Review of 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book

Review of 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book

Review of 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book

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Review of 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book

Product Name: 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book

Click here to get 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of 9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book:

Work Smart not Hard, Proven Methods to Make Bank….!!!

In a nutshell Get the book and implement the methods I have mentioned, let me put some Cherry on top as you are secure with money back guarantee! Why? I don’t want you to lose a penny but I am 100% sure you won’t..!. 

Our book is available in PDF format which can be easily opened up in Acrobat Reader.

 How the product will be delivered:

After making the successful payment, you will reach our thank you page where the instant download link is available. Just click that link to start the download

Be in complete control, don’t have regrets. Try our proven methods and ENJOY freedom.


Copyright © [2018]. All Rights Reserved.

Designed by EasyOnMe, Inc..

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9 Best Ways To Earn Money-CB Dollar Book

Review of Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service

Review of Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service

Review of Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service

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Review of Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service

Product Name: Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service

Click here to get Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service:

Loading, Please Wait…

Tell us what to do and we’ll do everything technical for you including these:

You choose the templates, tell us when to send them, and also provide the messages.

You give it a task and it does it.

For example, you can tell it, “Send this message (subject, body, offers, images included) on Tuesday morning to all my lists and put a deadline timer for Saturday midnight on the sales page XYZ. Use one my favorite email templates”. Our system would create an email, add a timer to the sales page, and send a message to the customer to review it.

There’s only one catch: Our genie takes around 3-12 hours and does not respond instantly.

You’ll love to know how we implemented such advanced software.

We’re world’s first to marry “email marketing and automation software” with done-for-you.

We combined the software with the remote worker model.

To ensure you get great service, we hire, train and certify remote workers who do the tasks for you using our software.

We take full 100% responsibility of the quality of the work (If the customer is unhappy with a task, the same person will re-do it free. If he/she is still unhappy, another person will do the task again from scratch — that too free).

We offer a huge selection of pre-built templates for many niches.

We offer a huge selection of pre-built templates for many niches.

The Home page shows the summary for 30 days. Please note it shows sales (very few email software has this feature) as well as opens and clicks.
In addition it shows the results of A/B split testing of sending a broadcast message (again it shows sales, opens, clicks, etc).

The Subscribers page has menus on the left side for finding subscribers based on number of times a subscriber has opened, clicked or ordered.
For example, you can get the list of subscribers that clicked a link in email “at least 3 times in 30 days”.

We set up your email marketing in the proper way, send emails newsletters regularly, and set up A/B split tests to find the winners. That is why you’ll get more leads, more sales and more profits.

Because small business owners are so busy, the technical aspects of email marketing are a real hassle. It is frustrating because it takes so much time to learn all the ins and outs and then send newsletters regularly.

When you let us handle your email marketing, you simply eliminate all the hassles associated with the technical aspects.

Because you delegate all technical work to us, you save time.

Our experts do the technical part for a living and are well trained, so we take less time.

But, if you were to learn and do all this work by yourself, you’ll likely take 2 to 4 times as long.
You’ll save hours that you can better use for growing your business and enjoying your time with family and friends.

You have to learn and do everything including designing beautiful templates,
setting up autoresponder and opt-in forms, sending newsletters and emails per schedule, and analyzing results.

We do all the technical work:

Opt-in forms are used to build your mailing lists.

If you have not already purchased hosting, then you can use our free hosting for your landing pages with opt-in forms.

But if you already have your website, an opt-in form is placed on it so visitors can enter their email address and subscribe to your list or newsletter.
The visitor is then sent email messages with information, education, offers and sales. That is why people say, “Money is in the list.”

Email broadcasts are sent to subscribers at the same time and can be used for time-sensitive information and also to promote a sale, announce a new product, or send a newsletter.

They are a sequence of follow-up emails that are automatically sent to each subscriber. For example, a welcome message goes out immediately on signup. The next one can be set up to go out one day later, another 2 days later, and so on.

Every single subscriber gets the same series of messages, whether 100 or 1000 subscribers join each day. Not a single email is missed.

That is what makes the autoresponder the single most important feature of email marketing.

Warning: Watch out for email service providers who don’t provide the advanced feature of “Workflow Automation”, and simply call the “Autoresponder” by the name of “Automation” just to confuse potential customers.

A/B testing (also called split-testing) is the easiest and fastest way to increase profits. Every advanced marketer uses A/B testing.

Any 2 ideas are compared to find out which one gives more sales or profits.

Segmentation means your subscribers are divided into various groups based on their interests, purchase history, and actions in response to your emails, postcards, etc. For example, tags can be “dog” for dog owners, “hot” for people who order twice in 3 weeks, etc. This data, along with the sales and clicks/opens, custom fields, etc., offers tremendous flexibility and the power to send more personalized and relevant emails/offers.

Workflow automation changes what messages are sent, based on whether a subscriber buys something, clicks a link, or opens an email in response to your message.

Includes free hosting – so you don’t have to spend on hosting.

Product launch pages show 4 videos at the top which become available in timed sequence. Of these 4 videos, 3 videos teach something, and the 4th video offers your product or service.

Squeeze pages include opt-in forms and are used to build your mailing lists. Many pre-built templates are available.

Sales pages includes payment buttons, and are used get sales. Many pre-built templates are available.

All features including A/B testing, segmentation and workflow automation, email broadcasts
and autoresponders, drag-and-drop builders for emails and webpages, open/click tracking, Dollar-Focused reports/analytics, etc.

They don’t provide Done-for-You service and so you are responsible for setting up everything, learning all the details, and sending newsletters.
Some, like InfusionSoft, require you to pay extra for guidance in sending 3 broadcast newsletters.

Here is how much they charge per month for the best plan with 5,000 subscribers (Pricing as of 01/22/2018).

15 to 20 years back, when InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Aweber, and many others started,
they had to buy expensive hardware, software and expensive Internet bandwidth.
And, accordingly, either their software became limited in features provided
or they had to charge high prices.

But now, Amazon Cloud provides computing and database inexpensively as needed on a monthly basis.
Further software development technologies are better today than they were 2 decades back.

All we did was use the modern technologies and focus to provide a Done-for-You service
with important features that generate more leads, more sales, and more profits that can be tracked and measured.

In addition to providing the software with all the features, we’ll do these tasks every month:

We’ll also do everything required for the initial custom setup tailored specifically to your business. If you already have an email system setup elsewhere, we’ll also import your existing subscribers, opt-in forms and autoresponder messages.
If you would like the custom setup and import of data, please contact us after you sign up, so we’ll get you the details.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

You will generate more leads, sales, and profits. If not, you can cancel in 60 days of purchase for a full refund of the most recent payment.

Because our experts will properly set up your email marketing, regularly send emails, and do A/B split testing (to find out which of two pages, prices or headline generates more profits),
we are confident your leads, sales, and profits will increase.

It is that simple and risk-free to try.

Just enter email and name and click “Continue …”

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Email Marketing and Automation Software with Done-For-You Service

Review of Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

Review of Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

Review of Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

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Review of Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

Product Name: Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

Click here to get Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells:


“STOP: Imagine Your Bank Account Wiped Clean, Your Credit Cards Frozen, And Facing Jail Time Because YOU Missed This One Single Piece Of VITAL Information…”

This is just the beginning of what could happen if you ignore this warning. Read every word of this article as I reveal never before released information that will instantly put you out of danger of where you stand right now… GUARANTEED.

Date: March 7, 2012
RE: “Your Money At Risk”
From The E-Desk of: Daniel Sells

How many times a week do you check on your money? Once, twice, maybe five times a week?

How about today? Have you checked on it yet? You might want to, and as a matter of fact, I’ll wait here while you do.

But make sure you come back because if you check your account and you’re lucky enough to see your money still there, tomorrow it won’t be – if you don’t take this letter seriously.

Here’s why:

A customer says you didn’t deliver your product to them, a product you sell online. 

He doesn’t contact you about it and instead contacts his Credit Card company reporting your refusal to give him a full refund.
True or not, as far as the credit card company is concerned, your buyer’s complaint is valid and they will start an investigation.
And believe or not, based on that sole accusation alone, you’re in the wrong and that’s when it happens:

There’s A Hold On Your Bank AccountAnd You Can’t Do Anything About it

You see, a one sided system takes your customer’s word for it and won’t even offer you a chance to offer your side of the story.

They’ll decide how much of your money to hold and for how long or, in some cases, whether to give it back at all.

Thousands Of Internet Marketers Find Themselves In This Exact Position Every Year

The sad part is – lopsided consumer protection laws render most internet marketers helpless in this situation.  You’re completely sidelined. 

Can you imagine being forced to watch as your business, once climbing the ladder to millionaire row, suddenly crash and burn?

Let me ask you this:
Have you ever had a customer send you an email asking for his money back?

If you answered yes, than you need to be prepared for what I’m gonna share with you next.

It only takes just one customer, one bad apple to flatten in a matter of minutes what’s taken you years to build – your business.
It’s very real, in fact, I know this all too well. 

Let me take a second to introduce myself. I’m Daniel Sells and for 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of Internet Marketers find ways to bullet proof their online businesses ten times stronger than military Kevlar.

This includes showing you how to:

Once you know the steps to take, it doesn’t take much effort to cement yourself in a position of power. 
The best part? You’ll get started in as little as 1 hour.

Introducing… “Digital Products Done Right”

[I’m done reading, let me in NOW.]

Digital Products Done Right is a quick 47 minute video that is jammed packed with the greatest secrets of the trade, setting you up with everything you need from toe to head in less than 1 hour!

I’m not talking about rehashed garbage all the “guru’s” force down your throat either. 

What “They” Don’t tell You Is Exactly What You NEED To Know…

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:   How And Why A Profitable Online Business Can Be Shut Down By PayPal – And how you’re going to outsmart these bastards before they have a chance.

 How To Effectively Create Your Products To Be Money Sucking Cash Cows – This secret alone can triple your purchase today.

 The Absolute Best Way To Handle Refund Requests From Unhappy Consumers – It’s not what you’re thinking. The secret will astonish you.

 The Only Foolproof Method To Prove Your Product Was Delivered And Received (and why failing to use this method could cost you everything in a matter of seconds)

 How A Simple Technique Used Immediately After An Order Is Placed Can Erase Shipping Complaints From Your Customers’ Minds – This method is so childsplay you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about it sooner!

 What Shipping Companies Like Fedex and UPS Aren’t Telling You — and how you’re gonna be able to ship your products for FREE.

 Extremely Dangerous And Merchant Unfriendly Areas Of The World You Should Never Ship To – This information alone pays for itself.

 Why You Should Have Both Digital And Physical Products – And how easy it is for you to set up both in no time.

 How To Keep Your Customers Happy And How To Increase Back End Sales – It’s so simple and scalable you’ll kick yourself in the head for not using these tactics before.

Obviously, you can see that Digital Products Done Right clearly provides the knowledge and tools you need to protect your business at any level.

Here’s the bottom line, if you want to protect your business, family and bank account then you must order your risk-free copy of Digital Products Done Right. 

There’s tons more, but if you’re ready to go then let’s cut to the chase. 

I know you’re going to love “Digital Products Done Right” so much that I’m gonna back up that promise with a total satisfaction guarantee…

“Digital Products Done Right”

Just Click The Button Below To get instant access to the video people are saying completely saved their online business.

See you on the other side,

P.P.S.  Just imagine, minutes from now you’ll learn exactly what to do to not only SAVE your online business, but skyrocket your profits dramatically – all in less than 1 hour.   

Also remember, because of my Ironclad, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you’ll get everything risk free.  That’s right.  Absolutely no risk to you at all.  If you don’t like the product for ANY reason simply ask for your money back and it’s just that simple. 

If you don’t absolutely love it you shouldn’t pay for it.  Don’t let procrastination cause you to crash and burn. 
[Order right now to start making your digital products better.]

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget – it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran to Internet Marketing.
The methods you’ll discover are so dead simple, you’ll literally be armed with the strongest tools in Internet Marketing history in less than 1 hour.

Look, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re somehow not affected. You are. Everyone with an online business is.

So what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to risk with my 100% Ironclad Guarantee. In just a few minutes, you will have peace of mind and security.
Yes! I Want Instant Access To Digital Products Done Right

Questions? Send a email to: [ ma r k e t i n g m e m b e r s @ g m a i l . c o m ]

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Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

Review of CB

Review of CB

Review of CB

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Review of CB

Product Name: CB

Click here to get CB at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of CB:

Marketer’s Edge Private Newsletter…

You know how so much about internet marketing is theory,right?

Wispy ideas that are cobbled together just so another product can be launched to make the seller some quick cash?

Vague ideas that might bring in a few dollars then stop working?

And they’re just the ones that have actually been tried out, because most are pure theory.

They’re next to useless and a waste of your energy and time.

I have something different…

In my Private Newsletter I’ll share Strategies that WORK.

We’re talking actual case studies of how actual people earn actual money (figures included) with their online businesses.

(Sometimes offline businesses using online techniques too)

You’ll learn more from my Private Newsletter than buying WSO after WSO or following strategies that ‘might’ work.

There’s no theory in my Private Newsletter – all the strategies are proven to work and can be replicated with a little work.

Now, not all these methods and strategies will be perfect for you but if just ONE is it could change your life.

Or alternatively you could use them to build up a series of mini income streams that are interesting and fun to operate.

Truth be told the methods you’ll read about month after month are some of the most interesting and least known that you’ll ever come across

You can’t find this information anywhere else I promise you. In fact you might be quite shocked at some of the things that I share with you inside The Marketer’s Edge Newsletter. We’re not going to be like so many of the gurus out there trying to sell you as much of their garbage as possible before you find out the truth (can I really say garbage? I guess so – let’s call a spade a shovel, shall we!)

Or the average person who found a way to earn a five figure recurring income from doing something so simple that no one else thought to try it.

Seriously – in my Private Newsletter you’re going to come across information that will make you think differently about your online business and what is possible just working from home.

Sure you’ll have to put some work in but when you see the results other people just like yourself are having I think you’ll agree that’s a small price to pay.

You’re also going to find tons of first class training and downloads included in the member’s area to help you to deliver traffic, subscribers and customers to your business.

If you want to join me on what I think is going to be a
roller-coaster journey CLICK BELOW

ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registeredtrademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. EntertainmentAve., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim,statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

© Copyright 2018 Marketer’ · All Rights Reserved

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Review of The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping

Review of The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping

Review of The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping

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Review of The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping

Product Name: The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping

Click here to get The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping:

Posted by Richard Martineau on March 04, 2018

The drорshipping business hаѕ bесоmе more аnd more рорulаr. Thе рrоfitѕ thаt you will be аblе tо еаrn frоm this drор ѕhiррing buѕinеѕѕ mаkе it lооk vеrу attractive to many people. Sinсе it iѕ ѕоmе trend today, thеn it iѕ аbоut timе thаt wе knоw whаt drор ѕhiррing iѕ аll аbоut. If you are a bеginnеr in thiѕ field, уоu might wаnt tо know thе basics if in саѕе уоu plan to ѕtаrt a dropshipping buѕinеѕѕ.

A ѕmаll or inѕuffiсiеnt budget ѕhоuldn’t bе a hindrаnсе, there аrе many possible wауѕ you саn still dо business, likе in a drор ѕhiррing buѕinеѕѕ. Drор ѕhiррing allows аnу реrѕоn tо sell рrоduсtѕ online without nееding ѕtоrе room for those рrоduсtѕ. Sinсе уоu dо nоt invest much, thiѕ business hаѕ a vеrу low-risk fасtоr. Drор ѕhiррing gives аnуоnе the сhаnсе tо start a buѕinеѕѕ, no matter of your budgеt. Let’s check out the Flowchart below…

Still confused?! Well lets nutshell it shall we. Someone has a product, You create a store to sell that product. With me so far?! Ok when someone buy’s from your store (with a markup of course) you turn around using there money pay for the item from the shipper for lower rate. Then they ship it directly to the buyer. You keep the profits.

With years of experience I have compiled together a 20 page ebook that explains in detail the intricacies of what is dropshipping and what you need to know. 

This E Book I have poured everything I have learned on what dropshipping is what website or platform you decide to use to get there is up to you. Don’t you owe it to yourself to start living a free and better life. Quit your job take that vacation. Find out how now!

1: – For every this I said above automated and easy to have running your own website in 24 hours. Market your brand and win!!

2: : Build your own add the apps oberlo or modalyst or print on demand services all automate your store and allow you to generate money without trying. Remember Market your Brand and win! Two week free trial right now!

3: Everything you need to fully customize and market a website, but not as automated for newbies mostly for people with some web design experience. Easy to use but different when it comes to dropshipping. Great for actual store looking to grow its brand. Definitely worth a look.

Good luck in growing your own brand in Dropshipping. Don’t walk away from this! You will kick yourself when you see how easy it is once it starts it doesn’t stop. Residual income for life. 

Similar ways to make money:  Just a side note

1: Direct Cellars – They will build you a website as well immediately start expanding your team and wine sales of this breakthrough company and have money ” pouring ” in.

2: Computta: This one I do at the same time. You run this software it mines bitcoin on your pc. Beautiful part is if your friends sign up. You get part of their profits to. More sign ups more money so. Market and WIn!

Twitter Valet: This one you have to get for ten dollars a month they will skyrocket your number of peeps on twitter. Allowing you a huge marketing crowd in which to grow your brand. Do not miss out. You have to Market to WIn!

  If you have any issues you can reach us at or sign up though website to receive emails from us and contact us there.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Please note, comments must be approved before they are published

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The Hidden Gem – Droppshipping

Review of Email Success by Design  » Email Marketing Masterclass 2

Review of Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2

Review of Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2

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Review of Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2

Product Name: Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2

Click here to get Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2 at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2:

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Email Success by Design » Email Marketing Masterclass 2

Review of Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep

Review of Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep

Review of Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep

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Review of Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep

Product Name: Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep

Click here to get Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep:

It is really is possible for YOU to make money online while you sleep.

It is YOUR choice and is defined by what YOU choose to do, the decisions YOU make and the knowledge YOU acquire.

However – getting the right knowledge will make it MUCH MUCH easier for you.

The wealthy know 1 simple principle that makes a significant difference to the balance of their bank account. This simple principle is the key to YOU making lots of money easier and has been around for centuries.

So what is the secret of those that are wealthy?

Rich people know what they are doing and want to keep it a secret. Combine this secret with the internet  – and BOOM! You have a powerful way to make money online consistently.

The internet has given everyone the opportunity to make money individually and it comes down to their personal abilities and knowledge.

You can make money online from anywhere where you can get an internet connection and thousands of people are doing this every day.

However – a lot of them simply have a job online.

Others have used the internet to access millions of people and apply the one simple principle the wealthy to make money easier and more of it.

The only thing YOU need is – KNOWLEDGE

Working 9 to 5 will ensure you are making money for your boss. Let’s face it – if you are working for your boss, you are making money for him. He loves it ! You come to work and work hard to line his pockets with cash.

Can I ask  – Why do you do it?

Why do you go to work daily and earn money for every minute you work? When you stop working what happens?

That’s exactly right – You stop earning. It is as simple as that.

Get off the treadmill and start thinking differently and acting differently. It is the only way you are going to make a difference in your own life and finally start making money while you sleep.

Maybe you have had enough of the workplace politics and petty arguments?

Do you know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and find your email Inbox full of emails that say:

In fact, it is a great feeling because you have just slept through the night, had a great sleep and woken to find out that you have actually made cash.

And the truth is you can do it too.

If you want fast cash, then you better go and play the lotto.

Both you and I know exactly what your chances are of winning the lotto – VERY SLIM.

However, this online money making method is for those who are;

– prepared to put some effort in,

– actually recognize that making income online does not come with out some effort,

– prepared to learn some new skills to make cash online,

– are ready to change their life over the medium to long term.

FORGET IT – this isn’t for you.

Let’s face it – making money through any method takes effort.

“If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is”

You want answers – answers that will ACTUALLY make you money. Not any old money – but;

– Money where you put effort in upfront and then it keeps coming in over and over again.

I will show you how to Make Income Online.

Want to know what works and what does not?

I will show you how I make income while I sleep.

I guarantee that if you do not make money using the method I show, I will refund your money 100%. I have to.

I have to give you a refund if you are not happy.

Not sure if it is for you? Find out NOW. If you buy and get nothing out of this then, I will refund your money 100%.

However – if you buy and get something out of it, then take action and start making money online. Don’t expect to make money if you don’t have knowledge.

Knowledge is key to YOU moving forward.We offer a FULL 100% Money Back Guarantee

This product is a downloadable PDF eBook that outlines steps to take to make money online. We deliver information to you that assists you in creating your own controllable income through the internet.

We show you what to do to set up your online presence and what works well to achieve an income online.

You will learn how to set up your own website, the best platform to do this and the best way to do this. You will also learn what is the best type of product to sell online.

This product uses effective traffic driving techniques such as correct website creation and implementation to drive traffic organically to your website. Results are varied depending on your skill level, however this product identifies what works and effort vs. rewards for achieving sales online.

To get the most out of this product, you require basic skills such as implementation of software through your own host provider through a system such as CPanel. Additional skills such as writing and creation of images will be beneficial.

Search Engine Optimization techniques are discussed in this product amongst other things. There are limited other costs when using our techniques to make money online. They are hosting costs with a provider of your choice. But you are not forced to use them and can make money online without any additional costs.

Click on the Order Button below. This will direct you through CLICKBANK where you can enter your details and pay.

You will then be directed to a download page where you can download the PDF.

This product is downloadable PDF eBook.

If you have problems with the transaction or download – you can contact us and we will assist.

HURRY – Act Now ! Buy Now before the price rises – because chances are it will…

The price for this information could rise at anytime. We reserve the right to increase the price and should you hesitate we cannot refund any differences.

Instant Access – 24 Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week – 365 Days A Year

I guarantee that if you apply my techniques YOU WILL make income online.

Don’t hesitate any longer. The longer you wait – the longer it will take to get your income flowing.

P.S. Are you making any money yet? Is it a decent amount or just pennies? Get the answers you need to start making your effort worth it.

P.S.S. Bottom line is this. If you keep going to work expecting that your life will get better and you will make more money by doing the same thing over and over again – you are kidding yourself.

You will continue to get the results that you’re getting, which I know for a fact are HORRIBLE!

If you want to FINALLY see some success, then you MUST find out how to make income online. Take action today and start making money.

How will my information be used?Your information will not be used whatsoever without your permission. Your email address will not be sold or spammed.

Will I get on a spam list?No. We may add you to our newsletter list – however you can ‘opt out’ at any time. You will not be spammed. We use Mail Chimp for our electronic updates.

Will I be the victim of identity theft?No – CLICKBANK provide a 100% secure system to perform the transaction.

Will the purchase arrive undamaged and on time?Yes – As soon as you have paid for your purchase, you will receive a download link via email. Please remember to also check your ‘Junk Email’ as if you have not received your link immediately, the email could be in your ‘Junk Email Inbox’.

Should you not receive the download link – please contact us immediately and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note, the time zone of your country may effect our response time, however we will respond as soon as we can. Our business is located in Australia.

AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time.

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Make Easy Money While You Sleep | Make Easy Money While You Sleep

Review of Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator

Review of Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator

Review of Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator

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Review of Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator

Product Name: Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator

Click here to get Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator:

From: Henry ZengDate:

Dear Internet Marketer,Would you like to MULTIPLY your web traffic… and your CLICKS & CONVERSIONS?If you want more targeted visitors to your website but think it’s too difficult, time consuming, or expensive, you’re not alone.
In fact, nearly 70% of the Internet Marketers we surveyed said that generating Web Traffic is their #1 challenge.

And it makes good sense why. Without visitors to view your offers and promotions, no matter how valuable they are, you make NO SALES. And no sales = no business.

This tool is unlike anything you’ve seen or used before. And it was designed specifically to help you
and other marketers who want more traffic but are fed up with the lame tools and tactics being pushed out there.

If you act fast, you can lock in your Gold Lifetime Membership
absolutely FREE! (You’ll also get unannounced bonuses, too!)

You can earn a boatload of traffic and advertising without changing what you already do! All you do is use Auto Traffic Magnet links instead of original website or affiliate links and the rest is automatic!

If you act fast, you can lock in your Gold Lifetime Membership
absolutely FREE! (You’ll also get unannounced bonuses, too!)

You see the importance and power of making referrals–your traffic and advertising will grow
exponentially. One way to refer others is to use your affiliate link and the stacked Promo Tools area inside. But there’s a
sweet “supercharged” way to refer others too…Every time your Auto Traffic Magnet link gets clicked, visitors see a small graphic that says “Powered
by Auto Traffic Magnet. Click Here to Get It For Yourself, FREE!” When visitors click it they see the Auto Traffic Magnet
homepage through YOUR AFFILIATE LINK!

So just by USING Auto Traffic Magnet — even if you don’t actively promote it, you will
make referrals! Every visitor who sees your Auto Traffic Magnet link can join free, and they become YOUR REFERRAL!

If you act fast, you can lock in your Gold Lifetime Membership
absolutely FREE! (You’ll also get unannounced bonuses, too!)

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission.

ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Auto Traffic Magnet – Free Targeted Web Traffic Generator

Review of The Upsell Equation System

Review of The Upsell Equation System

Review of The Upsell Equation System

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Review of The Upsell Equation System

Product Name: The Upsell Equation System

Click here to get The Upsell Equation System at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Upsell Equation System:

G’day! My name’s CJ Parker from Australia and I want to share with you a weird little “mind trick” I recently stumbled upon. A trick that can turn almost every single one of your buyers into premium, high dollar value customers. Now it’s probably going to seem a little weird (and considering how unique and ‘left-field’ it is, it might even be a little shocking) but stick with me.

FACT: There’s no quicker or more effective method for increasing your customer value, increasing your revenue, and drastically increasing your online profits than by UPSELLING.

Definition: up·sell verb ‘up’sel : to try to persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item before check out

But no surprises there, right? I’m sure you already know how much potential upselling has for your online profits.

The problem is: Regular upselling techniques – no matter whether it’s Offline Marketing or Online Marketing – are getting tired, unresponsive, and in many cases just plain manipulative (and even unethical).

Unfortunately, the most common upsell techniques available to us today are not only converting poorly, but they’re also doing more to insult our prospect’s intelligence than close a sale…

I’m talking about things like…

– Those endless loops of One Time Offer pages
– Forced continuity
– Fake webpage scripts that try and “scare” people into hitting the order button (but only end up making you look like a douchebag)

– or even withholding the full
product until you upgrade to a 10x more expensive option…!

…and any other tired old marketing gimmicks

Maybe they used to work but these days they’re just cheap ploys and deceptive shenanigans… It’s not real marketing; it’s simply trying to fool your customers into giving you more money.

But if you’ve resorted to using these ploys, or at least considered using them, I’m not trying to make you feel bad here…

It’s not your fault – it’s just the way
we’ve been
taught to market all along

Have you ever felt frustrated that even though you’ve got a valuable, high quality info product to sell, nobody seems willing to pay extra for it?

…have you ever wondered how the big time marketers seem to be able to create their “high-end” upgrade offers so easily?

…do you want to break through the info product selling barrier and move into the IM “Upper Class”, but worry you’re running out of time?

…and are you getting sick to death of seeing those lame, deceptive little marketing gimmicks? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions… then you’re a lot like me.

That’s because until recently, I was suffering from ALL of these common Marketing problems.

You see, I had a dream of becoming a successful internet marketer and info product seller. But to say my first attempt(s) was a failure is a BIG understatement…

I knew I had a good product, but I couldn’t even get people clicking the order button for my basic offer. The whole idea of selling my prospects even more expensive product offers seemed a world away.

I read every forum, blog post about copywriting, conversion… desperately trying to find something that could help. And pretty soon I realised something that totally freaked me out: That even the most serious, big-time marketers don’t earn a cent of profit on their basic offers.

So pretty soon it became crystal clear that upselling is where the true profit is.

So I bought every eBook, software and program that promised me upselling success. I tried EVERY gimmick to try and convince my prospects to buy more expensive stuff from me before they left. But none of it helped (and in fact a lot of it sent me backwards…). So pretty soon my online selling career was looking like a fish with a PlayStation: Bloody useless!

I knew how critical upselling was to my online marketing success.

And I knew all too well the fact that this “upselling” game was where the gurus were getting their big pay checks from.

But I just couldn’t find the secret to getting people to pay more money for my products.

It really started to feel like the online selling bandwagon was leaving town without me.

And I wasn’t far off giving up on my dream of being an info product seller completely, when I stumbled upon something extraordinary from an extremely unlikely source.

A friend had lent me a business book months earlier and I finally got around to reading it (remember those things? An actual book… with real world expert ideas & knowledge)

It was from this university professor and it was all about how our minds work when we’re buying stuff. It couldn’t have been further away from the world of Internet Marketing I’d had my head stuck in for months… yet it was incredible.

Here was a guy who had NO interest in online marketing, sales pages or conversion tricks… yet was preaching stuff that made him sound like a GOD in comparison to the ‘gurus’ we often look up to for inspiration.

And while the whole book was pure gold, one section about choosing between different offers at different prices REALLY stood out.

As I read, light bulbs started going off like
fireworks in my head

It was this weird little psychological “mind trick” that you could use to get just about anyone to buy your most expensive offer.

The author was talking about stuff like “anchoring”, “decoy offers”, “relativity” and a whole bunch of other psychological voodoo I’d never heard of before.

He even had this one weird little graphic illustration that showed how crazy our brains are when we’re in buying mode. It went a little something like this…

Take a glance at the two black circles below and tell me which is larger. The black circle on the left, or the black circle on the right?

The one on the left is larger, isn’t it?

Look again… they’re identical.

But by anchoring smaller or larger grey circles, the black circles in the middle become relatively different in size. Crazy!

And while I’m not suggesting you surround your product offers with pretty little circles to get customers sending you more money, this does illustrate the POWER of using “relativity” to contrast your offers. So when you add more advanced strategies to the mix, you’ll see how you can apply it to your selling to get amazing results.

Now like I was saying, I was just plain lucky to stumble upon this voodoo “mind trick”, but I knew it could solve my online selling woes.

Only problem: I had no idea how to implement this general theory into an actual sales page.

And it’s not like the dude writing this book was gonna help – he was a university professor, not some cutting edge copywriter. But with the belief this method could be the answer to my problems, I dove in head first and started testing it on my info product.

At first it was a complete disaster. In fact it was so bad I actually DROPPED my overall conversion rate (let alone got to “upsell” anyone).

But like some crazed magician, I didn’t wanna stop until I’d perfected the trick and exhausted every bit of the amazing research on this topic…

Like I said: I SUCKED when I started trying
to sell information products & services

But after implementing these weird little psychological “mind tricks” I was able to INSTANTLY create genuinely valuable upsell offers to put in front of my prospects, then turn around and get almost EVERY last one of my customers to buy my most expensive offer.

Here’s a screenshot showing a twelve (12) hour period from one of my ClickBank accounts:

In the screenshot above you can see the three items that we were selling:

And you can also see that almost EVERY buyer was choosing to upgrade, and almost all of them were taking the “high ticket” item. I did the numbers and worked out that I am now upselling 96.8% of my buyers into more expensive offers. Out of 425 purchases 411 were premium sales (or “upsells”).

And I was doing it all WITHOUT using any of the deceptive (and often unethical) marketing ploys that we’ve been told are “mandatory” if we want to be a success online.

I just got lucky… now it’s YOUR turn

Like I said, I was simply lucky enough to stumble upon this cool little “mind trick”, and even more fortunate to discover a simple yet extremely powerful way it can be directly implemented into ANY info product sales page to nearly-guarantee you upsell your prospects into a “high-end” price point. So after I’d seen the 96.8% conversion… after I’d seen how powerful this method was… I decided to write down the entire method, along with my business parter Tom Elliott, into a step-by-step manual so that others could replicate this sort of success.

Now I don’t want pretend we’re some marketing gods or anything (personally I’d rather go surfing than pay attention to the latest hyped up product launch). But when Tom and I realised this psychological trick was killing traditional upsell methods, while still letting me keep my integrity… we wanted to spread the word.

So we’ve turned this psychological method into a complete system that info product publishers, service providers, and basically anybody “selling” online, can use to get 96.8% upsell conversion rates and boost customer value by up to 15 times.

It’s a unique new system that allows you to instantly create genuinely valuable upsell offers that buyers cannot resist (even if you think you’ve only got one offer to sell right now…).

Quite Simply: You can now increase your upsell conversions, revenue and profit… and keep your integrity at the same time.

We call this system the Upsell Equation and below is just a bit of what’s inside.

This is the exact same system Tom & I personally used to STOP worrying about being left behind by the info product selling bandwagon and start enjoying the kind of Internet Marketing success we knew we deserved. Check out just some of the benefits the Upsell Equation SYSTEM contains:

The ability to smash through the frustration of the Info Marketing “glass ceiling” and start getting the sales figures my quality info products deserved

How to get almost every single one of your buyers (96.8%) taking your upsell offers and paying you more money for your info products

If that’s the sort of thing you’re after, then please just take a minute to check out exactly what’s inside your full Upsell Equation system below…

Component #1: The Upsell Equation “Core Manual”

Your 53 page eBook that explains why this weird upselling “mind trick” is so powerful (as well as how to easily implement it, step-by-step).

● Why traditional conversion methods are actually doing more to harm your selling and online marketing efforts (and how to ensure you avoid them.

● How to INSTANTLY create a “guru level” Upsell product. If you’ve already got a basic product or service you can sell, then you’ve also already got a whole bunch of premium products just waiting to be sold 😉

● The “Magic Circles” Mind Trick and how it can be used to convince your prospects to buy your most expensive upsell offer

● Position your “upsells” so that 96.8% of buyers can’t resist paying for your most expensive offer

● Why every consumer is hard wired to accept this method as soon as they see it. This is psychological magic that’ll probably seem very surprising (you may even learn a thing or two about yourself…)

Component #2: Copy & Paste Templates

Implement the Upsell Equation in an instant by simply filling in the blanks and pasting your own “Equation” into your sales page. This is going to be SO vital.

● The “Copy & Paste Conversion” system that lets you implement a powerful conversion tactic directly into any sales page in minutes.

● How to create the most irresistible order button and insert it into any sales page (we’ll even give you a template for you to copy and paste…)

Component #3: The Anatomy of a 96.8% Swipe File

The most powerful way to use a new strategy is to see it in action (and then just copy, paste and change the basics to suit your own offer… 😉

You will literally get a full tour inside a high-converting sales letter. Uncover not only HOW to achieve 4.5%-8.2% conversions and 96.8% upsell rates, but understand WHY (this is KEY for applying it to your own marketing).

Component #4: 5x “Video Walk-Through” Tutorials

These core Upsell Equation Video Tutorials walk you through every aspect of the system, so you know EXACTLY what, when and how to do it. Some of the eye-openers you’ll get in this 5x video series include:

● How to ethically bribe your prospect to give you more money at the same time as HELPING them achieve their goals faster…

● What a free breakfast in Rome told me about how to influence “fence-sitting” prospects and convert them into high-value clients

● How to play god with the “Voodoo Framework” – the rule that affects every one of your prospects AND their buying decisions

● The “Empathy Insider” trick for instantly gaining authority with your prospect and turning them into a high-end customer

● The 9x “Power Products” you can quickly turn into high end, high priced products to upsell at least 9 out of every 10 buyers

Component #5: Your Exclusive
“Advanced Upselling Secrets” Video Series

Five (5x) brand new, highly advanced video training modules to take your conversions and upsell profits to the “guru level”. Some of the insights you’re going to get inside these videos include:

● The “UE Economist” formula that shows you exactly how to price your info product to maximise profits (use this and you’ll be able to sell products in price ranges 3x- 5x higher than you ever have)

● The most powerful, effective, easiest to use and best of all FREE software for tracking your conversions and optimizing your upsell profits

● Why attracting the smartest (and most cashed up) buyers in your nice is crucial for your long-term Internet Marketing success (plus “how” to do it)

● How to make your product look 400-500% more valuable without touching it (This is true psychological “voodoo” right here… and the best part: it actually gives more value to your buyer at the same time)

● The one subtle change you can make to your sales page that instantly has your upsell offers looking 12x more reasonable (and more affordable) than your competitors

● How to price your offers in a way that ethically bribes your buyers into paying for the most expensive option

● How to talk to your prospects as if they’ve already paid you (and make it irresistible for them to leave without doing so…)

● How to turn one info product (such as an ebook) into 10x upsell offers in less than one hour

● The “Specific Authority” Value Index: Instantly add 425%+ more value to your info products (it takes about one minute to do)

● How to uncover your prospect’s “Success Currency” (plus: the influential impact it can have on your sales figures and upsell conversions)

● What “Dogs & Foxes” have to do with your upsell conversion rates (no kidding)

● How to create reality for your prospect in a way that not only influences them to buy, but also delivers them more value and more satisfaction as well

● The bizarre psychology that makes info product buyers run scared. All you have to do is position yourself on the opposite end of this spectrum and they’ll fall into your arms

● How to stop wasting time talking to “freebie seekers” and start attracting “cashed up” clients

● The simple psychology behind why our basic human desire to “please everyone” is devastating to our info marketing conversions

● How to use scarcity and urgency tricks in your marketing (without sounding like a douchebag)

● How to make your premium, most valuable and most expensive upsell offer seem like the logical (and only) choice for your buyers

● How to track your upsell offers for maximum profit (track the wrong thing and you’ll be going backwards…)

● Getting three times the profit margin from your info marketing (the weird thing is: this helps your customers just as much as it helps your bottom line)

● How (and why) making a product more expensive can boost your conversion rate, your bottom line, as well as the satisfaction and success of your customers – all at the same time (the truth is even stranger than it sounds)

● How to make your buyers feel satisfied with your product BEFORE they’ve even opened it (weird but true)

● How to increase the price of your product AND give greater value to your buyers at the same time (win/win)

● Why GIVING AWAY part of your info product will make buyers pay you more money (the opposite of all logical thinking)

● The “C&C Method” that trains your prospects into paying you more money (this has potential to be used for evil: handle with care 😉

● Scarcity tricks that don’t suck

● Why standard testimonials on your sales pages are often turning off your buyers (and how to fix them)

#1. Core Upsell Equation Manual
#2. Five (5x) “Video Walk-Through” Tutorials
#3. Copy & Paste Templates
#4. The original 96.8% Swipe File
#5. Five (5x) “Advanced Upselling Secrets” Video Series


One of the things that bugs me about the “internet marketing” world is the lack of proof you see on some big fancy sales pitches. Sure, there’s always plenty of hype and buzz… but where’s the evidence showing this actually works? So that’s why I’ve gathered a bit of feedback from early Upsell Equation members (we did a limited release in late September).

We’re showing you these REAL results from REAL members because we think it’s very important to know whether or not a new system works before hitting the order button…

By now you probably have a pretty good idea whether or not you WANT this system, so we’re not going to give you the whole “Used Car Salesman” pitch, but…

Do you NEED the Upsell Equation?

We’re not going to feed you any B.S. and pretend this system will make Ferraris appear in your bedroom overnight. In fact forget any of the “get rich quick” crap: This isn’t the magic bullet to becoming a rockstar millionaire.

Because while the Upsell Equation probably is the key to increasing your online selling to the level it deserves, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. So if you are brand new to the Internet Marketing game or if you have absolutely zero desire to sell your own products or services: Please do NOT buy this.

Or if you are interested in info product selling, but you’re already enjoying crazy upsell conversion rates for your high-ticket items: You can also move along.

But let’s face it: There are several “chronic” problems that us sellers face which do not ever just go away on their own. So please pay special attention to the following list, and if it turns out you’ve experienced any single one of these problems, then this may just be the system for you.

However… if while you’re reading this list you suddenly feel you’ve experienced ALL of these “chronic problems” (that are pretty tough to shake on their own… and we know from personal experience!) then you probably NEED this program immediately.

Are you frustrated with the total number of sales you’re making?

…do you wish you knew HOW to put together high-end packages, but haven’t done it because you thought it was too difficult, or worried that your product wasn’t “high level” enough to justify the premium price points?

…have you been enjoying moderate success as an internet marketer, but feel like there’s a glass ceiling in between you and the serious players out there?

Or do you simply want to know what exactly is this “mind trick” that some rambling surfer guy from Australia is going on about?

Then scroll down immediately and check out how to download your exclusive copy of the Upsell Equation system.

As we were saying.. You don’t need me to force you into clicking the Order button below, if you do need what’s inside the Upsell Equation…

You already know if you need this.

But Before You make your final decision… 
What Makes This Different?

The Upsell Equation system is a unique new method for turning regular buyers into premium, high dollar value customers. It’s different from everything you’ve seen on the topic of upselling…

What The Upsell Equation is NOT:

…NOT some long-winded “theory” that sounds good in practice but hasn’t even been tested by the author, let alone anyone else!

…NOT anything at all to do with “One Time Offers”, “Backend product pitches”, “Sales Funnels” or “False Scarcity” tactics.

…NOT any sort of pop-up, pop-under, fake “salesperson” or any other devious trick (in fact it’s got nothing to do with any kind of software or scripts at all).

…NOT anything to do with fooling prospects into paying more for worthless products (this system shows you how to provide genuine value to buyers, even if you don’t already have premium offers to upsell them into…).

…NOT some “flavour of the month” technique that’ll be totally irrelevant next week. This system is so effective because it’s based on something that’s hardwired into each and every one of us since the day we were born. It’s based on the work of scientific researchers who have seen deep into the way our brains work when we buy.

What The Upsell Equation IS:

…IS a system that works for both Online AND Offline Marketers

…IS suitable for any online marketer that already sells products or services, or at least aspires to be there soon (actually I’ve even had several offline marketers raving about it’s effectiveness).

…IS a method that’ll show you how to create upsell offers even if you’ve only got one product for sale right now (often instantly, while still providing massive value to your customers).

…IS a system that’ll work no matter what price range you’re selling at (and this is so deep rooted in the human mind, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling either).

…IS a unique new system that ethically bribes 96.8% of your buyers into paying for your premium (or “high end”) offers.

…IS a unique new system that out-converts traditional upsell methods WITHOUT resorting to any manipulative or unethical techniques, tacky software scripts, or any of the tired old marketing ploys you’re probably as tired of seeing as we are.

The Upsell Equation IS a unique new system for getting 96.8% of your customers to give you more money than they normally would.

We’re going to give you a full 60 DAYS to try out the Upsell Equation system. And if after 60 days you haven’t earned your investment back between 10x and 100x over, shoot me an email and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Do you want to be able to create premium, irresistible upsell offers in an instant?

Do you want to give your product or service the sales figures and conversion rates it deserves to be getting? You have a clear, simple choice right now.

Grab the Upsell Equation today and start implementing an incredibly simple yet powerful psychological trick for upselling almost up to 96.8% of your customers…

Grab the Upsell Equation today and start implementing an incredibly simple yet powerful psychological trick for upselling almost 100% of your customers. The same trick we stumbled upon that “breaks through” the info product selling barrier to instantly create “guru level” upsell products and offers (…that convert at 96.8%).

And we look forward to seeing you on the inside.

CJ Parker & Thomas Elliott

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential.
Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified
upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t
apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee
that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success
depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with
any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no
guarantee that you will earn any money.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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The Upsell Equation System

Review of Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker

Review of Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker

Review of Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker

Click here for bigger image

Review of Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker

Product Name: Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker

Click here to get Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker:

Now a new technology
based on ancient secret ninja stealth techniques, guard and protect
your affiliate commissions and profits using the…

then you must continue reading now,
because you absolutely cannot afford to not know about the secrets
I’m about to reveal to you.

Hello affiliate!My name is Matt Haslem, and I’m an affiliate
marketer just like you. I’m sending you this message today
because a few years ago I discovered I was falling victim to
some terrible commission and profits stealing problems that
afflict affiliate marketers. …and you’re probably losing more of
your affiliate commissions and profits than you know too.
I’ve been affiliate marketing for a quite a while now, and if
you’re like me, you’ve got web sites, e-mail lists, and advertisements
for products on ClickBank through Adwords. 
You’ve invested a lot of time and money to learn and develop
your affiliate marketing business:

So, whether you’re just beginning to
experience affiliate marketing success, or enjoying great financial
rewards from it, you may be shocked to know that…

…I guarantee you……You’re leaving
the majority of

your commission income
and profits on the table!

That’s right I said the majority of your
commission in income and profits may be lost right now. You
spent a lot of time and money to acquire the knowledge of, invest
in the setup costs of, and execute affiliate marketing plans.
So I know you don’t want to throw away the majority of your
reward for your efforts. After all that’s what we’re in business
for; to earn commissions! Why would I share my secrets with

Frankly, the reason why
I’m sharing this and making this offer to you today is because
there are two things that…

Because I absolutely hate…

· Affiliate commission
· Affiliate marketers not getting the commissions they’re

It’s really true and it drives me mad
crazy that we affiliate marketers are off promoting products,
working our tails off only to have commission thieves come in
and steal what we have worked so hard to get.
It’s also a maddening fact that many of the sales that should
have been credited to us are lost by a potential buyer bypassing
our links and going directly to the sales page of the product

How did I learn the secrets
that I’m sharing with you today?

When I started as an affiliate
marketer I learned early on that there were really only three
things that you needed to be aware of for success in affiliate
marketing; traffic, click through rates, and conversions.
Of those three things it was my belief that the only factor
that I was able to control was traffic generation. So the
majority of my efforts were spent SEO, Adwords, creating review
web sites, doing article submission, and building my e-mail
After I got all of my affiliate marketing systems in place and
I built some pretty healthy traffic to my web sites. I
was doing regular e-mail list promotions and beginning to make
some pretty good money. But little did I know there was
still something holding me back…
The fact of the matter was, my ads weren’t getting clicked enough. And
if they were not getting clicked I was losing commissions.
I was truly excited about this new affiliate marketing success…
but I was clueless to the amount of sales and I was actually
missing out on.

A Google slap leads to
startling(and profitable)

Like many marketers, early on, I was trying everything including
some techniques that would be considered by Google as “Black
Hat.” And like many marketers online, I too feel the heavy
hand of the Google.

In less than one month, I saw my web site
traffic drop dramatically, but incredibly my sales were almost
10 times what they used
to be daily.

The truth of the matter is that being
penalized by Google caused me to focus on the other two thirds
of the affiliate marketing equation that being click through
rates and conversion. I was making several common mistakes
and falling victim to the same problems of many affiliate marketers

Then I found out some income boosting
truths About stolen and lost affiliate commissions…

Each income boosting truth reveals a challenge
that impacts your bottom line, but now there’s a solution that
turns the problems into opportunities to explode your affiliate

Income boosting Truth #1:Ugly links kill click-through rates
and sales

What do I mean by that? Well the actual
affiliate Link URL that you get from the owner of the product
or service to use, is at the heart of the problem. It’s
long, or it’s confusing, its ugly or just plain weird.

Typical Affiliate Links Look Like This:

Why does knowing it’s
an affiliate link kill sales?

Studies have shown that ugly affiliate
links reduce click through rates dramatically for several reasons.

• They’re
unsightly, usually long, and just confusing to normal people. • People don’t want you to get a commission

And as frustrating as it is, when people realize that that’s
an affiliate link, they resent the fact that you’re going to
make a commission when they go to the actual product site.

And so they do what all turned
off potential buyers do…

They don’t do anything
at all or they or go
somewhere else to find what they want,
resulting in lost commissions for you

Some people have asked me:

“Isn’t this offer tricking
buyers, by not letting them know you’re getting a commission?”

…and my answer to that concern is: spot

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage #1Stay completely cloaked and

That’s the beauty of is. The whole
point of this offer is to fly under the radar as an affiliate
and stay completely hidden. 
If they know you’re getting money, it’ll kill sales. 
However if they think you’re just sending them to web
site because you highly recommend it, and they think you’ve
got no other motives, purchase rates will max out.

The greatest advantage of a Ninja is
the ability to be unseen

When I created this
product I was trying to my affiliate links from the traffic
that was generating, but I got a surprise bonus and that
I found out it it has also tricked product owners who
I’ve affiliated for.
I’ve actually had product owners contact me in a state
of confusion and ask me:

Income Boosting Truth
#2:The majority of all affiliate commissions
are lost or stolen

After all the work you
do as an affiliate to promote a product, the only way you’ll
get credit for the sale and the consequential commissions due
for it, is if the sale comes through your affiliate link.
If someone sees your marketing and then goes around your link
to the site, you’ve lost a hard won commission you are due.
But what’s even worse is when the sales that should be attributed
to your affiliate linked are actually stolen by affiliate link
thieves, unscrupulous product owners or lost by mismanagement.

Unscrupulous affiliate commission thieves swap your affiliate
code for their own costing you hard earned profits and commissions. It’s
a lot like identity theft, except they are stealing you affiliate
identity and corresponding commissions.

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage #2Being completely unseen will
make your path safer to walk down

Beyond not turning off potential
buyers with an ugly affiliate links there are other advantages
to not being seen. One of the advantages is obvious; they
cannot steal what they cannot see.

What makes the Ninja
Link Cloaker superior?

But with the NinjaLink
Cloaker the visitor lands on a real domain, the actual
domain name of the product.

The Ninja Link Cloaker
Hides Your Affiliate Link

Once I developed
The Ninja Link Cloaker software to hide my affiliate links,
I applied it to all of my sites, and what happened next
was nothing less than amazing.
Of course conversion rates went up because visitors weren’t
seeing a ugly domain names in the browser bar any longer,

but it didn’t stop there… My reviews sites started to
be seen as legitimate reviews of products, and as I wasn’t
just in it to earn commissions!

This change in the perception of
affiliate promotion and efforts led to the next
powerful income boosting discovery…

Income Boosting Truth #3:

Most affiliate marketers
are constrained to sending their prospects to lame squeeze pages
and less than compelling sale messages resulting in more lost

Affiliate marketing can sometimes be like
a battle where you’re fighting for your commissions and profits. Seriously, sometimes being a marketer
has been compared with being a warrior, battling with your competition
for every opportunity, commission and profit. 
Sadly though, if you’re not the superior and better-equipped
marketing-warrior you’re going to lose a lot more battles than
you would otherwise. And the bottom line at your bank account
will show it. 

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage #3Always wield the superior
weapon whenever possible

Now that I had the Ninja
Link Cloaker I was no longer constrained with linking
to the typical products promotion pages that the product
owners gave to their affiliates.

Be the superior marketer
by wielding the superior marketing weapons

Like ninja warriors
whose Katana Swords are legendary for their strength and
effectiveness in battle, great marketers also utilize
superior weapons in the battle for commissions and profits.
Ordinary affiliate links allow you to ONLY link to their
sales page. The Ninja Link Cloaker allows you to link
to ANY page, and still get commissions for your sales.
This means you can get commission by sending people to
articles, or even your own superior sales page!

The best affiliate marketers in
the world
always sweeten the deals

Savvy Internet affiliate
marketers understand that if you compelling offer with
a series of no-brainer must have bonuses the chances of
success are much greater.
There are many different strategies the affiliate marketers
can use that have in fact oftentimes made them the better
salespeople of the product even over the owners themselves!
This is so under the radar, visitors will never
suspect an affiliate activity at all! You could
just send out a friendly email telling them to check out
a new article, which has been written, and if they buy
from that site, you’ll still be getting the commissions!

Now I always knew my software meant I wasn’t constrained
with linking to the products promotion page. I could link
them where ever I want. So i did.
Everytime the product owner released a new article. I’d
promote the article to my email lists and at the same
time secretly receive commissions.

I didn’t stop there though…
I decided to take conversion one giant leap further.

Income Boosting Truth
#4: Being limited to linking only
to the product owners promotional sites and sales copy cost
me money

After years of following
Internet marketing, the flaws in a lot of the products websites
I was promoting seemed clearly obvious. Weak headlines, poor
copy, and sometimes even a lack of a sales page all were greatly
affecting my conversions! Once again, factors I thought I had
no control over.

Here’s where it gets even better…

Linking directly to”PAYMENT PAGES”

My software had opened
up a ton of new doors in my promotions, and I was now able to
make my OWN sales pages, and within them……direct people straight to the payment
page and get commissions.

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage # 4  Being Hidden allows you to strike
from almost anywhere

as being able to link to my own custom salespages, I could
also link DIRECTLY to the payment pages using my own custom
buy buttons…

The power of the Buy Buttons

I could now put ‘Buy Now’
buttons directly on my websites, in my emails, on my blogs,
and have visitors go directly to the payment page, without
missing out on my hard earned commissions.
And this is a great option if you’ve already pre-sold
the product or used an email campaign, and don’t want
your readers being distracted by the product owners poor
sales page.

The distinguishable line
between the affiliate, and the product owner was not just
blurred, it was
completely gone…

I’d now get people emailing
ME asking about MY product! My product?? But I don’t sell
dog training, knitting guides, weight loss programs…
These were products I knew absolutely nothing
about. But they all thought I was the seller!

My secret ninja affiliate weapon
to boosting
sales, commissions and profits.

Once I began to use my new software tool
that utilizes ancient ninja stealth strategies, and I saw dramatic
increase in my click through rate, conversions, and my income.

I quit my full time job spend my time now doing whatever I want
to do. And have been enjoying success as an affiliate in several
different niche markets.

So, who else wants to stop commission
link bypassing and earn 95% more commissions?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re already
a successful affiliate marketer and you make a lot of money,
that’s great news. But imagine how much better it could
be with up to 95% more commissions than you’re getting now.
And if you’re a struggling affiliate marketer, trying to figure
out how to succeed, you can’t afford to miss this message. This
may be the very thing that puts you over the top and
makes you the affiliate success you’ve dreamed of being.

Want to Stop Commission Thieves Now!

OK, you’re probably wondering the obvious;

how much does The Ninja Link Cloaker cost and
how can I get my hands on it?

I don’t think there’s any
need to hide the price or to sugar coat things. There’s definitely
no need to justify our price. No need to ramble on about perceived
value and how this is worth a ton more than what we’re selling
it for.

Yup, this killer piece of software is
going to be LAUNCHED at a dirt cheap price. And when you factor
in how much commission theft and affiliate link bypassing it’ll
save you, it’s a no-brainer must have.

you must hurry as I am only selling 500 copies
and they will go fast!

With only 500 copies available, we expect
these to sell out pretty fast. But now you know the
price is no longer an issue, things are only going
to sell out even faster…

Want One of The 500 Copies Right Now!

Now You Have The Secret
Ninja Stealth Advantages
Working For You Too!

Ninja Link Cloaker Will…

· Hide
your ugly sales killing affiliate links
· Protect your affiliate links away from thieves
looking to steal your commissions
· Give you the competitive advantage of being
able to link to your own sale pages and other marketing
materials and to avoid lame product promotion pages
· Make it possible for you to strike from
anywhere with linking order buttons and link from anywhere
directly to the order page.

You’ll receive instant
to your software, even if it’s 2am
in the morning!

What do our marketer-testers, who were
lucky enough
to get theirs hands on a copy early, have to say
about the Ninja Affiliate Link Cloaker?”The Software Rocks”

Thankyou so very much for letting me test out this
software! The software rocks! I thought it’d be
only fair to include a screen shot of how things
have improved for me.

This is the results
I got from my golfing blog..
(I started using the ninja links on March 15th if
it’s not obvious)

Want To get These Kind of Results Too!

“So Easy a Kid Can
Use It!”

Matt… What can I say. ‘So
easy a kid can use’. Literally. I’ll fess up here
and say sure I might be a bit of a geek for a 13-year
old, but testing this out with my 9-year old cousin
wielded the same results. I copy, I paste, it’s
cloaked – and my conversion
rates SOAR. You da man, Matt! (Glad to
hear you’re limiting availability by the way…
This stuff is crazy!)

“Saved my Career as an Affiliate

would be a little over the top to say this
tool saved my live, but it did save
my ‘career’as an affiliate marketer.
After being let down by several link cloaking
tools it appeared they didn’t convert my affiliate
links like they promised.

I switched
to some online link cloaking services. With
one of those services down permanently, and
another one hacked, I was about to give up
on link cloaking all together… risking to
lose a big part of my affiliate income.

But then this
little tool came along, allowing me to cloak
all my affiliate links – even my Clickbank
links – and giving me the opportunity to make
the URL of my cloaked link fit my site entirely.
I’m ready to go for another round of affiliate

“I Can’t Thank You Enough!”

Hello Matt,
I can’t thank you enough! After downloading and
using your software, I can clearly see how the software
can help me. I think this would work well in my
aritcle and blog submissions.

I can write
a review about a product or service and make it
look like I am sending them to the site reviewed
and not my affiliate link. This is awesome!

Great, works like a dream and much easier to use as compared to other link cloaking programs out there. Plus, Matt walks you though every step and provides outstanding customer service. If only all software programs (and their creators) lived up to the hype like this one.

Spencer White, MBA
Georgia, United States

Rock on, I just got my copy!
I have a few (affliate link cloakers) already like
PowerlinkGenerator but I have found that when “recommends”
is put in the url it puts people off and
I always said why can`t I find something that totally
hides the link and this seems to be perfect.

Andrew Murphy
S Wales, United Kingdom

This product goes a long way
in making you look professional. This cloaker is
totally stealth. I have
seen nothing like it on the market anywhere!
Get it today! While you’re at it, get the Advanced
Video’s because you and your business are worth

Dave Hollis
Monterey, California

” Finally, an nice
clean URL & the user has
no idea they hit an affiliate link”

It’s about time someone
figured out how to properly cloak!

I’ve messed with
php scripts and redirects, other cloakers, etc….but
none of them could figure out how to truncate
the “?hop” in the URL. The frame redirects looked
ok, but serious affiliates know what frame redirects
can do to sales using the latest browsers.Ninja Cloaker is sweet! Finally,
an nice clean URL (that of the merchant I might
ad), and the user has no idea they hit
an affiliate link.

Rian Brooklyn
Tokyo, Japan

It’s about time someone
figured out how to properly cloak!

The software is great but the back up is even better.

I contacted support when I had trouble with Ninja Cloaker recently (it was my fault, I’d done something wrong).

Within minutes I received a reply with the solution to the problem. Great support.

Gary Boniface
London, United Kingdom

me my Bonuses Right Now!

Ok, lets summarize what you’ve got here…

forget the “500 Copies Promise”

· When we hit 500 copies
sold, the launch will be over and we’ll be taking the software
off the market.

its all backed up with my 100% cast iron, no questions
asked, zero risk guarantee.

the Ninja Link Cloaker Now”

You’ll receive instant
to your software, even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Your 100%,
No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing,
let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy
of this superb software is covered by my 100%
cast iron, no questions asked, zero risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 56 days, you
decide that this software does not meet your requirements,
just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund
your money in full, no questions asked.
All this means you can take a full 8 weeks to check out
all this great software for yourself, with no
risk whatsoever. In other words… you have everything
to gain and nothing to lose!

P.S. If you’re
ready to stop losing up to 95% of your affiliate commissions,
you’re ready to stop sending your prospective buyers to bad
sales pages…
& you’re ready to become the superior marketer and wield
the superior marketing weapons that make the top-notch affiliate
marketers Rich, then click

the Ninja Link Cloaker Now”

ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor
does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements
made by in the materials on this Web page.

Click here for bigger image

Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ninja Link Cloaker

Review of :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!

Review of :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!

Review of :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!

Click here for bigger image

Review of :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!

Product Name: :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!

Click here to get :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of :: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!:

Imagine for a moment if you took your car to an auto mechanic
for a simple oil change, and he told you it would take a full day to
complete the simple task.

You look around the garage and there’s not another customer in
sight. Surely a 20 minute job shouldn’t take all day if you’re the only
customer, right?

The garage is completely empty. There’s not a single tool
around. Not even a screwdriver or a pair of pliers. No funnels. And
certainly there are no power tools or computer diagnostics.

You turn back to the mechanic and look at him quizzically with
a cocked eyebrow.

I’m pretty sure if you ran into a mechanic without tools,
you’d probably laugh and take your business elsewhere. You’d have to
shake your head at anyone who took all day to do a 20 minute job,
simply because they were too stubborn to use a few tools.

But you and I both know this is such a completely ridiculous
example that it would never happen in real life. You’d never find a
mechanic working without tools. And likewise, you’d never find a
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Yet take a look around, and you’ll see plenty of other
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Listen, this is what I use myself. I’m not pushing you off
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:: Over 700 Pages Of Templates, Tools And Tutorials For Making Writing Faster, Easier, and Better!

Review of Domain Auctions, Selling A Domain Name, Buy Domain, flip domain name, domain flipping, Domaining –

Review of Domain Auctions, Selling A Domain Name, Buy Domain, flip domain name, domain flipping, Domaining –

Review of Domain Auctions, Selling A Domain Name, Buy Domain, flip domain name, domain flipping, Domaining –

Click here for bigger image

Review of Domain Auctions, Selling A Domain Name, Buy Domain, flip domain name, domain flipping, Domaining –

Product Name: Domain Auctions, Selling A Domain Name, Buy Domain, flip domain name, domain flipping, Domaining –

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Jamie Lewis’ Domainer Elite Pro software is AMAZING!

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no marketplace, no advancements in the software, just the bare basics.

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They’re out there, but I went automated from manual about a year ago.

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When you are scouring, the one thing that you WISH you had was a list generator.. a button you could press, appraisal, the whole nine years all hooked together so you weren’t going back & forth, getting eye strain..

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I know, I’ve seen people spend tens of thousands of dollars on businesses and get absolutely nowhere, when you could have a simple domain flipping business that really works.

What I want to do is get you DomainerElite PRO, complete with new mining software and three starter marketplace listings..

This way you can try it out, try out the process of mining amazing domains, and once you see the quality of what you can mine.. You’ll want to try listing your best picks.

I want to get you access to the marketplace, where you can flip three of them to start on, you can price them however you want.. and then you can upgrade to unlimited listings later!

Everyone snatched it up like it was the last thing on earth.

And think about it, a software that mines the very best domains for quick easy big profits is worth it.

But today I will make you a special deal.

Thats unlimited access to the software and three listings at any given time on our marketplace.

And for a special bonus, I will give you a free coaching session via one of my live webinars.

So you’ll get the mining software, you’ll be able to post in the marketplace multiple times and get into my entire course.

Do it, join me before all the good domains are unavailable.

Remember the clock is ticking.

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity of a lifetime with domaining..

And Im glad to be doing it with you.

Copyright © 2017 – DomainerElitePro – All Rights Reserved.

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Disclaimer: We do NOT believe in get rich quick programs. We believe in hard work, adding value and dedication to reach your goals. It’s a fact that one that does not take action will see no results whatsoever. The results featured on this page are not the norm and are extraordinary results from hard work, commitment and dedication by following through and taking action. You will get no results whatsoever if you assume by soaking up information products, joining program after program your life will change with riches. This is not for you. Your results are based upon your actions. If you want a magic button that will fulfil your life with riches then please leave this page and do NOT purchase. Our products are intended to help you share your message with the world whilst growing your business. We don’t make any guarantees about your own results because we don’t know you. Results in life are solely based on decisions made. We are here to help and guide you to move forward faster by giving you awesome content, direction and strategies to reach your end goal. Please check the content thoroughly on this page and that you are committed to taking relentless action and will put in the effort before you decide to make a purchase. If not then please leave this page and do not purchase. flip domain name

This product does not guarantee income or success, and examples of the product owner’s and other person’s results do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.

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Review of Make Money Online Elite…

Review of Make Money Online Elite…

Review of Make Money Online Elite…

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Review of Make Money Online Elite…

Product Name: Make Money Online Elite…

Click here to get Make Money Online Elite… at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Make Money Online Elite…:

Do Not Miss The Video Below!Please Allow 10 Seconds To Load

Not satisfied? You can get a full refund for 60 days, no questions asked

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK © is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave. Suite 410 Boise Idaho 83709 U.S.A and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. Need help? Contact
ClickBank es un comerciante minorista de este producto. CLICKBANK® es una marca registrada de la Corporación Click Sales, una sociedad Delaware, previa autorización. Dicha corporación se encuentra en la calle Lusk Sur No. 917, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, EUA. La función de ClickBank como comerciante minorista no constituye respaldo, aval o verificación de este producto o de cualquier testimonio promocional u opinión que se utilice en la promoción de este producto. ¿Necesitas ayuda? contacto

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Make Money Online Elite…

Review of Copy And Profit Blueprint

Review of Copy And Profit Blueprint

Review of Copy And Profit Blueprint

Click here for bigger image

Review of Copy And Profit Blueprint

Product Name: Copy And Profit Blueprint

Click here to get Copy And Profit Blueprint at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Copy And Profit Blueprint:

Give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll show you how the a very simple system can help you create your own successful internet business, right from the comfort of your own home or office.

I’ll Show You Exactly What’s Been
Working For The Past 15 Years To Make
Money Online

** This Is Beginner Friendly **

Revealed For The First Time: 15 Year online marketing veteran
allows you to begin copying every aspect of his successfulinternet business to create your own.

Dear Future Successful Marketer

Have you ever seen those build your own home programs? There seems to be a new one every time I turn on the television.

You know the ones, a seemingly nice couple decide to build their own home and the host talks to them about their plans. He then turns to the camera and talks about his concerns and misgivings he has about their experience, their plans, the people they’ve employed… in fact the list of things that could go wrong seem endless!

I remember watching one of these programs where the build they were featuring seemed to be spiralling out of control.

The host was in total disbelief at the plans the architect had drawn up, the way the project manager was running the show and how the builders were left scratching their heads at what to do next.

It all seemed to be heading for a total disaster when I remember the host walking up to the couple and telling them to sit down and listen to what he had to say unless they were going to lose everything.

The conversation went along these lines…

TV Host: I’ve made some adjustments to your plans that Irecommend you follow

The couple: This is a very simple blueprint isn’t it?

TV Host: I keep it simple, I build houses, I fix mistakes, runwith my plans and it’ll all come together I promise. It’s justlike novocaine… it works every time!

And for over 12 years, the success of this model has been built on keeping it simple and following a blueprint that is powerful and effective. Listen, if it isn’t broke then it doesn’t need fixing… And if it can be kept simple, don’t complicate it!

This model has never involved strategies that have Twittered, no chasing ‘likes’ on Facebook, nor a magic button to get traffic. Furthermore the success of this model has nothing to do with huge product launches or sneaking in the back door of the search engines using black hat techniques.

(Note: If none of that makes sense then you are probably abeginner and don’t recognise some of the terms and concepts ofthe past few years and believe me…that’s a good thing!)

And, despite all of this, this business model has produced a HUGE amount of money for those who have used it, all while spending more time doing what they love to do than in front of their computers.

The lack of work and time that goes into making this model work often astounds others, frustrates workaholic internet marketers and has been the source of making families as happy as they can be because of the opportunities it creates for travel, vacations and adventures.

Let me ask you a question…

Why is it that those who use this model don’t have to scramble like everyoneelse seems to?

Why is it that those who practice these strategies don’t get caught up withthe latest craze, the new fad of the week and all the new software schemesthat come along?

Why is it that only a few ever really make a lot of money working so few hoursa week?

It’s quite simple really…

Just like the pain killer novocaine, give it time and it works EVERYTIME. This blueprint has been working well for over a decade. And the results are staggering.

What I’d like to do is give that same blueprint to a few people and show them the exact steps so they can put Blueprint into practice in their own business.

Now, that should GREATLY interest you if you agree with logic and good old fashioned common sense.

(Dreamers and wannabe losers need not apply)

It requires very little brain power to figure out the answer to that question! The ball is going to shatter the window unless your neighbor has fitted toughed safety glass.

I want you to think about something for just a minute…

Why do surgeons refer to the same procedure every time they perform a particularoperation?

Why do professional golfers swing the same way every time they want to hit aparticular shot?

Why do engineers follow the same process every time they detect a fault todiagnose it and to repair it?

When anyone finds a method for achieving a desired result, they simply repeat the method any time they want to duplicate that result.

There is a reason why the same people continue to use the same system to generate sales that worked years ago (and EVERY day since) even though so much as changed on the Internet.

This model generates a duplicateable result. Just like kicking a soccer ball through a window. Just like novocaine. Give it time it always works.

“OK Neil”, I hear you say…”that’s good for them, but what about me?”

It’s also very good for you…and here’s why…

So, back to the blueprint that works every time. Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on it for just a few minutes to check it out and see what it covers?

Better still, wouldn’t you like to get your very own private copy of it for permanent use?

For the FIRST TIME EVER, everything that is involved in this success model has been arranged into ONE duplicatable system that even beginners can follow.

This very successful Blueprint is being made available to YOU!

You can begin ‘copying’ this entire business system today. You will be shown how to start from scratch (just like others have) and build your own internet business over the coming days, weeks, months and years to come.

You will see EXACTLY how you can duplicate this business. You get access to the exact system used by a select few so you can ‘copy’ your way to success. The exact system.

Just remember, everyone starts out as a beginner, just like you. The lessons in this model take into account exactly what you’re facing and what you need, because at some point everyone had to do what you have to do.

That’s why these lessons are going to speak from personal experiences of those who have had success and explain everything to you in simple terms…

How to start with and from nothing

How to grow a mailing list starting from scratch, zero, no subscribers

How to generate sales without any big name guru friends

How to create your own products without writing a single word

How to set everything up even if you’re not a technical ‘whiz kid’

How to advertise and market your business without a massive budgetAND in most cases WITHOUT spending any money

How to overcome the new persons barriers to wealth

How to make money online even if you haven’t made a penny so far.

What you need to realise is that all internet marketing success stories stood exactly where you stand now.

They didn’t have any of those things…including me.

I was working up to 14 hours a day in a corporate job and I had nothing more than a desire to start an internet business so I could free up my time to do the more important things in my life.

NOTE: I know what it’s like to be a beginner. I haven’tdeveloped a selective memory or forgotten what it’s liketo be a beginner like some people have. I will never forgetwhat it was like to be struggling at the beginning and evenconfused at times.

And that is why I sincerely want to help you. That’s what this course is ALL about.

‘K.I.S.S’ is a well known acronym that stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’….and there is something to be said for keeping it SIMPLE.

There is absolutely NO reason for you to get bogged down with all of the strategies, systems and schemes that are out there. There’s absolutely no reason for you to try the latest craze, far or the next hot thing. It really doesn’t need to be as complicated at all.

That’s what you will find with the Copy and Profit Blueprint.

What you’ll discover …to your relief and excitement… is there are only three simple parts to this Blueprint you need to follow. This system involves three things you do every week to run your business. To be sure there are a number of smaller parts involved but the basic Blueprint plan is just three things.

You don’t need to go crossed eyed reading thousands of pages trying to do everything. This system has simplified things. It is VERY ‘uncomplicated’.

I’ve eluded to the Blueprint throughout this letter and many want me to reveal the ‘three parts’, so I thought I’d be completely transparent and tell you what they are. None of the rubbish you see on many other sites which tell you what it’s not but never tell you what it is!

NOTE: Keep in mind that this Blueprint hasremained unchanged and VERY profitable forover a decade!

Here are the three Blueprints to follow to success:

Blueprint #1: Create AN Offer.

It all begins with creating a new offer. This is almost exclusively an “information” based product or service and can include small reports, ebooks, membership sites, physical products, coaching programs and software applications. It all hinges upon creating tiny, 7-15 page special reports. That’s all! And, if you don’t feel comfortable writing even these bite-sized reports, I’ll show you how to hire a “ghostwriter” to do it for you for pennies in the pound. And I’ll give you the details of where I get mine created… you can use the same people.

Blueprint #2: Build A List.

With a new offer created, you then send out multiple mailings to all of your lists. This, as you can imagine, creates a flurry of orders instantly … literally within minutes of sending out the mailing orders begin to arrive. Some who use this system have tens of thousands of subscribers on their lists and more coming in every single day. (You’ll discover how to get your own lists and get them quickly!)

Blueprint #3: FREE Traffic.

Want to know what to do to generate free “traffic” to your site? It’s simple: Notify affiliates and partners of your new offers … and THEY do all of the work for you! Almost 100% of the traffic in this system is generated by OTHER PEOPLE. And — get this — the lists that I mentioned earlier … those are built through partner traffic as well! I’m NOT talking about big name people in your market, I’m talking about regular affiliates who love to work with you, who aren’t too big for their boots and will gladly promote your product for you.

What it all comes down to is this.

You don’t need to be a Master at
generating traffic on the Internet.

You create information products and marketing materialsand have other people do all of marketing for you.

How “uncomplicated” is that?!

This system has been working for over Fifteen years now and it never stops working!

Now that I’ve told you exactly what the Blueprints are the dreamers and people who’ll never be successful will leave, they just don’t get it.

However…. people like you and I understand that this is a very simple model to follow and it WILL bring you success and money online.

Listen up: you’re going to discover how to do this for yourself. It’s not complicated. You need your own information products and people to promote them for you to build your list and create sales on your behalf. That’s it, game over, look at the score board…you won!

You need just three parts…

And with the Copy and Profit Blueprint you’ll learn *exactly* how to get all three of these things in place…FAST. And you’ll get all of this in a simple step-by-step system that was designed FOR BEGINNERS.

This system is basically three top selling Blueprints assembled into one simple and easy to follow ‘everything you need’ Blueprint.

No more information overload, no more confusion, no more wondering where to start or what to do next. Simply follow the Blueprint and you’re done.

When you download your copy of The Copy and Profit Blueprint training program you’ll receive these three Blueprints…

Blueprint #1: Create A Product

(Step-By-Step System for Creating An Information Product)

Start with a 7-15 page report and snowballit into an entire information empire!

This first Blueprint is your complete, step-by-step system for creating information products on virtually any subject imaginable and selling them online.

Here are a few highlights of what you’ll learn in each Module of this module…

Module 1 – How To Choose A Highly-Profitable Market.

The age-old marketing law that is the basis for earning maximum profit with minimal effort in the information business. (Page 5)

Why you need to go against the grain and focus your time and energy on “broad” niche markets instead of small “niche” topics. (Page 7)

3 simple rules for choosing a red-hot “market” full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers to buy not one or two, but dozens of your small reports! (Page 8)

20 highly-profitable “markets” that are proven to generate revenue in the information business – pick one of these that matches up to your own interests and save yourself time researching – It’s all been done for you! (Page 9)

Module 2 – How To Find The Perfect Idea For A Small Report.

The only 2 “criteria” you need to consider in selecting a topic to write about for your small report … you can check these in minutes instead of wasting a lot of time evaluating to find topics of high demand and interest! (Page 11)

7 “idea hangouts” where you can quickly find enough ideas to write your next 10-15 small reports! Note: When you know what to look for, you’ll have so many ideas that your toughest choice will be to decide which one to write first! (Page 12)

How to use other people’s costly research to find out what those most likely to buy from you have the greatest interest in … without spending a penny! (Page 13)

Two ways to use “topic x-ray” to focus in on the precise topic for your small report, including a super-sneaky way to ethically “steal” your competitor’s ideas! (Page 14)

A “magnetic” way to get your customers buying report after report after report from you for as long as you want to continue writing them! (Page 15)

Module 3 – How To Create P.A.G.E.S. Of High Demand Content.

3 questions to ask in choosing the title for your small report. Hint: Your title is absolutely critical to the success (or, the failure) of your project and can literally mean the difference between so-so sales and a best-seller! (Page 16)

The proprietary P.A.G.E.S. system for brainstorming, outlining and writing your small report – more than teaching you just “what” to write, It will show you “how” to write faster, easier and better! (Page 17)

How to quickly and easily brainstorm ideas to write about in your small report including my “alphabetizing” technique for quickly generating dozens of thoughts to share. (Page 19)

2 simple, but effective ways to organize your ideas so they are easy to write (for you) and easy to understand (for your customer). (Page 20)

5 fill-in-the-blank “content templates” you can use to effortlessly write paragraph after paragraph – even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Hint: These helpful prompts can be worked into any spot of any report.(Page 22)

Module 4 – How To Package, Price and Position Your Small Report.

A crash-course in “packaging” your small report including 7 specific pages to include in your content, along with 8 formatting elements to use in designing your pages. Hint: Everything from creating headers/footers to using indentions and boldface text is revealed! (Page 28)

3 proven-profitable ways to make “special offers” (Page 28) and “backend offers” (Page 29) to earn more money after the sale. Note: This is considered mandatory for any information publisher.

The pricing triangle – 3 “rules” to help you choose the price for your small report that makes you the most money … and how you can have direct and personal influence over how much your customers will spend! (Page 35)

How to create a unique sales proposition that makes your small report stick out like ketchup on a white shirt! Included are the top two ways to get others scrambling to buy your product now. (Page 37)

20 different ways your small report can be “positioned” differently than anyone else’s competing product (Page 39) + 8 case study examples of how to effectively “nichefy” your small report to get extra sales. (Page 41)

Module 5 – How To Create A Small Report Mini-Salesletter.

A step-by-step course in copywriting; there’s no need to buy additional high-priced courses (nor hire a pricey copywriter). This complete tutorial walks you through the steps for writing an order-producing salesletter! (Page 45)

11 parts of an order-producing small report mini-salesletter … from top to bottom! Note: The very salesletter you are now reading was written based on the tutorial in this course. Enough said! (Page 46)

5 ways to use preheadlines, 3 keys to your primary headline, 2 ideas for winning postheadlines, 6 ways to introduce your product, 3 ways to prove your results, 3 keys to effective use of bullet lists, 3 rules for creating a call to action, 3 ways to use a postscript and much more! (Page 47+)

How to get your web site visitors to stop “fence-setting” and place an order with you right now, today! (Page 55)

Dozens of case studies, examples, ideas and tips for writing effective ad copy (Page 45-60)

Module 6 – How To S.E.T.U.P. A Web Site To Sell Your Small Report.

My unique S.E.T.U.P. system: Select a domain name, establish web site hosting, think about the order process, upload your files and prepare for your first order – you’ll learn every step in non-technical terms anyone can understand! (Page 61+)

Simple, user-friendly explanations of how to update nameservers, get order buttons, create download links, upload files and other order-processing steps to completely automate your small report business. (Page 64-68)

8 easy steps to verify your order-process to make sure your customer can visit your site, place an order and download your small report without you having to lift a finger! (Page 69)

Module 7 – How To Turn Small Reports Into A Six-Figure Business.

The previously unreleased “six phases” of creating a small report empire – how I earn a six-figure income from tiny reports. (Page 72-95)

The secret of creating a series of small reports and 4 ways to automatically cross-promote all of them with zero-budget advertising. Hint: This is how you double, triple, quadruple (and even more) your profit! (Page 78)

3 “Kit Creators” that you can use to develop a small report into premium-priced products that dramatically increase the bottom line of your business. (Pages 85-89)

The mother lode of the small reports business – phase 6 – how to spiral tiny, 7-15 page reports into an ever-growing empire of physical products, live events, coaching programs, membership sites and more. (Page 90)

Blueprint #2: Build A List

(Step-By-Step System for Getting Subscribers)

The best way to sell your reports is to build a list of subscribers and “presell” them on your offer.

This Blueprint is your complete, step-by-step system for building a list of subscribers, sending them content that “presells” them on your offer and getting them to buy your small reports.

Let me just share a few highlights of what you’ll learn in this comprehensive Blueprint…

The ONE and only “system” for making money with lists – that’s right, every successful list marketer uses this same basic system! (Page 6)

The most important list-building decision you’ll ever make – and how most people are wasting money on traffic, ads and promotions because they have overlooked this amazing principle. (Page 7)

5 simple ways to benefit from your list without becoming an “offer harlot” — instead of bombarding your list with “must have” offer after offer, learn to maximize your most important asset without driving them to the “unsubscribe” button! (Page 11)

How to automatically create a huge swipe file of successful email marketing subject lines from the top marketers in the world, see how to apply subject lines to niche marketers, spy on your competition’s subject lines and plug-in proven market research for your own subject lines … without spending a penny! (Page 13)

The #1 technique for getting your own subscribers to RESPOND to your mailings and take action on the messages you send them … and how you can put this technique to work for you on your very next mailing! (Page 15)

The fastest way to begin promoting your list for free – you can literally begin exposing your list to potential subscribers within 5 minutes! Note: While you won’t get an “explosion” of new subscribers, it IS a way to get almost instant promotion for your list. (Page 20)

How to get a steady trickle of new subscribers by using “XXXX marketing”,(I’ll reveal the name in the system) including 2 ways to add 5-10 new subscribers to your list every single day … in a month’s time that’s up to 150-300 fresh list members without spending a penny! (Page 20)

10 safe and simple ways to get new subscribers from your favourite forum, including how to create the PERFECT response to questions so readers head straight to your opt-in page to join your list! (Page 29)

An easy-to-follow (I.E. “newbie friendly!”), 7-step system for creating your own “opt-in page” (AKA “squeeze page”) for convincing as high as 75% of your visitors to join your list! Everything is broken down into “bite-sized” steps. (Page 36)

We cover a lot of information in this Blueprint, but I’ve intentionally tried to make it as beginner-friendly as possible so anyone can put these tactics into practice for successful list marketing.

Same thing goes for these things you’ll find included…

7 opt-in triggers that get subscribers to join your list like crazy including 8 simple ways to increase the “perceived value” of your list + the one thing that every single subscriber wants RIGHT NOW that can convince them to instantly subscribe! (Page 44)

One of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about your list — about your business! — that most marketers never realize. It’s the difference between making money and making a LOT of money … without hype, deceit or a gazillion mailings! (Page 45)

How I convince people to join one of my lists by using Opt-In Trigger #3 … and how you can parlay this into new subscribers to your own list by simply adding a few words to your opt-in page! (Page 47)

3 proven-effective ideas (along with examples) for targeting specific demographics in your list-building for laser-precision results – plus how this allows you to broaden your marketing and promotions to niches not normally on your radar! (Page 49)

9 easy-to-use ideas for creating urgency so subscribers enter their name and email address now (Page 52) + how to use “natural” urgency to get an instant boost to your opt-in conversion rate! (Page 50)

A powerful and profitable way to make money from your list WITHOUT asking your subscribers to buy anything … this simple, 3-step system is one of my most lucrative methods of getting others to generate revenue for me! (Page 60)

6 “new” ways to use subject line personalization that virtually no one has ever heard of before, including how to get the subscriber to take “ownership” of your message! Note: There is MUCH more to personalizing a subject line than the standard, “Dave, here’s another message for you to read” nonsense that most people use! (Page 68)

How to create mailings that get your subscribers to take action, including the #1 “skill” you need as a list owner in order to generate results from the messages you send to your list! (Page 72)

4 highly effective ways to get your emails past the spam filters and into the inboxes of your subscribers … it’s simple maths, the higher your delivery rate, the higher your profit! (Page 80)

7 ways to take your list marketing to the “next level” of productivity and profitability including 7 weekly list marketing activities to complete and 10 ways to analyze your competitor’s list marketing to perfect your own! (Page 87)

Module #3: Get Website Traffic

(Step-By-Step System for Driving Visitors To Your Site)

Without people visiting your site,you’ll have no subscribers nor sales!

This Blueprint is your complete, step-by-step system for getting people to visit your website so your salesletter (created in module #1 above) convinces them to buy your information products.

Let me just share a few highlights of what you’ll learn in this comprehensive course…

Setting up your affiliate program. In the shortest Module of this Blueprint, You’ll get a quick recommendation for getting your affiliate program up and running within 48-72 hours. (Note: If you already have your own affiliate program, you can skip this initial chapter.)

Creating an affiliate center. You’ll learn the exclusive Affiliate C4™ method for igniting explosive sales from your sales army. This is where 85% of affiliate program managers blow it and never see the sales they desire.

Finding motivated affiliates. If this isn’t THE largest list of ways to find affiliates, then it certainly is one of the largest lists. You get a whopping 20 different ways to find affiliates (even “super” affiliates) to recruit into your affiliate program.

Getting affiliates to say “yes”. You’ll discover exactly how to get affiliates to agree to join your affiliate program and begin promoting your offers. This is THE hardest part of the process, but we make it super easy for you by sharing the proven effective methods that really work.

Keeping affiliates active. It’s never enough to find and recruit affiliates … you want them to remain actively involved in promoting your products and services for months and even years to come. In this section, You get multiple proprietary ideas for keeping affiliates active in your program instead of your competition’s program!

Expanding your program automatically. In this section of the course you’ll learn some creative ways to recruit affiliates “indirectly” as you continue to multiply both the number of new affiliates coming in and the number of sales coming in!

Working with an affiliate manager. We will mention more about this shortly, but an entire chapter is devoted to this (well worth the price of the course by itself!) on the subject of hiring an affiliate manager (without investing any out of pocket expense) to run your entire program for you!

A proven-effective, 9-step system for getting other people to promote your products like crazy…explained in simple, easy-to-follow language. (Page 8)

The top 5 methods of equipping your affiliates to produce the maximum number of orders possible from their marketing efforts. (Page 58)

5 extraordinary ways to use incentives to convince fence-sitters (even “super” affiliates) to join your affiliate program now. (Page 34)

5 effective strategies to “force” your affiliates to promote you NOW … use these methods anytime you want a quick boost in traffic and orders. (Page 53)

The biggest mistake people make with their affiliate centres that *literally* will cause affiliates to abandon your program about 99% of the time. (Page 18)

6 key elements of your affiliate “signup” page to cover yourself legally and ensure affiliates know all the details of your affiliate offer prior to joining. (Page 28)

20 super-simple, highly-effective ways to find affiliates for your program … to my knowledge, this is THE most comprehensive index of ways to recruit affiliates available anywhere. (Page 41)

5 “extras” that get affiliates to push even harder in their efforts to promote your offers, including the popular “viral” affiliate marketing tactic. (Page 72)

The #1 priority for successfully keeping affiliates actively promoting your offers instead of concentrating their efforts on your competition. (Page 12)

How to run contests, use incentives, unadvertised bonuses and other ethical “bribes” to create an order-producing frenzy among your affiliates. (Page 62)

3 “affiliate magnets” that should easily distance your program from those of your competitors and get more affiliates in your “commission only sales army”. (Page 30)

5 ideas for using the most “boring” method of getting affiliates to promote your offers … these aren’t “sexy”, but they are very effective in producing activity among affiliates. (Page 55)

5 little-known, results-producing methods of recruiting affiliates “indirectly” — including the ONE idea that you can literally build your entire business around for greater results than ever before. (Page 77)

The proprietary Affiliate C4 method of igniting explosive sales from your commission only sales army. (Page 13)

5 absolute “musts” for creating satisfied and loyal affiliates who stick with your program indefinitely instead of running from “program of the week” to “program of the week”. (Page 68)

How to keep affiliates A.C.T.I.V.E. in your affiliate program, including the 6 keys to transforming dormant, passive affiliates into aggressive, involved affiliates. (Page 52)

The hands down, easiest way to setup your own affiliate program to track orders, pay affiliates, process orders and run your entire operation on autopilot. (Page 10)

7 things that attract affiliates, along with the #1 thing affiliates look for in determining which program they’ll be spending their time on. (Page 29)

How to create your own “affiliate attack plan” for your sales army to carry out your order to promote your offer. (Page 19)

4 ways to ensure that affiliates make more money in YOUR affiliate program than anyone else’s so they not only join you, but continue to promote you long term. (Page 31)

The real key to training your affiliates so they get started immediately bringing in sales for your products. (Page 24)

7 parts of professional, personal and profitable contact letters, including a sample letter you can modify for your own use in contacting potential affiliates. (Page 38)

Everything is laid out in newbie-friendly steps to take you from absolutely nothing to a business that is actually making money online.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn include…

How to create your own information products to sell online! We’ll cover everything fromchoosing a topic to getting ready-made content to setting up a website to fulfilling orders… and everything in between! Did I mention — no writing on your part! (More on this injust a moment…)

How to build a list of qualified, responsible subscribers to buy from you! Things you’lllearn include setting up a form to build your list, convincing people to join, getting peopleto your list page, turning subscribers into paying customers and more!

How to get targeted visitors to your website around the clock! You’ll learn free (lots ofthese!) and low-cost ways to get “traffic” to your website … and then how to get thosevisitors to buy your information products!

How to create multiple streams of income! The initial information product you create isjust the beginning as you’ll also learn how to create “sister products”, tap into residualincome, produce “high-ticket” sales, generate affiliate commissions and much more!

It’s all included … a complete “education in a box”!

There are a lot of people out there who are selling “how to make money promoting other people’s stuff as an affiliate” courses. And, it’s true, affiliate income is a great source of revenue. BUT, in my opinion, it’s not a dependable business model.

Let me give you 3 reasons why you do NOT want affiliate marketing to be your primary source of income…

Problem #3: Vulnerability. You are completely at the mercy of someone else when you’rean affiliate. What happens if someone accuses you of spam and your affiliate link isdisabled? What happens if the owner decides to go out of business? What happens ifthey provide horrible customer service or get lots of refunds? There are so many variablesinvolved in fully relying on someone else — even if they come highly recommended andhave a good track record. One misinterpreted move on your part and you could be history.

Problem #2: Competition. Everything you do as an affiliate is going to be equalled orexceeded by dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of other people. If you want topurchase a PPC ad, write an ezine article, buy a solo mailing or do any other kind ofadvertising to promote an affiliate program, get in line. Think about the sheer numbers fora moment. X number of copies of a product will be sold. Divide that up by possiblythousands of other people and how much do you think you’ll be getting? Do you have abigger budget than your competition so you can place highly in ppc listings? Are you abetter and faster ezine article writer than the others? Do you have bigger existing lists?Does your site get more traffic than the others? What about all of the guru buddies whopromote the offers? It’s not as easy as it sounds to make full-time money as an affiliate.

Problem #1: Potential. The biggest problem (as if the first two … especially numbertwo … aren’t enough) that I see is the lack of potential when you use affiliate revenue asyour primary business foundation. Think about this: why would you want to be one ofthousands of people promoting someone else’s offer, when you could have thousands ofpeople promoting YOUR offers!? Why would you want to grow someone else’s lists (whichthey can use to promote affiliate offers from other people and you’ll never earn a pennyfrom it!) instead of having other people send you subscribers for YOUR list!? Why wouldyou want to build someone else’s business when you could have them building YOURS!?There is virtually a 100% probability that you’ll not make anywhere near as much moneyas an affiliate as you would by having your own products.

Being an affiliate to promote other people’s products is best to do as a “backend” for supplemental income, not as your primary source of income.

Yes, we make over six figures a year in affiliate commissions alone BUT we make FAR, FAR MORE from selling our own products. In fact the ONLY reason we can do six figures in affiliate commissions is because we sell our own products and builds our lists.

Exactly what I’ll show YOU to do in the Copy and Profit Blueprint.

Stay with me here…Look around for a moment.

Open up another browser window and go to Or go to the marketplace. And I want you to identify those who are very successful within any given market. What makes them so successful?

Let me save you some trouble.

What you’ll find is this: they have their own products AND their own affiliate programs. You’ll find that other people are promoting their products for them in those ads, ezine articles, websites, blogs and more.

Search for any well known Internet Marketer and let me know what you find. You’ll find tens of thousands of websites out there promoting all of the products and services for that one marketer. They are not doing it … other people are.

That’s what this system is going to teach you. You are going to discover…

How to create your own information products and get otherpeople to do all of your list-building and marketing for you!

When you put the “Simple Blueprint” into practice you’ll find the same thing that many successful people find in their business is true of your business: “It’s like novocaine. Just give it time, it always works.”

This is the part where most so called “marketers” will flash up dollar signs and insert pictures of fancy cars and big houses. They’ll make all sorts of outlandish claims such as how you can make X number of dollars in X number of days (or sometimes HOURS).

They do this for one simple reason: it’s effective.

That’s how you get people to buy from you. At least that’s what they seem to teach at so called “guru school”. 🙂

You’re not going to find that here. Sorry, but I’m going to be straight with you even if it means you decide not to buy from me and you end up falling for the sales pitch of those who make outlandish claims. (I’m sure you won’t but more fool the people who do).

I do not and cannot guarantee that you’ll make any specific amount of money in any specific amount of time. In fact, I do not and cannot guarantee that you’ll make ANY money at all, ever.

I don’t know you. I don’t know how much effort you will put into this. I don’t know how well you’ll follow instructions. I don’t know what business decisions you’ll make. I don’t know what kind of people you will align yourself with. I don’t know a lot of things about you. How can I possibly guarantee you’ll make an extraordinary amount of money? I can’t. And I don’t.

Now, for some people that will be a deal breaker. They’ll walk away from this site because there aren’t any income “guarantees” that they want to hear. Their ears weren’t tickled and there wasn’t an emotional experience for them, so they’ll go elsewhere to find people more persuasive than me. I’m happy with that.

But, for many (if not most) it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s honest and truthful and forthright. And that may not be what gets a ton of people to buy, but it IS what creates a loyal customer base.

That’s why, after fifteen years, this internet marketing model is still working and so many other marketers and models have gone away. That’s why the same system that you are about to learn still brings in sales around the clock.

Provide quality products with truthful claims — that’s how to do it. That’s how We teach it. If that sounds like you, then let’s get you started.

I have trained thousands of people from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. Some of those people are making a few hundred Dollars profit a month and others are making tens of thousands a month. AND that is what’s important…. NOT what I’ve made, but how I’ve helped others achieve success.

And, in doing so, I’d make a lot of money. But, many good people wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the offer simply because it wouldn’t be in their budget.

SIDEBAR: Listen, I know. I know what it’s like to live payday to payday. I know what it’s like to be deep in credit card debt. I know what it’s like to sink more and more money into empty promises. I know what it’s like to be suckered into buying a high-priced item on an “easy” instalment plan. I’ve been there and I know. Trust me, I know.

It is for that reason that I am not going to charge the thousands of dollars that I could charge for this program. Instead, I’m going to make it a no-brainer, and I’m going to make it downright affordable for every budget.

We both know that the price is a drop in the bucket. Think about this for a moment…

You’d pay thousands for one-year alone at University!

You’d pay thousands for a specialised one-day workshop!

You’d pay thousands for a four-week coaching program!

It would be unthinkable to get any of those things for this kind of budget-friendly investment. That’s why this is such a “no-brainer”.

Believe it or not, there is no catch. BUT… There is a Fast Mover Discount

I stand behind my materials completely and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results you will achieve.

However, for your peace of mind, know that if at ANY time in the next 60 days you feel that the Copy and Profit Blueprint isn’t for you, or that I haven’t delivered on my promises to you, a refund is available by simply emailing me. Your money will be returned immediately and we’ll part as friends.


When you invest in the Copy and Profit Blueprint today you will receive these 8 incredible bonuses that were custom created for the three modules in this system. They are NOT some cobbled together resell rights or unrelated topics. There are designed to be laser focused on what you need to succeed.

Bonus #1: 27 Red Hot Ideas For Your Next Small Report.

In this 18-page report, you’ll learn 27 different categories for your next small report, along with 158 different title topics you can modify for your own use in generating ideas.

By mixing and matching from this one-of-a-kind index (you won’t find anything like this available anywhere else for any fee!) you’ll be able to quickly choose red-hot ideas anytime you choose without time-consuming research!

Bonus #2: The 7-Day Checklist For Creating A Small Report.

In this 16-page report, you’ll get a systematic checklist broken down into daily activities for you to complete.

The steps appear in chronological order, completely cover the entire process of creating a small report from start to finish and refer to specific pages of the main manual and bonuses to provide complete, detailed instructions for completing each assignment.

Bonus #3: Your Step-By-Step Checklist For Building A List Of Subscribers.

In this short, report you’ll have a quick “overview” look at the entire system in a brief “checklist” style presentation.

Print this report out to mark your progress and stay on track in achieving the steps of the system. This is a great extra resource for easy reference that you’ll use again and again as you build a list of subscribers and then convert them into paying customers.

Bonus #4: Ten Subject Line Templates That Will Get Your List Messages Opened.

In this 14-page Blueprint you’ll receive a pack of subject line templates, along with complete examples on how to use them.

Instead of trying to craft the perfect subject line to get the attention of your subscriber, simply plug in your details into the ready-made template and insert it into your mailing system.

These templates have been tested by a lot of people- and they get great results. Learn this lesson now: you can have a large list, but if they don’t read your emails, you don’t make sales!

These fill-in-the-blank templates are perfect for calling attention to the mailings that you send to your list.

Bonus #5: How To Triple Your Optins.

In this 19-page report you’ll discover how to scientifically use capture boxes in your site’s salesletter or content pages in order to get more people to join your lists.

It’s another technique (in addition to the “landing page”) for collecting permission based email subscribers.

Many students of this course have used this strategically to dramatically increase the number of people who sign up for their lists. In this report I’ll give you a step-by-step look at how to use this simple technique at your own site.

Bonus #6: Affiliate Recruiting Checklist: 20 Ways To Get New Affiliates

In this 10-page file you’ll find a handy checklist is ideal for printing out and then systematically working your way through (or have your affiliate manager do this) in order to recruit affiliates into your program.

The information in this checklist is an abbreviated form of the content shared in the main Blueprint.

To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive listing of ways to find affiliates to promote your product that is available today.

Bonus #7: Autoresponder Mailings You Can Send To Your Affiliates To Get Them Actively Promoting You.

In this 15-page blueprint you’ll get your hands on some exclusive mailings that you can send to your affiliates to get them actively promoting your offer.

I sat down and went through my own affiliate marketing resources and created a series of 8 affiliate mailings that I’m making available EXCLUSIVELY to you plus you can modify them in any way you like. You can then load them to your autoresponder system and automatically send them out to your affiliates.

These mailings are specifically designed to get your affiliates active in your program. These mailing work, period; I use them in our business and some of our private coaching clients have used them to generate sales from their affiliates… You’d pay a small fortune to have these written elsewhere.

Bonus #8: 8 Irresistible Ways To Attract Super Affiliates To Promote Your Product.

Let’s face it, not all affiliates are created equal. Sure, you want as many affiliates as possible in your program, regardless of how “super” they are or are not. But, in being honest, all affiliates aren’t created equal. Some have larger lists, greater traffic to their sites and noteworthy reputations just to name a few assets.

And it would be very beneficial to your affiliate program to have them involved in promoting your product. The question is “how can you attract ‘super’ affiliates?”

In this special, 18-page report I outline 8 powerful ways to convince these “in-demand” affiliates to promote your offer. To my knowledge, there isn’t another report out there like this one.

And here’s why I’m giving you this bonus

Over the past 14 years of selling online I’ve noticed that when new people start an online business, especially if they’ve never done it before, they do one of two things

And finding a GOOD mentor can cost you a LOT of money to have them on call answering your questions.

However I want to give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed online and that’s why I’m giving you
30 Days FREE GOLD Membership to the my Internet Marketing Review Inner Circle.

Here’s where you’ll have access to my private support forum where you can ask me ANY questions you may have about starting, growing and making money with your own online business.

Also, you’ll have access to my in house technical Guru, Pete Moore.

Pete has worked for me since 2008 and what he doesn’t know about the technical aspect of running a web business isn’t worth knowing.

He’s excellent at explaining everything in simple terms. I need simple terms as well!

Plus, with your 30 days free Gold Membership you’ll also have full and unrestricted access to the Internet Marketing Review Training Site AND…

Receive 1 issue of My PRINTED Internet Marketing Newsletter… This is delivered direct to your door once a month along with a CD of the Month and Hot Sheet.

Now, the CDs are recordings where I interview an expert in online marketing or where I discuss what’s working in my business that you can take and use in yours.

All this is yours free for 30 days to help you really super charge your own business.

So, I figure I’ve got 30 days to blow your mind with the value of the coaching, help and support AND get you making money online that you’ll see your Gold Membership as a great investment…other wise you can cancel at any time and your card will not be charged. You can cancel by email, letter, telephone and even on the training site yourself within your account area… you are in complete control.

I love working with and helping people succeed online. It gives a big buzz when people make their first sales online and then go onto make hundreds and thousands in profits each month… and as such I try and do EVERYTHING I can to help them.

And that includes helping you.

When you invest in the Copy and Profit Blueprint I’ll also give you access to the following additional training over the coming weeks. These will be delivered on a time release schedule and the reason for this is so you don’t become overwhelmed with information overload…I believe a step by step, easy to follow plan is a must.

Tier 1 – How To Set Up Your Affiliate Program.

After 15 days you should be motoring along and seeing your business develop.
This unique training video goes hand in hand with Blueprint 3 in the main course and shows you how I set up my affiliate program, the training materials I use and how we contact potential affiliates. Because you have invested in the Copy and Profit Blueprint you have my full permission to take and use any of the information and templates given in this training in your own business.

Tier 2 – Special List Building & Conversion Training Video.

After 30 days you’re business will be up and running and motoring along. You’ll automatically receive access to a special List Building and Conversion training to really turbo charge your list building efforts. You can use this training no matter what market you are working in.

Tier 3 – Paid Traffic Secrets.

After 2 months I’ll give you access to my ‘Paid Traffic’ training course. When starting your business you’ll see how you can use free traffic methods to grow your business using affiliates; however in this training you’ll discover how you can use the paid traffic networks to send traffic to your own site. You don’t have to use paid traffic, however if you do, then this is the training to use.

And these are just the “bonuses”. These are the “icing on the cake”. The training program itself is the real gold-mine here.

The bonuses just make the decision to join so simple that it’s harder to say “no” than it is to say “yes”.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Let’s get you going here…

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

Customer service
24Hr Telephone: +44 1257 472 120

I look forward to working with you and hearing how your business develops.

P.S. When you access your training Blueprints I’ll show you how you can have ME AS YOUR AFFILIATE and promoting your products for you. Imagine the sales you could see when I promote for you. I can’t promote 100’s of products and once my schedule is full I’ll remove this bonus.

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

KTS Publishing Direct
Coppull Business Centre
Mill Lane, Coppull, Chorley PR7 5BW
Telephone 01257 472120 VAT Z902559234
International Tel +44 1257 472 120

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Copy And Profit Blueprint

Review of Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7

Review of Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7

Review of Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7

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Review of Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7

Product Name: Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7

Click here to get Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7 at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7:

As a Listing Eagle Member you will receive an email alert in real-time once any listing is Suppressed or Hijacker activity is detected on your Amazon Listing. 

In addition to email alerts, you will also receive 24×7 SMS text message alerts. This service is also available to our International Subscribers who have text capabilities. Get notified about a potential hijacker no matter where you are!

Your best chance of success against Hijackers is an immediate and aggressive response and with Listing s immediate notifications you are always ready and armed. 

Listing Eagle provides template letters for you to send or you can customize your own.

No longer will it take days for you to finally stumble onto the fact your listing has been hijacked!

Get notified immediately when one of your listings has been suppressed and get it fixed ASAP without losing days of sales/rankings!

Monitor your listings on the go… Receive convenient text alerts on your phone (including international SMS text alerts) so that you can take quick action. Instruct hijackers to remove their fraudulent product from your listing or fix your suppressed listing right away!

Listing Eagle will create customized communications for you to send to hijackers at the touch of a button. Developing a custom strategy and script to confront hijackers can be confusing and time-consuming!

If you prefer to customize and save your own version of the letters ListingEagle can do that!

Get notified instantly when any one of your listings have been suppressed by Amazon. Avoid the stomach wrenching pain of realizing your drop in sales have been due to a suppressed listing you didn’t know about for days!

Getting notified of a suppressed listing instantly allows you to fix the problem and not lose sales or your rank. 

No third party tool access needed to your sellers account!

Loading ASIN’s one by one manually is clunky and time-consuming, but with our bulk loader you will set up your ASIN’s with speed and accuracy.

“We bought it for the instant alerts compared to [that other company’s] twice a day alerts” – Bob

Billed monthly, no set up fee or contracts.

Receive Text and Email Alerts 24×7 When Your Listings Get Hijacked or Suppressed!

Billed monthly, no set up fee or contracts.

10 ASIN/Listings Monitored

Receive Text and Email Alerts 24×7 When Your Listings Get Hijacked or Suppressed!

BALD EAGLE – Monthly Plan

Billed monthly, no set up fee or contracts.

50 ASIN/Listings Monitored

Receive Text and Email Alerts 24×7 When Your Listings Get Hijacked or Suppressed!

We Can Create Plans Up to 10k ASINs

A: No, not at all – you can live anywhere and we can send a SMS to any mobile phone that is capable of receiving text messages.

A: No, but it does provide you a template letter you can copy with 1 click to the send to the Hijacker.

A: Yes, we know you need a flexible solution that can scale along with your FBA business as it grows. You can easily move plan levels as needed.

A: Absolutely. Your Listing Eagle account login can be accessed by up to 3 people.

If you are not happy with Listing Eagle monitoring and protecting your listings we have a 60 day money back guarantee!

We are confident that Listing Eagle will help defend your business from hijackers and lost sales!

Billed monthly, no set up fee or contracts.

Receive Text and Email Alerts 24×7 When Your Listings Get Hijacked or Suppressed!

Billed monthly, no set up fee or contracts.

10 ASIN/Listings Monitored

Receive Text and Email Alerts 24×7 When Your Listings Get Hijacked or Suppressed!

BALD EAGLE – Monthly Plan

Billed monthly, no set up fee or contracts.

50 ASIN/Listings Monitored

Receive Text and Email Alerts 24×7 When Your Listings Get Hijacked or Suppressed!

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Listing Eagle – Suppression and Hijacker Amazon Listing Monitor 24×7