steven Hall

Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker…

Let me ask you the following questions…

If you answered YES to ANY of the above I have good news for you. You’re about to discover…

I’m going to reveal to you the magic formula that I’ve been using to make thousands of dollars on auto-pilot every single week… without a product, a website or even a list.

I failed miserably in affiliate marketing until I discovered one simple secret…

Several years ago I stumbled into the world of affiliate marketing and it seemed like a sure-fire way to make money (especially as I didn’t have a product of my own).

My ‘fool-proof’ plan, was to find people interested in specific subjects and promote related affiliate products to them. Sounds simple enough, right?

Boy was I in for a shock! Selling other peoples products is a LOT more difficult than I expected… and very expensive!

I blew thousands on advertising and never sold a thing. Then I had an amazing idea that changed my life.

Up to this point I’d been doing exactly the same as every one else. I was sending out emails, placing adverts and paying for Adsense to try to convince people to buy something.

I’d been making a killer mistake, and it was crippling my business before I even got started. I needed a radical change in my approach… and that’s when I stumbled into one of the most powerful secrets to make money online…

I decided to focus all of my efforts on giving people as much value as I could. I set up email lists with free courses, created a stack of free ebooks and scoured the internet everyday looking for news stories that my followers might enjoy.

I wanted to give them as much as value as possible before I asked them to buy. I’d recently learned about a powerful psychological technique called ‘The Law of Reciprocity’ which basically says that when you do something nice for someone, they will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.

This made a lot sense to me, and I knew it was the key factor for success in online marketing. If I could provide massive value for my followers, they’d be much more likely to buy a product.

Even though I didn’t have my own product I knew I could make money as an affiliate by recommending somebody else’s. In fact, this would be even better because I wouldn’t have to deal with the customer directly. All I needed to do was share my affiliate link.

I set up my first ‘Reciprocity Business’ targeting people interested in hypnosis. I gathered together plenty of valuable content and gave it to my followers. Then I put the law of reciprocity into action and sent them my affiliate link for a popular hypnosis course.

Giving your followers something of value before you ask for a sale is a very powerful way to make money.

You select a target market and give them something of value that they’ll love. Then you recommend a product using an affiliate link…. when they buy the product you get paid!

When I first started doing this, I was giving away ebooks, but I later discovered that ANY value would work. Even a quick Tweet with a quote or an affirmation was enough. This discovery saved my a huge amount of time and money. I could easily collect lots of ‘Pieces of value’ for any niche market and use them to help make money from my affiliate links.

The system works because of the law of Reciprocity. It’s a psychologically proven formula for making money. That’s why it’s so powerful.

That’s what I love about this system… You don’t need a product of your own!

Imagine… making money everyday, just from sharing a link!

It feels good, doesn’t it?

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With absolutely no more effort, you can transform your affiliate links into virtual cash machines that pump more and more money into your pocket every single month.

Remember the hypnosis course that I recommended to my followers? Well that course also invites readers to sign up to a membership program.

When readers sign up to the program you get half of their membership fee for life.

This incredible passive income comes from just one link. Imagine how much money you will make when you share hundreds of links like this!

Giving away valuable information, and then sharing an affiliate link, is a VERY effective way to make lots of money.

However, when I first started to do this I underestimated how much work was involved in providing all the free content. I was doing everything the hard way, and spending hours sat at my computer gathering as much value as I could find.

The system worked really well and I was making good money. I was even able to quit my day job as a mortgage advisor, but I was spending so much time on the system that I may as-well have stayed at work!

I needed to find a way to automate my new business.

What happened next totally transformed my business, but it wasn’t easy.

I became obsessed with one specific goal. My goal was to find a way to automate EVERYTHING! I wanted my business to run itself.

My ideal business strategy is to do the work once, and get paid forever. And I was determined to find a way to make it happen.

I learned how to program PHP code and set up a MySQL database to automatically generate RSS feeds. I used the feeds to trigger automation systems that could run my business on Auto-Pilot.

Creating a system to run the business for me was incredibly complicated and a lot of work. But don’t worry, you don’t even need to copy what I’ve done, because you can use what I’ve created.

I’ve developed my system so that ANYBODY can use it.

Even if you’re a completely newbie and know nothing at all about making money online, you can use this system to quickly and easily set up a fully automated online business TODAY… A business that will RUN ITSELF and provide you with a TOTALLY PASSIVE INCOME for the rest of your life!

I spent years developing my system and it’s totally unique. You don’t have to install any software and it works on any computer (Mac, Windows or Linux and even iPads and Smart Phones) But most exciting of all, it’s 100% automatic!

My unique system takes care of everything for you. So it’s OK if you have absolutely no experience. You can set up your new business TODAY, and then everything is 100% automated. Just look the unique benefits you’ll enjoy when you use my system…

This system has been designed to work with ANY social media platform, but I recommend that, like me, you use Twitter.

Because the system works so well with Twitter, I decided to call it Autotweets… you’ll soon see why!

If you have no idea how Twitter works, don’t worry. You can do this from scratch on a brand new Twitter account that has zero followers.

I’ll show you how to build a huge Twitter following of people that are specifically interested in your chosen niche market. AND I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through my foolproof ‘Set-And-Forget’ system that runs your business for you completely automatically.

This unique system will continue to provide your followers with MASSIVE amounts of value that they’ll LOVE!

It’ll keep them up to date with the very latest breaking news in your chosen niche and it’ll share your money making affiliate links, promoting products that’ll solve their problems and fill their desires, while all the time pumping more and more cash into your pocket… Completely Automatically!

Simply follow my step-by-step guide and you’ll have the system up and running TONIGHT… after that… you can sit back, put your feet up and forget all about it!

Obviously, a fully automated system like this takes a lot of work to create, and it also uses a lot of data.

When I first created this system I was using a shared server. This means that other businesses also had their website on the same server as mine. It’s the most popular way to host a website because all of the businesses share the cost.

However, the code necessary to make this work uses LOTS of data! So I was consuming more than my fair share of the available bandwidth. As a result, the hosting company shut down my account!

To continue using my fully automated system I had to upgrade to a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are very expensive and much more complicated to manage.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go through any of these hassles, or the expense…

Everything that your business needs to run like clockwork 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is ready and waiting for you, safely hosted on a secure dedicated server.

You don’t have to download or install anything. You don’t need to learn PHP, MySQL, RSS or HTML. You don’t need a hosting account or even a website! And you don’t even need a product, a list or ANY experience.

You simply log in to the members area, follow my simple step-by-step guide to set up your business and then you’re good to go!

If you’re anything like me, I bet you feel really excited to get started. Having your own online business is really cool… and nothing beats passive income!

Before you claim your membership to Autotweets, allow me to quickly answer any questions you might have, so that you know for sure that this is for you…

Q. How soon will I make money?

Although it’s not likely, you could make money on your very first day. Realistically though, your business will build over time. We offer a ‘No Questions Asked’ 60 day money back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to test the system 100% risk free. If you follow my guidance your new business should be paying for itself (and lots more) a long time before your guarantee expires, so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

You could promote any affiliate product from any vendor, such as Amazon or eBay, but we recommend that you use a company called ClickBank. ClickBank pay incredibly good commissions per sale so you stand to make much more money much more quickly!

When one of your followers buys a product from your link, ClickBank process the order on their secure server. They take the money off the customer and split it. A percentage of the money goes to you for generating the sale, the rest goes to the product merchant.

One really great thing about this system is that you’ll never have to chase up your commissions, you get paid directly from ClickBank. They’ll even pay your money straight into your bank account if you prefer, so you don’t even have to cash your check!

Q. How do ClickBank know that I generated the sale?

Your affiliate links contain a unique ID that identifies you as the person that generated the sale. Even if your link is shared on a million different Twitter accounts the ID never changes so ClickBank will always know to credit you for generating a sale.

Q. How much money can I expect to make?

Q. I have no experience of Internet Marketing, will I be able to do this?

YES! Anybody can do this. You don’t have to have any special skills or knowledge, just follow the simple step-by-step guide to set up your entire business TONIGHT. Then, from tomorrow morning, everything will be on auto-pilot!

Q. Do I need a website? Hosting Company? URL? FTP? Download Server?

No. You don’t need anything. We do all of the complicated stuff for you.

Q. Do I have to download or install anything?

No. There’s nothing to install or download. You simply log into the members area to set up your business and the automated system takes care of everything else for you.

Q. How do I build my Twitter following, I don’t even have a Twitter account?

We’ll show you the best way to quickly and easily build your following (it takes less than one minute per day!!)

We recommend that you avoid buying Twitter followers. Buying followers could lead to Twitter shutting down your account, and that’s the last thing you want!

Even if you don’t yet have a Twitter account, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to quickly and easily get lots of very highly targeted Twitter followers, without upsetting Twitter!

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

If you want to leave (for whatever reason) we’ll be very sorry to see you go. If we can do anything to help please get in touch. We listen to our members and continually strive to improve our service. If you decide not to stay, you can cancel at anytime. There are not obligations or commitments. Just drop us an email and we’ll immediately terminate your membership, no hard feelings. Our email is

Giving away valuable free content before you share your affiliate links is one of the most powerful ways to make money online that no one ever talks about.

And there’s a very good reason for this…

Today, everything changes!

This is the ONLY system that….

Before we talk about price, let’s talk about value. What exactly do you get when you become a member of Autotweets…

To make Autotweets run as smoothly as possible everything is hosted on a dedicated server, making sure your business (and your income) is never shut down due to bandwidth restrictions.

Save thousands of hours (or thousands of outsource dollars!) by using a simple system that automatically finds the latest news updates for your followers and posts them directly into your Twitter account. Your followers will think that you spend 24h a day searching the internet for news stories just to keep them happy!

I retired from my day job as a mortgage advisor in 2003, since then my sole income has been from the Internet. I’ve made every mistake in the book… so you don’t have to! Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, just take advantage of my fool-proof system and enjoy instant success as you skip right over what would otherwise be a very painful and costly learning curve!

Once set up, your business literally runs itself! Everything you need to do to set up Autotweets can be done TONIGHT. So from tomorrow morning you’ll have a fully automated business that provides you with a passive income for the rest of your life… and you’ll never even have to think about it again!

That’s what the nuts and bolts of the system are worth… but what about the massive impact this will have on your life?

Passive income improves the quality of your life, and the quantity.

When your income is on Auto-Pilot you are free to do the things you’ve always wanted to do and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You’re probably thinking that this kind of opportunity has a hefty price tag. It’s certainly worth it. But if you know me at all, then you’ll know that one of my passions in life is to help people live in abundance.

My goal is to provide as many people as possible with the tools necessary to become 100% financially free. AND to have all the free time you need to follow your dreams. This is the main reason I created Autotweets, it provides you with money and time. Once you’ve set up your account everything runs on auto-pilot and the system continues to provide you with a totally passive income for life.

So how much do you need to invest to start using Autotweets today?

But thankfully, I’m not asking anything like that.

But I have to warn you… This is a very limited offer for the first 1000 members ONLY…

This is not a gimmick – I will close the doors on this opportunity very soon! I am only offering this opportunity to the first 1000 members and we are filling up FAST! When my quota is full the doors will close.

If you leave this page now and come back later and this offer is not available, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Your investment is fully guaranteed. You can cancel at any time.
Our email is

Autotweets Member Reviews

“Having already used several auto-tweet applications I find Autotweets extremely easy to setup and use. The perfect time saving tool for all social network marketers, newbies as well as more experienced business people.”

“I have been using Auto Tweets for a little while now. I liked the idea of the program being able to promote my offers for me on autopilot, I mean who wouldn’t these days, as we all lead busy lifestyles right? It’s also a great way to help build my twitter followers too, which will be very useful.

It is very straight forward to set up and helped by the fact that Steven has provided very easy to follow instructional videos that guide you step by step in how to get up and running quickly. He even give you tips on how to monetize it and use it to it’s full advantage! I highly recommend you have a look at it – see for yourself what it could do for you.”

“I really enjoy using Autotweets! It’s fun and I can advertise all my important URLs. The greatest idea of Steven Hall’s was to allow me to set a time frame for my Tweets to go out.
If you check this out I’m sure that you will get in and start using it TODAY!

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity, Steven!”

“Autotweets automates advertising via Twitter (boring) part of my business, so I can focus on creating imaginative content for my core business.”

“Let me tell you how pleased I am to have come across your site: its is the first time in years that I have found a program run by a genuine decent and intelligent fellow human! I have fallen prey to scammers, liars, gurus, et al, just like millions of other folk.

But when I found your AutoTweets idea, the penny finally dropped. This is SO sensible, logical and obvious, that a broad grin swept across my face as I read it all in one gulp.”

Tim Stoker – Hamburg, Germany

“This is just terrific it is one of the greatest opprtunities I have come across so far. I tried many and this tops them all. I love it”

Thanks for reading this invitation. Being able to generate a passive income online will totally transform your life. This is by far the easiest and most effective way of generating a passive income. I wish you every success for the future and look forward to welcoming you into the members area.

Steven Hall

PS. Within just ONE DAY everything will be on Auto-Pilot… That’s all it takes to set-up the entire system and then you can sit back and relax knowing that your passive income will continue growing for the rest of your life!

PPS. Giving away valuable information before you promote your affiliate link is not only a great way to make money, it’s also a great way to create positive Karma! The more you give, the more you receive 🙂

Already a member? Click HERE to Log In!

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Passive Income Secrets

Review of E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice

Review of E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice

Review of E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice

Click here for bigger image

Review of E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice

Product Name: E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice

Click here to get E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of E-Book | Saltwater Aquarium Advice:

Learn thriving aquarium secrets fish stores don’t want you to know

So for those of you who need a translation to understand my Kiwi accent… here’s what I just said in the video:

“Hi, I’m Andrej Brummer, the saltwater scientist, and welcome to

Now I love saltwater aquariums, everyone loves saltwater aquariums.

They’re so beautiful with so many colours, shapes and forms, it’s like natures television in your own house.

So why do so many people have problems with saltwater aquariums?

And why do up to 90% of people fail at this hobby?

Well, the reasons are many.

Water quality issues, compatibility issues, choosing sick and damaged invertebrates, not doing what you are supposed to, making silly mistakes.

And that’s why I wrote my eBook “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals” to help people just like you.

The key to a thriving saltwater aquarium is to create an environment just like the ocean; everything is pristine, everything is stable, the chemistry, the lighting, the compatibility, the flow, it’s all PERFECT.

So why don’t you have a look at my book and see what it can do for you and your tank”.

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This is what most people do. These people run off to the internet when something goes badly wrong, get confusing, conflicting advice and lose a lot of money fixing nasty mistakes. Or:

You don’t have to spend months learning everything there is to know but do get some important lessons that will be the defining difference between a thriving tank and a trouble-prone, expensive one.

You either win or you lose in this hobby with its steep learning curve.

When I was starting out I screwed up a lot. I don’t mind telling you I wiped my entire tank out not once, but twice through making silly little mistakes I didn’t even realize I was making at the time!

I lost years of hard work, thousands of dollars and all the love I put into that tank and my dead pets…I was almost ready to quit.

Whenever I had minor or major problems I did a LOT of research online, everything and everyone advised me something different.

It was slowly driving me insane.

WTF! I was a trained biologist and I couldn’t even succeed with my 55 gallon mixed reef!

After becoming fed up with failure I decided to properly apply my biology degree to the problem and do things according to marine biology principles of captive marine systems.

I researched and observed, experimented, tested and measured everything for myself scientifically until finally; saltwater aquarium success would be mine!

Being a scientist with access to various marine laboratories, scientific libraries and geeky professors, I soon accumulated a LOT of knowledge about captive marine systems.

My tanks started easily thriving and I was soon giving aquarium keeping tips to senior scientists and students. I knew I had cracked the holy grail when I kept getting invited to do presentations to marine biology students.

The weird thing was that so much of the marine biology theory on captive marine life systems I learned and stuff I researched myself just wasn’t online or in any home aquarium books I had read.

I really wanted to help aspiring saltwater aquarists achieve success, so I decided to get writing and share of all of my hard-won saltwater aquarium expertise in an easy to understand format.

My ebook was born, and in a few short years I had already sold 4,000 copies and was getting rave reviews from around the internet. People were calling me a “tank-saver” and “coral-whisperer“, so I decided to make my book even better!

Introducing my new, entirely re-written 234 page: “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals”.

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⪼ The correct tank set up for you, done the right way. Including an entire section on the step-by-step of how go about creating that future-proof set-up of your dreams.

⪼ Creating a perfect aquatic environment section. What parameters and levels you need to worry about and how to adjust and get them stable for the long term. The marine biologist tools of awesome water quality.

⪼ How to choose the right species and specimen for you and your set-up. Compatibility, stocking, putting what-in- when- with- whom, creating the right micro-habitats and doing everything right so that your marine pets thrive!

⪼ How to eliminate up to 90% of all saltwater aquarium fish and coral diseases. The best defense is a good offense. You will learn the expert’s processes of quarantine, acclimation, transport, healthy specimen selection and choosing an outstanding retailer you can trust.

⪼ What equipment you really need (and what is going to be a waste of money for you). What chemicals, test kits, additives, dosers and gadgets will make life easy for you and what is going to cause you more problems than benefits.

⪼ How to ensure you don’t choose one of the 80% of wild caught marine pets that are doomed from the start. Foolproof systems to ensure you come home with a winner.

⪼ The 16 most popular marine fish species fact sheets. Everything you need to know about these most popular of saltwater fish.

⪼ Detailed section on corals and other invertebrates covering problem diagnosis, treatments, troubleshooting, feeding, compatibility and ensuring good health.

⪼ Creating the perfect lighting and environmental conditions and how you achieve flawless placement critical for thriving coral and non-moving invertebrates.

⪼ Marine fish diseases section, featuring super-detailed accounts of the 4 biggest killers and how to diagnose and combat them, other diseases, physical and behavioral problems, how to ensure good health and keep fish disease out of your aquarium.

⪼ Tank and marine life troubleshooting section, including the 10 most common mistakes and how to avoid them, the best acclimation and quarantine strategies known to the hobby.

⪼ The optimal parameters for the vital elements of saltwater chemistry for each type of tank set-up, how to adjust them and how they affect your marine life.

⪼ The specific husbandry techniques absolutely necessary for thriving photosynthetic corals and invertebrates no reefer should be without.

⪼ The fundamental methods of feeding that will result in much happier, brighter, more active, healthier fish.

⪼ How to easily and cheaply rid your tank of pest algae species like Cyanobacteria, hair algae, and Bryopsis, then identify the root cause to stop it ever coming back?

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I’m offering you immense opportunity today.

Opportunity I wish I had when I was starting out with my saltwater aquarium. But I’m also giving you immense value.

Let me put it in perspective: I’m going to give you the precise steps you need to take in order to have a thriving tank.

Your marine life will stop dying, your tank will not turn to slime, and you won’t have to throw any wasted money down the drain.

On top of that…I’m giving you my entire Saltwater Scientist’s Success blueprint.  I spent years at university and then in the lab refining, testing and measuring these techniques.

How much do you think that’s worth? Well, there’s no “price” I can put on it.

So what’s your investment today?

Nothing more, ever. All yours. Ready to go.

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In fact, let me make it very simple for you to take advantage of this information right now… I’m going to give you 3 awesome gifts to go along with my ebook!

And no, this isn’t another one of those offers where the bonus is some over hyped product that under-delivers.

This is a genuine, highly valuable offer that you will get massive benefit from, and you get it all FREE….

To go along with your ultimate thriving marine life guide you also get some of marine biology’s most highly prized information for the home aquarist as FREE bonuses…

A thriving reef is NOT a no-brainer

How would you like to learn how with a small amount of effort and cost you could potentially turn your hobby into something that can generate income?

You might be able to make your tank completely self-funding or take it further and start making some additional income.

This guide reveals 5 powerful ways you can do this starting right now.

Here’s a small taste of what you will learn:

⪼ How propagating corals, invertebrates and sea plants can generate profit.

⪼ How to go about breeding fish, corals and invertebrates for income.

⪼ What you need to know to grow prized specimens of marine life you can then onsell.

⪼ How to create the right conditions and environmental cues fish need to breed.

⪼ How you can easily provide nesting materials for nesting species to spawn.

⪼ What you need to know about the different breeding habits of fish species and what species are easier to breed than others.

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How good would it be to be able to effectively “clone” your Invertebrates, Corals and Sea plants?

Think of the possibilities, do it for yourself and friends or even get store credits or sell a couple on the side.

⪼ What is propagation, how it works: the principles and techniques

⪼ How you can propagate your own Invertebrates, Corals and Sea Plants

⪼ Successful propagation tips and advice for avoiding contamination

⪼ What equipment you need for effective propagation

⪼ The conditions and tank environment needed for propagated ‘frags’ to take

⪼ How to avoid disease in your propagated specimens

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Takes the pain out of your tank set-up. Easy to use, step-by-step checklists when setting up a new fish only, fish only with live rock or reef aquarium.

Make purchasing all the right equipment (and none of the unnecessary stuff) easy.

This saves a lot of unnecessary guessing and cost.

It is yours as part of this ultimate package!

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Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals is designed to be the only saltwater aquarium resource you will ever need…

Lets look at what you’re getting…all available for instant download

If you don’t think it’s hard to find accurate saltwater aquarium information out there, just ask a few questions on forums and see how many different answers you get!

What you get with my eBook is the simplified, distilled essence of all that knowledge, my goal was to produce the most comprehensive guide to marine fish, invertebrates and corals ever assembled.

So many books focus on the aquarium itself but the key to your success is to have in depth knowledge of the marine life!

Just ask any successful zookeeper, it’s way more important to know about the animals themselves than the zoo!

So why would you invest in a toolkit like this and not just get this knowledge from your local aquarium store or online forum?

1. People simply don’t know this stuff, and why would they? Try finding a degree qualified pet shop employee who studied marine biology at university, I have, and they just don’t exist. 

2. No offence but pet stores might not want you to know this stuff anyway. Anyone equipped with this information is going to spend way less at the pet store when things don’t go wrong constantly and when they can’t be deceived into buying a useless, overpriced product or piece of equipment or new additive. How can they make a decent living when marine aquarium savvy people like me only need to purchase fish food?

>>>>Knowledge is king!< <<<<

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Consider the costs and anguish of getting it wrong with your marine aquarium; it can easily escalate into hundreds of dollars each time.

You are getting the benefit of my many years of practical and theoretical research and experience.

I have fine-tuned the science every step of the way to make it easy, user friendly and highly valuable to you so you can shortcut your way to success.

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In the unlikely event you are not 100% thrilled with “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals” you get a 100% no-risk-to-you-guarantee.

In fact, I invite you to use this eBook and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that it falls short in delivering everything I have promised in this letter, just let me know and I’ll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked. In fact, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, I want you to demand your money back.

You can even keep your entire “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals” package as my way of saying thank you for visiting.

The fastest way to a thriving tank is through having good quality information on hand and taking the time to learn an implement the correct procedures.

I have devoted my life to helping good people like yourself. And I know deep down that no one hat fits all.

So, I live by a simple pledge: I will remove any and all risk from this decision. I will offer you a solid, no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee.

You have a full 60 days to jump in and dig in. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can easily ask for your money back, no questions asked.

No hassle, no fuss… no risk. Sound good?

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Your own thriving, enchanting saltwater aquarium is waiting for you.

No more asking “What would a successful saltwater scientist do?”

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I invite you to join me today.

Click the button below to get started.

I wish you only the very best, I truly hope you see inside my book.

Here’s to your saltwater aquarium success.

Andrej Brummer, BSc. Biological Sciences & Saltwater Scientist

P.S. How far will you get if you don’t have the knowledge you need for a successful aquarium?  How far do you think you can get?

I would never have achieved a successful saltwater aquarium if I didn’t make the critical decision to apply the science behind marine biology and use the success principles that makes many peoples aquariums thrive today.

Who knows, maybe  I’d still be killing my fish and wasting my money.

Without this, it will be a long road, my friend.  It will be hard.  Yes, you can do it.  I did it.

But why put in the years of time, effort and struggle that I did, when all you have to do is say ‘yes’ today… without any risk?

P.P.S I can imagine it might feel too good to be true.  Can you really have a successful saltwater aquarium just by following my simple steps?

The science is there, the proof is there, but it might seem too good to be true.

That’s why I’m letting you have full access completely risk free. You have a full 60 days to test  drive and see if I live up to my promises.

If not, simply let me know, and you get to keep the entire success program, the 3 bonuses … and get a complete refund. No questions asked.

I want to be clear:  You will see results as soon as you apply my simple protocols, but this is not a simple flick of  a switch.

Yes, it’s virtually effortless for you and yes it’s proven to produce results faster than any other method.  And yes, it’s a close as you can get to a ‘magic pill’ without me physically coming to ‘fix’ your aquarium.

But, as you can imagine, a successful, thriving aquarium is not about a short list of improvements.  Developing that fusion of skills and knowledge has many parts.

However, I have created a way where you CAN see results.  Results that can offer tangible changes in the health and success of your saltwater aquarium… that can push you in the direction of the stunning tank you want.

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“Andrej, you seem to have all the answers, how long have you actually been studying this stuff?!? Im studying marine biology and you give me as much advice as my teacher does! Thanks, you’re a tank saver.”Chelsey, USA

“Hey Andrej I just wanted to say that your articles are fabulous. It’s like getting daily nuggets of aquatic reminders. People probably don’t take the time to tell you how great these are so I thought I’d say something.”Adam Blundell; marine biologist and saltwater aquarium author, Utah, USA

“Your material would have to be the definitive resource I would turn to for all current and future questions related to the husbandry of my saltwater aquarium. Your ebook would especially be GREAT material for a person just starting into the saltwater field.”Alan P.

“A truly outstanding read for anyone who has or is considering a marine tank. Clear, concise and very informative covering everything from the basic setup of a quarantine tank to managing a delicate reef tank and everything in between. Well worth the price.”Amazon customer

“Just like to say a quick thank you for the email newsletters, I have learnt so much in such a short time! My corals are looking stunning now. Thank you so much!”Sean Wilkinson, USA

“This is my second try at keeping a marine aquarium. This first was about 10 years ago and I did not have great success. This time around it is much better, many thanks to your site and book, which are VERY informative and I appreciate it. “Richard Burton, Toronto, Canada

“We choose your products because we want all the best advice and help we can get, because as pensioners a saltwater aquarium is quite a big undertaking, but our only hobby and we love it. Thanks so much once again!”Sheila Stocker

“This is a well-written, easy to follow book for anyone thinking about setting up a saltwater aquarium. The information contained in this book is invaluable! It is a must read if you are setting up or are new to aquaria!”Christopher J Scangarello

“I just purchase your ebook and am enjoying it tremendously. We have… decided to add a saltwater FOWLR.”Jan Duckerman

“I have learned a lot from the book, and am still reading the second time around. Thanks heaps.”Michael Hugo

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