Review of The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries

Review of The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries

Review of The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries

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Review of The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries

Product Name: The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries

Click here to get The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries:

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The Wagging Red Rag Pitch Page – Nicole Roy Ministries

Review of FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader

Review of FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader

Review of FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader

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Review of FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader

Product Name: FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader

Click here to get FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader:

1 MIN TRADER Trading System

Trader and FX Coach with years of experience as he shares the insights to trade
with the 1 min chart and
1 min.
Imagine, making 100-200 pips a day on a daily basis.

stop loss, risk and reward 1:1 or 1:3 and 1:5. Max stop 10 pips. Target up to 200
pips per day.
Imagine you living a lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, precise entry and exits,
giving you profits.

now with Joshua Richardson in the FOREX
1 MIN TRADER Trading System
in the forex market.

step by step explained trading system that is proven and
accurate, profitable, very easy and very simple to follow.

The system is so easy to use that everyone and anyone can trade this
system. Simply put its easy to follow, unlike other unnecessarily
complicated systems which have so many indicators and hard to
iunderstand and comprehend charts

Basically this system
uses a proven method, profitable 2 indicators, called the 1 min
Power Mountain and 1 min Power line. Our custom
made 1 min
Indicator is the only indicator you need to be profitable. 90-95 %
of trades are profitable. Just imagine, within couple of minutes,
you will see money in your brokers account.
So, stop complicating your trading with numerous indicators which
give random results and start simplifying your trading by using the
indicator. No hype no power sales page, just bare truth.

To be
profitable, we have defined money management rules so that your risk
and reward is good. Risking less, and earning more pips. Typical
entry risk and reward is 1:1 or 1:2 or even 1:5. Entry and
exit signals are drawn to show you your trade setup with
predefined exit points leaving you nothing more to do than watch you
account grow in size. Make money now and stop losing.

This trading system is very
unique. This system suits both the day traders and traders who has
very little time and has 9 to 5 job.
Because we trade on 1 minute, entry signals are every day and every
time whenever you open your computer.

Those who has 9 to 5 job need
to spend at least 10 minutes a day, to wait for an entry and
thereafter put a set and sleep target profit.

Here is the Amazing Discovery Of this System

Unlike Most of the other
trading systems out there, Forex 1 minute Trader Trading system,
discovered by Joshua Richardson, can be used
to trade multiple times a day anytime comfortable
at the comfort of your home, office, swimming pool or
relaxing by the beach.

Imagine what is it like when you
have a profitable trade running.

(I am sure you would be happy and smiling. ) But just after few
minutes you see another opportunity. You take that trade as well.
And after sometime, you find another trading opportunity. That can
very well happen with Forex
1 minute Trader Trading System.

But make sure you control yourself,
because with Forex 1 Minute Trading
System, all you want to do is to enter and re-enter
the trade and make money and more money. Its like you are getting the
rifle to shoot at every target and pull the trigger to
succeed in Forex Market!

I, Joshua Richardson, forex trader
and coach, and chief master strategist, probably the only trader
that DARES to trade on the 1 minute chart!. I am giving you an extremely
effective Trading System that has
win to loss ratio,
easy instructions to follow. Start today…If you’ve
tried and failed, all the years effort of Joshua Richardson,
information on his head just download at a click of a button.
Precise entry and take profit targets.

This system is explained
in clearly in charts and detailed
when you should enter, and how you should enter, where is your take
profit, and under what conditions, you should avoid trading (choppy
markets), is clearly defined.

Master Chief Strategist, World’s renowned
trader and coach, Joshua Richardson Entry to the FOREX

This question is of vital importance to all new,
experienced, profitable or struggling Forex traders and, quite frankly, anyone
hoping to, or already making a living from trading the biggest market in the

Why? because if you could discover the “secrets”
of the big players you could follow in their footsteps, and make money
day trading, swing trading, position trading, or whatever your preference.

And…If you don’t get a hold of this
information, you will probably fail. Don’t let us discourage you, because
there is a way out – which we are going to show you…

So, here is the answer to the question, in a

The answer is: We know how
to calmly, and emotionlessly profit from the Forex market with minimum

Richardson Entry to the FOREX I MIN TRADER TRADING

Yes, you need the right system to really cash in on Forex. Trading in the 1
minute requires skill, even if you miss the entry, couple of minutes later, you
can re-enter, this time as the market move fast and you want to collect your
money FAST

1 min Trader Trading System™ is the name of this system,
because I am a trader myself and profit from this system.

1 min Trader Trading System™ is the only and probably the
world’s first forex system that trades like the bankers or even better with the
1 minute chart.

1 min Trader Trading System™ is so simple and yet
so powerful to generate wealth and building your future.

Once you’ve read through the step-by-step,
easy-to-follow Forex
1 min Trader Trading System™ Manual…you’re on
your way to the bank to withdraw your “hard earned relaxed” money.

Joshua Richardson

currencies in the FOREX (foreign exchange) market is not for everyone as it
involves substantial risk. In addition, emotional factors may influence a
person’s ability to trade any trading system, including all systems offered on
this website.All trading systems and methods, including those offered here,
involve the likelihood of periodic reduction of capital, even on winning trades.
For this reason anyone trading systems offered here must be prepared to
adequately fund his/her trading account to avoid having enforced losses due to
broker trade execution resulting from insufficient margin funding.In purchasing
or using any system or method offered on this website you agree that any and all
use of any offered system or method is solely at your own risk and without any
recourse whatsoever to the seller, seller’s associates, subsidiaries, agents
or partners. You
understand that you are using any system offered here entirely at your own risk.
By purchasing or using any system or method you are not being offered or given
financial advice of any kind. All information on this website is offered for
educational purposes only. In trading currencies in the FOREX market people can
and often do lose money. Past performance is not an indication of, nor a
guarantee of future performance of any system or method as markets can change.No
guarantee is or can be given that any system or method will continue to perform
similarly in the future. If you have any doubts about trading currencies using
any system or method offered here you should first consult your own financial
adviser.Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent
limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not
represent actual trading. Further, since the trades have not actually been
executed, the results may have under compensated or over compensated for the
impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. All sales
are final and there are no refunds

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FOREX 1 MIN TRADER Trading System – World’s first one minute profitable forex trader

Review of Spanish English Cognates

Review of Spanish English Cognates

Review of Spanish English Cognates

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Review of Spanish English Cognates

Product Name: Spanish English Cognates

Click here to get Spanish English Cognates at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Spanish English Cognates:

Click Here to Order Now!!!

I want to share with you a secret of mastering the core Spanish vocabulary.

There is a buried treasure chest of
Spanish vocabulary. In this treasure chest there are
thousands of Spanish words that
you already know.

This treasure chest is the collection of Spanish English cognates.
Spanish English Cognates are words in both languages that share the same root
and which are the same in spelling or are very similar.

It is important to bear in mind that these cognates do not always translate
from one language to another precisely. These are known as “false
Spanish English cognates”.

The good news is, there are some known patterns for Spanish English cognates.
After studying these patterns, I now categorized them into
32 easy-to-recognize groups.

There are 2686 pairs of
Spanish-English cognates in these 32 groups.

However, a lot of frequently used Spanish-English cognates do not show easily
recognizable patterns. We collected
779 pairs of such Spanish-English cognates and partitioned them
randomly into 8 groups to for easy memorization.

All of these are included in the Spanish English Cognates
Learning Package to help you master
the core Spanish vocabulary instantly.

Spanish English Cognates Learning Package

Helps You Learn As Many As 3465 Spanish Words Instantly And
Master the Core Spanish Vocabulary.

Click Here to Order Now!!!

This Spanish English Cognates Learning Packages comes with
a private website.

Click Here to Order Now!!!

Our Spanish English Cognates Learning Package comes with one bonus.
This bonus was added to help you master the core basic Spanish

BONUS: A list of 266 pairs
of common Spanish-English
false cognates.
Spanish English false cognates are Spanish-English pairs look alike but do not
have same meanings. By studying this list you can avoid some commonly committed
mistakes by Spanish students.

Click Here to Order Now!!!

By Ordering You Will Get:

These 2686 Spanish cognates have been categorized so that you can learn
them instantly.

There are 32 categories.  

These 779 Spanish cognates can not be easily categorized.
But they are frequently used in written or spoken Spanish. These words are partitioned
randomly into 8 groups, with each group have roughly 100 cognates
so that you can conquer them one group after another.

At the private website, you can test and practice your mastering of the
3465 pairs of Spanish English cognates.
(The practices were designed so that you can master the core Spanish cognates effortlessly.) 

This list of Spanish English false cognates contain Spanish words
that are identical or similar to English words but have different meanings.
By studying this list you will be able to avoid making mistakes other
learners do.

Order Now And You will get instant access to the 3465 pairs of Spanish English Cognates

You may be asking.

Click Here to Order Now!!!

Because we are so confident of our Spanish English Cognates Learning Package,
I am willing to go further and offer you a 60 days 100%
full money back guarantee.  If for whatever reason our Spanish
English Cognates Learning Package does
not meet your needs, just tell me and I will personally give you a
full and courteous refund.

Absolutely no questions asked!

In summary, here are what you will get:

Order Now And You will get instant access to the  Spanish English Cognates Learning Package

 To Pay By Credit Card or PayPal Online Now…

Products provided by
Sold by ClickBank Inc., Boise, ID USA.Order online safely and securely.

Looking forward to helping you finally master core Spanish vocabulary.

Just in case you missed it above.  If you’re unhappy with this Spanish
course for any reason, just tell us and we will give you a full
and courteous refund. Absolutely
no questions asked.

100% Satisfaction


Any question?     Ask Us   

13235 Corte Villanueva #101, San Diego CA 92129 Contact Us

Copyright © 2006-2015 ESDICT.COM, All Rights Reserved.

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Spanish English Cognates

Review of Love Mama Recipes – Homepage

Review of Love Mama Recipes – Homepage

Review of Love Mama Recipes – Homepage

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Review of Love Mama Recipes – Homepage

Product Name: Love Mama Recipes – Homepage

Click here to get Love Mama Recipes – Homepage at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Love Mama Recipes – Homepage:

Finally: You can get instant access to the finest array of rare Middle-Eastern authentic recipes that are super EASY and FAST to prepare… that you can wow your friends and family with. (Even if you have ZERO cooking skills) 

(from the busy kitchen of Chef Mama Naza)

Do You ever long for the delicious, Middle Eastern food your Mama used to make? 

Do You struggle to find recipes and food that give you that real taste of home-that you just can’t find in recipes online/offline or in restaurants? 

Do You ever wish You knew how to make Real authentic Middle-Eastern food Yourself that would give You and Your family so much comfort and pleasure? 

…I’m talking about delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make like this…

Stuffed Grape leaves. So healthy and perfect for vegetarians. May be served as appetizers or as a main course. Yalanji are mouth-watering and delicious.

Traditional dish would be a huge hit for all your family and friends. It’s gorgeous to look at- even better to eat!

Stuffed with dates, ground walnuts, or ground pistachios…this delicious dish is popular throughout the Levant. It’s usually served with Arabic or Turkish coffee, and it is distinguished by its lovely shape with a sprinkling of sugar on it.

You and I both know it’s practically impossible to find recipes for cooking this type of authentic mouth watering traditional food anywhere online or offline today. And even if you do find some decent recipes-they pale in comparison to the quality and taste I’m talking about here. And they can be difficult to prepare and take a long time to make, right? Let’s face it…not having access to the authentic food from your homeland is like missing a part of your culture and family every day. Not to mention-missing out on all the delicious tastes your traditional food has to offer you. So what can You do? Well apart from getting on a plane or calling your Mama at some ungodly hour of the night to ask for her for help in Your kitchen – there are not many options open to you.

My name is Marylin Barrett-I’m an international business woman and lover of traditional Middle-Eastern cuisine and I want to introduce you to Chef Mama Naza today. Chef Mama Naza Lives just outside Dubai in a town called Al Ain. She loves to cook a selection of healthy, scrumptious authentic Middle-Eastern food for her family and friends with secret recipes that have been handed down for generations. Two years ago I meet Chef Mama Naza on a trip to Dubai and was fascinated by the amazing food she was making. I had never seen or tasted anything like it…. Course after course of rich, savoury; spicy food came to my table. All made with 100% natural ingredients and exotic flavours. After finishing my meal-I had a new mission in life – to build a bridge between the east and the west through cooking – to share these wonderful, gratifying dishes laden with tradition and heritage with ALL people who love to eat.”…and, to give YOU recipes that will impress all your Family and Friends and Guests.

Here are just some of the mouth-watering recipes Chef Mama Naza wants to share with you…

One of the most ancient Palestinian dishes. It is the most delicious and interesting ravioli you’ve ever tasted! Truly magnificent!

This dish is a “superfood,” looks gorgeous and is amazingly delicious. Enjoy all your compliments!

Everyone’s favourite food! Chef Mama Naza’s son eats one at every meal! Kohbe will always bring an extra kick and healthy sparkle to every meal!

This dish is awash in exquisite, exotic smells and spices reminiscent of Arabian splendour! It is a complete, comforting meal. Amazing taste – be sure to have copies of this delicious recipe to give to your guests.

It’s hard to put a price on these recipes because there’s nothing like them out there…online or offline. These delicious recipes have been handed down from one generation to another for hundreds-maybe even thousands of years to Chef Mama Naza-and now You have a chance to own them for yourself. Very few people get to taste this amazing food and now you have a unique opportunity to get your hands on it and experience all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

You can of course do nothing here in which case you and your family will miss out on the amazing food experience and taste of home that Chef Mama Naza has to offer. That would be such a shame. You could go out there and try to get your hands on these recipes yourself or something close to them – but they simply do not exist.

Hit the instant access button right now and experience Middle-Eastern food like never before today.


Copyright (c) 2017 Love Mama Recipes Recipes.ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Love Mama Recipes – Homepage

Review of Bullet Japanese

Review of Bullet Japanese

Review of Bullet Japanese

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Review of Bullet Japanese

Product Name: Bullet Japanese

Click here to get Bullet Japanese at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Bullet Japanese:

Hi, I’m Cam. When I got the opportunity to move from the United States to Japan for my job I jumped on it without thinking twice…

Don’t get me wrong… The IDEA of learning a new language is really exciting, at least it is to me… But once I sat down with my first Japanese it didn’t take me long to realize that Japanese is pretty complicated and this was going to be a LONG and BORING process…

I skipped from one course to the next and found out that they’re all pretty similar to each other…​

I don’t have a terrible memory, I don’t have the greatest memory either, but this stuff was hard…

I didn’t know it at the time, but it didn’t have to be hard… It didn’t have to be boring (it’s actually a lot of fun) and I could have mastered over 1,000 Japanese words in the same amount of time it’s take me to get through a lesson or two in “traditional” Japanese courses.​

I know that sounds like an unbelievable claim but it’s true, and I’m about to tell you why…​

Here’s how a man I’ve never met taught me Japanese… in less than a week.

I was REALLY struggling to learn Japanese… In fact, if I wasn’t FORCED to learn it for my job, I probably would have given up.

But I’m glad I didn’t, because not only is the ability to speak Japanese an extremely rewarding experience, but I’ve learned some other skills that have helped me throughout my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined… Let me explain.

I was browsing the web when I stumbled across an article about a man named Harry Lorayne.

You may have heard of him, he famously went on the Tonight Show… Memorized the ENTIRE audience’s names in a matter of minutes, and then called them all out by name. Pretty incredible, right?

​Not only that, he’s taught literally tens of thousands of people how to unlock the true potential of their memory. Even Time Magazine calls him “The Yoda of Memory Training.”

I started wondering if this guy could help me figure out a way to learn Japanese faster, so I went out and bought just about everything he’s ever put out on memory training…​

I know it sounds incredible, but it’s true. In just a few hours I was starting to pick up Japanese words faster than ever before… In less than a week I was having conversations in Japanese… And in less than 2 months time I was completely fluent in Japanese.

Keep in mind it takes some people 10 YEARS to become fluent in Japanese… And that’s because they learn the same way that nearly every single course out there teaches… And it’s a looong and boring process.​

Using the memory techniques taught by Harry Lorayne literally took years off of my learning curve… Pretty soon I started turning it into a course, mainly for myself, and was learning 100 new words per hour… And I was easily remembering them, permanently.

Whenever a new American co-worker of mine would transfer to Japan, I’d let them borrow the course I’d put together for myself… And every single one of them where having fluent conversations in Japanese in less than a weeks time…

Our Japanese co-workers couldn’t believe it!​

Since my system was working for more and more people, I decided to go ahead and create a complete course using my system. I’d spend every waking hour after work to put this together… I found a unique way to combine the powerful memory techniques taught to me by “The Yoda of Memory Training” with learning Japanese.

This is a language learning course unlike anything on the market… I’ll show you how to tap into powerful memorization techniques that will have you learning Japanese within weeks…

You Can Be Having Conversations In Japanese By Tomorrow Afternoon.

Let me explain… If you download this course and IMMEDIATELY begin studying, you CAN have conversations in Japanese by tomorrow… You won’t speak it fluently, and you won’t have an entire vocabulary… But you’ll understand at least 800 of the most important Japanese words, and I have a way for you to remember all of the grammar rules in no time flat as well.

Bullet Japanese has been designed to make you fluent fast… Teach ANYONE how to speak Japanese at record speeds… Even if you’ve never learned a 2nd language before… And if you feel like you don’t have a great memory, it’s 100 times more powerful than realize.

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now And I Understand That It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days

If you’re reading this website then you probably already a strong desire to learn Japanese, but just in case you’re considering it, here are the many benefits that I’ve come across…

Most Japanese courses are pretty much the same… If you take a class, you go through boring assignments, and extremely boring memory exercises that simply aren’t effective as they could be.

Not only that, but to become fluent in Japanese is going to cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars…

Think about that for a second. Do you really want to spend a TON of money just to force yourself to sit through hour upon hour of BORING lessons?

With Bullet Japanese, learning Japanese automatically becomes like a game, like a fun challenge for yourself to learn just how much more you can learn with each lesson.​

​You can see your progress day by day… You become excited because everyday you can see your self one step closer to learning Japanese…

And that’s the REAL secret.​

To make learning Japanese as fast and easy as possible, all while making it a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.

The memory training devices work… Without repetition, and you remember every word you learn, up to 100 words per hour…

When it used to take you an hour just to remember “May I Use The Restroom” in Japanese, now in that same time frame you could learn enough words to hold an intelligent conversation about ANY subject…

It’s that powerful… And you’ll look forward to every single lesson.

And once you complete the course, you’ll have the knowledge to pick up Japanese words the first time you read or hear them…

You can be speaking Japanese in literally less than a day from now, and be well on your way to being fluent in one of the worlds most beautiful languages.

That’s why Bullet Japanese is quickly becoming the world’s most popular Japanese learning system.​

“I used your program, and I think it is totally amazing. I have completed everything up to except the last 77 pages.

Your memory techniques are great, and I have already recommended this program to several people. I really have only started Japanese for a few months, (but I had a few short failed attempts prior to these few months at learning Japanese.) The vocabulary that I learned from your program has helped me so incredibly much.

I am actually able to have conversations with people already in Japanese! I used this program in addition to a free program you recommended. They have quick grammar points that simply explained in about a minute. So with the vocabulary I learned from your program and the grammar points, my Japanese has really improved in a short amount of time.

I just want to say that I highly recommend these memory techniques to anyone who is studying a language at any level. I highly, highly recommend this program to every beginner of Japanese… Buy this program, and gambatte kudasai! :)”

“I have been using this method for the past three years – just concentrating on vocab, and trying to speak to Japanese friends just as they speak to me.

At the opening ceremony of the 6th Asian Ostomy Association Conference in Tokyo on November 16th last year, I, as the incumbent President, had to give a welcome address to the participants, more than half of whom were Japanese from all over Japan.

I started my address in English, and when I had got through the necessary greetings and good wishes in English, I spoke for five minutes in Japanese.

The 300 plus Japanese people present went wild with delight. Many of them came up to me during the reception afterwards and congratulated me, including the Minister For Health’s representative.

Thank you for your guidance and advice over the past three years. You helped me a lot. I am most grateful to you.”

I have been working through your system for a few days now, and can already see massive improvements in my progress of learning Japanese.

This method is so much faster than trying to learn words the old way from textbooks.

The impressive part is that even though you are learning a lot of words in a short time, you can still remember the majority of them with ease later. Unlike almost everything else sold on the internet the claims are not exaggerated at all! If you concentrate you can easily learn and retain 100 words per hour.

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now And I Understand That It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days

100% Satisfaction

“I’m progressing well and the best part is I remember a lot from one session to the next!

Well, I’ve been doing really well, practicing about 20 minutes a day and running through a lot, I just wish I had someone to practice on!

The system is really easy and simple, no complicated schemes or boring and long explanations. Everything in Bullet Japanese is straight forward and to the point.

Don’t waste another minute, cram all the Japanese you can into your head.”

Want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test with flying colors?…

…you’ll receive Bullet JLPT too.

Now you’ll be picking up Japanese words at the speed of light, why not show off your new skills by ace-ing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test…

Discover how easy it is to remember Japanese words and get a worldwide recognized qualification into the bargain.

You’ll get full access to Bullet JLPT.

In just a matter of hours you’ll know all the vocab on the test!

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

Want to read Japanese in just one week?…

…you’ll receive Bullet Hiragana software too. (Mac & Windows)

Now that you’ll have a huge database of Japanese words stored in your head, why not impress your friends with the ability to read and write them?

With Bullet Hiragana software you’ll be reading Japanese script like it was your native language in no flat.

You’ll get full access to Bullet Hiragana software.

In just one week you’ll be reading Japanese!

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

Want to read Japanese Katakana script in just one week?…

…you’ll receive Bullet Katakana software too. (Mac & Windows)

Katakana is used everywhere in Japan… On menus, signs, schedules, hotels… everywhere.

Make your next stay in Japan a breeze using Bullet Katakana.

You’ll get full access to Bullet Katakana software.

In just one week you’ll know all the Katakana!

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

This is the same system that’s allowed myself, my co-workers, and hundreds of satisfied customers to learn Japanese at lighting speed, to learn up to 100 words per hour, to have a conversation in Japanese in less than a day, and to speak the language fluently in less than a month…

I’m so sure that you’ll agree that Bullet Japanese is hands down the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Japanese…

That the memory skills you learn from this program will help you throughout your life in ways that you can’t even imagine…

​You also get a FULL 60 days to test it out… If you’re not happy for ANY reason, simply email me within 60 days and I will issue you a prompt, no questions asked refund.

100% Satisfaction

I know you’ll absolutely love Bullet Japanese. But just in case you’re still wondering, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Start using Bullet Japanese today. Let the 100s of Japanese vocabulary flow into your brain-forever.

If you’re not completely convinced that drinking in Japanese like a desert-thirsty cow is worth 10 times the price I’m asking, then no problem. You have a full 60 days to ask for your money back. I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

P.S. Bullet Japanese lets you learn in an hour what used to take days. The incredible memory devices combined with a fun and easy course allow you to learn 100 words per hour, and master Japanese in a fraction of the time it’d otherwise take.

P.P.S. Remember, if Bullet Japanese isn’t the most powerful, fun and exciting Japanese course you’ve ever tried, or you aren’t 100% satisfied for ANY reason, simply let me know within 60 days for a FULL, no questions asked refund… This offer is 100% risk free. Try it today.

P.P.P.S. I know this is a totally new concept for you… Spending 10 seconds studying a Japanese vocabulary word and locking it into your brain forever. Imagine how great you’ll feel as your friends start thinking of you as some kind of linguistic genius. Because every hour from now is another chance for you to add 100 words to your Japanese vocabulary.

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

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Bullet Japanese

Review of Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way

Review of Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way

Review of Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way

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Review of Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way

Product Name: Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way

Click here to get Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Home – Pareto's WayPareto's Way:

Have you tried to learn Spanish before but failed to make any real progress? Rest assured, you’re not alone. We’ve heard it a thousand times: People begin a language course with high hopes, but continually lose interest along the way and fail to achieve their goals. Pareto’s Way was created to make sure you never feel that sense of frustration again.

Our team understands that time is your most valuable commodity. So we created a course designed to teach you Spanish in the most efficient manner possible.

During our research phase, we spoke with hundreds of students who tried to learn Spanish by using other courses. We started by asking them this question: did you end up learning the language? A resounding 88% said no. For those who said no, we then asked: what would it have taken for you to end up succeeding in the program? And for the few who were successful, we wanted to know why.

The results of this exercise led to the creation of a comprehensive course that will have you speaking Spanish in just 30 days. How so? By utilizing our proven 5-step approach to language acquisition.

You might be familiar with Pareto’s principle, or the 80-20 rule, which can be defined as 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes. For example, it is often seen in business that 80% of a company’s sales will come from 20% of their customers. The astute businessperson will then allocate their time, and focus, towardthese customers to increase revenue.

In language learning, understanding vocabulary is pivotal to success. Luckily for us, when it comes to vocabulary, the 80-20 rule far exceeds the amount of vocabulary we need to speak Spanish. However, by using the spirit of the Pareto Principle, we came up with the 99-1 rule.

There are over 100,000 words in Spanish, but we can understand over 90% of the spoken language by knowing the most common 1,000 words. Yes, you read this correctly. Knowing less than 1% of the language will allow us to understand 90% of the conversations. Therefore, we designed the course using our 99-1 rule, focusing on just these 1,000 words allowing us no wasted steps in speaking Spanish.

Most people can actively learn for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, retention becomes increasingly difficult. Other programs, using the misguided maxim of “more is better,” errantly ask for much more of your time. This outdated mindset is counterproductive to achieving our goal of teaching you Spanish in the most efficient manner possible. This is why every lesson in Pareto’s Way is around 20 minutes. You will be able to focus for the entirety of the lesson and your retention will be maximized.

This theory, backed by 70 years of research, has a particularly strong correlation with successful language learning. It does so by taking advantage of the Spacing Effect, or the practice showing that we learn material more effectively by spreading out our study sessions as opposed to cramming everything into one or a few sessions. The words and concepts are introduced, and then constantly reintroduced at increasing intervals with a focus on more difficult material.

Have you ever tried to teach a foreigner English? If yes, you know how difficult it can be teaching someone a subject that came naturally to you. This is why it can be advantageous to learn from a non-native speaker. They’ve been in your position and have an advantage explaining the more difficult concepts. However, there are also many benefits in being taught by a native speaker. Their pronunciation, conversational skills, and mastery of the language provide a more authentic experience.

At Pareto’s Way, we believe both types of teachers can effectively teach you Spanish. However, instead of choosing between one or the other, we decided to use both teachers – a native speaker and a non-native speaker. This way, the course you receive is uniquely tailored to address problematic areas for native English speakers while providing the authenticity lacking in other courses.

A constant criticism we saw in the feedback we received is that many people didn’t enjoy the rigidity of a class schedule, or they didn’t like having to stare at a screen – computer, tablet, or phone. We listened and we made our course audio based for maximum flexibility. The entire course can easily be placed on a smartphone or mp3 player allowing you to learn in a variety of settings and at any time of the day.

Additionally, you will receive two course books covering all of our material. These can be reviewed at any time to reinforce the material. You will receive two exams covering both volumes, and their corresponding comprehensive answer guides.

Pareto’s Way Spanish Plus is a comprehensive course designed by utilizing best practices in 1) language learning acquisition and 2) learning processes to teach you Spanish in the most efficient manner possible. The course is immediately delivered by download allowing for you to immediately begin the wonderful journey of learning Spanish. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes ensuring you’re able to focus on the material and learn the language. This audio course also allows for learning in a variety of settings not binding you to a computer. Additionally, the corresponding course books, exams, and answer guides will reinforce the material learned from audio portion.

You will receive either an immediate digital download.

– Volumes 1 and 2;
– 30 Audio Lessons approximately 20 minutes each;
– 2 Course Books;
– 2 Comprehensive Exams and Corresponding Answer Guides;

Pareto’s Way Spanish I is our beginners course designed to teach you Spanish in the most efficient manner possible. This course was created by utilizing best practices in 1) language learning acquisition and 2) learning processes. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes allowing you to focus on the material and enjoy the beautiful journey of learning Spanish.

You will receive a digital download including:

– Volume 1;
– 15 Lessons approximately 20 minutes each;
– 1 Course Book;
– 1 Comprehensive Exams and Corresponding Answer Guide.

Pareto’s Way Spanish Volume II is our course for those who are more experienced in Spanish. This course was created by utilizing best practices in 1) language learning acquisition and 2) learning processes. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes allowing you to focus on the material and enjoy the beautiful journey of learning Spanish.

You will receive a digital download including:

– Volume 2;
– 15 Lessons approximately 20 minutes each;
– 1 Course Book;
– 1 Comprehensive Exam and Corresponding Answer Guide.

Terms of Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Thanks to Pareto’s Way, I was able to quickly get up to speed in order to communicate with my Spanish speaking patients in South Florida.

With Pareto’s Way Spanish Preferred course, I learned how to speak in 30 days; just in time for our honeymoon to South America.

With Pareto’s Way, I was able to quickly learn Spanish on my daily commute to work.

This Site: Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian Renaissance man who, in 1906, observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. Later on, while gardening, he observed that 20% of his pea-pods yielded 80% of his harvested crop. He published these findings, and, eventually, this 80/20 theory would bear his name – “Pareto Principle.”

This means that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. I’ve provided some additional examples below to further clarify the “Pareto Principle”:

And so forth. Is the “Pareto Principle” infallible? Of course not. However, my goal here isn’t to advocate for this theory from an academic standpoint, but as a way to highlight how to efficiently use your time.

Too many people, myself included, waste so much time on actions that don’t improve your bottom line. And when I say ‘bottom line,’ I’m not only referring to your business, but any goals you may have. Do you want to fit in those old jeans? Do you want to finally learn Mandarin after years of trying? Do you want to increase the amount of time you spend with your family and friends? Together, we can learn some tools to maximize your time and increase your chance of achieving these goals.

Me: Efficiency maniac; perpetual student; attorney; sports fan with an emphasis on South Florida teams and my beloved Gators; terrible amateur chef; tv show junkie; and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

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Review of Membership Options | MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG

Review of Membership Options | MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG

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Review of Membership Options | MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG

Product Name: Membership Options | MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG

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The MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL is world-renowned for good reason. Yet did you know that we can offer you even more dog expertise, and straight from the Top Dog Experts in the world? Indeed, the following extras make site login very worthwhile. Plus, you help this site to survive. Simply choose your desired site membership level here:

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My New Puppy Diary is the only multimedia and live puppy diary, and it’s PACKED with everything a puppy owner needs to know to avoid all the puppy and adult dog problems later that other dog owners are struggling with every day!

Our Dog Expert Interviews with Expert Reviews give you the key insights of the world’s TOP Dog Experts, so that YOU won’t make all the mistakes that make other dog owners frustrated and poor from paying out needlessly to the wrong vets and trainers! Only with Tim Carter’s Expert Reviews you can get the combined wisdom of all the experts Tim has ever spoken with – not only the hand-picked four that made it into this series. Nothing else can come close to getting this combined dog expertise to stop your daily dog problems NOW, and at such a tiny price.

As if the above were not enough (it is), with every product you further get: Membership login credentials for full Periodical views even without social shareAll scheduled Periodicals – not limited to those for free Periodical subscribersAnd Surprise Membership Extras!

ENJOY your dog, life is precious.

P.S.: Some membership levels even include My New Puppy Diary as free extra benefit, so they would be the wisest choice.

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Q: Do I have to get paid add-ons, or can I continue to get the Periodical for free?
A: You can remain a genuine freebie-seeker, no problem (on many sites I just look at the free things too). Similar to everywhere else, you will then be limited to what is determined to be free (only that here, it seems, already the free stuff is MUCH more than elsewhere). Hence, start free, and see if you like it, like more, or like it quicker?

Q: You say to get access to all Periodicals requires paid membership. Which Periodicals do free subscribers not get?
A: I can’t answer that now, we will have to decide that on a whim. No seriously: If you’ve been a free subscriber for years, you will have noticed that the Periodicals become progressively more “demanding” (like it should be: starting easy, and learning ever more; I do too). Thus, what I consider to be part of essential basic dog owner skill everyone shall get for free (note that what I consider essential basic stuff, other sites don’t even have for you if you wanted to pay them). And what I feel may only interest true dog lovers, why give that to the masses who are not, or who have no time for it anyway?

Q: Is the Interview Series the only paid add-on I can choose?
A: Noyes. No if you consider that there is actually much more selectable with this Interview Series (to see it, go through the options). Yes if you meant “Can I choose an add-on without getting the interviews?” Then this is currently the only (=first) offer to choose from. IF I can finance it, I will create more products though. The concepts for them I have already in my head, no worries. The technical abilities the site finally has now too.

Q: What do you mean with technical abilities? I am not very technical.
A: Right. That’s why the site needs to be all the more advanced. Example: With interview audios (and this will apply to videos too), not everyone can download the HUGE files that multimedia entails. Thus we have a surprise for you in this regard too (so fast and so flexible that our new site almost calls for a video product too)…

Q: Why do you have these upsells in there?
A: There is no way to put all the content for all seven products on one page (the Interview Series are 7 products). And, being a critical consumer myself, I can say it’s nice for a change(!) to see all choices before I even click the buy button. I wish more sites had it like that! Don’t you?

Q: What means only members can log in, but subscribers not?
A: The Periodical subscribe page very clearly lays out what the free Periodical subscription includes. There’s nowhere mentioned that Periodical subscribers have to “log in” or that they can “log in”. Thus it always strikes me with surprise when I see complaints “I can’t log in!”. My answer: If you can’t read the subscribe page, you can’t read the Periodicals (they are more demanding), thus don’t subscribe at all, anywhere.
Another reason is that it’s the freebie seekers who leave SPAM. And we do not accept ANY SPAM on the inside of our site. For the benefit of our site members!

Q: What SPAM?
A: There is little more annoying on other sites than the vast amount of SPAM. I am sure our site members will agree: We don’t want that on MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG. If you’ve been a free Periodical subscriber for years, have you ever felt disturbed by SPAM comments here? No. – Why not? Because we maintain one of the strictest anti-spam concepts. Although preventing SPAM is almost impossible to achieve when you allow every runaway free site visitor to leave comments – as we do on most pages – it seems we have achieved a pretty spam-free oasis.
The other reason is fairness: Paying site members should get what they paid for (they don’t pay for SPAM!), while freebie seekers are happy with anything, including SPAM.

Q: When I log in, will I still have the social share box timeout and “subscribe” popup?
A: No. In case you still see it, leave a comment below and someone will check why.

Q: The site still looks the same, has anything changed at all, or are you making it all up?
A: My educated guess is: About half of the site has internally changed, if not more. What you mean are optical things. MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG has never put much effort in “beauty contest eligibility”, I give you that. We should get a more modern look & feel in 2014, yes! Maybe soon. It’s always a question of funding. I focus more on quality content, rather than beauty. Maybe because I don’t look as good as Cesar Millan.

Q: Will the site become as much multimedia as Doggy Dan’s site?
A: Nope. I don’t think I could ever build sth like Dan’s video training site, given that just one video takes me as long as an entire Periodical (which is, between 3 to 12 days). In the past, almost everything here was text-based (easier for me, I could type in my bed). But as you will notice once you log in, the new site now allows for fast and flexible multimedia content, the Interview Series gives a sneak peek of that. So, over the years site members will definitely benefit from much more multimedia here. If you’ve consciously studied the Periodicals in Year Two, you know what products I am likely to develop (if I can), sth that starts with B, then T, and sth that starts with F (and ends with D).

Q: On the Interview Series offer pages it says, non-paying members will no longer get answers to their questions. Are you serious?
A: We will not have non-paying members, only free subscribers and paying members. We (you and I, and everyone interested) cannot move the site forward, improve it, offer more information and more help etc if I waste my days with answering the same questions of everyone who finally found MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG! I understand that they can’t know that I have answered their question already long ago (because they can’t use “Search”), thus I expect that they understand that I won’t answer it again. Doesn’t make sense, my lifetime is limited. So yes, I am serious, regardless how “harsh” it may seem since you were used to get all my time for free(!), with today’s size of the site that idea is a dead-end road!
Some may complain, but then they shall unsubscribe from the free Periodicals as well, huh?
The plan though is, I’d like to create some form of “intelligent” Q&A system when I find the time. If it’s “intelligent” enough, it will send the inquirer to the right page, Periodical, book, audio, or video. But that system isn’t ready yet, I haven’t even started. No time.
EDIT: Meanwhile that’s up, see our unique Dog Solution Decision Tree! Starts here

Q: I noticed that the emails now say “Support Staff”. Why’s that?
A: The email account is now shared and outsourced. Meaning, cheap online contractors from developing countries will help out. The email account is not confidential, you can no longer expect that I, and only I, will see your email (likely I won’t, but others will). I shouldn’t need to reply to any of the “support” emails: Upon free Periodical subscription everyone confirms where to post questions – namely on the site on a relevant page. So, stick to that, for the benefit of everyone, yourself included. Then the “Fetch” button will bring up the most relevant pages for you (and for everyone).
For more, pl see “spam prevention” above. I hate to wade through SPAM, whether emailed or on-site, to locate a genuine dog lover’s genuine concern. It makes me feel so cheap, so useless. Almost like the spammer himself must feel. Cheap online contractors don’t mind (of course they do, they are all human too! – but they get paid for it, I don’t).

Q: Why can’t you say who is in the Interview Series?! Maybe I don’t like them.
A: I’ve written on the Interview Series offer pages why, pl see there.

Q: What happens if I cancel? And can I refund?
A: No, this is a totalitarian regime, and we will get you naked!
Ha, seriously now: Sure you can cancel or refund, anytime if you want, what a question! Clickbank is the guarantor for 60 days, in case you don’t trust me or our site (but then I wouldn’t like to see you becoming a site member anyway, to make that clear). So, you are welcome to cancel the Interview Series (and we may too). If you refund it means Clickbank will pay your quarterly site support back to you (every penny of it, they are honest too).
Just note that, obviously, when you cancel you lose the Interviews and Membership credentials (doh!), but it just means you won’t get more interviews (and add-ons if booked). While if you refund, you ask for the past to change, and messing with history can be problematic as we know from Startrek. Here: Our Post Office “Mailchimp” will in that case totally UNsubscribe you (“delete you”), meaning you won’t get more Periodicals either. Ouch!

Q: Can I not just re-subscribe then, to get the free Periodicals?
A: Sure you can, and you will then get those Periodicals that are determined to be free at that time. Just remember that you’ll then receive the Periodicals programmatically as when you signed up the first time. Thus, you’ll start with the very first Periodical again. There is no other way to handle it, because upon a refund Mailchimp deletes all your data.

Q: I entered my dog’s details into the GSD research database. Now I am wondering, when I become a site member, will my dog’s details sync with my earlier input?
A: The process works like this:

It’s just quarterly, Sara. Pl see on the offer pages, all correct there.

I can’t follow how you make up that figure and timeframe?
HERE we don’t do monthly, payment is only QUARTERLY. It’s all very clear here.

I would like to cancel my subscription but don’t quite know how. Would you please advise?

Rulian, to cancel your free Periodical subscription just click the link in any of the emails you receive from Mailchimp.
To cancel site membership just log in and straight on “My Dog’s Hub” it says where to click to cancel (namely the Clickbank button).

Looks like a great plan! Something for everyone. You may not look like Cesar (having never seen you I cant argue), but methinks that you know more, and care more about the dogs themselves. Your methods never hurt, or confuse, or intimidate in order to work. My dog is happy,happy,happy! And so am I! Finding this site was absolutely the best thing that has happened to me and my dog. A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU TIM!

Thanks Maureen. Btw, you see me (small) everytime you open a Periodical. But once I have time I’ll place a GSD instead. Ian Dunbar said sth interesting about fame

Hi Tim! I’m so glad to see that you have everything up and can’t wait to see what my adult membership gets me I hope I can eventually upgrade but for now my finances will only allow me to stick to this one. I also wanted to say congratulations on finding an answer to your problems and I hope that everything works out well for you. I know I am so grateful for your advice and information that you have given me. Vincent is sooo much more well behaved and seems happier now that I have been following your advice. Vincent, Roxy, and I thank you so much!

Thanks Kandice, you are welcome!

I received the “Site update and free book” email and although I love the periodicals I receive and save them all to refer back to but I have never really understood your site. As I said I do receive the periodicals in my email but when I go to your site “” and try to sign in at the membership login with my email address it says my email address is not registered. I had gone through the registration with all of my GSD info and my emails always have my dogs name so I assume the registration went through (it has been this way since about January). When I click on register to be a member it takes me to this options page which I have tried clicking on everything but sadly give up because after all I like and already receive emails.

Kari, sorry but I don’t understand what you’re talking about: eg “I have tried clicking on everything”, “and try to sign in at the membership login with my email address it says my email address is not registered”, etc.
Either you’re making fun of me, or I’m just not getting it.
THIS VERY PAGE where you wrote that shows clearly your “Membership Options”, which at the moment is this:

There is ONE link to click to see and decide if you’d like to have the Interview Series with my one-of-a-kind Reviews. And then the same link again in:Try it out. Be amazed. Or money back. – But you can keep the dog.

You have clicked neither of them, or you would KNOW how to become a member &*^%&%

At the moment, you are a free Periodical subscriber. You subscribed here to it, and it most clearly says so. Thus, you CANNOT login.
Only paying MEMBERS can log in. It clearly says so, no? What else could I possibly do?

This is the long-discussed(!) and “agreed-upon” way forward: No one needs to “donate”, instead everyone can get VALUE for money if they want it. Pure freebie-seekers don’t want it, and that’s okay with me. That’s why those who pay a little bit get tremendous extra value.
Anyone with a bit of life experience knows that many things in life are free, and some things cost money. No different here.

Edit: Oh, and re/ “I love the periodicals I receive” – great, could you start posting your comments under each of them then? Thanks a lot.

I signed up awhile back and I think it sent the membership to an old email that I don’t use anymore. If that could be corrected so I can use the membership that would be great!

It’s the old address and

It’s the one I currently use

Yes Rachel, I see that CB send a message that the first address signed up (you must have purchased using the old address), but I never saw you registering on the site. I am pretty sure that you can simply register on the site with any email you want anyway. If there’s a problem, let me know. I suggest that you urgently listen to the first interview, for the benefit of Rogue Crow.
But for CB, you better inform them of your change, or you’ll never receive their payment notifications.
I also checked Mailchimp, and there you used your new email, so Periodical emails you should be getting just fine.

(I deleted your email adresses in your comment, or you’d get spammed like we here)

Great site! I intend to become a member as soon as I can.

We won’t be here anymore “when you can”

can I get a contact number please?
Thanks Bob

Bob pl link thru here how to book contact details for Tim (expert dog)
Pl post on relevant page, or if suggestions pl send email, see full explanation in every email, thanks

I am so happy to have found you! I have a 3 month old puppy. I got her in Peru, so her name is Inka! I already bought you puppy 101 books (used the links). I see I am doing 2 things wrong already, her food and her bed. I am eager to learn as much as possible.

Thank you and have a fantastic 2015!

You too Patricia, all the best for you two

I signed yesterday. Very in structional. I like it and hope to get the ggerman shepherd soon.

Fine, welcome Oreste! If you expect to get a new GSD, the first Interview and Review indeed will be critical preparation. I can’t even imagine how new GSD owners can get on without that. I am sure the Interviews and Reviews will help you enormously. If you have any question or problem pre- or post getting a GSD, just let me know and I’ll try to help as best I can.

My New Puppy Diary, accessable through your “My Dog’s Hub” page, will be particularly interesting in case you get a puppy.

I am confused by your answer to Margaret, Social Worker, NC. It is now 2015. The cost per-quarter is the same as when you answered her. If I sign up, will I be paying extra for the video content? (I am picking up my new GSD, Kara, the first of May, once she’s reached 8 weeks.)

Thanks for unconfusing me.

I am confused what you mean with “Margaret, Social Worker, NC” – Tim is not available: puppy is hospitalised! understandable, no time now. No price has increased, no, Tim doesn’t do such thing, the early-bird privileges are gone, no-one now would be “early-bird”, women bear a child in 9 months lol. What the interview series includes say these pages, I have access and I am thrilled what I learned (dog owner too), totally worth every dollar yes. I can also access his new puppy diary, I am sure you can too, he is very generous always. More I don’t know, sorry, I hope this ‘unconfused’ you.

Sorry, I am now more confused than ever. What in the world does bearing a child have to do with anything? Perhaps when his dog is better and he can respond he can make sense of this for me. Until then, I probably should just read the periodicals, to which I am subscribed.

What in the world does bearing a child have to do with anything?
Is that a serious question? Okay. It has to do with evrything. You would not even exist if not. lol
It usually takes 9 months. Early-bird site members got invited 9 months ago. Now no early-bird. That is all I said. Simple, in my opinion.

LOVE my new book on puppy development. Worth every penny!!!!! Where do I find advice for managing the relationship with our older pet (8 year old Italian greyhound-Delilah) I assumed it would work like it did when we introduced Delilah as a puppy to our previous German Shepherd mix when he was 7. I now realize I didn’t properly estimate the rate of growth for our new puppy-Samson (German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix) At 12 weeks old he is already bigger than Delilah and very jealous/possessive. Samson is responding well to all training, but he just doesn’t know when enough is enough with her. The techniques I have learned from the book I received today are already making a difference, but I need more guidance on that specifically, please. If you have the time I would so appreciate it. Just point me in the right direction:)

Hi Stephanie, just help me to understand your problem, I am confused because you mix up book feedback with dog-dog problem. So you have two dogs or what? Older Greyhound and GSD/Blue Heeler puppy? And GSD/Blue Heeler puppy is too rough with Greyhound? Can’t read her body language? Is it that?

You don’t need to become a supporting site member, I always help PDG book owners, just pl in future post any problem straight on a page where it fits the content, so that others can find it too.
The book feedback kindly post as review where you bought it, is that okay?

Sad to say that I lost my Anna Schoen Fraulein 3 months ago. Happy to say that I got a new German Shepherd puppy, Greta Schotzi Schoen. HELP!!!
She has all the bad habits that my Anna did not have. Digging large holes in my yard, obsessed with eating mud and chewing rocks and flowers. Even the mud and plants in my house. Yikes! Please tell me where to start. I definitely understand that it’s i that needs the training not puppy.
She is very social with other dogs that’s about it much as I can say. Have looked into several puppy classes but read that you disagree with that. Please enlighten me. For now that’s all I have time to write . Have had Greta in a crate for a few weeks then hoping she would be okay gave her freedom of having two rooms in the house, kitchen and bathroom. She chewed up my kitchen rug and got my mail off of a chair and chewed up. So I’m back to Crate keeping while at work. We walk at least once a day for an hour. Totally trust your advice. I´m solely a German Shepherd dog lover!
Thank you I look forward to hearing from you and any books or knowledge you can give me,

How sad about Anna! How great you’re happy with Greta! (apart from the few issues)
Digging into problems challenges that I don’t have a full picture of is not my style as that leads to all that inadequate “advice” found online, you see?

Could you please give the details needed, see here, then I’ll try to dig in!

“I definitely understand that it’s i that needs the training not puppy.” – Puppy, aha! Yep, then WE need the training, indeed. To train the puppy right. And more. If you go through here you’ll get a very clear picture what needs to be done. Isn’t that a great decision tree?

I paid for access to the puppy diaries earlier this month which is easy to access for me now.
However I have only recieved 2 periodical emails even though I subscribed to them earlier in December.
I thought I read they were weekly?
Does paying for puppy diaries remove periodical emails?
Or are they more random in arrival than I thought?
Do not want to miss a thing!

Huh, then they landed in your spam folder of your email service provider, Michelle. The Periodicals are of course not withheld, lol, they come every week and are more punctual than the subway, airplane, bus etc.* In fact the New Puppy Diary links to many Periodicals outright, so that you can “jump ahead” as much as you like.

* More precise, the Periodicals only start not coming punctually every week from the time when I was hospitalized (about 7 months later if I remember correctly). In year two they come every two weeks (they are more difficult to prepare), in year three only every month or so, lol. I always wanted to reorganize the send schedule, but haven’t because thousands of subscribers would be totally upset “getting the same twice”, “being left out getting some”, etc… (it’s hard to explain)

Anyway, please check your spam folder, and make sure you replied to that very first email from that reads sth like “Reply to this email or your service provider may be putting all emails in your spam folder”: When you replied to that, they put our email address in your “contacts” list or sth.

I replied to the email.
There is nothing in my “junk” folder older than a week.
I will try getting on my laptop to figure out my email settings to keep “junk” longer.
So frustrating. Too busy reading your books to notice earlier lol

“There is nothing in my “junk” folder older than a week.” Hmm, another idea, did you subscribe with different emails? Just asking because some people did, and didn’t remember, and so didn’t look at their other email account they subscribed with.

I thought I just look, and uups!, I see you accidentally hit one of the three UNsubscribe links we have in every email:
“This person unsubscribed on Dec 30, 2016 2:50 am
After receiving “Day3_Top Toys” Reason: Unspecified”

Before you ask, I cannot resubscribe you, no. But the good point is: You won’t get anything double other than the very first Periodical on criteria etc for toys, because that’s the only one you got. Would you mind doing that Michelle? Any problem, let me know, thanks again.

(in case Mailchimp don’t let you resubscribe with the same email(?) please choose another)

Fumble fingers me or sneaky fingers of my kids trying to get out of my email to play
Never mind.
Resubscribing now

Excellent site for the worlds greatest dogs !

Your Name

Your Email

Jonathan: “Thank you for your period advice. It is excellent! My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly.”
Dwayne: “I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!”
Penny: “Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it’s nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.”

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Review of LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!

Review of LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!

Review of LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!

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Review of LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!

Product Name: LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!

Click here to get LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!:

There is no age barrier to learning at LearnArabic.Com. Whether you are three or ninety-three, you are welcome and can start learning straight away.

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LearnArabic.Com | Learn Arabic Online The Quick & Smart Way!

Review of GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling

Review of GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling

Review of GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling

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Review of GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling

Product Name: GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling

Click here to get GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling:

Love to grill? Have a passion for the irresistible, mouth-watering, iconic American burger? Then the GrillJunkie™ Burger-a-Day Cookbook is for you! This unique cookbook, chock-filled with succulent recipes, essential tips and techniques and a delicious history of the hamburger, is focused specifically on the outdoor grilling addict …. a GrillJunkie! And especially those who love hamburgers!

You Will Be Given Secure Access Within 5 Minutes of Purchase

We know who you are. You are among the many weekend warriors obsessed with, addicted to, and consumed by thoughts of your next outdoor grilling quest to cook up a new recipe, use that new gadget, perfect that new technique, or simply fire up the grill and unwind a bit.

Whether you are in the privacy of your own backyard, at a pre- or post-game tailgate, homecoming, at the dorm, or at a family or seasonal celebration, there are sure to be three important items on the menu; your love of grilling, something delicious to be grilled, and a gathering of friends and family.

And there is nothing more satisfying to prepare, grill, stack, serve and enjoy than the unparalleled, iconic American burger!

Our unique collection of grilled beef, bison, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and veggie burgers will please both the grilling addict who enjoys the thrill of grilling and the family and friends that will gather to enjoy the results!

Make a Perfect Burger Everytime!

“A great burger cookbook! So well written. We love the history of grilling, the tips and techniques and the unique recipes. One of our favorites is the 3-Cheese Holy Cow Cheeseburger.”

Gabrielle Amabile –Georgia

“Superb burger cookbook! Above the fray from those boring and pretentious grilling books. What a fun, comprehensive yet easy to read cookbook focused specifically on grilling and burgers. A great combination. Great recipes, great pictures, great instructions. The history of the burger was so interesting. Who knew? And those side dish recipes and grilled desserts are incredible!”

Brad Larkin – Connecticut

“This clearly has to be one of the best burger cookbooks that I own. Informative, well-written and an excellent resource to explore my passion for grilling and burger addiction.”

Allan Rakos – California

You Will Be Given Secure Access Within 5 Minutes of Purchase

Downloadable Documents in pdf form

Disclaimer: ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Just purchased two copies of the book (one for my neighbor). It is much more than I expected. Love the names given to some of the burgers (The Drunken “Sophisticate” Burger) – nothing like a burger with some Brandy, Cognac and Red Wine! Some of your recipes are ingenious – nothing I have seen before. I have all year (and then some) to go through all of them. Love that you also included healthy recipes (Turkey, Fish, Chicken, Bison, & Veggie Burgers), along with great side dishes. The recipes are very easy to read (large print) and follow – we like simplicity in our house (kids aren’t usually patient). You guys have a winner here with the GrillJunkie “Burger-A-Day” Cook Book. We Love your brand!

Thanks Grill365 for your feedback on our grilling cookbook! Fire up those grills and burgers!

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GrillJunkie eCookbook – ClickBank | GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling

Review of Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems

Review of Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems

Review of Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems

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Review of Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems

Product Name: Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems

Click here to get Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems:

Dear Soon-to-be-Spanish Speaker,

Would you like to speak Spanish that could impress a native speaker? Want the words to freely flow from your tongue instead of sounding like a slowed down, broken record because you’re constantly grasping for the correct grammar in your head?

Enough! The “traditional” way of teaching Spanish doesn’t work for most people – especially if you’re not in grade school or college anymore.

Even if you’ve tried to learn a language before and failed, now you can learn “real-world” Spanish quickly and easily. I am a language teacher and after years of using methods that just don’t cut it, I have finally developed a course, Synergy Spanish, that really works for the rest of us. (If you want to know my motivation, read the “about me” in the side panel.)

And here’s the best part: all you need to do is learn 138 words – more about this later. It will work for you if:

My name is Marcus Santamaria. That’s me in the picture to the left. After getting married and moving to a Spanish speaking country I found myself all at sea. I couldn’t speak any Spanish! I couldn’t mix with the locals or my new family and friends.

I also had another motivation…

As an English teacher, I absolutely needed to learn the language so that I didn’t feel like a fraud! I mean, how could I possibly teach English as a second language when I didn’t even know one myself?

My shame drove me to search endlessly for a better way of learning and teaching. Believe me, learning Spanish was not easy for me…I struggled! Eventually I discovered what I had suspected all along: the problem was not me, but the methods I was using.

Once I discovered what’s really important for communication, (you’ll be amazed at how much of what is normally taught actually gets in the way of communication) and how to best use the mind for rapid learning, I became fluent in Spanish and very successful at teaching, too!

I am now a very successful language teacher – one of the most respected and highest paid in Latin America. But the main reason I have a lot to offer you as a Spanish teacher is simply this: I have been where you are now. If you have ever had a tough time learning a language, Synergy Spanish can help – and I’m here for you, too!

It’s crazy. So many people who want to speak Spanish end up not being able to speak at all. Yet, I have used my knowledge of languages to develop a simple formula that virtually assures your success.

All you need to do is learn just 138 words. Then, I’ll show you how to use them so effectively that native Spanish speakers will be amazed at how easily you express yourself in their language.

Yes, I know it sounds incredible, maybe even too good to be true (just look at all of the unsolicited testimonials on this page to see that it works). Yet, when you experience the power of using patterns to multiply Spanish, you’ll know for sure that speaking Spanish is easily within your reach.

Once you’ve tried this approach you’ll wonder, “why haven’t I been shown this before?”

When you know the formula, it’s a piece of cake to make thousands of Spanish phrases from that small list of just 138 words.

The secret lies in a simple method of combining Spanish words. A method that is very straightforward. In fact, with just a little effort you can go through the entire system in as little as 12 hours…

You know, travel is so much more enriching when you have enough confidence in your Spanish to get away from the tourist traps. Instead of some plastic, made-for-the-masses, fake experience, you can soak up the vitality of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, as you interact and move freely among the locals.

Your new ability in Spanish is your passport to go where the tourists don’t go. It’s your ticket to having real conversations in Spanish for the very first time.

Native Spanish speakers really appreciate your efforts to speak in their language. When people realize that you are not the typical ugly foreigner expecting “them” to speak English, you will be amazed how warmly you are treated.

If you work with Spanish speakers, or live in a Spanish-speaking country, then this course is even more important for you than it is for travelers. It has opened many doors for many people to connect with native Spanish speakers. It has even been responsible for at least one marriage.

“First of all I want to say thank you for creating Synergy Spanish. It has been a tremendous learning experience for me. You make the whole thing so easy.

I am getting married next week to the love of my life. My fiancée is Mexican and doesn’t speak English. If it hadn’t been for your course giving me the ability to understand and speak conversational Spanish fast, I probably would not have been able to meet my future wife.”

Kyle Crawford – San Felipe Marina Resort, Mexico

It is always great to hear when people use my course to interact in the real world. Not everyone finds the love of their life like Kyle did, his story is in the box just to the left; however there are many interesting ways my students use their newfound ability in Spanish.

Bill told me about his “off the tourist path, home-hosted visit to Chiapas, Mexico.” Jaime said that her new ability to communicate with the parents of her students who only speak Spanish.

Jan said she can now communicate with the Spaniards in Orihuela Costa, where she plans to spend her retirement. Steve and Mai have also moved to Spain. They wrote to tell me that they now have a new confidence to talk to people in their adopted country.

There are many more stories. In fact, I get letters everyday from people who are delighted to be communicating in Spanish for the first time. Here are some comments from some of my students.

“Synergy Spanish was absolutely excellent. It was easy to follow and the learning just flowed naturally. My Mexican friends are more than impressed with my progress in a little over a month!”

“In a few words, Synergy Spanish is excellent. I like very much the CDs of this program because it is so easy to practice and learn Spanish”

-Edmund R. Donoghue,
Chicago, Illinois

“I would like to say thanks for writing the course “Synergy Spanish”. I learned a lot of Spanish from your course; more than all my past classes.”

My wife and I belong to Friendship Force International, which is an organization that sponsors home hosting. Late last year our club arranged to visit two clubs in Chiapas, Mexico (Tuxtla-Gutierrez and Comitan).

I thought that since Chiapas is so far south and off the tourist paths that I would enjoy the experience more if I knew a little Spanish when we stayed in our host’s homes. I went to the Internet and searched for courses. Yours caught my eye and I ordered your Synergy Spanish with the 14 Cd’s. I started my studies right after the first of the year, and we left for Chiapas March 12th.

Muchisimas Gracias!! I was able to communicate with our first family that spoke very little English. The Chiapas area is wonderful!! The people are great, the food was delicious, the drinks flowed freely, the music and dancing went on as long as you could stand. Those two weeks were the best vacation I can remember taking!

I could go on for several pages about our experience but it was due in large part to being able to communicate in Spanish. I am 69 years old, and if I can do it, anyone should be able to experience the thrill of speaking another language.

I particularly want to thank Elena for her work on the Cd’s. Her slow pace and clear pronuciation of every word made learning that much more achievable.

Keep up the good work and I will be ordering new courses as they become available.

Bill Worthley
Fort Worth, TX

Hola! I have over the last 3 years attended 3 night school classes to learn this beautiful language. After which I still couldn’t string a sentence together. I am amazed at how simple you have made this and I can now communicate with the Spanish folk in the town in Orihuela Costa where I am planning to spend my retirement.

Jan Woodhouse Middlesex, UK

Dear Sr. Santamaria, I am just on the third CD of Synergy Spanish, but it’s made an enormous difference in my ability to communicate to the parents of my students, many of whom don’t speak English. Your teaching methods are extraordinarily effective, and I’ve tried many of them.

Con respeto,Jamie Roberts Philadelphia, PA

I have been very pleased with the progress I’ve made using Synergy Spanish. We are English ex-pats who moved to Spain, and have been trying to learn the language, seriously, for 4 years. However, in our 60’s learning a new language has been daunting. But we are making real progress now, thanks to your course.

Thanks for Synergy Spanish which really is making a big difference to our confidence in talking to people in our adopted country.

Regards,Steve and Mair HarperSpain

Thank you so much for creating this program. My husband and I are adopting five children from Guatemala and really needed a quick way to learn Spanish. Your lessons have been a godsend!

Other programs we have tried just haven’t clicked. Your method runs circles around all the others we have attempted! Thanks again. Ahora, puedo hablar con mi cinco nuevos ninos! Gracias por ayudarnos! (now, I can speak with my five new children. Thanks for helping us!)Renee and Scott DeanGeorgia, USA

Most courses teach you grammar in chunks. You learn adverbs and qualifiers today, the subjunctive tomorrow, the progressive the day after that. Most of the time, you’re just confused.

You never make free-flowing sentences, and if you do manage to speak at all, it feels unnatural and stilted.

Not only is this antiquated method of teaching grueling for the
students, but it’s horrible for the teachers as well. You’d be amazed how many teachers hate grammar-based methods. Yet, they have to teach it, because it is part of the curriculum.

If it did work, millions of people would speak Spanish as a second language. Yet, very few people are able to use their classroom Spanish to communicate.

In fact, if you have tried to learn Spanish already and failed, it’s not your fault. The fault lies in the ineffective methods that you have been exposed to.

You see, studies show that these grammar-based methods of teaching language fail 95% of the time. Notice, I didn’t say, “95% of people fail to learn Spanish”.

You didn’t fail, the method failed.

The reason you can’t yet communicate in Spanish has nothing to do with memorizing another verb tense and all its conjugations, learning the subjunctive, the Spanish verb to be, or any of that grammar stuff. None of that will make a scrap of difference in your ability to communicate.

If you are a beginner, learning more grammar may even make your communication worse. You see, with too much analysis of grammar you become hesitant when you speak. Your mind focuses on rules instead of flowing along with the conversation.

Fortunately, there is an easier way.

You may be wondering, “but I already know a lot more that 138 Spanish words and I can’t communicate para nada (at all)”. Again, it’s not your fault. The fault lies in the methods you have been taught.

Spanish words are usually taught in lists. The lists are based on a theme. This is a really easy and fast way to build a Spanish course. But it is next to useless for communicating.

If I created my courses this way, it would take me a few days instead of the best part of a year to make a course. I guess those courses make sense for the publisher’s business interests, however, as a way for you to connect with people in Spanish…

Let me explain why it doesn’t work and what you can do about it. Here’s what usually happens with word lists. First day you learn words related to a theme e.g. animals. So you learn the Spanish words for goat, pig, donkey, horse, saddle, bridle, tiger, lion, zoo, etc.

Next day’s theme is furniture: bed, sofa, table, chair, armchair, cupboard, toy box etc. If you learn 10 words a day then after three days 10+10+10 = 30 words

Now you know 30 words. That’s better than 3 days ago, but can you go out and communicate in the Spanish world?

What would you say? Dog cat armchair or pig saddle sofa?

“On the other hand, when you multiply Spanish 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 phrase combinations you can use at will to express yourself. The result is the difference between dog pig monkey vs. me gustaría verla esta noche (I would like to see her tonight.)”

By using combinations, you speak in real Spanish sentences in next to no time.

In fact, the example sentence is from lesson 3 of Synergy Spanish. You easily make sentences like this and many more by lesson 3. Best of all, you can finish lessons 1-3 in just a few hours.

This is the most powerful secret for your successful communication in Spanish.

Instead of learning thematic words-lists that make you sound like a cave man, you discover patterns that multiply Spanish. Then the words flow naturally into Spanish phrases you can use any time you want.

You learn to talk about yourself. You feel your confidence soar as Spanish starts rolling off your tongue in clear sentences. After completing the 8 user-friendly lessons you are ready to advance to the conversational part of the course.

This is the dialog building part of the course, where you multiply your conversation skills. Now the fun really begins. After all, your reason for learning Spanish is to interact with people isn’t it?
This section gets you expressing even more than you ever thought you could. Best of all, it happens in a far shorter time than you ever imagined possible. Although you are not yet even half way through the course, I’ll bet you are itching to get out there and try your new Spanish speaking skills.

Plus, I show you how to utilize sentence starters and sentence builders, so your Spanish really starts flowing very freely.

Are you going to travel with your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, children or friends? Then section 3 has extra appeal for you. Even when you’re not traveling or you travel alone, this section gives you extra Spanish speaking skills to use everyday.

You talk about what you are doing as a group. Again, it’s easy. You just add another layer. And while you practice talking about your group, you learn more Brick and Mortar words. With every addition you speak on a wider range of topics. Yet, even though you are using a lot more Spanish, it’s always easy for you to speak freely and comfortably.

You’ll extend your conversational ability to speak to groups of people. This is for talking to in-laws, workers, students etc. With the command you now have of the language, it’s easy to talk to them all as a group.
You are becoming very accomplished in your ability to communicate in Spanish. However, I must
emphasize again, there is no confusion. It’s still straightforward. It’s as easy-to-follow as the first step, even though now your skill is much more advanced.

It’s time to bring it all home. You round out your narration skills. Talk about your kids, wife, countrymen, work mates, anyone you want, in free-flowing sentences.
When you finish you realize that you have never had to suffer through mind-numbing conjugations, yet you are speaking in perfectly conjugated Spanish sentences. Without studying direct and indirect object
pronouns, you are using them in almost every sentence.

All the confusion has been eliminated. The grammatical labels are stripped away and unnecessary because you have taken command of your communication in Spanish. You have a very comfortable and natural feel for the Spanish language.

Gives you everything you need to master the foundation of your Spanish speaking success, the Synergy Verbs and Brick and Mortar words. You learn the secrets to speaking freely and expressively as you discover how to combine Spanish words into fluent sentences.

In this fast start guide you also learn…

Have you ever listened to a language audio/video and felt totally lost? So many courses have long dialogs or situations with Spanish spoken very fast right from the first lesson. Somehow you are expected to magically learn Spanish by listening to something you can’t understand.

The audio/video lessons in Synergy Spanish are designed to actively involve you in your learning. They build up in steps, so you never feel lost. You gradually use more words, in more patterns. It’s always enjoyable and stimulating as you express more with each lesson.

In fact, some of my students describe it as, “so much fun it’s addictive”. (In a healthy and enjoyable way, of course.) They even feel a little sad when they finish the course as they miss their lessons.

Sure sounds better than being bored or confused, doesn’t it?

If you have tried other audio/video systems and have been at a complete loss, take heart, this will be a very different experience. Instead of boredom, confusion and frustration you’ll…

Synergy Spanish is a very easy course to get through, and for the most part your learning will seem effortless. But what happens if you do get stuck on some part of the course?

In most Spanish courses that’s where you would stop and never get to speak Spanish. Not so with Synergy Spanish, I am going to make sure you experience the thrill of speaking Spanish for the first time.

I am not some big inhuman corporation to “love you and leave you”. I won’t take your money and run.

I am one guy with a passion for Spanish and a gift for teaching. I am your Spanish communication coach. Should you hit a roadblock, I am here to help you, just send me an email. Use it as a lifeline. I’ll get you through, so you achieve your goal of speaking Spanish.

Frankly, most people never need to use this feature. The audio/video and fast-start action guides are so easy to follow you’ll find learning to speak a very smooth process. Nonetheless, isn’t it good to know you are not on your own and that help is available if you need it?

So why not take action to bring Spanish into your life right now? I am so confident you will enjoy wonderful success with this language, just like my other students that you read about, I am going to offer you the most secure guarantee you could ever wish for.

Use Synergy Spanish for a full 60 days, interact with the lessons, then go and talk to your
Spanish-speaking amigos. If they are not amazed at your new ability to communicate, if you are not thrilled with your new confidence with Spanish, or if you are not 100% delighted with how easy communicating in Spanish has become, I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

How much time have you already put into trying to learn Spanish? How much money have you invested? How disappointed have you felt about not being able to speak Spanish?

Take this journey with me and I won’t waste your time. I’ll get you started quickly and succeeding with Spanish you can use right away.

Plus, I won’t teach you classroom theory that nobody speaks anymore. I show you how to start speaking real world Spanish within minutes of starting your first lesson. I learned my Spanish by living it and that’s exactly what I will pass on to you, Spanish for you to use in the real world today.

If you have ever wanted to speak Spanish, you can join the thousands of successful students that I have already taught using this
incredibly simple method. There is nothing standing in your way, all you have to do is click below now:

What’s the difference between the instant download access and the home delivery version?

The download version gives you access to our member’s site where you can access and download all 68 Synergy Spanish audio or video lessons plus the step-by-step action guide. You can play the audio on your computer, or if you prefer to learn away from your computer you can burn them to CD or transfer them to a portable device like an MP3 player or iPod. (This is a really great way to learn. I finally got an iPod; they’re fantastic.) That way, you can learn Spanish while you drive, walk or just in any comfortable place that you enjoy.

The home delivery version gives you access to the online member’s area plus it includes the audio on CD. Just pop it into your player and you’re good to go. Learn Spanish wherever you use your CD player, It’s a great way to turn downtime, like driving or doing chores, into super effective time. Like one of my students said “I don’t even notice the traffic in Los Angeles while driving home” and another student in Scotland learns on his bus ride home. So, while the rest of the world is listening to mindless drivel on the radio or just zoning out, why not gain new skills and start communicating in Spanish?

“Your whole approach to learning in your “Synergy Spanish” programme exemplifies par excellence what is at the very cutting edge of successful teaching and learning.”

-Michael (Dr. Michael Patrick Collins) – United Kingdom

“After 1 1/2 year of studying I didn’t understand much. I was not able to make sentences of my own. But now I can! I never knew it was so easy!”

-Torunn B. Hansen – Norway

“Excellent course–well worth the modest price! Your course is well-thought-out, student-friendly, and it offered everything your advertisement stated! Me encanta!”

– John Weismiller – Arizona, USA

Copyright 2010-2017 © Marcus Santamaria

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In just a few days you’ll be on your way to speaking Spanish the way YOU want to speak it.

But most importantly, you’ll stop “learning” Spanish… and start SPEAKING it in real, authentic and flowing sentences.

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Synergy Spanish – Synergy Spanish Systems